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Prayer of the child


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Prayer of the child

Support me, O God, our Father, in all difficulties to endure, 
and over hourly temptations to ascend in purity. 

And bless my bread and the air, the pure water also; and give me 
childish sleep - pure and sweet, to be strong and robust in 
my work. 

In my young heart, Lord, kind and gentle, generously pour out Your Love, 
that I may help all those who suffer and that I may walk in Your new path. 

You, Who can do everything and care unceasingly for the small birds 
and for all the earthly world, O God, hold vigil over me from Your 
Solar arch, send a blessing to my young life, so that I may grow beneath 
Your goodness, beneath Your light-filled space, to wake with joy and to 
fall asleep in peace. 


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