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For health

h1: The Lord is Sweet and Kind. 

Before and after meals

m1: God's Love brings the full and abundant Life. 


f1: God reigns in Heaven, God reigns in life, may His Name be blessed! 

f2: Lord, my soul desires that Peace comes in all its fullness. 

f3: Lord, I wish Your Love, Your Wisdom, Your Truth, 
       Your Righteousness and Virtue to always abide in me. 

f4: Always be faithful, truthful, pure and kind, and the Lord of Peace will 
       fill Your heart with every blessed-goodness. 

f5: The mind which God has given me, can only be sustained with Divine thoughts. 
       The heart which God has given me, can only be sustained with Divine feelings. 
       The soul which God has given me, can only develop with that which is beautiful, 
         wonderful, proceeding from God. 

f6: Merciful, Holy and Sweet Lord, reveal the light of Your Face, so that I may 
       perform Your Will. 

f7: The eternal and unfathomable God is the Way, the Truth and the Life. 
       Peace to everyone who walks upon the path of Christ! 
       God is Love. He is the sole connection in life. Blessed are all who 
       follow His way. 

f8: Love gives birth to goodness. 

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"The formulas must be used with a deep and sacred feeling." "You must know one thing - you cannot apply a single formula of the White Angelic Brotherhood, within the living Nature, if you have any trespasses or are ill-disposed. If you do not connect with the laws of God, with those great forces of Nature, these formulas are worth nothing; these formulas will then have reverse results upon you. You should know this very well!" - The Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)


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