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1926_01_10 Action and counteraction


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Беседата на български


Translated by Nelly Pehlivanova

Edited by Maria Braikova and Yasmin Alan




Year 5, Lecture 9 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class)

Given by the Master Beinsa Douno

On January 10, 1926 – Sunday, 19.30h

Sofia – Izgrev




Always be faithful, true, pure and kind!



A summary on the topic "The smartest beatle" was read.
The disciples' essays on the topic "What do birds think about?" were read.

Next time please write on the following topic "The most useful plant"


Suppose that two beings are standing at the opposite banks of a big, swift-flowing river, 1 km* wide. How can these two beings meet? They will use the bridge on the river. If the river was very narrow, no bridge would be needed as they could easily jump over it. But because this river is quite wide, the bridge is necessary. Therefore, small difficulties can be easily overcome, while for great difficulties a bridge is required. Coming to a small creek on the road, a person jumps over it right away without looking around for a bridge. But when coming to a large river, that person  will look for a bridge. Small and big rivers are like the small and big difficulties in life. People easily handle the small issues but when it comes to the big ones, they begin to seek a bridge. No, no bridge is needed. Encountering a difficult situation, one can assess the whole matter and then go back to explore another way for passing through it. When two people are at the opposite banks of a wide and deep river, it is better for them not to meet. Modern people are masters of committing crimes. To prevent them from turning to crimes too often, Providence has placed them away from one another, so that they cannot meet and cause harm. However, when good people are distanced from one another, they will always find a natural way to meet. They will not look for a bridge to overcome the obstacles, but will climb a mountain peak and will go down from there.

When does evil arise in the human being? It is when
a person cannot  fulfill their desires. When someone cannot achieve their wishes, they  become disappointed and this can give birth to bad thoughts and feelings. The eyes of such people begin to sink in and dark circles like valleys appear under their eyes. Bad thoughts and wishes paralyze brain cells and as a result the brain energies of such people do not go up, but only flow down. Brain energies in general, function in three main head areas. The first area is behind the ears, where the lower energies operate. This area can be compared to a hell in the human being. The second area covers the energies functioning in the forehead - this area presents the human life. The third area includes those energies that are flowing in the upper part of the brain where higher moral feelings reside. This area can be compared to a paradise in the human being. Therefore, when a person opposes their own moral feelings, the energy originating from this area [the upper brain] goes down to the area behind the ears or to the hell! In order to avoid this, one should not suppress but give expression to one's good wishes.


Keep the following rule: never resist your good thoughts and wishes. Take action against your bad thoughts and wishes, against your bad tendencies. What do evil and Good represent? – These are energies that operate everywhere in nature. While you are working with the Good, you will inevitably come to know evil, too. Modern people are now placed  in the polarity of Good in order to apply it. The only human aspiration should be for Good. As far as one does Good, we will always have favorable conditions to grow properly and gradually receive ideas of the new culture and new life. Without manifesting good things one cannot develop properly. The consequence is the mutilation of one‘s mind, heart and willpower. As a result, the energy of such person is stored mainly in the area behind the ears. If you want to meet such types of people, you will find them either as wrestlers at the gambling dens or in the pubs. The beauty of human life lies in the human thought. There is no more beautiful thing in human life than one's thought. There is no more beautiful thing in a bird's life than its sense of music and color. That is why some birds sing beautifully and some have variegated feathers speckled with gorgeous hues.

Now, may someone of you say three words with which to
make a sentence. The first word begins with the letter* „Д“, the second one - with „О“, and the third one - with „Ч“. The sentence formed is: Духът обича чистотата (Spirit Loves Clarity). Clarity here implies purity of thought. This sentence can be reformed like this: Дух обичен и чист (Spirit beloved and pure). You can then put this into a musical form:





Expressed in this way, the melody indicates that Spirit is somewhere far away and can only be idealized. So, you can accompany the above song with the word Spirit only. By this musical approach, Spirit will come closer to the human being.





As students, you should apply music for energy transformation. When you notice some sort of stagnancy in your energetic system, begin to sing in order to clear your energetic centres. Let your energy flow freely through them. For example, when someone complains of not having a musical ear, they are actually repressing their potential by speaking thus. When someone has no manifestations in the field of music, it does not mean that this person has no sense of music. The musical capacity of this person is in a potential state, while in some others it may be in a kinetic state. Whether music is in a potential or kinetic state, one should nurture one’s aspiration for it. With the aspiration for music, one can also help those who are actively immersed in music. Many singers and musicians owe their talent to people who bring music within themselves, though they have not become musicians - breaking off with them may lead to losing their talent. This may happen not only to musicians but also to poets and writers.
Accordingly, there
should always be someone or something to inspire creative people: Nature for example, is a source of inspiration for them, with her mountains, forests, rivers, seas, and flowers. There should be some external urge to motivate the human being. Certainly, there is some distant Reality behind all that is. What stands behind the human being, behind the human spirit – that is  God. When a poet gets disappointed with the life on Earth, that poet begins flying to the sky. From there the poet goes down to the human life again in a new search for beautiful forms as they are vessels  for  beautiful ideas. If a beautiful form is destroyed, any subjective and objective thought related to it seems to be gone. But in fact, nothing in the world disappears, nothing can be destroyed or created, but only changed and transformed.

Exercise: all standing
in a circle take a string. One of the students holds it at the beginning and it is passed from one to another. The ball of string is winding off while being passed among all students. Every student gets the string with both hands and places it in front of their chest. The right hand raises diagonally forward and the left hand goes down as much as the string allows. Begin rhythmic squatting, in which the right hand goes down.The speed of squatting accelerates gradually. Both hands raise up. Continue with fast rhythmic squatting, in which both hands go down to the ground. Now the right hand goes forward, then both hands go up. Finish with fast rhythmic squatting, in which both hands go down to the ground.

Always be faithful, true, pure and kind!


·         1 km = 0.6214 miles

·         Д, О, Ч – Cyrillic letters transliterated as [d], [o], [ch] 

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