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1926_09_26 - A direction for growth

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A direction for growth


-          Be always loyal, truthful, pure and kind!



Write over the themes: “The role of the poetry, music and religion in life. The most important work after the food. The minor impulse in life.” Now, I wish you to express more creativity this year at least in a specific field, but not to change the world. Imagine, a certain idea has come inside of you, to create something, but you face a lot hardship on your path. How would you handle that hardship? Take an example of the seed. How the wheat grain handles this hardship? As soon as you plant it in the soil after a certain period of time it grows and starts to develop. Throughout its way of growth, the wheat grain sets its direction of development higher, to the sun. It finds that this is the path of its salvation. When it finds itself in the middle of difficult conditions, the wheat grain says: I have already been in the soil, in  the deep substance, I could shout as  loud as I could nobody would hear me, the more I rebel the more it would be useless; the more I put doubts over myself, it would be pointless. Now, there is no other option than to choose one of the two directions: up or down. If I go down, I would go deeper. I would start to work; I would make efforts to break through the earth, to get on its surface, to see the sunshine, the source of life.    


Often the pupils come across discrepancies and then they say: We don’t know what to do, how to solve the difficult tasks in your lives. – Strange work! The plants have the knowledge, how to act, but a man don’t know how to act and what to do. If you ask the plants what you have to do, they would reply: There are two directions for work – up or down. The plants are not capable to do something different than this, because they move in two dimensions. Related to the stated above, a man is similar to a plant, planted in the soil. Where you came from and where you would go, you don’t know. What do you have to do under these conditions? As soon you have been planted in the soil, there is no other option than to work under the given conditions, to gain a way to the sun and get a direction up. Should wheat grain to abandon the place where it has been planted and to follow the offer of some beetle to hide in its hollow? What do the people nowadays do? When they are in the middle of some difficult situations, they start to search hollows to hide from the unpleasant conditions. – No, the place you have end up, there you should solve your problems.


As pupils, you are planted in the soil, to study. The pupil’s growth is hidden in the conscious study. When the plant realizes it has been planted in the soil, it never asks the question who has planted it and why, but starts to work, to overcome the conditions, to come upon the surface of the earth, to see the sun, to use the sunlight and heat energy and starts to grow. In the process of growth, the seed examines the elements, present in the soil, uses them and absorbs those needed elements. The seed is set far away of the human philosophy, who has planted it and why it has been planted. Should a child which goes to school, question who has sent him, why has been sent and what he should do?  Do not care of the answer of the question, what were your father’s intentions sending you to school. As soon as you are sent to school, you are obliged to study – nothing more. Many philosophers have discussions over the matter why a man has come to earth, but no one has solved it so far and shall not find the right answer. Thousands of years would pass but this matter would remain unanswerable. This matter would be solved when people finish their growth on the earth. When the fish is in the water, the fish doesn’t realize its situation. As soon as gets out of the water, it has already known, she was a fish. Consequently, while a man is in his physical form, a man goes through the state of an animal. One day when he leaves his physical form, he would admit his position as a human being. He would change his moral and habitual ways of acting and would go in a higher form of life.  

As pupils, you should come to a position of changing your unpleasant living conditions. They are situated mainly in your mind, in your consciousness. Many people put in their minds such thoughts driving them to maniacs. From early morning till dawn, they are on an alert; they think they are chased to be killed. In order to grow right, a man should throw all limited thoughts of his mind. Keep in mind this thought that nothing could be an obstacle. Could a rope be an obstacle of the tree? If you bind a tree with a rope, it wouldn’t take so long for the rope to rip off. The tree has strength to overcome all obstacles, all unpleasant conditions in its present situation. A man has much more strength to overcome the unpleasant conditions in his life. The tree, plants have knowledge over chemistry and they apply it in their lives. If you wrap a metal barbed wire around a tree, it would produce such juices of its own which would fret the metal and the tree would be free of the metal wire in a certain period of time.  There are some given abilities in a man also, helping him to overcome the obstacles on his path. However, in order to precede this, certain knowledge is required. The same as plants recognize the elements of the soil, the law of light and heat and use them properly, the same way people could apply their knowledge, too.


The plants also know the right direction to be followed and consequently they place their roots deeper down – to the centre of the earth, and the leaves higher up – to the centre of the sun. Applying their knowledge, the plants grow and develop. Apply your knowledge, too, to grow, to develop right. This doesn’t come immediately. A man would craw, would walk step by step, till he reaches the peak where he is heading for. This is the true meaning of heroism. Hardship, obstacles in the human life are nothing else than layers, stored in his consciousness, so he should clean them out. It is the same as the plants are covered with soil; there are so many layers from the past in a human consciousness which he should clear out. A strong man is this man who is capable to overcome his struggles. This one who is not capable to overcome his struggles, he is a weak man. He easy feels helpless and looks for a way to commit a suicide.  


A young student felt desperate by his failures and thought of drown himself. To do so, he went to a river, stopped on the shore and started to think how to jump in the water. He started to look on right side, and then on left, hoping someone might see him and make his mind not to jump, show him a some way to handle his situation. If such a man was present, the young lad would immediately have been ready to deny his intention to drown himself. He would find the meaning of his life; he would gain strength to handle his discrepancies.


Now, you have to work consciously, to apply everything what you have learnt. Take a critical look to what you are reading, because every poet, novelist, philosopher, scientist implies in his works either the positive or the negative of what is hiding inside of him. For instance, the pessimistic theory of Schopenhauer is something ancient. To support the philosophy that life has no meaning, this is related to the old in life. The old the same as a dry tree, should be uprooted and a something new should be planted on its place. The modern young people read indiscriminately. They don’t make a right choice of the books they are reading, and consequently their feelings develop immensely. Related to this, some Romanists have a certain harmful effect over the young people. They bring certain confusion in youth’s feelings with their writings. Under the influence of this literature, the young people fall in a specific area of the feelings, called “the astral mixture”.  First of all, the male and female characters created by the author, they are not real characters. Could we call a hero this one who kills a man in the name of love to his beloved? Heroism stimulated by jealousy, by envy towards somebody, is not heroism. Heroism is showing respect to a man, without killing him, without striking at him. A real hero is this one who crossing by a forest, full with bush – rangers, is able to put them to sleep, to take their weapons and go away. When the bush – rangers wake up, they realize they have no weapons any more, but they are pleased that at least their lives were spared.


Now, you are obligated to work, to create something new in yourself. Many of you are studying astrology, foresee the destiny of the people, but they don’t foresee their own. Such fortune-tellers are many on the Earth. Even before the Liberation, in Varna area, there was a gypsy woman – fortune-teller; she was using a snail as a tool to predict many things to the people. Hundreds of people were visiting her to foresee. Once she had been invited somewhere, out of her native place, to foresee. The road lied across a forest. She was attacked by robbers; they committed a robbery. She foresaw many events of people, but she couldn’t foresee this event of her own future – she had no clue that she would be attacked and robbed. This is everywhere in life. We meet professors, having a nig mindset, but they don’t know only one thing, when the biggest thief – the death would come to them and steal of them. Could we call such a person a smart one? -   When we go to the other world, then we would find out about everything which is unknown to us now. – How you know that you would have better conditions in the other world than these on the Earth now? Whoever is not able to use the conditions on the earth, he is also not able to use the conditions of the other world. While a man is still on the earth, he should study, gain knowledge, using it as a protection shield against the death. One of human tasks is achieving immortality. If the death swallows a man, he should oppose it in such manner in order to not be digested in death’s stomach. If the death is not capable to digest him properly, there is no other way than to throw the man out. Do you think, if I man prays diligently, he might stay in the grave? – No, the grave would crack, but the believer and also this one who loves God, wouldn’t stay deeper down in the earth. He would come out of the grave and would go to work. As pupils, all of you should work, not to wait to be pushed with a goad. It is required for all of you to create a plan for a beneficial work for this year. It is good to have at least minor achievements at the end of the year.


As pupils, you should live in harmony. In order to keep the harmony in the nature, every one of you should find his place. When you come to class, every one of you should sit next to such a classmate which harmonizes him. This harmony is defined by the planets ‘combination. Some of you are under the influence of the Earth, some other – under the influence of the Sun; third one – under the influence of the Jupiter and so on. Related to these influences, certain talents and skills are given to each person and he is obligated to improve them. Not only in the occult school, but also in the normal school, the students should situate themselves in such a way to sit next to a classmate who harmonizes him.  Many people are afraid of influences and thus they avoid being friends with some people. Nobody is able to influence anyone. If there is some influence, it is not dangerous; it couldn’t step over a man. People might be in counteraction to each one, but it isn’t possible to step over. In order not to be in counteraction, they should use of the good influence of the powers, inside of them. Someone says: This – that person influences my thoughts. – This means if he influences you, you are able to influence him also. All living people are able to influence each ones. If some person in this life influences you, be also present to influence him. If some person is an earth type, is he able to influence the Moon or The Sun? However, the Sun influences the Earth by sending light and heat. Although the influence of the Earth is insignificant, it also influences the other planets. The influence is a great law.  This is the reason why, please be careful of counteraction but not of influence. The more you are careful of influence, the more you couldn’t avoid it. How would you avoid the influence of the Sun? How would you avoid the influence of the Earth, on the hard surface? In order to get stronger, the tree should place its roots deeper down in the soil, to connect with the soil, to be influenced by earth powers. How would a man develop his body, if there is no influence of the earth?


The modern people should study the dynamics of the human body in connection with the planets’ influences. This way would reveal that certain cells of the human body are under the influence of the Earth, some other – under the influence of the Sirius, third ones – under the influence of the Jupiter and so on. As a rule, the more highly spiritual creatures a man is connected, the more subtle and improved is the sunstance of his body. The more  improved is the substance of the human body, the more noble is a man’s life. The level of the human development is defined by the substance of his organism. The human life is expressed by the substance. The more the human consciousness is improving, the more he is connected with the stars and planets. As he uses the influence of all suns in the Universe, a man goes close to perfection.

As you have come to the Earth, you should study about the planets and stars in the Solar system; to know what influence they make over you. For instance, some people notice that the Saturn places a bad influence over people. However, they haven’t been examined in what cases exactly the Saturn influences badly. When a man fights with the Saturn, precisely with his destiny, this one steps over the man. Till the man continuously thinking, that he is capable to build his destiny, a man would always feel its strikes. The counteraction of the Saturn would always be present. The Jupiter points that a man should be noble, open-hearted, courageous, generous, without using any violence. – Doesn’t matter what advice the Saturn would give to the man, this, the last one says: This is none of your business. I know how to create my life. – Good, you would try. But know, if you start a war, you would withstand. If you don’t do so, you would face the consequences of your unreasonable deeds. It is said so: “Never contradicts to the evil!” What is the evil? – The evil is a collection of the deeds of some creatures not following the God’s laws. “Never contradicts to the evil”, this means do not contradict, nor judge these creatures not following the laws. Whatever you do, these creatures are merciless in their deeds. They crash stones and rocks in the mountain with dynamite. If you see this, you should avoid them from a distance. Don’t walk by them. But if you have to walk by their stone-pit, pass by and go away without saying a world. Someone complains of his destiny. – No, if you have come to your destiny, distance yourself a bit and there you examine its laws. Even though you are young, you would examine many things of your destiny. While you are still young, you should find answers to many matters. – Is it possible to find answers to these matters in maturity age? – There are many matters supposed to be answered now, while a man is young. The young one should work, study but the old one whoever missed this time, should repent of not doing so. If the young one starts to repent, he has gotten older prematurely. When he makes mistakes, the young one should correct his mistakes. If he faces struggles, he should overcome it. It is not allowed to the young one to lose faith. As soon as he faces some struggle, the young one should say to himself: I would work; I would make efforts till I solve my problem. No obstacles would stop me on my way. I would have courage to cope with everything.


As pupils, you should know theta you are endlessly influenced by the Jupiter, the Saturn, the Mars, the Venus; they represent a group of creatures which have already finished their development. They are familiar with the laws of human development thus they could give you good advices and directions all the time. If someone wishes to improve his nobility, the creatures of the Jupiter would show him a way to work over. The nobility in a man represents the gold in his blood. Generally, all planets and suns in the Universe are banks which a man could take out this fortune when in a certain case are needed.  What fortune would be delivered and how would be used depends of the type of the human personality. As soon as you have come to the Earth, you have to study, to examine the planets and their influence over you. Don’t ask what your destiny would be; nor fret against it, but learn. What would be the destiny of that man crossing by the desert? If his pitcher is stout and fill with water, his destiny would be good. As soon as he gets thirsty, he would lift up the pitcher and quenched his thirst. In this situation, his throat would never be dry. If the pitcher has been broken somewhere, a man is supposed to suffer, to feel an enormous thirst. The broken pitcher is a sign of losing faith. When a man loses faith in God, his hair would become gray and he would become bald-headed by suffering, and at the end nothing would be left from this man.

And so, as soon as a man has come to the Earth, he should believe in the Primary Cause, also in the Eternal Beginning of the life as a source of all goodness for growth and improvement. The faith represents the zenith of life, where growth, lifting-up and improvement are present. Losing faith is a sign of a dawn of life, where every culture disappears. If a man looses faith, he loses any aspiration for himself. He looks like as a barren wilderness where no flowers bloom, no birds sing, no rivers flow. However, the believer carries the God’s light in his mind and God’s warmth in his heart and he improved by their influence.


This year you should improve the inner creativity. Let’s everyone starts to think about an area he wishes to create and how to do it. If you have thought of something good, do it. As you apply the things you would improve your creativity. Someone says: I would make something up, but others would launch it. – No, whatever you have thought of, you have to be the first one applying it. If your idea is good then many other people would apply it after you. If you wish people to honor your ideas, you have to honor them on the first place. Consequently whoever honors his own ideas; he honors the ideas of the other people. Whoever honors his own ideas, the other people would honor them also. All good, great ideas have one and the same origin.


An exercise.  Place the left hand on your left shoulder (only the fingertips touch the shoulder). The right hand is put over the head, without touching. Move your right hand aside, horizontally and the head is back. Do this three times. After this, place the right hand on the right shoulder and the left hand – over the head. The same movement is made with the left hand and also with the right. The two hands go first aside, then – in front of the chest, with the fingertips touching the fingers opposed to each one. We concentrate your thoughts in this position, and then place your hands in front of the chest. Movement of the hands aside and in front of the chest – three times. A light blowing – three times.


People make different movements, without any clue over their meaning. Many movements are made subconsciously, due to a surplus energy in the body. As people make movements either with the left, or with the right, they move the energies inside of their organism and this is the way to balance them. Some movements are harmonious, but others – disharmonic. For instance, the violinist should play for a long time, till he learns how to move his fiddlestick harmonically. The artist should make endless trials with his brush till he learns how to move harmonically. When a man thinks, his brain makes many movements up and down. The more intensive is the human thought, the faster are the movements of the brain.  Nature has put the brain in the cranium in order to keep the brain inside while thinking. Generally, there are movements everywhere in the nature. Wherever life there is is a movement. Not all movements are harmonious but this should not bother you. For instance, fear produces disharmonious movements. From the moment a man feels fear, a man should use his faith in order to transform the disharmonious movements to harmonious ones. Thankfully to harmonious and disharmonious movements of the muscles, the human face represents a field where are printed all cultures a man has been through. Fear, desperation, discouragement are problems which the modern people should cope with. A man should overcome even the death, to become immortal. Now, mix this, whatever you have understood altogether with the unclear stuff, pour over water and make dough and bake bread. This is the true meaning of creativity. A real creator is that one who is able to make something valuable by each mess in order to please his relatives and himself.  The real creator knows what he is able to do with each mess. If there is a cement paste on his disposal, he would not put his feet inside of the paste in order to try it out; he would put in casts, to make different items later on. Do imprints only of dead people, but never of alive ones.  


Be always loyal, truthful, pure and kind!

A lecture of the Master, taken on September 26th, 1926, in Sofia


Преводач - Thea Teodora

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