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1915_01_11, If you love me, you will keep my commandments


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If you love me, you will keep my commandments

The most used words in the talk: God, Christ, Came, Life, place, commandments, first, flow, says, search, gradually, has, grace, world, love, suffering, years, heart, John

Extraordinary Talks, Bourgas 11th January 1915, (Sunday) (unknown hour)


Information about the Talk

Audio– read by Kiril Kirilov

 If you love me, you will keep my commandments (The Talk for being read in its old spelling is worked on by programme 2015)

From the book "Strength and Life", The Beginnings of the New Doctrine of the World White Brotherhood, vol.I

Zahariy Stoyanov Publishing House, Byalo Bratstvo Publishing House, Sofia, 2006

Download book - PDF

Contents of the volume

From the book "Examine the lilies in the field as they grow." Extraordinary talks (1915-1917)

First edition of VSEMIR Publishing House, Sofia, 1997

The PDF download book

Contents of the volume

11 January 1915

Christ's Teaching is for this world, not for next world, as most people claim. There is a relationship between the invisible and the visible world, as between the roots and branches of plants.

When we walk in the paths of Christ, the holy and bright beings rejoice that we are in touch with them and they feed us. The tree feeds on the roots and branches - below and above. If we keep the commandments of Christ, He will give us everything we ask for in His name. If they don't give us what we want, it's because we made a mistake. The Earth is not a place for suffering - it is a school. We cannot rise without it. We have made the Earth weep more than once, and when it gets angry with us, it shows us her attitude with her shakes - her fur is bristled by our bad deeds.

As we listen to His commandments, He will appear to us in bright thoughts, desires.

We need Divine Love, which is manifested in grace. What is grace?

Example: in the River Thames there are small ships, around 20-30 thousand, which catch fish and provide a living for the whole of London. At low tide, these ships remain dry, in the mud. There comes a tide - this is grace - they rise and sail across the sea, go fishing.

There is a tide in grace. We must look for these moments of the Divine Spirit in the tide. If we lose this moment, we will lose grace and we will have to wait for 12 hours, which is 12 weeks, 12 months, 12 years, 12 centuries, and so on.

First of all, let us apply the Divine Love. It works in the heart. It is the most important organ. The heart measures the pulse, and when the Divine heart pulsates, we come to life. We are accumulating an inflow.

On the day we do not keep the Divine commandments, disharmony appears in us and we are not Christians. We will look for Christianity in us, but we will not be Christians. We often wonder if we have lost our goods or gained more in this world. We can make mistakes, but Christ will judge us if we do not correct them. We should not repeat the mistakes anymore but correct them. We have to learn from our mistakes, i.e. we have to get rid of our bad thoughts, and that is not to talk with the devil, otherwise he will gradually settle down all over us and tell us: "If you are not in the mood, go out. I'm fine here. " Such is the example of the camel and the water-miller, in whose water-mill it asked and received permission to warm only its snout and head but instead, the camel gradually settled its entire self in and told the miller to go outside, if he felt there was not enough space in its presence- the came felt comfortable. People "go out of themselves every day" because they have given place to the devil inside themselves.

We must first cleanse our heart. Secondly - our mind. The spring, if we do not make it muddy, will purify our hearts on its own. "I will give you a spring of living water." Therefore, we should oppose every evil thought with a good thought, and in time we will be cleansed.

Love consists in keeping the commandments of Christ. That is why we have to study them, and gradually the Teacher will show us the way, the sequence of learning. Love is not just a feeling, but a reasonable act. It means a sacrifice - it is a backpack and is carried around the world. Everyone should carry this backpack, even if it is heavy, but we will rise up with it and learn the commandments of Christ. When we experience suffering, it is that the Lord tests our love, and if we go through it without complaint, it shows that we have the Divine Love. Example - a rich man in Paris tested his relatives as to whether they  will support him by pretending to be very poor. He made heirs to his wealth those ones who looked after him while he deprived the others even if they were angry with him -  such was their reward.

 Christ says that if you love Him, you will keep His commandments, which are also relevant to our brothers, sisters, teachers, societies, and so on, and we have to preserve these relations towards all. We must avoid shootings inside life, and  there are such shootings in all Christian sects. They preach Christianity but do not do it. A Christian will show her strength in the fight against the devil, who is a very great coward; as soon as she shows him her net, he runs away. He is the father of lying and therefore he runs away from the truth, from the light.

In one city he also made a bathroom. For 8 years there was a dispute between the citizens whether the planks should be planed or unplaned and the bathroom stood unfinished because no agreement was reached. Both sides gave their motives for the conveniences and inconveniences and the practicality or impracticality of the smooth and non-smooth boards and vice versa. They took the dispute to a great architect for solution and he ordered them as follows: one planed board and one unplaned, so that  both sides are  satisfied. The same should be done with the Christians, who are dogmatists, supporters of the outer side.

Every morning we should read a chapter of the Gospel, look for a commandment in that chapter and apply it during the day in our lives, and then Christ will come to us - He will make a dwelling in us and thus we will understand the deep Divine works. . Life is eternal and many great things will be revealed to us by Christ, but gradually - now we are not ready for these great secrets. For example, a man wanted God to reveal to him at least one of His secrets. And the Lord sent an angel, who carried him up, leaving his body, and taking his spirit with the human heart. When he saw a line of greatness, he began to pray that he would be taken away, because he could not endure when he was taken to the high places in heaven. Therefore, by keeping the commandments, we will prepare this path and we will not want to go backwards. We want first health of the mind and health of the heart. Every morning we have to make experiments :if we have fear, it is a spiritual cold.

Therefore, let us breathe deeply, and with this we will come into contact with the angels, with the heavenly forces. People get sour easily every day, but this is not the rule in life. People need to turn from sour to sweet, just like the fruit - from a flower it first turns into a green fruit and they ripen and become sweet. The Lord says: "Everything will turn for the better / The older we are, the greater our difficulties will be. This is the case with children, men, saints, etc. Christ says," How long shall I bear with you? "We seek Him, we find Him and when He comes within us, we crucify Him. He will get resurrected and will go away, but when will He come again? "" After 10-100-1000 and so on. Christianity is not difficult. It is easy. The ones who have died for Christ have died with joy, but their names are written above. It is better to die as tortured Christians than as robbers. For such, Moses will come, Elijah will come, the prophet John will come, and they will all be corrected with a whip. That is why Christ says, "My burden is light." The Lord who speaks to us will guide and govern us. The greater the suffering, the closer Christ is to us. If we do not suffer, God is far from us, and that is bad. Therefore, everyone should fulfil the teachings of Christ in their place - as a leader and as a teacher, as a professor, etc. This is a commandment of Christ’s. By fulfilling it, God will help us and from small people God will raise us and make us great people.

Since John Kronstadtsky has promised and dedicated his life to God, he became John Kronstadtsky, while earlier he used to be foolish. To dedicate our life and not to go to the forest but to fulfil His commandments in our life, to enlighten our minds, warm our hearts up, revive our souls, make our spirit alive and cheer ourselves up.

11 January 1915 Sunday
Bourgas, in brother K.P. Stoichev’s house

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