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Prayer of the Light


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Prayer of the Light

Lord of Light, of all fullness and kindness, of which my Teacher has spoken to me 
of You, reveal Yourself to me as You would will, as it is pleasing to You. 
I am prepared to fulfill Your Will without any hesitation, without any 
vacillation, without any deviation. 
I will be as faithful and truthful Lord, even as You are faithful and truthful. 
because of the name of my Teacher, through whom You have spoken to me. 
And let me be, Lord, as the little children of Your Kingdom - obedient, 
diligent, patient, constant and content in Your boundless Love, which You 
manifest to all the weak and wearied, who seek the path in Your eternal Light, 
in which You abide. 
I pray to You Lord, illuminate me and let not the presence of Your Spirit 
distance itself from my soul, from my heart, from my mind, from my will. 
Let me be, Lord, a bearer of Your Word, a messenger of Your Truth and a servant 
of Your Righteousness; 
Let Your Spirit incarnate in my soul. and let me rejoice in the presence of 
Your Word, because of the name of my Teacher, with which You are known in the 


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