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Path of Life


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Path of Life

Lord, Our God, Our Savior, of every power and might, 
         of every Truth and Love, 
         of every governance and dominion, 
         wellspring of all that is good in our lives, 
send us Your Spirit 
         to guide and protect us in the Path of Life. 

Forgive us our trespasses, which we confess before You, 
         they have estranged us from Your Love. 
Erase them from Your book of recollections 
         and grant us the peace of Your Spirit. 

Let Your face now shine upon us, 
         that we may be an image of Your Love, 
         messengers of Your Truth 
         and servants of Your Righteousness. 

Bless this nation, amongst which we live. 
Bless our brothers, with which we dwell. 
Bless all mothers and fathers, who perform Your Will. 
Hear the voice of all those who suffer upon the face of the Earth, 
         and bless them. 
Bless our Teacher, who leads us in Your Way. 
Blessed are You, Lord, Our God. 
Blessed is Your Name from everlasting ages, for You are the Way, the 
Truth and the Life and besides You there is no other God. 
You are only One. 


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