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1917_04_15, Rejoice


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Rejoice (Радвайте се)


Lecture, held by the Teacher, on 15th April – Easter, 1917, Sofia

„ And as they went to tell his disciples, behold, Jesus met them, saying,’Rejoice’’ (Радвайте се). And they came and held him by the feet, and worshiped him (Matthew 28:9).

I will take the word „Rejoice" (‚Радвайте се’) from this verse. This is an ordinary word, but a meaningful one. The word ‚joy’ (радост) and the idea  that is hidden in it has a Divine origin. Joy (радост)  is not a property or a quality of the animals,  nor of the people of the present century, or of the scientists.  The word ‚joy’ (радост) implies the higher consciousness in man, an intimate connection with those natural relations of the real life, where life is continual. Life in its three manifestations belongs to  three worlds: the life of the people on the physical plane, the life that exists among the angels and the life of the Divine world. Joy (радост) belongs to the first, Divine world, to the so called nominal and not a phenomenal world.

When I take the word ‚joy’ in Bulgarian language, i.e. ‚радост’, the first letter is ‚p’. There is one unit in this letter, which shows the source of this small circle, shows Divinity or an idea that is burdened with one Divine thought. When people hold something in their hand, it is right this, but they do not know what needs to be held. You need to hold this, which you need to be a master of with your spirit. This is the letter ‚p’. However, when people do not understand the laws this letter is turned upside-down into the letter ‚b’, i.e.a man instead of being pregnant with a Divine idea is pregnant with his stomach. When people become pregnant on the physical plane, they become fat and overweight. From such weight, people often go to search for doctors in order to abort their children.   What is  obesity? It is a child of the physical plane, which they want to abort.

Joy (радост) does not fall in this category. The second letter in the word ‚радост’ (radost) is ‚a’. It also means pregnancy, i.e not only your spirit should be pregnant with a higher idea but so should your mind be. „А“ is formed from a triangle that indicates the human nose, the human intelligence. It is said by the old mystics who have known that many years before Christ that God breathed through the nose of the angles and they became reasonable people. The human being is breathed through the nose and not the mouth, that is why you breathe through your nose. The Letter „Д“ is also formed from a triangle – a transient life. The triangle presents the three forces that are not manifested. The letter „о“ means the conditions under which one idea develops. The letter „с“  is the laws of the changes through which these ideas can be perfected.  The letter „т“ is the cross, the principle of the men and women, according to which they live.

Christ says: ‚Rejoice’ („Радвайте се“), for the spiritual world is revealed now, there is a path,  which they can pass through from one world to another. This joy (радост) is necessary for the man. A man without joy (радост) in the world according to my perception is not a man. This is because the joy (радост) in its manifestations is compatible with all relations of the human life. There is no force regardless of how powerful it is that can darken the joy (радост). Why? For the love and joy go together. They are like a brother and a sister and a man and a woman.  Not like these men and women who are here on the Earth, not like these women who are cooking in their kitchens for days and not like these men who sit closed in their shops for days. The man thinks the whole day how to earn more in order to satisfy his woman, while the woman thinks in the kitchen what to cook in order to feed her husband. Christ says: ‚Rejoice’ (Радвайте се) but such men and women cannot feel this joy (радост). Rejoice (Радвайте се) you who are free, who have a free spirit and are not slaves to anyone, this joy (радост) belongs to you. You will ask me: „Can we have this joy (радост)?“ You can, but as soon as you leave your kitchens and shops. You will ask: „How can we leave our houses?“ No, is it that the kitchens and shops are a requisite quality for the happiness of a man? Where are the kitchens of the birds, where are their shops? We, the modern people of the higher culture and European civilisation have the motto: „It is impossible without kitchens, it is impossible without shops“, while I am writing above: „And joy (радост) is impossible“. For one of the main qualities of the home of the men and women, of the families is the connection of understanding and love. However, not this love, which you understand, half day loving, half day hating. This is not life, this is a slavery.

I talk to you who have been Christians for 2000 years; your fathers and mothers have read the Christian teaching and have encountered the words ‚rejoice’(pадвайте се) but the people cannot rejoice yet (радват). This is not because joy (радост) is incompatible with today’s life but a soil is needed for this joy (радост). Therefore, it belongs to the real spiritual life. When we understand the laws in the world, we will need to build another more modern kitchen.  I can give you a sketch of what the modern kitchens and shops should be. The world needs to be rebuilt. Tell me what the kitchens and shops of the angels are? However, you will say‚ this is not important for us’. If we want to be cultural people, if we want a higher culture than the today’s one, we need to send delegates to the angels.

Now, when the Bulgarians look at the Germans, they think: „What cultural people they are“, and want to imitate them. The culture of the angels is much more enviable but the misfortune comes from where we will find these angels. While the modern people are distinguished with one quality of doubt and critical mind, an opinion exists that a man must have doubt in and check everything in order to be a philosopher. I don’t mind the doubt  but there are such philosophers who even when they touch the man are still in doubt. For example, it is mentioned in the Gospel that one of the Christ’s disciples after seeing that Christ ascended, he still did not believe it and had to touch between his ribs in order to convince himself in the truth.

This is the Jewish culture. A man can always be lied to. When we do not understand the Divine laws in the world, there is a lie.  The lie is an indication that the truth exists similarly to the shadow, which is an indication that the subject exists. The doubt is a sign that the reality exists. There can be no doubt if there is no reason for it. Once you say that there is no God, this shows that He exists. You cannot deny this, which does not exist, therefore you deny only that, which exists.  What is a denial? During the day you see the trees and springs in nature but you do not see them at night time, therefore you can be in doubt.  When a man says that there is no God, I say: „Your sun has set and after 12 hours your perceptions will change.“ – „There is no soul, no life after death, no God “, people say. I say, your sun has set and after 12 hours your perceptions will be changed.

Your perceptions will change as the perceptions of a Bulgarian teacher with a higher education changed who participated in the last war with the Greeks. In a retreat, he hid himself in a cave where he spent three days without being able to show his head out from fear of the great fire.  He became so hungry that he turned to God to provide him with some signs of His existence. Even half an hour had not passed and one bone frog approached the hole of the cave and left in front of it a bag full of one fourth kg of bread, which it carried in its mouth and went back. When this teacher returned to his pupils he told them: „Children from now on you will know that there is God.“ Why, where does he know this from? – This frog has convinced him. Therefore, when you are in this cave and stay there hungry for three days, you will get convinced that there is God. Once there is God, there is a soul, there is a life after death. You can check these things.

I am talking to you about things, which I have checked thousands of times. I would say that I would rather doubt the existence of so many people than the existence of this world, which I live in. I live simultaneously in this and the other world, I simultaneously talk to both people and spirits. You will say: ‚The spirits are a horrible thing“. There are no beings that are more intelligent than the spirits. How thin and beautiful they are, what shiny eyes they have, what culture they have, what a school they represent! Therefore, you die and your close ones die so that you can go to the spirits and learn from their culture. You will ask: „Where is this spiritual world? This is a question of a microscopic animal, which can say the following: „ Where is the human being’s place, what world does he live in? He lives in the same world but there is a big difference between the perceptions of the human being and these of this microscopic animal. The world is not only this which we see but it is something grander, bigger than what we see. Sometimes you think that life doesn’t have any meaning. Many girls and boys get discouraged and want to die but when a girl meets a beautiful young man, she sees him in the eyes and says: „Now life has a meaning.“ This young girl starts singing and doesn’t want to die. The same happens with the young boy. Where did this world, this meaning of life come from? A new consciousness is revealed in their hearts and minds, their hearts start to thump. Life is not in the thumping. The thumping is only the means to transmit the thoughts and states in the spiritual world.

Therefore, Christ says: „Rejoice (Радвайте се), a new culture comes for you.“ I associate the people from the Earth with this new culture. Go and preach the new teaching to the world that they should build their homes without kitchens and shops. Suppose that we would make the whole land a beautiful garden with the finest fruit trees, it would allow all the trees to give the best fruits, then would we need the present kitchens? What kind of need would a man have to spend 8 hours closed in his shop? Why is he staying 8 hours now in his shop? To buy his wife meat, sugar, rice, butter, eggs, and so on. Then we will not need electricity either. I, as I think, will create myself a lamp that will give me light. I will worry neither about gas nor about electricity. It wouldn’t be talked that the city council had been taking lots for electricity. You will use your energy. You will have fast messages with your thought.

Christ says: Rejoice (Радвайте се) for the new teaching that will come will release people from this slavery, which they are now in. I have been in America and there people admire at this spectacular culture of dozens- storey buildings and huge arches. In my view, these are prisons. In these so modern houses, due to the lack of an access of the sun, the Americans are very nervous people. Their idea to create something grandiose is good but let the abilities of the mind and heart take this big size. However, when this Divine idea cannot be understood by the people well and manifests in the way we see it this shows that this culture has outlived its century. The future mothers and fathers who conceive their children should have this thought in mind : „You do not need a kitchen.“

What do we understand under ‚kitchen’? – The stomach because we think only about it. When it starts to ache even a little we still think about it. Morning, at lunch and in the evening- we are constantly taking care of our stomachs. It is true that if the stomach is unwell, the head also starts aching. The stomach has another function. I argue against the assertion of present people that we have to live this way for God has so ordained. Today's world is a caricature of the Divine one. Everything was well when God created the world – people and plants and animals, but it is not so now. The drunken when he gets used to drinking, sells inheritance, children, wife and says: „God created people to drink wine.“ God has created the man with desires for liquids but not for wine - for water instead. We need to come with our ideas to the Divine world in order to understand what a human being is.

When I talk to you to leave your kitchens it doesn’t mean that you should destroy them before you build your new houses.  Make an attempt and see whether you could live without these kitchens and only then will you destroy the old ones but otherwise in no way do you destroy the old kitchens for you will remain without anything. Rejoice (Радвайте се) because joy (радостта) gives an impulse, stimulus to the man, it is a mother of the things. The joy (радостта) stems from an inner Divine impulse of the soul, it gives inspiration. Both men and women need to strive to cultivate this joy in themselves while we, the modern people cannot put up with such ones who rejoice (се радват). We want everyone to be sad and crossed but there should be no such darkness in the human heart. A human being’s face can be dusty, blackened but there should be joy (радост) in his soul, mind and heart. There are no reasons for there being no joy (радост) in a human being.

Christ meets you on the way and says to you: „Rejoice (Радвайте се).“ – „Well, you say, how can we rejoice (радваме), when there, on the battlefields so many men and sons of ours died, what is the meaning of life now for us? We became poor, and are in debt to the ears, everything is very expensive, how can we be joyful (радваме)?“ Then we say to Christ: „Can you make bread out of the stones?“ Christ responded: „A man can live not only with bread made of stones but with every noble word that comes out of the mouth of a good man .“ It was thought out in America to create pills in a chemical way, which when taken can satisfy a human being but this thing cannot be created in a chemical way. This is not the way, which science should go in. That bread that is acquired is done so with the Divine Word. The Divine Word is a substance much higher, it is a spiritual matter, which the requisite extracts for our life can be derived from and not from the lower matter, which depraves our life.

Christ has said: „A man should feed with every word that comes out of God.“ This Christ has proved it. He takes five breads and five fish and 5000 people were fed in this way. Which way? When Tolstoy does not recognise miracles he interprets this as follows: „As Christ has preached equality and brotherhood so everyone has carried bread and have sat down to eat it.“ While in fact, can the bread be increased?– It can be. You plant one grain of wheat and 250 grains appear from it.  You plant one seed of apple and you will have 3000-4000 apples in ten years’ time. I am asking where does the apple draws this energy from? You will say: „ From the earth.“ – No, from the sun, from above. The Earth is a reservoir that stops the development. If people would know this law of how to make bread they would have easily become rich.

One Mr met me and said: „Since the war started , there are already 500 millionaires in Bulgaria.“ I told him: yes but they are paper millionaires. What can these books deliver to people? You will say: Well while I am alive on the Earth I will live with them and will use their goods. “ Well, fine, tomorrow when the death catches you for the neck will tell you: „I do not recognise your paper money and wealth.“ Christ will meet you on the way and will ask you: „Why are you so ragged?“ You will say: „I worked in Bulgaria when it fought and I wanted to secure myself.“ – „You have taken a wrong path “, Christ says. This is not joy (радост), you have wrongly understood the Christ teaching.

Joy (радост) is founded on the Virtue and Justice. I do not have the right to infringe these noble deeds of the people, I don’t have a right to also talk this which is not according to Christ’s teaching, I have to talk only this, which is a truth , which is Divine because I will be giving an answer for every teaching in front of God. You will go back to your father and he will ask you: „How did you do your work in Bulgaria, on the Earth?“ – „I earned lots of money.“ No, women , you pushed your men for these paper millions, they became paper millionaires for you. Children, out, out of this wealth, it is unjust and wrongly acquired! People and peoples who earn their wealth in this way do not have the Divine blessing. Nothing will remain either of them, their children or of their fourth generation. While those ones who in these times carry their cross because of me most patiently, they are saved.  The cross for me represents a higher science, which comprises all elements for the transformation of the bad things into good.

„Rejoice (Радвайте се) “, Christ says. Can we be happy? – We can. We have to have the patience of this Greek philosopher  who has lived during the time of Apostle Paul. He has had a much bigger endurance and persistence than all present Christians and preachers. He was a slave to one Roman patrician. The master often tortured his slaves, which he had been doing to the slave too but he never complained, sighed and always smiled. This annoyed the master a lot and he often hit him in order to invoke his resentment. One day, his master pressed strongly his foot in order to see how this will affect the slave but he said: „Master, do not press my foot so strongly for you will lose , I will not be able to serve you well in the future. “ The master pressed strongly and broke the foot. The slave responded: „Well, didn’t I tell you that you will break my foot! “To his satisfaction, the Roman patrician  made him free after which time he wrote excellent compositions,  which stay much higher than the compositions of a lot of modern philosophers and theosophists. Let someone dare pressing your little foot !We do not have this contentment.

Christ says: Rejoice (радвайте се) for from now on, your feet will not be broken; rejoice (радвайте се) because from now on you will not need unjust wealth. Why? Because the Heavens works for a righteous and good man. Someone says: „I developed and ploughed my field.“ You haven’t developed it alone, if it was not for the so many worms, the sowing of the man will be of no use. Therefore, if we apply the Christ Teaching, the difference will be the following: we will work less but will have more results. According to the Christ teaching, 3 hours physical work is enough, 3 hours are needed for the mind and 3 hours for the heart – in total 9 hours during the day. Then life will be much more pleasant  and people will not have been dying but will have only been transforming and everyone would have gone to the other world when they wished. However, in order to understand the Christ teaching, we need to create this requisite character of the thought in ourselves, i.e. to get rid of our conscious soul and inner fear.

Is this possible? There are rules. Do not think that things move very fast in the spiritual science. No, very slow. The Divine moves from the smallest to the biggest, while the human starts with the  grandiose and ends up with the smallest. You can make a calculation. If you have been sowing a wheat grain for 19 consecutive years and if you have the patience to look after it, it will become as big as the whole land. Christ says: „If you have faith as a grain of that mustard seed, you will be able to remove this mountain. “  Why a mustard seed is used and not a wheat one? The mustard seed has the quality of producing blisters and if you put it on your hand, it will extract all bad and damaging juices. There is no such effect from the wheat grain. Your faith needs to be positive and active in your mind. Then you will find yourselves in the situation of these two Greek artists who held a competition for their art. One of them painted one cluster of grapes so naturally that the birds from the sky descended to peck on it. The other one drew Venus and painted a thin veil from above. The painting was so good that the first artist got misled and tried to lift the veil. One of them lied to the bird while the other to the man.

We, the modern people, love to lie not only to the birds. We often lie to our stomach. Tell this stomach: ‚Don’t be afraid, you will have enough food, have faith, I will prepare food for you’. When you worry your stomach cells start to worry too. They are around 10000000 workers, they start to get upset and the stomach gets ill.  They shouldn’t know that there is no bread, there is no this and the other.

In this same way, the illnesses are born in the mind and heart. There are negative thoughts being directed everywhere  What will happen with Bulgaria? Do not be afraid , everything will get transformed, it will be 10 times better in 100 years’ time but now God has put the Bulgarians in a caldron and after that he will send good workers to them. What will happen with the Russian people? It will also be 10 times better in 100 years’ time . All peoples- and the Germans and the English, and the French will all be 10 times better. However, you will say: „Where would we find you in 100 years’ time? “ How interesting, where you will find me! Well now where did you find me? You often say: „We will be dying but let there be health.“ – There is no death but undressing. When a caterpillar gets undressed and turns into a butterfly , you ask yourselves: „Where did the caterpillar go?“ It is the very butterfly. After some time, you will be one working angel, you will have the ability to disappear and appear at your wish. You will say: „Such people are dragons - bad people. “ No, these people who have acquired this ability are the best people. Such was Christ, he appeared and disappeared. You will say: „It is not sure whether it is so.“ It is true that it is not known  but this is in accordance with your assertions , while the truth in nature always remains as it is, I do not either exaggerate or lessen things. Joy (радост)  in these times is particularly necessary. Never has the world been in such a need of joy as it is now. It is very easy to acquire this joy. You can acquire it as easily as you can easily blow in the pot.

A Bulgarian young man went to study pottery from a master craftsman. Having worked for a few years, he told his master: „Elevate me to a calf so that I can start working on my own and in order to get married and be in order..“ – „All right, “ the master said. He made him a calf.  The young man started to work by himself, he made clay but noticed that his pots cracked when they were placed in the oven. He goes to his master and asks him: „Why does my pottery  crack? “ – „you haven’t learned the art well, you need to be an apprentice for three more years and then you will learn to work well,“ the master responded to him. He remained with the  master for three more years and watched what he did. He noticed that before his master places the pottery in the oven, he takes the pots in his hands near the mouth and blows inside by saying: ‚Hu’. After which the pottery do not crack. „Well, said the young man, I had to stay an apprentice for three more years because of one blow, one ‚hu’.

You have to know how to say this ‚hu’. You need to be able to adjust everything on its time, when there are conditions for that and when the Divine law is working, which is a great force in the world for the betterment and  elevation of the human character. Therefore, when you gather say: ,Hu.“ You will say: „Well this is a stupid thing’. I will make one experiment with you. Whoever from you is  under the weather, let him say three times a day ‚hu’ and see what results you will have in the course of a month.

I have seen peasants who when making fire, which does not kindle bend, blow and say ‚hu’. You extinguish the candles and say ‚hu’ and the current Masters make their servants extinguish their candles. The old Bulgarians have known this art for long. Someone burns their finger, they blow on the area that is burnt and say ‚hu’ and it starts pulling through the burnt. Your heart starts hurting, say ‚hu’.  You will say: This is stupid, let me see in the medical books what is written about this and that illness. “If you are rich, give your gift to the doctor but if you are poor try my advice.  I offer you a medicine without money especially in the current situation of lack of doctors and dearness of life.  I do not say anything against the doctors, to the contrary, they are very good people for when a man loses their faith in God and everything and says he is a realist a day comes when he gets seriously ill; he searches for help somewhere and where does he find it?– in the doctor. As soon as the doctor arrives, he asks him : ‚what is my situation, is there any hope? ’And he believes and does everything the doctor has said.  This doctor deserves to be paid 10 leva and even more for that he has introduced faith in this house.

We have to apply and increase our will. We have to resemble that American woman,  who the doctor has told she will die.  She called her husband and told him: „It is obvious I will die but I would like one promise from you: Not to get married after my death.“ Her husband replied: ‚I cannot give you such a promise. „ – „Well, then I will not die.“ And she really did not die. Do not lie the world but say: „I can“ and conjugate the verb ‚I can’. Noone dies, only a man who sins dies. That one who follows the Christ’s law does not die.  There are no dead people, I haven’t met such ones but there are ill people.  Tell me who has died from you? That one who hasn’t died has no right to lie that people die. What is this philosophy of Christianity: „We will die!“ we will not die but it has to be said: „ We will fall asleep, we will change“, this is already another thing.

Christ says: rejoice (радвайте се) you who are free in the world  because there is no death. Here, I prove this: I was crucified and I still talk to you. Therefore, with my Easter lecture, I want that you are not positive people with negative minds but positive people with positive minds. That which I assert can be proved by anyone when they do a small experiment and get convinced in the truth of my words. You say: ‚When we go in that world we will then see what is there’. Do not lie to yourselves, try now.  You say: I cannot stand one or another person suffering and listen to how he sighs.“ Let him suffer, he is blessed. When he says ‚hu’ several times he will heal. This is the new teaching, new methods for understanding life.

Do you know when a home is devoid of joy (радост), what a sad picture it represents, what spiritual impurities there are in it? In the spiritual world this spiritual matter can also get corrupted. And therefore, you should clean your minds and hearts in the way you clean your houses. Do not allow bad thoughts in your minds. For example, a woman lets in herself the thought that her husband goes after other women. Do not allow such thought, talk to your husband but throw the thought away from yourself, it doesn’t bring joy (радост). That Divine spirit that lives in us wants to bring us together, to love eachother wisely without doing evil.  Someone will say: „How would we guess what this love is? “ When you enter a house and find the people sorrowful if they become joyful (радостни) after 5 minutes of your staying there, your love is then Divine. Therefore, Christ says: „Rejoice (радвайте се) and bring in this Love, which will elevate our souls and hearts.’ Then there will be no illnesses neither asthma or neurasthenia, neither gout and others. In the course of one year say the word „joy’(радост) ten times every morning  and come to me in 6 months’ time to tell me what the effect of this word  is. Every word, which you say has an  effect, a force in itself. When you hear the word ‚fire’ what power it has! The word ‚hooray’, what power it has! Every word is a powerful force but it has to be applied. Christ says: Rejoice (радвайте се)  because the power of joy is love.

Once upon a time the preachers said that a man needs to be godly. How would you recognise the Christians? According to their deeds. – One day Nastradin Hodja goes to rob a shop and starts filing the key on the door.   He is asked: ‚ What are you doing there? “ – „I am playing a kemancheh.“ – „Where is its voice that it cannot be heard? “ – „You will hear its voice tomorrow.’  Nastradin Hodja replied.  You will hear the voice of what you are working on later, it has its power in one sense or another. If we bring that word ‚joy’ (радост) in ourselves, everyone will ask us: ‚ How did you acquire this power? ‘While now people say: „ The world is not good, people are sad.“ One day, my world gets muddy, I roll my sleeves up and say: „Now , I will enter my field, among my children and will work there.“ I have children too. Some will say: Mr Dunov does not have children, he does not know how they are brought up.“ Well, you bring them up a lot. You need to feed a body, heart, mind and soul, all this is necessary for you. Repeat the word ‚joy’ (радост) and you will see that there are other forces in the world.  Then you will see that this, which I have been talking about is right.

And so, Christ says: Rejoice (радвайте се), there is no death. Your future is great, your souls are predestined for one other Divine world.  Rejoice (радвайте се), Christ says for I will send you light spirits. I understand under ‚light spirits’ those ones who will work over you and will create another culture. „In 2000 years’ time, you will see these angels come down and ascend to work on you. “ – this is written in the Scripture. This time has already come.  The facts are always facts and what people think is another question. In the modern science, you can change a man’s mood in five minutes. For example, the magnetizers can when they put their hand through your left side , make you good while when they do this through your right side, they can make you bad.  You will say: ‚this is through a suggestion.“ In order to suggest something to someone your words need to have power. The words ‚ suggestion’, hypnosis’ are often used. What is the hypnosis?  It is a force, which you can use in good and bad sense. You can produce two opposite results in a small and big dose. If you say to your son: „ You will be good my son’ he will really become good. When a mother conceives, she should say: „I believe that I will give birth to a good child, I am happy that the child will be good, etc. What do modern women do? They try to abort, they take advice from doctors about the method of abortion but when you abort on the physical plane, the consequences are bad. Therefore, Christ says: Believe in the spirits, which I will send, they will rectify the world and your life will be sorted. Do not take your burden on yourselves, everything will change’.

Now, I am leaving you with this word ‚rejoice’ („радвайте се“). Let your mind conceive it. Then you will connect with these Divine spirits. You will say: „Well, where do we see them from? “ A young woman creates an image of a beloved one before she falls in love and when she meets the young man, she finds that he is the one who corresponds to the image she has created and she starts loving him. If you repeat the word ‚ joy’ („радост“), only in this way will you attract Christ, you will know the great truths in life , you will understand that the words have a  deep meaning in themselves. This is simple knowledge, which I am giving to you for free because you need it and I will not have any responsibility if you say that you have suffered. Apply this knowledge.  Say the word ‚joy’ („радост“) 10 times a day without any doubt, go to work after that and see what its effect will be. Put the bread in your stomach and do not think about that, it till do its job. Say the word ‚joy’ („радост“) and your spirit will take its juices and you will be one powerful and strong spirit  and when you come back from work say to God: „Thank You for this word.“

I would like all Bulgarians and the Bulgarian king, and priests and merchants and teachers, mothers and fathers to say this word "joy" (радост), and this call to be borne by all nations. Then the peace will come, and Christ will come to pass.
Lecture, held on 15th April , 1917, Easter

[1] This is the Bulgarian equivalent of ‚rejoice’.

[2] Радост’ is the Bulgarian word for ‚joy’

[3] Ibid 2

[4] Ibid 2

[5] it is pronounced ‚radost’

[6] The Bulgarian letter ‚p’ means ‚r’ in English language

[7] The Bulgarian letter ‚b’ means ‚’b’ in English too.

[8] The Bulgarian letter  ‚Д’ is ‚D’ in English

[9] The Bulgarian letter ‚с’ is ‚s’ in English

[10] The Bulgarian letter ‚T’ is also ‚t’ in English



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