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Prayer of the Kingdom


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Prayer of the Kingdom

Lord, our God, let our supplication rise up before Your Face. 
Let Your Spirit come to enkindle Your Word in our hearts, 
because of the Love with which you cherish us. 

Kind Heavenly Father, Ava Father, let Your Kingdom come, 
let Your Will be done, let Your Name be hallowed on the 
Earth - this our soul desires also, 
this is the longing which we feel in this world constantly. 

Almighty Lord of every strength and power, 
stand by Your Deed, 
incline the hearts of all whom You have chosen to be called 
the beginning of Your glory and majesty. 

Our Sweet Lord, guide us with Your merciful arm, 
enlighten us so that we may not stray from Your Word, 
so that we may not transgress Your Law. 
Lead us like a good shepherd beside the green pastures, 
beside the clear waters. 

The One Lord and Savior of the world, known before 
all the ages of light, One in the radiant brightness 
of our life, by grace 
         expand our soul, 
         elevate our spirit, 
         revive our heart, 
         enlighten our mind, 
so that we may glorify You now and always. 


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