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  1. From The Truth One Sentence Reflection. Spiritual exercise. [An example spiritual exercise that prefaces some Morning Talks given in the same year is the reading of the following: Psalm 91 The Path of Life Prayer "Our Father" (Mt 6:9-13) Prayer of the Kingdom] I will read chapter 16 from the Gospel of Mark. 16:1-16 I will tell you only one sentence and with this I will conclude: Every one of you should strive to grow and upraise in himself what God has implanted since the creation of the world. The manifested Love of the Spirit, the manifested Wisdom of the Spirit, [and] the manifested Truth of the Spirit bring the full Life of God, of the One, Eternal God of Life! (three times) Those of you who can, towards 8 o'clock - exercises. (8 am, exercises on the meadow) 7th of January 1934
  2. From Methods for Self-improvement THE PURPOSE OF LIFE Reflection. Human life will complete its development on Earth when people attain perfection. Just at hearing the word “perfection” some get immediately discouraged. Being perfect is a very high ideal. How will you achieve it? It lies in your attitude. When is a house considered ready and finished? Only when it has been lime washed on the outside and inside, and has been duly cleaned, mopped, and furnished, so that people can move in and live in it. In the same way, someone becomes perfect after attaining Love, Wisdom, and Truth; and when possessing Knowledge, Life, and Freedom. Some people think that perfection means the end of further development. This is not so. In reality, the perfect ones need to work the most. Serving others, they see the level of their advancement and what is still needed. In the absolute meaning of the word, perfection does not exist on Earth. The perfect one has opened up, but he says as Apostle Paul did that we only know a part of the answer and yet we like to philosophize upon it. Perfecting oneself is not a mechanical process. You say, “I want my eyes to open, I want to become perfect.” This is quite possible. However, “opening the eyes” in its true meaning requires inner work. Jesus said to the woman of Samaria, “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Truth.”[1] The meaning of this is to have communion with God - nothing can be attained without this communion. How will an ailing person get well, if he is deprived of air? No matter what you tell him, there is no life without air. You may encourage him, recommend him books to read and study, yet he will not achieve anything as long as he is bedridden. His illness will continue to trouble him. He says, “I am ill, so I am not interested in the future.” First, he needs to free himself of the illness that makes him suffer. You have all experienced this. While you are suffering from some illness, you go through various states every day - and you change every moment. This applies even for the most advanced ones. The inner torment that is endured cannot be explained. Even angels are unable to completely free themselves from suffering and from time to time are affected by it. Of course, that refers to the imperfect angels. Christ says, “Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”[2] Are humans capable of being perfect as God? If left on their own, they can never be perfect. However, in oneness with God the human being can attain perfection. The contemporary life of humankind is far from it, but one day when people connect with God, they will become perfect. God has been revealing Himself through humans, but He is not abiding in them yet. His promise is, “I shall abide in you and you will become one with Me.”[3] This implies perfection. Today every person gets sometimes disheartened, discouraged. Why? It is because of unachieved perfection not only by the individual, but also by all humankind. People are interconnected as one whole. For this reason, they bear their joys and sufferings together. Therefore, one cannot experience joy alone. The joy of one is related to the joy of all. If someone in the family - either mother, father, or child is ill, can the others be joyful? They may pretend, but deep inside they will feel anxious and worried. This is due to the anguish of all humankind. Fallen spirits also turn to people and ask for help, thus bringing great sufferings to them. Their thoughts are received as by radio and make you sad. Will you be calm, if you catch an SOS call from a sinking ship on your internal “radio”? You are far from the ship, let’s say ten kilometers away; but you hear the passengers’ cries and you cannot help them. How will you feel then? People of today are much like those two Americans who faced a grave accident when boating at Niagara Falls. They were drunk and lost control over the boat. The boat hit a rock and smashed to pieces. One of the Americans climbed onto the rock which pointed at the two countries: Canada and USA. The second one was swept by the current over the waterfalls. There were people watching him from the shores and although they wanted to help him, they did not know how to do it. They were searching for some way, but were afraid of drowning themselves and that made them indecisive. The situation got really terrible. The first American stood on the rock amidst the rumble and roar of the water. He saw his friend being swept by the waves and being totally helpless. I ask: what have these two Americans experienced? If you have never been caught in similar situations, you cannot really imagine the effect of the waves of Life. If you are far away from the waterfall, it will be easy for you to speculate. Back to the story, the rescuers finally succeeded and saved the first American who was on the rock. Modern humankind is likewise on the top of a rock. If no rescuers come, the human race is going to listen to the roar of the waterfall without hope for salvation. You ask how the first American was saved. The rescuers threw a cable from the shore to the rock. Then they pulled the person to the shore and saved him. Do not hold that gloomy picture in your mind. Why? It is because the darkness comes whenever one is ill and suffering. The true Life is where there is not the least darkness. However, diseases exist both in the physical and spiritual worlds: the point is to heal yourself without any trace of the illness leaving a remnant on you. It is said in the Scriptures that whoever stands upright must be careful not to fall. I ask why they did not save both Americans, but only one of them. You say that God can save us all, if He wants to. That is true. God wants the salvation of all, but not all can be saved. The second American was so drunk, that the rescuers could not help him. The American who was on the rock was soberer and held on until he got help from the shore. Sometimes people get so intoxicated that no one can save them from misfortune. They wander here and there blindly. One day someone disappears and cannot be found. What has happened? You will say: he has passed to the World beyond. We know where he is - buried in the ground. His relatives and friends say though that he has gone to Heaven. It means that the visible person - the physical body - is in the ground, while the invisible one is in Heaven. You say, “I do not want to live.” Why? It is because you do not understand the Laws of Life. The outcome is determined by people themselves. One should not be forced, but live by a natural impulse and free will. That is the Will of God. That one will be saved who absolutely observes God’s Will. Therefore, whoever has a profound inner desire for salvation only that person can succeed. Every mindful human desire is an expression of God’s Will. God manifests Himself through our desires, and the One Who awakens the desires in us is God. I have told you many things today, which you need to apply like the one who makes use of becoming literate. Otherwise, if after learning how to read and write, you give up further studies, that will hold up your development. Continue to read and write. You must communicate with your mother, your father, and with your friends, too. “But can I not continue without this?”, you ask. No, it is not possible. When you can read and write masterfully, you will also lead a meaningful life. Beautiful handwriting implies that you lead a pure, beautiful life which reflects the written content. Therefore, what we write is the content of our lives. All beautiful things we insert are saved in our inner archives. Whatever is written on Earth follows its author. Whatever you put down, create, and do remains with you. No one can deprive you of your creations and achievements. Whatever you learn from others is helpful for your development. But only what you have achieved by yourself is truly important for you and makes you strong. Only in this way does one become perfect and free. Many people ask me various questions, but I do not always answer them. “Why should we trust God and love Him?”, you ask. I will not answer you. Why? It is because the trust and love for God is in the natural flow of things and does not need speaking out. When you love God, you will study. “I love my teacher, but I do not want to study”, a student says. This cannot be. You cannot love your teacher without studying. If you love him, you will study his subject with love. Learning cannot be replaced by love. Love is love, but you should study. “I love this person.” If you love this person, you should study. Love and learning go hand in hand. True, when you love, you can learn; if you do not love, you cannot learn. Learning is not possible without love which leads to my conclusion: whoever does not study does not love. And so, Love for God is a great power for achieving perfection. It is actually impossible to describe what Love is and what perfection is. Can you take a picture of the entire Earth? This is as possible as the description of Love and perfection. If you can photograph the one hemisphere of Earth, the other one will be missing. However, there are Beings of such an expanded consciousness that they can embrace the entire Earth. They see it simultaneously from all sides and even penetrate into its core. Is this possible? It is possible for the perfect one, but not for the imperfect one. A young man was walking to a country wedding. On the route it started raining heavily. To avoid getting wet he stripped himself naked. When he was about to enter the village, he dressed in the nearby forest and continued his way. People in the village asked him how he could remain dry in the heavy rain. He replied, “I walked very fast, so fast that the rain did not reach me.” In reality, he had found a smart solution to this problem. But he hid the truth not to admit that he walked naked. It is curious how he got the idea to take off his clothes and prevent them of getting wet. Adam also became aware of being naked, but only after his wrongdoing. Therefore, one needs knowledge to avoid wrongdoings in the same way as the young man protected himself from the rain. What do people of today need? Growth and development. This is the ideal of the human soul. Perfection of the human being comes through spiritual growth and development. All who followed the path of the high ideal became perfect. Christ came to Earth to fulfill His mission. Thus he attained true perfection. The one who wants to become perfect should fulfill the mission which God has assigned to him. We have the example of Christ for a sublime service. Christ said to His disciples, “I have food to eat of which you do not know.”[4] What is this food? Doing God’s Will. Everyone should have such a powerful idea, serving as a focal point for his spiritual world and keeping his life in balance. Such a sublime idea will really empower the human being. It is a foundation and fortress for the human life. It makes one strong and unshakable. Without holding such an idea one sways in life as a ship rocked by the waves which causes seasickness. A medication against seasickness was recently invented in Italy. Modern people should not sway any more. Now I introduce to you the path walked by the perfect ones. You will walk the same path facing many contradictions which you should ignore. When you read about the life of Christ, Job, the prophets you see examples and ideas of how to move forward. Why did Christ suffer? Why did Job suffer? Whatever questions you ask, the answer is one: suffering is inevitable. You may say that the devil makes an exception. The devil suffers too - he also walks the path of suffering. Someone has broken his leg. Still, he needs to move forward. You say, “But he cannot walk.” When his leg gets better, he will continue on his way. The important thing is the correction of one’s errors. Someone says, “I do not feel well, I am nervous, I was born like that.” Rejoice that you were born that way. How would you live, if you had no nerves? The distinguishing feature between humans and animals is the nervous system. “I am neurasthenic.” There is nothing better than this. “I have become very sensitive.” But that is what makes you human. “I think a lot.” That is even better. “Where will all this end?” It is not your concern - because God is the beginning, you are the end. When you unite with God, this will be the end. It is just the beginning now. Therefore, the human being should take the last place, in other words, the end. Everyone should be the end, or the Omega, while God is the Alpha, or the beginning of things. You say, “But I do not want to be at the rear.” The best thing is to be at the rear, or to be the tail. The tail is that directs the movement of the fish. The propeller that drives the ship is at the back. Hence, the humankind is the end of things, and the human being is who puts the Divine Ideas into action. Apply this: serve God in Spirit and Truth and be perfect. You ask, “Can we be perfect?” It is up to you. Where there is a beginning and end, there is perfection too. Where there is neither beginning nor end, perfection cannot be expected either. Since God has sent a soul to the Earth, it is capable of becoming perfect. When you become perfect, you will enter the World of Ascended souls. Your Advanced Brothers will recognize you there as being perfect. If you do not become perfect, you will need to study for a long time on Earth. You will descend to Earth, and ascend to Heaven until you finally finish your development. The Wheel of Incarnation will turn and turn over until you attain perfection. Only through perfection you will free yourself from this Wheel. In other words, you will incarnate and be physically born until the day of your perfection. The person who is tightly attached to Earth will need to incarnate many times until he finally begins to desire perfection. Christ says, “But the hour is coming, and now it is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.”[5] And now, I would like you to reflect all day long upon the idea of serving God in Spirit and Truth. The manifested Love of Spirit, the manifested Wisdom of Spirit, and the manifested Truth of Spirit bring the full and abundant Life of God, of the One Eternal God of Life. Morning lecture by the Master Beinsa Douno, April 30, 1933, Sofia, Izgrev. ------------------------------------------------------- 1. See John 4:24 2. See Matthew 5:48. 3. See also 1 John 4:12, “If we love one another, God abides in us, and His Love has been perfected in us.” 4. See John 4:32. 5. See John 4:23.
  3. The Safe Path. I will read the 23rd Psalm. Often people speak of truth. Speaking of truth is the same as speaking of freedom and of love. Sometimes you hear people speaking of love like speaking of the apple. The same way they speak also of freedom. Externally all people know the apple but few only know the apple from within. The external knowledge is not essential. You hear people speaking of someone as being successful in life. Which man is successful? What does this mean? I say: Only he who is accompanied by the bread, the water, the air and the light is successful in life. Only he who is united with the bread, the water, the air, and the light can conquer. Show me one man in the world who has vanquished without bread, without water, without air, and without light. - The right is on my side. - When? - When the bread, the water, the air and the light are on your side. Someone observes things externally and is dissatisfied with life. - Why? - Because he has not the right idea about life. With his thoughts and desires he is annoying God, He is a self-willed s child that no one can satisfy. It is not bad that one is dissatisfied but he must work, he must overcome the causes of his dissatisfaction. It is not your fault that you are discontented. Discontent has its origin since the first men on earth. Today all who surround you are discontented. You must overcome not only your own discontent but also the discontent of those who surround you. How can we overcome discontent? You must make contact with the light, because God is light. You must make contact with the air, because the breath of God is in the air. You must make contact with the water because it is bearer of life. You must make contact with the bread because it has been said: "I am the living bread which came down from heaven." (John 6:51). People receive things in two ways: through the law and through love. The law is a compulsary way - it is for the children. When one becomes an adult the law must yield way to Love. That which hampers and confinds man is the law. It is confining him in the understanding and application. Where there is the law is also violence and evil. Imagine that you brake a mottle in small pieces which you scatter on the ground. This bottle becomes dangerous for man. If he should walk with bare feet he certainly will be injured. In this sense evil is glass broken in many small pieces which are scattered on the earth. Every thought which is shattered in many thoughts which are dispersed throughout the world without to be applied, without to serve God, becomes dangerous. Every man who does not receive the bread, the water, the air, and the light with love is dangerous. Every man who receives the bread, the water, the air, and the light with love, is safe, is good. Today all people are asking who will succeed in the present war. Those with whom the bread, the water, the air, and the light are will succeed. Without bread, without water, without air, without light there can be no progress in the life of the individual, the family, the society, nor in the life of the whole of humanity. This must be understood by all people. - I think. What is your thinking? If your thought is powerful say something and whatever you say fulfill it. You will write a book. What is so special about the fact that you have written a book? - People will read it. - They will read it if they can read; yet if they cannot read what will they benefit from the book. He who cannot read but believes in it will use it as medicine but he will come to the persuasion that this book cannot cure. The true cure for a man is hidden in the bread, in the water, in the air, and in the light. - What is the bread? - The living bread is God. The pure, vital water is God. The pure air and the light are manifestations of God. There is nothing more nourishing in life than bread, more pure than the water, more pleasing than the air, and more beautiful than the light. Go to the North pole and live there for six months in the night and then you will understand what light is. Great is the joy of the soul when after a six months long night it first sees the rising sun. Therefore if someone says that he is joyous this indicates that he has seen the rising sun after a long night. Only through joy can a man experience the power and the beauty of the divine light. The joy is due to the rising sun in the spiritual world. The light makes man brave and resolute. It uplifts him, gives him wings. At night, when the sun sets, man becomes afraid. Without light space is filled with enemies. Man then feels as if something withdraws from him, he looses his courage and becomes afraid. It is pleasant for a man to walk in the light. How must one live? Go to the fruit-trees where you can learn. When an apple tree loves the people it bears good fruit. When a young maiden loves a young lad she starts to dress pretty and becomes prettier. She becomes courteous, friendly to all people, speaks with them and behaves nicely. If by any chance love abandons her she closes herself up again and nothing interests her. At present the whole of humanity is approaching the end of the century. A new epoch is coming which will bring a healthy environment for all people. There is nothing more pleasant for a sick person than to feel that gradually he recovers from his illness and to expect the day when he will leave the bed. Do you know what a power flows into a man when he decides voluntarily and with love to fulfill the will of God? Let us all fulfill God's will with love and without the necessity to be taught and persuaded to do sol If we should constantly be reminded to love God, to fulfill His will we will become bored, - Let us play and sing songs! - This, too, cannot be done only through beeing reminded. For thousands of years people speak about love but what did they understand about it. If they encounter with the mildest trial of love they cannot endure it. How are the good and loving persons distinguished? If he carries a basket full with sweet, ripe grapes and meets someone on his way, he is ready to give him the biggest cluster. He who does not have love in his heart by meeting someone on his path may give him also a cluster of grapes but it will be the smallest one. He will take one cluster and seeing that it is a big one will leave it; take a second, a third one, and upon finding the smallest one will reach out to give it. We must be thankful that he even gives that much. When people compete for the first place they are more generous. It is good for a man to be first but he must have the respective qualities. First is he who caries light in his mind, warmth in his heart, and power in his soul, I say: If you are first in the physical world you may accomplish the hardest job; if you are first among the learned men you may solve the most difficult problem; if you are first among the good people, you are ready for the greatest sacrifice for your neighbor. A musician is prominent because he can play the most difficult pieces of music. He who plays easy, popular compositions is a common musician. It is good for one to be first but in the opportunities which are hidden in his soul and not when he only sits in the first place. The ignorant man sitting in the first place still remains ignorant. The educated one, even in the last place, remains learned. Wherever he may sit the talented man is always in the first rank. Usually the strong people remain behind and the feeble ones pass toward the front. We can observe the same happening in nature. The small, the weak branches pass toward the front and toward the peaks and the large and strong branches remain behind and in the lower part of the tree. They are the bearers of the heavy wait. In the worldly gatherings the children are in the first place and the adults in the rear. In the spiritual societies the adults are in the first place and the children are behind. The one and the other is good. Delicate jobs are been done with fine, sensitive instruments. The small things are been sawn with small needles, and the big ones — with big needles. The words "big and small" have a different meaning and not the same as they have had until now. By big is not implied something that is physically big. - Why? - Because the physically big things deminish and the physically small things grow. That which becomes smaller is not big; and that which grows is not small. Is the thirty feet high snow drift which melts during the summer days and disappears big? Is the seed which germinates, grows, and develops giving fruit small? Great power is hidden in the small seed. Where the Spirit of God is present there is present power, too. What good will do to you ten boxes of wet matches? You try one match, the second, the tenth, but not one katches fire. One thought with divine contents is preferable for a hundred thoughts with human contents. The human stubborn and capricious thoughts estrange man from God. After that he prays to God to make him talented. This can be dangerous. To become prematurely talented would say to emerge in a first place like a parasite. The louse, too, emerges to a first place, lays her hitts which sit in the hairs like strings of pearls. It takes long care for someone to free himself of these nitts. Modern men spend a great deal of their time for hiding things. Not everything should be hidden but on the other hand not everything can be exposed to the sight of the world„ How can you expose your heart to show what processes occur in it? How can you disclose your brain? If you should open your brain you may interfere with the order and system which exist there. Since there is an external and internal pressure in the brain nature has made for it a solid, strong enclosure to protect it from these pressures. The cranium protects the brain from the great pressure of thought. If the processes of thought and the reflection which they cast upon the brain one could observe great rising and lovering of the surfaces of some brain centers. Try to make the stubborn man to say something which he does not want to disclose. Whatever punishment you may use he does not speak out but in the place where the center of steadfastness is there can be measured a slight rising. Let us return to love as something real. It is not sufficient to say to a man that you love him. A man needs not only words. God, too, needs not only words. To love someone will say to do something real for him. God loved man and created for him the world. He foresaw and created everything which people need. This is love. Love brings for man bread, water, air, and light. All other goods derive from them. You speak about love but what have you contributed to humanity with your love? If the people would fulfill God's will few would be sick, poor, uneducated, and homely. By not doing the will of God people do things through which they compromise themselves. Most people have two faces: when they turn to God they expose their nice faces - they are well disposed, when they turn toward their fellow men they expose their sturn faces, they are not well disposed. God looks at all people equally. He wants to see if they will show to their fellow men their nice, smiling faces as they show to Him. St. Paul says: "We shall not die, but we shall change." We all must change but not according to the law of force but by freedom. All people speak about freedom but only a few have the right concept about it. Where do we find a free man? Is there freedom in the a family? When I visit a family I see that either the husband or the wife are oppressed. If the wife is pretty, with nice features on her face, with a kind heart, her husband oppresses her, watches her actions. Occasionally he looks at me to be sure that I would not want to take something from her. I look at both and say: Both of you are good, rational people. Love God, work for Him so that you may gain by His blessing. I say to the husband mentally that he should not be jealous. From his wife's eyes one can judge about her purity. She is just and honest and will never betray him. Your wife is a beautiful book from which it is a pleasure to read. Profit of her presence because she will not remain forever with you. If you think that you can keep this book only for yourself she will leave you soon. I say the same to the wife also. The husband, too, is a beautiful book which the wife must read, if both of them have the desire to become masters their life will be ruined. The husband must see in his wife God. The wife must see in her husband God. In the name of God they must give each other perfect freedom. Without God we do not know how to relate to people. Every man needs a friend. If you are sick and meet a man who can be your friend you will recuperate. The friend gives something from himself. All people are carriers of God's blessings. Be glad when you meet a man who does not hide these blessings but is ready to share them with all his neighbors. We must be like springs which give abundantly their blessings to all. We must be transmitters of the divine and rejoice that we can perform this service. The other problems are God's. It is him and not us who solves all difficult problems. - What will become of the world? - This is not your problem. He who has created the world cares about it. At the end everything will work out the way it should. You sit and think what to do, how to finish school, when you will pass into the world beyond. This is of no importance. It is expected of you to study and to be a free student. How can you finish school if you do not learn? You do not think about your own responsibilities but give your opinion that someone does not live properly. If you see that your friend does not live properly do not require of him to live a good life, do not criticize him but turn to God and say: Lord, teach me how to live well. His faults are my faults, too. Whenever I will correct my life he will correct his, also. If you have hired for the store of your friend a bad servant who's fault is it? Change the bad servant for a good one and all affairs will work out well. Do never appoint for your store or for the store of your friend a bad servant. Modern people do not understand the deep meaning of life because they think statically. They have the urge to live well. In reality something else is expected of them: they must reveal God's love, be transmitters of love. Often people like each other but derive undue benefit of each other. The servant is careful and good to his master with the expectations to be promoted. The master, too, treats well his servant, rises his pay in order to dispose him and have him work better for his store. Both are self-seeking in respect to each other. This is good, too, but true life demands something else of man. If the servant will not work for his master as for himself, and if the master does not pay the servant as for him self both have no love for each other. To work for the others as for myself and been paid by them as for themselves this is the ideal situation in life. In such case there cannot exist conflict between the people. God wants to teach us to understand life in this way. I say: We must come to know God Who lives in the food, the water, the air, and the light. If you receive the bread, the water, the air and the light and are not contented what else are you expecting? What else can you expect of the fruit which serves you as food for your body? A luminous thought is a fruit which man creates in the mental world; the good feeling is a fruit which man creates in the world of the heart; the good deed is a fruit which man creates in the physical world. Be joyous when someone tastes the fruit of your mind, of your heart, and of your soul, and says: these fruit are good. This is the only way how to interpret the verse which Christ has said: "Each plant which my Father has not planted will be uprooted." Or, Each tree which does not bear fruit according to the law of love cannot be blessed." Therefore, our lives must be directed toward the proper use of the light, the air, the water, and the bread as blessings of life. Few people realize that in the air is God's breath, in the water is life, in the bread is pure spiritual milk. In every external blessing is hidden an inner blessing which must be utilized. Imagine that God asks men the question how they could improve the world. What will they answer? What will I say if this question was directed to me? I will not speak about the improvement of the world but since I see that I am a large snow drift I will pray to God to melt me so that I may start flowing, Together with me will melt all people and we all will start to flow. As long as we are snow-drifts we will be stationed at one place and will not move. When we melt we will start moving and all around us there will be created new life. Today everyone has shrunk into his shell being afraid that he may be robbed. Exchange is needed among all people, thing must move. If a divine thought comes to your mind do not keep it for too long time. Apply it into work to accomplish something and after that to return back to you. Do not withhold your feelings, too - let them go to work. You, too, do not stay in one place„ What do the military with the soldiers? They train them all day long. As soon as they learn the military arts let them leave them to go back home to help their families. As soon as harvest time comes let all soldiers go back hope to help with the harvest work. The officers, too, can go to harvest. If a man of war can fight why should he not work at the harvest? If he can accomplish the harder work he should be able to do the easier also. Modern men accomplish the harder works and neglect the easier ones. Sometimes happens the reverses they are occupied with the easy things and neglect the difficult ones. It is easy to break a bottle but it is difficult to glue it back together. To collect all the broken pieces and one by one to glue them together is not an easy task. Make exercises so that you do not loose the order which is required by nature. This summer I could not go hiking and now I feel hardship walking, But I tell myself: I will walk. When I rise in the morning I see that I have lost this habit but I start out so that I may be useful to myself as well as to the others. Some people want to know what I am doing in the mountains. I enjoy the mountain and try to find the reason for the evil of people. I have reached to two conclusions on this question. A man becomes evil when he is given more then is necessary. When someone has received more than he needs he cannot carry it and searches for a man or an animal to carry it for him. This way he creates evil. We burden our mind with unnecessary thought, our heart with unnecessary feelings, and our body - with unnecessary actions. This way a great pressure is created. Man cannot work in the world as long as he himself does not learn from somewhere. What is expected of us now? - The only thing that is expected of us is to reduce our loads. You have put on your shoulders a great load and I say: reduce your load! You worry, I say: Do not worry! I meet a young maiden and she worries that her luck has not come out yet. She was engages several times and the engagement has been broken each time and now she is discouraged, I say to her: Be glad that you are free. To whomever you may have been married would have given you a hard time. Providence wants to free you from torments and you try to tie yourself. You must wait. Your hour has not come yet. Through you will be incarnated souls which will help people. God is saying to a young maiden to wait but she is in a rush, she wants to marry as soon as possible. Her mother and father also hurry wanting to see her secured in a good home. If I was in the place of this young maiden, I would become a servant. As soon as my luck comes I would merry. In this case serving is in place. When I do not need to cultivate the land I will take out my violin and play or I will read a book. The young maidens and lads need musicians to play for them when they dance folk dances. I have observed how three musicians: a violinist, a bag piper and a rebeck player play together and the young people dance the round dance. I say: draw the moral from everything in life. When you see an apple or any other fruit observe the form and see what you can learn from it. Say to yourself: I want to be like this fruit. Everything that is pretty must serve as an example. When you learn to draw the moral from everything you will start to appreciate even the minutest things. Someone picks up a hair and traws it away saying: this is a hair. Truly, it is a hair but God has worked upon its creation. Look at life with the necessary seriousness. When you finish first grade this will indicate that you have passed through a whole course during which time the earth has made a tour around the sun. This way pass year after year and you accumulate more and more knowledge. Finishing high school indicates that you have gained something. Study life but remember that without Divine love, wisdom, and truth nothing can be achieved. You cannot understand a person whom you do not love. Love precedes everything It leads man toward true knowledge. Hearing that it is been spoken about love someone may say: You can love someone but first you must know the person, you must be sure that he deserves to be loved or not. It is an art to love a man, to give him your love selflessly without to think if he deserves it or not. Only in this way can you see the results of your love. Every living being deserves to be loved. As long as you measure your love you will observe things only according their form and will fee reserved. Love excludes any form. You love someone because of him himself and not because of his pretty eyes, nose, or mouth. Two days ago two friends and I were climbing the mountain Vitosha. At one time it started to drizzle, there occurred some dew drops. I had spoken already about the drew drops being God's blessing. As we were climbing a rainbow in the form of a great gate from the west to the east appeared. For two full hours the rainbow was moving in front of us and accompanied us. We climbed, the raindrops were falling softly but we were not afraid of them. We were glad that the rainbow was in front of us saying that there will never again be a flood. The coming of peace and the solving of all problems depends upon us. If we do not shake off the raindrops the peace will come sooner. They bring a blessing to the world. Have you caressed the dew drops to experience the blessing which they bring? This does not happen by obligation but in freedom. The dew drop hides in itself electricity and magnetism which ought to be used wisely. Knowing this do not shake off the rain drops from your coats. Do not fear that your clothes may be ruined. In the opposite, the color of the garmet becomes prettier. It is a different matter if the rain drops are mixed with dust and smut. These ruin the clothes. But the pure dew drop brings blessing. Whoever has a strong sense of smell can sense the aroma of the dew drops. We continued climbing higher and the higher we went the more we felt well disposed, This way we tasted the blessings of the rainbow and the dew drops. I say: Rejoice in the small blessings which come from God. The great is hidden in the small blessings. Everyone must come to this conclusion by himself. Do not pass instruction to other what to eat and how to eat but give him fruit and let him coap with it himself. If he values the small blessings he will first look at the fruit, will caress it, will converse with it and after that he will feel free to open this envelop and read the letter which nature has written to him. In every fruit nature has inscribed something beautiful. There is nothing greater than having God as our father. You say: Abba, Father! He is far away from us and not as the other fathers, God keep far away from us so that He may not scare us. He wants us to be free: everything which we do to procede from love. He does not criticise us, He leaves us free even when we make some mistakes. After that calmly He whispers to us: You have erred but you will correct your error. We must correct out mistakes without to feel sorry! We must be glad that there is something which we can correct. We must be glad when we can do something according to the will of God. "This is eternal life, that I come to know Thee the only true God." This is eternal life to come to love all people in the name of God, to love what He has implanted in every man. - What is man? - A page from the great, divine book upon which God has written very important things. Every page is in its place. Reading this book when you see that one page is missing you must search and find it so that you may read what God has written on that page. Learn to understand these pages in which God has implanted the eternal blessings of life. Value every page so that you may understand the Lord's prayer: "Our Father who art heaven, hallowed be thy name." - Where is God's name? - In our minds. "Thy kingdom come," - where? - In our hearts. "Thy will be done." - Where? - In our souls?" And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever, amen!" Temptation comes into the human life when people become negligent. When you do not appreciate the wealth which is given to you, you will be placed on trial so that you may see what poverty is. If you are not satisfied with wealth you will be visited by poverty; if you are not satisfied with poverty to you will be sent wealth. Wealth is one category of trials, and poverty — another. When you become rich you make enemies and start to worry that you may loose your possessions, there will be always someone to cause you harm. Wealth that is not well understood is a torment; poverty that is not well understood is a torment. Wealth that is well understood is a blessing. Poverty that is well understood is a blessing. Therefore, it has been said: "Blessed are the poor in spirit." How you will understand this depends upon you. Every one will understand and apply this truth in a specific way. Every man applies love in a specific way. In this is hidden the beauty of life. There is not a more delicate problem than that to apply love, and in the best case to apply it in one's own specific way. You can imitate each other but you cannot copy each other. Apply love the way God directs you, in that form that soots you. Divine beauty consist in the harmonious combination of the diverse forms of love. Let us be carriers of the God’s love! Let us be carriers of the God’s Wisdom! Let us be carriers of the God’s Truth! Let us be bearers of God's life, of God's knowledge, of God's freedom! Let us be bearers of the Divine movement, of the Divine teaching and the Divine work! Let's sing now the song: I can love and become good, I can love and become strong Love and charity will teach me how to become God's servant. Christ says: "It is given to you to understand the secrets of the kingdom of God," What do these words mean? - When a flower or a tree come to grow it is given to then to understand the secret of the light. - What will become of these plants? What will happen with the other people? We speak of those who have began to grow already, to them light is understood. They must use the light, not turn backwards. You turn back to see what will happen to the world. You will find yourselves in the position of Lot's wife to whom it was said that leaving Sodom and Gomorrah she should not look back to see what happened. Do not look xo see what happens in the world. God will manage with the world as He knows. - Why not to look to the world? - There are things which cannot be looked at. In the morning you can look at the sun but at noon not. Those things which we can accept and apply in our lives we can see. Yet the things which we cannot accept and apply we cannot look at. - What will happen with the world? - This is non of your affairs. If you love you will be in heaven; if you do not love, you will be in hell. - Am I going to be in heaven? - If you love God you will be in heaven; if you do not love Him you will be in hell. - Is there any other way for entering in heaven? - I do not know, there may be one other way. The only safe way for entering into heaven is love for God, If you do not love Him you will find yourselves in hell. There is nothing more simpler and clearer than that. - Let me perform a good deed. You may but this does not indicate that you will enter heaven, Christ says: "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." Do you think that if you load up yourself with knowledge like a camel that you will enter the kingdom of God? With human knowledge one cannot enter the kingdom of God. There the learned men have a different kind of knowledge. Observe the musicians how they play in a symphony orchestra. They play for hours at a time without making any mistakes. Some play even without a conductor and still make no mistakes. No one has heard how the musicians in heaven play. Their thoughts, feelings and actions are in perfect harmony. If they face a new piece of music they play it right away without any mistakes. The newcomers in the field of music make many mistakes. Among them one finds argumentation and disharmony. I say: Learn to play so that you may become virtuosos. Play for God. If a woman works for her husband twenty-thirty years and learns from him why should she not work twenty-thirty years for God? Her husband scords her, sometimes he even chases her away, calls her names and she endures all that. Why should she not serve God? You have served for many masters and they all have cheetet you and for this reason you cannot trust even God. You say: We do not know how our new master will behave with us. Many things which the people do are due to misconceptions. They study many things which they already know. They go to the army, learn to march, to turn left or right. Don’t they know all this? They do but still for the slightest disobedience they are put to jail. Everything that happens in the world is good. In the wholesome life all things are good; only certain things under specific conditions are evil. The whole bottle is not dangerous. Yet as soon as it is broken, its parts scatter and become dangerous. In the wholesome life all things are in their place; as soon as the parts of this life depart aside as separated independent manifestations they become dangerous. The parts of the broken bottle and the individual manifestation of the wholesome life we will place aside as problems. The Psalmist says: "It was good for me that I suffered." If you suffer and do not see the good aspects of the suffering you lack understanding of what suffering is. Today you may not understand the suffering but in two-three years you will comprehend that everything that you have passed through was for your benefit. Remember: Everything that happens in life is always for the good. Be joyous that you have passed through sufferings which have enriched you with experiences for the new life. Do not be disturbed. If you worry do not become distressed; if you are offended do not become grieved. If you travel nights through woods keep your hand in front of your eyes to that you may not hurt them hitting a branch. When you feel that in front of you is a branch creating a low bridge, bow down a little. Someone may say that he is not used to bow down in reverence. Whatever you meet in your life do not say that you could not do this or that. I may be a rich man and I meet someone who tells me to share my wealth. Immediately I will fulfill his wish asking him: How much do you wish? - He quotes a sum. - I say: Please here it is! He may think that he has rubbed me. He has not rubbed me. If he rubs me he rubs himself but he does not know the law. Now some people rub others and defeat-themselves thinking that they do not rub themselves. In reality if they brive someone they cheet themselves. Humanity needs a new way of thinking. The people preach the Word in an old way. They say: How much has Christ suffered! They wish to follow His path to be like Him, Many people wish to be like Christ without to have suffered the cross, without to have the nails driven through their hands and feet. I can give no recognition to such Christs. That through which Christ has passed is true heroism. I preach now the teaching: Down with the hails that kept Christ's hands and feet nailed to the cross! Let's put the nails aside and understand resurrection, God freed Christ of the nails and manifested His love to Him. Some people still weep that Christ was nailed to the cross. Let love pass through our hearts and melt that ice that is in them! Christ is even today crucified and nailed. The nails must melt! The hands and feet must be free! Man must come down from the cross and serve God! Dead crosses are no more needed. We need Living crosses that grow. The true cross is love that grows, that uplifts the human mind, the human heart, the human soul. It frees the dead from their graves. This is love, this is God who manifests Himself, Let's become one with God! Let's receive the love that flows from God and free ourselves of the needless torments. This will say to become immortal. Let's receive love and share its blessings. What is wrong with meeting on ones way someone who is hungry? When Christ passed through the hungry world He shared with it all the good and beautiful fruit that he was carrying. Now, we too, passing through Christs path have what to eat, Christ's path is already covered on both sides with ripe fruit. When He first passed through that path there was not one tree along it. Many have tried to pass on that path and reaching to a certain point they turn back. First Christ passed through this path. Today this path is covered with blessings. Let us be joyful that we pass on the path which Christ has traced for us. Now our path is even better. Until the time of Christ there was no one to hold the key to hell. The sinful and the righteous went there together. Christ locked the gates to hell so that the righteous do not enter it. Saint Peter holds the key to heaven so that no sinner can go there also. Dangerous place is hell but there exists no more the danger that the righteous may go there. It is dangerous to be trapped in the astral world of delusions. Let us be joyful that the path on which we walk is safe. Let us take off our backs the flag of love and lift it high above to be seen. There are no people more courageous than those who live in love. There are no people more fearful than those who live in lovelessness. The greatest heroes are those who live in love. The most faint-hearted people are those of lovelessness. Until now you all had the desire for this or that nation to become great. Now we have the desire that God may bring peace among the nations and that they may listen to what He speaks to them. All nations must fulfill the will of God, so that the peace may come in a divine way as God wills. 8th Morning Sermon of the Master held on December 5, 5 AM, 1943, Izgrev, Bulgaria. (From the volume ‘The new beginning’) The Safe Path
  4. Note 6 HE CREATES I will read the first chapter of the “Acts”. Life is a science which has to be studied. You speak of human life, but do not know it. You speak about the life of Nature, but you do not know it either. Nature’s life is a life of great variety in forms and manifestations. Human life is full of negations, grief and joy, anxiety and misunderstandings, contentment and discontentment. Joy and contentment are rarely found, most of life is grief and discontentment. Scientists, philosophers and Masters have made many efforts to show people how to live. It is hard to teach someone to live rightly. This is a difficult, abstract subject. Life is not something concrete that you can see and touch. One hopes for happiness, and waits for the Kingdom of God to come upon Earth; one wants to go to Heaven and dreams of real Life. Is there anything that one does not hope for? All these are forms of complete Life. Many people ask themselves if there is another life besides this one on Earth; and if there is, what is hidden in it? Of course there is another world, there are many worlds, but these are levels of consciousness. Focus your attention upon the consciousness of an ant, a fish, a bird, a mammal, a human being and an Angel, so that you can see what big variety is hidden in their view and understanding of Life. Compare the purity of a human being to that of an Angel, and see what a big difference there is between them. I say: It is spoken now about the coming of Christ, that is, about His descent upon Earth and about His life. Therefore, when it is said that He is coming to Earth, everyone thinks that this will happen as it used to happen in the past. You know how your relatives come to Earth and how they leave it, therefore you think that Christ will also come and leave as they do. This refers to those who have not lived correctly. They are solemnly carried on litters; priests sing and deliver speeches to them. This is a life of aristocrats. However, Christ did not come like ordinary people do, and will not come like them. Christ did not wait to be carried on a litter. He summoned His disciples, spoke to them and ascended before them. Nowadays people wait for Christ to come to Earth in flesh again. It is not a question of whether He will come in flesh or as a Spirit. His coming is a question of consciousness. Why? – Because even those who saw the resurrection and ascent of Christ, still doubted. The one, who has awakened consciousness, never doubts. This person lives in the rapid changes and fears nothing. (Please check if this is what the sentence should mean. Or does it mean {This person lives in the swift transformation and fears nothing}) (Kalina wrote: In the Bulgarian text it is not specified whether it is the changes in life or the transformation within the very person. I suppose it is meant both externally and internally. Please check if it is OK in the way I have corrected the sentence. If you have another suggestion, please write) What is required of the present-day person? – Fearlessness. In order not to be afraid, one must be acquainted with the inner side of Life, with the changes that occur in Life. Many people are afraid of losing their body. Whatever they do, and however they look after it, they will lose it some day. This is the truth. It is said: “There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body!” The natural body gets lost, and the Spiritual one stays for eternity. Consciously or unconsciously, all people strive to build their Spiritual bodies. This body is also exposed to constant changes, but to fewer contradictions than the natural one. As for the building of the physical body one needs materials, means and workers, just the same for the building of the Spiritual body; one needs materials, means and workers as well. The mother and the father are the main workers for building of the physical body of a child. Once a child comes out of its mother’s womb, it starts working upon itself. Who is the chief worker for creating the Spiritual body, named “not made by human hand”? - God. He has created this body to be a dwelling of the soul. Through this body, the soul grows up and develops, that is why you have to assist it. Thus you will constantly change and will study the laws of Life. If you do not know these laws, you will not come to know yourself. – “Will we know each other in the next world?” – Of course you will know each other. If a dog knows its master, then would not one man know another one? There is something by which a dog knows its master. Therefore, no matter how much one will change in the next world, there will always remain something by which one’s relatives will know one. On Earth people also know each other with difficulty. A child grows up, becomes a youth, grows to adulthood, becomes middle-aged, then gets old, and cannot be recognized by the relatives who have not seen him or her for a long time. One is most easily known by one’s voice, which is the most permanent feature. This is an external mark. Internally one is known by one’s thought, feelings and acts. People do not think, feel and act alike. Thanks to this they differ from one another. Bear in mind: Life is beautiful and full of variety. Once you come to uniformity in people’s thoughts and feelings, they bore you. Uniformity repulses while variety attracts. If you often hear people saying that you should love each other, you are repulsed and turn away from these people. To love each other, to love each other! What is the meaning of the words to love each other? It means to manifest Life and Love in their variety. Life is beautiful when it is full of Love, work and prayer. To pray does not mean to take the position of a pious person. This is vainglory – you want to present yourself before people as something you are not. A mother will teach her child how it should pray. The child, on its part, says: “My mother taught me to pray.” Once a child learns to pray, when it grows up and becomes adult person, it will still pray. It is important that one does not pray in one and the same way – uniformity is boring. Keep away from it, so that you do not get bored with prayer. One has to be free in all of one’s manifestations. If someone has advanced in one’s development, this person should not impose his own will on the young and tell them what they must do and what they must not do. What will happen if the young do everything that the old do? A young person differs from an old one who constantly complains that his feet cannot carry his body, and that he cannot think and speak fluently. When he sees his face wrinkled and old, he says: “I’ve lost everything!” Even in this situation, one still hopes and waits for better conditions in Life. What will these improved conditions be for the one who suffers? Whatever the conditions may be, if he does not know God’s Love, he will achieve nothing. Some people imagine God in a certain way, while others do not think of Him at all and do not even imagine Him. I would not like to dwell upon this question, because a dispute will occur among people, regarding who understands Life better and who has clearer vision of things. This dispute can be solved easily: the one, who has a better understanding of Life, can accomplish a lot of things. Thinking that you understand Life without doing anything shows that you are under a delusion. If you understand things, then you will have bigger possibilities and achievements. You will speak about God only after you have done something for Him. Do not speak about your virtues before you have manifested them. Do not consider yourself a singer, before you have sung and while you do not know how to sing. Do not speak about art before you have painted a work of art. Do not say that you are an occult disciple before you can read from the human face, head and hand. The Bible considers it a sin telling the fortune from the human hand, face and scull. You will say that the apostles spoke and predicted many things; you will say that the Spirit spoke through them. One should positively know whether the Spirit has spoken through him, or not. If the Spirit has spoken through him, he will speak as the Spirit does. How can you recognize when the Spirit speaks? If you go to a sick person and the Spirit speaks through you, the sick person will recover his health. If you enter a home where the family do not love and understand each other, you will bring in a certain improvement to their relationship. When two children, two lovers, or a man and women quarrel about something, the Spirit is not between them. The Spirit reconciles people. The Spirit tolerates no misunderstanding, and no dispute. When people quarrel and argue, it shows that they lead an extremely individualistic life. In individualism everyone seeks for his own rights. The reason for arguments and misunderstandings between people is insufficiency. Everyone argues about little things - always. Suffering, suspicion, doubt, and envy are due to lack of Love. Put Love into someone’s heart and see what happens to him. He will begin to study and work. He will come to love people, and every negative thing in him will disappear. Love brings the new philosophy of Life. How can doubt be cured? – By faith. “Nothing can be done by faith.” – Nothing can be done with the present human faith, but with this absolute faith which the Spirit brings, everything can be done. There is no faith and no sight without the Spirit. How would you believe in things which you have not seen? You will quote the verse: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet still have believed”. How do you understand this verse? For example, you believe in the apostles because they saw Christ. So, you believe because you have a concrete thought, a concrete consciousness before you. If no one ever saw how Christ ascended to Heaven, you also could not believe in it. You cannot have faith in something that has not happened. Generally, one believes in things which have happened and which are happening. You say: “If only we lived in those times, to see with our own eyes the ascent of Christ!” Very few people had this privilege even in those times. Very few people had the privilege to live in the time when Christ was born, and see Him. How many Jews can boast of having this privilege? A rumour went around that Jesus was born in the manger, but how many saw Him? If you also were living at the time of Christ, what possibilities would you have? Those times were dark. People used to look for God with a candle, but did not find Him. The present century is a century of dawning. People can find God without a candle, but if they are searching for Him. To find God, easy or difficult, is a matter of consciousness. Nowadays this possibility is bigger. – “We saw the Lord.” – Did you come back to life? - “We didn’t.” – If this is so, then do not speak about things you are not acquainted with. It is said in the Scripture: “He who hears the voice of the Lord, will come to life.” He who sees the Lord, will be enlightened. To see the Lord, means to see the reality of Life. He who has seen the Lord, has done away with discontentment. If you have not seen Him and you doubt Him, you live in discontent, you are a poor man. – “I want to become rich.” – Rich in what? – “In faith, and in Love.” – Once you have acquired faith and Love, your discontent disappears. So, faith and Love are virtues that everyone aspires to. What is Virtue? – Only he can speak about Virtue, who says “I” about himself. An animal cannot say “I”, it lives within the joint consciousness. Whereas humans have separated from community and live as separate, self-dependant beings. According to some people, there is a state higher than the “I“. Some call it impersonal state. To live in the impersonal state means to include all the “I” ‘s while living outside them. Can you imagine what state this is? Think over the impersonal state in order to understand its inner sense. Which state is better – to live in the state of the “I”, or in the impersonal state? I am asking you which one is better – to know only a letter of the alphabet, or to know all the letters? Therefore, the “I” is the first letter of the great Divine knowledge, which will be revealed to you in the future. Is God a letter? – More than a letter. – Is He a personality? – More than a personality. God is more than anything you can imagine. Now, whatever state you may be in, don’t think that you have come to the highest degree of consciousness. I am glad that you have come to the state of the “I”, but you have to include many more “I” ‘s in your consciousness. Then, when you say that you love your fellow, I understand that you love all these who can say “I” as well as those who cannot say “I”. Why should we love everyone? – Because every living thing is created by God. You meet an ox and ask it: “Where do you come from?” It cringes, and does not reply. – “Who created you?” Again no answer. Then God comes and answers: “I created it.” You ask the ant, who created it, why it has so many legs; it also knows nothing and cannot answer these questions. It only knows that for its present life it needs more than two legs. In this case God also appears and says: “I created the ant”. You ask an animal why it walks upon four legs. It glances towards you and says nothing. You, the human being, also move on four legs when you get on a cart, carriage or automobile. You can also move on two legs – by motorcycle. The power of human beings is not in their two legs but in the position that they take regarding the Earth and the Sun. They are in a position which is perpendicular to the Earth while animals are parallel to it. Their head is connected to the centre of the Sun – this makes humans radically different from animals. Knowing this, be ready for the moment when the Spirit will visit you. The Spirit manifests Itself like the rising Sun. First it lightens the high peaks and gradually goes down until it lightens all objects. There will remain not a single person on Earth to whom the Spirit has not manifested. This is a question of time and consciousness. The time when the Spirit will visit someone depends on one’s readiness. If you are ready, The Spirit will speak to you; if you are not ready, It will only shine on you and will continue its way. After this, you will wait long for the Spirit to manifest itself again. It comes to Earth periodically. Now I appeal to the awakened souls and say: Do not lose the conditions! Many people lose conditions because they think that in order that the Spirit may manifest, they have to live exclusively in the Spiritual world. No - whatever you work on, in whichever world you are, the Spirit may visit you. It is important for you to open the door to the Divine within yourself. You might be the last worker in the corn-field, and be visited by the Spirit; or you might be a king on Earth, and not be visited by the Spirit. What may a king expect if he sentences to death dozens and hundreds of people, without having given them a fair trial? A king must convince himself of the guilt of a criminal and after that convict him. Under the present conditions of life, the king has no ability to check things. Whatever the court decides, the king has the right to sign or not sign. This refers not only to the king, but also to all people. How many times a day do you convict your relative without making sure of his fault! Someone tells you that a person named so-and-so, has acted badly, and you believe this and start saying bad things about this person. You say: “This person, named so-and-so, doesn’t know how to pray.” Did you check this? Do you know which prayer is genuine? Do you know which way of praying is right? Someone prays on one’s knees, another one prays raising one’s hands up. It is not important what position you take; it is important that your thought is concentrated, that you are not divided in your mind. Someone prays but thinks about his wife and children while another one thinks about the insult he has been offered. What does an insult represent? – An impure spot on your garment. If someone has insulted you, then it is not enough for this person just to apologize to you, but he must take a brush, clear water and soap, and clean up the spot which he has made upon your garment. He would say that such is his temper, and that he is a hot-tempered person, that is why he has insulted you. Your temper does not excuse you – you will clean the spot. You have not come upon the Earth to stain yourself, neither have you come to stain other people. Once you have stained yourself, you are going to clean yourself up. If you stain your fellow, you will clean him as well. When someone stains oneself or stains others, he loses his peace and good spirits. How long can one keep his good spirits? You fly into a rage, get angry, take offence, stain yourself – you constantly lose your good spirits. Watch yourself, to see how many hours a day you are in good spirits. In order to keep your good spirits, you have to be awake, to be unceasingly conscious. It is said that God gets angry, too. However, there is a big difference between God’s anger and human anger. A person gets angry when his affairs are not going well and are not in the right place. God gets angry when He places everything in its place. When He is angry, He is working. You say: “Let’s not get angry”. You cannot do without anger. – “Let’s not be afraid”. You cannot do without fear either. You are scared by a bear, but indeed you are scared by God in this bear and you run away from Him. If you are not afraid of God, you would not be afraid of the bear either. A good person is not afraid of bears. Once, there was a bad man in a village, his name was Ivan. One day he went to the woods to cut down trees and a bear met him. Since he could not manage to climb up a tree, the bear knocked him down and started to trample upon him. It didn’t bite him, but only rolled him on the ground, turned him from side to side and pressed him with its paws. At last, it released him and hid in the woods. Barely alive, Ivan returned home quiet, meek, and unrecognizable. – “Ivan, what has happened to you?” – asked his wife. – “Have you ever been trampled by a bear, do you know what it is like? A bear rolled me on the ground; I hardly survived under its paws.” Indeed, it is not easy when a bear tumbles you about and presses you down. Everyone has experienced its paws. The great grief, this is the bear in the woods. If the bear only rolls you in order to make you meek, you have acquired something valuable. If it hurts you, breaks a bone, or bites you, then you are not one of the advanced disciples. The bear just tramples on and tames the one who is connected with God; while it bites and hurts the one who is not connected with God. So, if you are connected with God and constantly bear Him in your consciousness, then the wolf and the bear, and the tiger will come before your feet and will glance at you without doing you any harm. If you are not connected with God, if you do not think of Him, then they will cause great misfortune to you. Only thus will one free himself of his own grievances and sufferings, hardships and misfortunes. Therefore one needs to work upon oneself. Once you are connected with God, even if you suffer, your sufferings will be given meaning. To give a meaning to your suffering means to develop yourself properly, to be visited by the Spirit. To give a meaning to your suffering, means to await the spring with joy. Who does not know that after a dark and stormy night, the sky will clear up and the sun will rise? Who does not know that after the winter snowy days, the spring will come? All of this will turn into good. You ask why suffering comes. Many explanations to suffering might be given, from which one can understand that they are a necessity for humans. In spite of this, one must not sink into them and lose everything of value in one’s life. Christ has also spoken about sufferings and has shown mankind how to suffer. In this sense, Christ’s teaching came to save the world. For a person, to be saved means to come to know God. Only God can save humanity. One can only save oneself if one knows God. Knowing God is not a one-time process, but a repeated one, i.e. unceasing process – it continues during eternity. You will eternally learn so that you may come to know the greatness of God. This will be Joy of your soul. It is said in the Scripture: “This is eternal life, that we may know You, the only true God, and Christ whom You have sent.” In this knowledge, God reveals Himself to all people in different ways: in one way - to the good and the righteous, in another way - to the mindful[A] ones, in a third way – to the saints. On the whole, there is not a single being in the world, to which God does not reveal Himself. Besides, He reveals Himself to the beings according to the stage of their development. He looks upon them in a different way, not like people do. They say about a person that he is stupid, and for another one – that he is underdeveloped. That is how you look upon them, but God sees the Good in them. You say: “This is a child, it is unwise.” Today it is an unwise child, but in the future it will become a genius – this is what God sees. Everything that God has done, is good, but very few look at things in this way. Why? – They don’t see clearly. What is the condition of a mother who carries her child nine months in her womb? You will say that it is good. Have you ever carried a child in your womb, so that you may know what it is like? It is not easy to carry a child in your womb for nine months! However, after being delivered of her pregnancy, a mother is delighted that a person is born in the world. Before this, she experiences great fear, she trembles in fear that her child might die or something might happen to it. To give birth to a child is a hard task. In order to give birth to a right thought and a right feeling, you have to undergo great sufferings. Everyone who suffers is pregnant with a certain idea. One passes through great sufferings until one gives birth to it. Some women give birth to a child easily, while others do it with difficulty. Some people think quickly, while others think slowly. Once, a priest spoke about an interesting experience of his. It so happened that a woman was giving birth to a child in the house he lived in. She was in anguish three whole days until she was delivered of her child. The woman yelled in her room, and the priest yelled after her. He was tormented so much that he could not go to the church to perform his service. After this, he used to say: “Giving birth is a frightful thing!” You also often grieve and are in torment, without knowing why. Someone else is in torment, but you also have a hard time together with him. That is why it is said in the Scripture: “You shall not covet!” – Why should I not covet? – If you covet, you will pass through hardship and suffering. Until you give birth, you cannot be delivered of them. If you do not want to suffer, you should not covet. Since you have a lot of desires, you will suffer a lot. You will be like the fish which bears much (This is in the meaning of “gives birth to a lot of fish”. If necessary, please suggest a more suitable word). By giving birth, one is delivered from his desires, and by this is delivered from one’s sufferings, too. Here is a particular philosophy of Life that needs to be studied. Let us return to the question of faith as a necessity for humanity. Without Faith, no Knowledge can be acquired. You will believe, you will be in anguish and will suffer, until you give birth to a bright and elevated thought. Ordinary people give birth to their thoughts with difficulty. But the saints and the Advanced beings give birth to their thoughts easily. When an Angel comes among people, first he is confused; he falls into a tight place. Then he gradually finds his way and gives birth to an elevated thought. Even Christ met great hardships until He managed people. He used to say: “How longer will I bear you?” They often asked Him: “Where do you come from, who are you and what do you bring?” What can a man be? – Either an ordinary person or a saint. A saint knows God and bears this knowing within him. It is said that Christ has ascended to Heaven. Not everyone can ascend. One must have patience and wait till the time comes when the Spirit will dawn on him and vest him with strength. Patience is needed for that! You will wait and believe until the Divine in you ascends up towards Heaven. From this position you can work in life among people. You say: “I saw Christ.” – This is not enough. – “I felt the Spirit.” – This is not enough either. It is important that you take in the Spirit and He speaks to you, and after that you apply everything you have heard and understood. The power of the human Spirit is hidden in understanding. I do not say that you do not understand, but you should not put things off. There are new things that must be put into practice without any delay. Many people delay things and therefore they suffer. Someone says: “What else should I do? I have read the Bible two or three times, I need not read it any more.” You may have read it a thousand times, but it means nothing. You must read it so that you write down within yourself what you have read. It is not enough just to open and close the Bible, but you yourself must become a living Bible. Where lies the power of Christ? – In the fact that He can feed a thousand people without having even sixpence. You should aspire to a deep understanding of things, so that God may manifest within you. Be conscious that God lives in you, without wishing yourselves to be glorified. God lives in every human being; therefore you must give Him conditions to manifest Himself. Once you say “I”, you must be aware that God manifests in you. Whether you walk, speak, think or feel – this is not you, but God who lives in you. He teaches you everything. Both a human being and an ox walk, but the difference is great between the one and the other way of walking. Great is the difference between humans’ and animals’ understanding of Life. People need a new, right understanding. Until you come to that understanding, you will stay in your Jerusalem - you will have patience and wait. A day will come when you will go to the woods where you will ascend and vest yourselves with might and strength. Only in this condition will you work as they teach you from inside. A lot of work is in store for you: you will draw knowledge from the tank and put it back. The work that lies before you is like a tank that constantly flows – it fills and drains. When it flows for a day or two, it drains up and has to be filled up again. However, Divine knowledge is a spring which never runs dry. Keep in mind: today God is working hard over the human souls, over all living beings. He puts the world to rights. There will be not a single human being left on earth, who is not awakened. All people will be awakened. The difference between them will be only in the fact that some of them will know why they are awakened, while others will not know and will say: “Our sleep time is over!” One day, when they undergo great sufferings and hardships, they will also realize why they have been awakened, and will start working. They, too, have to wake up from the sound sleep of the past. The one, who has awakened and become conscious, perceives the presence of God everywhere. He sees His greatness and the beauty of Nature. He understands the meaning of Life. He lives with his eyes open. The one who has got up, but has not awakened, is blind to everything. Whatever you say to this person, he sees nothing. The prophet says: “You have deprived them of their sight, so they cannot see, lest they should turn towards You and be saved.” Now I say to you: “Guard yourselves against inner blindness, there is nothing more frightful than this. In order not to get to inner blindness, rejoice at sufferings. He, who has awakened and become conscious, rejoices at sufferings and gives meaning to them. The one who has awakened from sleep but still has not become conscious, has not understood the meaning of sufferings, and becomes embittered by them. The good of man is in God’s Love. 27 September 1936, Sofia 50 EXPLANATORY NOTES 50The morning speech “He creates” is first published in the collection “He creates”, Sofia, 1947. [A] Here “mindful” should be comprehended in the sense of “intelligent”, “understanding”, “wise”. Here “good” should be comprehended NOT as the opposite of “evil”, but in the meaning of “blessing”, “weal”, “boon”.
  5. Note 2p Applying of the Faith, the Hope and the Love
  6. Note 2p Exchange in Divine
  7. MAGNANIMITY AND CHASTITY I will read chapter 10 from the Gospel of Joan, from 22-42 verse. There is one special way of studying the holy books. Many people have forgotten this way. It has to be known that the holy books are not being studied like the ordinary ones. But, the present people have wronged this way and they don’t know what to do. In this relation they may be compared to one our fellow-men who has got confused in the calculation. He has multiplied 6 by 9 and received 54. Afterwards he multiplied 6 by 10 and received 60. When he compared the numbers 54 and 60, he asked himself immediately: How is possible to multiply 6 by 9 and 6 by 10 and to receive numbers with a difference from six units? He deducted 9 units from 60 and has received 51. How is it possible to multiply 6 by10 and to receive 51, less than 54? As much he calculated, as much he confused, till at the end he understood that the mistake is in the nine which he deducted from 60. He has to deduct six units and will receive 54. The present people often get confused since their mechanisms on earth are not managed in the same way as the spiritual ones. It is impossible. There is some likeness between the earth and the spiritual works, but there is a big difference. This difference is visible and between the people who live on earth. Some man has big desires, like the elephant. When he eats, he satisfies himself with 75 kg. rice. Others are satisfied with little – 200-220 gr. rice is enough for him. The first one has more earthly desires, like the elephant. This desire is a remnant from the past. The second one has more spiritual strivings, that is why he satisfies himself with little. Sometimes the elephant has eaten 75 kg. rice a day, but the contemporary conditions are different, it can’t be delivered as there is so much rice in it. One young man marries a beautiful, young girl. On the day of the marriage an unhappy event occurred: the bridegroom felt lethargic and he spent 45 years like that. His sweetheart wondered what had happened to the bridegroom, but she decided to remain devoted to him, to wait for his recovery. It happened only after 45 years through which time, due to the sorrow she felt for him, she become so old that man couldn’t recognize her. When he got up from the long dream, he immediately remembered his sweetheart who he imagined still young and beautiful, as he had remembered her to be 45 years ago. In his consciousness 45 years compare to one day. When he saw her, he was surprised – she looked so old to him. The time and the conditions throw an imprint over the human face, as over the objects. The quicker things happen, the more energy has to be spent. Hurried works don’t happen well. This may be noticed especially in eating. Some say: Eat in a way so that your ears crack. When do the ears crack? – While eating fast? Then the jaws move fast and the ears burst. Ask what will the stomach say? When you eat fast, he starts to protest. – Why? – It can’t manage with the fast thrown food. The intestines protest too. In fast eating the digestion doesn’t occur correctly. One part of the food doesn’t penetrate into the blood and can’t feed the cells. The undigested food lays down a kind of sediment around the joints, as and in the capillary vessels. This is the reason why man falls ill from joint rheumatism. You say: Where does this rheumatism come from? – Very simply, from eating fast and from the unchewed food. – What do I have to do? – You will eat slowly and will chew the food a lot. It is predicted in the Divine plan. After you execute this plan, the work will be arranged well. If you don’t execute it, everything will go backwards. There aren’t any exceptions to it. Today everyone complains about the consequences of their past life. – There is no why they have to correct the bad consequences from the past. Many people have high aspirations, love to God, they pray several times a day, they look from outside like saints. But, after they start to speak, they immediately start to complain of illnesses, sufferings and difficulties. Here people detained them to pay their debts, there people detained them and they wonder what to do, where to pay earlier. When they can’t manage with their obligations, they refuse to pay under the pretext that their creditors are millionaires, there is no reason why they should pay them. It is not like that. Since in the past you have eaten and drunk, you haven’t thought about tomorrow, now you will pay: a little every time but regularly you will pay your obligations. If you are a saint outside, you will be a saint and inside. When you come in life, you say: It is easy to speak, it is hard to correct the mistakes. And so, it is easy to theorize, it is difficult to apply the things. I can speak to you a lot about the music, but it is difficult to sing one tone correctly. Everybody can sing but the real singing is which corrects the confused human works. To sing well, means to chew your food well in order it to suck in yet from the tongue and mouth. The longer the food stays in the mouth, the easier it is to suck in part of the nourishing substances and the prana. In this way they go directly into the nervous system. Those saps, which don’t suck in the mouth, go directly into the stomach where the complete grinding happens. You say that you haven’t got no much time to chew the food for a long time and to keep it in your mouth. – If you fall ill, how will you have time to lie down? As an ill man, you will receive leave for two-three weeks and you will lose much time. It is preferable to eat slowly but to be healthy rather than to eat fast, so as not to lose time and be ill. You say: Let’s love each other! What do these words mean? What does love give to man? You all know it. What does the mother do with her favourite child? She kisses it on the one cheek, afterwards on the other; she kisses it on one hand, afterwards on the other; on one leg, on the other leg, the knees – she kisses it everywhere. Who doesn’t understand the meaning of the mother’s kiss, say: Why does this mother kisses her child so much? Are her kisses appropriate? – They are appropriate. Every child, kissed from its mother and father, becomes a man in the full sense of the word. Therefore, if your works are not being arranged well, you will know that your mother and father haven’t kissed you as they have to. When I speak about chewing food, I have in mind the young man who has strong teeth. What sense has the old, the toothless man to chew his food? If he has got any teeth, he can’t chew it. In order to chew your food, you have to have teeth. What do the teeth represent? They are an emblem of human goodness. And the dog often shows its teeth to man, barks at him. It says: Do you know that I have teeth? How do I manage with the teeth of the dog? I take out from my pocket a piece of pretzel, I give it to the dog and say: Your teeth have to be occupied with something. Here, I have enough little pretzels. Take this piece in order to become friends. When it shows its teeth, the dog wants to say: You have to know that I am just. I act equally with everybody. If you dare to cause some mischief to my master, you will test my teeth. – Be calm, I came here to empty my pockets of the little pretzels. What do you want to do for me? Make it to the little pretzels. When do you have from them, you will understand why I have come. Some people say: God lives in us. – How do you know it? – He says to us to make something which we haven’t thought about. – Have you executed it? One evangelist, our fellow-man, now he is already in that world, said for him: I am very lazy. I want to get up early in the morning, but I can’t, I want to sleep. He has reproached himself alone, but originally he was lazy man. He had short, fat arms, his fingers were fat around the base, the legs – also fat. His whole figure was fat, it was disposed to laziness. The old man in him loved to sleep more; the new man incited him to work and said to him: Nothing can be achieved by sleeping. I will deliver one case from the life of Edison, whose one fellow-men often said to him that he had to sleep more, not to exhaust himself. Edison thought for a long time over the phonograph but he couldn’t decide on it. One night he got up around one o’clock after midnight and he couldn’t sleep. He immediately got up and started to work. At this moment he decided the question which interested him. Satisfied from the decision of the task, he said to himself: If I continued to sleep, I wouldn’t find the phonograph. I said to you too: If you sleep too much, you will not decide anything. If you get up at midnight and you don’t feel sleepy, get up immediately. In this way you will decide the task which you haven’t decided at this moment. The tasks can’t be decided in a dreaming state. The dream is a rest, passing from one state to another. Now let’s come to the singing, to see what is being missed from the present singers. Two men sing. If one has a clear tone but sings rudely, there is no softness. Generally as the singers, as the speakers need softness. This is missing from the present people. Every rude word is reflected in a harmful way in the nervous system of man. – Why? – Because it comes back to him. As the cart shakes the man, as the vibrations of the rude words, of the negative thoughts and feelings produce shaking of the nervous system and man falls ill. It is preferable to walk than to get up on a cart which will shake you to the last cell. As you know it, keep yourself away from thoughts, feelings and actions which shake the nervous system. What does the cart feed from? – from a spring. The vibrations of the human words, thoughts and feelings also need a spring, i.e. from softness. And the singing needs a spring. A Smart man is that one who has put a spring on his cart. Every cart which moves fast in the mental world has to have a spring by all means, in order not to cause any shaking. The nervous system needs a spring. If there is no such spring, it is exposed to violent shaking. Some man says: I am not satisfied with myself, with my quick-temper. What should I do? The guilt is in my grandmother and my grandfather. They were quick-tempered and delivered their quick-temper to me too. – Don’t blame your grandmother and grandfather. They were poor, they didn’t have a chance to buy a spring. Today you dispose, you have funds to buy a spring. How much does one spring cost? – Two-three hundred leva. Even if it is a thousand leva, you can buy it again. You have money in the bank. Take out how much is needed for one spring, so when you sit, you sit in away which is comfortable for you. When I study the question about the rudeness of man, I come to the conclusion that in order for some softness to be acquired, what is needed are the correct conditions. I go into one home, I observe what the relations between the children and the parents are. The children are rude to their parents, they speak snappily, rudely to them. The parents wonder what to do with them. According to me, the reason for this rudeness is hidden in the superfluous energy of the children. If they know how to invest it, they will be softer and more careful. One day the little Ivan becomes a young man and his rudeness gradually decreases. He has found one Lady-bird, which he speaks to softly and gently. When he address it, he calls her little Lady-bird. Why is he grub to his mother but is soft and careful to the Lady-bird? The reason for the rudeness of little Ivan is in the mother. When she was pregnant, she couldn’t carry the necessary softness in little Ivan. That is why, a Lady-bird comes from outside, as a doctor, to cure little Ivan of his rudeness. It knows how to act with him in order to carry in the necessary goodness. What does the softness and the rudeness represent? Rudeness is a bad meal, and the softness – a good and delicious meal. You are an educated man, you understand from a good meal. You go to an inn, to one old cook. You think that he is experienced, he knows how to cook well. But you remain surprised. He puts the meal in front of you, but it doesn’t make you feel good. You leave the inn, dissatisfied and never go back there again. The meal is bad, i.e. the cook is rude. You go to another inn. One young, disposed cook meets you. He puts your delicious, well-cooked meal. Even indisposed, you eat and feel well. The reason for it is the softness of the young cook. Something soft, pleasant is given off from him. To meet this rude man, means to enter into a dark, dusty, unaired room. To meet a soft man, means to enter into a clean, well aired and arranged room. What are the conditions of the spiritual life? – Cleanness, absolute hygiene and airing. The spiritual man works with gold, not with paper money. Everybody knows the price of gold and strives towards it. Gold has a price every time, and paper money is temporary, they lose their price quickly. The points of view of the people for the present life is paper money which loses it’s price yet on the other day Divine in man is gold which never loses its price. If the Divine is in you, you never lose your price. Humans lose their price but the Divine – never. And human things are nice but they are temporary, light, like the paper money. Divine things are eternal; they have value like gold. Which is better?: To dispose with paper or with gold money? There is one little cat here, which often stays at the door of my room, it waits for me to give it something to eat. It represents an example of softness. One day I opened the door of the room to give it something to eat. It gives a mew very pleasantly. There was a special softness in the mew. For this pleasant mew I got up several times through the night to give to it something to eat. For first time I have met a cat which mews so pleasantly and softly. A magical power is hidden in the mew of this little cat. How many times have I heard it mew, I always gave an ear, I listened to it with pleasure. In this way it showed its gratitude. It said: I am being chased everywhere, they don’t accept me; you have accepted me, you give me food. Its gratitude made it pleasant. And God listens with tremor to hear our gratitude, to hear out soft voice, an expression of love to Him and to our fellow-man. I take this little as an example of softness and gratitude. Outside it is weak, gentle, with modest clothes, but there is something pleasant in its eyes, and in its voice – something musical. When I hear its mew, I become disposed immediately. It can be compared to a buyer who gives the baker a gold coin. Everybody understands the price of the gold coin and puts it in his pocket. Even an animal, brings something Divine in itself too. When I listened to the mew of the little cat, I say: if one little cat can express the Divine in itself, what remains for the man who has come out from God? Man can express the Divine not only like the little cat, but much better. Desire is wanting from man! If he has it, he gives a chance to the God in him to express itself in fullness. When you read the holy books, you stop on the little and the big prophets and see the big difference in their characters. Some prophet speaks severely to people but with softness. He judges them, scourges as a judge, but it becomes hard to him. That is the way many of the present judges act. One judge spoke to me one about his experience. One case between rich and poor man is being examined. The last one owes one big sum of the rich man. By law he must pay his debt. By conscience the case in use of the poor man. If I don’t apply the law, I bring responsibility, they will judge me. I applied the law and I judged the poor man to pay the obligated sum to the rich man. But my conscience spoke to me: Now you will pay the half sum to the poor man to help him. I agreed and I took part in the debt of the poor man. It means to awaken the conscience which understands which side the right is. By conscience, the right is on the side of the poor man, and by law – on the side of the rich man. This judge is a follower of the New teaching and acts accordingly. What do we do? – We produce one decision every day, we judge ourselves; it is correct by law, but not and by conscience. Be such a judge: to judge and the poor man, and the rich man after they are guilty. Once the Turkish judicial procedure became very quickly. There weren’t any defenders there. A poor man complains to the judge that he has worked for one rich man who doesn’t want to pay him. The judge calls the rich man and asks him: Do you owe money to this poor man? – I owe. – Pay him immediately, still now, without any delay! It means efficiency of the destiny. Today everyone, like judges, constantly postpone out cases. One judge postpones the case, the second one postpones it, the third one postpones it, the fourth – also till at last somebody decides to examine it and to give a resolution. There is such an example with one big case which came into the hands of one experienced German judge. He constantly postponed the case and almost his whole life was financed from the funds of this case. In this time he married his daughter. His son-in-law was also a judge. Instead of a dowry, he received from his grandfather this case with the words: Here, this case may rise you. You may spend all your life on it. The son-in-law took the case, examined it and pondered it for two years. When he heard about it, his grandfather told him: This case decided your destiny – you can’t be a good judge. If you work like that, you will go hungry a lot. To postpone the cases with years, is a wrong tactic which conceals some self-seeking. The uses of short procedures do not serve any useful purpose. These are intimate works in the human life. If you don’t think correctly, you can’t use yourself with the blessing of the invisible sensible world. It pays attention to the essential of the things. If you think correctly, and there is not softness in your thoughts and feelings, your thought is not absolutely correct. It is necessary to have love in the thought, and in love – softness. It improves life. Softness is a healthy state of human life. He who has softness, studies easily, he educates himself easily, he educates his children easily. Everything may be reached with softness. Without softness man is dissatisfied by himself, from his thoughts and feelings. When I make observations over the human manifestations, with this I study and the fruits. Still from outside I guess the conditions every fruit has ripened under. The Best fruits are those which have been exposed to the south; afterwards come those ones which have been exposed to the east and west, and at last come the ones exposed to the north. The same thing may be observed with the watermelons. Eat watermelons which have been exposed to the south to see what difference there is between them and those which have been exposed to the west or to the east. And eat only the upper part of the watermelon, not the lower part which has lain on the earth. Make this attempt for one month to see what result you will have. The same thing may be observed with people. Every man wants to be soft and sweet but he can’t. The more people are exposed to the north the less they grow. There is one place which man has to stay in, in order to be shone on from all the sides. Can man make a house without north windows? In the house of one scientist the idea came to make a house either on the north, or on the South Pole. Only there will it be shone on from all sides equally. Since the man and the woman are the poles of life, man has to be born now like a woman, now like man, to acquire the necessary softness and sweetness. Then man will not live on the equator but will live on his pole which is shone on from all the sides. Some man hasn’t been shone on as he had to be. He says: it is cold to me. – You are in the North Pole. – I will go to the equator. – According to me, there is no reason to go to the equator, but you will stay in the North Pole to acquire softness as a man. In order to acquire the necessary softness as a man, you have to be magnanimous. In order to acquire the necessary softness as a woman, you have to be chaste. The pole of the man is the magnanimity; the pole of the woman is the chastity. If man is not magnanimous, he can’t acquire that softness which will carry the new in his life. If the woman is not chaste, she can’t acquire that softness which will carry the new in her life. Remember: The softness will bring the new life. The magnanimity and the chastity are conditions for the acquisition of the softness. One of the beautiful features of man is the magnanimity, and to woman – the chastity. It is pleasant to meet magnanimous man. His walk is light, movable, flexible. It is pleasant to meet a chaste woman. She has a beautiful figure, well-knit, with nimble, light movements. There is no more beautiful thing than a magnanimous man and chaste woman. He, who wants to acquire the necessary softness, has to be magnanimous and chaste. The magnanimity demands an excellent mind, and the chastity – an excellent heart. The magnanimity demands a brisk, powerful spirit, and the chastity – unbounded, large soul. – Where are they? – In you. Give place to the mind, to the heart, to the spirit and to your soul to manifest. If you reach it, you will acquire the necessary softness. For this aim man has to be free. – Let us leave everything in the hands of God. – Leave everything to God but listen to Him and execute His will. He says to man: Be magnanimous by mind and spirit. He says to woman: Be chaste by heart and soul. What he says, they must listen to. Man to be magnanimous and chaste, these are possibilities, put in him. When I say this, I come in your state. You live in a world of big fights and contradictions, of big adversities and difficulties. You load yourself with the responsibility to decide which necessary special conditions are. If you expect these conditions, you will know that they will not be given to you. If you think that the world may be managed easily, you are lying to yourself. You will wait a long time, as you wait to win in a lottery. The world today contains all the necessary conditions for you, but you have to believe in it. – Is there an exit from the state we find ourselves in? – There is, but it is demanding sensibility for it. One girl, the best daughter in the family, was the smartest, but in spite of this everybody in the house was against her. She wasn’t upset by it and patiently endured everything. One day the entire family went to the mountain, on a trip. Unexpectedly, the weather broke and turned to snow. They were frozen to death and looked at each other in wonder at how to make a fire to keep warm – nobody had predicted it. There were trees but a match was necessary. Their good daughter had predicted everything, she brought a match. In this way she helped to her family to escape from the hopeless state. Till this moment everybody had called her Maria, but when they saw her foresight, they started to call her Mariyka. Only the sensible man is provident. And so, the bad states of life are nothing other than a possibility of God to manifest his Love. Mariyka will come from somewhere, will strike the match, will light the fire, and from this moment out of the soul will come happiness. There is no better thing for man than to be spiritually disposed, to be soul, mentally and heartily disposed. There are the tasks which expect its decision. – How will they be decided? – In an inside way. These tasks are important and for this, and for that world. A wealth hides in their decision making, which man will bring with himself in the other world. You will remain everything on earth but this wealth you will take with yourself. It means that the only wealth which man will bring with him to that world, is the softness of his spirit, the softness of his soul, the softness of his mind and the softness of his heart. -The good of man is in Divine Love. 9. Morning Speech from Master, delivered on 31 January, 1937, Sofia – Sunrise. Magnanimity and Chastity
  8. Study and Serving I will read chapter 9 from the Gospel of Joan, from verse 22 further. Now I will speak clearly, defined over some things which you have to know. It refers mainly to the old people because all the mistakes are in them. The old people say: They tormented us. – Who has tormented you? – The young people. – It is not true. The old people torment the young, and the children, not the opposite. The fact that it is like that, look what the relations are between the big and the little children in one house. When the mother leaves her home, the big brother fights the smaller one as it says: Early mother has brought me on hands, but from the time you have been here, she has left me. You took my place. The little brother cries and doesn’t understand why it is beaten. Not only do the children cry and don’t know why they suffer but the old people suffer without knowing the reason for their sufferings. I say: The present people suffer from ignorance. When they think that they know much, they say: Everything may be reached with faith. It is right but only that man believes who knows things. Faith is a condition for the development of the human mind and for the serving of God. And love is a power man works with. If you have love, you are strong and you can work; if you don’t have love, you are weak and can’t work. Hope is an assistant of faith and of love. It makes the smallest works. That is why man has to serve with the faith as a condition for acquiring knowledge, with love – as power for work, and with hope, as an application of the acquired on the smallest scale. Only in this way does he serve God and executes His will. Some people say that they don’t understand the sense of the circle in life. – If they don’t understand it today, they will understand it in future. The circle is a notion of something, as and the man is a notion of something which has to be educated. You meet one man, well dressed, and other – badly dressed. The clothes are secondary work. It doesn’t influence upon the mind and heart of man. The clothes give only a notion for something but it doesn’t define the man. It is only outside decoration. The clothes don’t make man good or bad. The good man, and with the nice, and with the bad clothes, is always good. The bad man, and with the nice, and with the bad clothes, is always bad. Remember: Man is master of himself, not with his outside wealth, not with what the other people possess, but with faith, the hope and love in him. So, man is a master only to himself and God is Master of the whole world. When they don’t understand where their rights stretch to, sometimes people want to have their way with everybody. No, you don’t have rights over the others. – Why? – Because their right has been given from God. To be a master of yourself, it is your right, it has been given from God to you. What will you acquire if you take with violence the rights of the others? Some man comes into your home, he wants to teach you how to live, what to do. How may I teach man? For example, I want to teach him on generosity. How will I teach him? First I have to show him what a thing generosity is, how to give and how much to give. What people give, doesn’t show that they are generous. Some man has given money to his acquaintance and he thinks that it is generous. It is not generosity. Some man raises his hand to bless and says: I bless you. It is not a blessing. Another question is if with the raising of the hand you call Divine blessing over man, they both have to acknowledge the power of God. Only in this way does Divine blessing have power. May you say that after you have baked the bread, you have been fed your home? The wheat feeds man. You have only sown and reaped it. The power which you acquire from the bread is owed to the wheat. Now from all of you one is demanding: to acknowledge what God has put into us. When I have this in mind, I know if I act correctly, or not. There is no why to ask people for it. After I act well, something stirs in me. I hear the silent voice of God which says to me: You acted well. If I don’t act well, I will hear the silent voice tell me: You didn’t act well, you are not just. Why am I unjust, why don’t I act well, He doesn’t tell me anything. – I know how I have to act. – It is not important. You are unjust – nothing more. You have more knowledge than you need. Why do you have to have so much knowledge? You compare to that millionaire who after he had a hundred million, wanted to have 200 million. Why do you have to be greedy? Today God wants from everyone first to complete His work. According to your confusions and love works, you have abandoned Divine works backwards. The young man, a servant in some house, has fallen in love with the servant-girl, he has become enraptured with her and has forgotten his obligations. And young and old people do the same and remain Divine work backwards. – Who is the reason for not executing your obligations? – Love. – What do we have to do then? After you are a servant, you don’t have to be enraptured. When you become a master, then you may be enraptured as much as you want. If the master sees that his servant has become enraptured with some servant-girl, he says: Is this the work I pay you for? You don’t have right to be enraptured with the servant-girls! It means: If you, an ordinary servant, have the right to love a royal or princely princess? The ordinary man has got no right to dream about the royal princess. What happens really? Only the royal son has the right to fall in love with the royal princess and to dream about her. Every ordinary man may stealthily to take a look at her, to sigh and say: This girl is beautiful but she is a royal princess. If I only try to come close to her, they will beat me. There are exceptions to this rule but it happens rarely to an ordinary man to fall in love with the royal princess and to have access to her. The ordinary, the mortal has got no right to fall in love with the royal princess. He will not be happy with her, neither she – with him. How many men may marry for the royal princess? – Only one. She has her sweetheart. In the kingdom of her father there are millions of subjects. How many of them have the right to marry her? – Few. She will choose only one from them. It refers only to the earth life of people. In Heaven the relations between people are other. When we come to real love, there the relations between nature and life are in absolute harmony. When love is not correct, the relations are not correct either. If between the mind, heart and will there is no unity, then harmony doesn’t exist in life. Often the disharmony in life is being provoked from the collision between the new and the old points of view. The old points of view, the old thoughts and feelings enter contrary to the new and produce disharmony in man. Everybody has this experience. Everybody has tasted the envy of the old to the new. The old doesn’t believe in the new. If you are a baker and somebody comes to want the keys of your pay-desk, what will you do? Will you give the key to him? You will not give it because you don’t believe him. – He is a moral man. – He may be moral but you don’t know him. If in the house of two young people, man and woman, one young preacher enters with desire to turn them to God, will they believe him? The young man will doubt the preacher. – Why? – He doesn’t believe him. He still doesn’t know the new moral and doesn’t see it in the face of the preacher. I say: Don’t go to turn the young people who love each other. Love already has turned them, there is no reason and you turn to them. God is in them. – they have to believe in Christ and to start to love Him. I repeat: Don’t turn people but awaken them. If two young people are asleep, say them: Get up! After you see that they get up, continue your way. Don’t stop to ask something about their love. Show your love to them. If you want to turn them to God, you will come upon big contradictions. What is wanted today from people? – Application. Everybody has some understanding which he has to apply. The understanding refers to how he has to be served. – Who has man to serve? – First he will serve to God, afterwards to his fellow-man and to himself. – We have to study, to finish a university. – It is the final work. You will study, will acquire cleanness and holiness, but gradually. The first task is, when you study to serve to God. The remaining things are ornaments, clothes. Have you, when you preach Christ’s teaching, to strive to nice clothes and a hat, to wealth? Many people think that in order to preach, they have to have money. Could people be turned with money to God? Or with knowledge? – Neither with money, neither with knowledge. Man is sent on earth to work for God. It is his first obligation. The knowledge is necessary too, and the wealth is necessary, as a secondary thing. – Who does the mother preach to? – To her children. She has to have two children – two buds. She has to preach them the Speech till they bloom. It is the task of the mother. It is already time we to work for God, to serve to Him, to satisfy Him. Then our faith, hope and love will increase. The difficulties and misfortunes in our life will disappear gradually. Our life will improve inside. One of the difficulties in human life is owed to the fact that everybody wants to put the other people in their places. It is not YOUR work. They will want to put you in your place too. What will happen then? – Mess. Who may put who in his place? It is the same as some doctors to come one after another to put your eyes in their place. One of them will say: Let us take out the right eye in order so that the left will not be infected. Other will say: Let us take out the left one. For the Third we will say: Let us operate on both eyes. Don’t succumb to this advice. Don’t take out your eyes. One man from Turnovo felt seriously ill. Some abscess had appeared on one of his legs. He went to the hospital for advice from the doctors on how to cure himself. They examined him and they said that the leg had to be cut to the knee. Otherwise the other leg would be infested. – I don’t give my leg. Why does God need my leg? If he wants some victim from me, I am ready to give the whole of my body. I came to earth entire, I will come back to God entire. I will leave hospital. I will go back to my village, there I will cure myself as I understand. After six months he went into the hospital to see the doctor who had examined him and said: Mister doctor, I am in perfect health. – What happened to the leg? – It became well. God didn’t allow my leg to be cut. What is wanted from people? – Teaching and serving of God. He, who doesn’t study and serve to God, enters into a collision with Him. He goes to God and he complains from about his brother. Do you know what it means for the son to go to his father and to complain from about his brother? You will say that your brother is bad. Who is the reason for it? – The mother and the father. They have brought him up badly. As you know it, don’t complain from about your brother. To complain from about people, it means indirectly to throw mud in the face of God. No matter in what form the complaint comes, you throw mud over the First Reason of things. God will say nothing to you but you soil His name. – My brother is bad. – Do you know what the word “bad” means? It is easy to say to man that he is bad, that he is a blood-sucker or rich. All the poor people fight over him and accuse him of being a robber. They say that his wealth has been robbed. But there is and other understanding about the rich man. He is a cashier of God. He uses it with His trust. Only one thing is wanted from him: to execute his obligation. He has to know how much to give to everyone. Who ever takes money from the Divine bank, has to be ready to give. But it is impossible in one given moment to help to everybody. You say: We have to help each other. – In one given moment you may help only that man who stays in such a place where you will pass. He is defined for you. Only you can help this man. He has come on the counter where you work. You will take his check and will change it. – Do you have the right? – I have the right. Christ opened the eyes of the blind man and the entire question was raised: Who has opened his eyes? How has he opened them? The Jews didn’t want to acknowledge that Christ had opened the eyes of the blind man. They said: “God has spoken to Mosey, we know him; He hasn’t spoken to that one, we don’t know Him.” Wonder! The then Jews hadn’t lived in the time of Mosey. How do they know that God had spoken to Mosey? Today they see in themselves a man who performs miracles and don’t believe that God performs these miracles through Him. To the asked questions from them, does the cured man who was blind from birth and how his eyes opened, his parents said: “He is on age, let he alone speak for himself.” What do we see in the read chapter? – Conflict between the old and the new. The Jews were dissatisfied by Christ because He had destroyed the old order, confused their understandings. What has to be done then? What does the mother have to do when the big brother fights with his little brother. She has to separate them. She will separate the big brother from the little one and will give him all the conditions for development. The big brother is the old one in world and the little – the new. Therefore, the old and the new have to be separated. They can’t live in one place, to eat from the same food. If they remain in one place, it is enough for the mother to go out for a moment outside and the big brother will fight the little one by all means. I can tell you what the reason is behind it but you will not use anything from it. According to the Hindus it is carma, according to the occultists – fighting between the old and the new. I will deliver one example for a rich and poor man. One poor man worked for one rich man. The rich man was a big miser, he didn’t like to pay his debts. The poor man kept silent, suffered, but it was impossible to force him to pay. Something unexpected had happened: the rich man had unexpectedly died. According to the then habit people didn’t bury the rich men immediately; they left their bodies on the graveyards and they buried them on another day. Making use of it, the poor man took one stick, went to the graveyards and started to fight the dead man. What happened? From the hits of the stick the dead man got up, looked around and when he saw that his poor man took revenge by fighting with him, said: Don’t fight me any more, I will pay you everything that I owe you. He thanked him and went home. I asked: If you were in the place of the rich man, wouldn’t you be glad? If I wasn’t the poor man, they would bury him alive. Thanks to the stick the rich man survived. – Why did the sufferings come? – It is the fight in the graveyards. – Why do they fight us? – to pay your debts. If they don’t fight you, you will be buried alive. It is better to be fought a little but to live again than not to fight you and to bury you alive. After you survive, you will invite a poor man to your home and between you will create friendly relations. It is a law: When love comes, the fight comes too. Say thanks for the fight which comes from God, not from people. When man is tested man, God sends Love. When the mind of a man is being tested, God sends faith. When man is being tested in the physical world, God sends hope. – Why are people able to have wealth? – In order to work. God gives them sheep, bulls, fields, vineyards in order for them to torment and to work in entire days. Otherwise they will become indolent. – We will suffer with this wealth. – You will suffer, you will punish yourself but and you will study yourself. So, God tests the heart of man through love, the mind – through the faith, the will – through hope. To serve to your wealth, to your sheep and bulls, to consider them as private property, it is Divine punishment. You will occupy yourself with one idea, with another idea, and in this way you will acquire knowledge. As a rich man, the mental world will test you. – How? – Through faith. In this way you will acquire knowledge and will increase your faith. People say that God punishes everybody who He loves. It means that love punishes. For that man, who doesn’t understand the laws, love is a punishment; for that one who understands them, love is a blessing. It is terrible if love rises jealousy between people. The sensible man finds ways to manage and with jealousy. Sometimes one beautiful, wise, good girl lived. Ten young men fell in love with her; everyone of them was ready to sacrifice himself. She understood that if they remained all together, they would start to be jealous. That is why she decided to send them to a foreign country to study. She said to them: I give a hundred thousand leva to each of you and post date it to five years through which time you will gather the most precious stones in the world. They agreed and went to wander about. After five years they came back to her with precious stones and much knowledge. Now, said she, you will travel five years more to gather the most beautiful flowers in the world. They went with joy to gather flowers and to acquire knowledge. In this way she sent them into the world to study until they became 120 year old men. At last they came back to her with desire to receive an answer of whom among them she prefers. She said to them: Now I will come in one retort and you will see what happens with me. She started to melt till she had completely melted and disappeared. When they lost their last hope, the young men started to cry and to say sorry for the lost time for one girl. They said: We learned many things but we lost the girl. Today many people complain and say: We learned many things but we lost the girl. Said with other words: We learned many things but we lost love. – You haven’t lost love. It has the characteristic to become small and widen. In this case it has been become so small that she has become hidden in your hearts. You suffer because you search for it outside. It is better for your love to be inside you than outside. If it is outside, it will start a conflict about who should take more from it. Everybody will take something from it; one will take a hand, other – leg, third eye, ear and so on. Don’t separate love. It is indivisible. Don’t put God in you with regards to contradiction. Don’t say that this or that brother doesn’t live well. How do you know if he doesn’t live well? You want to live like you. – His eyes move too much. –How do you know it? – He makes his eyes to my wife. – It is impossible. If he makes eyes, he will not be able to see anything. How did you see this? So and you have made eyes. You haven’t looked at God, you haven’t listened to His Speech but you have made eyes to your wife. Then you don’t live well either. People are a wonderful thing! If you enter one art gallery where hundreds of pictures are exposed which present the rising sun, what will you do? You will look at these pictures but you will compare them with the sun of life which rises every day. According to me, people are pictures which represent the rising sun. They give an idea for the live sun but don’t carry life in man. That is why, when the sun rises, I will leave everything and I will go to meet it, to see its first ray. The pictures of the rising sun are not bad but there is no life in them. A rising sun is a great thing! As you know it, don’t occupy yourself with people, but at the same time, people should not become occupied with you. Occupy yourself with the live sun which can give you what you need at every moment. And so, what is wanted from you is learning and the correct serving of God. Put more trust in each other and leave God to correct the works of man. Some man comes to me, he complains about his brother. – Leave this work, God will correct it, keep out of His actions. One day and I wished to correct one mistake, but God said to me: Keep out of this work. I will correct it. Really, if I occupy myself to correct it, I will spoil it more. God knows His works. He knows the fine points of things and corrects them. He, who has made the watch, knows how to touch it in order for it to work well. One is wanted from man: not to make a mistake. If he makes mistakes, he has to correct them alone. Imagine that two men come to me, one after other. To the first I give one ring from copper, with a beautiful form. He puts the ring on his finger and is glad that he has received something from me. To the second one I give one gold ring with a diamond. He puts the ring on his finger too and is glad of the expensive gift. He shows it to everybody and praises that I have given him such an expensive ring. The first man sees it and takes revenge on my side in partiality – Where is the mistake? – In the second one who hasn’t listened to me. When I gave him the ring I said to him not to show it to anybody, but he hasn’t listened me. He had to hide the ring and just to look at it from time to time. And so, don’t show your golden ring to people when you want to show yourself as a great person. Strive always to take the last place. It is better than the first place. I always take the last place and I am satisfied. When I catch a tram, I take the last place again. After there are many people, I leave them to get up before me; I get up last. This place is very calm, nobody pushes me. When I get on the tram, I leave everybody to sit down, I stay right. If I hurry to sit, somebody will come and will say: Please, squeeze up in order for me to sit down too. In such cases I prefer to stay right. Keep the rule: Never take the first place in life. Always follow if the big fights the little. The little are not guilty – the old are guilty: the mother and the father. After it is like that, I have proven myself to be guilty too for all the misunderstandings between you. If you argue, I am guilty. If someone has died, I am guilty; some man has become poor, I am guilty; some have become rich, I am guilty; some have felt ill, I am guilty too. Whatever happens in life, I am always guilty. What I have to do in order to remove the guilt from myself? In order somebody to live, I have to let somebody to die. For example the hen has to die in order for his master be able to live. The hen asks me: Why you have put me to live in hencoop, but man – in nice, big house? – Only in this way you will rise. – Till when people will slaughter me? – Till you become man. You have to pass through the stomach of man in order to become like him. First you will pass through difficulties and afterwards you will be blissfully happy. You will be born as man, with two human legs, you will speak as man. – Is it truth? – You will try it. In fact, it still doesn’t prove anything. We don’t know what a Divine plan is. We can’t take the place of God. Whatever we talk, wisdom exists out of human understandings. All the contradictions, as and the good, as and the bad, have its purpose. – Why does the bad exist? It is not important. God said to me: “You will not eat from the tree for knowing of good and bad.” – Why I don’t have to eat, I don’t ask. It is said to me that if I eat, I will suffer. It is enough. The tree for knowing what is good and bad is not for me – nothing more. The snake said to Eva that if she eats from this tree, she will become like God. Why didn’t they have to eat from this tree, it is not known. It is a secret, deeply hidden in man. The deep sense of things is hidden from him. One day, when he reaches the biggest deepness of life, to its philosophy, man will understand why he hadn’t eaten from the forbidden tree. It may be after a thousands years, it is not important. This question can’t be decided today. Some man says for himself: I am a good man. On the other day he sees bad things in himself and says: Wonder, I didn’t know that I am so bad! I have the desire to take revenge on people. – the works don’t agree with revenge, but they don’t agree with good either. It means that you can’t arrange things either with good, either with bad. The only power which reconciles things is love. After you come to the law of love, all bad disappears. – What does it mean when love reconciles people? Imagine that two men hate each other. The reason for this hatred between them is hidden in the past. The one has robbed the other. The robbed man can’t forgive that man who has robbed him. The last one comes to the distressed one and said to him: Brother, forgive! Sometimes I have robbed you but today I am ready to correct my mistake. I leave my whole treasure at your disposal. Will you hate this man now? You are ready to forgive him. Therefore, in order to be reconciled with God, be ready to sacrifice the whole of your wealth for Him and to become His servant. If you say that you first want to correct your life and afterwards to serve to God, you are going in the wrong direction. That is why you shouldn’t make a noise around yourself. You will occupy yourself to serve God – nothing more. Till now you have been only a master. There is the evil. You will be a servant, not a master. God has served too and continues to serve. Whose mother hasn’t served her child? When it grows up, when it becomes a big son or a big daughter, the mother says: I have served to you till now, from now on you will serve me. Now you have grown up too, have knowledge, you are already able to serve. You have knowledge like I; you have love like I. You know the good water; you understand the good things. You are dressed with nice clothes, even and not with the most expensive ones. What sense is there to dress in your most beautiful clothes? And you have so many clothes that you have got no opportunity to dress in all of them. If you change your suit every day, for 365 days you need 365 suits. How will you manage with them? It is big Tovar. One thing is important for you: To strive to the knowledge which will be appeared for you in future, and to see in your brother at least one good feature. If you see the good in your brother, you see God. If you see the evil in him, you look yourself. Don’t look at yourself in people but look for God in them. It is a method for resignation with people. You will never be reconciled with man till you don’t see God in him. Therefore, in order to be reconciled with people, you have to see God in them and for them to see God in you. – I don’t know how I have to see God in my fellow-man. – Don’t justify yourself! Everybody knows how to act. After it is necessary to manifest my love to somebody, I complete my work alone. In other place somebody may replace me, to do one job because of me; but on the attitude of love nobody is able replace me. There I complete my work alone. It is said: “God was in Christ and has reconciled people with Him.” If God is not in us, we never would be reconciled with people. - Is God in you? – He is not. – After God is not in you, you haven’t been reconciled with people. God has to live in us in order to teach us how to be reconciled and how to love each other. It is said that God is love. What does man represent? – A conductor of God, i.e. of His Love. Man is a conductor only to one part of love, not to the whole love. If I am the red ray of the light, I can play only the role of this red colour but not and to the remaining ones. We will come to the remaining colours – the orange, the yellow, the green, the blue, the violet, there the role of these colours is being played from other people. Now, as I give different examples, I observe how they deflect on you. If the example is positive and I look at some of you, it is becoming pleasant to him; if the example is negative, it is becoming unpleasant to him. If I pass near somebody and I don’t look at him, he takes offence and says: Why hasn’t the Master looked at me? Sometimes I consciously don’t see because I don’t want to confuse you. Some man steals. Why will I confuse him? When I don’t see him, I think that he puts something in the pay-desk, not takes. – How is it possible? This man steals. I think that he puts something in the pay-desk. If he really takes, he will give the money back soon. This man is not bad. After he has taken one bag, he will take two. After this I correct his mistake by myself. I open the pay-desk and I put two bags instead of one. Who wants to correct the mistake of his fellow-man, has to put into the pay-desk two bags instead of one. It means the verse: You have taken gratis, give gratis!” Keep yourself away from the role of reconciler. It is a prerogative of god. Don’t say that you love. Love is a prerogative of God too. The only right of man is to serve God. I want to teach you how to serve. There is no better thing from man than to serve to God. Remember: There is no greater thing than the teaching and the serving. Teach and serve! The rest of the works are for God. He will come to you to teach you how to love. He will come to you to teach you how to be reconciled. It is a science which only God may deliver. Christ says: Father doesn’t judge anybody. He is eternal and unchangeable Love.” When people have turned to Christ with the words: “Gentle Master”, He said: “Why do you call me gentle? Gentle is only God. He always forgives.” God never sees the evil in people and says: Man is good. I created him good. If he has made some mistake, I will correct it. Really, God corrects all the mistaken works of people. The bad, the distorted which you see in people will be corrected. – When? – Whenever; early or late, it is important that it will be corrected. Believe in good and serve God. In this your happiness hides. There are no impossible things for God. The impossible for man is possible for God. – Why doesn’t will succeed in life? – Because we strive too much for knowledge, and to big wealth. Afterwards you don’t know how to manage with this abundance. You have to be just! Some man comes to me, stays more than an hour, wants to take much from one time. – What will he do with what he receives? If he is able to develop it, it is good; if he can’t develop it, he will suffer. Another man comes to me, stays only five minutes but is not satisfied, he wants to stay an hour too. I have decided for people who come to me to stay a little, five minutes. That is why I will accept them or in warm room, as bath, or in much cold. But it is inserted, it is not essential how I will accept my guests. Who has some difficulty, and in warm, and in a cold room to be, he will stay for more time again. It is a side question. For you is important to know how to serve to God. When you serve to Him, He will teach you what love is and what – the teaching is. Love is abundance which reconciles the things. When you have enough resources, you will manage easily with your creditors and debtors. If you don’t have resources, you can’t pay your debts and you will search a way to be reconciled with your creditors. Since the abundance is in God, we have to leave Him to live in us and to manifest Himself freely. After God lives in us, let us say in one voice: Let the Divine will be, not our. Let us all execute His will as he demands. Let us wish to execute Divine will from our hearts! He knows what work to give to everybody. The unity will be in execution of Divine will, the variety – in the work which everybody will make. Remember: All will be corrected in our world, that is why I wish to you to teach and to serve. There is no better thing than this. Teach yourself well and serve God well. The present world needs from disciples and from servants: To teach themselves and to serve the others. Who or what has been learned, let him apply it. Who or what has served, let him say it. Let everybody feel yourself inside so free that wherever he goes to feel pleasant to teach and to serve God. Christ says: “If you love me, you will keep my orders.” Without love, Divine law can’t be executed. Without love it can’t be served to God. The teaching and the serving are two processes through which love comes. Only love will correct the world. Teaching without serving and serving without teaching doesn’t cost anything. What you learn, you will serve it; what you serve, you will learn. Only in this way we will give a possibility to God to manifest in us and to reconcile people one with another. There is no better thing than two men to reconcile themselves and to start to love each other. In order for two men to love each other, it means everyone of them to have such respect and esteem to the other as to he himself. People want to be helped without them take the same obligation to the others. In order for other people to help you, you must have absolute faith in God, not to harbour evil thoughts and feelings for anybody. What better than to have the trust of your friend and to always rely on him? To have absolute faith in God, it means in all kinds of conditions of life – as sinful and just, as illness and health, to know that everything will be corrected, will arrange well. What do you expect today? – To come into the new life where love reigns. Where Divine Love is, there all kind of contradictions disappear, all the mistakes are being corrected. The new life understands ending with the accounts of the old life. What the old life is, you all know. It has good sides but it has bad sides too, with which you have to be liquidated. It is said of the new life: Neither an eye has seen neither an ear has heard what God has prepared for those who love Him.” Said with other words: An eye hasn’t seen and an ear hasn’t heard what God has prepared for the souls which teach and which serve to Him.” I wish you to come in the great good which God has prepared for you. I say: You all are good but you haven’t manifested your goodness; you all are rich but you haven’t manifested your wealth; you all are educated but you haven’t manifested your erudition. Why haven’t you manifested yourself? – You haven’t the conditions. And God hasn’t the conditions to show Himself as Love. Which is the reason for it? You are reluctant to make one little effort, to give the chance for the Divine Love to manifest itself in you. You say: God can do everything. Therefore, He can manifest himself when He wants. But God doesn’t do anything by force. People have stayed in the way of God and are being an obstacle of Him to manifest. This obstacle has to be removed. You can’t you manifest yourself too. There are obstacles to you too. In this state only God can help people. – How? – He comes in Christ and reconciles people with Himself as He forgives them all the sins. After this He says: “Go with peace, live and don’t make more mistakes.” If god doesn’t forgive the sins of people, the carma will come upon them. If it is being put on the back of people, they will sink. Reconcile yourself with God in order to free yourself from the debts, to become lighter and to get out on the surface of the water. When I speak to you this morning, you wish God to come in you. He will come but on the condition that you will not complain about your difficulties. Why do you have to tell Him that that has offended you, that hasn’t evaluated you. God will hear you but He will not take a part. Here, you complain to me too but I keep silent, I don’t take any part. No matter which side I take, the work will not be corrected. It is important to everyone to be given what he needs. Everybody has to satisfy himself in the Divine way. The hungry man has to be satisfied, the thirsty man has to be satisfied. Only in this way man shows his gratitude. He becomes generous, ready for all kind of sacrifice. If you don’t satisfy man, bitter feelings are being borne in him. And so, everybody has to be satisfied correctly, in Divine way. The satisfaction is not a mechanical process. It understands the resignation with God. Give place to Christ in you in order to reconcile yourself with God. Then you will not want God to love you because He loves you in any way. Only one is wanted from you: Don’t put hindrances in the way of Divine Love! Only in this way will God manifest himself Which was the main thought of the today’s lecture? – The Teaching and serving of God. I repeat: Teach and serve to God! Only in this way the resignation will come. Only in this way Love which brings the new life will come. The new life brings the resurrection. The good of man is in Divine Love. 7. Morning Speech, delivered from Master on 17 January, 1937, Sofia – Sunrise. Study and Serving
  9. Divine Food I will read chapter 9 from the Gospel of Joan, from 21st verse. “He speaks for himself.” (-21 verse) When you come back at your houses read chapter 32 from the book of prophet Jeremiah. Three crimes trip up man. The first crime is the shedding of blood on earth. The second crime which man has made and stumbled Alone in it, is distortion of his heart. To distort your heart, means to distort your senses and to go after foreign gods. After distorting his heart, man enters into the area of the injustice. He doesn’t serve only to one God but to many gods. Under these conditions man inevitably coarsens. He thinks only for himself and leads from what is pleasant for him. He leads only from his personal feelings and interests. What gives proctor to the human soul and helps in its development, is Divine Love. To give place to this love in you, means to be a conductor of good. The third crime which man makes is the distortion of his thought. In this way he moves away from Divine Wisdom. The distorted, the wrong human thought is reason for discord and misunderstandings between people. The child is angry with its mother that she hasn’t given it anything to eat on time. Is it right to be angry? The poor man is being angry with the rich man because he doesn’t give him trees, coals, clothes to spend during the winter. Does he a have right to be angry? Everybody wants to arrange first his work, then the other works. And it is good but in the Divine world all the work is arranged. We don’t have to take care of the Divine work over ourselves. “ The World is not created for one; it is created for everyone. Therefore, from a Divine point of view, it is defined a little place for every man. He has the right to use from the place and of the others. But, if he tries to appropriate the foreign places, he acts against God. Has man to wish the good of his fellow-man for himself? Has he to envy that somebody has more goods than him? Imagine that you meet a man, well dressed, with new, nice clothes, with new shoes. You look at him, and simultaneously to yourself, and say: Look how elegantly this man is dressed! My clothes are old, worn out and my shoes are worn. It awakens envy in you, you feel unpleasant feeling towards him. If you look at the things with resignation, you will say that this man is clever, deserves to be well dressed. Simultaneously you see how this rich man eats good food. On his table some kinds of food are put which are well cooked and you eat dried bread. You ask yourself: Why does this man eats so well and you just find the dried bread? If you are being reconciled easily, you will say: This man is clever, he knows how to eat. I am stupid, there why I am satisfied with the dried bread. Who doesn’t think like this, remains unappeased. If you are a little child, you have bigger brothers and sisters, you say that your mother loves her big children more, that is why she dresses them nicer. It may be like this, it may not be like this. What will you say if you are 25 years old man, who works somewhere and doesn’t dress yourself well in spite of it? Is your mother guilty again? The guilt is already in you, in your character. But, if you don’t like the truth, you will search for the guilt in your mother, in your grandmother and grandfather, from whom you have inherited some features. As disciples, you have to be sincere, always to speak the truth. You travel in the evening through a wood and you fall into one big puddle. You wonder how this puddle has formed and how you have felt in it. When people ask you why you are muddy, you say: I fell into one puddle. I wonder how nobody has seen it in order to remove it from out of the way. It means that the guilt is again in other people, not in you. You know that you will travel in the evening. Therefore, you had to bring a torch, to light up your way. There why I say: Don’t search for guilt in your mother that she doesn’t love you as much as her other children. Don’t search for the guilt and in God. Don’t say that He loves one person more, others – a little more. He gives everything to His favourite children, to these that He doesn’t love, He deprives them from the vital. It is a wrong understanding. In spite of this, this is the way some believers think. They say that God is Love but when they find themselves in difficulty, they doubt in His Love. It is the white lie which people stumble alone from. You go to one good dressmaker, you want her to sew some clothes for you. Till you are with her and watch how she sews, she is correct. She sews the sewing well, even and the most hidden. After you go, she starts to work in her way. Those places which are visible are well sewn. The places which are hidden, she sews in a hurry, from above, so as not to waste time. It is a white lie too. Outside the cloth is well sewn, but inside – badly, the needle had just passed through it. Could you be satisfied by this dressmaker? I ask: Which is the reason for the human dissatisfaction and indisposition? There are many reasons for it. They may be from physical, from heart and from mental character. Somebody pricks you with a needle in the arm. You lose your disposition immediately. The reason is physical. If consciously or unconsciously he has pricked you, it is another question. He may prick you and with his tongue, to tell you one offended word with which to disorganize your sensual world. At last, he may prick you and with his thought. No matter in which world he pricks you, you lose your disposition. Ten mothers gather and speak. The fifth mothers love each other and their children love each other. The five mothers don’t love each other and their children don’t love each other. The first five mothers speak well for their children; after they start to speak for the children of the other mothers, they immediately start to reproach them. If somebody listens these conversations, he will be dispirited. He sees that they are in the wrong. It is not correct to speak well of these people that you love and badly of those you don’t love. You will say that it was always like this on earth. Even if it was like this, it is not correct. You will say that and on the other world it is like that too: some people are in Paradise, on eternal felicity, and others are in hell – in eternal torment. One question appears: what is reason for this? – Man may torment alone, and others may torment him. If you stab yourself with a knife it the arm, who is reason for it? If you don’t love truth, you will say that others have forced you to do it. Somebody kills himself or drowns and it is written that the reason is the big despair he has felt inside. Simultaneously, as guilty for his despair, he directs somebody else. – Why man kill himself? – In order to acquire something that he has not got. It is atavism. Through a murder things do not happen. Nothing can be reached through drowning. If you are fish, there is a sense to throw yourself in the water. That is the way how and the sheat-fish throw it, catches more little fishes and satisfies its hunger. What will you catch in the water? Not only will you will not catch anything but you will die, will become a victim of the fishes. What do we see in the life of the present people? In justice everywhere. And the world, and the religious people are extremely unjust to each other. The spiritual man watches how his fellow-man prays and criticizes him that he doesn’t pray as he has to. How man has to pray, he doesn’t know too. Others say that the weather improved because he had prayed to God. It is an unjust conclusion. Don’t think that you only pray for the improvement of the weather. Hundreds of people pray together with you. Their prayer has contributed something too. You say: This house is mine. – The house is not yours, you have received it through inheritance. – I made it. – You haven’t made it. Around ten workers have taken part in its building. I ask: Who may praise you with something that he has made alone? Tell one good in which you have taken part alone. I don’t say that you don’t make good, but in every good many creatures take part. Good is collective process. You say: Last year my garden bore much fruit. – You have worked much. This year you have less fruit because you have worked less. Till your trees bear fruit, you will always visit them. After they stop to bear fruit, you leave them. It is self-seeking. Such are the relations of the present young people. The girl loves the young man not because of he himself, but for his qualities. He is young, powerful, health, he can keep her. He is handsome, educated, works well, he can feed and dress her well. Others the relations are of the health to the ill man. You love the ill man and help him, you are ready to make sacrifices for him. This love is disinterested. The girl draws from the healthy and handsome young man. If she goes to the ill man, she gives there. The girl relies on the strong young man, but if it comes to his handsome, she loses soil under her legs. – Why? – Many girls strive to this young man. All of them like him, all of them flock to him. The girl starts to get jealous, she is afraid of losing him. Many girls may appropriate the young man, but nobody can take away the beauty. It is deflected on the human face but it is elusive. But, the girl wants to hold the beauty of the young man only for her. When I speak for the young man who strives to the beautiful girl, I have in mind the spiritual side of the question. It means that he strives to the beautiful sense in man. The young man takes the beautiful girl’s arm and walks complacently around with her; he wants to show her to the people, to see his sweetheart. Another young man does absolutely the opposite. He looks to hide his sweetheart from the eyes of the foreign people. If you marry, who would you prefer? – The first. – Really, the first is preferable, but and in the showing of the sweetheart to people there is something wrong. And both of the actions are not ideal. To manifest your beautiful feelings on show to people, is vanity. To close and hold your beautiful feelings only for you, is self-seeking, jealousy. Today you have come to listen me. You compare to that young man who leads his sweetheart everywhere, everybody to see her. Those, who haven’t come to listen me, you compare to the jealous young man who keeps his sweetheart hidden, so that nobody sees her. They say: We engage with God, that is why we haven’t come to a meeting. It is not the truth; they don’t engage with God. Neither these who have come on the meeting engage with God, neither do those who haven’t come. Nobody speaks the truth. The prayer is an internal process. You can’t pray in a defined time: only in the morning, at lunch or evening. You will pray when your soul wishes. It means to pray with disposition. You may pray and inside, and outside. As you know it, don’t say that when you pray in the evening at home, then you go to God. The psalm singer says: “I will praise you, God, at a big meeting.” It is not said anywhere that you will praise God only by yourself. Christ says: “If you want to know me, come into your secret little room and pray secretly.” For which secret little room it he speaking of? For your little room at home? No, you will enter inside in yourself, in the holy place. – Which is this place? – It is the place which is far from every suspicion, from every doubt, from every hatred, from every lie, from every darkness, from every envy. The place you are now is a place of lie, of argument and hatred. These are your houses. The clothes you dress with are soaked with negative thoughts and feelings. What will you say about it? Some men say that I don’t love them. They think like that because they don’t have love in their hearts. From morning to the evening they care only for themselves. Does God have to live for me or do I have to live for Him? Are the legs created for man or is man created for the legs. Of course that the legs are created for man. Therefore, they have to be of use to man, and he has to care about them, to wish good for them, otherwise they wouldn’t serve him. I ask: Which is the way we may be good to God? – in a way which is dutiful. Unless you study to serve God, you can’t find the right way. It is a law: God loves all those who serve to Him. He who only serves himself can’t be loved by God. To love only you, means to be exposed to sufferings. To serve God, means to be glad. The serving of God brings life. The suffering understands that you have more love to you than to your fellow-man. – What has that man to do who lives only for himself? – He has to let himself free, to stand the consequences of his life. You want all the people to be good to you. They want the same too. It is not bad but everybody has to demand it first from himself. Be good to the others in order and they will be good to you. The mother is good and indulgent to the mistakes of her child, but not and to the mistakes of the other children. If she has one item of clothing, first she will dress her child. It is natural. She can’t dress all the children with one item of clothing. But she may make one item of clothing and for the other children. It is a question which refers to all people. The hindrances may be moved with collective taking part of everyone. They have to unite, to deliver food to everybody. God has given enough food but people don’t distribute it uniformly to them. Thanks to this the contradictions which are being created. Since people are not good conductors of Divine Love, hatred is being raised between them. They are not good conductors to the Divine Wisdom either and that is why the curved and distorted thoughts arise. That is why I say: People themselves are the reason for their sufferings and unhappiness. Big and many are the sufferings of people, but you are not responsible for them. You are responsible for your sufferings and you can move them away in every moment. – How will I move them away? – As you carry Divine Love in your mind, in your heart and in your power. The mind has a relation to the mental world, the heart has a relation to the heart world, the soul – to the spiritual world and the power – to the casual world. It is not speaking for the spirit, he hasn’t come yet. That is why we don’t say let us come to love God with our spirit. Mind, heart, soul and power – this is the way you have to walk on. Till you pass this way, you will experience huge suffering. It is inevitable. As you know it, work consciously upon yourself, free yourself from the connections and the desires of the body. If you don’t succeed in this, even if you leave for the other world, you will go around long time your grave. Your fellow-men will think that you have gone to God but you know truth. Few people know who is free from his body and who is connected with it. As disciples, you have to study the human and Divine love, to distinguish them. Human love presents concaved plate which contains everything. When you fill it, you have a meal. If you decide to give away everything what you have been gathered, you will remain hungry. Divine Love presents a protruding plate with the bottom upwards. Before something is to be poured into it, it already has given it away. It doesn’t keep anything for itself. When you give away everything that you have, you feed yourself. It means that if you live in the human love, you will constantly gather it; if you live in Divine Love, you will constantly give it. What constantly takes is human; what constantly gives is Divine. These things are not bad but you will know: When you take constantly, you will be fed in a human way, but in a Divine way – hungry. If you constantly give, you will be hungry in a human way, but in a Divine way – fed. Then you will choose one of the two: or hungry in a human way, or hungry in a Divine way. If you feed in a human way, you will feel Divine hunger; if you feed in a Divine way, you will feel human hunger. Which from two you will choose, it is your work. According to me, it is better man to be fed in a Divine way and to be hungry in a human way than to be fed in a human way and to be hungry in a Divine way. Which food is Divine? Which way of eating is Divine? – The mother feeds her child with Divine food and in a Divine way. Originally the child doesn’t know how to eat. The mother opens its mouth and puts food into it. He, who serves God, eats in a Divine way. People outside come to feed him. When will they feed you in a human way? When you are ill, you can’t move your hands, that is why your fellow-men feed you. – How the just man feeds on earth? – When people speak badly of him, it is Divine lunch. He needn’t be grieved. If somebody says that people grieve him, he eats it in a human way. Be glad even when they speak badly of you, in order to eat in a Divine way. And both ways of eating don’t decide the tasks in life. And so, in order to understand life and to decide your tasks, you have to know the human and Divine love and to make the human the love servant of the Divine. Until they are separated and independent one from other, you will always come upon contradictions. If you want to settle your contradictions, put the human love to serve the Divine’s. In this the settling of all the questions remains hidden. If you don’t do it, your life remains unsettled and you will remain such as you are now. When will the new come into the world? – When human love becomes a servant of the Divine’s, it has to become voluntarily, not with violence. Man alone has to force his love to serve the Divine’s. Only in this way will all your contradictions be removed and you will come into the new life. The new to come in you, means to refuse your will and to penetrate into the wish to execute Divine will. It understands entering in the right way of life. To fascinate your will to the Divine’s is correct understanding. It refers to all the kings, patriarchs, bishops and ordinary people, to all live in the world. Everybody has to be submitted voluntarily to the Divine will, to become a servant of the Divine will. To serve God – here are the keys of life. Out of this serving, all the keys are empty work. For this aim you have to be clever and good. Clever is only he who has fascinated his love to the Divine’s. Good is only he who has fascinated his knowledge to the Divine Wisdom. It may be done from everybody. It is said in the Divine prayer: “Forgive our sins as we forgive our debtors.” You want to follow the Divine way. – How will you reach it? – When you forgive the debt of your fellow-man. Somebody has to give you something. Forgive his obligation. Forgive everything that he owes you. If you want to serve people, you will take the money from your fellow-man. After you erase the debts of your fellow-men, and God will erase yours. Now I speak and to young, and to old people. The first thing which is wanted from everybody is to force your love to serve the Divine’s; your will to fascinate the Divine’s. – Who is young and who – old? – According to me, old is that one who forces Divine will to serve his. Young is that one who forces his will to serve the Divine’s. – Who is beautiful and who - ugly? – The young is ugly. – Why? – Because he is in the process of forming. Is the unripe fruit beautiful? But, when it ripens, it becomes beautiful. Strive to the youth as an uninterrupted process. Be eternally young, to fascinate your will to the Divine’s, to refuse from your old human habits, to follow the way of perfection and beauty. The young man constantly applies his virtues in the serving of the Divine. Morning Speech of Master delivered at 10 January, 1937, Sofia – Sunrise. Divine Food
  10. The Reality of Life I shall read chapter eight from the Gospel of Joan, from verse 14 onwards. Many people ask themselves: Is the life on earth real or unreal? Is it actual or not actual? It depends on people’s understanding of life and from the sensible application of their understandings. For example, no matter how much you talk to the Angel about the sufferings of people, they remain a theory for him. Even to show him your sufferings as experience, they again will remain for him an unknown area for him. He sees the human sufferings as a mathematical problem. The same refers * and to you. Some real things are tasks for you without understanding them. You say that one angle deviates to two, to three and more degrees, but what the deviation is in fact, you don’t know. You say that this deviation may be ascending or descending without understanding it. You say: A:B = B:C. But you don’t know what this relation represents in Life. These relations must be explained. For example the steam has relation to the water. If there is no water, the steam would not exist. The steam has relation and to the rain drops, came out from the same source as the water. You don’t know what the relation is between the water steams and the rain drops. You know only that the water transforms into steam which goes into space, where it cools off and in the form of rain drops falls onto the earth again. Have you fallen down from a height of four – five kilometres, as the rain drops, hit the earth and stayed alive? You will say that it is a relation, but what is said from you is not enough. You can’t imagine how man may be in relation as the steam is to the water and the water - to the steam. I say: Things become real for man only when he tastes them. People speak about love but they don’t understand it. For them it is not real. – Why? – Because they haven’t tasted it, they don’t know it. If it is eating, if love is drinking, they don’t know it. Someone says that he feels things, therefore he loves. The feeling, the sensation is not love. Another says that he has become hot, that he burns from love. – The process of heat, the warming is not love. When somebody falls in love, he notices that his neck, legs, arms widen. – It is not love either. The widening is a consequence of something. Characteristic of the matter is to widen from the warmth. Love is something elusive: it can’t be looked, it can’t be heard, it can’t be touched. You read the book of some genius, great scientist or philosopher. You admire from it, keep it as something holy, but where is the holy thing? Where is what fills you with enthusiasm? You search for it in the words but you don’t find it; you search for it in the letters, it is not there either. You hear that somebody speaks or sings on the radio. You say that man speaks or sing, but where is man? The voice comes from afar but man can’t be seen. If your consciousness is awake, you will differ whether one man speaks or a few do; if one man sings, or the whole choir. And you may distinguish the different voices of the singers. No matter how much you can distinguish the different voices, you can’t accept again what a real man is. He is elusive too, as love. You say: This man is sorrowful. – Where is his sorrow? – He is joyful. – Where is his joy? You don’t see either his sorrow, or his joy. His joy and sorrow don’t represent man himself. They have a relation to him but man can’t be seen. Every man has relation to the outside world but he can’t explain alone the contradictions which penetrate his soul. You stay alone and are being confused. Why? – Something worries you. You are a trader and you hear that people speak on the radio that the price of wheat has fallen. You deal on the stock-market and when you hear this news on the radio, you lose your peace immediately. You have just calculated that, when you sell the wheat at one defined price, will make a big sum of money. The wheat isn’t interested in its price. It doesn’t want to know if its price has fallen, or has risen. And the ox doesn’t care what price they will sell it for. He stays calm and ruminates. Who has bulls, he cares if their price falls. If their price has risen, you are glad and say: “My work is being put in order.” Your work is being put in order but not and the work of the ox or of the bulls. If the price of the bulls goes down, your work becomes bad. But the bull doesn’t care about this, its work doesn’t put in order again. Whether your work is put in order or becomes bad, the work of the bulls always remains wrong. You say: I made a mistake. – The price of the bulls is falling. – How have you made this mistake? One bad thought passed through your mind. – This thought has soiled me. – It is as if an automobile has passed near you and has splashed you. It has soiled your clothes, not you. The mud hasn’t reached you, and you start to feel sorrow. It shows that the present people have vague concepts over some questions. – I want to understand everything. – How will you understand? You understand only when the prices of the bulls rise or fall. In the first case you are being glad, and in the second case you feel sorrow. When the prices falls you say: It is painful. – Nothing is being painful to you. It is a reflection. – I shall lose the respect of people, I shall lose the status I hold in society. – It is the truth. Man is not being respected for the dignity which he has as a soul, but is being respected for the money, for the houses and the fields, for the bulls, for the possessions, for his physical power. It is a respect of outside things. It doesn’t depend on what man brings in himself which is invariable. The money, the bulls, the houses, the possessions, the wealth may be taken away from you. What will you do then? You will say that you are in the state of the just Iov who has lost everything. Even people acknowledged him for justice, Iov had to make one correct philosophy for life. He was a rich man, esteemed and respected by everybody as good and pious, but in spite of this, he supported the philosophy: Everyone for himself. But, when he passed through big sufferings, he acquired something valuable, he understood his mistakes, he repented and became a real just man. Iov had reached the third category of life. After this, Satan came to tempt him. In one of his advices God asked him: Have you seen my good slave? Do you know him? Satan answered: He is rich, has children, fields, vineyards, bulls, he is satisfied in every way. Take away his wealth, then you will know him. Give me the right to test him. I can’t give my opinion right now. When I test him, then I shall give my opinion of him. The story for the just Iov is occult. In it, is hiding, one inside side of life, You can’t imagine how God pushed Iov into the hands of devil to torment him. God said to Satan: After you want, you can test Iov. First you will take away his whole wealth, afterwards his sons and daughters, at last you will touch and his body. In this way you will know his power. You will test his love of wealth, to his children and, at last, to him himself. You will not go further than these tests. When Iov lost his wealth Iov said: God gave, God took. When he lost his sons and daughters, he said again: God gave, God took. But when he fell ill and his body was covered with scabs, he didn’t say as in the first two cases but cursed the day of his birth. It was one hard serve which he had to make. Since the beginning he didn’t understand what was wanted from him and how to execute his serve, he said: Let the day on which they put me on this hard serve be cursed! You say that it is not Divine when man curses his destiny. With it you want to say that Iov was soft, of a weaker character man. Who between you, if they put him in the state of Iov, may give a better example? What will you say and if your body is covered with scabs? You will say: It would be better if I had never been born, i.e. not to accept this serve. When you acquire material goods, you feel glad and afraid that somebody may take them away from you. Somebody may take them but they may not to take them, but through wealth the biggest trials and unhappiness will come to you. Wealth is beautiful, like a loose woman, without any morals. Whoever smiles at her, she is ready to go with him. There is no man whom she loves. What is important for her is that he is rich. When she meets him, she looks at his hands, for the money, and says: Hold the money out, don’t lose it. In it stays your grandeur. And the money says to man: Till I am with you, everybody will esteem and respect you. After I leave you, you will become an ordinary man, a beggar. It means the tinkle of the money. And nature has one coin it serves with. Its coin is made from clear gold. It is a beautiful, noble woman. Between the money and the noblest woman is the gold. It hasn’t got any weakness: it doesn’t oxidize, neither does it rust. Wherever it enters, whatever it makes, it never soils. As you know it, keep yourself from money, i.e. from the women who oxidize and rust it. They bring poison in themselves. And so, if you want to understand life, take over my words, to understand their inside sense. You will assure yourself alone how much you know. You think that you know much. No, these are old clothes, a remainder from the past which you sell at a rag-fair. If you sell these old things, you will receive or millions, or they don’t cost anything – it depends on their inside contents. As you know it, strive yourself towards the new which opens the way of man to the boundless life. You ask me what the words that love is a door through which it has to be passed means. – No matter how much is spoken about this, you will hardly understand it. Instead of explaining it to you, I will take you by the hand and we together will pass through the door of love. To speak about the door of love, is as if we are speaking about money, or about material works. On earth, people speak mainly about material things. On earth, real things are not being spoken about. Sometimes, charity is spoken about as if it is a real thing. Who has seen the charity? How may the charitable man be identified? Some say: I am a charitable man. – I look on the head, I don’t see charity anywhere. If you want to see a charitable man, let us visit ten men and I shall show you who between them is the most charitable. I shall tell you how the charitable man may be known. One needy man goes to the first of them and says: Please, accept me, I want to say something to you. – I am busy, I can’t now. He goes to the second, he receives the same answer: I am busy, come another time. He goes to the rest of the seven men but they don’t accept him either. The tenth accepts him, listens to him and satisfies his needs. The applicant wants from him one sum to support his family. – How much do you want? – 20 thousand leva in all. I have a son and a daughter who study, I have to pay fees, to buy them textbooks. He takes this sum, says thanks and says to himself: This is a good, charitable man. He says good bye and goes home. He passes through one wood where robbers meet him and attack him. They take his money, but because he resists, they fight him well and break his leg. He remains in the wood helpless, with a broken leg and without any money. He looks here and there, he hopes that somebody will come to help him. The first of the ten men passes by, but he hurries on, he was occupied, doesn’t stop. The second one passes by, he doesn’t stop either. The third one passes by and immediately stops and starts to speak in a distressed way. – What happened? Why are you crying? – One good man has given me 20 thousand leva, but the robbers met me, robbed me and broke my leg. It would be better if he hadn’t given me anything, not to happen this unhappiness! If I hadn’t been passing through the wood, nothing would have happened to me. The charitable man consoles him, binds up his leg, put him on his donkey and takes him to his home, there to cure him. He says to him: My friend has made one mistake which I shall correct. When he became well the ill man, the charitable man said to him: Call your wife and children to see them. They came to him. He helped everyone. He satisfied their needs and sent them on their way. They had to passed through the wood but no-one of them has suffered – they haven’t brought money. They spoke with the robbers and separated in a friendly way as they have given them one little sum. The robbers remained surprised as a result of this meeting and huddled up between the trees with the desire to rest and to think what to do next. In the same way that sometimes Adam has huddled up and hidden from the face of God. He hasn’t any notion how merciful and gentle God is. When God had searched for him through Paradise, Adam had been silent, he hadn’t wanted to say anything. At last God found him and asked: Adam, why are you hiding? – I made a mistake, God. The woman you gave me lied to me. I fell into temptation with her. The real charity we see is in the face of Christ. He came to earth, took the sins and the sufferings of the whole of humanity and liquidated them with his life. He showed to people how charity manifests itself. It is not necessary to give money to people and to let them pass through the wood, to expose themselves to new sufferings. Be charitable to people, remain to live together with you, where there is order. If you make your charity in a human way, you will expose people to trials and sufferings by all means. Wealth leads to trials. First Christ showed how charity has to be manifested without putting man to unnecessary risk. You say: Tell us something more for charity. – I have given you the material, you have to develop it. What has the teacher on mathematics got? He gives rules to his pupils, explain to them what is a simple triple rule, a complex triple rule, equation and after that he leaves them to decide alone. If there just is a sense, after he has given the rules and models for their decision to waste his time with them to decide all the tasks? The pupils will decide their tasks alone. There are tasks for the decision for which a lot of time is needed, but the pupils are indebted to decide. You search an easy way to decide the tasks. The easiest way is through addition. One one and one one make two ones. One ox and one ox make two oxen. One louse and one more, make two lice. You will say that the lice can’t be added. You are right, any teacher hasn’t given to his pupils tasks in which to add lice. In fact, the mother is the first teacher of the child but not in addition, but in deduction. When she sees that the child has lice, she immediately takes the hair-comb and takes them away. Really, it is not correct way of the work. You can’t teach your child to deduct if you haven’t taught it to add. One is wanted from man: when he adds some quantities, to be ready to bring the consequences of their addition. You ask yourself why people don’t succeed in their life. Very simple, they don’t succeed because they have started with the deduction, not with the addition. It is a wrong method of working. Two men gather in one place and they immediately hurry to separate. This is deduction. Everybody wants to go back from where he has come out from. When the young girl falls in love in some young man, she hurries to gather with him. Till that time everything goes well. After they marry and she wishes to go to see her mother, all the work collapses. It is a process of deduction. But, nature allows the deduction as an action only between the lice. It is not allowed to be taken out of people. When the first man makes a mistake, he is transformed into a louse which was taken out from Paradise. Therefore, the first action which Adam learned was deduction, not addition. When he put the first people in Paradise, God gathered them but they haven’t understood this process. They transgressed and there why were they taken out from Paradise. If just two people gather in one place, what do they have to do? Can you gather them? Can you gather two saints in one place? It is the most difficult work. You may gather two saints in one place if one is bigger than the other. If the two are equally old, you can’t gather them in any way. The most difficult action is the addition. You ask: Isn’t the equation addition? – It is not. The equation is a process of taking and giving. When he makes a mistake, man creates conditions for the drawing up of equations in him. As a process, the equation is still incomplete. Are your relations to God, to your fellow-man, to yourself equations? The teacher has given some tasks to his pupils. It is his obligation. The work of the pupil comes down to the equalization of his relations. If he doesn’t equalize them, he hasn’t decided his task. When he just accepts his obligations and tasks, man executes the will of God, and simultaneously knows himself and his fellow-man. You ask: Will we know each other in that world? – You don’t know yourself here, it is hard to believe that you will know yourself there! The knowing has a relation to love. You can’t know somebody if you don’t love him. It is a law. If you don’t love man, you don’t know him. – I know him. – It is an illusion. You can’t speak for that world until you have seen and felt it. I speak to you for that world, for the heaven, for Divine world, but they still remain misunderstood for you. You don’t have an image for the Divine world. You torment yourself, you want to present it, to understand it in some way but you don’t succeed. The difference between the earth and life in heaven is enormous. In order to understand life on earth, to use it and for it to be useful to others, you have to be healthy, to have knowledge and at least one virtue. Only in this way will you enter into communication with people, with life and will be useful for everybody. – Can’t it be without virtues? – It can’t. You can’t love one man who hasn’t at least one virtue. You may love one dead man but you love him for something: there is one good feature in him, or some virtue. You may have respect for the educated man, but not love. But the virtuous man you may love. What is demanding from man in order to be esteemed and respected? In order to be esteemed, it has to have something in you with which to respond to the esteem and the respect. You can’t be a banker if you don’t have money; you can’t be a farmer if you don’t have a field; you can’t be smart if you don’t have a mind; you can’t be good if you don’t have virtues. Man has to have something in himself with which to respond to the reality. You want to study the reality but the time for some things hasn’t come yet. They are for the future. – Whenever it was, after you have entered into the School, you have to study. The letters of your primer are torn, you have to study it again. – We need money. – How much money do you want? – Ten thousand? One hundred thousand? A million? A Milliard? No matter how much money you have the question remains undecided. Do you think that the money will fall in love with you? In the end, they will draw from you. Your mind, heart, lungs also will leave you. And your virtues will leave you too. – The whole earth will leave you and you will remain alone. What will happen with you? – When it will happen? – When will you go to the other world. Now, when I speak to you about death, you say: How will we die? What dies in man? – The unreal dies. All the shadows have to die – nothing more. First the painter puts many shadows over his picture, but he deletes one part of them. He remains only these shadows which give the expression of the picture. If the picture has more shadows than is necessary, it loses its beauty. You will say that around the eyes it has to have circles around the eyes, to look deeper. The eyes are deep and without circles. They present a deep valley which you may kill yourself in. If you fall in it, you can’t get out. The eyes are a deep lake, in which, if you don’t know how to swim, you will drown. You will say that the black eyes are beautiful. They are beautiful but they are and deep. Who doesn’t know how to swim may drown easily in them. As disciples, it is good for you to study the eyes, if they are concaved or goggle, as and their colour. If the eyes are concaved, the physiognomic says that you have in front of you a deep lake; if they are goggles, you have a mountain top covered with snow and ice. If you cheat in such eyes, you will go deep into the valley. What will you do then? Take one rubber boat and descend with it into the deep lake. So, if you are on the black and concaved eyes, i.e. on the deep lake, take a boat and descend with it into the lake. Otherwise you will drown. If you are on the goggle eyes, i.e. on the mountain top, covered with snow and ice, put points on your shoes not to cheat yourself and fall into the valley. When you want to penetrate into the eyes of man, it means that you want to understand his spiritual life. Remember: Truth is behind the eyes, Wisdom is behind the ears, Love is behind the mouth. Behind the nose is a human mind, behind the lips is a human heart, behind the arms is Justice, and behind the legs – the virtue. Now it seems to you as a theory. In future, these things will revive for you and will become real. These are symbols behind which something real hides. Justice, the virtues are real things which today few people understand. One day, when you understand them, you will see what they represent. They have their language too. When listening to these things, some people say: We were stupid people. If you understand the sense of the world stupid man, it is true that you are stupid. Not only you but even and the genius, and the saints are stupid people. It is like that on earth. You see one saint humbled, silent, passes imperceptibly between people. You meet one rich man dressed with a leather coat, with a sable hat, with a cane in his hand, look around proudly, self-satisfied, as he has fascinated the world. But the saint walks humbly and says: I am an ignoramus, I don’t know anything. – He doesn’t know anything but people search for him, please him to cure them. He puts his arm over their heads and they become well. How it happens, he doesn’t know either. He walks and speaks to himself: I am a stupid man. Everybody says for him that he is good, educated man. He is really good because he doesn’t tempt anybody. According to me ,a good man is that one who doesn’t tempt anybody. When the saint meets one beautiful girl, in order not to tempt her, he immediately disguises himself as an old man, with a wrinkled face. She asks him: Grandfather, where are you going? – I go to walk a little. She goes with him and they two start to speak. He tells her his life story and she listens carefully. She invites him to her home and says to her mother: Mother, I am inviting one guest, one grandfather, who has passed through many sufferings. I ask the girls: Have you walked with some saint in order to know what he represents? I ask the young men: Have you walked with some saintly woman in order to know what she represents? The girl searches for the young saint, and the young man, the young saint-woman. It is not for reproach but I say that the reality is not in the outside side of the things. You say that this one is young, that one – old. Young is that one who doesn’t understand the reality of life. What is reality expressed in? – In love. Out of love, everything is temporarily, meaningless. Out of love, life can’t be understood. You say that life is good. – What else will you say? Life is good but it could be better. You live on earth but think about heaven. You ask: Will you be the same on heaven as you have been on earth? – From your present body will remain nothing. – Will we know each other? – You will not know each other. When you see one old, broken down man, will you know in him that little boy which you watched tens years ago? You say: And this was sometimes a little, beautiful boy. But, in reality the old man and the young man may live together, to understand each other and to love themselves. In this state, the old man may take the form of the young man, and the young man to take the form of the old man. In this way they will execute two services: The services of a young one and of an old one. But in the unreal world, neither the old man may execute the role of young man, neither the young – of old. In the real world man may take the role of a woman, and the woman – to man. On earth it can’t happen. Why? – Because the life on earth is unreal. It is a world of illusions. Until are on earth, man and woman constantly fight a woman wants to be a man, a man doesn’t want to be a woman. But, neither woman may be a man, neither man – a woman. – Why? Because they have both stepped over Divine law, but they make mistakes up and until today. – What do I have to be? – A man. It is said in the Writing: “And God made man by His image and likeness.” Now I don’t want to have the form of man, either the form of a woman. You have to refuse from your form too and to wish to be a man. If you don’t refuse from your form, you will not enter into the Divine Kingdom. It is said: “Flesh and blood will not inherit the Divine Kingdom.” And so, you live in a relative world which you have to study. All the things you serve with on earth are given to you as temporarily appliances. In front of you, it opens up a great future. What this future is, I will not explain to you right now. What woman will be then and what man is, is not important. We have to be men – it is important. How will you explain, why when the man or the woman who haven’t lived will die, cry each other? The woman says: My man fought me but I am sorry for him. He was good! How I wish he would come back! And man, when his wife dies, says the same. She has tormented him too, but he forgets everything, he feels her absence. What do man and woman represent? Man is wisdom, woman – love. So, man looks for love, woman – wisdom. Man is a form behind which wisdom hides. Woman is a form behind which love hides. As forms, they are shadows of the reality. When they don’t understand it, woman says: I don’t want this man. Man says: I don’t want this woman. The question is not in the not-wanting, look to pass from the shadow of man and woman in the reality of life. You will enter into the reality only when you pass through the forms of man and woman. You say: What is being spoken now to us is much wronged. When we come upon to what we have learned and what is being imminent to learn, we totally acquire the wrong image. – Tell me then something in a more clear language. If the daughter invites one old grandfather into her home, her parents will say nothing. But, if she invites one young man, they will remain in a special opinion. The mother will immediately ask her daughter where this young man comes from, if he has an education, what he has finished, what he does, how much he receives. – I don’t know, I haven’t asked him, I don’t dare to talk about it. What meaning is there for you where the young man has finished, what he does and how much he receives? If the young man invites one girl into his home, he will be asked too: Where this girl is from, if she has an education, if she has money? Woman – housewife has to have two qualities: To cook well, to satisfy the taste buds of her man and to dress well. It makes a man glad. If she has these qualities, a woman may always satisfy her man. In the ability of a man to dress, hides the ethics of life. Who doesn’t dress well, is far from these ethics. Who cooks well, he lives well. Therefore, if you want to understand what the girl is, look how she dresses and how she cooks. In order to guess what a man is, understand how he thinks. A man has to think well. It is demanding for him. If the woman says to her man that he thinks well, it shows that she has valued him correctly. On earth, in order to facilitate a good life between man and woman, man has to think well, and woman – to cook well and to dress well. These qualities have a relation to the practical life of man. Man and woman have to apply these qualities in their life in order to understand each other and to acquire good results. When some woman comes to me, I ask her: Do you know how to cook? – I am learning now. – Your head will suffer a lot. In Turkish time, somewhere around Varna, in the home of one Bulgarian and one Turkish bey the bold came on a visit. Ivan said to his wife: Aim to cook well because the Turkish bey the bold will come to lunch at home. – I shall cook a chicken to satisfy him. When they sat to have some lunch, the bey the bold first tasted the meal and said: Ivan, who has cooked? – My wife. – Come to me. The bey the bold picked up the pot with the meal and poured it over the head of Ivan. When she saw him, his wife asked: Ivan, why are you so soiled? Who has soiled you? The bey the bold. Look out, you have to cook well another time in order not to bring about the consequences of your carelessness. And so, the Divine Spirit gives an impulse and to woman, and to man to think. To think correctly, it is wanted from every man. Generally, woman takes the inside work, man – the outside. When he comes back from work, man works on probation to his woman. There are and man cook but the women are specialists. Man has to learn from a woman how to cook and to dress well. Man stays humbly by his wife and listens to her lectures on cooking and good dressing. He is satisfied from these lectures and says: Do you see how beautifully I dress myself? – Till you dress well, you will live in Paradise. When you don’t dress yourself well, people will chase you away outside. Cock-a-double-doo! – it is what the cock says to the hen, too. It struts, passes near it and goes on its way. I say: Use from the new which life brings. If you remain with the old, you will be endure huge sufferings. Some woman complains that she can’t live any more with her man. – Who forces you to live with him? – I can’t remain in his house any more. – After you can’t, go out. When you don’t feel well with him, leave his house. He hasn’t called you by force. – I can’t live on rent, I am already tired. He has to make a house, not to move from one house to the other. – Where will the man find money from? – I want to have three-four rooms available, with steam heating and a bathroom. – You want too much. You search all the conveniences on earth and in, spite of this, expect to be accepted on heaven with beys, as a saint. – How will we go to the other world? – As butterflies. Till you are on earth, you will be treaded on as worms. After you transform to butterflies, you will leave earth and will go to the other world. Many people say: We learn so many years and haven’t acquired anything. – How many years you learn is not important. How you learn, is important. I have given you many examples. Have you taken over them? Have you understood their sense? What lesson have you taken out from the example for the Persian saint and his followers? Do you remember this example? The Persian saint had many followers. One day he decided to test their love. For this aim he called everybody and said to them: I want you to sacrifice for me. Who is ready, let him enter into the dark room to give his life. When they heard it, one after another people started to step back. Only five to six men remained at the door of the room, but they hesitated too. One young girl called: I am ready to sacrifice myself. Immediately after this, her sweetheart called too: And I will come with you. You know that I can’t live without you. The two young men entered into the dark room and waited for the moment when the saint steps over to the operation. He took out one oven in front of them, drove the knife into its throat and let all the blood run outside. When the followers who were waiting outside saw the blood, they bristled with terror and one after another took flight. The young men, who were in the room of the saint, stayed patiently and waited for their time. They thought: We love each other and we will see to the other world – nothing will separate us. Then the saint has risen his arms upwards and said: Be blessed from God! You are worthy of life. Live in peace and love! I say: If you are able, too, as the two young men, to sacrifice yourself for God, you will have his blessing. Only in this way will you enter into the Divine Kingdom. If you remain outside and look as soon as possible to run, you will never enter into the Divine Kingdom. – Can’t we enter into the Divine Kingdom without trials? – It can’t. The trials are not real things, they are not necessary. When you are being tested, you suffer, but what is suffering in you is what can be sacrificed. Through the sufferings man tests himself alone but and others test him too. Iov passed through big sufferings but they weren’t real too. In spite of it, he has given in, suffered, tormented himself. He lost his wealth, the fields, the vineyards, the bulls, the sheep, his camels, and all these were given back to him. He lost his sons and daughters but others, better and more beautiful than the first, have being born to him. He has felt ill, his body was covered with scabs, but he didn’t die. And Christ went through hard sufferings. He lost everything too. Have his sheep come back? – They have come back. Today Christ has more than 500 million followers. These are his sheep He has sacrificed for. His daughters still haven’t come back, they are not formed. They are seven – a number of perfection. The sufferings of Christ were incomparably harder than these of Iov’s. The last one had friends he has spoken with. Christ remained alone on the cross. People have mocked Him, they have abused Him and said to Him: You are a son of God, right, get down from the cross! Christ prayed to God but His prayer was a voice in a desert. God has spoken to Iov, but Christ hasn’t heard any voice. He prayed and said: “God, I don’t understand this work. I deliver my spirit in your hands. Let Your will be!” After the resurrection Christ understood what Divine will was. Now I tell to you too: You will also go through the sufferings of Iov, through a dedication. After that you will pass and through the sufferings of Christ, through the great dedication of life. Now I speak to those of you who study the way of the disciple. There are things for studying and in the rest of works, but they pale at the way of the disciple. In the way of the apprenticeship there are imminently serious tasks. Now you think how to arrange your work better. Not only will you not arrange them, but you will confuse them more. As disciples, you will hold for God and will give thanks for everything that has been given to you. Now are times of trials. There is no postponement! You say: One idea has entered my mind, it constantly buzzes, as a beetle. – Leave this beetle aside. When the winter passes away, all the hives rise, the bees start to buzz, they gather on common work. Look what trials come today! Here, according to one statistics, in Spain, only in five-six months, more than a million people have been killed. In the past wars, in several years only around 500 thousand people were killed. You can imagine what would happen with Europe if today a war breaks out! Terrible is what is happening is Spain now! Terrible is the evil in man! Man is a bomb ready to explode. If you don’t know how to touch him, he will explode in a way that and from you, and from him will remain nothing. Be careful with each other, not be offended. When I speak to you in this way, I shall give courage to you not to be afraid. Which is better: to travel with cart, to shake you, to shake your whole interior, or to travel easily and freely by airplane? You will remember the caret with months, the airplane will remain good, pleasurable memories. Already enough shaking! Whoever I meet today, everybody complains that he has been shaken. I bring the new airplanes. Get into them. It is the new teaching. You will pay the ticket, will get into the airplane and after, an hour and a half you will reach the defined place. Then your net will be so dilapidated as you are now. I wish you, through the whole year to work consciously with your mind and heart. I wish to the sisters to cook well and to dress well, and to the brothers – to think well. After this we will get into an airplane and will go on an excursion, to be glad of the green grass and of the limpid springs. There we will sit to have a meal and enjoy ourselves. Only in this way will we understand that life has sense. And so, to cook well, to dress well and to think well! All the rest is foreseen. It means life without contradictions. To you, the disciples, I wish to work. I draw your way through the year. I can tell you many more things, but it will come out forcedly. If I speak much, I shall be compared to that man who has put milk in one pot to boil. When the milk started to boil, the pot was gradually being filled; the milk overflowed and spilled out. He went up onto the chimney and watched from there how the whole room would be filled with milk. I say: Don’t expect one litre milk to fill the whole room. If the pot fills it, it is enough. Why do you have to be greedy for too much? If you have an excess of milk, you will sell it to become rich. Don’t strive for wealth, but strive yourself to acquire love. The beauty of life is in its correct understanding. The beauty and the sense of life are in the good cooking, in the good dressing and in the good thinking. It is the way the disciples have to walk on, in order to come into the favourable conditions of life, into the new life, into the Divine Kingdom. In Divine Love is the good of life. 5. Morning Speech delivered from Master on 3 January, 1937, Sofia - Sunrise The Reality of Life
  11. The Sixth Sense I shall read chapter three from the Gospel of Joan. One Bulgarian proverb says: “The repetition is a mother of the knowledge.” This is partly true. Old works to be repeated, it is not knowledge. Not all things which are being repeated are true. Absolutely true are those things in which there isn’t any exception. You say something but deliver it exaggerated, or watered down. When you don’t deliver it as it happened, in both cases, there is something false. Some people want to pass the false works for truth through the faith of people. Now you have entered the School with the aim of developing some gifts and abilities. If you don’t work as you have to, your entrance into the School is pointless. If the child manifests a gift for painting but doesn’t work, nothing will become of it. Firstly the mother is glad of its scribbling, of its pictures. But these are ordinary things. They don’t have any artistic value. These are ordinary lines. In order to acquire art lines on the arm, the child has to study, to work upon its gift. It is not easy to be drawn art one line. It is wanted an arm for it. Man has to work 20-30 years in the area of art to paint one line in order to recommend him as a painter. Outside one line may be correct, beautiful, but if you increase it and study it, you see that there is something wrong. The same refers to the human face, Outside it is beautiful but if you increase it, you see that there is something that you don’t like. Really, a human face is not as beautiful as it seems. – Why? – Because it is being watched from a short distance. Every object which is watched from afar, seems more beautiful than it actually is. For example, from afar Vitosha is more beautiful than from a short distance. The closer I come, the more it loses its beauty. Its lines are being drawn in detail and it starts to lose that beauty that it has from afar. The beauty has an attitude to the sensibility and the harmony. Only the sensible man is beautiful. If we compare man, as a sensible creature, with animals, we see the big difference which exists between them. Man, for example, makes from him a big, comfortable house in which to live freely, and also to have a place for guests. What is the house of birth? In its nest there is room only for a bird and for its offspring. If some guest comes to it, there is no room for it. Such are the houses and to the rest animals. By analogy of it, I say: The worldly man makes a home only for him and his children. In the house of the spiritual man, there is room and for outside people, but not for all. The hearts of the present people are not very wide. In them several people may enter. If one more than the defined enters, the state becomes oppressive. It is not easy to serve too many people. When I speak to you like this, you have to observe things scientifically, to treat everything what is said in a critical way. People say to me something for some man. I say: I can’t give my opinion for this man, I don’t know him, I haven’t tested it. Whatever they say to me – bad or good, if it is true, they have the right to speak, if it is not true, they don’t have the right to speak. All false things are written on account to that one who tells them. Every false thing is written on the back of that one who distributes it. And the interests are putting again at him. From the spiritual world, with the help of radio, listen to everything which is spoken on the earth, and they write it. If somebody delivers a lecture or talk, they listen to it too; - Is that true? – You may check it. The one, who has a well developed sixth sense, may see what is happening in the invisible world. Even and if the sixth sense is developed in the third stage, he can penetrate in the invisible world again, to see how beautiful it is. Between the physical and the spiritual world there is some resemblance but people still haven’t taken down everything which exists in the spiritual world. In future it may be reached. Then the Divine Kingdome will come to earth. And the animals have taken many things from people, but the difference between then and man is big. Look, what the clothes of the animals are! It is so natural! They live in extremely thick matter, in bad conditions. Their coat serves as self-defence against the bad conditions. Man had already left the most crude and hard conditions and gradually walks to more favourable conditions. The body of man is already exposed to Divine light. He accepts it and frames in himself. If you observe man with the eye of the clairvoyant, i.e. to that one who the sixth sense is developed in, you see that besides a physical body, as an outside cloth, man has and other bodies, one more fine than the other, from thinner matter. The essential in man is his Divine body. And so, study in order to acquire more knowledge. You may criticize yourself, I don’t have anything against criticism, but it has to be based on respect. Here, the present scientists make attempts to understand if another world exists, or not. They have come to the conclusion that in order to prove the existence of the other world, man has to have a respective sense. This is the sixth sense. You can’t penetrate into the other world without it. That world is real. But, in order to accept the reality, you have to have the respective sense, a special sense. How will you know one object if you don’t have touch, sense or striving to it? Without these things, the world will be closed to you. In this relation, the scientists are sincere when they say that with the senses which the present man has, any spiritual knowledge can’t be required. The physical world is three-dimensional. It is adapted for the fifth senses of man. Out of this world man needs one more sense – the sixth, i.e. a sense which answers from the four-dimensional world. Otherwise we couldn’t explain how between a thousand men he only one sees things which the others don’t see. You will say that it is hallucination, a shadow of life. – It is possible. I ask: How will you explain the prediction with which somebody forewarns something? Someone says to you that after ten days your house will burn down. Believe it, or not, it happens. The same man tells you that after time you will travel by train. In the way an accident will happen, the train will run off the rails and you will be injured. It happens too. The predictions don’t refer only to negative things. The same man predicts to one extremely run into debt trader, who finds at bankruptcy, that after two months his state will be improved. Money will come to him from somewhere. He will pay off his debts, he will improve his state and he will give his children the chance to finish school. Where these possibilities will come from, he doesn’t know either, but the fact is being near at hand. As he says, as it happens. You say: there is no reason why we listen to the spirits, they set our things right. I say too: Don’t wait for the spirits to set your things right. You have to care for your works alone, but if you don’t do anything, they will order you. If someone doesn’t pay his debts, he leaves other people to pay for him. When he doesn’t pay his accounts by himself, the invisible world will force him to pay. – How? – They will send some illness to him or some unhappiness and he will say: I had one debt, written off long ago, I shall pay it off. People are not obliged to pay my engagements. When he hasn’t remembered, the spirits have urged him to go and pay his debt. You say that you don’t have to listen to the spirits. – Sometimes you have to listen to them. Is it better to prosecute you for not executing an engagement? When you don’t pay, they will judge you. They will judge you for many things without you suspecting it. You gather stones from the mountain, make houses and don’t think that you will pay. You don’t have the right to take stones indiscriminately from the mountain. There is no case in life, when you make a stone house, and don’t pay for it. Far or close your relative or someone from your family man will pay with his life. When know this, people make an offering, they pay with the foreign life. Generally, it is paying from every undertaking. Voluntarily or by force, you will always pay something. As you know it, don’t look for the reason for unhappiness in life. Some unhappiness is due to the carelessness of people, others are cause by extra terrestrial creatures. They are like people. When they don’t like someone, they are ready to cause him some mischief. If they love him, they make him good. God serves and with the good, and with the bad spirits. He sends the good spirits to help those who prepare for the Divine Kingdom. It is true which you alone have to verify. Whatever I say to you, verify. Otherwise you will deliver my words without having any experience. If and that one, who listens to you, has got no experience, your words remains in vain. Everything which you say has to be informed and verified. Some people are indignant that one Turkish professor spoke the Turkish language in its original form. Understood or not, they deliver the words of the professor. In fact, he wanted to say other things but they understood him wrongly. People speak like that and for the new teaching. They say that it has gone beyond the borders of Bulgaria, that it has many followers and etc. They are deluding themselves. How many men followers it has they don’t know too. How many of them are real believers? How many of them may be relied on? I ask: How many men between you are real believers, who really may be relied on? I rely on everyone of you as you hope to God. Who doesn’t hope to God and lives out of Him, is similar to all people. You say that you have a high opinion of me, that you hope to God. – Till when do you hope to God? Till you have wealth, possessions, health. After you lose everything, you lose and your hope. Every thing which is being based on the material can be easily lost. You will say that you honour me. Why do you honour me? I am a poor man, I have got no anything for change. – You are a Divine man sent from Heaven. – I have to prove it. How I shall prove it? – You speak well, preach nicely. – Who can’t speak? – We believe in you. – What does your belief rests on? Peter said to Christ: “You are the living son of God.” Christ answered him: “You don’t uncover it by body and blood but by my Father Who is in Heaven.” If God has uncovered something to you, thanks. If you think that somebody else has whispered in your ear, you don’t speak truth. If you come to the reality, you can’t doubt it. You will believe in the reality as you believe in the light. – I don’t believe in the light. – You will start to believe. – How? – We will walk together on a way on one dark night. We will walk, will toil and moil without knowing where we go. I take out one candle from my pocket, light it and say: Do you see the way? – I see. – Do you believe in the light? – I believe. I blow out the candle and say: Go forward! – I can’t, I don’t see the way, I stumble. I light the candle. – Do you see? – I see. – Do you believe in air? – I believe. – In the water? – I believe. – In the bread? – I believe. – The light, the air, the water and the bread ARE real things which always may be tasted. Apply your faith in order to be increased. Taste the things in order to enter into the reality of life. You love to exaggerate and to decrease the things. Sometimes it is necessary in order to make things understood and accessible. You say: I saw God. – How did you see Him? – As an old man, in white clothes, with a white kalpak on the head. It is an ordinary man, not God. If God comes down to earth, even it will not withstand His face, it will melt. What will happen to you, the ordinary man, if you see God? You wouldn’t withstand even the face of one angel. The angels are light, powerful spirits. It is enough just to see the face of one angel to fall on the earth. Even the prophet Danail, one of the enlightened ones, when he saw an angel, fell to earth. I don’t say that nobody has seen an angel. Many people have seen angels but few have withstood their look. When the high priest Zachary saw an angel who told him that a son would be born to him, he didn’t believe it. Because of his disbelief he became dumb. After it Zachary wanted to say that he has a vision but he couldn’t speak. Now, let us leave aside the past and your old belief. – Sometimes God has spoken to man. – God speaks to him and today. – Sometimes man has seen God. – He sees Him and now. Today people dispute who sees more, who knows more and who can do more. All the people don’t see equally, don’t deliver things equally because the sixth sense is not developed equally in them. Two painters paint one picture from nature. They dispute which picture is more beautiful. The more beautiful and truer picture is that one which is closer to nature. Closer to nature means closer to reality. The good man paints the human face as it is in reality. This we call a real, true image. A Human face is hardly ever painted. – Why? – Because it is put under to constant outside and inside changes. Today you have one point of view, one opinion, on the other day you change. Sometimes the change is in a good sense, sometimes it is not good. You say: I had a good opinion of this man but I changed it, I already don’t think so well of him. – Why did you change your opinion? – I felt it like that. – The feeling is not something scientific. You have to base yourself in a scientific way why you have changed your opinion of this man. Your opinion, your point of view has to correspond to the reality. You say for someone that he is a good man. Have you tasted his goodness? You give him two hundred leva as a loan on condition that he gives them back to you after two months. It is not only that he doesn’t give them back after this term, but he doesn’t even apologize. The Bulgarian is not correct. In this relation, for example, the English man is an example of accuracy. Before the war I was wrote several English books. I sent the necessary sum, but it turned out that the books are cheaper with one shilling. I received an account for the books. On the account it was written that one shilling remained at my disposal. When the war started, the shilling had already gone. The accuracy has relation to nobility. The English man knows what accuracy is. He knows the laws of the spiritual world, he knows what accuracy represents in this world. From the spiritual world say to you: Get up and pray! – It is cold, I don’t want to get up. – Get up! – I don’t have a frame of mind. You wrap yourself up much better in the quilt and start to sleep again. You don’t know that if you don’t get up to pray, on this day some unhappiness will happen to you. One of our brothers related the following experience. He had a custom of praying every morning. Besides, when he had to go on his way, he always prayed. One day he had to travel by train but since he hurried a lot, he put off his prayer. He came back on the same day and what did he find at home? The children who played with stones, by accident hit one of his children in the eye. It nearly caused the loss of his eye. The brother connected this unhappiness with the postponement of his prayer. With it he interrupted his connection with god. After this case he never missed his time to pray. One day I was a guest in the house of the same brother. I found a serious condition there: the brother was ill, he was going to die. I came into the other room, I sat facing east and started to think. After a while, the comrade of the brother and said to me: Master, he leaves. I hope that God will help him to live ten years more to bring up the children. I came into the room of the ill man. I see that he had been transported somewhere but his mouth whispers prayers. I bowed closely, I hear to whisper: God, give me back my life. If I get well I promise to serve you, to execute Your will. When I heard that he prays I said to the sister: Don’t be afraid, tomorrow the ill man will be better. After he prays, he will not leave. Really, on the other day the brother was better. When he prays, the ill man connects with God and his prayer is being accepted. It is a fact. The sister will say that when the Master came, the ill man got well. I say: the ill man prayed well, sincerely, and that is why he got better. When I went to him and heard his prayer, I already knew that he would get well. If he hadn’t prayed, he would leave and in my presence. There was strong desire to live in him, to execute Divine will, that is why his prayer was accepted. And so, if you want your work to go well, don’t get carried away with material things, don’t succumb to false hearings. Every work which you start has to be pleasing to God, or in agreement with the laws of the sensible world. Work only what is defined for you from God, i.e. for what you have been born to do. If you have been born to be a painter, paint; if you have been born to be a musician, play; if you have been born to be a doctor, cure people. What you have been born for, you will work as. When you know it, don’t impede either yourself, nor your fellow-men. Everybody has to work in the way which he has been born to. Christ says: “What is borne from the Spirit, it is spirit; what is borne from the flesh, it is flesh.” Said with other words: What is borne from Spirit is sensible, unrestricted; what is borne from the flesh is unreasonable, restricted. Man is sensible, the animal – unreasonable. Man can think, man makes inferences and conclusions; the animal doesn’t think it doesn’t make any inferences. Besides practical, man has theoretical knowledge; the animal has only practical knowledge. For example, when one cat wants to jump from one place to another, it uses its experience, it knows how far the distance is between the two places, and jumps successfully. When it wants to catch its victim, it knows what jump to do. It is neither knowledge, neither success, nor progress. All the crack and criminals have long arms. If today they are not such, they were such in the past. When they have made attempts to steal, they have stretched out their arms and because of it they have become long. The thief constantly brings in him the thought to reach out his hand for something and stretch out his arms. That is why namely his arms are longer than to that one who never steals. It is proved scientifically. People who think more and feel less, have long noses; those who feel more and think less, have short and wide noses. They are healthier. Those ones, who have longer and narrow noses, are more hot-tempered. The irascibility and the nervousness of man are due to superfluous mental energy which accumulates in the nose. It means that the superfluous mental energy disorganizes the nervous system. When you know it, don’t overload your thought with superfluous cares. Some says: What should be done with this house? It is already old, tomorrow it may collapse; it is dark, it doesn’t absorb enough light into it. – Very simple. Prop it up with two-three beams, you will fix it a little. Open one-two bigger windows in order to absorb more light. Your house will be lighter and more hygienic, and you – healthier. Don’t worry about your houses. Really, they are appliances, object teaching but they are not an aim in life. Someone says: Why do I come here to waste my time? – Who let you come? Nobody forced you. You compare yourself to a trader who stays all day in the market-place, expects someone to come, to buy from his commodity. Two-three hours pass, nobody comes; lunch time passes, still nobody comes. He closes his work-shop dissatisfied that he hasn’t earned anything. But he always believes that his work will go forward. On another day he opens his shop again, expects clients. At last one of his friends, who is always lucky, comes and after him one after another a number of clients start to alternate. His faith increases and he is glad that his good friend took after many clients. It happens and the opposite: one mister comes into his shop, after that everything deteriorates. Nobody enters his shop now, and not only for one day but for several. This man has a bad step, he doesn’t lead clients after himself. Two firms exist in the world. They oppose themselves mutually. In order to manage this opposition, every firm has to apply its mind, to think. Only like that may they correct their life. If he doesn’t think correctly, man resembles that American, millionaire who paid 400 million dollars for the building of the railway line between Chicago and Buffalo. He built the line and after that he went to see what the real situation with the work was. What did he see? Another American, a multi-millionaire, has already built the same line parallel to his. It means that a concurrent appeared. He thought what to do for a long time. At last he decided to kill himself. His woman noticed that he was very thoughtful, decides to do something. She came into his room and asked him: Tell me, what is the problem? You think something is bad. Tell me what you are thinking of doing? How your material works are? – I am in a dead-end. I can’t stand the disgrace which expects me. My saving is in death. She said to him: You will give me the right to arrange your work. After one week everything will be ready, but you will promise to listen on me. What did this clever American woman do? She went into the office of one big multi-millionaire in Chicago and said to one of the officials: Please, call the director of the office. – it can’t, he is busy, his time is very expensive. - I want just five minutes of his time which I shall pay for. At last he accepted her. She said to him: We built one railway line from Chicago to Buffalo. I ask you only one thing: Let you be the first traveller who will travel on this line. We will pay the expenses. We don’t want anything else from you. He watched her, smiled and set the day of the journey. She thanked the director, paid him the time she took up, and went to home. On her way she turned aside in visited casually the office-building of one of the daily newspapers and left a message that so and so multi-millionaire would travel on the newly built line Chicago – Buffalo. The concurrent of her man, when he learned about it, said: I give 600,000,000 dollars for this line. In this way the clever wife of the American made a contract with the concurrent and saved the state of her man. What would have happened to this American if his wife wasn’t clever? Therefore, if your wife is clever and can save your wrong material state, give to her all your rights for it. She believes in her power. Man has to be sincere in himself – to acknowledge if he can complete one job, or not. And then you will know which things happen as you wish, and which can’t happen. When something doesn’t happen, you will try to find the reason for it. I say: Whatever happens in your life, don’t lose your faith but increase it. Your present faith is a base of the things but it has to grow. Everything is put under counts on growing. And your body grows. Every thing, which doesn’t grow, doesn’t develop. If the child doesn’t grow, it can’t develop. If the adult doesn’t grow, he can’t develop either. People say that man grows only to the age of 25 years and afterwards he stops. From 25 years old upwards he stops to grow in height, but he grows in width. If in height, or in width he grows, it is important that in the organism there is constant change. From the age of 25 years upwards it grows and develops the brain. It continuous to grow old, even and to the age of 120 years. Until it grows man may be useful. God has invested a large amount of capital in him, which has to be developed. From this capital and he, and his fellow-men will use it. As disciples, you have to work over your character: to remove the unclean, to work with the clean as if with hard cash capital. If you have a bad feature – to speak about people’s behind their backs, don’t you have to free yourself from it? If you want to point out one bad feature of one sister. Don’t speak behind her back. Call her and say: Sister, what you do is not in the interest of your spiritual development. You exaggerate some things, you said something bad about your friend. Before you speak and exaggerate the facts, verify how true they are. In this way you distort your character. Don’t speak badly about anybody. Be just to everyone. Now I say and to you: I want all of you to be sincere, just, good. Who wants to live only for his interests, let he go into the world. We will help him and there. If he wants to become rich, there is his place. You came here to study, not to quarrel. The School is not a place for trade. The rise is great teaching. Everything which comes from outside is an appliance for this school. Nobody has the right to appropriate the things. It is not allowed to have parties in School, to co-operate yourself. If you co-operate in the name of God, to execute His will, I understand it. To co-operate and to pull to you, it means to collapse alone. You are cashiers of god that is why you will be honest. If you are on the Rise, or in town, everybody has to work for God. I don’t want you to be poor. Be rich but use your wealth for God. In it your goodness hides. I wish your good too. Don’t criticize yourself. Only the brave and decisive may criticize because he knows how to criticize. From the one, who knows much, very much, is demanded; from the one, who knows little, little is demanded. Who has much, he gives much; he who has little, has little. Now, whatever I say to you, whatever advice I give you, you will act in your way again. Somebody asks me for something, wants my advice and after that he says: Why did you allow it to become like this? If I don’t give him any advice, it is bad; if I give some advice to him, it is bad again. I prefer to be bad but to advise him rather than not to tell him anything. If I haven’t given him any advice, his state would be worse. Who has decided to execute the will of God, puts his interest aside. One sister will go to preach my teaching. How she will preach? What will she say to people? Does she have some gift to prove to people that she predicts things? She will say that she knows one Master who sees everything. It is not enough. People want scientific evidence. It is not important who knows what and can; it is important what you know. Divine one always succeeds and humans pass and leave, without leaving deep traces. This is how I know things. For me it is like this, how you look at them I don’t know. Everything I speak about is tasted and verified from me. I haven’t got any doubt in it and I say: This is the truth because I have tasted it. What I haven’t tasted may be truth and false. Some says: Master gets down very low to us. – I don’t get down but I make attempts, I verify the teaching I preach. For me is important if I am able to get down and to raise myself; am I able to get down to people without being tempted and to be carried away from something. May I listen to offended words aimed to me without touching me? Everybody who says false things is already prosecuted. It is not only for me, it is for everyone. Soon the sentence of those who speak false things will be passed. It is what love demands. Crimes are no allowed to be committed in the name of love. It is already time for everybody to make a confession to him and to correct his mistakes. If it is me, or you, the law is the same. I am ready to correct and my littlest mistake. If I have made a mistake I shall say: I have made a mistake but I am ready to correct it. It is justice. It is chivalry. It is what human dignity demands. Reveal the things as they are really. A character is wanted from man. Why will you hide the truth? Somebody will come to praise me that I am a good man, that I do good. Why are these words? Afterwards he will say that he wants me to help him, to lend him money. He will praise and get me to Heaven in order to give him some money. I already think how to act with him. I say to him: I have money but it is not mine. I don’t lend money. Come after four-five days, I shall do something and will give you some from mine. I cure ill men from time to time, but I don’t take money. Some give me money to give to poor or ill men as I find. With this money I make good for their account. I say: When somebody gives you money, take them. Otherwise you will show your pride. One sister came to me, she needed money. She didn’t want anything but I knew that she needed money and I decided to help her. I gave her 6oo leva. She took the money but she gave them back on the other day. – Why did you give the money back? – I don’t want any money. Tomorrow the others will hear and they will say that you have given me money. I want to be independent, not to depend on anyone. She was afraid and from me, not to tell sometimes that I have helped her. It is her vanity. She wants everyone to think well of her. I took the money back and set her free. The reason for giving back the money may be some other. This sister may be poor, with little children, without work. When she looks for the money, she thinks that they are little. What will she do with 600 leva? On another day some man comes to me asking for money. – Why do you need money? – I have an ill wife and children, they have got no coal, they stay at home frozen and hungry. Afterwards he says that he himself is ill. One of his children fell ill from meningitis, he doesn’t know what to do. The doctors wanted to give him two injections. I say: I advise you not to give injections. Leave it to Nature. If it leaves, it is better to leave naturally. It may remain on Earth but it will be in height of the fellow-men by all means. If its illness is not meningitis, let them buy it milk to drink. I give 600 leva to the father for milk and bread of the child. These are material works which define the relations of people to God. Look to God as your father in order and I look to you as children of God. I tell you how you have to love and help each other. You say that you are children of God but you don’t love each other. Those who have blood connections love themselves more than those who have spiritual connections. Today the spiritual love works little between the people. Many feelings act into man. They interrupt and restore but in the end they change and interrupt. Love is the only power in man which never changes. It remains with man and always follows him. To love man, means never to interrupt your feelings for him. One feeling is strong till it doesn’t interrupt. It may change outside but never interrupts. If a man who you love speaks badly of you and causes you mischief, your feeling hasn’t to be interrupted again. If you see that he suffers, first you have to come to his assistance. It is love. If you don’t help him, you don’t love him. Love corrects all the mistakes. If you see one of your mistakes, don’t keep it to yourself for long. As soon you correct it, it is better for you. Now I advise all of you to confess your sins, not one to another, but to your soul. Open your hearts and minds and make a confession of your sins to the sensible world. Even one mistake hasn’t remained in you! Before you lie down open your heart to God and make a confession of your sins. Only in that way will you manage with the difficulties and the misfortunes in life. We live in a world full with trials. Don’t think that you are very strong. Every moment of your life hangs by a thread. Nobody knows how much time is defined for him to live on earth. Till you are here, look to win something, so that when you go to the other world to have what to bring with you. There is no greater thing than to enter into the new life, into the Divine Kingdom as its citizens. That is why it is said in the Writing: ”Search first for the Divine Kingdom and Its justice and everything else will be applied to you.” You have come on earth to develop the good and the beautiful which is put in you. Have you to put off this work for another regeneration? All the favourable conditions are being given to you to develop one thing – the sixth sense. It is not demanding more from you. From you demands to see things clearly, to feel them correctly and to develop them on place. The Sunrise has to be a model of cleanliness, of light thoughts, of elevated feelings and to noble actions. Help these people who suffer and have need. From the Sunrise has to come out people of the new! And when they see things clearly, to know how to help. We have to be a model in everything. Be models not in words but in actions. If you are not models your words will be a voice in the desert. Which thought has to remain in your mind from today’s lection? – Doubt, apply your critical mind, test the things but keep the good. It is said and in the Writing: “Test everything but keep the good!” I tell you too: Test everything but apply Love! Test everything but walk in the way of Truth! This God demands this from you. 4. Morning Speech from Master delivered on 18 October, 1936, Sofia – Sunrise The Sixth Sense
  12. Good and Bad Way Meditation. I shall read the 26 Chapter of Mathew’s Gospel. While you are reading the Holy Writ, you say: We understand the Word of God, and when you read it once, you thought that it is enough. It is not so. — Why? —Because the understanding grows up. Your understanding is one kind today, tomorrow — another. Your understanding will be quite different after years. When you were small children, you had satisfied with little; as adults, you are not content with that little. Why the people of today are not pleased with their life? They were pleased with little in the old time. This is one question that is hard to be given a scientific answer. Any wants to be a master, to reign. This is impossible. This makes sense you to reign i.е. to master yourself, and not to govern other people. Moreover, you are not going to govern all your life. It is just as if to get issued title-deed every day that the field you work is yours. Then, you have worked it for 30 years and you got issued 30 title-deeds. It is not needed. You listen to the religious people saying: We understand the Lord. We have recognized Him already. — You have recognized Him, but you have not recognized the essential. — What is the essential? — The threads with which you are sewing the garment. It is just as if you have good wool you have spun and woven, but you have not threads, to sew the garment with. — Is not it possible without threads? — No, it is not possible, these threads are the way in which the man[1] walks. Without road you could go nowhere. It leads towards a certain purpose. You ask me: Why we encounter so many obstacles in our life? — Because you have many desires. Unless you get rid of your desires, you could not achieve the truth. For example, a young maid wants to serve the Lord and thinks to get married at the same time. It is not bad, but she could not get these two things in herself. By this reason she comes up against contradictions. Is it possible the school-girl to study and answer the love letters of her sweetheart at the same time? She will answer his letters but she will leave her lessons behind. In the long run, this school girl will finish a school but not the one she started. If he writes her ten letters a day, for a year she will reply to 3650 letters, but what she will gain? He had written her about many different things. For a house, for cornfields, for clothes, for shoes, for drives, for nice meals. And she had replied him the same way but she had gained nothing from these letters. If the young people could realize what they have gained from their letters, they would never write them. — Why? — Because from the letters only empty words and promises left. And the religious people did the same. And they say: We love the Lord, we shall do for Him everything; we shall serve Him with love. — Empty words! You say: I shall turn somebody towards the Lord at least. — How you will turn him? He is not a purse, to be turned inside out. You will try to turn him but it is impossible to turn him. Turning the people towards the Lord, it is not your business. You are required to do one thing: to find threads for sewing your garment. Otherwise, you will be left without a garment. — Why there are no threads? — Because the young man, in order to go out on a date with his beloved in time, he closed the shop earlier that the appointed time. You could not buy threads and you are sorry that your garment will leave uncompleted. The young man says: When I get married I will open my shop in time and I am going to satisfy the demands of my clients. — For him this reason is satisfactory, but is it satisfactory for you? You will be without new garment due to the personal happiness of this young man. I say: The personal happiness will not solve the issues. If you suffer all day and someone else is happy what do you achieve from this? Does it give meaning to your life? The personal happiness does not make the person happy. In the old ages, an adept studying the Jewish Kabala reached to number ten. For studying the laws of this number well, he decided to marry ten times. He had married a woman and left her soon. Like that, he had married another nine times and every time leaving his wives. When he left again alone he said to himself: I have learnt nothing from my marriages. Why I had to marry? And you will say that this adept have done a large foolish thing — he had married ten times. — But you get married every day. Either you get married yourself, or the other people marry you. Some day you understand the sense of the day but sometimes you do not understand it. The sun rises and sets, and you are displeased all the day and you think that the other people are happy and only you are not happy. You see that people have got what you have not. How you will reconcile yourself with that contradiction? The people have gone outside in the sun. They are glad but you are leaning against two crutches and hardly walking. People walk freely on both legs and you on four ones are not free and you feel like a disabled one. Under „a disabled person”, in the broadest sense of the word, I understand the one who has disorders in his soul. He was on the battlefield and returns wounded every time. After that you will say that you are healthy. The world is a battlefield and if you are not careful you might be wounded. Where is the Love there are no disorders. Everyone has possibility to display his love in accordance with his understanding. A priest told me: If I come once again to the Earth I am not going to be a priest again. As many as 30 years I have burnt incense on people and they remained the same. If you ask them to give you 5 — 10 Leva, theу answer they have not. I have burnt incense to hound the devil out of them but I have not hound out none. If you were me, what you will do? — And I will burn incense on them like you. This is said in figurative sense. In the candela there should be fire. Is it wise the priest to burn incense on one hundred dry trees? Do not burn incense on a dry thought or emotions. It is better to put them in the fire to burn out than to burn incense on them. Many people base their life on dry thoughts and emotions. It is one and the same to think that if you become rich then you will put your affairs in order. This is a wrong idea. You will say that you are not guilty for your dry thoughts and emotions. — You are not guilty! — The guilt is in you as well, as in those ones before you who have not solved their issues. Some solved them, and other could not. The fire in the candela should pass in the human heart — and it will start burning with the sacred fire. Incense should come out of human thought! It is required both from the young, and from the old man. The young differs from the old by this that he falls from height. Without thinking too much he rushes from some high place and injures himself, becomes a disabled person. Since he cannot come back home, he allows other people to carry him. For him people say that he is grown old untimely. And you say: We grow old. — In my opinion, old is that man, who in his young days has jumped from the height and become disabled. There is sense to jump from the height if you have achieved at least something — more strength, beauty and reasonableness. Why do you need old age which has added nothing to you? You will lean against crutches and will wonder how to cope with them. The young man has gone with crutches and thought that he has made life provision for himself. He says: If I do not need them today, some day I might need them. There is sense to use crutches but inside you. These are the Love and the Wisdom. Leaning on these two crutches means that you have comprehended your life. Until you use crutches outside everyone might beat you with your own crutches. A disabled man with two crutches under his arms had entered into an orchard to pick some fruit. Gardener caught him and told him: Have you asked anybody to enter the orchard? He took his crutches and beat him. You encounter your own difficulties often and you are afraid. I consider the sufferings from specific point of view. You complaint about your sufferings: I tell you: You are beaten with your own crutches. I think how to set free this man from the blows of his own crutches. I told him: You have made a mistake which you should correct. You have entered the orchard where the gardener used to beat. — How shall I avoid the beating? — You will come into the orchard intended for disabled persons where nobody is beaten. —I did not know, that there is such an orchard, I did see such sign. — Next time you will be careful: if there is no sign, there is beating; if there is a sign, there is no beating. Therefore, I told you: Be alert people in order to see the sign. And then, if you come into the orchard with a sign, you will solve your tasks. — Which orchards are with a sign and which are without? Where the person is received with love and where he is received without love? — You will give an answer to yourself. If you cannot answer to yourself, you will stay in your contradictions as if with crutches. You ask me: Why Christ had to suffer as well? — The sufferings are necessity. Without sufferings there are no achievements. — Is it possible without sufferings? — It possible without sufferings, too. Paganini was asked: Can you play on three strings. — I can. He appeared on the stage and played on three strings. — Can you play on two strings? — I can. — He played on two strings. — On one string? — I can on one string as well. — What about if there are no strings? — He has answered nothing, but he has not appeared any more. Hence, it is possible to live without sufferings, as well, but you will not come any more to the Earth. The life without sufferings is a life of the dried out fountains. You have started on a journey where all the fountains are dried out. This is the bad way in the life. As you want to drink water, you will change the direction you will set out the right way where all fountains are running. — But there will be sufferings. — It is not possible without sufferings. The right way is the way of living and running fountains. Since you have read the sign „Living fountains road”, you will know, that you are on the right way. Where there are no signs, there is no water. The monuments of dead and dried out fountains stood out there. So, coming down from the heaven, you will go to the right way where the fountains run. If you do not follow this way, you will suffer. This is called karma. The Hindu talked for the karma, but something left unexplained always. Somebody have beaten you, is it karma? If you have knowledge, you could foresee that they will beat you. In order not to be beaten, you should reconcile the facts. Without resignation, one will beat, after that the other will beat for revenging. This will continue without a break. Two persons do not love each other. One say to the other: You should admit your fault. — And you should admit yours. Both of them are touchy and they do not want to become reconciled. Each of them maintains his dignity. Actually, nobody has dignity. Both of them are servants, workers sent to the vineyard to work there. The dignity is in the work for taking the hoe and to dig with it. Only that man has dignity that has finished the school successfully and has acquired something. Dignity has the believer, the loving who makes way to his faith and love. However, to believe, it does not mean to be blind in the life. If you put your finger under the sewing machine needle, it will prick you. — Why you have put your finger under the needle? — For trying how does the machine sew. — Your fingers do not need such experience. — I want to try the evil. — Why you are going to try it? — I am going to try the love and dislike. — There is sense to try the Love, but not the dislike. It will not bring you anything. Do not make this attempt. To try the dislike and love, this is a big attempt. Enter a room and turn off the lamp, after that turn it on again. By trying the light and the dark, you will understand by yourself, what is the love and what is dislike. Where the light penetrates, there is the love; where is the dark, there is the dislike. If you close your windows alone, in order to stop penetrating the light inside; do not blame others for it. If you open them and you do not remember that have opened them; do not blame others for it. Thank God that He has inserted reasonableness in you and you know when to open and close the window. Thank that your heart is lit and the sacred fire of Love burns in it. Remember: Whatever is the life, it has some purpose. — What is its purpose? — To acquire the Divine essence and to come to that life that has no beginning and no end. As soon as you come to the beginning and end, you will always have some benefit. — I have big sufferings. — Be glad that there is an end of your sufferings. — What is their end? — Acquiring of reasonableness. In other words: the suffering is useful, if you have become more reasonable and sensible; if you have not become such person, the suffering is useless. — How I shall recognize the end of the things? — By the Love. If you love somebody, you are at the end. When somebody comes to love you, I know already, what will be the end — he will stop loving you. Then it will be your turn — you will love him. So, you will understand why he has loved you. The words I am talking for the love between the people, concerns both for teachers and for students. The teacher teaches his students during the class period — it means that he expresses his love to them. After that he leaves the class and goes home. Must the students cry that their teacher has left them? — No, they should love him now. — How? — By learning the taught lesson. The sufferings of people due to the fact they have not learnt the lessons taught by the teacher. The drunkard does not learn his lessons well and seeks the reason for his ill luck in other people. — No, the reason is in him. He goes to drink from a pub to another until one day he sobers up and understands that all his punishments and sufferings do not come from the God, but from the bartender. The world where we live is a great school. However, many people take the wrong way. — Why do they make a mistake? — Because they do not see any signs. Everywhere they enter — in orchards, in houses, in schools, nowhere is a sign. They start some work — again without any signs. And, at the end of the day, they do not know, who teaches them, what they study etc. Be alert to know where you were enrolled and what you study. I talk to you often for execution of God’s will. You ask me, what the God’s will is. — To warm yourselves in the sun. — May we warm ourselves in the fire? — You may in the fire as well, but only in the fire of your good friend who loves you. If you warm yourself in a fire of a person who does not love you, you will be in a contradiction. However, this concerns you[2] not the people in the world[3]. Only the sun of life, i.е. the Love solves the difficulties and contradictions. — And people could solve our difficulties. — No, only God in the people solves the contradictions and difficulties. Under „God” I understand the Love. Where is the Love, there no contradictions are possible. — I want to live without contradictions and sufferings; I want to be a learnt man, to know more than my close relatives. — And this is possible, but under other life conditions. There, the devil knows much, but he is unhappy. — Why the devil is unhappy? — Because he has broken his relation with the Divine World. You cannot live outside the God and to be happy. Since you are on the Earth, you will rely on the God and not on the people. The son relies on his father’s wealth. He does not learn and work anything. One day the father dies and does not leave anything to his son. The son is disappointed as he realizes that he has no money in his pocket and becomes a servant. Rely on the Divine in you, it will help you. If something comes from outside, from your father, thank for it, too. I do not say that you should not rely on the people. We are going to rely on them, too but we do not rely on their wrong views. To escape from the people, it is extremes. Relying on their right views this is a matter of course. Using the experience of other people, this is a common thing. Therefore, be friends with people, have a good look at their life and be taught by it. You should help each other. I have heard the talk between two disabled persons. One said: I was on the battlefield; I fought for my fatherland but I was hard hit; I was injured in the arm and I become disabled. The other said: And I have fought for the people but I was injured in the leg. Both are disabled persons and they ask each other why they have to fight. It is not bad that they have fought. It is bad that they suffer now and they cannot realize their suffering. Today they are said to be heroes, but they are not. They feel sorry that they have been on the battlefield and that they have become disabled for the life. One father told his child: Son, go to light the fire in the fireplace, all is ready: and the fire wood, and kindling wood. Only strike a match and the fire would be lit. The child took the box of matches but he goes to the barn and he lights the hay. The fire spread the neighbouring barns and causes big fire. Many of present people are such children —instead to light the fire in their fireside, they light the barns of other people. When they realize what they have done, they ask for help other people to extinguish the fire. A sister told me: I do not know, what to do, there is fire burning on my head. I cannot live among the people any more. — You cannot, because you have lit their barns. You se the fire and you do not know what to do. You do not do right. There is something that you do not understand. You get into bad ways in the life, but you think that you are into the right ways. Go back and take the right path. — Am I the biggest sinner? — That is not the issue. Sometimes the small faults produce bad effects. One young sister asked me what are the life’s joy and sorrows like. For understanding me I gave her the following example. The joy and the sorrow are two lakes. If you enter the Sorrow Lake you will suffer. If you come out of it, you will feel small joy. If you enter the Joy Lake, you will feel big joy. Coming out of it, you will feel small sorrow. Therefore, stay far from the Sorrow Lake for feeling small joy. If you are looking for big joy, do not come out of Joy Lake. When people have not succeeded in their life they will always find something to be an excuse for this failure. The old man says: Well now, if I were a young man, it will be different! The young man says: I am still young; I have to have the time of my life. When I grew old I will think for the next world. — There is no need to think for the next world, but either as a young, or as an old man, you have to lead a good life. The law is one and the same for both of them – for the young and for the old man. This is incorrect understanding of life to think that the old should lead one type of life and the young – another type. If the old man enters the Sorrow Lake he will suffer the same way as the young man. If he enters the Joy Lake, he will be glad as the young man.; the moments of suffering and joy are inevitable equally, both for the young and for the old. Why do Sorrow Lake and Joy Lake exist, do not ask. Why do wealth and poverty exist, do not ask as well. If you do not want to be a poor person, stay far from the poverty. — But it will come to me. — No, the man goes by himself to the poverty; it never comes to the person. If you do not want to become an ignoramus, stay far from the ignorance. The man goes by himself to the ignorance, and ignorance does not come to him. An eminent learned man married for a young and beautiful girl but they did not live well. He has taken to drink with sorrow and he has sold all the books in his library in order to have money for wine. Soon he has lost his knowledge and has become an ignoramus. And contrary, the ignoramus could become a learned man. — How? — He is hard-working, he saves money and buys books. He reads long hours, self-educates and acquires knowledge. It depends on the man if he will become a learned man or ignoramus. You say: I could easily become rich or learnt man, but how I will acquire the love? — And the love could not be acquired at once. It is like the light. It easy to turn the key of the light, but how long it was worked since that light was achieved. — But the Love comes from the God. — Right, it comes from the God, but time is needed to create in yourself the conditions for Love’s coming. As little is your Love today, thank for it. As little knowledge you have, again thank. Some people come to me to complain that they are not beautiful ones. You are right. In the past you were beautiful, but you have fallen into a deep sleep, and during this time somebody has painted you, he has put such colours on you that have lost your beauty. Now nothing is left but you have to work on you for changing these colours. God has inserted in you cosmetic means and you could recover your beauty with these means. Working on you, you will remove those conditions that make you ugly. The human soul is beautiful. The things that make you ugly are the shadows of the life. Love the Truth with all your heart and you will become beautiful. The beauty is a sign that you beloved the truth. He who applies the beauty for his development, he will be blessed by the God. This means he will become rich, learnt and strong man. Remember: You have to learn many things still. You want to go in the sky, but the way you are made now, even you go there, you do not understand anything. — What are you going to do there? — We shell be thought by the angels. — Yes, but they do not like people who think that know all. Angles like people with dawning consciousness looking for the truth. They will not come as preachers, to persuade you. There are people appointed for preachers. When the angel came to Zachary to announce him that he will have a son, he does not believe it. The angel did not convince him but told him: You will be dumb until the birth of your son. Until you have faults and flaws, the angels will not take care with you. They are severe, categorical. If they see a dead person, they give orders to bury him; they do not take care for dead. The dead person will pass through sufferings in order to become clean and after that he could rise in the heavens. And Christ had passed through sufferings, because he understood their sense. He was affected for the mankind and he stood their surety. Christ had drunk up the bitter cup, but he understood the deep meaning of suffering. The mankind could not be saved without Christ. Knowing this, do not become again slaves to the world. You look for happiness on the earth but you cannot find it. There is no happiness on the earth. If you look for happiness, you will find it only in the God. There is no happiness without God, without light. I have heard priests to say: We feel like to take our leaves to the forest and to run away from the people. — No, you will serve the God and you will do His will. There is a beautiful world. The happiness is there. He, who wants to become a member of this world, he should be a hero. Suffering many hardships and passing through all storms, he will reach the harbour and his life will be joy. If you live under the best conditions you will suffer some hardships. Keep the God’s law. God have not stopped loving you. Apparently He might move away from you. His purpose is to make you to think. — Isn’t it possible God to be all our life with us? — The sun does not shine all 24 hours. Despite, it rises in the East and sets in West. The God’s Love is displayed at dawn, but human love at sunset. Then you will light your candle and you will read. This is your love to the God. In the morning the sun will rise again and the God’s love will be displayed again. If you want to live in uninterrupted love, you have to rise in the highest sky, where there is no sunset and where the sun shines all the time. But on the earth, the sun rises and sets; as soon as it sets, the moon appears. The sun light is one type, and the moon light is another. Now you want to be happy. Since you could not obtain the happiness, you think that the people do not love you. You say: Why the people do not love me? Why I cannot achieve my wishes? — You are not the only man who has not achieved his wished. A day will come when you will achieve them. Do not lie yourself that you will achieve all your wishes and will be happy. Now it is time for work. After finishing your work you will be happy. You work suffering and being glad. He who wants to be happy earlier, he will lose even what he has. Christ said to Peter: „Assuredly, I say to you that this night, before the rooster crows, you will deny Me three times.” Not only Peter had denied Christ. And also Judas had denied Him, selling Him for thirty pieces of silver. And the other disciples fled. At the end, both Peter and Judas were sorry and remorseful. Judas even hanged himself. And today many of the Christians give up on Christ. They say: We do not want to follow Christ’s Teaching. — This is Judas’s life. — Yes, but after that, misfortune will come also for them. A day will come when even they, like the Christ’s disciples will be remorseful. Until that time, it is required everybody to work on themselves. Get down all your talents and abilities to work. And whatever you do, God will turn it into Good. Be grateful that your eyes and ears are open. Be grateful that you have the possibility to achieve the great aim of the Life. What is the great aim you will understand it when you climb up the high peak. Whichever way you were described the Light Future, you could not imagine it. It will atone for all your sufferings you have passed through. Open your windows so that more light to enter. Light your fire and prepare yourself sop[4]. Wash yourself properly, have a bite to eat and thank for all given to you. — Will the world come right soon? — If all people act this way, the world will become all right easily. Let everyone lights his fire, puts on his clothes and goes outside into the light and everything will be all right. When you listen to me talking this way, you ask yourself: Who is going to rise into the heaven? — Everywhere, in all countries all over the world, there are candidates for the heaven. You want to know if all of you will enter the God’s kingdom. I shall express figuratively: I am sitting near the fire. The trees are asking me what will happen with them. — It is very simple, all of you will burn. — We are not moving from here. — You will be put into the fire and will turn to wood ash, nobody will ask you whether you want or not. And I am telling you: All of you will transform and not to wood ash. The frozen water will turn to liquid; the cold air will turn to warm air; the seed that did not come up will germinate; the blind will start seeing; the deaf will start hearing; the dumb will start talking; the lame will start walking; the sick will get up from the bed, and the uneducated will acquire knowledge. Let us thank that we are at a school, where the all goods and blessings expect us. What it was until now? You have gone to school, you were given poor marks, D marks, C marks, and you almost have not obtained excellent marks. These are temporary works. F marks and poor marks could be mended. F mark is a horse, get on its back. Poor marks are a pair of harnessed oxen, get on the cart. D mark is a free horse - let it run in the forest. C marks are two pairs of oxen, and the excellent marks – three pairs of oxen that plough up the soil deeper. Then the field bears more. This means, the heart and the mind to start bearing, the ugly sights to be eliminated in the world. You have to free yourself from many things. When you enter the reasonable world you will unite and you will be set free from your faults. One day when you meet on the Earth, you do not see your faults. This means to become beautiful, your faces to start shining. — The displayed love of the Spirit, the displayed wisdom pf the Spirit, the displayed truth of the Spirit brings the complete life of God, of the United, Eternal God of the life. (25) Twenty fifth Morning Lecture given by the Master Beinsa Douno, on 19 March, 1933. Sofia, — Izgrev. [1] Man – the Bulgarian word chovek signifies a thinking and conscious human, without reference to gender. The current translation uses English equivalents such as person and one wherever possible. In certain instances the word man is used instead. The use of man, he, his, him in reference to chovek are used to facilitate the reading of the text, however they should be interpreted as an indication of both the feminine and masculine genders. [2] disciples –translator’s note [3] People who are not disciples, not included in Master’s School [4] sop – (Bulgarian word - popara) bread and cheese sopped in hot water Good and Bad Way
  13. Note 3 The Most Beautiful Day III Morning speech, held by the Teacher On 16th April 1944, 5 a.m., Easter, the village of Marchaevo, Sofia region The Good Prayer. 91 Psalm. The Prayer of the Kingdom. „God's Spirit“ (quietly). I will read chapter one of John’s gospel. The sun is rising. In the Universe there are many suns, millions of suns. But there is only one sun that the earth makes use of, the sun that shines. The other suns provide very little warmth, very little light. I say: The Earth can only count on the sun. In contemporary life, people rely on many suns and constellations. The other suns are just to determine the time and events that happen. In English the word “star” means a star, it means “shine”, in Bulgarian this word means ‘old’ – a man whose legs have become weak. According to the Bulgarian, if a man relies on the stars, he has grown pretty old. All old people are old stars that cannot help the earth. Now you all possess knowledge, you say, “Christ has come to save the world” What is salvation? It cannot be explained. I have heard a lot of explanations up until now. I wonder at the explanations the preachers give. Christ has come to save the world. Did He save it? If the world has been saved, people would not be ill. You say, “We have to follow a law”. There must be a law that the man should follow, to know how he should act. For whom has the law been created – for the healthy or for the ill? There is a law for the healthy people, for the clever, for the good people. For the bad people there is no law. They make a law restriction. That law is a very different one. The real law is the one that shows the way to man, that shows him how to act. To tie up a person, to lock him in a building, this is a restriction. The people say, “It is a law”. I say: Most people have no idea about the law as a restriction. This is not a law. This is an animal state. In the kingdom of animals the big animals restrict the small ones. They call it a law. The small animals do not argue with the big ones. When the small creature sees the big one, it makes a way from a distance, it tries to be as far as possible. Because the big creature is a public prosecutor, a judge and a guard. The big animal imposes everything. If you transgress, it will have it out with you according to all rules. There is no one to defend you. In fact there is someone to defend you. Do not think that when animals transgress there is no one to stand up for them. They also have karma; there is animal karma in the world. A wolf that has eaten thousands of sheep, is not a wolf, but becomes a sheep. Because when having eaten all these sheep, the substance of the sheep would penetrate him and he would be built of a sheep’s substance. To expiate the karma, the other wolves start eating him, to experience what it is like. In the old days he used to tear the sheep, it was very good, there was fresh meat. The wolf said, “God has created the world like that”. When the others started to tear him apart, he says, “It is not as I thought in the time before”. When I watch people, I see that they have not learned to tell the truth. Out of ten things that they say, there are nine lies and one truth. Someone is recounting something, but he would not describe it exactly as it is. I was told that the backside of the Vitosha Mountain was very nice. I was told that Selimitsa, a place somewhere, was very nice. I see the people, who lived in Selimitsa, are ailing. It is not a good place. As I heard the name Selimitsa, I noticed that there is no outlet, it is a hollow place. Some people start softly, but finish roughly. I can give as an example the young maids. When they meet a young lad for the first time, they are very good. The lads are the same. The old people, too. In all the people the character is the same. It is the same with the students, too. When a new teacher comes, they do not know him, they think he is very erudite, they tremble before him. When they realize this, they say he does not know much. They deceive themselves in that way. Do you think that when the sun is rising from the east, it is so small? I see the sun as if I can take it in my hands and carry it. It is not big. I wonder how such a small sun can do such a great job in the world. You say, “It is the deed of God”. Such a small sun lights up the world. The people have no clear idea about the sun. The sun is not small. If you take binoculars you would see that at one side it draws the objects closer and they seem bigger, and at the other side the objects recede. I say, “There are several necessary things in the world”. Sometimes we talk about love. In my mind love is an impulse, the first impulse in the world. If this impulse does not come, you will not be able to do anything. You have a lump of sugar or an apple. You have an impulse to eat it. Before that you have no clear idea. Just after you start eating the apple you will have a real notion what the apple is. What is an apple like? There is a creature, locked in the apple, that has to pay you something in order to be accepted in the home. It will go inside you and examine you. After an apple has come inside you, it already knows what kind of a person you are. First you will chew it with your teeth. This is music. Your orchestra is playing. You take it in, take off its clothing. Finally, through the entrance of the reception room it goes in and you start looking in the suitcases to see what it has brought. When you take everything that the apple has brought, you say “Go away!” You chase it out through a door. And the apple regrets having come in. Isn’t it so? You accept a person, saying: “I am ready to sacrifice myself for you.” Then a day comes when you kick him out with the words: “I do not want to know anything, you are not a man.” Now I will explain what I mean by saying that he was not a man. All valuable things are packed. You say, “He is still not a man”. For example, there is a packed box that has arrived. There is something in the box. The box itself is not important, but there is a precious stone in the box. You have to open that box. The precious stone is a small one. When you take it out, it has other qualities. Often we are under a delusion with the external box of the people. The body that you have is only a box. By the body we judge that a man is nice, good. By the body you cannot judge whether a man is good. You say, “How nice these hands are”. You know how many buffets these hands can make. –“How nice these feet are!” – You know how many kicks they can give. You say: “How nice that mouth is!” – You know how many teeth there are in the mouth. The hands are not the man, the legs are not the man, the mouth is not the man. The real essence of the man is what is inside him. Outside the box there is not a more beautiful creature than man. There is not a worse creature than man inside the box. With this box everyone can harm you. Sometimes the boxes are very solid. Such a box can strike you, hit your head. You would say that the precious stone has hit you, not the box. I have not seen a precious stone break someone’s head. How is it possible for the creature that has originated from God to jostle you. When Christ is described as kind-hearted, he says: “Kind-hearted is just one God.” You say: “The man has come from God. How is it possible for a creature that has come from God to break the heads of the people? Why on earth? I say: The knowledge that you have now is just a bud. Sometimes you think you know love. I have talked about love, but I have talked only about the bud of love. About the blossom of love I have said nothing yet. What love is as a blossom, I have told you nothing yet. What love is as a fruit, it will be explained to you for many years. Now you may have as many theories as you want. If you know the bud, when it blooms you will know the blossom, too. A man who does not know the bud cannot know the fruit either. They come one after the other. John says: „No one has ever seen God“. In which respect it is right? You cannot see God without love. Only with love can you see God. When someone says that he is blind, it means that there is no love. All people that have no love are blind, they cannot see. Now I want you to get free. You like to criticize. Many people have complained to me. Since I have come to Bulgaria, how many women have complained of their husbands. There are thousands of women who complain of their husbands. There are thousands of men who complain of their wives. There are thousands of sons who complain of their fathers. There are thousands of daughters who complain of their mothers. There are thousands of students who complain of their teachers. There are thousands of teachers who complain of their students. There are thousands of servants who complain of their masters. I have listened to them as an entertainment, as things that are not true. All this that the people are telling me is something not essential. I use “thousands of people” who have told me things in the manner of humans. If I say one hundred, it means that they have told me things in the manner of angels. So, it means that thousands of people have told me what is not true. Someone says: “He insulted me a lot.” How did he insult you? He said to me a very bad word. What bad word? He called me a bull. I say, “He told you very well”. He has told you to go and learn. I say: “You do not understand that word. God created the people to lead people in knowledge. They have made the path along which they studied. You climb on a horse and say, “This is a horse”. This stupid horse leads you anywhere, carrying the load, serving you. That person has told you “You are a bull”. You do not understand the things. These cherubs have taken the shape of bulls. Then what would you say? You would not see a cherub in the form of a man, but in the shape of an animal. What would you say now? Sometimes you get on the horse and your health gets better. Sometimes you get on the horse and you have a run of luck. Sometimes you get on the horse and you pass your exam well. Sometimes you get on the horse and it breaks a trail for you, that one the stupid horse. In this horse there lives an honourable creature, you have never dreamt about what a favour it does to you. An angel that has taken the lowest shape to serve you from love to God. You say, “This is a bull”. You should not talk like that. You should pat it on the back and say “Thank you very much, you are giving me a very good lesson. I wish one day I would be like you. How many of you would like to be bulls. I have seen excellent deeds of animals. I will give an example. A man has told me the following story. One day I was very hungry. We were sitting under a pear-tree, but all the fruits were picked up. I said to myself that I should have come earlier. You never know when to come, everything is picked up. Some time later a slight wind came and 5-6 pears fell down. Something was left on the tree for him. Now someone is thinking that there is no providence in this. There is providence. There exists providence in the world. Along the path that we have to pass God has left everything that we need. God has made it so that in every person that we meet there is something good left for us. With the animals, at the trees, at the springs, wherever you take a seat, we have to be thankful that there is something that we can take. You leave it, you do not take it and you start looking for something else. You sit down on a stone, on another one, at one tree, at another tree, with one person, with another person and you say: My hair turned white, all the people are not divine. Only you are a divine person, a holy person, there is no one else like you. All the people are bad, you are the only good person. The whole world is inside God. Everything that is inside God is great. The only impurity that exists is what exists inside us, individually in every person. Since all the people partially do not live according to God’s laws, the impurity exists inside them. I would like to give you an explanation. I have not met a person who thanks. When the apostles came back after they were beaten, they were joyous. Now I see a child, his mother has beaten him and he is not joyous but is crying. He complains. Someone was beaten by his father, he complains again. Apostle Paul was beaten five times, each time 39 hits, and he says: I will praise with my sufferings. Do not pay attention to the human deeds. Sometimes you get deluded. A man has a very nice handwriting. But his letters are poor in content. Someone writes one big letter, then one small one, but the content of what he writes is rich, although his writing is not nice. Sometimes you will find it difficult to read a letter, it is not written nicely, but it is meaningful. It is better to have ugly written letters, than nice letters lacking content. Because what is a beautiful maid, who cannot say a nice word. What is a beautiful maid if she cannot knead a good loaf of bread. There are maids that after they knead a loaf of bread, the people get ill from it. I have suffered a lot from bad bread and from badly cooked food. Someone is cooking but he brings poison in the dish. He stirs in the pan with his bad thoughts. He says: Damned pot, why do I have to cook now, and so on. This is not the right way to cook. This is where the difficulty is. Since many people have passed before us along the path we are walking now, they have soiled it and now the path is dirty. We also have to get dirty. If these people, who have passed before us, had paved the road, if they have made it slightly inclined, now it would be clean. They have left all the mud. The Bulgarian possesses one feature, there is a bit cleanliness in him. When I investigated the Bulgarians, I found the cleanest Bulgarians, they are the people from the town of Elena. They are cleaner than the Americans are. When Sunday comes, they start sweeping the streets, when they go inside the house, it looks as if no human foot has ever stepped there. When you enter inside, you have to take off your shoes, everything is clean. In other places I have seen that someone goes inside with mud, not having cleaned his shoes, and it gets dirty inside. Then he starts apologizing. After that he would not take a hoe to clean up, but would say: I am sorry, I brought some mud in, but it is for good harvest given by God. Well, I do not mind. A person comes in, he insults you. He has brought mud inside. Then he apologizes. He says: I am sorry, it is for good harvest. Sometimes the insult is very little. He says: You are not an educated man, you do not play very well. He is right. Sometimes the father says a word to his son and the son does not get insulted at all. He says: My little porker. He says it softly, the son does not get insulted. He says “My little porker”. I do not know why the father says my little porker and not my little lamb. He says: “My little porker” and pats him on the back. You know where the secret is. The Bulgarian word for “porker” contains the word that means “money”. The implication is that this child will earn money, he is clever. He will become a banker, a rich man. Porker means having money. The one who does not know says a “porker”. The one who knows says “with money”. The father does not say a porker, but he says “with money”. This child will be rich. I say: In this life we have to thank God for the eyes he has given to us. We have to thank God for the ears he has given to us. We have to thank God for the mouth, the nose, the hands, the legs, the heart. I want to tell you how we have to thank. Imagine that a famous fiddler comes to play. It is wintertime, the people are careless, they do not know that the hall has to be heated. Then the fiddler wants to play. I say: I, the person that is familiar with this, will take care of preparing the conditions, I will take care of heating the hall. He needs a piano. I will find the best one. I will try. I will take part in arranging all chairs well and put everything in order. I want to ask how many of you heat the divine hall, as it should be when God has to come. How many of you heat that hall well enough as it should be? You say, "We have been walking on that road for 20 years". I have been on that path for thousands of years and I consider that I do not know anything, and you think that in 20 years you know everything. There is knowledge at the second-hand market, where old things are sold, shoes, re-dyed clothes. In the religious world I see you dressed in such rags. I will give you a piece of advice. Never put on old religious clothes. You will find the best clothing, made from the best fabric. Now you want resurrection. Find a day in your life in which you have served God in the way you should serve Him. Find one of the most beautiful days in your life in which you have thought about God during the whole day. Now, what does it mean to think about God? To be so sharp-witted and realize that God wants to do somebody good and since He cannot come down to earth, you do it immediately. There is an ill person who has prayed to God to plough his field. God does not have oxen to plough his field, you will go and do the work instead of God. A child has prayed to God, he has no clothes, it is wintertime. God will not send the angels to the earth, it is you that have to guess and do God’s work. Two people have argued, they have fought, as it often happens, and you should go and do God’s work. I have seen fathers who have beaten their sons, but I have also seen sons who have beaten their fathers. The son is praying and the father is praying for someone to come and tell them what to do. God will not come down, but you can go and do His work. This means to love God. Yesterday a sister came to me. I read a number from a book to her and told her: Choose a number. She chose 52. I said: you have chosen two mothers to talk to you. You chose them in the way that you put the ignorant mother behind and the more educated mother in front. You will turn 52 to 25. 25 is the Divine order of things, 52 is the human order of things. We read 52 in a book. First is the ignorant mother, then comes the other one to correct. I will tell you a joke that was told to me by a man from the Varna region. He found a beautiful maid, they got engaged. He said to his friend: “Come to see what good features she has. She can make good coffee, sweet coffee. She has manners, she knows how to serve, she is patient. He praised her. When she prepared the coffee, the salt and the sugar pot were nearby. To her beloved she made the coffee with sugar, and in the coffee of his friend she put two teaspoonfuls of salt. The fiancée was drinking his coffee, how good it was. His fried was looking at him and wondered why it was like that. He was ashamed to say that there was salt in his coffee. Then the maid came to serve them jam. He stretched his leg, tripped her up and she dropped the whole tray. She said: It is okay things like that can happen. Look – what a character she has. She has temperance, she does not get insulted at all. Later he asked her: “Did you get insulted? – You had to see what I did downstairs after I brought the utensils. I caught the table board in my teeth and I chewed it. She said: If I get hold of you, I will chew you like that, too. I say: Be careful not to put salt in the coffee of your friends, of your beloved. No one can see God without love. His only son understood that only love could bring knowledge. As long as you see God, you will become like Him. It is written in the Scripture: God made the man as his own personification. God made the man to love, as God loves. I say: This is the only thought that I am leaving to you. If you are a musician, play in the best way you can, without making mistakes. This is the best thing. Not to ask “Did I play well?” If you play well all the people will be pleased. If you are a cook, cook in the best way you can: put the best butters, put the best onion, the best potatoes, so that the meal is perfect. If you are a tailor, sew the most beautiful clothing, without a mistake, so that who wears the clothing would say: “It is very nice clothing”. If you are a shoemaker, it should be the same. I say: When you meet somebody, say the best words. When you go to an ill person, say “Your health will get better in a few weeks, you will go to the field to reap. To a poor man you should say: You will become rich one day. To a young maid you should say: “You will become beautiful, you will get married, you will have children”. Tell the people the best thing that you know. You say to yourselves “Who knows if it will ever happen”. Say: This will happen. God wants us to help in the cleverest way. You say: You will do no good. You will not finish school, you will lose what you have. These are ordinary things of a rotten life. Now the law is a motivating reason as well as money is. The maid is beautiful, this is money. The maid is healthy, this is money. She is full of magnetism, this is money. The maid that can work, this is a law. The maid that serves the law knows how to work, the maid that is beautiful has money, she is free, and she gets dressed well. A maid that goes with the law has to work. A maid that goes with money, she has a rest. This is like the story of the Japanese prince, who went to America to study the American life. He asked in a rich family to find a servant’s place for him. He served for two months. The American said: you have served for two months but you are an excellent servant. But he always had with him the Latin grammar book. When he has some free time, the Japanese man studied the Latin language. Now I would like you to study the grammar of love. Let me tell you: If the committee examines you on grammar, do you know what mark it will give you. You will fail. I have given the following example. In China there were two wise men, and one of them was an example of patience. Every day he helped everybody who came to him. A man came to him 29 times, the wise man accepted him and helped him. The other one wanted to imitate the first wise man. When the poor man went to test him on the fifth time the wise man said: You came too far, once, twice, three times I understand, but five times? The poor man said: You are far behind. I went to the other wise man 29 times, he said nothing to me, but when I came five times to you, you jumped out of your skin. What does Christ say, how many times must we forgive? Seven times 77. Remember one thing: every step that you make, everything in the world that you do, you do not do it for others. It will go to other people and whatever it gains, it will come back to you. This is the law. Nobody can avoid it. Therefore, if you want to succeed, do good and it will come back to you. Be glad for the good and the evil that you bear, it will return back to you. Your evil will not remain with the people, it will cause little harm to the people, they will send it back. The good deeds will be sent to the one who has done them. The first thing: We have to go to heaven with a life that we have gained. Everything that we do for God will come back to us. It will exalt us. It means that when God’s Love comes, it will exalt us. Without love the man cannot be exalted in the world. When we love somebody the mistakes get transformed. Whatever we do, it will return. If a mistake can divert Love, it is stronger. And Love is the strongest thing. The Divine Love turns all mistakes into precious stones, when we love God. It is said in the Scripture: All that happens to those who love God, will change for the better Do not be sorry, it is not a personal experience. We cannot talk about other people. He says: He is a patient man. Patience is a whole science. It must be taught like music. You have no patience. When peace comes, some time, I will play the music of patience for you. You do not know what the music of patience is. I have listened to many songs about love, but till now I have listened only to three people, singing out of love. If we have a developed ear, we will listen to the Divine singing. We cannot render what the rivers teach. We cannot render what the flowers teach. We cannot render what the birds teach. If we want to render something, we cannot render the Divine. Here is an example. If you sing with love to an ill person, he will recover. So strong are the vibrations that this man will immediately forget his illness. You are singing to him, he is moaning. You say: I have sung to him. Everyone, who loves, will see God. Everyone, who does not love, will not see God. When someone does not see God, this is hell. When someone sees God, that is it. Now I wish you to listen, when God is talking to you inside. You should listen well and you should render it well. Then there is an educating method: the fiddler talks very well, the audience is listening. There are fiddlers who when playing to one hundred people, ten of them recover their health. There are fiddlers who when playing 20% get better, when others are playing 30% recover their health, 40%, 50%. There are few that when playing everyone get better. I say: Perfection is when we come at least 75% should get better. Now you are here in Marchaevo and you are constantly saying: We have no convenience, it is very narrow. I am not worried. There is a whole hill standing in front of me, shutting out the sun. It says, you do not stay inside, come up there. The eastern wind is pretty cold, come here to warm up. On the way young and old are constantly singing. At a time someone shouts out “Hello, hello! Why are you sitting there, when will you come to preach to us. We have taken to drinking. Come and talk to us. I say: In the world there is a lot of work to do. Now we have holidays here, we have stopped the classes, we are on vacation. Soon the vacation will be over, the new term will start, we will go back to school to study. When we go back we have to be armed with fresh energy, with a new impulse. When we go in to accept and to enjoy the new that will be taught to us. It will be soon. The apostles say: The Kingdom of God will soon come. Two thousand years have already passed. Now it will be the first time that something will happen. There is something that only God can do. What nobody can do, God will do. God will do what nobody else can do. We expect to happen what nobody can do. What is done we know that it is done by God. What God will do is good. Love can be manifested in the way God shows it. Every one of you, when you feel that love, you should render it in the way you have seen. You cannot give it in that way, but as close as possible. The people who lived in Marchaevo wanted to join the power-supply system. They needed to have wires. They had to give brass. They gave brass and the wires arrived. They received the wires, but they were not given the electrometers. Then they had a problem in receiving a transformer, and what not followed. The people from Marchaevo were not ready for the light. They say: Why should we have light to turn it off and on constantly, several times in the evening, to give us unnecessary work: to turn the light on and off. We will give you light when it will be not necessary to turn it off. I say: The new light that will come, the new Love will never go out. The real light of Love and freedom will live forever, it will not go out. This is God’s blessing. The Lord's Prayer. Source
  14. Note 3 Eternal Living I Summer Morning oration, held by the Teacher on 19.3.1944, at 6:00 a.m., in the village of Marchaevo, Sofia district The oration ended at 6: 45 a.m. The sky was clear. The moon wanes until 24 March. The weather is calm, mild, and warm. The room was well lit with a gas lamp on a mantle. 30–40 people were present. The good prayer. Psalm 91. The prayer of the Kingdom. „The Spirit of God.“ I will read to you only three verses, which are related to the present and the future of man. You will find them in the Gospel: This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent. If My words live within you, you live within Me, my Father and I will come and will make a home within you and I will be manifested for you. I am the Path, The Truth and Life. These three verses are related to the Path, the Truth, and Life. If the Path does not lead anywhere, if it is closed, where would you go? The Path shows that you must have the conditions to move along it. But there cannot be movement if there is no light in the man, if there is no warmth – an internal impulse, and if there is no strength, by which he would walk his way. In the Path lies the sense of life. What is sense? A meal has sense when the food brings you delight and satisfaction. The reading of a book has sense when it gives you joy. If you are reading a book in a foreign language and you do not understand the meaning of the words, what is the point in it? The man, who does not understand Love in its elementary forms, has not understood the sense of life. If you do not appreciate life on earth, how would you appreciate life in Heaven? We can say that life on earth is a bud, the angel's life is a blossom, and the Divine life is a ripe fruit. You say: A fruit. But if the fruit has not passed through the stage of the blossom, it cannot become a fruit, as well as the flower cannot turn into a flower if it has not been a bud. In the bud there is a certain power [strength], which is used up in the blossom. The blossom is talking. When a plant is in blossom [blooms], it is talking. The smell is the speech of the plant. Some plants that talk better have a more pleasant, sweet fragrance. We think that fragrance is something meaningless. It is a whole poetry, similar to the verse of a poet that you are reading. And if you do not understand the language, it has no meaning. If you do understand the language, it is meaningful to you. A mathematical formula has a meaning to the mathematician. For an ordinary person it is meaningless. We have to get rid of that mechanical understanding. We think that life can be inspired. Life cannot be inspired - it cannot be inspired from anywhere. There is something that gets inspired in man, but it is not life. Let's say that something is poured in the lamp, but it is not the light - the light comes later. You should have the knowledge to turn petrol into gas state, and to turn that gas into light. You need to have a lighter for that purpose. There are three lighters in the world. The first lighter is the Love, the second is the Wisdom and the third one is the Truth. A person, who is not able to get lighted in the three ways, would not be able to understand what life is, what knowledge is and what freedom is. A man, who has understood Love, becomes immortal. A man, who has understood Wisdom, becomes perfect. A man, who has understood the Truth, becomes free. Somebody says: Let's get free. You can make numerous efforts to get free. The easiest thing is to obtain [get] freedom, but it is also the most difficult thing. If you do not understand Love and Wisdom, you would not be able to understand the Truth. If you do not understand Love, you would have no idea what the sweetest words in the world are. We understand the contents of things through Love. When we study an apple on the field, we study it according to the laws of Love. Sweetness is an expression of Love. The more rightly Love is understood, the better sweetness is. The sweetness is not only in apples. There are also sweet thoughts, sweet deeds. Sometimes someone could look at you in such a way that your entire day is pleasant. There is sweetness in his eyes. Someone else might look at you and cut you with his eyes. Contemporary people are afraid to die. Do you know why? – Because placed at the boundary of the physical field there are the worst spirits. They are called plunderers: they are the so-called apaches. Whatever you have, they plunder it. Since you have passed through this area many times, you are looking for another way. If you do not want to be plundered, you should have served Love. If you do not want to be plundered, you should have served Wisdom. If you do not want to be plundered, you should have served the Truth. Otherwise you will be plundered according to all rules and then, say the Hindu people, you will go backwards. Everyone, who has been plundered, would go back to gather wealth again. Those who go to the other world must carry something. The son, who has gone to study, if he comes back with no knowledge, then why did he go there? The young man, who loves the maid, loves her for three things. If a maid does not possess the qualities of Love, the qualities of Wisdom and the qualities of the Truth – I am talking about the soul – this woman cannot be loved. The first verse was: This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent. This is the beginning of Love. The second verse was: If My words live within you, you live within Me, my Father and I will come and will make a home within you and I will be manifested for you. This is the Wisdom. The third verse was: I am the Path, the Truth and Life. This is the Truth. If we understand these three things, even at the most elementary level, they will give us a ground for new knowledge. You would never be able to learn a language if you do not have a good ear. If you want to learn the written language, you have to know the alphabet of that language, the names and signs of the letters that are used in the language. In the Divine world things are real. What is the distinguishing feature of the Divine language? In the Divine language, if you say a word, then what you have said happens immediately – the fruit is ripe. In the Divine world things grow ripe. You would never become ripe and cannot obtain something, if your soul does not go into [enter] the Divine world. I am not talking about the body. The body cannot go there. You say: I know this man. How do you know him? You say: This is a good person. How do you recognise the good person? You say: He is a good person, he has an excellent, bright mind. What you cannot describe, that is real. What you cannot determine, this is real. The Divine language, the Divine world can only be felt. The Angels' world can only be seen. And the human world is a world of movement. To be a man, you should walk. You visit one another, don't you? This is the world of the humans. When you visit someone, what do you talk about? In the present conditions you will talk about bombs, about bread, about this and that. The world of the humans is a world of freedom. Here, on earth, you will learn the first letter of freedom. Now, there are things in the world that impede man in understanding Love, the Divine Wisdom, and the Truth. Suppose that you go to visit an ill friend of yours and you have all the good will, you bring him a good, nice apple, a good meal, but he says: I cannot eat. You bring him a good book, with a good subject, but he says: I cannot read. You have brought an aeroplane or a car for him, but he says: I cannot move from my place. So, I say: We live in a world where contemporary people, after having fallen in love, first get ill. What people call Love is the first illness of Love. People enter Love healthy and come out ill, saying: I did not need it. For Love, people fight on the battlefield. For Love, people die for their fatherland. For the love of money – to become rich they work throughout their life. And when they gain money, they leave it to other people and say: Let them use it. How will other people use the money, when I have not used it yet? It is the same as a professor saying to his students: I could not understand that, but you will understand it. The first thing in Love that you have to understand is what the warmth is. Love and human life on earth cannot be revealed without warmth. If we have a thermometer, we can determine the person's Love. Somebody says that he loves me. I would put the thermometer in his armpit and I will define the grades of the warmth. Burning is not Love. Burning means suffering. If you are burning for something, it is not Love, it is lack of love. I have read many books about stolen love. You all believe that love can be stolen. The only thing that cannot be stole is Love. Everything else can be stolen. The only things that cannot be stolen are the things that come out of Love, Wisdom, and Truth. Everything else can be stolen from you. There is a theft. I do not know what you understand by the word 'theft'. Often people mix the notions. For the person who is stealthy, people say that he lies. Stealthiness is not a lie. Lie is the only thing in the world that has no content [that is meaningless]. What is lie? Lie is what has no meaning and no value. The only empty thing, lacking content, is lie. Lie is gold-plated. Sometimes the lie is gilt with Love, sometimes with Wisdom, sometimes with Truth. Everyone, who wants to tell a lie, when he or she comes to you will talk about Love, about knowledge, about freedom. You should not talk about Love. You should not talk about Wisdom. You should not talk about the Truth. About this you keep silent. If you have a stove, how does the stove talk to you? No matter if it talks to you or not, you know when it is cold or hot. I can give you gifts, I can give you the moon, but how will you benefit from that? I can also give you planets, suns, but how will they use them, for example, I give you the sun. When you go to the sun, what will you do? The creatures on the sun are stronger than you, they have Love, they know more than you. It will be ridiculous that you, an ignoramus from the earth, become their master when you go there with your intention. So, sometimes we fall in such a situation. For example, you say: I love it – you expose your intention, you want to reign over it. It is a sun. How will you reign over it? The only thing that cannot be ruled [reigned] is Love. The only thing that cannot be reigned over is Wisdom. The only thing that cannot be reigned over is the Truth. They are absolutely independent. You have to get rid of delusions like that. Sometimes you think why Christ does not understand your sufferings. I ask: Have you suffered like Christ? There is no one of you who has had his pores bleeding, like Christ. That Christ has suffered is still not Love. It shows the great obstacles on the way to gain Love. There were big hindrances on the way of Love. In America, there was a farmer, who had a big farm, but the whole area was covered with stone and the ground did not bear anything. He thought that one day he would leave that land, but a scientist came and told him that the stone was 25 cm thick and underneath there was very good soil. They removed the stone and the fertile soil was under it. So, what we, contemporary people call sin, is that stone plate. It must be broken up. When we break up this stony plate, good soil will come out from under it. The stone, from the stone plate, must be put as a wall around. Imagine that you go to God and you tell Him that you love him and that you are ready to do anything for Him. God, Who knows everything, when He looks at you will say nothing and will give you the least work to see how much you love Him. If you are in a school and you say that you love your teacher, you have to do something to show that you love him; you have to study the lessons he taught. One teacher teaches music, you have to know at least one song. If you love knowledge, you have to understand properly at least one book. If you love light, you have to know what the light is and to talk to it. Sometimes I have said that man must talk with the light. You feel pains in the back. Turn your back to the light and think about the light, about what it contains and the pain will disappear. All pains in the mind come from the lack of light. All pains in the heart come from the lack of warmth. And all pains in the human soul come from the lack of Truth. If you are ready to do anything about the Truth, you are a rich person. When a man comes to you and starts talking about the Truth, you should be ready to do everything that the Truth wants. If you love Wisdom, you should do everything that it wants you to do. It is the Love that you can only love. If you love the Love, then you will have life inside you. The only power that keeps life is Love. It is said: „This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent.“ This is an eternal life, to know Love. For us it is not necessary to go to the next world. We are eternal in the other world. We live at the same time in the world of God, in the world of the angels, and in the world of the humans. With our mind we are in the angels’ world. With our heart we are in God’s world, and with our soul we are in the human world. With your soul you will serve the people. God wants what belongs to him. God does not say: „Give Me your mind“, but says: „Give Me your heart“. He does not say: „Give me your soul“. Christ says: Father, in Your Hands I give My Spirit. However, in all other places in the Bible the prophets put these words in God’s mouth. „My Son, give me your heart“. This heart must go into God’s heart in order to purify. Otherwise, it will remain impure. And if it impure, then all deeds will remain not understood. The human heart gets purified only through light and through the Truth. Purity and sanctity are two different things. Sanctity is a quality of the mind, purity is a quality of the heart, and liberty {freedom} is a quality of the soul. It is said in the Scripture: God breathed in man’s nostrils the Breath of Life and he turned into a living soul. To live means to be free. The first stage of freedom - that is life. In contemporary life, we want people to love us. God, who has created us, loves us, too. Now is the second stage: that we start loving. And we still stay and say: is there anybody who loves us. The fact that you have come to earth in flesh shows that God loves you. Now you have to manifest your Love to God. And if the people do not understand that, their present life becomes senseless. People always expect to be loved by somebody. God loves you. He has showered you with countless goods: you are free when you breathe and the fresh air penetrates your lungs, when you listen, the most pleasant tones come into your ears, the most pleasant fragrance comes into your nose, and the best food comes into your mouth. God has given you the little freedom to go everywhere you would like. What else do you want? This is the law: man to want a lot - this is typical for the human. People want a lot. Take a little child – he/she wants a lot but is satisfied with little. The angels, too, want a lot but are satisfied with even less. And God wants the least. You cannot understand Love if you do not want the least. This is true. Somebody speaks about human, angel’s and God’s Love. I will explain to them with examples. In the case of God’s Love, if you love somebody, when you just see him in the distance, about half a kilometre away, or when you see just his back, his hat, you are merry [happy] during the whole day. He has not talked to you, neither has he seen you, but you are happy. In the case of angel’s Love, the situation is as follows: you are happy when the person smiles to you. With human Love you can shake hands with him, you can touch him. And when you take his hand you might feel that it is cold and when he starts talking, you would see that his words [speech] are not good. We all stumble in human Love. So, do not shake hands before you have understood God’s Love and angel’s Love. Angels are beautiful. A person, who is not beautiful, is not an angel. To be an angel you should be beautiful, and to be Divine, you should take the least. When you are given a lump of sugar, you should carry the lump all the day long and be pleased [delighted] with it. I have watched a child: he would lick the sugar lump and would put it back in his pocket, and he would rejoice at it and then he would take it out again and have another lick. What have we gained till now? You have been beautiful, but one day you look at yourself and see that you have grown old. You have loved everybody and everybody has loved you. But a day comes when no one loves you. Your sons, your friends, your sons-in-law say about you – the old man – let God take him, to leave this world. There is no greater suffering than that. Now I would like to suggest to you the following: not to be rich, because you are rich. No one could give you greater wealth. Not to give you knowledge, you have a lot of knowledge, you have a lot of libraries, books, scientific works, but you do not know how to read them. You also have freedom, but you are tied up. Sometimes children tie up a bug, the bug flies up, but since it has a thread tied to its leg it falls down. You want to be free, but some child has tied you up by your leg. You fly up, and then thump, you fall down, because you are tied up by a child, who is playing with you. You love somebody, but you have been tied and you suffer all day long. You have money, you have everything, but you say: I will not go out today because I do not want to get robbed. You are tied to the money. You say: I have money but I will not go out because I do not want my safe to get broken into. I am asking: does the money need protection [guards]. The only thing that does not know Love and knows all people is money. For the money it is equal if it is in the pocket of a gypsy or in the pocket of the king. Stop deluding yourselves in Love! Years ago, a young man came to me and said: I am looking for someone to love. I told him: Why don't you get to love your father and your mother, who have given you life. He answered: They are ignorant, I do not like my mother's character. Your mother has carried you nine months with love. If you do not love your mother, you cannot love anybody. A person, who does not love God, cannot love anybody. Somebody would say: I love you. I know how much he loves me. If I am a hen, he would come one evening to me and would cut my head, he would pluck my feathers and would grill me. If I am an apple, I know how he would love me. What do you do to the things that you love? You eat the things that can be eaten, you ride what can be ridden, and you burn what is for burning. You burn the firewood. This is love. This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent. So, this is an eternal life, to see from a distance the sunrise of life and to be delighted. When it comes to the zenith, to be delighted again, and when this sun is setting, this is human Love: to be delighted again. Now, in the present conditions you say: who could save us to free the people. Only God can free the people. How difficult it is to understand life. We, contemporary people, do not live the present life, but we live a life in the past, a life thousands of years back. These are past notions, with which we live. Sometimes you are dissatisfied; you want to take revenge and so on. All that is a life of the past. God is Love, everything in the world is beautiful and nice, and we are dissatisfied this is because of the past. Because you have been rich, but your wealth has been taken; you have had knowledge and you have lost it; in the past your memory has been good, but now you forget; in the past you have been strong, but now you feel your strength has left you. Where has your strength gone? These are delusions of the past. This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent. This is eternal life to get free of all past delusions and to come to the New that God gives you. God wants us to understand the life that he has given us on earth. For example, to give a man a glass of water and the entire day you are happy that you have given somebody a glass of water; to give someone a fruit and be happy that you have had the opportunity to give him a fruit. This is serving God. To be happy the whole day that you have met a person and you have told him a good word. Now we talk about the existence of angels, about the existence of the other world and so on; all these things really exist, but this knowledge is not enough. In order to understand Love, ask for the least. Two of Christ's students came to Him and asked Him the following: one of them to be seated at His left side and the other at His right side. They wanted something big. Christ told them: „You do not know what you want“. They said: „How don't we know?“ Christ told them: „The deeds that I do, you can also do... I get baptised, you can also do it. You can drink up the cup, which I use to drink, but to sit at My left or right side, this can be permitted only by the Father. God gives the least. In the world God gives the least. God has given the most: He has created the world and to us He has given the least. You say: „It is very little“. A wheat corn is little, but if you sow it for ten successive years, it will grow and increase, and become a lot. The little thing grows, while the big one cannot grow. If you do not have the least of Love, you cannot understand it. If you do not have the least of Wisdom, you cannot understand it. If you do not have the least of the Truth, you cannot have freedom. Be happy [satisfied] with the least that is given to you. This is a very difficult thing. Someone gives you a little corn, you throw it away, saying that it is very little. Put the least of Love in your heart. Put the least of Wisdom in your mind. And put the least of the Truth in your soul and you will acquire [learn] the following piece of knowledge: „This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent“. If My words live within you, you live within Me, my Father and I will come and will make a home within you and I will be manifested for you. „I am the Path, The Truth and Life“. And then you should say: „God, You Are the Path, the Truth and Life and I will follow this Path together with You“. A song: „I can love“. THE LORD'S PRAYER. Then you should do the following exercise: Both hands are joined above the head in the form of a sharp angle. They get down to the head and rise three times and then are lowered slowly downwards as a pouring. After the exercise, the Teacher said: The first movement is connected with the words: „This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent“. The second movement is connected with the words: „ If My words live within you, you live within Me, my Father and I will come and will make a home within you and I will be manifested for you“. The third movement is related to the words: „ I am the Path, The Truth and Life“. At each of these three movements the respective verse should be pronounced in your thought. Source
  15. The Beauty of the Soul I will read chapter 15 from the gospel of John. As it is being spoken about the Life, we see that in one respect, its value goes up, and in another it is falls down. So, as the price of the goods at one moment goes up and at another it falls down, in the same way Life itself sometimes goes up, and sometimes falls down in value. This refers to the outer part of the Life. There is no human on the Earth, who had not over- or underestimated themselves. They take a look at their life and say: “Why have I come to the Earth, I could not do anything.” Sometimes they overestimate themselves, they think they have done a lot. How do you explain to yourselves the fact that sometimes you encourage yourselves and sometimes you discourage yourselves? It takes little to encourage or discourage the man. You have some desire; if you fulfil it, you encourage yourselves, if you cannot, you discourage yourselves. I am asking why people discourage themselves, why they are discontented. You have a big, beautiful house but you are still discontented. Many people have told me: “Our hall is big, let’s make it wider and bigger.” Why do you need a bigger hall? One has three billion and six hundred million cells in his/her brain. They are located in a hall – 19 cm long, 15 cm wide and 15 cm high. In this small space are located such a profusion of factories, chemical laboratories and astronomical towers for observation of the sky! How many works are being done in that small space, and all cells are contented, they do not complain as people do. How would you live in this space? You are not contented with the hall in which a thousand heads, like yours, can be accommodated. What would you say if you were placed into this tiny head? So, understanding makes the people contented, not the large place and a lot of possessions. Which are smarter – the cells of the human brain or the cells located outside of it? Brain cells know such things, that many people do not. There are things people know, they even pass for experts. However, there are such small things that only the brain cells know. You will say that humans know plenty of theories, do scientific research. Here I will introduce to you a theory of the pessimism. You read the theory of a philosopher – pessimist who takes a gloomy view of things. He says: “Life has no meaning, everything will disappear. One day the Sun will be extinguished, the people will vanish. The earth will be destroyed.” He goes on: “The family will not exist any longer, the children will vanish, the young will grow old, the old will die and become ashes.” I am saying: if this is true, there must be something left. Could everything disappear at the same time? The pessimist is a man, who has become poor, he has nothing: his clothes are ragged, his shoes are broken, and every single part of his clothes on his back is worn out. He is right for himself to take a gloomy view of life. He knows that his clothes and shoes were once in good condition, but now they are worn out. When he sees that somebody wearing new clothes on, he says: “My clothes too were new once. Yours will get worn out too and we will see what you are going to do then.” It never occurs to the pessimist that he will be able to put on new clothes again. So according to this philosopher, once you put your clothes on, you will not be able to take them off any more; or once you take your shoes on, you will not be able to take them off any more; once you sin, you will not be able to put your life back on the right track any longer. Such is the philosophy of the pessimist. Whatever he is told, he says: “My work is done, there is no turning back.” One Turkish imam preached to a drunker: “Listen, brother, give up the drinking, your situation is dangerous, do you know what awaits you in the next world?” – “What is it that awaits me?” – “All the kegs you have been drinking of, will be hung on your neck.” The drunker asked him: “Will they be full?” - “They will be full, of course.” – “It will be fine, then, there will be something to drink there too.” The imam meant to intimidate him, to show him the gloomy side of his future. In this case the imam is a pessimist, and the drunker - an optimist. He says: “As long as there is something to drink, there will not be suffering. What does it matter if I carry around kegs hanging on my neck?” The imam presents to him the bad side of his future life, and he sees something good in it – there will be kegs and he will be drinking. It is an art for one to see the Good in life and use it. Everything, which in a given moment he/she cannot make use of, is a certain burden to him/her. It appears as an obstacle in his/her life. A thought occurs to you, but you do not accept it. You want to free yourself from it, but you cannot. Wherever you move, wherever you do – it comes after you. In order to free yourself from it, take it out of your mind! Once it is out of you, somebody will see it, will come to like it and will take it. You have a golden coin, as long as it is in your safe, nobody sees it, nobody thinks of it. If you take it out and keep it in your hands, as somebody sees it, they will covet it. As soon as they covet it, they will find an opportunity to take it out of your hand. A sister was saying to me: “I am tired of bearing a thought in my mind and it was not until I realized it that I set my mind at rest. One day I was passing by a shop window when I saw unusual hats, such caps, that one wears on the top of the head, and are hardly attached on it. I thought: “I will buy me such a hat”, but I passed by without buying one. From this day on, the thought of the hat did not leave me alone. I bought it finally I fulfilled my desire. Before I bought it, as I walked, it seemed to me that the cap was already on my head and it would fall off. I felt my head with my hand – there was no cap on my head.” This sister wanted to know why the thought of the cap did not leave her alone for so long. I told her that this thought was disturbing her because she did not like the hat. Despite this she bought such a hat, it was fashionable. As a whole, what one does not like, one starts carrying as a burden. As one comes to like it or reconcile with it, it falls off their back. Why do people suffer? – Because they do not like the suffering. Once they conceive a liking for it, it sets them free. – “I do not like suffering.” Since you do not like it, it takes a central place within your heart. The suffering never takes the last place. “How long will it stay in my heart?” – Until you come to love it. As soon as you come to love it, it leaves the place it has been taking. Otherwise you will go around sighing, you will bear it within yourself and molly-cuddle it. I am saying: ”I have sorrows, it goes hard with me.” Chase away the sorrow. “I cannot”. The sorrow is a greater expert than the suffering, when it takes a grip of the man, it does not let go of him easily. If one tries to chase it away, it becomes even more firmly rooted down. It will tear a part off the heart of the man, but it will not leave. – “How can I free myself from it?” – By coming to like it. – “This is not possible.” There is no other cure. This is the first cure. If you cannot come to like it, put into practice the second cure – calling for the Joy and setting it in the same place, together with the Sorrow. I often experiment this way. As I see that the Sorrow has obsessed the man and does not think of leaving him, I invite the Joy to become a guest of his for some time. It goes to the same place where the Sorrow is and they two commence a conversation. The Joy asks the Sorrow: “Sister, how are you?” – “I am fine, I have been busy with my master. He is not often in a good mood, but he puts up with this.” – “How long have you been here?” – “For two-three years. As I see that he becomes carried away a little, I squeeze him a bit and remind him of myself. He comes to his senses and says: ”Thank you for shaking me up”. That is how we pass the time.” – “How long will you stay here?” – “There is little time left for me. Since you have come, I will leave him.” You ask whether this is real. Real or not, this is a matter of reasoning. However, it is real that you suffer. Can you deny that you suffer? You can argue whether the Joy and the sorrow converse and how they converse. This is a philosophical argument. I can say that I have listened to how the Joy and the Sorrow converse – they hold an excellent conversation. How they carry on their conversation I will not say. In spite of all, sorrow is a reality. Sometimes, as you grieve, you say: “I will not forget this sorrow”, but as soon as the Joy comes, everything vanishes, as if you have never had sorrows. Why don’t people like the sorrow? I find something very nice and valuable within the sorrow. It is like a mother who encourages her lazy daughter to study. She says: “Study, my daughter!” However, the daughter does not like studying; you can talk to her about anything but science. What does the daughter want? – Nothing but a servant who cooks and keeps the house tidied up, who washes and irons clothes, and she, dressed up with a new pair of shoes and with a new hat on, looking at herself in the mirror and going out for a walk to show herself off. When she comes back home from the walk, she sits down to eat and rest. In this situation, she is not contented either. Why isn’t she contented? – Either because she walked on foot, or the car jolted her. I have listened to many such complaints. It is all the same if they come from worldly people, but spiritual people complain as well. Even intellectuals complain, too. Whomever you encounter today, complains. I am asked: “How do such matters get resolved?” – They have no resolution. – “How can we cope with the sorrow?” – While you are a young lass, you will have a hard time; while you are a young lad, you will have a hard time; while you are either a mother or a father, you will have a hard time; while you are either a master or a disciple, you will have a hard time. And when you die you will also suffer. “What should be done?” – I do not know either. The young one says that it is not worth it to be young. The old one says: “Being old is no good.” Neither is being a mother, nor a father. Then what should you be? – “ Nothing?” Then what? This is no solution of the problem. Not to be anything – neither young, nor old; neither a disciple, nor a master; nether a father, nor a mother; nether a son, nor a daughter; neither rich, nor poor. This is not true – the new philosophy requires a new way of thinking. You say that life has no meaning. No, you will be suffering and you will be learning – that is meaning of the suffering. This is nothing but work. As you study the suffering, you work. There comes a quarryman and offers you a stone which weighs three kilos. He thinks that the stone is ordinary. The scientist knows that inside this stone there is something valuable hidden. You ask him: “How much does it cost?” – “It hardly costs a lev[1] - it is an ordinary stone. How much will you pay for it?” – “Five levs”. He takes the five levs and is contented that he gained something by the ordinary stone. “It is good that there are stupid people who are willing to pay five levs for the ordinary stone”. The scientist breaks up the stone, takes the gem out of it and in some time, he sells it for a few million levs. When he finds out about that, the quarryman remains discontented with having sold something so precious for five levs. He meets the scientist and asks him: “Why did you lie to me?” Contemporary people get in such situations, as well. Plenty of precious things pass through all of you, without being recognized. Great are the goods that are given to you, every person is encompassed with vast wealth. Your thoughts, your feelings and your deeds conceal vast wealth, which you do not appreciate. You sell them away at a low price and then you remain discontented. I explore all philosophical systems and find a flaw not in them, but in those who preach them. The philosophers, the masters of the humankind have introduced excellent ideas. There is no ambiguity in their knowledge. The distortion of this knowledge stems from the disciples. Every single one of them has given a specific interpretation of the ideas. Hence, the idea about a true and a false prophet was created. The true prophet would bring up the ideas the way they are; the false prophet would bring them up, contrary to the way, they are in reality. The true prophet would cut and make you clothes, which would precisely fit your body; the false prophet would cut and make you clothes, which you would never forget due to the discomfort they would cause you. Then, he would be convincing you that the more you wear these clothes on; the better they would fit your body. Therefore, do not wear clothes that are not well cut and made. I know that rule from a long time of experience. I apply that rule also when it comes to eating. Whatever meal I would be brought, I do not rush into eating it; before about ten people have tasted it, I do not eat. There might pass four or five hours – it would not matter. First, I seek the opinion of the rest about that meal, and then I taste it too. In other words, I always avail myself of the experience of the others, who have done something before me. In my opinion, these ten people are smart people. The first one, after having tasted the meal, says that it is not any good, I give it to the second one; if he also says the same, I give it to the third one, then – to the fourth one, and I continue until I get to the tenth. Finally, I, too, taste the meal. I do the same when the meal is good. If the first one said that the meal were good, I do not stop there but I let the other ten people taste it too and if there were something left for me, no matter how little this would be, I taste it too. I say: “This meal is good.” You would say that this is something original. Indeed, until this moment you did not know that there were ten people, of whose experience you should avail yourselves. Whether it refers to a meal, or something else, it does not matter. I have suffered a lot until I found these ten people. Sometimes they would eat up everything and there wouldn’t be anything left for me, while sometimes there would be little left. It is important that I would be the last one to eat from the same meal. Since I began to apply this rule, everything goes smoothly. Apply this rule you too, it does not exclude anything. I have applied it both in the physical world and in the spiritual one. It works the same way everywhere. So, if ten people speak their mind about a thought of yours and say that it is not good, then put it aside. Keep only that thought which you have already tried. Remember: God, who has created thousands of universes, is all wise and aware of everything. Do you need to say then that this world, which was created by God, is not beautiful? Those who dare say this are wrong. Everything that is a work of the hand of God is precious, and nothing compares to it. However, understanding is what is needed! Otherwise, one cannot become convinced of the value of the deeds of God. A boy is born to you – you do not appreciate him; a girl is born to you – you do not appreciate her either; you have a servant in your house – you do not appreciate him; you have a father, a mother, friends – you do not appreciate them either; you have a garden with fine fruit-trees – nor are these appreciated. You have plenty of goods, none of which you appreciate. You look at rivers, springs, grass, and little flies, and you do not appreciate these either. You watch the rising of the Sun, of the Moon and the Stars and you do not appreciate it. That is what your misery is about. What does one search for? Why are they discontented? “The Sun – that is nonsense!” “Grass and little flies –nonsense!” You do not know yourself what you want. If I asked you what you needed, you would say: “We do not need anything.” I am saying that I need these ten people, these specialists, to taste the meal that I am given and to tell me whether it is good or not. This way they would try your thoughts and feelings too and would tell you whether they are good or not. Now I am talking about the small exceptions. There is one contented Life, which has to be studied. Let the discontent cease! How can I be contented when I have no incitement? Do not be search for the incitement outside, search for it in the very contentedness. Love everything that surrounds you and you will be contented. “How am I to love everything?” – Love – nothing more! – “Could I love all the people?” – This is no concern of yours. Love! If you love one person, your knowledge reduces to one; of you love two people, your knowledge reduces to two; if you love three people, it reduces to three, etc. Therefore, the number of those whom you love defines the degree to which your knowledge extends. “How am I to love ten people, how am I to love all these people? Where shall I find so many people to love?” Follow the example of the cells of your brain. There are three billion and six hundred million cells accommodated in the head and they live in harmony and unanimity. With one look you can see them all. – “Is that possible?” – You would say that you can love only one. You know that God has only one son, Whom He loves. In spite of this, you pray to God, you want Him to love you too, to answer your prayers. If He does not answer then you take offence at that. How could you want God to love you and to answer your prayer! If you are consistent, as you say that you can love only one person, do not demand from God to love you as well. He already has One, Whom He loves. People would like to convince me that God thinks about everybody and loves everybody. You say that He loves the sinners too. If you think that the Only Begotten Son of God comprises all living creatures, you are right to say that God loves all living creatures. Both the sinners and the righteous men live within the Christ. No single human soul lives outside the Christ. People are discontented, because they place the Christ outside of God, and place themselves outside of the Christ. That is how you doom yourselves to suffering. You say about God: “He has one son, whom He is busy with. I am not a son of His therefore the son is outside of God.” This is a wrong idea because of which you suffer and endure time of torment. You ask: “How can I love this man?” – How can God love you? If you cannot love the man, how could you demand from God to love you? If you did not love your neighbour, how could God love you? If you loved the man, God would love you too, if you did not love Him, God would not love you either. In whichever moment you say that you cannot love, God cannot love you either. Each suffering shows that you have not fulfilled the law of the great Divine love. God loves everybody. If you do not admit that, you will suffer. As soon as you admit it, you will rejoice. Joy is a sign that God loves everybody, while sorrow is a sign that you do not love everybody. You would say: “I love God, the Angels too, but how am I to love the people?” – You will think in a right way and you will love everybody. People cause themselves suffering through their own conceptions. Not long time ago a young secular lass came to me. She wanted me to give her a piece of advice in order to cope with a contradiction. I see that the lass is young and beautiful, but poor. She said to me: “I fell in love with a handsome lad, but I often get into a contradiction, I do not know how to handle it. For some time now, when meeting my beloved, he starts looking at me as if he sees me for the first time. Then he says: ”I am looking at you because I find that you have started growing older.” This hurts me and I do not know what to tell him.” – “Here is what I will tell you: I can make you younger instantly, and he will at once admit that you have become younger and more beautiful.” – “How?” – “By depositing three hundred thousand golden levs to your account.” The same refers to the health, to the mind and to the heart of the man. Someone is said to be ill, this means they have no capital. As soon as they recover, they gain capital. Someone is said to be ignoramus, therefore he lacks something in the Mental world. – “This man is cold.” – He lacks something in his heart. The Light of the mind and the Warmth of the heart are capital, which makes the human being young and beautiful. You could always find something about the human, which could be a reason for your not loving him/her. Whether he/she is poor, sick or simple, these are false states of affair, not real in fact. One disposes of vast wealth. Remember that each soul bears great wealth in itself. Even if some animal, a cat or a dog, comes into your home, it, too, brings about some good to the human. People are aware of this and when for example a swallow comes and makes a nest under the eaves of the house, the owners are happy. It is said that the stork brings luck too. The cow, the horse – they bring luck to the people as well. The ray of the Sun is a bearer of a great good. And each ray that comes out of God brings great blessing to the people. It is alive. I am not saying that the light is only a vibration, motion of the air – this is the outer part of the matter. The light is a force, that is alive and reasonable, that penetrates into the human being and revives him/her. You say that Life brings joy and revival. Not only the Life, but also the Light and the Warmth, bring joy and happiness. Do not think that someone brings you misery. No, every single human brings happiness and good, both to themselves and to those surrounding them. This is what the new teaching maintains. Why do people suffer? – Because they do not appreciate the human soul. The Christ came to the Earth to raise the human soul, to set it free and to show us that it is endowed with vast wealth. The Christ is said to have come to save those who perished. But I am saying that the Christ came to save the human souls, to bring out their hidden wealth and show us their real value. When somebody commits a sin, they do not appreciate their own soul. Then they go down to the hell, to the world of suffering. When you realise that do not search for happiness outside, within different people, search for it within yourself. By saying “yourself”, I mean the God within the human being. If you pursue your happiness in God, in the Divine within you, you are on the right track. Realize that there is vast wealth that you are endowed with, which you should value. Between God and your soul there has to be an inner connection. As you realise that, you will always be grateful to Him. Today you listen to what I say to you, and you raise your minds towards God and say: “We are spiritual people and we cannot go without a prayer.” I do not know how you have been praying. Have you thanked God for the goods and the wealth you have been given? Have you thanked God for His attention to you? What do some people do? As soon as they get up from bed, they start grumbling: “God, why did you give more goods to my neighbour and less to me? Why did you leave me still crawling on the surface of the Earth?” – You delude yourselves. The fault lies with you. Restore your connection with God and everything will turn out well. You would say: “How am I to love this human, if he/she does not love me?” – This is a wrong way of understanding it. How would you explain the opposite to yourself: he/she loves you without you loving them? Somebody cries because people do not love them; sometimes they cry because of the love of their beloved. How would you explain this to yourself? You cry because of being loved; you cry because of not being loved. In order to avoid contradictions, you will love the soul of the human, which never changes. The beauty of the soul is namely about that that its Love is eternal and invariable. It is sufficient only to catch a glimpse of the beauty of the soul for a moment in order not to ever forget it. Those who have loved had seen the beauty of the soul at least for a moment. No human being cannot help falling in love when he/she sees it. The trouble for us is that as we see it, it hides away straight away. You go around crying, you look for it but you cannot find it. Therefore, what one searches for, and what one cries for, is the beautiful human soul. It does not stay at one place. From time to time, it only pays a visit to the human and then it disappears straight away. It is worth it to live thousands of years on the Earth only for this moment – to catch a glimpse of the beautiful soul, to enjoy the beauty of Life and see what wealth the soul disposes of. It is a great moment to see your own beautiful soul! The whole world will pay a visit to you, all the people will swarm around you in order to take part in your Joy. How would you manage all these people? Millions of people would take their turns in order to see your beauty. What would you do then? You would pray God to hide you in a way so that you could take a break. That is why God has hidden the beauty of the man away even from the man himself and left it as his future heritage. You say that there are beautiful people in the world. No matter how beautiful one is outwardly, their beauty cannot be compared to the beauty of the soul. Its beauty is immeasurable. You hear that somebody is tired of his/her life; they do not want to live. Why don’t they want to live any longer? – Because they have not seen the beauty, they have not realised the value of the true wealth. To catch a glimpse of the beauty of the soul means to see the Christ. He is within every single human being. It is not enough only to catch a glimpse of Him, but you have to be like Him. What should we do in order to give the Christ way within ourselves? – Do not stain your soul! Do not throw a shadow on face of the beauty! This means that do not commit a sin. The sin is a darkness, which hides the bright face of the soul. Why don’t people live in their own soul? – Because they do not learn. One thinks he/she is poor, another thinks he/she is bad, or that they are weak, sick, ignoramus. This is partly true. It is important how one can become rich, healthy, strong, learned. – By learning. The greatest foe of the man is the laziness – he does not want to learn. Great efforts are required to compel the man to learn. I have met few people who learn on the account of Love. Without Love, nothing can be achieved. A true work is only that in which Love participates. One day I was on my way to the mountain. I stopped at one spot before a heap of sand and I started probing into it. At the same time, a peasant passed me by and asked me: “What are you doing here?” – “I am studying something.” – “Why are you wasting your time?” – I did not answer. In his opinion, those who work and use up their time are only those who do ploughing and hoeing. In order to turn his thought back, I asked him: “What do you do? Are you married?” – “I am married. I had a wife but she went to the next world. I had a boy and he went there too. Only a girl is left to me and she is limping.” I know the reason why his wife and his boy went to the next world, I know the reason why he is left only his limping daughter, but I did not say anything to the peasant. He asked me: “Are you married?” – “All of my relatives died, it is only me who stayed alive. I have come here to find the last thing.” The peasant was staring at me and was wondering what I was probing for, what I was searching for in the sand. I told him: “Your region rich.” – “It is rich but it has to be ploughed. Farewell!” We shook hands and I told him: “When we meet next time I will tell you what I am searching for. Now go home and know, that your situation will improve: your wife will come back, you will have better and more beautiful children than the first ones. Those who have met me once their things sort out.” – “I hope God hears what you just said.” An year later I met the same peasant, who told me: ”Brother, everything came true. It happened so as you said. I got married for a second time and I have a beautiful and healthy child.” I told him: “Know that your second wife is your first wife. If you get married for a third time, it would always be to your first wife.” These are souls, which have come out of God. God manifests Himself through each soul. He is both within the unity and within the multitude. We know and understand God in the multitude. In the unity, the oneness, He is unmanageable for us. Let us thank God that He shows Himself to us through the multitude of the chosen souls. Let us rejoice because He shows Himself to us. And, I tell to you: know that whatever you have lost, you shall find. The old shall rejuvenate, and the ignoramus shall become learned. Whatever anyone wants to achieve, they will achieve. When? – When you adopt the idea, that God has endowed your beautiful soul with vast wealth. God’s only wish is that you learn. Only this way you can serve. Since you serve, you will have achievements. We have come to the Earth to know God. It has been said: “And this is eternal life, that they know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent”. To know that God has endowed you a beautiful soul, with vast wealth. God manifests Himself namely through this soul. Now I will occupy you with the simple calculation, which conceals a great philosophy. We say: 1 multiplied by 1 equals 1; 1 multiplied by 2 equals 2; 1 multiplied by 3 equals 3. However 2 multiplied by 2 equals 4; 2 multiplied by 3 equals 6; 2 multiplied by 7 equals 14, and so on. In this calculation is hidden the law of the growth. The distinctive property of the Life is growth. That which grows, it gradually manifests itself. What grows is what is only real. Wherever there is no growth, there exists no Reality. The Real things have future. That is why, rejoice even at the smallest acquisition, at the smallest growing. Rejoice at the Divine within yourselves. The future knowledge is built on it. Rejoice at the capabilities, with which you are endowed and which gradually manifest themselves. You are discontented, you do not want to grow old. It is a law: you cannot rejuvenate, without growing old. Everything that rejuvenates is bound to grow old. You want to rejuvenate, but you do not want to grow old, this is impossible. Old age is an capacity for rejuvenation. It conceals the Divine good – the Youth. Both as one grows old, and as they rejuvenate, they acquire something. People suffer because they think that they acquire something only when they are young, while when they grow old, they lose. This is a wrong way of understanding. When I was in America, I listened to Padarevski[2], who was performing the Moon sonata. Then he was a young, handsome man with a nice round face. The American women were crazy about him. They used to take his albums to him for his signature. A year later, I saw in a movie theatre “The life of Padarevski”. He was already quite old there. They showed him both from a great distance and at a short range, from all sides. I saw him well as he was playing the piano. It stroke me that he was playing with his eyes closed. His attention was focused, nothing distracted him away from the music. I said to myself: ”Padarevski, your youth is gone!” With his closed eyes he wanted to say: “Now, at least, I am free from the chasing of the women. I can do nothing but play.” Indeed, there was greater concentration in him now, greater depth, greater musicality. Padarevski is unique, a second one cannot be born. In the Nature things do not repeat themselves, but what the human soul bears in itself, surpasses Padarevski. The capacities of the human soul, manifested through Padarevski, stand for hardly one millionth of what it has been endowed with. What does the “Moon Sonata” represent? – Love of the Moon, of the cold. Therefore, there are two possibilities: to love in the evening, in the Moon and to love by day, in the Sun. There are no conditions for Love in the evening. Only the soul is able to love in the evening, there is no night to it. It has been endowed with all the beauty of the Life. To the beautiful soul, the moonlit night is like a day. The “Moon sonata” shows that the Life is not understood properly. Even those who play this sonata, they do not understand Life either. Actually, the “Moon sonata” is a Sun sonata by its contents but it is shaped in the form of a Moon one. The Sun is behind the Moon. Without the Sun, you cannot see the Moon. Therefore, everything that exists on the Earth is lunar[3], but behind the Moon, is hidden the Sun. This way, behind our life – which is the life of the Moon – is hidden the Divine life, which gradually manifests itself. The life on the Earth is a “Moon sonata”. Despite that, our life is beautiful. Today I played a moon track to you, a moon sonata. I am glad you have come to this concert. When you go back to your homes, let everyone play this sonata on their own pianos. There is nothing more beautiful than being peaceful and calm, bearing Peace within oneself. Look at the sky and thank, within your soul, for everything that you are given. Whomever you meet, search for the presence of the One, who has created the world, within their being. It is good to see God everywhere. To see hidden, the Divine beginning, even in all contradictions. This is the new teaching. It requires that everyone open their hearts and minds, to see the truth endowed to them for centuries ago. “And this is eternal life, that they know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.” This is the true teaching – to know the vast riches with which our souls have been endowed. This is the Christ, the manifested God. How should I love? – To know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent. To know my beautiful soul, that has come out from God. He has given it great capacities. This is the meaning of my life; this is the point of the human Life. The Christ is the man of the abundant Power. The Christ is the man of the abundant Faith. The Christ is the man of the abundant Love. February 6th 1938, Sofia[4] ____________________________________ [1] Bulgarian currency [2] A renowned Polish composer and a masterly piano player, (1860-1941);Poland’s Prime minister and a Minister of the Foreign affairs (1919-1921) [3] A moon character, moonlike [4] The morning speech ”The Beauty of the Soul” has initially been published in the collection “The Beauty of the Soul”, Sofia, 1948 The beauty of the soul
  16. Obedience. I will now read the second chapter of Genesis. As you read this chapter, you turn back to the distant past when God created the world and man. The first man was a child from whom was expected obedience. God placed man in Eden where there were four rivers. These four rivers represent the four directions of the worlds East, West, North and South. East represents Justice, North stands for Truth, South is the Good, and West symbolizes Obedience. This is the only correct interpretation of these four rivers in the Garden of Eden. If man suffers even at present, this is due to disobedience. Because of disobedience, he had to leave the Garden of Eden and go into the world to meet with sufferings and difficulties. An insignificant cause created great consequences. It is true that insignificant causes can create great misfortunes. That which happened in the Garden of Eden with the first man occurs also today in the world. All people were in heaven and departed from there because of their disobedience. When they find themselves facing sufferings and trials, the people ask what they must do in order to free themselves from these sufferings and trials. This is very simple! When they listen, the people will be able to cope with their sufferings easily. Why is obedience necessary for man? So that he may not run into any misfortune. What must a man do when he walks on the streets of a busy city? He must open his eyes and ears on all sides so that he can see and hear from which direction a car or a truck approaches, and in this way avoid an accident. If a man does not hear well enough, he can run into a number of misfortunes. The same can be said about the divine paths and laws. He who does not know the paths and laws in the divine world will run into a number of conflicts, misfortunes and sufferings. This is due to human weaknesses. Many people think that if they say a short prayer in the morning or if they accomplish a small good deed, they have fulfilled the requirements of the day. That is not so. Man must be constantly in touch with God, must unceasingly listen to His ordinances and obey them. When he is constantly in touch with God, a man can profit from the light that comes from God, and in this way he will see where he is going. Wherever he may go, whichever path he may follow, a man must be constantly alert. He must open and close his eyes and ears quickly in order to hear and see what happens around him. However, whether or not he keeps his eyes and ears open or he keeps them closed, man must pay attention to three things in his life: first, he must be careful not to stumble; secondly, he must guard that which he has; and thirdly, he must support the conditions for the development of that which nature has implanted in him. And so, disobedience creates the evil manifestations of the flesh: adultery, jealousy, murder, etc. These cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. The fruits of the Spirit are: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, meekness, temperance. He who develops these virtues has awarded himself with the fruits of the Spirit. He who has these virtues at his disposition will know how to use them in each instance. For example, in different life situations love manifests itself in different ways. It is true art when a man knows when and how to manifest his virtues. He who has attained this art is never anxious, afraid or nervous. If someone owes him something, he is not disturbed nor concerned over it. He never judges anyone; he never wants anything from anyone. He realizes that there exists no one who can be perfect in his obligations. If someone is satisfactory in one respect, in another he may not be perfect. Today people do not meet their obligations precisely, but, in spite of that, the law is not strict with them. Yet the day will come when the law will keep them responsible for the smallest obligation. Life will hold them responsible, not only in respect to people, but also in respect to animals and plants. Whatever fruit he eats, he will have to plant its seed to give it the opportunity to grow and develop again. If he does not plant its seed, the law will hold him responsible. Today it is expected that all people manifest an inner, mystical understanding of life. The present concepts of religion are more like entertainment. This is not religion. True religion has an inner, mystical aspect which must be studied and understood. You listen to some preacher speak about something from the Old or the New Testament. You can see that he himself has not understood the deep meaning of that about which he preaches and, as a result, cannot apply it. One priest or preacher talks on the verse of Christ from the Scripture: "If someone has two shirts, let him give one of them to his neighbor." The preacher talks about this verse but, at the same time, he cannot understand how it would be possible to give one of his two shirts to his neighbor. One Sunday morning a priest was speaking to his congregation about giving. For this purpose he quoted the above-mentioned Scripture verse. His wife was moved very much by his sermon. When she went home, she was sure she understood what she heard. That morning a poor beggar knocked at their door. When she saw him clothed in rags, she decided that she would give him one of the priest's two good shirts, since he had preached the idea that morning in church. Hadn't he said we must think of the poor people? When the minister returned home after spending the morning sweating in church, he wanted to change into a clean shirt. Great was his surprise when he discovered what had happened to his second shirt! His wife reminded him of the sermon. She told him she thought she had done the right thing. "That which I said in church concerns other people, not us. You can't give the shirt of a minister to a beggar." Many people say that if one wanted to fulfill God's will according to the Scriptures, his affairs would be in chaos. On the contrary, if a man fulfills God's will properly, all his affairs will come to a good end. People are not ready to fulfill God's will because their hearts and minds are filled up to the brim; they are overburdened with the problems of life. Some nine men were gathered to eat soup from one common bowl and with one common spoon. The spoon was passing so quickly from mouth to mouth that when a hare ran by next to them no one could even make a remark. The mouth of everyone was filled. They were all busy sipping the soup. Such is the situation of modern men. They cannot pray to God; they cannot fulfill God's will because their mouths are filled, their hearts and minds are burdened. In order to fulfill God's will, they must free themselves of the burdens in their hearts and minds. How should a man pray? How should he fulfill God's will? If he is a wanderer, he must take off his pack and then enter the church. If he is a soldier, he must leave his gun and sword outside and then enter the church. If he has a family, he must forget the affairs of his family. If he is a scientist, he must free his mind of all formulas. The pack of the wanderer, the gun of the soldier, the family responsibilities, the formulas of the scientist — these are all secondary matters which lead man away from the right path. This is a misconception of life. The farmer rises early in the morning and, without stopping to say a prayer, he rushes to plow and seed the fields as quickly as possible. What is the use of such rushing when, after he has plowed and sown it, in time a heavy rain and hail will destroy his wheat? What is the use of rushing if God does not provide favorable rainfall to water his fields and garden? What does this indicate? This indicates that every work and effort, great or small, are in place when God is blessing them. If they are not blessed by God, they are not in their proper place. True work, true effort is that which is blessed by God. Therefore, work little, but your work must be blessed. In such case, the little work that is blessed gives as much return as a great work. Such is the relation between the fire and the match. A big fire or only a small match can produce the same result. When blessed by God, both the great labor and the small give equal results. Now I will put my attention on the ideas of work and calm. Man can rest only after he has worked. Retiring follows working. Without work there is no rest. In the Scriptures we read that God rested after working for six days. "And God saw everything that He had made, and, behold, it was very good." Therefore, true resting implies well-performed work. The unnatural life, however, tires man. Such a life will leave man tired always. What do the sins of unnatural life represent? Thorns and thistles. It is terrible to walk with bare feet on a ground covered with thistles. Having once tried such a thorny path, man inevitably will search for the smooth, clean path. Yet, before being able to move freely on this path, he must stop to remove all the thorns from his wounded feet. He must rest for awhile until they heal and, only then, can he walk on the clean way. Modern men walk more often barefoot, and, as a result, their feet are bruised and prickled. When you see someone's feet are bruised and prickled, you will know he has been walking barefoot. Such a man constantly complains about the thorns, or about the sins that he has committed. If a man wants to be good, righteous, he must be well shod! It has been said that Adam and Eve were naked in Paradise. Their nakedness did not imply sinfulness. They both were good, but, because of disobedience to God’s order, they had to leave Paradise and go into the world, where they encountered great suffering and misfortune. To help them withstand the outer raw conditions, God clothed them in garments of skin. Therefore, as long as the first man lived in Paradise, he was naked from without but within he was clothed. When he left Paradise, from without he was clothed but from within naked. The inner nakedness implies the sinfulness of man. In order to be clothed from within and from without, man must live a pure and holy life. He must listen and obey that which the Spirit from within speaks to him. If he lives in this way, he will complete successfully the work he has begun. A man may have worked well all of his life and, at the ends ruin his work. There are mothers who work and labor all of their lives and, at the end, have no accomplishment. Why? Because they have manifested some disobedience in regard to the Spirit. This happens not only with mothers but with farmers, scientists, musicians, poets, etc. A man lives a good, spiritual life for twenty years but after that deviates from the right path and wonders what has happened to him when he has lost everything. The answer is simple. By mistake, he has struck his jug somewhere and the water has run out. As a result, he feels a great emptiness in his life. Whose fault is this? It is his own. Therefore, if the good, the enlightening cannot remain in a man's heart and if his mind is void of evolving thought, he himself is responsible for that. From this, we can draw the following conclusion: No one can become rich as long as God’s blessing is not with him. Where there is the blessing of God, there is also achievement. Where God’s blessing is not present, no achievement can be expected. This is the right understanding. Modern men toil, labor and work, and at the end remain disappointed. Why? Because they have worked without the blessing of God. The following is a law: Where the blessing of God is absent, disappointment is present. In order for the blessing of God to come upon man, inevitably he must be obedient. To whom? To the divine within himself, to the Spirit of God. God's blessing is that great seal that is placed upon every human achievement. Only such achievement has the power of currency in life. We can say the same about coins, too. Only the coin with the image of the ruler of the country from which it originates has the power of currency. All coins which are in use bear the image of their ruler who gives them value. With what currency should man deal? With the good. Working with the coins of the good, man inevitably knows the evil too. Pure, true coin is that on which is stamped the image of the good. If the image of the good is not upon it, then it is a counterfeit. Can a man profit by a counterfeit coin? Thus, the four rivers spoken of in the Bible represent the four virtues which every man must have. A man must be just, truthful, good and loving. A man must have in himself righteousness, truth, virtue and love. Outside of these virtues, man can achieve nothing. The reason why men can have no achievement is due to the fact that they look toward the West. They admire the sunset and sleep when the sun rises. The West represents the material life, for which all people are awakened. It is good for a man to admire the sunset, but he must also look at the sunrise. God expects all people to be just, truthful, good and loving. This is not foreign to man because he expects this relationship from others toward himself. Therefore, just as man requires of the people to be good, just, truthful and loving in respect to him, so he, too, must be such in respect to them. If people live this way among themselves, they will create strong inner ties — the ties of love. Only love is able to bind all people into one so that they may feel like brothers to each other. Nothing can break these ties except disobedience. It entered between the first men in Paradise. They broke their ties with God, and it drew them away from Him. Ever since, people bear the consequences of this disobedience which follows them like shadows everywhere in their lives. The first thing expected of all people is to turn over the page of their lives on which is written the law of disobedience and pass on to the new page — to obedience. People have followed until now some kind of obedience, but they have been obedient to the serpent. They were obedient among themselves but have not listened to the voice of God. Those to whom they have been obedient have lead them into suffering and misfortunes. Now they must turn to God and listen to Him. Disobedience to the good, to God, implies obedience to the evil. Turn now the old page, the page of obedience to the evil, and apply the contents of the new page — obedience to the good, obedience to God. In order to divert the first people from the law of obedience to God, the serpent made great promises that were never fulfilled. I tell you now, turn to the page in your book on which is written "obedience to God." The very least that will happen is deliverance from suffering. What more than that can you expect? Only he who walks in life with open eyes and with awakened consciousness can escape from suffering. Not understanding the law of obedience, people run into a number of difficulties and sufferings and ask themselves what is the meaning of life. For a man to be good, just and truthful, he must fulfill God’s will. In the fulfillment of God's will lies the meaning of life. Christ says, "I have not come to fulfill my will but the will of Kim who has sent me." The most sublime task of man on earth is obedience to God, that is, to fulfill God's will. Therefore, he who applies the law of obedience in his life is a first class singer, musicians artist, or scientist. Until he reaches this law, man will experience many difficulties and suffering which will make him strong and great. Disobedience has made men feeble and fearful. They speak of fearlessness, but fear is in every step they take. A hare armed himself with two guns and took a walk through the woods, saying to himself, "Now I need not fear anything." The branch of a shrub rubbed him gently on his belly. He threw away the two guns and ran as fast as he could. Seeing that in reality there was no danger, he turned back to arm himself again with the two guns. He thought again that he feared nothing. Yet, during the whole day he did nothing but Throw away-the guns and arm himself again. I say to you: Once you arm yourselves with the guns, do not throw them away. The guns represent the good with which one must arm himself. Once one has armed himself with good, he must never reject it. If you say that you need not be good, patient, just, truthful and loving, you have thrown away the guns with which you were armed. Always keep your guns attached to your belt so that when the evil comes your weapons are ready. Be courageous; do not fear the evil. If you want to develop correctly, I would advise that you should not attempt to climb the highest peak when you first climb a mountain. When you go hiking, first climb the lower peaks until gradually you are strong enough to climb the highest ones. If you try to climb immediately the highest peaks first, you will suffer inevitably. In the highest regions rage strong winds and storms, and if you are not prepared you may not be able to withstand them. When we speak of obedience, people ask themselves how they must fulfill this law. When they have been punished for some time, they will learn themselves how to be obedient. In this respect they will be in the same situation as some poor people who were going to the home of a Turkish governor who was to provide them with food. The governor was a good and generous man. However, everyone who entered his home to eat afterwards received a good thrashing, according to the orders of the governor« The people were wondering why this man, so generous and good in providing them with such a quantity of food, was punishing them. A poor but very pious man, after starving for three days, decided to go also to the home of the Turkish governor to eat from his table. "You will be beaten," he was told by the others. "I am ready to bear any punishment, if only I can eat." He entered the home of the governors, paid respect to him, and patiently waited until he received some food. The governor gave his servants orders to serve this man with special care. The poor man was eating, blessing the food and thanking God. After he had a satisfactory dinner, he received from the governor different gifts and money and was sent off with blessings. The poor man turned to each direction of the room as if expecting something. "Do you want something else, also?" the governor asked. "I am waiting to be beaten. I was told that everyone who receives food gets a thrashing." The governor explained to him that this is done to those who» after having received God's blessings, never thank and praise the Lord. "When food is served to them, not having yet eaten any, they say, 'Enough; that's enough!' In this way they interfere with the flow of the blessing. You were the only one who acted differently, and for this reason I am providing you with additional gifts without beating you." And so, when the suffering comes in your life, never say, "Enough;" do not interfere with the flow that comes from the divine faucets. If you stop the sufferings, you will stop the joy also. Whoever stops the divine faucets will be beaten inevitably. In whatever home you enter today you will find all faucets stopped. If you want to use the water of these faucets, you must pay. All human things are locked with keys; all divine things are free of locks and keys. Therefore, the easiest and the best life is that in which the law of obedience is applied. When people complain about their lives, this indicates lives without obedience to God. Such a life creates hardships and misfortune. The unnatural life is very hard. Realizing this, a man must correct his life. Sinning is an act of heroism, yet greater heroism is manifested when one corrects his mistakes. One of the reasons for people's mistakes is that they do not think correctly. The right thought doesn8t need any arguments, proofs. The closer a thought is to the human mind, the better it is understood. Thought understood is that which has been tried and verified. In ancient times, a learned man went to a great master and asked him how he ought to live. The master gave him many methods by which to live and concluded with the orders "Love for God and one's neighbor." When the disciple heard that, he said to his master, "Enough; now I must go into the world and apply this order so that I may see what I can do." Two years later he came back to report to his master how he had applied this great divine command and what he had learned. You, too, as disciples must make experiments to see what you can achieve. If you do not try, you will never learn self-confidence. When he lacks self-confidence, a man knows nothing about himself, about his capabilities, his chances. When a man works, everything can be achieved. Walking on his path of life, he must accept everything which is determined for him. Every man must walk on his own path and not interfere with anyone receiving light directly from the sun. Let the light enter freely into the eyes of all people. This is the meaning of obedience to God, of freedom. The manifested Love of the Spirit, the manifested Wisdom of the Spirit, the manifested Truth of the Spirit bring fullness of God's life, of the one, Eternal God, source of all blessings in life. MORNING SERMON OF THE MASTER, September 30, 1934, in the town of Rousse. Obedience
  17. You Are Blessed Meditation. I shall read the 23 Chapter of Mathew’s Gospel. While I am reading that Chapter, you are asking yourself: Who had Christ talked about? — About the then scientists — scribes and Pharisees. With that sermon Christ had wanted to show his disciples and other people, which is this thing that hinders the correct development of people. Understanding of scientists that were reputed to be the leaders of the mankind hinders the people. Plain people could not hinder you. That law works today too. The present clergymen and scientists are not better than the ones of the past. — Had the mankind not bettered from the times gone by until now? — There is a microscopical betterment, that is hardly visible. I do not know if the wolf had bettered for a thousand years up to now? At least, I do not know such case. I know no charity society of wolves. If the point is to say something good for the wolf, I could do it. The wolf has never eaten sick sheep. This is a good wolf’s feature. It could pass near hundreds of sheep and it will examine them only and if it turns out that they are sick, the wolf will not touch any of them. After that the wolf will boast: Here is, I passed through so many sheep, and no one of them was injured. — Why? — The wolf has its own considerations. From hygienic point of view, the wolf does not eat sick sheep in order to avoid falling ill. And people, like the wolf, boast sometimes with their virtues. Talking about that point many people will ask me: To whom it does concern? — Nobody specially. If the clothes on your back are muddy, I shall tell you to clean them. That concerns you. The muddy clothes must be cleaned! — You insult us. — The insult is in the mud itself. If you cover yourself with mud, you insult yourself. Take the mud off your back — nothing more. There is no reason to feel offended and to justify yourself. The more you justify yourself, the more you cover yourself with mud. The mud is the sin in the man. If you justify the sin in yourself, you cover yourself with mud. — But I have not erred. — Do not justify yourself. As you are walking along the streets, you produce the mud yourself. The mud exists in the nature, and a man mixes it by stepping in it. — Which is bad in the mud? — It soils the clothes and shoes. — What is the mud made of? — It is made of soil and water. The mud soils the body often and so, it blocks the skin pores. Many diseases are due to it. When the body pores are blocked, the man breathes with difficulty. That blocking has an adverse effect upon the nervous system. There are two types of mud: physical or external and psychical or internal. Both types of mud stick to man’s back. When a man is covered with mud psychologically, for him is said that he is a person with a defect. He could not see it, but it is written on his back like an announcement. If somebody tells him that he has an announcement on his back, he answers: I do not know anything I have not put it on my back. — It is not important, who has put it there. It is important that there is an announcement on his back. You are required to take the garment off your back and to take away the announcement. As soon as you take it off, you are free. It does not matter that you have worn that announcement on your back? — Sometimes it does not matter, but sometimes it causes a lot of trouble. Imagine that someone attaches to your back the following announcement: This man is a criminal. He has committed a murder. It is sufficient a policeman to read the written on your back for catching you and taking you to the police-station. You wonder why you are taken to the police-station, why this misfortune has befallen you. That is simple enough; it is written on your back that you are a criminal. You had to take away this sign in time. It is not possible a misfortune to happen to a person if he does not wear his crimes written on his back. Whether you deserve these sufferings and misfortune it is another question, but the sign for your deeds is on your back. You may clear yourself with the policeman as much as you like, he does not care about it. You should establish your identity and give a proof that you are an honest man. The read chapter of Mathew’s Gospel is one of the strong speeches of Christ. It concerns many people. It cleans as the broom sweeps the house. Christ says: „Woe betides you, Scribes and Pharisees! Woe you, hypocrites!” We could say: „Blessed you, future preachers and priests that speak up for the God’s kingdom.” I could make a new interpretation of all lines of that chapter. Why should I interpret them? — Because the negative should be taken away. If it is not taken away, the positive could not come. When I talk for Christ, some imagine him to be strict but merciful, other —– soft-hearted, always gentle and smiling. And one and the other are true. He is strict, merciless to those who break the God’s law. If today Christ comes among you what he will tell you? He will proceed with you, the same way as a healer had proceeded in America. He became famous as a big expert not only of diseases of the people but of their inner psychic life. Due to this he did not take up with healing of all people. When some evil, complicated person had come to him, he had told him: Out of here! I cannot heal you. There is no place for you here. I say: A person who kills the good in himself deserves no condescension. I call such person a criminal. — What impedes the person? — His personal life. Today the personality in the man is so strong that the least wry glance or wry smile is able to offend him. Due to his private life the man does not know whether he performs the God will or not. When you have had some trouble, you say: “I have done a sin. - — You have done a sin, but where and how, you do not know. You say, that you are a bad man. It is not sufficient. In what lies your wickedness? Do you lie or steal? — Still worse. — Say, what manifests your wickedness? Talking with general words manifests a proud and vainglorious person. Once, I travelled by the train in 1914. There was a man in the same compartment who took part in the War with the Serbs and he related for his experience there. One day, he said, I jammed 17 Serbs in a trench who I pricked with my bayonet. Listening to him I thought that they were not dead, nor hens. These Serbs have riffles like you and they will not allow you to prick them. He is speaking and I am smiling. I thought over. The question is another if he found them dead. So, he could prick them. When he saw that I was smiling he said: It is possible they were less than 17, I did not count them. — In my opinion, it is impossible a man to prick 17 persons. That man wanted to boast. What kind of boast is this that he had killed 17 men? The rational beings do not approve his action. This is a crime. Is there a sense a man tmake boast with his sins and crimes? So,when you pray to God to forgive your sins, say: God wash me, clean me! I will not mention my sins and stain myself any more. Wash me with Your water in order not to repeat my sins again. The feeling of vainglory is hidden in the man. He will confess once or twice, will take out his sins due to his vanity. So, the people could see how he could sin. It is pleasant for the manto take out his sins in front of the God. He wants God to carry him in his thought. Somebody says: I have stollen the money from so many people. I have taken 1,000 leva from this man, and 2,000 leva from that one, and 5,000 leva from third person. I do not know what they will do with me in the kingdom-come. He smiles after that and he wants to pass for a hero. This is vainglory. That man boasts with his ailments. Another boasts with virtues he does not possess. He says: I have not done harm anybody; I have helped many people financially. — He is dying of hunger but boasts that he supported this and that one. He boasts with mere triffles. What has he given? — Two leva to one man, five leva — to another, a piece of bread — to a third one. The more he relates, the more he carries away with his benefactions. I am going to retort to such person saying: Do you know what I have done? As many killed people I have seen on the battle-field, I have encouraged and raised back from dead all of them. — Is it possible? How you could raise back from dead so many people? — As much I could raise them back from dead, so you It means, what am I, the same are you. An order exists in the world that should be kept by all. It is the Godlike order — the order of the good. Every one might be a carrier og the good. You say: I have not done good to anybody. — You will do good but I shall do good for myself. You are going to the spring with a glass. Dip out of the water and say to the spring: I am drawing from you, I am relieving you. Otherwise, your water will spill and it will get mud. Here is one good thing. Sometimes the water enters the man in a clean place, and other time – in a dirty place. Then, it is preferable the water to spill along the road than to enter unclean person. This is the inner side of the life. This is the spiritual life. Sometimes in his life, the person yields to temptations, trials. — What presents the trial? — When the man comes up against the good and evil, he comes up against trials inevitably but he does not know what is good and what – evil. You say that one man is good and other — bad. — By what do you know them? The bad is not so bad, but the good is not so good. There is something untrue in both cases. And there is something good in the bad man, and there is something bad in the good man. Whether you are good or bad, these are notices. The notice does not do the things either good or bad. If you dress the wolf in a sheepskin, will it become a sheep? Will it become better? If you dress a sheep in a wolf skin, will it become a wolf? There is a saying: „Wolves dressed in sheepskins; and sheep dressed in wolf skins .” These are symbols. Is that wrong that the sheep has put on a wolf skin? Is that wrong that the wolf has put on a sheep skin? If the wolf becomes better, the wolf wins. If the sheep becomes worse, the sheep loses. But if there is no change, it is pointless to put on in someone else’s skin. If the sheep puts on a wolf skin and feels fear, the sheep is not a hero; and if the wolf putting on a sheep skin started to feel fear, the wolf is not a hero. — Very naturally. When the sinner takes the part of the holy, he will be frightened; and when the holy man takes the part of the sinner, and he will be frightened. The common holy man yields to temptation easily and could become a sinner. However, the perfect holy man — never! He stands above the conditions, nothing could tempt him. There are some conditions under which even the holy could be tempted, also there are conditions under which wou could transform the water into wine. I am saying: We do not need neither the wine of a sinner, nor his meal. I prefer to starve three days but I am not going to eat the sinner’s food. I shall pass by him without being tempted by his food. There is one position that does not excuse the person. Only he who is in the state to do what is unaccessible to the others, he could excuse. For expamle, could the common person make a precious stone? — No, he cannot. But there are high-developed creatures that have differing view points than the common people. Their thought is as pure as a crystal. It stays higher than all common creatures. Then, he who tries to transform their thought into a common one, as the precious stone into a common one, he certainly will fall into a contradiction. Who could afford to transform the precious stone into a common one? He who does not have knowledge he could be mistaken and to accept the common stone for a precious, but who has knowledge, he cannot be mistaken. Many people come to me and say: Do not think we are bad people. — How do you know what do I think about you? What give you cause to think that I have not a good oppinion for you? When I look at a person, first of all I measure his height. I say: You are 165 cm tall., you are not a giant of a man. Your hands are soft, slight, not for physical labour. You are not for a hammer and hoe. You are 40 cm wide., you cannot work much. You are not very handsom, the features of your face are not very symmetric. There is no symmetry between your forehead and your nose. You say that your father and your grandfather were that sort of people and you look alike them. — I am not interested in your father and grandfather. You were a copartner with them, and this does not give you grounds to attribute all your defects to them. Today you bear inbred features from your father and mother, but four generations ago you were a father of your father. It means, that what you have inheritted from your father today, that you have inserted in him in the past. Therefore, do not oppose against yourself, against that what you have inserted in your fellowman in the former times. Do not justify yourself with your father and granfather. Say to yourself: This work is mine, i.е. this sin is mine, I shall correct it myself. If you say that you have been created such sort of a man by the God, you are not right. It means, that God has created you such sort of a man to do evil. — No, you created the evil; you have created the fear, the contradictions, and not God. He creates good things, and that you have created, God bequeathed it to you. He adorn people with their own deeds. He has a treasury where he puts that what you have acquired. And when you come on the earth, He adorns you with what you have acquired, indifferently whether it is good or bad. He says: This is what I found in your store. This is why, if you live well, you store the good in God’s stores, and when you come back again on the earth, you will have what to put on. If you know this, do not complain against your life. Courage is wanted from you. Brave is that one who has no fear of his sins. When you see the sin in yourself, catch hold it by the head and tail and ask it where has it come from. — It has come from somewhere. Hold it, until it make a confession. And when I grip the devil who has done harm to me thousand times, I sit astride it. I tell it: Once upon a time you were a master, now I shall be your master, and you – a servant. Have no fear of the devil. He has a whip but do not be afraid of it. Take its whip and lash davil’s back with it. It was said in the Revelation: „The prince of this world is tied.” Therefore, until you do not tie the evil in yourself, you will serve to the devil always. Heroism is to tie the devil, i.е. the devil in yourself. Under „tying” I understand to tie the eveil in yourself, but when you become one with the God. As you are in a contradiction with the God, the devil will tie you. — When we shall be free? — When you become one with God. You are asking: How we shall become one with the God? — You have two bottles of water. I tell you: The water of these bottles should become one and the same. — How we shall do it? — You shall take one large bottle, you will pour into it the water of both bottles and it will become one. Once the water is mixed, and you will become one with God. I am not talking about the ordinary firm of every person, but about the mutual firm — servant of God. — I want to be strong, rich. — No, you will become a servant of God. It is better to become a servant of the peace, than a master of the anxiety and turbulence. I prefer to be a servant, to owe nobody, than to be a master with large debts. One day that firm will bankrupt. It is advisable to be a servant who never bankrupt than a master who is foredoomed to bankrupt. Now I am getting out these notions in order an idea to come into your heads. By this could be seen how far gone you are as disciples. But your progress does not depend on you. What you have reached up to now, it is important; if it should depend on achieving something from this time onwards, all is lost. How far is gone a person it could be seen in his childhood. The child bears his/her talents in himself /herself. He/she was given the possibility to develop his talents in the school. One impulse is sufficient to help for their development. If an untalented person enters the school, he leaves it soon. I am talking for you as talented persons. So, there is no need to ask me if you are gifted or not. Every person was been tested out, in order to know himself. You have to know that nobody could hide himself. All is written in the person. The virtues and vices are written in the man – it is open and above board. It is hidden for the man who does not know anything. But for that who knows, it is all open and above board. This morning I am going to give you several rules. When you get out of bed, wash well your ears. Regard them as big bosses. They represent a very large firm in the world. Larger firm than theirs does not exist. Any of its clerks make a mistake he goes out of the firm. So as not any to make a mistake, take hold your ears slightly and thank for them. When you lose heart, take hold your ears and thank God for them. Tell yourself: Once upon a time, I was worse, I am better now. If you have ear wax in your ears, ask yourself, why the ears wax was collected there. I know what it means. Clean the ear wax, wash your ears well. Then at least a quarter of your difficulties will be eliminated. Second rule: Wash your nose well. Even you get up in the morning thank God that you have a nose. You have to know that God has breathed life in through this nose and you have become a live soul. Thinking that the Godlike life has passed through this nose, wash yourself with a sacred thrill. You are saying: Where is God? – God comes in through the nose every day. The nose is a door for the Godlike. By means of the air God enters through man’s nose and comes out through the mouth. And when God comes out you will open your mouth and thank. Thank for having a mouth and for your possibility to say the best words. The mouth is a place which could save the man. After that wash your eyes well and thank for the possibility to see by them the most beautiful things. The man is an institution financed by four large firms: the firm of the ears – the God’s wisdom, the firm of the nose – human mind; the firm of the mouth – the God’s Love and by the firm of the eyes – the God’s truth. These four firms are included in the Godlike world. If they do not support the man, no work could be completed. You have to understand this matter internally; do not say this to others who could not use it. If you are sorrowful, be pleased with your ears, your eyes, your nose and your mouth. Being pleased this way you will come in touch with the powers acting through the eyes, through the ears, through the nose and through the mouth. If you do not assess the visible things you have how you will assess the invisible ones? You look for God, angels and you do not appreciate the visible in yourself. If you do not know how to manage with your ears, eyes, nose and mouth, angels will not come to you. The angel must see your ears and if he likes them he will stay with you. Afterwards he will look at your nose, eyes and mouth. If he does not like them, he will not have a subject to stop on. Through his ear a man connects with the music of the external world and also with God. This way he hears the silent voice consoling and encouraging him. In this way the life is given a meaning only. The person perceives the blessing that comes by ears, eyes, nose and mouth. The parts of man’s body are blessed! Read the lecture “The Disciple’s way” from 150—153 page. People are displeased often with the nature, with that what is given to them. It was given to you much more than what you could use. This is why, everybody may give of that, what is given to him. — How he will give? — Through the eyes, ears, the nose and through the mouth. I am saying that you cannot do a good. — How you cannot? When you see a sick man, hold his hand, take him for a walk on pure air. If you meet a poor man — take him to a concert, to listen to music for a while. He is put out of courage, nothing is a pleasure to him, but while he listens to the music, he will become in good spirits. And you will give a good meal to the hungry man. That is, this all is good. You should not wonder, what good to make to a person? You will give meal to the hungry without thinking that he has no hat and shoes. He might be barefooted and bareheaded; for him it is important to have his meal. So, you are blessed if you understand why were given ears, eyes, a nose and a mouth. You are blessed if you understand why the sufferings are coming. Christ says: „Woe betides you, Scribes and Pharisees! — Why? — Because you do not understand the God’s Truth. You are blessed if you understand the God’s Truth. Thank for that. — The manifested love of the Spirit, the manifested wisdom of the Spirit, the manifested truth of the Spirit bring the complete life of the God, of the United, Eternal God of the life. 22. Morning Lecture held by the Master Beinsa Douno on 26 February, 1933 Sofia. — Izgrev. You Are Blessed
  18. His Will Meditation. I shall read the 22 Chapter of St. Mathew’s Gospel. The life has internal side except the external one, inaccessible to people. The people try to guess only from the closed book. The people are full with desires, but they do not understand the inner content of these desires. For example, not a few would like to go somewhere without knowing why. If I make you to choose a place, you will not know which one namely to choose. You want to be a king without knowing why. According to some people, the best thing is to be a king, but why, what you will achieve by this, you do not know. It is important for you that as a king whatever you want will be fulfilled. I am asking. What will be your position, if you are kings but nobody obeys you? The wish of people to marry hides in it, just the same idea, to become kings and queens and to have nationals – children, who to obey them. — That is it, but what will say those kings and queens if their nationals do not obey them? However, the children revolt against their parents; they do not want to obey them, and they want to become kings and queens as well. The sons and daughters fight against their parents; they want to set free from their guardianship. I am asking: What happens with the king after his death? — He was buried, a tombstone was put saying that he was a king. Also, the father and mother leave tombstones after them. At the end, one is satisfied with the fact that he was a good student, finished school, worked something. — This is good, but when he enters the other world, the things are taking another turn: the first become last, and the last – first. Everybody wonder how it happens that the clever pupils become last ones. Really, you could not imagine this fact. The world gives us the following explanation. Do you think that by praying three times a day without following the God’s will you will be the first pupils? Who believes in your God? You are a banker, who jingles money for days and you say: Do not speak to me about God. I believe in the money. The cook clatters the lids of cooking pots, opens them, closes them and says: There is, what I believe in. There is no other God for me. You want him to have you a bite, but he told you: I do not give anything without money. How you could reconcile this contradiction? I say: The strength of the pitcher is not in the external moisture. Water should be inside the pitcher. If there is no water inside but it is wet outside, it is no worth. This is why, if the talk concerns a person, it is not important what is his external life. It is the moisture of his pitcher. When you lift it, you realize that it is light, there is no matter in it. Would you keep at home a pitcher that is out of water? Therefore, the pitcher should be solid and to contain water in it. You complain that you are short of something. — Your pitcher is empty. — What shall I do? I have no servant who to fill in it. — You will become a servant of yourself and fill it in alone. — My legs do not hold me. — You will practice them to hold you. — I am disabled person. — Nothing, you will go to the spring with your crutches and you will fill your pitcher yourself. After that you will through out the crutches and you will bring back cheerful at home. So, a person could not set free of his difficulties until he does not go to the God. You walk with crutches – they are the difficulties. You have misunderstandings, contradictions – these are the crutches. When you have come back from the spring all the contradictions will disappear. There you will have acquisitions, which nobody could deprive you. You will say that it is a temporary acquisition, a temporary proficiency. Proficiency that has been lost is a temporary condition. It is not a real acquisition. The reality implies going to the God where you had solved forever one of the most important issues. — This is not clear for us, we need more explanation. — No matter how long you were explained, it will remain misunderstood. Here is one clarification. You have got a candle made of whale fat. It is worth, if it is lit. Therefore, if your candle does not burn and you cannot light your way with it, what sense make it that the candle is made of whale fat? The fact that the candlestick is golden, that it is a souvenir of your grandmother and grandfather, it does not matter. The candle should light. If there is no light in the dark night that to lead you, what will you do? Somebody is said that he does not speak properly. What is the speech? — Light. If the speech does not set free the person of his hardships, like the burning candle sets him free from the darkness that means there is a noise. Not every body can speak but every body can make a noise. Therefore, a speech that does not set free the person from hardships and difficulties is a noise. If you put your hand on the tender knee and cannot draw out the pain, it is not a magic one; it has no power in it. However, if it could draw out the pain, it is a magic hand. People having such hand are said to be doctors. If you have a headache, it is sufficient such a doctor to touch the sore spot and you will recover your health. Not only the hand should cure but the prayer should do it as well. Any pain should be drawn out too by one-two prayers. Not a few of you have the reputation of religious ones, you have listened to lectures, you have read the Gospel, but when an examination comes to you, you cannot pass it. The examination could be large or little one, but in both cases you will fail. Imagine that you are visiting a friend of yours and you expect to have a good reception of him. It happens that he cannot give you a reception and treat as good as you expect. You return home unsatisfied and whole day long you are grumbling why you have gone to your friend to waste your time. What do you gain from this grumbling? You are saying for your friend that he lacks strength of character, cold-hearted and cannot serve the God. You, who in the certain case, are grumbling, do you serve the God? You are free, you could grumble as much as you want, but your friend is free to treat you or not. From where do you know he could be very busy? A thief came to a banker and told him: I am a thief but I believe in God. I want you to give me 250 napoleons. — You want much, furthermore, you have not worked anything. — If you do not give me voluntarily them, I have a method by which I could take them. — There is order and law in the country. I am going to call the policeman to arrest you. — I can arrest you before you could arrest me. Before you have rung the bell, you will enter the prison. Before the banker has touched the bell, the thief has lifted a stick, aimed a blow with it in the air and lulled the banker to sleep. After that he wrote him a note:Second time, when a learnt thief comes to you, give him as much as he wants. The learnt thief is the human destiny. It comes to a person and says: You will give me such and such amount. — Give it, and do not make an issue. Otherwise, the destiny will come again, it will aim a blow with the stick in the air; it will lull you and it will take as much as it wants. Before you have coped with it, firstly it will cope with you. In other words: What God wants of you, give it and do not think about it. Do not deny to the God. Do not refuse to accept the smallest thought coming from the God to you. It could be realized always. After all, do not refuse to fulfill one God’s thought. You say that you have no time. — You will find some time. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the position of that Bulgarian who went to dig his vineyard without praying before. He told his wife: I go to dig our vineyard. Tonight when I will be back I want to find a cooked hen. She answered: Say God willing, if all goes well. — There is no need to chatter to me “God willing, if all goes well or not” I am going to the vineyard now and when I will be back in the evening, I want to find a well-cooked dinner. He has left for the vineyard but he was met by Turks[1] that caught him. They have taken him round to show them the way. He has come back home late, clattered the front door and said: God willing, if all goes well, wife, open the door. There is nobody of you that was not taken round by the Turkish “deli-bashi”[2]. “Deli-bashi” are discontent, suspicion, failure and hardship in the life. The rich as well the poor pass through them. Only some people relate stories about hardship and the other felt shame to tell about them and do not tell anything. The poor usually tell about their misfortune, and the rich abstain from telling about them. Person should execute the God’s will for coping with his misfortune. His power is in the execution of God’s will. This should happen voluntarily. It means that the man struggled for the real life. Somebody has not executed the God’s will, or he has not lived well; we have no right to deprecate him. To live well, this is a great art. Many know to write and not many write correctly as per the requirements of the grammar. This means that all people live but few of them keep the laws and requirements of the life. For example, an acquaintance of mine masters several languages, but he dislikes working. One day he told me: Do you know what I have done? As I needed money, I wrote to three acquaintances of mine in America asking them to send me some amount. Let us see, how much they are going to send me. The three men answered that they had no money provided for him. I am asking. Who of you have not written a letter to the God? And what kind of letters you have sent! However, some people obtain answer to their letters, but others do not. Whose is the mistake? — Yours. You will say that your letter is full of mistakes. You are writing to a letter to a banker asking money. Your letter is written without mistakes, with all the punctuation signs required, but you do not receive money. Other one writes a letter full of mistakes and receives money from the banker. — Why — The banker loves him, and he loves the banker too. It means that the letter, as well the words should have a deep internal content and a deep meaning. So, if somebody else reads this letter he will be content. Sometimes a person is happy with his deeds, but sometimes is unhappy. Since he is happy, the people around him are happy with him. You are doing something and you are unhappy. You are saying:- How could I do that? As many times as you remember that deed, you will feel ashamed and unhappy internally. Contemporary people came to a stage of life when they should give the advantage of the Godlike part of themselves. If they do not do this, they will suffer and will be unhappy always. To be happy and satisfied by you means to be satisfied by the Godlike part in us, by the Divine voice which talks us. Who listens to this voice always will receive a 20-thousand leva cheque. A friend of ours told me about an event of his experience. He had a very bad cold. Doctors examined him, gave him prescriptions but the illness did not pass. One day he heard the quiet voice to tell him: Pray and you will be restored to health. He prayed all the day long zealously and he broke into perspiration so much during the night that he had to change clothes several times. He woke entirely healthy on the morning. Other his acquaintance fell gravely ill too. Also he heard something inside to give him advice how to restore to health. He carried out the advice but did not restore to health. – Why the first one has restored and the second could not? – The first followed the advice of the God’s voice without any doubt but the second had doubts. People often complaint about the fact that they cannot realize their wishes. This happens both with worldly-minded and religious people. – Why do they not succeed in their life? — Because they look on the things in materialistic way. The religious person says: I do not dare to want something from the God I am not pure and holy. You have a human notion for purity. You are right that you should be pure and holy but the purity and sanctity are God’s properties. Firstly you will connect with Him and after that you will talk for purity. I would like to be a righteous man. — And the justice is God’s power. — I would like to love. — And the love is God’s power. The thing you call love is a shadow of the love. Love that appears and disappears constantly is not true one. It is as like today you are healthy, tomorrow – sick. The love excludes all diseases, all pains. It is not a shame that you are sick and suffering. Sometimes the sin causes diseases that are given for obtaining of experience. And the misunderstood disease leads to poverty. After restoring to health, the person will achieve wealth. Hence, you will learn both, by the health and the disease. If you do not learn, you are looking for the easy way in the life. Speaking about the inner life, not a few think that they understand it. You say that the life should be good. What do you consider under “good life”? When the life is good there is not a doubt, lack of faith and dissatisfaction. Such person is satisfied even if the world is topsy turvy turned, he does not see any contradiction. I call such person “a person of happiness”. He is a righteous person. I liken the righteous people to the sun rays. — Are there such people on the earth? — There are, of course. If those who live on the Sun were not such people, no light will reach us. You say: What do Sun creatures think of us? — They do not think anything. When they see some unclean, muddy person, they put him in the water to be cleaned. They consider it is a privilege that they can clean and give someone a bath. That is why Christ says: „Larger is the joy on the sky for a sinner who repents himself than for 99 righteous ones.” — Why? — Because these 99 righteous ones think that they are pious and sinless. The sinner however knows that he has broken the justice law and repent of it. He has such experience that the righteous one has not. And when he was lead into temptation, he says: I tried this work once I am not going to join the dance for the second time. You will say that this is a contradiction, the sinner to be familiar with the justice, and the righteous one — not to be familiar with it. — No matter what do you think, the life cannot run without contradictions. Contradictions come for approaching the man to the God. — Why am I getting ill? — For approaching the God. — Why do I become weaker? — For approaching the God. — Why people hold me in low esteem? — For approaching the God. There is nothing best than approaching the God. — I will lose my freedom. — Not only you will not lose your freedom but also it will make your life worthwhile. — What means approaching the God? — It means to be present at a table fit for a king; if you are dead to come to life again; if you are ill to recover your health; if you are barefooted and tattered to become dressed in new clothes and shoes; if you are in chains, they will fall down from your hands and feet. Approaching the God means that all negative features in you, as hatred, envy, suspicion — all of them should disappear. Speaking for the man’s approaching to the God you will say that this is not the right time now. — This is an old philosophy. What is the result of this philosophy? A poor poet had gone in the house of a banker with the intention of borrowing a certain amount of money. When he understood his intention, the banker told his servant: Told him, I am not at home. The poet heard his words and went home. Later, it happened that the banker needed the poet to write something for him; therefore he went to his house. After he had rung the bell, the poet’s servant went to open the door and asked the banker what he had wanted. — I am looking for the poet. At the same moment the poet called out behind his servant: Tell him that I am not at home. — How is that, I hear his voice. — I am here, but not for you. — answered the poet. And you are answered often: I am not here.— It means, I have no time for you. You must have faith both in yourself and in your fellow man. — We have faith. — Yes, your faith is for beginners. With that faith nothing could be reached. The faith of people today is beginner’s faith. You cannot move mountains with it. It is not that deep and absolute faith. The true faith is God’s power. Could you have doubts with such faith? Someone comes to me asking to borrow him some money. I am putting him to a test. I am telling him. Squeeze your hand. — There is no need to squeeze my hand. You want to give me an examination, but I am not such a fool. You could say so to the others, but not to me. — Once, you do not believe, go away, I will not give you a brass. — But, you insult me. — What should it cost to you to bend your hand? You will have the thing you wanted. You had to do an attempt. If you bend your hand and open it, you would find something in it. — Then, tell us, to bend our hand, too. — I am not saying this to you. I told him this on purpose, because I knew that he did not bend his hand. For bending his hand, a man should know the properties of his thumb and also the properties of other fingers. Power is hidden in the fingers. There are certain conditions in which if you bend your hand something will come though it. The hand power is connected with the rationality in the man. A man could be given an examination as Abraham was examined to sacrifice his son to the God. As a matter of fact did God need that sacrifice? However, Abraham was ready to sacrifice his son to the God. Why and for what was it necessary that sacrifice, he did not consider. But, at the moment when he had to give the offering, he was told: Stop! So, if our acquaintance had bent his hand, I should have thrashed my hand in my pocket and given him some money. I had done only one such attempt with one Bulgarian who had written to me from America: Many times you had said that there is Providence, but I have not had a case till now to check up whether your words are true. This is something imaginary. Tell me, from your point of view, how could I have my matters straightened out? I have a debt of 205 dollar but I need another 20 for clothes, for books. I am a foreigner; I cannot obtain that money from anywhere. Tell me, how to cope with this situation. I replied him: When you will obtain my letter, you will already have the money. If you have not the money, write to me to be aware of it. He wrote me next week: Yesterday was the happiest day for me. I have got money, do not worry for me. — How does it happen? — I know, how works the law. The man should have a child’s faith. I am not speaking about belief but about absolute faith, for absolute confidence. A Divine Law exists that satisfies all needs of the life. Each Divine need was satisfied in time. However, first, the desire to complete the God’s Will should appear in the man. Today a man lives for himself only. And if his works do not happen as he wants he becomes discouraged. For realizing his wishes he should follow the God’s will. So, first, you will complete the God’s will, and later – yours. Many people complaint against their poverty. A man is poor because he does not complete the great God’s law. You will say that so and so is rich but some else – poor. You encounter a loaded horse. Has it loaded itself alone? — No, somebody has loaded it. — The rich man represents such thing. And he was loaded by somebody, and the poor man was unloaded by somebody. As soon as the horse is unloaded, it becomes satisfied, but as soon as the rich man was unloaded he is unsatisfied. There is one load against which the people do not complaint. This is the wealth. If they were put four, even five loads, they do not complaint; there are pleased. They are strong; they carry the loads on their backs and say: We are ensured already. Let us come to the internal understanding of the things. There is something more essential than the wealth. It is to become conscious of the presence of God’s Love in your soul. This is the most realistic, the most essential. At this Love all contradictions disappear. Strive to understand it correctly. Listen to the quiet voice in you. Prophet Elijah should endure severe trials till he hears the quiet voice of God in himself. He realizes that the God is not in the storm, in the fire but in the quiet voice. As soon as he come to know the God, Elijah ascended to the sky with a fire chariot. Each person will realize the life secrets after he passes through big sufferings and hears the quiet voice of God in himself. The first order is:„Come to love your God with all your mind, with all your heart, with all your soul and all your power.” „And if God is on our side who will be against us?” You all should be bearers of God’s Love, to be models, to be successors of God’s possessions. As soon as the man does not come to the big spring, he could not understand the abundance of life. Today I give you to think over 17th line, 22nd chapter, the Revelation. And the Spirit and the bride said: “Come! And who has heard, let him say come, and who is thirsty, let him come, and who wants let him have for nothing the water of Life”. — The manifested love of the Spirit, the manifested wisdom pf the Spirit, the manifested truth of the Spirit brings the complete life of God, of the United, Eternal God of the life. _______________________________________ [1] The story happened when Bulgarians were under Ottoman yoke. [2] ‘Deli-bashi” – undisciplined Ottoman soldiers in the end of XVIII century His Will
  19. Three Thoughts Thinking. I will read chapter 18 from Mathew. That one who has taken bath two times one after other, does he need to take bath for third time? That one who has eaten two times one after other, does he need to eat for third time? Since you don’t need anything, either, there why I will not speak any more. - Manifested love of Spirit, manifested wisdom of Spirit, manifested truth of Spirit bring the full life of God, of the One, Eternal God of life. 18. Morning Speech from Master, delivered on January, 29th, 1933, Sofia. – Sunrise. Three Thoughts
  20. from The Blossoming of the Human Soul ABSOLUTE TRUTH Have you learned the Prayer of Daniel? Let each one of you read the Gospel of John. It is good to have the text of this Gospel with you. I say: Whatever you do - do it for God. When you enter the classroom, keep silence and stay focused. As spiritual students, you must speak the Truth. Falsity is not admissible for a spiritual student. It represents a double transgression. When you make a mistake and do not want to admit it, then you are living a lie. You should sanctify the Name of God. If not so, others will come and will do it. If you love God, you will keep His Name sacred and will honor all people at the same time. Some say that at times I act in a human way. If so, from now on I will always act in a Divine way. But regardless of the way I act, people are always ungrateful. God has given them Life; He has given minds and hearts to them along with all blessings, but they are still ungrateful. God has been working for you thousands of years, but still you are not grateful. As it is mentioned in the Scriptures, an ox knows its owner, but Israel does not know God.[1] If you cannot take control over your mind and heart, how will you come to know God? If you quarrel with people, how can you serve God? It concerns all of you without any exception. There is none among you to be as they should be. I speak to every one of you today. If you are not satisfied, go into the world where you will be met with a whip. If you do not perform God’s Will, I feel sorry for you. You need to know this! The deeds of those who do God’s Will are shining. The Scripture says, „Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”[2] I am going to make an experiment now to see who of you is perfect and who is not. If I pour a little gasoline on you and strike a match, I will see whether you will ignite or not. If you catch fire and burn, you will know by yourselves who you are. If you do not burn, again you will know who you are. One needs to be knowledgeable. If knowledge does not improve human life, it is not real: it is like a burden that cannot be handled. If knowledge cannot become the Light in which to read, it is not real Knowledge. One’s Light will increase with the awakening of consciousness. Knowing this, make efforts to keep your consciousness awake. Do not lull it to sleep. Only those who have awake consciousness can enter the Kingdom of God. „Old” people with trembling hands and legs cannot enter there. Remember: only „young” people are admitted in the Divine School. „What will happen with the old ones?” you ask. They will rejuvenate. The young will become like the Sun and will shine. The Divine Teaching requires this, thus creating order and organization everywhere in life. Spiritual students have the fragrance of flowers. The Divine Teaching excludes any impurity. Some of you are still holding to the formal church and attending the sermons of preachers. You are free: you may go there to be preached. You may go to the world, if you think that the teaching of the world is good. Then I will be free. Remember one thing: If you search for an easy path to salvation, you will find it nowhere. No salvation can exist if Divine Love is corrupted. You can find temporary diversion there but not what you seek. As I am observing you, I see that some of you come to me only with the purpose to have certain secrets revealed. Should they stay even for thousands of years with me, I am not going to reveal anything to them. Why? It is because they have not been prepared yet for such Knowledge. They will complain afterward that I have not treated them as I should. How could they expect me to behave to them as they wish, when they are trying to deceive me? „The Master does not treat me well.” How could I treat him well, when he is trampling on the Truth? What kind of relationship can I have with someone who defiles the Divine Knowledge with his mind and tarnishes God’s Love with his heart? This is addressed to all of you, I do not exclude anyone. There is not even one truly righteous person among you. For this reason, I say: You cannot advance, if you do not transform your iniquity into Justice. If iniquity in the world is transformed into Justice, we could expect some positive change worldwide. Try to tell someone of today that he is not righteous. He will answer, „My father is a man of noble character. My mother is righteous too.” I ask: If the king’s son, himself, is stealing, what will be the honesty of this nation? Therefore, if you do God’s Will and yet, you steal, where is your honesty? „But I have fulfilled everything that is required from me.” Do you think that to be diligent once or twice is enough? Do not become servants of the dark, negative forces. If you do not apply Divine Knowledge, you will encounter the knowledge of the forces of darkness, from which all misfortunes come. „But God will help us.” How will God help you, when you do not have a single great idea? „We will pray.” You could pray, but your prayer will not be answered. The failure of your endeavors is a sign that you do not have God with you. Until you become one with God so that to have continuous peace in your soul and perform God’s Will, you can never be fully successful. You all are required to discipline yourselves and get control over that company of spirits raging in you. You are in charge of that company. If you fail to put it in order, you are to be pitied. Do not try to excuse your employees. No lie is allowed. Do not distort the Truth. Do not misinterpret my words as well. Do not lie in my name. I do not permit that. Remember: Pity will be on that one who lies in my name. Someone may claim, „But the Master said this or that.” Verify it ten times, but do not lie in my name. Moreover, do not lie in God’s Name! Absolutely no falsehood is allowed in the School. After all that, someone will come to speak about Love. What can you tell the hungry person about Love? Give him food, nothing else. Doing this, you will fulfill God’s Will. Someone comes to share that God has appeared to him. That is a superficial understanding. The time of such misinterpretation has already passed. If God can speak to us from now on, where has the Truth remained? The bud, which is going to blossom today, has prepared for this process for a long time. This same bud has blossomed many times. You say, „The Sun is rising.” The Sun has risen so many times, but you have not seen it. Therefore, if you have not blossomed yet, make sure that you can do it. The human power lies in the opening of the soul bud and its blossoming. Young and old - all should have a good understanding of Life. Some among you think that they do not need to study any more. Have you studied the Law of Sacrifice? Do you know how it relates to Life? As you live, you will be learning to sacrifice. You are required to live properly so that you may set your life right. If you do not set it right, I will do it for you. But pity on you then! You cannot even imagine the redressing that will befall on you! You will see what will happen yourselves, but do not wait for that day to come. If you think that with the beginning of war, your affairs will be settled, you are doomed. Do not wait for the sunset to put your affairs in order. No, your affairs should be arranged while the Sun is shining. Make use of this time. Purify your hearts after the God-gifted freedom that you have - for we reap as we sow and the Law is really strict. Everyone will bear the consequences of each of their actions. In the future, fathers will not be responsible for their sons, and mothers - for their daughters. The time of parental responsibility has passed. At one time, the retribution for one’s wrong-doing was repaid to the fourth generation of this person. Now everyone is responsible for their own mistakes. No one will pay for anyone else. Therefore, everyone who comes to class should maintain the harmony. Everyone should have inner peace. When you come here, instead of talking, open the Scripture and read. Next time, everyone should bring the New Testament and read it. If you do not want to bring the whole Book, copy the chapter chosen for reading. Otherwise, what is the purpose of being together? If God's Blessing is not coming upon us, what is the reason for our gatherings? It is not permissible to play games with God. It is the most dangerous thing in the world. For instance, you stand before God to ask Him for this and that, but follow your will. You give promise, but do not act to it. No, once you promise to do something for the sake of God, you should perform it. Once you avow that you will serve God, you should keep your word; even with the cost of your life, you should serve God. When I watch you, I see that you are slacking off; you are not working as before. You wish that you are free. However, this indolence is not true freedom. Live and work in such a way that everyone can see there is something special in you; that everyone can see the Divine in you. „But we have weaknesses, are we not humans?” Everyone can have some weaknesses, but they exclude falsehood. Lying is not allowed to anyone! I have the greatest repugnance for falsehood. Everything can be forgiven, but a lie is never forgiven! Your other wrongdoings can be remitted, but untruth is never excused. When I meet you, there is one thing that I want from you: to be free from hypocrisy. I want to see you advance but without any deceit. Absolutely no lies! Do not permit untruthfulness to stay as an obstacle between you and God. Everything is disrupted, all your affairs, by the presence of a lie. Do not place any barriers between God and your soul. Do not ask to whom it applies. I speak to all people. It applies to all of you, without any exception. I do not speak about Absolute Purity only. To be able to come to It, you should exclude falsehoods from your life-path. Untruthfulness interferes with any development. It leads to death. Those who lie break for themselves the link with their life. Work upon yourselves to get free from lack of Truth. Only in this way you will attain Peace. Peace cannot come where lying exists. Some are dishonest even while speaking of Peace. Peace will come only when there is no deceit whatsoever. Peace should be reigning between God and us. Christ said, „I give you My Peace.” Now, when you leave the class, you will say that the Master has scolded you. This is not scolding. Say, „The Master invites us to absolutely free ourselves from lies.” This is the Truth. If you do not speak the Truth, it is another way of lying. Why will you speak of something that has not been said? I met a young sister and looked at her. Why? I wanted to tell her to be truthful. I told her mentally: You are young. You are entering the world now and have already begun to lie. I met an elderly sister. I looked at her too. I sent her these thoughts warning her in a mental way: Sister, you are on the edge of dying. Be careful not to lie. And so, both young and old people should speak the truth. Sometimes people look at me in disapproval. They want to tell me, „Why do you permit your followers to be dishonest? Why do you also permit spirits to deceive us?” Thus they make me an accomplice to those who lie. No, I cannot be their accomplice. There is one thing I cannot partake in - and that is falsehood. You will say, „It is impossible to go without twisting the truth.” No, it is quite possible. From now on, no lie will be used. I am quite lenient toward you. All your wrongdoings can be excused except lying! Any other transgression is preferable to lying. If someone has never committed a single transgression except being untruthful, it is equal to having committed all transgressions. Therefore, this person will be the greatest wrongdoer and will be beyond redemption. The devil is the father of lies. No one can save liars. If they stop lying, the rest of their transgressions could easily be remitted. Remember: There is no excuse for lying. „What should I do when a false thought comes to my mind?” Take it by the ear and let it go with the words, „No lie!” You ask, „What should I do next?” You should speak the Truth. And when you are asked what the Master has told you, say, „The Master tells us to cast out lies.” You speak that I was angry. That is not true. Anger is not useful. What will I accomplish with my anger? It implies frowning, raising voice, and shouting. No, nothing can be accomplished in this way. I repeat: No lies! Remember: Renounce any falsehood, if you want to receive Divine Blessing this year. Otherwise, you are going to lose everything. I do not like anyone of you to be harmed. I support your wellbeing. Should I leave you with falsehood, you would be completely confused. Falsehood is not an original quality of humankind - it was adopted from a different culture. You cannot love it as it has a bestial origin. I will read some verses from the first chapter of the Gospel of John. „In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”[3] By „Word,” I understand the Intelligence. It means that the Intelligence was in the beginning. „And the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not overcome it.”[4] Why not? It is because the Intelligence was there. „And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of Grace and Truth.”[5] Absolutely no falsehood can exist where there is Grace and Truth. No Grace and Truth, no Word and Wisdom can exist where there is falsehood. „No one has seen God at any time. The only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared Him.”[6] Why has no one seen God? It is because most people are untruthful. The one who lies cannot see God. If you want to see God, free yourself of falsehoods. „He confessed, and did not deny, but confessed, ‘I am not the Christ.’ And they asked him, ‘What then? Are you Elijah?’ He said, ‘I am not.’ ‘Are you the Prophet?’ And he answered, ‘No.’”[7] Though the prophet Elijah was a courageous person, he was frightened by a woman and fled to the desert. This fear remained also in John the Baptist. For this reason, when they asked him whether he was Elijah, he denied. Whom did he renounce? The faint-hearted Elijah. „He said, ‘I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness: Make straight the way of the Lord, as the prophet Isaiah said. Now those who were sent were from the Pharisees.’”[8] John wanted to say that he was not the Elijah who killed the prophets. He is the voice saying, „Make straight the way of the Lord!” It implies that John is not the old, but the new Elijah. „And they asked him saying, ‘Why then do you baptize, if you are not the Christ, nor Elijah, nor the Prophet?’”[9] „I did not know Him; but He who sent me to baptize with water said to me, ‘Upon whom you see the Spirit descending and remaining on Him, this is He who baptizes with the Holy Spirit.’”[10] He speaks the Truth. The Spirit cannot descend upon that one who lies. „And I have seen and testified that this is the Son of God.”[11] Who is the Son of God? The one who is always telling the Truth. „Then Jesus turned, and seeing them following, said to them, ‘What do you seek?’ They said to him, ‘Rabbi (which is to say, when translated, Teacher), where are You staying?’”12 „He said to them, ‘Come and see.’ They came and saw where He was staying and remained with Him that day (now it was about the tenth hour).”[13] There is only Truth where Christ abides. „‘We have found the Messiah (which is translated, the Christ).”[14] It means: we have found the One who never lies. We have found the son of Joseph. „And Nathaniel said to him, ‘Can anything good come out of Nazareth?’”[15] In other words, can a person who does not lie come out of Nazareth? „Jesus saw Nathaniel coming toward Him and said of him, ‘Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no deceit.’”[16] It implies that he is a man who is ready to speak the Truth. „And He said to him, ‘Most assuredly, I say to you, hereafter you shall see Heaven open, and the Angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.’”[17] The Son came when falsehood needed to be cast out. And so, work this year on what is good before God. Do not think only about yourselves. If you believe that God lives in all people, then work for the common good. Then God is going to see through the eyes of anyone and everyone that you are fulfilling His Will. You come to borrow one hundred leva from me. Yet, I see that with this money you intend to buy a rope in order to hang someone. Will I fulfill God’s Will if I give you the money? I will fulfill God’s Will much better, if I send two people to give you a good thrashing; after that they will carry you on a stretcher to your bed. After that, I myself will come to heal you. This is the meaning of fulfilling God’s Will. Therefore, suffering comes to prevent you from committing the crime, which you have considered to do. You will be beaten; you will be ill for a while, but you will make the amends. While walking, you fall and break your leg. Why? You have done something inappropriate. The leg suffers instead of you, but it will teach you not to transgress. It has refused to serve you. It says, „God has made me to serve you, but without any deceit. Should you force me to be untruthful, I will not move from my place.” Truly, there is nothing more beautiful than a truthful person in whom there is absolutely no lie. There is no more beautiful face than the one that is always truthful. It is an angelic face. It can say anything, but it will never lie! That one who is honest and true is able to carry people’s transgressions. Those who lie deliberately bear their own transgressions because it is difficult to get redemption for them. These are the devil’s transgressions. If someone asks you, „What did the Master tell you today?” answer, „To live without falsehood.” This is the Truth. Appeal to God like this, „Lord, my soul desires Peace and may it come to me in all its fullness.” Where does Peace abide? Peace abides only where lie does not exist. Now, throughout the week, all who live in Sofia need to get up at 4:30 A.M. to carry out the assignment. Immediately upon awakening, say to yourselves, „Without falsehood!” You should break your links with all lies. You should divorce from it. I divorce you from the lie. No one has the right to marry falsehood. You must remain pure! The lie is the first woman - the adulteress. If you unite with her and give birth to children, do you think they will be good? Do you think they will have sublime desires? Absolutely no union with the lie! If you want to marry, I advise you to unite with Truth. Someone asks me whether to marry or not. You can marry but the Truth only. Should we marry? Yes. Whom? The Truth. Those who attend the class should divorce from falsehood and marry the Truth. If your father is married to the lie, you should leave him. If your relatives are bound to deceit, quit them too. This is the meaning of the verse, „Renounce your father and mother.” Renounce yourself and all those who incite you to be untruthful. Whom should we marry? The Truth. Whom should we love? The Truth. You will love your mother and father who serve the Truth. You will love your brother and sister who serve the Truth. You will love your relatives and friends who serve the Truth. You will love animals and plants that serve the Truth. Absolute Truth! This is the ideal of the New Teaching. Absolute Truth! This is the ideal of the New Humankind. Keep this ideal within your souls. First morning lecture by the Master Beinsa Douno, held on September 21, 1930 in Sofia, Izgrev ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. See also Isaiah 1:3, „The ox knows its owner and the donkey its master ’s crib; but Israel does not know, My people do not understand.” 2. See footnote 2 on page 91. 3. See John 1:1. 4. See John 1:5. 5. See John 1:14. 6. See John 1:18. 7. See John 1:20–21. 8. See John 1:23–24. 9. See John 1:25. 10. See John 1:33. 11. See John 1:34. 12. See John 1:38. 13. See John 1:39. 14. See John 1:41. 15. See John 1:46. 16. See John 1:47. 17. See John 1:51.