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  1. Note 1 Facts, Laws and Reasons 24th year XV lecture from the general class, 1st November, 1944, Wednesday, 5:00 h. a.m., Sofia, Izgreva The Good Prayer. „Life is Beautiful“. The bright way. Love reigns, but people do not reign. Now what menu do you prefer? When sometimes you go to a restaurant, you choose a menu. Everybody chooses something to eat. What do you choose to eat? What have you learnt? What is the most important that you have learnt? You say love. The word love is not understood. The old people think that people who deal with love are feather-brained. The old people consider the young people feather-brained since they deal with love. They are right. Wouldn’t you prefer the good winnowed wheat? Which is better, the wheat with the straw or the winnowed wheat? Well, one thing is necessary. In order a man to understand something, he must be in a certain state. You cannot hold a lecture to an ill person. You can talk to him, but he would say, “Leave it”. He has a problem in his chest, his stomach or his head. He fills some pain. Whatever you talk to him, he will constantly talk about his illness. He says, “Tell me some cure now”. Now you all suffer from three main illnesses: some suffer from headache, others suffer from pains in the chest, and third suffer from stomachache. Headache and a law of education. The light that does not penetrate the brain makes headache. The air that does not infiltrate into the lungs makes pain in the chest, a weakness. When there is not enough food in the stomach, there is a stomachache. I say, sometimes you stay, you feel indisposed and you don’t know which the reason is. Sometimes some people are merry. I consider a man merry when he is merry as the day. The clerks are merry when they are given their money at the end of the month. The young maids are merry when they are dressed in nice clothes. If they are not dressed in nice clothes, they cannot be merry. It's an art. It’s said, man must have peace. A whole deputation went to Russia to look for peace, didn’t they? How many days did they wait before the peace was signed? Peace will come after it is signed. After being signed, the peace will start flowing in little streams. Well, has your deputation gone for peace? You have to send one, you cannot do without deputation. First, the eyes send deputation to the sun to send a bit more special light. Then the sun sends it and signs a contract. It sends light. Some people think that the light is from them. It comes when ordered. There is light for which if you do not send deputation, it does not come. If life developed in the way we think it should be, we would have been saints by now. You are not saints yet, and even if millions of years pass, sainthood will not come. Not only saints on earth. A saint from the earth must go to the sun to make a walk. If you cannot go to the sun to make a walk, you are not a saint. Here, the saints are easily made. You light a candle for an hour or two and someone becomes a saint. The candle burns out, and it is over. Now I read on your faces: you know how many bombs have frightened us in Sofia. I see that you have many bombs hanging in you, you have put them like icons. If you were saints, the bombs would have come, make a bow, settle down, bow and remain intact. Now, it is not only the bomb that yells. For example, you have been here for many years, there were many disorders, there were quarrels in the assembly. All the quarrels that happened in the assembly caused the bombing of Sofia. A thought that is projected has a loudspeaker. I do not realize that a man can form a very dynamic thought. A man can cause real misfortune to the mankind. A woman in heaven created broad misfortune and a man created broad misfortune, they both created a misfortune and they cannot get free of it yet. What is the desire for an apple, a fruit? To have a bite? These first people, who made the mistake, did not apologize. They provided arguments. When God caught Adam, the latter said: “I had great faith in you. I believed the creature that you gave me, I believed her that whatever she said to me was true. You should have warned me.” God has told them not to eat from the forbidden tree. Adam has forgotten that. It is interesting that when he ate, it came to his mind to hide in heaven. It was for the first time; where did the idea of hiding come from? Adam hid himself, God called him; he kept silent and said nothing. Towards evening He found him. God had been looking for him during the whole day. He found him in the evening. He could see him. Adam said “I heard your voice but I was afraid because I was naked.” Who has told you that you were naked, have you eaten from the forbidden fruit? It happened so that it was Eve’s fault. God went to Eve. She immediately provided arguments in a lawyer’s manner and said, “It was the snake that told me to.” These animals were put there so we could learn. Who has ever thought that they could bring some untrue matters? God listened to them. She blamed the snake. But God did not go to the snake. There was nothing to be told to the snake. Today the circumstances are the same. We always apologize as Adam and Eve. God does not accept this apology any more. Adam’s apology was valid for him. We cannot apologize in the same way. The exam is set in a different way. I have watched old people who while passing somewhere, pick up a fruit and carry it. When they see that someone coming, they put the fruit in the pocket and take hands out, as if having not taken anything. They do not hide like Adam. They put it in the pocket, make a bow when passing by, and then take the fruit out and start eating it. We spend almost three fourths of our life in anxiety. If there is statistics about how many minutes we are happy in a day, three fourths are spent in anxiety. Sometimes there comes something good, there is always some reason. Then we enjoy it, when we go to the other world it will be settled. But there is the other delusion. The student, who has not finished the nursery group, he cannot go to the first year of primary school. He says, “I cannot study in the nursery school, but when I enter the first year in school, I will start to learn. If it does not work in the nursery, it will not work in the primary and secondary school, neither will work in the university. Now there is something else. Sometimes you say, “There is inspiration.” He has inspired air. But what do you think, is one breathing enough to do the work? How many times a day you have to get inspired? Ten breathings are necessary every minute. A man has ten breathings every minute. 60 minutes multiplied by 10 makes 600. 600 inspirations for one hour. This makes six thousand for ten hours. There is another hindrance. We, the contemporary people, are very interested what is written in the newspapers about the other people mistakes. Wherever you go, whichever country you go, these are the daily news. This is wrong. Sometimes it is written in the newspapers about a car incident that happened somewhere, how many have been killed; now they write about the war, how many have been taken prisoners, how many have been killed. Well, if we know how many people have been killed, what is the use of it? It is the dead people that suffer. When you go to see them, you have to help them. Sometimes the Bulgarians go to the graveyard and pour water on the grave of the dead. Where is that custom from, can you tell me? Why do you pour water? I want to know why people pour water on the grave. Sometimes they pour water, sometimes they pour wine. When flowers bloom, they emit fragrance, they give an announcement. The little flies, feeling that fragrance, find the flowers. So, the fragrance is just a way through which the flies can find the plant, where there is food for them. The law is the same with the air. The air has its fragrance. The man, depending on the stage of his development, must develop his sense of smell, to feel which air is for him. He says “From the sky”. The quantity of air in the sky is defined for you. You have to take what is defined. Few of you know which air is for you. When some day you guess right, you feel joyful. When you cannot perceive it, you immediately feel down. Grieve always shows that there is something that we have not understood. Sometimes there is OVE. Why is the letter “L” taken out? Sometimes they take out the “O”. Now when you take out the “small “er”*(* in Old Bulgarian language the nouns were written with a letter “small “er” at the end, which was not pronounced; this letter has dropped from usage) there is no big difference. Some of you cannot write some of the letters. Somebody cannot write the letter “L” in the right way. Some of you cannot write “M” according to the rules. Do not think that the alphabet is random. You can write what M means. Or just to write M. In the first case, “I” is on the first place, “you” on the second. In the second case “you” is on the first place and “I” – on the second. They say, “What’s in it that it is on the first place?” If you put the “I” first, it is skinflint. A man who has dignity shows himself as generous. You will see rich people, who have dignity, all over Europe, when a man takes out the money, he is generous. He does this only to boost for himself, that he is well-to-do. If the man is poor and does not have a stiver, when he takes out his purse, he does not talk loudly. The poor man gives the rich man the right to give orders. Sometimes when the rich man gets poor the poor man gives orders. Sometime you call a worker to work, he wants one thousand levs per day. He says, “If you wish”. The salary of a minister is one thousand, or one thousand and two hundred levs per day. Before he used to work for twenty levs, now he wants a thousand. The bombs have ruined the house, how will you repair it? Now I make an analogy: The people who cannot correct their character, the workers take very expensive for their work, therefore the character remains uncorrected. Those who correct their characters, then the workers work for twenty levs per day, low-priced. It is easily corrected. When we say that it is difficult to correct the human character, the job is very expensive. Now each of you who is sitting here - if I make you stand up from your chair without money, you will get offended. But, let’s say, if a man comes and he has golden napoleons in his pockets and if he shows you one golden napoleon, saying: Stand up for me to sit on your place and I will give you one. You will immediately stand up and you will find another place. If he shows you an ordinary banknote of twenty levs or if he does not show you anything, you say, “Nobody has the right to make me stand up of my seat.” So, if he has golden coins, he has the right to make you stand up. If he does not have golden coins, he has no right. It’s right, there must be a reason to do some job. To do a job, there must be a reason, there must be a law, there must be a fact. In this case what will you compare the fact with? Where will you place the fact, where will you place the law and where will you place the reason. The reason is up in the head, the law is in the lungs, the fact is in the stomach inside. Because in the contemporary circumstances in which we live, the fact must come first. By the word ‘fact’ you should always understand that the fact is truth, the law is the wisdom and the inciting reason is love. So, always the fact provokes truth, the truth provokes wisdom and wisdom provokes love. If you sow a seed, love and wisdom come from somewhere to make it grow. You can never do a job if the truth is not on your side, or said in other words, if you do not have a fact. The fact is the money in this case or the power that you have. Your legs, your hands, these are a fact. The fact in our life are our hands, the external side. So now we determine, we say it is a reason, it is a law. We have to connect our thoughts to the inciting reason. Our feelings are connected with the Divine Wisdom, and our deeds are connected with the truth. If the man’s deeds are not connected with the truth, if there is no contact between the deeds and the truth, there cannot be a result. If the feelings are not connected with wisdom, there cannot be a result, too. The law cannot come into action. And if there is no connection between the thoughts and the very reasons, the thought remains not manifested in nature. Now when I am talking to you, you will remember some things and you will forget some. Always when a man talks conscientiously, there is a reason, there is a law, there is a fact. The thought is rendered in the right way, because without a reason, without a law, without a fact the human thought cannot be conveyed. Because law is the way, the thought is conveyed. The truth is the end limit that you have to reach. Christ says, “I am the path, the truth and life” The same law. The path, the truth and the life. Life in this case is love. The path is the wisdom that we have to follow. Truth is the zenith. This is the highest point /and/ in life, to find the way. We will pass through the circle to go into life. Seemingly it shows that it is high. It shows that at noon the sun is higher. It is ostensible. The sun is as high in the morning, as it is high at noon, but this is in relation to the earth, in relation to the material world on earth, it is shown in that way. Now the high things have inciting reasons. From a high place you are powerful; you can drop a stone and it moves; if you take up water and pour it down, it moves also, it flows downwards. So, all things in this circle get easily. There is the other circle below – things work hard. A job that you have left to do some other time, when you had the good conditions in the past, but you did not used them, in the next life you are in the opposite position, wondering why things don’t work. Because God does not always give the favourable circumstances. The second time there will be more hardships. Now we stop and say: “The world lives in that way, and we live in that way, too.” It is so. You are right that the world lives that way. If I go by train, I will obey all conditions, which all people obey. Two hundred or three hundred people have got on the train, I will go not where I want, but where the train wants to lead us. In the particular case I choose a train, if it goes in direction which I want to go; I will get on the train and I will leave myself at its disposal. It will lead me, I cannot give orders to it. You cannot take it like a carter, but you will obey the law. When we say: People live in that way, it shows that all people travel that way. If you do not want, then you will walk. Do you know sometimes your success depends on many little things? Sometimes you pass by two branches that have intertwined in the storm. You do not want to make them a favour, you do not want to untwist them. If you do not do a favour to these branches, you may lose the whole day or maybe even a whole year []. If you have not seen them, the responsibility is little. But if you saw them, the responsibility is big and then you will not have luck. You will lose something: you may tear your clothes, your house may get ruined, your ox may die, you can be thrown out of school. Extremes. What does it cost you to take to separate these two branches. They say about somebody, “He is a wrong-headed person, he won’t listen to reason.” How do you tell him your word? Every person has peculiar language. You will speak his language. You will not pronounce the words, as you want, you will pronounce them, as he wants. If a soldier goes to the regimental commander, how will he turn to him? “Please, Mr Colonel”. If he says just ‘colonel’ without Mr, what will happen to the soldier? Say “Colonel”. He will say “Please, Mr Colonel”. He will pronounce it musically. All people suffer from lack of musicality. There should have been a microphone we are shown how to speak. When somebody talks to us in a rude way, we understand it; when we talk rudely, we don’t realize it. There is the mistake. Now you maintain the idea that when Christ comes, he will put the world to rights. This idea has been placed. How will Christ come? Didn’t Christ come two thousand years ago? Did he put the world to rights? No. Because they didn’t listen to Him. There are mothers who give birth to their children and do not bring them up. Their maternal feeling is weakly developed. When she gives birth to the child she would give it to other people to bring him/her up. She is just walking around saying, “I am not used to bringing children up.” She should not marry. When she gets used to it, when her maternal feeling is developed, just then she should have a child. Children without a mother remain uneducated. Now you will provide arguments. Someone says, “It is possible to have the egg hatched without a hen.” It is possible, but anyway the eggs hatched without a hen, what hens will they be? If the people make so and hatch some eggs, there will be strange hens. The hen can hatch the egg that it has laid; it will have the character of its mother. You have to take almost the same characteristics that the hen takes. The hen is very erudite, it has great love. It constantly turns the egg so that it can be hatched. Now the application: let’s take a thought. If you bear a thought and leave it for the others to bring it up, don’t you play the role of the mother who had given birth to a child and has given him/her to other people for bringing up. You bear a thought and say “Let other people bring it up.” You say, “I don’t have time”. If you do not have time, do not give birth to it. I say: this is not a law, but those of you, who want to be healthy, who want to be happy, you have to learn. Happiness and health will never come at random. The ill father cannot give health to his son. The ill mother cannot give health to her daughter. The healthy father gives health to his son and the healthy mother gives health to her daughter. These are laws. So, I say: if your mind in the particular case is not healthy, how it will bear a good thought? If it is not harmonious, if it is not arranged, how you will create a thought? If the heart is not calm, you worry; you cannot bear a good feeling. If the will is not educated, the deeds cannot be born. So, I say that the first thing in life that you have to observe as a rule - some people observe it well – is when you travel, you should be the first to give way. Give way even to an ant. There comes someone, you go around. Give way to everybody if you want to have luck. Now everybody goes in the straight way, saving their time. The Englishmen say: Time is money. They walk in straight line. So to earn more time, to have more money. Then the Englishmen say: Straight to the goal. For example the heads of some of you have turned grey. Let’s suppose that I tell you how to make your hair black. First you have to try to make one hair black, as I have made the hairs of the eyebrows black. I have made attempts to dye them. It doesn’t take much effort to dye my whole hair, but I don’t want. Dye just one hair. You say that you have will. If you cannot dye one hair, what will do you have? It is art. You have to learn the art of painting, to dye one hair. In the future you can dye the clothes, to make them black. Now you send your clothes for cleaning. In the future just for a few minutes when you start the electricity of your head, the clothes will be immediately clean. There will be no stains. Everything will be clean. I am talking about things that will come after thousands of years. You can dye a hair. Look for it to the left, to the right, you take it and you separate it from the others to dye it. Cover it with black ink, always look at it in the mirror. Send a thought, say “you will get black”. If the hair becomes black, you have learnt the language. If you can convey your thought to the hair to become black, this is a great achievement. 360 days, 360 hairs. Ten years by 360 makes three thousand hairs. This is a great achievement. For 120 years you will hardly dye your head. Let’s leave this aside and come to the real. The thought is powerful, the feelings are powerful and the deeds are powerful when we understand the principles, when we understand the laws that work in nature and the facts that work. Then you can achieve this like a fiddler. It will not come at once. This is an external matter. First the man must clean his thought. The thought must be leaned. The feelings of the man must be cleaned and the deeds must be cleaned. You have to start with this in order to clean your thought. How will you clean it? Just when you decide to clean your thought, but in the particular case you call only homogeneous [similar] thoughts. You think about a hoarse, about a donkey, about a little bug, you mix all this inside, you cannot clean your thought. If you think only about a horse, your thought will never be clean. If you think only about little bugs, you cannot clean your thought. If you think about a frog, you cannot clean your thought. If you think about fish, your thought cannot be cleaned, too. How must be the cleaning of a thought started? You have to clean the eye in the thought. The eye must be cleaned. A man whose eye is not clean cannot be clean. A man, whose ear is not developed to listen well - his heart cannot be clean. If you do not understand the sound, the heart cannot be clean. If when you take the food and you cannot distinguish those fine vibrations of that food, that when it goes in the stomach it won’t make it suffer, you cannot understand the truth. Some people talk about truth. The truth is to start to get cleaned through the mouth. You can start cleaning through the ear. But you cannot find the truth through the ear. Truth is real. Eating is the most real thing. When a man eats, he is satisfied. How will you sit down? You will look unhappy with the food, you will tremble, how will you look at it, you will spoil the whole eating. When you eat you must have a sacred thrill that something good will go in, which is sent by God, you will forget everything around. You will look at everybody lovingly. Not somebody to pass by and take your food. Nobody can take you the food that you love. They can take the food that you do not like. The children that are not loved by their mothers are given for adoption, but the children they love, they are not given. Our thoughts that we don’t love, we send them. I say one essential rule. I see you gather here every evening to pray. You gather in a way that is not right. This is not the way to make a prayer. Why do you gather? To pray? If the thought in your prayers is not clean, what is this prayer? Then, monotony is not at least useful. You constantly read one and the same prayers. You repeat one and the same thing again and again. This is a crime. Good things are not repeated. Love is not repeated. In love everything happens once. It can happen again, but it will never be in the same way. Then you lie to yourselves. You can love only once, the second time you cannot love in the same way, you will love in a different way. The first way is gone; if you think that in years you will love, it is gone. I know these things. Once when you love, it must be properly. You love, because it happens once. When you love, it happens only once. I love it. Today in the particular case what you think for the second time, it will not repeat. Therefore we should not be /not/serious, but to put all our love in what we do. Now sometimes some people say that a person has got ill. I say, I am glad that this person has got ill. Another person has recovered his health. I am glad that he is better. Do you think that when a man gets ill, this is bad? After getting ill, the man becomes softer, kinder, there is more light. Diseases are a preparation, not to get constantly ill. I understand to get ill just once. You cannot be ill twice in the same way. When the fever gets you, you tremble once, you cannot tremble again even if you want. They say, it is all fever. There is a difference in being feverish. If you read, the fever continues for a certain time. The second time it does not have the same duration, it is different. With some fever your teeth are chattering. There is another fiery fever that catches you in its fire. Which is better – the trembling or the fiery fever? The fever is an auto-da-fe of much filth. First physiologically taken we should come to purify the blood. You cannot purify your blood if you do not have a pure thought, pure feelings and pure deeds. If you do not learn the law of pure thoughts so that when breathing to apply the way for purifying the blood. If you purify your blood you will get rid of thousands diseases that are due to impure blood. Thousands of diseases are due to impure food. Sometimes you take a fruit and are too lazy to go and wash it well. It is not bad, it is not a sin, but you form a habit, you bring filth into your stomach, which settles down. Ten or fifteen years in this way the impure food created impure blood. The impure blood creates thousands of diseases, indispositions, you look darkly, you are a pessimist, you are indolent. When a man is indolent, again it is due to his blood. A man with pure blood is always lively. If you lose your liveliness, your blood is impure. The pure thought, the pure feelings and the pure deeds are dynamic; they give lively spirits, they give youth. So I say, therefore the Divine schools are formed, to teach people how to live and to use life. You live for 30-40 years, to live, as it should be, to use all goods. Sometimes you live for 40-50 years and you cannot use Divine goods properly. Then you come and think that you will die, that you will go to the other world. A man to die once, so that not to want to die again. When dying, first your desire to eat is cut off; you are not willing to eat any more. Then your desire to breathe will be cut off, you will start breathing less air. You take less food, there is a reduction. Today something is cut, tomorrow something else is cut and one day you find yourself in restriction. God has created man to eat and to eat with love. He must think and must think with love, feel with love and act with love. This sacred fire must be the reason that stimulates the man. It is not an easy thing for a man to learn. Now all this that we are talking about will not come at once. What I am talking about needs at least ten years two hours per day, two hours is little, three hours are necessary to fix your consciousness. The Hindu people have methods, some of which are antiquated; he would fix somewhere under his nose, but he will choose it immediately. When the man who is used to think well goes through his thought, he stops on the object that he loves. Therefore, the object you love always fixes your look. The other one fixes the place. Fixing does not at the least show love of the free choice. You watch somebody. You look at a man immediately to find what is good in him, immediately to find good in his eyes, to find good in his mouth, to find good in his ears, to find good in his hair or to find good in his hands. In every person there is something to look at. Now some people sit and think about Saint Nicolas. What is Saint Nicolas? Where from do you know about him? Saint Nicolas has passed ten times past somebody and this man has fixed his thought on this Saint. Or somebody has fixed the thought on Christ two thousand years ago. If you decide to think about Christ two thousand years ago, this is a hopeless case. What was Christ like before, we do not know. Now, what is Christ like? You are somewhere in a big misfortune and someone helps you; you are surprised, it is Christ Who helps you. I have not met a person like him; he looked at me and helped me. They say, it can happen. When Christ is gone, then do you know what he is like? As long as he is with you, you say “It might be him, but it might not be him.” When Christ was with the Jews there was hesitation. Two thousand years later the Jews cannot be convinced that it is Him. They say, “This is not the one that we expect”. Now you are very clever. Imagine that I have three balls, one of them is full of gold, a little ball full of golden coins, the other one is full of silver coins and the third one is full of copper coins. Do they weigh equal? The one, who is a bit more educated will see that the gold weighs more. He says, “I choose the heavier because I am strong and can lift heavy things.” Another one will come and choose the silver ball from the two. When the third man comes, he has no choice. The one who takes the gold has a choice; he chooses among the three balls. The one who chooses the silver also has a choice among the two balls. Who chooses the copper has no choice. Now we all think in the following way; what is left is for me. Do not eat what is left. A man who wants to make a character in himself must drink from the first batch of wine. What is the word in Bulgarian for grape juice? Is there any other word? You take grapes, take from the best. You look for cheap grapes. Take less, take half a kilo, or quarter a kilo, but take good one. You would take cheaper. When a man works on himself it is the little things that are blessed, not the big ones. Now, for the next time every one of you write a word, not a sentence. Write a word that you understand and love. We will make a try. You will see what we will do. Let’s see how many people of you will write the word. Some will come and will not write anything. Let’s see how many will write out of love. Some will postpone it, they cannot find a word. Those who find the word, write it on a square piece of paper, put your name below, write the first name, for example Stoyan, not the nick name. If you write it well, you will have luck throughout the whole year. If you do not write, you will not be much of a success. Now you should not write out of fear. If you postpone it for a second time, or for the third time you say, “This is not for me”. This is what can happen. If you do not write the word, during the year your pants will be worn out ten times, some of you will have their dresses worn out, your shoes will be worn out, your hats will be worn out. I have been to the mountain; as I warmed my hands at the fire the fire got to love me; I saw a spark had lit and burnt my sleeve. When I saw it I thanked that love was very little. If this love were greater, the burnt area would be bigger. In other words, if you are hesitating, you’d not try at all. Do not commit yourself to saying, “This is not for me.” Do not start anything. If you start it at the beginning, do it. If you do not want to commit, you do not finish it. Often you begin the Divine things and you do not finish them. Write a word that you love. When you find the word, write it. Then you will take them back and put them in the paper-case. I will give them back to you. I will read them and will give them back. You will carry the piece of paper in your pockets throughout the whole year. You can leave it as a heritage. The little things that we have around us are the means through which God’s blessings come. The blessings come through our eyes, through our ears, through our hands, through our mouth, through our legs. God’s blessing comes through your readiness always to do a favour. In the angel’s world an order is never given. Everybody perceives and is quick-witted, understands God’s thought and applies it. One day we can feel and understand God’s thoughts and apply them. It is God’s blessing. When it is necessary to convince somebody, the job is not so productive. May be the second time I can show you. There are people who write calligraphy; there are people who write in a refined style. There are few people who write calligraphically. There are people who can write better than the printed letters. These things are necessary because we have a kind of discord, a kind of disorder. If we do not take measures, many of you suffer from the bombs: things are repeated. You remember this, you remember that. Sometimes these reflections are more dangerous. I have given the following example. One evening a drunken man passed over a precipice in the darkness. In the morning when he went to see where he had passed drunken without falling down, his hair got grey. When passing drunken his hair did not get grey, but when he went on the next morning and saw the precipice, his hair got white. The impressions that we repeat later have an awful influence. We have to get rid of them. Do not go to see, even if they give you money, do not go to see. There is no use in asking what I have been in the past like. Leave the past. It is important what you are now. I would show the past to some people, to see their past not as their past, but as not their past. They do not have to know. When they see their life, they should not recognize it. Let them say, “This man has lived well.” Nature never reveals to us. It does not reveal both the good and the bad things as ours. If we know that we are the reason, we can be very sad. If we know that that is us, we can be very happy. The great sorrow and the great joy are incompatible on earth. Today you feel great joy and great sorrow, tomorrow you feel great joy and great sorrow, plus and minus get neutralized [nullified]. Everything is eaten up and drunk up, there is nothing left for later. God’s Love conveys full abundant life. (Three times.) Source
  2. Note 3 The Call of the New X Gathering lecture, held on 24th September, 1944 in the village of Marchaevo, at home of brother Temelko, 5:00 a.m. Prayers according to the programme. The contemporary world has become poor. The poorest that has ever existed on the earth, this is the contemporary world. The world needs justice. Our world is a world of injustice. Now we need justice. It is the external side of life to fulfil God’s will. The internal content can be expressed with the following verse „Always be faithful and true. In that God deigns“. There are two sides of life: some people are beautiful, others are ugly. We become beautiful on our own, and we become ugly on our own. Every time when we fulfil the least order that we are given or the least impulse that comes in our mind, heart or soul, we draw the lines of beauty. The man becomes more beautiful, healthier when he fulfils God’s will. When he does not fulfil God’s will in the least, the man gets ugly. Therefore, ugliness is a sign of non-fulfilment of God’s will during the whole life. We need to become beautiful. As we are now, we cannot talk about beauty. When I look at the animals, I see how far behind they are. You say that the animals are very good. They are not good, not in the least. The biggest egotists in the world are the animals. Throw a little corn to the hens and you will see how noble they are. Give food to the animals and you will see that there is personal egotism in them. Each animal thinks only about itself. Now I do not want you to ask why it is so. Why is that so? – Because we have made it like that. In the world you see ugliness, not that God makes you see in that way. God makes you see what you are. You are what you see. The good person sees good things. The bad person sees the bad things. The ill person is occupied with his illness, the healthy person – with his health. The clever person is occupied with his mind, the stupid person – with his stupidity. So, I say, the only ethics in the world that you have to start with is to start with justice. You have to be just. For example, how is a mother-bird distinguished? – By its justice. That it fulfils God’s will. The whole day she goes to look for food, brings it to her little birds and puts it into their mouths. When she brings them up and the birds can already fly, she does not put food into their mouths anymore and says, “This is not my business.” The bird no longer puts food into the mouths of birds that can already fly. As you are still like children, this is why you are not just; the adult man is just. If you make a child go to work, he will not go, he will not obey. The mistake is in the mother. When the little child learns to fly, he must fly off. When his mother tells him to go to work, he has to fly off. We all have to fly off. Now you try to fly off. We still do not know how to fly. A man who is unjust is still in the nest. A man that is not just and true, he is still in the nest. When he learns these virtues, he leaves the nest. I leave the question if you believe in Christ, if you believe in God. I ask the question: Are you in the nest? Then you will keep your place; you will wait for your mother. When she gives you food, you will draw back to give place for the others. This is where justice operates. Since you have some little brothers and sisters, you will make place for them. You will teach the lesson. The first lessons are taught by the mother and the father, how you have to start in the future. When you start like them, you will live. This is an extensive question. Justice has a very, very big application. If a man is a musician, what the musical justice lies in? He must know to sing every tone. He has to sing it right, not false. A lot of people can sing. But I, when talking about music, I understand something else. You have to sing the basic tone of a song, for example the tone „C“. What does „C“ mean? You have to sing it right and the relations between the other tones depend on that. Always when I sing the tone “C” in my mind lives the idea that I have to sow one seed. To sing „C“ means to sow a seed in the ground and to put one inch of earth over it and then you will sing. When you sing “C”, this “C” shows that you must have done the sowing. You cannot sing if you have not sowed. After you sow it, you can sing the tone right. If you sing without having sowed something, the tone is false. The second tone that you have to sing is “D”. What does it mean? This seed has to grow out when you sing. If you sing the second tone “D” and nothing has grown out, it is false, you have not watered it. You have sowed it in dry ground, you have not watered it, the sun has not risen, it cannot grow. When the “D” starts growing – it is sung right. It has grown up, but it has to find the way. It is said, “I am the Path, the Truth and the Life”. When a plant grows up, it has to find its way. The way of the plant is always to the sun. The path of life, this is the tone “E”. You cannot find your path, if you cannot sing the tone “E” right. And then the whole tree is formed. This is the tone „F“. The whole tree has developed. You have to sing these four tones right to form the plant in the right way. There are three more tones left, which show the internal state of the plant. A thought, a feeling can never bloom in you if you cannot sing the tone “G”. Music is a law. You cannot sing the tone “G” right if there is no love in your soul. You will dress in the best clothes, in the best thoughts, in the best feelings. There is no ugliness at all! The lips will not be thin, tightened, the hands will not be clenched in fists, you will not be bent, you will not shut your eyes, the eyes must be open, not like the eyes of an owl. Now in life you make efforts and sometimes you find out that things do not go well. Whichever fiddler you choose, when you go to him, he will first teach you how to tune your fiddle. There is a relation between the four strings. They have certain laws. First is the basic tone “G”, then comes “D’, then “A” and “E”. You will tune them and there are certain rules, and you will play. This is the external side. You want to think. What is the basic tone of your thought? Or you want to make love. What is the basic tone of your feeling? Or you want to act right. What is the basic tone of your deed? You have to learn these things from now on. First when you eat your tongue must not be injured, it has to be sound. There must be no blisters on the tongue. The tongue should not suffer from rheumatism. You sit to have food and you say, “This is not good, that is not good”. You eat a dish and you say, “This is not a dish”. When you sit to have food, you will have one dish only, in the morning one dish, at lunch one dish and in the evening one dish, three dishes for the day. At lunch you will not eat what you have for breakfast or for dinner. There must be a variety. There must be unity in every dish. The tongue must be just. Which is the just tongue? A tongue that does not suffer. When a debtor comes to you, when he has the money to pay, he does not suffer. The one, who has no money to pay, will start shrugging his shoulders, walk to and fro. I have seen sometimes when a teacher takes a student out to examine him. When the student does not know the lesson, he starts writhing about. The one, who knows his lesson, he is self-dependent, his thought is clear. I meet a lot of students, who say, “I don’t know how to live”. When someone tells me he does not know how to live, I would take him to the pear and say, “Ask this pear how it has lived. It will give you a lesson.” Then imagine that I take you to the pear in wintertime. It will be very difficult for you to learn your lesson. It is cold and the pear does not teach lessons. This professor is extremely indisposed in wintertime. You have to wait a day, two days, three days or a month until it comes to his mind to teach you the lesson. What will happen with you: since I understand the law, I will take you to the pear when it is close to getting ripe. One or two days we will go to the pear, it will show you how you must live. You go to the pear, a nice ripe fruit has fallen down. I say, “Eat it”. What is the fruit like? – It is very nice, sweet. – You must be like the fruit, too. – This is the first lesson. You will be sweet as the pear. I say, “When we live well, this is the sweet life.” When we do not live well, this is the bitter life. What is bitterness? Sometimes the pear-tree gives bitter fruits. It has learnt from the people. Since the pear-trees have learnt from the angels, their fruits are sweet. All sweet fruits have learnt the lessons from the angels only. You can never be sweet, if you cannot think about the angels. When the beauty of life approaches you, you have to be happy. Someone says, “Love the beautiful people.” This is the Divine good. Beauty in this sense brings health. When you get ill, you are not beautiful. When you get angry, you are not beautiful. Not getting angry, but also even if you are irritated by the least thing, you are not beautiful. The children often get angry that the dish is not full with food as that of the older brother. The little child wants to have his dish as full as that of his brother. Then if you fill the dish of the child as the dish of the brother, he has to eat everything like his brother and then to be ready to go to work like him. The one, who works a lot, eats a lot: who works little eats little. When the one who works little eats a lot, he commits a sin. I have given the example about Adelina Pate, who goes to New York and wants to withdraw 25 000 dollars from the post office. She goes to take the money, she has no letter of recommendation, and she has no identification card, they say to her, “We cannot give you the money.” No one knows her. Then she stands up and starts singing. The cashier says, “This is Adelina Pate. Give her the money.” You will start the first song of love. When you go to the post office and they do not want to give you the money, you will sing a song of love. If they give you the money, you have sung well. If they do not give you the money, you will look for somebody outside to recommend you. As long as the people recommend us, we do not sing well. When the singing itself recommends us, we have sung well. Now in the new age everybody will recommend their selves alone. What with? With their singing. Many of you know when the singing is right; when the singing is false, you have no flair. In music, when you feel that the tone is false, this is irritation, it is not musical understanding. When a man knows how to sing well, he will never let the others sing false. If ten people among you go somewhere, if you are clever, if you cannot sing well, do not sing. Listen to those who sing well. You have to learn. The one who sings well is a teacher, you will learn from him, whoever he is. In Bulgaria there are a lot of nightingales, they are the good singers who can teach the best lessons. In the morning they sing, they have nice trills. If in the morning the people listened to the nightingales singing, their lives would be better. When the nightingales sing, the Bulgarians sleep. They pay very little attention to the nightingales. They say, “The nightingales have nothing to do and sing.” The nightingale sings when he does the most serious work; the rest of the time he does not sing. When he has the best work, he is singing. In May when the nightingales sing they do the best work. Therefore, when the man does his best work, he must sing. I understand singing in the widest sense. A man who has a clear thought, he does not make mistakes. The man, who has a clear sinless feeling, he has a sinless thought. When the deed of a man is right, then he sings. A man, who thinks, he sings. A man, who feels well, he sings. A man, who acts well, he sings. If you are not satisfied with yourselves, this means that you do not sing. If you are given the best meal and after having eaten it you are not satisfied with the meal, the reason is in your stomach, or in your tongue, or in your body. If you are healthy and you are given good food, you will be merry and happy. There is a funny joke from the time of the Turkish yoke. Some married Turkish women visited a Bulgarian mistress. Then the Bulgarians were under Turkish yoke. The mistress is like the contemporary mayoresses, it is not such a noble title. She had old wine and gave them to drink. When the Turkish women drank from the wine, they became merry and started dancing. When they went back home they told the bey that the mistress had given them to drink a liquid that makes people dance. The bey said, “Master, give me to taste that, which makes people dance. They gave the bey to drink old wine and after the bey got drunk, he said to the master, “I feel like shouting.” – Shout. “Master, I feel like dancing”. - Dance. He has tried the old wine. This that makes us speak well, that makes us dance well, this is the good wine. These are the good thought, the good feelings and the good deeds in life. What is the thing that interests us? For example, you are interested what the news is. The contemporary world gets such a thrashing, that it has not learnt. There is thrashing all over the world. These teachers beat the people for not having learnt well. Someone has his leg broken, other has his head broken. Millions of people fight those who have not known how to sing, how to act. What is this due to? To those people, who rejected God’s Love and placed their law. They created the contemporary war. These are human laws, this is human personal egotism. We think that the world is created only for us, to be good for us. The world is a school, where the man has the right to use the things that are in the world, but he does not have the right to have them as his property. The sun cannot be property, to have a document for it. You cannot have a document for the stars. For the rivers, that flow, you cannot have a document that they are yours. For the seas, for the oceans you cannot have a document. They are common things that must be used. You are on the ocean, you cruise, what will be your condition? One day the ocean starts running high. I say, “The Ocean is running high”. If it does not, it will get crazy or it will die. In order not to die, the ocean rages. If you are in the ship, you would say, “Big waves!” The ocean danced like a Turkish bey. After he got drunk on sweet wine, he started dancing. When the sun warms him up, he calms down. He says, “He has got crazy”. In Bulgarian “crazy” means that he has not found his way. A Bulgarian man went through the bushes and his clothes got ragged. If he had found a path, his clothes would be whole. We complain that life is bad. Sometimes we go among the bushes. Some years ago in the region of Varna two beggars from Bitolia went to a Bulgarian to beg. He was a hot-tempered man and when he saw them, he said, “Why don’t you go to work in the field, instead of walking around together.” – One of them had a rebeck, and the other one was blind. The Bulgarian said, “Why are you leading this blind man around? Let me give you a lesson.” He lifted his stick and saw that the blind man left the rebeck-player and ran away. The Bulgarian man went to the pub and said, “I made a blind man see again for the first time.” The hot-tempered Bulgarian, this is the suffering in the world that will make you see again. Someone has put wax on his eyes. When sufferings come, they will take off the wax from his eyes. You say, “I cannot do this, I cannot do that.” We can do anything on earth. By anything I understand that, for which the man is created. A fiddler plays all the difficult exercises, all the difficult songs. The aim of every fiddler is to play the most difficult, the best pieces. So, I say, “You want to be beautiful.” Your hands, your legs cannot become beautiful, if you do not understand the law of hope. Or the law of the hope is to do the least kindness. The hope deals with the least things. If you do not deal with the little kindness, your legs cannot be beautiful, your hands cannot be beautiful and your face cannot be beautiful. You say, “He is an optimist”. In all optimistic people, hope is strongly developed; those who are not optimists, hope is weakly developed in them. To nourish the hope in yourself, you have to do the least good things in life, to which no one pays attention. I will give you an example. To show you how I understand the word hope. A rich millionaire in New York placed an announcement that he needs a cashier in the bank. Ten, twenty people came having letters of recommendation. The director of the bank said to everyone, “I will take you into consideration. A young and tidy man came in while he was entering he lifted a sheet of paper from the floor and put it aside. The others, who brought their letters of recommendation, had not seen the paper and did not lift it. The young man says, “I do not have any letters of recommendation.” – “You, said the director, have the best recommendation. In the world, if you lift a paper from the ground it is a better recommendation than to have the best letter of recommendation from somebody.” I say, “What is better than to serve?” Is there anything more beautiful than to serve God? Not to be afraid of God. To serve God is the most beautiful thing that a man can do. I will give you the following example. What punishment is it if you are given a ticket to listen to some virtuoso, or some famous singer, who sings? Will you be afraid? You will be glad. When you go to God to serve, you will learn the best things that exist in the world. We cannot go to God if we do not think well, if we do not feel well, if we do not act well. The only thing, with which we can go to Him, is the beautiful thought that we have, the beautiful feeling, and the beautiful deed. Or, in other words: If you do not think with love, if you do not feel with love, if you do not act with love, you cannot go to God. You can go to everybody, but to God you cannot go. Therefore, love is a language of God. Every language has its alphabet. It must be learnt. Many years are needed to learn the alphabet of love. It has its own letters, it has its own reading book, it has its own grammar book, its own literature, its own poetry, music. Now some people ask when the war will end. You want it to finish, some people want it to continue. Why do you want it to end? What is bad about the war? From the point of view of the Divine world the war is a music choir in which the people cannot sing, but fight. Everybody hits the other on the head and says, “This is not the right way to sing, this is not the right way.” They fight. Everybody hits the other. No one can sing. The contemporary people are fighting in a choir. When the bandmaster comes, he will tell them to stop fighting and will give them the first lesson how they should sing. Do you think that he cannot make them keep silent? If the ground starts dancing and the people start bouncing 3-4 meters high in the air, how will they fight? Who will fight, tell me. If those who fight start bouncing in the air, wouldn’t they stop fighting? Let’s not come to this situation. God has all means to stop the war. Is there someone among you, who has not voted for the war? Is there a woman, who has not voted for the war? Is there a man, who has not voted for the war? Is there a child, who has not voted for the war? Is there a dog that has not voted for the war? Is there a tree that has not voted for the war? The dust, everybody has voted for the war. The war is nice, but for people to fight against each other, this is not a war. You say: the good fights. There is good fighting. To free the prisoners, to give freedom to those who have been tied up thousands of years. The things that are in disorder, these are imprisoned people. A man who has waited thousands of years for a nice word. You say, “Let’s go and preach”. How is it right to preach Christ in a new way? What would you preach to an ill person? You say, “God will cure you”. When you go to the ill person what will you say, “God sent me to cure you”. You will say, “Brother, get up, come to work”. You will take him home; first you will offer him food. Then you will harness the horse to the cart, you will both get in and you will go to the field to work. This is a sermon. You will tell him, “I prayed for you. You will recover your health”. If it is only your own praying, the man will never get well. Another preacher comes, he says, “I will cure you”. They cure for many years as the example we have in the Script. A man has been under treatment for 38 years. Christ came to him and said, “Get up, take your plank-bed.” I have been lying in bed for a long time. – “Take the plank-bed and get up! Go to work, do not remain in bed.” He will leave with the bed. He will always carry some luggage. Life cannot be without luggage, can it? So, I say, the recommendation of the singer is his larynx. The recommendation of the fiddler is in his fiddle. The recommendation of the pianist is in his piano. The recommendation of the orator is in his language. The language of the good man is beautiful, he has knowledge how to speak. We must not do unnecessary things. We must know that the way we talk, the way the people talk, the way the people think, the way they feel and act, in that way the world will be organized. The way we think, in that way the plants grow. We can make a test. If you plant a tree, you love it, you water it, you think well about it, this tree will grow best. If your life is not harmonious, if your feelings are not harmonious, if your deeds are not harmonious, you will cripple that tree. Not only this, but there are Bulgarians who know, they say that a wolf would not attack the herd of a goose shepherd. A Bulgarian told me the following: I have been shepherding sheep for 30 years and no sheep have been eaten by a wolf. The wolves do not go to the good shepherd. If the shepherd is bad, the wolves and the bears take away sheep. Sometimes you get tempted. There are wolves that often come to your herd. The mistake is in you. You are ill - the reason is in you. You are a poor man - the reason is in you. You are stupid - the reason is in you, not in your father and mother. These are secondary reasons. This is the law: God made people in His own image. He showed them how to live. Then we distorted God’s law, we stopped living after the law of love and as a result we have the not understood life. In the world in general, people live well. Those, who do not live well, are now being punished. This war is for them. The first lessons are given to the citizens of Sofia. They did not believe that a man could deny himself for Christ’s teaching. How to leave his wealth? When this bombing came, didn’t they follow Christ’s teaching they all left their wealth? Everyone ran wherever he could. Christ’s teaching was applied. But this is a law of violence. With violence everybody fulfilled God’s will. There is no harmony there. The first thing is that you all need attitude. I find that people do not have attitude. If a man meets a child on his way, he would not want to go around the child. The clever man goes round the children. When you walk, do not go in a straight line, go round and make way to everybody, both young and old. Do not wait for people to give way to you. We all suffer because we want others to give way to us. There we collide. Everybody must go round, to leave all the others to walk in their way; we will walk in a new way. The clever people take a new way, along which no one has walked yet. Then you will not collide. You say people are bad mannered, they do not know how to talk. Nobody makes you listen when someone is talking. Or now you get called up. When you are called up, become invisible. They come to your home, you are invisible. They take you to war, become invisible. Since you are visible, you are noble, everybody gets you and says, “Go to fight”. And you listen and fight. You say, “I follow God’s path”. Can you walk along God’s path if God is not with you? It is impossible. Can you walk along the path of the sun if the sun has not risen? Can you walk on the earth if it is not organized? You say, “There must be a path”. What path do the birds have? What path does the light have? It comes from a distance of 150 million kilometres from the sun to the earth. Who gives it a path? It makes its path alone, it goes along its path alone. I say, if you accept love, you will enter into God’s world. If you go into a disorganized world with the love, this world will immediately change. God has not come to the earth yet, he is not there. He has not risen. We are still in darkness here. Christ came to the earth, He was a little star. He was caught and crucified. When God comes to earth, He is the sun that rises. Then which plants will fight against the sun? When the sun comes, it brings moisture; everything that is hidden in the ground will develop and grow up, give fruit. When the sun sets, everything will retreat. I say, you must be ready: the sun of life is rising. Every one of us must use it. Sometimes you can cite what the Master has said. I want you all to sing well. You must sing the basic song. There is no softness in your language. You will put in it the basic tone. Which is the tone of softness? – „G“. I have spoken only about the four basic tones. When the sun starts shining on you, you will already fill as a cup. You have hardly reached the tone „F“. The Bulgarian sings “F” very well. He sings “F” for a plate, “F” - for fields, “F” - for a lot of wheat, “F” – for shoes. Of all tones the Bulgarian sings “F” best. He sings “F” right when he cries, too. I say, now a new age is coming. I don’t want you to wait for Doomsday to come. Now there is doom. I don’t know a greater doom. It is Doomsday. War in the water, war on the earth, war in the air, everywhere war, suffocating gases. One thing remains: for the entire earth to catch on fire and for everything to burn. Let’s not wait for the Doomsday of burning. What will happen with us then? The ore will burn in the fire and the gold will come out. We should not wait to provoke God as in the Old Testament. When God’s rage comes everybody will run from Sofia. You will go everywhere, in pillboxes, in bomb-shelters. When the bombs stop falling, you will go out. When God comes in the world, everything will turn into good. Now I see that God has started to talk to people. If God did not exist then the heads of thousands of our partisans who came down from the mountains would be cut off. He is with them and told them: It won’t happen! The new teaching will bring order. You all are partisans. You will come down from the forest and your heads will not be cut off. You will say: It can be forgiven. When you come down you will not look for your enemies, you will forgive. The first thing: Forgive all people for the mistakes they make. Don’t take in account the mistakes of other people. This is not an easy thing. The law is: Always we faithful and true. This is the sense of life. Always be just, this is the external side of life. Now we have to sanctify the name of God with truth and justice. We have to call God to put order in the world. There is order in the world. Only justice can make the world a place for the people to live in; it is not possible without faithfulness and justice. The truth brings freedom. Every person, who is not free, he does not know truth. Every person, who is not faithful, his thought is not right. You all want to be loved by other people. The pear tree is loved because of its pears. The cook is loved because of his good meals. The poet is loved because of his good poetry. The singer for good singing, the strong person – for his strength and that he can work. We want to be loved. Why do people have to love us? If they love you, it is bad, if they don’t love you, again it is bad. How should it be? Sometimes you say that someone goes too far with love. There is no such a thing as too much love. When you go to the water fountain and you fill up your pitcher, move away. Do not stay with your full pitcher at the water fountain. Fill up your pitcher and move aside. Now you wait for the second Doomsday, Christ to come with the angels. Christ has already come all over Europe and the angels are moving everywhere. There is a verse that says, „When the Son comes, will he find faith?“ Will he find people’s hearts ready to accept love? Now they talk about war, how many people are killed and who will win. This is the external coming of Christ, the rage of God, which is pouring for the sake of justice that exists. If love does not come, how this war will stop, how people will realize that what they are doing is the greatest crime. There is no law to judge a nation when it is fighting. That a hundred, two hundred thousand, one million people have been killed. How many millions of people are killed in Russia? How many millions of people are killed in Germany, in England, everywhere? We wait for God to put the world in order. If God puts the world in order and we are not in order, what shall we do? If Christ comes now, how will he find us? If Christ comes, as people believe, we will get a taste of the stick, heads will be cut. If the Christ of love comes, Who says, “Do not judge, so that you are not judged. You should love your enemies”, are we ready? Now we have to make room for God to reveal in us. If a housewife knows how to build up the fire, how to cook the meal, it is a shame to think how we must love. I watch someone come here and pick a pear. When you come with love, you will look at it, you will thank God, you will learn that this pear tree has given nice pears, it lives with love. You will say, “God, can you give me one of these nice pears, so that I can learn like it”. Then you will pick a pear and give thanks again. You will not fill your pockets with pears. This is the new way. I meet a person, I want to see what pears he has, what his look is. Light must glow in his eyes, soft light. When you meet a good man, he takes your suffering, you feel relieved, you feel joy in your soul, and there is nothing to trouble you. You expect someone to come from outside to help you. It is good and he will come. But after someone helps us, we must also go and help. While a man is ill it is right for others to help him, but when he recovers, he must go and help, too. What I like most about singing is that when someone is singing, nobody asks if he is a king, if he is rich or poor, but it is important if he sings well. There are three things that matter for us. We need people, who think well, who feel well, who act well in the full sense of the word. Or people, who have beautiful thoughts, beautiful feelings and beautiful deeds, or people who have no weakness. When you look at the people nowadays the nose is not in its place, the eyes are not in their place, the eyebrows are not in their place, the arms are not in their place. It is difficult to meet a beautiful person. You say: The future generation. The future generation comes from the present generation. You will become singers when you sing well. If you listen to the crows cawing, what singers will you be. Everybody says that the world is bad. No, the human world, which the people have created, has weaknesses. God’s world is the one that lives in the air that we breathe, in the light that we perceive, in the water that we drink. Let’s thank God for the light that penetrates the human mind. Let’s thank God for the feelings that penetrate the heart. Let’s thank God for every deed, so that our life will be filled with gratitude for the great love that pours onto us every day. We have read from Chapter 13 of the First epistle to the people from Corinth. When you study love, take the last place. The mistake is that when the people come to study love, they take the first place. You can never understand love if you do not take the last place. Two things in the world are important: the great big in the world and the great little in the world. God is in these two things. The great big comes down, it grows smaller. It cannot be big. In the great little the striving is upwards, it goes up. The great little strives at the great big and the great big strives at the great little. Now we live in the great little, but we strive toward God, and God strives toward us. God strives toward us to lift us. And how must the great little live? You all strive; you have such a striving toward God, you all want to be big, to rule the world. These are God’s deeds. For example a minister issues an order: This and that must be done. The minister issues an order to the teachers to do this and that. He cannot fulfil it, thousands and thousands of teachers must fulfil it. If these teachers are stupid what will happen? Thousands and thousands of teachers in the primary schools, secondary schools, and high schools have to know how to implement this order. Now God sends his thought, we have to know how to deliver it. If everybody only cites the order of a minister, this and that must be done, they are only citing. To me it looks like the following: You have to know, to write the notes. You are given a song, you rewrite it, and other people rewrite it. This is an order of the minister. It is rewritten. This song must be sung. Every teacher in place sings the song, the given order. We are talking about love. Whoever loves will sing the song; he will show the people where love is. There is a little hypocrisy in love. There is a little gluttony in love. Hypocrisy and gluttony are two extremes. A young maid closes her eyes; she does not want to reveal that she thinks a lot about others. She wants to show that she looks at nobody. And it is not like that. She looks at many lads, but tries to show that she looks only at him. It is not so, it is not true. A person in this case must have one thought. The maid must say, “I am for the most handsome lad. He is my sweetheart.” She says, “He can be ugly”. Then there is no ideal. Love cannot manifest without an excellent thought. Love cannot manifest without an excellent feeling. Love cannot manifest without an excellent deed. Love cannot manifest without a healthy body. Love cannot manifest without a tender hand. For love, we must have excellent legs. When you go somewhere, there must not be any creak in the legs. When you go, you say, “My knee hurts.” When you go to serve God, there must be singing: your legs must sing, your toes must sing, your knees must sing. Your heart must sing, your lungs must sing. Music must be heard everywhere. A song for the performance of God’s Love must be heard from one end of the world to the other. Now you say, “I have a headache”. This is one unorganized world. I say, “The new that comes in the world, it is in the voice.” The new that comes in the world, it is in the thought. The new that comes in the world, it is in the heart. The new that comes in the world, it is in our soul. Now everybody must listen to his mind, must listen to his heart, must listen to his soul and must listen to his spirit. This is the call, this is the language of God, who turns to us now. (The motto.) On 19th October (Thursday) 1944 Master Douno leaves the village of Marchaevo and comes back to Sofia, Izgreva. (After Boyan Boev „Letters to the friends“, 7th February 1951) Source
  3. Note 1 Life Realities XVII lecture of the Master held on 5th November, Sunday, at 10:00 h. a.m., 1944, Sofia, Izgreva The new age that is coming now has no need to prove itself and to convince people about its existence. The sun does not need philosophers to prove that it exists. How big it is, what does it do, there is no need to prove this. Philosophers are necessary when the sun sets down. Prophets are necessary when the sun sets down. Mothers and fathers are necessary when the sun sets down. When the sun rises everybody must be at work. A new credo is needed. What is reality? Over the real is the hyper-real, and according to the philosophers over the real is the unreal. The unreal - this is the hyper-real. When you read the Bible you see that God has created the world out of nothing, i.e. out of the hyper-real. Now we have to study the language of humanity. Since we study many languages, we speak in many dialects, there are contradictions and misunderstanding. How will you prove that a body is burning? The warmth that the body emits speaks rather convincingly. Can you convince a man that the cold stone is warm? Can you convince the man that the burning body is cold? You can try to convince him, but you will not succeed. According to the old methods, people are aiming to prove that God exists. This proving must be left aside. – Where is God? – Where Love is. – Where is God? – Where Wisdom is. – Where is God? – Where the Truth is. – Where is God? – Where there is life. – Where is God? – Where there is knowledge – Where is God? – Where there is freedom. – Where is God? – Where there is movement. – Where is God? – Where there is learning. – Where is God? – Where there is work. It is not necessary to prove the good things, and we are trying to prove there is God. Everybody considers proving the existence of God to the people a privilege. The sun does not need any proofs. It shines. Even the smallest creatures feel its presence. The whole nature is a high school for the human soul and the human spirit. It is a school not only for the people, but also for all creatures that live in the nature. Now you want to know what will happen to you when you get old and when you die. Everybody wants to know if there is another world. Where will a man go after his death? Who believes says that he will go to the other world. When the ice melts where does it go? Does it go to heaven? When the ice melts it goes down from the mountain to the valley. Not only does not it climb higher than itself, but it goes lower. The delusions of people are due to the density of the unorganized matter. The human unorganized thoughts of the past are reflected upon them. That means, the good and the evil are inherited, therefore it is said that whatever a man has inherited, this is what he manifests. It is said about someone “Let’s pray to God to enlighten him.” What a man shows, this is put in him – it cannot be easily removed. There are two categories of people; one of the categories stands behind the concept that there is God, and the other category – behind the concept that there is no God. Those who support the idea that God exists live as those who support the idea that God does not exist. Those who say that God exists eat and drink as those who reject His existence. Those who support the existing of God breathe as those who do not acknowledge Him. These two categories of people stand at two poles. One of the categories stands at the light side of the world that is lit by the sun; the second category stands at the dark side of the earth, which is not lit by the sun. Since the earth goes around itself, those who have been unbelievers become believers; those who have been believers become unbelievers. When you are dressed in nice clothes, you become a noble man, an erudite; when the nice clothes are taken off from you, you are considered an ordinary, uncultured man. If you have nice shoes, you are considered a man of culture, if your shoes are plain, worn out, you are considered an uncultured man. Let’s thank the Nature that is has given us five open doors through which we get in contact with it. Let\s thank for what we perceive with our eyes; for what we perceive without ears; for what we perceive through our sense of smell – with our nose; for what we perceive with our mouth; for what we perceive with our hands and legs. – What is real? – Real is that what I walk with; real is that what I touch with; real is that what I eat with; real is what I perceive with my sense of smell; real is what I hear; real is what I see. But there is another reality, higher than this. Real is what I feel inside me; real is what I think about; real is what I can do in every particular case. There are two realities: The one is a relative reality – of the ill people. The other is an absolute reality – of the healthy people. If you go to an ill person, he will talk to you scientifically about his leg that his knee cannot fold. The healthy person does not put himself in the place of the ill person. The healthy person, who has never been ill, cannot put himself in the shoes of the ill man; he does not know what pain is. The ill man says, “If you could have my experience!” – Thanks, I don’t want to have your experience. A Bulgarian from the Varna region, from the village of Nikolaevka, told me how he had travelled one day in his cart, drawn by two horses. Some time, he saw a boy walking after the cart and begging to get on, to put his bags in the cart, because they were heavy. He stopped the cart and told the boy, “Take the reins, I will get off for a while and we will go then in a while”. When the boy caught the whip, he hit the horses and the man had to run after him two kilometres until he managed to catch him. You will take a child in your cart, get off for a while and then you will have a peculiar experience. There is no need to tell about that kind of experience – you imagine what it is. When in winter time you are taken your quilt or your clothes, what will be your experience? You will feel cold and you will understand that you have lost much. If it is summer time, you will not feel great loss. The contemporary people should not lose the reality that the state of their health gives them, that makes them sound. A call this reality – reality of the virtues of humanity. Today the powerful word is not “God’, but humanity. Humanity is required from everybody. If in your humanity you do not love your fellow-mate, if you do not love your father, if you do not love your daughter, if you do not love your son, if you do not love your friend, if you do not love your servant, if you do not love all animals that serve you, what is the greatness of man in? If you take a minister down from the reality in which he is, where does he go? Has he gone to the other world? Now in Bulgaria all ministers that have ruled for four years are under trial. They have made a mistake, for which now they are being judged. Will they send them to the other world? Now they are discussing when they condemn them, how will they execute them – by hanging or by shooting. All people are scared. And let the ministers say, “Bothers, we have made a mistake, forgive us. We will correct our mistake in the future, not only in words, but by our deeds.” I give a piece of advice: Instead of sentencing them to death, they should send them to a village to serve for five years to a good villager. The minister should get up early, put the horses to the cart and go to the field to plough. Moreover, he should work not only for the host, but also for the whole village. And the minister is required to be a model servant. This idea cannot be applied now, but in the future. When a professor makes a mistake, he should become a servant; when a teacher makes a mistake, he should become a servant; when a student makes a mistake, he should become a servant; when a religious person makes a mistake, he should become a servant. Everybody should offer his services voluntarily and say, “I did not fulfil God’s law, I want to serve for no money; I will serve you for a whole year only for bread, I will be a model of a good servant.” Now you ask the question how is it possible to serve for no money. It is not bad to serve for money, but it is not bad to serve for no money, too. When it is about serving for no money, you are discontented. Say, what impels the mother and the father to serve their children? What is the base of the institution of married life? There love manifests and they serve for no money. What does the marriage lie on? There the man and the woman serve to each other without money. One sacrifices, and the other sacrifices. The entire dispute, all the difficulties come from the fact that the woman does not work according to her promise and the man does not work according to his promise. It is not easy to serve with love. I am talking about the family as a great thing, as a noble institution. For it great knowledge is needed. The man must be a virtuoso to live well in his family. You see how difficult compositions some fiddlers play. You listen to the ninth symphony of Beethoven or the sixth symphony of Tchaikovsky and you see that ordinary fiddlers cannot perform them. Great musicians are needed. To play something by Beethoven or Tchaikovsky all musicians must be good. All members of an orchestra must have knowledge. I say, the whole humanity is composed of choir singers and instrumentalists, sent on earth to sing and play. If you speak, you are a singer; if you write, you are a singer; if you walk, you are a singer; if you work, you are a singer. When you work with love, you are a singer and a musician. I watch if a man makes some sound or noise when he is walking. If he makes a sound, I say, “This man is a musician”. If he makes noise, I say, “This man is a beginner; he has hardly entered the school, he cannot walk yet. He cannot take the tones in the right way. A man who works, who can sew, who can write is a musician. The experienced poet and writer has something musical in him. The one, who is not musical writes and erases until finally he tears the paper off and says, “There is no way out!” The Genesis provides three possibilities for the man: To move in the real, to move in the unreal and to move in the hyper-real. When you come to love, you will not ask what it is, but you will say, “I have the right to love” I will do my duty, my task without any law. How will I love, this is my business. What paper I will write on, what envelopes I will use, this is my business. Nobody has the right to intervene in my business. Who can read will open the envelope and read in the way he can. Every person has the right to be part pf reality and hyper-reality – to be wise. Who is a wise man? – The one who does not make mistakes. – What is love? – Power that does not admit hate. In love everything is beautiful. Every man has the right to be part of hyper-reality, to love the truth. – What is the truth? – A place where there is absolutely no lie. The truth is a place where there is eternal harmony, the eternal goods of life. We call this bliss. A man can express himself in truth as he wants to. This is the eternal life, this is immortality. Who loves the truth, he is immortal. Now we dwell on what Christ said two thousand years ago. What Christ said two thousand years ago was for the people who lived then, it is not for us. Why didn’t they believe in that reality? Christ must come today to talk to the people again. What will he talk? If he comes today, Christ will not cure only one ill person, but he will cure all ill people; he will feed all hungry people; all stupid people will become clever; he will bring together [reconcile] all people who quarrel. If Christ comes today, he will open all prisons, he will give freedom to everybody; he will teach all the people how to work. – How will he teach them? – As the sun teaches all plants and little bugs to work. When the sun rises, every plant already knows what to do; when the sun rises, every little bug knows what to do. You say, “Let Christ come, to see Him, to fix the world.” Imagine that Christ has come but you are blind and you do not see Him; you are deaf and you do not hear Him; your smell is attenuated, you perceive nothing from the external world; your tongue is ill, you cannot teat; your legs are weak, you cannot walk; your hands are ill, you cannot work. In this situation what will be your benefit that Christ has come? Christ has come, but you cannot learn. What do you gain if you do not love anybody and nobody loves you? All abnormalities in the world are due to the fact that love is not manifested. If love shows [manifests] itself, all things will be put in place. The airplane moves thanks to the electricity that drives the engines. If electricity is cut, the airplane stops. The locomotive moves thanks to the coal. If there is no coal, the locomotive stops moving. The people die, too, i.e. they stop moving due to their silly deeds. They have created such laws by which they torment each other. And after all this, they talk about culture. What of a culture it is? The earth still does not offer a world of harmony. It is just coming out of the disharmonious world and enters into the harmonious one. The future mankind that is coming now is a candidate for the new sky and for the new earth, for the new freedom, for the new order of things. The first article of the new constitution says: You will love the people with no money. The second article of the new constitution says: You will teach people for no money. The third article of the new constitution says: You will work for the people for no money. Is this possible? – It is possible. How much do you pay the little river that waters your garden? If the little river can do you a favour for no money, why a man cannot do the same thing? A man can also do s favour for no money, but he needs knowledge how to do it. If the river is muddy and hardly runs, even if it wants to do you a favour, it cannot. The man needs knowledge. Now I don’t want you to lose heart with your life. A man gets discouraged when his shoes get worn out; a man gets discouraged when his clothes are worn out, when he cannot use them for work; a man loses heart when he gets old, when his hair turns white. He says, “My hair has turned white, I have grown old.” – This is the greatest good that God has given you. The white hair shows that you have to be absolutely unselfish. You must understand what God tells you by your white hair. If you do not understand, you say, “My hair has turned white, I have grown old.” God tells you, “Now with your white hair you will go to the people to serve them for no money, to work selflessly, to show them what love is. And you say, “My job is over.” And you expect to go to the other world, to be helped by the angels. You are blessed if this happens in the way you have expected and thought. You are unhappy if it happened in the way you haven’t thought. Often the people – young and old, temporarily lose their conscience like the Russian king who has fallen in lethargy. The power of his heart has stopped and he was like dead. The doctor concluded that his heart does not work, it can start again but you have to know how to help yourselves. At that time the eyes of the man are closed and he feels everything, he hears everything that the other people around him say. The king was engaged. The father comes with his daughter, the king’s fiancée. The father said to his daughter, “You must cry, to show that you have loved him” – There is no use to pretend, I have loved him because of necessity, as a king, but now I cannot pretend that I love him. What was the situation of the king listening to the conversation between the father and the daughter? So even if you are a king, the people may not love you. You say, “To be beautiful!” – Even if you are beautiful, the people may not love you. Do the people love the beautiful hen? They catch it for the throat, put the knife over it and try its meat. Do the people love the beautiful pig? They love it when they take it into their stomach. This is another reality yet. Reality has several degrees: reality, unreality and hyper-reality. Reality is in touch with hyper-reality, hyper-reality is in touch with love. Hyper-reality is in touch with life. The movement is a result of life. So, through the movement we have access to life. Also we have access to life through learning and through work. The real life is in the movement, and in learning, and in work. People do not make a difference between things that give access to life. Access is when we have the conditions to show [manifest] life. As a rule, the people should know what the task of the whole humanity is. They also have to know what the task of the tree is. The task of the tree is to preserve all its leaves, not to let a single leaf to fall from it. Sometimes a leaf can fall, but only if it is in favour of something. What will happen to the tree if all leaves fall down? – Life stops, i.e. the access to reality is cut. A tree whose leaves fall down cannot give fruit. Until the leaves are on the tree, it can have blossoms and set fruit. When the leaves are fallen down, it cannot have blossoms, neither can it set fruit. Do you think that a man who is ill can serve God? Do you think that the discouraged man can serve God? You can get discouraged, but if you take certain experience out of it. If every time you get discouraged your conceptions are wrong, you have to stop and make them right. People get ill for the only reason that nature stops them in life to come in full consciousness to learn what they should do. Somebody is ill for a certain time and says, “The doctors have cured me.” He has given some thousand levs, he has some injections made, but when he makes the same mistakes, three-four months later he gets ill again. The injections are in place, but there have never been made so many injections to the people as now. Do you think that the people now are much cleverer than the people in the past? They are cleverer with respect to the fact that when they fill a notebook with writing, they say, “There is no room to write, the notebook is already full” When you say this, you feel free. I say, our notebooks of suffering are almost overfilled. A lot of suffering! There is no need of them anymore. Some people say that they will suffer in the other world, too – there is hell there. The great theologians and preachers say that as long as it is necessary for the water on earth to evaporate drop by drop, so many years will the man suffer in hell. This is a wrong philosophy. Hell is a school to correct people. God has created hell for the stubborn and self-willed spirits, when they spend some time there, their stubborn heads to grow wiser. When they get up, God takes them out with his pincers and says, “Let’s get to work now!” Who does not understand why he has been sent to hell says, “God, thank you that you have sent me here in the warm air.” God answers him, “According to me you are not in hell not to be in a warm place, but to learn. Did you learn how to correct your life?” Hell is a place for correcting your life, and the present life is a place to work, for the good of the people. This is the new conception. They say that God has made hell. Who has He talked to? Whom has He told this? God has never talked to anybody till now. You will say that the Spirit has talked to somebody. What has he told him? If the Spirit tells somebody to love people, I understand it; if he tells him to enlighten people, I understand it; but if he tells him to give freedom to the people, I understand this, too. The Spirit tells him to delude people, to hate them, and this is not human. This is an empty bag that needs to be filled up with new, fresh bread. A man came to me and began telling me about his situation: he was married, his wife was ill, he had three children. He was talking and wriggling his face in suffering. I listened to him and smiled. Then I told him, “Listen, my friend, why don’t you tell the truth? You are not married, you have no wife and no children. This is fantasy. Tell me the truth and I will give you more than when you lie to me. This is according to the old method. Tell me the truth in a new way. Say, “I am not married, I have no children, but I am hungry”. If you are alone, I will invite you in my home, I will give you a nice lunch. If you are alone, I will accept you better than if you have a wife and children. People lie, telling that they have wives and children to look weighty. What will I give that person? If I give him 100 levs, what will he do with them? – Nothing special. You cannot do anything with 100 levs. Give up the inherited possessions of your fathers and grandfathers. Give up the lie, even the white lie. Give up the old wealth of the past ages. Another wealth is needed now. I like one characteristic of the Bulgarian. When a gipsy comes to him in the field to beg, he makes him work. If he has come at nine o’clock, he will work till noon and then he will give him food. When the gipsy has food, he does not work anymore. But the Bulgarian does not pay him until he does not finish the work. The Bulgarian says, “First we will work, then we will eat.” – I am hungry. – I am hungry, too, I know that. The rule is: first we will work, and then we will eat. In the future it will be in the same way. If the man and the woman work, they eat. If they do not work, they will not eat. This is a law: We have to work in order to open a way for the good in life. Food is a great good. For the one who works, eating is in place. When you eat you must have one excellent thought, one excellent feeling and one excellent deed. If all the people have lived in that way, they would be young and beautiful like the angels. And now as you see, many people have white hair. Do you know why the hair of some people is black? Those with the black hair have their ground still barren, the wheat has not grown out yet, when it grows out, it will be green. Those with the white hair – the wheat is ripe, harvest is coming. When the wheat is reaped, the hair will turn black again. Thus there is a change, once white hair, then black hair. Some people are born with white hair. The white hair not always means old age. Often the hair turns white from suffering. This is a premature whitening of the hair. I advise you to take care of yourselves, so that your hair does not turn white prematurely. I do not support white hair. Your hairs should not fall off in advance. When the hair of a man gets white, this is normal anyway, but to have his hair falling off, this is not in the natural order of things. This shows that the head is ploughed up and unplanted. In this case you must be a hero. I would like your field to be planted so that you carry all the goods on your head. A great thing is coming for everybody. We have to realize that. The face of the present man, the head of the present man, the hands and the legs of the present man, as well as all parts, must be transformed. You can meet few people who are set up in the right way – they don’t possess the needed beauty. The face of the present man must exhale something good, life and light must come out of his head, as it comes out from the sun. What is the sun light due to? – To the creatures that live on the sun – to the sun residents. The most reasonable creatures live in the solar system. They distribute the sun energy all over the whole solar system, they decide how much and when to send. They know how many people live on the earth, they know their names. They know the Bulgarians, they know their budget. They know England, France, Russia – all countries. They know how many seas and oceans are there on the earth, how many bugs and plants there are – they know everything. I do not want to convince you about that – there is no need of convincing. In my opinion what exists – it exists and there is no need to be proved. If there is a reasonable form of life, it exists. If there is a sun, it exists; if there is no sun, it does not exist. Since there is a reasonable form of life, the sun shines. If there is no reasonable life, the sun will disappear. If there is no reasonable life, the earth will become dark, too. If the earth has not become dark till now, is because there is reason, there is a reasonable life. You say: The new influences. That is not the question. You know that something inside you, inside the very person, talks. Sometimes you are not satisfied with yourselves. – Why are you not satisfied? – Your Love is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves – your Wisdom is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves – your Truth is not in place. You are dissatisfied with yourselves – your life is not in place; You are dissatisfied with yourselves – your knowledge is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves – your freedom is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves – your movement is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves – your learning is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves - your work is not in place. Do you think that it will be reasonable on my part if I take the scythe and mow the green grass? When the farmer sees this will he praise me? He will tell me, “Brother, why do you do such a stupid thing?” If I cause damage to the ripe wheat, will he praise me? But I should not touch the unripe wheat, too. Many of the contemporary people are confused, they don’t know when what to do. Everything can be done, but when the right time comes. Some people say to me, “Foretell something!” I would foretell many things, but it is not the right time now. Some years ago I foretold that there would be a war in 1914 and namely in that war Germany will lose. Then I warned the Bulgarians to hurry and make peace, but they did not listen to me. They chased me, they interned me. I used to say, “You can intern me, you can do whatever you want, but you will lose the war.” I have also foretold that the present war will happen. I have said that many towns, capitals will be stricken – Berlin, London, even Sofia. When I was telling these things, nobody wanted to listen to me. I did not think out these things, but I say that the people have brought the things to a crisis that cannot be avoided. I see a carter driving his cart very fast – about to break it. I see a train that is traveling with greater speed than it should – soon it can derail somewhere. This is very natural. You do not need great philosophy to predict this. When I see a car driving slowly, I know that no accident would happen. I predict to somebody that he will become poor. – Why? Because he spends more money than he should. I can predict to somebody that he will become an erudite. Why? – I see that the person studies, that he is diligent. There is something that is known for the man, without him realizing how it would happen. I also know that some things change, and some things do not change. Some things that are predicted happen; sometimes the facts change the prophecy. Do not think that the prophecy always comes true. Sometimes it comes true, sometimes it is late, and sometimes it does not come true. The one who can see far has strong eyesight. The one who does not see, his eyesight is weak – he does not know many things. All the knowledge is in eyesight. I see things well. God has given me this eyesight. Some people say about somebody else, “He is a prophet”. Who of you is not a prophet? In some respect you are prophets. I would like all people to be prophets, to see well and to see the good things. To see well, this is the prophecy. I am sorry when the people are not prophets. Then they are blind. Now I will foretell you something. Once I have told you something, now I will foretell you something else. I say, an age is coming about which the people have never thought. The world, the people will be so good, that you will not want to separate from earth. When this time comes, you will see by yourselves. – In how many years? – I will tell you in ten years. Now be safe and sound, but when you live to see these thousand years you will understand me as humans. Such good is coming in thousand years, what I am telling you will come true – you will check it. Consider the first day – the day of your spirit – a day in which the light has manifested. Consider the second day – the day of your soul, a day in which love has manifested. Consider the third day – the day of your mind – a day in which the knowledge has manifested. Consider the fourth day – the day of your heart – a day in which the conscious life has manifested. Consider the fifth day – the day of your will – a day of your strength that has come to help you. Consider the sixth day – a day of the Eternal Word that has lighted you up and made you a master of your destiny. Consider the seventh day – the day of God, the Eternal origin of everything – a day of nature from which we have to learn everything – a day of your rest when you serve all virtues. Remember that you were born to be wise [reasonable]. Do not give way to the unreason [madness]. Who will enter into the new age, i.e. in the future life? – Those who serve to Love; those who serve to Wisdom; those who serve to the Truth. Those who serve to life; those who serve to knowledge; those who serve to the freedom. Those who serve to the movement; those who serve to learning; those who serve to work – the future is for them. It is said [written] to be so. Note: This lecture is taken from the printed volume „The Testament of Love“ volume 2, pages 141–164, since it is missing in the State Archive. Source
  4. Note 1 Hidden Treasure 1924 year, XVI lecture from the youth class, 3rd November, 1944, Friday, 5:00 H a.m., Sofia, Izgreva The Lord’s Prayer. „Life is beautiful“. Who of you reads best? Who reads most distinctly to read lecture „The achievable and unachievable“ from „Path in life“. (A brother read the lecture.) Have you solved this task – the achievable and the unachievable? If you multiply something by one, what will you achieve? You must understand what is meant by the word achievable and unachievable. One of the words is negative – unachievable, or limited and unlimited, boundary and boundless. The achievable is boundary, the unachievable is boundless. If by the word “achievable” you understand that it is real, it is limited, it’s little. You have a limited loaf of bread, you eat it, and it is finished. In a day, the job with the bread is done. Should you have thousands loaves of bread, for how many days will you have them? How many years will thousand levs take you? So when the achievable things finish they cause suffering. When money is over it causes suffering. When you have money and it does not finish, you are glad. The river that runs away and turns into vapour causes suffering. The one that does not evaporate and does not dry out, you can always count on it. This is the inner sense. The achievable is limited; it is achievable for a certain moment. You solve just one task. There is not only one task in the world. There is countless number of tasks. The sense of life is in all the tasks. For example, let’s take the contemporary man. If we consider the contemporary man on earth only physically, it is one third of reality; if we consider him from spiritual point of view, it is two-thirds of reality; if we consider him from mental point of view, it is three thirds of reality. Three thirds is already a whole one. Everything that is whole one has processes. The whole things show and grow. When you divide a seed it does not grow out. When you sow it whole, it grows up. The whole things grow and evolve. What grows, grows always. For example, an apple tree – the tree could be old, and it withers up. Since it has withered, there is a number of sown little seeds. The life of a tree constantly passes from one form into another. This is not for the ordinary life. This teaching about reality is not for the ordinary life. You plough in the field and you would say, “This is not teaching, I do not need it to plough.” You will plough to get in. Where do you have to get in? From the real into the unreal. When you finish the field you say, “I have finished ploughing.” But you have not done the sowing. You have finished this process on earth. Now you remain in the spiritual world to plough. When you finish ploughing there, you will go into the mental world to plough there. After the ploughing, there will be sowing. The contemporary people think that the real is something, you do it and it is real. It is relatively real. What constantly changes, it is relatively real. Or let’s make a new interpretation. Some people replace the integer with a fraction. If you want the whole thing to appear, to replace a whole number with a fraction, it is impossible. If you cut one leg and you keep it, what will be the use of this leg? You keep this leg as a saint. If there was only one saint in the world, but there are thousands of saints. Does this saint have only one leg? Let’s say, how many hairs has the Providence put on the man’s head. Some have 150 thousand, some – 200 thousand, some – 250 thousand, others have 300 thousand, but they are few. Do you know what role does each hair play in the physical world? These are antennas. The hairs that are down at the ears are antennas for destruction. When you receive you settle down belligerently to fight. These cells give a flight of imagination. Someone says, “He is a clever man.” All powers reflect on him. Or these hairs that are on the centre of love to God, they are antennas. There are antennas everywhere; the head is full of antennas. When your antennas fall off, what happens? You cannot receive the impressions from the outer world. You say, “I cannot think anymore.” Not that you cannot think, but there are no antennas, you cannot receive impressions from outside. First, why do the hairs fall off? Because of discontent. You say, “God, why have you made them, I am sick and tired of combing this hair. The lice hide in the hair, can I have no hair, the lice have eaten me up.” Today you are discontent, tomorrow you are discontent, your hair falls off, there are no connections. You must have a very good comb. What is the comb? It is a science. The hairs must be parallel; the antennas must not be intertwined. When the hairs are intertwined, the things do not go right. Sometimes when you comb you are angry that you have dawn a hair; you take it and throw it on the ground. Do you know how much is an antenna on the head of a man? Ten million English pounds. 250 thousand hairs at ten millions each, and you sit and say, “I am a very poor man.” We are people who walk on the surface of the earth, we have all wealth stored and we say, “We are very poor people, we will starve to death.” There must be new understanding. When you get discouraged, put your hands on the hair. Sometimes people take their heads. Someone, without knowing, puts his hands on his head, holds his head with both hands. He says, “Wealth is in the head.” Take the sun, in what way does the sun dye? If you diffract the light, there are the colours; remove the prism and there is no colour. Take the birds, how have they learned to colour their feathers? Wearing the clothes, they constantly dye them. We first dye the clothes and just then put them on. These animals wear their clothes and wearing them, they dye them very beautifully. The law is as follows: when there is a thought in your mind, leave it to explain itself alone, do not want to turn it out, to study it. The thought must speak to you. Until you do not listen to it speaking to you, it will remain for you not understood. It is you that consider thoughts unreal things, you say, “A fantasy”. First, there are many saints, who have become saints from sinners. How did they become saints? They were sinners, they were in the world of sin. Then they said that the sin was not real. You live like a soldier, to fight. You fight this one, you fight that one. One day you become convinced that fighting does not work well. You start believing. What do you believe in? You start rejecting the war. Has the war finished? If you take a sheet of paper and you write down some poems, if you print these poems and give them to the people; or sometimes you, like some grocer, make a bag and put inside ten lumps of sugar and give the paper somebody. What is the value of this paper with the ten lumps of sugar? I have often found sheets of paper on the ground, the sugar eaten up and the paper thrown down. Many times I have met booklet with poems, staying in the pockets, being carried for years. One would take it out, read it, then put it again in the pocket. There is no sugar, there is nothing. The paper with the sugar, when sugar is eaten up, the paper is worth nothing; the other paper has no sugar, but it is valuable. The sweetness comes from the unreal world. By the word ‘unreal’ we understand the unlimited world, a world of all opportunities not yet manifested. Let’s say, you think if it is possible that one day the people become perfect. Is it possible that one day the people will not be at war? It is possible. The war will be changed with something better. The war is a very simple thing. I have watched the children; when they cannot open an object, they take it and hit it on the ground. They cannot open a bottle; they break it and it spills on the ground. We, the contemporary people very often break. You get angry and you break friendly relations. You say, “He has insulted me.” What is the insult in? If you believe that the lake that is 40 kilometres wide and the same size long, and someone has come and taken a cup of water from this lake, do you have to get angry? Your contemporary anger resembles these people with the rich lakes. And even asking how without my permission he has taken a cup of water from the lake. He must ask. When this water goes in the lake does it ask you whether to go in? You say, “He should have asked me.” The water has not in the least have asked you. It has gone in without having asked you. You say that the man should have asked you when he took the water. The water had gone in without asking you, and he dipped up a cup of the water that had not asked you. If you take a cup of water put in a bottle, then you should ask. The water that has not asked you and has gone in the lake and the man has taken some, he has no right to ask. It is not your business. You all suffer from pains. You take water from somewhere, and you are asked who had let you do it. Why haven’t you asked me? If we had to ask everywhere, what would happen? There is someplace where is no need to ask. When a man starts to the other world does he ask his relatives? When they start to the other world, do they ask? They don’t ask anybody. A student has left the university. When you finish school, you leave it. If he has left the school before graduating, then asking is needed. Why did you leave it? Because he cannot study. A student who stops studying, is he a student? At the moment you stop studying, you are not a student anymore. When you start studying, you are a student. So that, you are not students at all times. I will tell you a joke. A 90-year old man in Europe has studied at university for 70 years; at 90 he graduated university and went to the other world. Why had he studied for 70 years? This shows great perseverance. For 70 years he has shown great perseverance. The young people mocked at this old man, saying, “When will you finish?” He answered, “There is time.” Now I am asking, this old man who has studied for 70 years when for graduating University it takes four years, how many batches of graduates will be there? About 18 batches of graduates. This old man realized his mistake that when he studied on earth he has left the school many times, and now he says, “I will finish it.” How many years has he studied? For 70 years he has done his duty and said to himself, “I have to end this up.” These seventy years were missed. When he graduated, he was received to the invisible world. When he goes, he can come back from the invisible world. If he were not 70, he would not be taken. Now we have to do something on the earth. Acquiring a virtue is not an easy job. You talk about justice. What is justice? You perceive by intuition, you do not have to learn justice, you are born with it, you understand justice. Justice is what you understand. No one can teach you. What is taught is not justice. It can be something else, it can be honesty. Every person has his own understanding of justice. It is manifested internally. You have it as a given feature in you. Love falls under the same law. It is not something that can be learnt. You will learn the manifestations of love, but you will not learn the nature of love. It manifests by itself. If you want to explain it in a scientific way, your mind will be immediately darkened. When you study unreal things your mind is darkened. You ask what love is. It is mental derangement. You can never know what love is. Nobody knows what love is as a whole. As manifestation, yes, they know what it is. – What makes the bird feed its children with no money; what makes the mother work without money, what makes them do all the things and to feel pleasure in doing them, this is love. This is the rule: First the possible, then the impossible. First the achievable, then the unachievable. First the real, then the unreal. Not the unreal first, then the real. First must be the achievable, then the unachievable. This is how you have to think. The unreachable world and the unreal world are a very broad area in which the human mind works. The real is the known, the known world that becomes a measure for the unknown. I will read to you page 201 from „Path to Life“. /He read it/ Who does more work, the one who goes out or the one who goes in? The seed that falls in the ground does a great job. The seed that grows out does more work. So you cannot go out from where you have not gone in. Hence, another conclusion: you cannot go in where they do not love you. You cannot go out from where they do not want you. When some people do not want you, why they don’t want you? They give you the freedom to go out from the house. When they don’t want you in prison, you will go out. When they want you, you will be limited. They tell you to leave. What is bad about it that you have to leave? You have to leave, you have to go in the house. In winter there is snow, you can stay outside and you will freeze to death. So, in the bad conditions, get inside, in good conditions, go outside. In bad conditions you will go in prison, in good conditions you will go out of prison. These are interpretations. Someone says, “I suffer much” Suffering is in place. In the contemporary world first you worry about a nice book; you have no money to buy it. Then you have to learn what is in the book. Then you have to tell what it is inside. If you cannot remember what you have read, the other people will consider you ignorant, that you do not know how to read. Sometimes animals are considered to be stupid. The bear feeds well in autumn, so that when she hibernates in winter to eat from the reserves. She stores food in order to spend several months in hibernation. Sometimes you become emaciated like the bear. You have spent the time in hibernation and you have eaten all reserves. In spring you will go out to have some food, to get fat again. The hibernation period will come again. It can come many times. I say that sufferings will stop only in this way. When will the sufferings of the student be over? The teacher in music chides his student, he scolds him; when the student learns to play, the teacher does not scold him anymore. When we learn to sing well in life, sufferings will stop. Now we complain, but we do not play. What are sufferings? Not understanding the harmony of life. We, the contemporary people have the habit to put the gramophone record, to wind the gramophone up and it starts playing. The record is playing for itself. You must play like the record. Where will you put the gramophone needle on the man? The record has learnt from the man. This needle is put perpendicularly, when it hits down, it talks. The needle of a man, when he talks is put horizontally. The human tongue is a needle. When this needle moves, it forms all the words. The man speaks by a needle. You have to know how to wind up. The man is a record to wind it up. The language must be educated. Very often the records that talk do not have good needles and they rub off. The tongue also must be educated. Education is nothing else, but refining the tongue so that it can communicate very well, and transmit the tones of nature, musically. How many melodies do you have in the repertoire of your speech; with how many records do you operate? Some of you have two, three records; they talk with them in a very ordinary way. Some have 4-5 thousand records. When you put one record, do not use it again. To have three-four thousand records is wealth. For example, the earth can do just one favour; for one year it can go round the sun. If the sun did not move we would be discontented. The sun will make a tour, the earth will make a tour around the sun. The sun makes a tour for two hundred millions of years. To make one tour the sun needs two hundred millions of years; the earth needs one year. You cannot enter the tour of the sun if you have not been in the tour of the earth before. Every year when the earth goes around the sun, you are in an area, there is diversity. You never pass twice through one and the same place. In the whole space there is diversity and it is full of opportunities. There is wealth. When the earth goes, when the sun goes, the man draws from the wealth of nature. The conclusion is: In suffering you will achieve something. In all contradiction in your life, whatever they are, there is wealth. If you look at them, you will make use of them. Sing a song (“I can achieve“.) Only the bright path of Wisdom leads to Truth. In the Truth Life is hidden. Source
  5. Note 1 The Easiest Thing Year 1924, XVIII lecture from the general class, 8th November, 1944, Wednesday, 5:00 a.m., Sofia, Izgreva The Good Prayer. „Strength and health are wealth“. The first words that the man has said first are not long words; they are very short ones. They were made of voice and one sound. There is transitional knowledge; there is another knowledge that is constantly growing. There is knowledge that is like the snow, that melts; it increases in winter and decreases in summer. There is knowledge that is growing. It is like the fruit trees. There are many theories now. You also have theories; they are good. Theories are pictures, shadows. They are a movie. You should not talk to the ill person about nice clothes, nice shoes. It is essential. They say, “Clothes do not cost money. Even if you dress the ill man, he is still ill. If you put on him nice shoes, he is still ill. Until we reach the state to have health that is constant. Now health is transitory. For instance, you have a stomach-ache and you don’t know what the reason is. Sometimes you have a headache, you don’t know the reason. Sometimes you have pains in the back. The head and the stomach give directives to the illnesses. When the head suffers, the reasons are physical. When the stomach suffers, the reasons are spiritual. The stomach suffers when it is not pious, when it does not make God’s Will. And there are cases when the earthly things are not judged well. For example, you are a grocer and you take aside one lev for you, you have the brains to do it. You do not follow God’s Will; you think about material things. You get dressed but you want to be liked be the other people. A man must dress well to encourage the others for the good. A man must dress well not only to please the other people. A man to dress well, this is goodness. It is like the fruit tree, which must give fruits. Every tree is known by its fruits. A man is known by his clothes. What the clothes are, such is the man. It is not an easy thing to know how to dress. How will you dress? If you have attire and you have it stolen, what will you put on? You have some nice pairs of shoes and you have them stolen, what will you put on your feet? So I say: You all need a stimulus. Now people do not have one essential stimulus. There are stimuli but they are not essential. You have to know what to start first with. When you get up in the morning, what is most important? You will step with your feet on the ground. You want to read a book. You will take it with your hands. What is essential? It is when it comes to your mind to read a book, to know how to use your hands and legs, as a fiddler, who plays well. Everybody can play, everybody can sing. There is no person, who cannot play. If you love one person, when he sings to you, you like his singing, because love mends singing. If you do not love him, even if he sings and plays well, you find fault with him again. When you love him, everything is good. Often people say that there is egoism. If you would have a real love to yourselves, life would be right. If the man has the stimulus of love in him, he would not commit a crime. All crimes are due to external reasons. Let the man start now with the love to himself, to the Divine that is hidden in the man. If you start now, there will be an immediate change in all of you. Now you struggle with yourselves, with some of your hopes, you are constantly finding some faults. You expect when you go to the other world to correct yourselves among the angels, to become angels. Among the angels you cannot become angels. You have to learn. You have to know the word learning, how to get the learning, how to use it. Then, what direction to give to that knowledge of learning. I say: We shall start with the least obstacles. Not to leave now what you have. Somebody says, “We should renounce ourselves. This renouncement and denial is an internal process. It is a Divine process. Let’s say that you go to the market. You take money; you have copper coins and golden coins. In the choice it is important what money you will take. If you go to buy some material with copper coins, you have one disposition. If you go to buy with golden coins, you will have different disposition. Now you buy with paper money. There is no stability with the paper money. This shows that people have quite faith. It is not bad to believe in paper books. But in the Divine world things are real only when hyper-reality is on their side. The knowledge should not be like a paper book, it should not be like a coin that gets rusted and bears poison. And this is necessary. Many of you have had very nice voices. Because of lack of knowledge you have maimed the voice. You say, “Next time when we come to earth.” Next time when you come is a question. People are far from perfect in their religious understanding. For example, you say, “I serve God.” Every day you serve God, but you are not afraid of Him. Whatever you do 20 times in a day, you are not afraid, neither you have love. You have one God, you have made him like that. God is yours. He is the same as you are. Now what am I, if I love myself, then I will have that real image. “God made the man in his personification.” So, we have to exalt God’s image not in a mechanical way. It is a very easy thing. If you go to America, you can play all songs to some American, they also have their own songs, like the Bulgarians. They have a song called “Yankee do do”; when you start playing it, the American is absolutely delighted. This song is nothing special, it is an ordinary song. The American says, “Could you play “Yankee do do” for me?” The Bulgarian says, “Could you play for me the song “The forest has started crying” or “Stoyan was talking to his mom.” For Bulgarians this is a classical song; everybody knows it. Someone says, “Start singing a horo song. You stand up; you do not sing the horo songs. You don’t know how to dance them; it is not easy to dance a horo song. A have watched few dancers who could dance well. They dance in a classical way, musically, it is a real art. There is certain flexibility of the body. Not only to tramp with the whole foot and raise dust. Then, there are many things, we shake hands, we glance, we talk, but like an allegory, we make it willy-nilly, just to have it done. Well, it is not our fault. We wear certain clothes that have been imposed on us. Sometimes you go to buy a piece of clothing; the clothier will convince you that some colour is good. You have something in mind, but you have been convinced; later you are sorry that you have bought this cloth. It is the same as religion is concerned. Some things inside you are tuned in a certain way, but you feel that there is something wrong with what you believe in. You talk about love; you feel that there is something wrong in love. A man who has been leavened with love is very prudent, very careful. Some years ago we were traveling toward an eastern country and we were passing by a village. I said, “There is one good man in this village.” Since the whole sky is cloudy, there is one whole circle of clear blue sky above the village. This colour is because of the soul and the spirit of that man in the village. The good weather depends on the rational people. The fruits that are born on the earth depend on the rational people. All the good is due to the good people, who work. You say, “If we live well, what is it as we live? There will be fruits, rivers will flow, the ice will melt, the sun will shine well. If all the people would have thought in that way, if they would live in that way, this war would not happen. Now this war happened. Those who allowed it will correct it. To avoid wars in the future, the people must change their lives. To change the life, God has decided to change the sky and the earth. He has decided to put the old earth aside and to create new sky and new earth. A new earth, where there will be no sins and no vices; there will be no place for wars. With the earth and the sky that we have the war is unavoidable. Whatever you say, the war will come. Now, say a number from this book so to read /The King’s Way of the Soul/, there are about 344 pages. Choose a number, no matter what. One of you to give the number, the luckiest one; someone, who is the best among you. /He read the following on page 214: „As long as you live in the world of contradictions you have to know that you are under the law of suggestion. No one mortal, even no one immortal is free from this law”. – So it can be suggested. Because there is a difference between suggestion and inspiration. /The Master read the whole 115 page and continued on page 116 up to … “I say both to the men and women to take out their capital from the human banks and to put it in the Divine bank.” Now we live in an age where the banks go bankrupt. In the past war in America 12 thousand banks went bankrupt. (He continued reading.) “If they do not live well, the reason is that God is not among them. They believe each other, but they do not believe God and as a result they get disappointed. The contemporary humanity lives in lack of faith. If it comes to the official faith, everybody has such, but the head of the people has turned grey of official faiths.” Wherever you look now, there are millions of wounded people; some have a leg or an arm torn off, some has his eye taken out, there are different wounds. Why? You would say, “This is in duty, may be it is necessary for the fatherland.” So, I say, as we make this war due to suggestion because of people, if in the same way we would do what God wants, then what a big difference there would exist. Someone will ask how to love somebody. I will give you an example. If you want to try love, start with the bees. Take water to them. Find a nice flower, put it in water and place it where there are bees. This is love. The bees will perch on the flower and will drink water. They would not know; they would thank that the Providence, God’s Providence has been providential. This water is your love that manifests. And I say: All good things that we try, come to our mind, to our heart due to creatures that apply the law of love. Some day you are merry. You remember that state during your whole life. It is due to some creature that shows what real love is in. There are such states when God withdraws from the world and then darkness falls, the people do not recognize each other. You pray, you feel, God is not there. Someone says, “I am indisposed.” You are indisposed, there is some obstacle. Now, in the time of bombings how did you pray? If now you pray like that, the others will consider you insane. You shouted in your prayers to cry down the din from the shells and bombs that were falling down; you competed in shouting. You said, “Get away; do not burst around us’. Leave these people pray. I say, they pray very well. Now it seems to you funny. You say, “Aren’t we educated”. I wonder for one thing. We cannot do the easiest thing in the world. There is nothing easier than love. It is the easiest thing. The flies know how to do it; the plants know how to do it. We, the people cannot do it. Love first manifests God, than itself. Finally it manifests the others. Or first you should manifest God’s love. It should manifest itself in you as it is. If you take a prism and drive the ray through it, is it you who create the light. You diffract the light, but you do not make the colours. You have the prism, you diffract the light, and you make an image of a scene. Somebody says I cannot do this. You cannot do it by yourself, but when you put the prism, the light gets diffracted. You put the other prism, the light gets together. It depends on us to put the prism. The prism in this case is our mind, through which God’s Love must pass, so that we can see it. Do you paint the wall with the prism? You can project the light on the wall; the red colour does not become an image. So, love does not become an image in us. As far as it exists, there are images [scenes]; when it withdraws, all images disappear. Love does not leave its image anywhere. You cannot tell love “Leave this for us.” It does not leave the images that it uses. It can show you all its images, but it will never leave an image. You want to separate something from love. Love is something inseparable. So, you have to be an artist, to remember that image and make a drawing, if you are a poet or if you are a tailor and you sew a piece of clothing with a feeling of love, the person who wears this cloth will consider it a relic. When he puts it on, he will be joyous. If somebody sews a piece of cloth for you with love, you say, “I like this cloth.” You like it because it is spun with love, it is woven with love and it is sewn with love. When you put it on with love, you enjoy the cloth. Some of you have such love clothes. Now I am not talking to you about the most difficult things, but about the easy things, which even the flowers know. You are yet to learn them. For example, when you pick a flower, it does not feel not in the least as the man. Since it is done with love, it says “Next year I will bloom, I will not take anything.” The flower is never angry. Since flowers are the exhibition of angels, in this case do not damage the exhibition of the angels. Therefore, do not pick flowers. When their exhibition is over, then you can pick them. When you pass by, pay your respects; rational creatures have put the exhibition; and you pass by, and pick up. There is no education in us. You say that behind that flower there is a rational creature. The odour that you feel is not its. This odour is of that creature. The flowers are connection between people and angels. The plants are connection between angels and people. The mammals that plough for us, the sheep, the white oxen, the black buffalos, they are connection between archangels and people. The ox ploughs for you because of the archangels. He says, when he looks at them, “I have come for them, out of love.” So, I say “If we see the archangels behind the big oxen, what would be our situation?” After you have poked the ox or the buffalo, if this archangel comes up and you see him? If he says, “If now I apply the same rule, to poke you”, what it would be then! I have often drawn a conclusion. The ox ruminates, but he has goad marks on his back. He says, “It’s nothing. This is the understanding of people.” He looks and says, “They will learn. When they are put in our place, they will learn.” When you begin suffering, you will learn. But when you begin to rejoice, you will learn again. We learn in suffering and we learn in joy, as well. We learn in love, too. Love is the best teaching. Wisdom is there, it is teaching. The old clothes will be used again; the dry trees will be needed for the fire. Since love starts with minor things, you all aim not to lose you dignity. If the people know that you are going to bring water to a bee, they will say, “He is out of his mind. The bee has winglets, why should I go and bring water to the bees; people are hungry and thirsty, I do not go to the people, but to the bees. A man, who does not go to the bees, does not go to the people, either. There is the law: The big things are made of the little things. The big trees are made of the little seeds. We think that after thousand years these big trees are great. The big rocks are made of little specks. The whole earth, where we live, is made of the little specks. Some of you, when you get up in the morning and you look at the sun, have you said to the sun, “From now on I want to be like you. As you are at work from the moment of rising, I want to follow your way. I want to become friends with you.” The sky is not always clear. There are clouds. The rays penetrate through the clouds. Some want us always to be happy and merry. Sometimes the light that comes out of our sun, out of our soul will darken. This should not disturb you. What makes the darkness is not close to the soul, it is far. The clouds that dim the sun are not near the sun, they are on the earth. The Bulgarians have a song called, “Dear flower, nice flower”. This song cannot be corrected by any Bulgarian. If you decide to correct it, it will turn into something different. You talk something different about the dear and nice flower. Make another poem, a better one. Leave this dear and nice flower, as it has grown out. (He turned to brother Simeonov) Can you play this song? – (Yes, I can.) The brother played “Dear flower, nice flower”. It is a spiritual song. Our brother played it, who can sing it so freely? If his voice would tremble, if he would be afraid, he should stay back. Let the good one stand up and sing, as to the little children. It is evident that since the hall is not heated, the audience is not disposed, and you cannot sing. Now I will play for you, when I am most indisposed to play. Now, I will not play something classical. (The Master played something Bulgarian.) This Bulgarian has freed himself of all his old things, saying “I quit everything. When I sing, I will sing.” Let me play for you the song “Dear flower, nice flower” /The Master played the song, then he played a merry Bulgarian motive/. Because of the nice word, let me play for you when I am indisposed. The word ‘indisposed’ is a collective word. When the young man gets married and has children, he becomes very indisposed. (While speaking he wrapped his fiddle and put it in the case.) When I take care for the fiddle, it plays. If I do not take care for it, it does not play. I choose page 91. (The Master read from the end of page 90, starting from “There are two types of saints: one of them are crotchety, the others are not crotchety…” – he read page 91 and continued on page 92 up to “In order to come to this situation, the old way of understanding must be changed, the whole philosophic thought of the mankind should be changed”.) So, I say: One of the easiest things is to come. What does it cost you, when you pass by just to smile a little? How much energy will you spend? Or what does it cost you to greet your friend, to say a good word to him. Your friend will be delighted during the whole day. It is not that you should grin. The reason is that you have nobody to love. There must be someone to love. The difficulty is in that. It is not that the man does not know to eat. Stoyan has no baked bread; why don’t to cook for him? He says, “I cannot eat.” You cannot eat, there is nothing cooked. It must be cooked now. You have to cook it. There is nothing cooked and you want somebody to smile at you. You first must give such an example. You want that smile; you want good hand-shaking. Give an example of that hand-shaking. But you have forgotten this. You know how to smile. There is no one of you who does not know. But since you value the smile highly, therefore you do not show it. You show the other ordinary expressions of the face. Since this is expensive, you keep it in reserve. Start with the best that you have. When a flower grows up, it blooms. The nicest thing is the blossom. The blossom is the most beautiful form. Then it knits and then the fruit gets ripe. I say, “The smile – this is the blossom of the human soul.” After that smile the best fruit will be born. If you do not smile, you are not in blossom and there can be no fruit. I am talking about all achievements of man. There are thousands of achievements that he must reach. Now we are talking about Love. We come here, it is not here either. We bear certain love. When you look at me you might never think that I can play such a Bulgarian song. I am interested in music. I have made it smooth, it is a valuable thing. Somebody has put his soul in this song. Somebody has changed it, but there is something of genius in it. It is us who create everything. There are things, created by God; there are great things, created by people. We should fulfil these Divine things and those that are created by people. Then after we explore this, we will create something, too. Those who come after us will study our things. Now three young sisters can sort how many words are repeated, how many of them are diverse, and how many of them are the same. We will see which of this you are most interested in. It is very important, it is an urge, it is power. Who of them will you nominate? The young people should learn to work. Come one, Teofana, Vesela Nestorova and Siyka Dinova. They will write on a good piece of paper. Then you will be good to give them back to those, who have written them. Let’s see how many words they have written and how many times some of them are repeated. Here we have the most powerful words that you have written. „The Lord’s Prayer“. Source
  6. Note 1 The Weak and the Strong XIV lecture, held on 29th October, 1944, Sunday 10:00 a.m., Sunset - Sofia The Lord’s prayer. „It was the Speech at the beginning“. I will read Chapter 15 from Joan’s Gospel. It is a small part of a big lecture of Christ. It is not even a summary. When you read this chapter, you have to read it often in order to connect it to the whole lecture. This is just one window and we have to move to different windows in order to see the whole lecture. The man on earth does not have only one-two eyes. (The Master read the specified chapter). „The Spirit of God”. The shortest sentence that contains the sense of life and that we can translate into Bulgaria is the following: There are only two people in the world, they are the strong and the weak, the extremely strong and the extremely weak. You can ask how they come to terms [reach an agreement]. There is a law to which both of them serve. If the extremely big does not fulfil God’s law, he starts growing smaller and if the extremely small fulfils God’s law, he becomes bigger. If one of them when not observing God’s law gets smaller, the other one observing God’s law gets bigger. This is according to the law – there is a constitution. When you start getting smaller you have to know that your things are not according to God’s law. When the big starts becoming smaller, he has violated God’s law. When the small starts getting bigger, he has fulfilled God’s law. In this lecture Christ says, I am the vine”. The man is a creature made of two living trees. The roots of one of the threes are in the brain and the branches grow downwards into the body. The other tree has its roots in the sympathetic system and its branches grow upward. Where they meet there are two types of fruits. One of the trees represents the extremely big, the other tree represents the extremely small. It is the heart. It is the very little man. This little man that fulfils God’s law, he gets bigger. The big man that does not observe God’s law becomes smaller. Because it is not in the size. It is a measure. Because everybody can become big and everybody can become small. If you regret that you are small, it is to blame yourself, you have not fulfilled God’s law. If you are happy that you are growing, you are getting bigger, you fulfil God’s law. These are the two laws here, on earth. The little never gets ill. Only the big people get ill and they suffer. They suffer for the only reason that they do not observe God’s law. It is not that they do not want to, but sometimes they become deities. The contemporary people say, “What is new?” everybody is interested what the next order will be. What will be the order? Till now people have been in an unhealthy condition, abnormal. First they must be cured form the invisible world to recover their health. From now on there will be doctors of the healthy people. Now when people say that an aristocrat has three servants, he is sick. They have bent over his bed, not to die. Now you want someone to serve you. You are a sick person. In the world only when a man serves out of love, it is a healthy state. Whatever other serving there is, whatever other belief there is, whatever other science there is, they are abnormal states of the human spirit. They say, “He is an erudite”. I want to know if he is normal, if he is healthy, is it out of the law of love. Now I am talking about the love that gives life, in which life is born. You must have this in mind – what life comes from, it is love. This is the shortest definition of love. We say that love creates it. Life comes out of love because the Scripture says that love is the fruit of spirit. Someone of you may regret that you are not educated. In some respects I am happy that some people are ordinary and not educated, because sometimes it is better for a man to be ignorant, not to have time to do evil. In order the man to love, he must be educated. To have knowledge, he must be educated. To be free, he must be educated. Sometimes knowledge limits the man. Now, for example, sometimes somebody says, “I feel like that.” Feeling is not the same measure. You feel that you have will, but this hardly shows that you have will. You may feel that you are rich, but this hardly shows your wealth. After you lose your wealth don’t you feel that you have lost it? After you lose your knowledge, don’t you feel it? Someone says, “I am suffering”. He is a measure. Faith is independent of the human feelings. It is a conscious feeling. In the worst circumstances the man has stronger faith than when he has the best conditions. The ill person can have stronger faith than the healthy one. The healthy person may have a strong disposition inside, but this is another question. The ill person believes that he will get better, that the illness he has will pass away. Christ says that the people are sticks. He says that He represents the vine and we are the sticks on this vine. Therefore everybody must be well engrafted. He must take care of his graft. Because people on earth suffer, because illusions suffer. More than 20 years ago in Bulgaria the vines were overrun with phylloxera. And all the people had to engraft the local vine. The local vine was better than the one that was brought from America. They have brought the phylloxera with it. I say, “What does the phylloxera show?” why did the vineyards suffer from the phylloxera? The contemporary war, the contemporary hard-headedness of mankind, it is the phylloxera of the minds, of the souls of the people, of the hearts of the people. I make an analogy. In France the vines were exterminated, in Bulgaria too, everywhere where the phylloxera crept in, the war also crept in. There is a correlation between the man and the vine. When the vine is ill, people are ill, too. When the vines grow, people grow, too. I say, do not think that if a forest in a village has dried up, it is good for the villagers or for the people. When the trees of a nation get dry, it is not good for these people. There is some relation with them. When your leg begins to hurt, what does it show? First your leg begins to hurt, it shows that you have lost the base with respect to that basic life. You your leg may hurt somewhere, your eye may hurt, your arm may hurt, this shows that the base of life has been violated. What do we have to do? When a tradesman goes bankrupt what should be done? His friends who love him need to give him credit. Who goes bankrupt must be credited. The credit is the world is the love. Anyway, there must be someone to credit them, no matter if he is known or unknown. You have four or five friends, and they are the people who know you. May be you live on earth for the love of your unknown friends in the wide world. Now some of you, who place themselves on the materialistic ground, say, “Here is life”. I agree that life is here, but every materialist must develop his eyesight to cover the entire earth, to see everywhere. To see America, Africa, Asia, Australia. To see how all the people live. This is life. He sees a small part and says, “This is life”. You see ten or twenty trees, is this the world? You see some ten bugs, is this the world? You see some ten cows, sheep, is this the world? What does world mean? The world is what we see. There are a lot of arguments if there is another world or not. You are in the other world, you are in this world, too. If you do not live well, it is only this world left, the not understood one. But if you live well there is also the other world. There are two worlds and when they come together, they form one world. One world cannot make two worlds. Two worlds can make one world. One world cannot be made of two worlds. You will say, “God is one”. I would like the contemporary philosophers to understand the only God in a different way. All creatures live in God. Everything lives in this one. Before you were born you had been in Him, as the wheat seed is in the barn of the farmer. He takes it out, plants it in the ground. The seed would say, “Now I have come”. Did the seed appear now? It has been in the barn of the farmer and he planted ii in the ground. We must not support who is on the right side. That grows is on the right side. The small one that grows bigger is on the right side. The ignorant, who educated himself, is on the right side. The erudite, who in his old years is stranded, who forgets, he is on the wrong side. The strong, who gets ill, is on the wrong side. The rich, who gets poor is on the wrong side. You are strange when some of you says, “I don’t want to give my wealth”. You do not understand what wealth is. For example, you have 20 thousand kilos of brass, it is a pretty big wealth to have 20 thousands kilos. You say, “Why do I have it, I do not need it”. You change it for gold. How many kilos will be the gold? Twenty thousand kilos, a whole caravan must carry it. When you change this wealth with gold, you can carry it yourself. People do not understand. Deny yourself of your stupidity. Deny yourself of your ignorance, deny yourself of your greediness. Deny yourself of your illness. Deny yourself of your cupidity. You eat more than you need. In the past very bad educators have educated us and now we are badly educated. Only the musician, who can play and sing well, can teach the tone. Some people say that if he cannot sing, he can teach. Thanks for such a person who cannot play and sing to teach us. We are in this situation because of such professors. Someone says, “The pedagogue can teach without knowing.” No, no. The Turks say, “Even if you see it, do not believe”. Now I don’t want you to fight only with your mistakes. Do not fight with the evil, do not fight with the ignorance, do not fight with the darkness. Why should you fight, where will you catch darkness? Where will you catch ignorance? Strike a match, make light. In this case this little light helps you in the darkness. Do not fight with hunger. Feed the hunger with little bread. Tell him a nice sweet word. You say, “Can it be without bread?” if we could live without bread, life would be ten times worse than now. I would say, God help those who does not eat. God help those who does not eat on earth, too. He dies. God help those who do not learn and accept God’s Speech. He dies, too. The man must feed himself with God’s Speech. God help those who do not feed the heart. Now we talk about two people who fall in love. They have fallen in love. Let them have enough. Now these two people cook each other. They both have starved. The order that God has created in the world, this is an order. What wakes up in your soul, it is from God. What is woken up by Him, it is real. Shadows are real but only in reality. Things are real only with love. Things are real only with God’s Wisdom. Things are real only with the Truth. The reality of truth is in the fact that it brings freedom. Wisdom is real because it brings knowledge. Love is real because it brings life. Only through life we know love. Through knowledge we know wisdom and through freedom we know the truth. A man who does not know the freedom cannot know the truth. Truth is more than freedom. Wisdom is more than knowledge. Love is more than life. We must be grateful for what manifests. Now many people sit and say, “When we go to the other world, we will see it.” Your desire to go to the other world is good, but you can see the other world here, too. If you want, you will go in. When you go in the fear in your heart is at the border of the Divine world. When the personal feelings of offence, dignity appear, you are at the border of the Divine world. When cupidity appears you are at the border of the Divine world. When you make a step at this border, you will go into the Divine world; you will see that your fear must be outside, love must be inside. Since you have chased love outside and the fear is inside, you look for the Divine world. Tell the fear, “You must be a good servant, and love must be the master.” There comes a new order in the world. What is the new order? Now you have a revolution, you have a new government. The Turks say, “Alkiust.” I will not translate it for you before I tell it to you. Till now you have learnt the good at school. The secondary school is over, the high school is over, the university is over. Now it is time for the graduation exam for a diploma. The evil does nothing. Now God sees that there is a deserving son, who has done everything. He says, “I will make you a master. I will make this wretch a servant.” The good says, “I have served you for so many years, I obeyed God’s law, now you have to obey. You will serve the same law. When you graduate high school and university we both will take hands and rule the world. Now the evil will come to serve the world. The good has served for so many years. It will not chase away the evil but it will also serve. Put aside the whip that you have to beat the evil, because evil should not be beaten. I will tell you a joke as an example. There was a famous man, named Stoyan, in the Varna region. A Turkish man passed by and told him, “Stoyan, you are not worth anything, you have not any strength”. Stoyan answered, “You do not tell the truth, I will show you how much I am worth”. The Bulgarian took the Turk for the leg, lifted him up, put him down, lifted him up again, turned him with his head down, lifted him again. “Am I worth nothing?” He said, “Effendi, I’d been very strong, I was deluded. Wherever I go I will tell that there is the Divine in Stoyan. When he takes a man for the leg, he lifts him up with his head up and with his head down, he turns him on all sides”. If you do not have the strength of Stoyan, keep silent, do not bear the character of the Turk – you cannot do it in the good way in this world. Hello! Now Stoyan comes into the world. Those, who has worked is the good, he will take you, he will spin you round. The good comes to rule the world. Who does not believe in it, it will take him for the leg and will show him that the good is hidden in the Divine power that will fix the world. Now you should not worry how the world will be fixed. You are strange, you worry about mere trifles. When you peel the bark of a tree, nobody goes to heal it. The tree recovers its bark on its own. Sometimes even if the tree is cut, it grows up from beneath, it gets recovered. There are star-fish, which recover their tentacle, if it is torn off. In the Divine world there are no defects, since life easily corrects defects. Here in our world, where there is no love, there is one hesitation. We will think. You say, “His speech was not logical.” I ask you in order to convey [communicate] a language, with which word do you have to start? Where does nature start in the language? Nature starts with the conjunctions, it starts with ‘and’. When a man loses his memory, he forgets the nouns, since they are recent works, then pronouns are lost, verbs and conjunctions remain, they do not get lost. When the man starts recovering his speech, he remembers the verbs. This is said by scientists, they have made observations. Finally the nouns are recovered. He cannot say ‘a man’, nut says, “That, which can walk”. He cannot say ‘a horse’, but says, “That, which can run”. If I have written a primer, I would start with the conjunctions “and”, “but”, “at”. Then I would continue with the verbs, and just then the adjectives, pronouns. The most powerful word in the language is the verb. Adjectives, nouns and pronouns are formed form the verb. Those who have created the language were rational beings, which had been on earth. Whatever people say, those who have created the language were clever people. They made a translation of the wide world to be understandable [clear] for the contemporary people in the circumstances they live. Where should a woman start from? Where should a man start from? The man must put the good as a base? Where should a woman start from? The woman must start from obedience. The ear is a female organ, it does not talk, it only perceives. Adam made this ear talk prematurely. This is the entire mistake. It was in place, did not talk, listened and transmitted well. He wanted the ear to talk to him. There is the imprudence of man; he wants to have a wife, to have children. What will he do when he has children? To have children, who to look like him, to be rational beings, I mean to be honest and just. A man who has a son to kill people, who has a daughter to lie and kill, is it a daughter? For a future: Blessed are those who do not kill. Now they write: Blessed are those who kill. Bulgarians say; “It cannot be if we do not fight”. The Bulgarian was a great hero, to show heroism in declaring political war to England and the United States. These people do not stick at nothing [do not wait], they came with airplanes, with bombs; the Bulgarians hid like rabbits. They wrote in the newspapers that the spirit was strong. The spirit was strong to go in the basement to hide. What happened? Sofia was hardly hit, we came to our senses [we learned a lesson]. Be careful for the bombs not to come onto your heart and onto your soul. What will happen then? We must not contradict to God’s law in the world. Now I like it that the church is separated from the state and they do not read the prayers they used to read. A prayer without love is not a prayer. It is a crime. Faith without love is not faith. Hope without love is not hope. Follow the law, the only law: where everything is done with love, the man is blessed. So I say, now I am talking to you about the Fatherland front. What do they say above? As far as the Fatherland front has fulfilled the Fatherland front above, God will bless. Think to pass with that. He says, become a partner with the devil just to pass the bridge. Do not become any partner. He has got bankrupt. He will become a servant, he has no money. I will give you that example. There is one of the old occultists. He presented the devil in the contemporary time, he got discouraged that the students whom he has taught do not listen to him. Whatever he says, they do not listen to him. Everybody took care of their own interest. He says, “I gave my knowledge, but they all took my strength and left me alone, nobody respects me.” He went to a place in the mountain, thought deeply what decision to make. At the same time two snakes climbed in the mountain and stuck into his chest, he had pains inside and did not feel them. He saw Christ in the distance and started nodding his head, saying, “You come late, two thousand years ago I could give you these kingdoms on earth, now they do not listen to me, too.” Christ said to him, “I do not want you to give me these kingdoms. I come to give you a friendly piece of advice. You are very clever, the world does not respect you. Turn to serving God, not to love him, but to serve him. You have a future, because you will serve. When they say that he is sent to the eternal fire, I see that he sends him to be God’s servant. He should do what he is told to, to serve the children, the bugs, the plants, to serve everybody everywhere, not to kill anybody. You know what a torture it is for a supercilious spirit that has ruled the world to serve. No I do not want to talk to you, to convince you. If you are of those who do not understand, your destiny is written, you will be servants. If you have served without love till now, you will be servants. This is done. If you bring love, you will be placed to be masters. Do not lie to yourselves. As far as the people carry you on their backs, you are not a strong man. Everybody can take your joy. You are pleased. Some years ago I went on a trip to the Vitosha mountain. A father had his six-year old girl with him. The girl walked with her father, but since she had not done this before, her legs got tired. The girl did not feel very well. Her father took her on his shoulder, carried her. She felt better and started talking. The father carried her for a kilometre, but he got tired and put her on the ground. The father became merry, the child did not feel well. I say, “the mistake is that the father carried his child; since he had taken her with him, he would carry her and put her down.” He would not carry her to the top. I did not tell him anything, I watched him carrying her, then putting her on the ground to walk. The other people murmured why he had taken the child with him, to carry her on his back, but to give her a spanking. There is no use to give her a spanking. The mistake was in us that we walked fast, the child is not a tripper. We had to slow twice our pace and the things would settle. This brother took the child up. She was up on his shoulders, then down, again up and then down; he was merry, then she was merry, now he was merry, now she was merry – they climbed up the mountain. I say, “If you carry the old life, you will put it down sometimes, you will miss it.” You want to forget the old life. As far as he is not a master, but you can carry it, you will stand it for a while. Something will come out from the old life. The old will get younger, the young will get older. You say, “Let’s get rid of that evil”. There must be understanding. It only must be applied. Love must be put to reconcile the bad with the good. For the sake of love the bad and the good begin to serve us. Jesus says, “I am the vine - you are the sticks”. So, as a stick from this vine, it depends on the vine. If you live with love, the saps of that vine will flow into you. If you do not live as you should, then this stick is cut off. So, I say, “In our present life we have created unnecessary difficulties to us.” Sometimes you want to get married. I find it very good, there is nothing better than marriage when it is done with love. But there is no bigger hell than marriage when there is no love. The maid wants to get married; she wants a handsome and rich man, who talks nice. She has not leaned to serve yet. She must understand his soul, to be ready to answer, to know his mind, to know his heart, to know his soul, his spirit, to know how to act. She says, “How gentle was he before, and now you have become rude.” The lad says, “How kind she was before, what letters you used to write, how rude she is now.” I have given many people the following piece of advice. A woman, who wants to leave her husband, comes. I say, “If you leave him you will be taken to the other world. If you endure to serve him, God will bless you and will keep you to the end.” You will listen to one of the two things. As the good has served for so many years, now the bad will serve, too. I do not talk about imaginary things. Here great creatures have come down and have suffered. Why does Christ suffer, what does he suffer from? Couldn’t he cripple all his enemies, to make their arms and legs dry? If we want, everybody who has insulted us to disappear. You bump into a tree, let it get dry; you bump in a stone, you curse it to get ruined. You wet yourself in water, you say something bad, to get dried. What will happen? The greatness of the world is in two things on earth: that who can endure with love, not without love, to have knowledge and to be free. Never marry a man who does not love you. Make a rule for the lad. Yesterday a little child of four or five came in the field and said, “I want to be a student”. He kissed my hand. I looked at him, he wants to be a student. He looked at me and said, “Don’t you like me? May I become a student?” I did not answer him anything. What he says, it will happen. When he says this, the thought that he bears will happen when he becomes adult. You can be great if you have love. Without love it cannot be. It is the easiest way in the world. If you do not have love, find a man who has love. When you have no fire, you go to the neighbour, who has a stove. If you have no love to warm your heart, visit someone; if someone else does not have any, he should visit you. So I say, “In love you must know, it is not given. Love has two sources. It comes from the sympathetic system, above it transmits as a radio. Or it is transmitted from the brain. This love from above and from below must meet. Where they cross, there life is formed. Now I will tell you that always when the streams of the sympathetic systems of a man and a woman do not cross in one focus, they remain childless. When the currents cross, they have children. The better the focus, the better the children. The worse the focus, the worse the children. A whole school is necessary. You think that it is easy to write a love letter. I can write one, too. I can write very nice letters. How nice things I write about religion. But religion is a law of love, of serving God, serving of the fellow-man, of little bugs, of trees. It not only does not give, but there are plants and trees, which it has to favour. Sometimes you walk, you bump into a stone. You should not kick it. A good attitude is necessary. All bodies that exist are alive and we must have a reasonable attitude. We consider close our brothers and sisters, the Bulgarians; we consider the other people strangers. This is in place, but the Fatherland front above and the Fatherland front of the sixth race takes the whole mankind. The law of the sixth race is Love. So, I say, “Do you know what the advantages of the sixth race will be?” if you understand, when a young woman wants to be beautiful, she does not know that beauty brings great misfortune. The ugliness of the physical world brings greater goods than beauty. Everyone wants to have possession of the beauty, to take it. Everybody rejects ugliness. The beautiful person is not free. Take a minister, how many people will come. Take a doctor, 20, 30, 40, 50 ill people may come. All doctors run as scalded. He just measures the pulse, looked at the eye and says, “Go home.” There are creatures that must be cured. I am telling you, “The spiritual science or the law of love must teach us how the relations between us are formed.” You pass by and see a person with his defects. These defects that he bears are not his. A Bulgarian, who was in Boston, told me this story: “I saw a European king walking in the main streets. The Americans passed by and nobody paid attention to him. I wondered, they were cold people, how did they pass just like that? He was a man two meters high. When he passed I saw his whole back was written with announcements. In the front he was a king, at the back there were announcements and the Americans looked only at his back; they did not look at his face, but they looked at his back. I turned and watched his back.” We, the contemporary people watch the backs of our kings for the announcements they carry. The man is his face. All these past kings and tsars, they all carried announcements of their backs. Whoever passed by to turn and watch their backs. God has not created us to be tsars and kings and ministers. This is an honourable service. You will serve, you will get dismissed. An artist plays the role of a king or a judge on the scene. When he goes out of the theatre, he is a man again. The great good that God has put into the man, the great good that the man has put into his soul that was given to him, the mind that He gave the man, these are the greatest goods, which God has put into him. He must be distinguished. The heart must have fruits, the soul must have fruits, the soul must have fruits. In our garden of spirit we must have fruits. Angels come down to see whether there are fruits in the garden of our mind, of our heart, of our soul. Now we are waiting to go to the other world. There you will undergo great disappointment. You will look like the American, a millionaire, who moved to the other world. He went to Saint Peter and said, “I want to go to God. I have made a lot of good things. I have built churches, schools, roads, railways, factories, houses for widows.” Peter said, “Did the newspapers write about this?” – “They wrote, the people to know about this.” St. Peter said, “You are paid. Look if you have done anything, about which the newspapers had not written”. The American started remembering and it came to his mind that once, when he went to his office a widow asked him and he gave her a dollar. He said, “Once I gave a dollar and I did not consider it important, it was not written in the newspapers.” St. Peter said, “For this we can go to God”. They told God about this. God said, “Give him two dollars and let him go back to earth. With one dollar it is not enough.” With churches and schools, too; they are nice things for the people. What we create inside us, what remains as a quality of our mind, what remains as a quality of our heart, what remains as a quality of our soul, these are things that a man needs for the future. If now you were of the sixth race and I tell one of you to stand up and sing, he would sing and all of you would be pleased. Now how many people can stand and all of you be pleased? Somebody can play, but you know how difficult it is to satisfy the contemporary people. When a man is playing, he must be a virtuoso in order the people to be pleased. There is one school, all of you can learn. The love that does not make the man sing is not love. The first thing, when the child loves his mother, he sings. When the young maid falls in love, she sings. When she gets disappointed, she stops singing. Love brings singing. Now you will tell me, “Do not talk about these things, we are already married, we have children. What would you talk about love, it is a shame to get married for a second time. I take marrying as a service. I may have served a master. I go to another master to serve. Where we serve with love, this is the place. When I find that master I am pleased and he is pleased with me. The other one are tries. You are constantly complaining that you are blackmailed, you are not appreciated, you cannot rest, you cannot take a breath, you are tired. Some time ago there was a man called Tseko, who went to the other world to have some rest. Whoever came, he made Tseko do him favours. Tseko, do this, and he did, nobody repaid him. There comes a difficult job. Let Tseko come. Tseko did it, they said, “Thank you.” Tseko looked again. This one did not pay him, the other one did not pay him, I watch him writing poems. First they laughed at him that he was stupid. Someone has to pay him, he wrote a poem. Tseko became a poet. This one did not pay him, Tseko wrote poetry, another one did not pay him, he wrote poetry. Finally before he went to the other world, that poetry remained. He fell in love with a young woman who had married and was childless; he was tempted. It was written in the love letter that “in order not to make a sin with you, I will go to the other world”. I say, “Tseko escaped into the other world in order not to commit a sin.” I praise Tseko. It is a fact, the letter is a good poetry. What do some people recommend us? Dignity. What is dignity in the world? I preach to you, but it depends what I think. The purity of my though is important. I watch you, what does the beauty of a look lie in? If I give something in the look or not. This is not the question. When I look at the people I see what great things God has put into the most ignorant people. I say, “What future do these people have?” When I look, I say, “You have good future.” So, I am telling you, too, “You have good future.” The old have good future, the young have good future, the hot-tempered have good future, the cowardly have good future. (An airplane passed by and made big noise) It is one, and if they were twenty? Enjoy the goods that God has put everywhere. Enjoy the stones, the precious stones, the plain stones, enjoy everything because these things grow. Enjoy the little bugs, enjoy everything that surrounds you. Finally enjoy those who insult you. A fiddler is playing the fiddle. The fiddle is intelligent, it is not dead. The fiddle stands the rubbing out of love. Some fiddlers play gently, other play rudely. The fiddle produces the best tones. So, I say, “When a great creature comes to play, a pleasant feeling is formed – while he is playing with his hand, you are out of spirit, but when a year or two pass, you will get used to it and you will start feeling the music.” The Scripts says, “everything that happens to those who love God, everything will turn for the good.” Be pleased with your bad husband. Be pleased with your bad son. Be pleased with your bad daughter. Be pleased with your bad servant. This is the negative side. Be pleased twice with your good husband. Be pleased twice with your good wife. Be pleased with your good son, to your good daughter, to your good servant. These things are very difficult. Without love you cannot serve. How is it possible for a man to live without air? Then it is impossible to serve God without love. If there is no air a man cannot stand a minute, he suffocates. One of the most important functions is breathing. I don’t want you to be very good; you will be unhappy. Anyway, there must be some seasoning. Only sweet is too much. Sometimes the bread is humid and gets mouldy; the rusk endures, it is a bit hard, but it endures. I tell you, “Look for the love with the only thought to become healthy. Your health depends on understanding and serving to love. Your spiritual life depends on understanding of love. Your mental life depends on understanding of love. Your heart life depends on the realization of love. Material goods depend on love. You hurry in the things. Do not want the goods of the other people Moses, who has written this law, says, “Do not want the property of your fellow-mate. What God has given to you, it is your right. If someone is rich, be pleased that he is rich. If someone has a house, be pleased. If you do not have a house, be pleased. For some of you first you have to know how to make a house. For the future I would wish the houses to be made of glass at all sides. The whole house to be of glass. A house of glass would be very hygienic. To those of you who now don’t have houses I wish in the future to have glass houses and arranged in the best way. With how many rooms? At least five rooms. One for your beloved husband, one for your beloved wife, one for your son, one for your daughter and one for your beloved servant. Why do you get discouraged? I see various projects. You stay and say, “It is not worth living for a man.” It is not worth living with this understanding of life. If it is not worth, change it. If one place is not pleasant to you, change the place, go to another place. If at one place they do not love you, go to another place. Jesus says, “Go to another place.” When you go around the whole earth, you will find a place that God has given you. God has not sent you here. You have come here due to a certain karma law. You are still not for Bulgaria. Somebody is an Englishman, but he is still not an Englishman. He has karmatically dressed up. If you go to England you will see people, who are not for Englishmen. If you go to Germany, you will see people, who are not for Germany. There is a mixture of races. A woman of a lower race has thicker blood. Take a white man and a black woman. If the woman is black and the man is white and the woman is stronger, in the first generation a black child is born, in the second and third generation black children are born and just in the fourth generation a white child will be born. If the man is stronger, then the born child is white. He says, “How did that happen?” Now I don’t want a discouragement to stay in you. Be pleased with the life that you have lived till now. From now on God has sent you and there are others that must be in the future. Now you have to wait on earth until you fill up with knowledge, with freedom, with love. When you have this support of the Divine world, you will go to work. Some of you will be artists, some of you will be musicians or pianists, or fiddlers, or guitarists, or harpists, or you will play some other instrument. Some of you will be singers, some will be altos, some sopranos, some tenors, some bassists. Not such bassists, not such altos. Not that the nowadays bassists and altos are bad. The bas is the base of singing. The soprano is at a higher level. The bass gives fruits. I say, the tenor shows how up the bass can go. The alt shows how low the soprano can go. How far can these goods go down? The alto for us is an element that remains undeveloped. There must be very good altos. In the soprano the tone must be clear, attractive. In the bass it must be capacious, warm. The bass has long waves, the soprano has short waves. All those who want to rule the world must be bassists. Those who must bring the nice world from the Divine world must be sopranos. Those who must show the way, in which to apply it must be tenors and must be altos. Now I suggest you to choose whether to be bassists or sopranos, or tenors or altos. In the future you would sing and serve God in the right way. Or serve Love in the right way. „I can love“. God’s Love brings the abundant and full life. (Three times.) Source
  7. Note 1 Changed Direction 24 year, XIII lecture of the youth class, 27 October, 1944, Friday, 5:00 a.m., Sofia, Izgreva The Lord’s prayer. „I will get younger“. Can you tell what the last lecture was about? Sometimes you want to know the past, your past rebirth. The man forgets. Now why have you forgotten, what is the reason? I want to know why you have forgotten. What is the reason for this? Not forgetting it, but why you have forgotten? It is the same law! Why sometimes the man does not want to make good, sometimes he feels like doing something bad, sometimes he is not disposed. Why? Have you thought that a fiddler, who goes to play in some hall, plays to the people out of love? He plays because he need to, to earn his living. All Bulgarian rebeck-players play for payment, they have no idea. They say, “It is hunger, we must play”. He earns his bread with the fiddle or the rebeck. It takes a farmer one whole year to reap wheat; when the fiddler comes, he sows and reaps in half an hour. How soon does the fiddler do his work? Musically all things are done very easy. Now you have forgotten this because it is not connected to music. May be you will remember some years later. Which day it was, last Friday? How many people were they? How many songs did they sing? Which prayer should be read? (Figure) Two people are looking at the same object. They are in focus. /A and B/ both of them have certain impressions. Then this object recedes, gets smaller and diminishes. Diminishing has one reason – the angles are reduced. The space recedes. Space that is nothing itself recedes. Let’s say that the sun, which has a diameter of eight thousand kilometres, is seen small. What is nothing gets smaller. At the same time the body can increase and space increases. When some things are not clear in our minds, this means that they are not in focus, they are far from focus. If an object is put in this focus, then you will have a more clear idea. You love all things that are in focus in your mind or in your feelings, because images are clear. You say, “A clear idea. The clear idea is a ripe fruit. The unclear ideas are unripe fruits. The idea in the mental world is a fruit. A thought in the mental world is a fruit. Those who live in the mental world, they also have fruits. By analogy they have flowers, too. Now you would say that it is not clear how there are colours in the mental world. You have an idea in your mind, you think about love and about wisdom. You have a clear notion, don’t you? What is your idea in your internal world about love? Every one of you, even every animal has a certain animal notion. The animal notion is not like the human one; according to that notion the animal has attitude towards the world. Now it can be explained to you in that way. Imagine that an animal that is lifted high can see a house from everywhere, from the four sides, from above and from below. An undeveloped creature can see only one small window, not a big window, but a small one of that house. What is the reason that it does not see? His sight angle is too little. A creature with sight angle C the things will be twice smaller, they will not be so clear. Let’s say that you meet a person and you say that he is a good man. What gives you the reason? What is your angle? How do you know that he is good? The good man has only some features that are bigger or smaller. In the good man there is activity. When you see these features you see that this man is good. The good is like the white colour. How do you recognize the white colour? The white colour has a full reflection. The black colour has no reflection. The good has full reflection; that is why it is good. The good does not have a reflection, it is black. For example, the good has its colour, the mercy has its colour, justice has its colour. Now I will not tell you what are the colours, but they have colour. Because if justice has no colour, it is incomprehensible. The colour makes it accessible for us. Through the colour we learn its features [qualities]. Justice puts disharmonious things in place. Without justice everything in the world would be anarchy. Without the good, things would be with no content. Now those who study the physiognomy rely on the following law: as the eyes are further from the nose, the man accepts more impressions. When the eyes are closer to the nose, the man accepts fewer impressions. As I said in my last lecture, the angle was less, therefore you do not remember. Very few impressions, vague impressions, therefore everything is all right. Now if we increase this angle, you will remember immediately. For example, if I give a bonus of two hundred and fifty pounds, you will remember immediately. Who remembers will receive 250 pounds, it will immediately come to your mind, you will start searching, you will create a lecture. Of course, this will not happen at one, some time will pass. You should be given not paper money, but golden money. To learn, a man must always have a stimulus. You say – is it money? Anyway there must be a stimulus. Without a stimulus and with no motivation man cannot think. You think about things that impress you. Every impression is a motive. The objects are important for our mind as far as they bring something pleasant inside us. You like listening to music, because it brings pleasure to your ear. You like watching flowers because they bring something pleasant through the sight. Or you like walking around the flowers because they bring pleasure to your nose. Or you like some food because it is tasty. Because there is something that contributes to it. This is the true law. A thought is important for our mind as far as it is pleasant. Every feeling is useful as far as it is pleasant. I take the word ‘pleasantness’ in the elementary meaning. Only the good things are pleasant. Bad things are sometimes pleasant at the beginning and at the end they are bitter. There are some things that are bitter at the beginning and at the end they are sweet. All fruits on the earth, with little exceptions, are bitter at the beginning, then become sour, and then they become sweet. Plants have knowledge, they can transform bitterness, they take out the bitter elements and replace them with sweet ones. Some of the plants do not make this effort, therefore their fruits remain bitter. In this respect plants are not so ignorant. They have wide knowledge in their specialty. I say on these grounds you have bitter thought, you want to throw it away. It is a fruit of your life, you will transform it. How do you transform bitter thoughts? What is your experience? It happens so that sometimes a friend of yours hurts you. How do you transform bitterness into sweetness? It happens in you. You do not know it. Bitter things have long waves and sweet things have short waves. All fruits that have long waves are bitter. Those who have short waves are sweet. You notice a little worm that is moving slowly. Little creatures that move slowly. What are they? Are they clever? They are not very clever. Why are they not clever? Those who move slowly have internal defects, they are bound, they are occupied with the internal life and they are not interested in anything else outside. They are not interested in the flowers, in the sky. They say, “We can hardly look at the earth. We are tied up. The little moisture that we bring will dry out, our life will go away. They are not interested in anything. There is one long ray since their head is very little; it is pointed at the ends. How many billion times is your head bigger than the head of the worm? Do you know how many things are there about which the contemporary people do not think? They think about few things. Some think only about the shoes, for some hat, for some clothes, for some meal. Rarely he would think about some book, would look at some star, at some flower. It is ridiculous. He says, “he has a head”. The contemporary people have the least educated heads. Then, the people who always find defects and faults in the world, they think little. A man, whose mind is busy to think, he never finds mistakes [defects]. Defect things are a reflection of our life. Whatever a man is, this is what he sees. When a good man sees a bad man, he sees the good in him. When a bad man sees a good man, he sees the bad in him. He thinks that the good man has found some art, he wants to entangle him, he wants to hide. He does not believe at least. He must live with a man at least for ten years to make him understand that there is something. Then he will remain on a particular point of view. And you see this law: thousands of years God has treated people well and He is still suspected. They say, “Who knows how God is playing with us.” He has taken your child; he has taken your ox. Who makes this to him? For the child to die, He is the reason. For the ox to die, He is the reason. To dry up, He is the reason. For all this they say God is the reason. Someone has not married on time, the child has not been conceived on time, he is not healthy, his wife is not healthy, the child dies. Whose fault is this? It’s God’s fault. What God has created, it never dies. What is the Divine? What does not lose its colour. What is the Divine? What does not lose its reasonableness. What is the Divine? What does not lose its goodness. All these things that change have a completely different nature. First you will have a clear notion about the Divine things. You bear the nuances of thousands of generations that had had certain disadvantages. You have to get rid of them in order the Divine features that have initially been put in to show out [emerge]. They are covered with a thick layer. This layer must be removed. These Divine embryos must come out to the surface, of the Divine soul, to give their fruits. Now in your mind stands the ides – why God has created the world in that way. Why the people have created it in such a way. In the earlier Turkish language when they wrote they put full stops and if a Turkish book was left open and the flies made other dots, then it becomes unreadable. This is the Divine world. The people have put many dots and you cannot read it. But the dots that are put by the people can be erased, while the dots that are put by God remain. First take a sponge and clean it up. What can be erased is human, what remains is Divine. Sometimes you are afraid to rub with the sponge. Everything that is human gets erased. What is Divine, it remains. There is no way to erase it. Let’s say that now you get insulted. This is a human thing. A human dot. You have put a dot. If you erase the dot, the insult will disappear. Or you have disbelief, rub with the sponge over it and the disbelief will disappear. I can make anyone of you think something bad. At first a man has a good opinion about another man. He takes one thousand, two thousand levs as a loan, he does not pay back and the other man will immediately start thinking bad things. He says, “Give the money back!” He was a very good man. This is not Divine. These are human habits. I can tell you why he does not pay. Find a sponge, go and rub well with the sponge and he will pay immediately. Even the contemporary apaches have learnt this law. A religious man went to an Englishman, a rich man, a millionaire, to ask for money. He said, “God has given you mind, a heart, go to work, why do you go to beg!” a man who begs will find prison. In England if you go somewhere to give you money, you will take a fiddle to play or sing. After you sing or play the music you will give the plate to give you money. Or you will make a focus. You have to do something to give you anything. This religious man started to study the character of the rich man. He took a gun. One evening he managed to go into the office of the rich man and hid under the table. The rich man had just put down the gold, counting and enjoying the money. The other man went out and took the gun. The rich man said, “Please, please, do not kill me. Take as much as you want!” After the man filled up his pockets he said, “Do you know who I am? I am the man who wanted from you for God, and you told him to go to work. I have learnt to work. Now I show you the power of the gun that I bought. You pay for it. I give you a lesson. When someone else comes to beg, give him. He will take less. For the art I take more. I left you to pay as much as you want. For the art I take as much as I find it well.” This is how we do. Always when the gun comes – these unnecessary sufferings – at once we are ready for all sacrifices. It is not bad. We learn. These are clarifications. Is that example true? Ideologically it is true. In reality, I don’t know exactly if it is so. How true this example that I gave you I do not know. I will give you another example to clarify that example. The same man goes to a millionaire to kill him. The millionaire knew the art to moisten the gunpowder. When the gun is pointed at him, he moistened the gunpowder, it does not work. He goes in and points the gun at him. He says, “You want to threaten me, but it does not work.” The man pulled the trigger again and again, but it doesn’t work. If you want sometimes the people to insult you, you must know how to moisten the gunpowder. When someone comes when he pulls the trigger, not to work. Until then as far as you get insulted, you are a weak man. Does the man have to believe everything? The people who do not believe are right, and those who believe are right, too. For the clerical people the good comes always from God. Whatever happens, he says, “Thank God, no one else.” When someone comes to help him, he says, “God made you do it, it s not you.” The people who do not believe do not thank God; they thank the people, who have made them a favour. Where is the mistake? You would say, “Those people are right.” Both sides are right, but they are not complete. Because each person is your fellow-man. The first law is God’s law, but the second law is for the people. When the first law comes, the second law of the fellow-man must come at the same time, too. I say, “The unbelievers act first with the law of the fellow-mate, and the spiritual people act with the law of God, having put the law of the fellow-men aside. Both laws must function. If you are given a task: someone to make you a favour, what do you have to do? This man is rich, he has given you 10, 20, 30 thousand levs, you thank him. The clever man, after having done the good thing to you, will look if you will do good, then he will give you less. First he gave you 20 thousand, then he would give you 10. He watches you again, when you go to him for the third time, he will give you 5, until finally he gives you a stiver. When someone complains of his destiny, God has given you much once, then He gives you less and finally He gives you a stiver. When you open your heart, you will start giving, God will open to you. You draw a check of 20 thousand; a poor man looks at you and says, “Can you lend me some money?” You just wave away and go. God is watching you. The Script says, “Without knowing, sometimes you have treated an angel”. If you treat an angel he pays you back for the favour you have done to him. We must not do the good as we do it now. You give five levs and you think that you have done something. What are five levs worth? It is said, “If you have two shirts, give one of them.” How were these two shirts explained to you? It is a misfortune to have two shirts; therefore you have to give one of them, to get free from the misfortune. Christ says, “Who has two shirts must give one of them.” Give one of the shirts to get rid of the misfortune. In this case who gives one shirt will get free of his misfortune. A Bulgarian priest preached about giving, that who has two shirts must give one of them. The priest’s wife heard that who has two shirts must give one of them. When she went out of the church she went and gave one of the shirts of the priest. He had sweated in the church and went to look for his other shirt to change. She said, “As you said, I have given one of your shirts.” – “I have said that for the others, but not for us.” The priest has sweated because he had two shirts. When does a man sweat? When it is hard for him. The healthy man does not sweat. We think that a man must sweat. It is a painful state. When a man is healthy he has magnetic moisture, he gets cleaned. Do not think that much sweat is good. In the present conditions, this is not a healthy state. We talk about the normal life that must function properly. We must have one very right thought about life. Now often objections are raised. It does not work with giving. It is true, but it does not work with not giving. If the corn in a field is sown very densely, the wheat does not grow good, it becomes feeble. If you sow it densely, it gives little corn. You have to sow it a bit thin, so that it can grow and tassel. When the good in the world is done, it is an exercise. When a man does good, the other people should not know about it. Because when you do good and the people know, you already do not make use of it. If a fiddler plays the fiddle and you go to kiss the strings, what will happen? You will damage the strings. Every person who waits for the others to thank him, damages the strings. When someone is kissing the strings, the fiddler cannot play. The fiddle does not need kisses. And the fiddler does not need kisses. After he finishes playing, then he can be kissed. When he goes to play, nobody should kiss him, nothing more. When do the mothers kiss their children? When the concert is over. Why should a mother kiss her child? What a concert do you give? What for should the mother kiss? In the kiss there is much egoism. Some children are full of magnetism. They have a magnetic power, everybody goes to take some from them. The children that are not magnetic, they are not kissed at all. Everybody kisses the rich children more, the poor children are kissed less. I’ve seen when a child is being kissed, he shouts out. He says, “I do not want you to kiss me”. Some people when kiss, they only take; other kiss and give something. The mother gives something out of her. She says, “There must be something reasonable in life.” The auditory energies in a certain case can be positive, but they can be also negative. Make a try for one week. During the next week can happen someone to insult you, no matter how. It can be in his look, or by a movement of the hand, or by a word. Who got insulted to find a friend and ask her how to correct this mistake. Whatever they advise you, make a try to see if it is right. ask at least ten friends to see which of the methods will eliminate the insult sooner. Or you might not be insulted, don’t be sorry. Not everybody can insult you. If it happens to someone, give him a piece of advice. What advice will you give him for correcting a mistake? You sometimes read, don’t you? What does the full stop mean? According to the law of reading, what is the full stop? After you read a suggestion, you stop; how much time do you need to rest. After a musician has played an extract, there is a pause somewhere, a crotchet rest, a quaver or a thirty-two rest. Then, what is the comma equal to? What are semi-colon equal to, and a colon. What you call silence is a pause. You read the suggestion and you stop. So prompter gives a hint, you will put a prompter to tell you. You start reading, the full stops are prompters, the semi-colon is a prompter, they just help. You do not know this. With the full stop someone is talking to you. You read, you are careful, something is talking to you from inside. When it tells you, you read again, you stop again. It is very natural. An exchange of human thoughts. The rests in the music are according to the same law. When the musician stops he gets inspired in the pause. Sometimes you want to clear it up; you do not know where to put the full stops. The full stops are put where the suggestion ends. Now for you, what is the most difficult question that embarrasses you? Often you say, “I am indisposed.” The biggest think that embarrasses you is your disposition. You get up in the morning, you are indisposed. You give a concert, you are indisposed; you walk, you are indisposed. You wear shoes, you are indisposed. You have clothes, you are indisposed. It is very difficult for a man to be disposed. You are watching someone looking at his shoes. I see his shoes pinch him. He is moving up his shoulder, his coat is tight at his shoulder or under the arm. Or I see him touching his hat. There is always a reason. He has put his hat, it comes over his eyes. If it is morning, he lifts his hat to get more light in. I say, “Learn when your shoes pinch not to look at them.” They bring a dissonance inside. You should say to yourself, “I am walking very well now.” You just say, “These shoes are very nice”, not to walk and look at your shoes. I say, “In the contemporary modern education the shoes must make you without any defect, not to pinch your toes, the toes must be loose. The clothes must be loose, not to be tight under your arm or at the shoulder, but to fit well. I say, When you walk during the week, watch how the people are walking. How many people will you find who walk in the right way and there is something good in their walking. The world is an object study. If you do not learn to observe the physical world right, you cannot draw right conclusions from the facts. How will you observe the thoughts and feelings, they are abstract notions. If we do not understand the visible things, how shall we understand the invisible. If you cannot appreciate the good, you cannot do it with the evil at all. The men cannot be educated by the evil; it is the good that educates. With the evil no education is possible. The evil is just a restriction; it will restrict you only not to eat much. I say, The only thing that can be used to educate people is the good as food. The evil is like a warning not to eat much. What is an education? Education is a result of the good. The good is the food that is given to the man: the good food, the good thoughts, the good feelings, the good deeds, all this that is visible in the world. How many things remain basic? It is the good that educates the man, the evil only restricts him. In education the clothes have an important role, the shoes have an important role, the hat plays an important role. It depends what it is, if it is woollen, if it is cotton or if it is silken, it matters. If you make a try you can see. If you put only silken clothes on a child, his character will go wrong, because for one silken shirt thousands of silkworms have been sacrificed. In my opinion the best clothes for education are the linen and the cotton clothes. The woollen clothes are good for ill people. A man who is a bit ill should wear woollen clothes. Sometimes we do fewer crimes in linen and cotton. For the woollen clothes we would shear the sheep, we would take its clothing preliminarily, form the silkworm we would take the cocoon preliminarily. The woollen clothes are very nice, but for self-education the cotton and linen clothes are better. Not that it is bad to wear woollen clothes; in the future when the wool starts falling from the back of the sheep, when it is hot, then we will shear the wool with love. You will caress the sheep and she will be pleased that you have sheared this wool. Then when you make the clothes, they will be good. If you take, it is not worth. I say, in order to re-educate the world in the future may be they will cultivate the wool, not take it from the back of the sheep. How many kilos is a woollen article of clothing? Now the linings of the clothes are very unnatural. It is not necessary. It is a delusion. It should be without lining, of pure woollen textile, the well-done clothes, without lining. In the future it should be without lining. Now we are in a difficult situation with no linen. The time will come when the clothes will be without linings. Now you cannot wear winter clothes in summer; you cannot wear a summer article of clothing in winter. I have made only one attempt to wear clothes without lining, to wear a woollen article of clothing. It was of pure wool, I spent the winter without linings, it was a very light article of clothing and it kept me warm, there were no buttons, it was open without buttons. If you have woollen clothes and you are healthy man, a magnetic connection is formed through which the cold cannot penetrate in you. If you soak a very thin article of clothing with magnetism, it keeps warm. It is not the heavy clothes that keep you warm. The clothes must be made of pure woollen textile, to be soaked with its good thoughts, with good feelings, to put it on with magnetic power, then it is healthy. Therefore when a man has been ill, he must leave these clothes. When someone dies, his clothes are given away. Do not wear the clothes of a dead person. Do not wear clothes made of a dead sheep. Do not wear clothes made of dead silkworms. It is not good, too. Now these things are to create a character. How do the social matters work, they will work, they are inevitable. The society cannot be mended. We can mend ourselves, we can make tries. When the time comes to mend the society, the methods will be completely different. Never wear clothes that you do not like. The rule in wearing clothes is: Leave away clothes that you don’t like. Don’t put on your feet shoes that you do not like. It is personal. Not how what the other people wear. If you want to create a character inside you, this is the way. Never wear something that you do not love. Never wear tight shoes, because it has influence on the character. Now how many things did you remember? You cannot remember everything. A man needs number of years to apply it. Now where will you fund pure wool? Where will you find now leather to make such shoes? Where will you find material for a hat? How do the plants make clothes for themselves? Which tailor makes them clothes? Who teaches the flowers to make their blossoms? Which tailor has made the feathers of a bird? Take the bird of paradise, it is dressed like a queen, it has the most beautiful clothing. Who has taken care of this? If we decide to live in that way, there is someone who is interested in us. Since we are not interested, the invisible world is not interested, too. If we get interested in this, the rational world will immediately take part. Since we are not interested, nobody is interested in us. They have made nice clothes for the birds, in which they were interested. Why some have nice clothes, while with others the colour is not in place? There is a great difference in birds. So the first thing that is required from you is to change the direction of your thoughts, the direction of your feelings and the direction of your deeds, nothing more! Now you should not give up the old. Your old habits will be roots as the roots of the trees in the ground. Your new habits will be the branches with the fruits. You will live at the same time inside and outside; some in the roots, some in the branches and you will reconcile the contradictions. The contradictions in life can be reconciled only in that way. We will take an example from the plants. Sing a song (We sang “I can love“.) Remember one rule: The Divine things come to you alone. You should not look for the Divine. The things that we look for are human things. The Divine light comes alone. The air comes alone, it is around you. Now we delude ourselves, we think to go all over the world to find the Divine. The man must only change his direction. The Divine will find him. Therefore we have to acquire [learn] the Divine well, in order to acquire the human well, too. Many times since we have not acquired the Divine as it should be, and as a consequence the human, that we are looking for and there we make mistakes. Since the Divine in us is not acquired as it should be, therefore we make many mistakes. If the Divine is well acquired, the human is easily found. The human is also necessary, but it is secondary. First in life at every age there is one basic thought that the man has adopted. You must be disposed only to that basic. I like only one example to some extent that makes it clear what is the Divine. A very poor boy that was born very poor, without a mother and a father, had very strong ambitions [striving] to music, but he had no money. Once he heard about a fiddler; he wanted to listen to him, but he went here and there and nobody helped him. He sat down in front. When the fiddler came out he saw the boy with his eyes full of tears. He got interested in him immediately. The boy said, “I have come to listen to you, but I had no money for a ticket.” The fiddler took his address and went and made a concert for him. When we have in us this Divine desire, the fiddler will come. The other people have to buy tickets with money, but here the fiddler goes alone. There the people go, here the fiddler comes. We go to the human, when we want the Divine it comes alone. This example explains the idea. So now this artist can find you somewhere. Only God’s Love brings the profound and full life. (three times) Source
  8. Note 3 Servants on the Earth Year 24, XII lecture of the general class, 25th October 1944, Wednesday, 5 h. a.m., Sofia, Izgreva The good prayer. „In the beginning there was the word“. What is your subject today? What are your lessons? Then I am asking why God created the light and why He created the warmth. It is said: It is an easy thing. All people want easy things. Here there are a lot of pictures, the artists have painted them. Why is one of the faces oblong, and why is the nose long, you do not know. Some people have thick eyebrows, you do not know why. You do not know the simplest things in the world, and you solve issues that are difficult. The difficult issues always depend on the simple things. Let's say you have the numbers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. When you combine them the great numbers are formed. Knowledge should not be a load, but the subject must be learnt well. A person, who has no knowledge, is deprived of light. The wealth is combined inside with what it is going to be used. Perhaps now you are busy with other things and you want to learn how to live, following God. This is the most difficult thing. You should not want to live following God's rules, but you should learn what God has created. How to live following God? You will learn. What is the base of learning? First you taste an object. For instance, you have sulphur acid. How will you taste it? Using your tongue. You will stick out your tongue in the form of a needle, and when it gets stung [burnt] you will draw it back, and not dip it in the acid. Or, the one who is clever will take a book or a piece of wood and will see what the characteristics of the sulphur acid are. Some of your thoughts are made of sulphur acid. If you tell someone an insulting word and he cannot forget it for many years, a wound remains. Somebody says "What are words - an empty thing". It is an empty thing, but it causes all scandals [rows] in the world. I say: First of all you have to start speaking the human language, or the human tongue has to be educated. You should educate your tongue as a musician. It can bring you the greatest good and the greatest unhappiness. Why did you smile? What made you smile? This is the mouth. This person is in the deep ground. I draw geometrically. This person has a rather smart mind, but he has not worked on the mouth and on the nose. This nose has been made by his ancestors and forebears. He is still asleep. He bears the nose of his forefathers and grandmothers as an announcement, they had been very clever. Since the nose is not clever, it has not worked; it is lazy and has not studied. Often you say: He got inspired by the spirit. Who among you has not got inspired by the spirit? What is an inspiration? You take in air. Someone breathed in, someone breathed out. When he breathes in, then the air goes out. What is missing on that portrait? He is intelligent, but he has no eye. Why does he have no eye? He lives in darkness. Half of it is in light, the other half is in darkness. Where should we put the eye now? Art is not only to be able to draw, but it is an art to educate a person. To be educated, he has to know. What exactly does he have to know? There are thousands of shades that the artist draws, but firstly in the face there are certain features that are dynamic. If you catch your nose rudely and start pulling it, the whole day is wasted, it’s a spoiled thing. If you rub rudely your eyes rudely, you will spoil the thing. Then you are wondering why you do not have success. You have placed a bottle on the road; you travel and break the bottle. Do not put the bottle on the road, to break, put it on the table. So, I am saying: I have seen how someone is living afraid not to be robbed. The one who is rich would be robbed. What will the one who is a doctor do? He will go to the ill. For the rich someone would come, start banging and would say: Give me money. Who has wheat should give wheat. Who has a hoe should go to dig. Who is ill, would lie down in bed, would turn to one side or the other, would moan, a doctor would come, the doctor would touch his neck, would feel his pulse, would prescribe medicines: three drams of camomile, boiled in 50 drams water, to take a teaspoonful every morning. He would immediately boil three drams of camomile in water in a Turkish coffee-pot. This is the simplest way for cure. If you were a doctor, what would you do? You say it is an easy thing. Very good. If you suffer from asthma, what would you do? Tell me what medicine you have for asthma! When you have a suffocating fit, what do you take? Sometimes your stomach is upset, what medicine would you take? You have eaten unsuitable food, your stomach is spoiled, your digestion is upset, and the food is not digested. What kind of a tonic medicine would you take? The Bulgarian takes grated turnip. Or if your stomach is upset, you would take a purgative, so that all the filth goes out. I am talking about these things: The human mind should be purified and the human heart should be purified. Sometimes you do not feel, your desires are not natural – you need purifying, you are mentally indisposed. A doubt arises in you, a suspicion. For yourself you might suspect that you have eaten poisonous food. Recently a group of people came. One of the sisters had eaten mushrooms and got poisoned. She had not studied the mushrooms and thought they were field mushrooms. Her mates had given her milk to cure her. They came to ask me. I said: You have done right. I advised her not to eat mushrooms again if she remained alive. I think she survived. Never eat a thing that you do not know. If you do not know that these are field mushrooms, do not eat them. The other people know. You should rely on their knowledge. In the Sunrise we do not have authority, there is only one authority, dealing with mushrooms. And the other people do not know that. Years ago, in the Rila Mountain, there was a brother who knew the mushrooms well and once, when climbing down, he got a snake mushroom and he had a hard time. It would have killed him, he started falling asleep. I say: Do not become bearers of things that are not true. All the people cannot become doctors. God has not made them. It is determined how many doctors there would be in the world. All people cannot be bakers. It is determined how many bakers there would be in the world. All the people cannot be farmers, all the people cannot be greengrocers, all the people cannot be women, all the people cannot be men, all the people cannot be children, all the people cannot be boys, all the people cannot be girls. In the world there are statistics, they are determined. Now some people come and ask me which party should they join, since there are four of them. They should go to the party for which they were born. If you are bread, go to the stomach. If you are air, go to the lungs. If you are warmth, go to the heart. If you are light, go to the mind. With whom do you compare? Let's say that you join a party, what will you solve? If you are a communist, you will go around all day long, you will dig with the hoe, you will work. If you are a farmer, you will plough the ground, you will sow something to get hold of. If you are a broad socialist, you will get hold of your lungs. If you are a member of the "Zveno" party, you will get hold of the human mind; I do not know if all members of the "Zveno" party are like that. Because some of them are gold-plated. They are people of science, they are educated. Or we say: He is a man of the mind. The people think that the man of the mind is an erudite person. Not in the least is he an erudite. The man of spirit has a particular attitude to himself. He considers himself a man of noble origin, an aristocrat, a man of heavy gait. He is of heavy gait because his legs are weak. Someone who is healthy wants to gain prestige. It is good like that, too. You want to serve God. How should God be served right? In order to serve God, you should know how to look at the sun when you wake up in the morning. You look at the sun, blinking, staring, but this is not the right way to look at something. You should look at things from a short distance, focused. For each object that is not looked at a focal distance you receive a false idea. The idea would not be true. In life you have a delusion. It is the following. All people have a delusion. You meet a person and you are ill-disposed toward him. This ill-disposition is due to you. First you have placed a reflection and this is your reflection. The person that you do not like is you. You say "You are a bad person". This is you. He is a mirror. You do not recognize yourself in the bad person you are talking about. When a sister comes to me, gossiping about another sister, the former is the same, nothing else. When you criticise someone, you criticise yourself. Sometimes you criticise me that I have not looked at someone well. How can I look at him! If I look at him I will frighten him. That's why I do not look at the person. I do not want to look at him, because he is not very nice; how should I look at him when he is blowing his nose. Occult students. Some of you are 40 or 45 years old. Turn aside, clean up your nose delicately with a handkerchief. You have no manners. And you want attention. I look at you when meeting someone, you stick out. When you meet somebody what should be the posture that you have to take? You do not know how to pose. You stick out or crouch. This is not a way to welcome. These are natural things. What posture would you take? What does it mean when you cross your arms on your chest? First of all, to meet a person I have to find in him one distinctive Divine feature that does not change. Every person has one distinctive feature. When you find it, that person will become your friend. If you cannot find this feature in a person, you would never be his friend. Neither could he be a friend of yours if he does not find this feature in you. You say – a man with dignity. Where is the dignity of the man? Here is the dignity. When the brain in the front is heavier, the man raises his head. He holds his head upright, so that it is lighter. When the person's head is heavy in the front part, this man has dignity. When the head is light in front, that man has no dignity. The Bulgarian is a very figurative person. If it is said that he should stay, he stays. Dignity is a human feature. You say - this person is very honest. Honesty is a human dignity. It is a Divine dignity. The honest man is honest in certain conditions. In other conditions he follows his interests. When he promises something, he keeps his promise. When he promises to do something, he does it. The honest person keeps his word. Honesty does not show any stable feelings. The man should be just. Justice is a Divine feeling. It is a criterion to measure things. Honesty has two criterions: when you give a word to beat somebody, beat him, and when you promise not to beat somebody, don’t beat him. A promise is a promise. To do what you have said. An honesty that would beat a person. In Bulgaria, the father beats his son very often. A young lad, about 15-16 years old, has made passes at someone's daughter. Her father, having a hot temper, caught him and asked: Why do you make passes at my daughter? A slap, another one, a third one. He fights it out. Now you say: We are not like that. Do you know how you can slap - in your mind you are great bullies. Mentally you slap, you beat. Sometimes when you are walking someone slaps you in the face just like that, not saying a word and goes on his way. Recently I was told that one of our young brothers had said that the communists were not very clever people. How could he evaluate them? The others were insulted. They said if they heard him talking like that again, he would lose his job. Do not give your opinion about anybody. Be students, rise above things. Do not deal with the people. The people are good, let them do their job. Somebody did not dig well. Give him an example. Why should you tell him that he does not dig well. Tell him how to dig, show him. Now you have the idea that you are citizens and you are getting ready for the Kingdom of God. Leave these delusions aside. The kingdom of God is like the musician who knows how to play well. There the people can play well. Whoever cannot play, cannot enter the Kingdom of God. You must live before you ever wish to enter the Kingdom of God. You say: I love it. You do not love what you cannot do. If I cannot play music, I do not love music. I like listening, you say. Everyone likes listening to music. If the five senses do not take part in a human thought, this thought is not right. After you touch an object with your hand, then you taste it with your tongue, you smell it with your nose, you hear it with your ear and you see it with your eye, you are very close to have a real notion of the object. You have caught a glimpse of a person, and you say: I saw him. The five senses must take part. They contain five characteristics that the object has. One person is right when he loves truth, when he is wise, loving, just and good. These are the features that he must have. He is a candidate for the Kingdom of God. He must enforce these characteristics. Truth is also music. Now I do not want to talk to get people frightened. The priests frighten the people that the latter will go to hell. These are empty words. The just language is soft and nice. What you do is not good, it is not dignified, it is not fair. (The Teacher pronounced this sentence softly and quietly.) You can roar or you can shout out that you do not love him. There is no use in shouting. We, the contemporary people are strange. God has not made us sing. He just has made us to bring the music to those, who play and we consider that a dignity. You will just bring the music to the person, that’s it. The music sheets were creased, because the one who carried them did not know how to do it. You will put them on the music stand and then move away. Now watch how they are playing. He says; I am not interested in music. When a young woman looks at a young man, what is the thing in him that she is interested in? He is a musician, a composer. She wants to put a rope on his neck, to lead him as an ox, to give him orders. He becomes a private, and she becomes a lieutenant. She says: Let’s go for a walk. The young man got in trouble. She says: I love him very much. I am ready to die for you. Today (the present day) dies, tomorrow she would die, then he dies and she lives again. At the Sunrise you always die, but the other people die at the battlefields. We are still alive. This is not an ideal. I do not support the idea for people to die. We have to learn to live. Now it is time to live. Many people have died. The world is full of cemeteries. There are thousands and millions of monuments of dead people, great people, but there are no monuments of living people yet. How many people are there in the world that are alive? I know one called Enoch, and another one called Elijah. Enoch has a monument. Elijah was returned and beheaded. You should not think that if you are like Elijah, you would go to the invisible world. You will be returned. A man, who killed four hundred prophets, comes back. This brother (he points at the brother Simeon) has been here for twenty years and he is only a candidate, he has hardly snooped [looked] through the window. He says: This is still not for me. After he snooped through the little window he said; this place is still not for me. It is for masters. When I look, I see the people playing. If you make a comparison you will see that this person realizes, has knowledge, perceives, looks behind his back, too, and sees what is there. So, I say: you are the right people to start learning. I see some of you at the age of 40–45, saying: We have grown old. I cannot be easily lied to; I do not believe old people. They just pretend. Because when they do not want to pay their debts, they will become old, their legs will not hold them anymore, and that is not right. No, no. I consider an old person if he is 5-6 million years old, as the Vitosha mountain. Vitosha is about 5 million years old; it is a young woman, not an old one, getting ready for marriage. It is a young maid that is still single. You are 45 years old, and you got married when you were 20. The Vitosha Mountain is 5 million years old and now is getting ready for marriage; it is a young maid, a beautiful maid. At the age of 20 you say: Let’s do that thing. This is the greatest service that we can undertake in the world – to get married. When someone comes to me I do not dare laugh. Someone comes to me and says: I do not live well with my beloved, we got divorced. He got dismissed and she got dismissed. What is divorce? A dismissal from service. He does not know what service is. He found a woman, whom he does not know and he got somebody else’s rib. The man has taken a woman and tried to place her where God has taken her out. He tried and tried, but he could not fit her and they got divorced. He should not have taken her. There is a trick. Now the man has 12 ribs, Eve is the thirteenth one; therefore it is an unfortunate number. The number is not unfortunate, it is a good number, but Adam was not ready for this number 13. The man should understand if he is of those kinds of ribs or not. The young man will see if he is of these ribs. The young woman should also see if she is of those kinds of ribs. Now it seems funny. By the word rib I mean a man who is good and clever. For me this is a rib. Clever and good, this is a rib. It is made of good material, of two qualities, of two ribs is made the rib that is good and clever. The man is created from the ground and the woman is created from the good and the mind. The man is created from life. The best material is taken from life and out of it is made the man. In that man God breathed into and the man turned into a living soul. The woman – the virgin is a projection of life outside. Adam is the soil from which Eve grows up, blooms and gives fruit. For me this is very natural. God told him: You should not pick fruits from that tree. The fruits are green, when they get ripe, only then can you pick them. Eve ate from the green fruits of Adam prematurely. She tasted the green fruits. She did not wait for them get ripe. Now you taste a fruit, it is unripe and you throw it away. You should wait for the fruit to get ripe. I say: be patient, wait until the fruits of your thoughts, of your desires, of your deeds get ripe and then God will let you eat. Can you give hard food to children? They drink milk, starting with their mother’s milk. If a mother tries to give hard food, she will kill her child. I do not want to discuss marriage, motherhood, fatherhood. One day I will discuss these matters. I will talk to you about what the mother is, what the father is in my opinion, but it is not the right time now. Now the ideas that you have are enough. One day I will talk to you about what the virgin is, what a young man is, what an adult is, what an old man is. Nowadays you often say: She is a saint. I have never met a more sophisticated young woman than Korteza. However, Korteza had one shortcoming: she was hot-tempered. Her nails were not developed, they were short. I said to her: You are hot-tempered. She confessed. I have to pray. When she was moving among the people she realized that characteristic, she was inpatient. When she saw someone she used to say: Let him move way. Now what do you lack. Korteza was hot-tempered, and what do you lack? I would like whatever you write in the newspapers of the Sunrise to be true, the facts to have been checked. God has created you to become servants, to serve here on earth. Imagine that a man has been a free spirit. After he goes to the other world, do you know what he will meet? When he enters, he will meet a person with his back turned toward him. The first man says: For me you are a stranger. He looks at his back He sees another man looking at him angrily. He has created him. You will meet all the contradictions that you have made. The man will not meet any face that will look at him joyfully. All of them are angry, not saying anything, remaining silent. Thus he can see the essence of his own art. The people say: this art is yours. The man with the turned back is you. The man with the angry face, with the broken leg, he is everywhere. He sees stabbed cattle, looking at him. He sees the hens that he had eaten and they are looking at him. All have gathered, he looks everywhere and walks with a face swollen with pride. From this world he goes to God. When God sees him with this suite, He says: Send him back, send him with the entire crowd to the other world. When you enter the other world, you will see how many things will emerge that are hidden here. No one will understand, no one will tell you a word. You will come from the other world back to earth. You say: this is not for us, we are occultists. It will rasp namely you. Destiny will start with you. It is the little errors that are judged. The first trial is in the world court, the second instance is the regional court, the third instance is the court of appeal and the fourth instance is the court of cassation. I do not want to talk because you will not understand. Sometimes when I talk I see that some of you understand it literary. I see in a particular kind of way, I see in a strange way, I see the thing differently. I see several young women sitting with a young man and I see that they are telling him something softly in his ear. At his other side I see several young men talking to him, too. He pays attention to them, too. What do they say in this discussion? On one side the women say: You have to do the job with these young men. The young men say: You have to do the job with the maids. He plays the role of a mediator and he gets paid. He makes connections between them. He bargains about what he would get paid, what they would do for him, as well. He says: It costs a thousand leva? No, no. It is two thousand? Oh, no. It costs ten thousand, twenty thousand? Twenty thousand is okay. To the young woman he says: How much will you pay? He takes from the woman. He takes from the man, too. Sometimes they are very interesting. I see this young man. When I see clairvoyants, I see them dressed in patriarch, light-coloured clothes, telling something. Someone comes and says: You are the only saint. I have come to you. Can you appoint someone to an office in such and such eparchy? She, the saint, cannot be satisfied with 50 thousand, neither is one or two thousand enough for her. Five thousand is okay, she says. She writes it down. So, now all of you are offices. All of you want to be happy. The young men and the young women have to come to you and to set the matter right. Let the young people and the doctors come. A mother wants to ask for a baby to be born. On one side the mother, on the other side the father - they both pay for a child to be born. Leave this aside. When someone comes, be honest. I will tell you what honesty is. I will give you the office; I will connect you with the invisible world to tell them to settle the matters from there. I do not take part in this affair. This is not my job. I have an office and in my office you can turn for advice to the invisible world. Everyone can do this, but you should not take part in it. This is not a business for you. This is God's business, not ours. When a child comes, where will we send him/her? Knowledge is required. This child will be dissatisfied with his mother. If we send a child somewhere or if we connect two people to be happy; there are a thousand things, where we can help. In the present lecture I'm telling you: You should first clean your eyes from the moisture to see clearly. Then we have to clean our ears to hear the music. Let's clean our nose, our mouth, our hands. In that way I can give an explanation to you about the sufferings that we bear. The hardships are due to these false images that exist in the astral worlds that have twined us inside. Someone says: Smile, so that he has a good opinion about you. No. First God must have a certain opinion about you. Or said in other words: the Love that passes through you must be glad that you are very good conductor. Love must be happy. You decide whom to love. Leave the question whom to love aside. Let God love whoever he wants. In this situation you have to pay attention to God's love, not to anything else. Not all fruits have been given for you. When you take this fruit, eat what you have to eat. What remains of love, it is in place. You know what the world would be if all of us were clean? I find in me one fault - that I see your defects. I wonder how to fix them. When I see the mistakes of a person, it is a difficult thing to fix them. I become his associate. I have to correct him. The image that I have seen I have to correct both in him and in me. He will consider that I am the reason for which he has made these mistakes. He says: He pushed me in this direction. So, I say: You should rely on those gifts that God has given to you and do not be deal with other people's gifts. Leave them to deal with their own gifts. God has given you more than enough gifts to deal with, leave other people aside. When your job is finished, you can take care of others. But it is a very difficult thing to be concerned with the gifts and mistakes of other people. It is the hardest thing. There is something typical about the humans: there is a brother who was so insulted by another man, who had made some mistake that he says: Now if I find him I will take his guts out of him. Well, now. If you meet another man who already has a boil, that has festered, how should you turn to him? You should say, brother, you have a very good ripe fruit. I am interested in the sap of that fruit. I need to take out a little of this juice, I need a little ointment. If you smear a maid with the ointment of a young man, she will become beautiful. This pus is an excellent ointment, the maids become the most beautiful with it, you just have to know what to add to it. Some chemical substances are needed. Now I will not tell you about this art, and not in the least will I tell you about this ointment. Then you will slightly touch the boil so that you carefully take some sap. You have to smear it with olive oil and say: thank you very much, what a big boil. He would say: If such things can happen of my boil, what would happen of the pure blood. This will raise his self-confidence. These are allegories. Remember the law: When you condemn someone, it is yourself that you blame. This is a law. If you do not understand, it is you. If you do understand, again it is you. Therefore you have to understand things well, so that you come to a balance. How can such a contradiction exist, how is it possible. At first one fruit is astringent, then it becomes a bit sour, and finally it becomes sweet. First the fruits are bitter, the bitter fruits turn into astringent, the astringent fruits turn into sour and the sour ones become sweet. If we do not see this Divine process after some time God's love will turn the bitter things into sweet ones. We have to be patient. A man who is now hot-tempered can become a very good person. When the good man observes bad people, he becomes bad. This cannot be changed. When the bad person observes good people for a long time, he becomes good, he adapts. It is written in the Scripture: If the bad man observes the good for a long time, he becomes bad, people adapt. If the good man observes bad people, he also adapts and becomes a bad person. If you pay much attention to something, you will get adapted. Then some clever man must come to push that graft, to free you. Now you should count on what God has initially put in you. The mistakes that you have made are due to things of all sides. These are inserted things that you have gradually to get rid of. I say: How could you remake a bad word? You have said a bad word, how would you correct it? I will leave you the second way to think how to correct a bad word. You would say to that brother: Listen to me. What I saw in you was myself. I am a bad person, you are a good one. He does not get insulted. I told you that you are very bad. You will put things right. In you I saw that I am a bad person. In this respect you are clean. Only in this way things can be mended. That is why, what is the penance in this world? I can repent, I can see my mistakes. I cannot see the other people repenting. God demands man to repent by himself. The people repent, they see other things. A man must see his own mistakes and correct them. He will feel happy. This is wealth for his sake. No one must regret having made a mistake. Who makes a mistake wins once, who corrects the mistakes, he wins twice. Who makes mistakes loses once, who does not correct them, loses twice. So, now God has sent us to the world for judgement. God has sent us little mistakes to correct. Our language should become soft. Our sense of smell should become excellent, so that we could be able to feel the best fragrance that exists. Our ear should become delicate, to catch the vibrations, the best vibrations, those of justice. The word just should have just one meaning. When you say justice, it should mean justice and nothing else. So, now do not be sorry. All of you are communists, because you walk on the earth and work. You all are farmers, because you plough the ground and eat. You all are broad socialists because you all breathe. You all are members of the "Zveno" party, because you all can read. Since you live in Bulgaria, you have the Fatherland Front. Say: I bear all these in me: I am communist, and a farmer, and a broad socialist and a member of the "Zveno" party. The Fatherland Front is also in me. I am in a relation of brotherhood and equality with all of them. Why don't you sing a song now? Of all that I have told you, remember the most important. There are things that I do not want you to forget. There are three things in the lecture that I do not want you to forget. You can forget all the rest, but three, four things you must remember. You should bear the communist, you should bear the farmer, you should bear the broad socialist, as well as the member of the "Zveno" party. The last one is necessary. The Fatherland Front is also necessary. Finally you reach the love. These are the servants that come to the love. They will bring the luggage. The communist, the farmer, the broad socialist and the member of the "Zveno" party will bring the luggage to love and will leave it there. You will kiss them and will enter the school of love to study. We sang: A light ray comes from above. A kind word on the lips. I see how much the fiddle has become coarse from the bomb attacks, it is really a lot. (He was fixing his fiddle.) The man can become coarse, but this cannot be understood. You should play for a very long time. There is a division in the mind. (The Teacher played a music piece.) It is the past time that has not been used. The Lord's Prayer. Now I am trying to use this time and I have found a music figure to mend the lost time. Source
  9. Note 3 Shadow and Reality IX Lecture, held by the Master on 28th August 1944 at 6:00 a.m. in the field in the forest above “Edelweiss” hut in the Vitosha mountain. Psalm 91. The Prayer of the Kingdom. The Good Prayer. „The Spirit of God“. The lecture „The living lines of consciousness“ from the volume „Open forms“ was read. What is real? Real is what the person lives in in the particular case. Unreal is what he thinks about. He thinks about some future life, but what it is like he also does not know – a shadow. Sometimes contemporary creatures cast their shadows from reality. By studying the shadows of contemporary creatures, we call it life. It is a shadow. The shadows of reality are our reality. I say, “We change”. You are young, you get old. You have changed, you do not know why you have changed. You see that you have changed externally, inside you feel young. Old from outside, young inside, how will you reconcile with this contradiction. A man always gets old when he stops to love. Everyone who is getting old has stopped to love. Everyone who loves gets younger. There are old people, who are not old. There are children, who are not young. Sometimes some children are feeble. Love has one distinctive feature: a man, who has love, he is an erudite, he is good, he is strong. These are features. The people of love do not change. There are slight changes that happen in them, but they do not change, they are young forever. What do you understand by the words “young” and “old”? Old and young are two things that are not understood. For a man to be old, this means to have the desire to be young, which means to have warmth. You separate the light from the warmth. When you separate the warmth from the light, you get old. When you separate the light from the warmth, you get younger. When the warmth becomes an internal process, you are young. When the warmth becomes an external process, a man is old. To have light outside and warmth inside at the same time; this is the perfect man. The old man has light outside and has no warmth. The young man has warmth inside, he has no light. Therefore the children want to be old. They have to preserve their warmth. At the same time, the old man wants to become younger, but if he does not let the warmth from inside manifest, he can never get younger. Once I made an attempt. There was one very intelligent child, at the age of six, who had a lot of toys: a bunny, he had a little airplane, he had a car, he had a real doll. He said, “I will lecture you, you do not know these things.” He said, “Do you have things like that?” I said, “No, I don’t have”. He started winding up the car and it started. He said, “If you do not wind it up, it will not start.” One day when you are given such a thing, it will not start if you do not wind it up. You should know that. If someone else was listening to that, he would fly into a rage: How can a child teach me. What do I know about nature? Can I wind up a plant to grow? Someone has winded the plant and it grew up. A man is sorrowful, you cannot make him happy. There is no sorrow that can be wiped off. A child has died, his mother had forgotten to wind him up. She winded up the machine of the child. Everything that is winded can unwind. He says, “Did you wind it?” When you are winded up, you will unwind. Those in the world, who unwind are heroes. But the hero ends up in a gaiety. The winded up, who considers himself weak, he becomes strong. By starting to unwind, he becomes strong. I say, “You have sins”. What is a sin? A sin is a virtue that is not understood. What is a virtue? One sin understood is a virtue. Let’s assume one simple clarification. You are given a seed, you see it as nothing. If you sow this seed, after some time it will grow into a tree, it will give fruit. This is the good. Well. But this tree, that can give fruit, you do not give the fruits, you want them to stay on the tree. They fall down, you do not let anybody pick the fruits up. This is the evil. We let the fruits fall down, rot away and we convince people that they are not good to be eaten. This is the evil in the world. You will sow the seeds and you will give the fruit away. You have the right of only one apple from the tree. All the rest are for the people around you. We cannot apply these ideas in the contemporary order of things, since the views are very narrow. In a bottle of one kilogram you cannot hold five kilograms. If you have a one-kilogram bottle of the truth, as much as you put in it, it will enlarge, it is flexible. If you put one kilogram, it will hold a kilogram. You put two kilograms in the same bottle, it will hold them – it enlarges. You can put three kilograms, four kilograms – as much as you want. When you put little, it becomes smaller; when you put a lot, it enlarges. There is no need to carry 20-30 bottles. It becomes bigger and smaller. It is flexible, it does not break. This bottle washes alone. It does not allow you to put something inside to wash it, it cleans up alone. They say about Edison that when he made his trials and dirtied his clothes, in the evening he switched on electricity 70-80 thousand volts on a disk and the entire dirt went out, the clothes became clean again. Every evening the clothes became clean, passing through that high voltage. Now we are talking about ordinary love. Someone says, “I feel a slight warmth.” The warmth disappears. Love disappears. The warmth comes, I am happy. It is not bad. From that little warmth comes out a little light. The little light comes out from the sunny knot. This sunny knot must grow bigger. A man comes and you are ready to give him food. Two men come, you start hesitating, you say, “I don’t have food for two people”. Reality can feed one man, it can feed thousands. How was it written, Christ took 5 loaves of bread and fed five thousand people with them. But He understood the law. Someone would say, “How did He feed them?” No matter what I tell you, it cannot be explained. When you do the things yourself, you will understand. Whatever I tell you about sweetness, you will understand just when I give you to taste it. There is one organ, one ability or one sense in you, with which you feel. In this particular case which things are real? The present day is clear, what does this show? This means that the situation of the people has started to get better. There is one project from the invisible world. Soon there will come something better in the world. Why will it come? Because a light is coming that will penetrate in the consciousness of the people and they will see their sins, they will see the crimes they have committed and they will know how to mend them. Because the past crimes must be corrected. Now all of you are expecting the good. We bring crimes, too. We bring both good and evil with us. We must correct the evil. We have to solve the unsolved tasks. The solved tasks we have to fulfil. The unsolved tasks we have to solve. What is solved we have to fulfil. Fulfilment is the good side. Let’s say there is one person, who loves you, what do you have to do for him? God, who is Love, why do we go to pray to God? Shall we give Him anything? We say, “God is almighty, God is so and so, He is benign.” What shall we give God, tell me. When we pray, we have to go to God, because He is perfect. We send one of our thoughts to perfection. By thinking about God, we become perfect like Him; by thinking about God we become good like Him; By thinking about God, we become benign like him in the given case. When we want to do something we have to think for His sake. If we do not think for His sake, the thing will not happen right, your thought is not right. If you think about God and you are angry, you are not on the right side. If you think about God and you lose heart, you are not on the right side. Doubt will come, it is not a sin, but we always have to keep doubt away, and not accept it in. When we accept doubt, it must become faith. So, I say, “You consider love as something transient, unreal.” The Bulgarian word for love is not so strong, too. Love in itself I interpret in the following way: A power that comes from the invisible world, pours out from an urn and flows into a trough like water. The people take this water, wash their clothes, make it dirty, and throw it outside like slops. When someone studies love, he studies the slops. When the pure love cleans the people, it becomes unclean. When we study the love that has cleaned the people and has taken all the dirt, we say, “This is love”. We have put our slops on the back of the love. We say, “This is love”. You will always get dirty if you love people, you will clean their grime. The grime is manure for the plants. The sins are necessary. Our sins are manure for the earth. This grime is carried by a cart and the plants are fertilized, which then give sweet fruits. The sweet fruits from this manure are sent to us to taste them. Let’s thank God for our sins. Let’s thank God for all our mistakes. Let’s enjoy the virtues that God has given to us. To be happy about what we accept and to be thankful about what we send. To be thankful that we have been freed from that manure. Often there is manure on our backs. It is very difficult for a man to love another man. To love means to know in each particular case what the other person needs. A child that was born with a talent, with a good ear for music, would not like you to say sweet words to him or to give him money, but give him an instrument to play. Do not praise a singer, but give him conditions to sing. I say, “Love resides in the gifts of all people, to manifest the good things that God has given them.” At the same time, we want them to help us manifest the good in us. If the people do not love us, the good cannot show. If we do not love them, we do not make it possible for the good to show in them. When you love someone, you give him the opportunity to show himself. When he loves you, he gives you the opportunity to show yourself. If in the world we do not love each other, we cannot show ourselves, we do not have the opportunity. We say, “God will make it.” When you love you will make it possible for God to do it. When you love somebody, you will make it possible for Him to show. He will become a musician, a poet, he will become strong, he will become everything. I say, “The first thing is to love, to be fond of and you must be loved.” When you love you help people. When you are loved, they help you. So, you should enjoy the manifestation of people. Everybody, who loves, is a good example. When you love, too, you are a good example. In this respect there in the world is no difference between the rich and the poor people. Sometimes you do not want to be poor. No one wants to be poor, all of you want to be rich. This is very good. It is a very good thing to be rich. Why should a man not be rich? A little more wealth has been put on your back than you can carry. Why do you need it? The rich man must search to give out his wealth. If he does not give it in the right way, he has no future; if he gives it out in the right way, he has a future. After you have become poor, you have to look for the people again, to beg. The contemporary people do not know how to beg. If you were a beggar, how would you beg? When a fiddler comes to me, will he beg? He will take out his fiddle, he will play the best piece of music. I will take out not one lev, but a thousand and will put it in his pocket. If this fiddler plays his music at about ten places and everywhere he is given fifty-sixty thousand levs, will he be a poor man? An artist will not be a beggar. He will paint the best pictures for free, he will give them and the people will take out of their pockets. He will not set the price. I say, what I am talking about, time will reveal that if you live in that way, the weather will be clear, the sun will shine. Now there are some of our brothers who are not dresses, they have no coats, they have no warm clothes. They are our old concepts. Our old love looks like an old piece of cloth. He says, “I loved him once”. After the people got to love me, I got old from that love. When they came to pick up the fruits that I had, they did not pick them up in the right way, but broke off the branches and I look like a stump. I will recover again, but a long time will pass until the new branches grow. Let’s say that you insult a friend of yours. You have broken off a branch. You will be clever not to break the branches of love. The only thing: it is not permitted to break the branches of love. Some people regret for having loved. Why do you regret that you have loved somebody once? This is not right. God has loved you, He has sent you to the world. The sun shines for you, the wind blows for you, the leaves grow for you, the rivers run for you, the flowers bloom for you and you have bowed your head and say “What a miserable man”. You think that you are of the clever people. When the poor man goes among the rich people, he should have the conscience and think: “You are rich because of me”. The poor man must feel like he is credited. He is a king. I am happy that you are a king. The king is outside of you. When the king feels that you have understood, he will call you to be his friend. If the poor man cannot become a friend with the king, he has not understood love. If the king cannot become a friend with the poor man, he has not understood love. This is the wrong understanding. The poor man must become a friend of the king, a good friend, not to consider the king in a high position. The king must be happy that he has a poor friend. Now God understands us, but we do not understand Him. I don’t know how to explain it. We come into conflict. The idea is the following: Nobody has created God. Because who has created Him, He is God. What creates, this is God. If it is created, it is not God. In us, the people, the malice shows, sometimes we think that nobody has created us. When we become adults we think that it is not possible that someone has been a little child with his mother. When we confess that we have come out of God, we are afraid that he can repent and take back what he has given to us. We strive to be far, in case he would stretch his hand and take all the good that we have. This is the mistake that we have on the earth. In fact God is happy with our mistakes and our virtues. Because if he grieved about our sins, we would have been stronger than him. You grieve about somebody. The one who has made you grieve is stronger. If he cannot make you grieve, you are stronger. If you love him, you are stronger than him. If you do not love him, you are weaker. When you love each other, you are equally strong. If you do not love, you are weak. When you go to beg, you are weak. If you do not want to learn from anybody, again you are weak. If you do not want to beg from the people, you have to give them conditions, to make something for their sake. God has created the world, He has left us and is looking at us. We use all His goods. God watches us, He listens to all our theories about the world and says nothing. He says, “Very well.” Always when you offer God one of your theories, he puts it on your back to try it. Therefore we must have the right concepts. Everything must be done on time. The fiddler must play well, the one who has a tongue must speak well. Who has eyes must see well. Who has ears must listen well. We must manifest all the gifts that God has given us in their perfect form. Things become more perfect, but the opportunities for the manifestation of many goods are vitiated. This must serve you as a rule, the other is theory. The one who loves is free. The one who loves has knowledge. The one who loves has life. The one who does not love has no freedom. The one who does not love has no knowledge. The one who does not love has no life. I tell you these three things, there is no need to tell it to the world. We have to change the world, nothing more. People are strange when they say, “How to change it?” Someone has put a veil on and he cannot see, he stumbles. I come and take the veil off his head. He can shout and bawl as much as he wants. I say, “Look at the world!” I say, all veils and delusions must be taken away from the people. But first of all they have to be taken away from you. The first delusion is: Nobody loves me, I am lonely. Loneliness is a feature only of God. It is not our feature. We cannot try it. The only lonely person in the world, who exists, is God. From our point of view there is nothing better than loneliness. There is nothing uglier than loneliness. There is no greater beauty than loneliness. You have to believe that. Now I cannot talk about it. We all came in one direction from the hut up to this place, but not all the people walk in the same direction. Everybody walks in his particular way. Two people do now walk on the same way. It is not good to walk in the same way. As the people say, that a man is going in the same way, it is not true. When a man lives well, he walks on his own way. If you understand a man and he understand you, you both walk in the same way. First of all we have to see where the contrasts come from. I meet a man after I have had food. The words “I am hungry” do not have the same meaning as for him. I have to put myself in his place, to go and have some food. I will tell him, “Wait, the time has not come”. Every person, who has a certain small need, you should satisfy this need. It is in your favour. You can satisfy his need, you bring the bread. You know the law, take out the bread, give him a bun, give him an apple, give him a pear. You say, “If I give, there will be nothing left for me.” The first thing: By doing good we put a base in our life. Make an attempt to free yourselves from the contradictions. Some days ago there was a strong storm, Sofia could be bombed, it showed what they have thought. When the things settled, the Divine gained mastery. The people are still settling. The present day shows this. The next day may be cloudy, the day after may be clear again. The changes that happen in people cast a shadow on the real life. What is your state, how do you feel? Then you expect life to improve. A very good fiddler comes, you go to listen to him play. If you are deaf what will you listen to? The reason is in you. The hall is well heated, you say, “I cannot hear him.” So, for the good fiddler you must have an ear. The hall must be well heated. If the fiddler comes and you cannot understand him, how will you listen to him? On the present day there is one concert. The world is getting better. I see in the world luggage is packed. For a period of eight thousand years the present governors now pack their luggage, put it in cars. Where? They are already leaving. We have become entirely neutral. We will disarm the evil, we are in accord with heaven, and we will not be at war with any of the fighting parties. Those, who come to free us from above, are the White brothers, who are armed and give us an ultimatum to break up with the black brothers. They don’t want us to fight with them, but we will break up. In their mind, according to their philosophy we have been out a great deal. Some of you will cry a bit, saying, “What will happen with our ruined apartments”. Do not listen to them, the apartments that you have, let them go. I don’t want a hair to be left from them. Whatever there is, let them take it. The white brothers that will come will bring everything new: beds, and hats, and plates, and pots, and shoes. Everything old outside. There is no need to cry, what will be in the world. We have come into a world where the black brothers have settled, they have lied to us. It is too much. Now there is one thing left that we can do. The only thing is love to God, love to the fellow-man, love to all brothers and sisters. Love to your father, love to your mother, to your brother, to your sister. The servant is also your brother. The little beetle, the tree, all things in the world are our brothers in different forms. You say, “This is not for us.” This tree can be your brother. By the word ‘brother’ I mean every creature that can do you a favour in a particular case. The cow that gives you milk, is your sister. The apple tree that gives you fruit, is your sister. We hardly know the brothers and sisters that serve us. The light that comes from above, is your brother. The warmth that comes, is your sister. I see it in that way. We say, “The warmth is not a sister”. Warm is its word. Open the light, it is a brother. In the light I see our brother. In the warmth I see our sister. Now lift and put this white flag. Love should be met with the white flag. As that German said, “We have a frightful weapon, when we take it out the world will turn into ashes. Peace will come immediately. What is this flag? – The white flag. When we decided to fulfil God’s Will, the flag is raised. If all people decide to serve and fulfil God’s Will, to raise the white flag, peace will come, there will be discipline and order everywhere. Now we are sitting on these brothers (we sat down on pine trunks), you should know what they are saying: „Because of our lack of understanding, you are sitting on us.“ They say also: „If you too do not understand, someone will sit on you, too.“ They are talking to me from below: „We have already understood and we will revive with you. We will not be like that.“ This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent. This is the eternal Life, to know the real Love that brings life. This is the eternal life, to know God and all goods that God has sent to the world. This is the eternal life. Source
  10. Note 3 The Valuable Thing VIII Lecture, held by the Master on 27th August 1944, 6 a.m. in a meadow above the “Edelweiss” hut. „In the beginning there was the Word“. 91 Psalm. The Prayer of the Kingdom. The good prayer. He read the lecture „The law of discontent“ from „The open forms“. Life is a great drama, where all the people are actors. People ask what would happen with life. Nothing. The drama must be played very well. The actors play very well, everybody wins. Should anybody win in the drama? The one who has written the drama says, “It is written very well.” Now some people wait to see who will be a winner in the drama. There are no winners in the drama. Only the personages have to play their roles well, to be praised for what they have played. If a man is playing a role of love, must he be a winner? He must play his role well, to show what love is –life should be a winner. He must live, to show the best life. For whom is there a drama? Is there a drama for the dead or for the living? For the living, of course. There is no drama for the dead. It is for the living people. Drama means that the personage has been put to a test, he has to endure the test, to be a hero. To pass the test well, to show that he is a hero, and not to be weak. Now the day is good, but we have one very weak gift. This wind is a drama. It is testing us. We feel like going back to the hut, to the warmth in the room. Here the hall is not heated. What does the hungry man think about most? We can offer him a lot of things, but what is he interested in? – The bread. In each case man must be interested in what is most important in life. What is most important in life? The most important thing in life is Love. As you acquire love, so will all opportunities come about. As you lose love, so will all opportunities be lost. First, the man has to seek the most valuable thing in the world. The other things come alone. When he loses the most valuable, the other things do not come to him. The contemporary world has lost, it has separated from the most valuable, it is looking for life where there is no life. The way in which people live has caused them to lose the valuable thing, they do not serve love, they serve secondary things, where from all sufferings and contradictions come. Now if the sun did not exist, what it would be like, what would happen? There would be such darkness and cold, which nobody could endure. When the sun comes the conditions get better. It is a law: When Love comes to the human soul, it makes things better. Which is the highest peak here? (The peak of Selimitsa, it is lower than the peak of Ostrets.) Source
  11. Note 3 A Poor Man and a Rich Man VII Lecture, held by the Master On 26 August 1944 at 6:30 a.m. In the canteen of the “Broks” hut – „Ostrets“, under the peak of Ostrets in the Vitosha Mountain. The Secret Prayer. The lecture “Watering”, held on the previous day at the peak of Ostrets, was read. If I were a stranger, I would say that this lecture was held in very unfavourable conditions. The weather was cold, the hall was not heated, the piano was out of tune, and the people wanted to go outside. This is the impression from the lecture. You have not understood this idea up there. Moreover, the Bulgarian language is not suitable for such a lecture. The European languages are even less suitable. For that lecture each word must have one meaning, not two. Now assume that a great musician gives a concert, the piano is out of tune, it is quite a good piano, but it is out of tune. What do you think, can he hold an excellent concert. He does not play well. Not that he does not play well, but the piano does not satisfy the conditions which harmony requires. Then imagine the other thing: the audience is ill, one has a stomach-ache, another has rheumatism of the knee. I hear them say, “When will this finish, we are bored with listening.” Love does not require ill people. When it comes, do not go to listen when you are ill. You say, “Certain rules must be observed”. When a person is far from you, you speak loud so that he can hear you. When he is near, you speak silently. When you are near, you speak loud, when you are far, you speak silently. How do you understand love? You understand love by speaking loudly to the people near you. To those who are far you speak quietly. Do you think that this love is understood? Do you think that it will hear you? Love speaks with the quietest voice that exists in life. There is no quieter voice than that of Love. To hear that quiet voice, an adapted mind is needed and an adapted ear. This loud speech, these expressions of feelings, the burning heart, the strong light, these are things not understood. They are strong things. What do you think, how does God see in the darkest affairs? Where nobody can penetrate, God can see in the darkest things. What do you think, who is the clever man, the man who has put five lumps of sugar in the cup or another man who has put one lump of sugar? Imagine that each lump costs one hundred levs, five lumps are five hundred levs. He says, “I am used to five lumps.” This is an unnatural habit. Here is another clarification: You go to the baths. The people go to the bath in two suits. In the newest or in the ragged one. You go dressed in your best clothes, when you go into the bath you take off your newest clothes. One should not go into the bathroom dressed in new clothes, nice clothes. The same law. The one, who goes to the baths dressed in his most ragged clothes, he also has to take them off. When he goes into the bathroom in his nice clothes, he has to take them off and go naked. If he goes with the ragged clothes in the bathroom, they will get cleaned, the dirty clothes will come out clean, washed. If you go into the bathroom in your clean clothes you will spoil the style. In love the ignorant come out more educated, while the educated people come out with a little bit of a spoilt style. Now in the nature while a baby is in the mother’s womb, he is dressed in a king’s mantle. In the womb of his mother he is in heaven, dressed in a mantle. When the child commits a sin, then it gets born. What we call birth, it is a transgression. God chases him out of heaven – he goes out of his mother’s womb. „If the seed that is put in the ground does not spoil, it cannot grow”. I say, “In analogies, in comparisons you have to juxtapose one clear understanding that exists in the human heart, in the human mind. The heart understands in one way, the mind understands in another. The heart understands the sweetness, the mind understands the beauty. The mind can never understand what sweetness is and the heart cannot understand what beauty is. When the heart wants to understand what beauty is, it goes up to the mind. When the mind wants to learn what sweetness is, it goes down to the heart. What is the sweetness? The mind goes down to the heart. If your mind cannot come down to the heart, it cannot understand sweetness. If your heart cannot go up to the mind, it cannot understand what beauty is.” Sometimes you wonder why man has to come to the earth. To understand what is sweetness and what is bitterness. He has to go up to the sky to understand what beauty is and what ugliness is. You can understand beauty and ugliness in the sky. Ugliness is a shadow of beauty. Bitterness is clothing of sweetness. Sweetness is dressed in bitterness. Sweetness cannot manifest without bitterness. It shows in the contrasts. If there is no sweetness, there is no bitterness, if there is no bitterness, there is no sweetness either. They go together. The people want sweetness without bitterness. Sweetness without bitterness is impossible and bitterness without sweetness is impossible, too. Singing is what is needed now. You should write the best song according to all the rules, with all the ornaments. To sing a well-written song, to play it you need the best singer, who has a well-developed throat, the best piano or the best fiddle, the best harp, to play it. I say now, “If you do not have a tuned heart, you would not understand sweetness. If you do not have a tuned mind, you would not understand sweetness, either. Imagine that a child is passing across a river, which is four fingers deep. You shout at the child not to pass across the river so as not to get drowned in it. You are not saying a true thing. Do not shout. Just say, “Pass the rivulet.” If the child is passing through a river ten meters deep, then you can shout, “You can get drowned!” When we are saying something, we have to express truth. We should never say that in the shallow water one could get drowned. This is not true. You say, “My heart is burning”. The heart never burns. What is burning and burns out is the two fingers of shallow water. You will get drowned. You will not get drowned. The water would dry out. When it gets dry, there is ash, sand. While it is running, the water is shallow. When it dries out, there is no water, only ash is left. What is water? The water stops running through the sand. So, I am saying, the notes that you have taken are wrong. It is very hard. The way you have read it, I am a stranger, I see a piece of jerked meat. It should be boiled at least five, six hours to become soft. We think right now, aren’t we. Since we have dressed love in ragged clothes, it filled with indignation and appeared in mist. It says, “You should go to the baths”. Now what would you compare this process with? When you enter into a bathroom and you do not take your clothes, you are an ignoramus. If you go in your nice clothes, you are a bad-mannered man with no character. When the well-dressed man takes his clothes and remains naked in the bathroom, and the one with the ragged clothes takes off his clothes, too, they both are clever. It will turn out that the body of the man with the new clothes is cleaner, whiter, while the body of the man in ragged clothes will be dirtier. After they have a bath and go out of the bathroom, they both will be white and clean. When they go out of the bathroom, this is the Divine teaching. When people are dressed in the nice clothes, in the ragged clothes, this is earthly love, they need a bath. Those who have not entered in this bathroom cannot know Divine Love. Suffering is taking off the nice clothes, the beautiful clothes. Ragged clothes, this is resignation, having a bath in the bathroom. When you go out of the bathroom, this is the Divine joy. This understanding has already sense. The other things remain not understood. If I now correct a lecture, if I am a shorthand writer, you will not recognize it. If I read it to you even ten times, you will not get bored. Now I don’t want you to read it even once more. A second time out of the bathroom. Now this is the rule: at the bathroom we have to take off our clothes. Those who are in nice clothes or in ragged clothes, have to undress, we have to go inside naked. Adam was naked in heaven. Nakedness is purity. Dressing, as people now get dressed, is a wrong state. When someone gets into trouble, in prison they give him a dressing gown and put chains to rattle. He becomes vainglory, it is recommended for two or three aides-de-camp to watch him, escort him. What is the difference between a king and a prisoner? Both the king and the prisoner are escorted. The king is dressed nicely. They both go to the bath. The king is dressed in nice clothes, when he goes into the bathroom, he will take his clothes off and will remain naked. The one in the ragged clothes will have his chains taken off and he will go into the bathroom naked. Both of them are escorted and both walk slowly. Why will you be delighted if you are a king, but if you are a criminal you will grieve? Misunderstanding. Imagine that a king is transported on an old jade. This will be the greatest insult. Imagine that a criminal is transported in the best coach. What will happen then? The people outside who are watching will say, “It is a crime if the king is transported on an old jade and the criminal is transported on the most handsome horse and in the best coach.” Then what do you have to do? You will move the criminal onto the jade and the king in the coach. This is the natural order of things. Now the poor man has to pray until the bag is empty. When the bag gets filled up, he has to stop praying, but lift the bag up. When does the rich man have to pray? The poor man has to pray until the bag is empty. The rich man has to pray while the bag is on his back, to have it taken down. When the bag is emptied, he has to take it and run. This is understanding of life. The rich people need someone to take their bags. The poor people want their bags to be filled up. The rich people have the experience of full bags, while the poor do not have the experience of a full bag. When the poor man is shouting with his empty bag, this is right. When the rich man is shouting with the full bag, this is right. When the rich man is shouting with an empty bag, this is not right. When the poor man is shouting with his full bag, this is not right. “Shout”, this is an equivocal word. Now you think that when we talk about love, it is a strong current. The only thing that is invisible in the world is love. Where it comes from and where it goes, it is not known. Love brings all goods, but remains invisible. The only thing that is invisible, this is love. Not the form but the essence cannot be seen. Love comes in the most silent way and brings the most useful things. What is left to you, you think this is love. It is the good of love. The fruit that has come to you and you think it is love, the sweetness. You do not know what sweetness is. You feel sweetness, but you do not know it. Sweetness is invisible. You see only the form. Sometimes we want to see love. The only thing that cannot be seen, this is love. It is experience. What you feel is sweetness, it is love. What is it like? You cannot give it any shape. You feel that one sweetness is different from another sweetness. The sweetness of the pear, of the apple, of the plumb differs. Where is the difference in the sweetness? You can say that the plumb is blue, the apple can be red, the pear can be yellow. The blue colour, the red colour, the yellow colour, this is not sweetness. These are labels. I say, the only thing that cannot be seen in the world, this is love. Its fruits can be seen, but it itself cannot be seen. When we say that God is invisible, it is like sweetness, without seeing it, you can feel it as very real. I say now, “You all have one view of God’s Love. The only thing, when you come near to love, you have to be happy. The least discontent, and you are out of love. Love does not stand for absolutely any disharmony in the world. You all have the delusion. If you want to understand love, you have to enter naked. By “naked” I understand “who is perfect”. Only the perfect man is naked. There is beauty in the naked man. Light comes out of the naked man, he is dressed. The other one is also naked, but there is darkness. A naked man, from whom light comes out, and a naked man, in whom there is darkness. The white people are naked and the black people are naked. What is better, is the white man better or the black one? The black means emptiness. The empty bag is black, the full bag is white. What is the white? Fullness. What is the black? Emptiness. Therefore it needs to be filled up. What is the light? When you empty the light, darkness is formed again. The real concept of darkness is emptiness. The light is fullness. It brings the idea. The poor man is darkness, the rich man is light and fullness. Now we are talking about the natural wealth. The other state when the rich man is dissatisfied, his wealth is on his back. It is the state of an animal that is loaded. This animal is walking and they want to take down its burden, to unload it. The rich men in the world are loaded. If you have wealth and you are dissatisfied, you are loaded. If you are happy with the knowledge, if you are happy with the wealth, it is Divine good. Knowledge must make us happy, wealth must make us happy. All that we have must make us happy. It is the Divine. So, if you are sad, it means that you are not valued in the environment in which you live. A doctor who has killed ten children, he is no longer a doctor. A doctor is only the one, who has never killed even one child. Every doctor who has killed ten children is held responsible, he will be judged. He will study the art of curing, he will start curing people. Every singer, who has not learnt to sing well, is hissed off the stage ten times, it is his fault. It is the same if he has not sung one song in the right way. He has killed the song. I consider every singer who has not sung one song to have killed the child. The one, who has sung the song according to all rules, he has acted as midwife for the child and he has come out alive. Now you want to be a doctor. When you act as midwife to your thoughts be careful not to kill your thoughts. You are a doctor of your songs, you are a doctor of your feelings, you are a doctor of your deeds. When you kill ten thoughts or ten deeds, you are held responsible. I never judge the doctors. Because if I decide to judge them, I also will be judged. „Measure for measure“. Now you sometimes want to reconcile. Unless the rich man and the poor man do not go to the bath they cannot reconcile. The one with the ill-smelling clothes cannot reconcile with the one, who is clean, he has sense of smell. When a man has many defects and wants to be loved, it cannot be so. There must be humanness. He has to go to the bath. The rich man and the poor man have to go into the bathroom, then this is fraternization. One of the ministers has said “In the bloody bath”. When the people come out of the bloody bath, they will get to know each other and they will fraternize. This is the law: The rich man must be happy when he frees himself of the wealth and the poor man must be happy when he frees himself of the poverty. Both are equal. When the rich man is sorry that he has lost his wealth, and when the poor man regrets that he has lost the poverty, then they are equal. But now the people never regret when they lose poverty. By a poor man we understand a good man who has not committed any crime. I call rich these people, those who have committed all crimes. The man must be happy when he frees himself of the wealth and regret when he loses his poverty. Poverty is wealth in heaven. Wealth is poverty on the earth. Now we have to have breakfasts. To come to the good of Love. Source
  12. Note 3 Watering VI Lecture, held by the Teacher on 25th August, 1944, 6:00 h. a.m., at the Ostrets peak in the Vitosha Mountain 91 Psalm. The Prayer of the Kingdom. „The Spirit of God“. The Lord’s prayer. I will read chapter 15 from Mathew’s Gospel. You have various characters and sometimes when something is told to you, it is not understood in the same way by everyone. A rich man wants plenty of food, varied and cooked well. He does not like simple meals. I say, “In all convictions, in all philosophies of life, what is most important?” A silk thin piece of clothing for the wintertime is not in the least practical. It is excellent for the summer period, when the temperature is 30 degrees. It can also be low-necked and sleeveless. Even the animals that have a “low neck” in the warm places, hairs have grown on them in the cold conditions of life. The hairs on the head have grown out of necessity. The beard has grown out of necessity. Wherever the people do not have hair on their bodies, it shows the good conditions. Sometimes you are occupied with very ordinary matters. For example you are interested if you go to study, how you will finish school. You finish the four years of primary school, then you finish three years at junior high school, then five years at secondary school, four years at university. The other people say, “He is an educated man. He knows much”. You see that as much as you study, there is still what to learn and you think what to do with the knowledge you have. You become more sensitive, more ambitious, you think that you are an educated man and the people have to treat you in a different way. Before, as an ordinary servant, you did what somebody had told you, another one told you to do something else and you did it. Now you say that not everybody can give you orders. So, we like giving orders but we do not like being given orders. What is better now: to be given orders or to give orders? If it is for good, it is best to give orders, but if it is for bad, this is the worst thing. Therefore, to give orders for the good, you have the right to do it. When you come to the evil, let yourself be ordered, you just listen. When you are given orders, go and do the good thing. You are masters of the good and the bad at the same time. Give orders to yourself to do good. When you love somebody and he comes to you, you say, “Here you are!” You do him a favour, you want to treat him. When you do not love somebody, you give orders to revile him, you tell him to leave. I ask which of these two masters is better. You say, “I don’t love this man”. It is so that you do not love him. In the future this man will be in a condition to love you. The man you do not love now, in the future you will need him to love you. The man you do not love now, will be nothing in the future. Now this seems to you a contradiction, how is it possible? Take a servant, his master gives him a salary of ten thousand levs, he does anything that his master orders, doesn’t he? What the master says, the servant fulfils his order. One day, when the master stops paying him, the servant does not listen to him. Besides the fact that he does not listen to him, the master would say, “He is a crotchety, he has eaten all my money, he is a blood-sucker”. In the world you can never make good with money. As the people say that with money you can do anything, it is for the bad. With money you can commit a murder. You can get bribed to go and kill anybody. You all think that if you have money, you will do good. You lie to yourselves. With money all people become corrupt. Now you should understand the word corruption. Corruption comes when money comes. A man becomes corrupt when money becomes his master. Money is a weapon, a sword, which you are carrying. If you are a clever man, you will do good with it, you will cut firewood, if you are from the bad, you can kill somebody. I say, “It is written in the Scripture: „the man cannot serve two masters”, because in the world there is only one master. God has created the world. The second master has imposed himself alone. For example, it happens so that the father in a family passes away and the oldest brother takes the place of his father. He starts dealing with the other brothers as his father did. The father has given something; this brother has not, why on earth should he give orders. Now he will take the privilege as the father, saying, “You have to obey”. I say, “The first order that has come from God is valid.” The other orders are secondary. Now how will you distinguish God’s orders from the human ones? God’s orders never create a contradiction. Whatever you say, it happens, whatever you touch, it works. You turn on the switch and the light comes, you turn on the tap and the water runs, you turn on the switch and the bread comes. However, there is no power like that in the orders of people. You say a lot of things, but what is human always creates a division in the human soul, mind, and heart. Your mind is divided whether to do it or not, this is human. You think whether to insult him or not, this is human. You think whether you love him or not, this is a human deed. There is no law in love to tell you whether to love. If you think whether to love or not, this is human. There is no law for the light to light up. To tell the light or the lit candle to light up. When you lit up the candle, it knows how to glow. Now you say, “Why don’t we have much success”. These are human matters; that is why we have no success. You say, “Why can’t I live with that man?” You have chosen a companion, who is not according to God’s rules, how do you expect to live well? You want to be a master and he wants to be a master, too. It is not possible to have two masters at the same place. Two positive poles repel each other, there is a contradiction. Do you know why there is a contradiction? Two people who love each other, both of them are hungry. They are given bread from two different places, one of them would go to one place, the other would go to the other place, and they will become separated. Two hungry people cannot love each other. Now I am talking to you about the fondness that builds. When I am talking, I do not mean the ordinary love. The love that you have is so ordinary, it exists in animals, it is everywhere. It is the last servant of God. What you are dealing with is the last love. There is nothing lower than it, you have clung to its coat-tails and you hold tight. And it is a dealer: it gives a little and takes a lot. Somebody tells me, “Do you know that I love you?” How do you love me? Now we say that we are fond of God, we love God. We love Him, because he has sent us on earth, how couldn’t we love Him. If suddenly he pushes you, he takes everything from you. Then we would say, “I will not serve God from now on.” If someone asks you the question “Why do you have to love a person?” You have to love him because he loves you. Somebody comes and tells me that he loves me a lot. Of course, he loves me, why shouldn’t he love me. He has come with an empty bag, he loves me and I have to fill up his bag. He wants to take from me, and he wants to convince me that he loves me. Instead of saying in the secular language “I have come to you to take wheat, and for you to fill up my bag”, he says, “You fill up my bag, I will fill up yours.” This is politics. When you fill the bag, when you see him, catch him. The fondness with the empty bag is at your expense. You think that when you love somebody, you give to him. The one you love, you always take from him. This is what you do not know. In fondness you also take, love manifests there later. You go to a rich man and you say, “I love you”. He understands the law, he fills up your bag with wheat. You go to his field, you plough it, you sow the wheat. The next year, when you reap, you say, “Last year you gave me a bag of wheat. I had sown it and won, I take for me one bag and give you nine bags of wheat. This is love. The love you sow in the field, give nine bags of the fruit and for you keep one bag. Do not keep nine bags for yourself, this is love not understood from which the heads of the people have become white and hairless. You would expect your head to turn white from that love. And not only that, but what that man has in the world, he will lose it with this love. Take the contemporary world. A law will impose you to go and fight for the country. You have to sacrifice everything. You father has gone to fight, he was killed. Your brother has gone to fight, he was killed. Your sister was a nurse, she was killed. What is this love? They say, “You have to die for your country when you love it. I say, “The new doctrine is different. We do not have to die for our country, but to live for our country, I do not want those who owe me something to die, but to live and pay their debts. After they die they eat me all over. When it becomes hard for you, you want to die. I always listen to: “I want to die.” Wait a little. When you are poor you want to die, but if you were rich would you want to die then? If there is no one to love you, you want to die, but if there is somebody who loves you, would you want to die? No. Why? Now I will talk about the illusions of the world. Certain creatures have come that have distorted the Divine law. There is a world of illusions that exists in you. You should always know that if a thought is divided in your mind, it is not right. If a feeling is divided in your mind, it is not right. If a deed is divided in your mind, it is not right. The divine in the human does not cast any shadow. There is a complete harmony, there is no discordance. To worry and be anxious is human. It is not bad. When you get angry, yoke your oxen together and go to plough, take your hoe and go to dig, or take two pitchers, go to the fountain and bring water. The energy must be set to work. If you are angry and bring two pitchers of water, the water brought in anger is sweeter. This is a theory, but you will try. Sometimes go and drink some water, it is a bit insipid. If you have brought the water in anger and you drink form it, it is sweeter. The farmers know that. When you fertilise a tree, you do not eat or drink the fertilizer, but by fertilizing the plant, it gives better fruits. When you pour muddy water to a plant, it gives better fruits. I say, it is not bad for a man to get angry. When anger comes, make it a servant, don’t leave it be a master. When doubt comes, do not chase it away. Just say, “I want a servant just like you”. Put it in place. When indolence comes, put it in place, too. Indolence is not bad, it gives rest to the man, to work a little. You will have a rest an hour or two, not to rest all your life, and you will become strong. Now I will give you a rule. You say, “What to do with our bad life, what to do with our bad thoughts, with our bad desires”. What to do? I will tell you. I will give a solution to that question now. Bad thoughts have been masters in you till now and the good thoughts have been servants. Now change this and make the bad thoughts servants and make the good thoughts masters. Bad feelings have been masters in you and good feelings have been servants. Now make the bad feelings servants and the good feelings masters. Bad deeds have been masters in you till now and the good deeds have been servants. Now change the order. Do not chase them away, you should not chase anything away. Chasing away is not the way. When sorrow comes, do not chase it away. When joy comes, do not hold it up. Because if you chase away sorrow, if you chase away suffering, it does not go away. You say, “Why can’t I chase it away?” You have sorrow, you have suffering, you have cut your leg, you want it to go away. Does it go away? You have to serve it. You can serve that sorrow. In this case the sorrow has come to help you. The thing that cures that man is the sorrow. You have cut your leg, by bandaging the leg the sorrow causes you pain. You start reviling. When the suffering cures your leg, it goes away. Before the leg gets recovered, I will not move from here, says the sorrow. About the joy, you should not hold it up. When it comes, it climbs onto your back. The joy always climbs on the back. Since it brings a lot of food, it climbs on your shoulder and gives you sweets, apples, pears. You carry it, because it gives something. Let it go away. It tries to go away, you say, “Wait!” there are others climb on their shoulders and give them something. Let it go away. Let it stay on your shoulder as long as it wants, do not say anything. When it leaves, let it go. When the joy stays an hour or two, it spends all the apples, there is nothing left to give you any more. Let it go, to fill up its bag again. Therefore you should not hold up the joy. Do not tell it, “I cannot without you.” Now these are the rules. You expect certain things from life. The mother cannot carry her child all her life. You cannot hold one thought in your mind all your life. This thought has to come out of you. You cannot have one feeling all your life. It has to come out, to learn. Feelings learn, thoughts learn, deeds learn. They have to go out. I will give you an example. The contemporary people suffer, because they do not know what love is. All the people do not know love. To sacrifice for the people, this is still not love. To give your wealth to the people, this is not love. When you read chapter 13 from the Epistle to the citizens of Corinth, it speaks about love. When Love comes, it brings abundant life, it brings abundance of knowledge and abundance of freedom. These are the features of Love. When Love starts flowing, it brings all blessings along its way. It is strange, you have love and you are so stingy, you are afraid to get robbed. I wonder with that abundance of water near the village of Marchaevo, who can rob you. The water /the warm water at the village of Rudarsko/ that you have, this big spring, to start crying that its water might be taken. It is ridiculous, the spring is glad that they will take water. It will run out anyway. You are afraid of love. There are little drops, and you are afraid that somebody may steal your love. The only thing that cannot be stolen is love. Anything else can be stolen, but love can never be stolen. You can divide everything, but you can never divide love. You cannot move love. There is no creature in the world that can move love. The only one who can move love, He is God. There is one who can heave it. Whoever comes to push it, he cannot. When he tries to push it he says, “It is not for me.” He leaves it and goes away. When sometimes you want to heave love, you will call God. Otherwise you will fail. What you have thought, it is something else. Don’t be afraid that love can be stolen from you. When you realize that nobody can heave it, you will have freedom. I present the matter in a very material way in order to be understood. Because all hardships in life that will appear in the future we will solve through the law of love. The only thing that solves the difficult tasks is the love. Without love the hardships cannot be solved. You want to help a dead person, love will bring him to life. In all things the only power that really helps, is love. All creatures from one end of life to the other are bearers of love. Those who have understood that law, they are perfect. Those who have not understood the law, they are from the imperfect. Let’s assume that a friend of yours comes, who has insulted you. What is the insult? There are many people who were born and like to have only one friend, they do not love many friends. They have a feature that they bear. This is good in them, but they suffer a lot. Because the one they love, loves someone else. They jump out of their skin, how can he love someone else. They have been created to love just one person, they want the other people to be like them. How can they love someone else? This is single love. If on a wheel, used to irrigate a garden, you put only one cup of water and you turn the wheel, how will you irrigate the garden? When the whole wheel has many cups, the garden will be irrigated easier. All the people are cups, dipping up of love. We have to be happy, unless this cup is leaky, to be able to dip up and water the garden. The Divine garden must be watered. Our welfare will come from the fruit of that garden. If you have not watered anything anywhere, you will not make use of it. The sweetest fruit from the gardens of the other people can be rarely given. They will say why should we give them. The sweetest fruits are where we have watered. Where we have not watered are the bitter fruits. Why will the bitter fruits come? Because you have not watered. Why will the sweet fruit come? Because you have watered. You can check this. God always wants to make us work, so that the fruits are sweet. Christ says, “My Father works and I work with Him.” God works because when He works, the good fruits grow. If God does not work, then the bitter fruits grow. Where God works, there are the sweetest fruits. Where we work there are the sweetest fruits. Where God does not work there are the bitterest fruits. Where we do not work there are the bitterest fruits. This is a practical philosophy that you can test. Build your lives on this philosophy. Do not go to water where other people have already watered. Do not sow a field where other people have sowed. You should sow where nobody has sowed. You should enjoy what the others have sowed. Where a man has sowed and worked, you should enjoy it. You should also enjoy what you achieve. It is the spirit in you that leads you. You should want to work, in order to achieve something. Then you will have that joy and your sorrow will turn into joy! Today the weather is cloudy. Our concepts are like the weather today. All your philosophy on earth is like that. It is not pleasant, and we look for a shelter between the rocks, but the contradictions find their way through the crevices and reach us. This is the old doctrine of the world. You know what it means for the people to love you. For people to love you, it means that you are an anvil. To love – you are a hammer on the anvil. It is the nail between the hammer and the anvil that has to stand it. Contemporary love has an anvil. You want to be loved. There are hammers that knock onto the anvil. They love nails. Now the anvil says, “Hit, to love me.” It knows that there is someone to love him. The nail has to stand it. Finally the nail becomes a real nail. When it becomes a nail, they say, “Put it somewhere.” It will make people who do not love each other to start loving. What do you think, would you like the love of the nail? To love with nails. Someone comes with a claw-hammer and unnails it. There has never existed any love. This is delusion. There is no relation. Both objects are dead. This is the law. The one you love, for him you will water the garden. You will see that his garden needs watering. Whom you love and who loves you, not saying a word to him, when he sees your garden, he will water it. These people love each other. When you water the garden without being told, it means that you love each other. The human mind is an excellent garden, the human heart is an excellent garden and the human soul is an excellent garden. These gardens can be watered with God’s Love. There all fruit trees will grow with the sweetest fruits. I will give you an example from contemporary chemistry. There is water, composed of two elements. One is double, it gives a double ratio. One of the elements maintains burning, it cannot burn alone, and the other one can burn alone. If there is no one to maintain burning, it stops burning. Some people would ask, “Why do we have to drink water of two elements?” When you drink water, it decomposes, the hydrogen goes to the heart, and it forms burning. In the heart warmth is created. Then comes the oxygen to help maintain burning. When oxygen goes to the brain, it forms the human light. Hydrogen goes to help it. Oxygen never goes to the human heart. The heart needs hydrogen. The heart needs love that burns. The human brain needs love that maintains burning. The mind does not need burning but maintenance of burning. What maintains burning is light. What burns is warmth. Then you say, “I burnt out”. When you burn there must be warmth. And if you do not burn? If you burn, then you are hydrogen. If you maintain burning, you are oxygen. Love does not burn, but it maintains burning. Love never burns, but maintains burning. What burns in the world, it is the material love. You need it too, but the material love cannot burn if the Divine Love does not maintain it in its manifestations. All contradictions that come in life happen in the heart. The human love burns the man. There may be different degrees of warmth. Without warmth the man would freeze. When there is warmth, man comes back to life. If love is overstrained, the warmth is greater, and then comes another, unnatural life, everything turns into vapour. Only the Divine Love is powerful. The human love is very weak, infirm. The human love is like cow’s milk. When you fill the pot half full and you put up the fire, the milk starts rising up. Those who do not understand the law think that the milk increases. If you let it stay a little on the fire, the milk will come out of the pot and you will lose it. You think that when love swells up, it will fill up the room. You have to lower the fire, so that the milk does not go out of the pot. The Divine Love is a great eternal spring that runs everywhere and constantly fills up everything, it fills the empty and does not touch the full. It is the only love that fills all vessels. When there is nothing to think about, love finds work. If it thinks that it knows, love passes and goes off. So, in you there is a misunderstanding. You should enjoy the human love that has become a servant. What is the law? Enjoy the human love that has become a servant. Enjoy the Divine Love that has become a master. Be happy that the Divine Love is a master. Be happy that the human love is a servant. When both of them come, accept them. You should accept God’s Love and its servant, too. When they both come, let them in and they will settle down. Do not give them any instructions; they will settle the affairs as no one else can do it. If you intervene in this, you will lose everything that you have. They say, “If you do not need us, we are leaving.” When you remain alone, then the cold comes. Cold comes when light and warmth go away. You say, “Good afternoon!” – You can’t shake hands. – “Good afternoon!” – You can’t speak. Since the people put the world in order, love goes away. It is cold today. How can we explain that? The father gave birth to a son and a daughter, they are very disobedient. The daughter wants to marry somebody the father does not like. The son wants to marry a girl the mother does not like. The daughter has to listen to her father, to marry a lad her father likes. The son, too, has to marry a maid that the mother likes. Nothing more! You say, “Why in that way?” Who has taught you to love? Your father. If your father has not loved you, how will you know to love? When he gets to love you, you will go on the way. Who has taught us in the world to love? God has taught us. We will listen to him. Now we think. The first who has taught us to love and be in love, He is God. In that way you have come to this state, you will get old, you will lose love. You will wonder what it was like when you were young. The things that I am talking about, if you accept this teaching you will get younger. This is a law for getting younger. How will this happen? Do not think how this will happen. You will go to bed, you will get up and you will have become younger. You will not know how this has happened, but you will know what happened. You will know that it has happened. It is enough that it has come from somewhere, nothing more. One day I see our brother named Temelko thrashing the field with two horses. I say, “It is easier to thrash with three horses”. He said, “I don’t have a third horse”. On the next day there was a horse that came alone. The horse came, they tied it up with a rope and thrashed all day long. The next day they wanted to take the horse, they did not want to use the horse for thrashing. The horse came as a self-invited guest. It is according to the law, love comes uninvited. When it comes, it does its business and goes away. In the world all people have to be bearers of Divine Love. All contradictions that exist today are due to the human voracity and not understanding the law of love. If the contemporary people understood love, the war in which people are killed and crippled would not exist. Thick-headedness, they want to be masters, to be rich, to give orders, not for people more powerful than them to exist. A competition is born. Now in the world love is coming. When the Divine Love comes, all contradictions will disappear and the people will forget to hate each other. How this will happen, you will not know, but when it happens, you will see it. This will come one day, it will not be far. Now of all this, you will say what you have checked. This is gathered material, you will go to sell it, you sell rather expensive. Do not give more than one apple. Who wants you to tell him something, you will climb on his shoulder. If he allows you to climb on his shoulder, give him an apple. If he does not, tell him, “I do not give”. This is right. Where you have not watered, the bitter comes. Where you have watered, the sweet comes. Why is it bitter? Because I have not watered it. Why is it sweet? Because I have watered. Why do people love me? Sweetness is love. Bitterness is lack of love. What is lack of love? – bitterness. When a disease is cured, they give us bitter pills. We are taught to water. I say, “I do not have time to water.” Then bitterness will come. You say, “I don’t have time’. When you do not have time, bitterness will come. When you have time, sweetness will come. What is time? Where there is time, there is watering. Where there is no time, there is no watering. You all complain that you have no time. Time is given for love. Where there is love, there is time, where there is no love, there is no time. Where there is love, there is sweetness, where there is no love, there is bitterness. I give you in brief the whole philosophy of love. What is love? Love is the sweetest thing in the mind, in the heart, in the soul, everywhere. All the beauty, this is love. Harmony, this is love. Strength, this is love. If you are ugly, it is clear why. If you are beautiful, it is clear why. If you are strong, it is clear why. If you are weak, it is clear why. If you are good, it is clear why, if you are bad, again it is clear why. The real wealth is where the wealth is a servant of love. The real knowledge is a servant of love, all things in the world are servants of love. Only the love is a servant of the Spirit. I call Love the oldest daughter of God. The first in the world, that settles the world. The most beautiful, the strongest, the wisest of all. Sometimes you want to know why you are a woman or a man? You are a woman, because in the world only women create warmth, they burn constantly. What is a man? This that maintains burning, it is light. Warmth and light go together. They are processes. Warmth serves in a lower world, of which the highest world of light is created. So, I say, “A man who does not bear light is not a man. A woman, who does not bear warmth is not a virgin, she is not a woman.” Virgins bear warmth, angels bear light. By warmth we do not understand burning. What burns and does not burn out is also burning. Moses saw the blackberry bush that was burning and did not burn out. A thought that maintains this burning or makes it accessible for the others, it is light without light we could not have eyes. The light in us created the eyes with which we see the beauties of the Divine world. There is nothing better than to be a virgin. The purest things are virgins that are burning. The most beautiful thing, this is light. Beautiful is the human thought. Pure is the striving of the human soul. Love and fondness are two principles in the world that elevate people. Why has the Bulgarian called the combination of what burns and what maintains burning, water. Water is something that leads, that opens the way. Water opens a way. Now you feel a little the lack of love. This is the past. If you have had the first love, God’s Love, it would immediately become warm. If love comes, the whole sky will immediately open. If you have little love, the sky is open only at some places. Here we are discussing the human love. The man is not free with human love. I have watched some children, their mother carrying three, four apples in her apron. The mother thrusts her hand into the apron, the child eyes open wide, watching how big the apple of his brother is. If the mother gives the better apple to his little brother, he starts crying. People say that children are stupid. He is like an artist, he sees the nice thing. When the mother gives to him and to his brother apples that are equally good, he says, “My apple is like yours, too.” The mother has to give the smaller apple to the younger brother. The bigger apple is for the older brother, for the younger one – a smaller apple. This is according to the measure of the human love. The apples have to be equal in size. I have often seen the little brother say, “Give me your apple”, and he takes his. That is enough. We have come to the human love. The human thought wants to be master of love, but it is not possible. The man, like Jacob, is fighting with God. And he saw that he could not win. When God pushed him on the thigh, it got dislocated. He says, “Bless me to understand your teaching.” Jacob is practical, he had two wives, he served for them at Laban. God says, “You already go back to your brother, you will leave the old life” You have taken your father’s blessing, you will do better. He fought and finally he understood that he was not right. When Jacob went back to his brother, he picked out part of his possessions and said, “I am your slave”. The best is when you come to the law of love, give equally. In the Divine Love there is equality, with human love it is a different matter. In the Divine Love people are equally strong, in the human love they are not equally strong – some have more, others have less. It is unnatural. Let’s go downstairs, for human love to treat us again! Source
  13. Note 1 He comes! V Lecture, held by the Master on 12th July 1944, Peter’s day, the village of Marchaevo, Sofia region The Good prayer. I will read to you chapter 13 of the First message to the Corinthians. „The spirit of God“. Let me read just one sentence: „The immeasurable God’s Love, Wisdom and Truth are flesh f God’s spirit.“ I will read part of the lecture „The voice of the soul“ from the volume „Eternal good“ on page 121 from „There are three laws in the world, to which all the people strain, consciously or unconsciously...“ /The Master reads to the end of the page and continues reading page 122 to the harmony, as well as the harmonious movements are inevitable /. In this harmony everything is in place. It is a healthy state. When a man is satisfied with life, he is in the real. What do you lack? You are a child, you want to be old. This is a delusion. You are old, you want to be young, it is another delusion. You are young, you want to be beautiful. This is another delusion. Life, Love carries everybody in itself. You want to be beautiful, it is an external delusion. You want to be more than the other people, to say, “There is no one like me”. Then two people will come to compete for their beauty. Here is the contradiction. It is true, that there is no one like you. In the world there is only one character [sample] of everything. The carnation is a flower. They say there are 20 sorts. There are no sorts, the carnation is one. This is a delusion that there are 20 sorts of the carnation. The rose is one, there are not many sorts of roses, there is one rose. These are our delusions, these are shadows of life. Sometimes you think that you know a lot. It is a delusion. Sometimes you think that you do not know anything, it is another delusion. That you know everything – everything knows only God. That you do not know anything – this is you, the human. That you know nothing, what does it imply. Be happy that you do not know anything. If you know what illness is, what is the use of it for you? If you know what poverty is, what is the use for you? If you know what death is, what is the use for you? If you know what anger, doubt, greediness is, what is the use for you? – They are unreal things. Someone says, I know much, I have suffered a lot. What is it in suffering, tell me now. Who has grown up of suffering, tell me now. You say that sufferings teach the man. Who has become rich of suffering? Who has become erudite of the suffering? They have written that the evil comes out of the good. When we do not understand the good, it turns into evil. When we do not understand the evil, it turns into good. Now you will say, why does this happen? – I do not know, this is it now. When a fruit stays for a long time, it decays. When you pick up a fruit form a tree and it stays for a long time, it decays. Until it is on the tree, it does not get rotten. We keep it picked off for a long time and it rots away. That is why you do not have the right to keep a fruit picked off. When you pick it off, you will take it and give it the most respectable place. And then all contemporary people suffer when they pick up a Divine Thought or a Divine Feeling form the tree of life. They do not eat it and it decays in them. And there it causes the worst suffering, nothing more. I tell you: Never pick up the fruit before you have become hungry. When you pick up that fruit, you will eat it. Not a bit should fall down. You will eat it with the pit, with everything. It is not allowed to break the pit. You will eat everything. Sometimes you say, What is the „New Teaching“? – The new Teaching is based on that to know how to take down the rucksack that you have put on your back. Someone comes and tells you that you are a poor man. Do not delude yourself when you are told that you are a poor man, or that you are not a gifted man. You say, She is a hen. This hen is no clever. Or you say, This a sheep, this is a tree. You are deluded. Trees are very clever. Trees know what people do not know. Hens know what people do not know. Only now the erudite people learn how the hens lay their eggs and what substance they are made of. Hens have ever known, long time ago, how to form their eggs, their egg-shells. Before the man appeared, they were erudite hens. Now in your mind you consider what the hen can do. You consider what is not a hen. The hen is a very modest little house where lives a very rational creature. You say, A hen. It is a little hut. In this hut there lives a very rational creature. You see that the man lives in a very nice house, a palace, but the palace is not the man. In many palaces there live stupid people. Who is a stupid man? –Who relies on his house. Hens are cleverer because they do not rely on the house. A man must rely on himself. I will ask you where are your grandmothers, who relied on their houses. Where are your grandfathers. They are gone. Where have they disappeared? You say, They went to the other world. He has not gone to the other world with his house, the house has remained here. You have never seen them. Can you describe what was your grandfather? You can’t. Your grandfather first has been a little child, who weighed 3-4 kilograms. When he has come here. Before he had come to your grandmother, he had weighed not a gram. He weighed one millionth part of the gram or even less. I tell you, that your grandfather has weighed one hundred millionth part of the gram. This has been your grandfather. Tell me now: Can you have a notion of your grandfather, who has weighed one hundred millionth part as a material particle? We say, The only real thing in the world, this is Love. When you feel one little urge of life: this is Love. What do you lack? You eat a fruit, you feel the sweetness. This sweetness is the Love of the fruit. If you understand the sweetness, this is life. We say, “We have this sweetness, but we need clothes, a hat, shoes, we need this, we need that.” We destroy sweetness. We need no shoes, no hat, this is nonsense. They are a delusion. Hats in the world are very little. When a man is born he is little, and the hat is thousands times smaller. When a man comes into the world, he has everything he needs. Do not look for the hats. In the past the people who wore no hats were considered crazy. In the past the people who wore no shoes were considered insane. They see you walking barefooted and they think that you are in trouble. Now we see that the time taught the people to wear no hats, no shoes. Someone has lost his hat, he cannot buy another and he goes hatless. When you have no hat, where from you will buy a nice hat. The shoes have torn off, where form you will buy nice shoes. A Jew told me that he has sold an old suit, a little bit ragged, for 12 000 levs. Another one has bought a suit for 38 000 levs. Who of you can buy a suit? If you understood God’s Law, if you had such Love to God, calf-love – your life would be different. You understand Love that brings contradictions. A friend of yours loves you and you think whether he loves only you or he loves the others, too. It is very natural, if your friend is a man or a woman, first he loved his mother, then his father, then his bothers, his sisters, his uncles. You are the last who has come from somewhere and you think whether he loves only you. Before you he love the pears, the apples. You say, “Do you love only me”. Not only you, this is not understanding of Love. You must be happy that this person loves his father. Because if he loves his father, he will love you, too. If he loves his mother, he will love you, too. If he loves his brother, he will love you, too. Do not consider yourself the first man whom he loves. Do not think that when you meet somebody you love him and that you love him for the first time. This is a delusion. This is where contradictions come from. The Only, the First, Who has loved us for the first time, this is God. And the First whom you love, this is God. If you do not love God and if God has not loved you first and if you have not loved Him first: there is no knowledge, there is no light, there is no freedom. The only love, the only Light, the only Freedom come from the Love that God had to you. The only acceptance of Love. Light and freedom is when you have loved God. Nowadays you say, “I have suffered a lot in life.” There is a song “he comes, he comes“ sing it. Everything came from this song “he comes’. Some say not to sing this song. Since the one who comes in the world ran after those who did not fulfil that law. They started running and involved us, too. And we are running. From the Love that comes everybody is running and we are running. I say, Since he comes, now we all have to meet Him. You have not seen Him coming. You saw only those who raise the dust, they came, threw bombs and stole what they could steal. And they ruined what they could and left. The one, who comes into the world brings Love, brings Life. The One, Who comes into the world brings the light, brings knowledge. The One who comes into the world brings the freedom for all the people. Everybody to be free in it. Not only the people, but also everybody to be free. So, I say, we all are in the following contradiction: „A brave, reasonable man felt that a thief was thrusting his hand in his pocket. He did not get angry, but he calmly took his hand, smiled to him and said, “Listen, my friend, let me thrust my hand in my pocket, I will give you more than you can take with your hand.” Do not rummage in the other people’s pockets. Do not pick up the fruits from the other people’s gardens. Some children pick up fruits from the trees and when they see the fruits are not ripe yet, they throw them on the ground. Others pick up ripe fruits, put them in their pockets and pass away at an easy pace. They do not know that every theft, every lie brings its consequences in the far future. There will come a day when misfortunes will pour over them. They are results of thefts, lies and crimes in the far past! Or, said in other words: Every fruit that has been eaten without love, every hat that has been put on the head without love, every coat put on the back without love, brings misfortune. Every hat put on the head with love, every coat put on the back with love, every shoe, every apple, eaten with Love, every person met with love brings happiness. This is the law now. So I say: We, people, are now called. The one who comes in the world, who always comes, He comes in the morning sun and leaves with the sunset. He comes in the clear air that we breathe and leaves with the unclear air. He comes in the limpid water that we drink, goes away with the turbid water we make. He comes in the clean meal that we make and goes away with the unclean meal. Sometimes you sit and you want to re-educate yourselves. What does self-education lie in? The one whom you expect comes. You quarrel, make a row. You will find someone guilty at home. If you are married, who the woman will blame first? The man. If you are married, who the man will blame first? The woman. If you have children, the mother will look for some of them guilty. After the children there come the servants, she will find someone of them guilty, and will make a row. We have been looking for guilty people for thousands of years. The men were guilty, the women were guilty, the children were guilty, the servants were guilty, the oxen, the cats were guilty. All of them are always guilty. Who is then the one who is not guilty, tell me now? There is no one. When you get up in the morning you look for the man in the image of your mind. If he brings the light, you should thank God. You are looking where the woman is guilty. Look for the woman in your heart and thank God, that you have a heart. Since you do not know what a heart is, what music there is in it, you do not know the rhythm of the heart. There is one rhythm of the heart, the man is merry. When the rhythm changes, the state of the man changes, too. There is one rhythm of the man, I call it “andante”, what a sadness, what a pain in bed! You suffer, andante is this, a painful state. When allegro comes to the heart, the man gets up, studies, works, eats, drinks. You need allegro, not andante. You have already learned the andante, everything till now was andante of the music. The man is guilty – andante; the woman is guilty – andante; the child is guilty – andante; the servant is guilty – andante. He is ignorant, he does not know – andante. What is andante in music? It is guilty. I say: the andante is created by us, the people; the allegro is created by God. The andante is made by the old people when they cannot walk. They say, “Slowly, with a walking stick – it is andante. Allegro are the children. When the child is born it suffers first. The child is the old man that was 120 years old and even born he cannot forget that he is old and crawls on the ground; when he learns the andante, he raises up – allegro – the old man has rejuvenated. I say, “In order to get younger first you have to understand the law of the rhythmic walking. The allegro is the rhythmical walking in nature, the rhythmical feeling and thinking. You make a crime or some sin, you do not seek for the mistake in you, but in the other people. A priest, here in Bulgaria in the time of the Turkish yoke, who was not very clever, because at that time the priests did not have to graduate an ecclesiastical school, when Easter day came did the Resurrection service very easily. He lit a brazier full of coal, filled the censer with charcoal, put incense, thurified with the censer, jumped over the brazier three times and said Christ resurrected. Ten, fifteen year it was easy to resurrect Christ, but once it happened so that a citizen came to this village. An hour passed, two hours passed, the citizen does not come out and Christ Resurrected could not be announced. The villagers asked him: Easter is late this year. Until that devil is here, Easter will not come. He is afraid of that man, because he knows more. To jump over the brazier, this is not Christ Resurrected. I ask, what is jumping over a brazier? It is an easy thing. You know how difficult a jumping over can be corrected.. It is easy to say an insulting word, you know how difficult it can be erased. You create a form that is not accepted in the invisible world. To mend {correct} a word is not an easy thing. So, I say, “the tongue is not bad.” Sometimes a man says something bad, there is a reason for that. You take the worst in the least form. The tongue is set like the strings, they depend on the weather, on humidity. When you take the tone, it is false. A slight tuning is necessary. Love is a pitchfork. When you come to the law of love, it is a pitchfork. What is Love? Love is what makes the tuning. What is Wisdom? Wisdom is what makes the tuning. What is Truth? Truth is what makes the tuning. If you do not tune your life according to Love, if you do not tune your thought according to Wisdom and if you do not tune your deeds according to Truth, you cannot show as a man. Have you ever heard the voice of God to blame you about anything till now? Have you ever heard God revile at you? No. The only creature that always talks kindly, this is God. When the sun rises in the morning, when the weather is clear, how do you go out in springtime, how do you see the voice of God. He is quiet. In nature when sometimes there are storms, you blame God, but these storms are formed by completely different creatures. The first thing, this is the voice of God that creates. It is the best thing that exists. It is the good of life. The storms and what we see are dissonance. When a man gets angry, he starts shouting at home. After the father gets angry, he blames God. He is an earthly father. It is not bad to get angry, he has the right to do it. Here there is a brother saying that his father has beaten him. He often says that if his father had not beaten him, he would not make good. If his father had not beaten him, he would have grown a better man. He has spoiled because of his father’s beating. The rectification [correction] of the man that he has to go through. You want Christ to come to earth. Christ cannot come to earth now. He has been beaten and he cannot forget it for two thousand years. He bears it but this is the great love. When he thinks that he was not accepted, to come to earth he says, “Little further from the earth”. You want Christ to come among you but he will find discord and quarrels. Why shall I listen to those who are croaking like frogs. I have listened to the frogs croaking a lot. This is a king of comparison. We have to be satisfied with life. You are satisfied to have a nice thought, you are glad to have nice feelings. Because God shows in the nice thoughts. In the good situation God shows. You do not have this disposition. A tiny speck of dust falls into your eye, the eye starts crying. What is the reason? The little speck of dust. Then God sends you water to clean the eye and you start crying. Why dies a man cry? There are many specks of dust in the eye. Put some water in the eye to clean. Without it the people would have prematurely become blind. Now start. What is the new life based on? To spend a day without worrying. When the bombs came to Sofia, why cannot you go out. Let the bombs fall, this is allegro. You will walk. Running is allegro. These are the Greek races, the Olympic races for some wreath. Some people ran more. Now the people are telling me only about Christ’s Love. I wonder. I have never met a man in Bulgaria talking about love. What they are telling is nonsense. They tell how Christ has suffered. They do not know how he has suffered. I do not know how he has suffered. What to say, how has he suffered. I may know, but even I am crucified, if they beat me all night long, if they mock at me, then I will understand. Now I have not been beaten. Someone says, how Christ has suffered. If you understand how Christ has suffered, you will never make a sin. You have not understood Christ’s suffering. If you have been insulted, you know really what an insult is. When the others get insulted, you do not know what it is like. I say, “Do your best your day today to pass without internal troubles”. Let’s say that you are worried that the sun will not rise. You worry because the scientists say that the Earth will stop moving. They calculate when it will stop. This may happen but it may not happen. Life can never stop. We can stop but the movement of life does not stop. You all get confused of one thing – that you can lose love. The only thing in the world that cannot be lost, this is love. Everything can be lost, but love does not get lost. Then correct yourselves. Correct yourselves in the law of love. Someone says, “I cannot love”. You cannot love, this is another question. You are not an authority. Love does not evolve [come] from you. If you do not love, this shows that you have not understood what love is. Now what do you understand. In the old time the Bulgarians used to put out love easily, they used to blow the kerosene lamp and put it out. Now if you blow the modern /electric/ lights, how will you put them out. You have a switch. Even a child can turn the switch off. The whole village of Marchaevo can gather to blow the lights, but they will not go out. When the youngest stupid child comes and turns the switch, he will put out the light. If your love goes out with the electricity, it is the children’s fault. If nobody can put out your light of electricity, you have such a transparent shield. When somebody is blowing, it repels it. Even if the whole world is blowing, it cannot be put out. I say, Love that comes from God is like that. The only thing that sometimes can put it out is the lack of love. A child turns the switch and it is out. Now you start walking around the village to look for the child that has turned the switch off. You cannot find him the whole day. When somebody turns the switch off, you turn it back on. Why will you go to look for these children? Sometimes you have a dress that has a little stain on it. Who has spoiled the dress? What hinders you from getting a piece of cloth and clean the stain. Sometimes somebody has one. The goad has become dirty. Who has made it dirty? Take little water, wash the goad and leave it. The goad you carry has an awl. Do not use this awl to poke the oxen, when you come to love. When you poke with this awl, a day will come when you will get poked. A goad has an application not only to life. You will use it. It is for all the people. It is used everywhere. Never use a goad where you should not. If you use it, take it out. I tell you now, this is the good thing for these goads – the people started writing with them. In the old time they used to poke the oxen with the goads. Now they use them to write the best things. Now put your goads, do not throw them outside, make pens to write the best things. No one in the world can get younger without love. This is a basic law. If you say how, you have a suspicion. This is ignorance. Do not think that if you graduate all universities in the world you will know how to get younger. This does not depend on the present knowledge of people. Imagine that you have never eaten something sweet and you do not know what it is like. What does the sweetness of an apple in? if all erudite professors gather to tell you about this, will you understand what sweetness is? You will think that you have a notion about it. Give that apple to a child and after he tastes it, he will have a real understanding of sweetness, without any professors. The real knowledge that we are looking for, that makes you younger, it does not come from professors. It comes from God. What comes from straight from God, it makes younger. What comes from the people, it does not make younger, it makes older. People create old age, God creates youth. To get younger you must have God’s love. When God looks at you, you are young. How will you get younger? God will look at you. How will people get younger? God must look at them. How does this happen, I do not know. I know how it happens, but I don’t know it in the human way. When I eat the apple I know the sweetness. When God looks at you, you are joyful, merry. When people look at you, you are sorrowful, sad. When people look at you, you fall asleep. When God looks at you, you wake up. When people look at you are indisposed, you are discouraged, life has no sense. When God looks at you, you are joyful, merry, life has sense. I say, “Let’s leave the human things aside, and take God’s good in us.” It is the Divine. It is the new in the world that you expect. The good comes from God, do not expect it through the people. The people are only conditions. The Divine comes straight to you. You will not tell how it has come. What comes from God, you cannot tell anybody. It is impossible. Sometimes I see people, who want to tell me some experience of theirs, haw they have suffered. I cannot understand them. He says, “I am very happy.” I know what my happiness is, but I don’t know his happiness. I know when this happiness comes to me, but I don’t know his happiness. Do not talk about the happiness that comes from God. When the light shines on the trees, it bears the good fruits. When you taste the fruits you know what light is. A man, to whom God has talked, can be recognized. If someone is ill I will tell him, “Put your hand.” If he puts his hand on the ill person and the latter does not recover, he should not say that God has talked to him; it is the people that have talked to him. Someone says, “He is an ignoramus”. Even when I take the most erudite professor and put him in a room and give him the Bible to read and there is no light, he is an ignoramus. When there is light he can read, when there is no light, he is an ignoramus in the darkness. Who of you can read if the light is out? I tell you the only thing: “When Love comes, it brings life.” Life cannot be acquired, it comes from Love. Knowledge cannot be acquired, it comes from Wisdom. Freedom cannot be acquired, all the people want freedom, it comes from the Truth. Do not talk about it, do not say, “I am free.” You, who are talking about freedom, you are not free. No one can limit you in freedom. It is impossible. When the people think to limit you, you will be in the sun. How will they limit you? Sometimes you ask yourselves why you have to love? In order to get younger. Why do you have to have love to Wisdom? In order for the light to come. Without love to wisdom the light cannot come. It knows these three laws. You will never become more than the other people. Consider that you have as much right as God has given you. You will not exceed your rights in the world. You have a servant, you will tell him, “Stoyan, today you will serve me as God has taught you.” If I call a tailor, I will give him the cloth and tell him, “Cut that garment as God has taught you.” I will not tell him anything. When he makes the garment I will put it on as he has sewed it. And I will pay him as God has taught me. The woman to tell her husband, “Today listen to me as God has taught you.” The man must tell his wife, “Listen to me today as God has taught you.” I will tell your son, “Listen to me as God has taught you.” To your daughter you will tell, too, to listen to you as God has taught her. The son must tell his mother to do as God has taught her. Start now with the new. What has Moses written, what have the prophets said. The prophets said good things, but they remained not understood. Tell me some words, as God has taught you. Play to me as God has taught you. Now you will tell what I have told you. You have not applied. If you do not apply it, you have not understood anything. Now I believe in one thing: I believe that today you will understand. With you all the people will understand it how? You should not make the hungry people eat. You can make someone who is not hungry to eat. To the hungry you will give only bread, you will not give him instructions how this will happen. Leave the food to the hungry man, do not give him instructions, he knows what to do. You just watch from a distance. The people know how to apply God’s law. Just the food must be put and left, they know what to do. This teaching must be applied, as they understand it. I say to the world the following, “Do as God has taught you”. When someone comes and says, “What to do?” I say, “Do what God has taught you, nothing more.” He would say, “I don’t know”. No, it is not a policy that you don’t know. Often when people have to give they forget, but when they have to take they never forget. Someone says, “I have forgotten that I had to pay.” Since he has to give, he has forgotten. When he has to take he does not forget at all. You have not paid for such a long time. So, I say, “Let’s remember when we have to take and when we have to give.” You have to take – remember it, you have to give – remember it, too. In my opinion we have to remember when we have to take and less when we have to take. Till now we remember when we take. To remember when we have to take will be the last. When we have to give, giving must be first, taking must be last in your mind. So, the first thing: you must learn three things in the world that are impossible. Nobody can take your life. Nobody can put out your light. Nobody can limit your freedom. This must be in you, if God lives. If God does not live, this is another question. When you explain Christ’s words “ those who hear my voice will come back to life in the last day”, “in the last day” means “when love starts talking”. Love, this is the last day. The last day, when the Wisdom starts talking. The last day when the Truth starts talking, it will be all that. It is when God starts talking in the world. You realize your mistakes. God has started talking. You have the desire to learn. God has started talking. You have the desire to start a new life. God has started talking. Do not leave that over. Do not postpone the present day. You think to do it another day. The present day will never repeat. The sun rises and sets down only once. Do not think that in life the sun rises and sets down many times. Once it has risen you will enjoy it. It brings all fruits. Then you have to believe in yourselves. You get ill, believe that illness is the old. All people that believe in the old teaching are ill. Those who will believe in the new teaching, there will be no illness. To understand the sweetness of a fruit, you must be hungry. If there is no hunger for love in the world, you cannot get to know it. Only when there is hunger you can know love. Only when there is hunger you can know what the light is. Only when there is hunger you can know what freedom is. Without hunger freedom remains incomprehensible. Without hunger light remains incomprehensible. Without hunger life itself remains incomprehensible. Hunger is what stimulates. It is love. I call love hunger. Without love in the world everything remains incomprehensible. What is love? Love is hunger in the world. Without love nothing in the world can be raised. The original is love. The first that always gives, this is love, it never takes. What always gives and never takes, this is love. You should not be afraid that love would look for what it has given. If it does, this is slavery. Love never looks for what it has given. Love is happy in hunger. When you are hungry, you will thank God for what He has given to you. You all must be satisfied with what God has given you. Today this must come to the soul, to be pleased with the great goods. You expect to die one day and go to the other world, to come to resurrect. You think how this resurrection will happen. It will not be as they preach in the church, as scientists write. You can resurrect today, too. When you doubt, death comes. Love excludes absolutely all doubts, suspicions. Everything in it is clear. How can this be so, I do not talk, I know that it is so. If someone asks me what sweetness is, I give him an apple. When he tastes it, he does not ask. Do not tell about the sweet things, just say, “Eat an apple.” He says, “I already know.” The other contradiction. You would say that people are bad. How does God bear these people. He can bear them, we cannot. What God can bear, we also have to bear. What God loves, we also have to love. Do not want God to love your sins, because he will place you to try them too. I say in the plain sense. Those of you who are married, should have a paragon {ideal example] that there is a man in the world, who is perfect, who has never said an insulting word to his beloved. There is a woman in the world, who has never sad an insulting world to her beloved. You must have an ideal example in the world. Now some of you want to be first, am I right? Be first to correct your mistakes, be last to do the greatest things in the world. To feed the whole world, this is the last thing. Big deals are last. An ant is drowning. You say, “Let it get drowned.” Rescue it, it will not be an effort for you. Reach you finger, take the ant out. Now the priest in Marchaevo says, “These people are still not believers”. He is right. The law of love, as I am talking to you, is still not applied. The priest himself has not applied it. He and we are alike. We reproach him how he could dare talk. He says, “The people do not have love”. He is right. But his lips are unclean, too. I would praise him if his lips are clean. Quite a lot of slops came out of his mouth. When they pour clean water on me I understand, but when they pout slops on me, I do not understand. To sprinkle holy water with a bunch, I understand, but to sprinkle slots, it is not in a priest’s manner. I want when you sprinkle, to sprinkle with pure water and the bunch to be of sweet basil. You all will be priests. I tell all of you to sprinkle with water. Take a bunch of basil and go around, start sprinkling., nothing more. If someone blames you, tell him that I have made you priests. Go with the bunch so that all arguments stop. People live well. People argue, we already know this. The first thing: Today to thank God for all goods that he has given us and for the good that is to come. The old goes away and the new is coming. What is the new? Love. The old is going away, it is those not understood things. The new is to see the good in you and in the others. The old is slavery in the world and it is going away. Freedom is coming, God’s freedom. To free the mind of torments, to free the heart of worries and the body of illnesses. We all to become healthy, we all to be joyful and merry for the Divine life. To start playing as the little children. Three things in the world are important: Love is a fruit of God’s spirit. Knowledge is a fruit of God’s spirit and freedom is a fruit of God’s spirit. And when we accept [take] these fruits of the spirit, we will already know what freedom is. Everybody, who eats from the tree of life, he has life, he has knowledge and he has freedom. The Spirit of God. I will read the following: „God is great in his Love. God is great in his Wisdom. God is great in his Truth. God in his Love teaches, in His Wisdom enlightens, in his Truth frees”. God is merciful and compassionate and His kindness is over everything. His omnipotence holds everything. Everything in God lives and moves. He is gayety, delight for all.” You will have this in mind as God has taught you. You will not tell how he has taught you. When Adam committed a sin, God called him: Adam, Adam! He kept silent. He says, “I’ve heard the voice, but I was afraid”. Fear comes when we do not know God’s law. In the law of love there is no fear. Fear must be outside. What frightens people, this is the lack of love. What encourages people, this is love. So, I say, “Do not teach those, whom God has taught.” Leave them do as God has taught them the mistake of the contemporary people is that they learn from one another. Then arguments arise. There should be no teaching. It is said, “Everybody will be taught by God.” What must be done? Leave the people show as God has taught them. The fiddler to play as God has taught him. The one who talks, to talk as God has taught him. Do not teach him. You also talk as God has taught you. Do not talk as God has not taught you. Now some people smile. They say, we know it. You don’t know it. Your smile does not show knowledge. Someone smiles, he thinks that he knows. As I see people I also can smile, I can thrust out walking, I can show off. When I walk I see my steps in a different way. When I step sometimes I stop to look at myself if I could be in harmony with all the people on the earth. By any chance to push somebody, or step on an ant. I have to observe to law. Not to think only about myself that I am a holy man or a good man. This is a delusion. A mirror can reflect the light, but it does not radiate in the least. Sometimes we think that we are very good or very bad. These are delusions. I am what God has made me. I show what God has given to me. I am happy when I manifest God’s love. I am happy when I manifest God’s Wisdom. I am happy when I manifest God’s freedom. I say, “I wish now you too to be happy with what God had given you. I do not want to be happy with anything else, to wait. Be happy with what you have put in the larder till now, not look for it to come from outside. You make the following mistake: A mayoress, a rich woman, was very illustrious [high-born]. The master brought wood for the fire, everybody served her, she did not know what is work. The master died and she remained alone. There was nobody to do the housework. She had no wood and she went to a neighbour of hers. He did not have wood, too. He told her, “Go to the forest, there is a very good helpmate, its name is Need. Gather wood, call her and it will help you immediately. The rich lady went to the forest, gathered the wood and called out: “Need, Need!” She called the whole day long. Then she said to herself: “It will not come, but I will take the wood on my back”. I say, “Take the wood on your shoulder and go straight home.” The problem will be solved. What you can do, it is the Divine. Be happy that you can take a little load and carry it home. How many times Christ had come to you and said, “Can you do a little favour?” someone says, “I am busy now”. God, please excuse me, I have married my beloved… God left. Ten years later a child was born in your family, God comes and says, “Can you do this for me?” you answer, “I have children”. He leaves again. He comes when you are 120 years old to do something. You say, “God, my legs do not hold me anymore.” First it is the woman to blame, the second time the children have come, finally at the age of 120 the legs do not hold him. God is in this beloved one. When God comes to you, take your beloved woman and both you start working for God. When God comes for the second time, both the beloved and the children must work. The three of them to do this work. At old age all of you must work together. There should be no old age. If your beloved cannot love God, he is not of them. If the child cannot help you, he is not of them. When you start doing God’s Will, your beloved will come with you and say, “Wherever you go, I will come with you. Whatever you do, I will do it with you.” The child to say, “Wherever you go, I will come with you. Whatever you do, I will do it with you.” If your children do not go in your way, if your beloved does not go in your way, they are not from them. If you do not go in the way of your beloved, you are not of the beloved, too. I say, “The law is equal” I say, “You are free. When God comes, where one of you goes, you all should go there.” Whoever he is, the last or the first, the one who goes first, follow him. In the world only God is the first. He says, “I am alpha and omega.” God is first and last. He is the first and the last. The first and the last thoughts are Divine. The first and the last feelings are Divine. The first deed of every person and the last deed are Divine. In the first step you feel something powerful. The day is clear, nice, you have everything in your disposal. The people come to help from everywhere. Where God is, everything flows in. Now you will see when God comes in the world. He is coming and when he comes peace will come. He is coming, but he has not come yet. When he steps peace will come, the roar of airplanes will stop, the bombs will stop. One more step and the peace will come. He has lifted his foot. You say, “When will this happen?” I see the lifted foot. God has lifted his foot and when he steps down, the peace will come. When He steps, not when the people step. When He steps, the peace will come. Then you all will see him. This will be one of the happiest days. /Amen/ Amen will be when the peace comes. Since everybody ran in different directions, God is free. Everybody hid in the hiding-places, He will not step on anybody. Everybody is hidden in the hiding-places, His way is free, there is no danger to step on somebody. The people did a good thing to hide. The peace will come; we will go out of the hiding-places and will see that God has arrived. Those who have oppressed us ran away, they are gone. Do as God has taught you. As God has taught you, act in that way. Our Father. God’s Love brings the abundant full life. (three times) God’s Wisdom brings the abundant knowledge. (three times) God’s Truth brings the abundant freedom. (three times) Source
  14. Note 1 Love, Understood and Not Understood IV Lecture, held on 22nd July, 1944 At the Ostrets peak in the Vitosha mountain The Good prayer. 91 psalm The Prayer of the Kingdom. „It was the Speech at the beginning“. The Lord’s prayer. I will read chapter 13 of the First message to the Corinthians. Now in the world the thing that is most understood and most not understood is love. There is one thing that is understood and not understood. This is love. As much you understand it, as much you do not. The more you understand it, the more you do not understand it. This is a reverse process. Why it is so, it is not your business. And why it is not so, again it is not your business. Now we can say, “Why it is like that”. It is clear. Some things are understood, they are close. The distant things are not understood. Love is close and far. Hence, the close love is understood, and the distant love is not understood. What is the matter, why it is not understood? Because it is distant. Why it is understood? Because it is close. It is all done. The beauty of love is when it is not understood. The beauty of love is when it is understood. In both cases it is equally beautiful. You should keep in mind two things. Do not think that you understand love completely. This is a delusion. You say that you know close love. You should never doubt it. For the distant love you should say, “This thing is not for us”. If you ask me about the distant love, I do not know anything. For the close love you should never say that you do not know it. Now you all know the close love, your close love. Everybody knows his close love. And nobody knows his distant love. These are two notions. For example, you can take up a little stone. It is the little love. If you lift a stone, that weights 4-5 tons, what would you do with it? If you are given 10 years, you could carry it. You would crash it, you would break it up into little pieces and you will carry it. When a man is making his best to understand the entire love, he is crushed, his backbone is broken, he becomes a neurasthenic, indisposed, murmuring, discontented. Never aim to carry the big love. It is not necessary to carry it. The only thing that does not need to be carried, this is love. Sometimes we want to show love. What we show to the people is not love. The only thing that cannot be carried is love. The only thing that does not want to carry you is again love. It does not want to you to carry it, nor wants it to carry you. What you carry is not love. And what carries you is not love. If you want to know if love carries you, you are weak. If you carry love, it is weak. Love considers you a rational child, it does not want to carry you, it considers you a spoilt brat. All of us are little big spoilt brats. Sometimes you show that you are suffering a lot. On your faces you show pain [suffering], you are actors. It is funny, this is acting. Why you are not satisfied with life? Your father is rich, you have nice clothes, shoes, a hat, you have a room and you are still capricious that something is not enough. What is not enough? It is that you want to carry love and you want it to carry you. These are two things absolutely impossible. Now you would ask how I understand love. I can tell you how I understand love, this is something different. What I understand, I always keep it for me. What I do not understand, I also keep it for me. I do not want you to keep what I understand. I also do not want you to keep what I do not understand. Sometimes you keep in your mind what the Teacher understands. This is not your business. What I do not understand is also not your business. I also do not want to deal with what you do not understand. It is not my business, it is yours. I do not want to deal with what you understand. It is not my business, it is your business. What do we have to deal with? With what love tells us. What it is telling us in the given situation, this is the only thing that we have to deal with. When love is talking, you have to listen. Someone says one thing, another one says another thing, leave all that. You have to listen to what love is telling. Nobody can talk in the way love does. Nobody in the world, neither a poet, nor a philosopher, is able to talk as love does. When it is talking to you, you will listen to it. And you will not compare it to anybody else. Everybody else must become shadows of love. It has to stand out and then you will be able to understand it. Sometimes you want to show the people how love has manifested to you. What love reveals to you, it does not want you to tell it to somebody else. If it is necessary, love will talk Love does not need interpreters. The only power in the world that does not bear interpreter, this is love. The other might want interpreters, but love does not. When it comes, it knows all languages, it can talk to you and you will understand. When love talks, everybody understands it. Someone comes and wants to teach me what is love. There are many interpreters of love. I do not want to interpret love for you. I say, “When love is talking to you, listen to it”. There is nothing better than this. What is the point talking about the sun? What is the sun, what is the light? When the sun is talking to you, listen to it, instead of listening to whoever philosopher, telling you about the sun and the light. What the sun has given you, what you have seen, what you have felt, this is the knowledge that the sun gives you. The other things are mechanical tools or transport vehicles. You want to know how a man has come from Sofia. It does not mean anything. This man could have come by a vehicle or on his feet. What is the best transport vehicle? – The feet. Now you are angry that somebody does not love you. This is the funniest [most ridiculous] thing in the world, to want someone to love you. There is nothing more ridiculous than wanting to be loved. I ask, “A man, who in the given situation is bringing water to you, wouldn’t you love him?” With a man, who does not want to serve you, the question is predetermined. The one that does services to you, you love, the one that does not, you do not love. I do not know what else love there might be. I will give you a very simple example. Karma – this is the interpretation of humans. In love there is no karma. In love there is no philosophy. When you go to it, you will give up everything that you know. You would not tell about your sufferings, you will not tell about anything. Love does not want to know these things. Love does not want someone ever to talk to it about the past. Love does not want someone ever to talk to it about the future. Love talks only about the present. It does not want you to interpret love. Leave the interpretations. For your love, it is another question. So, I say, “Important is the love that is talking to us in the given situation. Sometimes the people think that God is angry with them. When we think, that God is angry with us, that is us. When we look at ourselves in God’s mirror, we see ourselves angry. We say, “God is angry with us”. Leave this delusion aside. God never gets angry. He is not the God of anger, but he is the God of Love. Since we lose our temper [get angry], we think that He also gets angry. The place of anger is outside Love. But in Love it has no place. There is no room for anger in love. When anger comes into love, it not accepted, there is no bed for it, it is held to walk around outside the house. Anger is held as a servant. Then it gets angry that it is not accepted in the house. Now when you are angry, you are walking around the house of love. If you are angry for ten years, you will still walk around. If you want to enter love, you will leave anger, and you will go inside. Let’s assume that someone has no aspirations to you. You think in that way. At the physical level not all the people can take the first place. If you go into the theatre, how many people sit in the first rows? There are about ten places. Or how many people can take the front boxes [baignoires]? A few. I ask, “Those who take the front seats, what will they gain, will they get younger?” Do the old people, who take the front seats, get younger? They remain old even on the first seat. When the old person listens to the best music, does he get younger? He still remains old. The young person, taking the last seat, is again young. When he is listening to the music at the back seat, he is still young. Which do you prefer: to be at the first seat and be old, or to be at the last seat and be young? What is preferable? All people that are on the front seats are seeking the misunderstood love. Those on the back seats see the understood love. When you are at the last seat, you understand love. When you are at the front seat, you do not understand it, you have no love. All kings, bishops, priests, saints, they do not understand love. The only creatures that understand love are the children. It is said, „If you do not become like little children, you could not enter in the Kingdom of God”. I am talking about love, do not think about the front seats. You say, “There is great love”. These are notions of the contemporary world. It is a misunderstood world. How will you know that love is talking? When you listen to love, wherever you go, all the people will accept you. When you show love, the people will understand you. When you do not show it and you think that love has left [abandoned] you, they will chase you away. In both cases this is a delusion. You cannot carry love. Love will never leave you. When you do not understand love, you leave it and you want to lie to the people that it has abandoned you. Now the woman wants to say that her husband has beaten her up, because she does not want to live with him. What is wrong with beating? When the fiddle is beaten, it plays. When the bow is rubbing the fiddle on the strings, it plays. When we press and shorten the strings, we produce different tones. You are talking about a beating that is not a musical one. This kind of beating is not understood, a misunderstood playing. In the understood music there are chords. In the other thing we just want to produce the effect. Now there is a misunderstood dissatisfaction in you. You are dissatisfies when you think that two people love you. Both of them will be dissatisfied with you. Therefore it is ridiculous [funny] to say that two people love you. In the present case only one person in the world can love you. If two people love you, already there is a scandal. I say, “The entire misunderstanding between the people comes from an inner misinterpretation of the love with which God wants to teach the people on the earth to live. Let’s assume now that I love one fish. Man can get to love the fish, because in the world there are women, who are from the fish kingdom. Always the fish woman, when she gets angry, wants to jump in the water to get drowned. She is a fish, she does not want to live with him. She has got married to a man who is not a fish. He wants her go out of the water. He is a crab. She wonders how it is possible for the crab to go out of the water. The crab is wondering how it is possible for the fish to live constantly in the water. They do not get along. The man is a crab, the woman is a fish – they do not get along. What is the problem? Sometimes the man wants to go out to the dry land. He says to himself, “How can I do that and she cannot do it.’ The fish wants the crab to go in the water and constantly to live there. This is impossible, I am not used to it. She says, “You are a completely crotchety person” who is on the right side? I think that on the right side is the one who comes out of the water. The fish understood the close love. The crab that goes out of the water wants to understand the misunderstood love. Therefore he is curved, because he is looking for an object that nobody has investigated. He wants to understand the distant love. There is a great philosophy, there are entire compositions written by the crabs about the misunderstood love. It is namely apostle Paul who according to the mind-set of the Christians at that time attempted to figure out some basic features, characteristics of love that could be applied. Some people think they speak languages, they have a lot of knowledge. He says, “All these things are transient”. He says, “Is it languages, they will die out, is it knowledge – it will disappear. Now we know partially “. The only thing that will remain for the future, it is love – when it is talking to us, we should listen to it. Then you have to be patient. When love is talking, you must have patience to wait for it. Love will come to talk to you alone. You will understand that it will come today. It can come today, tomorrow, on the next day, it can come after a year. You will be patient. When it says that it will be after one year and this year passes, it should seem to you that it was only one hour. The time must seem shorter. Love always shortens the time. The misunderstood love prolongs the time. What prolongs in you the time, is the misunderstood love. What shortens the time, is the understood love. Now the following question will arise: “Why should not we understand it?” because you want to bear [carry] love. Why I do not understand? Because you want love to carry you. These are two impossible things in the world. Because if love carries you, you are weak, if you carry love, it is weak. The almighty, the immortal thing in the world, this is love. If love carries you, you are a mortal. If love carries you, you are a man, incapable of culture. If you walk filled with love and you listen to it, you understand everything well. Then you may have knowledge, that love will give to you. As soon as you think whether someone else understands it, as you do, you will lose what you have. Love does not like you to make comparisons. It knows everything, the people it is talking to understand it. You have to think when it is talking to you and understand it. When it is talking to you and think that you do not understand it, you are in a contradiction. I say, “For the present social system the reason is that they want love to carry them and they to carry love. About a mother, carrying s child, we think that she might have love. I can give you another example: The robber, who has taken money and carries it with him, and the mother, carrying the child, what is the difference? The mother is a robber, who has stolen the purse, she has stolen the child. This child belongs to someone else, she has stolen him/her. This child is stolen. The unstolen things must go. When you carry something, that means that you have stolen it. The unstolen things must go. You say, “It is a queer [strange] thing. To have a clear notion, we are talking about the essential things. That which goes with you and which you do not carry and listens to you, this is the real. The other things are also nice. Not that it is bad for the robber to carry gold. You can carry the child, too. But what you carry is not gold. The child that you carry is not a child, it is something else. You wear a piece of clothing. For it does not matter if you wear it. You like wearing the cloth, but does the cloth like it. Love never dies out. The other gifts, if they are prophecies they will be ceased, if they are languages they will die out, if it is knowledge it will disappear. But when the “perfect”, i.e. when love comes, “this that is partial will be ceased”. A man says, „Since I have become a man, since I have understood close love that was revealed to me, I left what belonged to the childhood”. Because now we see unclearly, as if through a mirror. And then we will look face to face. We want some person to show us a model [pattern] of love. Do not look for a model. Love is manifested through all the people. The only thing that does not need interpreters and someone to represent it, this is love. It is the only thing in the world that everybody understands and that understands everybody. There is no argument between love and the human soul. It is always understood. If there is something that it does not understand, it is partially. I say, “The only thing that understands you, is love”. The only thing that you do not understand, it is love. The only thing that does not understand you, it is again love. Love does not understand you, too. When you want to carry [bear] it, then it does not understand you. It will be funny. If you take the earth in your hands, where will you carry it? Or, if you invite the sun to visit the earth, in which room will you put it? You want to invite the sun. It is impossible. You will leave it to be at a distance. What you take from it, the little light, is understood. You should go close to the big sun. If you want it to come to you, you want what is not understood in the world. Now you would wonder why we have been so ignorant in the world. You should be happy that you have been ignorant. If you know what is it in the world, you would know what would happen? This will be the worst misfortune that can befall you: to know everything. The hell is formed from the idea that we know everything. Heaven is formed from the idea that we know little. So, heaven is a place where the people know little. Hell is the place where the people know much. Someone says, “What I do know, how I have suffered”. When you know everything and you suffer, this is hell. Why do I suffer? Because you know too much. The Turks have a saying: „Chok bilim, chock ceker“, which means “Much knowledge, a lot of hardships”. I do not tell you to throw away what you know. Not to accept the new and throw out the old, to put on the new clothes. You should put on the new only on the Easter day. You will not put it every day, you have to keep it. When you are in a great contradiction, you will put on the new clothes. When suffering comes, you will put the new clothes on. You should wear the ordinary [everyday] clothes. „God got to love the world so much that He sent love to teach the people how to live” in the world. The words „sent His son“, mean he sent his love to teach us the love that you cannot carry and that cannot carry us. The love that will teach us to live in the way God wants us to. How did we call our yesterday’s conversation? A prosecutor’s deed. There were all kinds of contradictions. There were no solutions. Since we live in the world, there is nothing that can reconcile us. I see, there is strife between you. Someone got insulted. A sister of ours thinks in one way, another sister thinks in another way. One of them says, “I brought [led] her to the Teacher /she does not recognize me/”. The other one says, „I devoted her“. She has brought her to me. I do not need such eggs, counting who how many has brought. This is not love. She is the servant of love. These are the servants who are telling lies. There is nothing better in the world than love. When it speaks, you have everything. There is no greater suffering when love stops talking to you. When it does not talk to you, these are things that we can understand. When you understand it, love opens all doors. When you do not understand it, it suddenly closes all doors. And this is something very natural. In the little that you understand all doors are open. The big, when it is not understood, the doors are closed. When there are closed doors, you do not go to knock on them. Where the doors are open, there is love. Where the doors are closed, there is no love. Every closed door is a sign of not understood love. Every open door tells about understood love. You should not go to a closed door. It is said, “The heart is closed”. In the world we want to be educated, in the world we want to be rich, in the world we want to be strong. These are closed doors. These things are clothing. They have nothing in common with love. When somebody thinks that if he has knowledge, he would be loved, he is just a servant of love. Knowledge would never lead you to love. Love does not need knowledge. Knowledge is just a transport vehicle. Love alone will come to visit, will talk to you. You have to listen to it. You would not want to get on her chariot to take you around. There shouldn’t be things like that. Someone can preach you chariots, there are a lot of chariots, but love has no chariots. The only thing that has no vehicle, that is love. The only thing that does not have interpreters, that is love. Why it is like that, I also do not know. Knowledge means I cannot live [experience] it. For example I cannot tell you how the whole mankind is suffering and I cannot understand it. When a man is destroyed, I don’t know, I don’t feel it. I suppose. It is impossible to have his knowledge. When this happens to me, I will know. I cannot give my knowledge. I cannot give my love. Neither you can give your love. This is you specific understanding. In the given situation when love is between us, we can understand each other. When it goes away, what is left at its place? Now you should not want the people to understand what I am talking about. When love comes, they will understand you. When love is gone, you will not be understood. Sometimes it is good for the love to be free to leave. It goes away, so you can be glad. When it comes back, you are glad again. The leaving of love has to bring us joy. Coming of love has to bring us joy, too. Love is the only thing that brings joy when it comes and when it goes away. Now, don’t think that the joy is not the same. The joy when love leaves is equally strong as when love comes. When love comes to you, you will be a mother carrying your child. When love goes away, your child will be at school, it will have grown up, it will talk to you. Therefore love is the thing that reconciles all contradictions in the world. We say, “When we die. When we stop to carry love.” While you are carrying a child, it is an ignorant. The moment you leave him walk, he gets to understand. It walks away from his mother. When moving away the children get enlightened [educated]. When the mother hold the child by the hand, he does not understand his mother. I say, “If love would hold you by the hands, you would never get enlightened”. You would be little children. Since till now all other people have carried you and have talked to you about love, now you will enter into the world, where love itself will talk to you. Imagine that you have been in a world where someone has described what the sun is like. Do you think that all candles can present the sun? When you see the sun, what would you say then? Now I understand what is the reality in the world. The candles are in place, but they can never replace the sun. Your love can never replace the sun of love. „We know partially and we have partially accepted.“ Everyone lives and moves in Him. God has given us freedom to live in [inside] Him. He is not angry with us. We punish ourselves alone and we consider it God’s punishment. The man beats the woman. The woman says, “God let him beat me”. You love him and you say again, “God did that”. Do you always have to love people? Imagine that I want to visit thousand people. I start with the first one. I have five minutes to stay with each person. Does he have the right to hold me stay for ten minutes with him? He should be glad with the five minutes that I can give him. How am I obliged to him. Love is not obliged to me to stay for ten minutes. It has determined five minutes. I have to wait, when it goes around to thousand people it will come back to me again. What I am talking to the other people, it is not your business. What it is talking to you, this is what you should be occupied with. What it has talked to the other people, it is their business. If one day someone tries to tell what love has said, he is right. He can give [tell] as much as love has talked. I don’t mean that you cannot retell. But the knowledge that everybody can give about love is partial. He says, “I understood it”. We know partially. When love comes we will know, it will show. You would say, “Now my eyes opened, now my heart opened, I understand what live is”. It is in what man has to revive. When you revive, you have no longer to be a mortal. „Now there are these three: Hope, Faith and Love.“ I consider hope related to the physical world. Faith is connected with the world of knowledge, with the spiritual world, and love – with the Divine world. Hope is the reception room, you will enjoy eating. Faith is the classroom where you have to learn something. Love is the freedom. You will come to walk around, you can make an excursion everywhere. You will go wherever you want and as much as you want. You can visit the sun, the moon, the stars. When you get bored, you can go back to the classroom. When you get bored to be there, you can go back to the reception room. Hope, live in the physical world. Believe, live in the spiritual world. Love, live in the world of love, in the Divine world. Live in the way you understand it. When I say live as you understand it, this is love. Live as you have been taught. Live as the clothes love you. You dress up in different ways, aren’t you? You will stay still, someone will talk to you, they will dress you in your clothes, as the brides are dressed up. Now many weeks do the brides wear their clothes? Then they wear a bride’s banner and they get it torn into four pieces and the pieces are thrown in the four directions of the world. I interpret this in the following way: The bride has the right to live in the west, in the east, in the north and in the south. I say, “This is the law of love, you have the right to live everywhere”. When we started talking about love, the clouds got scattered. If I had not talked about love, it would be cloudy. Now the sun protruded [showed up]. We should be glad that there is one thing that we can count on. We should be glad that there is something that makes us ignorant and wise [aware], it makes us weak and strong, it makes us satisfied and dissatisfied. Contracts. Dissatisfaction is karma. When love comes, it reconciles all these contrasts, it immediately reconciles all contradictions. When Love retreats, the contradictions come. You should know that when contradictions come, love has gone. When the contradictions are gone, love has come. Do not think that you are in the Kingdom of God. When a saint goes in hell, it can turn it into heaven. When Christ came in hell, He turned it into heaven. He preached to these people and everyone followed him, he led them out. Love came in and all devils forgot the contradictions. When the guards that stood guard over these souls saw love, their weapon fell down, they forgot. When Christ came in they said, “How stupid we were. The people we guarded left.” When love comes to you, you say, “We have lost”. When it comes, you know a lot. When it is gone, you say, “How stupid we were” you should be glad that you are stupid. Stupid means Buddha, it means Christ. Allah means God’s Christ. Can we build up a fire? Source
  15. Note 3 The Most Beautiful Day III Morning speech, held by the Teacher On 16th April 1944, 5 a.m., Easter, the village of Marchaevo, Sofia region The Good Prayer. 91 Psalm. The Prayer of the Kingdom. „God's Spirit“ (quietly). I will read chapter one of John’s gospel. The sun is rising. In the Universe there are many suns, millions of suns. But there is only one sun that the earth makes use of, the sun that shines. The other suns provide very little warmth, very little light. I say: The Earth can only count on the sun. In contemporary life, people rely on many suns and constellations. The other suns are just to determine the time and events that happen. In English the word “star” means a star, it means “shine”, in Bulgarian this word means ‘old’ – a man whose legs have become weak. According to the Bulgarian, if a man relies on the stars, he has grown pretty old. All old people are old stars that cannot help the earth. Now you all possess knowledge, you say, “Christ has come to save the world” What is salvation? It cannot be explained. I have heard a lot of explanations up until now. I wonder at the explanations the preachers give. Christ has come to save the world. Did He save it? If the world has been saved, people would not be ill. You say, “We have to follow a law”. There must be a law that the man should follow, to know how he should act. For whom has the law been created – for the healthy or for the ill? There is a law for the healthy people, for the clever, for the good people. For the bad people there is no law. They make a law restriction. That law is a very different one. The real law is the one that shows the way to man, that shows him how to act. To tie up a person, to lock him in a building, this is a restriction. The people say, “It is a law”. I say: Most people have no idea about the law as a restriction. This is not a law. This is an animal state. In the kingdom of animals the big animals restrict the small ones. They call it a law. The small animals do not argue with the big ones. When the small creature sees the big one, it makes a way from a distance, it tries to be as far as possible. Because the big creature is a public prosecutor, a judge and a guard. The big animal imposes everything. If you transgress, it will have it out with you according to all rules. There is no one to defend you. In fact there is someone to defend you. Do not think that when animals transgress there is no one to stand up for them. They also have karma; there is animal karma in the world. A wolf that has eaten thousands of sheep, is not a wolf, but becomes a sheep. Because when having eaten all these sheep, the substance of the sheep would penetrate him and he would be built of a sheep’s substance. To expiate the karma, the other wolves start eating him, to experience what it is like. In the old days he used to tear the sheep, it was very good, there was fresh meat. The wolf said, “God has created the world like that”. When the others started to tear him apart, he says, “It is not as I thought in the time before”. When I watch people, I see that they have not learned to tell the truth. Out of ten things that they say, there are nine lies and one truth. Someone is recounting something, but he would not describe it exactly as it is. I was told that the backside of the Vitosha Mountain was very nice. I was told that Selimitsa, a place somewhere, was very nice. I see the people, who lived in Selimitsa, are ailing. It is not a good place. As I heard the name Selimitsa, I noticed that there is no outlet, it is a hollow place. Some people start softly, but finish roughly. I can give as an example the young maids. When they meet a young lad for the first time, they are very good. The lads are the same. The old people, too. In all the people the character is the same. It is the same with the students, too. When a new teacher comes, they do not know him, they think he is very erudite, they tremble before him. When they realize this, they say he does not know much. They deceive themselves in that way. Do you think that when the sun is rising from the east, it is so small? I see the sun as if I can take it in my hands and carry it. It is not big. I wonder how such a small sun can do such a great job in the world. You say, “It is the deed of God”. Such a small sun lights up the world. The people have no clear idea about the sun. The sun is not small. If you take binoculars you would see that at one side it draws the objects closer and they seem bigger, and at the other side the objects recede. I say, “There are several necessary things in the world”. Sometimes we talk about love. In my mind love is an impulse, the first impulse in the world. If this impulse does not come, you will not be able to do anything. You have a lump of sugar or an apple. You have an impulse to eat it. Before that you have no clear idea. Just after you start eating the apple you will have a real notion what the apple is. What is an apple like? There is a creature, locked in the apple, that has to pay you something in order to be accepted in the home. It will go inside you and examine you. After an apple has come inside you, it already knows what kind of a person you are. First you will chew it with your teeth. This is music. Your orchestra is playing. You take it in, take off its clothing. Finally, through the entrance of the reception room it goes in and you start looking in the suitcases to see what it has brought. When you take everything that the apple has brought, you say “Go away!” You chase it out through a door. And the apple regrets having come in. Isn’t it so? You accept a person, saying: “I am ready to sacrifice myself for you.” Then a day comes when you kick him out with the words: “I do not want to know anything, you are not a man.” Now I will explain what I mean by saying that he was not a man. All valuable things are packed. You say, “He is still not a man”. For example, there is a packed box that has arrived. There is something in the box. The box itself is not important, but there is a precious stone in the box. You have to open that box. The precious stone is a small one. When you take it out, it has other qualities. Often we are under a delusion with the external box of the people. The body that you have is only a box. By the body we judge that a man is nice, good. By the body you cannot judge whether a man is good. You say, “How nice these hands are”. You know how many buffets these hands can make. –“How nice these feet are!” – You know how many kicks they can give. You say: “How nice that mouth is!” – You know how many teeth there are in the mouth. The hands are not the man, the legs are not the man, the mouth is not the man. The real essence of the man is what is inside him. Outside the box there is not a more beautiful creature than man. There is not a worse creature than man inside the box. With this box everyone can harm you. Sometimes the boxes are very solid. Such a box can strike you, hit your head. You would say that the precious stone has hit you, not the box. I have not seen a precious stone break someone’s head. How is it possible for the creature that has originated from God to jostle you. When Christ is described as kind-hearted, he says: “Kind-hearted is just one God.” You say: “The man has come from God. How is it possible for a creature that has come from God to break the heads of the people? Why on earth? I say: The knowledge that you have now is just a bud. Sometimes you think you know love. I have talked about love, but I have talked only about the bud of love. About the blossom of love I have said nothing yet. What love is as a blossom, I have told you nothing yet. What love is as a fruit, it will be explained to you for many years. Now you may have as many theories as you want. If you know the bud, when it blooms you will know the blossom, too. A man who does not know the bud cannot know the fruit either. They come one after the other. John says: „No one has ever seen God“. In which respect it is right? You cannot see God without love. Only with love can you see God. When someone says that he is blind, it means that there is no love. All people that have no love are blind, they cannot see. Now I want you to get free. You like to criticize. Many people have complained to me. Since I have come to Bulgaria, how many women have complained of their husbands. There are thousands of women who complain of their husbands. There are thousands of men who complain of their wives. There are thousands of sons who complain of their fathers. There are thousands of daughters who complain of their mothers. There are thousands of students who complain of their teachers. There are thousands of teachers who complain of their students. There are thousands of servants who complain of their masters. I have listened to them as an entertainment, as things that are not true. All this that the people are telling me is something not essential. I use “thousands of people” who have told me things in the manner of humans. If I say one hundred, it means that they have told me things in the manner of angels. So, it means that thousands of people have told me what is not true. Someone says: “He insulted me a lot.” How did he insult you? He said to me a very bad word. What bad word? He called me a bull. I say, “He told you very well”. He has told you to go and learn. I say: “You do not understand that word. God created the people to lead people in knowledge. They have made the path along which they studied. You climb on a horse and say, “This is a horse”. This stupid horse leads you anywhere, carrying the load, serving you. That person has told you “You are a bull”. You do not understand the things. These cherubs have taken the shape of bulls. Then what would you say? You would not see a cherub in the form of a man, but in the shape of an animal. What would you say now? Sometimes you get on the horse and your health gets better. Sometimes you get on the horse and you have a run of luck. Sometimes you get on the horse and you pass your exam well. Sometimes you get on the horse and it breaks a trail for you, that one the stupid horse. In this horse there lives an honourable creature, you have never dreamt about what a favour it does to you. An angel that has taken the lowest shape to serve you from love to God. You say, “This is a bull”. You should not talk like that. You should pat it on the back and say “Thank you very much, you are giving me a very good lesson. I wish one day I would be like you. How many of you would like to be bulls. I have seen excellent deeds of animals. I will give an example. A man has told me the following story. One day I was very hungry. We were sitting under a pear-tree, but all the fruits were picked up. I said to myself that I should have come earlier. You never know when to come, everything is picked up. Some time later a slight wind came and 5-6 pears fell down. Something was left on the tree for him. Now someone is thinking that there is no providence in this. There is providence. There exists providence in the world. Along the path that we have to pass God has left everything that we need. God has made it so that in every person that we meet there is something good left for us. With the animals, at the trees, at the springs, wherever you take a seat, we have to be thankful that there is something that we can take. You leave it, you do not take it and you start looking for something else. You sit down on a stone, on another one, at one tree, at another tree, with one person, with another person and you say: My hair turned white, all the people are not divine. Only you are a divine person, a holy person, there is no one else like you. All the people are bad, you are the only good person. The whole world is inside God. Everything that is inside God is great. The only impurity that exists is what exists inside us, individually in every person. Since all the people partially do not live according to God’s laws, the impurity exists inside them. I would like to give you an explanation. I have not met a person who thanks. When the apostles came back after they were beaten, they were joyous. Now I see a child, his mother has beaten him and he is not joyous but is crying. He complains. Someone was beaten by his father, he complains again. Apostle Paul was beaten five times, each time 39 hits, and he says: I will praise with my sufferings. Do not pay attention to the human deeds. Sometimes you get deluded. A man has a very nice handwriting. But his letters are poor in content. Someone writes one big letter, then one small one, but the content of what he writes is rich, although his writing is not nice. Sometimes you will find it difficult to read a letter, it is not written nicely, but it is meaningful. It is better to have ugly written letters, than nice letters lacking content. Because what is a beautiful maid, who cannot say a nice word. What is a beautiful maid if she cannot knead a good loaf of bread. There are maids that after they knead a loaf of bread, the people get ill from it. I have suffered a lot from bad bread and from badly cooked food. Someone is cooking but he brings poison in the dish. He stirs in the pan with his bad thoughts. He says: Damned pot, why do I have to cook now, and so on. This is not the right way to cook. This is where the difficulty is. Since many people have passed before us along the path we are walking now, they have soiled it and now the path is dirty. We also have to get dirty. If these people, who have passed before us, had paved the road, if they have made it slightly inclined, now it would be clean. They have left all the mud. The Bulgarian possesses one feature, there is a bit cleanliness in him. When I investigated the Bulgarians, I found the cleanest Bulgarians, they are the people from the town of Elena. They are cleaner than the Americans are. When Sunday comes, they start sweeping the streets, when they go inside the house, it looks as if no human foot has ever stepped there. When you enter inside, you have to take off your shoes, everything is clean. In other places I have seen that someone goes inside with mud, not having cleaned his shoes, and it gets dirty inside. Then he starts apologizing. After that he would not take a hoe to clean up, but would say: I am sorry, I brought some mud in, but it is for good harvest given by God. Well, I do not mind. A person comes in, he insults you. He has brought mud inside. Then he apologizes. He says: I am sorry, it is for good harvest. Sometimes the insult is very little. He says: You are not an educated man, you do not play very well. He is right. Sometimes the father says a word to his son and the son does not get insulted at all. He says: My little porker. He says it softly, the son does not get insulted. He says “My little porker”. I do not know why the father says my little porker and not my little lamb. He says: “My little porker” and pats him on the back. You know where the secret is. The Bulgarian word for “porker” contains the word that means “money”. The implication is that this child will earn money, he is clever. He will become a banker, a rich man. Porker means having money. The one who does not know says a “porker”. The one who knows says “with money”. The father does not say a porker, but he says “with money”. This child will be rich. I say: In this life we have to thank God for the eyes he has given to us. We have to thank God for the ears he has given to us. We have to thank God for the mouth, the nose, the hands, the legs, the heart. I want to tell you how we have to thank. Imagine that a famous fiddler comes to play. It is wintertime, the people are careless, they do not know that the hall has to be heated. Then the fiddler wants to play. I say: I, the person that is familiar with this, will take care of preparing the conditions, I will take care of heating the hall. He needs a piano. I will find the best one. I will try. I will take part in arranging all chairs well and put everything in order. I want to ask how many of you heat the divine hall, as it should be when God has to come. How many of you heat that hall well enough as it should be? You say, "We have been walking on that road for 20 years". I have been on that path for thousands of years and I consider that I do not know anything, and you think that in 20 years you know everything. There is knowledge at the second-hand market, where old things are sold, shoes, re-dyed clothes. In the religious world I see you dressed in such rags. I will give you a piece of advice. Never put on old religious clothes. You will find the best clothing, made from the best fabric. Now you want resurrection. Find a day in your life in which you have served God in the way you should serve Him. Find one of the most beautiful days in your life in which you have thought about God during the whole day. Now, what does it mean to think about God? To be so sharp-witted and realize that God wants to do somebody good and since He cannot come down to earth, you do it immediately. There is an ill person who has prayed to God to plough his field. God does not have oxen to plough his field, you will go and do the work instead of God. A child has prayed to God, he has no clothes, it is wintertime. God will not send the angels to the earth, it is you that have to guess and do God’s work. Two people have argued, they have fought, as it often happens, and you should go and do God’s work. I have seen fathers who have beaten their sons, but I have also seen sons who have beaten their fathers. The son is praying and the father is praying for someone to come and tell them what to do. God will not come down, but you can go and do His work. This means to love God. Yesterday a sister came to me. I read a number from a book to her and told her: Choose a number. She chose 52. I said: you have chosen two mothers to talk to you. You chose them in the way that you put the ignorant mother behind and the more educated mother in front. You will turn 52 to 25. 25 is the Divine order of things, 52 is the human order of things. We read 52 in a book. First is the ignorant mother, then comes the other one to correct. I will tell you a joke that was told to me by a man from the Varna region. He found a beautiful maid, they got engaged. He said to his friend: “Come to see what good features she has. She can make good coffee, sweet coffee. She has manners, she knows how to serve, she is patient. He praised her. When she prepared the coffee, the salt and the sugar pot were nearby. To her beloved she made the coffee with sugar, and in the coffee of his friend she put two teaspoonfuls of salt. The fiancée was drinking his coffee, how good it was. His fried was looking at him and wondered why it was like that. He was ashamed to say that there was salt in his coffee. Then the maid came to serve them jam. He stretched his leg, tripped her up and she dropped the whole tray. She said: It is okay things like that can happen. Look – what a character she has. She has temperance, she does not get insulted at all. Later he asked her: “Did you get insulted? – You had to see what I did downstairs after I brought the utensils. I caught the table board in my teeth and I chewed it. She said: If I get hold of you, I will chew you like that, too. I say: Be careful not to put salt in the coffee of your friends, of your beloved. No one can see God without love. His only son understood that only love could bring knowledge. As long as you see God, you will become like Him. It is written in the Scripture: God made the man as his own personification. God made the man to love, as God loves. I say: This is the only thought that I am leaving to you. If you are a musician, play in the best way you can, without making mistakes. This is the best thing. Not to ask “Did I play well?” If you play well all the people will be pleased. If you are a cook, cook in the best way you can: put the best butters, put the best onion, the best potatoes, so that the meal is perfect. If you are a tailor, sew the most beautiful clothing, without a mistake, so that who wears the clothing would say: “It is very nice clothing”. If you are a shoemaker, it should be the same. I say: When you meet somebody, say the best words. When you go to an ill person, say “Your health will get better in a few weeks, you will go to the field to reap. To a poor man you should say: You will become rich one day. To a young maid you should say: “You will become beautiful, you will get married, you will have children”. Tell the people the best thing that you know. You say to yourselves “Who knows if it will ever happen”. Say: This will happen. God wants us to help in the cleverest way. You say: You will do no good. You will not finish school, you will lose what you have. These are ordinary things of a rotten life. Now the law is a motivating reason as well as money is. The maid is beautiful, this is money. The maid is healthy, this is money. She is full of magnetism, this is money. The maid that can work, this is a law. The maid that serves the law knows how to work, the maid that is beautiful has money, she is free, and she gets dressed well. A maid that goes with the law has to work. A maid that goes with money, she has a rest. This is like the story of the Japanese prince, who went to America to study the American life. He asked in a rich family to find a servant’s place for him. He served for two months. The American said: you have served for two months but you are an excellent servant. But he always had with him the Latin grammar book. When he has some free time, the Japanese man studied the Latin language. Now I would like you to study the grammar of love. Let me tell you: If the committee examines you on grammar, do you know what mark it will give you. You will fail. I have given the following example. In China there were two wise men, and one of them was an example of patience. Every day he helped everybody who came to him. A man came to him 29 times, the wise man accepted him and helped him. The other one wanted to imitate the first wise man. When the poor man went to test him on the fifth time the wise man said: You came too far, once, twice, three times I understand, but five times? The poor man said: You are far behind. I went to the other wise man 29 times, he said nothing to me, but when I came five times to you, you jumped out of your skin. What does Christ say, how many times must we forgive? Seven times 77. Remember one thing: every step that you make, everything in the world that you do, you do not do it for others. It will go to other people and whatever it gains, it will come back to you. This is the law. Nobody can avoid it. Therefore, if you want to succeed, do good and it will come back to you. Be glad for the good and the evil that you bear, it will return back to you. Your evil will not remain with the people, it will cause little harm to the people, they will send it back. The good deeds will be sent to the one who has done them. The first thing: We have to go to heaven with a life that we have gained. Everything that we do for God will come back to us. It will exalt us. It means that when God’s Love comes, it will exalt us. Without love the man cannot be exalted in the world. When we love somebody the mistakes get transformed. Whatever we do, it will return. If a mistake can divert Love, it is stronger. And Love is the strongest thing. The Divine Love turns all mistakes into precious stones, when we love God. It is said in the Scripture: All that happens to those who love God, will change for the better Do not be sorry, it is not a personal experience. We cannot talk about other people. He says: He is a patient man. Patience is a whole science. It must be taught like music. You have no patience. When peace comes, some time, I will play the music of patience for you. You do not know what the music of patience is. I have listened to many songs about love, but till now I have listened only to three people, singing out of love. If we have a developed ear, we will listen to the Divine singing. We cannot render what the rivers teach. We cannot render what the flowers teach. We cannot render what the birds teach. If we want to render something, we cannot render the Divine. Here is an example. If you sing with love to an ill person, he will recover. So strong are the vibrations that this man will immediately forget his illness. You are singing to him, he is moaning. You say: I have sung to him. Everyone, who loves, will see God. Everyone, who does not love, will not see God. When someone does not see God, this is hell. When someone sees God, that is it. Now I wish you to listen, when God is talking to you inside. You should listen well and you should render it well. Then there is an educating method: the fiddler talks very well, the audience is listening. There are fiddlers who when playing to one hundred people, ten of them recover their health. There are fiddlers who when playing 20% get better, when others are playing 30% recover their health, 40%, 50%. There are few that when playing everyone get better. I say: Perfection is when we come at least 75% should get better. Now you are here in Marchaevo and you are constantly saying: We have no convenience, it is very narrow. I am not worried. There is a whole hill standing in front of me, shutting out the sun. It says, you do not stay inside, come up there. The eastern wind is pretty cold, come here to warm up. On the way young and old are constantly singing. At a time someone shouts out “Hello, hello! Why are you sitting there, when will you come to preach to us. We have taken to drinking. Come and talk to us. I say: In the world there is a lot of work to do. Now we have holidays here, we have stopped the classes, we are on vacation. Soon the vacation will be over, the new term will start, we will go back to school to study. When we go back we have to be armed with fresh energy, with a new impulse. When we go in to accept and to enjoy the new that will be taught to us. It will be soon. The apostles say: The Kingdom of God will soon come. Two thousand years have already passed. Now it will be the first time that something will happen. There is something that only God can do. What nobody can do, God will do. God will do what nobody else can do. We expect to happen what nobody can do. What is done we know that it is done by God. What God will do is good. Love can be manifested in the way God shows it. Every one of you, when you feel that love, you should render it in the way you have seen. You cannot give it in that way, but as close as possible. The people who lived in Marchaevo wanted to join the power-supply system. They needed to have wires. They had to give brass. They gave brass and the wires arrived. They received the wires, but they were not given the electrometers. Then they had a problem in receiving a transformer, and what not followed. The people from Marchaevo were not ready for the light. They say: Why should we have light to turn it off and on constantly, several times in the evening, to give us unnecessary work: to turn the light on and off. We will give you light when it will be not necessary to turn it off. I say: The new light that will come, the new Love will never go out. The real light of Love and freedom will live forever, it will not go out. This is God’s blessing. The Lord's Prayer. Source
  16. Note 3 The New Things in Life II Lecture on the spring, held by the Master on 22.III.1944, Wednesday, 5 p.m., Marchaevo Village, Sofia region. The sky clouded, snow falling, the weather humid, tranquil and warm. The moon is waning. The good prayer. St. Matthew's Gospel, chapter 15, verses 1-10 (read by Temelko Stefanov) St. Luke's Gospel, chapter 17, verses 1-10 (read by Stefan Belev) St. Mark's Gospel, chapter 3, verses 1-10 (read by Simo Stefanov) St. John's Gospel, chapter 6, verses 1-10 (read by Peter Stoyanov - the mayor) "The Spirit Divine." OUR FATHER. The human life has a meaning only when man understands it. I am talking about life as a great weal, through which God manifests; the entire future of man depends on the life that is understood. In order for a life to be understood, there are certain conditions. Let us say that in man there is a desire to walk, but if there is no open space, whither can he walk? Let us say that light travels. But light needs a vast universe. Life with no thought has no expression. The thought is equal to the light. A life without freedom cannot manifest. And a life without Love cannot be fulfilled. I want to talk to you about some things that are relevant. There are many scientific works that are scientific bluffs. What speed does light move at? - At 300 thousand kilometres per second. This number means nothing to you, because you cannot comprehend that kind of speed; a second after the light has passed you by, it will be as far as 300 000 kilometres away from you. That distance of 300 000 kilometres is unknown to you. There are other sides of science. For instance, the human thought moves at a rate of 3 quadrillion and 600 billion kilometres per second. At that rate you could go anywhere in the material universe. What is left for you now is to think (what a thing thinking is) what a thing a quadrillion is. Even if you think for thousands of years over this, you will not comprehend it. Those are scientific terms, which even the scientists do not know well. For instance, you pronounce the word Love. Between the word Love and Love itself there is a distance as enormous as that between the Heavens and the earth. So far, many have talked to me about Love. For instance, somebody says: my heart is burning - Love is not a burning heart of a man. If it is about burning - fire burns, the lamp burns, etc. One of the qualities of Love is that it produces life. But not a life of suffering. Suffering is not Love. One says: If you love me, you will suffer. This is violence; you grab a chicken and butcher it. You say: If you love me, you have to die - become a sacrifice to me. Dying in a particular case, what does it mean? - For a man to die, this means to go to the hereafter. When the servant comes out of the house of his master and goes to work in the field, he dies; and when he comes back - he revives. We think that when something dies - it disappears. No. - It has entered another world. When the first people, because of plenty of knowledge, became very learned, they entered another world. And then God dressed them in clothes and sent them away from his home. He said to them: Go and learn. So the first students were Adam and Eve, who went out of their paternal home and came to the university on earth to learn, in leather clothes that are stout and do not wear out. In heaven they wore royal clothes, mantles. In this world, however, laws are completely different. And now, when the people came down from heaven, a struggle arose among them. A little went a long way. Three masculine children were born. They decided to serve God. They said, "Something has to be done; lest we forget that heavenly teaching. Let us make some order." One of the sons was a farmer. And he offered the finest of his wheat to God. But while that wheat was burning, its smoke did not go up towards God, but crept over the earth like a fog. The other was a shepherd. He offered a lamb as a sacrifice to God. The smoke of that lamb did ascend above. Then Cain said: "Out of the earth I brought the finest and offered it as a sacrifice, and how strange, the smoke is creeping over the earth. But here, my brother butchered a lamb, and its smoke is going upwards?!" He started reasoning scientifically. He said: "So my material is a bit more inferior than my brother's material. And if I offered to God my brother as a sacrifice, God would look upon me in a different way." - And he offered his brother as a sacrifice. This was beforehand a theory in his mind. But when he sacrificed his brother, God said to him, he asked him, "Where is your brother?" - "I am not a guardian of my brother." Cain said. "The blood of your brother calls from the earth. You have committed a crime. You did not ask your brother whether he wanted to become a sacrifice." God said. And then Cain turned towards God and said, "Well, you are driving me away, and everyone who sees me will beat me up like a dog." Then God told him, "If somebody beats you up, his sins will be 7 times bigger than yours. I will put a mark on you, so that nobody will kill you." So I say: In the world, the sins are mortal, they cannot be expiated. The only thing that expiates is Love! The only thing that heals is Love! No measures, no money, no sacrifice, no prayers, and no remorse is enough. To a man you have to return the life which God has given him. So the first thing, a moral is - do not deprive man of those weal, which God has given him. That is the first thing. If you want to flourish, do not hinder a man from his mental development; do not hinder a man from his spiritual development, and do not hinder a man from his physical development. Now, some of you have come here from afar to be with us, and say, "We have Love, otherwise we would not have come here." Good, you, who came here, have Love, but what about the others who did not come? I will give you a parallel example - the light, which comes from a distance of 150 million kilometres from the sun, is at our gathering here as well. Each presence that is deprived of Love does not bear any benefit; each thought that is deprived of Love has no power; each feeling that is deprived of Love has no substance, and every deed that is deprived of Love can never be realized. Love in the world is a great law for us to accomplish that for which we have come to earth. We have to live, we have to eat, we have to work. But how? - In eating, there are two extremes: overeating is wastefulness; it is a transgression. Undernourishment, fasting, so that you can save some money against a rainy day - that is the other transgression. Some people fast for this purpose. No. You shall eat and you shall thank God. You shall eat as much as has been given to you, and not a gram shall you take in excess. If you eat a lot, you will work. That is because on earth in the current state, people work a lot. You have a contemporary poet, who has written a couple of books, or you have a philosopher. How has the poet or the philosopher contributed with his book? - The food that the philosopher delivers is very tough and hard for the people to digest. What will a simple man understand by the word substance or the word essence? What about the quantum theory? What will he understand when he is told that the sulphurous acid or the nitric acid combines with another agent? What is acid? - Acid contains particular elements that have decided to eat away at somebody. Acids are the Cains of the world, and bases are the Abels of the world, who fall prey - and the salts - these are the Seths. It is said in the Writ: "If salt is rendered saltless, what will it be salted with?" When Cain killed Abel, Seth came. The salt came to the world. However, another basis has to be laid. If you do not put Love as a basis in your life, what are you going to build on? - We have to build on stone. - No, the earthly building is built on stone. However, the life that is not built on Love carries in itself the greatest of sorrows. A life which is built on Love carries the greatest of weals. When speaking about Love, we understand the light within the human mind. If you think - then the Love has penetrated into your mind; if there is warmth inside your heart, warm feelings - Love has penetrated into your heart; if you are healthy - Love has penetrated into you. The sickness; the sick people show lovelessness. The people who do not think have lovelessness; in people who do not feel there is lovelessness. They cannot expect anything from the world. I am talking about Love as an only power, with which man is able to achieve all that, which he desires; he is able to achieve all that he thinks; and he is able to achieve all that he feels. Imagine that I am a poor man; I do not have a penny to my name. However, I have a bright thought, a bright feeling, a bright deed. I know the laws of the light, the laws of life. Let us assume that you are suffering from leprosy or syphilis, which nobody can heal. Your life is in my hands. I have the ability to heal you. A single drop of Love is worth billions. The elixir in question, the elixir of eternal life is Love. Take from that pristine driblet of Love, which will drop into your mind, heart and Spirit; and when it drops, one immediately gains light in his mind, and noble feelings in his heart. When it drops into your soul, the noble deed is formed, the one that makes the man strong and able to do anything. Somebody says, "I cannot do this or that". Then how are people fighting now? How did they do that? They say, "People cannot carry out the Teaching of Christ"! Now 20-30 million people are fighting, and every day one sacrifices himself, leaves his father and his mother and his wife and his house, and sacrifices himself. So I say, we do not want people to die for us. So far it has been the opposite law - they have to die. However, now we want people to live for us. We do not want people to suffer for our sake, but to flourish for our sake. Now when a man comes along, they force him to work like an ox. You all have the thought sometimes that you are more learned than the others. No. That is a delusion, there is not a man more learned than the others. As far as I am concerned, a learned man is the one who carries out the Will of God. The one who carries out the law of Love. The one who serves Love. A man who does not serve Love is a great lout. A first-class lout, there can be no greater lout than him. And the world suffers from these big louts. They say that someone is a bishop, that he has a crown on his head! Leave out that crown. If he does not have the crown of Love, of Wisdom, of Truth, of the virtues, then what does everything else matter? And if he does not carry the banner of Truth with his hands, then what do his actions matter? Your hand has to do good things; to write something good, to plough the land well, to sew something good, etc. And if you take a look at your hand, you will see that God has laid all laws on your hand. Love, Wisdom and Truth are also written on your hand. The Bible is also written on your hand. But the writing on your hand is very tiny. And now, in order to gain the knowledge of the so-called fortune-telling, you have to go to someone who can tell your future. I can tell you: If you are deprived of Love, a great suffering awaits you. If you are deprived of Wisdom, a great suffering awaits you, and if you are deprived of the Truth, a great suffering awaits you. A suffering you have not even dreamed of yet! You say, "What am I going to do?" If you are acquainted with the Love, you can expect such great weals that man cannot even begin to imagine or fancy! If you are acquainted with the wisdom and the fruits of wisdom, the greatest weals await you, and if you are acquainted with the Truth - the same thing. There is your fortune-telling - do you know what you are going to say? When is a man called a father, and when is a woman called a mother? - The father has to go through two stages in order to become a father; he has to renounce his egoism. One wants to live only for himself and says, "I do not want to have a headache because of the people." The father has to give birth to a son and a daughter, and if he cannot give birth to a son and a daughter, he is not a father. And that mother, who cannot give birth to a son and a daughter, is not a mother. You have to give birth to a son first of all in the Divine world, you will find him there, above. Then he will descend to the angels, and then he will come down to earth. Do not think about the children around here, they are puppets. A son who does not love his father, is he a son? A father who does not love his son, is he a father? A mother who does not love her daughter, is she a mother? And a daughter, who does not love her mother, is she a daughter? - The biggest weal for the father is that his son or daughter loves him. And the biggest weal for the daughter or the son is that their father or mother loves them. If the daughter is loved by her father and mother, then and when she settles down to married life, she will be fine. But if she does not have her father's and mother's blessing, it is all in vain. Or in other words, if on the Earth we do not have God's blessing, the blessing of His Spirit, we cannot achieve anything! If we do not see God in the light which he sends us, in the air that we breathe, in the water that we drink, in the bread we eat, where is God then? When you eat bread you shall thank. God is hidden there and if you eat with Love, you will feel the God. If you eat it without Love, God punishes you. Actually, you punish yourself. So I say: It is said in the Writ, "I am." The Truth is connected with the freedom. The way is connected with the movement. A way without movement has no meaning. People have to move on a way. A Truth without freedom has no meaning. To love the Truth means that your mind, your soul, and your heart are free. Now a quarrel arises among the people. Everybody is arguing and saying, "They do not love me." How can you tell that people do not love you? Some say that they are not loved. I will adduce an anecdote to you. The anecdote is a story in which there is something correct, but there are some things incorrect. A millionaire was walking down on a road, a poor man was walking there as well; "Sir, do not walk on this road, it is dangerous," the poor man told him. "This is none of your business, I am free. I know what I am doing," the rich one told him. "I am telling you, sakes alive, do not walk on this road!" the poor one said. "Be silent, I know," the rich man said. As the poor man was walking, he suddenly heard a scream and a cry for help. The rich man had fallen into a well and was screaming from within it. "What is all the shouting about?" the poor one then asked. "Brother, get me out of here, I have a big problem," the rich one said. "Do you know who I am?" the poor man asked. "I do not." - "I am the one who told you not to walk on that road. I know you, you are quite an extortionist, you want from my father a particular amount of money. I will take you out only if you sign that you are not going to demand that money. God put you in the well and will teach you generosity. And if you are generous and forgiving, I will take you out, but if you are not generous, I will leave you in the well," the poor one said. "I will give you as much as you want. I will give you half of my treasure if you just take me out!" the rich one said. I will adduce another example to you. An English millionaire entered a room where his riches were kept, however, the door closed behind him, and he was left in that room and starved to death. At the last moment of his life he wrote a note, "If there was someone who could give me bread, I would give him half of my treasure." He died and again gave one half. We, the contemporary people, give half; but give all of it, so that you can live! Nothing more! Who is going to help us? What is this thing? In early Christianity there was a very nice story. Herod wanted to be pleasing to the Jews and so he accepted Apostle Peter, and he locked him up, and put fetters on him, and wanted to offer him as a sacrifice like Abel. But 120 brothers constantly prayed for Peter. One evening a man came to him and told him, "Get up! Now is not the time for sleeping." He jogged him in the chest, and told him, "Now dress up." This Angel cast a glance and Peter's fetters and chains fell off! The two of them went to the prison door, it opened, and the Angel took Peter out and told him, "Do not come tomorrow to show yourself to Herod! Be off without a trace!" When he went out, Apostle Peter thought that he had had a dream, and when he realized that he was free, he rejoiced! That was the first experience of Apostle Peter. But that is the power of Love, of 120 brothers. If your mind, your heart, and your soul do not work for you, the Angel will not come as well! So we, the contemporary faithful, have to harness our mind, our heart, and our soul - pray we must! I am constantly asked, when will the peace come? - Pray, and the peace will come. It is up to you. If everybody turns with their mind and their heart and their soul towards God, peace will come immediately. But now everybody wants to win. Man and women are fighting each other. The man wants the woman to step back; and the woman wants the man to step back. The man says, "I am a man." The woman says, "I am the life, I am the field. What is your seed worth inside the barn, where are you going to sow it?" The man says, "What is your field worth without my seed?" But the field comes out of Adam. That field was within Adam and it came out of him. As for Adam, he is not a head either. That is because, at one time, he too was somewhere, and God took him and said, "Let us make the man in our image." And which was the image of God? God infused the law of the Divine Love, of the Divine Wisdom, and the Divine Truth in man, so that man would love the Love, from whence the life comes; so that he would love the knowledge and love the freedom, and so that he would not constrain anyone. Someone might ask, "How can one serve God?" - In order to serve God, do not constrain the man, nor his thought; leave him free in his thought, in his feelings, and in his deeds. You say, "Let me enlighten him." It is not us who are going to enlighten the people. God is the One Who enlightens the people through us. And we all have to be instruments of His Light, of His Warmth, and His Power. We shall think that every man has come out of God; and because he has come out of God, he carries the Love; because he has come out of God, he carries the wisdom, the essence. Because he has come out of God, he carries the freedom. And that knowledge is necessary for every man. When you look at that bread, if you eat it with love and you have been indisposed, an excellent thought will come into you, and your indisposition will disperse. You will sit down, you will take the pen, and you will write down a couplet: "Oh coin with a sheen, omnipotent queen, with you I'm the king, without you - an underling. Without you the simpleton strives to cope, with you they promote him to pope." When man does not carry out the laws of Love, his head starts to deform in him. A certain part of his head becomes deformed. Everyone needs to know that. When a man does not walk on the path of Wisdom, his head becomes deformed at a different place; and when man does not carry out the law of Truth, his head becomes deformed at a third place. Well what is the head worth, if it is deformed at the front, at the back, and flattened out at the top? Such a man’s head looks like a snake's head, the top part of which is accrete with the spine, with the spinal cord. And if you are looking for the sympathy of a snake, you are not going to find it in it. I have observed how a snake catches a frog by its leg. The frog croaks, but the snake calmly clutches it and swallows it. The frog does not croak in the presence of any other animal, but when the snake snatches it, it croaks - out of Love or out of fear. But sometimes the snake too gets a good lesson. Sometimes the hedgehog snatches it by the tail. The hedgehog then rolls his body into a ball and reveals only his spines. The snake winds around the hedgehog, but cannot do anything. And the hedgehog calmly eats it. The Turkish say - whatever you do, you will find. Some time ago, a sister came to me and told me about another young sister. She told me thus, "She is very talkative, very pert, stubborn, does not work, she is indolent, slothful, etc." - "She is an artist!" I said. I told her that if an artist is represented by a slothful woman, will she not be introduced in the proper way. And if she is not introduced in the proper way, she will not be approved. If she is introduced in the proper way, she will be applauded. A woman who cannot beat her man is not an artist. A man who cannot beat his woman is not an artist. He is on the stage. The audience will applaud him. If he does not beat her, they will say, "He is a granny." Then if he beats her, he is a hero. Why, if you do not dig your field, what is it going to give you? Beating is digging. However, he is digging on the back of his woman; that is where his mistake is. When the man becomes cross at his woman, he should take the hoe and go to the field, and say, "I am doing this for my woman." And when the woman gets cross at her man, she too should take the hoe and go to the field and dig. And she should say, "I am doing this for my man." Then she should dig the vines too, and when she becomes cross at her man again, she should take and wash his clothes, clean and iron them. That is the new understanding of things. That is the new way, the new understanding, and God does that to us. God does not even slightly question our transgressions. That you have drunk too much, he does not question. God said, "Drink, but water. Drink from the finest water, do not drink spirits, rum, cognac, but drink water." So I say, the first thing is: in the new Teaching mutual esteem is required. If you do not learn to respect the people properly, they cannot respect you. You have to respect them, because God lives within all people, and He tests us. You say, "Some person is really bad." I say, "He is an artist." "There is nothing hidden and concealed." A man who beats his woman has certain lines on his face, on his cheek-bones. And a woman who laces into her man has certain lines on that place as well. If you beat your woman, when you go to the other world, they will tell you, "What have you learned?" - "I learnt only to beat my woman." - "And what song have you composed while beating her?" Beating is like playing the guitar. You twang the first chord, the second chord, the third chord: it has to produce one type of sound. There is a song in beating the drum too. That drum gives the main tone for the entire orchestra. You, a single man, if you cannot beat it by the law of Love, by the law of Wisdom, and by the law of Truth, then that is no beating. I agree with your beating it. A man too, who has been beaten by the law of Love, gains life; a man, who has been beaten by the law of Wisdom, gains knowledge; and a man, who has been beaten by the law of Truth, gains strength. In order to become strong, you have to be beaten by the law of Truth. And to rejoice that you have been beaten. The first Christians rejoiced that they were beaten too. They rejoiced that they were beaten by the law of Truth. And we, the contemporary people, do not know that law. You would say, "This is elementary stuff." To me, a violinist, who does not know how to play well, knows nothing of music. To me, a singer who cannot sing, does not understand a thing of music. He who knows, shows it through his singing. A painter, who cannot paint, does not understand art; and an orator, who does not speak, is not an orator. God has given us various weals. When you meet a person on the road, if you do not cast a glance full of enough beauty, you have not understood the laws of life. Somebody says to me, "I met a woman whom I will not forget; she gave me such a look that 20 years have passed since then, and when I recall that look, all of my sufferings disappear." This is an art, knowledge. We should not only complain that we are suffering, we should rejoice that we are suffering. God says thus: Do not consider the hardships in life as a punishment. They are a whip for your salvation. Do not consider the adversities in life as a punishment; they are an impulse for your elevation. Do not consider the sufferings in life as a punishment. They are a healing balm for His elevating hand. Follow the ordinances of My Spirit and listen to My Bright Spirits. And walk on the Way, on which they are leading you. Walk on the Way, on Which He is guiding you. Listen to the bright Spirits and you will be blessed. When we love someone, we have to give him the best food, on which we feed; when we love someone, we have to give him the purest air; when we love someone, we have to give him the best light, the best lamp! Now this lamp here shows us what we need to be. This is the best lamp in Marchaevo. And in Marchaevo we want everyone to be bright like this lamp. And the other brothers we want to be like this lamp. And we are grateful that this lamp was found. Those people worked for the laying of electricity, but yet a lamp was found here which can glow like electricity! In the world the greatest thing is Love! There is no greater thing than that, to perceive God's Love, God's Wisdom, God's Knowledge. There is no greater thing in the world than to perceive God's Freedom. The only thing that should delight us is the presence of God's Love within us. The presence of God's Wisdom within us, and the presence of God's Truth within us. The presence of the New Life. The presence of the Knowledge within us, and the presence of the Freedom, which God has given us! God says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." That way is within us now, God is within us. God says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life," within you. Everyone who knows this Way, this Truth, and this Life, will have all of God's blessings! And that is the Teaching of Christ. Christ says, "If you love me, you will preserve My Law, which I am giving to you." And what better thing in the world than to be a child of God! A son of God! What better thing than to be a daughter or a child of God! Nothing can be compared to that! If you are a son of God, you have everything at your disposal. If you are a daughter of God, you have everything at your disposal. For now, and for the future. So far we have slept. I say, "What lies in store for us?" - In the future, God's Love is in store for you. On the earth, not in Heaven. On the earth is where it is in store for you. You will taste God's Love on earth in all of its thoroughness. After that you will taste all the Love in the world of Angels; and finally, you will taste that Love in the Divine World, and then there will be a connection between the human Love, the Angelic Love, and the Divine Love; they are one and the same thing. They are a bud, a blossom, and fruit. So, begin now with the human love. In "Our Father" it is said, "Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us." Sometimes you do not love somebody. It is very natural and very difficult to love somebody, there are reasons. But there is one law for loving. You would say, "God loves us whatever we are." Do you think that you are that pure? - No. But why does God love you? - For the Love and Truth within man. God loves the Truth, which is found even within a sinful man. And if God is condescending towards us, we should also act as He does. There will be obstacles; it is not an easy job. To say theoretically that we love is one thing. But loving itself is a great art! Those who love are so exacting. When a man senses that you love him, he is very exacting. He wants from you. When a man recognizes that you love him, he is initially content with 5 levs, which you give him, and when he senses that you love him, he is then not satisfied neither with 10 levs, nor with 15 levs, nor 100 levs. And finally, he wants people to sacrifice themselves for him. I cannot sacrifice myself for a man, if I am not sure that I am going to live after that. Christ sacrificed himself for the people, but he had the confidence that he would live again in the New Life, and not die during the sacrifice. We have to sacrifice ourselves with the idea that we will enter the new life. And when somebody wants to sacrifice himself, he needs to understand this law: we should die for the old life, and live in the New one. We should cease living in the old life, but accept and enter the Love. We should cease living in the old life of ignorance, and enter the knowledge. We should cease living under the law of slavery, and enter the freedom. If these contrasts do not exist, then there will not be a correct understanding, and this is how contradictions are born within us. Some time ago, a sister came, who had a beloved. She told me, "I do not love him. I cannot love him. Once I loved him, but not anymore." To me, this matter is clear. Someone comes to me and says, "I do not want to work." I give him 5 levs, and he says again that he does not want to work. I give him 30 levs, and again he says that he does not want to work. I give him 1000 levs, and he is ready to work. He says, "I work with money." So I say, I do not preach a teaching without money. You will pay the man. You will pay the one who loves you handsomely for his Love. When he is teaching you an art, you will pay him handsomely. Payment is needed in the world. It is said in the Writ, in Isaiah, "Come and buy some." What are you going to buy without money? - You will pay with the ringing coins of Love, of Truth, and of Wisdom. Payment is required. It is said, "You have taken as a gift, so give as a gift." God's weal is rewarded again with God's weal. There is karma and Dharma. The word Dharma has a Vatanian [according to the Master, this is the first and primordial of all languages] root, and has a connection with the Bulgarian word "Дар" ["Dar" = Gift]. Dharma is that which Christians call: BLESSING. That is a Gift. A fountain generously gives! But if you drink from that water and do not thank God, you will not benefit from it. Man has to be thankful for the fountain of God. All his way through he should talk about that fountain. And the ailing, when drinking from that water, does not thank God, does not benefit from it. However, the other, who gives thanks, is restored to health. We, the contemporary people, have to thank God for the smallest of his weals, for the smallest ray of light. We have to give thanks for a fountain, for a flower, for the slightest kind glance, which someone has cast on you. Christ says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." The Way, through Which the knowledge comes; the Truth, through which the freedom comes; the Life, through which the Love comes. This is the New thing, which God now sends to the world. And then he calls us His Sons and Daughters if we walk on the way of Love, on the way of Wisdom, and on the way of Truth. Now, I am not going to tell you 'God be with you'. You are within God. And leave God to act within yourselves. Listen to God. Listen to Him on your way. If you listen and do something, you are happy - you have done the right thing; and if you do something and you do not feel content, then there is some minor defect in your act - you have not done the right thing. When you are carrying out the Will of God properly, you are always joyful. And when you are not carrying it out well, God does not sentence you, but tells you, "Correct yourself, correct that mistake." Let us assume that you cut off half a lev from the payment for your servant; you give him a hundred levs, but you have knocked half a lev off. Add another lev to his payment, add more, but do not cut off half a lev. Sometimes we are very generous to particular people, and we tell them, "I love you very much." This is idle talk. And to some people we do not want to say these things, we refrain, as if we do not love them. We hide ourselves. I agree that we do not have to, but let that man feel your love absolutely gratuitously. And when he comes out, he should feel like he has adopted life, knowledge, and freedom. And he should say, "I am grateful that God let me meet that person." This world is in need of people who are going to spread God around the entire world. It is said in the Writ, "Thus shall your deeds brighten." But without Love, without knowledge, and without freedom, they cannot brighten. Your deeds cannot brighten. Or in other words, without Love, without Wisdom, and without Truth, your deeds cannot brighten. It is said later in the same verse, "... and then they shall praise Thy Father, Who art in Heaven." And when we come back to God we shall say, as Christ said, "I carried out Your Will, I glorified You. And now glorify Me too, Father, with the Glory that I had before the creation of the world." What does this mean; God has set something aside, prepared something great for us. That which he has not prepared neither in his mind, nor in his heart, has not come. But now these things are distant. And here on earth, now in these strenuous times, only God's Love can help us carry the heavy burden. And only God's Wisdom, and only God's Truth can help us. And God will be on our side, and we will carry God's blessing. And there is nothing better than to carry God's Blessing! And that the Angels of God descend and ascend, and protect the chosen ones on earth. So we are praying now that God's Love affects the entire world. And that God's Wisdom and God's Truth affect the entire world, so that it could cease, but not cease, but that the new life could come. Now people are fighting, because they are lacking Love, because they are lacking knowledge, because they are lacking freedom. When the life comes; when the knowledge and this freedom comes, the war will cease. Then the mothers will begin. [Apparently there have been some major omissions in this paragraph, probably because of unedited shorthand records. I fear there is nothing we can do but leave the text as it is.] This war is a war of death and lovelessness. And after the war of lovelessness, the war of Love will come. And they are the mothers who have to give birth to children - all those children who were killed have to be replaced by new ones. They are the ones who will recreate the world. Now the world needs mothers, who will bear children. And children who will walk on God's Way; not kill, but carry God's life. So now we have to give birth, not to destroy, but to give birth. God says, "I am the Path, the Truth, and the Life. And if you walk on My Way, on My Truth, and on My Life! This is a Life eternal for them to know You, the One, the True God and Christ, Whom you have sent." Love, Wisdom, Truth, Life, knowledge and freedom. Movement, teaching, and work! These are now THE NEW THINGS IN LIFE. This is a Life eternal, for them to know You, the One, the True God and Christ, Whom you have sent. (three times) Now say within yourselves, "God, we will manifest we will express the slightest Love, the slightest wisdom, and the slightest freedom, which comes from you!" The slightest, not the largest. Now let us show the slightest Love, the slightest wisdom, and the slightest freedom, which comes from God. They are worth more than anything else. (All friends greet and kiss the Hand of the Master.) Now outside by the tiny spring (at Temelkov brothers' place) we will all do the silent exercises. Only the six of them, without music. 6:25 p.m. Source
  17. Note 3 Eternal Living I Summer Morning oration, held by the Teacher on 19.3.1944, at 6:00 a.m., in the village of Marchaevo, Sofia district The oration ended at 6: 45 a.m. The sky was clear. The moon wanes until 24 March. The weather is calm, mild, and warm. The room was well lit with a gas lamp on a mantle. 30–40 people were present. The good prayer. Psalm 91. The prayer of the Kingdom. „The Spirit of God.“ I will read to you only three verses, which are related to the present and the future of man. You will find them in the Gospel: This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent. If My words live within you, you live within Me, my Father and I will come and will make a home within you and I will be manifested for you. I am the Path, The Truth and Life. These three verses are related to the Path, the Truth, and Life. If the Path does not lead anywhere, if it is closed, where would you go? The Path shows that you must have the conditions to move along it. But there cannot be movement if there is no light in the man, if there is no warmth – an internal impulse, and if there is no strength, by which he would walk his way. In the Path lies the sense of life. What is sense? A meal has sense when the food brings you delight and satisfaction. The reading of a book has sense when it gives you joy. If you are reading a book in a foreign language and you do not understand the meaning of the words, what is the point in it? The man, who does not understand Love in its elementary forms, has not understood the sense of life. If you do not appreciate life on earth, how would you appreciate life in Heaven? We can say that life on earth is a bud, the angel's life is a blossom, and the Divine life is a ripe fruit. You say: A fruit. But if the fruit has not passed through the stage of the blossom, it cannot become a fruit, as well as the flower cannot turn into a flower if it has not been a bud. In the bud there is a certain power [strength], which is used up in the blossom. The blossom is talking. When a plant is in blossom [blooms], it is talking. The smell is the speech of the plant. Some plants that talk better have a more pleasant, sweet fragrance. We think that fragrance is something meaningless. It is a whole poetry, similar to the verse of a poet that you are reading. And if you do not understand the language, it has no meaning. If you do understand the language, it is meaningful to you. A mathematical formula has a meaning to the mathematician. For an ordinary person it is meaningless. We have to get rid of that mechanical understanding. We think that life can be inspired. Life cannot be inspired - it cannot be inspired from anywhere. There is something that gets inspired in man, but it is not life. Let's say that something is poured in the lamp, but it is not the light - the light comes later. You should have the knowledge to turn petrol into gas state, and to turn that gas into light. You need to have a lighter for that purpose. There are three lighters in the world. The first lighter is the Love, the second is the Wisdom and the third one is the Truth. A person, who is not able to get lighted in the three ways, would not be able to understand what life is, what knowledge is and what freedom is. A man, who has understood Love, becomes immortal. A man, who has understood Wisdom, becomes perfect. A man, who has understood the Truth, becomes free. Somebody says: Let's get free. You can make numerous efforts to get free. The easiest thing is to obtain [get] freedom, but it is also the most difficult thing. If you do not understand Love and Wisdom, you would not be able to understand the Truth. If you do not understand Love, you would have no idea what the sweetest words in the world are. We understand the contents of things through Love. When we study an apple on the field, we study it according to the laws of Love. Sweetness is an expression of Love. The more rightly Love is understood, the better sweetness is. The sweetness is not only in apples. There are also sweet thoughts, sweet deeds. Sometimes someone could look at you in such a way that your entire day is pleasant. There is sweetness in his eyes. Someone else might look at you and cut you with his eyes. Contemporary people are afraid to die. Do you know why? – Because placed at the boundary of the physical field there are the worst spirits. They are called plunderers: they are the so-called apaches. Whatever you have, they plunder it. Since you have passed through this area many times, you are looking for another way. If you do not want to be plundered, you should have served Love. If you do not want to be plundered, you should have served Wisdom. If you do not want to be plundered, you should have served the Truth. Otherwise you will be plundered according to all rules and then, say the Hindu people, you will go backwards. Everyone, who has been plundered, would go back to gather wealth again. Those who go to the other world must carry something. The son, who has gone to study, if he comes back with no knowledge, then why did he go there? The young man, who loves the maid, loves her for three things. If a maid does not possess the qualities of Love, the qualities of Wisdom and the qualities of the Truth – I am talking about the soul – this woman cannot be loved. The first verse was: This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent. This is the beginning of Love. The second verse was: If My words live within you, you live within Me, my Father and I will come and will make a home within you and I will be manifested for you. This is the Wisdom. The third verse was: I am the Path, the Truth and Life. This is the Truth. If we understand these three things, even at the most elementary level, they will give us a ground for new knowledge. You would never be able to learn a language if you do not have a good ear. If you want to learn the written language, you have to know the alphabet of that language, the names and signs of the letters that are used in the language. In the Divine world things are real. What is the distinguishing feature of the Divine language? In the Divine language, if you say a word, then what you have said happens immediately – the fruit is ripe. In the Divine world things grow ripe. You would never become ripe and cannot obtain something, if your soul does not go into [enter] the Divine world. I am not talking about the body. The body cannot go there. You say: I know this man. How do you know him? You say: This is a good person. How do you recognise the good person? You say: He is a good person, he has an excellent, bright mind. What you cannot describe, that is real. What you cannot determine, this is real. The Divine language, the Divine world can only be felt. The Angels' world can only be seen. And the human world is a world of movement. To be a man, you should walk. You visit one another, don't you? This is the world of the humans. When you visit someone, what do you talk about? In the present conditions you will talk about bombs, about bread, about this and that. The world of the humans is a world of freedom. Here, on earth, you will learn the first letter of freedom. Now, there are things in the world that impede man in understanding Love, the Divine Wisdom, and the Truth. Suppose that you go to visit an ill friend of yours and you have all the good will, you bring him a good, nice apple, a good meal, but he says: I cannot eat. You bring him a good book, with a good subject, but he says: I cannot read. You have brought an aeroplane or a car for him, but he says: I cannot move from my place. So, I say: We live in a world where contemporary people, after having fallen in love, first get ill. What people call Love is the first illness of Love. People enter Love healthy and come out ill, saying: I did not need it. For Love, people fight on the battlefield. For Love, people die for their fatherland. For the love of money – to become rich they work throughout their life. And when they gain money, they leave it to other people and say: Let them use it. How will other people use the money, when I have not used it yet? It is the same as a professor saying to his students: I could not understand that, but you will understand it. The first thing in Love that you have to understand is what the warmth is. Love and human life on earth cannot be revealed without warmth. If we have a thermometer, we can determine the person's Love. Somebody says that he loves me. I would put the thermometer in his armpit and I will define the grades of the warmth. Burning is not Love. Burning means suffering. If you are burning for something, it is not Love, it is lack of love. I have read many books about stolen love. You all believe that love can be stolen. The only thing that cannot be stole is Love. Everything else can be stolen. The only things that cannot be stolen are the things that come out of Love, Wisdom, and Truth. Everything else can be stolen from you. There is a theft. I do not know what you understand by the word 'theft'. Often people mix the notions. For the person who is stealthy, people say that he lies. Stealthiness is not a lie. Lie is the only thing in the world that has no content [that is meaningless]. What is lie? Lie is what has no meaning and no value. The only empty thing, lacking content, is lie. Lie is gold-plated. Sometimes the lie is gilt with Love, sometimes with Wisdom, sometimes with Truth. Everyone, who wants to tell a lie, when he or she comes to you will talk about Love, about knowledge, about freedom. You should not talk about Love. You should not talk about Wisdom. You should not talk about the Truth. About this you keep silent. If you have a stove, how does the stove talk to you? No matter if it talks to you or not, you know when it is cold or hot. I can give you gifts, I can give you the moon, but how will you benefit from that? I can also give you planets, suns, but how will they use them, for example, I give you the sun. When you go to the sun, what will you do? The creatures on the sun are stronger than you, they have Love, they know more than you. It will be ridiculous that you, an ignoramus from the earth, become their master when you go there with your intention. So, sometimes we fall in such a situation. For example, you say: I love it – you expose your intention, you want to reign over it. It is a sun. How will you reign over it? The only thing that cannot be ruled [reigned] is Love. The only thing that cannot be reigned over is Wisdom. The only thing that cannot be reigned over is the Truth. They are absolutely independent. You have to get rid of delusions like that. Sometimes you think why Christ does not understand your sufferings. I ask: Have you suffered like Christ? There is no one of you who has had his pores bleeding, like Christ. That Christ has suffered is still not Love. It shows the great obstacles on the way to gain Love. There were big hindrances on the way of Love. In America, there was a farmer, who had a big farm, but the whole area was covered with stone and the ground did not bear anything. He thought that one day he would leave that land, but a scientist came and told him that the stone was 25 cm thick and underneath there was very good soil. They removed the stone and the fertile soil was under it. So, what we, contemporary people call sin, is that stone plate. It must be broken up. When we break up this stony plate, good soil will come out from under it. The stone, from the stone plate, must be put as a wall around. Imagine that you go to God and you tell Him that you love him and that you are ready to do anything for Him. God, Who knows everything, when He looks at you will say nothing and will give you the least work to see how much you love Him. If you are in a school and you say that you love your teacher, you have to do something to show that you love him; you have to study the lessons he taught. One teacher teaches music, you have to know at least one song. If you love knowledge, you have to understand properly at least one book. If you love light, you have to know what the light is and to talk to it. Sometimes I have said that man must talk with the light. You feel pains in the back. Turn your back to the light and think about the light, about what it contains and the pain will disappear. All pains in the mind come from the lack of light. All pains in the heart come from the lack of warmth. And all pains in the human soul come from the lack of Truth. If you are ready to do anything about the Truth, you are a rich person. When a man comes to you and starts talking about the Truth, you should be ready to do everything that the Truth wants. If you love Wisdom, you should do everything that it wants you to do. It is the Love that you can only love. If you love the Love, then you will have life inside you. The only power that keeps life is Love. It is said: „This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent.“ This is an eternal life, to know Love. For us it is not necessary to go to the next world. We are eternal in the other world. We live at the same time in the world of God, in the world of the angels, and in the world of the humans. With our mind we are in the angels’ world. With our heart we are in God’s world, and with our soul we are in the human world. With your soul you will serve the people. God wants what belongs to him. God does not say: „Give Me your mind“, but says: „Give Me your heart“. He does not say: „Give me your soul“. Christ says: Father, in Your Hands I give My Spirit. However, in all other places in the Bible the prophets put these words in God’s mouth. „My Son, give me your heart“. This heart must go into God’s heart in order to purify. Otherwise, it will remain impure. And if it impure, then all deeds will remain not understood. The human heart gets purified only through light and through the Truth. Purity and sanctity are two different things. Sanctity is a quality of the mind, purity is a quality of the heart, and liberty {freedom} is a quality of the soul. It is said in the Scripture: God breathed in man’s nostrils the Breath of Life and he turned into a living soul. To live means to be free. The first stage of freedom - that is life. In contemporary life, we want people to love us. God, who has created us, loves us, too. Now is the second stage: that we start loving. And we still stay and say: is there anybody who loves us. The fact that you have come to earth in flesh shows that God loves you. Now you have to manifest your Love to God. And if the people do not understand that, their present life becomes senseless. People always expect to be loved by somebody. God loves you. He has showered you with countless goods: you are free when you breathe and the fresh air penetrates your lungs, when you listen, the most pleasant tones come into your ears, the most pleasant fragrance comes into your nose, and the best food comes into your mouth. God has given you the little freedom to go everywhere you would like. What else do you want? This is the law: man to want a lot - this is typical for the human. People want a lot. Take a little child – he/she wants a lot but is satisfied with little. The angels, too, want a lot but are satisfied with even less. And God wants the least. You cannot understand Love if you do not want the least. This is true. Somebody speaks about human, angel’s and God’s Love. I will explain to them with examples. In the case of God’s Love, if you love somebody, when you just see him in the distance, about half a kilometre away, or when you see just his back, his hat, you are merry [happy] during the whole day. He has not talked to you, neither has he seen you, but you are happy. In the case of angel’s Love, the situation is as follows: you are happy when the person smiles to you. With human Love you can shake hands with him, you can touch him. And when you take his hand you might feel that it is cold and when he starts talking, you would see that his words [speech] are not good. We all stumble in human Love. So, do not shake hands before you have understood God’s Love and angel’s Love. Angels are beautiful. A person, who is not beautiful, is not an angel. To be an angel you should be beautiful, and to be Divine, you should take the least. When you are given a lump of sugar, you should carry the lump all the day long and be pleased [delighted] with it. I have watched a child: he would lick the sugar lump and would put it back in his pocket, and he would rejoice at it and then he would take it out again and have another lick. What have we gained till now? You have been beautiful, but one day you look at yourself and see that you have grown old. You have loved everybody and everybody has loved you. But a day comes when no one loves you. Your sons, your friends, your sons-in-law say about you – the old man – let God take him, to leave this world. There is no greater suffering than that. Now I would like to suggest to you the following: not to be rich, because you are rich. No one could give you greater wealth. Not to give you knowledge, you have a lot of knowledge, you have a lot of libraries, books, scientific works, but you do not know how to read them. You also have freedom, but you are tied up. Sometimes children tie up a bug, the bug flies up, but since it has a thread tied to its leg it falls down. You want to be free, but some child has tied you up by your leg. You fly up, and then thump, you fall down, because you are tied up by a child, who is playing with you. You love somebody, but you have been tied and you suffer all day long. You have money, you have everything, but you say: I will not go out today because I do not want to get robbed. You are tied to the money. You say: I have money but I will not go out because I do not want my safe to get broken into. I am asking: does the money need protection [guards]. The only thing that does not know Love and knows all people is money. For the money it is equal if it is in the pocket of a gypsy or in the pocket of the king. Stop deluding yourselves in Love! Years ago, a young man came to me and said: I am looking for someone to love. I told him: Why don't you get to love your father and your mother, who have given you life. He answered: They are ignorant, I do not like my mother's character. Your mother has carried you nine months with love. If you do not love your mother, you cannot love anybody. A person, who does not love God, cannot love anybody. Somebody would say: I love you. I know how much he loves me. If I am a hen, he would come one evening to me and would cut my head, he would pluck my feathers and would grill me. If I am an apple, I know how he would love me. What do you do to the things that you love? You eat the things that can be eaten, you ride what can be ridden, and you burn what is for burning. You burn the firewood. This is love. This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent. So, this is an eternal life, to see from a distance the sunrise of life and to be delighted. When it comes to the zenith, to be delighted again, and when this sun is setting, this is human Love: to be delighted again. Now, in the present conditions you say: who could save us to free the people. Only God can free the people. How difficult it is to understand life. We, contemporary people, do not live the present life, but we live a life in the past, a life thousands of years back. These are past notions, with which we live. Sometimes you are dissatisfied; you want to take revenge and so on. All that is a life of the past. God is Love, everything in the world is beautiful and nice, and we are dissatisfied this is because of the past. Because you have been rich, but your wealth has been taken; you have had knowledge and you have lost it; in the past your memory has been good, but now you forget; in the past you have been strong, but now you feel your strength has left you. Where has your strength gone? These are delusions of the past. This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent. This is eternal life to get free of all past delusions and to come to the New that God gives you. God wants us to understand the life that he has given us on earth. For example, to give a man a glass of water and the entire day you are happy that you have given somebody a glass of water; to give someone a fruit and be happy that you have had the opportunity to give him a fruit. This is serving God. To be happy the whole day that you have met a person and you have told him a good word. Now we talk about the existence of angels, about the existence of the other world and so on; all these things really exist, but this knowledge is not enough. In order to understand Love, ask for the least. Two of Christ's students came to Him and asked Him the following: one of them to be seated at His left side and the other at His right side. They wanted something big. Christ told them: „You do not know what you want“. They said: „How don't we know?“ Christ told them: „The deeds that I do, you can also do... I get baptised, you can also do it. You can drink up the cup, which I use to drink, but to sit at My left or right side, this can be permitted only by the Father. God gives the least. In the world God gives the least. God has given the most: He has created the world and to us He has given the least. You say: „It is very little“. A wheat corn is little, but if you sow it for ten successive years, it will grow and increase, and become a lot. The little thing grows, while the big one cannot grow. If you do not have the least of Love, you cannot understand it. If you do not have the least of Wisdom, you cannot understand it. If you do not have the least of the Truth, you cannot have freedom. Be happy [satisfied] with the least that is given to you. This is a very difficult thing. Someone gives you a little corn, you throw it away, saying that it is very little. Put the least of Love in your heart. Put the least of Wisdom in your mind. And put the least of the Truth in your soul and you will acquire [learn] the following piece of knowledge: „This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent“. If My words live within you, you live within Me, my Father and I will come and will make a home within you and I will be manifested for you. „I am the Path, The Truth and Life“. And then you should say: „God, You Are the Path, the Truth and Life and I will follow this Path together with You“. A song: „I can love“. THE LORD'S PRAYER. Then you should do the following exercise: Both hands are joined above the head in the form of a sharp angle. They get down to the head and rise three times and then are lowered slowly downwards as a pouring. After the exercise, the Teacher said: The first movement is connected with the words: „This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent“. The second movement is connected with the words: „ If My words live within you, you live within Me, my Father and I will come and will make a home within you and I will be manifested for you“. The third movement is related to the words: „ I am the Path, The Truth and Life“. At each of these three movements the respective verse should be pronounced in your thought. Source
  18. Note 1 The saps of Love, Wisdom and Truth Now I shall read 10th chapter from the Gospel of the Joan. “Truth, I am telling you truth, who doesn’t enter trough the door in the pen of the sheep, but creeps from other place, he is thief and robber (verse 1). And who enters through the door, he is a shepherd of the sheep (verse 2).” These verses were not understood and in its time, they are still not understood today. In general, each thing is understood by man as far as it has relation to him. For example the world is understood by us in so far as we have relation to it and it has relation to us. Now I shall give you some important rules for the life. First rule: every thought which brings for the human soul the sap of Love, it comes from God and opposite – every thought which doesn’t bring for the human soul the sap of Love, it doesn’t come from God. Therefore every thing which doesn’t come from God brings in itself poison, death; thence – every man who doesn’t accept Divine thoughts is bound to come to death, where there is no progress. Second rule: every thought which brings for the human soul the Light of Wisdom, it comes from God; every thought, which doesn’t bring the light of Wisdom, it is not from God – this thought brings darkness and death. Third rule: every thought which brings for the human soul the Freedom of Truth, it comes from God; every thought which doesn’t bring this freedom, it is not from God – this thought brings slavery, restriction; where is slavery, there is death. I say: if you know these rules, you will test your thoughts, feelings and actions where they come from and what they bring; after that you will check what are the thoughts, the feelings and the actions of the other people who you are in communion. If your thoughts, feelings and actions, as also these of people near to you, don’t answer to these three rules, you are in front of death – there why it is said on the Scripture: “Truth enlivens, lie deadens.” If somebody comes to talk you in the name of Love, check if his thoughts bring the sap of Love – if they bring, accept them; if they don’t bring, put them aside, don’t torment yourselves to make them sweet. Can you make sweet the butter, which had turned rancid – whatever you do with it, you may only disguise its bitter taste a little, but not to transform it to a sweet one. A man with delicate taste surely will percept the bitterness of this butter. If you buy such butter, you shold do nothing but throw it out. It does not matter how much it costs, don’t feel sorry for the money. Such butter is not for eating. If somebody loves you, but his feelings are bitter butter for you, do you have to accept his love? Put this love aside, because it will cause you some disorder. I ask, if you become ill from the bitter feelings of this love, what have you gained? Some says: “I love somebody”. To love a man, whose thoughts and feelings bring the sap of Love, I understand, but to love a man, whose thoughts and feelings bring restriction, slavery, I don’t understand. Evil, hate, lie, crime can not be loved in any way. It is impossible for the man to love the negative phenomena – why? Because these are qualities, which bring death. Death can not be loved by anyone and in any conditions. No matter how different the people are, there are common standings for all of them without difference. As in mathematics there are common principles for all times and nations, likewize in the people views there are equal states for all times, nations and people. For example, man can’t calculate as he wants – there are established rules, operations, which he has to follow. Can you say that four plus five is fifty six? You may say that it is so, you may even write these numbers, but when it comes to apply this arithmetic in the trade, you will see from the consequences if this is right, or wrong. Hence, both in life and in science there are number of rules and laws, which you can not and must not deviate from. For example, is it possible for a man to cut some of his blood vessels and to say that the blood will not run out? As hard as he may establish this, the blood will run out on equal grounds. Is it possible for man to cut his finger and not to feel pain? The pain shows that some law is broken in the man’s being. No one has the right to break in any way the laws on which his body is built; the body is composite from countless little live souls which watch the work of their master. If the master makes some mistake from which all the organism will suffer, they say: “Our master is not clever”! Not long after that the whole partnership of live cells gradually starts to fall apart. “Who doesn’t enter through the door in the sheep pen of the sheep, he is thief and robber.” Every thought, which doesn’t bring in itself the Light of Wisdom, is a thief and robber. Every feeling, which doesn’t bring in itself the sap of Love, is a thief and robber. Every action, which doesn’t bring in itself the Freedom of Truth, is a thief and robber. In this respect the law is merciless. Now some says: “I want to serve to God, in order to live well” – such philosophy doesn’t exist. Man has to know why he wants to serve to God! What is more, if he said once he wants to serve, he has to begin to realize his desire without delay. You say to a hungry man: “Wait few days, and I shall bring fresh hot bread for you to eat”. Till you get round to bring bread to this man, he may die. That is why, Bulgarians have a saying: “While the grass grows the horse starves!” If man says something, he has to do it – this is the Divine way. God says to the Sun to rise and it rises exactly in its definite time. All desires and promises which are not executed in the defined for them time, are thieves and robbers. You say: “When we die, we will go to the other world and we will know the Truth”. This is delusion! If you want to find and to know the Truth, search it till you are on Earth. To think that after you go to the other world will find Truth, it is all the same as the prisoner fettered in chains to think that in this way he will find the freedom or that in the prison he can become a saint. If this is true, then all thieves and robbers are saints as well. Man can become saint only if he executes the Will of God. If he does not execute the Will of God, he is a thief and robber. Whereever he goes, the saint shines to all, as the lighthouse in the sea shines to all ships which come and go to the port. The thief, the robber shines only to his own ship – if other ships come, he immediately dies down his candle and they remain in darkness. And notice, when the thief goes to rob the case of some reach man, he lights candle only for himself; when he robs the case, he blows out the candle, takes the money and goes outside. Why does he go out the candle? Because he doesn’t do the Will of God. Who does the Will of God, he lights his candle to shine to everybody. A thought, which dies down the Light of man, is a thief and robber. So if you want to walk in the way of Truth, you have to give place of the Spirit of God in you – the Spirit to lead you and direct you. Outside or inside of you, the Spirit watches, observes everything you do. If you are to judge somebody in His name, He looks on you and passes Judgement on your action. Many people think that nobody sees what they do. No, the Divine eye is awake! God watches everything and delivers Judgement trough the people. If you don’t take into consideration His words, one day this Father of yours will pull your ear and will say: “What do you do on Earth? Have I sent you for that? You came to learn, but you took the law into your own hands and do violence.” You say: “Does God have right to treat us like that”? If you think that God has no right to treat you like that, you must live according to God laws. If you don’t live according to His laws, you will lose His goodwill. There is nothing more awful for a man than to lose the Divine goodwill! This happens along with the loss of wealth, and power, and health, and friends, and his life in the end. If all leave him, the warms will not eat his flesh. Can you rely to a man who had lost everything? Such man will come to show you the place of God. It is the same as to enter in someone’s home and the host after lighting a candle to start to convince you that this candle is the Sun; afterwards you will say: “I saw something which glowed as a candle, but was it the Sun or no, I don’t know, how to understand the Truth?” I say: if the fruits ripen under this light, it is from the Sun; if the people warm theirselves on this light, it is the Sun; if the whole earth is lighten up by this light, it is the Sun. It means that the light you have seen to glow is really the Sun. If the fruits don’t ripen, if the people don’t warm and if the Earth is not lighten up by the light you have seen, it is a reflection of the sunlight, but it is not the Sun itself. Therefore, if man wants to be free, he has to know the Truth, to defer it from the lie. There is nothing more disgusting thing for the man to lie in the name of God, and afterwards to justify himself. Some says: “The world will come right by itself; there is nothing to worry about.” That is how one saint thought and soon he understood that is not the right way. Two saints lived together in a forest, where they worked spiritually. One of them, when making a mistake, used to say to his companion: “I made a mistake, but it couldn’t be without this. Even for a saint as I am, it is always possible to make a mistake, but it is nothing, the mistake will be mended by itself.” The other saint wasn’t agree with this way of thinking, so he decided one day to prove that the mistake can’t be corrected by itself unless man wishes and makes some effort. For that purpose he cooked beans, but deliberately didn’t put salt in it; they sat together to have a meal but the eating was not going well, there was no salt in the beans. The first saint said: There is no salt; beans can’t be eaten without salt. No problem, it is a mistake but it will be corrected by itself. How is that, salt must be put in! Nothing to worry about, we will wait, the salt will come. Only now the first saint was convinceed that to correct a mistake man has to make efforts, to work consciously on himself to correct this mistake. If a man wants to cook bean soup, he has to pour water into the earthenware pot, afterwards to put the beans, the onions in the water and to put the pot on the fire. When the bean comes to the boil one should put salt and afterwards he could eat it. If he waits these things to come by them selves, he will starve. On the same grounds the people are on the wrong way when they expect God to put the world right. I say: the outside world is put right, but everybody has to put right his own world. Who cooks his beans by himself, he can put his world right, but who waits for the others so that they to cook beans for him, and he to eat without making any efforts, his world will remain not right. It is the law: everyone will cook his beans himself. If you go to a saint, he will not give you from his beans – what will you do then? The saints have a rule: when they cook beans, for example, they will cook only so much as it is enogh for the number of people who will eat; if some of them wishes to treat you, he has to give you his share to you, and he to starve; if he doesn’t want to treat you, then he will eat, and you will watch. You will say: “What saint is this – I watch him and he eats, he couldn't care less about me.” If the saint gives his beans to you, he will say then: “This man is not good!” In this case the beans is taken as a symbol of Life. Christ says: “I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance.” (John 10:10) Hence, man may sacrifice his life for somebody, but freely, and not by force. That is way, nobody has the right to force the saint to giving from his beans. If the saint wishes to give out of Love, this is something else. When the saint doesn’t want to give from his beans, he will take you to his garden and will say: “Please, take whichever fruit you want! In my garden there is unboiled beans, take as much as you wish.” The boiled beans represents processed thought which is to be given only to the worthy, because he can accept and apply it. The one who is not ready for this thought, will boil his beans himself, i.e. he will process this thought by himself. The beans are big egoists; Bulgarians love beans and that is why they eat it. Those who eat beans will learn the law of generosity. In order for the beans to give something from itself, you should put it through the number of sufferings – to bake it, to boil it, to squash it till it becomes softer, better. This holds true about the man – when man suffers, he becomes softer, better, he likens to boiled beans. Some says: “I want to serve to God”; I ask, how you will serve God – through sufferings or voluntarily, out of Love.? Many children don’t listen their parents, but they take the stick and magnetize them; afterwards these children become obedient – what their parents bring them to do, they do it – they go to bring water, they go to the bakery, they sweep the house, they clean at home. However, it is better these children to listen to their parents with no magnetizing. Thus, it is better people to serve God out of Love, voluntarily, and not through sufferings. And so, the sufferings are good thing, but they are not the only factor to put the world right. The sufferings are something similar to the severe speech, but the severe speech, severe words can’t put the world right. Only the Divine words are enpowered to put the world right. Each Divine word is ripen fruit which everyone by thtemselves can pick from the garden of God. Man should feed with Divine fruit. Some say: “I can feed with all kind of food”; I say: feed yourselves with what you want, but not with boiled beans – the beans represent the human promises and dreams, which require many efforts till to be reached. Can you boil beans on the Sun? You can’t. The bean had been ripening for a long time under the Sun, and still it didn’t understand the laws of the light. Why? Because you can’t eat it raw in no wise. While the beans is green and young, it could be eaten, but after it gets old, it can’t be eaten. It says: “Till I am young, you may taste me as I am naturally, but when I get old, you can’t. When I get old, you have to boil me long time so to be able to eat me.” In the same way some people, till they are young and reach, they can give something anyway; when they get old, when they become destitute, they give nothing. When a man loses his knowledge, he is old beans; when man diverges from the right way of the Life, he is old beans. The heart of such man hardens, he becomes stubborn, wilful, everything around looks awry to him. He gets old and understands that the reason for his state is due to the fact he have fed with thoughts, which don’t bring the sap of Love, the Light of Wisdom and Freedom of Truth. Therefore, if he wants to get out from this state, he has to come back and to start to feed on thoughts, which bring the sap of Love, the Light of Wisdom and Freedom of Truth. Therein lies the salvation of the man. If the one has these things in himself, he will be loved and respected by all. We search the right Life and this life comes from God. We search the real knowledge, which comes from God. We search Freedom, which also comes from God. De we have to search Life, Light and Freedom where they are not? I say: if you want to be strong and to reach everything what you want, hold in your mind the three rules – your thoughts, feelings and actions to go under the laws of Love, Wisdom and Truth. And then, if you come upon some contradiction, say: “It is better to indulge God than people.” Christ says: “just as the Father knows me and I know the Father (John 10:15). just as the Father knows me and I know the Father (John 10:17). I have the authority to lay it down, and I have the authority to take it back again. (John 10:18).” Therein lies the power of Christ. This way He showed the way to the whole humanity. It is said in the Scripture: “Truth will make you free” – when? When your thought bears Freedom of Truth. Love will bring Life into you – when? When your thought bears the sap of Love. And at the end you will acquire the Knowledge – when? When your thought bears the Light of Wisdom. If you don’t live according to these rules, even after thousand years you will remain the same as are you now. Without these rules whatever you do, you will be alike to stove-pipe, through which water will come and go without leaving anything. You will say: “How much water had passed through me, how much money had passed through my hands!” I ask, has anything from all of these remained in you? Nothing has remained. One day the donkey boasted: “I carried over my back many icons of Christ”. Yes, but this donkey didn’t become a saint, yet again it remained a donkey. One important thing for the man: to have fear and reverence for God. The contemporary people fear one of the other: the son fears of his father; when the son becomes stronger than his father, the father fears of his son then; the daughter shudders with her mother, but sometimes the mother shivers with her daughter. I say, till the people fear one of the other, they don’t go the right way. Christ says: “I am the door of the sheep. I am the good shepherd”. This means: Christ is the way Love, Wisdom and Truth come. Who walks on this way, he is one with God and God is one with him. Now, who understand and apply the Word, they will come to life, will rise from the dead. Who do not understand, they will understand in future, with the Last Judgment. Someone will rise form the dead in conviction, and others – in Life. Those who hear the voice of Truth will rise from the dead. When Josef was in the prison, with him together were arrested the baker and the cup-bearer of the king. They had some dreams and asked Josef to interpret them. The baker dreamed that he carried on his head three white baskets, in the upper basket were all Pharaoh dishes, work of the baker. Then birds came and eat them from the basket. Josef said to him that after three days the king will sentence him to death by hanging and his body will be torn by the birds of heaven. The cup-bearer had dreamed a vine in front of him, there were three blooming sticks on the vine, and the grapes on them ripened; the glass of the pharaoh was in the hand of the cup-bearer and he gave it to the pharaoh. Josef said him that after three days he will be pardoned by the king, who will place him at the same service as he was earlier. In a way someone always will come to let you out from the prison, but it is important what your destiny is going to be – like this of the baker, or of the cup-bearer. I want, when you are let out from the prison to have the fate of the cup-bearer, but not the baker. Christ says: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6) – who has ears to listen and to understand, he will walk in the way of Christ. The present day I call it a day for realizing of your Freedom. It is the first day in which you take new books and start to live in a new way. Whatever thoughts come into your mind they all to stream out of Love, Wisdom and Truth. If you live this way, you will compare to this English bureau which during ten years had only losses; when the bureau changed the way of its operations, for one year it had such big profit that it covered all the losses. After you liquidate with the old life, you will liquidate and with the crisis which hinders you. Why the contemporary banks go bankrupt, why they bear such big economical and financial crisis? It is because all their operations are put on internal lie and fraud. Lie and fraud are the old life which has to be quitted! After you quit the old life, New life will come with new systems and regulations, which rest upon the laws of Love, Wisdom and Truth. And so, the main thought which has to remain in your mind, is the thought of the three rules. If you live according to them, you will hear the voice of God – God speaks only where Love, Wisdom and Truth are. When God speaks, everybody has to keep silent; if they don’t keep silent, there will be sufferings. If they keep silent, there will be Joy and Gaiety; who doesn’t keep silent, the sufferings come up on his back, like the kids come up on some horse and wants he or not he will carry them. The same is happening and with the pear tree: when a pear tree bears fruit, the people gather around it, pick up its fruits, break its branches and after that they say: “All right, next year we will come to pick your fruit again!” If you are like the pear tree which the people strip of a fruit, you will not earn anything. But then as I see, no man wants to suffer. In spite of this all people suffer because they want others to understand and to love them. Till they wait understanding and love from people, they will always suffer. Everyone has such experience and knows there is no Truth in this philosophy of Life. Therefore if you want to be understood and loved, you have to love God first. You say: “How to guess where God is?” I ask, this morning, for example, had I to prove you that what you see is the Sun? When you see the rising Sun, don’t expect other sun. This is the Sun under which all the fruit ripen. This Sun is known by all, but when it comes to God, they say: “How do we know God?” After God rises in the soul of man, all clouds, illnesses, sufferings and contradictions disappear. Then, such a Peace and Joy are set in the man’s soul, which he had never imagined. So, all sufferings, contradictions in the human life are because of the fact he is faraway from God, far-off the Divine light. Who doesn’t warm oneself in this Light, he lives in damp dark house, and as a result he and his wife, and his children get ill over and over again. How they will not fall ill? Let the Divine Light enter this house, and you see what happens with the illness. Where the Divine Love and Light are, no bad thought pierces the human mind. Where the Divine Love and Light do not enter, there sufferings and contradictions will exist constantly. I say: because you want to rise from the dead, to find God, you must live according to the three rules. Otherwise, whichever church you go, they will say to you: “Come to us, here you will find God.” I ask, if somebody was born from mother rabbit, what happiness will bring him this mother – she will constantly say to him: “Son, your legs must be long, so when something utters a sound in the wood, you to run right off.” If somebody is born from mother pig, it will teach him to dig, to search wealth in the earth. If man passes through all animal forms, he always will acquire some knowledge, but he will not have Freedom. Which rabbit, which pig, which bird and which man are free? Which woman or which man are free? Which teacher, which king or which priest is free? No man is free, yet again he says: “Come to me, I shall tell you the Truth”. All people die, and yet they speak about freedom. For example, truly free general is the one past whose overcoat countless bullets and shrapnels pass, but no one hits him. He passes by calmly, sings some song; he is not disordered by anything. There are such generals in the world. It is said in the Scripture that after Christ speaks to the Judeans, they wanted to catch Him and to kill Him with stones; Christ run away from their hands and went beyond Jordan, i.e. Christ blew the candle and they remained in dark. Finally they crucified Him, but on the third day Christ rose from the dead. The Christ strength was revealed in the resurrection. Who comes from God, even they put in a grave, in the end will go out once again, and will rise from the dead. The resurrection – this is the great aim, which every man endeavours to. Now I wish to all of you, each thought of yours to bear to your soul the sap of Love, the Light of Wisdom and Freedom of Truth! This is the essence of the real Life. 9 August 1931, 5 p.m. Source
  19. Note 1 Who wait for God Now I shall read you 11th chapter from the Gospel of Joan. Today you will think over 11th verse from the chapter. “These things said He, and after that He said unto them, “Our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awaken him out of sleep.” There is nothing better than God approaching to wake up those who sleep – who get to sleep, he dies for the infirmities of life. Who can wake up the man? Only the one who cares for him. When the mother and father wake up their child, this shows that they care for him; therefore when God wakes us up, this shows that He cares for us; He wants to bring us into the right path. You say for somebody: “This man is asleep, we have to wake him up” – why? Because the sleeping man doesn’t do anything, he doesn’t show any activity. As the man should be awaken from the physical sleep, likewise he should be awaken spiritually. Many people can wake up the man, but the right thing is God to wake him up – why? Because God is the Sun of Life. When this Sun wakes you up, it will open your eyes to see and understand the world rightly, to be able to work in the world. When somebody else wakes you up he will wake you in darkness – what you will do in darkness? Waking up in the day light makes sense, but the waking up in darkness does not make any sense. Now I shall draw an analogy between the Sun and the three Divine laws: the down of Life represents Love, the sunrise represents Wisdom, and the Truth is the zenith – the apogee of the Sun, from which it never sets. Bear these thoughts in your mind and through them verify your states. I say: everything what you have heard so far and continue to hear, is the Word of God. Who feed on this Word does not go hungry; who does not feed on It, walks always hungry – the Word is the bread and the water which support Life. In this case I ask, which bread is better – the fresh or the stale, made few weeks ago? The fresh, of course. Which water is better, this which springs today, or that which sprang thousand years ago – today’s water is better; which sun is most important for you, the sun which rises today, or that which rose thousand years ago – the today’s sunrise is most important. So, the most important for the people is the Word which God speaks to them today. In the past God had spoken to the people according to their level of development and in future He will speak to them again according to the level of their development. When the child is little, its mother speaks to it in one way; when it grows up into a son or a daughter, she speaks in other way, but as for the child, whom the mother speaks to, as for the man, whom God speaks to, the important moment is the present one. You say: “There was time our mother spoke to us as to children, her language was more severe, more edifying; now she speaks to us as big, as to reasonable people” – but between the first language of the mother and the present one there is no contradiction. To the little child she speaks on its manner, she bends the words, adapts to the child so to be understood; a day will come when the mother will speak to her child with a perfect language – this language is the language of the rising Sun, i.e. the language of Wisdom. In the language of Love it is allowed for the mother to chatter, to bend the words according to the development of the child, but no bending is allowed in the language of Wisdom, no changes – Wisdom corrects everything, its language is perfect. As for the Truth, it appreciates everything in its fullness. So that, it is not important what was your life in the past, leave this life aside – what your life is now, this is important for you. Don’t think for the future; when you stay upright in front of the future, it becomes present – the past is past present, the future is future present. Do not think for these two lives of the present – think only for your present life. You say: “What is the most important thing for the man?” – the most important thing for the man is to eat, the most important thing for the man is to look, most important thing for the man is to listen, the most important thing for the man is to taste from the sweetness of the Word of God, the most important thing for the man is to grow, to purify his heart, to develop his mind etc. There are not things nicest for the man than those, all other things are transient. Man grows up to some age, after that the growing up stops; in this relation the growing of the man likens to the climbing of some mountain peak – he hurries up to climb, wants to be on the top as quickly as possible, as a result sweats and gets tired. After he climbs the top, he looks around, stays a little and already thinks for descent – he sees that he can’t live on the top, he doesn’t know the laws. Indeed, the laws on the high places are absolutely different from these of the low places. And so, the climbing upwards represents the youth, the descent downwards – the old age. The young climbs on the top, stays a little, but sees that he can’t live there long time and gradually starts to get downwards; the descent downwards represents the man’s getting old – he sees that his powers leave him, his body stoops, his eyes and ears are failing, he doesn’t have desire to eat, nothing is sweet and pleasant to him anymore. In a way, while we climb on the mountain the life has sense – why? Because we are still in the youth. If we start to get down, the life loses its sense – why? Because we enter the old age. The youth and the old age, i.e. the climbing and the descent are phases of the ordinary, of the temporary life. But in the eternal Life there is constant climbing – in that life man can get down only when he wishes to help somebody, after that he goes back again, i.e. he continues his climbing upwards. As in the physical, likewise in the spiritual life there is climbing and descent: when man discourages or when his life loses its sense, he has got down from the top: if he gains courage, he climbs on the top again. In this sense Love, Wisdom and Truth are high peaks - once man climbed these peaks, there he must stay – he must withstand the laws which exist on these tops; if he doesn’t withstand, he will get old, meanwhile he will lose his power and his health – everything he had by then. And then, when the Great mother Love passes near him, she will say: “Shall I go to wake him” – when she wakes him, she will lift him up again to the top. As you know that, you must not dishearten – who was awaked once, he should watch out not to get asleep; who sleeps, he should wish God to awake him. Who climbs the mountain, he has to learn the laws of the mountain in order not to get down; who gets down from the mountain, should pray to God to wake him, i.e. to put him on the Path, so that he starts to climb. Now those from you, who will go to Sofia, will see to connect with God, if they want the steps and their ways to be right. Sofia is an emblem of Wisdom – you should not get down (from your vehicle) in Sofia, but you should mount up to it as to a place of Wisdom. Who will not go, they will stay here, on the high places. Who gets down, he gets old; who climbs up, he rejuvenates. If you want to understand the sense of Life, you have to make inner connection between the three tops – Love, Wisdom and Truth. If you understand the sense of the Life, you will be able to live on the high places as well. Here we are, we live here so long on the heights of Rila thanks to the Karakachans and their horses – they bring us bread, potatoes, beans, butter, cheese, etc. As these things are present, we have songs, we have sermons. The Karakachan represents Life which comes with its horses to bring something to the people on Earth – till Life brings us something, we will have what to eat and drink, and meanwhile we will listen to God speaking to us. I say: What you have been heard so far, apply it without stopping upon the past. The most important for you is to have the daily bread – the Word is bread. There is no better thing for the man but to listen to the Word of God! It is said in the God’s prayer: “Give our daily bread today” – the Word is the daily bread for the soul from which the soul needs every day. When the soul feeds on the Word of God, it becomes powerful, great. Who had been feeding his soul with the Word, today he is a citizen of the Kingdom of God. Now you as well prepare to become citizens of this Kingdom; if you feed on the Word of God, the door of this Kingdome will open for you also. For this aim you have to be absolutely healthy – to have healthy legs, arms, eyes, ears, mind, heart. Do not think that if you are ill, they will carry you to the Kingdom of God on stretcher – in the Kingdom of God they do not accept those who are sick. If the door opens once, only those who are healthy and can get up will enter inside; those who are ill and cannot get up from their beds, they will wait till the door of the Kingdom of God opens for the second time. This means: who hear the voice of God, they will survive; who don’t hear the voice of God, they will remain behind for other times. Therefore who have climbed on the mountain, should stay there, not to get down; who has already got down, to pray to God to climb again. For that purpose don’t tear your connection with Karakachans, i.e. with Life – let them get down and climb, and bring all these which is necessary to support life in the mountain. I wish you today to spend the day joyfully – to plough, to sow, to reap and to be awake! When God comes, man is awake and ready to perceive. Where is God, there is Life, and Light, and Freedom; where God is being absent, nothing happens, without God the Life is fruitless – in this situation everybody feels that something important it’s missing. Now, we have been waiting a little for the Sun to rise – with the rising of the Sun, the power of the man increases. That is why it is said in the Scripture: “but they that wait for God shall renew their strength” (Isaiah 40:31) – it means: Love, Wisdom and Truth will come for those who wait God. This is said two thousand years ago, I say to you now: it is not enough only to wait God, but you must be perfectly ready – healthy, dressed, clean, so that when the door of the Kingdom of God opens, to enter at once. Everyone will enter on his own officially and free, nobody will wait somebody to push him or to carry him on stretcher. Be ready because the door will open soon; as the light enters everywhere by itself, freely, without being invited, this is how you should enter in the Kingdom of God – this is the law. When the door opens, enter and don’t ask: ”Is it time, am I accepted inside?” If the door is not open, you will prepare and wait till it opens; till you wait, you have to work, to acquire the necessary Freedom in your actions. Be as the Light if you want to enter without hindrance in the Kingdom of God – this is the first condition for entering in the Heavenly Kingdom. 10th of August, 1931, 5 p.m. Source
  20. From The beauty of life The Beauty of Life Lecture given by Beinsa Douno, July 2, 1942, 05:00 a.m. local time, The Seven Rila Lakes Meditation on Chapter 12 of the Gospel according to Saint Matthew For whosoever shall do the Will of My Father Who is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother. (Matthew 12:50) Love is what is beautiful in good and wise life. Wisdom is what is beautiful in good and pure life. Truth is what is beautiful in good and illuminating life. Keep the Beauty of Love. Maintain the Purity of Wisdom. Sustain the Light of Truth - and you will always be happy and blessed, because God abides in them. Love, with its Beauty, fills the entire Divine world. Wisdom, with its Purity, fills the whole Universe. Truth, with its Light, gives freedom to all beings in the Divine world. Love the three: Love, Wisdom and Truth. Let them be lights in your soul, because through them God reveals Himself to those who seek Him. Turn to God in Love. Appeal to God in Wisdom. Pray to God in Truth. Only thus will you hear the soft voice of God's Spirit speaking to your spirit, to your soul, to your mind and to your heart. The kindness of God always lives in His Love, Wisdom and Truth. Through them His boundless gentleness is revealed. Serve God in Love, serve God in Wisdom, serve God in Truth - then you will receive Life, Light and Freedom. May the Beauty of Love, the Purity of Wisdom and the Light of Truth abide in you! Abide in Love, Wisdom and Truth so that they will abide in you! They represent the new life, which God is sending to the world. The Spirit of God requires mercy, not sacrifice. Translated by Dimitrina Daskalova Source
  21. From The beauty of life The Ascending Way Lecture given by Beinsa Douno, June 23, 1942, 05:00 a.m. local time, The Seven Rila Lakes Reflection The Gospel of John, 10:1-15 The Divine World is a world of Light, a world of law and order and of Eternal Divine harmony, which the enlightened souls carry throughout the Universe, which was created by God for the manifestation of His Glory and Greatness. A world without Light is a world of chaos and disorder, a world that needs the hand of God. The world of aridity and the world of drought are worlds, which need Divine Peace and the Life of Joy. Make use of the benefits of the small opportunities in life to do Good. Take advantage of the benefits of the small opportunities to do rightly with your soul, which carries the burden of all souls. Make use of the opportunities of the small daily moments in life, so that you may demonstrate your intelligence. It is the only way, in which the soul grows strong in Goodness, Justice and Wisdom. Even the smallest occasion in everyday life gives an impulse towards benevolence, which comes from God; even the smallest moment drives towards justice and prudence. So, the smallest thing in everyday life may provoke the impulse towards Good, Justice and Wisdom, which come from God. Every kind of negligence towards Goodness, Justice and Wisdom is the reason for the trials and tribulations in one's life. You suffer because you are negligent towards Goodness. You suffer because you are negligent towards Justice. You suffer because you are negligent towards Wisdom. Leave the filthy road of life, where everything is covered with fog and take the ascending path of Love. Do not disregard the small flowers, which you see on your way. Do not disregard the dew-drops, which you see on the faded leaves. Do not resent the chirping of the little birds, talking to each other. Do not deny even the most trivial song of Light, which brings joy to your soul. Do not refuse the kindness of the little beetle, buzzing around you and praying. And when it comes to rest on your knee, touch it gently and say, "Thank you for the little goodness and for the little kindness you bring to me." Be thankful – not for the biting flies, but for the little beetles, which caress you. The biting flies represent the evil people and the little beetles represent the good ones. When you speak, speak clearly and with good articulation, do not mumble. Any person, who does not know how to behave, is wretched. In the world of good and evil, in which you are living, you should always choose good first and then make evil be a servant of good. Do not make friends with evil. It is the heaviest burden that you can carry, the hardest work that you can do, the most difficult teaching that you can attain, the biggest surprises that you can face. Evil has got only one friend and this is Love. Meet the evil's friend first; meet Love and then evil itself. Do not put your finger in the fire, but rather use tongs. The world of good and evil is a World of God. Do not enter into this world prematurely, your place is not there. Until you acquire the knowledge and strength of the enlightened and intelligent beings in the Divine World, you will always suffer. A suffering which cannot be used is a restraint for the soul. A suffering which can be used is an achievement for the soul. Enjoy the little fruits, which God is sending to you daily and unceasingly, so that you may strengthen yourself on the path, which leads to Love. Once you enter the territory of Love, it will reveal the Beauty of the Divine World to you. No Divine fruits are attainable without Love. With Love, Divine fruits are like threads, from which all of Life is woven. The Spirit is the One Who with His Light is weaving the good life of humans. Walk in the Light of the Spirit, so that God may bless you. Make use of the contact points of Light. Make use of the gifts of Light. Pay attention to the smallest flicker of Light to find the unknown paths of Life. Hidden within are the Divine joys, descending from Heaven. The Earth is a place of Divine treasures, from which you benefit daily. Dust is as precious there as gold. The word dust[1] is full of meaning. In Bulgarian it has two meanings: one is the noun prah and the other is the verb prah [2]. One washes to get rid of the dust. Every dusty thing has to be cleaned. The word dust is associated with the word cleanliness with the concept of purity. The word purity, on the other hand, is associated with the Divine World. Therefore, dust leads to purity and purity leads to the Divine World. In the world of Wisdom, dust is as precious as gold and gemstones, as sweet fruits and pure flowing water. Dust is the feather, with which the earthly life was written down. If you love Life, it is indivisible, but if you do not, it splits into two and causes you troubles. Do not despise your oppressor. You should rather love him, because it is through him that you will return to God. Work consciously and wisely on yourself, so that you may deal with the dust and free yourself from it. It is better to deal with the dust than to occupy the highest position in the world. Reigning, without having dealt with the dust, is vanity in life. Reigning, after having dealt with the dust, is being in the joy of life. If you rejoice, you have much dust in your life; if you suffer, you have little. Dust sings its own song of life, out of whose particles it came into existence. Receive joyfully the Word of God, which flows into your souls. The Word of God brings the Divine fruits. Whatever may happen in your life, whether good or bad, rejoice. God will turn everything to good. Where God is present, Life and death are one. Abide in God, so that He may live in you forever! Learn the precious words of Love. Study the Word that comes from God. __________________________________ [1]Dust – ‘prah’ in Bulgarian [2]’Prah’ – the word prah in Bulgarian also means washed (the past tense of the verb to wash) Translated by Daniela Pavlova
  22. Israel and Bulgarian And this is a life eternal, just to know You, one and only God. When we remove the word eternal, remains the verse: "This is a life eternal, just to know You, one and only God." "What you bind in the heaven, will be binded also on the earth; what you untie in the heaven, will be untied also on the earth."[1]This has relation to those people, who have known God, and not to those, who don't know Him. This has relation to those grains, which are on the field, and not to those, who are in the barn. Now I will talk about two positive things: about the belief, which is a relish to the Knowledge, and about the Love, which brings Life. Without belief one can gain nothing. Without belief one cannot tickle God. Every impulse of the sole shows you, that the belief appears. This, which people nowadays call belief, is the materialistic notion of belief. Somebody says: "I don't know if that, which people teach, is necessary. ”Every time you can check that. The food, you eat, every time you can make sure if it is good or not; the air, you breathe, every time you can check it; the light that comes into your eyes, every time you can check it; the road that you walk on, every time you can make sure if it is straight or twisted. Time has come already, when we must sow our knowledge. Everything is important, but in a certain case not everything is useful. When you sow the wheat seed, for the first time you are not interested in it. As it comes up, fruits and begins to mellow, you are interested in it: you are making it into sheaves, thrashing it and putting it in the barn. From time to time you take the wheat out of the barn and you use it. Part of it goes for your body, part - for your heart and part - for your brain. Those, who don't know how to eat, send the wheat only to the body, leading to their fattening. They eat more, than they should. There are others, that also don't know how to eat and as a result they consume less food, than they should. Therefore they are thin. One should be neither thin, nor fat. When you pore down some liquid in a vessel, be careful not to over fill it, leave some free space. Some want to be full, to know all. They want to be full kegs. What do they need so much knowledge for? If there is a little room, one can move freely; with no room, one cannot move at all. Now you are faltering over the words fullness and emptiness. Every word has elements from which it is made. Going through these elements, you will find the meaning of these words. You are Bulgarians, but you don't know what the word Bulgarian means. The first element is b, which means sowing of the seed. The second is the letter u, which means the burden, which the Bulgarian carries. The third - l - means that, which the Bulgarian carries from the world above. The fourth element - g - is the eternal beginning, which the Bulgarian has seized. The fifth is the letter a, meaning that the Bulgarian is burdened with something. The sixth element - r - shows that, once he has seized something, the Bulgarian never gives it up: with nine pairs of bullocks to pull him, he will never stray from his idea. In the physical world the Bulgarian needs one homeopathic dose of hope; In the Spiritual world he needs one homeopathic dose of belief, and in the heavenly world - of Love. When there's hope, he will be healthy; he will fight all diseases heroically. If he catches a disease, he will throw it on the ground and say: "Do you know who I am? I am Bulgarian!" If he believes, he will cope with all conflicts in the Spiritual world, and will tread down on the ground and say:” Do you know who am I? I am Bulgarian!" What does the word Israel mean? What are the elements of Israel? Israel is that, which comes out of Paradise, but the Bulgarian - goes in to Paradise. Primarily, you were Israel, you went out of Paradise; then you become Bulgarians, you will enter Paradise. This is how conflicts are reconciled. How little does a man need to be happy? Today Bulgarians are happy, that the Dobrudja33 was given back. A whole holiday. Up till now the Bulgarian has been out of Paradise, due to being Israel. As he became Bulgarian, he entered Paradise. The one, who enters Paradise, takes all without a war, in a friendly manner. Now I preach the belief. Believe in that which God has put into you. Until now you have gone out of your soul, but as Bulgarians you have already entered your soul, not to sigh any more. The soul is the Paradise of a man. Everybody who is out of his soul sighs, he is out of Paradise. The one, who sighs, is Israel; those who don't sigh, are Bulgarian. Now if people are preached to by God, many will say, that these are not unreal things. Which things are unreal and which are real? - This, which is lost, is unrealistic; this, which is gained, is realistic. If you lose your thoughts, feelings and deeds, then they are unreal. Therefore, if you lose things, you are Israel; when you gain them, you are Bulgarian. The one who loses, who discourages, who suffers, who can't live without his neighbour, he is Israel. When Jesus comes among the Israelites, did they accept him? No, they did not. But not only that, they racked him. They thought that without Jesus, they would exalt more. Did they exalt? They did not accept the one, who carried Gods benediction, but they did not exalt as they expected. Therefore, if you have inside you one godlike idea and you throw it aside; do you think that your situation will be better? Once in your brain enters a godlike idea, you will embrace it - nothing more. In it is hidden your future happiness. The happiness of man sits on that to become Bulgarian. Today you are all in Israel; there isn't a man that isn't in Israel. That means you are all out of Paradise and from now on you have to go to Paradise, to become Bulgarians. For now the first who are put into Paradise are Bulgarians. How are they put in? - by means of a whip. Every man who is German, French, English, who copes with his problems, is a Bulgarian. If he can't cope with his problems, he is not a Bulgarian. What the Bulgarian is to the physical world is not important. We go through the elements of the Bulgarian in the Spiritual world. From a physical point of view the word Bulgarian has come up from the word bulgur, which means the Bulgarian used a lot of bulgur for food. In the physical world the Bulgarian sings and moves, plays and works on. What he sees, he always gives his opinion, and thus his head aches. He thinks that if he is a minister, he can put the world in order; every Bulgarian thinks he can put the world in order. He is Israel. When the real Bulgarian comes and tells the stones to rise, they will rise. He, who says to the stones to rise, and they stay where they are, is Israel. He, who says to Dobrudja to return and it returns, is a Bulgarian. And he who says the same and the Dobrudja, doesn't come is Israel. I take the word Bulgarian in the meaning of a man, born by Love. Every European nation must be born by the Love. With all respect to all nations, but they must believe in what God has implemented in themselves. Only then can nations really come to know each other. This is not for encouragement, but is the truth which one day you will check. For example, the word love is not the same in all nations, but the idea of Love is one and the same. Love brings everywhere one and the same elements. The same can be said for belief: it is not the same in all nations, but the elements, it brings, are one and same. The nations nowadays can be named with one name: Godlike nation. And in that case there will be one Bulgarian Godlike nation, one Turkish Godlike nation, one Russian Godlike nation, one French Godlike nation, one English Godlike nation, one Italian and so on. One is important: in the future there will be one new nation, which will unite all nations in it. We support the idea that on one tree there must be only one branch and one leaf. One tree may have thousands of branches, and the bigger they grow, the lesser they become. As far as the leaves of the tree are concerned, they are numerous. However, the tree can't bear as much fruit as it can leaves. The leaves represent the mental world of the tree. The more leaves the tree has, the smarter it gets. The fruits of the tree show the stage of its development, it has reached. Really the tree knows its fruits. If the fruits are sour and acerb, it has one development; if the fruits are sweet and aromatic, the tree has another development, an other culture. The fruits of man are his deeds. From his deeds we judge his development and culture. Today many people seek God, but they do not know where to find him. Every man can be a window to God. God created the Sun and the Earth, but he alone can be neither the Sun, nor the Earth. They say God is everywhere. In fact, he is in human thoughts, feelings and actions. He is in human suffering, happiness. Somebody suffers. Why? - He had a friend and he went away to another world. He should be happy that his friend went away. God has come to love him and he has invited him to be his guest. When he walked on the Earth, God liked his friend, gave him an invitation to visit him. He went to visit God, and you are crying and suffering for him. All people need a new understanding of Life. Some time a child is born to a household and nobody knows why it is born. It can be a boy or a girl. And if there are three or four girls born to a household, the parents want to have a girl. Why? - Because the boys bring one of the hardest elements in themselves. And so, if a man bears manly thoughts, this will lead to the stiffening of his muscles, brain and lungs. And for this not to happen, man should make a change in his thoughts, first to accept a manly, then one womanly and at last - one childish. On the other hand, if in the brain of a man is born one thought, then in the heart is born one feeling and in the will - some deed. The right exchange between thoughts, feelings and deeds infer the right development of the human soul. If the mind, heart and will don't bear, they are damned to suffering. Which Turks tortured the Bulgarians: the poor or the rich? – The Rich. Why? – Because they did not bear, i.e. did not give anything from them. In that respect they look like fruitless trees. Which trees are cut off – the fruitful or the fruitless? One of the handicaps of contemporary people is that they avoid bearing. Due to many reasons they are afraid of bearing. The man says: “It's good, that I am not a woman to bear” When man was born on Earth, in any way man is still bearing, cannot be freed from bearing. If he is a man, he will bear with his mind; if he is a woman, she will bear with her heart; if he is a child, he will bear with his body. If you are a master or a slave, a king or a queen, you will bear again. Whatever situation a man occupies on Earth, by all means he will pass through the process of bearing. A man lives, until he bears; when he stops to bear, the Life goes through other processes. Now, as I talk about bearing, I do not have in mind that condition, accompanied by suffering. I have in mind that bearing, which is accompanied by Happiness and Joy. I do not talk about bearing, accompanied by suffering, but about that bearing of the human brain, which is expressed in Happiness; I talk about that bearing in the human heart, which brings Love, health and favour; I talk about this bearing in the will, which makes man free. Wherever man bears – in the mind, in the heart and in the will, it is not easy to bear. Conditions are necessary to bear. Earth bears, only if it is under the influence of the sunny rays. If it is not under their influence, birth is impossible. Besides that, the position/configuration between the Earth and the Sun is important. This is the reason, because the poles of the Earth are almost fruitless. Few are interested in the question about the bearing of the three worlds – Mental, Hearty and и Will – and they ask what to do, to become rich. The gaining of riches is one process. A man cannot become rich right away. The quick enlightening is an artificial process. When a man has become rich quickly, he will become poor as quickly. In order to acquire eternal richness, man must become rich simultaneously in the three worlds – in the Mental, in the Spiritual and the Physical. When all people get rich in that way, the Earth will turn into Paradise. Let's get back to that symbolic notion of the Bulgarian. Every Bulgarian, who knew God, can enter in Paradise. Every Bulgarian who can get things together on the Earth and on the Sky and to tell them apart on the Earth and on the Sky, lives in Paradise - him you can listen to. Why? – Because God has christened him. The name Bulgarian is not just given. It implements a great Godly idea. When he is ready to accept that idea, he carries already that name. Somebody will say he is a Bulgarian. This is not enough. The Bulgarian must have three elements in itself: body, which is guided by the hope and works without any restrictions; brain, which is guided by the belief and works without any restrictions and a brain, which is guided by the Love and works without any restrictions. Therefore, if you know what the Bulgarian can be, do you have to discourage him? Do you have to repine, that you were born Bulgarians? When the Spiritual world wants to steel a man, to give him over more firmness sends him on Earth among the Bulgarians. When he wants to give over to some Great Spirit rigidity, he will again send him on Earth to be born as a Bulgarian. The one who wants to cope with the difficulties, to acquire hardness, becomes a Bulgarian. The Bulgarian is the professor in hardness. In that meaning, when it is concerned the determining of some Godly idea, a man must be Bulgarian. In order to reach something, a man must possess in him a certain quality. If he says, that he wants all his sins to be forgiven, he has to answer against that with another thing(unclear). With what? – With kindness. Тhe law of generosity infers abundance. To be abundant, most of all a man must be rich inwardly, not to be afraid of any destitution and restrictions. Can one claim to be rich, if he has millions of kilos of grain in his barn, but is afraid that starvation might come, that the conditions of life might get worse? How much grain does he need for a year? When he spends a year calmly, the following will bring to him again its good. Today you are all gathered to hear something for the present moment. This, which you call present, is past. You still don't live in the present. Your ideas are of the past; in them there is no reality. They are dams, which every flood, water can wash away. One of the ideas of the past is a man who can become grand. A marvellous thing! A man who is great, but does not realize that, aims towards some imaginary greatness. The elephant is great, big, but cannot bid the man? The man, the tiny being, is getting up on the back of the elephant and is directing him. Why? – Because he is smarter and better than he is. He sits upon the elephant, rules him and talks to him: “Big and great you are, but you are sent to me to teach you.” This is how all those, who eat chickens, ducks, lambs and others. They butcher, eat them and say, that they are sending them off to school in their stomach, they’re to teach them. When they do not know themselves, people want to possess qualities, for which they even do not suspect that they are hidden in themselves. Somebody for example wants to be good. When he wants to be good, he strives towards the physic world, wants to study his laws. When he wishes to go into the Spiritual world, a man is striving already towards the Truth and the Freedom. But neither the good is the real Good without the Freedom, nor the Freedom is precious without the Good. If a man cannot apply the Good freely, likewise, his barn is full with grain, and his stomach, cannot work. How can his grain be used? How will he get use of the Good, deprived of the Freedom? A man must be healthy, to transform the energy of the grain into work. The grain makes the poet, musician, artist, scientist, patriot and so on. Without grain nothing can be achieved. In the spiritual sense the grain infers the idea, which Jesus has told in verse: “If you do not eat My flesh and you do not drink My blood, you do not have life in yourself.” In other words, if you do not understand that, which is input in the wheat grain and if you do not know how to fix it in your brain, with your heart and in your body, you can’t live the Godly life. When a man acquires the Godly life, he goes out of the world of constant changes. He looks to everything from the good side. Whether his friend is well affected or not, for him it is all the same. Even in the cloudy and in clear sky he looks with the same disposal. Therefore, until they live in the world of changes, people often fall into deceptions. For example, when they have joys, they say, that God loves them, takes care of them. When sufferings come, they say, that God has forgotten them that something has come in their way. This is deception. God does not forget the people, but they forget Him. The mother does not forget their children, but the children forget the mother. It is said in the Bible: “If your father and mother forget about you, I will remember you.” In other place it is written: “I wrote about you on My palm.” When you look towards Your palm, God sees where is the place of the Bulgarian and remembers him. All can tread on the Bulgarians, but when you look towards your palm, God says: “Here they are.” It is worthy of a man to be humiliated by the people, but his name to be written on the hand of God. This means to be under the ferret eye of the Love. “Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven”. When? When the forehead, the nose and the mouth are right and beautiful. The belief has created the forehead, the Love – the nose, and the Hope – the mouth. That means by means of the forehead, i.e. by means of the brain a man perceives energies of the higher worlds, by means of the nose – spiritual energies, and by means of the mouth – energies of the physical world. A man can't understand the laws of the Earth, if his hope is not developed. Once he gets the meaning of these laws, he looks consciously on the phases, through which the human life passes and reasonably uses them. A man has been young and will be again; he will be old and again will be. Nevertheless, in order to use all these ages as conditions for work and study, a wake consciousness is needed. The people of our time are afraid of adulthood and when they reach fifty-sixty years of age, they do not dare to undertake any kind of work, nothing new, because they think, that their time has already gone. Who will work then? – The young and the children. This is a deception. The people of the present evince the life of the past generations; their life is a result of the past. But the life of the future generation will be a result of the present life. Then what heritage will be left to the future generation, because you have given up working so early? The future generation will show what you were and what you left behind. Strive for what is not becoming old. What the new is concluded in? – The new infers brain bright, full with virtues; heart pure, full with virtues and body healthy, full with virtues. You can say, that the body dies. There's one body, which every time goes with the man on this world, and on the other world. This body never dies. It undresses only the old dress and freed from it continues its way. Also in the Godly world the man is not accepted without a body. In any other world they do not take the man without sense, without heart and without body. He is left somewhere in Space, but very miserable state. In order not to fall into this miserable state, a man must keep his physical body, not break its clarity and entity. What will happen with the still milky core of the nut, if in the mean time get hurt the upper two covers? The nut is destined to death. He cannot go on with his existence. When his upper covers are kept, the nut develops correctly. Every cover falls off as time goes and when the nut is planted, from it new life grows. As said in the Bible: “And as the earth was not organized and desert, and Spirit of God flies over the Deep.” The Spirit of God, this is the light of the world. Therefore until the Sun of Life shines use its Light to organize your earth, i.e. your body, to turn it into Paradise. In the Godly World the Sun shines every time and lightens every one, who wants to get use of it. Now, I speak for those Bulgarian, who are in the Godly world. There are Bulgarians also in the Spiritual world. When you are in a certain trouble and you cannot help yourself alone, turn to the Bulgarians of the Spiritual world and they will help you. If they also cannot help, ask the Bulgarians in the Godly world, they will by all means recall. Whether you believe in that or you do not believe, it is not important. If it is true, on my account, I win; if it is not true, you will thank, that I have given to you one rich treat. Now, believe in that, which God has planted in your brain, in your heart, in your sole and in your Spirit. In them hides the Great One in the world, they come from Him. Serve to the Spirit and your sole, to the brain and to your heart as teachers of your life. If you do not listen to them, whom can you listen to? If comes from outside and tries to influence, you say: “I do not become a slave of nobody!” Who does not serve to God, only he is a slave? Who does not love, who does not believe, who does not hope, only he can be a slave. Everybody, who has embraced the Truth, he is free. The one who has embraced the Love, the Knowledge, is a free man. It is not easy for a man to apply the principles of the Love and the Freedom, to give up the old. Just as you sit for a pleasant and nice lunch and there comes a hungry man; something whispers: “Share up your lunch with this man!” Looking at the lunch, looking at the poor man, you do not feel like giving anything. Again something whispers: “Share your lunch with this poor man. Call him to come to you, as God is in him. If you do not the lunch with him, you will be sorry.” After a long exhortation you agree to give something from yourself to your poor brother. Nothing can easy melt down the human iron heart. It is not a question of doing good, with which to exhibit us to the people. I am on the side of that case, when a man feels the presence of the God, to get to his feet with all his respect and observance. From thousands of years up to nowadays God has supported you, giving all favours to yours disposition – you will rise and bow. For His sake you will do all that with sacrifices. It is preferable to be the last man in the world, with God, better than the first and without God. It is preferable to be the last slave, but with God, better than first king without God. If the king is with God, the better it is. If you are a man and God is with you, feel happy; if a woman and God are with you, feel happy; if a child and God are with you, feel happy. At all, in whatever position you are, it is important that God is with you. When he goes into the bathroom and finds the one, whom thirty-eight years was lying ill, Jesus cured him. Why did he cure only him? – Because only he was awaiting Jesus. Deep in his sole he believed in him. This means that in Israel in that time there was only one, who was awaiting somebody to save him. Who will save You? Today you are in the bathroom, but if you cannot be cured, you will enter in the lap of the death. Who will save you from there? One day I was observing how a falcon who lowered upon a blackbird, who was sleeping quietly and seized him. Right away I directed my thought to the falcon, and told him: “You release the blackbird!” He set him free and flied away. Some another time I was observing how a woodpecker was knocking with his on beak on a tree, pecking and looking worms. A worker is that woodpecker, doing his job. From somewhere showed up a falcon right in the on the woodpile set free the woodpecker... Many falcons are there out in life. One of them is the human disbelief. When it comes to you, it says: “It is no the time to do that work, you can leave it for later.” If the work is good, do not listen to the disbelief, but bind it. “What you bind on Earth, the same is bound in the heaven. What you unbind on Earth, unbidden will it be in the sky.” What will bind on Earth? You will bind your disbelief, hopelessness and unloveliness on Earth, not to be unbidden in the Sky. What you must unbind on Earth? Unbind the belief, hope and the Love on Earth, so that they are unbidden in the Sky. You wish to you as Bulgarians to be an example to all nations. What are the Bulgarians in fact? They are neither the chosen for the God, neither the top, who refused to attend the dinner for the king under different excuses, that they have bought fields and have sowed, that the ox have tried, and have married. When the called have rejected the invitation from the king, he said rigidly to his slave: “Go to the crossroads and bring to me all lame, game, handicapped and blind, to dress them in new attire, to sit beside me at the table.” These are the Bulgarians. Lame and game are they to the sins, and crimes. Blind are they to the evil – they cannot see it. They are paupers for the old and sinful life; they have given up all delusions and looking for a new and bright day, in which the Sun always shines, and the Justice builds new roads. Blessed is that nation, which can say: “That, which was not a nation of mine, found me. My nation yet was left outside.” Read now “The good pray”, which will be the symbol of the new creed of the world. 8th September, 1940, Sofia34 EXPLANATIONS 33 Returned Dobrudja– it said a word about the Krajova agreement, made 7th September 1940, according to which Romania returned South Dobrudja to Bulgaria. 34 The discourse “Israel and Bulgarian” is published for the first time in the collection “Godly and human world”, Sofia, 1940. _______________________________ [1] Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven) Mat 18:18 Israel and Bulgarian
  23. From Methods for Self-improvement THE DESIRED PEACE Peace is needed in the modern world more than any time before. Why? Peace provides conditions for the greatest achievements of culture. That is why humankind is on its way to secure peace. There are more enlightened people today than any time before, who are aware that peace is the first and foremost condition for the normal development of humankind. For this reason all conscious and advanced people make efforts today for attaining peace. In the past times and civilizations the leaders of humankind believed that the world could be set right only through war. Many of them began to realize later the falsity of this concept. The spiritual workers of today are striving for the world peace, so that new humankind and brotherhood among nations could be born and established. These new human beings will be bearers of love among all people and nations. As a result all nations will live for one another as in a family: big nations will be the big brothers, and small nations — the little ones. They will all have peace and harmony among themselves. This is the Will of God, Who is the Creator of the Universe. You ask when this time will come. It will come in the near future. Modern humankind is at the threshold of a New epoch as the Solar system has already entered the realm of the Divine Dawning. When this time comes, there will be no conditions for the existence of malevolent people. They will perish one after another and the Earth will get rid of them. The new conditions that are coming will admit no malice. Moreover they will bring to its destruction. The darkness will raise its curtains and go somewhere else. The dark forces will take their capitals and will go to another place to establish their banks and offices. It is enough to read the Scriptures to get convinced that the New epoch is not far away. Today everyone should have a mindful, conscious belief system. How will you recognize the coming of the New epoch? In the same way as you recognize the sunrise. Do you need to prove to someone that sunrise comes after the day break? By the time the Dawn of a new life breaks, the Sun has already begun to rise. It is said in the Scriptures that with the beginning of the New epoch on Earth, the Sun will be darkened and the Moon will not give its light — then the Son of Man will reveal His knowledge on Earth.[1] We refer the words about darkening of the Sun to the time when people will overcome their concept about the domination of one nation over another by force. By “the Moon will not give its light” we understand coming of the time when religions and belief systems will stop trying to set the world right. Therefore, when all nations, religions, and countries leave off thinking they can set the world right, then the Son of Man will manifest Himself on Earth with His knowledge. Everyone will see Him without any need for proof. Why should you prove to someone that the Sun is rising? Sunrise needs no proof. It is enough for you to look through the window or go outside to be convinced that the Sun is really rising. You should give preference to the new heart in you, which is made of soft material and not of stone like the present heart. The soft heart is woven by the fabric of compassion. Therefore, whoever has a merciful heart is a candidate for the new humankind. The softness of heart is that of the features characterizing the new human being — that of Love. It is said in the Scriptures, “I shall take their hearts of stone and give them new hearts.”[2] The hearts of stone will be used for paving the streets, while the soft hearts will remain to beat and show the world the greatness and beauty of the Divine Life. For this day specifically the Scripture says that God will impart His Spirit in the soft tender hearts of people and all — both young and old — will come to know Him. The human consciousness is gradually awakening in the same way as flower buds burst open in the spring in order to blossom and bear fruit. The great in people’s life is presented in the awakening of their consciousness and removing the difficulties and adversities they encounter now. There are thousands of things in life which may disturb you, but also thousands of things which may please you. Whoever comprehends the Great Divine Laws will be glad to meet a good, intelligent, and learned person; to meet a poet, writer, musician, painter, farmer, stone-cutter, and so on. Rejoice when you meet someone working for the advancement of humankind. If you do not truly understand what a certain person represents, you behave slightingly, and say, “This one is a farmer, that one is a stone-cutter.” The one who brings forth the abundance of the earth is a farmer; the one who makes use of the qualities of the stones is a stone-cutter. The one who reveals the noble features in human faces is a true painter and the one who rectifies human errors is a sculptor. Hence, everyone who creates something valuable which ennobles, elevates, and brings joy to others is in the right place. A mighty power is hidden in the word of all writers, poets, scientists, and philosophers! The word has a great power! Once a young man fell in despair and decided to commit suicide. He put a revolver in his pocket and went to a forest in order to fulfill his intention. However, a young woman had followed him without his knowledge. At the moment when he was going to kill himself, she came to him and whispered a word into his ear. When the young man heard this word, he immediately cast the revolver away and said, “I am not going to commit suicide. I will live for myself, my fellowmen, and humankind. Life is meaningful and it is worth living!” Which is the word the young woman whispered to the young man? You know this word, no need for me to tell you. There are moments when only one word is sufficient to relieve someone from his present grave situation. It is not necessary to speak a lot to a person. One word will do, if it is Divine. Then what is uttered will come true. God said, “Let there be Light!” — and there was Light. During the six days of Creation, God said one Word daily, but as these were Words of the Divine language, they had enormous Power. All said by God came into existence. On the seventh day He said nothing as He was at rest. It is time already for the unification of all people through their minds, hearts, and goodwill, so that to work together for the introduction of peace. All — religious or not — should embrace the idea of peace. It is said in the Scriptures, “But he who endures to the end shall be saved,”[3] or in other words, “He who wins the battle for peace, will be saved.” The religious people of today speak about Love, but do not apply it. The person who has Love within can increase and decrease his body temperature by the degrees desired and at will. Who can oppose someone with a body temperature of ten thousand degrees? Such a person will instantly overcome any obstacles coming into his path. Thus he will set an example of [manifesting] Divine Love. Wherever he goes all doors will be open for him. The person of Love can increase at will not only his body temperature, but also his inner light, making it a thousand times brighter than the solar one. Such light will blind even the most numerous and powerful army. People cannot imagine yet a light that is a thousand times brighter than the solar one. One can achieve anything with such light. Whoever has warmth of ten thousand degrees and light a thousand times brighter than the solar one can open the safes of all banks, warm all frozen hearts, and remove all obstacles, placed by the human egotism. Great warmth and light are coming into the world. These are Divine forces, which will warm and enlighten the human hearts and minds. When the warmth and light of Love come into the world, they will melt and burn out all malevolent, criminal aspects of people, while the good and righteous ones will remain; thus it will be clear that one cannot mess about Love. It is not allowed to play with Love. People of today are terrified by the idea of being submitted to a temperature of ten thousand degrees. Yet what will be their state, when Christ comes to Earth? Then the temperature will be much higher than ten thousand degrees. Christ says: “Peace I leave with you!”[4] It implies that Christ is for peace too. He is for that peace which is based on Love and brotherhood among all nations, societies, and individuals on the face of Earth. Manifestations of brotherly and sisterly love at present are nothing else but branches of the future Culture. This love is more elevated than motherly love. It does not matter how great motherly love could be, it still contains an element of egotism in it. Take for example the love of a tigress to its cubs. It is ready out of love for them to kill at any moment any living creature crossing their path. In this sense motherly love represents the roots of life, while brotherly and sisterly love — its branches. Fruits on the Tree of Life represent Divine Love. They are result of the roots of motherly love and the branches of brotherly and sisterly love. As a matter of fact, in the future people will eat from the fruits of Divine Love and attain immortality. These fruits will be bearers of the New life. Wherever you go in the world, you will meet representatives of the New life. They can be recognized by the soft, pleasant light coming from their eyes. We call them “brothers and sisters of humanity,” bearers of the Divine. Christ is one of these new humans. He said, “I did not come to do My will, but the will of the One Who had sent me. I came to bring peace to the world.”[5] Before the coming of Christ Jews followed the Law of Moses to the letter. They slaughtered lambs, sheep, and oxen as a sacrificial offer to God. However, their life changed completely with the coming of Christ. He destroyed the old life in one stroke. The Jews came to the awareness that good thoughts, feelings, and deeds represent the true sacrifice. What is the essence of the new religion? Its first creed states: I believe that the love of my mother and father represents roots of the Tree of Great Life — the Life of Love. The second creed reads: I believe that the love of my sister and brother represents branches of the Tree of Great Life — the Life of Love. The third creed reads: I believe that Divine Love represents fruits of the Tree of Great Life. The outcome of my mind and heart will be transformed into fruits of Love. Whoever eats from these fruits will attain immortality. Christ said, “Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life.”[6] It implies that whoever eats from the Tree of Life, in other words, from the motherly-fatherly and brotherly-sisterly love will bear life within. Now, becoming aware of the new creed in essence, you should be brave and daring in applying it. Many people are looking forward to something new. The new is in the reconciliation among people. The new reconciles all existing contradictions. How could the reconciliation among people be achieved? It is very simple. Whoever has something to take, let him forgive the debt of his brother. Whoever has something to give, let him be ready to pay his debt. When he goes to pay his creditor, let the latter tell him that he has forgiven him his debt in the name of brotherhood, acknowledging him for his brother. When two persons fraternize, their debts fall automatically away, their arguments cease and all misunderstandings disappear. I would like people to argue only about one thing: who will give more in order to help his brother. If you notice that your brother is very tired and cannot lift the hoe anymore, you will take it from his hand and do the work instead. If you notice that your brother breaks down under the weight of his burden, you will take the load from his back, put it on your back and continue side by side, speaking friendly to each other. When you meet a brother in the street and realize that he is hungry, as he has not taken anything to eat for three days, you will invite and treat him well at your home, feed him well, and invite him to come again. These are brotherly relationships. People are waiting today for the second coming of Christ on Earth, so that the world could be set right. No, the world cannot be set right from outside. Christ needs to come from within each and every one of you. Only in this way will the world be set right. If you place millions of iron shavings together, they will not unite and become one. However, if you heat them up to a certain temperature, they will melt and fuse with each other, forming one liquid substance. In this case the fire is that inner power which solders the iron shavings making them form one whole. Therefore, Christ needs to come into the human hearts and minds as an inner power that will unite them. Love is this inner power which brings life to the human souls. People can work and live in harmony only through Love. Those who do not understand Love are ready to criticize it. Now, when I am speaking about Love, I know the extent to which you can apply it. In fact, I am aware which things are applicable today and which are not. For example, modern people are not able to go to the Sun no matter how much they know about it and about the opportunities to visit it. Why? The physical characteristics of the Sun are completely different from those on Earth. There is no way for the human beings to go to the Sun in their present body. The average human body of sixty kilograms will weigh millions of kilograms on the Sun. How could one move there with such an enormous mass? There is a beautiful life on the Sun, but it is not yet accessible to earthly people. One can go to the Sun in a mental way, but not in reality. Do you know anything about the inhabitants of the Sun and their life? Do you know anything about their language? It is enough for us that we have the possibility of benefiting from the solar rays. If you want to heal yourself, expose your back to the early morning rays. If you want to attain inner peace, expose your back to the setting Sun with your face turned to the east. Thus, you will feel deep peace within yourself and will realize that it is not worth to worry about trivial, petty things. The inhabitants of the Sun live in great abundance, so they do not worry about anything. Their assignment is to send bounties all over the Solar system. They determine the budget of its planets and living beings, including the entire humankind: all people, nations, and countries. When I speak to you about the Sun, I do not want you to take my word for it. I am not interested in whether you believe me or not. I am interested only in one thing: whether what I am telling you is one with the Truth or not. Believe in what God has created. If you believe in His creation of Heaven and Earth with all luminaries and living beings, then you will believe in their Creator too. If one believes in these things, one should study both Heaven and Earth. You need to examine the Sun, Moon, all stars in the sky as astronomers and scientists do. People need to find their own inner suns first to be able to understand life on the Sun. Everyone has a small inner sun in the center of the brain. The size of this sun is different for each individual, depending on the size of the other inner planets. In fact, it is through this inner sun that the soul acquires knowledge. The astronomic Sun and the planets in the sky are similar to the inner sun and inner planets in humans: in terms of their rising, setting, and so on. If one’s inner sun ceases to rise, the outer Sun also loses its meaning for this person. It is a sign for the existence of a certain connection between the outer Sun and the inner sun. If this connection is interrupted, the person will not possess any inner light. When both the inner sun and outer Sun shine, one has the opportunity to perceive light. If one’s inner sun stops shining, the person becomes blind as he is deprived of the conditions to see and perceive the Divine knowledge. And so, many are striving for Divine knowledge which purpose is to teach you value your inner sun, because through it your soul can learn and develop. If someone says that his soul is in darkness, it is an indication that his inner sun has ceased to shine. As long as the Sun shines, the human being thinks and feels right. If one’s inner sun ceases to shine, the human mind and heart will both darken with it. That is why in order to avoid darkening of the inner sun, one should lead a meaningful life. The malevolent life expressed in negative thoughts, feelings, and deeds causes adversities which darken one’s sky where the inner sun shines. Many people — whether learned or ignorant — are not aware of the great influence of thoughts and feelings on the inner life, and consequently on the human health. That is why they seek their happiness in a unnatural way. They want to become rich, to marry a beautiful woman, to acquire a lot of knowledge, without even suspecting that in this way they themselves prepare their misfortune. There is nothing wrong in acquiring knowledge, power, beauty, wealth, but one should know how to use them. There is a Turkish saying, “It is a blessing to see beautiful things.” Indeed, the human beings strive for beauty and its inspiration is quite natural, but not the attempts for appropriating beauty. Both beauty and ugliness have their place in Nature in the same way as light and darkness. Light reigns until the Sun shines. When the Sun sets, darkness comes. Yet stars cannot shine without darkness. Therefore, darkness is necessary, so that virtues — the stars — may be revealed in the human life. Now, when I am speaking about the Divine in the world, some of you become discouraged thinking they cannot attain it. God promised the human beings to come and dwell in them, so that they would not be discouraged. The future kingdom will be established from within, not from without. All God’s plans will be fulfilled through the love of entire humankind. To achieve this, workers are needed. All people of today should work in this aspect and become bearers of the Divine ideas, so that when God enters into their suns to be able to reveal Himself outwardly. A special mission is assigned to every person — to be a bearer of Divine Love, Wisdom and Light, of Divine Truth and Freedom in a specific, unique way. Only thus one can achieve all his desires. All trials, difficulties, and sufferings humankind is going through today will become conditions to come to know God and the Great in the world. God will be with you in all your ways. Then you will say: “We are happy to live in an epoch when we can experience and come to know God’s Love, when we can become workers in His field.” Rejoice and be happy to attain the ideals of your soul. It is up to you when you can attain them even today. One Divine day is equal to a thousand years. So, after a thousand years you can attain what you wish today. Conscious work is required of everyone! The Divine is already on the threshold of your home. Open the doors of your hearts and minds to let the Divine light and warmth in. Lecture given by the Master Beinsa Douno, August 28, 1938, Izgrev, Sofia. ----------------------------------------------------------------- [1]. See also Mark 13:24-25, “But in those days, after that tribulation, the Sun will be darkened, and the Moon will not give its light; the stars of heaven will fall, and the powers in the heavens will be shaken.” [2]. See also Ezekiel 36:26, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.” [3]. See Mark 13:13. [4]. See John 14:27. 5. [5]. See also John 12:44-50. [6]. See John 6:54.
  24. The Beauty of the Soul I will read chapter 15 from the gospel of John. As it is being spoken about the Life, we see that in one respect, its value goes up, and in another it is falls down. So, as the price of the goods at one moment goes up and at another it falls down, in the same way Life itself sometimes goes up, and sometimes falls down in value. This refers to the outer part of the Life. There is no human on the Earth, who had not over- or underestimated themselves. They take a look at their life and say: “Why have I come to the Earth, I could not do anything.” Sometimes they overestimate themselves, they think they have done a lot. How do you explain to yourselves the fact that sometimes you encourage yourselves and sometimes you discourage yourselves? It takes little to encourage or discourage the man. You have some desire; if you fulfil it, you encourage yourselves, if you cannot, you discourage yourselves. I am asking why people discourage themselves, why they are discontented. You have a big, beautiful house but you are still discontented. Many people have told me: “Our hall is big, let’s make it wider and bigger.” Why do you need a bigger hall? One has three billion and six hundred million cells in his/her brain. They are located in a hall – 19 cm long, 15 cm wide and 15 cm high. In this small space are located such a profusion of factories, chemical laboratories and astronomical towers for observation of the sky! How many works are being done in that small space, and all cells are contented, they do not complain as people do. How would you live in this space? You are not contented with the hall in which a thousand heads, like yours, can be accommodated. What would you say if you were placed into this tiny head? So, understanding makes the people contented, not the large place and a lot of possessions. Which are smarter – the cells of the human brain or the cells located outside of it? Brain cells know such things, that many people do not. There are things people know, they even pass for experts. However, there are such small things that only the brain cells know. You will say that humans know plenty of theories, do scientific research. Here I will introduce to you a theory of the pessimism. You read the theory of a philosopher – pessimist who takes a gloomy view of things. He says: “Life has no meaning, everything will disappear. One day the Sun will be extinguished, the people will vanish. The earth will be destroyed.” He goes on: “The family will not exist any longer, the children will vanish, the young will grow old, the old will die and become ashes.” I am saying: if this is true, there must be something left. Could everything disappear at the same time? The pessimist is a man, who has become poor, he has nothing: his clothes are ragged, his shoes are broken, and every single part of his clothes on his back is worn out. He is right for himself to take a gloomy view of life. He knows that his clothes and shoes were once in good condition, but now they are worn out. When he sees that somebody wearing new clothes on, he says: “My clothes too were new once. Yours will get worn out too and we will see what you are going to do then.” It never occurs to the pessimist that he will be able to put on new clothes again. So according to this philosopher, once you put your clothes on, you will not be able to take them off any more; or once you take your shoes on, you will not be able to take them off any more; once you sin, you will not be able to put your life back on the right track any longer. Such is the philosophy of the pessimist. Whatever he is told, he says: “My work is done, there is no turning back.” One Turkish imam preached to a drunker: “Listen, brother, give up the drinking, your situation is dangerous, do you know what awaits you in the next world?” – “What is it that awaits me?” – “All the kegs you have been drinking of, will be hung on your neck.” The drunker asked him: “Will they be full?” - “They will be full, of course.” – “It will be fine, then, there will be something to drink there too.” The imam meant to intimidate him, to show him the gloomy side of his future. In this case the imam is a pessimist, and the drunker - an optimist. He says: “As long as there is something to drink, there will not be suffering. What does it matter if I carry around kegs hanging on my neck?” The imam presents to him the bad side of his future life, and he sees something good in it – there will be kegs and he will be drinking. It is an art for one to see the Good in life and use it. Everything, which in a given moment he/she cannot make use of, is a certain burden to him/her. It appears as an obstacle in his/her life. A thought occurs to you, but you do not accept it. You want to free yourself from it, but you cannot. Wherever you move, wherever you do – it comes after you. In order to free yourself from it, take it out of your mind! Once it is out of you, somebody will see it, will come to like it and will take it. You have a golden coin, as long as it is in your safe, nobody sees it, nobody thinks of it. If you take it out and keep it in your hands, as somebody sees it, they will covet it. As soon as they covet it, they will find an opportunity to take it out of your hand. A sister was saying to me: “I am tired of bearing a thought in my mind and it was not until I realized it that I set my mind at rest. One day I was passing by a shop window when I saw unusual hats, such caps, that one wears on the top of the head, and are hardly attached on it. I thought: “I will buy me such a hat”, but I passed by without buying one. From this day on, the thought of the hat did not leave me alone. I bought it finally I fulfilled my desire. Before I bought it, as I walked, it seemed to me that the cap was already on my head and it would fall off. I felt my head with my hand – there was no cap on my head.” This sister wanted to know why the thought of the cap did not leave her alone for so long. I told her that this thought was disturbing her because she did not like the hat. Despite this she bought such a hat, it was fashionable. As a whole, what one does not like, one starts carrying as a burden. As one comes to like it or reconcile with it, it falls off their back. Why do people suffer? – Because they do not like the suffering. Once they conceive a liking for it, it sets them free. – “I do not like suffering.” Since you do not like it, it takes a central place within your heart. The suffering never takes the last place. “How long will it stay in my heart?” – Until you come to love it. As soon as you come to love it, it leaves the place it has been taking. Otherwise you will go around sighing, you will bear it within yourself and molly-cuddle it. I am saying: ”I have sorrows, it goes hard with me.” Chase away the sorrow. “I cannot”. The sorrow is a greater expert than the suffering, when it takes a grip of the man, it does not let go of him easily. If one tries to chase it away, it becomes even more firmly rooted down. It will tear a part off the heart of the man, but it will not leave. – “How can I free myself from it?” – By coming to like it. – “This is not possible.” There is no other cure. This is the first cure. If you cannot come to like it, put into practice the second cure – calling for the Joy and setting it in the same place, together with the Sorrow. I often experiment this way. As I see that the Sorrow has obsessed the man and does not think of leaving him, I invite the Joy to become a guest of his for some time. It goes to the same place where the Sorrow is and they two commence a conversation. The Joy asks the Sorrow: “Sister, how are you?” – “I am fine, I have been busy with my master. He is not often in a good mood, but he puts up with this.” – “How long have you been here?” – “For two-three years. As I see that he becomes carried away a little, I squeeze him a bit and remind him of myself. He comes to his senses and says: ”Thank you for shaking me up”. That is how we pass the time.” – “How long will you stay here?” – “There is little time left for me. Since you have come, I will leave him.” You ask whether this is real. Real or not, this is a matter of reasoning. However, it is real that you suffer. Can you deny that you suffer? You can argue whether the Joy and the sorrow converse and how they converse. This is a philosophical argument. I can say that I have listened to how the Joy and the Sorrow converse – they hold an excellent conversation. How they carry on their conversation I will not say. In spite of all, sorrow is a reality. Sometimes, as you grieve, you say: “I will not forget this sorrow”, but as soon as the Joy comes, everything vanishes, as if you have never had sorrows. Why don’t people like the sorrow? I find something very nice and valuable within the sorrow. It is like a mother who encourages her lazy daughter to study. She says: “Study, my daughter!” However, the daughter does not like studying; you can talk to her about anything but science. What does the daughter want? – Nothing but a servant who cooks and keeps the house tidied up, who washes and irons clothes, and she, dressed up with a new pair of shoes and with a new hat on, looking at herself in the mirror and going out for a walk to show herself off. When she comes back home from the walk, she sits down to eat and rest. In this situation, she is not contented either. Why isn’t she contented? – Either because she walked on foot, or the car jolted her. I have listened to many such complaints. It is all the same if they come from worldly people, but spiritual people complain as well. Even intellectuals complain, too. Whomever you encounter today, complains. I am asked: “How do such matters get resolved?” – They have no resolution. – “How can we cope with the sorrow?” – While you are a young lass, you will have a hard time; while you are a young lad, you will have a hard time; while you are either a mother or a father, you will have a hard time; while you are either a master or a disciple, you will have a hard time. And when you die you will also suffer. “What should be done?” – I do not know either. The young one says that it is not worth it to be young. The old one says: “Being old is no good.” Neither is being a mother, nor a father. Then what should you be? – “ Nothing?” Then what? This is no solution of the problem. Not to be anything – neither young, nor old; neither a disciple, nor a master; nether a father, nor a mother; nether a son, nor a daughter; neither rich, nor poor. This is not true – the new philosophy requires a new way of thinking. You say that life has no meaning. No, you will be suffering and you will be learning – that is meaning of the suffering. This is nothing but work. As you study the suffering, you work. There comes a quarryman and offers you a stone which weighs three kilos. He thinks that the stone is ordinary. The scientist knows that inside this stone there is something valuable hidden. You ask him: “How much does it cost?” – “It hardly costs a lev[1] - it is an ordinary stone. How much will you pay for it?” – “Five levs”. He takes the five levs and is contented that he gained something by the ordinary stone. “It is good that there are stupid people who are willing to pay five levs for the ordinary stone”. The scientist breaks up the stone, takes the gem out of it and in some time, he sells it for a few million levs. When he finds out about that, the quarryman remains discontented with having sold something so precious for five levs. He meets the scientist and asks him: “Why did you lie to me?” Contemporary people get in such situations, as well. Plenty of precious things pass through all of you, without being recognized. Great are the goods that are given to you, every person is encompassed with vast wealth. Your thoughts, your feelings and your deeds conceal vast wealth, which you do not appreciate. You sell them away at a low price and then you remain discontented. I explore all philosophical systems and find a flaw not in them, but in those who preach them. The philosophers, the masters of the humankind have introduced excellent ideas. There is no ambiguity in their knowledge. The distortion of this knowledge stems from the disciples. Every single one of them has given a specific interpretation of the ideas. Hence, the idea about a true and a false prophet was created. The true prophet would bring up the ideas the way they are; the false prophet would bring them up, contrary to the way, they are in reality. The true prophet would cut and make you clothes, which would precisely fit your body; the false prophet would cut and make you clothes, which you would never forget due to the discomfort they would cause you. Then, he would be convincing you that the more you wear these clothes on; the better they would fit your body. Therefore, do not wear clothes that are not well cut and made. I know that rule from a long time of experience. I apply that rule also when it comes to eating. Whatever meal I would be brought, I do not rush into eating it; before about ten people have tasted it, I do not eat. There might pass four or five hours – it would not matter. First, I seek the opinion of the rest about that meal, and then I taste it too. In other words, I always avail myself of the experience of the others, who have done something before me. In my opinion, these ten people are smart people. The first one, after having tasted the meal, says that it is not any good, I give it to the second one; if he also says the same, I give it to the third one, then – to the fourth one, and I continue until I get to the tenth. Finally, I, too, taste the meal. I do the same when the meal is good. If the first one said that the meal were good, I do not stop there but I let the other ten people taste it too and if there were something left for me, no matter how little this would be, I taste it too. I say: “This meal is good.” You would say that this is something original. Indeed, until this moment you did not know that there were ten people, of whose experience you should avail yourselves. Whether it refers to a meal, or something else, it does not matter. I have suffered a lot until I found these ten people. Sometimes they would eat up everything and there wouldn’t be anything left for me, while sometimes there would be little left. It is important that I would be the last one to eat from the same meal. Since I began to apply this rule, everything goes smoothly. Apply this rule you too, it does not exclude anything. I have applied it both in the physical world and in the spiritual one. It works the same way everywhere. So, if ten people speak their mind about a thought of yours and say that it is not good, then put it aside. Keep only that thought which you have already tried. Remember: God, who has created thousands of universes, is all wise and aware of everything. Do you need to say then that this world, which was created by God, is not beautiful? Those who dare say this are wrong. Everything that is a work of the hand of God is precious, and nothing compares to it. However, understanding is what is needed! Otherwise, one cannot become convinced of the value of the deeds of God. A boy is born to you – you do not appreciate him; a girl is born to you – you do not appreciate her either; you have a servant in your house – you do not appreciate him; you have a father, a mother, friends – you do not appreciate them either; you have a garden with fine fruit-trees – nor are these appreciated. You have plenty of goods, none of which you appreciate. You look at rivers, springs, grass, and little flies, and you do not appreciate these either. You watch the rising of the Sun, of the Moon and the Stars and you do not appreciate it. That is what your misery is about. What does one search for? Why are they discontented? “The Sun – that is nonsense!” “Grass and little flies –nonsense!” You do not know yourself what you want. If I asked you what you needed, you would say: “We do not need anything.” I am saying that I need these ten people, these specialists, to taste the meal that I am given and to tell me whether it is good or not. This way they would try your thoughts and feelings too and would tell you whether they are good or not. Now I am talking about the small exceptions. There is one contented Life, which has to be studied. Let the discontent cease! How can I be contented when I have no incitement? Do not be search for the incitement outside, search for it in the very contentedness. Love everything that surrounds you and you will be contented. “How am I to love everything?” – Love – nothing more! – “Could I love all the people?” – This is no concern of yours. Love! If you love one person, your knowledge reduces to one; of you love two people, your knowledge reduces to two; if you love three people, it reduces to three, etc. Therefore, the number of those whom you love defines the degree to which your knowledge extends. “How am I to love ten people, how am I to love all these people? Where shall I find so many people to love?” Follow the example of the cells of your brain. There are three billion and six hundred million cells accommodated in the head and they live in harmony and unanimity. With one look you can see them all. – “Is that possible?” – You would say that you can love only one. You know that God has only one son, Whom He loves. In spite of this, you pray to God, you want Him to love you too, to answer your prayers. If He does not answer then you take offence at that. How could you want God to love you and to answer your prayer! If you are consistent, as you say that you can love only one person, do not demand from God to love you as well. He already has One, Whom He loves. People would like to convince me that God thinks about everybody and loves everybody. You say that He loves the sinners too. If you think that the Only Begotten Son of God comprises all living creatures, you are right to say that God loves all living creatures. Both the sinners and the righteous men live within the Christ. No single human soul lives outside the Christ. People are discontented, because they place the Christ outside of God, and place themselves outside of the Christ. That is how you doom yourselves to suffering. You say about God: “He has one son, whom He is busy with. I am not a son of His therefore the son is outside of God.” This is a wrong idea because of which you suffer and endure time of torment. You ask: “How can I love this man?” – How can God love you? If you cannot love the man, how could you demand from God to love you? If you did not love your neighbour, how could God love you? If you loved the man, God would love you too, if you did not love Him, God would not love you either. In whichever moment you say that you cannot love, God cannot love you either. Each suffering shows that you have not fulfilled the law of the great Divine love. God loves everybody. If you do not admit that, you will suffer. As soon as you admit it, you will rejoice. Joy is a sign that God loves everybody, while sorrow is a sign that you do not love everybody. You would say: “I love God, the Angels too, but how am I to love the people?” – You will think in a right way and you will love everybody. People cause themselves suffering through their own conceptions. Not long time ago a young secular lass came to me. She wanted me to give her a piece of advice in order to cope with a contradiction. I see that the lass is young and beautiful, but poor. She said to me: “I fell in love with a handsome lad, but I often get into a contradiction, I do not know how to handle it. For some time now, when meeting my beloved, he starts looking at me as if he sees me for the first time. Then he says: ”I am looking at you because I find that you have started growing older.” This hurts me and I do not know what to tell him.” – “Here is what I will tell you: I can make you younger instantly, and he will at once admit that you have become younger and more beautiful.” – “How?” – “By depositing three hundred thousand golden levs to your account.” The same refers to the health, to the mind and to the heart of the man. Someone is said to be ill, this means they have no capital. As soon as they recover, they gain capital. Someone is said to be ignoramus, therefore he lacks something in the Mental world. – “This man is cold.” – He lacks something in his heart. The Light of the mind and the Warmth of the heart are capital, which makes the human being young and beautiful. You could always find something about the human, which could be a reason for your not loving him/her. Whether he/she is poor, sick or simple, these are false states of affair, not real in fact. One disposes of vast wealth. Remember that each soul bears great wealth in itself. Even if some animal, a cat or a dog, comes into your home, it, too, brings about some good to the human. People are aware of this and when for example a swallow comes and makes a nest under the eaves of the house, the owners are happy. It is said that the stork brings luck too. The cow, the horse – they bring luck to the people as well. The ray of the Sun is a bearer of a great good. And each ray that comes out of God brings great blessing to the people. It is alive. I am not saying that the light is only a vibration, motion of the air – this is the outer part of the matter. The light is a force, that is alive and reasonable, that penetrates into the human being and revives him/her. You say that Life brings joy and revival. Not only the Life, but also the Light and the Warmth, bring joy and happiness. Do not think that someone brings you misery. No, every single human brings happiness and good, both to themselves and to those surrounding them. This is what the new teaching maintains. Why do people suffer? – Because they do not appreciate the human soul. The Christ came to the Earth to raise the human soul, to set it free and to show us that it is endowed with vast wealth. The Christ is said to have come to save those who perished. But I am saying that the Christ came to save the human souls, to bring out their hidden wealth and show us their real value. When somebody commits a sin, they do not appreciate their own soul. Then they go down to the hell, to the world of suffering. When you realise that do not search for happiness outside, within different people, search for it within yourself. By saying “yourself”, I mean the God within the human being. If you pursue your happiness in God, in the Divine within you, you are on the right track. Realize that there is vast wealth that you are endowed with, which you should value. Between God and your soul there has to be an inner connection. As you realise that, you will always be grateful to Him. Today you listen to what I say to you, and you raise your minds towards God and say: “We are spiritual people and we cannot go without a prayer.” I do not know how you have been praying. Have you thanked God for the goods and the wealth you have been given? Have you thanked God for His attention to you? What do some people do? As soon as they get up from bed, they start grumbling: “God, why did you give more goods to my neighbour and less to me? Why did you leave me still crawling on the surface of the Earth?” – You delude yourselves. The fault lies with you. Restore your connection with God and everything will turn out well. You would say: “How am I to love this human, if he/she does not love me?” – This is a wrong way of understanding it. How would you explain the opposite to yourself: he/she loves you without you loving them? Somebody cries because people do not love them; sometimes they cry because of the love of their beloved. How would you explain this to yourself? You cry because of being loved; you cry because of not being loved. In order to avoid contradictions, you will love the soul of the human, which never changes. The beauty of the soul is namely about that that its Love is eternal and invariable. It is sufficient only to catch a glimpse of the beauty of the soul for a moment in order not to ever forget it. Those who have loved had seen the beauty of the soul at least for a moment. No human being cannot help falling in love when he/she sees it. The trouble for us is that as we see it, it hides away straight away. You go around crying, you look for it but you cannot find it. Therefore, what one searches for, and what one cries for, is the beautiful human soul. It does not stay at one place. From time to time, it only pays a visit to the human and then it disappears straight away. It is worth it to live thousands of years on the Earth only for this moment – to catch a glimpse of the beautiful soul, to enjoy the beauty of Life and see what wealth the soul disposes of. It is a great moment to see your own beautiful soul! The whole world will pay a visit to you, all the people will swarm around you in order to take part in your Joy. How would you manage all these people? Millions of people would take their turns in order to see your beauty. What would you do then? You would pray God to hide you in a way so that you could take a break. That is why God has hidden the beauty of the man away even from the man himself and left it as his future heritage. You say that there are beautiful people in the world. No matter how beautiful one is outwardly, their beauty cannot be compared to the beauty of the soul. Its beauty is immeasurable. You hear that somebody is tired of his/her life; they do not want to live. Why don’t they want to live any longer? – Because they have not seen the beauty, they have not realised the value of the true wealth. To catch a glimpse of the beauty of the soul means to see the Christ. He is within every single human being. It is not enough only to catch a glimpse of Him, but you have to be like Him. What should we do in order to give the Christ way within ourselves? – Do not stain your soul! Do not throw a shadow on face of the beauty! This means that do not commit a sin. The sin is a darkness, which hides the bright face of the soul. Why don’t people live in their own soul? – Because they do not learn. One thinks he/she is poor, another thinks he/she is bad, or that they are weak, sick, ignoramus. This is partly true. It is important how one can become rich, healthy, strong, learned. – By learning. The greatest foe of the man is the laziness – he does not want to learn. Great efforts are required to compel the man to learn. I have met few people who learn on the account of Love. Without Love, nothing can be achieved. A true work is only that in which Love participates. One day I was on my way to the mountain. I stopped at one spot before a heap of sand and I started probing into it. At the same time, a peasant passed me by and asked me: “What are you doing here?” – “I am studying something.” – “Why are you wasting your time?” – I did not answer. In his opinion, those who work and use up their time are only those who do ploughing and hoeing. In order to turn his thought back, I asked him: “What do you do? Are you married?” – “I am married. I had a wife but she went to the next world. I had a boy and he went there too. Only a girl is left to me and she is limping.” I know the reason why his wife and his boy went to the next world, I know the reason why he is left only his limping daughter, but I did not say anything to the peasant. He asked me: “Are you married?” – “All of my relatives died, it is only me who stayed alive. I have come here to find the last thing.” The peasant was staring at me and was wondering what I was probing for, what I was searching for in the sand. I told him: “Your region rich.” – “It is rich but it has to be ploughed. Farewell!” We shook hands and I told him: “When we meet next time I will tell you what I am searching for. Now go home and know, that your situation will improve: your wife will come back, you will have better and more beautiful children than the first ones. Those who have met me once their things sort out.” – “I hope God hears what you just said.” An year later I met the same peasant, who told me: ”Brother, everything came true. It happened so as you said. I got married for a second time and I have a beautiful and healthy child.” I told him: “Know that your second wife is your first wife. If you get married for a third time, it would always be to your first wife.” These are souls, which have come out of God. God manifests Himself through each soul. He is both within the unity and within the multitude. We know and understand God in the multitude. In the unity, the oneness, He is unmanageable for us. Let us thank God that He shows Himself to us through the multitude of the chosen souls. Let us rejoice because He shows Himself to us. And, I tell to you: know that whatever you have lost, you shall find. The old shall rejuvenate, and the ignoramus shall become learned. Whatever anyone wants to achieve, they will achieve. When? – When you adopt the idea, that God has endowed your beautiful soul with vast wealth. God’s only wish is that you learn. Only this way you can serve. Since you serve, you will have achievements. We have come to the Earth to know God. It has been said: “And this is eternal life, that they know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent”. To know that God has endowed you a beautiful soul, with vast wealth. God manifests Himself namely through this soul. Now I will occupy you with the simple calculation, which conceals a great philosophy. We say: 1 multiplied by 1 equals 1; 1 multiplied by 2 equals 2; 1 multiplied by 3 equals 3. However 2 multiplied by 2 equals 4; 2 multiplied by 3 equals 6; 2 multiplied by 7 equals 14, and so on. In this calculation is hidden the law of the growth. The distinctive property of the Life is growth. That which grows, it gradually manifests itself. What grows is what is only real. Wherever there is no growth, there exists no Reality. The Real things have future. That is why, rejoice even at the smallest acquisition, at the smallest growing. Rejoice at the Divine within yourselves. The future knowledge is built on it. Rejoice at the capabilities, with which you are endowed and which gradually manifest themselves. You are discontented, you do not want to grow old. It is a law: you cannot rejuvenate, without growing old. Everything that rejuvenates is bound to grow old. You want to rejuvenate, but you do not want to grow old, this is impossible. Old age is an capacity for rejuvenation. It conceals the Divine good – the Youth. Both as one grows old, and as they rejuvenate, they acquire something. People suffer because they think that they acquire something only when they are young, while when they grow old, they lose. This is a wrong way of understanding. When I was in America, I listened to Padarevski[2], who was performing the Moon sonata. Then he was a young, handsome man with a nice round face. The American women were crazy about him. They used to take his albums to him for his signature. A year later, I saw in a movie theatre “The life of Padarevski”. He was already quite old there. They showed him both from a great distance and at a short range, from all sides. I saw him well as he was playing the piano. It stroke me that he was playing with his eyes closed. His attention was focused, nothing distracted him away from the music. I said to myself: ”Padarevski, your youth is gone!” With his closed eyes he wanted to say: “Now, at least, I am free from the chasing of the women. I can do nothing but play.” Indeed, there was greater concentration in him now, greater depth, greater musicality. Padarevski is unique, a second one cannot be born. In the Nature things do not repeat themselves, but what the human soul bears in itself, surpasses Padarevski. The capacities of the human soul, manifested through Padarevski, stand for hardly one millionth of what it has been endowed with. What does the “Moon Sonata” represent? – Love of the Moon, of the cold. Therefore, there are two possibilities: to love in the evening, in the Moon and to love by day, in the Sun. There are no conditions for Love in the evening. Only the soul is able to love in the evening, there is no night to it. It has been endowed with all the beauty of the Life. To the beautiful soul, the moonlit night is like a day. The “Moon sonata” shows that the Life is not understood properly. Even those who play this sonata, they do not understand Life either. Actually, the “Moon sonata” is a Sun sonata by its contents but it is shaped in the form of a Moon one. The Sun is behind the Moon. Without the Sun, you cannot see the Moon. Therefore, everything that exists on the Earth is lunar[3], but behind the Moon, is hidden the Sun. This way, behind our life – which is the life of the Moon – is hidden the Divine life, which gradually manifests itself. The life on the Earth is a “Moon sonata”. Despite that, our life is beautiful. Today I played a moon track to you, a moon sonata. I am glad you have come to this concert. When you go back to your homes, let everyone play this sonata on their own pianos. There is nothing more beautiful than being peaceful and calm, bearing Peace within oneself. Look at the sky and thank, within your soul, for everything that you are given. Whomever you meet, search for the presence of the One, who has created the world, within their being. It is good to see God everywhere. To see hidden, the Divine beginning, even in all contradictions. This is the new teaching. It requires that everyone open their hearts and minds, to see the truth endowed to them for centuries ago. “And this is eternal life, that they know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.” This is the true teaching – to know the vast riches with which our souls have been endowed. This is the Christ, the manifested God. How should I love? – To know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent. To know my beautiful soul, that has come out from God. He has given it great capacities. This is the meaning of my life; this is the point of the human Life. The Christ is the man of the abundant Power. The Christ is the man of the abundant Faith. The Christ is the man of the abundant Love. February 6th 1938, Sofia[4] ____________________________________ [1] Bulgarian currency [2] A renowned Polish composer and a masterly piano player, (1860-1941);Poland’s Prime minister and a Minister of the Foreign affairs (1919-1921) [3] A moon character, moonlike [4] The morning speech ”The Beauty of the Soul” has initially been published in the collection “The Beauty of the Soul”, Sofia, 1948 The beauty of the soul
  25. From The beauty of life Four Rules Lecture given by Beinsa Douno on August 13, 1937, 05:00 a.m. local time The Rila Mountain All people want to be successful in life, but in spite of this they are not. Why? – Because they do not observe the essential rules, without which their life is meaningless. If you want to be successful in life, you should apply the following four rules: Protect the freedom of your soul! Preserve the power of your spirit! Sustain the light of your mind! Maintain the goodness of your heart! These four rules represent the music, art, wealth and strength in the human life. Without them, people can express neither love nor knowledge, neither wealth nor mindfulness. In order to be a good person, one should preserve the freedom of the soul, the power of the spirit, the light of the mind and the goodness of the heart! Many people reject the existence of the soul and the spirit. There is no reason to reject them. They should know that only the free person has a soul. Whoever is strong has a spirit. If one is not strong, this one has no spirit. While one rejects Light, this one has no mind. When one admits Light – then one has a mind. While one rejects Good in the world – this one has no heart. When one admits Good – this person admits the existence of their own heart too. What kind of person is that one who has no soul, no spirit, no mind and no heart? The true human being is one who possesses these four: soul, spirit, mind and heart. When someone loses the freedom of their soul, they become gloomy and indisposed. Having a hard time, they blame the devil for this. Who is the devil? The devil is a spirit. As a spirit he could blow away everything a person is holding in their hand. And then such a person will complain that they were robbed. Whose fault is it that you were robbed? If you were holding your hand closed, no one could rob you. If you have kept your hand open, the guilt is all yours. For example, if you place a volatile liquid under open air, the wind will easily blow it away. Who is at fault in this case – the wind or the person who opened the bottle with the liquid? Everyone should know the values of their precious things and protect them with great care. One has to contemplate all matters and then think in the right direction. Right thought needs several conditions: freedom – to give it space, and power – to make it active. Without strength, thought is deprived of movement. Right thought needs light to encompass and to master things. The purpose of the mind is to master. The purpose of the heart is to restore the natural shape and order of things. The heart means Good in the world. Why do people suffer? – Because they are not free. Why are they weak? – Because they have lost the power of their spirit. Why are people poor? – Because they have lost the goodness of their hearts. The one who lost their joyfulness has turned off the light of the mind. Sick people have lost the power of their spirit. Whoever has become a slave of any negative habit has lost the freedom of their soul. God bestowed on people four precious things to be kept very carefully: freedom of the soul, power of the spirit, light of the mind and goodness of the heart! People are still dissatisfied even though they have such enormous capital. What could the disciples expect from their master? Is the master capable of giving a disciple another head, new eyes, ears, nose, hands and legs? Whatever one may expect, the master can only stir the air around the disciple. Thanks to this movement of the air, the disciple can hear various sounds, through which the master can give knowledge about the external world: he speaks to the disciple about the letters, about the syllables from which words and sentences can be formed. Later on, the master writes on the blackboard and explains different invisible elements – nitrogen, oxygen, etc. Then the disciple will go back home and will say that he has learned something. The art of a teacher is in the style of teaching. If teachers are skilled in teaching, they will bring light into the minds of their students. The art of a painter is in the lines they paint in the right place. Whoever does not understand could state that it is not art, but rather daubing the canvas with paint. The art of a musician and a singer is in the precise definition of the vibrations of tones. The real musician can specify the number, strength and quality of the vibrations not only of the tones, but also of the words as form, content and meaning. For example, freedom, power, light and goodness have their specific tones. Freedom has the highest tone in the musical scale. It is expressed by the note B (si). The note B (si) is part of music, but in speech (in the Bulgarian language) it represents the verb 'to be' in its singular form: "you are". What are you? You are rich and strong, you are a knowledgeable person. When I say "B" I mean that I have good understanding and deep insight about issues. In order to reach the musical tone B (si) I have already passed through six tones B. Every person in a good mood is like the tone B. So, when I have freedom, I am like the tone B. When I have power, I am the tone B. When I am good, I am the tone B. Therefore, freedom is a quality of the soul, strength – a quality of the spirit; light reflects the mind and goodness reflects the heart. Without a soul, one cannot be free; without a spirit one cannot be strong; without a mind one cannot possess light; without a heart one cannot be good. This morning you all should check your status; you should see whether you have freedom in your soul, power in your spirit, light in your mind and goodness in your heart. As you can understand, the number four has a very important role to play in human life. This is the reason why Pythagoras gave a teaching to his students about the meaning of the numbers one, two, three and four. In reference to the term one he places the meaning of solidness. He means that a person should be so strong and solid, that no one could move them away from their place. When one grabs something in their hand – even if the whole world fights against them, nothing can be taken away. Solidness is a quality of the earth, of solid matter. In the term two Pythagoras places the quality of movement, which is typical of water. Even the slightest slope can make water flow downwards. Water meets a new environment and new surroundings. A person should be movable like water to get acquainted with those met along the road being ready to study them. An alive person means that one who is able to move along and to be master of their life. In the number three Pythagoras implies the quality of expansiveness, which is a quality of air. In the number four Pythagoras places the term pervasiveness – a quality of light. Therefore, the solid matter has one tension – downwards, where the mass is. The liquid matter has two tensions – downwards and aside. The air-like matter has three tensions – downwards, aside and upwards. Light, e.g. the ray-spreading matter has four directions of movement, four directions of tension. One cannot understand Life well if one is not stable like the solid matter, movable like water, expandable like air and penetrating like light. To penetrate into matter means to bring light into it. Contemporary people argue on the issue of whether there is God in the world or not. Only people deprived of light in their minds could argue on such a topic. Is such a person able to accept and to teach knowledge? To deny God means to give room to ignorance and slavery in the world. If someone keeps the godless attitude inside them – it means to keep ignorance, slavery and herd mentality. In the distant past, when humans had no light in their minds they were characterized by herd-mentality. But from the moment when God granted the living breath to humanity, human beings received light into their minds and got out from the herd mentality. Since that moment they realized they had a Father, they realized they were born. Which is the first quality characterizing a daughter and a son? The first quality of a daughter is to recognize her mother. A daughter who does not recognize her mother is a herd-girl. The first quality of a son is to recognize his father. A son who does not recognize his father is a herd-boy deprived of light in his mind. It means that before arguing about whether there is God in the world or not, one should first ask oneself, "Do I have light in my mind?" If they have a mind – then God exists; if they have no mind – then God does not exist. "And the mindless man said in his heart that God does not exist." Unbelievers are distinguished by the fact that they have no light in their minds and because of this they live in darkness, in prison. Unbelievers are not able to think in the right way, because they are deprived of light in their minds and freedom in their thoughts. A person who is not able to think is a prisoner deprived of light. What should be done for proper thinking? Light a candle in your mind to obtain light. High school students do not believe in God, but when the final exams come they go to church and light a candle. Even they come to the understanding that they should ask someone for help; they need light in order to understand and study well. If people are in difficult situations, they recognize God. Lighting candles means that people need light. If someone is in a contradictory situation, they say, "There are no good people, no goodness exists in the world." But it is not the proper time to ask the question of whether there is good in the world or not. The important question to ask oneself and to answer is, "Is there goodness in my heart?" If there is goodness in my heart – then there is good in the world too. If there is not goodness in my heart – then there is not goodness in the world. Nastradin Hodga1 said, "When my wife dies, half of the world will die. When I die, the whole world will die." As a matter of fact, if a person loses freedom of the soul, power of the spirit, light of the mind and goodness of the heart, life becomes meaningless for them; they are dead. They should resurrect! What is the meaning of resurrection? To be resurrected means to become alive. Who can resurrect? Everyone who has gained freedom of the soul, they are resurrected. Everyone who has gained power of the spirit, they are resurrected. Everyone who has gained light of the mind, they are resurrected. Everyone who has gained goodness of the heart, they are resurrected, they become alive. It is enough for a person to gain freedom of the soul, power of the spirit, light of the mind, goodness of the heart in order to resurrect, to come to life. When is it possible to happen? – Even today. One may die four times, but four times one can resurrect as well. When only freedom is lost, one dies for the first time. When power is lost too, this one dies for the second time. When light is also lost, that person dies for the third time; and when finally goodness is lost – the person dies for the fourth time. If someone dies four times, they are good for nowhere, they cannot even become herd-men. When someone loses their power, they become the laughing stock for all. When light of the mind is lost, they become one of the herd-men. What happens to a person who has lost goodness of the heart? You will answer yourselves. So, you have to be solid, but active like the Earth – your mother, who carries you on her back. The Earth is moving with great speed towards her ideal. The Earth is moving faster than any new aircraft created in our century. Be flexible like water and spread like it. Through evaporation water ascends to the sky and spreads around converted into countless tiny drops, which fall down again as dew-drops, fog, rain; in this way water caresses people, it waters and refreshes any plant and satisfies the thirst of all living beings. Water washes and removes dirtiness. A person's dissatisfaction is nothing else, but a kind of impurity or dust stuck to one's consciousness that is causing irritation. In order to release all filth from their physical and spiritual bodies, and from their consciousness too, people should wash them very often. To reach this goal, one should utilize both visible and invisible water. If you say to yourself that you are sinful, bad, unjust, it means that you have become dirty. Take clean water and wash yourself. You are good, fair people. Is it true? It is equally true to say that a person is both good and bad. Therefore, it is recommended for humans to keep positive thoughts in their minds. It is much better to think you are a good, fair person and to become such, instead of affecting yourself negatively through your own thoughts. It is better for a person to think that they can believe. "Well, but my mind is not able to accept the idea of the existence of God." How can you allow unbelief to enter your mind? First of all, unbelief was created from faith. It is the second wife of man. When man was not able to live well with his first wife – faith, he got married to the second one – unbelief. If he was not capable of living well with the first one who was good, tidy and clean, then with the second one he would live even shorter, because she was absent-minded, wasteful and careless. The falling of man started from the moment when unbelief entered inside. Even when man was still in Heaven, unbelief had penetrated inside him, so he said: "It is possible to live differently, not only following the way God has told me." If you want to get free from unbelief, keep the four treasures God has granted to you. You should protect freedom of the soul, power of the spirit, light of the mind and goodness of the heart! All achievements depend on these four qualities. You should have only one opinion, when you think of freedom, power, light and goodness in humanity. The meaning of Life is hidden in freedom of the soul, power of the spirit, light of the mind and goodness of the heart. These are the Divine qualities towards which humans should progress. It is the New teaching preached today. All people want to obtain a very concrete idea of God. Freedom, power, light and goodness inside humans are nothing else, but paths for gaining Divine qualities. What more concrete than these four qualities can be obtained? These are the four powers in the human being through which the Almighty God expresses Himself. These entities are the creative principles. The world has been created through them. Human beings have space in their movements, when they are free. They can do something, when they are powerful. They can penetrate into matter, when they have light in their minds. They can keep things inside themselves, when they are good. So, I wish you when you go back home to take your knives and to cut down the threads of the cobwebs that have enveloped you by now. You can become free only in this way. Then wash all dirty dishes you have at home with clean, fresh water. It is a sign that you are actually powerful people. Afterwards light four candles in your four rooms and let them burn all day long. What will happen to the candles? Do not worry about them! Let the candles give light! Later on, when you see that all four fireplaces are not burning with fire, you should place wood or coal in them and light one match – so, let the fires burn to warm up your rooms. These four activities are required of all people. Tear the cobwebs that envelop you; wash the dirty dishes; light the candles and set fires in your fireplaces. All I have said to you today is coming from God. He speaks: My children protect the freedom of your soul! My children preserve the power of your spirit! My children sustain the light of your mind! My children maintain the goodness of your heart! ________________________________________ [1] Nastradin Hodga – hero from many folk stories; an artful, smart joker Translated by Varbinka Hristova
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