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1926_06_27 - New types


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New types

“Be always loyal (devoted), truthful and pure!”




I would like all of you to draw (conclude) the basic principles or states which have been discussed all year round. This is going to be your homework in the vocation – the basic thought of these principles discussed earlier and if there is something which is applicable.

You are going to draw some conclusions.


Публикувано изображение


Now temporally we are going to postpone the lectures in order to start applying what has been discussed here. To clear out, let’s say there is a small river and a very small conscious (smart) fish, what would be its views?

Let’s say there are hundred meters width between the parallel lines B and C, what knowledge (view) would this fish have about the external world? It would swim from the one riverbank to the other and then back. Now you are able to go into the occult science, everything what I has been talking, the same as this small fish between these two riverbanks. Somebody would say: “Let’s deny ourselves.” To deny oneself means one gets out of the water.  As soon as it is out of the water, if it hasn’t learned the basic law of life, what is going to happen? Suffering. Suffering is an impulse provoking and waking up the consciousness. Suffering is the God’s goad waking up all the sleeping creatures.

If you understand me right your conscious is full with such vast images (visions) making it tight. For example, you are sitting, scratch your head and then say: “Let’s graduate school, then graduate university”, then “May I be a minister”, then “Let’s have a car.” Well everything happens, you become a minister, you have a car, these are good things, but what is the conclusion here? You plant a seed, grows a plant, you see the plant – blooming but there is no fruit. The human life has a fruit. Which is the first fruit of the human life? (A virtue.) Which is the first virtue? (Novitiate!) Well novitiate comes later. Somebody of you would say: “I am not capable.” What he/she means? (What he/she wishes to point out?) Is the woof capable? I call the woof a scoundrel – it strangles a sheep. Well you say – the sheep is meek, the woof will press her violently. No sheep would come unwillingly and say – cut my wool or give my milk. It is all taken violently. What is the main virtue (goodness) of the sheep? Besides what is the most precious – the fleece, the wool of the sheep becomes a wire of the magnetic forces. What uses people is not the wool, is what comes out of the wool. A needed mighty force comes out of the wool.  

Consequently you have the might of the woof without being a woof and have the goodness (meek) of the sheep without being a sheep. In order to clarify, let’s suppose you have spermaceti candle. What this candle would give you by itself? Is it possible to build a house? Whom are you able to satisfy? What could you do with a beautiful white candle without lighting it? However if you light it, the light which comes out of the candle could use you. Where this light comes from? In this case spermaceti is just a condition of the light to come out. The light of the spermaceti is this important one which enables us to read in a dark night, might show us the road to take and save us by huge unfavorable situations and mischief. And I say your brain should be set on fire and burn. You must have the energy of your own brain. However you sometimes put out the fire. Fear blows the candle out. (Non- trusting God blows the candle out.)

Now all these works should be taken objectively, they are not only yours. You have inherited common traits of the whole humanity and it is going to be a fight to examine yourself consciously. You are full with material of examination. You haven’t been studying still what is actually your heart. You haven’t been studying still your life, what a rich material – to bring you back – 5-10 thousand years in order to reveal how your life was and how you lived it. Now all this is covered by dust and darkness. Now you say: “I live”. As the same way a small fish lives between the two riverbanks.

The first thing you would face in the future or whenever this would happen, are your rebirths. And after you examine your rebirths, you would notice these evolutional and in volitional laws, you would realize. You would realize how some of your rebirths had been connected; you would realize why some things (situations) had been constructed in one way or another. You would realize when and how some of your skills (talents) and feelings had been developing. Actually this is a science! Now you are sitting and saying: “I don’t know!” Wait! You have bought a lottery ticket and wait. You don’t want to touch the hoe. It would bring you a huge fortune. A lad (young man) comes to me and he wishes service to God. “I have been searching for money for twenty years, I digged a kilometer long ditch last year.” He has been working for twenty years, digging the land. I ask him: “How much money have you found!” “Two thousand rubles.” – “ Well, I reply, if you would have plant a vineyard in these twenty years time with the size of sixty decares, your fortune would be not less than  5 – 6000 golden leva. He says: “Tell me now where I could find it.”  I say:” Even if I know you wouldn’t tell you.” He told me a dream of his. When he was thinking all the time for a fortune, he prayed, prayed and an imam came to him and said:” You have been praying for so long, I would show you a place where there is lot money, follow me. So pity when they arrived at the place and the imam would show him the money comes a neighbor of his whom had to pay a debt of 2000 leva and he insisted to get his money back and while they were arguing, he woke up.

And it is the same in life. A great idea comes to lead you to a great direction – become a great person, then a small obstacle comes in the present, it tights you (holds you back). The small obstacles in life become the reason why you could lose your fortune.  You could pray but this neighbor would come again to ask his money back. You have to pay the debt earlier – so the imam would show you the money, this is true. Why does his neighbor come out in this moment – it is a mystery.   

 Then I ask could a man has a hardship without suffering? Could he feel happy without something happy? (He couldn’t.) So there is a hardship in life then why it isn’t possible to suffer? This is a modern education. The modern people have a false concept of life, of goodness. They suffer when the things happen not the way they have expected. It is a great law always: every suffering provokes the human conscious. And there is a small upbringing in the suffering.  The upbringing and the progress of human conscious now is due to the suffering. It is a natural law. A path which a man walks. I don’t talk for occasional suffering but the ideological one.


It is useless to suffer without purpose. A martyr, a scientist, a father, a mother, a friend could feel pain. Suffering without meaning is not a true suffering. When I point out we have to feel the pain I refer to this suffering with a meaning. And it is your responsibility for those without meaning. Somebody says: “I suffered a lot!” – Is it was about a value (virtue)? – “No, I acted foolish.” – You will pay to the pub owner. The same story as this with the imam. You will pay your debt.

Firstly, all lectures – how may do you have this year? (thirty-two) – You are going to write down what everyone has learned. You have notes. Only the main conclusions of each lecture. Two or three conclusions of a lecture. They are important. I have recommended many methods, how many have you been implemented. For instance if you don’t feel good someday, it is good to put your back on a huge tree. How many of you have tried it – on some huge tree? Which trees interact in the best way? (Pine). The elm disposes the spirit in the best way.

This light coming through its leaves is inevitable. When some of you is lacking a spiritual strength, falls down so much, let’s have a walk ten times on this alley (the elm one), the one would recover (feel better). The light of the elm is a good cure. And its leaves are fine-shaped, they are sharp, but those of the pine look like an awl. The only one thing coming out of the elm is its nectar. No grass grows around the elm. We have to be in awaken state when we are under the elm. It is a known vital energy coming out of the nectar, this is useful. It is essential to have the same disposition as the elm. To clarify, if you have uplifted divine concepts, the elm would help you. But you lack of uplifted divine concepts, the elm would not help you. The materialistic people don’t like to go higher to elm forest. I am asking, do the bears live in the elm forests? Haven’t you examined in what places do the bear make its habitation? (Around elm trees. Around dwarf-pine.)

How could a person examine his states? First of all should sit in such a peaceful way. Have you seen how the scientists make their research? When some geology professor comes, how he starts its research? What methods he uses to come to those significant events of the earth, what points them? He finds some dead shells, edge-hogs, fossilized trees, but is this fossilized tree a solid base for the professor to conclude this was an era, there is no vital energy. However it is much better way to get further in the geology, through examination of the present plants rather than on fossilized ones. This is a futuristic method. For now the present one is fine. It is the same as if a geologist has thought for a long time and has come to certain conclusions about the past, the same way you would think, think, till a great though comes out. But it isn’t possible for a person to be focused only on a particular subject in order to reflect these thoughts. Let’s suppose, probably you have not tried this when you have a spare time, you wonder what to do and you probably waste your time. Sometimes when you feel bored, you don’t want to do anything, take you index finger with your right hand and observe what a little change would happen in your mind. It is a scientific method, then – middle one, then the fourth one….then switch to the right hand. Then let’s do this, take with the index finger and middle of the left hand – take, drop, take, and drop. (All fingers are counted.) When all the nails start to shrink (get smaller), this is a sign of a nervosity. A person becomes nervous, not patient. All people having short nails are irritable, when people having long, good-shaped nails it is a sign of intelligence. The wide nails reveal stability, bravery, courage. But the narrow nails show a person who refuses to face the outer challenges (obstacles). Human personality is revealed by the nails. You could find how brave and courageous a person is after you have seen his nails. I see a person, his nails are small, he says: “I will be patient.” – You would be patient but your nails reveal you don’t have patience. Somebody say: “I will go to Vitosha mountain.” But I see he is doubtful. His nails reveal, he wouldn’t go – when the skin around the nails is not so flat, the outline is not so clear. (The nails of the moral people are very good shaped.) But you always scratch them. This is not a way to improve the work. You should scratch inside not outside.   

 You would change your personality from inside but the way your nails look like now reveals your thoughts are messy. The moral people have good- shaped nails. When a person becomes rough, his thumb gets smaller and rounder. But when human will is encouraged, the first phalanx develops right. Not only this, if a person lives a long time, this powerful life, even before he has come yet, the whole environment would be harmonic, compatible with his nature and he would not face a opposition. A person should have been working with thousands of years, the whole environment supports him. But you all have come, neither had you ploughed nor hoed, you say:”Our conditions are bad. I say you pull yourself together and work. Now If I share with you what you were doing in your past life, were you teachers, were you fanners, you would say: “I don’t know. So now what I should be?” Somebody was a teacher but wished to be a fanner. Who is higher, the teacher or the fanner? The agriculture is a hard work and takes the most of the vital energy of the body. His mind is not able to be so independent. But the teacher who is not working he collects so much energy, thus forms of myalgia come out, he gets pulmonary consumption. The teacher is afraid of the dust which the students make.   

Me, when I become a teacher, I would open all windows from end to end in order to have a good air flow and I would make a tea-urn(kettle); I would have twenty young kids, pupils in the class and give them a cup of warm water, there would be air flow but nobody would get cold. Moreover I would be free. This would not happen now, they are not able to imagine it, but it is quite possible. It would take a lot time to discuss to the inspectors the healthy reasons hidden behind this cup of warm water.

Have you tried this to sleep on strong air current without getting cold? Now you would begin by the physical side, which is connected to the mindful life and you would have a certain measure. In some case your body could accumulate more energy than needed, in some case you spend more than you should – these are two opposites. You should take just how much you need and should not give than needed. Many of you open, bloom but don’t give fruit.    

Nature loves order and discipline. You should take just how much you need and should not give than needed. According to this law the most difficult challenge could a man perform in order to create his personality, is the following: somebody offended you, you might say: “He have to talk to me reasonably, he has to stop offending me. Somebody offend you and then he goes to America, you could not find him. What method would you choose? Punishment doesn’t work, then? You would find a person and you treat him the same way he would treat you. It would go away. You are offended. Go and treat others the same way you wish to be treated. You would ask him: “Are you pleased with me? My behavior, are you pleased with me?” But who of you could do it. And then you could bring the one in America back.   

The toughest lesson in the world (life) is to create an example when you are irritated (angry). When someone comes to you, don’t say: “Go away!”, but to reply: “Please I am at you disposition.” Somebody has offended you, you meet a person carrying a big basket, take his basket, help him. Say:”I am happy I can help you.” But you would say:” But no, he has offended me and to carry his basket!?” You would come back and say: “Suffering is always part of human life in the world and I have been suffering and I bear them even now, but it would change.” He would look at you, leave the basket to him and say:” Some other time I am at your disposition.” Immediately that moral principle would come inside in this person. You might never see him again, but you would receive a lesson no one else could teach you. But when you do it is.

You would say, he, the Teacher says this, but he could not do it. If I act like this, I would be useful to myself, what gain would you have? If I eat it is because of me. But you also have to eat. That what you could apply in your life, it is for you, but not that fake (mechanical) application, but that ideological application. Sometimes try it. When you grief a lot, you don’t know what to do, do a favor to someone, but your mind has to be awaken. Do it as I said now, you could do it in the daytime or the nighttime not people to see, could be on lunchtime, whenever, whenever, do it. Imagine you are a student who has just graduated and your professor meets you while you are carrying a beggar’s basket. What would the professor say? “That one has gone crazy, carrying a gypsy’s basket. “ That’s why you would choose a dark night and you change clothes a bit, so none could recognize you. When you try this, let be unrecognizable by people.

I wish all of you to develop those specific traits, which are hidden. Be active but become conscious, without strangling the sheep, but be also a sheep – but a conscious sheep which solely gives you the milk and solely milk it. Could a sheep solely milk itself in a literal meaning? No, it couldn’t do it, but it is possible in a metaphorical meaning. The occult knowledge should be only a plus to the worldwide knowledge.    

The next time you would have a silence meeting taking an half hour time, you could read a selected good book or something good, you would sit in silence here half hour, no worlds. You come in, sit on your place, silence half hour, whoever finishes, would go out, would leave, would not say anything, even a word, you might just greet each one and would not talk after you go out, would leave and then again no words. You could talk in the day how much you like but when it comes 7.30 – 8 on Sunday, no talks anymore. A person has solved everything in this world and sees that great existing harmony in the world.  

I sit around a sick person, he cries, saying: “Don’t you feel sorry for me?” I look at him. He says: “You don’t feel sorry for me.” I sit peacefully, reflect, as I blow 3 times, would come true, the sickness (illness) would be gone. When a beggar comes, I reflect, as I blow 3 times – somebody comes put it in his hands. But let it be invisible to others. I blow inside. May it be what I said? There, inside of the silence is that positive side, awaken consciousness, a person is satisfied. A good trial could be performed. Now you would do these trials because you would face hardship. Let’s say someone of you has a subscription to some newspaper – there are people who haven’t paid their subscription. You would stop; you blow one, two, three times, he takes, gives the money. He is a banker but he doesn’t give. This is an art, perform it.  

The beauty in life, these are the hardship, these are conscious obstacles to test your intelligence. The more obstacles on your path show more you are surrounded by a conscious environment. Suppose, years ago you pied on some field, there was no single obstacle. Now, after twenty years, everywhere – here you face, there you face to many obstacles. It means here are conscious creatures, you would go round, and there are some ways. The obstacles show we have come upon conscious environment, to conscious conditions. You should not stamp as a horse; you would act according to this environment. When you are in such conscious environment, there are some conditions of favor you to show yourself, there are some conditions to gain something. If you come in some inhabited village, would you die hungry?  It is not possible, but in a desert – there are no conditions, you could go elsewhere but it is possible to die hungry. Thus no one could die when there is hardship.   

Now I talk about this, consciousness. I put on the spot the hardship made by God, they are a goodness. When God loves someone he puts obstacles on the path. Well this is so natural. Could you create a ship and don’t stock it? Could you make some carriage and don’t put something in it? Could have a bag and don’t put something in it? Having a purse and don’t put something in it? Could you have an instrument and don’t play? Do you know what a suffering is this, the rubbing of the fiddlestick over the strings? “What it wants from us?”

This is the reason why you have to be conscious, you should work. If you, humans, sing and play, you would have less hardship. There are some creatures in higher spiritual state; you are a string of God’s instrument. The moment the angel above starts with the fiddlestick, you say: “My heart is shaking, it hurts me.” He plays and you would sing, that’s how you would be filled up with enthusiasm. The time the concert stops, it would come some peace. In the heaven only suffering people are discussed and those are joyful, no one even mention them. The Holy Scripture says: “Those one has already accepted their joy on the earth, but those, the grieving ones, those have accepted the hardship down, and they are thought above, to gain some goodness.” This is a positive philosophy. You could do small steps to harden your personality but not to be indifferent. I wish of you to become new types (people).

This evening I met a miss, a student, I guess in the forth semester, with a red hat, the way she walks smartness fully, with a pride on the hat and a peak, stamping with feet, says: “I live for Bulgaria.” The red hat over her head energizes her. She just points a simple idea out. She got my admirations. She makes an impression, walks with an idea, so gracious, she has an idea. Now you probably put your cap. You would say: “I have an idea.” You would be ideological, so that when you are out, people recognize you having an idea. Whenever you meet an ideological person, you feel there is some fullness in him. But when you meet him without an idea, you just feel a snail shell.  

Do you want to be full? And every one of you could be full. But not only is to talk, everything possible. I wish to be new personalities. New personalities! Nothing else! These types (people) are possible to be created.


“Be always loyal (devoted), truthful and pure!”


Thirty – two lecture of Youth Occult class, June 27th, 1926, Sunday, 19.00, Sofia - Izgrev


Note – the lecture on June 20th 1926 has not been read. Beginning: 19.00


Преводач - Теодора Милинкова

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