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( 1 )

The Divine Life demands a turning from all selfishness ; this will enable us to experience the complete development of the Human heart and mind. This is the path to Wholeness .


( 2 )

What is the will of God ? :That our every

action should spring from the experience of the ' given ' moment, and be intended for the benefit of all Creation.


( 3  )

During this Epoch it will be possible for the Human Race to solve all those problems which act as obstacles in our path ; all contradictions must be reconciled in preparation for something better.


( 4 )

The desire for harmony with The Living Laws of Nature must awaken within us, and this will produce concord with God.


( 5 )

We have to discover the place and time of the birth of The New Teaching ; an expansion of Consciousness will occur, with the transformation or metamorphosis ( as it were ) of a chrysalis into a butterfly.


( 6 )

Our present stagnation is due to retarded souls who have strayed from the path of Human evolution and, thereby, are unable to properly utilise the forces of Nature ; these souls could be described as beggars, cunning and expert at taking advantage of every Human weakness.


(  7  )

Only the calm and quiet mind is capable of attaining to the Divine Consciousness which sustains us and equips us for mighty observations.


( 8 )

The Human world is populated by proselytes, believers and disciples. Proselytes are materialists who seek grand possessions ; believers search for Holy Egotism ; disciples are those who are steeped in Divine teaching.


(    9    )

One who has entered into the. Divine Life has reached a level so high that it is, in effect, free from disturbance.


( 10 )

For us there can be no greater experience than the attainment of Unity with God ; thereby we feel the presence of God within us, linking us with every exalted being.


(  11  )

Sift your thoughts until only those most essential thoughts are left. These are the thoughts upon which we can rely.


(  12  )

The New Culture will be established by those who search for God ; when we encounter God all will be well with us.


(  13  )

We must consider even the smallest impulse, for the Divine is concealed within the most barely perceptible impulse ; at the moment we are unable to respond to such an impulse.

We should nurture our sensitivity towards the miniature, bearing in mind that it is the small things which possess the greatest strength. A grain of wheat has the capacity to cover the Earth in a decade.


(  14  )

We are expected to apply the dynamic laws of Divine love in order to become rejuvenated ; constantly bear in mind the ideal of Eternal Rejuvenation, the ideal of becoming a beautiful person. We are pre-destined to possess Eternal Youth ; whoever looks forward to Old Age has failed to understand that ' those who wait upon the Lord will find themselves rejuvenated.


(  15  )

Have no time for Evil ! This ensures a high level of vibration which cannot be lowered by extraneous forces. Always avoid the ugly and seek the beautiful in Nature.


( 16 )

Learn to read the pages of the invisible New World accurately. Nature is unveiling Itself, revealing the. Reason behind everything, unleashing a light which can be seen all over the Earth ; permit this light to penetrate and you will receive an Inner Illumination on the nature of Reality, and of the sense in everything.


(    17    )

Nature is the Divine World rendered objective ; when we are at last able to understand Nature it will form our subjective world, which we will manifest objectively.

The Human Race is the representation of the Mind and Reason of the Natural World ; during our existence we will interpret Natural Law and, in turn, manifest it in a higher octave.


18 )

Each morning endeavour to open yourself to a new impulse ; we must turn from the trivial, and from everything of the Old Life with its attendant misfortunes.


(    19    )

Because we are created in the image of God, our future is a Great One. Be God-like then ! We have golden mouths so that no evil words may slip through ; our eyes are like diamonds for receiving and transmitting the light our hands are for more than working with mud, for we did not come here to be brick-makers and nothing else.


20 )

Rise early and greet the Sun as it rises. In seeking for God you will enjoy all the blessings of Life and, if you start in your youth, great progress is assured.


21 )

Life is a constant process of getting acquainted. Each day brings us fresh information, each year presents fresh perceptions and new horizons.

This is the process of getting to know God.


22 )

Only when our minds are functioning properly will our world be put right.


(    23    )

Learn to apply those Divine Laws which are as precise as the rules of the Science of Music ; knowing them will not fail to achieve results.

First of all, improve the state of your mind. Secondly, improve the condition of your heart for it is only when £he mind and heart are focussed correctly that there will be improvements in the material life.


( 24 )

We now need    to    develop strength    and    courage.

In the    Divine    World only    the    Brotherhood prevails, and in realising this you will sense the closeness of all Humanity to your own heart.


(    25    )

Youth and Age are interchangeable ; the soul does not alter, it simply develops. Nothing new is ever introduced into the mind of Humanity, because the Human Spirit comes from God. The New consists of laying down fresh conditions which make possible the development of the Divine spark, which is the Spirit.

You cannot enter The New Age if you are still seeking to pay karmic debts and live according to the Law of Moses ; our physical life is a great illusion which, of itself, accomplishes nothing.

The essence of Life is Love and to be loved ; we should love each other selflessly ; this is the love-quality which we will take with us to Heaven.


(    27    )

Eating is just a condition ; it is not a necessity and should not be a focal point in Life. The time is approaching when we shall be able to eat without having to labour.

Our present physical needs compel us to work. If we retrace our steps to God, and perform the will of God, we will find ourselves, as before, in Paradise.

The Human soul is capable of reverting to its Original State ; our struggle began when we left Paradise, and even now we hanker after so many different things.


( 28 )

The New Age asks great intelligence of us.

Firstly, we have to absorb and adopt the Divine measure of everything ; thereafter we will discover that we can achieve whatsoever we seek to achieve, but if we fail to adhere to the Divine yardstick, then all our problems will remain unsolved.


(    29    )

All talk and pre-occupations about the past only lead us up a blind alley ; and we are also deluded if we imagine that we know each other, for we certainly do not know each other.

Knowledge of a person demands unconditional love, so much so that we should be prepared to sacrifice everything for others.


(    30    )

The hands of musicians have become so intelligent that they can play in the dark ; musical feet are now being formed by means of the application of the rhythmical Solar exercises which you are now receiving, such as the Sunbeams .


(    31    )

We require to have positive faith in The Word of God, and to live in tune with the cycle of the Sun ; we must perpetually absorb the light of the Sun and never permit it to set within us.


(    32    )

In the third dimension everything is static ; movement, growth and time belong to the fourth dimension.

Pay attention to the manner or attitude a person adopts towards you, and not to what such a person may be able to give you.


(    33    )

From now on we shall all serve Love, Wisdom and Truth. The salvation of the world depends upon this ; nothing is of greater importance than these three principles of Love, Wisdom and Truth, for the Divine Spirit of the Living God is manifested through these principles .

Love demonstrates the Laws whereby the Human Race can live a free and rational existence which contains all the possibilities for Immortality.

Wisdom sustains the Divine Light which creates the most favourable conditions for the correct development of the Human mind.

Truth sets a person free and equips for a life of Divine sacrifice.

Truth contains freedom and progress, and provides us with a 'sense of purpose for our lives.


(    34    )

God created the world as the means for us to discover happiness, which only truly happens when we begin our studies.


(    35    )

Evil thoughts and deeds create obstacles in Life ; when you conquer the Devil he has to pay the bill, but if he overcomes you then it is you who has to pay the bill.


(    36    )

We have to learn to control our thoughts and feelings, also acquainting ourselves with our character and Fate ; furthermore we must now learn to be at one with the Laws of Nature.


(    37    )

Let us, therefore, learn to look and listen; we should perceive God everywhere, in everything, in every moment we make.


If we are to love God and our neighbour properly this means making room for them inside ourselves ; make room for God in your heart, and room for your neighbour in your mind.

As for ourselves we should live in our will.


(    39    )

Do whatever you do for the sake of God who has provided us with everything in life.


(    40    )

The presence of Christ at the marriage in Galilee is a symbol for the New Life.

The marriage represents the start of the New Life ; Christ represents the principle of love in the heart ; the disciples represent the principle of your neighbours held in your mind.

We all represent the servants at ' the marriage, whose task it is to look after the Christ and the disciples ( which is the heart and the mind ).

Before you are able to love your neighbours it is necessary to think of them first. Keep a special place in your mind for all your neighbours.

The mind is like the bridegroom and the heart is the bride ; the Christ principle is necessary to unite the two.


(    41    )

At the marriage there are three kinds of guest ; there are onlookers, invited guests and close friends and relatives of either the bride or the groom.

The simple onlookers at the church are the ' proselytes ' and the invited guests are the ' believers '.

The closest friends and relatives of the couple are the ' disciples '.

We should arrange our thoughts in a similar way.

Three kinds of thoughts arise in everyday life ; there are Divine thoughts which come from God ; there are thoughts which we receive from the minds of our neighbours ; and there are thoughts which we experience arising within ourselves.

There are, therefore, thoughts which are sent to us by the Divine world, from the world of angels and from the world of Humanity.

We must learn to discriminate between these different levels of thought and avoid falling into mistaken actions ; when you have learned the source of certain thoughts it is possible to either fight against it or develop its inner potential.


(    42    )

A wedding is the time for work as well as for happiness. We should begin each new task as though celebrating a Divine marriage or setting up a new life ; here there is the means of salvation for the Human soul.

A New Culture and a New Life can also be brought about by the application of the power behind the same law.


(    43    )

Do not think that your thoughts and desires rest in the imagination alone, for every

thought has its own unique image and content, as well as its own independent life.

In the future your brain, lungs and other organs will be woven out of your current thoughts and desires ; by the practice of correct thinking we are designing a fresh wardrobe for our future spiritual body.

The Teaching of Christ is not one of outward forms, as we would associate with a church, for example, for it is a teaching about personal initiative. It is impossible for others to think or feel or act in your place, for that is directly our own responsibility.


(    44    )

If we think, feel and act correctly then we shall have the blessing of God.

When Christianity preaches that we should ’ turn to God ', this means that we should return to Paradise, which is the original way of life which creates conditions for calm and rational living. Such conditions preclude the need for the historical succession of Ages.

It is possible to become good in an instant ; it is also possible to become bad in an instant. As for ourselves we are born neither good nor bad, but the moment we stop doing evil, we become good, and vice versa.


(    45    )

A woman has the ability to raise a man up or cause him to sink to a low ebb ; rightheartedness gives right direction to the mind, but a wicked heart can set the mind in a false direction.


(    46    )

We suffer and sigh because it is as though the soul is in prison ; it is the soul which is suffering and sighing.


(    47    )

Allow every heart to be just as the Lord created it. Every heart is intrinsically good but becomes what it becomes because of the direction supplied by the mind.

The teaching of Christ is that we have freedom and that we are able to give freedom. We should give and receive freedom, both civil and domestic ; let us permit freedom to flow everywhere.

We want to experience freedom for ourselves, and we should be willing to give freedom to others. We all want love and justice for ourselves, and we should also want these for others too.

There is a saying that ' wherever the Spirit of the Lord is found, freedom will flourish there '.


( 48    )

If you pick ten flowers someone will die as a result of your actions ; if you utter several evil words someone's house will burn down.

If you plant ten flowers a good man will incarnate upon. the Earth. If you cut down a living fruit tree in your garden, someone in the house will die.

If the branches of a tree in your garden begin to wither it is because of the evil thoughts of the inhabitants of the house ; the daily life of such people will become disordered. If someone cuts down a tree which you love then you, also, will die.

The person with the strongest will is he or she who has control of the tongue !

Do not project your grief into the world ; transform it into joy !


(    50    )

Good and evil exist only at the moment of their manifestation ; the instant the action is discontinued they cease to exist.

Here is an example ; place yourself ten metres from a hot stove and you will enjoy the heat, but draw right up against it and you will burn your hands, and jump away in a hurry.

Conditions for good and evil in our lives operate in the same way ; a Divine thought can appear within our Consciousness from many different directions. This thought will be good or bad according to the state of mind in which it is received.

It is for this reason that we require knowledge, so that when the express train passes through our station you are not left standing high and dry !

If you are still engaged with the preoccupations of old age, gossiping, illnesses, doubts or a lack of faith, you are standing at the wrong platform !


( 51 )

We need shelters as protection from different kinds of thought-form which may attack us from the outside world, just as we build houses to protect us from the unfavourable conditions in the world of Nature.

If you lead a pure and dedicated life you will create around yourself an aura capable of providing protection from any evil attack and bad influence.


(    52    )

Those who, at present, are unwilling to work for spiritual perfection will be left behind. We must now seek to transform our desires and thoughts, thus heightening the vibratory level of the mind.


(    53    )

Try to discern the cause behind every bad impulse ; try to preserve the energy behind every good impulse.

The disciple, upon setting out to study requires a will of iron, because the Kingdom of God is built neither in the mind nor the heart but expressly by the power of the will.


(    54    )

In general when we approach Old Age we stop listening to God ; we become discontented, impatient, and we imagine that there is nothing else for us.

Yet we shall take action when the Lord moves. We should think and feel with the thoughts and feelings of God ; this is the life of selfless harmony.


(    55    )

Within the heart we must nurture the quality of love which gives birth to causes and events and brings them to fruition.

When something is achieved it becomes a Truth, a Reality when perceived through the eye of Wisdom.

Firstly the artist paints a landscape on the canvas ; later on the artist comes to know the real place that has been depicted.


(    56    )

Those things which are hidden from ordinary mortals are revealed to the inner eye of the disciple.

Facts, laws and principles sustain all life ; facts are accumulated through direct experience, and this encourages us to study the Laws of Life.

The disciple must, nonetheless, rise above these laws which still impose limitations on the disciple ; the reason for this is to live out the principle of Love, Wisdom and Truth which transcends those laws and which draw the disciple towards the sphere of freedom.


(    57    )

We should never forget t:hat what is possible for God is also possible for us.

Illnesses result from sins and mistakes, and they hasten the advent of Old Age ; the good and the beautiful, on the other hand, induce rejuvenation.

The New Culture is none other than Divine Love coursing correctly through our organisms.


(    58    )

Any action devoid of Divine love has no sense behind it ; Love must be the impulse behind

every one of our thoughts, feelings and actions.


(    59    )

The love of Truth is a sacred and beautiful impulse within Humanity ; our future is determined by our love of Truth, for the blessing of God is behind it.

The only one fit to love and to be loved is the lover of Truth.


60 )

Let your mind become the reservoir for one central and sacred idea ; in turn this becomes your duty and this idea will permit you to serve throughout your life.

Put up with everything else for the sake of this idea ; by means of it every desire can be transformed into spiritual energy.


61 )

Should we wish to bring to fruition any idea or thought, then our thinking must become very concentrated, as this will attract the other minds contemplating the same thing.

The great ideas of a genius are born in this manner ; every great idea is a collective act.


62 )

Until Human Consciousness is kindled we lack the illumination and expansiveness of life. We walk around as if enclosed in an eggshell, all muffled up with our limitations.

Forty-eight years of intensive daily work is needed for " the hatching of the egg ", which

is also the Human soul : two minutes for the mind, two minutes for the heart, and two minutes for an action to be carried out.


(    63    )

Concentration depends on how you breathe ; patience is acquired through deep breathing.


(    64    )

The disciple is permitted only one discont-ment in life, that which arises when there has been a failure to apply virtue to life.

When the demands of our convictions have been fulfilled then we can break free and experience liberty.

The Light shed by the New Teaching has no limits because it rests on the rational laws of Nature. It is in complete harmony with Divine law, and the whole Earth is illumined by this Light.


(    65    )

We require to know what are the planetary influences on us for us to obtain a positive knowledge of Life.

The planets aid the evolution of Humanity.

Saturn makes you cautious ; Mercury makes you penetrating ; Venus develops gentleness and the Sun fastens our attentions upon Beauty, joy, happiness, music and science.


66 )

Encourage those desires within you which do not display weakness, but which survive every tempest and trial in life, for doubt can destroy a person ; spiritual ' flabbiness ' is derived from unrealised desires.

We must learn how to transform these desires into spiritual power.


( 67 )

For thousands of years you have been testing out the lessons and suggestions of the " dark beings ".

Now it is time to test out the teachings of the Spirits of Light who issue forth from God and are your teachers today. The Father of Lights has begun to reveal Himself.

The will of the Father is emanating today because this Epoch is destined for the glorification of God, with the love of God dispersed all over the planet.


68 )

The Master has revealed the content and sense of all forms on Earth.


( 69 )

During the involutionary process Humanity has arrived at this present material form, but we have also broken our contract with the Creator.

When the Christ came He said, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life , meaning that through Christ we are able to tread our evolutionary path back to the Creator.

The coming Sixth Race will furnish Humanity with an Angelic culture, and this will further accelerate the pace of Human evolution.

Today the Christ is presenting the world with methods suited for the evolutionary pattern of the Human Race, and the formula given by the Master is this ;

' The disciple must have a heart as pure as a crystal, a mind as bright as the Sun, a soul as wide as the Universe, and a spirit as powerful as God and at one with God. '


(    70    )

Bread provides sustenance for the body ; the soul subsists on the Word of God.


(    71    )

Evil is bound and gagged today ; if you seek to serve evil you, too, will find that you have been bound and gagged.

Close up the gates of your mind and heart to every evil suggestion.


(    72    )

Our feelings will only find their true expression when they have been poured into the mould of Right Thinking.


(    73    )

Purity is attained by the elimination of all disturbing elements within our nature.


(    74    )

We should not attempt to correct the external circumstances ; none of us are able to alter the state of the world.

If we avoid making just one mistake we shall have gained a point in our favour ; if we have made a mistake and then have it corrected, we have gained two points in our favour.


(    76    )

If we are unable to correct the wrongs committed by our ancestors, we may find ourselves in the position of depriving ourselves of the benefits they intended for us.


(    77    )

When we decide to work for our own spiritual progress, everyone else benefits from our actions ; by raising our own vibration we affect everyone else around us.

One single match can give rise to a huge conflagration.


(    78    )

The Invisible Universal White Brotherhood, whose head is the Christ, requires absolute purity of all its disciples ; it asks for unconditional honesty, absolute goodness and intelligence.

If we have failed to develop these qualities, how can we expect to go to God ?


(    79    )

The time has come to apply this teaching to our daily lives ; if, as a Race, we are unable at this juncture to accept and apply the tenets of love and wisdom, then we have no future.

Carry the Divine within yourself each day.

Only someone who is insane can deny the existence of God.


( 81 )

Faith is the energy which can better your mind, body and heart ; Science is the method of applying faith to Life.


( 82 )

Every positive thought contains Goodness, Justice and Reason ; a positive action contains the same qualities.

When a person is good, such a person is strong and stands on a solid foundation ; when a person is just such a person is so well constructed that nothing is. able to shake the person ; when such a person is rational everything falls within the reach of that person.


(    83    )

When we decide to serve God everything we need will come our way ; sacrifice means the use of your body, heart and mind in the service of others.

The teachings of the Christ unveil for us the ideal of perfection in our social life ; we are living rays of the Godhead, with the Godhead revealing Itself through us.

Since we are rays of God we should think, see and feel as does the Godhead, which is in a manner characterised by love.


(    84    )

In Heaven the souls who love each other go to work in ' the fields ' ; those who have no love for one another are actually held back.

In Heaven these people are referred to as ' murmurers '.


(    85    )

Humanity is, as yet, an unfinished canvas, an incomplete image ; as such we have no right to air our opinions in connection with what we imagine to be the nature of Humanity.


86 )

Nowadays we are actually approaching the land of Canaan yet, still, there is a lot of ' murmuring ' ; here again we should recognise that ' murmuring ' is a means of defining all our past mistakes.

It is unfortunate that we are still focussing our attention on these mistakes.


(    87    )

Many of us in the modern world require to take a rest ; a new power of genuine love is presently flooding the Cosmos which, in the short space of forty-five years will be able to rejuvenate and resurrect people.


88 )

Still we have not learned to love in the way which will permit our love to follow us throughout Eternity ; whatever we do should be such that it cannot be severed from us for all Eternity.


(    89    )

This world has been described as the world of ' the flesh ' ; we need to pass on from here to the Divine world of Purity.

God created the Universe by the power of Thought ; and it is by the power of Thought that the Human Race has to organise Its own life here on Earth.


( 91 )

Thinking is the highest and most pleasurable form of work. Every . inharmonious day is the

Product of unsolved problems. Rather than becoming obsessed by problems we should try to resolve them at once.

Should there be a problem which is heavy on the heart we should lift it up to God, the Lord of our Mind, then put it on the grindstone.

By this    means    the    Divine    seed    within    the

problem will have a chance to sprout, and you will be able to transform it into something good.

If, in life, we are not constantly solving problems our life must be dead, dormant and void of achievement.

It is    Thought    which    stimulates    growth    and



(    92    )

Illnesses are often the means of correcting mistakes ; impurities are often burnt up when a person is ill.


(    93    )

The less said the better ; with silence many things are accomplished.

The trees are silent damsels ; look at the sweet fruit they produce !


(    94    )

Every quality, every virtue and every principle possesses a fundamental tone ; Truth is Divine Music, and we must learn to recognise its basic tone. The same can be said about love, wisdom, compassion, patience and humility.

DOH is the basic tone of the scale from which all other tones proceed.


(    95    )

The Supreme instrument of the New Teaching is the Love-Light, which is a Solar teaching, capable of melting ice and snow and bringing life in its wake.

It is as vital for us as light and sunshine. People are dying for the lack of it, just as they are dying for the lack of light and water.


(    96    )

In the Divine World there are circumstances and situations which are totally outside our experience, such as ’ eyes never saw and ears never heard .

It is a world of complete harmony. God is harmony, and all living beings constitute a tone in this Universal Symphony.


(    97    )

We have come to Earth in Human form, but there are still millions of forms through which we have to pass.

It is only when we have become thoroughly acquainted with this present form that we can pass over into anothe form.

Every form has its own specific possibilities ; these have to be analysed and utilised. A stag has just as many lines of development as a Human being.


(    98    )

The stars are smaller than we are ! A Human being is greater than the whole Universe ! The Human soul is greater than the Sun, indeed greater than a hundred million Suns !

The coming Sixth Race will live within their souls and their spirits.

The soul and spirit of Humanity has already been manifested ; within the soul of Humanity there is an element which is material.

Men and women need to become perfect, and perfect in relation to God.


(    99    )

The Human being must dwell within the causal body, which contains the world of the soul, which is without contradiction.

In the physical world everything is liable to end up as a contradiction ; we have to listen to the voice of the soul.


( 100 )

Our main task is to purify ourselves so that we may become pure channels for Spirit.

The Spirit gives forth Music ; we are the chords which form the integral part of it.

This is the Music which will put the world in a state of harmony.

The New Life will not commence flowing within us until we actually reach conscious harmony and unity between the Mind and the Heart, or between the Body and the Spirit ; then Humanity will begin to manifest the Divine on Earth, by becoming a pure Spring of Soul and Will in its own right.




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