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Translated from the Bulgarian by Vessela Nestorova




That which you long for is coming!

That which you cherish in your souls

is the reality of tomorrow!

Come into the land of eternal spring!

Come into the land of eternal rejuvenation!

Come into the land of joy!

Come into the land of Love!

It is so close to you!

There is no illness or death in that land.

Come and receive the treasures which belong to


Come into the land where you will find those who

know you, and those whom you know.




When the sun shines, the earth is roused, the waters

bubble out into springs and start flowing, the winds blow, the flowers bloom, the trees bear their fruit and man awakes and begins to think.

This book is for the disciple!

This book is for everyone!

For every man has come to earth to study.

Every man has come to earth to become a disciple.

This book is for everybody!

The animal has learned to feel.

But man has come to earth to think.

The universe is an object-lesson for him.

He is called forth to study.

"He has made him but a little lower than the angels."

Man learns while angels serve.

That which they have learned, they now apply by serving.

Men are disciples, whereas angels are servants.

In order to be able to serve, one must have been a disciple at some time.

Service is higher than ordinary learning.

The heavenly servant is higher than the earthly disciple.

"The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve."

The disciple studies, but the Master serves!



1 The way of the Master


Love the perfect way of Truth and Life.

Place the Good as the foundation of your

home, Righteousness as the standard measure,

Love as the adornment, Wisdom as the enclosing

wall, and Truth as the Light.

Only then will you know Me, and I shall

manifest Myself to you.                          


 2 God


That which generates the eternal longing of the human soul, and that which she seeks in the thousands of forms, is Love - God.


The greatest thing in the life of the disciple is his endeavor upwards - towards that eternal Good.


3 The Master


The Master alone calls his disciples.

And the disciples know His voice.


4 The disciple


When the disciple finds his Master

he is near to God.         


5 Love towards God


The disciple begins with Love.

"If you love me, you will keep my Word".

Love first of all Him, Who has always been true and unchanging in His Love towards you.

Love Him, Who has given you your life and all conditions.


6 The three principles


Truth excludes all pleasure. Wisdom excludes all frivolity.

Love excludes all violence.


7 Light


The disciple lives in the Light.

This is the only real world. The shadow is not real.

Search for the Light, which has no shadows.

Avoid all thoughts and feelings which bring darkness into your consciousness.


8 Truth


"The Head of Thy Word is Truth."

Where the Truth shines, the fruit blossoms and ripens.

The disciple understands the Truth

only when he applies it.


9 Purity


The disciple must be pure in his thoughts, desires and actions in order to be entrusted by the Master with the

methods for work.


10 The Path of the disciple


The Path of the disciple is a Way of  dawning.

It is a Path of eternal Light - a bearer of Love.


11 God


The Only One Being whom man can approach most easily is God.


12 Love towards the Master


The disciple has love for his Master. Thus he is enabled to receive that which his Master gives him.

The disciple loves the Master.


13 The fire


The disciple must pass through fire

in order to be purified.


14 The joy of the Master


When the joy of the disciple is in God, then the Master rejoices at the disciple.

For the Master looks not after his own glory, but after the Glory of his Father.    


 15 The right way


The disciple does not admit in his mind any doubt about Divine Providence. He knows that the Path in which he walks is right.

It is a path leading to God.              


16 Prudence


The disciple must always consider well his acts, beforehand.

Prudence precedes Peace.


17 The Good


Know that the disciple always has the possibility of doing good.

The Good is the goal of his life.


18 Conviction


The disciple passes through temptation

in order that his convictions may be tested.


19 The soul


Consider yourself only as a soul!

Consider yourself as a living soul

striving toward God.


20 Endurance


The disciple is placed under strong emotional strain at times, in order to learn to keep his consciousness awake, and to gain strength to endure everything that comes to him.

A life without intensive experiences

is the life of a dormant soul.             


21 Endurance


The disciple must endure everything that comes to him.

Behind the things which happen in his life, he discerns the activity of the

boundless Love which unites all things.


22 Mysticism


Once having found his Master, and once the Master has spoken to him, the

disciple sacredly guards his Purity.


23 Vigilance


The consciousness of the disciple must always be wide-awake.

For in the world there are many retarded souls upon their evolutionary path, which may contrive all kinds of traps in order to attract him and possibly lead him astray.


24 Work with the Master


The disciple must experience every- thing as a soul, a living soul loving God.

Then he can work with his Master.


25 Understanding


The forms are the garments of things. They do not perplex or disturb the disciple.

He looks for the eternal idea which works within them and gives them value.

Thus he comes in contact with the region of the Spirit, with the inner life of



26 The consciousness of the disciple


The disciple is always in class.

He knows and is conscious at every

moment of the fact that he is a disciple.


27 Prayer


The disciple prays alone.

While he prays, he is concentrating

and experiencing the words deeply.


28 Discipline


The disciple is very exacting of himself in fulfilling the Divine Laws.


 29 Silence


Do not relate your experiences to anyone until you have achieved something within yourself upon which you

can rely.


30 The Spirit


Do everything under the vigilant eye

of the Spirit!


31 With God


Be always in contact with the God of Love.

All sin is committed outside of God.


32 Contemplation


The moments of contemplation are the sacred moments when sublime images take possession of the consciousness of the disciple.

Contemplation is indispensable for the disciple, for during these moments he sets his inner life in order and gains

control over himself.


33 Solitude


It is necessary for the disciple to live apart from others for a certain period of time in order to gain stability. Thus his

thought becomes organized and strong.


34 Guard your freedom


Keep your soul always free!


35 Purity


Purity is an environment in which the disciple always lives.

There is nothing more beautiful for

the disciple than purity!


36 Divine Love


Divine Love is the morality of the disciple!


37 Growth


The flowers bloom and the fruits ripen under the rays of the sun.

The soul of the disciple grows only

within Divine Love!


38 Character


The disciple has a strong character when his Love does not change. If it changes, it is not Love.


39 Freedom


The disciple always listens to the voice of God within his soul.

Then all fear vanishes, and a deep peace pervades his soul.

He is free.             


40 A virgin soul       


The disciple must lead a pure, virgin life!

Only then can he be conscious of

himself as a living soul — a virgin soul.        


41 The ideal          


The trials are not stronger than the ideal of the disciple.

For that reason, one can know a disciple only in time of trial.

The disciple is stronger than any conditions, because he is above them.

He carries within himself the Divine.

There are souls dominated by the conditions in life, but such souls cannot have any ideal.

A soul with an unsurmountable will — that is the ideal.


 42 Executiveness


The disciple is strict towards himself! He keeps the words of his Master sacredly and executes all His orders completely.


43 The first step  


The first step of the disciple:

You must consider yourself as a living

soul, striving in three directions: to feel, to think, and to act according to God.

The second step: to consider all other people as souls, who must love God.

The disciples of the Universal Brotherhood are souls, not men and women.


44 Happiness      


The disciple does not expect his happiness to come from outside.

He studies and works on himself and in the world, without falling under the spell of the world.

The apparent happiness in the world is the guard in the prison who opens the door, lets his prisoners out, and then drives them in again.


45 The thought of the disciple


The soul of the disciple must be filled with one noble thought — the Work of God!


46 Remember       


Remember only one thing:

You are a living soul who loves God!


47 Master and disciple


Once the Master has descended to the disciple, the disciple approaches Him.

By obedience and Love, the disciple draws close to his Master.

The Master imparts Love to the disciple while descending to him,

but obedience is required of the disciple.


48 Ascending


First the Master descends to bring Love down.

The disciple awakes and begins to study and to ascend.


49 Natural living


The disciple leads a natural life and

avoids any eccentricities.


50 Silence - the quiet voice of God


The disciple solves his most difficult problems in absolute quiet, when all are asleep, and only God is awake.

The quiet voice of God can be heard

only in silence.


51 A law


One law unites Master and disciple:

To live according to the Will of God!


52 The realm of the disciple


Freedom is the vast Realm in which the disciple lives.

He must guard his Freedom.


53 The real relations


The soul lives in absolute Purity!

When the disciple does not receive the Love of his Master, as a soul, he becomes perverted; when he does not receive knowledge, as a soul, he becomes



 54 The Name


The Master calls his disciples by name.

Only the Master gives the Name to his disciples.

And when the disciple has heard his Name from his Master for the first time, he experiences a joy which surpasses all happiness on earth.


55 Joy


No tongue can ever express that which the soul can experience by loving God.

The disciple is always joyful.


56 Opening


In the morning the flowers open their petals in order to absorb the sunbeams. The soul of the disciple opens up before the Master,

ready to absorb the Truths of God.


57 Light            


While the disciple is looking for external light, nothing can be spoken to him about God.

When darkness and storms appear outside, an inner Light dawns in his consciousness, and in him comes to birth the Love for the Great!

Let him keep this inner Light! The disciple awaits this sacred moment in his life.


58 The voice of the Master


The disciple cannot have friendship with things temporal and with God at the same time.

If he loves God, all that is temporal will appear dark to him, and gradually disappear. And then he will find himself in another world — a world of Light,Peace, and Joy.

There he will hear the voice of his Master.


59 Prayer


Prayer is a purifying process.

The disciple must always pray. He must arm himself against worldly influences by prayer, pure thoughts,

and ceaseless Love of God.              


60 A law


The disciple is happy when he can help the growth of a soul. In the spiritual world there is a law when one is

raised, all are raised!


61 An inner way


The disciple works upon his spiritual bodies. There are things which will be given to him from within.

The external conditions are not always favorable.


62 Readiness


When the disciple understands his Master in the right way, he is receptive,

and many things will be imparted to him.


63 Correspondence


When the soul receives everything with Love, everything is given to it out of Love.

This is a Divine law.


 64 Mutual help


The first sacred law is:

Love reigns only in the pure spheres of Freedom.

Love can exist only where there is absolute inner freedom.

The Master gives this freedom to his disciple. The disciple must in turn give freedom to his Master.

This freedom is sacred.


65 The Master


When you are burdened in the desert of life, the Master hears your call. Lift up your consciousness, and you will hear

His Voice. Then you will be comforted.


66 Unity


Only in God can there be real unity of complete Love and Joy. When you

have that, God is within you.


67 The Divine


Divine life requires of the disciple to

live continually in Love and Joy.


68 Another Name


Be pure!

Great souls live in absolute Purity. In that sphere the Master gives them

another Name.


69 Purity-Life


When the consciousness of the disciple awakens to the real bond with his master, then he attains the purity which becomes Life for him.

In this Life he studies, grows, and attains perfection.



70 Life for God


The Master is always ready to tell the disciple the truths about God, as soon as he notices a readiness and a desire in him to live for that Great Love which embraces all.

Out of that Love he draws his strength, and spreads the Light which

comes from it.


71 Guidance of the Master


The disciple who recognizes God within himself finds the Master.


72 The path


The application of the Divine laws to life shows that the disciple is on the Path of Truth.


73 Intensive Life


The life of the disciple is intensive!

The disciple experiences joys and sorrows unknown to the world.

His is the sorrow of all the planted seeds in the dark ground, and the joy of all the full-blown flowers come out into the light.


74 The Love of the disciple


When the disciple loves his Master, he acts in his life exactly as his Master

would act.            


75 A sacred rule


Open your heart daily before the Beloved One of your soul, so that He may see your most secret depths.

Open up your soul daily before the Lord!


 76 Faith


Have complete faith in God!

Thus all inner fear will disappear Believe that you can never lose the Value which God deposited in your soul before the creation of the world

This faith releases you from every fear, distrust, and doubt It makes you

free and strong.


77 Humility


Humility is an expression of your Love towards the Great

The inaccessible summits send their

goodness down to the valley.


78 Naturalness


The disciple is entirely natural in his life.

That makes for beauty and sincerity in him.

That naturalness offers conditions

favorable for the expression of Love.


79 Understanding


When anything disturbs your view, try to detect behind the veil of tempor­ary forms the indefatigable work of the Spirit for the elevation of the souls to­wards the Eternal.

See the image of the Eternal through

every form.


80 The World


Trying to conform to the world is the most fatal thing for man

For he always remains deceived Living in harmony with the still voice of the Boundless One fills his life with



81 Perception


The Master speaks to the disciple clearly and openly The disciple perceives His words and understands them

He guards them sacredly in his soul.


82 The Master


The Master comes down in order to manifest Love.

This is not an external process. Through him pass the pure streams of Love towards all living things.

Thus he wants to draw souls close to the Light

and the Joy in which He lives.


83 Correspondence


When the tree gives abundant and good fruit, the gardener is glad to water it. The heavens also bestow abundant ram and sunshine upon it.

When the disciple appreciates and guards that which the Master has given him, there arises a desire in the Master to give and reveal to him still greater



84 Sacred things


Wise nature has placed all sacred things upon the high, inaccessible summits,

so that only those souls who are ready to

appreciate them may rejoice in their beauty.

The disciple must not reveal his most

sacred things to the world.


85 Will


No one from outside can pervert you if you do not desire it.

This is the great Freedom granted to

man at the very Beginning.


 86 Sin


The disciple loves the flowers growing in his soul. They are his beautiful thoughts, feelings and deeds.

He watches over them, and does not allow any frost to kill them.

The frost is that sin which is foreign to him.

The disciple loves the flowers growing in his soul!


87 Good


The disciple deals only with Good.


88 The Spirits


The disciple discriminates between the different spirits. The evil spirits approach him as man or woman, while the

Spirits of Light approach him as souls.


89 The first ray


Aspiration towards Purity is aspiration towards Love.

It shows that one has forsaken ordinary life and is

striving toward the extraordinary.

When the disciple attains Purity, the First Ray of Love dawns upon him. Then before his gaze, is unveiled the illumined life of the great souls, a life predestined for the human soul.

All this is done by God alone. "To them did God reveal all these things."


90 Guard


Guard the Freedom which God has given you. It helps you develop and

build your character.


91 A Motto


It is great and glorious for man to

serve God and to abide in His Love!


92 Your life


The spring which comes from the mountain tops waters everything along its way.

If you want to help humanity, correct your own life!

In this way you apply the law of the spring!


93 Patience


The disciple can be patient, because he knows how to wait.

The disciple can be patient, because he understands.

The disciple can be patient, because he knows that there is a time for everything.


94 Tolerance


The disciple bears all rebukes and mockeries of the world with great tolerance.


95 The mind


The light of the mind gives a clarity and awareness to the consciousness of the disciple, so that he can always be in

contact with the Spirit.


96 Meekness


Meekness is a great, pure spring in life.

Always be meek and guard sacredly in your soul all that flows out of this



97 Always


Always guard your inner purity.


 98 Master and Disciple


Sincerity is a prerequisite for harmony between their souls. It is a condi­tion in which the Master can give, and

the disciples can receive.

Sincerity is a condition for correct

exchange between the Master and the



99 Attitude


When the disciple is sincere, the Master is kind towards him.

When the disciple is insincere, the

master is severe with him.


100 Experience


There are experiences which form epochs in the life of the disciple.

The experience which the disciple has is for him alone.

It is the sacred region of his soul!

It is his spiritual wealth!

He can transmit it to someone else by the law of inner freedom, but that he can do only with a kindred soul whose heart burns with a self-sacrificial Love and readiness to serve God. If he transmits

it to someone who is not ready to understand him and evaluate it, he will

experience great sorrow within his soul.


101 The Spirit


Everything in the life of the disciple must be done under the strong impetus of the Spirit, without taking into consideration any human motives.


102 Purity


Be pure as a child.


103 Loyalty


Be loyal as God is loyal.


104 The inner voice


Always listen to the voice of your soul, and you will know how to act.


105 Work of the disciple   


Do all that is pleasing to God. This is the standard of the disciple.


106 Sound thought


Think of God and of those who suffer when you are sorrowful or burdened. This thought will relieve and strengthen you.


107 The standard


The attitude of the Master towards the disciple depends upon the disciple.

The Master is well-disposed toward every disciple who studies well.

The sunbeams enter a room when its

windows are open.


108 The spiritual bodies


The disciple must develop his spiritual bodies in order to be in constant contact with his Master.

The bond between Master and disciple is spiritual.


109 Closeness


The Master is a Master to all.

But the disciple can evoke a greater Love in his Master toward himself by some sincere and sacred act in which God

is made manifest.

 110 Mystic communication


— I am the Way! — And the Light, which leads me upon this Way!


111 Prayer Faith


Always be in prayer, and leave all to God.

When God wants to do a thing. He

creates the necessary conditions for it.


112 The real


The truly Great stands behind the material. The Real, The Great in Life, is invisible. For that reason the disciple gradually renounces all that is transitory and material. Then he enters a world where the Light reigns There he understands his

Master well and then his life passes into a new, higher octave

But all this could happen at once.

It depends upon the disciple.


113 Prayer-Purity


The more water comes out of a spring, the purer it is

The disciple prays often This is

necessary for his Purity.


114 A Rule


The disciple must never be tempted by the words of the Master. They should

always raise him higher and nourish him.


115 A law


The disciple must know and always keep in mind this law:

Everything in life works for the Good!


116 Life


When a small branch sways to and fro on the tree, there is no danger for it. But when it falls off the tree, then there is danger.

When the disciple Lives for God, he is like a branch on the tree.


117 Boldness


The disciple must be bold and resolute.

Thus he can walk in the narrow path

The narrow path leads to God!


118 Happiness


Always be happy!

The bond with the ideal world makes

the disciple happy.


119 Faith, Hope, Love


Only who is ready for sacrifices can withstand all in Love.

He who trusts and relies on God, withstands all in Faith.

He who has joy, withstands in Hope.


120 Faith, Hope, Love


If you are not happy, you will lose your Hope.

If you can not trust, you will lose your Faith.

If you are not ready for sacrifices, you cannot attain Love.


121 The three rules


When you fail, manifest your Hope

When God instructs you, manifest your Faith.

When your neighbour falls, manifest

your Love.

 122 The three rules


When the dawn is breaking within you, manifest your Hope.

When the Sun rises within you, mani­fest your Faith.

When the Sun comes to its zenith within you, manifest your Love. Hope is in the physical world. Faith is in the spiritual world.

Love is in the Divine world.


123 Weeping


There is a sacred weeping.

Weeping comes into life by a special way. The disciple must give way to it. Tears are healing. They wash and purify

the human consciousness. By weeping

you are comforted, without it, you suffer.

There is a weeping out of compassion.

There is a weeping out of a self-sacrifice for humanity.

It is the weeping of Christ.

There is a sublime weeping, when a

man comes before the Divine.


124 Joy


Limit your earthly desires, and you

will taste of the Joy of God!


125 Faith


Faith realizes things. The disciple always has faith.

Faith proceeds from the super-consciousness.


126 Vigilance


The disciple is always vigilant, wide-

awake, and happy in life.


127 The endeavour of the disciple


The disciple of the Universal Brotherhood

endeavours to see the realization in his life of:

Divine Love,

Divine Wisdom,

Divine Truth.


128 Long life


Purity prolongs life.

If the disciple keeps his body pure, he lives long; if he stains it, he changes it



129 Love


Love is a bearer of all the abundance in life. In the abundance all dissatisfaction vanishes.

The disciple has understood Love aright, only when he has reconciled all contradictions in his life. Otherwise he

has not understood Love.


130 Love-Purity


He who loves, comes to love purity.

The whole life of the disciple must be

pure, in the name of Love.


131 Patience


Patience is a great science!

The roots of patience are in the Divine world.

Patience is born of Love; patience comes out of Peace; patience is the fruit of Joy.

Only he who loves is patient. Only the man of Peace is patient. Only the happy man is patient.

Only the wise man is patient.           

 132 Seeing the good


Every passing form is an incomplete picture upon which the Divine Spirit is working.

The disciple sees everywhere and in

everyone only the good.


133 The new birth      


Birth is a continuous process.

Every day the disciple must be born to a new world.

Every day he has a new knowledge of Love, a new knowledge of how to serve God.

Every day he must have a new insight into the unexplored ways of God.

Every day the Spirit visits the disciple and tells him a new word.

It brings purity into his consciousness and transforms him completely.

It elevates his thought.

Wait for the visitation of God every day!


134 Freedom          


When the soul of the disciple is awakened to God it becomes free. He must not limit it by the vain desires of the body. In the law of Karma, man is within limits, but once he begins to live for God, he enters into a life of Grace and Love.

There he is already free.


135 Staying and  passing by


Christ knocks at the door, and when it opens for Him, He enters in, but when it does not open. He passes it by and continues on.

In the same way the Master speaks to his disciples. Those who hear Him and fulfil His words. He works with and helps them. But when they are offended by His words and do not understand Him, He passes them by and continues on.


136 A test            


The disciple must be wide-awake when he is in the world. There he will be led by beds of flowers. He must only pass them by, without stopping. If he stops, he will be intoxicated by their fragrance and fall asleep. Thus he will remain there.

That is why his consciousness must always be sound and awake, concentrated on its purpose,

and in contact with the Master.


137 Nature


All forms in nature are symbols of an eternal, ideal world. They are the book in which the disciple reads what God has written.

The disciple begins by studying nature: springs, grasses, flowers, mountains.

There he seeks the correct methods of life and purity.


138 Heart, mind, soul   


The disciple has the heart of a child. He is an adult in his mind. He always nourishes the highest and the noblest in his soul.           

 139 The aura


The disciple always surrounds himself mentally by an aura impenetrable to the influence of things temporal.

By thinking of God the disciple encircles his aura with Divine Light.


140 Purity and Love


The disciple must always be pure if he is to understand and receive Love.

When he attains purity, he loves the whole world.

Purity is his enclosure.


141 Love


Love is sublime! It is that Great principle

which always fills and invigorates

the soul of the disciple.


142 Prayer


The disciple must always be praying in order to keep in contact with the invisible

world and protect himself from

the snares of inferior spirits.


143 Light


The disciple must always walk in the

Light in order to keep from stumbling.


144 Study


The disciple must think only of this — that he must study. And he must never consider himself greater than others. He knows that the knowledge which still lies ahead of him is limitless. He realizes that he is at the very beginning of the Great Path.

Boundless are the peaks of learning which he must climb!

For this reason he is humble. Humility leads him

into the Temple of Wisdom.

He who speaks of himself is not a



145 Calmness


The disciple must always keep calm under all circumstances; he knows that everything is for his good.

Fear is of the animal world.


146 The Spring


The disciple must drink Water only at the Spring. He should prefer to go

thirsty than to drink impure water.


147 He who thirsts


Only the thirsty man will find the spring in the mountain.

Only he who thirsts goes to the Spring. Only the disciple will find the Master in his life. Only the disciple will

remain with the Master.


148 Good


What you think, you absorb into

yourself. Think often about the Truth,

Love, Wisdom, Righteousness, and the

Great Virtues.

And they will abide in you. Water springing from the depth is pure.


149 The joy of expectation


The disciple is always content with the moment.

He must always have something Divine to look forward to.

This is his joy and comfort.              

 150 Be intelligent


The disciple must be 'very intelligent in order to understand all things well.

It is good to walk on a path well illuminated by the Light.


151 Love


When the disciple enters into the realm of Love he becomes subject to other laws.

Love is something spiritual. In Love there is no separation.

In Divine Love there is no interruption — it grows forever.


152 Towards Love, Light and Truth


Keep your thoughts always above earthly things.

Raise your thoughts up towards Love, Light, and Truth.


153 Surprise


Nothing should surprise the disciple. He must always be calm. He knows that there is a Divine Plan which directs all things. Therefore nothing surprises him.


154 Prudence


Prudence is required in the life of the disciple.

The disciple avoids all disputes. Prudence is the daughter of Love and knowledge.


155 Sensitivity


The waters of a lake ripple at the most gentle touch of the zephyr.

The disciple must become more sensitive in order to respond to the most

delicate waves which come from above.


156 The White Light


When the disciple is merged in the White Light, he recognizes his Master.

The Master speaks to him out of the

sphere of White Light.


157 The Real Home


The real home of the disciple is within his soul.

He has no home outside of himself.


158 God


It is great to serve God.

Everything is always beautiful in the presence of God.


159 The Divine Love


As we expose ourselves to the Sun,

so must we live in the Divine Love.


160 Love


When the disciple loves God, he purifies himself. But he can be purified also through suffering.

Love is a living power, a stream constantly flowing from God, which must

pass through our souls.


161 Love


When the disciple lives in Love, he solves all his problems easily, and contradictions exist no longer for him.


162 Concentration


The disciple must control his thoughts, and with his thoughts, serve the Truth.

Therefore it is necessary for him to concentrate his mind.

He can think about the life-giving light, about the beautiful seven-coloured garment which it wears, and about its musical speech.

 That is the great harmony in the world. He can think about the Life-giving Divine Sun,

towards which all things move.

In this way man's consciousness is tuned.     


163 Sound consciousness


When the disciple is concentrating he must

not fall asleep, but he must be fully awake. If he falls asleep, he might be carried away

by the negative currents of nature, out of which he can only extricate

himself with great difficulty.


164 The Path


The disciple must always be wide-awake on his Path. This is the Path about which the Lord says:

"And few are they who walk there in"


165 Freedom


The disciple is free when nothing can lead him away from his Path.

There is nothing more powerful than

his task.


166 Meditation


The disciple must meditate and not fall into a reverie. When he is meditating,

he is awake, for his mind is active;

but when he is day dreaming, he falls asleep, because then the lower emotions

come into play.


167 The Path


The Path of the disciple is pleasant because it is a Path of ascent!


168 A moral backbone


The disciple must be so elevated morally

that his aspirations stand above all temptation. He cannot be tempted by evil.

The disciple must have not only moral aspirations but also a moral backbone.


169 Experience


The disciple must benefit not only from his own experience but also from those of others. Thus, he enters the path

of unifying Love.


170 The essence


Man is a collective being.

He must realize that he bears the image of God. He must have a firm and established character, and recognize the

essence of the Eternal Good.


171 The reality


Do not fix your attention on anything outside

you until you have come to know yourself.

When the disciple comes to know the reality within himself, he begins to understand the reality which lies at the

foundation of the whole Creation.


172 Birth of the Spirit


The disciple must be born of the Spirit. Then he rises above the temporal, and contradictions exist no more on the

earth for him.


173 The will of God


We must live according to the Will of God!

It includes the welfare of all living beings.

 174 Desire


Desire what is based on higher reason!

Desire what is good for all!

Desire what God desires!


175 Freedom, limitation 


The disciple is free.

That is why he limits himself. He who does not limit himself is limited by nature.


176 Insight


You cannot see anything clearly in a turbulent lake. The calm lake reflects the mountain tops, the sky, the sun, and the stars.

The disciple must have a calm soul and a steady mind. Then comes the insight,

and many contradictions become clear.


177 Knowledge


Knowledge is accessible only to wise and Faith men. He who believes should study;

while he who knows should apply. There is something beautiful in knowledge.

Knowledge cannot grow without faith.


178 Naturalness


Light enters the soul of the disciple like the coming of Dawn. The disciple must not expect anything by miraculous means.

All things in life must happen naturally at their appointed time.


179 Faith


Believe in him who instructs you! Believe in him whom you love! The disciple must have absolute faith in his Master.


180 Becoming strong   


The young tree is exposed to the storms in order to become strong and grow into a mighty oak.

The disciple must pass through many tribulations in order to attain endurance and to rise above them. Thus he will come to the right understanding of life.


181 Learning          


The physical world is a place of learning for the disciple,

not a place of distraction.

Learning makes his life complete, beautiful, and happy.

Only learning gives content to his life. Only service makes it significant. The disciple only passes through the physical world; he does not stop there.


182 The Sacred Book   


Everything about the One you love interests you.

The disciple reads untiringly the Sacred Book of Nature in order to discover the thought of God.

God is his Beloved!


183 The test


Suppose you are holding in your of the disciple   hands an ordinary cup of which you are most careful. But it breaks and you start to weep, thinking that all is lost. But Wise Nature — Love — has prepared for you another cup with precious contents.

The disappointment prepares you for the new joy which awaits you.

Thus you approach the new surprise gift of Love from the world of Reality.

 184 Love


Remain true to Love in spite of all trials! The disciple must endure all to the end in Love, without any doubt about it. The path of Love is a path of numerous trials and tests,

which he will undergo in order to see how persistent he is in Love.


185 Sensitivity


The disciple should not lose his sensitivity. He should never let his feelings become dull.

Elevated thought refines the nervous

system and makes it more sensitive.


186 Love and Wisdom


The life of the disciple is not an ordinary life.

Love and Wisdom abide in his every act. Love represents a crystal spring from which he drinks, while Wisdom represents a mountain peak towards

which he climbs.


187 Tenderness


Tenderness is a necessary quality for the disciple.

He must be gentle!

It paves the way for Love. Tenderness does not break a bruised reed, nor quench the smoking flax.

It brings to earth the radiance of the

angelic world.     


188 The world


The disciple will be in the world, but

the world must not be in him.


189 The Great


A high ideal fills the consciousness of the disciple!

How beautiful it is when the disciple

carries something great in his soul!


190 Towards the Great


How wonderful it is to realize that you are moving towards the Great, for there life becomes fully significant and



191 Purity


The clear diamond reflects Light perfectly.

Purity is a condition for all attainment.

Only the pure can pass through the portals of Supreme Knowledge! The disciple must be pure.

Always pure!

There is nothing greater in the world for him than Purity!


192 The promise


The disciple must always fulfil his promises in order to develop constancy

of character.


193 God


 — Fear not!

God is unchanging! He gives to

everything its due, generously.


194 The real


The most real thing in the life of the disciple should be his aspiration towards

the ideal.              

 195 Light


You must have Light in your life!

Light reveals the beauty of the world.

It is necessary for growth.

Light is food for the mind.


196 Harmony


The first task of the disciple is to restore harmony within himself.

Harmony is attunement of the thoughts, feelings and actions. It is inner music which fills the soul of the disciple.

In spite of all contradictions and conflicting conditions, he should never lose his balance, his character, or his inner music.


197 Influence


The disciple must avoid the influence of the temporal world until he feels strong.


198 Right understanding


The disciple should understand all things in the right way.

This will give him the right methods for work.

He should not cause himself suffering through misunderstanding things.


199 A definite time


When the Master is instructing the disciple, the latter should not demand anything from Him, but simply listen to Him and try to understand him correctly.

There is a definite time when the Master will give something to the disciple.


200 Recompense


The joy of the spring consists in this:

when the plants which it waters give abundant fruit.

The disciple who has received much from the Master can recompense Him

only by his great Love for God.

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201 Fasting


The disciple can begin his fast when his Spirit is in an ascending state.

Then he can rise more easily above

the material.


202 Doubts          


The disciple must pass through doubts.

It is a region which he must traverse to the very limit. There he will find himself in a long,

North-Pole night. But he must know the law that he has to pass through it in order to come out again into the bright day. He should stand firm through everything. After that dark period is past,

there will come insight — the bright day of his Initiation!


203 Doubt            


Doubt is a problem for the disciple

which he must solve correctly.


204 Doubt


The first test which the disciple imposes upon himself is doubt. For this reason he must pass alone through the night of doubt and conquer it.        


 205 The world of Love


When you live in Love, you believe, and all is bright for you. By this you will know that you are in the world of Love. There is no doubt there. As soon as you begin to doubt, it shows that Love

is absent.


206 Hardship


As soon as the disciple definitely starts on the Path, great hardships will appear which may cause him to stumble. He must not be troubled by them for they are unimportant for him. He must

always be going forwards!


207 Reconciliation      


To be reconciled to God is to accept His Love.


208 Methods of God              


To love God is to employ all methods which He employs.


209 God 


To understand God means to make

use of Divine Light.


210 Knowing God     


You can know God only when you love Him.

You can know God only when you become conscious of His Love.


211 Divine            


To live according to God means to Righteousness   apply Divine righteousness,

and this righteousness concerns everyone to the same degree.


212 The standard       


The Master will give to each one as much as Divine righteousness has meted out for him. No one is given less.

But the Master is free to give more

to some.


213 The soul         


The disciple must love the souls of men, so he must not hate anyone.

The kindred soul of the one you love, and that of the one you do not love, are equally loved above.

But you, according to the flesh, have discriminated between them. That is a sin.


214 Account          


The disciple is not obliged to give men an account of his acts. Before he acts one way or another, he should take into consideration the Divine laws and



215 Morality          


The disciple is concerned first of all with how his work stands before God, not before people and public opinion.

This is the true morality in his life.


216 Morality           


Morality — this is the Love of the disciple for God.

There exists no other morality.


217 With Love         


The disciple must do everything with Love, then he will also do all things easily.

If Love is absent, he will meet many contradictions on his way, and first of all — doubt.                     


 218 The world of Love


The World of Love is a world of great achievement. Anything done with out love is fruitless.

Anything done without love is a crime.


219 The Kingdom of Peace


Find the place and the inner meaning  of everything which happens in life.

Thus you will keep your balance through

all the storms of life.

This is necessary, if you would enter

the Kingdom of Peace.


220 Blessing


When some Divine blessing cannot be poured out upon the disciple, the cause is not in God, but in the disciple.

God has prepared a blessing for



221 Weeping


The disciple should weep when no one is watching him. Then weeping is a blessing.

He can weep before others about human affairs, but when he is weeping about something Divine, he should weep

by himself.


222 Heaven


The disciple lives on the earth but thinks about heaven. He works for the

realization of the Divine laws on earth.


223 Patience


Endure all for the sake of Love until you attain Love. When it comes, you will

receive patience.


224 Love


Only Love teaches one obedience.

The new obedience is obedience out of Love!

"He who loves Me will keep my commandments."

This is possible only with Love, and then comes the gift:

"And I shall abide with you, even unto the end of the world."  


225 Obedience and learning


When the disciple receives the Love of his Master,

he is obedient, so that Love may be planted in him. But he learns in

order that Love may grow in him.


226 The hands


The hands were created for work!

When the disciple looks on them, they say:

"We were created for work!"

The disciple must not be indolent.


227 The finger nails


The disciple should not have white spots on his fingernails. They are the result of a powerful disturbance and annoyance.

He must always be calm. There

should exist no surprises for him.


228 Good


The disciple goes to the Good with his feet. He does Good with his hands, and speaks Good with his lips.

Three worlds should participate in Good: the physical, the angelic, and the



 229 The Head         


The head of the disciple should always be erect, not bowed.

When it is bowed, it is apt to receive some negative thoughts and moods, but when it is erect, the disciple comes in contact with the solar energies and the

positive in life.


230 The look         


The look of the eyes should be soft and pure, concentrated, and always in

contact with some Divine thought.


231 The look          


The look of the disciple is such that it never disturbs the harmony in the



232 Greeting          


The best greeting is that of the eyes. It is the purest, and God accepts it.

Love is something spiritual and Divine. It finds expression in the physical

world through the eyes.


233 Movements       


All the movements of the disciple must be voluntary and conscious. The disciple must not make even one movement

unconsciously because such movements

are under the influence of laggard spirits.


234 Erect posture      


The disciple must always have an erect posture, it keeps his consciousness awake and predisposes his Spirit to work.


235 a rule


After having been with his Master the disciple goes directly to his home

without stopping anywhere on the way.


236 Food


Fruit is the most ideal food.

The disciple should eat mainly fruit. It cleanses his body and also his feelings and



237 Food


When the disciple is eating, he should

be filled with gratitude and Love.


238 Sleep


It is good for the disciple to stay awake until ten o'clock in the evening

and then to go to sleep.


239 Sleeping


Upon going to bed, the disciple settles all the contradictions of the day in his mind, restores his calmness and, like a newborn child, falls asleep in the shortest time.


240 Illness            


The disciple should not be ill.

He should regard illness as an educative

effect whereby nature balances the forces of the organism.

Love excludes all illness. Love is the bearer of abundant Life.

The ill person, merged in Divine Love, can be healed in a moment.


 241 Occult medicine    


The disciple must have a knowledge of nature-medicine. Food, water, air, and light are healing factors. The solar rays, absorbed with Love, are most beneficial to the body. They act soothingly upon the soul and refreshingly upon the Spirit.

The disciple can heal himself also by raising his thoughts and feelings to the Spirit. He is healed also through prayer and, in some cases, by prayer and fasting.


242 Pure blood        


The disciple must have pure blood. Pure thoughts and desires maintain the

purity of the blood.


243 Clothes           


The disciple is careful of his clothes because they are impregnated with his own aura. If they should fall into inappropriate hands, he will suffer without knowing where his suffering comes from.


244 Clothes           


The clothes of the disciple must be loose and comfortable. Not the clothes, but the face should stand out, and not the face, but the soul.


245 Warmth          


The hands of the disciple must always be of a moderate temperature. They must be warm.

Cold hands indicate an oppressed mind. More sunshine is necessary. Warmth brings well-being of Spirit.


246 Money           


Disciples should keep the following rule in their relations: service/or service, but not for money.

Money can spoil a man. It bears another image, while service bears the image of Love. Through service the disciple receives and delivers the image of Love.

Friendship will be the future coin of exchange!

Love will be the future coin of exchange!


247 Money           


The disciple must not render services for money, that is contrary to every rule in the occult school. He must serve only out of Love.


248 Two rules         


I. (concerning myself) The disciple should never ask for money in case of need. He should do something to earn the money needed.

II. (concerning others) The disciple must never give money as help. He should find some work for the man in need, and then instead of giving him one dollar, he should pay him four dollars. In this way the person in need will be free, because he has helped himself through labour.


249 The street         


When the disciple is walking in the street, he must be in concentration and prayer in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.                               


 250 Intuition


The disciple must listen to his intui­tion and keep the first thought which comes to him. It will lead him in a way

free of thieves.


251 Intuition         


The disciple must know the nature of people. His first impressions of them are the truest ones, and he must obey them. The second and third impressions are commentaries.


252 Friendship         


The disciple should associate with good people and good spirits. In general, he must have dealings with Good.

Evil Spirits are those who tempt the disciple. He must have nothing to do with them.

When the disciple has inner light, the evil spirits cannot come near him.

Thought of God is his protection.


253 Companionship    


The disciple should associate with people more advanced than himself in order to learn from them. He should also associate with those of his level who would encourage him and make him more zealous in his work. He must also descend to those of a lower level in order to help them.

If he gives his support to people lower than he is, beings of a higher order will support him.                     


254 Transformation


The disciple must think only of the Good! Every evil thought is a psychic thorn which he must find and pull out.

Thus he will transform the energy of

the evil thought and use it/or Good.


255 The new way


He who puts on new clothes has no desire to return to his old ones.

The disciple, once having started on the Divine Path, must forsake the ways

of the world.


256 The environment of the disciple


 Live and move always in Love!


257 With God         


Every organ is of significance so long as it is bound to the organism.

You live well only when you are in

contact with God.


258 Spiritual protection            


One cannot succeed in any work

if one does not have the cooperation of the invisible world.

The disciple will have difficulty living on the earth if he does not have spiritual protection.

Therefore he must be in contact with God.


259 Suffering         


The disciple must face suffering with joy, for he will learn something good from it.


 If he understands suffering thus, he will grow young.

Humanity passes through the region of suffering during only one phase of its development.

Suffering prepares the nervous system to endure the new Light which will come.


260 Independence      


The disciple must not be tied down to anything material.

The harder it is for him to part with things material, the greater will be the sufferings he will have to go through.

He only studies on the earth, living rather in another world. 


 261 Blessedness        


He who lives only for himself is always limited.

The moment the idea of serving God illumines his mind, all limitations vanish and he is free.

It is blessed to become free of the limitations of the world. 


262 The power of the soul         


The soul can manifest its power when it is not bound to matter.

It is powerful when it penetrates through matter without being bound to it.

The disciple should only look through matter — not live in it.


263 Intelligent powers   


All that happens is permitted by Heaven.

All that happens to you will be turned into Good by the Intelligent Powers which direct all development.

This idea fills the disciple with joy, even when he finds himself in the greatest conflicts in life.


264 The Plan of God


Do not forget that in the great Plan of God, all conflicts will eventually be reconciled.


265 Power           


The power of the disciple comes from above.

Concentration on Divine Truth accumulates power.

Man becomes an accumulator. The more the disciple concentrates, the more powerful he becomes spiritually.


266 True help


The disciple must be able to put himself

in the position of each soul if he would like to understand and help it.

When you understand a soul, you love it.


267 The blue sky       


The colour blue acts upon the soul and engenders sublime feelings in the disciple.


 When he feels discouraged let him look at the blue sky, and he will be calmed. A deep peace, joy, and lightness will take possession of his soul, and he will be refreshed and resume his work again.


268 The starry sky      


When the disciple feels that life is empty and purposeless, let him look at the starry sky in the night and he will be inspired by its greatness.


269 The small insect 


When the disciple feels very discouraged

and unnecessary on earth, let him look at the little insects under his feet which remain alive even after someone has trodden upon them. Let him observe through his microscope how they move, fly, and at times stop, and perhaps think! He will see how they manifest the rationality

and necessity even of their existence in Creation.

Before those small insects he will be ashamed of his lack of will and he will be overwhelmed by a strong desire to justify his existence also. He, likewise, should manifest the Sublime in Creation!


270 Application


The Divine must always be put to the test and applied. When someone saves a person from drowning, both of them go through an intense experience. But the one feels one thing, while the other, another thing.

Both must thank God!


271 Thankfulness


The disciple must thank God from morning till evening for all that he sees around him.

Then streams of Love will flow through his soul.


272 Prayer


The disciple must pray in order to be strong and to escape temptation.

"And lead us not into temptation."


273 Interpretation


"And lead us not into temptation."

This means: Lord, give us knowledge and Wisdom that we may not fall into

temptation through our ignorance.


274 Bright thoughts


When the disciple liberates his mind from the coarse thoughts about material life, his mind becomes filled with bright thoughts about the Great and Sublime in life.

Then he can work.


275 The other world


The disciple must prepare himself for a conscious departure from this world. The other world is the school where he will continue his studies.

This world and the other are one world.         


 276 The White Light


When the disciple thinks about the Good, a soft white light — a living Being — appears in his mind. He can converse with that Being and learn

many things.


277 The Master         


The Master has a special way of speaking to every disciple. The spring gives water to each one specially. Thus the Master is one for all, as the spring is one, out of which many may drink,

without obstructing one another. When many drink out of a jug, then disputes, conflicts, and troubles arise.


278 The Fire of the Spirit


Always keep burning within you the Fire of the Spirit.

The disciple must always bear the stamp of the Good upon his face.


279 The face


When the disciple lives according to God's Will, his face assumes another expression.


280 Tenderness


When you think about the qualities of God, they flow into you.

In order to become tender and merciful,

think of how condescending and kind God is!


281 Forgiveness       


Always forgive for the sake of God! Forgiveness does not arise from man. It comes from God! You can struggle within yourself, as to whether to forgive or not, but you should always be victorious in conflict.

The first step by which the disciple enters into spiritual life is forgiveness.

Forgive for the sake of God!



282 The essentials of life     


Service and study! The disciple must free himself from all accessories which only divert his attention without being of any benefit to him.

He is occupied only with the essentials of life.

For a long way of learning and work awaits him.


283 Application        


The disciple must apply to life what he knows!

You know only what you have applied and tested. And this knowledge only will abide with you, always.


284 Inner impetus      


The disciple must have an inner impetus to work for God. He lives mostly inwardly.

He participates in outward, constructive life, but his impetus comes from within.                               


 285 Responsibility      


The disciple cannot justify himself if he does not do what he knows. The law says:

Without Love you will sin. With Love you will redress your wrongs. 


286 The written laws.    


The laws and rules of the disciple are written within him. He has no written laws outside himself.


287 Suffering         


The disciple must become inured through suffering in order to attain a character which endures to death.

Mentally experience the sufferings of Christ, and you will become strong through them.

During times of suffering, the disciple lives in joy deep within himself, because he loves, and knows that there is One Who loves him.

No one can endure suffering without Love!


288 Character         


To be innocent and to be considered guilty by the world, even to the end of your days, without attempting to justify yourself — that is character.

The disciple must not justify himself, but leave that to his Master to do, if he deems it is/or the best.


289 The suffering of the disciple


The most severe judge is within man himself.

The greatest suffering which the disciple can experience is when he realizes

that he has not done what God has told him.


290 Sufferings Only when you endure suffering to the end in the right way, will you rise to a higher level, so that you can continue

on in the Eternal Way.


291 The Divine Fire


The disciple cannot take one step in the Divine School if he is covetous.

All souls will pass through the Divine Fire, to be purified from all covetousness and avarice!

Then they will become radiant!


292 To God


By prayer and faith the disciple must entrust his whole life to God.

This does not exclude activity and initiative from his life.


293 The Love of God


All exists through the Love of God!


294 Silence and speech  


There are three kinds of silence and three kinds of speech:

When the hungry man eats, he is silent.

When the disciple does not know his lesson, he is silent.

The Master who knows much is silent.

When a man is very hungry, he speaks much.

The disciple who knows much, speaks much.

The Master who knows little, speaks much.

The disciple must know when it is best to be silent and when to speak.


295 Readiness         


The disciple must review in his mind the worst situations in order to see if he can endure them. Such situations might never occur, but he should be prepared for anything.

There must be no surprises for him.


296 Love             


Your Love will be subjected to many trials in order to be tested. The Love of the disciple must be so great that it survives

all situations which will come to him.

Only Love can endure the most conflicting situations in life.


297 Peace              


Peace comes from God!

The greatest thing in the soul of the disciple is his peace.

Peace is blessed by God! "My Peace I leave with you."


298 Purity and Light    


Purity must emanate from the disciple like Light.


299 Initiation          


Initiation begins with suffering. The disciple should not escape suffering, but

endure it.


300 Water and fire     


The disciple must pass through fire and water!

Through water to be purified and

through fire to become radiant!


301 The mind          


Be wise!

Before every action consider the conditions and consequences.


302 Before a test       


Be calm and quiet.

All will pass well!


303 Three states        


There are three states in the life of man:

A physical state where all is restless;

A spiritual state in which there is an aspiration towards an ideal;

And a Divine state where absolute Peace reigns!

The disciple must have passed through the first state.


304 Disciple           


There is nothing more beautiful for

man than to be a disciple!


305 Help


The Master can help his disciple only when he notices in him an overwhelming desire for the Spiritual.             


 306 Faith


Exercise faith.

The mind wavers without faith. You should deposit a mighty faith within you!

The roots of faith are in the past age-

long experience of man.


307 A motto


I can do all through God, Who dwells in me.

Help does not come from without,

but from within.


308 The storm


When the sky becomes cloudy and stormy, the little flowers are happy, for they need moisture. But men are afraid, because they do not have the faith of the flowers.

The disciple must not be afraid of the storm, because it is a necessity, but he should rather see that he makes good use of it.


309 Light


Sorrow comes at night, but joy in the morning. When the disciple grieves, it is night within him, but when he rejoices, it is morning.

The influences of darkness cause sorrow, while those of the Light — joy.

When it is night within him, let him think of God, for in God it is always day.


310 The Divine


The disciple must first of all find the Divine within himself.

Then he will be able to recognize and

understand the Divine in all others  


311 Oneself


The disciple can make a study of social life within himself.

If you know yourself, you know society also!


312 Baptism


Baptism is an act of the Spirit

It is an inner reality.


313 With God


There is no fear in Love.

The disciple must not fear people for

he lives with God.


314 The church


The church of the disciple must be within

" Ye are the temple of God, and the

Spirit of God dwelleth in you "


315 Power and light


After the disciple has passed through the alchemical laboratory of nature, he will become strong But after he has passed trough its furnaces, he will begin to radiate Light He will become Light


316 The soul


The disciple regards himself as something separate from the body, in order

not to be tempted by the forms.


317 Learning


The disciple has two ways of learning either he is taught by others, or he instructs himself Either he creates the conditions for being taught, or others create conditions for his self-instruction.

The process of learning is difficult, but pleasant.         


 318 The beginning


It is better for the disciple to begin with difficulties than with benefits. Thus he will become strong from the very beginning.


319 Acquisition


In every life the disciple must acquire something. He must listen to his Spirit. There is nothing better than the experience

which the Spirit of Wisdom can give to man.


320 Foundation


The disciple must try to lay a firm foundation in his soul in order to understand life aright.

The disciple must have self-confidence in life in order

to have a foundation upon which to build.

Only he who has been touched by the

wave of Love has self-confidence.


321 For God


The first thing for the disciple to know is that God is eternal harmony. When you feel harmony within, God has visited you.

These are epochal moments in your life!


322 Aspiration


To aspire towards God and Truth is the Great task of the disciple.


323 Soul and mind


Let your soul be azure and your mind, shining with light.


324 Correction


When the disciple wants to do something for somebody, let him first put himself in the place of that person. If he finds it is good, then let him do it.

Thus he corrects himself.


325 The whole Heaven


If the disciple guides his life completely according

to the Divine principles, the entire Heaven will cooperate with him.

When a man works for God, for others, Heaven is with him.


326 A motto All things work together for good to him who walks according to the Law of God.


327 Prayer


Only prayer will show you the right way to pay all your karmic debts more easily.

You must experience a Divine state during prayer.

Prayer is likewise the way by which the disciple learns what the will of God is.


328 Nature The disciple must be consciously aware that he should not break any of the laws of nature. They are an expression of Supreme Wisdom!


329 Consciousness


In the disciple there should be the consciousness of always fulfilling the Divine!

He ought always to make way for the Divine in him. 


 330 Energies          


The disciple should always direct his energies upwards in sublime thought and activity. Then they develop his higher centres.

When the energies remain at a low level, they become stagnant, destructive,

and cause explosions.


331 Thoughts         


Always raise your thoughts upwards towards the Divine. Thus your spiritual

body becomes organized.


332 The Divine        


The Divine must be made manifest in the life of the disciple.

Therein is fullness of life.


333 Truths about work      


The greatest good which God has given to man is life.

But the deepest gratitude of man for his life is work.

Delicacy is a fruit of one's appreciation of the work of others. He who is respectful, thinks. The more one is considerate of the work of others, the more the invisible world is considerate of his work.

Only he works who works out of Love.

He who works, Loves. And he who respects the work of others works himself.

He who understands, lives. Laughter sometimes shows that you have no understanding. It is a temporary diversion.

He who understands, thinks! He who understands, works.

"My Father works, and I work."


334 Recompense       


When the disciple definitely aspires towards God the Master does not regret anything he has done for and given to the disciple.


335 Proximity          


There exist physical, mental, spiritual, and Divine ties.

Real proximity of souls is built upon their Divine bonds.

They are the only lasting, unchanging bonds, ever growing in strength.


336 Ambushes         


The disciple must be very penetrating, clear-sighted, and vigilant. There are inferior spirits which contrive "unexpected ambushes" and the disciple can get in trouble. For instance, you cross a bridge, see a fence along its side, and take hold of it. But it proves to be rotten wood, and you fall into the river with it.


337 Toward the spiritual


The disciple must always spiritualize  matter.

If he stops on the material plane, he will experience great conflicts in his life.

From the physical towards the spiritual!               


 338 God


We can find God most easily within ourselves. After the disciple has found Him within himself, he is able to find

Him everywhere outside himself.


339 The material


Everything is transitory on the earth. The disciple must not desire anything earthly. He uses the primer and slate while he is in the first grade, but later he progresses, leaving them behind for others to use.

There is no need to take the primer

and slate into university.


340 Sacred words


Do you know me?

Fear not!


341 God


Our life is complete, significant and joyful, so long as we find God in ourselves.

Outside of God there are only misfortunes and sufferings.


342 God


Our life is only in God!


343 Development


See that your development moves naturally. Thought must grow, but it must not get over-ripe.

Your thoughts must develop and

grow without changing.


344 Action


The Master cannot speak in all cases.

There are times when he must act immediately.

When the disciple is holding and observing a bomb,

which will explode in two minutes, the Master has no time to explain to him that there is danger, but he takes the bomb and throws it far away into space! The disciple will understand after hearing the sound of the explosion. And he will thank his Master for not having said anything to him at that dangerous moment.


345 Mystic solitude


There is a mystic solitude in man when he unites with God. That is for him, who understands!

There is a sacred region in the soul, which is inviolable.

No one can have admittance there.

It is a sacred region, predestinated only for God.


346 Alone


Disciples can live alone in their inner

life, only if they live in purity.


347 The bee


The bee sucks honey out of the flower; man picks the flower, smells it, and then throws it away; while the ox treads upon it.

The disciple must apply the method of the bee.


348 The Light


The disciple must love the Light!

The master will give him the very Greatest through the Light!


 349 Purification


Every evening the disciple must purify himself, psychically by directing his mind towards the Great Love, and passing everything he has done during the

day through that Love.


350 Light


The disciple must strive to attain to that light in which he will be able to distinguish real Love.

Love reveals itself in time of greatest misery.


351 Good deeds


God does His good deeds in such a way that they seem to come naturally into life! But the disciple must know that it is the act of God, of that Wise Power in the universe which helps all but always remains concealed, and he must thank God ceaselessly in his soul.

The Master does the same.


352 A motto


May the God of Love be blessed in our souls!


353 A question


Which is better: to be given a thing as a gift, or to be given a thing deservedly?

The wealth given you as a gift, or that which is earned?


354 Purity-nux


The disciple should be so pure that he should have the odor of nux — an odor of the angels. And this fragrance should not change, but should through all Eternity become stronger and stronger,

as a flower in the garden of God.


355 Suffering         


You should not be passive toward suffering. When it comes accept it calmly and quietly.

In this way your situation will be clarified and you will benefit by your suffering. At the same time you should actively try to deal wisely with it. While it lasts, do not lose your balance and inner peace. Have a sensible attitude towards it and understand its inner meaning and purpose.

Thus you will transform your suffering into harmony.


356 Love   


When the disciple loves God, he bears suffering lightly.


357 Stability          


As everything is temporary and transient on the earth,

the disciple must hold on to something constant.

He is strong when he has a basic idea which is

unchanging throughout all life's conditions.


358 Practical  application        


The one thing which the disciple should know is the Divine purpose of his life. He must know what means to choose and how to employ them.

When the soul came out of God, He wrote something in it; and when the soul reads this, it will find out the purpose of its life.                              


 359 The Love         


The disciple must discriminate regarding Love. Love may be physical — mechanical, spiritual, or Divine. Energies, in their transformation, pass through these three stages.

The disciple must live in spiritual and Divine Love.

Physical love undergoes great changes; in spiritual love, there are not any essential changes, while the Divine Love never changes but grows forever! 


360 Love


All distraction must be avoided in Love. The attention must never waver.

The mind is necessary in Love.


361 Love             


Love is something Divine! The disciple must manifest Love freely.

There are two extremes in Love:

bashfulness and shamelessness. Both of them flow out of a wrong understanding of Love. But bashfulness is preferable of the two.                        


362 Love            


Every form must vanish in Love;

only the essence of things must remain. If the disciple looks for the form in Love, he will fall. Every form must vanish in Love!


363 According to God       


The disciple must pray for the support

of the Divine world, and try to solve all things according to God. Everything is solved completely in the Divine world;

things are halfway solved in the spiritual world, and not solved at all in the physical

world. In order to come to the Divine solution

of his problems, the disciple must be absolutely pure,

which means that he should not have any karmic ties but rather be completely free.  


364 Initiation          


In order to test the Love of the disciple, he will be submitted to a number of trials, temptations, doubts, and disappointments. If he endures everything, without yielding to temptation in Love, he will be initiated.


365 Love             


Love is a great, inner world, which gives meaning to life. It gives man, deep in his soul, an impetus towards God. This is for those who understand!

Then man can live alone, with Love, and where He is, all things are.  


366 Two places        


The disciple cannot be in two places — in the world and at school. He can go into the world to be examined, but he is always at school.

He works in the world and does not break his ties with it, but everywhere he is a disciple.                          


 367 Meeting the Master


When the disciple wants to meet his Master, he must prepare himself In his consciousness he must not have any ties with the transitory in life and should be in a prayerful condition.

He prays that God may help him to receive and understand the thoughts of his Master correctly, in order to be helped by them and to apply them to life

in the best way.


368 The colour blue


The disciple must use the colour blue so that his vibrations may become more spiritual, faster, and finer

He must have more delicate vibrations.  


369 Supreme Love


The disciple should experience the verse God is Love, in order that he might be, partly, a recipient of that Love.

Then he will be ready to endure all suffering.        


370 Before God


The disciple must do everything as if in the presence of God In this is his Love!


371 For the sake of God


Everything the disciple does is done for the sake of God.


372 The new Teaching


The new teaching is only for people with an awakened consciousness It is not

for those who live with their old ideas.


373 The Master


The Master does not serve that which is temporary.

He serves Love!

For he serves God!


374 Recognition of God


The disciple can recognize God only

 when he lives in the law of Love.          


375 God            


To know God, we must love Him!


376 Conviction        


The disciple must do everything out of conviction His conviction is Love towards God!

His conviction is that God reigns in the world!

His conviction is that Love sustains the world!


377 The hue of Love    


The hue of Love is pink.

The hue of sublime Love is light blue. The hue of Divine Love is White Light!


378 Excursion         


The earthly life of the disciple must represent a beautiful excursion. He will pass through many places, will examine everything he meets on his way, and will pass on.


379 The program    


The disciple must know definitely the program of his life and fulfil it in the right way. Only his superconsciousness can re­veal this to him. Each day he listens to the voice within him to hear what God will tell him to do. This is his program for the day.


380 Giving


Be a loving soul!


381 To the disciples:


May the Peace of God abide in you!


382 The feelings


All the feelings of the disciple must

be on an ascending scale.


383 The heart


You must keep your heart pure.

"Only the pure in heart shall see God."


384 Prayer


The disciple must always be in contact with the God of Love.

Let him think of the One Who alone is ever changeless and kind!           


385 The new morality


The disciple must act according to the New morality: to love God and to

speak the Truth.


386 Consideration


The most noble quality of the disciple is his consideration of others.

Be considerate of others, as God is considerate of you.

Be considerate as is Wise Nature, which gives ear even to the faintest call of insects and flowers for moisture, and provides for all.

Be considerate to what the Divine Spirit wants you to do.

Consideration is to know how to render good service to God within yourself and others.  


387 Consideration


Love teaches you consideration.

Love puts itself in the position of everyone.


388 Penetration


The disciple must be very penetrating and clear-sighted in order to be able to harmonize opposing elements and to become polarized at once.


389 Penetration


The soul of the disciple must be penetrating.

This speaks of an awakened consciousness.


390 Contradictions


As soon as contradictions come into your life, say, "God is Love!" Go to God.


391 Heroism


The disciple must be stronger than

his misfortune, and must know that it comes and goes.

He must endure it. This is heroism. Be brave and go forward! Fearlessness and resoluteness are

qualities of the disciple.

He cannot endure anything without them.    


 392 Oneself           


When the disciple understands himself, he understands everybody.


393 A lesson          


When the Master gives a lesson to the disciple, the latter must pray to God to be given light to understand the lesson well.


394 The hand of providence


The disciple sees in everything happening around him the loving hand of God!


395 Spiritual life        


The disciple must pass his life as God designed it.

For this he needs knowledge and a spiritual life.


396 Knowing the Great  


Develop your heart, that it may provide material for the mind.

"The ox knows its master". And now the time has come for man to know God.


397 Understanding     


One can do without suffering if one has understanding. One can always have

understanding when one has Love.


398 To the Disciple     


May my peace abide in you!


399 Obedience         


It is better for the disciple to be obedient than to ask for things.

For in being obedient, one obeys the will of the Master, while in the asking for things, one obeys one's own will.


400 Recompense


The Master stands in his might in the soul of the disciple after the latter has heard the most sacred words from his Master about God.

What can the disciple do to recompense his Master for all that he has done for him?

Nothing, but to serve God with his whole being!

Only then and thus can he recompense his Master.


401 The heart


The heart of the disciple must always burn with the Sacred fire of Love, but it should never burn out.


402 Severe looks


The face of the Master should not disturb the disciple.

When the Master is penetrating space, then he looks severe.

The disciple must perceive and understand this.    


403 The tongue


The tongue of the disciple must not break bones, but heal wounds.


404 Beauty           


The beauty of the disciple should consist of this — to speak the Truth!

Beauty is the garment of Truth.


405 Pretense          


The disciple is known by his natural

way of life. He is not given to pretenses.


 406 Growth


The disciple must grow! When he is beaten, he should grow! When he is en­deared, he should grow!

The disciple must grow!


407 Will, heart, and mind


The task of the disciple is threefold:

To develop and fortify his will;

To ennoble and purify his heart;

To enlighten and stabilize his mind.       


408 Love and Purity    


By loving, the disciple attains purity. Love is a power which can develop only in purity.


409 For the disciple    


The disciple who has received much, but does not use his knowledge, will be beaten much.  


410 Love, Wisdom, Truth      


Love, Wisdom, and Truth — these must always abide

in the soul of the disciple who loves his Master.

These unite Master and disciple.    


411 The science of Love        


Great is the science of Love!

One must study Love as one studies

nature. Nature cannot be known by one

flower alone.

Love has innumerable forms which

together form one whole.             


412 The future


The life of the disciple must project into the future.

The world lives in the present. The future always implies elevation of consciousness.

The past is a descent of consciousness, while the present is passing.

The great future must permeate the present life of the disciple.


413 Good disciples     


The best disciples are those who develop naturally,

in whose life there is no retarding, or leaping.

They neither wait, nor run, everything moves

with a natural speed.

The cosmic rhythm is reflected in their life.                                    


414 The essence       


The disciple must not desire anything prematurely. He must not want to smell the strong essence for he would not be able to bear it. The essence might be so strong that it would dull his senses.

The Master knows what the disciple needs.

The disciple knows that everything will come to him at the proper time.   


415 Gratitude         


The disciple must be grateful for that which the Master gives him and move forwards.

The Master never allows the disciple to stop on his way. The disciple feels the support coming/row his Master, the support of the whole Heaven. This fills him at all times with gratitude and adoration.                                 


 416 Naturalness


First of all, the disciple must attain

harmonious naturalness in his character.              


417 Learning


What is the most important thing for the man who is hungry?

The most important thing for the disciple is to have an insatiable desire to study. Learning surpasses all for the disciple.

All other things are of secondary importance to him. The disciple begins with the seed, while the world seeks an orchard of fruit.

Therein lies the difference.

But such gardens are nowhere to be found.

The disciple studies in order to fulfil the Will of God!           


418 Polarization


The disciple must know how to become polarized and how to avoid being demagnetized. He always pays attention

to the positive in life, and works with that.             


419 Basic traits


The disciple may change in character, but his basic traits, deposited in him by God, must not change. That which God

has deposited in him is his real self.       


420 Particular way of development


The disciple should not pay any attention to the affairs of those around him.

Everyone has their own course of development.

If you are a river, you must flow.

If you are a tree, you must grow. If you are fruit, you must ripen.

Everything needs development!             


421 Ascendant Love    


When the disciple is ill, he must unfold

Love within himself. When Love becomes ascendant, he will be well.  


422 Goodness         


The essence of man is Goodness! The disciple must cultivate the Good within himself. That is why he is sent to the Earth.


423 Will for Good      


To do Good requires Will! In order to progress in life, you must have a will. You can rise only in and through the Good.

Will is not necessary in the doing of evil.

You only need step into its current and it pulls you downwards.

Will is necessary for the Good!              


424 Evolution         


Evolution for the disciple means rising to the condition where his soul will grow and develop normally.

This is a continuous process of awakening and liberation.

He who works consciously in that direction is a disciple.

He participates in the collective course of evolution.              


425 Objective and subjective mind    


The objective mind of the disciple should be so developed that it receives clear and definite impressions of the objects in the external world, nothing more.

The subjective mind of the disciple should be so developed that one experiences

things inwardly in the right way. The objective mind deals with facts, while the subjective mind with laws. But neither of them is yet the mind of principles.


426 Passivity           


Only in relation to God should the mind of the disciple be passive, receptive. Humility puts the soul in a receptive state.


427 Blue and white     


The disciple must absorb blue and white light. They help him towards his spiritual elevation.

The disciple must use the vitalizing influence of the different kinds of rays, towards his elevation.


428 Two objects        


It is a natural thing for the disciple to concentrate. When two or more objects of the material and spiritual worlds enter into his consciousness, and are interwoven,

his mind becomes scattered. He must not permit this to happen.

This disciple must concentrate only in that direction which promotes

the spiritual progress of a// souls, including his own — beyond

all personal and selfish ambitions.


429 The big bowl      


There are disciples who work with small hoes, but who later demand the big bowl.

That is why the Master will at times take the disciple to the hoes, that he may choose one for himself,

and then according to the size of the hoe, will be the size of the bowl.


430 Yes and no


The disciple must be strong in order to be able to say Yes and No by principle. When something must not, as a matter of principle, be applied, to say No! And when something must be applied, to say Yes!        


431 Love and meaning


The disciple must know that life is impossible without Love.

Everything becomes meaningful in Love.              


432 Love and the mind


It is Love which softens things, while  the mind gives them value.

Tenderness is the outward expression of Love.     


433 Artificial desires


The disciple must guard against artificial desires, for they are destructive. The natural desires of the soul are healthy for the disciple and uplift him.

Only a desire in accord with the Will of God, and coming from God, is a natural desire!

A natural desire is that which leads to abundant life.              


434 Doubt


When the disciple doubts, he becomes demagnetized,

losing the natural attraction previously possessed.


435 Intuition and mind


Each disciple must follow his own nature. Some disciples are better listening to their intuition,

while others are better heeding their reasoning.      


 436 The Plan of Creation         


The disciple must study, not think about how to grow up. This question is not within his plan, but within the Divine Plan of Creation.              


437 Victory           


When the disciple is victorious he is happy and thereby also makes his Master happy.

The disciple conquers when he calls

the powers of heaven to his aid.             


438 The purity of the disciple        


The purity of the disciple must never be stained by anything. When he is pure and keeps his purity he makes his Master happy.        


439 Good            


The disciple who knows and applies his knowledge to life is good.

Goodness is an outward expression of Love.        


440 Sacrifice and Wisdom


The disciple who sacrifices is good.

The disciple who is wise is good.          


441 The Truth         


The disciple who loves the Truth is good.

The Master calls him good.    


442 Good             


The disciple must know that the Master always desires the best for his disciples.

The Master desires that the disciple should endure all suffering and overcome all temptations.             


443 Youth


He who lives in Love is always young.

Old age does not exist for the disciple — he lives in Love, that is why he is a disciple.

The world does not understand Love.

He who lives in Love is always young.


444 Endurance


After the disciple has been with his Master he will be submitted to trials in order to test his Love.

If the disciple loves, he endures everything to the end.

Love endures all!


445 Love and Peace


The disciple, if he has Peace, will know that he has Love.

If Love cannot give Peace, it is not Love.     


446 Truth and Love


The disciple must always act out of Truth and Love.

Love always sets things right. It is the most sublime and noble thing in life.

But Truth sets man free. It is the power which directs man on the eternal Way!   


447 Truth


Whenever the disciple might lie, let him remember the words of the Master:

Truth is ours, but lies — no! And if he is a real disciple, he will not lie!    


 448 Test             


The disciple must know that he will never pass through the same test twice. He must therefore take care to pass it well. If he does not pass, but fails the test, another one will be given to him, but the same is never repeated!        


449 The Truth          


Speaking the Truth is like having an operation without taking an anaesthetic. The disciple must be able to bear the Truth! Then he is strong.

He knows that in its inner essence Truth is always kind!                 


450 Response


There are questions which the disciple must answer directly and sincerely. If he beats about the bush, he is not speaking the Truth.

The Master knows the Truth.

The disciple is only being tested.            


451 Power and Nobility


Only when he does no evil is the disciple strong.

And therein rests his Nobility.


452 Knowledge


The disciple must strive to attain and Love knowledge with Love.

Knowledge attained without Love makes one rude, while that attained with Love ennobles man.

That is real knowledge.      


453 Peace            


The disciple must always be calm. Not only externally, but deep within his soul he must have Peace.

The man of Peace has an unearthly radiance which brings harmony to all around him.    


454 Peace            


Peace speaks of the presence of the Spirit!   


455 Sacred feelings      


The disciple must not trade with his sacred feelings.

Covetousness is no quality of Love.

All has value in Love.        


456 Sin               


When sin takes possession of the disciple,

he loses everything in a moment.

The disciple is strong, not only when he gains wealth, but when he knows how to preserve it.           


457 Love             


The disciple must not stain himself if he would live in Love.

One moment spent by the spring of Love is of more value

than a hundred royal crowns!                       


458 Fruit             


The disciple should be able to live only on fruit. For it gives him pure feelings and bright thoughts.

Thus will his will also develop.

Man's food will be different in a hundred years' time.

Now women spend the greater part of their lives in the kitchen, while men work solely for food.       


 459 The mental plane  


When the disciple meditates and concentrates

he must not be diverted by anything,

so that his thoughts may be in harmony

and he may find himself on the mental plane.                        


460 The Master        


Initiation is impossible without a Master!

A Master is necessary for the disciple,

for it is He who will give the latter the right

direction in life, both here on earth,

and above in the invisible world.

Only he who has passed over the Path

and knows its every detail, can reveal the Path to you.                 


461 Suffering          


Suffering is the greatest thing on earth for the disciple.

For through it, he learns his best lessons.

The disciple is elevated in suffering. The consciousness awakens in suffering.                                  


462 The goal          


The Goal of the disciple is within him — it is God.

That is why there are no obstacles on the way to its attainment. The disciple is always content, for everything is within him.

People of the world seek their object outside themselves. That is why their life is full of discontent.                   


463 Suffering and Truth   


As soon as the disciple begins to understand

suffering in the right way, he learns the Truth.              


464 An excess         


The disciple must not desire in his life more suffering and joy than are necessary. That would be excessive.

Suffering causes moisture, while joy — Light and heat.            


465 Suffering         


No one shall ask the disciple how much suffering he has passed through,

but rather what he has learned from it.          


466 Recognition        


The disciple will recognize his Master

when he raises his consciousness to the Divine world.


467 Patience          


Have patience, my disciple, you who are studying by me!

Patience is one of the great qualities of God.

Patience, my disciple, patience!      


468 Purity            


The disciple must always be pure in his soul.

In the New teaching, the disciple must guard

his own purity and that of others above all things.      


469 A motto         


"I thank Thee, God of Love, Thou Who madest me able to say: / can!"

When the disciple is in trouble, let him say,

"God is within me, and it is He Who enables me to act.

In Divine Love, "I cannot" does not exist.

"God is Love!"                 


 470 Two extremes      


The disciple must guard against two extremes: when the heart grows cold, it turns into ice; when the mind becomes hot, it causes storms.

The heart must be warm, and the

mind must be light.            


471 A rule             


The disciple keeps this rule sacredly:

the Divine cannot be corrected. It is absolute!

There is no second opinion beside the Divine.

The disciple never breaks this rule.  


472 At university       


When the disciple is with his Master, he is at university. Otherwise he is at school.               


473 Love             


The Love of the disciple must be continually

purified in order to blend with the Love of the Master.

The small one can reach the Great One only through Love.

Only Love makes small things great.

Only Love sends the Great to the small!

Only Love makes the small serve the Great!


474 Tenderness        


The disciple must be very tender,

forming around himself waves of tenderness

in preparation for coming to

understand Great Sublime Love. It is Divine, the most sacred thing on earth.

Only Divine Love is Love!        


475 On excursion


When the disciple is on an excursion in the mountains, it is good for him to say a prayer and do his exercises upon

the highest peak. 


476 Without fear


When evil comes, it injects one with fear.

The disciple must say, " Without Fear!" That is to say,

God will overcome.            


477 Out of Love


The disciple must do everything out of Love!

Anything done without Love is a crime.

All with Love!       


478 Virginity


The disciple must possess virginity. Virginity is a quality of the soul, not anything external.            


479 Harmony


The disciple must be in harmony with the Absolute, and approach Him with absolute faith and fearlessness.

Harmony is a precondition for exchange

between the disciple and the Absolute.          


480 Joy


The disciple who progresses well is joyful.

The joy of the disciple springs from within him as a fountain. Men of the world want to raise the curtain and see where his joy has its source, but they cannot do so.

They look for it outside, but it is not there.

The joy of the disciple springs from within.


 481 Growth          


Let your Love grow!

Every day the disciple must grow in Love!    


482 Knowledge of God              


To know God is to receive and know His Love.           


483 The right attitude   


When you love someone, you love all that he loves.

The disciple who loves his Master also loves all his Master's orders.        


484 The important thing     


It is important for the disciple to receive Divine Love.

This Love should become essential to him.

He should live in it, breathe it, so that his life is filled with meaning.        


485 The Eastern School      


In the Eastern School, artificial means were created for testing the disciple,

and he passed through them all. But today natural tests are given to him and he must pass his tests well.

If someone offends you, be a hero, approach him, and tell him with Love,

"Come again into my home!"          


486 With God        


The disciple must be conscious of a living bond with God. He should not think much about consequences, but rather about principles.               


487 Silence


When the Master speaks, the disciple must be silent. When the Master is silent, the disciple is being examined.

The best art, which the disciple can apply most easily, is to keep silent and to listen.          


488 Good


The disciple must strive towards the Good! Goodness is the fruit of Love, Love is the fruit of the Spirit, and the

Spirit is the manifestation of God!  


489 Philosophy


Philosophy is required of the life of the disciple. He must be able to reconcile all contradictions. The big things are for the world, but the small things are for the disciple.       


490 The Divine school


In the Divine school all the actions of the disciple must be moderated.

The most sacred things of the soul

are not manifested to the world.      


491 Not immediately


The Master does not give the disciple what he desires immediately, but lets him live with that desire for a certain time. He allows the disciple to experience his desire deeply. If it is spiritual, it will hold out to the end, but if it is material, it will vanish.   


492 Perseverance


First of all the perseverance of the disciple must be tested, and then certain

lessons will be entrusted to him.      


 493 Discipline and Freedom


The disciple alone should impose discipline upon himself!

Otherwise it will be violence.

Nothing in his life can be imposed upon him by violence.

The disciple does everything with inner freedom!                      


494 Small things


The disciple is tested through small things. If he is careful in small things,

greater things will be given to him.  


495 Intensive experiences


The intensive experiences of the disciple are inward,

and should barely be noticeable on the outside.

Only thus can they be valuable to him.


496 Depth            


The disciple must pass through great sufferings in order to acquire depth of character.

Without that depth, he cannot have stability and endurance.

It is necessary for his character, for it has a rejuvenating influence.

Depth is the substance of things, while size relates to their exterior form. The feelings can be deep, but they can also be intensive.

Intensity is the fourth dimension.  


497 The good disciple   


The disciple must never criticize the actions of his Master, if he would be a good disciple.

For the Master is wiser than the disciple.

The latter must always rejoice in the orders of his Master and say,

"This is for good. It is the desire of my Master. I shall fulfil it with joy and love!"  


498 Love for God      


To love God means to strew the seeds of purity upon your path.

As soon as the disciple loves God, he will enter into his right life,

and will rise above all circumstances.               


499 Kind             


Today Nature is more kind than severe. Both kindness and severity attract,

but kindness has a greater power of attraction.

Only God is kind. Mercy imparts calmness, while Love imparts life.                         


500 Love of the soul   


The Beloved One of the human soul — He is the August of the world, God Himself.

The discovery of the Beloved is the moment of your awakening!

What a change takes place within you!

— You are already a Son of Light!

You feel the fragrance of thousands of flowers about you.


 Light begins to embrace tenderly all that God created!

The snow and ice begin to melt. You are already in the land where the brilliant Sun never ceases to shine.

For there is no more night! All tears are wiped away from your eyes.

You become able to hear the unearthly music, which fills everything.

It seems to emanate from all rocks, mountain summits, springs,

grasses, flowers, trees, and stars! They speak to you,

and you understand their language! It is their hymn of prayer to the Divine.

Crystal waters flow around you — bearers of immortality; beautiful trees blossom and bear fruit every month, and their leaves are for the healing of the nations.

You love all for the sake of your Beloved,

because you see the reflection of His Beauty in all!

And their love towards you is the Love of your Beloved!

You no more love, but you yourself are Love;

you yourself are Purity, Innocence, and Light!

You do all for the sake of your Beloved!

You look around and see that everything is beautiful!

And you say:

"Now I understand that the plan of Creation is the plan of Love!

All is Love! All is Truth!"

This is the Love of the soul!         






The awakened soul says:

The long night is past! The veil is lifted from my eyes, and now I understand that:

All is Beauty! All is Joy!

All is Purity! All is Love!

I love all, because Beauty, Joy, Purity, and Love are in all.

I shall go to the faithless ones and shall impart to them the Light in which I live.

I shall go to those who weep, to share my joy with them.

I shall go to the despairing ones, to comfort them.

I shall go to the burdened souls, to give them of my Love!

I shall go to all, to give my peace unto them.

And therein is my Joy!

For they are all in me, and I in them.

I am going to serve.

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