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1942_01_28 - The healthy state


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The healthy state

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¨Alive strength¨

You have scared yourselves a lot from the weather. Now the two sweet words are said on the outside. How much the nature is generous! It has given so much flour! For the entire world. It says two sweet words. On the outside they are so strong, that a person cannot withstand the sweet words.

The students from the departments say: “When will I finish the departments?” The students from the junior high school say: “When will I finish the first school?” The students from the secondary school say: “When will I finish high school?” The students from the university think of arranging their works. It is good for a person to finish, but there should not be a static state, to think that he does not need studying anymore. The musician looks to play, in order to give concerts. As he starts giving concerts, then he will see what do the people need. They do not need your exercises, which you had in school. But he will see that something new is required.

So, now you in life have to study what is the life, which is required from you. Now you imagine life as a force. Those beings, who have credited you, they have sent you on the Earth. They are interested what have you learned. If they put you under a school-leaving examination, I do not know what test will you give. For example, if you take an examination for hope, or for faith, or for goodness, or for strength, what is the human strength and how to be applied – I do not know what kind of school-leaving examination you will pass.

Now the past generations, which have worked, have left a lot of unfinished things. You say: “Why did not they finish?” The future generations will say to us why we did not finish. Every generation has a special work, which it has to finish. Now everyone of you what has to do? Everyone of you is obliged to harmonize his head. Do you know what is to harmonize your head, to harmonize your heart? Every one of you has to harmonize his body.

Now they are asking how is the head harmonized. This is science. You can have the method of the musicians as they are harmonizing. You can have the method of the artists how are they harmonizing. Technically how the parts of a car are harmonized? As the car is going, not to make noise, to go lightly, no noise to be made. Now if you are outraged from life, it shows that you are not harmonized. Not that you do not have to be outraged. A person as he is outraged to be so delicate that to hears himself alone, the others not to hear him. Now you are saying: “It is cold outside.” What do you want to say under the word cold? This cold as it enters, says: “Stop, pay soon! Pay immediately a penalty.” If you go outside you will pay immediately a penalty from 10-15 leva. You have gone out without permission. How without permission? – You have not dressed up. The cold is very demanding, requires fashion. It wants you to be dressed with fur-coat, with nice woolen clothes, after that nice boots, as the soldier’s ones, with fur, with wool, after that your throat to be well covered, the ears, the nose. If you are in the north, it will take your nose. Here in Bulgaria it takes a small penalty, but in the north, if you go out with uncovered ears, they are gone. Until you come back, the ears will fall.

So now, the good and the evil are distinguished by two qualities. The evil is known with the cold, the good is known with the warmth. That those evil people are very smart, they do not want to cool their body, they want to spend their life very easily. They say: “Why we are going to dig, to plough? Let the others go to work, we will rest.” Now, what do they understand by “the others to work”? Now to come to the thought. Evil is cold, and good is warmth. So now we have the influence of the evil from the outside.


Let me give you an explanation. In the time of good from the big warmth the water decreases, evaporates, but also from the big cold the water decreases. Because there are no confluents, where to come from and the water decreases. By the cold the water decreases as well. When the cold weather goes into warm, where is the use of the evil? This evil, which gives materials, it brings one good. The evil is stingy, splits hair. The good is generous. Evil gives big wealth, but saves it. Leaves all of this and when the winter goes, it will leave the inheritance of the good. The good, as it starts to melt all of this snow, then the good will show itself that it is generous, gives to the people. If the evil did not gather at one place the snow, what would the good give? The evil in this sense prepares the path of the good, gives material to the good. This, the stingy evil, watches the fields to not be frozen to death. This evil puts the children to sleep, scares them, says: “Do not make so much noise, you will spent most economically, no extravagance! The qualification of the evil is very strict. Now you have 300 grams of bread, and the plants do not have anything for 3 months. They will be put at a strict internal test.

I say: Sometimes you outrage from the current order of the things. You do not know that as soon as a person outrages from one order, he has to give a project for a new order. He has the right to outrage, but has to give the project. All of you, who outrage, you will give a project. If all of the people had given projects, until now the world would have been set right. They outrage without giving projects and the world stays unfixed.

Now in your head how do you have to harmonize? Every thing to put it in place. While you are walking, to harmonize your legs. There are some people when they are walking are pushing their legs. So they have a defect, it is not possible their legs to walk parallelly. You see some person does mistakes or takes out of tune one tone – you do not have patience, you outrage. If he starts to sing, you outrage. Tell me how he should sing in this given case. Now I touch the singing. As I am talking about the singing, I do not understand the ordinary singing, but a person has to sing in his thought. The thoughts, in order to be harmonious, they have to go by the law of music. The musical world is almost the most arranged world. Every thing has its own place. To know to put every note on its place: a whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth, semiquaver, thirty secondth.

Now you are asking the question how this question about the cold will be solved. How will we solve it? It cannot be solved like this in no way. We have to endure it. Whatever protests we give, I told you, the other day as I watched it: the weather will go bad on Sunday. I hold a talk and for a day it became warm. It says about love. “With love it does not work.” The weather knows its own. I preached, it says: “With love it is not possible here, you have to tighten these people, to think.” I do not want to quarrel with the weather, because it is very smart. It says: “It is not for the present-day people the weather of love. A lot of cold has to pass, in order love to come, by your teaching, to be able to value it.


Now the other is born: can the cold talk? It is talking, of course. It makes you cry. As it comes at a different place, insert itself below the nails, starts to poke you. Says: ‘Where did you go without permission?” The mothers take the children, they beat with a stick. And he with a stick, at times on the one, at times on the other hand, beats. Whoever does not know, places the hands in a warm place, and the pain is even bigger. Some are smarter: when their hands start to feel pain, they wash them several times with snow. They are smarter, they have less pains.

You came early in order to learn something, right? Do not be mad at the cold. As you watch it, to be pleasant to you. Firstly, do not go out from the room to talk to it. Firstly to be warm in the room, talk to it softly: “You are very beautiful.” Do not go outside, talk through the window. A sister came and says: “For my wind above I have a method. I stop up these, fans. I have a magical wax, I fill up the gaps. That’s because I can make my room to be warm. Sometimes it goes down to 3 degrees below zero, some time 7, 10-15, sometimes 20 till 25 goes above zero. As it becomes very hot, I unblock the blocked places. As it becomes cold to me, I stop up with the wax and I feel warm again. You want to know what is this wax. Everything is given for free, but this wax is not given free of charge.


This love as you understand it, the people die from it. Dying, I understand under the word love, the love of changes. A person if he loves a lot you on the Earth, and you are not working. I have seen women, who say: “I love him very much”. She says: “I loved him, he was such a strapping young man, and as time passed, he stays at home like a pot, I cannot bear him.” He sits at home the whole day, as if he is guarding her like a policeman. This state annoys her, she is not free. Allegedly he is staying, as she does something, he notices, makes her a remark. She does another mistake – he makes again a remark to her. They quarrel with one another out of love. The mistake is there, that the man has to have a separate room and the woman has to have a separate room. The man has to have a separate fireplace, to be alone, to not watch his companion. Then they will be well. If the two of them are at one fireplace, they will quarrel. She stirs with the tongs, he will find a mistake that she does not know how to put off the fireplace.

You have to know where the fire comes from. The fire is from Mars. All those, who are martians
have fire as much as you want. Those, which the feeling is torturing them, they are Saturn types. Now Saturn has influence in the nature. He stood between Jupiter and Mars and says: ‘”This thing does not happen with warmth. Cold.” These people that’s what is going to teach them to think. As the feet start to frozen, they start to think. As the feet are warm, he settles down, does not want to work, does not want to eat. As soon as the cold comes, it makes him work.


I say: The nature which has worked for a thousands of years, all of that, which it has arranged is necessary. Only, sometimes we become immensely sensitive. When you have a big cold, it shows that you have a little dampness. You have a little water – it shows that your magnetism is a little. When you have a big dryness, you have a lot of electricity. As soon as there is warmth in the body, you have water, you have dampness, you also have more magnetism. With warmth only it is not working. These are two forces in the world, magnetism and electricity. The electricity is what gives. Magnetism is the field, on which the energy is cultivated. The electricity, this is the capital, the magnetism is the place, where this capital will be cultivated.

I say: By fear, as soon as a person gets scared, he loses from the warmth. If he fills with hope, the warmth increases. Hope raises the warmth, faith regulates the warmth. When a person is giving, every single dampness has to be regulated in the world. Warmth and burning are two different things. In the warmth there is no burning. In the burning there is excess warmth. This excess warmth violates the harmony, which exists between the cells. The burning stops the functions of the body. And in the cold burning happens, and by the big warmth again the cells burn. In the big cold a person can damage his organs. And in the big warmth he can again damage himself. Love is that power, which balances all Divine goods. It regulates everything in the person. Every deed, every feeling and every thought has to be regulated. Then we can have a healthy life.

Under the word health I understand to have one pleasant thought, one pleasant feeling, pleasant frame of mind. Never hold in your mind a negative thought. You have a person that you do not love. Do not have him in your mind. You hold one person as bad: Ivan, Dragan, Stoyan. Do not hold him. Hold him like a saint. Says: “His action is not right, he does not act right.” It is his job. “It should not be acted in this way.” It is his job. Let him act as he knows. You do not act like him. Ivan, who acts, he is well. He co-operates his strength and will do the work.
Always connect. You want to become educated people – connect with the educated people, who have love towards science. You want to be good – connect with people, who like to do good. Do not ever connect with a person, who does not have love towards the good, towards science, towards art. Avoid people, who do not love.


You say: “We have to love all people.” To love everyone, it is a duty. Under the word to love everyone I understand that, which God has put. When God wants a person to do something, he loves him, helps him. Somewhere you will love a stone. Your love will not contribute anything to the stone. This stone is forsaken, he does not need love, leave him undisturbed. If you want to do a good to the stone, take a hammer, break it into a thousand pieces. The stone, as I break it feels well. When the little pieces are gathered in one place and make to big block, they suffer. You think that as they are broken into pieces, the little stones will want to get free. Now, these are abstract things. You now watch a stone. The philosophers say that these are sleeping beings. Do not wake them up.  

There is something in you, which has to sleep. Do not wake it up. If you wake up all of your desires, do you know what will happen? You will find yourself in the position of a young Turk: it was around Saint Peter’s day, from Varna he went to today’s Dobrich, filled in one car with nice cherries to sell them. He sat in the car and from Varna he started to eat and to Dobrich he was eating. As he goes in Dobrich, he could not get out of the cart. It was needed for his stomach to be opened and to take out 9 kilos of pits. He ate them with the pits. Often, I say we act in the same way. This eating is pointless. 10-15-20 cherries will bring such benefit as to eat 1000. It is not in the quantity.

So, firstly we all have to be good. Leave this maxim “to be good”. Imagine we are good. We have to accept the good. We are good. The artist is gifted – he has to develop to draw. The musician is gifted – to play. If it is left to become good musicians, it is a lost job. He is born musician, he has to work. So, we are good. You say: “We have to be good.” If we are left to be good now, we are late. We are good. We have to display the good. Today you have not manifested it – do not be sorry. The next day you have all the opportunities to exhibit the good. Manifest the good, how you understand it. Do not say “How? I do not know.” As you know.

You say: “They had to welcome me well.” Do you know how to be welcomed? You do it, give an example. Meet somebody in the way you want to be met. You are sitting and 3 years talk that you were not welcomed good. It is not bad to describe stories. It is also good. You can be accepted well and again to tell how you have been received. As you are telling a story that you were not received well, take the good side of the story. Now, that you have not been received well, what good story you are able to take? Somebody comes and says: “I do not have a place for you. We do not accept such travelers.” In the evening all travelers go. What’s wrong is there that they have not been accepted in the hotel? He would pay with his life. To know: you can be accepted somewhere, but you will go the same night. Some time when you are not accepted well, is good.

Now in harmony with the thoughts you have to
observe your objective mind. With the objective mind you observe what is happening. Some time you can observe how an ox is grazing and the insects are moving, you cannot connect this observation.
I observed once two insects, they turned my attention: one climbed with the head up on the ball, the other with the feet up. Placed the back, watches downwards. One is driving ahead, one with the hands is driving, and the other with the feet. They are playing with this wheel. I sat and thought how have they learned this craft, in which school did they learn it. Now, as I watched, I say: “This experiment is because of me. They turned my attention, they say: “How do you want to drive the things: with your hands or with your legs”? The two insects have not both climbed, but one serves the Heaven, the other serves the Earth.  There is politics in them. One of them – with the brotherhood of the Earth, and the other – with the Heavens. They arrange the things skilfully. Nobody can ruin the work. And they both pulled together. One can be in contradiction with the Earth, and the other – with the Heavens. They are very smart. In order not to make neither God angry, nor the Earth, the one placed the back legs up, pulling with the back legs, pushes the ball, and the other with the front legs pushes the ball; and both are walking.

Then, what do you have to do now with your body? We have to be very careful with the bodies. We do not have to overstrain the legs, we should not be overstraining our hands, ears, eyes. To have a perfect relations. For now we still do not have it. All of these organs have to be healthy. Now we will feel pain. You are dissatisfied – you feel some pain. He is dissatisfied – feels pain in the kidneys. Now some time they are asking about some illness from the countryside. They are very interesting – somebody the back starts to hurt him, asks what he has to do. He, as he is writing, two days have already passed, until I give an advice, two, five days will pass. He is dying what will he do? Until I give an advice, he will go to the other world. I say: When your back hurts, grease it with olive oil. But how – not cold olive oil, but warm olive oil. Put to the olive oil also black pepper, a lot of black pepper, put also vinegar and if there is somebody to embrocate you, it will pass. Until I give the advice, 5 days will pass. Sometime if you do not have black pepper, it will pass without black pepper.


What is the black pepper? You go somewhere, a person welcomes you good, kindly – it is the olive oil. Suddenly he is rude to you, he tells you something firmly – it is the black pepper. Somebody else is sour – this is vinegar. You will make cure for the back and when you rub down, your pain will pass. Now you have cough, cold, you have caught a cold. Take a bit 10 year wine (it can be also of 5 years), warm it up well, put black pepper, put 5-6 small lumps of sugar, warm it up well. As you drink it, you will warm up immediately, your cold passes. At least a quarter or a half a kilo as you drink, you will become joyous. These are banquets. You will do that once in the year. You will not do such banquets every day. Once twice per year by half a kilo with black pepper and you drink it, have a good effect. After that you will put it also olive oil. Then you will say that the wine is not sweet. The intoxicating wine, when it is sweet, its intoxication decreases.

All these contradictions, which exist in our mind, we have to find an application. Nature likes to conform with us and we have to comply with it. I have found many sensitive people. Years ago, around 18 people from here, all young, they went in February, they will go to Moussala. Come on, Master, let’s go! But all unequipped, they do not have ski, they do not have also elevations on their feet, 18 people heroes went. I went with them. We barely climbed to the bridge. You sink to the waist. I said: “This is not working. If he says to go to the cabin, we will get into trouble. We went back to a rock, we found a hut. I say: “We will stay here.” We immediately got busy, we brought wood, build up a fire, they brought water. As one warm wind blew in the evening 5-10 degrees above zero. We went through very well thanks to the warm wind. If there was such a cold, I do not know what would have happened. In the morning I see: they are coming to save us. For the first time the king comes with his adjutant, says: “These people have gotten into trouble, they do not understand the laws”, a little bit condescendingly. Come on, we will forgive your mistake. Where from did this warm wind come? After we went back, the weather became cold again.

So, I say: When you are fulfilling the will of God, nature has a particular way, it can always soften the circumstances. There is not a case, where to not have softened the circumstances. There is no case, where it has not softened. Always when a person turns to God, the bad circumstances soften. If it is not so, our life would not have a meaning. Then you will have an experience. You can pray, some time you alone do not believe, you will say: “God does not pay attention to my things.” If you want from God a million, he will not give you, he does not give you, but ask less: one lev – you will give you, 5 leva – he gives. If you want one lev, it is the easiest, the easiest is 5 stotinki. If you want big wealth, to secure yourself, the wealth you do not need it. The poverty and the wealth, these are conditions, by which the human soul can grow. We are rich people, we do not need wealth. We need a sober-minded job. Somebody is a poet – to write, to rhyme, his rhymes not to be empty words.

There is one sentence: “”Everything that happens to those, who love God, will turn into good.” This sentence, as you say it, it is done. I say: Read some sentences from a poet, if this sentence cannot leave an impression, it is without content. In the given case, every thing, which does not leave an impression, it is without content. If the food does not leave its vital energy in the body, this food is useless. If the water does not leave vital force in the body, it is not from the good water. Every thought, which leave vital energy in you, is good, in whoever the thought is. I say: If you want to know which things are useful, I will tell you: this, which leaves the vital energy, gives an impulse to the mind, to the heart, to the body, you to work, it is good. It does not depend from whom it is. Everything which does not give you this impulse in the given case, this thing is not good, it is not because of us.


So I say: What would you like? What is your desire? Your desire is the hall to be heated, right? The other desire is, that you all want to have coals. You will test your faith with coals.


Three young girls go to the USA. The two young girls go to a banker to ask for help and he like an American gives them 10 cents each, sends them outside. Then he comes inside. One of the girls stands up and starts to sing. The banker stopped, as she sung and said: “I have never listened to such a girl to sing; I have been to concerts.” And immediately takes out 200 dollars and gives them. He says to her: “Come also a second time. Always, when you feel in good spirits, come to sing to me, it is a pleasure for me to listen to your voice. If you know to sing, why don’t you come to sing, but you will go to beg?” Sing. And it is better, if you know to draw, why would you go to beg? Go to draw. If you are a technician, why would you go to beg? Put the technique to work. We have to put  that which we have and to which we can rely on, not this which is not in us. Now, to some of you the objective mind is developed a lot.

This, what I am talking is dark as philosophy for some of you. The things have to connect. What is the relation between chemistry and physics? The chemistry tells about the internal relation of the elements, which they have and the union of the elements. Physics shows the active forces between the parts, which act mechanically. Astronomy has to be studied. It is a science. You have to study the bodies, which body what place does it take, what is its size. You say: “Psychology is a science for the soul.” You will study the laws of the soul, you will study the laws of the human soul. Logic studies the laws of the human thought. Or you will study the laws of the human feelings. The feelings does not work by one and the same law. The methods by which they work, are different. With thought more light is needed, and by the feelings – more warmth. If you do not have enough warmth, you cannot exhibit your feelings. Therefore if the heart is functioning correctly, you will manifest your feelings correctly. If the solar plexus functions correctly, you will manifest the thought correctly.

If this stove is lighted, and every one of you as he comes and places his hands on top of it.. Why do you place them? Can’t you sit far away, but you come near and you place them nearby the stove? The hands, these are an area which takes in warmth. As you put the hands, this desire immediately draws in the warmth and goes into the organism. If you are waiting outside, a long time will pass.

If you drink cold water, it will take up half an hour to go into the body, and if you drink warm water, in 5-10 minutes it goes into the body. That’s why the warm water is beneficial, it gives soon that, which is necessary. The cold water does not give away that quickly.


If this room is lighted, and outside you have 30-40 degrees of warmth, will you come to warm up? No, you will stay far away. I talk about things, which are necessary. This room is necessary. When I am talking about the mind, we find ourselves in mindful climatic conditions, where you have to put your mind to work. Even you can make one such experiment (I do not know how long will it take you).You are cold, you are poor. Find in the world at least 10 people, do not seek them in the northern places, seek them in the warm places. If you connect through the air with these people (but these people will be healthy fellows, not to be nervous, dry people, but robust, full with vitality), as you connect through the air, the energy to go from above and there will not pass 10-15 minutes, you will feel that something is creeping on you, something is coming.

Now as I am talking this, you say: ‘Prove this.” Until I prove it, you will freeze. Do this experiment and you will see, at the least you will feel one warming up. The energy is transferred through the air.

The people, if they love one another, they will suffer less. The love in the world defines the goods. You when you love a person, the good that you have within you, you transfer it. This person if he loves you, and he transfers to you the beautiful, the good. The good, the beautiful which is transferred, it is the health in life. We are all transferring. If we transfer the Divine goods, we will have very little suffering in the world. Because everybody is deeply absorbed, thinks more about himself, life has become heavy. Make an experiment. Those of you, who are ready, you say: “What experiment will I make, what will I seek 10 people?” I am talking about the extraordinary conditions. You do not have 5 leva in your pocket, you do not have coals. How can you get coals? Do not make the experiment when you have coals, but when you do not have coals, make this experiment – the coals will come. Several kilograms will come. You will warm up your feet. You will warm up your heart. You will warm up your head. You will warm up your spine. In the given case you will have a big contradiction. You say: “Stupid things”. Where did the contradiction come from? You start to murmur in an old way: “What misfortune! My father, my mother…” They will make a noise like a robbed priest. If the priest gets robbed, what is there? The priest should not be robbed. You say: “I do not have anything.” They robbed the priest because he does not have the right to carry money. He has to say: “I am a divine servant.” The money are a burning fire. He has to carry in his heart fire, to show the people that he is a saint, that he is strong.

I have given this example with a saint who stayed 20 years in the desert, he learned of pure life. He had a brother shoemaker and decided to go to him, to turn him towards God, so that when he goes to the other world, they to put him in hell. He took a snowball in his hands from the mountain, to show his brother that the snow is not melting. His brother was a good shoemaker. As he goes to his brother, meanwhile the king’s daughter came, to be measured for shoes. As he looked at the foot of the king’s daughter, his brother says to him: “Brother, the snow is melting.” The melting of the snow already has relation to the king’s daughter. His brother, who is a sinner, his snow is not melting, because he does not have snow.

Always when you have money, you can be robbed. But when you do not have money, who will rob you? I say: You have to take into consideration. What will the foot of a king’s daughter entice you, what extraordinary there is in the leg of a king’s daughter? There is nothing, it is your imagination. What is there? In one glass there are 5 lumps of sugar, it can sweeten, but it depends on the tongue, because the tongue is dull, to you only at 5 lumps is making a nice impression. Your tongue is dull. It can the tongue to be so delicate for the sweetness, that one lump to be sweeter than 5. When the people put more sugar, it shows that the taste is dull. When they put less, it means that the taste is normal.

We the present-day people we want all to be good. Very good. We are lacking something – we feel the evil more, than the good. There is everything. If someone gives you 10 leva, you think it is a humiliation, you want 1000 leva or 10000. If he gives you a little, to that one whom have given 10 leva, he is not satisfied. There are two types of dissatisfied people: those who are not satisfied from 10 leva, and this who gave 10000 leva, he is not satisfied. If he had given 10000 leva, he would be satisfied, but because he gave 10 leva, he regrets that he has given. Who is on the right side? Whoever is joyous or regrets? Number 1 is not satisfied, he is not satisfied from the 10 leva, from you. Number 2 is satisfied that he has given 10 leva, and he is dissatisfied that he has given 10000 leva. Who is on the right side? Number 1, if he is on the dry land, these money are little for him. If he is in the water, they are enough. If the steamship sinks, he does not need 10000 leva. If he is on the dry land, 10000 are . If he is in the sea, he has to be joyful that he has only 10 leva. These two people are not at their place, they do not understand. In a given case you have to be thankful – if you have given 10000 leva, you have freed yourself from a big evil.

I enter one day in my room, I do not have any perfume, but the room smells of rose oil. I say: “”Who has played?” I see, one bottle with rose water has cracked. This bottle I had to lift it up. I left it in the room for several hours. At one time I heard, it broke, the bottle is gone. I smell it – it smells like rose oil. After that a little bottle, very beautiful, with rose oil, with a screw on the top
and it cracked from the cold and spilled, the whole of it evaporated and the entire room smells like rose oil. The bottle says: “So much time I waited you to open, but you are so stingy. Now the cold came, I went out to free myself.” It says: “The rose oil they sent it to you, to thank.’’ Now as it cracked, I am sorry for the bottle, after that as I thought, I rejoiced, that the oil freed itself and it is free.

I tell to you: Do not keep the rose oil outside, in the cold. Keep it in a warm place. You think something – do not postpone. This bottle if I had placed it next to the room, it would not crack. I thought that the rose oil endures, it will not crack. Now I see: and it also cracks. The other day I saved a bottle of sweet wine. I saw it frozen, I saved it: it would have gone in 2-3 hours. The sweet things freeze.

Do not postpone the things. Every good thought, which comes to you, do not postpone it. Do not think that when you come a second time on the Earth, you will fix your things. The future life is based on the current one. On the present base it will lay, the whole future it will be built. The past is a base. Place now, this will also be your future. Now place the hope, dress well. After that as you have a bottle, I give it as a rule, I recommend you one thing: let the bottles be empty. In the faith everything has to be empty. In the cold these bottles crack. You have to empty them. I should have given away the rose oil. If the bottle was empty, it would have remained undamaged. Because I did not teach them of faith, they cracked.

The hope bears complete things, the faith wants empty things. God does not like to go to Him with full
vessels. With faith we will go to Him: to give us the new. The vessel will be with us, which we carry. The internal content will be from Him. According to the law of Love give away the goods, which God has given you. Or, make your mind to be calm, your heart to be calm and your body to be calm. Now you will say: “There’s just the thing.” Apply the virtues, do not go naked. The hope implies the hand, legs and the body, everything is dressed nice. Some time even it is necessary to go outside when it is cold, to have olive oil and to oil your face. Faith demands this. This is per the law of faith. Everything has to be empty. Politics for a new life. By love, all of this which is given to you from God, to give it away. And when you give it away, he will give you something new. This is what God gives you, everyday give it away to the others. Do not grasp the wealth. You will be a conduit. In so far as you are a conduit of the God’s goods, you are fulfilling the will of God. This means you to become a conduit of the God’s goods. You fulfill God’s will. This means you to become a conduit of God’s goods. One nice thought, transfer it. Wish to all the people, to the entire world to have this.

I am saying now: Have free relations. I am not forcing you. We are good. Now we have to work like artists, to draw. I will not criticize. He knows to draw, he is a gifted artist, he understands on his own. When you criticize him, he sees how little do you understand from his art. In the music you say that the main tone has 32 oscillations. How many oscillations are there in today’s piano? Above 200 oscillations are there. This main tone almost nobody can strike it. A tone with 32 oscillations nobody can strike it. The main tone is called this, from which the music develops. Do not think that you strike the main tone. It is a big art and hardly are there singers which can strike a tone with 32 oscillations. Of the piano there are 260 oscillations. The Parisian order is around 300 oscillations, the main tone is Hope.

 From there, where we start, it is the credit. In faith the credit is the main tone. In Love is this, from which you obtain your strength. Do not want to know what kind is your love. Do not do calculations to know how big is your love. You will make a mistake – you think that love can be defined. How will you define the quantity? It is indefinable. Its oscillations are so strong and so weak, that we cannot define. So strong are the oscillations of love that it is present simultaneously in all of its parts. Love is present everywhere in the Universe. How will you understand “is present everywhere”? But love simultaneously in us has to be present. We feel this love sometimes in our heart.

We have to participate in the three worlds: in the mind, in the heart and in the body. To feel one frame of mind in the mind, to feel one frame of mind in the feelings and in the body – only then means that love is acting. This is the healthy state of the body. When it is pleasant to the heart, namely the heart is healthy, when the mind is bright, it is the healthy state of the mind. I say: There is nothing better than the mind to be bright, the heart to be warm and the body to be strong. It is the healthy condition, in which love is acting.

I say: Let love act in your strength, do not limit it. Let love to act in your feelings, do not limit it. Let love act in your mind, do not limit it. In the morning it is hard to be played. There is one raising. I do not know if there is someone to give a concert in the morning.

If you cannot try your love, and you cannot try the love of the advanced beings. How will you try the love of the Sun? You can try the love of the Sun, of the first class stars, you can try the love of the light. Every object, as soon as we direct our mind towards it, we can try the love which functions. These things which have more love, are pleasant to us. These which have less love, we are repelled by them. Every thing which attracts us contains more love.
Lord’s Prayer

18th Lecture from 21 year of the Common Occult class (1941-1942), given by the Master on 28.01.1942, Wednesday 5 o’clock in the morning, Sofia - Izgrev

Translator - Teodora Kavroshilova

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