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The Good Prayer


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The Good Prayer

Lord, our God, our kind Heavenly Father, Who has bestowed upon us life and 
health to rejoice in You, we pray to You, send us Your Spirit to guard and 
protect us from every evil and deceitful thought. 

Teach us to do Your Will, to sanctify Your Name and to glorify You always. 

Consecrate our spirit, enlighten our hearts and our mind, that we may keep 
Your commandments and precepts. 

Inspire in us with Your Presence, Your pure thoughts, and guide us to serve 
You with joy. 

Our life, which we dedicate to You for the good of our brothers and neighbours, 
bless You Lord. 

Help us and support us to grow in every knowledge and wisdom, to learn 
from Your Word and to abide in Your Truth. 

Lead us in everything we think and do in Your Name, to be for the 
victorious-success of Your Kingdom on Earth. 

Feed our souls with Your Heavenly bread, and strengthen us with Your Power, 
that we may succeed in our life. 

As You give us all Your blessings, so add unto us Your Love, to be our 
eternal law. 

For to You belongs the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory forever and ever. 


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