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Prayer of the Spirit


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Prayer of the Spirit

Lord, our God, let Your sweet Spirit come and engird our spirit 
in His kind embrace; 

         let Him fill our hearts with the endless Love 
                 which reveals Your Presence everywhere; 
         let Him strengthen our hands in every righteousness 
                 and our feet in every goodness. 

We bow before You, our eternal Father, Rock of our life. Blessed are You, 
blessed is Your Name in our souls. 

Strengthen us, uplift us, so that we may begin to serve for the coming of Your 
Kingdom with every joy and gladness for the Love revealed to us. 

Only You are One Who knows us and Whom we know, that You are the Light for our 
souls, the boundless-space for our minds, the expansion for our strength, the 
fortress for our spirits, the fullness for our hearts. 

You are the wreath and glory in our life! 


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