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1917_06_03 God Is Spirit


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God Is Spirit

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Truth.”[1]


“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and Truth.” Christ has pronounced this thought as far back as two thousand years ago. The fact that this thought was said at a gathering reveals that those who assisted at this gathering were not so particularly people of culture. They were discussing the question of how should they worship God – so Christ gave them an answer. There are many ways in which people can serve God, but Christ indicates one of the proper ways: to serve God in Spirit and Truth. Here the word worship is taken in the meaning of serve.

“God is Spirit.” The word God is vague, uncomprehended – mainly to those who examine questions from the philosophical point of view. However, the Existence, or the Essence of things, cannot be grasped through the mind, e.g. in a philosophical manner. Why? Because, according to the laws of the thought, there are things determined and finite; and there are also things undetermined and infinite. One of the undetermined notions is that of God. God is a Being Who has neither beginning nor end, and Whose limits within He moves are unknown. He is a basis, a Principle upon which we ought to build our relations.

“Those who serve God must serve Him in Spirit and Truth.” What does the word Spirit mean? People say about someone that this one has “yielded up his (or her) Spirit to Father” – that is, this person has died. So the Spirit is that intelligent force within humans which brings life. If we would like to define what the Truth is, we refer to the Gospel in which it is said, “The Head of Your Word is the Truth.”[2] So the word through which we express ourselves represents the body of the Truth. Everyone knows what the head is for the body. The most valuable, the most precious part of human beings is invested in their brain, in their head. Therefore, namely, humans are being determined by the quality of their own brain.

“To serve God in Spirit and Truth.” What is God, in His Essence? Many consider God as a great, abstract Principle about Which they cannot have any notion at all. Very little is demanded from people in order that they get to know God. It is enough for them just to make an attempt, make an effort to serve Him in Spirit and Truth so that they may have contact with Him, so that they may find the common points of contact between God and their own Soul. How would you know that you have already established this contact? By the consequences, namely: if you have been dead, you shall be resurrected to life; if you have been sick, you shall be healed; if you have been ignorant, you shall be enlightened; if you have lost the meaning of life, then Love shall visit you, impart Light into your mind, and give meaning and purpose to your life. The moment you lose your bond with God, you will lose everything. Everyone has experienced that, thanks to which the question of serving is not abstract but vital. Those who have managed to find a solution to this question have made their way to the inner sense of their individual life and have built their own philosophy of life. Many philosophers have written on the topic of serving; whoever is interested in that may read what the different philosophers have said. There are works written in various languages on that topic. Outside literature, the question of serving has its inner side of experience. Which one of the two sides of the question is the true, the real one? According to Me, the reality of matters is dual: external, or objective, that has form; and internal, or subjective, that is without form. As a matter of fact, real things are those that have no form. You might object that it is impossible for the real things to have no form. What would you say, then, about the feelings and sensations you experience? They are real – and in spite of that, they have no form. What form do the sensations of pleasantness and unpleasantness, the feelings of joy and sorrow have? What form would you give to the notion of Truth? Therefore, real things are not always dressed in form. In the present stage of development of humans, there are real things that do not need any forms. Scientists call these things subjective, or internal.

“Those who serve Him must serve in Spirit and Truth.” It means: To serve God with that profound, inner understanding of life which people carry within themselves; to serve God with that understanding of the inner sense of life. Everyone seeks the Truth, discerns the Truth, and, when someone else is talking to them, they want to know whether this one is speaking the Truth to them or not. The Truth determines the relations between souls. Taken alone, the Truth is something specific, concrete. To be a bearer of the Truth within yourself means to have Light in your mind and Warmth in your heart, to be free in your own beliefs and convictions. The Truth imparts inner freedom and strength into humans. Once having lost the Truth, one begins to hesitate and have doubts. Whatever such people undertake, they feel fear and confusion. The Truth is a living quantity, and therefore, wherever it enters, it gives inner sense and Spirit to things. To speak about the Truth as a mere notion, this is equivalent to saying the names of people without the very people, without the living notion of them. The name Ivan is lifeless; once we link it to the very person, this name comes alive. People often talk about the Truth as about something void of life; however, when it is said that “The Truth is the Head of the Word” or that “God is Truth”, this Truth is immediately filled with Spirit and life. Therefore, those who carry the Truth within themselves are healthy, intelligent, happy, beautiful, and strong. If you wish to be beautiful, to be loved by other people, then apply the Truth in your life. Some keep complaining that their skin has turned yellow and do not know what to do in order to obtain a vital complexion. The answer is very simple: They have to apply the Truth. The Truth shall give them whatever colour they like. The Truth is the Philosopher’s stone of the alchemists – the stone that transmutes matters. Those who are bearers of the Truth within themselves are immortal; they are masters of the situation, the whole Nature knows them, and, wherever they pass through, every living creature greets them: flowers, animals, and humans. Even the rivers, the wellsprings, the rocks and the mountains salute them. Those who are not bearers of the Truth within themselves constantly encounter contradictions and hardships. Each time you meet people who are constantly attacked by everyone else, you ought to know that those people either do not carry the Truth within themselves or the society they move in keeps away from the Truth.

Christ says, “We ought to worship Him, to bow down before Him.” The verb bow down refers to human will-power. When working, people have to bow down. What does the one digging the vineyard do – or another one, who is reaping the harvest in the field? They bow and bow down all day long. They raise up and put down the hoe or the reaping-hook, and keep bowing down. Those who eat or drink water also bow down. You meet someone you know in the street, man or woman – you bow down again. This shows that people bow down before God wherever they see Him: in a human, in an animal, in a plant, in the food and water they constantly need. Then the verse pronounced by Christ about the worshipping takes on a broader sense and already means, “Those who bow down before God, wherever they see Him, bow down in Spirit and Truth.” Whatever home you walk in, see whether the man and the woman in there bow down before God in Spirit and Truth. If the woman is not pleased with her husband and her children, and if she wants to get rid of them, then she does not worship God in Spirit and Truth. And if the man, too, is discontent with his relatives and constantly hurls abuses at them, then he also does not bow down in Spirit and Truth. Many people would like to know why Christianity, being such a great Teaching, does not bring the expected results. This is quite natural: very few do understand it. And even among those who understand it, most people do not apply it. They consider that, if they apply the Teaching of Christ, their interests will be affected. This is an incorrect comprehension of things.

“Spirit and Truth.” These are two elements that can be compared to man and woman. The Spirit is the woman; the Truth is the man. Therefore, all men and women who serve God have to unite in Spirit and Truth. Worshipping, bowing down, as a process, represents the coming of the child into the world. Therefore, when the man, the woman and the child unite in Spirit and Truth, they shall worship God in the proper way. This is what we call veritable worship. Where the Spirit, the Truth and the serving are, there God is. The fruits of the Spirit are Love, joy, kind-heartedness, gentleness, self-control. A woman ought to give birth to such fruits, namely. Each woman is capable of giving birth – however, the important thing is what she gives birth to. As women, may you wish that from now on you give birth to the fruits of the Spirit: Love, joy, long-patience, peace, gentleness, self-control, kind-heartedness. In giving birth to these fruits, true serving of God lies. Which fruit trees do people love? The ones which give birth to sweet, delicious fruit. Is there any fruit sweeter than Love? Therefore, women, who represent the Spirit, can be loved only when Love is born. A woman is a symbol of Love. A child born by Love is loved by all. A mother rejoices that her child is in the good graces of the love of people. However, people say about the mother, “Blessed is the one who has given birth to the child of Love.” Unfailing and eternal Love is – yet its fruits are eternal, too. Give place to the Spirit within yourself so that you may give birth to Love.

“Those who serve Him in Spirit and Truth.” Why is this necessary? In order for them to link themselves to the Reality of life so that they do not feel naked when they take off their flesh and go to the Other World. God is the Centre of the Universe, the Spirit is the Wellspring of Life, and the Truth is the Head of the Word, of Wisely Intelligent Life. The Spirit and the Truth have to unite in one and thus return to God, become one with Him. Christ says, “I and My Father are one.”[3] With this, He would like to say that He carries within Himself both elements – Spirit and Truth. Christ has gone through great sufferings but gave birth to the fruits of the Spirit and showed to people how they ought to live and serve God. For a human, to give birth means to take the position of a woman who gives birth to children and raises them up. To be a woman means to be a bearer of the fruits of the Spirit within yourself: Love, peace, joy, long-patience, kind-heartedness, gentleness, and self-control. Whether you are women or men, all of you are required to serve in Spirit and Truth, not only by the letter or the form.

A Christian lady in America happened to listen to the speeches of a prominent public speaker who spoke against Christianity. Embittered inside her soul by his preaching, she decided to visit his home and have a talk with him there, to prove to him the power of Christ’s Teaching and turn him towards Christ. The speaker welcomed her politely, let her express herself freely, and invited her to lunch. After the lunch, he told her, “You see, I do not serve God according to your understanding, neither do I bow before Him, and nevertheless, I live in plenty in my home, I have everything I need at my disposal. You’d better visit the home of my neighbour who prays to God three times a day but he still lives in privation and poverty. Go to him, console him, and feed him: he needs your support, not me.”

Religious people often wish to turn people into Christianity by external ways, by the form. Christianity does not need external worshippers, by the mere form. External serving does not bring salvation to humans. True salvation implies right though, right feelings, and right actions. Whoever do not think, feel and act in the right way come upon contradictions all the time. They are said to be believers but actually are not such. In general, it is hard to define who is a believer and who is a non-believer. Some people visit churches regularly but are not religious; others do not go to church at all but are religious. There exists a certain science by means of which you can precisely determine who is religious or spiritual and who is not: this is written on the head, the face, and the hand of people. It is enough to take a look at those parts so that you may convince yourself in the presence or absence of religious feeling in a human.

Two young people walked into a café and started to discuss the question of relations between humans. One of the two claimed one thing, and the other – another thing; so, after they could not come to one joint solution to this question, they began to argue. Meanwhile, outside, along the sidewalk, a poor old man was passing by, bent under the heavy load he was carrying on his back. They saw this but continued their fight. In the meantime, a gentleman from the table next to them who did not take part in the argument walked outside immediately and lifted up the burden of the poor man. Having settled the load firmly on his own back, this gentleman returned into the café and saw that the two young people were still going on with their dispute. Even to this day, some religious persons go to church, debate on the question who are believers and who are non-believers, whereas, outside, in the streets, poor old people pass by, burdened with their chests, panting and moaning, tortured by their heavy weight, no one coming along to help them. Stop the argument, leave your seats, and walk outside to help those who are panting under the weight of their load. They are heavily burdened, suffering, and full of contradictions and hardships. Help them, whether with your good examples or with your good advice and philosophy.

Christ says to His disciples, “Do not criticize people, do not attack them, and do not speak of what they hardly understand.” You might say, “The words you speak – are they right or wrong?” They are right to Me; as for you, I do not know. I have one thing in mind: What is tasty to a wolf is not tasty to a sheep; and what is tasty to a sheep is not tasty to a wolf. So the religion of a wolf is of one kind, and that of a sheep – of another kind. Which one of the two religions is more right? Both are right: each professes their own religion. Therefore, let each one profess their own religion freely: let flowers grow, let trees blossom, let fruits ripen, and let humans do God’s Will. In other words: A wellspring has to gush forth, to give away from its pure, crystalline water. A river has to be long: wherever it passes, to water all grasses and plants, even those whom people do not love. By flowing, the river waters and floods everything it meets along its way: it does not make any difference between flowers and trees, it does not divide them into pretty and ugly, useful and harmful – it waters all of them. Therefore, if you are a wellspring, then give from your abundance to all who visit you; if you are a river, then water all flowers and trees you meet along your way; if you are a flower, then grow and develop properly; if you are a tree, then blossom; if you are a fruit, then ripen; if you are human, then do God’s Will! When studying the processes in life, a human has to know the Law of transmutation. If you hear someone saying that he or she wants to grow, then you ought to give this one the necessary conditions: humidity, warmth, and light; if people want to blossom, they need warmth and light, they do not need humidity. When they grow ripe, they also need light and warmth. It is an art for humans to know what they need in each given moment, and to provide themselves with what they need. It means knowing and applying the Law of transmutation of energies.

It is said the Spirit transforms matters. Since the woman represents the Spirit, she has to transform, to transmute matters. Therefore, it is not enough for a woman to say that she has a man but she also has to transform him. He is a fruit on the tree, and this fruit has to grow ripe. With that end in view, the woman has to shine upon the man so that he may ripen and attain the necessary sweetness. In general, a woman has to know the man’s nature, and, if he is a flower, she has to water him so that he may grow; if he is a tree that blossoms, she has to dig around him and cultivate him; if he is a fruit on a tree, she has to shine upon him; if he is a human doing God’s Will, she has to assist him so that he may serve in Spirit and Truth. The same is true for the man. He, too, has to know the woman’s nature and help her. And, if she is a growing flower, he has to water her; if she is a blooming tree, he has to dig around her, but the wind and the rain have to cease: all arguments and misunderstandings have to stop; if she is a fruit growing ripe, he has to shine upon her – that is, he ought to embrace her with Love. And, finally, if she is a human doing God’s Will, he has to assist her in serving God in Spirit and Truth. Then both will get along well together, living in Love and agreement. Those who do not understand the processes of life expose themselves to hardships and sufferings. Someone is still blooming, and you want fruit from him or her. Let those people shed its blossoms in peace, let them set fruit, and after that expect fruit from them. Others have just set their fruit, and you want them to have sweet fruits. Let them grow ripe freely. At first, the fruit will be bitter, sour; but later on, it will grow sweet, delicious. People nowadays suffer, torture themselves because they do not understand the languages in which they talk to each other. In whatever language people may talk, it is important that everywhere and in everything they may see the manifestations of God. It is an art for humans to know, to discern what is wise from what is unwise. Given that, whoever might be speaking to them, whatever language they might be listening to, people should grasp where God is and where He is not. Where wise intelligence is, there is no hesitation and no doubt.

How should you resolve your questions? If you wish to find a solution to a question which is very important to you, pick a moment when you are peaceful and quiet within. If you are angry, indisposed, discontent, or if you have doubts about something, then do not make any decision on that question. Let it all calm down, and then direct your thought upward, towards your mind or your Soul, and wait for an answer. Fifteen of twenty minutes later, you shall receive an answer. If you are in a hurry, you will make some mistake.

Many people ask something from God and hurry up to quickly fulfill their desire. Things do not work well by hurrying up. Once a gospeller was in need of 3,000 levs and, without thinking much in which way he should provide them to himself, he went to an American missionary and told him, “God sent me to you so that you give me 3,000 levs.” “I do not have money at my disposal” – the missionary replied calmly. “Since I have no money in my safe, I come to the conclusion that it is not God who sent you. If He had sent you, I would by all means have money to do you this favour with.”

So when someone connects with God, there will be, by all means, an outer and inner coordination between things. Given that, people whom you address to do you a favour of some kind will accept God’s commandments and will come to help you. Someone might say that he or she serves God in Spirit and Truth. If this one actually serves in Spirit and Truth, his or her friends – men and women – will come to help. Why? Because God understands your needs, knows your wishes, and, in order to do these favours to you, will give orders to your friends in whom He lives to do His Will. Does not a father do the same? Even before his child has cried and wept for bread, the father has already brought the bread. Through him, God satisfies the needs of the whole family.

Contemporary people live in strenuous, hard times, and say, “What will happen to us?” Nothing bad will happen. There have been no better times than the present ones. Why? Because today God cures people. When a certain illness is being treated, the condition of the ill person is much better than his or her condition before the treatment. Earlier, the illness has existed inside the person as a germ, waiting only for the time to manifest itself, and the person considered himself (or herself) to be healthy. It is better for humans that their eyes be opened for a specific delusion than stay with eyes shut before this delusion. Present sufferings reveal that relations between people begin to gradually improve.

Christ says, “In Spirit and Truth.” This means: If people serve God in Spirit and Truth, the relations between them shall improve. If they do not serve in Spirit and Truth, even the improved matters will get mixed up. Therefore, even when the world gets into good order, we still have to serve God in Spirit and Truth. Give up your old views and acts, and apply the new ones, the ones which Love brings along. If some people insult you, do not be cross with them, do not take revenge on them. Revenge is an old method that does not contribute any good. Christ says, “Make friends out of injustice.” In other words: Forgive those who owe you or who have caused you some damage.

Once a Bulgarian man stayed in jail three years long. After he went out of jail, he decided to apply what he had learned in there, reading the Gospel. He summoned his debtors and settled his accounts with them in the Christian way. What did he do? He summoned his debtors, one by one, and questioned each separately:

“How much do you owe me?”

“That and that much.”

“Can you pay me the whole of your debt?”

“I can’t.”

“Half of it?”

“No, I cannot.”

“A quarter of it?”

“Yes, I can.”

“So pay as much as you can, and be free.”

In the person of his debtors, he won friends instead of adversaries.


Three brothers in a family entered into partnership of working together. One of them was a gospeller, and the other two were orthodox. One day a misunderstanding appeared between them, and so they decided to part. Each wanted an equal share but the eldest insisted to have a bigger share because he had worked more. The situation reached the court. The eldest brother won the case, and, in order not to be disturbed by his brothers anymore, transferred the whole property to his wife. However, one day she chased him out of the house and he was left alone on the street. The other two decided to find their eldest brother and reach an agreement with him somehow so that he gives them whatever he finds appropriate. They found him but he was in a deplorable condition. He told them, “It is too late: I have lost everything, too.” So this is how all people act nowadays – all societies and all nations. Why? Because they do not serve God in Spirit and Truth. If they go on living in the old ways, not serving God in Spirit and Truth, they shall lose everything. Today women complain of their husbands; men complain of their wives. A woman does not want to live with her husband anymore because he told her an offensive word. What did he say to her? He called her “budala”[4]. She has to be reasonable, to transmute matters. The man, too, has to act in the same way.

What is there, hidden inside the word “budala” (“будала[5])? The letter “б” means growing,у” means blooming, „д” means knowing the laws of Love,а” means reasonableness,л” means Love towards people and towards God. Is it wrong for one to be a “budala”? What else could people want? It is not bad that a man calls his wife “budala”; the bad thing is if she cannot extract the juice from this word and boil it, cook from it something delicious to eat. When she tastes the sweet juice of this word, she has to tell her husband, “Thank you for the nice gift!” This is what serving God in Spirit and Truth means. It means to have mastered the art of transmuting the bitter juice into sweet. It is to be achieved through strong, reasonable will. Those who have managed to apply their own reasonable will-power in their life shall never hear the word “budala”. Whoever meets them will tell them, “You are a beautiful flower; you are a blooming tree; you are a fruit growing ripe; you are a reasonable human applying one’s will-power in order to transmute the bitter juices into sweet ones.

The task of each human is to learn the Law of transmutation of energies. Women have to transmute the offensive words of their husbands into pleasant ones, whereas men have to seek harmony in the offensive words of their wives. Whatever offensive or bad word they tell you, decompose it the way a chemist decomposes the compounds; take the bitter and toxic elements out of it and leave only those elements which are necessary for your development. This is what “serving God in Spirit and Truth” means. Serving is a great science. Be alchemists in life, turning the bad and offensive words into good ones. In the words people use, something valuable is hidden, even if they are offensive externally. Do not be fixed on the external forms of human language but seek in these forms those elements which heal and elevate people. In the old times, Bulgarians used to hide their gold in ragged bags, in smelly pots, so that they do not arouse any suspicion that here or there might be some hidden treasure. Good spirits act the same way. When they give someone a certain treasure, they conceal it into some offensive, bad words, so that evil entities do not find it and do not obsess it. Knowing this, do not get embittered by the offensive word said by your fellow but begin to analyze it so that you can extract the good elements concealed in it. Do not think that those who offend others do not suffer. They feel sorry about the word they have said, they blame themselves and have a hard time. Some people offend others, thinking that, by doing this, they speak the Truth. Such people should know that the Truth is distinguished for one quality: the Truth brings freedom to the human soul. When the Truth becomes the Head of the Word, people are set free and become happy.

Today I wish that the Spirit may come and become the Head of the woman, and that the Truth may become the Head of the man. Then Christ will also come onto the Earth and will make His abode with them. When will this time come? When the woman accepts the Spirit as a Head, and when the man accepts the Truth as a Head. Only thus the world will be settled into good order, and a lovely, beautiful life will begin. Each one has to accept the Spirit and the Truth within themselves and not expect to be preached about them from outside, imposing the Spirit and the Truth to them. The salvation of the world is concealed in the verse pronounced by Christ, “True worshippers must serve God in Spirit and Truth.” All who serve God in this way shall bring peace into the world. Therefore, may each and every human put into their minds the thought that they are able to bring around peace. Peace comes from inside, not from outside. Therefore I say also to Bulgarians and to all nations: Do not lose faith in yourselves, reckon on God Who lives within you and Who has arranged everything in the world. Reckon on your Spirit and on the Truth within yourself. Everything happening now in the world is not something random: it is a matter of course. Out of the spilled blood, colourful and beautiful flowers will grow, and lovely trees giving sweet, delicious fruit. In order for these times to come, all must serve God in Spirit and Truth. The salvation of the world depends on each and every human individually. Does not a grain of wheat do the same? It is tiny, but, once put into favourable conditions, in the course of 12 years it may feed the whole world. Therefore, when saying that Christ has saved the world, we have in mind that mighty Soul which has penetrated all people and manifests itself everywhere. In this way, namely, it gives an impulse to the whole humankind to keep walking forward. Many of people nowadays do not succeed in their deeds because they consider everyone from the negative point of view. Whomever they see, each time they would tell something about this one. If all people are bad, where will salvation possibly come from? Every human ought to think that God has invested into their fellows potentials to be wisely reasonable, good and strong, and also favourable conditions to manifest themselves. Each human has the potential to be wise. Wisdom is a book, written inside each and every one. It is enough for people to read this book so that they may work their way to those Truths that will set them free from limitations and make them happy. Let everyone open the book of their own life and read what is written in there. You might say that this is hard to do. Hard deeds are Divine deeds.

A young man once went to a German professor, with the desire that this professor gives him some advice to choose such a branch of science that will take him very little time. The professor looked at him and told him, “When God wishes to create a pumpkin, He determines a term of six months to this pumpkin; when He wants to create an oak tree, He determines a term of a hundred years to this tree.” So, if you want to grow ripe in six months, then pumpkin you shall be; if you wish to ripen in the course of a hundred years, then an oak tree you shall be.

“In Spirit and Truth.” Keep working upon this thought, extracting the juices it contains. Thus you will come to inner knowing of yourself and of your fellow. If you cannot extract the sweet juices of this thought, you will constantly doubt in yourself and resemble that Bulgarian man named Stoyan who once stopped under a tree to rest and tied up his donkey to the tree. Meanwhile, he felt sleepy, lay down in the shadow of the tree, and fell asleep. Some children came up to the tree, untied the donkey, and walked away silently. Once Stoyan woke up, he looked to see the donkey, and, not seeing him, said, “If I am Stoyan, then I have lost my donkey; if I am not Stoyan, then I have gained a halter.” He had doubts about himself and asked himself, “Am I Stoyan, or am I not?” In order not to lose his donkey, he should not have fallen asleep. Therefore, whenever God comes to you, He must find you awake, just like the young man waiting for his beloved. It is not God Who must seek people – people have to seek and wait for God. Therefore, it is said in the Scripture, “Those that seek Me shall find Me.”[6] To find God means to have made your way to the great Divine philosophy of life. And everyone will apply this philosophy the way he or she is capable of applying, the way he or she understands.

Once we come to the views of people, we see the big difference existing between their thoughts and feelings in terms of quality, scope, and value. The differences in the views, the feelings and the thoughts of people create the proper and improper relations between them. For example, most people love each other because of the good, the wealth, the knowledge, the strength, etc. A master loves his servant as long as the latter is able to work for him, as long as the servant has not infringed his interests somehow. Once the servant happens to be disloyal to him in some respect, his master does not love him anymore and dismisses him. A man loves his woman as long as she is healthy and beautiful. Once she gets sick and loses her beauty, he stops loving her. The same is true about women. It is an act of heroism to love a sinful and ugly person. Strong ones are capable of loving all people and give them an impulse towards everything good and beautiful in the world. Rely on the Divine in you as well as in your fellow. However feeble or thin it is, it will take you to the safety shore. Even if all devils perch on the Divine thread, they will not break it nevertheless. The Divine shall lead all people into the Right Way. The Divine shall settle right even the devils. I believe in the power of Good, in the power of the Divine. I believe that all people will become good.

“In Spirit and Truth.” Apply in your home the Divine Teaching in Spirit and Truth, so that all weeping and suffering stop. Apply the Divine Teaching among men and women, so that relations of peace and agreement be settled between them. May women say to themselves, “I am the Spirit.” May men say to themselves, “I am the Truth.” Apply these spiritual formulas in your life, and then experience what results they will bring.


A talk by the Master, held on 3rd June, 1917, Sofia


Translated by Kalina Stoycheva


[1] John 4:24 – ed.

[2] Psalm 119:160 – ed.

[3] John 10:30 – ed.

[4] “Budala”: a Turkish word meaning “chump”, “easy game” – ed.

[5] Written in Cyrillic letters – ed.

[6] Proverbs 8:17 – ed.

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