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The True Passover and its Harbinger and Initiator - Beinsa Douno, The Universal Master and Herald of the New Epoch


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The True Passover and its Harbinger and Initiator - Beinsa Douno, The Universal Master and Herald of the New Epoch

Emily Michael


The LORD's Passover begins at twilight on the fourteenth day of the first month. (Leviticus 23:5) The Passover of the Lord represents the departure of the Israelites from Egypt. And so far they are still celebrating their departure from Egypt, i.e. liberation from Egyptian slavery. What is new in the world today? What is new is the Light!

What is new is Freedom! What is new is Eternal Life3, which is to come among [us], to show [us] that not only the Jews but all people came out of Egypt through the Passover of the Lord.4

Beinsa Douno, the Master


Lit candles are an integral part of the traditions of Eastern Orthodoxy and other Christian denominations when celebrating the central festivals of Christendom. In one of his lectures in Berlin, in 1909, Rudolf Steiner inserted into the context of the lecture several words on the role of lit candles during holy festivities and then related the picture of the candle-fires burning and shimmering in the dark to an inner imagination:

We allow the lights that burn here before us to manifest in us in all its fullness the impulse that comes to us from the spiritual world, to take the Gospel literally! And we understand these outwardly shining lights as sense images of the fires that are to be ignited in our souls, and that, if ignited by anthroposophical knowledge of Christ, will reignite in the Sixth Cultural Age of the post-Atlantean period.5

Steiner made an important distinction between the Fifth and Sixth cultural epochs and their direct connection to the two most significant macrocosmic Christian Feasts for humankind-Christmas and Passover. He views these from a microcosmic angle, outlining their meaning individually for each person:

[A]nd if we celebrate the true Christmas in the Fifth Culture, thanks to this, in the Sixth Culture, we will celebrate the true Passover. Just as the wonderful Christmas song sounds to us on the night before Christmas: "Today is born our Saviour Christ the Lord!" so we, remembering Christ's birth in our soul, will perceive in ourselves the



Generally known as the Master Peter Deunov.

This article translated by Emily from the Bulgarian in which she originally wrote it, and adapted by the Editor.

Eternal Life is knowing Christ. "Now this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only True God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent," (John 17:3) "that everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life. For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:15,16)

Deunov, Peter, 1937. "The LORD'S Passover," in The Thief and the Shepherd. Sofia: White Brotherhood Publishing,

p.288. Delivered on December 1, 1929 in Sofia (as part of his Sunday Lectures series).

Steiner, Rudolf. "The Christmas Mood," in Secrets of Human Development, GA 117. Dornach: Rudolf Steiner Nachsverwaltung, 1986, p.205. Delivered on December 26, 1909 in Berlin. See http://fvn-archiv.net/PDF/GA/GA117.pdf

message of this true higher Self.6 We will remember this and this memory will be reborn in us as Passover; and then we will hear within us the majestic, wonderful sound of the Paschal organ: Christ Risen in us, igniting and enlightening our own Divine individuality!7

Thus, the Sixth cultural epoch, also referred to by Steiner as the Slavic epoch, can be called the "Epoch of the true Passover," during which the higher essence of the individuality of each human being will be immersed in the light of Christ's Self living in it. The World Master Beinsa Douno came among humankind to prepare for this Sixth Cultural Epoch-to prepare for the true Passover feast, from which the seed for the Sixth Root Race will emerge. He brought a broader explanation of Passover and the nature of self-sacrifice8 seen through the prism of Love.9 In one of his talks, he discusses the link between Passover and self-sacrifice:


Now I will read you verse 18 on page 378 of the Bible: "No such Passover had been observed in Israel since the days of Samuel the prophet. None of the kings of Israel ever observed a Passover like the one that Josiah observed with the priests, the Levites, all Judah, the Israelites who were present, and the people of

Jerusalem." (2 Chronicles 35:18)


The Passover is a remembrance of deliverance from the age of slavery. With the Passover, the Israelites commemorated their deliverance from slavery in Egypt. When a person loves, he/she must celebrate the Passover-it is a remembrance of deliverance from slavery. When a person wants to be freed from any kind of bondage, he/she must make the Passover [sacrifice].10 The Passover [sacrifice] can only be made under the Law of Love. If you do not love, you can never make the Passover [sacrifice]. Why? -Because in Love there is always a sacrifice. Who will you sacrifice? -Yourself. Whoever loves will sacrifice him/herself first. If you do not know how to make the Passover [sacrifice] within you, if you do not know how to sacrifice yourself, you have not understood the law of Love; so first, one must know how to celebrate one's own Passover … know how to sacrifice. We all speak about self- sacrifice, but we need to know how to make that self-sacrifice. Sacrifice is a common law for all ... One is sacrificed first, then the second, etc. The law of sacrifice is inevitable. There will be no one left in the world who does not sacrifice him/herself.11



6 The Higher Self, I, or "ICH" in German.

Steiner, "The Christmas Mood," see n.5.

Sacrifice here has the sense of sacrificing the lower nature to a higher one, sacrificing the merely human ego and letting it dwell in the higher one, the Christ Ego within.

Divine Love.

10 "And the children of Israel encamped in Gilgal, and they made the Passover sacrifice on the fourteenth day of the

month at evening in the plains of Jericho." (Joshua 5:10)

11 Deunov, 1930. "Binding and Loosing," in Youth Gathering of the Disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood. Sofia: White Brotherhood Publishing, p.24. Delivered on July 13, 1930. See https://bit.ly/2PAdVO8

These words testify that the Passover is synonymous with the Freedom of the human being, and that when one is released through Love, one sacrifices oneself. Returning to Steiner's words, the following interpretation can be formulated: in the Sixth Post-Christian culture, the Christ born in our I (our Higher Ego) will rise again in us as the Feast of Freedom-the true Passover. Then from Love will be born the self-sacrificing action of each human being, and the people of the New Culture will have a new philosophy and a new understanding of Love.

Through Beinsa Douno the Master, the Divine Word was delivered to Humankind-the new Teaching of Love. This Teaching should be embraced and applied by all of Slavdom, which is assigned to ignite this Love in all peoples in order that the New Culture of Humanity may come.

The Lord Himself, and the Spirit of the new LORD'S Covenant, was manifested through the Master, through an announcement: Call to My People, delivered on October 8, 1898.12 To the Bulgarian people was given the task of Heaven-to transmit to Russia, to all of Slavdom,13 and to all peoples the New Divine Teaching of Love, the New Michaelic Sun14 Teaching-and to become thus a vehicle of the Sixth Culture on Earth.

In the mystical text "Hyo-Eli-Mel(h)i-Messael"15, the title of which is in Aramaic-the language spoken by Christ-one can observe a clear distinction between the individual manifestations of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. This individual manifestation of the members of the Holy Trinity is a new event for humanity and in its essence is an experience intrinsic to the Universal Master, a collective Spirit that includes the Angels, Archangels and others from the Higher Spiritual Hierarchies.16 The brochure "Hyo-Eli-Mel(h)i-Messael" appeared in 1897, the year of the Sun Spirit's inception and interpenetration into Peter Deunov. Thus, the Master shed light on the future Sixth Race and said that people of different races did not have the same concept of love, that the five races have five different concepts of love, but that the Sixth Race, which will come in the future, will have a whole new unitary understanding of Love:

When the Sixth Race comes to earth, the situation of Christians will improve. They [the Sixth Race] carry a large supply of energy to create new forms, and some of the people today are called upon to participate in this. These are the people who will create something great in the world. These are the people who will implement the ideas of



12 See http://prizvanie.bg/English/ and http://petardanov.info/Knigi/Prizvanie.pdf (Translated by Harrie Salman and Mariana Radoulova).

13 Slavdom as a bearer of the Sixth Post-Atlantean Epoch.

14 The Spirit who penetrated and manifested through the Master Peter Deunov originates from the Sun, according to the Master's testimony. His origin is the Central (or Universal) Sun of Christ. This is one of the reasons why the Master Deunov bears the name of the Universal or World Master. [Ed. It is a matter in everything of a Being, or set of Beings, existing one inside the other.]

15 HYO=ELI=MEL(H)I=MESAEL has the meaning YEHOVAH=GOD=KING=GOD-SAVIOUR. I translate this "noun- equation," or appelation, perhaps spoken by Jesus Christ, from an ancient form of Aramaic language that no longer exists. There is an alternative translation: YEHOVAH=MY GOD=MY KING=GOD-SAVIOUR. I suggest that these Words might be the Words of Jesus on the Cross, which are not mentioned by the Bible, but are archived in the Akashic Records, which were an open book for the Universal Master.

16 It is "a collection of different souls that have come out of [the bosom] of God." - "The Holy Spirit will teach you everything." - "By the words Holy Spirit we mean all the luminous, lofty Spirits that make one Spirit with Christ. In this sense, Christ is collective Being." (The Master)

Brotherhood among humans. These are the people who will bring Truth and Freedom to the world. These are the people of Eternal Peace and Order in the world.17

Regarding the next Coming of Christ, the Master also prophesized:

Christ will [fully] come to earth only when His wounds disappear/are completely healed. This will happen in the time of the Sixth Race. So until people change their sinful lives, Christ will not [fully] come to earth.18 As Christ [fully and finally] comes to earth, the earth will be set ablaze, illuminated and burned. Fire will come down to earth, to burn away all impurities. All the bad and impure thoughts and feelings of people will burn out and only the idea-full, the beautiful in them will remain. They will begin a new life of Love and Knowledge, and of true Freedom19. This applies to those who will be ready. They will understand Life20 and apply Love. Those who are not ready will wait for new conditions.21

At the fraternal gathering of the Chain22 of Divine Love in Turnovo in 1914, the Master presented a special figuration of the Pentagram23 and he established the motto for the selected present Chain members-future disciples of the White Brotherhood School: "In the fulfilment of the Will of God through Love is the power of the human soul." The same words are inlaid on the marble pentagram placed on the Master's Grave24 in Sofia. The Master underlined the importance of understanding God's Will: "The great question that sits on the agenda of all humanity today is the question of the Will of God."25 Love is the Key to the fulfilment of the Will of God, and this Key will be acquired by the people of the Sixth Race. The Master gave an assurance to all of us: "The Sixth Race, namely, will be able to fulfil the Will of God."26 To shed light as an imagination upon the human being of the Sixth race is to bring hope that one day we will be part of this new race: "To think of God and fulfil His Will means to be spring that constantly gushes and carries its waters far; to be constantly moving air; to be the Sun that illuminates the whole Universe."27

At the Easter festivity, which is called in Bulgaria Bb3KpeceHue XpucmoBo (the Resurrection of Christ feast), from 1922 onwards, the disciples of the School of the White Brotherhood celebrated with songs, prayers, and talks by the Master, through whom the Spirit of Truth spoke.28 On the



17 Deunov, 1940, "As the world gives," in The Works of God, (Power and Life), Volume 3, Thirteenth Series (1929-1930).

Sofia: White Brotherhood, p.27. Delivered on March 2, 1930 in Sofia. See https://bit.ly/34A9bfY

18 Christ will not appear again in His physical body.

19 I.e., they will celebrate the True Passover.

20 They will understand Christ. See n.3.

21 Deunov, 2012, "Genesis and Revelation," in The Key of Life. Sofia: White Brotherhood Publishing, p.537. Delivered on May 22, 1929 in Sofia (as part of the General Occult Class).

22 The Chain was founded in 1899 in Varna.

23 See https://bit.ly/34xvB1s

24 The most popular of the modern Bulgarian clairvoyant women, Vanga (1911-1996) said that if the grave of the Master were to open now, it would be completely empty, without any remains of Peter Deunov's body. With this statement, she hinted that the Master resurrected in a way that is similar to Christ.

25 Deunov, "Lord's Passover," see n.4.

26 Delivered on August 27, 1929. See https://bit.ly/2EvB5ir

27 Deunov, "Lord's Passover," see n.4.

28 The traditional Easter Greeting in Bulgaria, Russia, and other countries is "Christ Resurrected!" Among other things,

the disciples were advised by the Master to do the following exercise: "For, the [feast of the] Resurrection of Christ

day after Easter the Master usually led the students on an excursion into Nature, for example, the mountains next to Sofia. At the end of the Easter talk, he would sometimes give them a painted coloured egg, with a Bible verse written on it-a desk verse for each disciple.

The Gatherings of the Chain were sanctified by the Spirit of God Himself through a sacred ritual, a re-enactment of the Last Supper. This ritual was called the "LORD's Supper." The Master never spoke before the disciples the words "Holy Grail" or "the stream of the Holy Grail" because he himself directed that stream, and he carried the Love that is the New Grail for Humanity. Besides, upon coming to Earth, the Master was accompanied by a group of souls, a group of individualities who had participated in the Last Supper and witnessed the Mystery of Golgotha. These individualities quietly and humbly came on earth in the flesh as disciples of Beinsa Douno-the Universal Master-who resided in constant communion with Christ and the Holy Trinity.

As instructed by the Master, Passover Vessels of pure silver were made.


The Chalice, a symbol of the Holy Grail, was made with the image of Christ. In the box made for the Passover Vessels the Master placed a knife, engraved with symbols,29 below, and a Stick at the top, above the Passover Vessels.30 This Stick resembles a Sceptre31, a Royal insignia, i.e. Pastoral Authority. The arrangement of the Passover Vessels in the box is as follows.

At the top, the Chalice with the image of Jesus Christ. Beneath it, symmetrically to the left and right,

two more Vessels,32 with which the Chalice builds a triangle-symbolizing the Christian Holy Trinity. To the left and right of the Chalice are situated 6 other Vessels, or a total of 12 Vessels, with inlaid pentagrams,33 signs, and Hebrew letters. These 12 Vessels symbolize the cups of the 12 Apostles34 of Christ during the Passover celebrated by them.

Under the Chalice is a paten,35 a small bread plate, with three engraved concentric equilateral triangles36 with the outermost triangle inscribed in a Zodiacal Circle (see image



that is coming, give up these two words ["Christ Resurrected"], which are smooth on the outside [but] do not carry Peace on the inside, but put the words 'Father' and 'Son' into you." This exercise was intended to facilitate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon them.

29 The sharp part of the knife pointing to the left, a symbol of Power: "This knife is also an emblem representing the

Sword of God and therefore we see it in a Cross shape." (B.D.)

30 This Stick was one of the emblems of the Chain. It was made from the juniper tree brought from the Rila

Monastery-the place where in the 9th century the highly evolved individuality, known as the hermit from the St. John of Rila, was living. He was not born but rather appeared, penetrated by a lofty Spirit, and he was able to heal in a way similar to Christ.

31 It has a similarity with a flute.

32 Separately from the 12 Vessels.

33 The Pentagram and its symbols were seen by the Master in a vision in heaven on August 20, 1899.

34 Also the 12 Zodiacal Universal Beings, as the paten, the silver bread plate, indicates (see next paragraph).

35 See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paten

36 See https://etc.usf.edu/clipart/42900/42971/con3-3_42971.htm

below). The triangle is a symbol of the Holy Trinity. The three triangles are the three worlds- Divine, Spiritual, and Physical.37 Under the base of the largest triangle is engraved the verse, Sanctify38 us39 by the Truth;Your Word is Truth. (John 17:17) Beneath the Bible verse the Master's Signature is engraved.




During the LORD's Supper, the Passover Vessels were taken out and placed on a table40 towards the East in a U-shape, symbolizing the Chalice41 of the Lord-the Chalice of Salvation (see Image 1 above).

The uppermost Vessels in the U-shape (probably) were the symbols for the Father- Jehovah Elohim, and the Holy Spirit-Adonai. Under them were the Vessels of the 12 Apostles. This was the U-shape. The Vessels, besides the Chalice, were 14 in number-representing the 14 days of the first month42-the Passover Time: 14+1=15. The total Vessels were 15, along with 15 envelopes for the Word of God.43

The Eucharist or the Last Supper, which was re-enacted by the Master and the chosen disciples as a priesthood, differs from many other similar rituals in that it has always been led by the Spirit of God. This LORD's Supper was blessed and sanctified by the presence of Christ Himself, indeed by the Holy Trinity. In the Vessels that were shared among the Master and his disciples, symbolically Christ, the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the 12 Apostles of Christ participated in this re-enacted LORD's Supper.

Right from the very beginning of the establishment of the Chain,44 which was also called the Synarchy Chain,45 led by the Spirit of Christ, communal lunches and dinners began to be



37 The Master later gave in his lectures also deeper understanding of the three concentric equilateral triangles: In the innermost [triangle] you will write: Love, Wisdom, Truth; in the second: Soul, Spirit, [Physical] Body; and in the third: Heart, Mind, Will. (B.D.)

38 In the Bulgarian language the word "sanctify" also means "illuminate," i.e. is connected to the Light.

39 The Master changed "them" to "us" in this verse.

40 The table also plays a role in the LORD'S Supper.

41 The U-form symbolizing a cup, i.e. cUp, or Chalice.

42 The Chalice represents the First Month.

43 This explanation of the 14+1 Passover Vessels is my own.

44 In 1897/1899. This reference contains two years because of the name changes: 1897 marked the foundation of the "Society for the Uplifting of the Religious Spirit"; in 1899 the Master used the "Chain" for the Society. The Chain was also called the "Synarchy Chain."

45 Those of you who have understood my words have to form among each other a Divine Chain of Harmony and Unity: unity in thoughts, in feelings, in actions and aspirations in all directions. Some prominent occultists give it the name "Synarchy," and in

served, thus repeating the tradition of the first Christians. An important and mysterious element in each Chain Gathering was the Eucharist, which restores and repeats the LORD's Supper from the time of the greatest event of humanity-the Mystery of Golgotha.

During the Chain Gatherings, a new impulse came into the LORD's Supper-from the Invisible Presence of Christ, Who, inviting us to the LORD's Supper, blessed humankind with a Third Testament, the Testament of Divine Love, and the New Passover.46 The Master delicately used the word "Friends" to suggest the presence also of high-ranking and sublime Spirits.

Another name, which he used on other occasions, is the "Big White Brothers of Humankind"-who include the highly advanced lofty Beings from the Spiritual Hierarchy. The modern human mind can hardly embrace the Cosmic Scale of God's Plan and the great historical and cosmic events that were being enacted during the Gatherings initiated by the

Master Deunov. In the official Protocols of the Chain Gathering, the Third, on August 14, 1906 in Varna, in shorthand there is the following:

Three Invisible Friends, patrons of the Slavs and in particular the Bulgarian people, were present. These Three Friends also carry the name "All".47 For these Three Heavenly Visitors, Three Chairs were arranged in front of the icons in the room where our meetings took place. As we entered the room, each of us bowed before them and then sat in our chair in a row. "All" means Immanuel, i.e. "The Lord is with us" and among us Who teaches us-He is the Great Master and Saviour.48

Another of the contemporary Mysteries, connected with the LORD's Supper of the

Chain Gathering held on August 15th 1907, is the call and the presence of the Holy Trinity:

There was a table set with Passover Vessels and next to it Three Chairs for the Invisible Visitors: Lord Jesus Christ; Jehovah Elohim; and Adonai, the Holy Spirit. The [participants] prayed to the Holy Spirit-Adonai to come and fill them all with Wisdom.49 They made three bows to the Three Invisible Visitors and read from the Bible. They stood before the table and [the Master] broke the bread, and passed the Vessel with the letter50 bearing the name of the one for whom the cup was intended.

Master Deunov spoke to them. [...] The next day [August 16ththey formed the Chain in



the Gospel it is called the "Kingdom of God." By "Synarchy" [joint rule] we mean [an association of] the most intelligent people in the world who have touched the mysteries of life, who have passed a series of exams, have completed their evolution, and can really be called [the true]"people" [of God]. (B.D.)

46 After the Old and New Testaments a New one follows: "The New Covenant with God will be 'The Testament of

God's Love.' This Love will unite all people into one common Brotherhood." (B.D)

47 "All" as in "Pan-"and "Eu-."

48 Peter Deunov, D.G.P.G., "Annual Gatherings," in The Chain of Divine Love. Sofia: White Brotherhood Publishing & Zahari Stoyanov Publishing, 2017. See https://petardanov.info/Knigi/Verigata.pdf

49 Cf. Rudolf Steiner: Love is the result of new-born Wisdom in the Self (I, Ego). What has been prepared as Wisdom through Saturn, the Sun and the Moon, works in the physical, etheric and astral bodies of man; it appears as the 'Cosmic (Universal) Wisdom'; however, in the Self (I, Ego), it becomes an inner essence. And when that is already a fact, the inner wisdom becomes the germ of Love. Wisdom is the prerequisite of Love; Love comes as a result of new-born Wisdom in the Self.

50 Hebrew letter.

the Astral World.51 The Master's words were: "Today we will form the Chain in the Astral World."52

The following were the Master's words, and he again points to the presence of the Three Friends: "Look out to the Three Friends who have been appointed to you as Teachers.That same year the Master made an extremely important statement:

This year we are going to proceed in this way: if anyone is in need, you should send a letter to [inform] me, then I will set a time for you to pray [for the one in need]. There will be a specific form53 of these letters, so that when you receive [this form], you will know who to pray for. In these cases, you should always call upon the Three Friends and pronounce their names. Call on the Friends with the words: "Lord Jesus Christ! Jehovah - Elohim! Comforter, Holy Spirit-Adonai!"54


Today we can hardly comprehend the scale of such a presence-the presence of the Holy Trinity! With open senses for the entire Universe and for everything visible and invisible, the Master announced at the end of the Gathering, on August 19th:

The Friends have left. On their departure, the Friends told us: "May My Blessing be on you all year long."55

During the Gathering the following year, in 1908, the Master said that only one of the Friends-Christ, was present and would lead the meetings:



Holy Trinity Icon by Andrey Rublev.

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinity_(Andrei_Rublev)

This year, only the Lord Christ, who is the Leader of the Chain, will be present. One of our Friends who attended last year is now present in Russia and England, the second in Turkey, and the third, Christ, Who is also the Leader of the Chain, is here.56

The Master Deunov reassured the brothers and sisters:

This year, Christ, the Head of the Chain, will be with it all year and will not leave it.57

Not, of course, that Christ was bound only to the Chain. On the last Gathering day, the Master explained something more regarding the Three Friends:



51 Krastev, V., 1999. I.02.16. "Master Peter Deunov and the Passover of the Third Testament," in Izgrev, vol.11, Sofia, p.66.

52 See n.51.

53 Template.

54 See n.48.

55 See n.48.

56 See n.48.

57 See n.48.

By the time the Gathering is over and you leave and go, those three Spirits Who were

[present] in the Chain will already be engaged to work and no longer be among you.58

The next year, in 1909, the LORD's Supper was held at the Chain Gathering in Varna, at which Christ was again invisibly present. There were fruits and bread on the table. Just as at the LORD's Supper, Jesus Christ broke bread and gave his disciples wine, commanding them to do so when they commemorated him, so the Master broke bread and gave a cup of wine to each of the called ones. Then three people stood before the Throne,59 taking the three ribbons in different colours and putting them on their heads, after which the Master placed his right hand on their heads, pronouncing "Peace be with you!"

The town of Veliko Tarnovo hosted the next meeting of the Chain in 1910:

At this Gathering were given the three laws of the Synarchy Chain, the Testimonies of the Chain, the Promise of God. At the LORD's Supper, the Lord manifested to those in attendance. [The Master said:] "Today, our Friends are present. They are here. And they are the ones who help the Chain." When breaking the bread, those present heard the words of Christ Himself, who spoke through the Master Deunov: "I am the One who led you in the past. I am the One who leads you in the future ... Be blessed by My Father. This bread is a symbol of My Love, and this is how I want your life to stand for our brethren."60

When passing the wine, the meeting attendees in the room heard the following words spoken through the Master:

"This is the Chalice of Salvation, this Chalice is the Eternal Love and My Spirit61 Who works in you, and Who raises you; and Who enlightens your minds; and sanctifies your hearts. Drink from it, and be blessed!"

And as he gave bread, there sounded out of the Master's mouth:

"This is Divine Love for your Salvation. God bless all the suffering who need this


Three days later, the Master encouraged the members of the Gathering: "Turn to the Lord called Immanuel!The next day, participants were invited to remember something extremely important that will guide them in their spiritual journey: "And remember that what you read from the books will be understood in one way, and what is given to you by the [Holy] Spirit will be understood in another way."

At the LORD's Supper in Veliko Tarnovo in 1911, the Master Deunov read Bible verses, which were prepared by the Holy Spirit, and he passed bread and wine to each one with the words:



58 See n.48.

59 The description of The Throne is missing in the text of the protocols. Most probably the three chairs, prepared for the Three Friends constituted symbolically the Throne, i.e. the Throne of God.

60 See n.51.

61 The Holy Spirit.

This is the body of Christ given to you and for your Salvation [when passing the bread].

This is the Chalice that is drunk for your Salvation [when passing the wine].

At the close of the Gathering, the Spirit of Christ spoke through the Master:

"If you love me, you will keep the law, and I will ask the Father to give you the Comforter."

This is Christ's Promise, to send upon us the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, who will descend on everyone who is able to love, just as Christ loves us.

In 1912 the town of Veliko Tarnovo again welcomed the Chain. Wine, bread, and fruits

were on the table for the LORD's Supper:

Bread means the Life that the Lord sends-Christ had to come to establish the Living Bread. Wine, this is the Divine Spirit-it is receiving a gift from the Spirit, and when you receive it in your hearts, you will receive the Fruits of the Spirit.62

The Master again said:

This is the Living Bread of Life, which came down from Heaven for the Salvation of your soul.

This is the Chalice of the Lord, the [Holy] Spirit of the Lord, which is given for your Salvation.

At the end of the Gathering, the Master Deunov conveyed the Words of the Lord-the Words of Christ:

The Words of the Lord that I speak to you are these: "Believe in My Words! I will be with each of you. My Peace I give you! My Peace I leave to you. Work in the harvest in which you are placed63, and My Father will affirm you in every good work! Walk in the Path of Truth and Life in which I abide! My Father will do everything for your souls. He will give you according to the abundance of His generosity. The obstacles in your life I will smooth out and turn everything around into good. Believe in Me and you will be given everything!"

In 1913, again in the town of Veliko Tarnovo, before the LORD's Supper, the Master washed the feet of 12 people in a basin. They read different Bible verses. Bread and wine were passed by the Master, and He gave an extremely important explanation regarding the Passover:

This custom of the Supper is the custom of the White Brotherhood and has existed for 10,000 years. Bread represents Virtue, and wine represents Righteousness. Washing the feet is also an old custom. The left foot, as you know, represents also Virtue, and your right foot-Righteousness.64

The Master Deunov also gave advice:



62 The Fruits of the Spirit are all of Christ's Virtues.

63 "Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest." (Matthew 9:38)

64 See the Pentagram explanation given by the Master.

Therefore, stick to the Law of Love, because for whoever does not want to forgive people Moses and the Law of Karma come. The Lord is among us! He listens to us, has joy with us, and loves us. Christ this year will testify in your soul and give you as much evidence as you want, just open your eyes and ears. People who serve God, they are luminous, and people who do not serve are dark.65

According to the Brotherhood Archive, there is a statement that after the year 1912, after bringing forth The Testament of the Color Rays of Light under the instructions of Christ Himself, for a second time a mighty Being overlighted the Master66 and he became Universal (World) Master. In the language of spiritual science this Being mediates a Collective Spirit of All Hierarchies and the Holy Spirit of Christ. A majestic event in the Cosmos!

Two years after that, in Veliko Tarnovo, the LORD's Supper was preceded by a night vigil,

from 12 o'clock at night until 12 o'clock noon, and began at 7 p.m. The Master said:

Bread means the Teaching of Christ, and wine is His Love, through which we rise and become one with Him. The grain of wheat, this is Christ. The grain of wheat is the emblem of Christ. The grain of wheat is His body.

The Master broke the bread, and passed to each one the bread and the wine:

May the Lord my God bless you, and your mind, your heart and your soul become luminous. For your obedience, may the Lord bless you!

and the invisible presence of Christ in the Chain was again announced by him. 1914 is the year in which, during the Gathering, the Master also proclaimed the "New Age":

I greet you and welcome you on behalf of all our Friends. I salute you on behalf of the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the first meeting of its kind in the New Age. You are in the New Testament, in the New Age. You should know that you make the first step, because this year is the first year of the coming New Age in the development of mankind. And if you are able to adapt to the Knowledge that Heaven gives you, then you will benefit [from this coming]. Inwardly, you need to unite with Christ, and your purpose is to find out how.67

The Master witnessed the turning point in the Spiritual World and heralded this new phase in which Humanity was entering a spiritual plane marked by the presence of Christ:

The majority do not understand the importance of today, but for some it will remain memorable because today is the end of one epoch, and another begins-a new one. This is the Salvation that the Spirit of God accomplishes in the souls of all people-a Salvation leading to creative uplift and mindful exchange with the forces of Living



65 See n.51.

66 The Individuality of the Bodhisattva, who had formerly penetrated Peter Deunov during his 33rd year.

67 Deunov, P. "Greetings to the New Year to all," in 1914 - Proclaiming the New Age. Sofia: White Brotherhood Publishing, 2014. Delivered January 6, 1914. See https://petardanov.com/PDF/1914-Novata-epoha-2013.pdf

Nature, for it is today that a new era in the Spiritual World is beginning. The great sign of the New Epoch is Freedom.68

Also the Master clarified that Christ would not appear in a physical body:

Christ's Coming has come, Christ has come. He has come, but He did not appear as the Church expects Him, but in a completely different way.69

When Christ was among the Israelites they did not recognize Him. We think sometimes that the karma of any particular country of the past or the future does not or will not affect us, but in reality we all are connected and interdependent. Paying for the Jewish Karma had a core importance for all of us. The Master hinted at the link:

The Coming of Christ will date from 1914. In 1914 the Karma of the Jews was already at an end, and from then on a small revival will begin. The present [old] order must be dissipated and the forces that act must be decomposed. Christ's order must be regained for good people to come, for them to develop.70

Opening the hearts of humans and receiving Christ is what His Coming to Earth means. If they do not accept Him in this way, storms, earthquakes, cyclones, poverty, famine, disease, crises, etc. will come. How long will these continue?-Until people leave the old life-the life of external beliefs.71 The Gospel Angel72 is the One who bears the New Teaching. From 1914 the trial of the world began and will continue until 1999. Throughout the 20th century will be the judgment of the world. In the

21st century-[there will be] a return [of Humankind] to its Father, as in the [story of the] prodigal son.73 It is the age of establishing a new order in the world (according to the requirements of the LORD's Kingdom) and a strong spiritual uplift. In the

21st century, the Kingdom of Christ will be restored to Earth. All the occult movements of the East and the West74 will draw together. All occult movements today lack something-application. All previous teachings, such as Christianity, Buddhism, Mohammedanism, Theosophy, etc., in their form and external side, have already done their part. Now the New Teaching of Christ will come and will resurrect you. God, who will straighten the world, will emit such Light that within you not a single dark place will remain unlit.75

It is God Who manifested Himself in the past through the Light of the Holy Sepulchre, and He is the same God who will sanctify everything in us in the future. The core of the Master's Teaching was Christ:



68 Deunov, P. "Talk about the Spring Festivity," in Seek strength - have faith. Sofia: White Brotherhood Publishing, 1994,

p.9. See http://petardanov.info/Knigi/Iskayte_sila_imayte_vyara.pdf

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73 See Luke 15:11-32.

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Christ, but as a Spirit, will abide on Earth always, to the very end of this age-during the times of violence [and] the evil that we see in the world today, that is, until the end of the age. Then will come a New Epoch, a time of a New Earth and a New Heaven.76

Christ gave the Great Teaching 2000 years ago, but evolution is taking its course, and He has prepared a New Teaching whereby Humankind will have its New Passover in the future. This Teaching of Christ was brought from the Divine World through the Master Beinsa Douno:

What was given two thousand years ago by Christ was a preface to the New. "Revelations," for example, talks about what will happen in thousands of years. There is one Revelation in which God reveals His Spirit. It sends great people into the world, bearers of the New, of the True Culture. You will witness these times: you will depart from the Earth, you will come again, but in the end you will be convinced of what I am saying today. The New Culture requires people with a deep, inner understanding. They must lay Love as the foundation of their lives.77

Becoming the Divine Conductor of the New that is coming to all Humankind, carrying the Divine Teaching of the Third LORD's Testament, setting His Love at the basis of every human's Life, the World Master Beinsa Douno came to prepare the New Passover and the Sixth Post- Atlantean Epoch. This is a Great Mystery and a grandiose Divine Act of Heaven, which will be explored and better understood in the future. For us all this is a spiritual task that will/must be thoroughly assumed.

Are we ready for the New Passover, dear friends?

May God's Kingdom of Love come, may the feelings in our souls unfold, and may the Truth shine!78





The Washing of the Feet Aquarelle by Leszek Forczek



76 See n.75.

77 See n.4.

78 A verbal formula given by the Master Deunov to be pronounced by each person at the beginning of each of the 12 months of the year.

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