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1926_10_03 - Ennoblement of the heart


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Ennoblement of the heart


-          Be always devoted, truthful, pure and kind!



The topic today: “The role of the poetry, music and religion.” Now I would ask you a question and everyone finds the answer for himself: Why could some bodies be on fire and then burn out, but some – are on fire without being burnt out? Or why the long way isn’t easy to be walked by some people? Why some people are large and others – small? What speed the large bodies use and what the small ones?  The larger the body, the shower moving. The small bodies move with great speed. Despite the Earth is large, it moves with great speed. The Earth spins around itself, rotates around its axis, and moves around and the Sun. What does the mill-wheel as it moves? – Mills flour. What does the lad as he goes around some house? – He looks for a beautiful maid. When the student goes around the university without entering inside, this shows he doesn’t like to study, doesn’t like to listen the lectures of his professors.

To come back to the question, why are some bodies in fire and others – are in fire but not burnt? If there is gas for lighting in a lamp and you lit the wick, the gas would burn till it is over. As soon as the gas is over, the lamp would not produce light. However, if the lamp is made in such a style that it is possible to add up gas inside, it would produce light all the time. Consequently, bodies with a constant inflow of energy, they are in fire all the time. Bodies, where is present an outflow of their energy, they are in fire and burn out. If there is no flow or outflow, they are not capable to be in fire. On the base of the same law, we say: A man gets older because there is no inflow of energy in his organism. There is a constant energy inflow by the nature in the organism of the young one. Whoever is able to harmonize, to coordinate the energies of inflow and outflow inside of himself, he could get younger, could acquire the Eternal life. In this situation, the more inflow, the more outflow.  Why does the lamp go out by blowing, but the fire kindles? Flame or light easily going out, it is temporal. Whenever there is a constant combustion, no blowing could help to put it out. There the combustion is eternal. The same could be applicable for the ideas: there are ideas which could be blown by the slightest blow. For instance, somebody believes in God. One day he takes a book by a prominent person, finishes reading it, but later on he fills his whole being with doubt.  As soon as a certain time passes, the idea for God stops to be his driving force. This idea is not his inner light anymore. Each extinction of the planets and the suns, is a sign that they are weak as ideas. Bodies, where there is no inflow or outflow, they are dead. It is present only a process of decomposition of the material inside of the bodies mentioned above. Alive bodies are those where there is a constant inflow and outflow of energy.    


As pupils you have to work over yourselves, to overcome all inner and outer struggles and obstacles. For instance, the fear is a huge hindrance in pupil’s life and consequently he should overcome it. Imagine, you are on your field, you are working, but meantime a friend of yours has come in your home and he has to leave exactly at 9 p.m. You are going home on time, but a bear has come by the closest forest and it is in front of your door. What should you do with the bear? If you get scared, you would stay outside, but your friend is afraid to come out of the room. In this particular example the bear is a symbol of the fear in a man. If a man is scared of something, it is the same as if he has encountered a bear on his path. What should a man do when he gets scared? – To think.


A young Bulgarian lad went to Thessaloniki in order to gain handicraft skills. On his way he caught up with few gypsies having a bear with them in order to make her dance. A deep forest came out on their way and the lad joined the gypsies in order to cross the it together. At one moment something began to rustle in the forest. The gypsies got scared and started running. One of them, that one carrying the drum, he dropped it and ran after hid fellows. The Bulgarian lad took the drum and continued his way alone. Close by somewhere he saw a mill and he dropped in to stay overnight there, but because he was afraid he went up on the beams, there he would spend the night. Barely had he dropped off to sleep, he woke up by noise of some heavy steps. This was a bear. In order to chase it away, he started to beat the drum left by the gypsies. It was s huge surprise when he saw the bear started dancing. He got calmer and thought: I would tie the bear and would go with it to make my living. It was already dawning when steps of caravan of camels were heard around the mill. When the bear heard the steps of the camels, it got scared and ran away. The camels got scared of the bear’s presence and rushed off to run, but broke many of the potteries, placed inside of the caravans. The cameleers got furious, entered inside the mill to find out whose this bear was and to ask for a compensation for the great losses. They found the young man on the beams above, put him down and took him on the way the town to put him on a trial. The judge questioned him is it true the accusation made against him. – It is true, Mr. Judge. My occupation which makes my living is to make a bear dance. When the caravan was passing by the mill, I was beating the drum, I was training my bear. She got scared of the camels and ran away in the forest. And the camels got scared by the bear and crashed many potteries. Indeed, the cameleers faced damages but I also faced damages. The bear which made my living ran away. If they could bring my bear back, I would be obligate to pay the broken potteries. Otherwise I also do not take any obligation.   


Thus, if a man gets scared, let’s beat with his drum. The drum represents the human mind. So, in the moment when a man thinks he is always able to deal with the fear.  If he stops to think, the fear would conquer him. The inner fear in a man is one of the biggest hindrances in his life. For instance, someone starts a good deed, but immediately he comes upon the inner hidden fear, telling him he wouldn’t succeed and he postpones the deed. He has just planned to go somewhere, immediately he gives up. The fear brings discouragement, despair, doubt and etc. in a man. A hero is this one who is able to overcome these inner limitations. If he overcomes them, he becomes great. Even though in a state of despair, if a man is able to overcome himself, his state, he could lift up, become a great. If he is not able to cope with his fear, despair, even the most skillful one could fail. There are some cases in the human life when a man would fail again despite all the talents and abilities given by the nature. There are examples such as an ordinary man intensely makes every endeavor to cope with fear and struggles created by the life and then he becomes great. Oftentimes people make plans how to obtain one or another wish of theirs. If they do not succeed, they feel discouraged. People should not feel discouraged but they should know that there is a great, Divine law determining how things have to happen. Consequently a man is not obligated to anything else, except this, to obey to this law and connect with the Divine consciousness. The modern people have not come yet to that high consciousness and to understand and obey to the great Divine laws.   


We see rows of cultures in the evolution of the different forms of life. For instance, plants have strived for height during their evolution, in order to receive freely the sun light. This is why the plants have brought the idea for height in the world. The animals have strived to improve their strength, because the strong one has the supreme right in the animal world. The birds have strived for beauty. They have taken care for their clothing, believing the clothing would make them beautiful. When a man has come, he started to think of the beauty of his face. Consequently, the plants have brought the idea for height, the animals – the idea for the strength, the birds – the idea for the outer beauty, mainly for the good look of their clothing, and a man – the idea for the beautiful face. However, the modern man continues to expand himself over the idea for the beauty and he don’t cease only over his face, but also over the forehead. He has already divided the forehead out of the face and works over the improvement of all abilities, put in the front part of the brain. But a man does not stop even here. Having tried the high height, the strength of his muscles, the outer beauty, the beauty of his face and forehead, precisely his mind, and now he is ready to send his energies towards his heart, to cultivate a beautiful, noble heart inside of himself.  


Now, I am also saying to you as pupils: Send all energies of yours, all efforts towards your heart in order to work for its ennoblement. The conscious, noble heart hides new ways of living and work inside of itself. When the mind of a man is well developed, we say this man is intelligent. His intelligence is shown by the eyes, in his eyesight. His eyesight is bright, pure. And the gentle heart is expressed in the face of a man. The face of such man shines. Something bright, magnetic, pleasant comes of such face.  It is pleasant to look at face of a man having a gentle heart. It is not possible not to love such man. Everyone loves the man having a  streaming heart with nobility. A man is vitalized by the nobility. The vitality, streaming from a man is due to his gentle heart.


Consequently, when you wake up every morning, remember that you have gone through the culture of the plants and you have developed certain height; gone through the culture of the animals and have developed strength; gone through the culture of the birds and have developed outer beauty; gone through the culture of the mankind and have developed your mind, which has given an expression and beauty of your eyes. Now, you are already going through another phase of the culture requiring of you to develop a gentle heart which would give you an expression and beauty of the whole face. The beauty face consists of the acquisitions of the past cultures. The man is represented by his face. The new culture is a culture of the heart leading the people into fraternization, into a fraternal life. The love would be expressed by the heart. In the old life, the love had started with joy, but ended with grief. However, in the new life, the love starts with grief, but ends with joy. Adam and Eve started with joy, but ended with grief, with tears. Hence the tears have originated by the Eden. Eve committed a sin because she ate a fruit of the forbidden tree where the snake had been wrapped up. This means Eve connected with the culture of the tree and wished to become taller, precisely noble. At the same time, she also connected with the snake and wished to become strong. She turned towards old cultures and made a mistake. After this Adam and Eve had been expelled from the Eden in order to try what they could do with the long ploughs and the strong oxen. God told them: Go out of the Eden because you wished the culture of the plants and animals and now be on their place. You have freely chosen the tree and the animal for an ideal in your life, now you would face the consequences of this ideal. A Bulgarian saying says:” The hoe and the plough feed the whole world.” This saying is only partly right, but not in an absolute meaning. The hoe buries people and the plough tears them apart, precisely disunite them. From the moment the plough and the hoe have been brought into use, people have started to kill and destroy.          

An exercise. During the whole week, observe the Moon as you write down the first thought of yours which comes in your mind. You would observe the Moon all week but every week day you would place your attention to that planet related to a relevant day. For instance, on Tuesday you would observe the Mars, on Wednesday – the Mercury, on Thursday – the Jupiter, on Friday – the Venus, on Saturday – the Saturn, on Sunday – the Sun when rising. When you observe these planets meanwhile you would jot down the first thought has come in your mind at this time. You would also register the weather, whether it has been windy, cloudy or clear. When you perform these observations, at least you would gain something new, would expand your knowledge. 

-          Be always devoted, truthful, pure and kind!


A lecture by the Master, taken on October 3rd 1926, in Sofia

Преводач - Thea Teodora



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