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  1. JUSTIFICATION AND SALVATION From: Lectures to the Sisters, April 5, 1917 Thursday, Sofia) “For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.” Romans 10:10 I will dwell on the two words of justification and salvation. I want you to apply these words and make an experiment with them. Every woman is striving for independence. While she is a maid, she seeks to get out of her father's house, to free herself from her mother and father, to become a mistress in her own house. This aspiration is natural and Divine. When she gets married and enters the new life, she brings to her house her dowry – shirts, pillows, mats; he donates this and that, orders her house and enjoys this new, nicely ordered house. And indeed, homeless women are unhappy. A person without a home is a person without character. The body is the house of the human soul in spiritual life. According to the same law, just like with women, the soul should enter the body and organize it. Some people want to get rid of their bodies and they say, ‘When am I going to free myself from my body?’ There are bodies out of which one can break free. These are the unhealthy damp cellars without windows, where people catch rheumatism. Getting out of them does not mean that we leave healthy houses. Paul in one place in Scripture says “house not made with hands” (Corinthians 5:1) The concept of justification derives from the expression to make things right. Which human being is just? The one that does not sin. But in order not to sin, one should have knowledge, should understand the meaning of things around oneself, and should make the right choice. You strive for freedom. Every woman should have this freedom, but if she can use it to build the happiness and health of her husband, of her children. No husband, to a woman who is not free, is happy. Do you think that sick woman is free? Woman, whose heart, and mind are constantly disturbed, are not free. I do not mean that your mind should not be excited. Disturbance and excitement are two different concepts. The mind and heart should only be agitated on the surface, not deeply disturbed, in order not to be troubled. The latter indicates that they are shallow, their depth is only ten centimeters. I ask, ten centimeters deep, what can be done? If we take ten centimeters of fabric, what can be made of it? The first and most important thing for a woman is to have depth in her heart of at least ten kilometers. At such depth, whoever tries to disturb you will drown. What do young children do when they come across a shallow puddle of about 10 centimeters depth? They get into the water, disturb it, and enjoy it. Men, when they come across such shallow women, confuse them and feel satisfied. Then women in their turn say, ‘We are very unhappy’. There is a good deal of turmoil in shallow waters – frogs croak there all summer long – a lot of commotion and noise, which abates only in winter. This is to say that your hearts should not be shallow; there should not be any commotion in there. I ask you what is the solution for such a puddle of stagnant water? You will pour a stream of fresh water into this puddle; you will dig a gutter so that the fresh water can wash away all the remains of the past. Christ’s teaching is a fresh stream, which should enter your hearts and wash them; after cleaning them, it will leave the sludge to fertilize your fields. You may ask how to dig such a spring. The spring of fresh water will find you on its own accord. Christ says to the Samaritan, "The water which I will give you shall become within you a fountain of water springing up to eternal life." Hence this spring should be understood to mean salvation. When someone finds themselves in a desert, where there is no water, their mouth becomes dry, it feels irresistibly thirsty and water is the only salvation, otherwise they are doomed to drop dead. Just like the traveler in the desert, many women die of thirst along with their camels – with their own baggage. You have heard the word spring. When you go out for a walk outside Sofia, I would like you to try the water of such springs.But the high society ladies, and indeed most of the people, go for a walk not farther away than Boris’ Gardens1, they walk along the same alleys every time, where there is nothing else but dust. They inhale much dust and when they come back home, they say, ‘What a nice walk we had!’ I say: you just filled yourselves with dust. People, when they adopt Christ’s teaching, often use the same trite phrases and afterwards they say, ‘I got a headache from listening’. This is because you inhaled dust. This is not a place for justification and salvation. The words justification and salvation have seven meanings. I'm talking to you now about one of the meanings and if you understand it, I will then move on to the other meanings. A friend comes and says, ‘Let’s go for a walk, but not far away, because I have a headache, I have palpitations, I am not used to it’. This shows that you are people with short legs, while the Truth needs long legs to walk. So you will unwittingly come to the position of committing crimes. Once people's legs become short, they start thinking of cunning things. Someone says, "I can't go to Vitosha Mountain." Now, if you can’t go to Vitosha, how will you go to Christ? Christ’s Path is narrow and steep; it is a Path of the sensible human will. In your mind, say, "I'll go with my friends to Vitosha Mountain!" If you can’t go in real life, at least follow them mentally; travel the whole way with them in your mind! That's the philosophy of Life. When you meet your beloved, before you get married, they call you Angles, they love you, they die for you, they can’t live without you, they kneel before you, and much weeping, crying, and pretense are pouring out. However, this is not because they can’t do without you; this is a way to produce an effect and they want to say, ‘Let them see what the Lord is like!’ When they get married, women start kneeling. This is your philosophy - instead of men, you now kneel. Why? Because your minds and hearts are shallow. Do not get me wrong! If I measure and try to fathom the depth of your minds and hearts, I will merely ascertain one fact, as it is. The words I say to you, I interpret them, I use them figuratively, do not take them in their simple meaning. Your hearts can be shallow and deep at the same time. If sludge continuously enters your hearts, the bottom will be filled, and they will become shallow. There are lakes, which have become shallow, but there are lakes, which have become deeper… Why should women feel a desire to see men kneeling before them? Kneeling, this is the law of selflessness, of self-sacrifice. When you form angles during kneeling, you show that you are ready to go down and sacrifice oneself. When you stop and sacrifice yourself for somebody else, it means that you kneel before that person. But when a lad kneels before a girl, he lies to her. Tell me how many Bulgarian girls there are who have an ideal relationship with their husbands and have never exchanged bad words? I will let you ponder and establish the Truth on your own. The Truth must surface – nothing more and nothing less! I don't want to present this truth as glamorous as to blind you. I put it through many clouds, to make it bearable to your eyes, thus wanting to spare you the illusions, which cause unhappiness every day, because these illusions take you away from God. When God sent a woman or a man to the Earth, He gave them a budget. It is unfair if somebody eats up your budget. No one has the right to take it from you unless you give it voluntarily. You tell somebody, ‘You make no sacrifices for me.’ There is no need for anyone to make sacrifices for you, because if a person makes a sacrifice for you, in order to elevate you, such a person will go down. This is the Divine law – one is going down, while another one is going up. If the man is going down, the woman is going up; if the woman is going up, the man is going down. Well now, when you walk you cast an anchor, capture the man, and keep him down, so that neither he nor you go up. You stop at one place and keep looking at each other. Such are contemporary women – they stop their men and do not let them go up. This accounts for why you sleep – since you cannot go to the other world, you cannot go up or go down. When you are asked why you sleep, you answer, ‘To go to the Lord’. When you say, ‘I slept fine’, this is so because you were up, but your impression from there is flattened, and there is only a shadow of something pleasant which stays with you. Sometimes you say, ‘I did not sleep well, I had bad dreams’. This indicates that you must have stopped your husband from something. This unnatural situation sometimes stems of utter selfishness, that exists in women. Selfishness gives birth to selfishness, unhappiness gives birth to unhappiness, sorrow gives birth to sorrow. When I talk about suffering and unhappiness, I mean sorrow as a wrapping of the Divine Truth. And contemporary people wrap grief in joy and, thus they sweeten it from the outside. There are such pills – coated in sugar, but bitter inside. The Lord, now, supports neither homeopathy nor allopathy. The former cures with small doses of bitter powders, so that these can be effective; while the latter – with big doses of bitter powders; and the pains cease. When healthy, a person does not need any pills. I know a lot of people who out of habit swallow an aspirin or quinine pill, so they don't get sick. With that, they're self-suggesting they might get sick. Say one word every day that's positive. With this, your situation will improve. All of you who listen to me, please make the following small experiment, and I allow you one year for this, and afterwards you will be free: the first six months will be positive – you will plough, sow, reap, and the other six months will be passive – you will be gathering new energy. There should be no shadow of doubt because what I say can be done by anyone. It's ridiculous to say you can't. Someday I will gather little children and I will make an experiment with them and I will prove little children can do what you can’t; small children will do it, because their faith in them is greater. You may say, ‘We may deceive ourselves’. You may deceive yourselves the first year, but you won’t deceive yourselves in the second year. You should dispose of the thought that you may deceive yourselves. There are no deceits where the Lord works and you should know this line, ‘All that will happen to those who love the Lord, is for their good.’ You will adopt this motto: ‘Whatever happens to us, the Lord will turn it around for the better.’ And then let all the bad thoughts, bad desires come, let all bad people take a stand against you; you should fear not! There should be no fear, keep fear away from you! I will now talk about the verb “can”. What kind of an experiment were you conducting until now? You were using it only in the first person: I can. From now on you will use it in all persons: I can, you can, he/she/it can, we can, you can, they can. When you encounter an obstacle, you will tell yourself, in your soul: "I can, we can, he/she/it can! I can. You can, Lord, who is within me, in my soul. Your great Spirit which guides me, can!” Then you will use all three persons in the plural. Your Faith and your Purity will help all who are above to contribute to the Divine idea to be realized in your Life. Divine patience and perseverance are required in this Way, until the Light overcomes in you. You will do this experiment whenever you feel weak. You will do it in the morning between 4 and 7 o'clock. Exactly at 4 o'clock in the morning you can get up and start your meditation experience voluntarily. When the sun rises in the morning, you should say: (in 1 person): I can! Let my Sun rise in my soul. (in 2nd person): You can! – Let the Divine Sun rise in my soul. (in 3rd person): He/she/it can - Let the Sun of my spirit rise. (in the 1st person plural): We can! "Let the Sun of our Angels rise." (in the 2nd person plural): You can! – Let the Sun of the Great Lord of Peace rise in our souls. (in the 3rd person plural): They can! - Let the Sun of all suns rise in our spirits. So, you need six suns to rise. You will stop at each sun for four minutes; a total of twenty-four minutes should be spent on the rising of the six suns. The rule you should follow is: you will get up quietly, calmly and after washing, you will stand silently, without any disturbance - nothing to scare you. You may be in a bad mood when you get up, you may feel as if the world is to blame. But you stand up and say the above words calmly, each for himself. You will take a notebook and every morning for six months you will note at what time you got up and how many times you were late. As you say these words, you will feel a pleasure under the solar plexus and your spirit will be uplifted. It may take you six years to understand how these suns rise. Continue this experience for six months, and also pass it on, recommend it to some of your friends. You should start on April 6. Some will ask if it will be possible to do it so early, etc. There should be no such thoughts! You will note in your notebooks what the weather was like by dividing it into separate columns: clear, cloudy, rainy, windy. All these conditions of time are good. If it's rainy or cloudy, never complain during those six months. If it is rainy, you will say, "Today the weather is rainy - God purifies, and the fields will bear more." You will look to implement all this. And you will ask your friends to promise to fulfill it. In the first month, when you say all six points, you will emphasize the first one the most; in the second month you will say it all again, but you will emphasize the second point, and so on. I want you to be quiet, calm, and the blessing that will come will be as much as you need. The rain, as it falls, will give each plant as much moisture as it needs. I want you to produce a favorable wave of everything that happens to you during these six months, you will try to learn a lesson, take the good side out of the nuisance, and find the benefit of it. You will say: "For good will all this be - for him who loves the Lord!" Then you should use the following sentences: I believe in You, Lord, who spoke in the past. I believe in You, Lord, who is speaking to me now. I believe in You, Lord, who will speak to me in the future. Let Your Light come upon all of us. Let Your Name be glorified. Let Your Kingdom come. Let Your Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven. During the day, if you are persuaded to read a psalm or something else, read it, but only if you feel a deep inner desire to do so. As you read the sentences above, think about things that can lift you up, think about all that is most beautiful in the world, and you will see how you will be presented with the best pictures. Only in this way will you be able to face the past and prepare good conditions for the future. This is the way in which you will be able to strengthen your will and ennoble your mind and heart. Of course, the world will go the same way, but everything will turn out for the better. During these six months you will sometimes feel more discouraged; then you will use the following sentence: "Lord, make my heart warm with Your Love!" If your mind is sometimes clouded, you will say, "Lord, enlighten my mind with Your Spirit!" or "Give Light to my mind through Your Spirit!" Then stay calm; it may take one, two, three, four hours, but you will have a result anyway. Once the six suns rise one after the other, there will be a result. During these six months you will try to be on good terms with your husbands, with your children, with those around you and you will only talk about useful things. If you sometimes lie and say something bad about someone, you will write it down in your notebooks - you have to be honest with yourself. Another rule: if one of you can't help yourself, she'll call another sister to help; if both cannot help, they should call a third and perform their prayer together. The gathering should always take place before noon, no later than 12 o'clock, because that’s where there are good influences. This is how one can be “justified” and “saved”. This is the primary meaning of these words. Pass on this guidance, this piece of advice to all of your beloved female friends. If you have a deep awakening, share these ideas with other people also; then you both will be blessed. This will illuminate your Light in front of the people close to you. Peace to everyone! From the lecture: “Righteousness and Salvation”, April 5, 1917 Part of the series: The Great Mother - a series of talks in front of a spiritual group of sisters (Thursday talks) 1917-1932. ====================== Note: From another source I found that during the first month of the exercise, the words are: (in 1 person): I can! Let my Sun rise in my soul. (in 2nd person): You can! – Let the Divine Sun rise in my soul. (in 3rd person): He/she/it can - Let the Sun of my spirit rise. (in the 1st person plural): We can! Let the Sun of our Angels rise. (in the 2nd person plural): You can! – Let the Sun of the Great Lord of Peace rise in our souls. (in the 3rd person plural): They can! - Let the Sun of all suns rise in our spirits. However, during the second through sixth month the words change and become stronger: 1. I can - Let my Sun rise in my soul and renew my heart. 2. You can - Let the Divine Sun of my spirit rise and renew my soul. 3. He/she/It can - Let the Sun of my spirit rise and renew my mind. 4. We can - Let the Sun of our Angels rise and renew our hearts. 5. You can - Let the Sun of the Great Lord of Peace rise in our souls and renew our souls. 6. They can - Let the Sun rise of all Suns in our spirits, and renew our minds. Nevenka Dimitrova
  2. Note 3 Adding and Deducting Lighting and Extinguishing the Candle „And if the son of peace be there, your peace shall rest upon it: if not, it shall turn to you again." Luke 10:6 A Secret Prayer Faithful, true, pure and kind you should always be! It is interesting why Christ tells his disciples never to greet when walking along the road. Nowadays it is considered good manners to greet somebody, but Christ says not to greet people when walking along the road. The line is clear by itself: Christ says that He sends them as sheep among wolves. I ask, when a sheep meets a wolf, how will the sheep greet the wolf? The word greeting implies that only two intelligent persons who love each other can greet each other. Only intelligent people can greet one another. People who do not have any intelligence cannot greet each other, cannot talk to each other. Often too much talking does not achieve the goal it was intended for. There is no point dwelling on evidence that such is life; you yourselves know this. Those who talk a lot, accomplish little. Now, what is the objective of your meetings? Is it to talk to one another? You say, ‘Let’s gather together![1]’ Well, there is nothing unusual in this! Which people do not gather together? People gather together in pubs, people gather together in the streets, people gather together in cinemas, people gather together in churches – people gather together everywhere, so you were saying, ‘Let’s gather together!’ Well, when was it that you did not gather together? I find this gathering together of yours rather usual. It would be more unusual not to gather together, and for one of you to go to one place in the forest, while another one goes to another place in the forest, a third one – to some place one kilometer away from the other two, so that no one knows who is where. Of course you should not understand it in the direct sense, but I am just giving a hint, because we often try to find the meaning of life where it is not. If the gathering together is done consciously, under the influence of the Divine Love, then such a meeting makes sense, but when the gathering together is the result of thoroughly different considerations, then the results are thoroughly different too. Now, let’s come to the substantial issue: what are the features of the gathering together? You have all been first year school children, and I even believe that you have graduated elementary school. In such a case, what are the features of a gathering, what makes it different? There is an increase in gathering together; this is what makes it different. Hence, when things gathering together they increase. The opposite process is to be found in deduction: when we deduct, things decrease. So, the real point of your gathering together is to increase. Well, now that you gather together, do you increase? Only gathering together is not enough, but does each one of you, on leaving the gathering, feel that one has become bigger than what one used to be? At every meeting one’s body should increase organically at least by one 1/10000th of the millimetre. When one goes to a gathering, particularly to praying meetings as is ours, one must have increased at least a little according to the law of gathering together . Now let’s assume that one of you goes to a first class dining place, having the best of chefs, who has prepared ten of the very best pastries, which you like a lot: one with cabbage, another with onion, a third one with carrots, a fourth one with spinach, a fifth one with cheese etc. If you eat from all those pastries, what would you gain? If I enter the same dining place and if I take a sweet pastry made with milk and dashed with sugar, and you eat from the ten pastries, who has gained more? You who have eaten from these ten pastries will decrease, because these pastries are very expensive. You were of a bigger weight before getting into the dining place, because you had more money in your pocket, but when you left, you already weigh less, you have decreased. Subsequently the first rule on entering a dining place is to act in accordance with the law on gathering: you gather pieces of the pastries together. But when you leave the dining place, you act in accordance with the law on deducting, and as a result a neutralisation takes place, i.e. the acquisition is neutralised. Do you now get wind of where I am driving you at? You are all smart people; well, I will give you a task to see how you will solve it: you have one unit; can you divide it into more than 10 parts? No, a unit can only be divided into ten parts. It cannot be divided into more than ten parts, without repeating numbers. For instance, if you divide into twelve or thirteen parts, you will have the sum of the numbers 1 and 2 or 1 and 3 and so on. So, the same figures up to nine are repeated again, but are not something new. Subsequently an apple can be divided only into ten parts; it cannot be divided into more than ten parts. This is the law; this is how things are in the Divine world: a unit can only be divided into ten parts. As soon as we come to the human world, the unit there can be divided into many parts. Now, we are moving to the important issue. In general all people strive to attain Divine Love, don’t they? What are the features of Divine Love? You have been searching for Divine Love for so many years, but are you aware of at least one of the features of Divine Love? Can someone among you read a paragraph from chapter thirteen of the First Epistle to the Corinthians? As soon as Love appears on the physical level, you all know already that it deals with material stuff. A child says to his or her mother, ‘Mummy, if you love me, give me some bread!’; that is all there is to it. A student says to a teacher, ‘If you love me, give me knowledge!’; this is a slightly higher condition of Love. So, as long as we associate material stuff with Love, Divine Love cannot be manifested, because there will always be competition. If you have one benefactor who supports you, but supports ten other persons at the same time, and one of them is sponsored more lavishly, discontent will arouse within you, although this person supports you as well. There is discontent also in studying: those who progress in their studies are discontent. Hence, real Love begins when one comes to the borderline where discontent disappears. I see that a mother loves her child, but the child dies. She weeps; she suffers and tells herself, ‘I cannot do without this child; why did God take my child away from me?’ God gives her another child, she also loves the child very much and she says again that she cannot do without this child; but before long the child grows up and a rupture appears between the mother and the child. I ask what happened that this love faded. Where has it disappeared? It is actually our understanding that the mother cannot do without the child. Mothers hold their children in their arms; they raise their children and they think that they cannot live without their children. Children also think that they cannot live without their mothers but due to one reason or another, this mother had to give her child to the servant or to another woman to raise the child, and we see that in ten years or so the child of this woman actually started resembling the [foster] mother[A1] . So, the idea that she cannot live without the child, is right only in respect of God. Let me explain to you what is implied in the thought that she cannot live without this child: imagine that you have a small lamp and you say, ‘I cannot live without the lamp.’ What is it exactly that you cannot live without – the lamp itself, the bulb of the lamp or is it something else that you cannot live without? You cannot live without Light. The light of the lamp is actually the substantial issue that you cannot live without, while the bulb is merely a conductor of this Love. As long as Divine Love flows through this child, I cannot live without the child, but as soon as it stops flowing through the child, it no longer makes sense. Hence this form is meaningful only because it contains Light. Light, however, is not the utmost limit of Divine Love. Behind this light, which we see in the form of rays, there is another more substantial thing. It is not Light that can satisfy us. We open the book of Life, this Light falls on the book and we read; so, this Light is necessary for you to read the book of Life. But the meaning is not in reading itself; this reading shows us the Path to God. So the Lamp is needed for the manifestation of Light; Light is needed for the manifestation of the book and for us to read; the book shows Life, discloses its hidden meaning, and Life shows us the Path to God. Once we accomplish all this, we are glad and we start with Light towards this Path. The important thing that you should know is that all those things that exist are aids, instructions to the Great and Divine in the world. The love existing among people, the relations existing among them, these are all things that direct us to God. If one knows how to watch, one will find something nice anyway in every other person, in every being, no matter how small they may be. If one is able to grasp this nice feature one will add something to one’s life. Now, I see that you all have started doing it backwards: you meet on the physical level, but on the spiritual level you have started deducting and keep finding only negative features in one another. What are you deducting? You say that sister so and so has a negative feature. Do you know what happens when you say so? One ray of this lamp goes out. Then you say about some woman, ‘Do you know what disability this sister has?’; and a second ray of the lamp goes out. You say about a third person, ‘She has brought only discord since she joined the meeting!’ and see a third ray goes out. ‘Well, this one, the fourth one, ever since she joined us, we have been inflicted by all the misfortunes!’; and again a fourth and a fifth ray of the lamp goes out. You talk in the same negative way about the fifth, about the sixth, about the seventh, about the eighth etc. sister and before you realise the rays of light in the lamp go out one after another, until in the end the whole lamp is out. You deduct, and deduct and darkness falls after all this. This is a psychological law, which causes the Light in our mind, in our consciousness, to go out. You deduct and you deduct until in the end you find yourself in complete darkness. Everything has gone out in your mind and finally you say, ‘God, why did you make the world like this?’ God says, ‘Those who extinguish the Light in their mind, as you do, will remain to live in darkness and obscurity.’ What do you have to do? You will start the reverse process and you will say, ‘That sister over there has started improving, she has become an excellent piano player let her come and play for us.’; she comes, sits at the piano and starts playing. And she plays well! The lamp is lit immediately. Then you say about some other sister, ’Do you know that sister so and so is a writer, she writes very well, let’s invite her to read something to us!’’ she comes, reads a poem of hers, everybody is pleased, everybody is glad and the Lamp increases its light. ‘Well, that sister over there is an artist, let her bring in her paintings for us to see!’; she brings in her paintings, everybody looks at them, everybody is glad. The Lamp increases her Light even more. It is said about another sister, ‘This sister has attended training in sewing and works well, let’s ask her to deliver a training course for us!’ The Lamp increases its Light even more. It is said about some other sister, ‘Do you know what delicious pastries this sister makes, come on, let’s ask her to make a pastry for us!’; she makes a pastry, everybody is glad, pleased, and the Lamp keeps increasing its light even more. The more you emphasise the positive features of one another, the stronger the light in the Lamp will be, until finally it is lit to its fullest capacity. And since you aim at the positive side of Life, this is the only way to cultivate your character. This is the Divine in man. Otherwise, looking only for the negative features in one’s character, you are becoming banal. Today I was explaining a great law in Life: there are two types of men in the world and two types of women: women of the first type are heroes, while of the other one – cowards; men of the one type are heroes, while of the other one – cowards. God tells both of them, ‘There will be suffering!’ You are asked from the Invisible world whether you want to suffer like heroes or like cowards. We, contemporary people, want to avoid suffering. No one can avoid suffering. I say that suffering in the present century is a condition for one’s development. Both cowards and heroes suffer, but I am asking you whether you want to suffer like heroes or like cowards? Which is better for you? Like heroes! If I tell you that you have to suffer like heroes, you say that this is not suitable for you. If you say that you have to suffer like cowards, this is absolutely not suitable for you. The Scripture reads, ‘Cowards shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.’ What does this line mean? This means that Love cannot permeate the soul of a coward. Fear is a negative feature. Cowards represent a stony soil, where nothing can grow; therefore a coward cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. I would translate this line in another way, ‘Springs cannot flow in deserts, fruit cannot be born, death reins everywhere there.’ This is to say that the desert cannot be inherited by people. In order for the desert to be inherited by people, there must be springs flowing, while Life can spring only from Love. Rivers, springs, and trees – all these are an emblem of a Power which is derived from Love. Each one of you should stop and think things over well; to have a positive thought in respect of the Divine Providence and to know where exactly one can find this Divine Providence. Each good thought which is imprinted into your mind, is a good echo of the Divine thought. When a good thought visits you, when you experience a good urge, when a good friend visits you, when you read a good book, when the sky is clear or when a beautiful star catches your attention, do not miss these. All this is a speech coming from Heaven. If this star has caught your attention, you will stop and see what it wants to let you know. Now, I will present a picture to you, for you to see how Heaven speaks: imagine that you are in a dark stormy night, you cannot find your way around, you have lost the path, you do not know where you are; a wind blows for a while and you see the Polar Star. What does it show you? It shows the direction, it shows where East is, where West is, where North and South are. This star wants to show you that you have taken the westerly direction, and you have to return and take the easterly direction; this is the direction of your path. As soon as it has communicated this to you, shortly afterwards the sky gets clouded over again and the star is not to be seen. Has this star communicated anything to you? Yes, it determines your path… Further on along the path you see that a candle is lit in a lodge somewhere far away in the distance. You have to understand the voice of this lit candle… I will present another picture to you: imagine that you are travelling on a dark stormy night, there is a violent blizzard and you lose your way. At one moment you see that a small candle not far away from you is lit. What does this candle want to communicate to you? It wants to communicate to you, ‘Come and be my guest! This is the only way that you can be saved from death! Our Lord [Master] is very good; therefore we opened the window.’ So sometimes it will be dark, stormy and unpleasant in your life and you will tell yourselves, ‘I do not want to live! Let’s hope that a disease of some kind will send me to the other world.’ But exactly at this time a Light will appear from somewhere, which will tell you, ‘Come to our home!’ So, God speaks to the soul through this Light and He says, ‘Have no fear, there is a shelter for you!’ This is what this Light in the dark gloomy night communicates. This Light is an expression of Love. And we love God, through this Light He sends His Love to the worlds. And everybody who understands the language of this Light will see that Divine Love lies behind each of its rays. This is what it means to understand the true meaning of Light. Or put in a mystic language, you will feel a sacred tribulation within your soul and if you have been desperate, you will immediately feel an internal gentleness, you will cheer up, you will feel elevated and you will start doing your work. So, now I am telling all of you: when you gather together, do not start putting the rays of Light out. You have already mastered the art of finding fault with other people even little children can do this. Even animals too, when they gather together, they look at each other and they tell themselves, ‘You are no good, we know you, we can’t trust you!’ A bird meets you, it looks at you and it says, ‘I know you.’ It has no faith in you either; it also puts a ray of Light out. I am just praying in the forest and all of a sudden a hare passes by me; when I stump my foot, the hare sets off in among the trees, hides there and says, ‘I do not believe in your prayer.’ The hare puts out a ray of the lamp’s Light. I am writing poetry of some sort and a bird passes by me and all of a sudden it flies far away; and it says, ‘I do not believe in you, I have tested poets like you.’ And it wipes out another ray of Light. Birds too are faithless; they too apply this negative thought in respect of you. I have tested birds: some bird flies, comes towards me and I tell the bird, ‘Come here to my hand!’ It enquires, ‘What guarantee can you give me that you won’t hurt me? I’d better sing in the tree, rather than perch on your hand.’ It does not trust me; it does not perch on my hand. So far I have known only one bird that has perched on my hand, a bird which trusted me. All of the others have flown away, they do not trust me. But if one manifests the Love of God, birds will trust such a person too. In 1917 when I was in Varna there was a closet in my hotel, where I kept coal. Two blackbirds came in once – a female and a male. I took them upstairs into my room, as the winter was freezing cold, there were many blizzards and it was very cold in the closet. I said to myself, ‘I will pay as much as it takes for the birds.’ I took a bucket of grain in the morning, lit the brazier and sat there to warm myself. The male blackbird got scared, flew away and sat by the window, but the female came to the brazier, climbed on my legs and afterwards it went to the window. In a short while it came to the brazier again, climbed on my shoulder and then went again to the window. Finally it came to me and sat on my hand. I am asking you how you could interpret this; why did it climb on my leg, then my shoulder and finally my hand. The male blackbird told her, ‘You, woman, see this man, I have tried men, and I know what they are like!’ She is looking at me with her sad eyes and I am looking at her, then she flew away from my shoulder, she went to the window and said to me, ‘Mister, you are very kind, you made a fire, you gave us water, you gave us grains, but would you now open the window so that we can fly outside to carry on with our work.’ I talk to her in a birdie language, ‘The weather outside is foul, stormy; when it gets warmer I myself will open the windows for you to fly away.’ She went to the male blackbird, spoke to him and then they became quiet. They went to bed very calm in the evening… This is the only bird which trusted me completely. This is to say that they have consciousness. The male blackbird does not trust people and you resemble the male blackbird now. God does Good to you, but you say, ‘God does Good to us, but there is no knowing?...’ How many of you are like the female blackbird? I say that this is a praiseworthy example; every person has to have such faith in God and has to know that even in the darkest and stormiest night, one may find oneself in the closet, from where God will pick him or her into His room. God will have providence for you too. One shall not conquer the Kingdom of God by looking outside. The outside world shall not alter for our sake. When we talk about the Divine world, we mean an internal change, this internal softening of the human heart. I consider a stormy dark night something very beautiful and I will tell you why: a night like this can be a blessing for me. Imagine that I am a person who has been travelling aimlessly here and there all my life, I haven’t done anything good and by going round in this dark stormy night I lose my way in the forest and all of a sudden I see a small window opening and a small candle lighting. I take the direction of this small light and I enter the lodge of a good, noble person who opens the book of Life and directs me to God. Wasn’t this night a great blessing for me? This night saved me. Sometimes the good day can bring ruin to a person. Imagine that I go to this person who will show me the path to God, by passing by a pub I see friends of mine sitting in front of it at the tables, drinking and having fun. It is a fine, beautiful day, the Sun is shining brightly. Looking at them I ask myself, ‘Who is going to go to this person right now? Isn’t it better to stop by and to have some fun?’ I stop by and I miss my Good, this beautiful day succeeded in tempting me. Do not think that the external environment is something real! No, it is not something reliable and do not think that your good is hidden in it. Do not think that your health always hides your happiness. Tolstoy himself said that a good idea dawned upon him after each illness and after each recovery; he came out of these having acquired something Divine. Sometimes it seems that one is neither here nor in Heaven, but afterwards a person moves to a new phase. So that true health lies in the fact that one should be in agreement with God, in agreement with righteous and good people on the surface of the earth or with those people who live up there in Heaven. Now, you all have to aspire to be a paragon of pure Life. I see that now you have certain peculiar habits which I explain in an absolutely different way: all of you have descended to an area of the enchanted world. Almost all people from religious societies go through this area. It is known about this area that no Light from the outside is given to it, and every one lights one’s path with as much Light as one has; each one lights one’s own path, but the area itself is dark. In this dark area you will meet many beings, lagging behind in their evolution for thousands of years and they will fly at you like predators, they will avail of your Light, they will attack you with their criticism, they will tell you, ‘You are a good person, you are a bad person’, the whole world is considered bad by them. At last when you lose your faith, they will attack you fiercely and they tell you, ‘You are not a saint either, there is no worse sinner than you in the world, don’t you think you have taken the right Path! Once we also started along this Path like you, but nothing came out of it. Stay with us, we shall show you what we do!’ If you believe them, you will remain a resident of this enchanted area to be their servant. Right now there is no need for you to listen to other people’s advice. Those who pass through this area will close their ears not to hear them. When you get out of this area you will take the wadding out of your ears and you will hear the best of stories. One has to be deaf when passing through this area. The world may improve, but we need methods. God has all the ways and methods to improve the world. He will transform it. In order to be able to help yourselves, in order to be able to help your neighbours, you have to learn God’s methods. You often read the Gospel and you cannot understand it. Why? Because the Spiritual cannot not be conveyed by books. For instance, let’s take a picture of a lamp, but does it represent Light? No, it is only a small representation of Light. Can Light stream out of it? No Light can stream out of it. So, the first condition when the Divine comes into a human being is that at least a small change should take place in one’s mind and one should be pleased with everything that God gives to him or her; to do the smallest jobs and to try to realise each good thought or each good desire, no matter how small it might be. Because the thousand, the million drops form the springs, the many rivers on their part form the sea. The power of man lies in these small impulses, in these small goods that one can do. You understood everything I told you, didn’t you? (The Master draws a minaret.) You know that the imam speaks the same no matter to which step of the minaret he has climbed. Likewise you too, no matter how high you will climb, you speak the same. A sister says, ‘You do not understand what it means when the Spirit talks.’ And the other one says the same. No, this is like the imam speaking from the minaret. If a sister talks like this, I will tell her, ‘Yes, sister, you speak very well, but let us now go and visit a sick person, to say a prayer. Since you know better, you will lead it while I will only say amen to it all, and let’s hope that you will be able to help. You have been serving God for a long time, you do what you think fit, and I will bring water and will say amen to it.’ But you say, ‘No, sister, I do not deal in such affairs. The karma of this sick person has not as yet flown out; there is nothing to help him about.’ The issue about karma has another aspect: you try to be of help and do not think about other people’s karma. I take another perspective to the issue: the evil that is manifested in God is not evil; it is only a trial, because there must be something in one’s life, which can test one’s power [strength]. The evil in a person is the positive side of one’s life. If one is intelligent one will know how to cope with those strong movements in one’s life. If one thought or one feeling is strong within a person or if one’s speech is strong, one will utilise all of these to one’s benefit. It’s not bad for one to be angry. One will take one’s anger and will tell it, ‘Listen, it has been many years since I gave birth to you! I fed you; you ate and drank; now it’s time for me to make you work and for you to listen to me!’ You will show it the stick and you will ask it, ‘Will you listen to me? You will first learn to stay put, then you will wait, you will be good and only when I tell you to capture somebody, you will do so! Until I tell you what to do, you will listen to my commands!’ It will respond, ‘I will, Your Excellency!’ It will only sit and ask, ‘Is it time to capture him or her?’ It sits, sharpens the knife for a day or two, or three, it waits, but I take it with the axe to the forest everyday and I tell it, ‘Get down to work!’ When we return I ask it, ‘Are you pleased?’ – ‘Yes, I am.’ Make your anger chop wood, make it whitewash; this is its business, it will do it perfectly well. Now, let’s go back to the main point; you all need to do internal work in Life, but whatever you have to start, keep it silent, do not say a word to anybody. There is one rule in Esoteric science: you should not let anybody know what you do, only the fruit should be shown externally. This is how musicians, artists, poets, and anybody else should work. If people listen to the practicing of music, they will be bored. Therefore, a musician should play and practice alone. When should he play before people? When he completes his studies or when he completes his picture or when he completes his poetry. So now, you all have to keep silent, but not to be silent about everything. No, you shall be silent about the substantial issues! If you understand it literally, you will fall silent and a sister will ask you something and you will keep silent. Again you will be asked to say something, and again you keep silent. No, this is the letter of the law. I mean the substantial, only it should be kept silent! A woman says, ‘But the Master told us to be silent!’ No, this is an understanding by the letter; you shall be silent about the substantial. I may tell you to speak on another occasion and this sister who understands me literally will start talking making no break at that. Others tell her, ‘It’s time to shut up!’, but she carries on for five, ten, fifteen, twenty minutes, even for half an hour, she can’t help talking. – ‘But it is the Spirit talking within me!’ If Spirit talks within you, you will say something intelligent and will fall silent. Later on you will talk again and will fall silent again. If I take part in twenty meetings, what do I have to do? I will talk for five minutes here and I will go to the other meeting; I will talk for a while there and I will move on to the third meeting; I will talk for a while there too. So that, when the Spirit tells me to speak, this means that I will be silent at one place and I will talk at another. And you understand that when you start talking at one place you have to keep talking throughout the whole time. You shall talk a little. Somebody may ask me, ‘Do you believe in God and how do you believe?’ I will reply to such a person, ‘Come visit me tomorrow at my place!’ He will come, I will treat him to good dishes, I will take him around my garden, I will chat with him. – ‘Well, but tell me something about God!’ I will respond to him, ‘Come visit me at my place tomorrow again!’ This is the resolution of the issue and there is no point telling him how I believe in God. When he asks me I will tell him, ‘Come visit me at my place tomorrow!’, nothing more than this. What are candles? What is the Light of a candle? What are books? What is the content of a book? What are men; what is the soul; what is the thought of man? – This is the Life of man. What is Spirit? – This is one’s Power. What is God? – He is everything. These are philosophical answers to these questions. Now, when you go out and when you are asked what I was talking about, what would you say? Some will say that they understood nothing, but others will say that I was talking about very great things. I am asking you why you need Light? To read the book of Life. This book is the very human being and by reading the book one will understand oneself. Now, I will leave you to think on your own, not to get confused, and let each one of you apply what each one of you has understood; do not demand a lot. Even the smallest application will be all right. Make this lamp light! Power is contained in the small. Let each of you find a method within oneself, to apply the smallest, to do one very small good. You have heard a lot about your mind, your heart, your will, but I want you to draw a small application from this lecture. I will explain the word application. Imagine that you have separate parts out of which a bridge should be formed. Apart from the support pillars needed for the bridge, what else is required? A joining thread on the top is required. Consequently, one person cannot impose oneself upon another. If you think that you can impose yourself, this is a wrong understanding. Only joining threads can there be between two persons. You have to do your best not to break these threads, but to form as many such threads as possible. The more such threads there are, the better, the more beautiful Life becomes or put in other words – the more elevated spirits love you and send their thoughts to you, the more meaningful, more beautiful your life will be. And the less you are thought about, the more ordinary your life will be. When mountains are being broken up, people resort not to gold but to iron; when people sail rivers and seas, people resort not to stones but to wood. Consequently, a spear can be transformed into a writing quill in the hand of an intelligent person, so that one can write something nice with it. And those who are smarter will transform the spear into a language and will sing with it. So that, those who do not understand will have spears; those who understand better will have writing quills to write with; and those who understand even better will have a gentle, fine language to articulate the best of God’s Words. So now, I want your spear to soften and to transform from iron into a writing quill; the writing quill should transform into a gentle fine language for you to articulate the most beautiful, the best in the world. But you do not have only to articulate it; you have to apply it as well. Master’s lecture, Delivered on 18 December 1925 at 16:00h [1] In Bulgarian there is one word ‘sabiram’ that has a very general meaning of congregating = collecting into a group: a) for people congregating; B) for putting things together and c) for the mathematical operation of adding. As the Master uses one and the same word throughout the text for all three meanings in Bulgarian, for consistency sake it is translated into English with one and the same word = gather together, meaning in this lecture both congregating and adding. [A1]Check this part of the sentence again as it is confusing and not clear
  3. Note 2p THE GOOD SEED The Good Prayer I shall read Chapter 13, line twenty-four, from Mathew, ‘Another parable put He forth before them, saying, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is likened unto a man who sowed good seed in his field.’ Learn Psalm 93 for next week. Something new must enter your life. I consider all your viewpoints out-dated, old clothes. You need new clothes for Easter, these are worn out here and there, there are holes, the colours faded, at places the holes are big, patches are needed. One has to study from the cradle to the grave. One has to dedicate one’s entire life to studying. One should not think that in a year, two or three years, one will learn everything and one will go visiting places ever after, sleeping in soft beds and eating delicious meals. These things are possible but one has to pay through the nose. If you take the entire human history, you will see that those who lived quite an opulent life - the kings – paid dearly. Even Solomon, who was one of the wisest kings of Israel, had to pay through the nose. The Scripture does not say anything about this, but there is one internal aspect, which he himself called ‘vanity of vanities’ and ‘all is vanity’. A great wise man who lived to see great disappointments, wanted to say that what one lived with is nonsense. You would sacrifice anything for this nonsense. If you were invited to become a queen you would accept on the spot. When one becomes king, one does not go to church. If one tries to go to church an entire envoy will escort him. Earlier on one used to go on foot, now – by car. Do you know what I believe the behaviour of such people, riding in cars, resembles? Children who cannot walk also ride in baby-carriages[1] and are attended by servants. In the spiritual aspect, all those who ride in automobiles and carriages are children; horses and coachmen drive them, while they think they are big shots. These are children. They have to step down and walk. Children, when they grow up, get out of the baby-carriage and walk on foot. And you sometimes regret that you do not have a carriage. It’s nice to have a carriage while one is a child, but when one grows up it’s nice to walk on foot. Because if an adult person does not practice walking his legs will atrophy. As soon as one’s leg atrophies, one cannot be virtuous. Legs correspond to virtues; arms – to Justice; eyes – to the Truth, ears – to Wisdom; the mouth – to Love. Carriages are for children, adults should walk on foot. And you will pray that your arms, your legs – every part of your body are healthy. You will know a person by one’s house. You will know that the host is tidy by his house. In a spiritual respect there is a bond between the physical and the spiritual life. There are no separate spiritual and secular lives; these are only separated in our understanding. We call spiritual the life of higher aspirations, while secular we call the life of lower aspirations. Christ says, ‘the Good seed’. In parallel with the seed something opposite might grow, which should not worry you. For instance, a bad thought may get its way into you alongside some good thought. This happens when your consciousness is not awake. Some bad thought enters and when you delve into your consciousness, you will see that an image has come from somewhere. One should always keep one’s consciousness awake. For example you are in town, you wash your garment and hang it on the washing line, but it gets dirty from the soot in the air. But an intelligent person will hang it where it won’t get dirty. Good things should be kept tucked away at such places where there is no soot. People often say that God will do this and that for us. God attends to His business very well, but our business is lagging behind. We have to get down to work and each one should have a task. Each should ask oneself what one has to do. Often we stop in the world and say, ‘The world is not what we would like it be.’ This statement should not be an obstacle to us. That the world is bad is just a subjective understanding, and another person can have exactly the opposite opinion. The world is good when we are good; the world is bad, when we are bad. It is often the case when you are feverish that your taste is a bit off – whatever you are given, as soon as you taste it you say that it is bitter and tasteless. Actually the dish is not tasteless and when you overcome your fever, it becomes tasty. Sometimes even water seems to taste bitter. You have to move to a new condition. You have to understand Life as science, as art. Life is an art by itself. Each one of you has to study one, two, three, four, five kinds of art. A person has about forty abilities and each one of them can develop art. Hence, a person has room for forty kinds of art. A person has as many feelings within, which can facilitate the development of certain virtues. And now religious people are in the habit of saying a prayer or two; twice a day they address God and regard themselves as very religious. Someone is said to pray three times a day. Wonderful, but he eats three times a day, sleeps eight hours a day. What has one attained from sleeping when asleep; what has one attained from the food by eating three times a day or when praying three times a day; what has one attained? One is supposed to attain something from each prayer. I shall tell you something that you have to remember: if you go to a clean spring of water, you will fill a vessel and will bring it back; if you go to a certain location where there are diamonds and emeralds, which one of you would not indulge in taking a stone. People often go to God, but come back from this fine area without bringing back anything. What is the worth then of such a walk? When a person is going around like this for ten-twenty years, one finally starts getting older, starts doubting. It goes without saying, when a person is getting poorer one starts asking oneself whether one has ever been rich. Also when a person grows older, one thinks that there was a time one was young, but that now he is old and even he himself does not believe that he has been young – he has changed without taking any notice of it, as if he has always been old. This is why such a person has to rejuvenate his outlook all the time. One meal or three meals a day won’t do it; three times a day is rather insufficient. Nowadays it is compulsory not to eat a lot, as it takes a lot of resources. Some people eat once every twenty-four hours, others – twice, three times, four times. But from a spiritual point of view one must nourish one’s mind. There are ordinary situations in this respect which only amuse people. Of course this depends on one’s feelings. There are cases when an idea, a feeling imposes itself upon a man without one really having any intention of doing so. An idle thought [feeling] may keep his mind busy for many years and not allow space for anything inspiring and noble within him. For example, somebody would like to become rich and he keeps thinking about this from morning till night. He keeps making money, for days and for weeks on end, believing that he would have enough wealth to live on, but suddenly the Invisible world takes it away. Not that one’s desire to be rich is bad; one has to be rich, but one has to be looking for one’s wealth in the right direction. One has to have the wealth that nobody else can take away from him. If a man is rich and used one’s wealth to develop one’s virtues, to serve the people close to him – this is good; but if the wealth is an obstacle to his good, it transforms into a trap. For example, if you talk in a room, your speech cannot be heard outside; if you pray in a golden house, your prayer will reach the golden ceiling and will not go to God. If your thought is not warm, and if your heart is not warm, this prayer has no effect. Consciousness should be very awake in every prayer and what you are praying for should be a necessity for you. The Scripture reads, ‘Let it be all that you want![2]’ What you want in your prayers should be the most substantial, most significant, and everything else will come on its own accord. The most important should come first. If Life comes, it brings all of its blessing with itself; if the Holy Spirit comes, then Freedom comes on its own accord; if Light comes, knowledge will be acquired. Where there is Love, there is Light too. The ‘good seed’ is understood to mean what a human being is endowed with. For example, a man is old and is expecting to die, to go to the other world. Why should the other world need old people? The other world does not need old people, nor does it need ignorant, sinful, feeble or poor people. There are no hospitals there. The Scripture says that nothing impure will enter the other world. As long as you enter the other world pure, you will not be subjected to the changes that are going on here on the earth – there will be no evil, there will be no poverty, there will be no diseases. You want a certain life, but you expect it to be automatically given to you, you do not want to work for it. For instance, what part of your day and night do you dedicate to visiting God? You use your time exclusively for yourselves. Few were those that I met who used their time for God. Everyone prays to God for one’s children, for one’s husband, for a hat, for clothes. At other time one prays to become good, but to work for God few have I seen! First you have to acquire that condition when no needs of yours will be a concern for you. If a person serves God with understanding, all of his needs will be gratified. But if one wants to satisfy one’s own needs first and then to give away from the abundance one has, this is also possible. A discontent is born in the former case, however: no matter how pure and holy one tries to be, one sees that one still needs something and is constantly discontented. One waits to become pure and holy first and only then to do something, but sometimes one leaves this world while waiting. One thinks and thinks and says, ‘This is not going to happen now.’ And one departs with this thought. But this may happen because one should not rely on the good one does, but has to allow the good within to work. The good is common for all the people; it is nobody’s private property. The Good is the Divine that works within everybody. Some are better as they allow more room for the Divine to work in them; others are not so good, as they allow less room for the Divine to work within them. If I put it figuratively, some of you have houses with more windows, others with fewer windows. This issue depends to a certain extent on your viewpoints. You want to live among perfect people above all. This would be ideal, but what can be done now that there are no such perfect people?! Now that you live among people who are not perfect, what should you do? People are resourceful. Sometimes the good people have to be as resourceful as the drunkards. A drunkard drank but his hand started trembling. When he took the glass his hand trembled and he couldn’t drink wine. He was aggrieved that he could no longer drink and was constantly trying to figure out a way to sip wine from the glass. One day he made a gadget: he took a piece of wood and a rope, he ran it through his neck and started pulling, he drank wine and everything ended. Thus God finally tied both his hands and he stopped drinking… A strong man should place a glass of wine in front of himself and should say, ‘I am the master of the glass; I am the one giving orders! I now order you to stay outside and to stay put!’ He places the glass on the table and goes out to take a walk; then he comes back and says the same. Let’s assume that you are displeased with a sister and when you see her, your heart trembles, you are annoyed; what should you do? Commission a picture of hers to be drawn, buy it and keep it in your room. You will tell the picture, ‘You shall not annoy me, I am your master!’ You will see that your heart will start beating differently. The first days when you see the portrait, you will be uneasy, you won’t even be able to pray, but persevere in this, keep her picture until you succeed. In time you will notice that the portrait of this sister has started changing. If you keep looking at this sister for two or three months you will see that alongside the change in the portrait the sister herself will change. When she meets you she will look at you in a more benign way. You live in a world, in a school and all of these issues that you face are assignments that you have to resolve properly. Some day the teacher in this subject will call you and will ask you how you will resolve this problem. This is the way to look upon your life. You ask why God has assigned this to you. You know why? Even the pupils at school know why they are taught geometry, geography, mathematics etc. These are subjects to study. For example, some of you have fears; this is not a subject. Fears are bad, but it’s even worse without fears. If a person had no sense of fear, on coming into Sofia, the carriages will run him over while otherwise he takes care of himself, walks on the pavement and thus safeguards his life. The sense of prudence must be added to this fear. When God sees that we can use the gifts He granted to us, and that we develop them, He is pleased. The teacher is pleased when the pupil studies. When the pupil plays an instrument properly, draws or paints properly, when the pupil recites something nice, the teacher is pleased. When you enter Heaven, the Invisible world, when you go to the King’s Gates, you will be asked to recite a poem. Which poem will you recite? You do not know even a single poem as yet, but you are wondering which one to choose. There you will be asked first to sing a song. Which song will you sing? If you sing the song properly the door will open on its own accord; if you do not sing it properly, the door will remain closed. If you recite the poem properly the door will open on its own accord; if you do not recite it properly, the door will remain closed. Someone will ask whether this is to be understood literally or allegorically. Understand it as you like, but this will happen. The Scripture reads, ‘The cowards shall not inherit the Kingdom of God’. Because when the cowards leave for the Invisible world, they will be tested with the worst fictitious trials. They will get frightened and they shall not enter; even if they want to make them enter, they won’t be able to. A Bulgarian teacher was riding in a carriage, but she was afraid of buffalos. She saw buffalos about half a kilometer ahead, she jumped out of the carriage and took to her heels. Which is safer – to stay in the carriage or to be running? If a buffalo is chasing you, running will not be of help, and it would be much safer in the carriage. And lastly this buffalo does not think of her; the buffalo can only raise its head to see who is passing by. We all have a buffalo. There is nobody among you having no such buffalo, that when the buffalo comes your heart starts beating. One fears one thing, somebody else fears another; but each one of us fears something. There comes a disease, your legs swell and you say, ‘What if it affects my heart!?’ One is brave while one is healthy, but one’s strength can be seen when one is sick. One has to fall sick to find out how strong one is. This is a test. Diseases, indispositions and hardships that afflict us are conditions only on the physical level. Every one of you has had such indispositions without being aware of the underlying reason. You sometimes feel sad, it seems that the whole world has become bad; some other time you are discontented, you do not want to meet anybody, you want to escape in the forest. As soon as all this passes over, your condition changes. This indisposition is not the person himself or herself; it is a strange tenant. You are often harnessed like a horse and you pull the carriage all day long. The one who harnessed you lets you free in the evening but the whole day you have been working for the master. There is another aspect to it: it is often the case that out of ignorance we inflict misfortunes upon us. A little calf enters the yard of a farmer, finds a pot of barley and eats it up, his head being stuck in the pot at the end. The calf raises its head but cannot see, and the people have no explanation as to how the pot happened to be on its head. This calf did not know the consequences, but sometime a man can stick one’s head into such a pot. The farmer comes and wonders how to free the calf. They start pulling the pot, but they fail to pull it off. They suggest slaying the calf. Some say that the calf is not theirs and others say that the pot is nice. Finally they decide to break the pot… Indeed, sometimes a man has to place one’s head into a pot to get things straightened. Good pots can make flower pots, but they should not be on one’s head. Or put in other words, one should never allow a thought to wrap one’s mind in such a way that it becomes like a pot. Never get attached to any object to an extent that it blinds you. This calf thought that it will solve all the problems by putting its head into the pot. These thoughts that I am telling you show what a man must be aware of. One has to know which the substantial issues in the world are. There are substantial issues that will come on their own accord, and there are issues that are not substantial. They are a burden to the person. There are differences among women. One woman is stronger; another one is more intelligent, another one is apprehensive. All this has its reasons. The strong woman is strong because she practiced; the apprehensive one has become apprehensive because she practiced apprehensiveness; a person becomes what one practices. Through practice a person can equally acquire a negative and a positive feeling. Only that one has to persevere along the Path. Sometimes things do not happen overnight. For example, somebody says, ‘I will pray to God.’ When you pray to God, He will send you to a person who has been along your Path so that he or she can teach you. Sooner or later you will meet the person who can teach you. Don’t be looking for happiness, never want to be happy, because it is impossible to be happy. Look at Heaven and see that everything there is nice: God is there, happiness is there. Happiness is where God is. As soon as you find where God is, there you will find happiness. There is no fine day without the Sun. As soon as the Sun sets, the fine day is over. When you leave for somewhere in a dark night, you will be happy as long as you have a burning candle, but when the candle goes away[A1] , you will be unhappy. And true happiness, derived from the presence of God, never goes away. You should not be looking for ways to be good; you should be looking for the good, because a man cannot be good. Somebody, whom you love, comes; you give him a clean towel; somebody else comes, whom you do not love, you speak slightingly to him. Where is your good? If you are treated like this, you will take offence right away, but according to our existing understanding, we consider ourselves to be very good, like the one who cannot sing, but considers himself a good singer. I was told that somebody was a very good violinist; I let him play the violin and found out that he was an ordinary performer. I have an explanation why people think he plays well: they like the songs he plays; while I consider the songs he played to me ordinary. Subsequently he is a good violinist according to some and according to others – he is not. A violinist, playing well to the dead, who plays the same pieces to the alive, will be beaten. A violinist, playing well to the alive, who plays the same pieces to the dead, will also be beaten. Why is it that very sad songs are played to the dead? If these souls go to God, why should gloomy songs be sung to them? The songs played to them are fit for escorting somebody to the scaffold. There is no logic in all of this and subsequently such songs are out of place. Such a song isn’t for Heaven, which means that such a person does not go to God, but to the place of suffering. If you leave for the other world, what song should be played to you?... You need an absolutely new vision: when a person is born you will sing a song halfway, and when the person dies you will sing the end of the song. You will sing the same song – half of it at birth, and the other half on leaving for the other world. You shall not sing different songs. If the song consists of four stanzas, you will sing the first two stanzas at birth, and the other two stanzas – on leaving. If a child is born to you, you would like to sing the first half of a nice song that brings in happiness; when leaving for the other world you will sing the other half of the song. I will now tell you half of the truth and when you are leaving for the other world I will tell you the other half of the truth. It is impossible to say everything now. There are things that if disclosed to you now, you will say, ‘Time does not allow this, time does not allow that…’ But when you are dying and when are being born time allows it. So, I was saying, that when the good seed grows the fruit is gathered in the Divine granary. This is going into the other world. Do not understand it in the bad sense, I do not mean the physical world. When a man changes fundamentally, he will pass from one life into another. If you ask the one leaving one’s body, he is ready to sacrifice everything. So far he has been a miser, but when dying he says, ‘I give this much to this person and that much to that person!’ He gives away everything, only that it is too late. One has to give away but not when dying, but while still living. And his heirs will quarrel over what one leaves as legacy after one’s death, they will call him, and he will talk to them not to quarrel. Thus they will create an entire misfortune for him. You want to find the right Path now. No, find it when you are leaving for the other world. Then you have to have a guide-book to Heaven, so that you know where the Path is and how you can start along it. Along this Path you will walk in Life. I am not saying that you are not convinced. One has to know things well so that one can be of help to the others. Because sometimes a person places oneself to a test before clarifying the truth in advance. However, one should not have any uncertainties as to the final truth one believes in. There are two issues that a person should not hesitate about: first of all one should never have any doubts as to the Truth; and secondly, one should never have any doubts as to the power of one’s knowledge. I am not talking about Love, because the slightest doubt in Love always leads to death. Doubting the Divine Wisdom leads to great suffering; and doubting love leads to death. Those who doubt Love die; death is the consequence of uncertainties in Love. And suffering is the result of any hesitation in the Truth or in the Divine Wisdom. Then suffering comes to show you that there is one who knows. After suffering for a long time, you will go to God and he will tell you that you are suffering because you have doubts. I am now asking which one of you does not have doubts. Not that this is a sin, not that you do it intentionally, but I am telling you that there is an internal law. There is one law in the world, similar to the one that sows the wheat and puts it in the sieve. When wheat grains become flour, it remains at the bottom, and the other stuff is on top. Not that a housewife minds, but she places aside what is on top, and elsewhere what is at the bottom. Every person will come to this sieve. You will first find yourself sown in the Divine field; you will follow the path of the wheat grain. You have to find a way to grow, to endure the winter, the wind, the cold, until you understand the Divine ways. Not that God has anything against you, but this is to your advantage, this is the only way for you to develop. Otherwise you will keep staying in the barn. When God wants to grant us freedom, He passes us from one condition into another. The external suffering comes as a process of the consciousness. Suffering shows that we are along the right Path. As long as you suffer you can be sure that you are on the right Path. But as soon as you no longer suffer on the earth, then you may start having doubts. Now, you have to study this profound science of self-education. You have to educate yourselves. One has to work upon oneself in order for one to become strong. A man has to work for one’s Freedom, but he also has to acquire knowledge. And in order to acquire knowledge, a man has to have a broad mind, has to study. I would like all of you to be very diligent, to study and to make small experiments all the time. You are in an Occult School. I see a striving in you to serve God. I can create as much as work as you like. I can give you the following experiment: to walk ten to twenty kilometres along a road and to give water to any passers-by; you will be walking and giving water till noon. You will say that this does not become you. You want an experiment, don’t you? Who will be put to test? Will you or the passers-by be put to test, if you are assigned such an experiment? You can do it! Do you think it will be an experience? This is a teaching. Now, I am not sending you to sell something, but to be on the road for about four to five hours and offer water from the pot. It is a science to know which one is thirsty. You shall not treat everybody to water; you will stand and try to guess which one is thirsty and you will offer a glass of water to a thirsty passer-by. Then you will sit by the road, you will count and take notice how many thirsty people there are. This will be your profit. You will take a new pot and you will see how many glasses of water it can hold. You shall not measure it in advance; you will count the glasses while giving water. You shall not waste a single drop. You shall take a notebook and if somebody says something you will note it down. After coming back you will count how many glasses of water you gave away and what the people said. This will be your salary. When you finish with this I will ask you what you learnt and how many sentences have you written down. You will have four stanzas of poetry. If I can assign this task to you some day, you will have an experience that rarely happens. But a person has to be inspired by the law of Divine Love in order to do this. Similarly God sometimes puts man in a strange situation. When Christ came to the earth, He was put in a strange situation: he was sent to serve the people who were much lower than Him. Therefore you should not be fed up with life. You will take as example the great souls who lived a humble life on the earth. You have to know that humility is the line along which Divine Blessing runs. A man who is not humble cannot receive the Divine Blessing. If you are proud, you are a high peak and the Divine Blessing cannot run toward it. You have to be humble, meek, kind-hearted, good for the Divine Blessing to come to you. Why do you have to be good? So that the Divine Blessing can reach you. This is the good seed that is sown. Other people have sown weed, but good is only what God put in man. The rule is: only what God put in us is good, and what all other people have put afterwards in us is weed. Nothing put in us afterwards by anybody shall bear fruit, but the Divine will bear fruit. ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ Lecture delivered by the Master On 21 April 1932 Sofia, Izgreva [1] There is one word in Bulgarian, translating as ‘car’, that is used for ‘automobile’ and ‘pram’ [2] To Editor: this is certainly a quotation – sorry, I can’t quote precisely. [A1][blows out]
  4. Note 2p NATURAL RULES[1] I shall give you some necessary rules, and you should note that these are natural rules and exist on their own in Nature. When I say ‘Nature’ I mean the intelligent Life. There can be no intelligent Life without rules outside nature. Outside these rules is the foolish life, while the intelligent Life is within the framework of these rules. Make the following experiment: when you go to a mountainous area, trouble[A1] a mountain spring, keep troubling[A2] it for ten to fifteen minutes and see what will happen. The spring will start cleaning itself from the centre, to get rid of all the muddy stuff and it will finally start running clear. If you have a watch please note how long it will take the spring to become clear again. Whatever the spring does, you should do it, too. An excursionist comes to your mountain and troubles[A3] you in a similar way; but another being from the external world will come and do to you what you can do to the spring – it will stir you within to clean you as if you were a spring. You ask what you should do. Do what the spring does. You will start doing what the spring does. This is the first rule. You use the expression a ‘free thought’. Under ‘free thought’ I understand a thought functioning according to the laws of Truth. You cannot have free thoughts if you are not in the sphere of Truth. You speak about free desires and free deeds. Bear in mind that your desires can be free only if you are in the sphere of Truth. Your deeds are likewise free, if you are in the sphere of Truth. Then you say a ‘love desire, a love thought’. Your understanding of a ‘love thought’ should be the same as your understanding about the free thought. In order for you to have a love thought, you should be in the sphere of Truth. Then your love thought will follow not your personal desire, but the laws of Love. If you have a loving light thought, your condition is supposed to immediately change. The law of Love rules the love thoughts, the love desires and the love deeds. You will tone yourselves according to it. Afterwards you will come to the area of the Divine Wisdom; then the thoughts will be light, the desires will be light and the deeds will be light. You often go to God and tell Him of all your misfortunes, insults: or say, you have lost something or your child died or you are cast out of society, or have a temptation. You come to complain and speak to Him as if He does not know. And what a special attention you pay[A4] ! God tells you, ‘Tell me the story once again.’ You will have to start telling anew. If God got your point, you will feel light as a feather, if He did not, you will keep the burden on your shoulders, because you failed to recite your lesson. If you performed your lesson well before God, you will feel as light as a feather right away. But you have to do this according to the first method or according to the law of free thought. You have to be aware what method you apply. When you go to God, you will start either with the law of Love or with the law of Wisdom, or with the law of Truth. If you do not speak according to the law of Love, you will speak according to the law of Wisdom or of Truth; you shall not mix these. First you will speak according to the law of Truth and Freedom; if we assume in a human way, that God did not understand you, you will speak according to the law of Love and finally when you speak according to the law of Wisdom, God will instantly understand you and you will feel light as a feather. So, I say that you have to have to learn to cope with your grievances and suffering. Grief can be a servant to you; can be your son or daughter from the past. You have lived many times on the earth; you have many sons and daughters. They find you, grab you and say, ‘I am having difficulties, I am broke, you will help me!" You are having difficulties, you don’t have anything, but they keep asking from you, ‘You will give us!’ And you start – you ask here and you ask there. As soon as you fix one of your sons, there comes another one; as soon as you fix your second son, there comes the third one, the fourth one, the fifth one, the tenth one – everybody want you to give them something. You say, ‘These desires are very bad!’ It’s not them that are bad, but when such a son of yours comes, he wants you to satisfy him, to send him to study abroad at a university. You first teach him to bend one’s knee, to bow. People used to pray standing on their feet years ago. You will now kneel and tell your desires, ‘You will do as I do!’ By praying you will make your desires pray with you too. This son of yours is an allegory. What do you have to do with this thought of yours, with this desire of yours? This thought has to be implemented. You cannot drive away a thought, because it will enter somebody else, it will travel the world and it will implement what it wants. If you are the first one through whom this thought passes, you are along the right path. If you are the last one, you cannot get rid of it. If you are in the middle you can get rid of it; if you are the first one, you can get rid of it, but if you are the last one – there is no getting rid of it. Be grateful that it is not always that you are the last one, and you are in the middle or in the beginning, because if you are in the end, you will have to implement it. You will apply the three laws in the end. A thought comes to you and you say, ‘A very bad thought!’ If a thought to steal comes to you, you will steal something, you will rob a safe; you will pinch a bag. This has been proven. If you do not know what to do with this thought, a banker’s safe will suffer and you will suffer together with it. You say, ‘This is impossible to happen to me!’ If this can happen to somebody else, it can happen to you too. A very pious person passes along the house of a rich banker in America and sees a bag of money forgotten at the window sill. The pious poor person takes the bag, hides it under his coat, goes home and says, ‘The Lord gave me this money. This banker has a lot; it’s no harm to him that I took the bag.’ Afterwards he prepares to pray but as soon as he attempts praying the bag pops up between him and the Lord. His prayer goes to the bag and bounces back. The poor one keeps holding the bag, does not want to return it and tells himself, ‘The Lord is testing me whether I am pleased with the bag or not. I am pleased, my Lord, but allow me to spend the money!’ He prays on the second day too, but the prayer again goes to the bag and bounces back; the same happens on the third and on the fourth day. On the tenth day he feels that he starts losing his enthusiasm and joy and decides to return it. He goes to the banker and says, ‘I was passing along your house, I saw this bag on the window sill and I picked it. Here it is, I am giving it back to you, because I lost my faith in God. As soon as I try praying, the bag pops up between me and God. Forgive me! I do not want to have a bag like yours. If you are prepared to give it to me, I shall see what the Lord will say.’ The banker answers, ‘Come tomorrow!’ He went on the following day and the banker gave him two bags. The poor one tells himself, ‘The Lord puts me through a great test!’ He takes the two bags, but when he starts praying, something within tells him, ‘You won’t spend even a fiver on yourself!’ He goes out and starts giving the money away to the poor. He prays in advance for everything that he has to give away, so that he can be told where exactly to give it. When he gave away the two bags for a year, he went to the banker and said, ‘Brother, you will release me! You won’t give another two bags to me; you will find somebody else, because I have to pray for each coin and to ask where I should give it.’ Events, that have once happened, cannot happen in the same way to you. In Nature things cannot happen twice in the same way. We often talk about abstinence. This is what I understand the word abstinence to mean: when a person applies the Law on Freedom, the Law on Love and the Law on Wisdom, a person must refrain from those thoughts and desires that can infringe upon one’s freedom. Put in other words, you should never take in food that is difficult to digest. The food in the stomach has to be good. I say, ‘You should implement each one of your thoughts that serves to raise you! The same is valid about food: you should eat food that maintains your health; while food that damages your health you should not take in! Each desire that expands your soul brings Freedom or Love into it, you should implement without asking anyone for permission! Each desire that limits your Freedom, that limits Love, you should leave aside! These are internal rules. There are certain things that you do not know how to implement in a particular case. There is no rule valid about every desire, nor are there any rules about the thoughts. There are general rules, but there are no specific rules as to how to behave in each particular case. An intelligent person stands out in a particular case. If intelligent people act properly, they will progress. At times one may act exactly the way one should not. Whichever way one acts, this does not mean that one commits a sin. If a man eats certain food and then vomits, does he commit a sin or not? There is no sin whatsoever. But if you are given the same food for a second time, you won’t want to take it in or you will be indisposed after eating it. You may eat less than necessary or you may eat more than necessary. No, in respect to eating you shall take in as much as you should! Moreover, the food has to be of good quality. The same law is valid in respect of [A5] the desires: you should select your wishes; you should know whether all these desires reaching your soul are desires for you. In a particular case a desire may be sent to you only for you to forward it elsewhere. This is similar to the case when a letter is addressed to you, it is posted to you, but you hand it in to another person without reading it. In the Spiritual world a letter may pass though ten-fifteen persons. One of your letters may have passed through ten people and each of the recipients might have contributed something. If these people are advanced and good, your letter will arrive studded with gems. If they are not very elevated, they may open it, read it and close it again, in order to get to know what’s written in it. There are such predicaments along the Path you are walking along, just like the predicaments disciples encounter while learning their lessons. For instance, take the issue about praying, contemplation or meditation; For example, eastern people determine a certain time for this purpose and when it approaches, they will leave their work. Even if he is a clerk, he will leave his job; this is the eastern understanding. And you may be a clerk and meditate nonetheless: take the pen, write slowly, then stop for a while, as if you are thinking and meditate for a minute or two; then write a little again. Because the old master on the earth is not entitled to all of your time. You say that you are an official. Tell me, if somebody is an official, how long does one have to work? Eight hours. Which one is the internal law that makes people committed? Let’s say that you make a transcript of a court ruling; is there any law regulating for how long you have to have made the copy? Each one of you who is a clerk must train the other bank officers to meditate. In this way they will be in a special mood, while now they work in the old way. An evangelist was telling me the following, ‘Before I learned the Gospel I used to beat the oxen with a prod for no particular reason and I used to say, ‘You have to work!’ But when I read the Gospel I left the prod behind, I no longer stab or beat the oxen. I give them a little bread; I pat them on the horns and on the muffle. When I converted a change took place, even the oxen were wondering what the reason was. This was the power of the Gospel!...’ When the Truth starts taking effect, a change must take place and one should throw away the prod. The oxen will keep going without a prod, ploughing shall not be intervened[A6] . Many thoughts and many desires accumulate in life. For example, a lecture is being discussed two or three times, information amasses and things become commonplace, the way love letters become commonplace. The first love letters are written in a tremulous hand; you already omit something in the second one, you are not so zealous, ardent, or enthusiastic. Only one love letter can one write in the world, there is something missing in the other love letters. Out of all the letters that I have read the first one has always been written best of all, while there have been mistakes in the other letters. When I find a mistake in any letter I know that it wasn’t the first one. There is one mistake in the second letter, there are two mistakes in the third letter, then four, five and in the end, when everything is a mistake, I understand that this is the last letter. Why does one lose one’s interest? One loses one’s interest in Love as well: in the beginning you will consider somebody an angel. The Turks have a saying ‘prince of princes’ about a person who is still free. Afterwards he desires to develop higher, gets engaged and then such a person is referred to as ‘close to the people’. Later on he decides to get married, and the Turks refer to this by the phrase ‘together with the people’. When he cannot live together with his wife and decides to get divorced, he is referred to as a laughing stock to people. In the beginning he is the prince of princes, then he comes close to the people, afterwards he is together with the people and finally is a laughingstock. Therefore in the beginning a sacred idea shows that we think. One should not get to the last condition. The experiments of the human Spirit to provide a clear idea what should the attitude of man to Life be are actually put in Life[A7] . In the end after applying all the methods you will become perfect like the angels, you won’t get married nor will you deliver children. You will be perfectly free; you will have one Life preconditioned by the entire intelligence. Marriage is a Divine school which you should attend and graduate with honours. Some want to break free. You cannot break free unless you are given sixes[2] in all the subjects and in the graduation exams. When the woman and the man graduate, they will say, ‘We finished school.’ When you elevate to a higher level of development, you will gain strength and you will go and teach the other people. Now, those students that do not know how to study will find fault with the surrounding environment. One may find fault with one’s father that one’s father was not rich, did not have resources or that he himself is not healthy enough. One may find many reasons, but the reason rests with the person himself / herself. Lagging behind is due to another reason. There is one law in the Spiritual world: Everyone must be tested whether one can become the greatest saint. You will be subjected to a test, you will come out last; you will be with the people. If you fail the exam, you will have to sit for it again. The one sent to redo the exam has not passed the exams for saints. He is only the holy second lieutenant and from there will one climb the step upwards. In this respect when suffering is sent to you, do not consider it unhappiness, but a privilege. When you go to God, you shall not complain. Be grateful for the suffering bestowed upon you; be grateful that you have the opportunity to learn! Suffering is an absolute mystery, it is alive. The suffering you are experiencing is related with the development of thousand beings[A8] . You have to understand the internal meaning of suffering and to remain cheerful. As soon as suffering comes, you should become cheerful, smile, sing a little! When suffering comes, don’t you ever ask for how long it will stay! You refresh [A9] under a great grievance. You should be able to refresh for five minutes, five minutes is time enough! Keep a sacred rule within yourself: do not go to God to complain, to worry, to condemn yourself. When you go to God, when He sees you from a distance, you will feel relieved. God is very well aware of your suffering. You want to be cheerful, you cannot, and you ask, ‘Why should I be cheerful; how can I be cheerful?’ To be cheerful in grief does not mean to laugh externally, but to be cheerful within. This is the first rule. Such were the saints: for instance, a knife is stabbed in a saint, but the saint remains calm; the knife is driven even deeper, he is bleeding, but he does not move. It has happened that the person stabbing the knife into the saint cannot bear it anymore, drops down and starts begging forgiveness. How many people like this are there in Bulgaria now? If there is one, he will be an example to follow! It’s not easy to become an example, an ideal, it’s a great art. Knives come, they keep stabbing you, you jump and at times you say, ‘I went to the bottom of hell!’ A being that is taught by God cannot go to the bottom of hell. This is an impression. Impressions are terrible! When a certain condition is suggested by an impression, you may experience what is going on in somebody else’s soul. This is the worst condition. Somebody else’s thought waylays you all around and may talk to you, ‘Nothing will come out of you!’ You should say like a deep spring, ‘In the name of God, let all these imposed limits go where they belong!’ You all suffer the law of impressions: you say that a sister, what’s-her-name, shall not last long. You are not speaking well. The least you can say about her is, ‘May God comes to her aid and let it be what will be; this is God’s business!’ And you say that she is in trouble. Do not say so, because tomorrow somebody else will say the same about you. God has placed this sister or brother to a test, it is meant for their good. You may think about the brother whatever you like, but he may become a saint. A person was telling me that he started drinking at the age of thirty. He returned one evening and someone asked him: - Why are you drunk? - This is none of your business. But the other one started beating and hitting him. Later on the person continued his confession. ‘This friend gave me such a sound thrashing, that I developed repulsion to drinking. As soon as I think of going to a place for a drink, a thought comes up into my mind, ‘No drinking whatsoever!’ This person put fear into me, so much fear that I am grateful to him for beating me. He did save me. I prayed many times to God to help me give up drinking, to rescue me in any way. But I thought that a preacher would come and tell me, ‘Brother, stop drinking!...’ There isn’t anybody among you who has not been thrashed. You are also sometimes given the thrashing by the book. If as a result of such thrashing (whichever way it might have been done) you acquire an internal freedom, the suffering was worth it. Now, there is such a rule: never use the negative, apply the positive! If you don’t know what some work is about, say, ‘This work is for the better!’ What do you gain when you say that nothing will come out of some effort and that nothing will come out of you? Say, ‘Nothing will come out of me the person I am now, but God is stronger that everything in the world!’ You shall start applying these rules! Start with the freedom of your thoughts, so that they can start purifying gradually so that you can acquire this internal freedom. There should be no ambition in you that it is obligatory for you to raise in this life. You should not covet this, but you have to be the masters of yourselves. Good persons should not be afraid of anything. I would like you not to fear anything! You are afraid of the devil, you are afraid of evil people. I will tell you what a young woman can do, what one, who loves, can do: a person is about to do mischief, he meets a young woman, she takes him by the hand, speaks to him, and afterwards the desire not to do any mischief is born within him. You will ask what the young woman did, whether she enchanted him. You have to be brave during any ordeal you experience in your life. God put you through suffering in order to gain experience, in order to know. You will experiment with a certain person, with animals. And sometimes you may experiment with yourself and you may lay hands on yourself. This is self-training. Go to a brother, look at him, take him by the nose and he will be thankful to you. If this person was not in a position to listen to the lecture, even if he were rich, what use is it? If a person is rich and cannot use his wealth, what use is it to him? I call a rich person a person who can make railways, factories, who can plough, who can employ all of his wealth. This is wealth. Now you want to make an experiment, don’t you? For example, you are often absent-minded, you are inclined to forget; you do not remember where you placed things. There are a number of methods to improve your memory. Do you know what absent-mindedness is due to? Everyone may become absent-minded when any uncertainty, about what one can do, gains the upper hand in him or her. When one is overconfident, one becomes tense and when one feels unconfident, one is absent-minded. When I see that some people are arrogant, I know the laws; when others are absent-minded I again know the laws. Many would say, ‘The Spirit talked to me, but I do not remember.’ They demand from other people to remember while they themselves do not remember. The reason lies in their sub-consciousness and actually all should admit that they are not interested. When the Spirit starts talking, you will hear it first of all within yourself. It is impossible for the Spirit to talk to others before talking to me. The Truth must come directly into my soul; if it comes from other souls, it is not a Divine manifestation. Consequently you must know whether or not what you talk about is correct; whether it is good or not. I feel bound to familiarize you exactly with the way the Spirit talks. When God sends a prophet, He tells him, ‘You will go and you will say this and that!’ There is an example in the Bible: David was a great prophet, but he wanted to live like a man. When he sinned God asked Nathan to tell him: - You know who you were – a little shepherd, but God took you and made you King to guide people. Is this the way you guide them? God told Nathan what parable to deliver to him: - There was a rich man and a poor man. The poor one had one lamb and the rich one – a thousand. Visitors came to the rich man but he did not take from his lambs; instead, he took the only lamb of the poor man and feasted his guests with it, Nathan said. - Sentenced to death! said David. Nathan told him: - You did this. Thus spoke God, You did it secretly, but I will make it come out in the open, so that in thousands of years people would know when reading.’ Then David wrote Psalm 51. So that when God starts talking, He will talk clearly. Divine things are accurately determined. You should not be absent-minded, you should have a memory to remember things; if you do not remember, you will learn to remember; if you cannot think, you will learn to think; if you are not a believer, you will learn to believe; if you do not know how to talk, you will learn to talk since every word has its own effect. Do an exercise for a week. This lecture is for the sisters, but let the brother do it as well. When you get up in the morning, place one of your fingers on the centre of memory. You may place one, two or three of your fingers there, you may place all of your fingers on the spot of human memory in the middle of the forehead. If you are absent-minded you will then concentrate your mind for your memory to return so that you can remember instances dating several reincarnations back. You will keep your finger on this spot for five to ten minutes, you shall not think. You may sit down on your knee or a-la-Turkish style[3], you may sit on a chair too, but you have to be calm, nobody should disturb you. Within a week you will accomplish at least one infinitesimal improvement – to remember a word more than previously. I notice that many of you are dissatisfied with life. The older one grows, the more satisfied with life one should be, not ever more dissatisfied. You are pleased that you met another man, he dies tomorrow and you are left without him and you weep. You have met a mirror image that talks to you from within, ‘Is this so or not?’ These are human contemplations that everyone has experienced. The conviction that you have started working in another reincarnation is not faith but a superstition. You start working in every reincarnation, but who started when? Two reincarnations ago Simeon[4] was walking the path along which he is now, but he got stuck at an early age. Therefore he comes early now so that he can continue along this path; he starts working from where he broke off. One starts continuing from the age at which one left this world. One might have left this world at the age of fifty-six years; when that person becomes fifty-six of age, then will he start working. Until then one lives without a single worry in the world, eats and drinks, but once this person reaches the particular age, he says, ‘I got completely stuck up, it can’t go on like this!’ Everywhere you link one of your lives with another; you start from where you have finished your previous life. The beings from the Invisible world always use all the conditions, but sometimes they only hint at these. The Invisible world never forces people, but it provides these conditions, if you have the good will. Similarly they tell Simeon, ‘Come on!’, and he replies, ‘Gladly, hopefully I can improve now! Thanks for telling me!’ Simeon takes the violin and starts. When I saw him in Tarnovo, I even told myself, ‘Who could have made him come here?’ I now take Simeon as an example about the links between the separate lives. As you have entered this Path, make use of all the favourable conditions! You should never be disconcerted with a muddy spring. Perhaps somebody muddled it, or something else happened, but in five, ten, fifteen minutes the spring will be clean. A favourable atmosphere must be created, this is the new aspect. Only in this way the gifts that are hidden in the human soul can develop. Each one has to receive and develop one gift. One should not only pray, one should also prepare to work in a certain area. In this world each one is destined to do something that no one else can do. There is a lot to tell you, but I will do this later on. First of all you should improve your memory! Remember that your thoughts have to be free, your desires have to be free, and your deeds have to be free! Moreover, your thoughts have to be loving thoughts; all the desires have to be loving wishes and your deeds have to be loving deeds! And then the thoughts have to be light, your desires have to be light and your deeds have to be light! This is Divine! Do not think a lot as to how you will do it or what somebody else would say; do it; fear not! Somebody comes to you and wants something from you; you should give him the coin you grabbed when you slipped your hand into your pocket; do not slip your hand again to grab a smaller coin. The man says, ‘Slip your hand into your pocket!’; you slip your hand into your pocket, you grab a big coin, you leave it, and then you grab a smaller one. Whatever you grab, you should give, do not look at it! When you do not look at it, you will grab the devil by the tail. I shall give you an example about John of Kronstadt[5]: a poor widow goes to him and asks him for help. He said to her, ‘I will pray and it will be what the Lord says. Come after a week.’ During this time a distinguished earl died, one of whose heirs was John of Kronstadt. His relative left him eight thousand roubles in an envelope. When the woman came again, John of Kronstadt told her: - This is what the Lord granted. He called the earl who left this. When the woman opened the envelop, she got scared and said, - Brother, you are mistaken; I do not need that much money! - But this is what the Lord sent through me; take it, use it! When the time to implement God’s Will comes, we have to implement it properly. When the time to work according to the laws of Freedom comes, whatever we might meet, we have to implement God’s Will. Not to think along human lines, not to allow the vainglorious thought and desire to be blessed by the Lord. When the water fountain comes up, it does not think that it has to come up, because there is an internal pressure. It does not invest any efforts because the water that comes creates pressure. First, you start along the Path you abandoned. You are not bad, but you have to know where you abandoned the good, you have to find the internal bond. You have to immediately find the place where you left the good; you have to make a bond and to start working. And you should not ask instead what you were in the past. Somebody comes and asks what he was in the past. And I tell him, ‘You interrupted this work and that work, get down and do it!’ Somebody became forty-five years of age and wanted to continue his studies at the university. A reincarnation back he had to leave the university, because he could not graduate by the age of forty-five. Now he comes at an old age and says, ‘I will graduate the university!’ There are grandmothers who sit for their graduation exams at the age of sixty. A desire that they could not implement at the age of twenty-two is coming to life now: they could not finish their secondary education because of love affairs – they had a love affair with this one, and with that one, and they could not finish school. They tricked this lad, they duped that lad, but they did not think of completing their studies. In another case a young lassie obtains a certificate for secondary education, but she leaves for the other world; then she comes back in her third reincarnation as a young woman of envious social standing… These aspects will become clear to you. Read books and novels of similar contents. The novels for you have been written and are kept at various libraries. You have to possess the printed version of the whole novel where you are the main character. Which one of you doesn’t have a novel? There is no person among you who doesn’t have a novel; you all have novels. Some day when you complete your development, you will go to libraries to read your novel from the beginning to the end and to study your life. You will read how you existed in one of your incarnations, in another, in the third, the fourth, the fifth, the tenth incarnation and after reading your entire life, you will then start reading the lives of the others, of your friends. But this will happen in the future. Now, I want you all to become like little children. You have become very much adults. Christ says, ‘If you do not become like little children, you won’t enter the Kingdom of God.’ You have to be like children internally, at your heart – you should believe even if you were lied to ten times. When I was carrying out my research around Bulgaria, I came across a very interesting case: two children were left in baby-carriages – the one was three years old, and the other one – four or five years old. As they were sitting in their baby-carriages, the older one grabbed the younger one by the hair and shook him. The second child started crying, while the one was looking at him very seriously like a professor. Then I saw the younger child grab the older one by the hair and shook him in turn. Now, the older child started crying. Then again the first child grabbed the second one. Thus these children grabbed each other several times and finally they became wiser, they smiled, hugged each other and started kissing each other. This is a performance. I ask what its meaning is. Somebody comes, grabs you by the hair, shakes you; the Divine Will in the world is that when somebody grabs you and shakes you, you are supposed to learn something. The first thing you have to learn is that God loves you. The second thing you have to learn is that you love thy neighbours. The third thing you have to learn is that thy neighbours love you. The first one is that God loves you, and then you love. When the time for you to love comes, you start feeling that people love you. Sometimes someone comes to you and you feel that you do not love him; then another one comes, whose presence is pleasurable to you… The first thing you have to know is that God loves you, that you love thy neighbours and that thy neighbours love you. This is a program! If you are successful at implementing it, you will resolve your problem. Now, sing ‘In the beginning was the Word’. Master’s lecture Delivered on 7 April 1932 (Annunciation) Sofia, Izgreva [1] The lecture was attended by brothers as well (editor’s notes) [2] Six is ‘excellent’, the top mark [3] A-la-Turkish style – this is a sitting position with knees bent and feet crossed under opposite thighs. [4] Simeon – brother Simeon Simeonov is meant here, amateur violinist who conducted the Brotherly choir at Izgreva for many years (notes of the editor of the Bulgarian edition) [5] John of Kronstadt – a Russian Orthodox priest, (1829-1908); known for his proverbial mercy and captivating eloquence (notes of the editor) [A1][agitate or disturb] [A2][agitating} [A3][disturbs] [A4][And what special attention you pay to this} [A5][concerning] [A6]Usage – maybe [interrupted] [A7][The experiments of the human Spirit are actually put in Life to provide a clear idea of what the attitude of man to Life should be.] [A8][a thousand beings] or [thousands of beings] [A9][You should/must refresh]
  5. Note 2p Faith as Law The good prayer ‘The Divine Spirit’ Read John: 1; 1-10. Do you know what an object teaching is? I call an object teaching everything that studies what God created. While now you do not study what God created. This is not an object teaching. For instance the black board is not an object teaching. I call objects the living objects while this blackboard is an object inasmuch as an intelligent human being can write on it, so that it serves as a mirror for him. Figure 1 What is this on the first drawing? – A window… You are like little children and this is good. Until one becomes a little child, one cannot enter God’s Kingdom, i.e. one cannot study. What is the purpose of a window? The larger the window, the nicer and lighter the house becomes. Such a house is fully hygienic and one does not fall ill in it. The narrower this window gets, the less light penetrates, and the objects in the room become darker and vaguer. In the end it gets dark and you start bumping into one another. Can one study in a dark room? Does the window stand for letting light come in? Its second function is to let air in. A house having a window, always has a door too; a house having a door, always has a window, too. The door should always be kept closed, while not only light but air as well should come through the window. And when it is stuffy inside, you open the door to let more air in. A human being is a house – the best house that has ever been built. There is no better house on Earth than the human being. One has two windows and one entrance door, two ventilators, two head-phones to communicate with the external world, there is one inspector verifying things and one tongue checking whether what has come in is good or not. When it is not, this inspector does not allow it inside. There are also two servants in this house – these are the hands. When somebody from the outside comes in, the hands say, ‘Welcome.’ So, a human being has five senses. The five senses are alive. You have to know whether your senses are normal, whether your smell and eye-sight function normally. There is eyesight in the world that can see a human being not only from the outside. A human being cannot be known from the outside only. You have to know a human being both internally and externally. One can put on a very beautiful mask and all the traits of an excellent and kind human being may be inscribed upon it. How will you know if a person is good or bad; how will you know if a person has a mask or not? You will tell the person who came to visit you wearing a mask, ‘There is a rule at home requiring that everybody visiting us should take a bath!’ This mask will melt in the water. One cannot take a bath in a mask. One will start sweating, and all the people who sweat, wear masks. There is some space between the mask and the body. Hence, if somebody comes, how will you know it? You will tell him that he has to wash, to take his mask off. He will say, ‘I’m all in sweat, I’m so hot inside, I tend to sweat.’ When does a person sweat? When one is sick. After sweating, one’s health improves and the person says, ‘Excuse me, I put on a mask when I was outside, I will take it off now.’ He will take his mask off and you will see him. This is an object teaching. You will ask, how can one be in a mask? When you pretend to be what you are not, what are you wearing then? If you present yourself for what you are not, then you are not free, you have a mask. So, you have to take this mask off! People wearing masks are distinguished by two traits: they are either infinitely soft and good, or utterly rude. One who is infinitely soft wears a mask. You cannot count on him only, because he gives in: the Turks have a saying, ‘One makes peace with seven ends’. Wherever such a person enters, he plays all the roles. Because his mask is big, when walking he tires easily and he says, ‘I’m at the end of my tether.’ His mask is heavy; this is why he is soft. While the mask of the one who is rude is rather light, therefore one is strong. You have to dispose of this softness and rudeness that result from your masks. I am not talking about you now. The animal and floral kingdoms are presented in this way in everybody. This is a rule and rarely will you meet a person whom you will like on seeing. Figure 2 What can you see in the second drawing? – A cup. But it is such a big cup, which looks like a plate, is this possible? In a house, you have to be a plate or a cup, which one is more important? One has to be a cup in a certain aspect, while one has to be a plate in another aspect. It resembles also a watering pot. A cup is a symbol. Do not get embarrassed, I do not want to upset your concepts, but I want to show you that symbols can transform. Thus the symbol (see Figure 3) can transform itself into the symbol (see Figure 4). It forms the letter ‘a’. So, if you draw a line across the root of the symbol (see Figure 3) or if you connect the two letters ‘г’ and ‘с’ at a place, the letter ‘a’ is formed. When these two letters cross, you have learnt the first letter. What do you have to do in order to learn the second letter? Figure 3 Figure 4. The second letter ‘б’ means that you have to place a base, a foundation; there must be a place for you to find support. The first letter shows that you have a seed, and the second one that you have sown the seed and it has grown in the ground. We deviated from the topic of the object teaching. So, the cup became a plate, it became a watering pot too. If we take the handle off the cup, it becomes a pot. What can the pot become? These are functions, offices that the pot can take; these are, certainly, high offices. What is the function of the cup? The function of the cup is to scoop up and to hold. You can hold it, you can fill your plate with it and you can pour out. So, a cup can have several functions: to scoop and retain hot water. With plates there is a certain progress; plates are meant for human beings only. And the watering pot’s function is to spread water to plants. Man made the cup; man takes it and fills it with water. Man always imitates God. Then, where are the plates in Nature? Now, let’s go back to the idea about the house. For a house to be hygienic, its windows have to be large, its door has to be reliable and not to squeak; there must be sufficient light, sufficient air in the room. Well, where is the cup of man? This is his hand. God gave him a cup and if a man drinks only from his hand, he will never fall ill. A man going to a fountain should not place his mouth, but his hand, below the spout. If people do not use their Divine cup, if they place their mouths at the spout, a worm or a leech may enter them and they may suffer for years because of this. If a man uses one’s hand, he will first see whether the water in one’s cupped hand is clean and only then will he drink. The one doing things like this is a master. You must have the best window panes and the best doors. In conclusion, the eyes of man are one’s windows through which one understands things. A man who makes his own house learns from it. You open and close the windows all year long – so, you have learnt how to. The windows are made to teach man and to serve man, and the window panes have to be clean. If the window panes are not clean inside or outside, very little light will come in. Do you invite light or does it come in uninvited? It comes to visit you without any invitation. The air that comes in through the window also comes in uninvited. What can you then realistically learn from this object? Why does light come in uninvited? In case people can do you some harm, you will close the window. When a good man comes over, you have to open all the windows, and when an evil man comes in, you have to close all the windows. I now talk about your conditions: each condition that holds back your abilities, feelings and actions through which you can manifest it, is not good. For example, you say, ‘I do not need much learning, much feeling!’ One does not suffer because of too much learning, from too many feelings or from too much good or from too much Love. I haven’t seen a person suffering from too much Love. From lovelessness I have seen people suffering; the whole world suffers from lovelessness, not from too much Love. And if at times there is suffering in the name of Love, this is something fictitious that is only labeled ‘Love’. What should you understand under Love? Love is the greatest power in the world that delivers to man what a man’s soul needs. Love is when you are given what you need in Life. Only Life delivered through Love can be called Life. This is Life, while the external manifestations and caresses are not Love. These are frills, these are red, blue and green embellishments, but this is not Love. Moreover when these embellishments are not present, Love does not change. Somebody may do something for you without loving you, while somebody else may speak to you in endearing terms, without doing anything for you. In the second case these are only labels. What is a lie then? Lies indicate that Love is absent. A man must imitate God. And a man has one stove. It is the heart where certain energy develops. Only that this stove, in order to produce better flames, needs a blower. These are the lungs. They function constantly, and the stove burns, gives out warmth and the blood spreads all over the body. The heart has valves. If a person enters your home, brings in love and closes all the valves, what will happen? There is smoke in a house with clogged pipes and the stove cannot burn. As there is smoke, the valves of the heart are closed. First you will open the valves for ventilation! On becoming friends with somebody, you should watch out for him/her not to close the valves of your heart. Because only two persons live in the world – the one called Man, and the other one called Woman. There is nobody else apart from them. The thousands of women are a reflection of the One Woman. Sometimes they cooperate and form the big Woman. On the other hand this big woman has the capacity to radiate out of herself similar ones and thus the women in the world become many. Isn’t it a funny situation when you want to be the master of your Mother? As early as her birth the daughter starts ordering her mother, saying, ‘Our Mother is so well educated, but she is not modern, she belongs to the old type of women.’ I will explain to you why you came to the earth as women. When you initially took over this service, what declaration did you make, were you made women against your will? A woman is distinguished on the earth by one characteristic feature; faith must be a law to her. If we believe only in what happened, this is not faith. Faith is to believe in everything that can happen, because what did not happen to you, happened to somebody else. Someone is rich, while someone else is not, but the One who made the first person rich, will make you so too. You are not educated, but you believe that you can become educated. Everybody can become educated. A woman has to believe that everything can happen. Someone will say that this is gullibility. You will believe in everything! Precisely the one who does not believe in everything is gullible. He believes what cannot be believed in. For instance, you women, think that you have faith, don’t you? Many of you set up homes and believe that they will live happily with their spouses all their life long. Then you say, ‘It did not turn out the way we believed it would.’ You are not in a complete world on the earth, but in a world which is in progress, which is currently developing. You have entered a give-and-take relationship with your spouse; this person has capital somewhere, but it takes ten-fifteen years for him to gather this capital. Although he might be very rich, he does not have money at his disposal and you start doubting and you say, ‘I thought he was rich, but he isn’t.’ If the slightest obstacles can shake your faith, what will you believe in, then? I want to tell you where women’s suffering comes from. The beginning of all the suffering of women is their present weak faith. For instance, a young maid is told by her father and mother, ‘You cannot live with this lad’, but she replies, ‘I cannot live without him, if I do not marry him, I will die!’ This is what she believes in. Having married him, after two years she says, ‘Life with him is like death!’ Why, she married him having faith and being completely aware [of his character], didn’t she? No, she was misguided by his mask - his pointed moustaches, his gloves, his patent leather shoes, his courteous bows. He tells her, ‘You are very cruel to me, I cannot be without you!’ When a woman is told that she is like a goddess, she opens up like a snail. When he tells her, ‘You are an angel, you are a goddess’, she opens up, but afterwards, after they get married, he tells her, ‘I thought you were an angel, but certain instances in your life show that you do not act like the angels do; I notice that some words of your vocabulary are not from the world of angels and started doubting a little bit whether you can speak the language of the angels.’ Figure 5. Figure 6. This is an object teaching. I show you the relations that are generated. When two persons unite in any relationship, they form two poles A and B (Fig. 5). A straight line is formed between two friends. As long as the minds of these two beings function properly, as long as they think properly, this ellipsis is very regular, it moves, it improves. As soon as some disharmony enters between these beings, this ellipsis loses its form (Fig. 6), until so much smoke is generated that they decide to make a chimney in order to get rid of these misfortunes. You say that a house cannot be without a chimney. As soon as a chimney gets into a house, the angelic life cannot go on and you already have an ordinary human life. You see that the inhabitants of this house are sick and how can they not be sick as there is smoke? The house of the quarrelsome people cannot be without smoke, while the house of the amiable people needs windows and doors, not chimneys. Factories also have chimneys. Now, you feel a desire growing within you and you say, ‘What does the Master want to say?’ I do not want to say anything, I am simply talking about windows and doors, I want to know whether there is smoke in your house or not. You will say, ‘Our eyes are sore from a lot of smoke.’ What God created we have to place above everything else. One should not disturb one’s feelings, one’s thoughts, one’s actions and one’s physical body. For example you say, ‘I should not have trusted him so much!’ Nobody has suffered so far because of faith; one can suffer because of trust, because of believing, but not because of faith. Faith can be put in a man, believing in what God gave him. Believe that he has a soul and your faith should not be shaken! This person may talk evil or good, may be good or bad, but this should not guide your faith. Because if you are trustworthy, if you find some person unpleasant from your point of view and if this were actually correct, in such a case God would have eliminated him from the world. But since God has not eliminated him, this means you are not right. Somebody who is bad for one person is good for another. You have some knowledge by which you show your ignorance and instead of believing, you say, ‘This person is bad.’ This is not faith, this is knowledge. What do you base your knowledge on, why is he bad? The first requirement to you as women is to have an absolute faith. Even when you are aware that you are being lied to, you have to be like the spring of water: not to get bewildered by whoever comes to drink, even if he is a rogue; even if a wolf, a bear, a serpent or a spider comes, you should say, ‘It’s all right’; even if your water goes to some thorn or to some impurity, you should say, ‘It’s all right’. You should not get bewildered that what goes out of you is soiled. If the water had the same line of reasoning like yours, if it gave up helping people, what would happen to the people then? Then all of you will be dead. You have one aspiration – you all want to become happy. However, happiness rests on an internal spiritual law. It is impossible for the entire society to be happy, do not entertain illusions. Each one, when one has faith, can be happy. This is a specific law that is a function of one’s faith. If one has an absolute faith in God, one thinks that everything that happens in the world is meant for the better. Such a person says, ‘If God, who sent me in the world, had allowed certain suffering, these are meant for the better!’ Therefore one must believe in God and one’s faith should never be shaken. You want to manage your affairs properly. How can you manage your affairs? Can you manage the affairs of the Sun, can you manage the affairs of the water, can you manage the affairs of all the people? You can hardly manage your own affairs, and you want to manage everybody’s affairs. A man from the village of Nikolaevka used to wear a warm hat even in the hottest day. He used to explain, ‘I am ashamed to take my warm hat off, because a person came to do a hair-cut for me and he made me look funny; I am waiting for my hair to grow a little before I take off my hat…’ Similarly, you too want to manage people, but then you cut them so badly that they have to wear a hat for a whole year. A sister wants to teach the other sisters and she says, ‘You should be very generous!’ You should set an example to her, as if you were a professor, how can you demonstrate in any other way to someone how to be generous? Then, generous people must possess another trait too: a generous person must be like that one who has been giving for twenty years, but still nobody knows that he has ever given something. You may be generous, but everybody knows about it. Well, this is good, it’s not a sin, it’s not a crime, but I ask, how will you teach the lesson of generosity? All of you should remember the following: you cannot teach any teaching, any virtue to anybody, if this virtue is not within you. This is a law. You cannot ever light a fire, though you might have a box of matches, if the latter is wet. So, if you have one virtue, you can hand it over and I would do a piece of good in the following way: a beggar comes; I shall not give him money, but I will put him to test, and I will ask ten of my friends to give me one lev[1] each, I will also contribute one lev and I will afterwards buy with this money some flour and salt. I will return and sieve the flour, I will knead it, I will make a fire and I will bake some bread. At the same time I will watch the beggar. Then I will tell him, ‘Chop some wood to get it done faster!’ I will then buy some beans and will cook them. In this way I will teach him patience and I will see whether he is poor. If he feels uneasy, he is not poor. If he stays and takes part, he learns with me and rejoices with me that I knead bread and cook beans for him. He too is involved and feels happy. He is poor, but if he suffers, he is not a poor man and then I know why God made him poor. Consequently, when a poor man comes, collect ten leva, buy flour and knead some bread, make him wait. A man begging here and there is a trader; let him wait for three hours to have the bread baked, to have the beans cook and you will see if he will come to your place again. In this way you have an advertisement, because he will tell everybody in town that you wasted three hours of his time. Thus you will try at the same time both yourself and the poor person, and the work will be pleasing for God. Imagine that you live in the old times, when women used to take food to the saints: a woman would knead bread herself, and would take the pot and the warm bread to the saint. The saint is sitting and says, ‘God bless you!’ This beggar is a saint; all the saints are beggars in the woods. A woman would bake some bread and take it to them, because they are very busy, they pray. And the invisible world puts into a soul the thought to take something to them. A beggar does not have to be a stupid man. If the beggar is a saint, receive him at your home, and if a blockhead comes, give him the hoe to dig in the vineyard. I consider it humiliating to give somebody one lev. I haven’t worked for this lev, and by giving it to him, I am doing him no good. This is no good, this is no favour whatsoever. I give him one lev and he looks at it and says, ‘How little you spared from your heart, I’d rather you told me you did not have money.’ No, I prefer kneading some bread for him. You want a method according to which to work for God. You want to work in the old way. You all know the old ways. The new Teaching is incompatible with the old habits. If, to a person coming to your home, you cannot do a good that you would do for your son or daughter whom you love, such a good is not accepted by God. And if the mother does not serve her children out of love, she is no mother and her good is no good before God. What a mother does must be agreeable before God. God lives in every human being, doesn’t He, as you argue and as you try to believe? You say that God lives in everyone and if a man, in whom God lives, comes to me and if I want to get rid of him, then do I believe in this One God who lives everywhere? So, I do not believe in the God who lives everywhere, but then I pray to Him, ‘God, show me Your Will?’ Another person, who is poor, comes to you and you give him one lev; how can you pray to God then? If we change our views radically, we shall give an impulse then, a new understanding of the world. If we pity the poor people, as we do now, we cannot help them. If we pity our children, as we do now, we shall not achieve what we want. Because the home is a divine unit. Your son having departed for the other world, must be tied to your home and must help it. He has to write letters to his mother and father. When the father departs, he also has to write letters to his folks. As soon as you stop writing, you have no home. If it is a home, be it here on the earth, or in the other world, it is all the same – home is home. Home is based on Love. So I was saying: I want you to form one big family. You are all sisters in a bigger family. You all come from one Father and one Mother, but you still do not know one another as sisters. So, you come from one father and your family started two thousand generations ago. If you allot ninety-five years to a generation, then a bond among you started forming at least fifty thousand years ago. You still do not know that you come from one family. You say that you are sisters, but you are not prepared to sacrifice something for one another. You are very good, but you haven’t come to the science to sacrifice for each other. You say, ‘Why should I sacrifice myself for this sister?’ If she is a Divine sister, you have to sacrifice yourself. I shall deliver an interpretation on the difference between a young man and a young woman [in Bulgarian „момъкъ” и „мома”]. The word „мома” has four letters, and the word „момъкъ” – six letters. Four plus six equals ten. A woman would always come back to her right senses at the end, while a young man would have a thought. A young woman, after finishing her work, learns; while a young man would add two more letters. Why should he add two more letters to the work? A young woman is supposed to make only two sacrifices: first she would have to leave her native home in the material world and the second one is to die. A young man too would have to leave his native home; therefore he makes a boat „К” in which they can settle in Heaven. The letter „К” is a boat, and the letter „Ъ” is the steering wheel (Fig. 7). I will give a clarification now: I mean the human mind and the human heart when talking about the young man and the young woman. Such is the relationship between the human soul and the human spirit. And when talking about a man and a woman, this is the lowest level of comparison. The human heart is a young woman. When your Love is true, your heart functions properly; when your Love is not true, your heart pounds fast at times and slowly at other times. Women must inevitably have faith; if you have no faith, you are not a woman. If you are a woman, you have the highest rank that God can give you in the world. This is what being a woman is about. Figure 7 .You do not want to Be a woman. Then what do you want to be? — A man. You become a man, but you do not want to be a man either. What do you have to become then? — A human being. A human being you have to become! This is the third option. Becoming a human being means to harmonise these poles in one. Both poles have to be identical – both the man and the woman. All the disgrace for the last eight thousand years that man has been through is placed upon the shoulders of the woman. All this has to be cleaned, until we discover the woman as a precious stone. A lot of awful stuff has been written about women; all the authors have written all things bad about them, but this is fiction. According to them the woman is the worst and in spite of all this nothing in the world happens without her. The world cannot develop without women. What should be done? Someone will say, ‘There is no person more sinful than the woman.’ If this were true, the woman should not exist in the world, but she does exist. God assigned her a task – to correct the world, and you have to correct yourselves too. In order to correct yourselves, you have to have one basic law: you should not regret the fact that you are women. God, who has been so thoughtful, made you women; this is the greatest happiness for you. If a person did not have a heart and if a person did not have a soul, what would a person have looked like? Then there would have been no event in the world. A person without a heart or without a soul would be a cruel person. Hence God gave you a task to develop your heart and to serve the soul. In this life you elevate and prepare not on the earth. You want to please your husband, to raise and please your daughter and your son. You won’t be able to please your husband, your daughter and your son. In order to please him, this man will ask a lot from you, while millions you do not have. Your husband will become poor tomorrow, he will start drinking, will take up indecent ways; what will you do? You will say, ‘I will divorce him!’ Then where has your faith gone; why did you get married now that you are going to get divorced? Divorces do not resolve any issues. Years ago a Bulgarian who was studying occult sciences came to visit me, displeased with his wife, and he said, ‘My wife is impossible to live with, I am already considering leaving her.’ I said to him, ‘You may leave her, but are you considering taking another one?’ – ‘Yes.’ – I replied to him, ‘Then, you cannot find a woman better than her. If you leave her you will be in the worst misfortune, but if you carry on, you will raise in your next incarnation.’ Similarly the woman, enduring all the troubles of her present husband, will be granted a high position by God in her next life. If you do something, that God does not want, you place an obstacle in your evolution. There is a sort of fear from the decision about what you have to do. You are afraid of your husband; your husband is not apprehensive, but you are. You have to say, ‘Fear is a blessed feeling given by God!’ Human conscience is created upon human fear, human justice. If there was no fear, you would not have been just; justice takes its roots from fear. What are you most afraid of? You are robbed and you are afraid. You will say, ‘It’s all right, it’s all right!’ You will be generous and when you give away the fear will stop. Fear is not a misfortune, but when you think that you will die, that you can be killed, you beguile yourself and then you live without faith. Fear tells you, ‘Go get God’s Will implemented![A1] ’ And there is a danger if you do not implement God’s Will, you will have to go through a lot of trouble. This is the fear that you have to heed; you will tell yourself, ‘I will implement God’s Will!’ As soon as you implement God’s Will, you will feel no fear. You get scared from a bear in the woods and start running away; God is trying[A2] you whether you are trained in running and says, ‘My child is good at running.’ A man running away from a bear, will never make a scandal, while the one not running away from a bear, may make a scandal. The one not running away represents another danger. Define what an old man is. If you call a sister old because she cannot walk and she needs somebody to accompany her, this is not right. She is an invalid or she is disabled. If she cannot think, she is stupid; if she cannot hear, she is deaf; if she cannot see, she is blind. Why do you call her old then? If a sister cannot walk, if her ears are where they should be; if her eyes are where they should be, why do you call her old? I want to free you now from the understanding that she is old. I should have found you when you were young dancing horo[2]! But out of decorum I did not come, not to spoil your horo. It felt nice when you danced at the horo, didn’t it? There was stamping, leaping, you were clad in nice clothes! All of this was fine, excellent it was, while now you have to leave the horo. When at the horo you were told, ‘You cannot dance; we do not want you here!’ You have come to me now to learn how to dance at the horo. The wheel of horo is Life. One leaps and raises one’s feet, which means doing good. This is not only the good thought. You start with your right foot – you do one good; then with the left foot – you do another good. Then you move your hands. Each movement in you should be a pure thought. Why do you have to walk? In order to be shown how to do good. Why did God give you feet? To do good. You will say, ‘Blessed be my feet, God gave me feet for me to do good! Blessed be my hands, God gave me hands for me to do good! God loves the intelligent people, he has been waiting for them for so long. He has been watching you while you were dancing and leaping. He has been watching you and has been waiting for you while you were saying, ‘I found a spouse.’ – ‘Very well!’ – ‘We have a child!’ God says again, ‘Very well!’ – ‘We are hungry.’ He says, ‘Very well!’ – ‘We are thirsty.’ He says, ‘Very well!’ God never says that it is bad. Both hunger and thirst and everything happening in the world, is good all the same. These are the conditions that create the future Culture to which man is aspiring. All these thoughts and feelings that torment man, will be transformed for your personal good. Your entire future life, your strengths, your future depends on what you experience. Rejoice that you experience this suffering! Trees and animals do not have your experiences, but they whither and die fast. How many trees would have liked to be in your place, but they are not allowed to. If you are not pleased with Life, God will make you happy by giving you a form. If you feel that there is no happiness, he will place you in another form, but if you want to develop, he will make you a human being. You will have to have faith in God! It need not be proved. If you believe in what you do not know, others know it. Wider windows you have to have. Purify your heart. You have to have more faith, to help each other as sisters. The sister is within. You cannot love a sister externally, if you do not love her internally. Each sister you have to find internally, in order to get to know her externally. If sisterhood is not born in the relations between the souls, you will die without learning anything, and the inscription on your tomb stone will be, ‘A sister lived and departed for the other world, but she is not prepared even there. This sister will inevitably have to return to the earth.’ Thus you will redo your first school year until you learn to pronounce the letter and when you learn it, you will be strong. Live, but allow absolutely no mistakes! Whatever the mistake is about, you will return to the earth, there are no exceptions for anybody. You say, ‘But I do not know.’ No, everybody has to be perfect! It is said, ‘Be perfect, the way Your Father is perfect.’ You have to have a powerful belief. For instance, one of the sisters among you is suffering, she cannot live, she does not get along with her husband; let all of you get together, send good thoughts to her and to her spouse. Tell her spouse, in your mind, ‘You are very good; we love you very much!’ When you keep sending these thoughts for five minutes everyday, you will see that the man will start thinking that she too is an angel. And you say, ‘She actually is just like this!’ You will send good thoughts to one another; to one sister, to two, to three, to four, to as many sisters as you want will you send such thoughts! It is experience you want, don’t you! First you pray for a home where there is no agreement, send good thoughts to it. Pray for God to send blessing to this home. Did you learn the lines by heart? A line reads, ‘If you have Love for me, heed my commandments.’ The first commandment is to have absolute faith! As long as you have faith, the difficult issues will be resolved. When you lift up the stone, the dead will come back to life. A person with whom you cannot get along with is dead. The dead will rise, which means that Love will come, the meaning of Life will come. The modern people live among the dead. The Scripture reads, ‘Without faith God cannot be pleased.’ You cannot serve God without faith. Serving is serving, only when offered in an absolutely complete faith. It is said, ‘God will take us over.’ Well, if God is taking you, He is with you. If you start alone, you won’t be a success. This is about the four lines. The fifth line is about the Spirit. The Spirit is the Divine Light, the Powerful one. The spirit is the one that maintains the lives of all the living creatures, and not only that one that speaks to man. ‘The Spirit is the thing that gives life: the flesh is no use; the words I am saying to you are Spirit and Life.’ We shall apply the lines that I gave you. A number of small experiments shall have to be done in order for you to have faith. Someone will say, ‘We cannot make the poor people rich.’ It is not necessary to make the world rich. There is a lot of richness in the world. This is God’s richness, but richness is not evenly distributed. If everybody becomes rich, they will have a bad life. Under the current understanding not everybody can be rich. And those who are rich do not live according to God. Poverty is of more help, it has excellent features. There is a blessed poverty and blessed richness. There is unreasonable richness and unreasonable poverty. When the rich and the poor are pleased, then there is a blessed richness and blessed poverty, and when they grumble neither richness nor poverty is blessed. Nobody can be rich, if he has not been poor; and nobody can be poor, if he has not been rich. You will say, ‘How come?’ Never can a being love a man, who has not been a woman. Never can a being love a woman, who has not been a man. Because a woman cannot love a woman. If this is so let all the women gather then to live one human life on the earth! So, the law is: in order for a woman to be loved, she must be loved by a man; but never can a being love a woman, who has not been a man; hence, a being that is supposed to love a woman, must have been a man; and every being that is supposed to love a man must have been a woman. You want to be loved. Who should love you? A man. What does man stand for? The reasonable, the Spirit. Only the Spirit can love a woman, only the Soul can love a man. Then, what you expect must be the Spirit. Do not expect your happiness to come where it won’t come from. The present life is just a phase where you are given all the conditions only to elevate a step above. For each one of you, no matter under what circumstances you are placed, this is just one phase. Do not be sorry, do not say, ‘Why am I not like that sister?’ No, this sister has to be pleased and grateful for the situation she is placed in. Each one of you is given the conditions necessary for the elevation of one’s soul. And if any man can coax you, you are not a woman. One woman can love only one man. One woman cannot love two men; there is no such law in Nature. Neither can a man love two women. These are illusions and all sinful situations are born from them. Or put in other words, there exists only one Spirit in the world, who gives all the goods. A man is the image of the Divine Spirit. If the man who is coming carries the Divine Principle in order to help you, this is the man you have to love. If a man comes who wants to distance you from the purpose of Life, he is an enemy of yours. If you want to have one ideal, this is it, towards it you have to strive! Whatever the mistakes of the man you have may be, you will insist on this ideal, until he rectifies all his mistakes. A man has a number of mistakes made not under his will. These infirmities have come from somewhere both in men and in women. The Divine Spirit must come to liberate you from these infirmities. These are the habits, the practices. When one liberates oneself from all of these impurities and when one finds oneself in a world of Love, then one will say, ‘Blind was I, but now I can see.’ You want to know what the New Teaching rests upon. The way you have lived so far – you should put aside. So far you have not lived, you have been suffering so far. I call Life a condition under which the Kingdom of Love, Wisdom, Truth, where Life is manifested in its completeness, where Light is manifested in its completeness and, where Freedom is manifested in its completeness. You have a friend, a companion; you should have no doubts whatsoever in her! Whenever you look at her, you should always trust her; when you see her, your heart should tremble and you should be glad that you have a friend! This should be your ideal! You say, ‘We do not live according to God now’; this is nonsense. Not that we have to live according to God, but God has to live within us. So far we keep living without God within us. Nobody lives outside God, but God has to live inside us, in order for us to acquire this understanding. Similarly the idea about the man should not be an external idea, but an internal one. The man has to be inside you, to carry him in your soul and wherever he might be, you should be glad for him. A woman, suspecting her husband in any crime, is not a woman. She must not suspect him of any crime, if she wants to be a woman. If you have some bitter stuff in a glass made of precious stones, worth millions, do you have to smash it against the ground in order to free it from the bitter stuff? Pour out the bitter stuff, wash the glass once, twice; it’s the fault of the glass, you will place something nice in it. Consider a man to be a precious glass; if something bitter is placed in it, pour out the bitter stuff, but do not smash your husband. No, the man is not the bitter contents, but the precious glass. He is the soul. And when this glass comes to life, it will say, ‘Thank you so much that you saved me from this poison that was going to kill me!’ „Our Lord" Master’s Lecture, Delivered on 31 March 1932, 16 h, Sofia, Izgreva [1] Lev – the Bulgarian national currency [2] Horo – is a national folk dance usually in public, the central square place, people dancing in a line hand in hand with one another [A1][Go and implement God’s will.] [A2][testing]
  6. Note 3 It Constrains Us „For the love of Christ constraineth us” Corinthians: 5; 14 The good prayer Chapter Five of the second Epistle to the Corinthians was read. Love constrains the bare-footed to put on shoes, the hungry to eat, the naked to put on clothes, the ignorant to acquire knowledge, the rich to open their hearts and give. Love constrains us to everything. You will do any good you want to do only if Love constrains you. This word is strong. The most capable Christians have completed their studies long ago and have been conferred diplomas in Heaven and have taken assignments to serve at various offices. The mediocre ones were left here. You are some of those mediocre ones; you are not lagging behind; you are not from the very capable either; because if you had been from the very capable ones, you would have completed your studies. While some of you repeat the same class for two or three years and say that they do not remember. Well, when they have to give - they do not remember, but when they have to take - they remember. You will say now, “Why do I repeat the class?” If I tell you why you dropped, we shall waste time. You know why sometimes your sons and daughters repeat a class at school, don’t you? The same reasons are valid for you too. Some want to have an easy life. Who has stayed to study for four-five hours in the evening? Such people say, “I’ll study in my old age”, but such people are sorry for not studying when they become old. This is one of the reasons, but there are also external reasons: some people will talk you out of it, “Why do you have to walk along this Path?” You do not have to repeat a class at least now. What’s gone is gone; it’s all the same whether you do or don’t know the reasons. But what one can do under the present circumstances – this is what is important. The main point is to complete your studies, to prepare yourself to work, not to talk only. I want to take you to an actual, a real thought. For example, you do not know how to make experiments. Read the Bible! When Christ was talking – people then were like you – they did not understand what He wanted to tell them. So one day the disciples told Him, “Why do you talk to them like this?” Christ answered, “They are not granted.” Because His listeners were not from the capable ones, but were ignorant, lagging behind. Jews in the time of Christ were backward, while the most capable, the prophets were His disciples. John says that out of all the Jewish people one hundred and forty-four thousand were capable. However, there is no Bulgarian prophet to say how many Bulgarians are capable. I do not want to write about this, if a Bulgarian John comes, he may write and prophesy. A disciple can be incapable for a period of time and may later on become capable; it is possible for a student to be very capable for some time and to become incapable afterwards. It is possible for somebody not to be beautiful until a certain age and then to become beautiful. In “The Miserables” Cosette was not beautiful in the beginning and then she became beautiful. And when she became beautiful, what did she acquire alongside this? Who is the main hero in this novel? A voice from the audience: Jean Valjean. Cosette was a huge trial for Jean Valjean, so that it could be seen how he would act. He was put to a test, he made a sacrifice and he elevated. Every human being has one’s Cosette, she will become beautiful and she will leave this person. So such a person must sacrifice something from oneself. In this book Hugo wanted to put forward the idea that there is no elevating in the world without sacrifice. You cannot elevate yourself without sacrificing. If you do not work, you can’t become rich. If one does not put clothes on, one cannot be dressed; if one does not put shoes on, one cannot walk in shoes. In the quoted line Paul says, “The Love of Christ constrains us”. There were cases when you felt Love, which one of you has not felt Love? Whenever people felt that Love constrained them, they have acted foolishly. When a child does something out of Love, the mother tells the child that the child is silly. The child has to put up with reproaches and derision everywhere. But if the child is persistent in the constraint of this Love, the child will in the end be elevated. At first Love will start with the less important issues. It will be laughed at in the beginning. Love that is not laughed at is no Love. When Love comes, one forgets the laughter of people, they laugh while one is thinking of completely different things. People may say whatever they feel like, but one does not pay any attention either to their laughter or to their reproach. One has an idea and keeps smiling. But when Love is lost, one becomes very clever, starts clenching one’s lips, narrowing one’s eyes, anointing one’s face, putting on clothes, putting on this or that. One realizes oneself that all of this does not add up to anything. You eat in order to anoint yourself internally, to put on weight, to grow muscles. You eat and drink but there is no Love, there is nothing to constrain you. In the end you become fat and start suffering. When Love comes, eating is different: people of Love do not store fat, but they store muscles, they have a body of muscles. These people of Love are very enduring. A person within whom Love acts can endure any suffering. A person who has Love can endure fasts as well. I have seen a person suffering and laughing at the illness, saying to it, ‘Now that there is nothing for you to do, you are dealing with me!’ If it were somebody else, he or she would have shouted, while he was laughing and saying, ‘The disease will pass away, at a wrong door is the disease knocking.’ And indeed, the disease passes away. Or put in other words, there is suffering caused by beings lower than the human beings. Any suffering that embitters one is coming from a lower being. Well, there is also suffering caused by Higher Beings. For example, your teacher can assign to you a problem or work difficult to do. You will get tired of doing the work, but anyway you will acquire something. Do mothers not work; do teachers not work; do artists or architects not work? All of them work. Sculptors carve with their chisel, they have their ideas; they will carve statues to educate people. Then there will be the moral reward that one has contributed an idea, so that people can see the good that was invested in it. Or [imagine] a writer who had been writing a book for years, so that people can read and benefit. I mean good writers. You have come to school to study, not to listen to me talking about salvation; you know this. Salvation is the easiest of jobs. When Love constraints you, this is the easiest job, when it does not constrain you – then it is the most difficult of jobs. When Love acts within you, even the King will visit you. When Love acts all doors are open to you – wherever you may knock, you will be received. There is a Magic Power in Love. It resembles the hungry one, when a hungry person sees somebody carrying bread, the hungry one says, ‘Do come in!’ Because such a person, no matter where he enters, will anyway give something. One has to have something in one’s mind. Sometimes the human heart is empty. Why should people love if there is nothing planted in this soul? The soul is the person himself. Somebody asks if a human being has a soul or not. The soul is the one that feels, that is conscious. If you have no soul you cannot live. Therefore, any being that has a soul, lives, has life. These souls, however, differ: there are smaller, bigger, more advanced, less advanced souls. Out of all the souls the human souls are most advanced, while animal souls are not advanced. If you leave an animal at home, you know what it can do. No matter how you train it you can’t expect it to make much progress. But you have to thank animals that they have plowed and worked for us so far. If it were not for the horses to transport the required goods, if it were not for the plants too, who sacrifice for us, to help us, to deliver fruit to us! If it were not for the wheat! These are all souls – plant souls. All these souls came to our aid; they came to help human beings. Somebody asks what we have to do. I tell such a person: do what wheat does; do what pears do; do what trees do; do what oxen do; do what horses do; do what good people do! If the issue is not comprehended in this way, it can’t be understood properly. Some have a superficial understanding of Christianity, of the New Teaching. A student wants to be given a high grade. High grades should correspond to knowledge. In certain subjects where students recite what they have learned, they may memorise it by heart, but such learning is no help in life. For instance, when one digs the vineyard, does one recite poetry? There one has to raise and place the hoe; one has to be able to dig. When one has to build a house, one needs to have certain understanding of this art. Some other time one is required to have understanding of weaving. What I am telling you is supposed to be an incentive for you, because your advanced brothers from the Invisible world who have completed their course of development assess you according to the efforts you make. When a Light brother comes in, he watches your efforts and is interested in inasmuch as you make efforts. If you are willing, he will teach you, if you are slumbering and awaiting things to happen on their own accord, he will come and pass away. Since you have awoken in life, you will start encountering obstacles from now on. Because it is alive people who suffer, not dead ones. Stones suffer less, plants suffer more, and animals suffer still more, while human beings, as their consciousness is most advanced, suffer most of all. And with the believers, with those who have Love, suffering is still greater. A suffering person is a living person. Some suffer, but they feel pity for suffering. This is no suffering. Suffering cannot produce pity. The one who feels pity for a suffering person, is healthy; such a person does not suffer, such a person wants to save the suffering person, wants to eliminate the conditions that cause suffering. While somebody wants to eliminate these conditions with you or with others, there is something that darkens your mind. You sometimes worry; for instance, a thought gets into somebody that he/she will die and he/she cannot get rid of it. He comes home and thinks that the house will fall apart over him; he gets into his car and thinks that it will capsize; he does not dare cross the river, not to get drowned. The poor person, he is in a very awful situation, looking around and thinks that life has no meaning. Why is this person afraid that he will die? There is something that scares him a great deal, but he cannot explain it to himself. There is an internal fear within him that causes him suffering. This soul must be liberated. What is the fear in this case generated by? Somebody has mounted on horseback and keeps spurring the horse on. This horse is afraid. Whom from? From the person mounted on his back. Somebody has got into your mind and keeps spurring you; you ride at full speed, you gallop, you traverse around, you seek somebody to let you free. Finally a good person appears and says, ‘Get down from this horse!’ Sin is a condition riding the human soul. It is taken around as a horse all day long. Where does salvation reside? To be saved from the one who is on top of you. How can this be done? He [the one on top] will be taken off your back and they will say, ‘Off you go to the forest, stay there and graze!’ And if you are offered a bag of barley, do not take it, you need no corn. Graze only the grass in the forest, drink water there. Whatever heavenly words they may tell you, do not pay any attention. Haven’t you received very polite letters which you carry with you for years like a horse-rider? You still keep the hope that what will happen, will happen in years, and the one riding on your back does not do you any good, he takes care of his one interest, he is a thief. Having ridden the horse for several years, he will sell it and will go away. You will be changing masters and in the end nothing will remain of you. When talking about Love we understand one being freed from the miseries of Life. As long as there is somebody to love, you are already in the kingdom of salvation. This is the day of salvation. As soon as Love is talked about, it has come to free the human being. This is an entire science. A person not only has to free oneself, but has also to correct the mischief one generates within oneself. There is mischief in the human mind, in the human heart; all of this should be changed. For example, a doubt starts growing in you. What is this doubt due to? To the horse-rider. Then hatred starts growing. It is also due to the horse-rider. Then bitterness, vindictiveness starts growing. All the bad qualities have come from the one who tortured you. The one who had ridden you, who has imparted all his bad qualities into you. When an evil spirit enters a human being, it will mar the human being, it will make all sorts of bad injections like a doctor, and the human being will have to clean oneself for years to come. For example, somebody tells you that death is the end of everything for human beings and you immediately believe it. Do you know what this looks like? Imagine that you live in the evening, and there comes a philosopher, turns on the switch and says, ‘We form this light, I make light.’ This is true only for twelve hours. After twelve hours you may stay waiting for the light from the philosopher, but when it comes close to the Sunrise, he says, ‘Come on, go to bed, and tonight I will again talk to you about this teaching.’ You sleep during the whole day and in the evening he talks to you again. No, you have to make another experiment: there is light that does not come out as a result of turning on the switch, and this light does not shine for one only human being, it shines upon the entire earth; wait for six hours and see that great light looms in the East, the Sun rises. And if somebody comes to you again in the evening to tell you that he makes the light, will you believe him? The earth resembles this philosophical love, the love of electric switches: somebody comes and turns on the switch. This love may appear when a lamp or a candle is lit. But the moment the gas in the lamp burns out, the moment the candle burns down, love finishes. Wires may get torn with electricity and the light goes out. This is ordinary life about which people say, ‘When a person dies, everything is over.’ A human being on entering the other world will enter into an area much more beautiful than the earth. But one has to be prepared for it. It is sometimes not useful to think about the other world, because we will forget this world and won’t finish our work here. Human beings have to develop new organs. Somebody says, ‘My elder brother and my mother left for the other world.’ But if you do not have organs you won’t be able to communicate with them. It is just like you shouting loudly at a deaf person so that the deaf person can hear you. When you yell, he will try to read your lips, but chances are that he may or may not understand you. So I say that some of you have developed organs for those people close to you who have left for the other world and you can communicate with them. You have not made experiments. You will make an experiment to transfer thoughts: sisters who love each other should sit at two opposite sides and at 12 o’clock one of them should send a thought and the other one should receive it. On the following morning she should say what she received or should write the thought down and place it into an envelop. Such experiments have been made. If you develop your apparatus in this way, then people close to you who have left for the other world will be able to tell you something. For example, some of them see that there is a great trial ahead of you and they will tell you take care of yourself. For example, a thief will come to your place; they will tell you to take care, not to receive him. Or to be aware of something else: for example your child is naughty; the child can set the house on fire. The beings from the other world will tell you favourable conditions: that whoever will help you, that there is no reason for you to lose heart, that things will shortly come back to normal. If any you, the sisters, has such a gift, then she will be the communications stations. This will happen practically – a link between the visible and the Invisible worlds. Some people live for themselves, for the sake of their stomachs. The head, the stomach, the lungs etc., have to live for the whole body. I have seen educated people not only in Bulgaria but also abroad who do not understand this. A child has to have a gift; if the child has no gift, the issue is solved.[A1] So now, some of you try your best to transmit thoughts to each other. You now communicate telepathically, but you understand each other in a distorted way. Someone says, ‘Sister what’s-her-name does not love me.’ This is no telepathy. Or you say, ‘Sister what’s-her-name loves me.’ This is no telepathy. You make your conclusion from a movement of this sister or from her narrowing her eyes or pursing her lips, or from a word she mentioned. This is no telepathy; this is distorted understanding. Telepathy is when you know that a sister whom you have not met loves you and you love her. This sister writes letters to you without seeing you. She has not seen even your portrait. Now, good relations have to be formed, but you are afraid of forming love relations between the souls. You are afraid of Love. You have only one small love, the macaroni love. I call the earthly love a macaroni love. It is nice, goes without saying, it’s quite nice this love: when you boil the macaroni, you grate some cheese and pour butter lavishly on top, very delicious the dish is! I now make a comparison. Can you compare the macaroni to nice apples, pears, grapes or with any tropical fruit, or with nice boiled wheat? Love: you have to understand what it is. Love is what makes human beings, what introduces Life, Light, Joy, knowledge, wealth – all of this. You have to first pass through the love of the world, until you finally arrive at that Divine Love, at the unattainable Love. One has to first start with the small love, until one reaches the great Love. How much water does the small insect have to drink? The bigger the fly, the more and more water it drinks, until we reach the human beings. Only the human beings know how to drink water. The animals, the mammals often die out of drinking too much water. This is not the way to drink water. Sometimes birds, hens drink water more appropriately: they take a gulp, raise their heads upwards and drink again. I find the way hens drink water best of all. I have also noticed how some people do not know how to eat. A swine, after digging its snout into the trough, does not rise any more; this the worst of eating habits. When swallowing a bite, you will thank God; then you take a second bite, you will chew it and you will be thankful etc. And now, when you eat, your ears flap. This friction creates diseases. Eating is supposed to be an educational method. As God is hidden in the wheat, when you express your gratitude, God will open to you and will grant you His blessing. God is in bread. You pray constantly for Christ to come and reveal Himself to you to see, but when he comes in the bread, you try to get rid of Him as soon as possible and you throw the remains. People renounce Christ from where he will come; while people seek Christ where He is not. Christ will never come to the place where people seek Him. It is said, ‘I am the living bread and the one who eats from it will have life within oneself’. You will keep this thought in your mind for one, two, three days, for a month and then this thought will grow in you, this bread will grow up within you. You say, ‘What is Love? Not to find somebody who will love me and whom I will love!’ What does loving mean, what does it mean to love somebody and to be loved? When the Lord comes to love you, this will be the death of you. A bear when it meets you and when it starts loving you, it will eat you up. God will never punish a bear for eating you. If a bear eats up only one person and nobody else, this eating is OK. If it wants to eat a person per day, then it’s another matter. These are comparisons. When you examine the words of Christ and of the prophets, they have to be impressed into you. And the whole world will acquire different dimensions for you. Whatever object you may touch, you will be receptive, sensitive to things. If a sensitive child who loves his/her mother, touches an object that has been touched by her, this child will know that his/her mother has touched it. If we love God, He has to come to us, and if God loves us, we have to go to Him. If God has forsaken you, He is waiting for you to love Him, so that He can come to you. When a certain disease comes to you, then God wants to call you to the other world. But you say that you are not ready yet. He wants to love you, but the sick person says, ‘Tell God that I’m not ready yet, tell Him to postpone this job.’ I say: it can be postponed, God says, ‘It’s either you love me or I love you.’ There is no middle ground, there isn’t much freedom here. I now have an understanding and I will tell you how I look upon things: when a scoundrel robs me, I am glad that God granted him the freedom to rob me, but I do not approve of the deed of the scoundrel. The freedom of the scoundrel is from god, but his deed is not from god. Because a better master will come tomorrow and he will rob the scoundrel. How good God is! I see that God has granted you freedom, and I sometimes see that you are not willing to study. Now, let’s leave the homes and let’s start studying! Christ will never come by force, if you do not love Him. The maiden, when she sits down thinking, she attracts the young lad in a telepathic way. She puts something into her mind and she starts imagining him and she says, ‘Come here, I grew older, people are already laughing at me, I want to get married!’ Finally a thought dawns upon the young lad that he must go and find her and he says, ‘I found your address with the greatest difficulty.’ This law is valid for the Spiritual world as well: if you do not think about God for a long time, you won’t accomplish anything. In the Orthodox Church people cross themselves. What does crossing mean? You start first with the life that is on the head. When you place your three fingers on the head, this means that you have to think; you will place your hand on the head and you will think. Then you will place your hand on the heart and you will think; you will make experiments. In the end you will place your hand on both your shoulders and you will say, ‘I will go to work!’ This is what crossing is. For example, some suffering comes; suffering is crossing. You have to think about why you are suffering. Place suffering in your mind, think about it – why and what for it has come. Then place it on your heart, then – on your shoulders. Think, keep thinking and Light will come into you and the suffering will disappear! When you have had it for three days in your head, three days in your heart and three days on your shoulders, will become friends. You will say, ‘I have been a nagger so far, but not any longer.’ While the suffering will say, ‘What is it that you want? I have some money for rainy days.’ ‘The Love of Christ compels us.’ Now is the time when all of you have to be bearers [A2] of the Divine, the Divine within you should be gushing! I go to a water fountain; I stop there; I have a rest at a water spring; I sit down and talk with the water. It tells me a story – how it visited the grass blades; what it did there; how it entered a garden, how it went to see somebody who was sick and how it helped him, how it quenched somebody’s thirst, how it gave consolation to somebody – a whole story. You say, ‘Water is just murmuring.’ It does not murmur; it talks. If only we could work like it! The saints went to the springs. Water can never be marred; Life can never be marred. The heart may only suffer a little, when certain things disturb you. The soul suffers sometime, but it never becomes ordinary, because it is not from the material world. It is temporarily bonded with the body; some day it will leave the body and get free. It can always get free. No prisons, no shackles can be in its way; when the right time comes it leaves, it is free. Human beings are also free, suffice it they love the Good. Once Love comes, you will break free from the prison. Certainly the one who knows will leave one’s body. In the early times of Christianity those, who helped in the church, prayed and an angel came. The elevated spirits have power; they rule the laws; there is no barrier for them. You have not prayed long enough to make an angel come. One hundred and twenty people prayed and the angel came and told Peter, ‘Go and preach, tell them that wherever there is Love, shackles go off!’ You have to unite into one in the new direction. We shall show you the Path! Do not think that a lot can be accomplished in a short time. This Path is difficult. But I would recommend an experiment to you: every sister should take a notebook and should first start with John’s Gospel. If a doubt comes to your mind all of sudden, select a line. Take out the ten most important lines from John’s Gospel. To make sure that you have found the most important lines that you need, try to heal yourself when a disease comes to you. You have ten lines; you will read them, you will want to turn the disease to God. It is a living being. You will read the first line, the second one, the third one etc. – you will read these lines for three days on end. If they influence you, they are for you, if they do not – they are not for you. Then select other ten lines, then again, until the disease goes away. When you select ten lines for a third time, as soon as you say the line, the disease will be there. I shall tell you what happened once: fifteen years ago a brother from Vidin[1], who was very much into spiritism, took me to a séance of his. His séances were said to be very successful, so he took me to enjoy them. I went there. In one house there were as many people as there are here. They lined in the form of a big chain. There were people of different view points – believers and non-believers. They laugh. One of the masters laughs saying, ‘Non-sense.’ A sister was obsessed by a spirit, while they were laughing. She hit with her hand and fainted. She was obsessed by a spirit, a Bulgarian one. They want to send him to school, but wouldn’t go out. It is already 12 o’clock at midnight, but he did not come out. My friend came to me and told me, ‘What shall we do? What a pity for the mistress!’ I say, ‘Let’s have a second séance now. Everybody line up, kneel down and read the Lord’s Prayer! You will read the Lord’s Prayer the way you have never read it before!’ All were interested and elevated. The brother was holding the mistress by the hand and when we were saying the words ‘Because Thine is the Kingdom and the power, and the Glory for ever and ever. Amen!’ She awoke and came round. The brother was convinced that this is no hypnosis, but there is an external power. Thus the spirit was sent to study at last. Those who do not understand the laws will say, ‘Why do we need such séances, one can go crazy!’ but in fact the whole world has gone crazy nowadays. These murders, these thefts that take place, are caused by such ‘advanced’ beings that obsess people and spend their lives doing nonsense. People should now learn the right Path, the Divine Path, they have to arrive at the true Path that gives meaning to Life. ‘Love compels us.’ When one suffering comes, we have to transform it. Everything assists for the better those people who love God. Sometimes both hatred and doubt are living beings; you are full of tenants, you are rented. I myself do not object to tenants, but let them be good tenants who pay for their expenses. But they come and destroy the house. One has to be in good shape! The opposite is also true. The Scripture reads, ‘I shall send my Spirit – the Spirit of the Truth’. These light Spirits, on coming, will impart something to the human being and it will become a man of arts, it will start working, helping. When the Divine Spirit comes to a human being, the human being gets out of the stagnation and gets down to work. Apply John’s lines not only to diseases, but to other contradictions as well that you might have. For example, you experience a certain indisposition of spirit; try to find a line, another line, still a third line, and place at a special place with the line that removes the indisposition and brings Light into you, so that you can see the power of God. Christ says, ‘I am the path, the Truth and the Life’. The Path is the material life with all of its goods, the Truth is the knowledge, and the Life – this is the heart, all that which you desire. Only when you come to know God all the material goods will come. When you come to know the Truth, it will bring Light into you. God not only created man, but He breathed a living soul into man. This is the living Christ. The heart will renovate; then you will understand what the Truth is. When Life on the Earth starts becoming clear to you, a desire to help people will be born within you. Then you are in the Path of the Truth. When you have Love to everything, then you are in Life. This is a whole science that you have to start studying from now on. Sometimes you feel indisposed. After an hour or two it disappears. This must be within you like an art; if you take the violin you should be able to play. When a person can play well, inspiration is sure to come. The Scripture reads, ‘The Spirit that I will send to you, who will instruct you to any Truth’. Love must compel us to everything. Next time bring your notebooks where you wrote the selected ten lines. Well, I will point them out to you: Chapter 14; pp. 15,16: „If ye love Me, keep My commandments. And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you for ever." Chapter 11; p. 42: „And I knew that Thou hearest Me always, but because of the people who stand by I said it, that they may believe that Thou hast sent Me." Chapter 12; p. 26: „If any man serve Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there shall also My servant be. If any man serve Me, him will My Father honor." Chapter 8; p.29: „29And He that sent Me is with Me. The Father hath not left Me alone, for I do always those things that please Him." Chapter 6; p.63: „63It is the Spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing. The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life." Chapter З; p.33: „He that hath received His testimony hath set his seal to this: that God is true." Chapter З; p.З: „Jesus answered and said unto him, "Verily, verily I say unto thee, unless a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God." Chapter 20; p.22: „And when He had said this, He breathed on them and said unto them, "Receive ye the Holy Ghost." Chapter 21; p. 5: „5Then Jesus said unto them, "Children, have ye any meat?" And they answered Him, "No." Chapter 15; p.26: „But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of Truth who proceedeth from the Father, He shall testify of Me." Test the power of these lines when you feel indisposed. Learn them for next time. If any of you cannot learn them all, let her learn at least some of them. Learn them for two weeks. We shall recite them in the evening after 10 o’clock and in the morning when we have the best of dispositions. The Lord’s Prayer Master’s lecture, Delivered on 24 March 1932, Sofia, Izgreva [1] Vidin - the most North-western town in Bulgaria along the Danube River. [A1][if the child has no gift, the issue is {not} solved.] [A2][when all of you should be bearers] or [for all of you to be bearers]
  7. Note 6 May Christ Descend to Explain to You Life has two sides: one side is the actor’s life and the other side is the worker’s life. The actor works at night while the worker works during the day. The first one uses the night and the second one, the day. Therefore, the result will not be the same because life develops under different conditions. At night, the actor doesn’t have the light, and the worker, who works during the day, has conditions for a righteous life. And so, I divide you into two kinds: actors and workers. Here, in the Esoteric School of the Brotherhood of Light, we need no actors. The Brotherhood of Light excludes the life of the actor but accepts workers. I regard those of you who are married as workers on God’s field, but some of you want to play the part of the actor. You do not yet know what Divine Righteousness means. In this Esoteric School the laws for the workers are just as strict as the laws for the actors. Now, I ask you, have you fulfilled your duties as workers? I want of you, the married ones, to take a look at your work, your fields, your gardens, your springs, your cattle, your sheep; to take a look at your houses to see if they are painted, to check your homes and see if they are cleaned out. What is the condition of these co-workers of yours? You need to know this because you are workers. Many of you, the married ones, want to have more privileges but fewer duties. You want to postpone the payment of your debts but in the Divine book there are no postponements of debt payments. This can only happen by Grace. One needs to be patient and wait for some greater Being to help, but don’t think that you will be granted help just like that. You pass as married and, consequently, you want to preach to the young ones. You think that when you leave these fields, the young ones will come onto them after you. What will they find? I speak both in literal and figurative terms. These are some reflections that you need to think over. The Brotherhood of Light suggested that it is my duty to tell you these things tonight. And they, the Brothers of Light, will hold you liable for your fields, for your sheep, for your houses and so on, and so forth. You, who are doubtful (and there are such among you), will know for sure within a year if we are from the Brotherhood of Light or not. Christ is at the head of the Brotherhood of Light. And when he decided upon this injunction, he asked the head and the head gave its consent. God is this head. Thus, all aspects of this matter have been covered. Therefore, you, the married ones, are required to willingly fulfil God’s Law. I do not need to tell you what to do; you will do your work according to your own understanding and as you wish, as your souls wish. When someone’s soul makes a wish, it creates an imprint in this person’s consciousness for the future fulfilment of this wish. This consciousness comprises three great forces: the mind, the heart and the will. Our going into the other world always means a transformation in our consciousness from one form into another. This is the expanding of one’s consciousness. You will understand things differently on different levels. Therefore, Christ descends into the souls only when the consciousness of people expands. For example, when I speak to the married ones, you say, “When the Master said such and such words; he must have had me in mind.” If you say that, it means that you have not understood my words. I am trying to explain the external side of things; I, being a worker, am trying to clean up as a worker because only then will Christ descend. I want your consciousness to expand so that Christ can descend upon you and clarify the things that no human mind or thought can explain. I ask you, married ones, when it comes to your consciousness, what role models are you for the young ones, for your children? Are you doing your part in expanding the young ones’ consciousness so that Christ can come to live in them and to explain to them what Life is and how they should live? You say, “God can do anything.” This is not a philosophy; this means nothing. A father’s blood only runs strong when it enters the veins of the son and flows according the same laws. If it does not flow, the results will be different. Now, many of you are a part of the Brotherhood and come to these lectures only so that your problems can be fixed. You come here as if you were coming to a theatre; you come here expecting a treat after which you leave and say, ”You are not what you are.” You have not understood yet what we are. Thousands of years shall pass before you understand what we are. We are those who expand every man’s consciousness so that Christ can descend and explain the Truth of Life. And this Truth has to be such as to allow for the coming of the Divine Consciousness so that the Law of God’s Love can be manifested throughout the Universe. What could be better than this! With this Truth we can do our work. However, you say, “Lord, have mercy!” How can God have mercy on you if you have not expanded and elevated your consciousness so that Christ can come down and explain to you what you are doing wrong? The mistakes and the temptations are inevitable and if Christ does not come down into your consciousness, these mistakes will create a life of disharmony and all of you suffer from this disharmony. Is there anyone who is not suffering? I always use the following example to explain the methods of the Brotherhood of Darkness and the methods of the Brotherhood of Light. The Brotherhood of Darkness has dark adepts who come down to earth and say, “I’m a shoemaker. I have a special mould for shoes. If you buy my shoes you will remember me forever.” This reminds me of something that happened to me once when I was in Yambol. I was visiting a shoemaker who told me that he loved listening to my lectures. He wanted to make me a pair of shoes so that I would remember him. Indeed, I remember him to this day. If you put your feet in the shoe moulds of the Brotherhood of Darkness, they will make you special shoes that you will never forget. First, they will maim all of your virtues. If you put your foot in that mould, your virtues will inevitably get crippled and you will suffer a lot unless the Brotherhood of Light comes to help you pull your foot out of the mould. Do not offer your feet to the dark brothers to put them in their shoe mould. I am not explaining everything to you now but I will dedicate a special lecture to explain to you everything about this mould. Furthermore, you, the married men and women, do not live the way you should. This is not acceptable to the Brotherhood of Light. Now, if the married ones want to live the way the world lives they can do this out there, in the world, but once they have committed to the Brotherhood of Light, then they will see that there are excellent rules here. You do not yet know how to live. But you can learn these rules. Men and women, all should live according to the Law of Love! Every work done according to the Law of Love is sacred, and without Love it is a crime. If you ask me what is right, I will tell you, right is what is done by Love. I call Love that feeling, which is above all other feelings. When this feeling enters you, you will never frown. Love should be perceived as Man, but not one that is vested in flesh. This is how Love should be perceived. Men should perceive it that way too. I say this to you, the women whom Christ has wed; and to those who Christ has not wed, I have nothing to say. What I mean when I say, married by Christ, is that your consciousness should expand so that Christ can come in and explain everything to you. If this doesn’t happen, you will have such a rigid understanding of things that you will make me wonder from where you get your ideas. Paul once said, “Compete in paying respect to each other!” How? In order to compete in this, you will need to experience a change in your consciousness. You will need someone to learn from. If our mother doesn’t teach us, then how are we going to know? This law is true: one consciousness gets expanded by another consciousness. If your consciousness does not get in contact with another consciousness, it cannot expand; if a mind does not commune with the Divine Mind, it cannot expand. I have noticed a great disharmony in our Brotherhood. I can put up with these things, but you can be sure that this disharmony is not pleasant to me. Now, you may cry, but I don’t want your tears. What I want is for Christ to come into your consciousness and expand it. What I want is for Christ to manifest himself through you. My wish is for Christ to live in you. The happiest day for me will be the day when I see that Christ lives in your consciousness. You can be certain that this will be the happiest day of my life! You might ask, “How will this happen?” There are two ways: some fish are caught during the day, and other fish, at night. Is there any difference? Christ has defined this law: you shall love while it is day! A night is coming when no one will be able to work. Therefore, in order to expand your consciousness, you will need to work, not act but work, during the day. I have decided that in our Esoteric School you should work through experiments. We will begin with the smallest ones and they will gradually follow one after another. But in order for you to progress through the experiments, you need an expansion of your consciousness; you need to experience a change from within. Only then will these rays of spiritual consciousness come to you and create favourable conditions for the seeds that have been planted in you for thousands of years so that you can achieve good results. Have you achieved good results with your present thoughts? You are unhappy because you are missing the most essential thing: your consciousness has not yet expanded and Christ has not yet entered your mind to explain everything to you. He is making efforts to get to you but because you are not ready, all you can get out of his efforts is temporary moods where you feel elevated but then you are down. When you, in turn, make efforts, they will be futile unless you let Christ into your consciousness and unless you let the Divine Love into your consciousness. It will not be easy to achieve the expected results. Don’t think that the transformation of one life into another is easy. So much artistry and knowledge is needed in order to transform a plant into the form of an animal! If you only knew that, you would have pondered upon it seriously, but right now, you reckon that this transformation happens easily. No, it does not happen easily. The Spirit of God that is working within you will accomplish everything; my talking to you alone won’t do it. Christ needs to come in and then the Resurrection will come - the Resurrection that implies a New Life in new forms. “You will rise from the graves.” But not if you are the same way as you are now; if you eat and drink the way you do now. Don’t think that these things will continue the same way as they are now. No, there won’t be even a trace left of what is now, of this present form! Certain principles may remain, reminding one of, reminiscent of the old, but we will be completely transformed. Someone may say, “The present conditions of life are in my way.” No, they cannot be in your way! I talk about those disciples who are dedicated. But you are not yet completely dedicated disciples. There are several categories of disciples: listenerproselyte-disciples, believer-disciples and disciple-disciples. The first kind of disciple has certain duties and rights; the second one, too, has certain duties and rights, but the third one is above all the rest. What the disciple does, the listener proselyte doesn’t have to do and vice versa. And everyone should look at Life according to his level. If he is a listenerproselyte, he has certain duties and certain rights and you cannot ask him why he does what he does. And if the listener proselyte asks the believer, “Why are you doing this?” the latter will respond, “When you get to where I’m at, you will know why I live and work this way.” God does not have to inform us why He does this or that. He will say, “When you pass through these seven fires, so that I can purify you, you will know.” He will give you absolutely no other explanation. Job, too, asked the Lord but He said nothing. But after Job passed through the fire seven times, then God called and said, “Come, talk to me now.” And Job said, “I have heard of You from others and I have committed many sins, but because I saw You now, I will not speak nonsense.” One of you may be in Job’s situation to ask, “Lord, how much longer will I have to suffer and for how much longer will I be in debt?” God says nothing. Do not think that your deliverance will come from your friends, nor from your enemies. If you think that, you are wrong. Your deliverance is in the following: you need to expand your consciousness and let Christ in so that he can explain to you the fact. If this happens, you will be delivered; if this does not happen, this fact will haunt you all the time, like some demon causing you mischief. Now, some people come to me and ask me why this and that happens. Today someone came to me and asked me, “Do you know what these disciples of yours are doing? Why don’t you correct them?” I told him, “I cannot tell them anything because we all live according to the Law of Freedom.” “Well”, he said, “How about discipline? Is there no such thing?” “No, there isn’t.” “But you can enforce some discipline”, he said. Afterwards, he invited me to visit him at home. Then I told him, “I will not come to your home.” “Why?” he asked. “If you want me to come to your home”, I told him, ”You need to expand your consciousness and let Christ in, i.e. let the Love in. You are just like my disciples; you, people, are the same: you want to lure me into your trap. Neither you nor they are disciples of Christ. Here is what I say, we have one great law - we want to live and understand Life in a different way and we want to make it right. You may say, “Do you know what our Master is doing?” But you are not responsible for me. Other times you say, “Is it fitting for him to wear yellow shoes and a white hat? And then, white coats are for children, he needs a black one.” But what is it all to you? You care about insignificant things when what should really matter to you is what is in my mind, my heart and my will. You can wear whatever clothes and shoes you want to but what matters to me is your mind, your heart, your will and, most of all, your soul and the presence of Christ in your soul. I know that you need to work on these things until your life acquires a true meaning. Only then will we understand each other properly! Sometimes it is a blessing to be a teacher, and other times, it is a blessing to be a student. A day will come when you will understand the relationship between the Master and the disciple. God will explain this relationship to you. And my wish is for you to be one of those blessed disciples. Some of you are seeking deliverance, you want for the Divine Sun to open up so that you can enter. The deliverance will not happen that way. Your deliverance will come when you open your consciousness to let Christ in. Then you will be truly delivered. Then all external circumstances, which are binding you now - poverty and everything else - all of this will become harmonized and you will see Life in a new light. Now, there is another thought in your mind; you think, “If we don’t finish this work today, we can do it some other day.” No, you must work now! Let’s say, for example, that you are an owner and I am a worker. You hire me to cultivate hoe your vineyard but, instead, I spend the day counting the posts dead vines and in the evening I tell you how many of them there are in the vineyard. On the second day, I go out in the vineyard again, but, instead of cultivatinghoeing, I count how many canes there are and I calculate how much fruit they will yield. On the third day I count how many leaves of grass there are and so on. In the end, I tell you, the owner, that I have finished the job. You think that the vineyard has been cultivated hoed and you pay me, but when you go out to the vineyard and take a look at it, what will you think? I’m sorry to tell you this, but this is how you are working on God’s field right now: instead of cultivating hoeing the vineyard, you are counting the posts dead vines and the vine stickscanes. I do not mind your counting the posts dead vines and the sticks canes and the leaves of grass, as long as you cultivate hoe around the vines, as well. Acting is one way to work, the second way requires that you cultivate hoe the vineyard first and, once that is done, you can count the postsdead vines, the sticks canes and the leaves of grass. What you do now is you come to me and say, “Our vines won’t grow.” Yes, they won’t grow because you, my disciples, won’t dighoe. So, here is my solution to the problem, you have the statistics, you have counted the postsdead vines, the sticks canes and the leaves of grass. Then I will get the hoe, and will cultivate hoe the vineyard. If you have cultivatedhoed, then I will do the counting. There are Masters out there who only count the posts dead vines and the vine stickscanes. If you cultivate hoe the vineyard, things will even themselves out. This is a method, an allegory you can use for future work. (Note to the editors, explaining all the corrections I did on this paragraph: I have thought about this paragraph a lot, because I felt like I did not have the exact English words to correctly convey the meaning. Recently I worked in a neighbour’s vineyard and that helped me find a better English rendition of the Bulgarian text.) I tell you this so that you will know how to expand your consciousness into which Christ has not yet come. Christ is working and making all the effort. You have the desire but you need patience. You will be put to the test on the operating table. When they operate on you in the White Brotherhood, they will not anaesthetize you and that is why you need to stay completely still because if you move, the knife will go in deeper. Now all of you are undergoing such operations. Those operations where you are awake are the best and the ones where you are anaesthetized are the worst. I have reverted to the former ones only rarely and only a disciple who is a true believer can go through those. If you realize that this is performed according to the Law of Love, you would be ready to go through it, otherwise you would be kicking and fighting and the knife would only go deeper, the operation would fail and such people would remain sickly in a spiritual sense. I will go no further, because I do not want to disturb your mind and make you think that you have nothing in you. What is truly essential has not arrived yet. This field is not ripe, yet you still have not filled the barn with wheat. When the barn starts to overflow, then the new direction of Life will manifest itself. With this lecture I want to assign work to all of you. And, just like with real workers, I want to create work for all married ones. I will start with the smallest experiment again. The task I will give you will be to work for me, for Christ, for Love for only five minutes. You could work miracles in only five minutes. I don’t want one hour, but only five minutes. Does anyone mind? If someone misuses these five minutes, he is not a disciple. If he cannot work for Christ for only five minutes, he is done with. No discussions and no philosophizing are needed; just get to it right away! You will forget your wife and your children and everything else in these five minutes! You will work for Christ mindfully and only after that can you philosophize and discuss and ask if this matter is done and over with. Note this: it’s only five minutes! How much is a hundred days by five minutes? You will continue this exercise for ten years. It is a microscopic exercise but in one year, this makes thirty hours and twenty-five minutes; in ten years, it is three hundred and four hours or twenty-five days and four hours. In these ten years, you, as workers, will dedicate twenty-five days to Christ according to the Law of Love. Five minutes every day! There is no other philosophy for the way this can be done. I will not explain it to anyone. I will give you two weeks from now to think about the five minutes or about the twenty-five days for Christ for these ten years. Those of you who are ready to work will come in to work. When your five minutes begin, you will forget that you are married, that you are a clerk or something else, and you will feel like a newborn in the Kingdom of God, who will do the Will of God. And then you will understand the meaning of my words from the very first day of your working for Christ. The second experiment is the following: I will appoint a day when, at a specific hour, you will work for Christ for five minutes. I will appoint it specifically and then I will send all the bears your way. You should know this. Then, if you keep walking bravely, they will make way for you and will say, “It is possible to work for Christ for five minutes.” The bears, too, understand this law. I will keep going, as well. You will wait for the most important exercise to come along: five minutes for Christ! And make sure you clean your home well! He who does not clean well… This is what I was told to say to you, do you understand that? And if you are faithful, then you will know the Truth and the Truth will know you. I will leave this question unanswered, because others are waiting outside. You, married ones, now is the time when we want to wed you! And so… If it is unfinished, you will mark it with three dots. You have two weeks to think about the five minutes. You will free your mind, your heart and your will. I want you to think freely at last! The experiment will begin soon. These experiments are minute, but when you start doing them, they will lead to bigger things. We will start off with the little things, which are for the children. And when the children are busy, God is happy. Therefore, we will create happiness for God when He sees that we work for Him mindfully and without being forced to do so. If the young ones ask you about the things that I told you today, you can tell them in two weeks. After two weeks you will tell my words to the young ones. June 2, 1922, Veliko Turnovo27 May Christ Descend to Explain to You Life has two sides: one side is the actor’s life and the other side is the worker’s life. The actor works at night while the worker works during the day. The first one uses the night and the second one, the day. Therefore, the result will not be the same because life develops under different conditions. At night, the actor doesn’t have the light, and the worker, who works during the day, has conditions for a righteous life. And so, I divide you into two kinds: actors and workers. Here, in the Esoteric School of the Brotherhood of Light, we need no actors. The Brotherhood of Light excludes the life of the actor but accepts workers. I regard those of you who are married as workers on God’s field, but some of you want to play the part of the actor. You do not yet know what Divine Righteousness means. In this Esoteric School the laws for the workers are just as strict as the laws for the actors. Now, I ask you, have you fulfilled your duties as workers? I want of you, the married ones, to take a look at your work, your fields, your gardens, your springs, your cattle, your sheep; to take a look at your houses to see if they are painted, to check your homes and see if they are cleaned out. What is the condition of these co-workers of yours? You need to know this because you are workers. Many of you, the married ones, want to have more privileges but fewer duties. You want to postpone the payment of your debts but in the Divine book there are no postponements of debt payments. This can only happen by Grace. One needs to be patient and wait for some greater Being to help, but don’t think that you will be granted help just like that. You pass as married and, consequently, you want to preach to the young ones. You think that when you leave these fields, the young ones will come onto them after you. What will they find? I speak both in literal and figurative terms. These are some reflections that you need to think over. The Brotherhood of Light suggested that it is my duty to tell you these things tonight. And they, the Brothers of Light, will hold you liable for your fields, for your sheep, for your houses and so on, and so forth. You, who are doubtful (and there are such among you), will know for sure within a year if we are from the Brotherhood of Light or not. Christ is at the head of the Brotherhood of Light. And when he decided upon this injunction, he asked the head and the head gave its consent. God is this head. Thus, all aspects of this matter have been covered. Therefore, you, the married ones, are required to willingly fulfil God’s Law. I do not need to tell you what to do; you will do your work according to your own understanding and as you wish, as your souls wish. When someone’s soul makes a wish, it creates an imprint in this person’s consciousness for the future fulfilment of this wish. This consciousness comprises three great forces: the mind, the heart and the will. Our going into the other world always means a transformation in our consciousness from one form into another. This is the expanding of one’s consciousness. You will understand things differently on different levels. Therefore, Christ descends into the souls only when the consciousness of people expands. For example, when I speak to the married ones, you say, “When the Master said such and such words; he must have had me in mind.” If you say that, it means that you have not understood my words. I am trying to explain the external side of things; I, being a worker, am trying to clean up as a worker because only then will Christ descend. I want your consciousness to expand so that Christ can descend upon you and clarify the things that no human mind or thought can explain. I ask you, married ones, when it comes to your consciousness, what role models are you for the young ones, for your children? Are you doing your part in expanding the young ones’ consciousness so that Christ can come to live in them and to explain to them what Life is and how they should live? You say, “God can do anything.” This is not a philosophy; this means nothing. A father’s blood only runs strong when it enters the veins of the son and flows according the same laws. If it does not flow, the results will be different. Now, many of you are a part of the Brotherhood and come to these lectures only so that your problems can be fixed. You come here as if you were coming to a theatre; you come here expecting a treat after which you leave and say, ”You are not what you are.” You have not understood yet what we are. Thousands of years shall pass before you understand what we are. We are those who expand every man’s consciousness so that Christ can descend and explain the Truth of Life. And this Truth has to be such as to allow for the coming of the Divine Consciousness so that the Law of God’s Love can be manifested throughout the Universe. What could be better than this! With this Truth we can do our work. However, you say, “Lord, have mercy!” How can God have mercy on you if you have not expanded and elevated your consciousness so that Christ can come down and explain to you what you are doing wrong? The mistakes and the temptations are inevitable and if Christ does not come down into your consciousness, these mistakes will create a life of disharmony and all of you suffer from this disharmony. Is there anyone who is not suffering? I always use the following example to explain the methods of the Brotherhood of Darkness and the methods of the Brotherhood of Light. The Brotherhood of Darkness has dark adepts who come down to earth and say, “I’m a shoemaker. I have a special mould for shoes. If you buy my shoes you will remember me forever.” This reminds me of something that happened to me once when I was in Yambol. I was visiting a shoemaker who told me that he loved listening to my lectures. He wanted to make me a pair of shoes so that I would remember him. Indeed, I remember him to this day. If you put your feet in the shoe moulds of the Brotherhood of Darkness, they will make you special shoes that you will never forget. First, they will maim all of your virtues. If you put your foot in that mould, your virtues will inevitably get crippled and you will suffer a lot unless the Brotherhood of Light comes to help you pull your foot out of the mould. Do not offer your feet to the dark brothers to put them in their shoe mould. I am not explaining everything to you now but I will dedicate a special lecture to explain to you everything about this mould. Furthermore, you, the married men and women, do not live the way you should. This is not acceptable to the Brotherhood of Light. Now, if the married ones want to live the way the world lives they can do this out there, in the world, but once they have committed to the Brotherhood of Light, then they will see that there are excellent rules here. You do not yet know how to live. But you can learn these rules. Men and women, all should live according to the Law of Love! Every work done according to the Law of Love is sacred, and without Love it is a crime. If you ask me what is right, I will tell you, right is what is done by Love. I call Love that feeling, which is above all other feelings. When this feeling enters you, you will never frown. Love should be perceived as Man, but not one that is vested in flesh. This is how Love should be perceived. Men should perceive it that way too. I say this to you, the women whom Christ has wed; and to those who Christ has not wed, I have nothing to say. What I mean when I say, married by Christ, is that your consciousness should expand so that Christ can come in and explain everything to you. If this doesn’t happen, you will have such a rigid understanding of things that you will make me wonder from where you get your ideas. Paul once said, “Compete in paying respect to each other!” How? In order to compete in this, you will need to experience a change in your consciousness. You will need someone to learn from. If our mother doesn’t teach us, then how are we going to know? This law is true: one consciousness gets expanded by another consciousness. If your consciousness does not get in contact with another consciousness, it cannot expand; if a mind does not commune with the Divine Mind, it cannot expand. I have noticed a great disharmony in our Brotherhood. I can put up with these things, but you can be sure that this disharmony is not pleasant to me. Now, you may cry, but I don’t want your tears. What I want is for Christ to come into your consciousness and expand it. What I want is for Christ to manifest himself through you. My wish is for Christ to live in you. The happiest day for me will be the day when I see that Christ lives in your consciousness. You can be certain that this will be the happiest day of my life! You might ask, “How will this happen?” There are two ways: some fish are caught during the day, and other fish, at night. Is there any difference? Christ has defined this law: you shall love while it is day! A night is coming when no one will be able to work. Therefore, in order to expand your consciousness, you will need to work, not act but work, during the day. I have decided that in our Esoteric School you should work through experiments. We will begin with the smallest ones and they will gradually follow one after another. But in order for you to progress through the experiments, you need an expansion of your consciousness; you need to experience a change from within. Only then will these rays of spiritual consciousness come to you and create favourable conditions for the seeds that have been planted in you for thousands of years so that you can achieve good results. Have you achieved good results with your present thoughts? You are unhappy because you are missing the most essential thing: your consciousness has not yet expanded and Christ has not yet entered your mind to explain everything to you. He is making efforts to get to you but because you are not ready, all you can get out of his efforts is temporary moods where you feel elevated but then you are down. When you, in turn, make efforts, they will be futile unless you let Christ into your consciousness and unless you let the Divine Love into your consciousness. It will not be easy to achieve the expected results. Don’t think that the transformation of one life into another is easy. So much artistry and knowledge is needed in order to transform a plant into the form of an animal! If you only knew that, you would have pondered upon it seriously, but right now, you reckon that this transformation happens easily. No, it does not happen easily. The Spirit of God that is working within you will accomplish everything; my talking to you alone won’t do it. Christ needs to come in and then the Resurrection will come - the Resurrection that implies a New Life in new forms. “You will rise from the graves.” But not if you are the same way as you are now; if you eat and drink the way you do now. Don’t think that these things will continue the same way as they are now. No, there won’t be even a trace left of what is now, of this present form! Certain principles may remain, reminding one of, reminiscent of the old, but we will be completely transformed. Someone may say, “The present conditions of life are in my way.” No, they cannot be in your way! I talk about those disciples who are dedicated. But you are not yet completely dedicated disciples. There are several categories of disciples: listenerproselyte-disciples, believer-disciples and disciple-disciples. The first kind of disciple has certain duties and rights; the second one, too, has certain duties and rights, but the third one is above all the rest. What the disciple does, the listener proselyte doesn’t have to do and vice versa. And everyone should look at Life according to his level. If he is a listenerproselyte, he has certain duties and certain rights and you cannot ask him why he does what he does. And if the listener proselyte asks the believer, “Why are you doing this?” the latter will respond, “When you get to where I’m at, you will know why I live and work this way.” God does not have to inform us why He does this or that. He will say, “When you pass through these seven fires, so that I can purify you, you will know.” He will give you absolutely no other explanation. Job, too, asked the Lord but He said nothing. But after Job passed through the fire seven times, then God called and said, “Come, talk to me now.” And Job said, “I have heard of You from others and I have committed many sins, but because I saw You now, I will not speak nonsense.” One of you may be in Job’s situation to ask, “Lord, how much longer will I have to suffer and for how much longer will I be in debt?” God says nothing. Do not think that your deliverance will come from your friends, nor from your enemies. If you think that, you are wrong. Your deliverance is in the following: you need to expand your consciousness and let Christ in so that he can explain to you the fact. If this happens, you will be delivered; if this does not happen, this fact will haunt you all the time, like some demon causing you mischief. Now, some people come to me and ask me why this and that happens. Today someone came to me and asked me, “Do you know what these disciples of yours are doing? Why don’t you correct them?” I told him, “I cannot tell them anything because we all live according to the Law of Freedom.” “Well”, he said, “How about discipline? Is there no such thing?” “No, there isn’t.” “But you can enforce some discipline”, he said. Afterwards, he invited me to visit him at home. Then I told him, “I will not come to your home.” “Why?” he asked. “If you want me to come to your home”, I told him, ”You need to expand your consciousness and let Christ in, i.e. let the Love in. You are just like my disciples; you, people, are the same: you want to lure me into your trap. Neither you nor they are disciples of Christ. Here is what I say, we have one great law - we want to live and understand Life in a different way and we want to make it right. You may say, “Do you know what our Master is doing?” But you are not responsible for me. Other times you say, “Is it fitting for him to wear yellow shoes and a white hat? And then, white coats are for children, he needs a black one.” But what is it all to you? You care about insignificant things when what should really matter to you is what is in my mind, my heart and my will. You can wear whatever clothes and shoes you want to but what matters to me is your mind, your heart, your will and, most of all, your soul and the presence of Christ in your soul. I know that you need to work on these things until your life acquires a true meaning. Only then will we understand each other properly! Sometimes it is a blessing to be a teacher, and other times, it is a blessing to be a student. A day will come when you will understand the relationship between the Master and the disciple. God will explain this relationship to you. And my wish is for you to be one of those blessed disciples. Some of you are seeking deliverance, you want for the Divine Sun to open up so that you can enter. The deliverance will not happen that way. Your deliverance will come when you open your consciousness to let Christ in. Then you will be truly delivered. Then all external circumstances, which are binding you now - poverty and everything else - all of this will become harmonized and you will see Life in a new light. Now, there is another thought in your mind; you think, “If we don’t finish this work today, we can do it some other day.” No, you must work now! Let’s say, for example, that you are an owner and I am a worker. You hire me to cultivate hoe your vineyard but, instead, I spend the day counting the posts dead vines and in the evening I tell you how many of them there are in the vineyard. On the second day, I go out in the vineyard again, but, instead of cultivatinghoeing, I count how many canes there are and I calculate how much fruit they will yield. On the third day I count how many leaves of grass there are and so on. In the end, I tell you, the owner, that I have finished the job. You think that the vineyard has been cultivated hoed and you pay me, but when you go out to the vineyard and take a look at it, what will you think? I’m sorry to tell you this, but this is how you are working on God’s field right now: instead of cultivating hoeing the vineyard, you are counting the posts dead vines and the vine stickscanes. I do not mind your counting the posts dead vines and the sticks canes and the leaves of grass, as long as you cultivate hoe around the vines, as well. Acting is one way to work, the second way requires that you cultivate hoe the vineyard first and, once that is done, you can count the postsdead vines, the sticks canes and the leaves of grass. What you do now is you come to me and say, “Our vines won’t grow.” Yes, they won’t grow because you, my disciples, won’t dighoe. So, here is my solution to the problem, you have the statistics, you have counted the postsdead vines, the sticks canes and the leaves of grass. Then I will get the hoe, and will cultivate hoe the vineyard. If you have cultivatedhoed, then I will do the counting. There are Masters out there who only count the posts dead vines and the vine stickscanes. If you cultivate hoe the vineyard, things will even themselves out. This is a method, an allegory you can use for future work. (Note to the editors, explaining all the corrections I did on this paragraph: I have thought about this paragraph a lot, because I felt like I did not have the exact English words to correctly convey the meaning. Recently I worked in a neighbour’s vineyard and that helped me find a better English rendition of the Bulgarian text.) I tell you this so that you will know how to expand your consciousness into which Christ has not yet come. Christ is working and making all the effort. You have the desire but you need patience. You will be put to the test on the operating table. When they operate on you in the White Brotherhood, they will not anaesthetize you and that is why you need to stay completely still because if you move, the knife will go in deeper. Now all of you are undergoing such operations. Those operations where you are awake are the best and the ones where you are anaesthetized are the worst. I have reverted to the former ones only rarely and only a disciple who is a true believer can go through those. If you realize that this is performed according to the Law of Love, you would be ready to go through it, otherwise you would be kicking and fighting and the knife would only go deeper, the operation would fail and such people would remain sickly in a spiritual sense. I will go no further, because I do not want to disturb your mind and make you think that you have nothing in you. What is truly essential has not arrived yet. This field is not ripe, yet you still have not filled the barn with wheat. When the barn starts to overflow, then the new direction of Life will manifest itself. With this lecture I want to assign work to all of you. And, just like with real workers, I want to create work for all married ones. I will start with the smallest experiment again. The task I will give you will be to work for me, for Christ, for Love for only five minutes. You could work miracles in only five minutes. I don’t want one hour, but only five minutes. Does anyone mind? If someone misuses these five minutes, he is not a disciple. If he cannot work for Christ for only five minutes, he is done with. No discussions and no philosophizing are needed; just get to it right away! You will forget your wife and your children and everything else in these five minutes! You will work for Christ mindfully and only after that can you philosophize and discuss and ask if this matter is done and over with. Note this: it’s only five minutes! How much is a hundred days by five minutes? You will continue this exercise for ten years. It is a microscopic exercise but in one year, this makes thirty hours and twenty-five minutes; in ten years, it is three hundred and four hours or twenty-five days and four hours. In these ten years, you, as workers, will dedicate twenty-five days to Christ according to the Law of Love. Five minutes every day! There is no other philosophy for the way this can be done. I will not explain it to anyone. I will give you two weeks from now to think about the five minutes or about the twenty-five days for Christ for these ten years. Those of you who are ready to work will come in to work. When your five minutes begin, you will forget that you are married, that you are a clerk or something else, and you will feel like a newborn in the Kingdom of God, who will do the Will of God. And then you will understand the meaning of my words from the very first day of your working for Christ. The second experiment is the following: I will appoint a day when, at a specific hour, you will work for Christ for five minutes. I will appoint it specifically and then I will send all the bears your way. You should know this. Then, if you keep walking bravely, they will make way for you and will say, “It is possible to work for Christ for five minutes.” The bears, too, understand this law. I will keep going, as well. You will wait for the most important exercise to come along: five minutes for Christ! And make sure you clean your home well! He who does not clean well… This is what I was told to say to you, do you understand that? And if you are faithful, then you will know the Truth and the Truth will know you. I will leave this question unanswered, because others are waiting outside. You, married ones, now is the time when we want to wed you! And so… If it is unfinished, you will mark it with three dots. You have two weeks to think about the five minutes. You will free your mind, your heart and your will. I want you to think freely at last! The experiment will begin soon. These experiments are minute, but when you start doing them, they will lead to bigger things. We will start off with the little things, which are for the children. And when the children are busy, God is happy. Therefore, we will create happiness for God when He sees that we work for Him mindfully and without being forced to do so. If the young ones ask you about the things that I told you today, you can tell them in two weeks. After two weeks you will tell my words to the young ones. June 2, 1922, Veliko Turnovo27
  8. Note 3 The Testimony of Spirit ‘But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me’ John: 15; 26. A Secret Prayer ‘Bless God, my soul’ I will read chapter fifteen of John. I will talk to you about the vine. This vine has three contents. There are vines that have not gone bad. Have you been to a vineyard, have you seen it with leafless vines? You have seen it coming into leaves at other times and finally you have seen it maturing and heavy with ripe fruit. Not all vines have grapes. I will read to you about the vine, which has grapes. Sing the first line from Love; sing it quietly. I shall talk to you on line twenty-six of the chapter we read, ‘But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me.’ Spirit – this is the most elevated, the purest, the most sacred. And in this sanctity Spirit brings the conditions of the intelligent human Life. I use the word intelligent, but I could use another word too. In the widest sense, when a human being has the intelligent Life within oneself, such a human being lives as a musician and as a poet. Such a human being is always in high spirits, there is Peace in his or her soul, the world does not worry him or her; nothing disturbs such people. Such people are not petty, they do not dwell on the small things in life, but only on that Great one that God created. Now, let's assume that somebody brings a hedgehog into your garden; when you reach out to catch him, he will prick you. What do you think; did God create the spines of this hedgehog? No, this is the art of the hedgehock itself. You may enquire why God placed spines on this hedgehog. The hedgehog created them himself, such is its culture. He needs spines; such is his understanding of life. Subsequently you should not be asking yourselves about his spines, but if you want to study the hedgehog, you should dwell on his basic features: what hedgehogs feed on, how they make their dens, how they raise their young ones, what are his relations with the ones close to him etc. Hedgehogs make good teachers for snakes: when a hedgehog meets a snake, he grips the snake by the tail first, covers his head, the snake coils round him and he swallows the snake little by little until the head is left and finally he swallows the head as well. And when the snake asks him, ‘Why did you treat me in such an inhumane way?’ The hedgehog answers back, ‘Well, how do you catch frogs? Frogs keep crying out and you keep swallowing them. It is from you that I learnt this craft and now this is my first attempt as I want to see how things are.’ I am asking now, when the snake is swallowing the frog, do you think God taught the snake? This is again an art of snakes. When you come to Life, you will first separate all those visible features existing in human life – what was created by the people themselves, in order to arrive at the purely Divine substance. Now, the Divine substance is Spirit. And Christ says, ‘I will send this Spirit to you.’ Now people live without the Spirit. And you ask why people do not live in brotherly relations. How can they live in brotherly relations? Hedgehogs live the life of hedgehogs; snakes live the life of snakes and so on. And all animals live according to their understanding. There is no Spirit in them and each one has one’s own understanding. When it comes to people, we ask why somebody acted the way he or she did. A person lives according to one’s understanding. Why doesn't he or she live in any other way? The Spirit must come for a person to live in any other way. If the Spirit does not come, the person will live according to one’s own understanding. If you want to change on principle, to start living another Life, the Spirit must come to you. And when He comes, you won’t be asking yourselves whether this Spirit is within you and whether it is Divine. There is only One Spirit – the Great Spirit bringing Light, bringing Wisdom, Truth, bringing everything in himself. He has been delivering all the goods for ages, from times immemorial and there is no second to Him. This Spirit carries everything within himself and He is the discharger of all goods. And when He comes, people start becoming intelligent, geniuses and when somebody comes to visit, they receive this person gladly, treat this person lavishly, they do everything with Love. But when the Spirit departs, they say, ‘Today, I am not in high spirits; do not enter my home! Come some other day!’ Why? It is the Spirit that delivers all the riches, and He is not present now. Quite natural: when I am sick I will say that I am not receiving visitors on that day. Why? Because I am sick. Apart from not being able to receive visitors, I also need somebody who could do me a favour. Having spoken about the vine, Christ told his students, ‘You will take the Spirit in the first place!’ The Spirit comes only to those twigs that have grapes. Now I do not want you dwelling on the issue whether you have grapes or not. You may put this question to yourselves, but you cannot resolve it on your own. This question can be resolved only by the Spirit. And when talking, Christ, too, pays attention to the fruit. God prunes these vines because of the fruit that is inside the soul. It is our fruit that is important to God, not the external form; not the vine itself, but what comes out of it. Now, when a mother delivers a child, what does she expect from the child? She expects something intelligent, because it is from the mouth of the child that this fruit comes. If she gives birth to a deaf, dumb, and blind child who cannot speak and has the worst of habits, what does the mother tell herself then? She tells herself, ‘I wish you were not born, I did not need such a child! God gave this child to me to punish me! And she gives birth to a good child with grapes, she turns to Heavens and says, ‘How grateful I am to God for giving me such a good child!’ This is fruit! Now, you who have started, have to know that the fruit is inside. The fruit of your soul is inside. ‘And when Spirit comes’, says Christ, ‘He will teach you’. This is the first thing. Then He says, ‘But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me’. He shall testify whether you do or don’t have grapes, whether your vineyard is developing properly or not. So that all the effort in the Life of a soul, in the Life of a human being on the Earth, has to be directed to a certain fruit. Outside of this fruit one can never be glad. What is it that makes you feel glad? You yourselves are glad if you have a virtue. The virtue living within you was invested there by the Spirit, but it makes you feel glad. And Christ, representing God’s Love and Wisdom, says, ‘The Spirit that I will send to you, he shall testify for me’. But elsewhere he says, ‘He shall teach you, he shall remind you.’ What shall the Spirit remind you of? The Spirit shall remind you of all the fruit that you have to have in your soul? Because when the grapes-pickers come, what do they do? They stop at those vines, which have grapes, but they pass by the vines with no grapes. And when the Spirit comes he will inevitably stop at a soul that has the grapes. There are three types of vines: vines that have not yet developed, but have the promise, others that have developed and have a great deal of leaves – this is the second type; and the third one – vines that have set fruit that is ripening and everybody who takes a look says, ‘This vine is close to giving fruit.’ Everybody is expecting it to bear fruit, to try the grapes. And I can tell you the reasons which make you have friends – in order to try their delicious fruit. This is the reason. Why do you want to have a friend? The major reasons are that every human being wants to try the fruit of the Spirit. Now, so that these vines can develop properly, so that the Spirit can function properly within you, the vines need soil. In other words, three things are necessary in Life: first, soil; secondly, seeds, thirdly, the one who will sow the seeds. If we have the soil but do not have the seeds, nothing will come out; if we have the vine, but not soil, again nothing will come out; but if we have soil and seeds, but do not have a vine-grower who will cultivate the seeds, this is also impossible. So, these three elements: soil, seeds, and a vine-grower to cultivate it are required. Only then can a vine bear fruit. I shall now make a comparison: the soil – this is you, according to Christ’s words. The vine – this is the Word that is invested in you, while the vine-grower is the Spirit that cultivates, the Divine Spirit. Each elevated thought, each elevated desire which are developing within you, which blossom and give joy to your soul are supported by this Divine Spirit. Now in order for this Divine spirit to come and live in you particular conditions are needed. I shall make a comparison: if you make a house and expect a friend or a tenant to come and inhabit it, he will first examine your house, then he will choose only those rooms that are most hygienic, that have large and nice eastern or southern windows and only then will he say, ‘Your rooms are excellent, I will move in.’ Similarly the Divine Spirit too, when moving into human beings, the Divine Spirit examines whether you have real rooms. The law is the same too. In the whole of chapter fifteen, Christ determines the conditions needed for the Spirit to come. Love is one of the conditions. Now you will say, ‘This Love! He speaks only of Love!’ I now talk about Love in its third degree. I am not talking about Love as an underdeveloped vineyard, as a vineyard having leaves only, but I am talking solely about Love as a grape bearing vineyard. You can have the love of the undeveloped twigs, but the most important Love – the Love of the third degree – is the one with leaves that are fine and grapes that are ripe. This vine and its excellent fruit show its internal quality. Therefore, Christ says, ‘By their fruit you shall know them.’ So now God also wants to know you all, He wants to try your fruit. You are hiding but He works towards making you give something, making you manifest yourselves. You are not willing to manifest yourselves and you say, ‘The right time has not yet come!’ No, no, the time to show the nature of human beings has come. But you may tell yourselves, ‘What if I give the fruit and it is not as it has to be?’ Everything must come to the surface; the sooner the better, because you will know what you are like. While now you have an exaggerated or belittled idea of yourselves. Which is the best sort of grapes in Bulgaria? The Turks call it muscat, and there is also a sort of grapes in the colour of amber which they chaush. Now the Spirit needs to be received. Without this Divine Spirit, without these goods your Life will not manifest itself as it should. And when I talk about Love, that you have to free yourselves, I mean Love flowing from the Divine Spirit, but not the ordinary love flowing from people. There is Love flowing from people only, it is like scorched straw and lasts for a day and a half. It is so intensive that those having it say, ‘Without you I cannot live.’ But after a day and half they understand this love and say, ‘I do not want it; it’s not worth it.’ I see contemporary people weeping for their lost love. Christians also have this love; they flare up and say, ‘For God I am ready to do anything!’ But when it comes to sacrificing they say, ‘It’s nonsensical for one to be so idealistic and so ardent, one has to be a little cooler.’ The Scripture reads, ‘As you have lost your first Love.’ And this is the first Love that binds all beings. It warms them like a fire place that needs to be kept alive and never to run out of chopped wood. Do you know how it is kept alive? A friend comes who has lost a little bit behind of your confidence[M1] [1], but she tells you, ‘How beautiful you are, how much I love you, I want to embrace and kiss you!’ You get agitated and you relax. But when she leaves, some time afterwards you tell yourself, ‘I am fooling myself; does she love me or does she hate me?’ On the third day your friend comes again and says ‘my dear’, on the following day again ‘my dear’, until something disappears from your house and you close the door and say, ‘I do not want this dear any longer!’ While the Love I talk about, the Spirit that is coming, He always brings. He won’t tell you a sweet word, but he will bring you a nice book or he will bring you an apple or a pear and will tell you, ‘Eat a little bit to find out how kind the Lord is, so that you can try and see how kind I am!’ While now what is Love? The father comes and says, ‘Do you know what I am bringing to you? A nice doll.’ But dolls can neither be eaten, nor drunk, and after four or five days the daughter breaks the doll. We are being beguiled with such dolls: a story about this, a story about that, the Kingdom of God is promised to us, but you keep asking whether it is so. But when the Spirit comes you will have one live positive experience, you will experience and understand the meaning of Life everywhere and in everything. This is the Spirit. When he comes he will testify, and you will be brave, decisive, you will cope with all people. Because it won’t be you talking; it will be the spirit in you talking. How will he talk? Your soul will be permeated with this Divine Love and when these words come out of your mouth, they will open doors for you everywhere. Thus, those who want to beat you will beat you less. And afterwards they will also turn to the Lord and will start glorifying Him. So, dangerous people we are! Nobody will be left unpunished. They will also come to be servants of the Lord, just the way you are. You need to get started and prepare your hearts for the Spirit. And now only spirits you have, I can see them: you have many spirits, but I call these spirits ‘soullets’. They are soullets and spiritlets who circle around you. And when this Great Spirit comes all those soullets and spiritlets will serve only This One. While now you often listen to bad things, sometimes these little soullets tell you that you are stupid, that you have stepped aside; they tell you, ‘Mind your life, you have to live a nice life, you are young, you have ruined your life.’ But this ruining is not the teaching of the Spirit; the Divine spirit never ruins one’s life. Only these small spiritlets ruin one’s life. When the Divine spirit comes, He brings in Light, brings in Peace, plants knowledge, and brings health, happiness and bliss. This is what the Great Spirit brings when He comes! And Christ says, ‘I will send this Spirit to you.’ When? ‘If my words live in you and you live in Me, and if you have the Love of my Father, then I will send the Spirit. If you have my Love, the Love that I love you, when I show it to you, you too show it to the others.’ To whom? Christ does not say to love everybody gratuitously. Can you love a stone? Let’s define ourselves properly: you may love only one intelligent being – the one that has intelligence and brings conscious Life. This one you can love, but the other things you cannot love. Only two conscious souls can come to love each other. You cannot come to love a stone or a bear. I take these images in the first degree… Consequently it is in Love that I understand the intelligent. If it exists, Love also exists. Christ says, ‘You should love the way I came to love you!’[2] He has come to love the Intelligent. Now, you shall not ask whether this Spirit will come to you or not. If you believe in Christ, then He will come into you. And Christ says, ‘I will send the Spirit to you if you believe.’ In what faith? People have two ideas about Christ: some think that Christ has now come out of God, while others think that He has been before all the centuries of Light, and consequently everything in the world has happened through Him and all people have come out of Him. Hence, He is the most well known Path for people. The first, who you know in the world, after having come out, is Him. It is Him who has sent you to this world and it is Him who saves you. Subsequently, Christ is the First and therefore He says, ‘I am the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.’ You say, ‘How can we know Christ?’ You do know Him. Do not dwell on this question, you know Him! If you do not know Him, you have to give, but if you know Him, you have to take. You do not know the person, who has to take from you, do you? However you know well the person from whom you have to take. You know him because he has to give to you. Why do you know your husband? He has to give to you. Why does a husband know his wife? Because she has to give to him. Subsequently, it is in this sense that we have knowing and love. When I say ‘I came to love somebody’, I mean that I have to take from him. And if Christ has come to love you, He has to take from you. Therefore, He knows us. He, without denying this, says, ‘I invested capital, and I shall not allow you to eat it up; I know you and I hold you!’ You argue that you do not know Him, but He says, ‘You do not know me, but I know you.’ And as He knows you, He will send the Spirit to you. Since people have lost themselves along the Path, He will send the Spirit to testify for Him. You have to implement His law when you know Him. You have to get the meaning and resolve all issues which concern your minds as married women. You are above all interested in family issues. The top question for a married woman is the question about the family: what husband she will have, what children, and after them there come the other questions, the secondary understandings and opinions. A woman is a Queen; the man is the one from whom she has to take, while the children – are those that will be servants. Women have big pretensions, they love children, but they want their husband to be Prime Ministers and the children to be top ranking subjects. She says, ‘My Kingdom’. This is what I have found; this is the great truth. Men realise this and the last eight thousand years they have been fighting to overthrow the rule of women. A husband beats his wife, but she says, ‘Even if you beat me, I am a Queen!’ Although children do not know her, she says, ‘You have to know that you are my subjects, you will recognise this!’ But I am saying again, that these children are the striving of the human soul. A woman is right that she has to be a queen. I like the statement that she is a queen, but I do not like the fact that she does not recognise her husband for a king or the children as princes. If she recognises this, a row will spring from a political point of view. While the Scripture resolves this issue in the following way and reads, ‘You will be kings and daughters of the Living God.’ The Scripture does not recognise women, it does not read, ‘You will be Queens!’ Because the first woman became a queen, it is now the man who is being placed as King, because his authority was undermined. Not the authority of the contemporary men, but the one of the Divine man. I would ask contemporary women: have you met your husband somewhere, what his features are, what distinguishes him. You say that this is not the most important question. And this is why the world is asking how to resolve the major question. Women would rarely know because they consider men as something of secondary importance, they only recognise their children. Once they deliver children, they place their husbands at the end of the line and this shocks them most of all and they are beside themselves with anger. Now, do you know why I talk like this? You will think that I want to attack you. This is a contradiction within a woman resulting from another influence, because of which she is the most miserable being. Why? Because she argues that she is a Queen without anybody else recognising her as such. She admits it but the others deny it. A husband says, ‘You are a servant, nothing more, you will cook!’ A mother tells her children, ‘You are my subjects!’ But they object, ‘Subjects? You must be kidding! It’s not the way you see it!’ Hence there is an internal discord. Not only outside, but inside as well, in the very soul there is a discord. I go further and I say that you are split-minded internally, there is big fight going on inside you. Sometimes you are pleased with yourselves; sometimes you are not. Why are you pleased, what are the reasons? There is a big internal dissent and this is one of the reasons why a woman is the most miserable being on the Earth. This is why nine tenths of her life is tears only: she hides in her room, she cries, and cries, and cries, and then she will wipe her face and will get out; on the following day – the same, on the third day she cries again and says, ‘What was I hoping for, and what turned out!’ Why? The Spirit has not yet arrived, the Spirit has not arrived, it is the Spirit that has not arrived! But when this Spirit comes, He will recover everything. And Paul says, ‘I engaged you to a man’. To whom? To Christ. Hence until you recognise this Man, who is the head of humankind and whose head is God, you will have tears anyway. Only at such recognition shall Christ send the Spirit, and this Spirit shall testify for Him. This is the major issue: Christ must come among you; this Man must come inside you! But this fight, existing now too, must be liquidated once and for all when the Spirit comes and you know Him. Who is the head of your life? The Spirit is the head of Life. And when He comes you will break free from the present discords. Then the new knowledge will come, the new understanding of Nature; you will get in touch with the new laws, which are now being established. And Christ says in this chapter, ‘Everything you beg for in my name, will be given to you.’ You are restless at times. Why? As long as there is the signature of Christ, everything will happen; but nothing happens without His signature. So, the Spirit is the one who brings all these sufferings. Suffering shows that you are not reconciled completely. As long as you suffer, you have not known your Husband. Do not understand the knowing of a husband the way you know him. I use the word knowing in the following sense: when you go out in the forest on a pleasant May day, when the Sun shines on you when you hear the beautiful song the birds are singing, this is knowing. It causes a great Joy to you, you are exhilarated. Conversely there is also a restricting knowing: as soon as you know your debtor, you restrict him or her; as soon as you find your ox and know him, you harness him, you take the stick and start driving it. Now, why has Christ departed up there to Heaven? He knows that there is harness for him. In this sinful state that we are in we would crucify Him everyday. This is why He has risen so high and waits. He has sent His spirit until people come round. Your mind and heart must be prepared, to come round to the understanding to fulfil Christ’s Will. This is an internal, deep understanding. Therefore, you are all required above all to unite. When Christ comes all women must become One Woman. You shall not be many women, but One Woman. Now each one of you will say, ‘What will happen to us?’ Women do not know themselves yet. Therefore, the first rule is that women should know themselves. Tell me what makes one woman different from another. If I compare two women, they all have the same longing: the one wants to marry and the other one wants to marry too; the one wants the dishes to be cooked all right, to be dressed all right, the other one wants the same. All their strivings are the same, there is nothing different, nothing special; life is the same in all the houses. Now, why shouldn't women join hands! In this way they can elevate their spirit. All women, if they join together can elevate it much easier. But now each one of you says, ‘I shall be first!’ This weakness of yours resembles that story which I have referred to at other times as well: a German prince went to a visit to Denmark or the Netherlands. He was supposed to be greeted at a theatre and for this purpose they chose twelve out of the most beautiful women in town. And one had to be chosen out of these twelve women to give him a bouquet of flowers. They decided to put it to vote and twelve tickets with twelve different names were found in the box – each one voted for herself. And now each one of you votes for herself in Christ’s box and there is nobody to give the bouquet. When the box is open there are as many names in there as there are women. Every human being is first, but while performing God’s Will only the Lord is first. He is the beginning of things, and we cannot be first. The one who creates things, He is the First. When this Spirit comes, He will bring this deep understanding in your souls, what it takes is selflessness. You sometimes say, ‘I have served this husband so much!’ But you have not served the Husband [Man] yet. Paul says, ‘I engaged you to a man.’ I would be glad if you had served, because you would not get older then, your hair would not alter. When this Man [Husband] comes, you should not fly into a fury. Therefore, we allowed a man in today to listen, lest women make a plot of some sort. So, when the Spirit comes, if you admit this authority to Christ, all the other issues, insults, and doubts shall be cardinally resolved. This is the major issue, which will resolve the other issues. This must be a question of a love for nature, which must be resolved according to the strength of God’s Love and Wisdom. So, this Love has to be so strong within you, that it could sweep everything around like a strong current, not to leave a thing around that can counteract you. When your husband who is on the Earth scolds you, you will say, ‘We are waiting for Christ!’ This husband of yours prepares the path for the Other one. Then I tell you that there is only One Man, and I will tell men that there is only One Woman in the world. When I talk to the men, you will commission a delegate. Thus I elevate their authority, do you understand? And I will then tell them that there is only One Woman and all men should join together because there is only One Woman. And when this Spirit comes, He will bring what you need. I have spoken many times and I do not want my lecture to be left without any results. Have you asked yourselves what women you are now? Can you give me a description? I had assigned a topic to you ‘What women you are; what makes you different’, and how would you describe yourselves? Now, in the world, in order to describe somebody, you have to either love or hate this person very much and usually you show all of the negative features of this person. Now, you hate these men on the Earth, this I know. Subsequently, the wife says to her husband, ‘Do not believe him, whatever he tells you do not believe it!’ You are right, because how many women have men sold in the history of human culture; how many legs they have broken! Now, if I tell you ‘I engaged you to one man’, how would you describe Him? That you live with your present husbands is due to this Man, who is above. Everyday He sends them to you every day and tells them, ‘Although they are such people, give them [let them have]? translator’s notes [there is an implied meaning in the Bulg sentence – my guess is that God told the husbands that although the wives were such people, the husbands should give the wives love [M2] !’ He does not quite see your sins completely and He says, ‘Let them live well, let them be happy on the Earth!’ But are you happy? No, you are not. Not only are you not happy, but your husbands are unhappy and they constantly write books about it. Now what takes place outside in society, the same goes on inside the family, the same goes on in the soul too! In your soul you sometimes lose this hope, this authority, this consciousness, you lose every love and then you despair and say, ‘Let it go!’ You lose any idea of that elevated substance, granted to the soul, you give up God and you live in the world only to eat and drink. And now, if you, as women, still look for many men, there will be tears, tears, tears. But if you look for the One Man, when He comes to the world you will say to all the present men, ‘Off you go!’ When the woman fell down, the man remained up there in Heaven, and when the man fell down, the woman remained up there. So that, now the true men and the true women are up there, while those who left Heaven and came looking for their happiness here on the Earth are the heroes of the day. Now, the Spirit of Truth has to come, this salvation will happen through Him. I do not in the least want to make fly at your husbands when go back home. There is nothing to fly at him for. You will be looking to find the like of him; you will be looking for Him until you find Him. Have you read Song of the Songs? Many have read it and they say, ‘This is a wide life!’ You will understand the profound, internal meaning not in the human way, but in the Divine way. And why don’t I disclose secrets to you? Where is your husband? When you come to me I will tell you, ‘Let your husband come with you too!’ But you come only with women, without men? How can a woman be without a man? And the Scripture reads, ‘A woman cannot do [M3] without a man, and a man cannot do [M4] without a woman.’[3] Both are in Christ. A woman, when she comes, wants to have Love with her husband[4]. There must be you, your husband, and one more – a third one. Love can exist only among three persons. Do you know this? Your husband and you will come to me and then we can have love. This is how the Scripture sees the meaning of things. But we do know the love between two. So, do not beguile yourself looking for love between two, you should be looking for it between three. This is what Christ says, ‘When you are together with Me and the father comes, then I will manifest.’ When I talk to you about Love, it takes three persons to love each other. I have not seen two women loving each other. If you can find two women here in Bulgaria who love each other, I would like to see them and to have a picture of them. Not that this is impossible on the Earth, but a woman has to have her own husband and one other - a third one, who will come. Then God will manifest and what you are looking for will come. Only then will the Spirit and Christ come. It takes three persons for Christ to come. I want you to free yourselves from your illusions: you want to be students, but you are looking for happiness where it is not. If you are looking for happiness – I am telling you where it is – with your husband. But he will place a harness on your head, he will set you in the cart, he will drive you with the stick and he will tell you, ‘Go to the field to plough!’ Your husband is also harnessed. I mean the phoney man on the earth, and I do not want to mention the name of the other Man. These men on the Earth are merely his representatives, his servants. And they do as he orders them to do on the Earth. Now do you know who He is? You know Him now! A maid comes and says, ‘I found him!’ ‘Yes’, I say, ‘you haven’t found him yet. When you find the one about whom Paul says, “I engaged you to a man”, then that day will be the greatest in your life. This will be resurrection for women and therefore, Christ says, ‘Those who agree with this day, with this understanding, neither get married nor look for a man.’ When delivering a lecture before the men I will tell them that there is only One Woman. Do not beguile yourselves – there is One Man, you have to understand this! You will look for him! You will feel as one soul and thus you will be able to resolve the question of your suffering. The point is to find Christ. Not the historical Christ, not this Christ whom people believe in, but that Christ who says, ‘I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega’. The one who sent you here; who sent his blessing; who has supported you in all of your comings and wanderings in this world and has guided you along the path of Truth. He has always been good, has never frowned, is always delicate and He says, ‘There will come the time of this great outcome.’ Now, the Divine Spirit is coming for women, to wake them up, so that they start looking for this One Man. And now, since there are many men, there are scandals too: a woman says, ‘Why have you taken him?’, while another one objects, ‘What about you? What have you done to him?’ They argue about men all the time. I say, you do not have any men as of yet. Nobody can take away from you your Man, the true Man. He is up there in Heaven. He will be your beloved. He is not called a Man, but a ‘beloved to the soul’. And women are referred to not as the one who sinned, but as ‘my beloved’. So, you will be looking for the beloved to the soul! And when you find Him, your soul will be pleased, it will be happy. And the Scripture reads, ‘And in those days I will obliterate all of your sins.’[5] When you find your Man, all of your sins will be obliterated, not a single trace will be left of them. The most significant issue is to find the beloved of your soul, for whom your soul is longing. You shed so many tears for Him and you say, ‘What have we remained for? Isn’t there salvation?’ The Scripture says about the day when this beloved will come, ‘I will wipe your tears’, ‘I will remove your shackles’. There will be no tears then, there will be no shackles; your hearts will be healed and there will be no wounds; enlightenment will be there, there will be no darkness; your soul will be elevated and a woman will be a Queen then. So, you will plant this idea in yourselves and you will ardently pray to acquire the Spirit above all and this enlightenment. And you will tie the black man and you will tell him, ‘Concubines we cannot be any longer!’ Each and every woman has to say, ‘A concubine I cannot be any longer!’ Do you understand? If you say, deep down your heart, that you cannot be concubines any longer, you resolve the issue and then the Spirit will bring Love. The true Man will come and then you will start a new epoch. And then the New Woman will appear. And I would like you to form at least the finger of this New Woman. Your law is great. You have only to overcome the external oppression, this tribulation and to know what the meaning is. Consequently, if you do find your beloved, anything else ruining your life will disappear. Thus the issue is solved at its basis and we can then talk about education and about Love. If I talk to you about love, about kisses, my words will be understood in an absolutely distorted sense. So far such kisses you have not had. This Man has to kiss you, the one who is pure and in whom you have your beginning. And the point that your present husband has kissed you, this does not qualify for a kiss. We shall be waiting for it, there is still a long time until this kiss comes. And when one receives this kiss, such a person does not stay on the Earth, such a person leaves for one’s Fatherland and leaves this home. Such a person leaves these things that now hinder you and by form such a person is free. Consequently, the soul is something internal. One cannot corrupt oneself externally, because one’s essence is inside. [M5] Sin is not something external internal. Sin is something internal, inside the soul.[M6] So, when this Spirit of the Truth comes, He will testify for Me, and you will testify.’ And I would like all of you to testify. Can you testify? (A voice from the audience): We can. We can!… Do not confuse your soul with your body, because you now have one body, afterwards you will have another body, but there is something more substantial that distinguishes you. This is the soul, not the body. And when you meet, you have to first feel like souls. The power of Love does not lie in counteraction. If you can endure one counteraction, you have Love. This Love is of the Spirit, this is the Love of your soul. Between God and your soul – this is where Love should start, but not from outside. You mention Love so many times, you kiss, but you still talk about yourselves; you treat yourselves, but your affairs do not resolve. This Love has to start between God and your soul internally. And Paul says, ‘First, the visible’. This is the visible! Some may interpret this expression in the following way: first, this life. I say: the visible – this is God, while the invisible – these are the people. Visible is what God is to me. We shall start with this understanding. Life is within. During Paul’s day these words were right. When descending from above, the visible was down, but now we are staring on the road behind and we look upwards. First the Love for God should appear and then we shall manifest externally. If I have no Love for God, this Love cannot be manifested to you. God, my soul, and the one close to me [my neighbour] – these are three persons and there is Love only there! They constitute the Holy Trinity, God in three persons. They are the manifestation of the Divine Love. The Spirit is the first outflow of God. God, the Spirit, and Love constitute a trinity, and we together with them form a quaternion - the Virtue on the Earth. Now, the first rule is to start with Love. Women should look for their beloved! You will say, ‘What shall we do with our present husbands?’ The Scripture reads, ‘After you die, you are free of them.’ A woman is tied to a man while he is alive, as soon as he dies, she is free. So, if she returns into the world, he has no right to remarry her. This is not a teaching of mine, Paul says so. According to the moral law, if somebody owes money but dies and then returns again to the world, he has to pay. Such is the moral law! You will tell your present husbands, ‘We shall go to find our Husband, and you go find your Wife!’ You will also say, ‘We, the two of us, have not prospered, therefore, you go to your Wife, and I will go to my Husband!’ This resolves the issue in a cardinal way. What does a husband have to do? He must go to his Wife. Thus you will bring about the outcome and you will resolve this profound issue. When the Spirit comes we have to implement the will of this God who sent us to the earth because to Him we shall return. There is no other way! No matter how long we stay on the Earth, some day we shall have to return to the place where we came from. And Christ says, ‘But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me’. He will testify for this great Truth bringing Love which brings freedom to women. Women have to be freed first of all! You have to free yourselves and when you find Christ your issue is resolved and you are free. Now, some of you are already close. You aspire to this while you are bringing into effect this profound understanding. When you understand you will be saved forever. This is salvation; this is purification – to be content. To be like what the soul of a woman was originally – content and pure! And it will get purified! When the Spirit comes into her, she will start testifying for the one that is within and without Now, the Spirit that already works; let it enlighten you, let it urge your soul, your heart, your mind to the resolution of the most significant issue. The other issues you may resolve, but this issue is basic in the Supreme Divine Teaching, a cardinal issue it is. It is this issue that you have to resolve and then you will resolve all the issues one after another. Let’s have a secret prayer. We shall read ‘Our father’ in a low voice. We shall read the good prayer in a very low voice. Stick to the rule not to allow discouragement now. Now you are closer to the Kingdom of God than you were in the past. You will reflect on this issue. It does not have to be an obstacle to you, but an issue on which the resolution of all other issues depends. Every woman has to resolve this issue without any hesitation; she has to know this! Once you resolve this issue in your soul, when the Spirit comes, the issue is resolved on its own accord. You can work only in this way. You yourselves may resolve the issue, it is not one of the most difficult issues, but it is the easiest issue. But you constantly put it off for later, while it is this issue that you have to resolve first. ‘But this Spirit of Truth, He will testify for me’; and elsewhere it is said, ‘He will teach you everything and will remind you of everything what I have said.’ Next time I shall talk further on. Next time, after a month I will tell women what they have to do when they find this Man [Husband]. The Spirit that is coming will open your minds and will tell you what you have to do then. Women have to take part in all actions in the world. Women impede the world. The fate of the world and the keys to the total salvation depend on you! And now, since you have not resolved the most significant issue, you mislead your sons and daughters. You will call your daughter and you will speak to her about the great Truth inside Life. She has to know the Truth, why should you delude her? There is no happiness; you will be skinned like an ox. Say, ‘May the Will of God be performed!’ The Will of God is performed only according to the law of Love. Hence, you have to understand me in a very wide sense, not in a narrow sense. You will understand [gain understanding] about your elevation in a cardinal way, fundamentally! Not only you, but all the women in the whole world keep resolving this issue. Those who used to raise this issue would have resolved it, but the world war broke out and they discontinued for a while. They brought up the issue about women’s emancipation. It takes no emancipation, but a cardinal understanding of the issue. The war broke out, men and women intertwined, and now they cannot resolve the issue fundamentally. But the issue has to be resolved. You live in a very important epoch, or as secular people say ‘in an epoch of historical significance’. Now or never! This is the edge of the issue. If you do not resolve this issue now, you will never resolve it. You have to have an open heart, and not to say, ‘We are not good.’ The Lord will obliterate your sins; He will throw them behind His back and won’t look at them. But the way you are now, you cannot even pray. You now pray to perform God’s Will, but tomorrow you seek one of those, somebody else’s man and you say, ‘Who will feed me?’ Enough, eight thousand years of slavery should be enough! Since it is eight thousand years old, the strap is about to break. It is time for a human being to break once and for all with the strap of evil. It is a great evil from which a human being has to break free and from which one has to part. And then one will turn one’s mind to God and will understand that there is no change, no betrayal in him or her. It is the same human being. It is not a man. It is the Great Spirit and there is no change in Him. He is called the one coming from the benevolent womb, He is merciful, full of Love for those who repent, who perform His Will. This issue you will resolve now! You shall not entertain illusions and shall not say, ‘I am not like the other women.’ I have one request to you: do not entertain any illusions that you are not like the other women. Try to be like this Woman. I haven’t spoken about the One Woman yet, I haven’t told you what the One Woman is like. Come on, I congratulate you with the Spirit! You have to attack now and you have to charge and enter. Everybody with the Spirit, with the Word of God! You will resolve the important issue not with your needles pointed ahead, but with the Word of God. Master’s lecture Delivered on 10 November 1921 15:00h in Sofia [1] [whom you no longer trust so much] or [in whom your confidence is a little shaken] [2] To Editor: if this sentence in ‘’ is a quotation from the Bible, I will need the reference = chapter, line… [3] To Editor: this is most probably a quotation – unfortunately I see no reference as to book, chapter, line. [4] To Editor: in many instances the original text reads ‘woman’ or ‘man’ – but it is evident from the context that the 2 words refer to married people – I translated as ‘husband’ and rarely as ‘wife’ in places where I felt it inappropriate to refer to a woman as somebody’s woman. However, if the convention is ‘man’ and ‘woman’ even though referring to married people – please feel free to substitute at your discretion. In Bulgarian the colloquial style has ‘my man’=‘my husband’ & ‘my woman’=‘my wife’ which I am afraid is not exactly the case elsewhere. [5] To Editor: perhaps a quotation – no reference though [M1]Unclear. What is meant by behind your confidence? {who has lost her confidence} or {who you have lost confidence in} [M2]Give them what? [M3]{be} [M4]{be} [M5]Maybe this sentence should be checked again. Perhaps the word externally is meant to be internally. [M6]This sentence contradicts the previous one, in addition, sin cannot be internal and inside the soul. {Sin is not something internal, and it is not inside the soul.} or {Sin is external, not inside the soul.}
  9. Note 5 [translator’s notes are placed in square brackets] The Great Mother The written assignments on the bone system, on the heart and its function, and on the digestive system were read. We were sent to the Earth not for leisure, but for work. However, even the Earth can put up with its guests for no longer than three days. All contemporary misfortunes result from the fact that we want to be guests to the Earth. And since I talk to you from a purely esoteric point of view, if you ask me what the misfortunes in the world are due to, I shall tell you that they stem from your desire to be just visiting guests here on Earth. The Earth is a place for more [most] [M1] serious work to be done. Each creature, regardless of how small it may be, has its mathematically strictly determined place and work that it has to do. Even today, more superior creatures live on the toil of the more inferior ones. I intentionally asked you to describe the digestive system, as way of explanation, because you, esoteric students, do not even suspect what is going on within you at any single moment. Every one of you should investigate one’s organism thoroughly. The only real thing that you have in this world is your organism. Until you investigate your organism, you will be ignorant and won’t be able to understand Nature. Our Great Mother – Nature, restricts her children under all the rules she has. Bear in mind that she is ruthlessly blunt. No esoteric students should beguile themselves that this would pass them by unnoticed. When this Divine Mother gets hold of you, she will take you through all the rules of education without blinking an eye. I talk to you about education, because this is where you should start from: Nature has the correct way to educate. What seems to people callous in the world, what we, contemporary people, notice as certain disharmony in the world, is in fact a most harmonious action. I still do not dare tell you that Nature should be studied from its rear side. You should start studying your life from its rear side too. For example, the goodness of someone depends on the badness contained in the roots of one’s life. Hence, we can mathematically determine that one’s goodness would be as big as is the badness in the roots of one’s life. I exclude your moral concepts and here I do not mean bad actions. The word badness stands for that matter in your life that acts against your life. I told you that you have to investigate Life from its rear side. Now many of you feel a desire to show themselves better than they actually are, or worse than they actually are. This is a misleading situation and Nature does not tolerate such falsities. Nature has two methods that it applies: you should strictly determine things from a mathematical point of view, absolutely accurately, or otherwise you should not measure things at all. In order to measure precisely the powers active in us, we have to develop the senses we have in our organism, so that they can start working, i.e. to develop the sensitivity of our soul. Let’s take for example the concept of coldness; it denotes a physiological process, the physiological reasons for being cold. How can you translate coldness; what does it stand for? It stands for hatred. So, hatred is similar to coldness. Can you make an analogy between coldness and hatred: what is the effect of coldness upon the organism? Shrinking. Indeed, all bodies shrink to a certain extent in the cold. Hatred gives rise to the same action – it also makes one shrink. Warmth is the opposite of coldness. Warmth translates as love. What does warmth give rise to? Expansion. What does love give rise to? Also expansion. Hence, esoteric people, who understand the laws, can influence hatred through warmth, and love – through coldness. The white magi in the White Esoteric School use warmth against hatred, while the black magi use the cold to counteract love. The White magi use warmth to strengthen love, while the black magi use the cold to strengthen hatred. If you ask me why the winter is cold, I will answer that these two lodges – the Black and the White - act in Nature. And according to this law, those of you who observed what the weather was like when the Central Powers and the Allies were at war[1] might have noticed the following: when the Central Powers were winning the weather was always cold, and when the Allies was winning, the weather was warm. And then, from a purely esoteric point of view, we made the conclusion that the White Esoteric School sided with the Allies, and the Black one sided with the Central Powers. Whether they were aware of this or not is another issue. When peace was to be signed the Black Lodge changed its tactics and started influencing the Allies, while the White Lodge started influencing the Central Powers, i.e. they swapped roles. I shall not dwell upon this; I wanted just to note this fact in progress. The situation you - supporting an idea - are in any given moment, might be sustained either by the White Lodge or by the Black Lodge. So, if you want to train yourselves, you should first determine where the ideas that preoccupy you are being commanded from. Someone may say, “I believe in this and in this.” This, however, does not solve the issue though. Stupid people also believe. But when a stupid person is given something, say one hundred leva, the stupid person is ready to immediately take it and says, "I will give you back one hundred and fifty”, although the stupid person may as well lose everything shortly afterwards. It is not profit that is at stake. Mind you that all of our acts and ideas on earth bear an impact on our future. Perhaps a thought at present may influence your future life in a thousand of years. Therefore, bear in mind that what you do now, you do it for your own sake. A thousand years may pass, but you cannot evade taking the right direction. Now, these false teachings of the Black brotherhood come to distort the lines of the Holy Scripture. And when they want to entrap you in a certain sin, or to distort something, they immediately quote a line that suits their purpose. The Black brothers, when willing to make somebody sin, can be very polite and kind, they will offer chickens, apple pies, until they manage to harness the person. But as soon as they harness a person, they start goading this person, start making him/her work for them and neither apple pies, nor chickens do they offer any longer. This is the beginning of the so-called black doom. The Bulgarians say, “I ended up with what I was given in the beginning.” However, esoteric students cannot and should not be thinking like this. Opinions on life have to be strictly determined; they should not rest on those silly interpretations and beliefs, inherited from the past. Esoteric students should verify things fundamentally for themselves, and the shadows of things, the secondary and tertiary things will come on their own accord. Everyone should understand the law properly, to be sure whether one observes the law or not, whether one believes in God or not. I do not understand the word God in the sense you understand it. I see the esoteric law in the sense of faith in the living law of Nature. However, [i mean] not [M2] the law as effect[M3] , because you are familiar with any effect, since impact is the result of and is generated by a living and intelligent centre. Consequently, when we say that something affects us, this is due to the thought vested in this influence. When I take somebody by the hand and influence this person to start walking, this is the result of the thought vested in me. Hence, you have to be absolutely determined in your thoughts whether you have faith or not. What is your definition of faith? As soon as true faith comes, doubts will also come, and alongside this contradictions in life will appear. Where there are contradictions, Life must have begun. This feature indicates that the true life of esoteric students has begun. If there are no contradictions, you are very far from the Truth. This is a law on the Earth. Such contradictions should not grow into obstacles before those who want to learn. When I said in my previous lecture that those of you who are not ready to follow the Teaching should not set foot in the Esoteric School, I meant not to set foot in the School of this Mother of yours, because it will throw you out according to all the rules of art. You may enter it, but you will need all the humility of your soul and you will need to speak tenderly and kindly. Any rude intonation of your mind or soul will attract all the counteracting forces and you will stumble along your Path. The Old Testament reads, “The Lord scorns the scorners: but He gives grace unto the lowly.” The Lord is understood to mean the Mother, the Living Nature. How can the Mother express her opposition? Living Nature opposes its disrespectful children by taking them by her three fingers, then Nature lifts them up, then she throws them away and says, “Do you know me, do you know what I can do to you, are you going to lose your temper again? I can turn a human being into the smallest infinitesimal animal!” You may say, “No, it is not possible for a man to go back in the evolutionary development and to become an animal.” It’s not true; one may regress in one’s development and at that according to all the rules of this great law of the Mother. Christians say, “A man born once is a man forever.” Yes, correct, but if one trespasses upon the rules of the Mother, she will send him back and then he will start on a long journey changing forms and millions of years will have to pass, until he is purified. Before he comes out at the end of this Path he will have filled ten tubs of tears, he will keep his memories of them, so that when a passer by incidentally asks him, “You are not going to sin any longer, are you?” he could answer, “Have you filled ten tubs of tears?” When Christ says that He will send somebody to eternal suffering, I clarify that He will send all the clergy, scientists, philosophers, as well as their servants to suffer, to fill tubs of tears. They will pass through a great fire. This fire is not what it is described to be; it is a quiet fire, it has its pleasures, it is a fire that purifies and makes people humble. I warn you to watch out for the three fingers of your Mother – Nature, she is dangerous! When people cross with three fingers in the Orthodox Church, this is also a warning to be aware of the three fingers of the Mother, not to be grabbed by her three fingers. Crossing has a particular meaning in esoteric sense: remember the three fingers of your Mother in your mind, in your heart and in your will! But religious people say that in crossing, one of the fingers stood for the Father, the other one – for the Son, and the third one – for the Holy Spirit. It could as well be so, but you have to know that these are the three fingers of your Mother, the three intelligent Powers working within her. And she is remarkable, remarkable indeed your Mother Nature is. Those of you, who tend to cause a stir, should keep it in their mind that I can complain to your Mother, without having to unmask you, and I can tell her to grab you by her three fingers. And then regardless whether it happens to be a man or a woman, a boy or a girl – they will get it. She will feel you and will say, “Did I send you there to study or to philosophise, to serve or to give orders?” Christ, as a disciple of the Great Esoteric School, also understood this law. The Scripture has it that when he found himself in a human body, he became humble. For the grace of this Divine Mother, Christ was ready to endure any suffering. The Father is known as Mother in Esotericism. He is the Love, but not the way you understand this Mother – Love. Don’t even think of comparing this Divine Mother with the love you know! There is no image comparable to this concept. I call her Divine Mother, not in the sense that she delivered God. The Esoteric School perceives the Divine Mother as the essence in everything living in the world. Let’s go back, because these are abstract things that may stir fear and anxiety in your minds. My point is not to make you fear, because fear is just one feeling, while so far human beings have been found to have forty abilities. Fear is only one fortieth of the present life, so that your attention to fear should be one to forty. If all your life turns into fear only, you do not understand Life. Fear is supposed to be only a warning to human beings, reminding them whether they have properly understood what they studied and whether they acted accordingly. Thus, fear is necessary to show you that you have your responsibilities. After fear, conscience comes and tells you, “You did it according to all the rules of the Divine Law.” The first thing that all of you are required to do is to accept the following motto as a rule “If you do not become like little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.” I shall translate this for you: if you do not place yourselves in the shoes of little children, you cannot enter any Esoteric School, any branch of this Great, Intelligent Esoteric School. The second rule is that students of the Esoteric School should learn to keep silent – to keep silent in order to be able to think. Their thoughts should be strictly determined, their thoughts should not be roaming, they should not contain similar opposite thoughts or doubts. Some say, “I think”, but what is it that you think about? If you look at the faces of the people around you, you will see that these people are not thinking, but wasting their time. The present philosophising and thinking is just a waste of time, but the skulls and bones of people reveal how righteous their thought is. The first thing that you are facing is to restore your righteous thoughts. You may ask, “How can we know which thought is righteous?” This cannot be proven. This is a law, implanted in human beings from the very beginning – their ability to think righteously. So, since the soul always thinks righteously, I am not going to prove this, anybody can try it. It will be sufficient if one goes back to that point where one deviated from the right path. What will be the first result that you will notice from this righteous thought of yours? As soon as you manage to experience righteous thoughts, any gloomy thoughts will leave you, a Light will appear in your mind and you will start feeling reconciled with everybody. The curtain will begin, little by little, to open, you will start understanding the correlation existing between causes and consequences, and you will understand why things keep happening in this way and not in that way. The Scripture reads, “The Earth should be silent, for the Lord to speak.” Silence is the first rule in every school: when pupils come to school and when the teacher comes in after them, all pupils are silent so that the teacher can speak. This is why, when this Divine Mother starts speaking, everybody should fall silent. Sometimes she makes us to be silent against our wishes. She sends a big misfortune to us, thus telling us, “Keep silent!” Then you say, “I do not feel like talking,” and you become immersed in thought. You keep thinking and thinking and in the end you say, “Life is meaningless.” In this silence you must have heard the voice of your Mother, coming from the depth of your soul. This voice is calm and it will speak to you in such quiet and tender tones, as no other voice has spoken to you. But when will this voice start talking to you? When one has been through the worst pains and miseries and after having filled ten tubs of tears. Here on earth the contact of this voice is called love, kindness etc. This voice provokes instant magical changes in human beings. You might have been the person most slighted and hurt on earth, you might have been close to your death-bed, but as soon as this voice starts talking to you, you immediately feel safe. You are looking for the secret, for the Truth of Life somewhere outside you and you tell me, “Teach us how to find it!” Learn to understand yourselves and to find this secret within you. Sometimes unwittingly you place your hand on the forehead of a weeping child. I now ask you why you place your hand there. How many philosophers and scientists in Bulgaria know the reason for this? I will tell you, “When you place your right hand upon the upper part of the forehead, you arouse one of the noblest feelings." Many centres are located in this part of the head, but you influence compassion above all – the Divine Love. And if the person placing his/her palm on your forehead is compassionate, you will immediately feel a certain pleasantness spreading all over you. The mother, by placing her palm upon her child’s forehead, tells the child’s spirit, “Mother Nature that entrusted you to me, loves you and her Love never changes.” And the mother, who places her palm upon the child’s forehead, is a step-mother to the child, entrusted to raise the child. So, when you are upset, place your palm or let somebody else place their palm upon your forehead, concentrate your thoughts in this place, call your Great Mother, and everything will pass on its own accord. This is a beautiful gesture. You should know the meaning of each and every gesture – these are the new education methods. Each movement in Nature is strictly determined and from this point of view, all people can be either good or bad. If your child is crying and if you take the upper side of the child’s hand, if you bring it close to your mouth and blow against it, the pain will pass away. But if in similar cases you curl your lower lip and thrust it forward, you have already tarnished your mind. Any gesture of your hand or mouth that is incorrect brings dishonour to your mind. And these gestures have their impact. Therefore, any movement of the hand, of the eyes has to be strictly determined, has to follow all the Divine rules. Contemporary highly educated people are like children who start writing for the first time and this explains why, when they take the writing pen, they start scribbling on the paper. Children scribble and scribble on the paper and tell their mother, “Mother, look what I have written!” This scribbling, however, contains no Divine thought; it has no content at all. This scribbling refers also to the present newspapers. Similarly, at spiritual séances, a medium starts scribbling first upon paper, and afterwards some letters come out. The minds and hearts of many contemporary Christians resemble this childish scribbling – they scribble, but nothing comes out. So, you should first start scribbling, then you will start drawing circles and finally you will start writing letters. Learn to stop and take a look at your actions, so that you yourselves can be pleased with whatever movement you do with your hands, head, eyes or mouth. Watch your movements, but do not be afraid! Often some poets shake their heads while talking. I interpret this movement in the following way: “Oh, I hope these rotten pears would fall!” You think about them, “There is something substantial in these ideas of theirs; they are poets, they will surely write something.” They will write nothing. So, be careful to ensure that your movements are harmonic. You may in time feel a desire to correct somebody. Nobody is allowed to correct anybody in the Esoteric School. This is an insult. Both the one correcting, and the one being corrected, both of them commit a crime. Do you believe that the movement of the wheel in the factory, which has once started rolling and keeps rolling, is not strictly determined? Do you think that the master of that gentleman, who has lost his temper, has not predetermined this reaction? Do you think that you have to block the drainpipe through which all waste goes out? No, you should not, because by doing so you will bring about the greatest misfortune to people. The person who flares up, is just a channel, so, let all impurities flow out of him, do not interrupt him. This flaring brother of yours is on duty today, he is throwing up so many things, so you should rather tell him, “Brother, you did a wonderful job today, you are throwing up impurities and thus you are helping so many people.” If you do not have such understanding for things around, you will be on duty tomorrow. So, intelligent students should understand properly the causes and the consequences of each action and should remember the following: Life is determined very intelligently, there are no exceptions to it, no accidents, and everything, even the smallest details, have been provided for. This is not a restriction of the human will, because at your stage of development, you have no will whatsoever yet. I am telling you the truth. I believe that only a person, who can forgive after being insulted, has Will. People, who can forget that they were deprived of all of their wealth, have Will. People, who in spite of having a lot of work to do, help fallen people, have Will. While ordering one person or another around, does not count as will. Will starts in sin. If you look upon this issue in this way, you will immediately feel enlightenment. Do an experiment, so that Mother Nature can start talking to you. If you stick to your conceptions, the conceptions you have today, your Mother shall not start talking to you in a thousand of years, but will only grab you by her three fingers. When I say that your Mother will grab you by her three fingers, I do not mean your individual life; I mean it on principle, as per the laws. There are exceptions to these laws, they are not absolutely mechanical. So, when I say that your Mother will hold you by her three fingers, this will be so as long as you oppose her. The moment you change, she will also change her attitude to you. No philosophy, no logic is not in a position to alter Nature. However, the moment you feel repentance within, that the path you follow is not the right path, your Mother will change her pre-disposition to you. No sooner has she become pre-disposed to you, and you will experience certain pleasantness, a certain relief. You will struggle until the moment you feel this pre-disposition, and everybody coming your way will be [considered] bad[2].[M4] Now, Nature does not regret having such obstinate children, on the contrary, she rejoices for them, because they do such a wonderful job. She places these children in their proper place. When they get tired, they say, “Mother, we learnt this art.” The Mother replies, “All right then I will take you to another area.” As I see you are tired of life and you say that life is meaningless. What have you learnt so far, does not satisfy you any longer, and the beliefs you have are not positive either. How many of you, if tortured for their beliefs, are ready to make a self-sacrifice, to die for them? You may say, “We have to think a little, and then we can answer whether we are ready to sacrifice.” Now, let me go back to the talk about the beautiful movements. I will give you two examples: the day is clear, the sun is shining, you can see a high rock facing south, and there is a crystal clear spring under its eastern side, which gives rise to a small river flowing eastwards also. I will now draw the same picture, but situated oppositely: a high rock facing north, a crystal clear spring to the west of it. If you visit two locations similar to the ones described, two different ideas will rise in your mind. Watch the people living on such northern slopes where rivers flow westwards, and the people living on southern slopes where rivers flow eastwards. Compare the people in these two areas, take it as an assignment. Some of you may solve this task in a week; others may need a month, still others – a year. Therefore, in education, we have to make the best of Nature, because there is a fundamental, great idea underpinning the various forms it has created – to alter the mood of our mind, heart, and will. I shall elaborate a little bit on this, so that you can start paying attention to the clouds, you can start relating with them. Do not think that clouds are dead, you should always consider them living: sometimes there are whole mountains of clouds in the sky facing north or south; watch these living clouds in space, reflect why some of them face north, while other face south. Contemporary people today are exhausted, small-minded, because they do not go out to watch the sky. They turn their faces only to the ground, to what they themselves have created, and this is petty. If people went out to watch the sky, the clouds, and the stars, their mood would change, and we, contemporary white people, would be nobler than we are now. Since we do not want to voluntarily give up the old habits, the White Lodge has decided to make real people of us, to free us from these buildings, so that we can watch Nature. In previous times people made idols, bowed to idols, but today we ridicule them. However, contemporary people make houses, have property, and take their joy out of it, because this is how they earn their living. Is it not idol-worshipping as well? Don’t you ever rely on the thought that your house, field or vineyard will earn your living! Do not vest your hopes in them. If you think along these lines, you can be sure that you have taken the wrong direction. I talk to you as students of the Esoteric School. Throw out of your mind these houses of yours; you will have to look upon them as a simple exercise for you. In America there are houses of twenty-thirty floors. I say what we have now is not houses, these are the most dreadful prisons ever seen in the world; these are cemeteries. There are dwellings where the sun has not set a single ray for years. This is no culture; don’t you admire these big buildings. I’d rather live in the simplest Bulgarian hut out of town, than in a twenty-storey building, costing a couple of millions, albeit having the latest amenities. There is an analogy for you: a writer describes the houses of a town, the streets, the layout of the town, and when you read this you think, “Why I am not moved by all of this?” Because there is nothing new. Let this writer set the plot in the open, in Nature, let the author describe the movements in Nature, and then you will find out whether it moves you. This author describes how two people fell in love – the one was on the stage and the other one – in one of the theatre boxes. Is there anything more misrepresented than this? Being esoteric students you should not waste your time on similar novels, you should be selective in your reading. If some of you start writing, mind you do not imitate these authors. See what the psalm writer writes in the songs! A song reads, “Let the rivers murmur, let forests and tall cedars bend low.” In psalms all people are compared to trees, to mountain peaks, to rivers, to springs, while the world is compared to the sea etc. All this makes sense. The psalm writer, from an esoteric point view, implanted these true Divine ideas that govern the world. The interpreters, when analysing these forms, misrepresented them and now contemporary people cannot think properly. There is one task ahead of you – to go back at least eight thousand years, to come to the Gates of Paradise, so that I can show you that you have taken the wrong direction. There were two paths opening before people on coming out of Paradise, and they had to choose one of them. The entire humanity took the wrong one and said, “This is what is destined for us!” No, there was another Path destined, and it was the so-called straight, narrow Path. Narrow Path should be understood to mean that Great Path of the Living Nature and this is the Path you have to take. You cannot return along the path you took on coming out, but I will take you back along the other path, along the narrow Path. When you reach this initial point, I shall show you the Path which you have to take in the new course of development in your evolution. Do a short mental exercise; this is what you should ask, “Where was I a hundred years ago?” Take a break, then try to figure out where you were a thousand years ago, two thousand years ago, three thousand years ago, four thousand, five thousand, six thousand, seven thousand years ago, and where you were eight thousand years ago. Take such a small notional transition and allow yourselves a break at each point. You will not resolve anything of particular notice, but by returning in your mind along the path that you have travelled so far, you will follow this law and when you come to the point where you were eight thousand years ago, please take notes of your condition, of what you experience, and also put down the thought that comes to mind, and afterwards come back to your present condition. If no thought comes to your mind or if you do not experience any condition, you should not worry, try to return once again. I shall gradually show to you the mathematical correlations that will be of help in your work. These are the smallest exercises that I assign to you. You are wondering how you can go back eight thousand years, how you can do this. Take little children as an example: when they stand up for the first time on their feet, do they have any idea how to take steps? No, children follow their instinct: they stand up, fall down, they stand up again and fall down again and so on. Similarly your mind is a four-legged animal too. Mental people are four-legged, they try to stand up, they fall down, and again they try to stand up and in the end they say, “We cannot think.” No, we shall fall down, shall stand up, shall bow, until finally we shall stand firmly on our two feet and shall start thinking. So, remember, that your mind is not human, it is four-legged, and this is not an insult. If our mind was human, our Life would have been organised differently and we would not have been in the situation we are now. Anybody can check [and verify] [M5] that our mind is not enlightened. Can you find two people at home who are in the same mind, who live in Love? Very rarely is it so, and only when they are in the mood for this. This is not due to a lack of desire to live, but it is due to something distorted in us. As soon as we reach our original situation, we shall immediately be set free. Then we shall find ourselves in the situation of a person who is being healed with water or sun rays – such a person keeps sweating until all impurities are thrown out, and afterwards such a person feels like a new born baby. Therefore, first we have to get rid of the impurities that have accumulated within us for thousands of years, so that only pure blood remains, i.e. the pure Divine thought and the pure Divine heart. Then we shall experience the same as a person, who before falling ill with typhus used to weigh a hundred and twenty kilogrammes and then he lost weight and became like a dried mackerel. The same will happen to you. You will throw out everything that is useless and you will feel stupid. Until you yourselves feel stupid, nothing will come out. After having thoroughly emptied yourselves, New Divine Life will come from elsewhere and it will fill up your bottle. To succeed in this small experiment does not take much courage, but only faith and diligence. You may recite to me that line, about whether this is in agreement with God’s Will. Any good action is in agreement with God’s Will. Any good thought, any good deed, regardless how small it may be, is in agreement with God’s Will. Keep in mind that every good deed yields results and can be accomplished, but it takes a long time to do it. Therefore, the smallest desire, the smallest urge will in time produce good results. Every good thought and desire is a result of the urge of your Divine Mother, who wants to advance your present level. There is a small disharmony between us now. I will check whether it is me or you who are the cause of this disharmony. You will do your homework, and I will do mine, and having solved the problems we shall meet at certain points of contact. Have faith and do not hesitate! You will make this a rule of yours: you are demanded to have faith in yourselves, in your intelligent souls, just as much as it can be free to think and understand everything that God did. Inasmuch as your soul is awakened inasmuch you will benefit from the Divine goods in the world. So, faith should be the first among all rules! Master’s lecture, Delivered on 26 February 1920 [1] Coalitions among different countries, that were at war during the time of the World War 1 (1914-1918); The Central Powers (The Triple Axis) included Germany, Austro-Hungary and Italy, while the Antante included Great Britain, France and Rusia (notes of the editor) [2] To Michaeli – the original text translates ‘will be bad’ – of course, there is a great difference between ‘be bad’ and ‘be considered bad’. However, reading the text I somehow got the feeling that [considered] is implied – since in speech as different from writing many words may be omitted as meaning is through non-verbal means. I placed [considered] for you to see and comment upon – I understand that it is next to impossible to recover the non-verbally conveyed meaning – as none of the non-verbal means were taken down in short hand. It makes a worse sense without [considered]. I do realise it’s a personal judgement which is not allowed, but two minds make a better product. [M1]{The Earth is a place for the most serious work to be done.} or {The Earth is a place for more serious work to be done.} [M2]{I do not mean…} [M3]Unclear. This word needs more definition in order for this sentence to be understood. [M4]There is a big difference between {will be bad} and {considered bad}. The first one is a statement saying that everybody coming your way is bad. And the second implies that you will think that everyone coming your way is bad. [M5]delete
  10. Note 1 A Solid Rock The Good Prayer We have to read the entire Gospel of John and to apply the smallest [piece] of it. It reads, ‘In the hour he had said, his son was cured’1 Students have to study. If one does not study, one is not a student. The way you behave now, you will soon get old, and then what are you in for? What will happen to you? You are students; however, you do not study. You are like the young people who get old, while I want you to be like the old people who rejuvenate and like the young people who study. God has to come and live within you and only if God lives within you, you will rejuvenate. There is one thing that you lack – the same what Christ was talking about to the young person. And I will tell you: it is Love you lack. When Love comes into you, you will then rejuvenate and all the good will come. Love will rejuvenate you. But when will Love come unto you? When God starts living in you. I do not mean that physical love, but that Love, which endures everything, that Love, which is a solid rock and all the misfortunes are suffered with Joy. It is Love when everyday you are grateful and you say, ‘This is my best day! I have never had a day like this!’ Tomorrow you will say the same. If we are not content and [if] every day we are sorry for this and for that, we shall grow old. Being grateful – this is Love. When we go to work in the world and when we are asked what we have to do, we shall tell every one, ‘We have to live like Christ!’ ‘You should first look for the Kingdom of God and for His Justice and everything else will be given to you. You wait for Christ to come. Who knows how you wait for him! It is said, ‘The Kingdom of God is within you.’ Christ will come within you. For those who implement God’s Will because of Love, the Kingdom of God has already arrived. The angels and the saints would prefer to have our suffering. This is considered a privilege by them. Now you live like the children – you eat, drink and sleep, while you have to study. You think you are doing spiritual work, while the important thing is to live like Christ. Now, as I am looking at you, you have one window. You have to make one more window in order to let more light in. Light does not break the door and the windows, but it waits to be freely let it in, in order to enter. Now, as I am looking at you, you will soon grow old. What are you waiting for now? You will be growing old day by day and you will be called up above. Because you do not study, God will say, ‘Call these recalcitrant students to Me!’ You should not be thinking that you will grow old, but that you have to study – This is God’s law. The young one who studies does not grow old, and the old one who studies rejuvenates. It’s not Divine for a newly wed woman to make her husband not love her mother-in-law. Because a day will come when she will get her son married and she will be treated like this. The mother, in order not to torment the child, does not make the child study. What will happen with this child then? If Heaven spoils us a lot, nothing will come out of us. This world is a reflection of the Invisible world. This world is like the bears, lakes and nature painted in pictures. You are not afraid to touch a painted bear, but if you go to a real bear, you will be afraid to touch it. The true reality is up above, and the physical world is a reflection of the Spiritual world. The spiritual world is a real world, and here everything is [painted as] in a picture. When you want to give something to a person you will ask him to empty his bag and you will then fill his bag with what’s in yours. You will tell him, ‘Mine is better, get rid of that, in order to take some of this.’ If someone has bread in one’s bag and says that he is full, you tell him, ‘No, mine is better!’ As soon as he takes from yours, he will be convinced, which means he will free himself of his old convictions. Make an experiment in some villages if they can give you a whole pita-bread; if you are with God, you will be given a whole pita-bread; if you are not with God, you will not be given a whole pita-bread. If you are going somewhere and the door is open, enter, but if the door is closed, do not enter. In other words, if one’s soul is open, talk to this person; if however, it [he] is not open and he does not receive, do not talk to him. When you get into a house, you will clean it, you will sweep it, you will knead pita-bread, so that the hosts on coming back be surprised [for the hosts to be surprised on coming back]. Put in other words, if you find a prepared soul, work within in a way that one can surprise oneself and say, ‘What’s happening with me?’ Sometime you eat to your heart’s content and go to a place where a pastry is made. Do not take a bite, you have eaten to your heart’s content! You start for a place and something tells you, ‘Do not go there!’ In such a case do not go! Lord’s Prayer The Lord’s Prayer Lecture delivered by the Master On 2 June 1932 16.00h, Sofia, Izgreva 1 Not exact quotation from John 4: 53: ‘So the father knew that it was at the same hour in which Jesus had said unto him, "Thy son liveth." And he himself believed, and his whole house. Source
  11. Note 1 A Self-Training Task The Good Prayer I will cheer I will read Chapter One of the Proverbs of Solomon. The Spirit of God I shall give you a task that I want you to perform for one week only. Those who perform it can learn and those who do not perform it cannot learn. The implementation of the task starts tomorrow: you will take a small writing pad of ten pages or you may make one for yourself; three times a day you will note down what the weather is like, what your heaven is, what your condition is – whether it is clear, cloudy, whether it’s raining or snowing or whether it is stormy. You will note it down as meteorologists. You will draw a column and three times a day you will note down your comments. If you have a bad thought, you will note it down, as if you are teaching a student. You will put a mark to yourself: a one, a two, a three, a four etc. Let’s see how many good thoughts you will have. This you will do until next Thursday, you won’t forget! As soon as a bad thought comes to your mind, you will note it down; when a good thought comes to your mind, you will note it down too. The fisherman catches fish when he throws out the net, doesn’t he? Whichever is good is placed in the basket, whichever is no good, is returned. Let’s see how many good thoughts you will catch, let’s see how much your capital will be. When saying that a trader is rich we define his wealth. Under the present conditions, can a person having one or two thousand levs be [considered] rich? You can hardly make your living with two thousand levs. Five thousand or even one hundred thousand is no wealth. A person in order to be rich, at that [be] not an ordinary rich person, must have one million. This is valid for Bulgaria, but an ordinary rich American must have one million levs. One million dollars make five hundred thousand golden levs; multiply it by one hundred and forty levs, as per the value of the dollar: this is one hundred and forty million levs. So, a Bulgarian is rich with one million levs, and an American is rich with one hundred and forty million levs – such is the American consciousness. What can an American do with ten thousand dollars? A trip to Europe. On coming back the American won’t have a fiver in one’s pocket. When saying ‘a good person’ we must know what his goodness rests in. We must know that the safe of this trader is full. When saying that a farmer is rich, he must have land, a rich shepherd must have a flock of ten thousand sheep, a rich gardener must also have something. We say that somebody is educated; what does his education rest in? Or we say that somebody is beautiful. Beauty is in the quality of the human mind, of the human soul and it has its external expression. Many times have you looked at yourselves in the mirror: sometimes you are beautiful, some other times you are ugly. A statue made of wax is always beautiful, but a human being is not always beautiful. What is always beautiful is beautiful; and what is sometimes beautiful, and not beautiful at other times, is not beautiful. What does beauty rest in? You will say, ‘He has beautiful eyes.’ What does the beauty of these eyes rest in? The beautiful eyes have to be mellow, expressive, not to be vacant [wandering], not [to be] looking at somebody and seeing somebody else. A lady comes to visit you and starts looking here and there – her eyes are not beautiful. A beautiful person is not interested in anything. A beautiful person on coming into the room sees everything at once and afterwards does not pay any attention either to the chairs or to the other objects. The eyes of a person who sees the chairs and the other objects are not beautiful; such a person is interested in petty issues. As long as one is interested in your dress, one does not have beautiful eyes. If your dress wears out tomorrow, he will say that it is not beautiful. You will then resemble Nastradin Khodzha who went to a horse racing riding his old ox. He was told, ‘You can’t contest with this old ox’, but he replied, ‘When it was a young calf, it ran very fast!’ You will likewise say, ‘Time ago when we started along this Path, what people we were! We prayed all day long, our hearts were fervent! But this was time ago. And what was our Love! But it is no longer so…’ Everybody talks about past times. Which is the essential [point of time] – the past or the present time? Young people growing old lose their Love. Some of you say, ‘I grew old.’ I say, ‘You have lost your Love’. The old person says, ‘We will die’. You have lost your Wisdom. I ask then what use [good] is it that we have grown old and that we have died. You say we will die. What philosophy is there in the point that we will die. Why people now grow old? The little child that has given up the dolls, is no longer a child, but it deals with big issues. When a young person abandons [leaves] the nice things from one’s youth, he grows old. When an old person abandons [leaves] the nice things from one’s old age, he dies. I do not know who you are yet. You all have pseudonyms for me, you all write under false names and none of you has come under one’s own name. You travel with a title, the way certain notable people travel like counts. The name under which you are known in the other world, not here on the earth, this is what is important. You have forgotten even your name. You resemble a prisoner who bears a number – number 1, number 2 etc. The prisoner is asked ‘Who are you?’, and he replies, ‘I’m number one or number two.’ The policeman asks him, ‘Who are you?’ and the prisoner replies, ‘I’m number one hundred and twenty-five.’ And you bear the number only. I ask: can a person bearing a number only be called a human being? The policeman bearing number one is a man, [the one] bearing number two is a woman; number three is a child; number four is an old grandfather – having already fathered a generation; number five is an old grandmother; number six is a great grandchild; number seven is a great grand father. All the physical policemen are disguised. So, I was saying: you have never had a clear idea what you represent. You are sometimes standing discontented, but you have never asked yourself the question what you represent outside your body. A human being cannot go out of one’s consciousness. A human being is what does not change. As soon as you come to a state in Life where nothing disturbs you, this is [what you are]. As long as grief affects you, you are not a human being. What does not change cannot be affected, this is the human being. You want to be free people, don’t you? Whichever of you, even the most patient one can be derailed. Some of you pass for very meek, very patient, but imagine that all have agreed and made their minds to pour over you heaps of slander. You say, ‘What have these sisters done to me?’ A sister comes, talks to you and scolds you. Is it possible for pure water to come out from a spring at a certain moment, and at another moment bad water to come out? Is it possible that both good and evil come out from one and the same mouth? After I spoke the sisters started uttering something negative. Is this their consciousness or not? This is a partnership, a company that goes bankrupt easily. Don’t you think that I blame you! You say about somebody that this person is such and such. Reasoning like this it is easy to tell [recognize] gilded items from not gilded ones. What rubs out is gilded, what does not rub out, is not gilded. If your good rubs out, it is gilded; if it does not rub out, it’s not gilded. The Life that you live on the earth is a school. This is a place for utter ordeals [tests, trials]. You won’t see even one thousandth of what you expect implemented. You are beautiful in the beginning, everybody talks about you; all of this disappears after forty to fifty years. Your hair used to be black and smooth, earlier on you used to be slender, upright, and all this vanishes and you say, ‘This Life isn’t worth it.’ Why? Because you have an idea that is not true. Life is a trial school. All people are sent here to the earth to manifest themselves. When it comes to sending an angel to work in another solar system, God sends the angel first to the earth to try [test] it. An angel may be sent to the earth in the form of an ox to plough [together] with a Bulgarian farmer; it will plough for the farmer for ten years, the farmer would prod it, and the angel would say, ‘He does very well!’ When the angel comes back afterwards, it would tell others that it had studied at a Bulgarian university for ten years. What will you say to this? Literally it’s not so, but I give it as an example which is approximately true. It is said that those angels, who were cherubim, transformed themselves into a serpent in order to beguile the first people. What a humiliation this is! And after that these angels remained in the shape of a serpent, lost their hands, hence lost their will. All bad people are recognized by not having will; they have brains, but they have no will. They cannot catch you to strangle you, but they can set the others against you. They constantly look for somebody to come and carry them on his back. Serpents always need assistants, servants. You have read Faustus haven’t you? What did Mephistopheles gain in the end? Nothing. He wanted to slander man. Sometimes you are in hesitation and you say, ‘Is this me or not?’ This is an external power. This power you will put to work and it will plough for you all day long. For instance, you are enraged [furious]; you will harness your rage [fury] to work. People prone to rage are most hard-working, and those who do not work are not prone to rage. The scripture reads, ‘Be enraged [infuriated, furious, angry] but do not sin.’ Rather than the rage [fury] harnessing you, you should harness it. There is a joke about an old Bulgarian chorbdjia1 who would go and wake up his servants in the tailor’s market very early in the morning, at one or two o’clock after midnight, to start work. Then he would return home and go back to sleep. He says, ‘Let the young work!’ Finally his servants decided to teach him a lesson. There was a rumour that there was a goblet in the graveyard. When the chorbadjia went out one night to wake up his servants, two of them had disguised, one of them climbed on the back of the chorbadjia, and the other one kept leading him around the graveyard for two hours. Then they let him go and he went home. His wife asked him, ‘Did you wake up the servants?’, and he replied, ‘This is a dangerous task.’ From then onwards he never got up at night to wake up his servants, he waited for the Sun to rise and said, ‘Let the boys sleep, there is no point me disturbing them at night. You, God, will bless even the smallest piece of work.’ He never said the goblet scared him. Let’s make an analogy: a pusillanimous thought comes to you; you are ridden, the goblets prod you. So, you haven’t complied with the great law of Divine Love. Why does the world go this way, why does not it go along the straight Path of Love? Unhappiness is due to the lovelessness of the entire humankind. Just like the first people deviated [from the straight path of Love] the other people also deviated in the same way. Whatever you are told, you may say that the Master speaks very well. If I speak well, this is for me; but you have to listen too and you have to apply [what you have heard] well. The first requirement is that one must have patience, so that one can persevere when others talk evil of him or her. At the Pythagoras school an applicant was placed with other students who slandered him, called him the worst of words. If he could persevere, he was admitted. They ridicule him, while he keeps his balance and smiles slightly. Which sister out of you would pass this test? Pythagoras worked like this over two thousand years ago and few were admitted to the school. Why? Because the Divine riches can be entrusted only to people who can persevere. One can be recognized as knowing little by the fact that one loses (wastes) one’s youth and one’s old age. Then where is the human being? When one becomes rich, one reaches a certain point and one dies there, if one cannot stop. If one cannot find one’s place in the other world, where is the human being then? What use is it to a person after one’s death that one was rich and had millions. What use is his wealth to him, if one loses one’s eyesight, taste, and cannot eat? Eyes are important and useful, inasmuch as one can use them. Only the food that can be received in a particular case is important in life. And also important is that thought that can motivate one to a harmonious Life. One is proud saying that one is a believer; that one belongs to a certain school. One may as well belong [to a certain school] but important is the knowledge one possesses; the Virtue that one possesses – that Virtue that one is blessed with. Who is loveable to God? The one that acts upon His Will. We must be aware when acting upon His Will. The Scripture reads, ‘Try God’s Will!’ At any moment we must know whether or not we act upon God’s Will. We may act upon His Will at a certain moment, and we may not act upon it at another moment. Human nature is very complex. When someone is angry, this does not mean that he is bad, and sometimes when one is gentle and predisposed, this does not mean that he is good. If you pray when you are predisposed, this does not as yet show that you are good. But you have to pray when you aren’t predisposed. Some bad thought may come, but this does not mean anything. A good person may be dressed in a simple robe and he will remain a good person, while even if a bad person is covered in gold, he will remain the same. When a spider is making its web, you bear with it, don’t you? Why? Some other time you cannot stand the spider at your home. Why has this spider made a web? It waits to catch a fly and to eat it. It catches a fly today, another fly tomorrow, three, four flies; it eats them, but you stand this scoundrel. You say, ‘Why God made the world like this?’ I am asking why you stand this spider eating a fly before you. I have often had experiments with spiders: I see that a spider has caught a fly; I tell it, ‘Let the fly go!’ The spider flurries up. I tell it, ‘If you do not let the fly go in my presence, I shall not leave your web intact. You will let the fly go now!’ The spider breaks the thread and lets the fly go. I tell it, ‘You are an intelligent spider!’ If it had not let the fly go, I would have used my stick and would have sent it on pilgrimage, but I would not have killed it… This spider may come to your mind too. One has to be a master of oneself. I told this spider, ‘You are free, but you have no right to eat a fly in my presence.’ And neither do flies have the right to say that one of them was eaten in my presence. I do not want to be summoned as witness to the court for such a thing. You need self self-control. You pass through a stage of self-training. One’s strong will is recognized by one’s self-composure [self-control]. It’s not enough to restrain oneself only. Some pass for patient. What do you understand under the word patience? A young lad wanted to get married, he found a maiden, who was very careful in her dealing with him, he got engaged and said, ‘I found a fiancée; there is no second to her!’ Once he tripped her by chance; she fell down, spilt the glass she was carrying, but said smilingly, ‘It’s all right; the glass spilt.’ When she went out to refill the glass the young man said, ‘See what a character; what a self-composure!’ The one who was told so, replied, ‘Blessed you are, God granted you so beautiful a being, you will live well!’ But when he married her things were not the same and he told her, ‘You were like an angel; when I tripped you once, you behaved like an angel.’ She responded, ‘But when I went downstairs, I thumped with anger upon the table!...’ We are presented with an object teaching in the Invisible world. You also present an object teaching. The more elevated Beings look upon you the way you look upon the trees and upon all the inferior animals below you. You perform an act and the more elevated Being scrutinises you why you behave like this. They scrutinise you the way I scrutinise an apple. There is someone who is interested in you. All those thoughts that you experience – be they good or bad, show that you pass through different worlds. When you have bad thoughts you pass through an area where bad beings live, and when you have good thoughts, you pass through an area where good beings live. Some other time you have sad thoughts, musical thoughts etc. You have to take a lesson from all the areas you pass through. So now I am saying: you have to have a method to study the Scripture. God put the prophets through the greatest ordeals [trials] before he sent them preaching. Only after passing through this school they were entrusted with knowledge and were sent to preach. Similarly Christians pass through many tests. You too have come to the earth to learn something. The first thing you have to learn is patience, the second thing is to learn abstinence and the third thing is to be able to cope with any difficulty. A bad thought comes to mind; a mosquito has bitten you. You may blow it away. When a mosquito bites, blow at it to go away. It will fly away, and then another mosquito will come. You may press it and kill it, but it’s better to blow it away and to tell it not to come for a second time. You will know when it comes for a second time. There was a very intelligent mosquito in Varna. When it was close to bed time for me, he would purr; when I wake up it would go away and hide, and then I can’t find it all day long. I talked with it. It was very intelligent; it knew when I was asleep and when I was awake. As soon as I was awake it would disappear; so, it knew when I was leaving my body. How comes it knew [all this], is its business. We have to draw certain conclusions in our lives. Man is placed on the earth. What is man’s purpose on the earth? – to improve and to self-train oneself. Man will pass through one self-training, through one unpleasant regime. Everybody imagines a life that cannot be accomplished on the earth. Sometimes you walk up to a certain place all right, but then exactly the opposite happens. The only rule is: the attitude to you of all the Powers, acting in Nature, will be just like your attitude to the spiritual [world]. But the law of Love is intelligent. If you have the law of Love you will as well pass through certain difficulties, but you will come out easily and you will manage. If you do not live in the law of Love, the greatest difficulties will come. When one has Love, one has foresight, one foresees things, one gets prepared and knows how to act. And when one loses one’s Love, one loses one’s equilibrium. You have to watch [observe], not to judge, yourselves. You will study yourselves. Sometimes you cannot recognize yourselves; you have lain down in a certain way and many inferior beings come and you cannot recognize yourself among them. You mix your consciousness with the other consciousnesses [the consciousnesses of the others?] and you do not know how to act [behave]. For instance, you are told something, you are patient for some time, after which you fly into a rage and spoil [ruin] everything. The one learning how to be patient resembles that Bulgarian who dances the horo dance, kneels down and yells ‘yihoo-hoo’. Once a person told the dancer, ‘You will dance, but you won’t yell ‘yihoo-hoo’ and then I will give you a cow and a calf.’ The other one started dancing, but he said at a time, ‘I spit on your cow and calf!’ and he yelled ‘yihoo-hoo’. Similarly, you say that you will persevere [be patient], but you come to a point and you say, ‘It cannot be endured any longer!’ Sometimes you try to persevere and you observe how many times you have succeeded. When you persevere you experience a new enlightenment and you rejoice persevering. At other times you come to an upper limit, you flare up, you feel like telling the other one not to think that you are an imbecile. You believe you will set things right by telling him, but it becomes even a greater mess. Two married women quarrelled, and there was a river between them. The one of them was talking and the other one was listening to her so calmly that the first one shouted, ‘Say something, because I will burst out!’ Likewise something within you says, ‘Say something, because I will burst out!’ But when you say something, it’s not it that bursts out but you. When a water jug bursts out, it’s no longer any good, you only glue it, but it’s no good for any work. When it comes to patience you have to make the other one say, ‘Say something, because I will burst out!’ Let him or her burst out, but you should be patient and make sure you don’t burst out. You are very generous, and in order for the others not to burst out, you burst out. As I see you keep bursting out. Do not spare your enemies, let them burst out, but you should not burst out. The person of the New Teaching should stand out by a character. God does not give people more suffering and hardship [desolation] than they can endure [bear]. Each one has very little suffering in comparison with the others. For instance, somebody complains that he has a very great suffering, but when you take him to the others, he says, ‘Mine is nothing [compared to yours]’ If you take the second one to a third one, he also says, ‘‘Mine is nothing [compared to yours]’ Nobody can trace the depths of suffering. Similarly the good deeds are also boundless – from good to better. I call school the condition when you have the power to climb up while you are going down. The power of man rests in one’s capacity to correct one’s mistake. I draw your attention to the typical side of Life; if you attain this Power, life will improve. A magic Power exists in man, through which Life becomes easier. And when one demagnetizes, one weakens, becomes nervous like a squeaking car[t]. One should not become poor, one should be rich. Sometimes one loses heart and says, ‘I did not use the conditions. I used to think so and so, but one should not live in this way.’ We have to live in the way the saints lived. One should be rich, but rich can only be people who have internal wealth. You have to have a wealth that you cannot lose, a wealth that will stay together with you. Rich is that person who on leaving for the other world takes his wealth with him. And Christ says, ‘Gather wealth that you can carry with yourself.’ It’s fine that many of you sleep. Sometimes I am glad to see that somebody is asleep, because if I am laying a table for ten people, but nine of them are asleep, I will feed only one. This is why I am glad if the others sleep for a longer time. Those who are awake benefit. Some [other] time I will explain to you why you fall asleep. Sometimes those who sleep gather at one place. I have a different view about sleeping: sleeping is blessed by God, but one is supposed to sleep when one has to. If one cannot understand me here, one goes up above to understand me and this is good. But if one goes up above and still does not understand me, then there is no point sleeping. To sleep and to rest – this I understand – but to sleep and still be tired is pointless. The blessed sleep can be recognized: then the sleeping person resembles a saint. If one falls asleep in the chair moving one’s head to and fro, this is no good. You will first grow out of the habit to move your head to and fro when sleeping. I allow you to sleep. I can wake up the one who is sleeping with ammonia very easily. A sister falls asleep because she is overburdened, she needs money; she is tired. However, if I give her a bag of gold to carry, then she does not sleep. Falling asleep is due to the accumulation of lactic acid. Due to great worries and troubles lactic acid accumulates in the brain, which has the capacity to shorten the tentacles of the brain cells. When these tentacles are connected all the energies flow properly, otherwise the currents cannot flow and one falls asleep. A lot of worries, a lot of talk about this and that causes this poisonous lactic acid to accumulate. There is always one sleeping person out of a hundred people. Sleeping is not a big disability. The one who sleeps is a person who endures [perseveres]. I would rather have somebody sleeping than chattering. Which is better? Sleeping is the smallest of mistakes that exist on the earth. You now need self-training. What should distinguish the adult sisters who are advanced in the Teaching? What should young people be distinguished by? Dexterity [adroitness, agility, dexterousness]. While the old people should be distinguished by knowing the methods applied in a given area. The young should be ready to serve, ready to do something. The old should know how to do this thing and how to produce the best of plans. The young and old [person] work simultaneously within man. As soon as a good thought comes to mind and you understand the best method to apply it and you implement it, then you are old and young at the same time. Then the laws of Love and of Wisdom operate simultaneously within you. Now, you will laugh at yourselves a little bit. What difference does it make if somebody slept here at the meeting or at home? Here it feels better to sleep. A preacher told a congregation, ‘I preach to those who are sleeping.’ Both those who are sleeping and who are not sleeping are equally responsible; suffice it to apply what is being talked about. Let’s say that ten sisters are sleeping and implementing the task, while those who are not sleeping, are not implementing it. Who is then worthy of praise – those who are sleeping or those who are not sleeping? Certainly those who are sleeping and implementing the task are worthy of praise, because they perform even when they sleep. Well, best of all is for one to implement without sleeping. The Scripture reads, ‘Get up, you, who are sleeping!’ Parables talk about intelligent knowledge. Man should have knowledge about one’s nature, man should not be afraid of one’s deeds [manifestations]. Thousand of deeds [manifestations] will come into him. If man does not understand one’s nature, man will fall into big contradictions and will say, ‘I used not to be like this! [‘I did not use to be like this!’] However, a human being having all the good talents [endowments] has got only to work. If you spend two hours of your free time thinking [reflecting], you will accomplish a lot. I can give you a self-training system. One should not be coached, but self-trained. Self-training can eliminate the existing disabilities. For instance, upset stomach, particularly related with the nervous system or other similar conditions can be eliminated. Then one gets a cheerful look, a Divine change takes place within him. When you meet a person, you are in communication with him. Sometimes you are among people, but you do not see them, as if they are made of wax. While some other time you see the person and you establish a bond with his soul. Nowadays, the person is not there in most of the cases. However, in order to wake up your soul, new conditions have to be established. Only then will a resolution appear. Without this wakening constant disappointment will come only – you will be indisposed today, indisposed tomorrow, then again [you will be] predisposed etc., until in the end you will say that you do not know what is the meaning of life. So now, the main idea is for you to work on perseverance [patience] first. So, when a desire to talk comes to you, you should ask yourselves whether or not to talk; whether or not to think in this way; whether or not to say this. You will impose control upon yourselves for a week. You will note down the thoughts that come to you in your notebooks. For example, a good thought comes to you in the morning, a bad one - at noon, and again a bad thought in the evening. Or a bad thought comes to you in the morning, a good one - at noon, and a medium one in the evening. You will see how many thoughts will come to mind for a week and you will note them down in a notebook three times a day. Thus you will have statistics of the doubt for a week. You have now only entered a Teaching. You have to study Nature from now on, which is a book sealed by seven seals for you. You have to study it from now on. You wait to go to the angels in Heaven, to play the guitars for you. In Heaven, [in order] to listen to a choir, you have to understand the music and to take part in the singing; you cannot be just a listener. It is like this on the earth as well: one has to actively [eagerly] participate according to the level of one’s development. Somebody says that it’s not the right time as yet. Time for everybody has come. The time for everybody to become perfect and omnipotent has not come, but time for everybody to be good and intelligent has come. You say that you have money. Each one of you has to apply the Good as an internal Power; this is a job that one has to keep doing all the time. The Good is progressive. You will do what you can accomplish [do]. Then read the Proverbs once again. Knowledge is needed. One cannot serve God and implement His Will without knowledge and without Good. The Lord’s Prayer Lecture delivered by the Master on 2 June 1932, 16.00h, Sofia, Izgreva 1 Chorbadjia – land owner, landlord; wealthy man Source
  12. Note 1 Bearers of the New The Good Prayer I will read part of Chapter ten of John’s [Gospel] from line one to line nineteen. “God is Love” The first line of the chapter reads, “Verily, verily I say unto you, he that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.” Jesus takes one very ordinary word ‘door’. Everything has a door. Every room has a door. The door is a natural way. When a robber wants to come into the room, he drills a hole and comes in through it. Hence, the one who does not come through the door has different intentions. This is a simple fact of life, but you want to know what Christ wanted to say. He makes a comparison saying that the thief, who enters into a sheepfold, comes to take a sheep or to sell it, or to eat it. Sometimes you ask why the evil exists in the world. But if you were in the place of a sheep, how could you explain the condition of a thief entering the sheepfold? What are his motives when he enters and pinches [a sheep] from the sheepfold? He’s got [vested] interest. You may now ask what evil you have done to him, whether he hates you. He does not hate you, he loves you; out of a great love for you he enters the sheepfold and robs. On the same basis, when a thought enters you, it can cause trouble. There are certain thoughts which come in like living beings and incur great damage. Each thought that comes in stealthily has an aspiration of its own. How can you recognize such thoughts? A thought entering you and incurring trouble to you, is not coming through the door. For example, you are absolutely convinced that God loves you, but somebody comes and tells you that a friend of yours spoke ill of you. Without verifying it, you purse your brows, frown, you purse your lips, you become indisposed, you start thinking why he spoke like this. You haven’t verified it, but you [start] threaten[ing] in yourself, “I shall teach him a lesson, how dare he speak like this!” People are very gullible. You don’t believe the truth, but you believe a rumour. If an evil thought is spreading among you, you will believe it. In this century you first have to learn to recognize the features of your thought. Because thoughts are Powers that build [construct]. Like the thoughts like the person. As soon as simple thoughts start coming into him, his face roughens. All day long he pays attention to simple [ordinary] thoughts. Simple [ordinary] I call the thoughts of material nature related with the earthly life. Such a person related with the material life, roughens in the same way just like a person doing tough labour has corns and boils on his hands. The strength of a scientist lies in the fact that he knows [has got knowledge of] things. Many of you can tell certain differences, but you cannot even determine in what certain fruit trees differ. For example, the leaves of an apple tree, cherry tree, plum tree, apricot tree, medlar (Mespilus) tree and others differ. People consider these things insignificant. Some of you cannot tell the difference between one face and another. You say that the face is beautiful, round, that the eye-brows are beautiful. But you cannot describe the eye-brows. You say that the lips are very beautiful, but you cannot describe them. Similarly, you know nothing about the ears; you have a vague idea only. Then you say that his hair is very beautiful, but you know not whether the hair is thick or thin. Nice hair is smooth as silk. If you pluck a hair from somebody’s head and run it through your fingers, you can describe the character of the person. The entire life is written on one hair. If you are nervous, this is written on the hair and nervous is the hair too. If you are stingy, the hair is stingy likewise, it has certain uneven bumps. If your character is rough, the hair is similarly rough and thick. If you have a kind, sophisticated, noble character, the hair is smooth from one end to the other and it feels pleasant on touching as if something is flowing into you. The hair of a saint, having spent thirty years in the mountains, is unusual. Why do saints wear their hair long? Because hair cutting stands for physical freedom and you do not cut your hair, you say, ‘Let whatever God says be!’ And nowadays when cutting their hair people say, ‘Let whatever we say be!’ Some of the women stick to ‘Let whatever God says be!’, and some of the women have their hair cut and say, ‘Let whatever we say be!’ But let’s leave this aside; this is the external side… If you run your fingers along a hair of a saint, from the one end to the other, your indisposition will disappear, you will be pleasantly predisposed and you will think that life is meaningful. This is why people like holding something from a saint in their hands. If you have a hair of a saint and [if you] run it through your fingers, just like women run the thread when spinning, the hair will transfer what it has to you. The same is true about food. If your organism doesn’t run the food through itself in order to extract what God and the Sun have put into it, it cannot benefit. Every thought, every feeling are printed upon your mind. For example, your friend has said a kind word and when you keep repeating it your mood changes. This is true in respect of the Gospel too: when you read it some words touch you, they haven’t lost the deep meaning they contain. Therefore, each thought that comes in through the door is good. Bad thoughts can be recognized by their different colours, different vibrations, their sounds are completely different. Bad thoughts are utterly ugly. Each thought has the form of a human being – like the human being, like the thought. Because if you intend to steal a lamb, your thought expresses how you make off with the lamb, how you kill it and so on. If you say something in relation to a friend of yours, in the end you start regretting it. Why do you regret? The very thought contains poison within itself; not only when you receive it, but also when you send it to somebody’s address, this thought passes through you. The person sending the thought is doing an ill turn to oneself, just like a bee pays with its life when stinging someone. Each thought, coming out of a human being and causing [any] damage, will die. This dying has a reverse effect upon the human consciousness. Contemporary suffering is a result from the unnatural application. Sometimes you wonder how comes certain bad thoughts attack you. Bad thoughts always come from the material world. It is enough one of you, having a good religious mood and Love for God, to go out and visit a friend of his, who has nice furniture and disposable resources, in order for this person to come back indisposed. A person, when visiting well-off people, sees houses with carpets and on coming back home such a person tells himself, ‘Why don’t I have these riches that well-off people have?’ There is one difference in life. If a big whale living in the sea has a big body and can move everywhere, and if a person regrets not being such a big whale, which one is better – to be a human being or a whale? A rich person is a big whale living in the water. You visited him and you want to be like him, but whales are exposed to great dangers. You covet the situation of the rich, but the rich have great sufferings. Poor people have external sufferings – sometimes they are underfed, but they do not have the sufferings of the rich. God has so determined things, that wealth has its good and bad sides. Poverty, and studying, and religious life also have their good and bad sides. Because in order to be religious you have certain obligations: you live in a society and you cannot do whatever you feel like. For example, if you live in a good mannered society you will speak what is decent, what is moral and what will not be condemned by the people. People have an internal consciousness and they know when a person is good internally. Even animals know. In the region of Varna there was one utterly poor person, called Deli Vassil. Wherever he happened to walk in the village, even by the worst dogs, which tore the clothes of other people, they would not even bark at him. How will you explain this? And everybody called him Deli Vassil – the crazy Vassil. I am asking why dogs did not bark at him. Because this person loved them. If you love a dog, as soon as it sees you, it knows that you love it and starts wagging its tail. Dogs are very proud, they have one feeling; they are the litmus test for attachment. If you look at them and if you have no feeling for them, they start barking at you and say, ‘You are not noble!’ Dogs are a paragon of attachment. How comes they have such a feeling? This is a psychological phenomenon and if people could have even the dogs’ attachment, they would have lived a much better life. Apart from the feeling of attachment, dogs have a feeling of chivalry too: a male dog will never throttle a female dog, nobleness it does have. There may be certain exceptions with the trained dogs, but I [at least] haven’t seen any. Is this true about people? So, dogs have a noble feeling of attachment and a feeling of self-consciousness, of a responsibility to the other sex. People should take these features as example [to follow]. What is the purpose of religion? To impart the most beautiful, the noblest into the human soul. But in the present century there is a danger of moralizing. You say, ‘We have to live in this way! [‘This is how we have to live!’]’ I am in for the teaching. Every single person should aspire to apply [the teaching], because the beauty of Life rests in the application. Someone was telling me how he ate cherries, how delicious they were. If this person gives me some and [if] I try the cherries, he may tell me; then I will also share [with him] and I will say, ‘It’s true, I tried some [cherries], indeed they are delicious.’ You say that you have to be good people. There is one stagnant good in the world. Others say that you have to be rich. There is a condition under which everybody can be rich. If a person is intelligent, everyday there is a moment when he can become rich and happy, but he misses it. When the moment of one’s happiness comes, one is busy with side issues. Only after the beautiful moment has passed, when there are no more chances for happiness, one starts looking for it and says, ‘There is no happiness in the world.’ One starts looking for good people and says that they do not exist in the world. There are good people, but good people always pass through the door – through the king’s gates, while those who pass through the barriers, are not good people. If two sisters quarrel, they are on either side of the barriers. If two neighbours quarrel that the hen of the one lay an egg in the yard of the other and they cannot divide the egg, I am asking you if they quarrel through the door? Over the barrier, over the fence they quarrel about one egg. Let’s assume that the hen lays eggs for a week in somebody else’s yard; if we price an egg at 20 levs, is it worth quarrelling over 20 levs? If it were about a couple of million of pounds sterling, you will say that it is a lot of money, while it is about twenty levs, which amounts to less than a Swiss franc. Thus one loses one’s good mood and it is sometimes the case that a person wastes all the opportune occasions throughout the year and in the end one roughens. One would often pronounce an inconsiderate word, makes a mistake, but one justifies oneself afterwards by saying, ‘I have the right to say it, I am not stupid!’ Do you think that a person who has one’s own rules and who quarrels with people is very intelligent? If you go around saying that this one is doing fine, that the other one is not doing fine, I ask if there is someone who has thanked for you vilifying him or her. At least I haven’t met such a person. Sometimes there is an internal talk within a human being. There is an internal talk, and there is an external talk. Sometimes one argues with oneself and says, ‘This one is like this, and that one is like that, why did God make them such people, couldn’t He make them different?’ Such a person grumbles, then he goes to pray and during the prayer he says, ‘God does not listen to me.’ What will you achieve when you start with your own rules? God does not need any rules; these are absolutely useless for Him. God made the people so perfect that there is no need whatsoever to additionally polish them. If that caterpillar, which eats leaves, knows how to transform its character, which professor will give instructions to it? It climbs this tree and it keeps climbing that tree until it becomes a butterfly. A sister wants to teach another sister good manners. It would be very interesting to me if there is an instance in your experience when two sisters managed to polish another sister so well that the latter became a saint. There is no such case. I know a sister who met another sister who sinned a lot and told her, ‘Sister, I love you very much, I would like to be like you and I’m sorry I can’t. How pleasant it is to be a friend of yours, I am so lonely.’ The other one said, ‘I am also lonely, I am considered very bad. Let’s get together!’ I think that the first sister reasons [thinks] very well. Often we do not know the underlying reasons behind what we call evil in the world. Neither do we know what reasons made a person add good in a particular case to any of his deeds… (a cat lingering around the Master) This cat is an object teaching. It listens to the lecture without understanding it. It has its way – it will smooth its tail, because it has something on its mind. I know why it smoothes its tail – it wants something material, nothing ideal does it want. Translated into a human language this cat tells me, ‘If the sisters bring nice things to you, leave some for me! If they bring nice cheese to you, you should give some to me, don’t you forget!’ As a cat is a gregarious animal, those beings from the Invisible world want to express something completely different. They want to say that you have to have a character, not to be ashamed of yourselves. The cat says, ‘I understand well and am grateful to the Master. I’m ready to be obedient; as long as I am called, I am ready …’ Let’s leave the cat now, as it distracts our attention. In one’s up-bringing a person should never self-torture oneself. At the current stage of development one should constantly correct one’s mistakes. All the mistakes are collective. For example, sometimes it rains and the wall gets muddy; you will take the brush and will paint it. Someone breaks the window; you will buy a new glass and fix it! Someone soiled; you will clean! Such things happen all the time. The world is full of good and bad thoughts. A person who does not understand the laws is exposed to an external influence and if you join a society, you will immediately take in its mood. If you happen to be among scientists, musicians, religious or others, you will take in their mood. If you bask in the sun, you will take in the mood of the Sun and you will be predisposed. If you bask in the moon-light, you will have a completely different mood. From a spiritual point of view the world has come to a situation that demands an internal understanding, each one of you is required to have a strong thought, not to be influenced by the environment where one lives, and to enter a more highly developed environment. For example, a Divine thought enters you; how do you recognize that this is a Divine thought? Somebody comes to visit you and a thought comes to your mind to give him two thousand levs to leave you. Or it comes to your mind to buy him clothes and to see him off. A third thought may come to your mind to receive him to stay with you and to see him off on the following day. Which one of the three is a Divine thought? Someone will think that to give two thousand levs is Divine. Another one will think that the second thought is Divine. From my point of view Divine is the third thought and I would act like this. Money and clothes I shall not give, but I will feed him. Because what shall I do, provided the law requires that I give clothes or money, [if] God sends a bird to me? A bird visits me, purches on my window, walks along the sill, wants to get in, stays there waiting for several hours. What does this bird want? This bird has come to visit me. If the Divine law requires that I give money or clothes, this bird needs none of those. It needs food. Therefore, Divine is what is common for all in a particular situation. In other words, you have to give what is common for birds, human beings and angles. This is Divine; this is the Divine thought, while the other things are specific. Those who act like human beings will find themselves in contradiction. If you give a person two thousand levs he will get scared and will say, ‘Come on, send your servant to guard me not to be robbed!’ But if you feed him, he won’t be scared. And if he wants me to send my servant, I shall not do it, because he is sent by the Invisible world not to be served, but to serve. Every human being is sent to serve and the one who does not understand the law and waits for the others to serve him, has forgotten one’s promise. Many diseases come to the world when you say, ‘I’m fed up with household work; I need a rest!’ At the moment when you make a wish to have a servant, you will fall ill. God will send you a servant. I am talking to [those of] you who are willing to implement God’s Will and I don’t understand how it is possible for a servant to want other people to serve him, being himself a servant to a greater master. So, he wants to be a master of another servant. The Divine law says, ‘as long as you are in a position to serve, be willing to serve and you will be healthy! As long as you want to serve God, you will be healthy; your legs will be all right, nothing more. You shall not say, “I’m fed up with serving!” As soon as you conceive the thought of having a servant, as soon as you want to be a master, your daughter, your husband – everybody will be discontented with you, because they perceive your thought. Your thought is transferred to your husband and then he also yearns for being a master. Thus everybody at home start fighting. Your daughter does not obey either and she says, ‘I do not want to serve either!’ You often create trouble for yourselves at home, because whatever you wish for, the others start wishing for it too. You wish to have a nice garment, but your son, your daughter and the others also wish to have such a nice garment, while there is not enough money for all. Then they start quarrelling why one has got a new garment, and another one hasn’t got. There exists also another law in the world, which is most visibly seen with the birds: the longer they wear their clothes, the more beautiful they become; if a feather falls, another one comes up. If you observe this law, your clothes shall not wear out. I know people who have worn the same suit for ten years and it hasn’t worn out. Wearing a new suit for ten years – this is saving. Those who live according to God, make savings of one suit at two thousand levs for ten years. If you live according to God your clothes will always be new. A saint was with the same cloak for thirty years which remained new. The cloak of any saint who does not pass the exam wears out. Christ did not take his clothes off his back, did not hang them when entering a house. I want to take you to the main point about that great faith in the Divine that delivers [bestows, grants] Peace and serenity to the human thought, that self-consciousness by virtue of which you can overcome difficulties every day. For example, you are grieved, you feel sad; when you direct your thought your grief disappears. Or you have an argument; you direct your thought to God and say, ‘God, settle this work!’ If a garment is soiled, you will wash it and the job will be done! Somebody has told you something; you will try to understand it in the Divine context. After each bad word, after each ordeal, if you overcome it, you will experience a great blessing of which you are completely unaware. Ordeals are Divine goods that are hidden, so that God can try you. God will send you a great good, which is so formidable externally, that you will say, ‘I don’t want it!’ You do not understand the Divine path. Therefore the Scripture reads, ‘All those who endure what happens to them, who resolve the issues properly, will have an internal serenity and internal strength.’ Each one of you can be made lose one’s temper. For example, you are walking in the forest at night and somebody shouts, ‘Ambush!’ There is no ambush; what ambush can there be where God is! There is no obstacle whatsoever to approach you, if you listen to God. Even a bear will come and pass by. But if you do not listen to God, the bear will deliver a lecture to you and will ask you, ‘Why didn’t you do God’s Will?’ The Scripture reads, ‘he that does not enter by the door.’ This door is the Divine Love – to believe that there is no change in God. What God said does not change. There is a Science that does not depend on human knowledge. Because if a child and a scientist plant a seed, the results will be same. Both the child and the scientist will bury the seeds in the ground and they will bear the same fruit. You think that if you are educated you will be better. No, learning will be an appendage to you and it will benefit you to a certain degree. Ignorance won’t benefit you either. Under the present circumstances you have to cope with certain hardships. Let’s assume that you want to develop clairvoyance. Somebody says, ‘Teacher, why don’t you open our eyes?’, but I am silent. I will tell you why I don’t open your eyes: imagine that you are in a room and you want to see the mountain. You have to go out of the room in order to see the mountain with your own eyes, but you ask if there is a telescope or binoculars at hand. I say - you will go out and see the mountain on the spot. When you climb the high peak on top, you will see what you cannot see under ordinary conditions. Those who do not want to develop this gift will say, ‘It’s very high up there in the mountain. Our hearts will burst. It’s cold and there is snow there. When special roads are made we shall go there by bus or by plane.’ You have to wait for two or three hundred years for these conditions. While now, you can go without having to wait for an airplane, and you can attain what you need. You have a concept that clairvoyance can be granted from outside. I will tell you how you can attain clairvoyance: imagine that you live in a parlour, but your ancestors have never cleaned the windows, they are dirty and little light comes through them. I look through them and say, ‘Nothing can be seen.’ You wash them everyday, but still nothing can be seen. I say: you have washed them from the outside, and now you will wash them from the inside and your eyes will immediately open and see clearly through the windows. A sister may say, ‘This is not for us, we may fall down from the ladder, let a servant come and wash them!’ Never can a servant wash your windows either from the inside or the outside. I am asking how windows are washed. If you cannot wash your mind, you won’t be able to drive away the flitting bad and side issues attacking you at times. One should erect a wall in one’s mind and not allow useless thoughts to disturb him. Just like students have to cope with the material the teacher has assigned to them, rather than dwelling on the teacher’s attitude to this or that student. When you sit for an exam, you won’t be asked whether you like your teacher or not, but whether you know or not, whether you have studied or not. In the Invisible world those who do not study, are not regarded well; there studying and high regard go hand in hand. Here, on the earth, there are, however, students of very high regard who do not study. There is something bad in an absent-minded student; there is something bad in a person who is of high regard but does not study. This is psychologically true: such a person is seemingly good, but his mind is distracted, and according to Nature, which cannot be beguiled, he has a bad habit that distracts his mind. This absent-mindedness may not be resilient: you are sitting and thinking that you are a daughter of a prince, that you have a nice room, children, servants and have everything at your disposal; you imagine many things and thus you distract your mind. You have to pull yourself together and say, ‘No Prince, no Princess!’ One of our sisters was telling another one ‘our Princess Raina, our Heavenly servant’… To be able to work, to be able to study, to rely on what God put in you! Only what is put in you can you develop. You can develop your gifts. The Spiritual science gives those methods that you can use to develop them. And any teaching in the world can be accessible to man only when he loves [to human beings only when they love]. If you love a person you will remember his words, if you do not love him, you won’t remember them. If you love a school subject, you will make progress in it. Your memory will be as much as is your love. Memory fades when you remember things automatically [mechanically]. A capable student studies, studies and studies. The gift is given, but he works in order to be worthy of what he has attained. You have to take him as an example. A good person not only has a gift, but has also worked [for it]. A musician has also worked. This is true in respect of any other gift. Now, I want to put you to a test, as Pythagoras did. Let’s say you are in a Pythagoras’ school where prince’s sons came and for about three-four years they were subjected to utter ridicule, that were meant to deeply affect them. And if the applicant passed the test, he was admitted to the school to study the secret sciences after four years. And if you are ridiculed, I do not know how many people will survive [endure, carry on]. If you are ridiculed for a month I do not know how many of you will endure. You will experience things you haven’t even dreamt about and you will say, ‘Why does God allow this [to happen]?’ This is a test. If the student does not retaliate to the ridicule, he will endure for four years. He has to think and after passing this exam, he will be admitted at the school. If one wants to be admitted to Heaven, does he have to pay attention when he is told that he is perverted and crazy? You may be told that you pray three times a day to God, but you are not rich, you live in a gypsy’s cabin but those [people] without praying have palaces; people may try to persuade you to leave this crazy stuff and you may start asking yourself whether these people are not right? I am asking this question to you, who are not crazy, ‘Do you have graveyards; do priests bury and perform the funeral service for you?’ We at least are crazy! When we die, we may or may not be buried. It’s all the same to us even if we are not buried; we do not leave money for a funeral. You will say that people who die should be buried. Christ gives a parable: nobody buried the poor Lazarus, he was placed in a cart and was given a simple funeral; a rich person dies and is given a ceremonial funeral with music and cymbals. The rich person was placed in hell in the other world, while Lazarus, who was dragged there in a crate, was taken to Abraham’s bosom... Death and funerals are the old order of things. Man will not die in the new order. There will come a day when there will be no dying [death] – when the time comes, man will simply leave consciously for the other world. He will start, he will leave and nobody will know where he has gone; nothing more. Now everybody knows. Iliya left his fur-coat when he left for the other world and Eliseus [Elisha] took it. A sister talks very eloquently; this sister actually presents a puzzle to you – she says one thing, but it is understood allegorically. This is a puzzle. She says, ‘Ivan, Dragan1, you are like this.’ However, there are thousands of Ivans and Dragans. According to this theory each student is put to a great internal test. While under the current conditions these issues are incomprehensible. Now, there are no material conditions for everybody to be happy. There are not sufficiently intelligent sons and daughters in the family in order to make home a happy place. They haven’t reached this stage of development. People should prepare from now on so that they can understand that they have to work according to the great law of God. You too have to understand God’s paths [ways]. There are different methods to study the Bible: there is a mechanical method, however, there is another method to study as well. Some study the Bible like that man who had ten barns [full] of stones from plums, seeds from apples, pears and medlars; each year he counted the stones and the seeds – he took them out, counted them and then returned them – thus he knew how many stones and seeds there were in each barn. People know the Bible in the same way, but this is no knowing. Knowing rests in planting: the stone have to be first planted, then the fruit has to be digested, so that it becomes flesh and blood in the human being [man]. If you do not receive the juices of the cherry, you cannot gain [acquire] its strength. The cherry is a letter – when you read this letter, you will understand. The current understanding is utterly [entirely] mechanic. Now people want to become healthy, but health depends on the human thought, feelings and deeds. Every one can be absolutely healthy when there is a unity between one’s thoughts, feelings and deeds, without any contradiction. Let’s say you have potatoes and you want to bake them. Certain thoughts resemble potatoes that have to be baked in the Love of this Divine Fire. The fruit of the trees is also baked in the best of Light. A Turk loaded a cart full of cherries near the town of Varna and went to sell them in Dobrich. He ate cherries [together] with the stones along the road. And when he arrived in Dobrich he could not climb down from the cart, and he had to undergo an operation to have eight kilogrammes of stones taken out from his intestines. There are unnatural wishes in people. You put in one desire, a second desire, a third one, you fill your heart with stones but do you know what can happen then! Eat the pulp [meat] of the cherry, chew it, and plant the stone! It is enough for you to eat ten cherries, there is no point in eating cherries all day long. We want to resolve the issues like this Turk. He thought that by putting eight kilogrammes of cherry stones into him, he will resolve all the issues, but he had to undergo an operation to have the stones taken out. The stomach is not a place for stones; it’s a place for food. The human mind is not fit for a slaughter-house, but it is a sacred place for you to think. Sacred has to be the mind; good thoughts does it have to have. Likewise the heart is not a place to fill with trouble, but it is a carrier for the best of desires and feelings. If you act like this everyday, then your life will acquire a new meaning, you won’t fear death. Each one of you is scared that some day you will die. Everyone who was born will go through death anyway; death in itself is not frightening. Christ has also been through it. All martyrs and saints, all people willing or not, will anyway go through death. You have to acquire a proper understanding: death is dangerous when you die without Love; and when you die with Love, this is no death. Each one who does not enter Life through the door, each one who does not study the Truth in this way, is a thief and a robber – a robber of the goods granted by God [that God gave him]. Such a person is a thief and a robber for oneself too, because he will be sentenced to one hundred years in prison and he will spend his entire life there. But he can, in spite of the diseases and misery, spend his life the way a good person can have a good life in the middle of the stormy sea of human hardships. This is the situation for those who understand the laws. The Law of God, the Divine Providence, is above all the conditions. There is common providence in the world; there is one common Consciousness, which takes care of and guides all beings. This is true for peoples too – whatever happens with them, whatever people in the world think, there is one other thing that helps, that man can always rely on. One can be as happy as one is conscious [aware] of and true to this law. God said that those who love Him and implement His law, He has them written on His palm. This is a symbol showing the care God takes. His Spirit always removes the hardships, the suffering that man experiences. You torment yourself, but the conditions are removed and something nice comes. Have no fear, because there is such an example in the Scripture: when Apostle Peter was imprisoned, one hundred and twenty people prayed for him and an angel came in the evening and told him, ‘Go out and don’t come back!’ This is so, if one believes. Someone may say that this was a long time ago. It is the same now too. The present times are the same time. It’s always the time when one believes; and it’s never the time when one does not believe. As long as one believes things can be [happen]. I mean that alive faith of Love that performs miracles. This should be the common thought: everybody should be a bearer of the New in the world! One should be a conductor of the Love of God. Someone will say, ‘What can depend on me?’ Light comes through one window, but when there are many windows, a lot of light will come in. You will take one step, then a second one, a third one, a thousand steps will you take. Every human being has a great future in this regard. What has to be achieved is incomparably much more than what man has already achieved. Now, man is in the area of grief, but after grief suffering comes and after suffering man will enter Joy. After suffering Joy will come. Christ says, ‘Now you have grief, I will see you and your grief will transform into joy.’ Lord’s Prayer Lecture delivered by the Master on 19 May 1932, 16.00h, Sofia, Izgreva 1 Ivan, Dragan – popular Bulgarian male names. Source
  13. Note 1 Paths of Wisdom ‘Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets’ Proverbs: 1;20. The Good Prayer ‘God is Love’ You may read the entire first chapter of Solomon’s Proverbs. The reading makes it evident that all the suffering in the world results from the fact that people do not walk along the path of Wisdom. A person who stops before discontent [dissatisfaction], before torture or before grief, such a person does not understand Life. These are indeterminate variables. You know not what suffering is. You have a house, but you are not happy with it, you do not like the windows. What is the beauty of the windows? Does a window resemble a nicely dressed young woman? No, it doesn’t. The beauty of a window is that it lets a profusion of light come in. Small windows are not beautiful; the larger the windows, the more beautiful they are. You say about a person that he is not handsome, but his face is good-looking. Which one is better – to have a good-looking face or a good-looking something else? Does the face have to be large in order to receive more light and power? In fact, the power of a face is not in what it receives, but in what goes out of it. If nothing goes out of the face, such a face is ugly. When a person frowns, when he purses his brows and lips, he takes, he does not give. Beautiful is a face that gives when every part of it gives. Most beautiful is the face when all of its parts are alive and when all of them give. Now, you have to grasp things properly. All of you in life hold a lottery ticket. Some of you are forty years of age and have always waited to win something. Others have waited for twenty years. Each one of you has a lottery ticket and takes a look at it three times a day, sits down, goes to bed, prays to God to win something from the lottery ticket. At times you wait for sixty years, and sometimes you leave for the other world without having your ticket drawn. Sometimes you wait for sixty years, your ticket number is drawn, but it turns out it is empty; you are given a receipt reading that your ticket wins nothing. Each ticket to life costs sixty leva. So, you have waited for sixty years to receive something, to have your ticket number drawn, but apart from not winning, you have wasted sixty years, and have wasted the money that you paid. One expects something like success [achievement]. One is right to expect, but one has to know whether what one expects will happen or not. Some of you may say, ‘A fortune-teller predicted that the person will become rich.’ He is right, but under what circumstances? I will predict that somebody, who has two or three hundred decares1 of land and who develops it and makes ten decares of vineyard out of his field, in twenty to thirty years such a person will be rich. But he may say, ‘I will let this field to a tenant to rent it.’ If you rent out, and the tenants use without giving you anything, what good is there for you from what you possess? This is true also with regards to life as well. Everybody is self-deluding oneself in one way or another. Some are under the self-delusion that when they finish school they will be appointed at a high position and will be well off. This happens sometimes, but at other times it does not. When man was first called to the earth, which at that time was the Garden of Eden, he started choosing what craft to learn. He thought of gardening, but he told himself that this job is not for him, because there was nobody to shoo away the flies on the leaves. He reached a man who was spinning and told himself, ‘This is easy to do.’ That man explained: — I pull thin threads to tie the flies who eat the trees. Then the spider appeared and said: Will you take me as your apprentice? I will. The spider studied with him, started spinning, became a better master than his teacher and finally the spider said: I shall not chase them away from the trees, but I will make a loop and when a fly lands in it, I will ask the fly why it goes to the trees and eats the blossom. You are laughing at this spider that it could choose a craft. He was angry with the flies and butterflies that they go in the trees. This refers to the man who often has a craft not matching one’s life. This is a waste of time. Just like you expect your ticket to win, in the same way this spider sometimes has to wait for ten days to catch a fly and goes hungry because it has no other craft [skills]. In the beginning the flies were not aware of it and were caught, but then they learnt and the spider started going hungry. Hunger in the world is non-accomplished desires. The desires of anybody, waiting like the spider to catch a fly but catching none, are non-accomplished. Non-accomplished are those desires that do not follow that Divine Path. Somebody says that a man has to be young, healthy and to eat well. Man was born healthy, but fell ill afterwards. One has to know how to eat. According to a mechanical law you can place as many wheat grains as you like in a sack, but you cannot place many wheat grains in your stomach, because it will be damaged. The cells of the stomach are intelligent. Sofia is not intelligent but Sofians are intelligent. You haven’t met Sofia, but you have met Sofians – they are intelligent, educated, some are more intelligent than others. The stomach is like Sofia, but the cells of the stomach are very intelligent and are specialists. If you place inappropriate food in the stomach, all the cells will go hungry and will throw the food away. These stomach cells are much more intelligent than their master. But people resemble that Greek priest who baptised ten children in cold water and they died. Whenever one cannot deliver something that has to do with an intelligent idea, it dies. Suffering is the necessary link that shows what the relations in the world should be. Now, you have been attending the meeting for some time. What does piousness upon? Why does God need your faith? If somebody comes to school and believes in one’s teacher, what use is this student to the teacher? Students have to study. The strength of the belief depends on the diligence of the student. If the student is very diligent and if he has acquired something while studying, he has faith in his teacher. Faith should arouse affection and Love at the same time and if it fails to arouse Love and diligence, it is not a true faith. You can try out the strength of your faith at any time and each one of you should try oneself out to find out how strong one’s faith is. Your happiness depends on the faith that you have. You have to know how strong your faith is. Sometimes you have a headache or your eyes are sore. You do not know the reasons and call this an inflammation of the eyes. However, this inflammation has not come out of the blue. The tip of the nose of people who drink a lot is always reddish. Hence a reddish nose is a result of drinking. Likewise, if one has unnatural desires, one’s nose will become reddish again. Neither wine, nor rakiya2, nor unnatural desires [should one have]! One should not place a burden bigger than one can carry upon one’s brain. Do you know the weight of the tiniest particle placed in the eye? A thought can incur tremendous suffering to you. Take for example the thought that someone can kill you. Where has this thought come from? Some other time an idea comes to you that you are not loved. This is irreconcilable; if nobody loves you, you would have never been able come to the earth. Now that you are on the earth, at least two persons love you. In such a case your statement that you are not loved is not true. The point is that there is somebody who loves me, but I do not love him. This issue can be examined in two ways: what is the reason if somebody does not love you and you do not love him; and what is the reason if somebody loves you and you do not love him? The reason is one the same in both cases. The reason if you are not loved is the same as the reason when you do not love. I am asking then, why don’t you love the one that is not loved? You say, ‘I don’t like him.’ In that case, the other one does not like you either. You see no fault with yourself, but the others do. Where is the Truth then? It is said that ‘the Truth will liberate [free, release] you.’ When you have proper concepts, suffering will disappear or at least you will cope with it intelligently. For example, you have to trim your nails. There are body parts, which are not sensitive, and there are body parts, which are sensitive. Why certain parts are not sensitive? The only reason for the nails not to be sensitive is that they are a written book. When you take a look at the nail of the thumb, you can read what there is within you: whether you are stingy or not, whether you are inquisitive or not, whether you are noble or envious. Each nail shows the underlying reason for things to have happened. Some trim their nails in order to erase what was written, but they fail to. The more one tries to erase this book the more it grows. You have certain gifts that you have to develop. Your idea about the other world is the same as a young maid’s idea about a young man: she fantasises that her beloved will come, that she will live like a queen and that there will be a lot to eat and drink and that she will only linger around. There is an intensive life in the other world and no ignorant people, saying that they don’t know this or that, can get in there. If you behave there the way you behave on the earth, you won’t be allowed to set foot in for [the next] ten thousand years. For just one fruit the woman has been banished from Paradise for over eight thousand years. For two apples only have the first people been banished from paradise for eight thousand years. You think it is easy to go to the other world. It takes a pure and Divine life in order to go to the other world, to the Divine world. You will say, ‘Who will then enter Heaven?’ Under ‘Heaven’ we mean the intelligent people who are perfect. They cannot let ignorant people stay with them. Assume that your sense of smell is developed; can you let a leprosy contaminated person near you? Disease is one thing, Love is another. Love does not mean that we should put up with all the smells of the sick; we are everything but grateful for such ‘love’. The purpose of Love is to support Life, not to support the sick. When somebody is sick, he can be taken care of, but the purpose of Love is not to take care of the sick. The purpose of Love is not to put up with the sinful; these appended items. The purpose of Love is to develop virtues. You say that one has to be patient [put up with]. Patience goes with a world where people do not live well. Talking about patience [putting up with] we mean a world where people do not live well. When one person is good and another one is bad, we say that the latter has to be put up with. But when both of them are good and love one another, what need is there for them to be patient [put up] with each other? If you are fed up with putting up, you can also substitute it for something else. What can you substitute patience for? (a Voice in the audience): For self-control. Self-control has certain features in common with patience. You can be patient when something is taken away from you, when you are being done injustice. Let’s assume that you are at the end of your tether [patience] and you say, ‘Man should not be patient!’ If you do not want to be patient, what do you have to do? Patient people are lazy. So, you have to replace patience with the Intelligent word. Man can easily be brought up well. You have children; you talk and talk to a child but you have no method for up-bringing. You say, ‘This child cannot be brought up.’ A professor in America made the following experiment: he furnished a small room with a window, and the entire floor was made of copper so that he could run electricity. The recalcitrant child is put into the room and the child starts pushing things around. Electricity comes out as a result of the pushing and the current goes through the child. Having done this several times, the child gives up and starts looking at things respectfully. The same is valid for you when you start doing something. God runs the current, but you break the wire. This is why the child starts beating the mother at an old age. From your point of view there should not be any storms, the leaves should not be rustling, everything has to be quiet. In the world where you live, the wind, causing seemingly great storms and suffering, is also of great benefit to the plants – strengthens their blood-circulation, supplies them with food, facilitates the sunshine and incurs an internal renovation of plants. If there were no torments, grievances, suffering, you would resemble fragile pottery which breaks when touched. But hardships make people nimble and elastic. It is easy for those who have been often sick to overcome a new disease, while others that haven’t been sick may die. You are in such a room under whose floor electric current is running. A preacher was telling me, ‘What came to befall me, I was saying that women should not wear expensive silks, but when my daughters grew up, they wouldn’t listen to me either and started wearing such silk. People tell me now, ‘You were teaching the others but failed to teach your daughters!...’ So, talking only won’t do! [Talking does not do the trick!] If I were in the shoes of the preacher I would say, ‘Buy yourself even a better hat, a better garment, buy the best of the best!’ This is what I would have preached and the result would have been better: The father would be in trouble, would become poorer and at last the time for his daughters to go hatless would come. They will go into debts; electric currents will start shaking them, and there would be no need for any external people to teach them. Nature teaches in this way: it grants whatever wishes you may have, but after all these hats you will become broke and you will come to a point where you will suffer. Nature will give you what you wish for, but you will be accountable for everything it gives you. Now, what do I mean by the phrase ‘a nice hat’? I don’t mind nice hats, but it takes a corresponding head too! And the hat is not worth a penny on an empty head. A nice garment does not become [suit] a feeble body! If there are no nice thoughts in the head, the hat is out of place. We often go to one other extreme. Nature is not stingy like us. It wants her children to be dressed perfectly and it does not spare resources for the garments you want. If God dressed the butterflies, whose garment you won’t be able to make even if have five hundred thousand leva, what richer garment can a person put on. A human being must put on a garment but this external garment must have something in correspondence to a certain virtue. For example, you want to have a golden ring; you must have gold inside. You want to have a precious stone, but you have to have such a precious stone inside you. Some may fool themselves that their stones are precious. You have to wear and give vent to the great virtues. This is the only way that a man can be well-bred and intelligent. And all of you have to become well-bred, strong, to become people knowing that they have to study. There are things that cannot be bought, things that one has to make by oneself. Virtues are not to be purchased, they are to be developed. For instance you have to develop your [sense of] justice, so that you can know what will happen to you, to be able to foresee it, to feel it.... or to know how to preserve the good relations; to know how to keep friendship. You say that God is Love, that God lives in every human being. Then God lives in the minds and hearts of people. And every day the angels from the Invisible world listen to you talking nonsense. Even the best of you talk nonsense. After talking with a sister you say, ‘She is nuts, she has a tile loose, she has no manners. Look at her hat!’ It’s not bad for a person to criticise, but to make worthy criticism that corresponds to certain truths; not only to surmise, but to say it aptly [in place]. If a person only criticises all the time, what will the world look like? The world needs very few criticisers. The good and the bad aspects should be brought forward. You take the place of the criticisers but what do you have to do when you criticise? You have to write an anonymous letter to someone: ‘In my opinion you have to act like this and like that.’ Write him a very nice letter, so that one can benefit from reading your letter. Sometimes you don’t need to mention your name. You will say, ‘Sister, you have strong points but you also have weak points: your tongue3 is too short, you think a lot and speak little; you sometimes say lies.’ You have to extend your tongue. Human tongue is short. I would like you to have tongues like the tongues of the animals. It is often the case that what people say is not their thoughts. For example, somebody comes and tells a piece of news that you haven’t verified. It is often the case that an elderly woman in the country hears a piece of news and says, ‘I will tell it only for your ears.’ She goes to another place and says the same there; shortly after the entire village is in the know. If the news has travelled all over the village, what has the elderly woman gained? And afterwards, after being caught, she says, ‘I haven’t said it.’ You say at ten places what you have heard, and you think that these people will keep it for themselves. No. Things that are not accurately verified should not be said. We have to say things that are accurately verified. Often there are beings who sell to you their pieces of glass telling you that these are precious stones. Instead of dealing with the great law of Love, one deals all day long with things that contribute nothing to him. For example, the husband of one of your neighbours brought her some riches, a silk dress or patent leather shoes and this is what everybody talks about for a whole month. Then there appears a bitter feeling as to why your husband hasn’t brought you a silk dress. Let’s assume that you have a silk dress; what have you gained? You will be buried in a silk dress. What will you take with you from your silk dress on your way to the other world? Some say, ‘Let’s live our lives!’ There is no philosophy in such a living. I would not put on my back a dress that is worn out and fades within a year. A garment should never be worn out, as is with the birds. Such was the garment that man had on time ago. While nowadays they put on clothes that are not hygienic at all and subsequently many diseases appear. What has the current fashion done? If the [textile] material is very simple, it is not healthy. The material must breathe air. Moreover, you like wearing tight clothes. Arabic horses were tied by straps underneath so that they can be constantly on the alert. The garment must be loose, healthy, for the blood to circulate properly. Similarly high-heels shoes used to be worn earlier, which tightened the toes. Many diseases, corns etc. come out of this tight fitting of the tightening of the toes. Moreover, previously men wore high collars and looked like harnessed oxen. The back part of the neck should not be very tight in clothes; it should be elastic, soft. In the old times women used to wear velvet hats, but now they wear more hygienic hats. You have to comb your hair all the time for the hairs to be in the same direction, because the thoughts of a man are just like his hair. Hair should not be unkempt; you have to smooth your hair all the time so that your hair lies smoothly. If your hair does not obey your mind, how will you be able to work in the world? I consider the skill to blacken one’s hair to be knowledge [understanding]. Now the hair of some people goes grey because of ignorance, torment, grief. There is a natural greying for the hair, and there is also an unnatural greying, similar to the rooms that are not white but only the walls are white-washed. The grey colour of hair indicates that a person does not have mercenary objectives, that one gives away the entire wealth one has, that one is not thinking of oneself. And at other times you see people with grey hair who think more of themselves than of other people. Such people have false grey hair. White soil does not bear [fruit]; it is the black soil that bears. Then from your point of view what should the colour of one’s hair be? According to me the hair should be white, but white as a tuberose, natural; not gone white because of grief. Hair should change colours, should acquire at least three colours during the day: it should become black at dusk, before the sunset; it should be fair in the morning, and when the Sun is in its zenith, it should be white. When the hair changes its nuances, it is healthy and it feels healthy on touching. One has to have an intelligent thought, because the world we live in is intelligent and those who govern it are beautiful. They are not old; they are fresh; they have alive [lively] looks, nothing hardened will you see in them. You won’t understand how old an angel is when you see the angel; you will keep thinking that the angel is thirty, while the angel has lived for thousand of years. The angel’s face is young. Why don’t angels grow old? Because they do not suffer. Only people who suffer grow old. Troubles, grievances make people age. You are looking for God, aren’t you? God speaks to you internally at every step that you should not live the way you live now. This life[style] belongs to the past and you have to alter it a little bit. For instance, some suffering or a negative thought comes to you; why can’t you alter [change] it; look at it quietly and at ease; smile a little bit at the suffering, consider it a privilege of yours? I want you to open yourselves, because you have erected dikes in yourselves. Open all of these dikes; let the current run so that you can be absolutely natural! This does not mean to talk whatever comes to your mind, this is not natural. The tone for a musician is specific [determined]. When you meet someone, how many words do you have to tell him and how do you have to begin? You say: — Where do you come from? — I do not know where I come from, says the other one. — Where are you going? — I do not know. — Where are you staying? — At the London Hotel. — How long are you going to stay there? — When I leave I shall let you know. — How much do you pay? — Fifty leva a night. I do not know where I come from and I do not know where I am going to, but I know where I stop and how much I pay. Where does this money come from though? There is a habit in America, when you accost somebody at a big hotel of ten-fifteen floors, to be told, ‘Here is a big hook and a long rope, in case of fire for you to escape.’ There are no such ropes in Bulgaria. Self-education requires that you have knowledge in all the hardships and adversities in Life. You dwell upon one thought and say, ‘Why did God made the world like this?’ Thousands of people have asked this question before you, but no answer has ever been provided because the world is so made. For flies the world is made according to the flies; and for oxen the world is made according to the oxen; while for people the world is made according to the people, and for angels – according to the angels. Each world corresponds to the beings living there. I don’t see anything bad in the world, but there is something that is not understood in this world. You are left with the thought that that something is missing. No one is richer than your father, but not only your father has to be rich, you have to roll up your sleeves as well. Not only teachers have to be able, but you have to get down to studying too. If you go in rags, it is due to the fact that you do not work and do not study. And if there is somebody ignorant, he will complain that his father does not send him to school, that there was no school in his day. The whole world is a School. I shall once again render to you the story about that famous peasant woman from Varna region, who was thought to be lazy, had two servants, but after becoming poorer towards the age of forty-five, she became a teacher and started teaching the others how to weave and spin. How will you learn to talk to people? Man can never convey to the others what one has not experienced. You can never talk about Love that you haven’t experienced; you can never talk about faith that you haven’t experienced; you can never talk about knowledge that you haven’t experienced. You can talk, but you cannot convey, in the absolute sense, this knowledge that you haven’t experienced. Hence you have to start with the things that you have experienced. Some of you are superstitious and say that no work should be started on Tuesdays or Fridays. Why does work not go [down] well on Tuesdays? Because on Tuesdays there were wars, fighting and whoever goes out was shot in the head. And Fridays are dangerous because love affairs take place then and if you go out, you may make a mess. Then, Mondays are left for the Moon, Wednesdays – for trading, Thursdays – for nobleness and aristocratism, and Saturdays are for pious people who have to pray. Saturdays are even more dangerous than Tuesdays and Fridays. If you do not pray on Saturday, things are not all right, therefore when Saturday comes you have to pray during the whole day so that no evil afflicts you. Well, why should Friday be considered a bad day? If you go out on [a] Friday and [if] you do not know how to love, things won’t be all right and you will come back with a broken heart. For those who do not know how to Love, Fridays are dangerous! On Fridays your heart should be in place. Why are Fridays bad? Because your heart is not in place. Why are Tuesdays bad, Because your will is not in place. You say, ‘Love does not do the work’, but what do you understand under the word ‘love’. Love brings Life, abundance; all the goods in the world come according to the law of Love. This, however, is not that seeming politeness that people have. The one, who loves you, will bring you something and will go. When light comes and goes, it loves you; it brings something to you and goes out; it travels. This is the law of Love. Light and warmth when they come together, they bring everything – fruits and all the goods. When you go out on Fridays, you have to be like the light and the warmth. If you are not like the light and the warmth on this day, you will look like candles, which cannot be lighted and everybody will shove them away. Someone will ask if a man can be light [in colour]. Man is a lighted [lit] candle and his Light has to be intensified. All of you have to be intelligent, wise you have to be and then your new home, that you will build, will be transformed. You will get old in the future and your life will lose its meaning even more, won’t it? When you get to the age of seventy, eighty and some of you probably to ninety, where will you find comfort within yourself? Comfort is that Love that brings eternal rejuvenation. Man has to enter the law of rejuvenation. Although you are getting old, do not believe in getting old; although you are dying, do not believe in death. What do you have to believe in? You say, ‘You think I don’t see this?’ If I disguise somebody to make him look old, do I have to believe that he is old? At the theatre, young people in their twenties are disguised like old people. You believe you are old while you are on the stage, but when you come down from the stage, you are no longer old. Tell yourselves, ‘We are actors and the circumstances of acting demands that we are old, but we are not old! Acting demands [from us] that we sometimes weep, but we are not tearful [cry-babies]!’ Sometimes you shed a profusion of tears, but who would believe the tears of the actor? The point is to come to the sincere Life. A man who is suffering can carry the entire Earth upon his shoulders. If he cannot carry the entire Earth upon his shoulders, he has not suffered. I seek people of suffering; I am eager to see a person who is suffering. Very beautiful is the suffering face! I haven’t found a suffering person yet. Someone says, ‘Do you know how much I suffer?!’ I look at him and reply, ‘You haven’t come to suffering yet; you have come to grief; and there is something renovating, there is hope in the suffering.’ A man in hope is like a snake having shed its skin; his eyes are alive, [full] of hope, not of despair [discouragement], serious. Suffering brings the best of gifts in the world. And the Joy man has is an angel’s quality. It means that a man has entered their [of the angels] life. Suffering is something sublime; noble. All the saints suffered; Christ suffered; all the Masters suffered. Suffering is the last [stage] that completes evolution. John, on moving to the Invisible world, asked, ‘Who are those in the white garments?’ And he was told, ‘These are those who have passed through the great suffering; they have been through suffering and now they are clad in white clothes.’ I do not want to present life to you the way it is not and to tell you that you will be lucky. I will tell you that during the first phase you will be discontent [displeased], you will be tormented during the second phase, you will grieve during the third phase and you will suffer in the fourth phase. If you can transform your discontent [displeasure], you will have a wealth; if you transform torment, you will have another wealth; if you transform grief, you will have a third wealth, and if you transform suffering too, you will have all the wealth [in the world]. You are discontent [displeased], tormented, you grieve, you suffer – these are states that you have to transform. Epictetus4 lived in the house of a rich patrician, who had two thousand slaves and was very weird. He would often beat Epictetus, but the latter would only smile a little. The Roman patrician would get so very angry with this, and Epictetus would tell him, ‘You will understand one day.’ It so happened one day that the master squeezed Epictetus’ foot strongly, and the latter told him, ‘By squeezing my foot like this you will break it, and when it breaks I won’t be able to serve you.’ The patrician wondered at his self-control, gave him a lump sum of money and let him free. Epictetus went to Greece where he lived the life of a free man. If a man, who did not have Christian knowledge, lived like this, then you, who have it [the Christian knowledge], how should you live? You were brought up in a slightly different way, you are of a different up-bringing: a student goes to his teacher and tells the teacher to give him a higher mark, so that the student can pass to the next grade. The teacher might give him a higher mark, but he will have poor marks in life all the same. What you gain now, will be with you during the entire Eternity. Therefore it is worth studying the paths of Wisdom. The first requirement is to have faith, to be full of Love – Love, which even cures. If you love a disease, if it becomes very pleasant to you, then it will leave you. I have seen people who, when feverish, take the pot and go to fetch water. After a month or two the fever leaves them, while those who are afraid of the fever can be feverish for years. Wake up the Divine in you; think about the Divine so that it frees you of all the hardships! Man has to wake up the Divine in oneself and when he wakes it up, it will be omnipotent in him. If he does not wake it up, he will have to go to the water tap, but when he wakes it up, he will have a spring of water inside him. You have to understand the main point. If you are discontent [dissatisfied], subject the discontent [dissatisfaction] to a scientific examination; if there are hardships, subject the hardships to a scientific examination; if you grieve, subject the grief to a scientific examination; if suffering comes, subject the suffering to a scientific examination and see what God put in it and what are the reasons. When the days of suffering come, you have to be ready. You have to walk along the path of Wisdom now, so that when the days of suffering come, when you turn to Wisdom and call it, it will talk to you. Listen to the Good that lives in you. Don’t say that there is no Good in you, there is Good in everybody. One has to listen to oneself and believe in this Good. When someone says that there is no Good in himself, this means he has not developed it, has not used it. Now, be strong in the Word. Apply the Word, apply patience, talk to yourselves. Talking to oneself is most interesting. You have to tell yourself, ‘You are very gifted, but your gifts are not developed; a lot of Love you have, but you have not manifested it; a lot of Power [strength] you have, but you haven’t developed it; you are an applicant to Heaven but you are not ready yet.’ There is a long time ahead for you to study on the earth and you will pull yourself together to study. If you want to go to the Royal [King’s] Gates, you have to paint a nice picture. If you work, you will be admitted. You will have to sing a nice song, to weave a fine cloth, to write a good paper in order to get admitted. Imagine, you are asked to say something from the Gospel and you cannot. Some of you do not know even the Gospel. For instance, what does line ten in Chapter ten of John’s Gospel read? You will say that the Spirit will talk to you. What does line one of Chapter fifteen read? ‘I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.’ You have to know at least the first line of each chapter. I want all of you to learn the first line of every chapter of John’s Gospel. For next week you will learn the first lines of the first seven chapters. You should not resemble that American professor who went to the post office, but forgot his name and had to go back home to ask his wife. This is already a painful situation. One has to learn to remember. Weak memory shows that there is a collision between the mind and the heart. When your thoughts and feelings are diverging, when they are not in harmony, then it is always the case that memory weakens. Somebody told me, ‘Why are you talking to me about philosophy, I am dying out of hunger’, I told him, ‘Even if you have a lot of money, you will die out of hunger anyway [all the same].’ All the people die out of hunger. You should not think that you will die out of hunger. You won’t die out of hunger, but when you are dying, you won’t be allowed to eat, not to be full when you are served dinner above. Or put in other words, you can’t have dinner there if you do not go hungry for some time here; so that when you are given an angels dinner there, you would say, ‘[An] Excellent dinner!’ Therefore suffering on the earth is a preparation for you to appreciate the goods that will be bestowed on you. If you suffer here, you are assistants to the joys that you will have. The way you are assistants to the suffering, the same way you will be assistants to the joys too. What is given to you on the earth is in order to acquire greater goods. This is the true creed which you have to have with yourselves along the right Path of Life. If you have another creed, you will have disappointments. This life, that you are having now, is partial. Neither the King is satisfied, nor the mother. Not a single mother had sons and daughters like angels. If two angles are born by her, she won’t want to have children once again. She looks for these two children. If we take this in a mystic sense: man lives partly until one desire and one thought are born in him, which will be the centre of the entire human life. This centre is Love for God that has to give meaning to your life in such a way that this God is with you everywhere and when you call Him, he will listen to you. When we are dissatisfied, when we are tormented, when we grieve, suffer, if we call Him, He will respond. This is Love. When we hear His voice, discontent [dissatisfaction] disappears. When God starts talking, discontent [dissatisfaction], torment, grief and suffering disappear and are transformed into Joy. Establish a complete bond with Love and start studying! Study the lines, study the proverbs! You think about getting old. When you go to the other world, you will prepare to work and you will return here on the earth invisible to preach from one house to another for twenty years. Somebody has lost heart and you will make him hopeful. You will visit another one, a third one, a fourth one – you will preach for twenty years like this. Some of you twenty years will teach people not to drink wine, others will preach to the single young women for twenty years not to marry; still others will preach the same to the single young men. Some of you for twenty years will teach people not to lie, others will teach them for twenty years not to be afraid, still others will teach people to be moderate in eating. This is a science. God has placed you somewhere. Now, you want great gifts and knowledge to be given to you all of a sudden, so that when you preach people would say, ‘What a learned man he is!’ In the region of Varna a fortune-teller appeared years ago, who people from all over the region went to visit; she read fortunes on a big sea snail and she knew everything. This fortune-teller was robbed by rascals [rogues], but she could not see in the sea snail that she would be robbed. Therefore one may have all the knowledge [in the world], one may foresee everything, but one has to know also when one will be robbed. Each job on the earth does not have to be completed. I will also do the same - there is something which I won’t say, I do not want to be robbed… Lord’s Prayer Lecture delivered by the Master On 12 May 1932 at 16.00h, Sofia, Izgreva 1 One decare = 1000 square meters 2 Rakiya - traditional local liquor made of grapes or plums 3 There is one word in Bulgarian ‘език’ [ezik] meaning both ‘tongue’ and ‘language’ 4 Epictetus – a Roman philosopher lived during 1st century, born in Phrygia, was a slave to Epaphroditos; the basis of his philosophy was ‘Endure and restrain!’, and his ethics was based on internal freedom; he influenced Christianity and Tolstoysts (notes of the editor of the original edition) Source
  14. Note 1 The Ripe Fruit The Good Prayer „The Spirit of God" I will read Chapter twenty-two from Solomon’s Proverbs. “God is Love” Children first learn to walk; they start with crawling. Cowardly people when faced with great danger start crawling on the ground. When you read Chapter twenty-two of the Proverbs you will learn the true Path, along which a man develops properly. You have heard about it many times, but there are paths that take you nowhere. There are certain paths in the forest which cannot take you to any end; you reach a river or a mountain peak. Here we understand a Path that has meaning – along it you can come back with everything that you have gathered; you can carry everything with yourself. There is an internal experience and those who are aware of it can do every single thing. You ask what Path I mean. All of us are accustomed to feeling at ease, to have a convenient house and everybody would like to have somebody else doing the house work. A person is not inclined to get oneself down to work. Some people, not working for themselves, would like other people to work for them. How much would it cost me to have my parlour cleaned? They consider it all right to enter the parlour in their shoes, but they do not consider it all right to clean the parlour. You will say that you will get cold. Well anybody cleaning the parlour may get cold… In the Spiritual world one should first learn to be clean [pure]. You will leave your shoes outside. Moses was told on coming to that sacred place ‘Take off your shoes!’ Many times you insist on me telling you certain things. Why I am not telling you? Because you all have put on your shoes. I shall be talking to you about onion and pepper, but about an important issue – I shall not. You will say, ‘Does a man not have to have one’s shoes on?’ Was man born in shoes? Why then do you insist so much on having your shoes on when coming in and you consider it a shame to be barefoot. You are right in a certain respect: there are some places where it’s a shame for a man not to have one’s shoes put on. Feet should be put in virtues. The virtuous skin from which these shoes are made does not mar. A bird flying in the air is entitled to get into the parlour. Perhaps some day, when people start flying like the birds, people will not have to take their shoes off. I’m not saying that shoes should be taken off, but I am saying that everybody entering the parlour should clean it. And now I would like all the sisters to pay off back изкупят their sins. Young and old alike; be an example! Why do we have to clean the parlour? Why did you make it dirty, you come in with your shoes on? You have to start with a rule that you should first introduce Purity everywhere. You will start with Purity in the physical world. If you see a stain on yourself, you have to clean it. Do not leave it to stay, if you want to cultivate a good habit. If you see that your hair is a little bit unkempt, comb it; if you see that your feet stink, wash them right away, in order to be in consistence with that Divine rule. The present day life is a life of postponement; you postpone once, twice, thrice. As long as you postpone, God postpones as well. A good thought comes to you and you postpone its implementation and you say, ‘Hang on’. When you go to God, He in turn says to you, ‘Hang on’, because this thought is His. He says, ‘If I wait, you will also wait.’ A man went to a rich merchant but the latter told his servant, ‘Tell him that I am not in’. Then the merchant needed something and went to ask this very man for a favour. The man told him, ‘Tell him that I am not in.’ The merchant was surprised, ‘Well, I can hear his voice, how comes he is not in?’ The answer was, ‘He is not in for you.’ The Spiritual world is utterly demanding; there are no excuses there. When you go there, you will see an absolute Purity, absolute correctness. Such should be the future life. We want to straighten out our life here, but it still remains non-straightened and will never straighten out. The rule is: ‘a man who wants to straighten out his earthly life, should straighten out his Divine Life. There is no exception to this! Do not try to settle it only externally, you should first settle the Divine Life and afterwards the material life. When you get up in the morning, you should first pray, even spend an hour praying. If you do this, you will succeed better in your other work. Note that the eyes which are made of the most delicate substance are constantly washed by the eye-lids. The eye-lids wash them about ten times a minute because purity is required in order to see clearly. And human thought has to be even purer in order to be clear. If you neglect it even for two-three minutes, you won’t see clearly in your thoughts. You make a mistake, you postpone, you postpone again and you justify yourself that even kings make mistakes and angels make mistakes, and you are righteous all the same. People have made mistakes and have suffered the consequences; you will also suffer, somebody else’s sin cannot justify you. What use is it to you that somebody else made a mistake? None. Because the sin of one man is a problem to the others. Our responsibility becomes greater as other people are affected and the more people affected by our sin, the bigger the responsibility. This law is also true in respect of the good that you do: the more people influenced by your good, the bigger the good. This law has the same effect for the evil and the good. Somebody will ask why God did not make it so that the evil influence does not spread. Then the good wouldn’t spread either. But since the good is stronger, its influence will always be greater. Although bad people are more in number, the good people are stronger. If a thousand people do something evil, it can be compensated by a good done by one person. If you are a good person you are worth as a thousand bad people. This is why bad people always want to attract a good person to them because this is a great capital. I shall give you several rules now. There are certain issues that you are studying now. For example, you study handwriting. What use is this to you? If you are a young maid and your beloved is very demanding, you will immediately change your handwriting. (The master wrote on the board ‘My dearly beloved’.) Why should you call your beloved ‘dearly beloved’? For you he is above all, there is nobody else except him and you tell him, ‘Ever since I met you, my life became meaningful!’ Why did it become meaningful? In order life to become meaningful you have to have understood something. You have met somebody but you did not recognize him. When you met the young lad, you were looking only at the physical man – whether his hair is long, whether his brows are thick or thin, what is his forehead like, whether his hair is curly. This is why this man will turn sour later on, because he has the feature to turn sour, to ferment and to become wine. When you drink from this wine, you will get drunk and when you get up in the morning you will have a headache. I shall now clarify what I mean: a disharmony is generated among you, because you haven’t seen the Truth, you haven’t seen the one who loves you. You are looking for the one who does not love you at all. This very same one, who is on the earth, sometimes wonders how you fell in love with him. You haven’t fallen in love with him, but have fallen in love with somebody. And the other one is wondering why and what for you fell in love with him and cannot account for it. How can you fall in love with a person you do not know? You cannot like a book you haven’t read; only a fine book that you have read can you like. Sometimes you may be misled by the good binding. A man you should read at least forty-five years in order to get to know him. You will read him from cover to cover for forty-five years and after that you will return and comment on the reading so that you can see what is inside his soul. If you have a friend and make a remark about him, your love shall not survive. If you start along the path of love for God, will you make a remark to God for giving you such and such troubles, will you say, ‘Doesn’t God know how much I love Him?’ Let’s assume that God does not love you, but do you love God? Love covers many mistakes. If God has allowed certain things then what can make us draw the conclusion that these are inappropriate? Let’s assume that a young maid has got engaged to somebody, and the Invisible world is in the way and tries to put a stop to it. I ask what’s wrong with this. God knows that this young lad will ruin the young maid. He is for another maid, but not for you, but you say, ‘I cannot [do] without him!’ If we feel like that all the time it is the others that are wrong and we are right, where is then the love and where is the mistake? If the maid married the lad, after seven years he would tell her, ‘You did not cook the beans properly!’ From then on the ‘dearly beloved’ becomes ‘beloved’. After the remark about her dish he becomes ‘beloved’. The Greeks have a form of address Ivanaki. But after overcooking the beans three more times, there is no more Ivanaki. At first there will be Ivancho, and then only Ivane1. In this situation how can you make your life meaningful? I want to drive you to that great law: each thought coming into life in a person has a certain impact. Seemingly very little things can interfere with the law of Love. This is done by men and women alike, by teachers and priests and others. Never place an obstacle to clean waters. Do not place a barrier to the pure spring that flowms, not to gather mud. Because each remark that you make to a person who loves you is mud. And then you yourself have to drink this water. Because Love is a great law that comes from God; this water cannot go back, the mud will remain in you and Love will go away. You will clean the mud – this is the law! You cannot evade the consequences: if you say one bad word the water will sieve, the mud will remain in you and it will take years to clean yourself. It takes a proper understanding of Life. You have to know the power of the human thought, the power of the human feelings. You have to know what consequences a word said by you will have. One should be pleased with what you say. Every word of yours should be understood. Somebody may have made a mistake – leave it aside! If a fountain runs from God and some have blocked and mudded this water, do not become one of them. The Scripture reads, ‘Everybody will carry one’s burden.’ Everybody will suffer the consequences of one’s thoughts, feelings and deeds. This is a law that is true in one other aspect as well: both the good and the evil that you do, will pass through you. The good thought that you have will pass through you and will leave its print. This is a method according to which you have to work upon yourselves. Sometimes you feel embarrassment when you say ‘dearly beloved’. You are embarrassed because you haven’t said the truth. When you say ‘dearly beloved’, you should not change [your attitude] during your entire life. If you change, your conclusion is not correct, because precious stones do not change, but are the same all the time. A stone that is not precious remains forever simple2. Simple[-minded] people even if placed among educated people, with good people, remain simple[-minded] all the same. While good people even if placed among bad people, remain good all the same, they can even contribute something to the others. Precious stones are not influenced by the external atmosphere but they are influenced by the life of people. There are diamonds that lose their lustre if worn by certain people and they are forced to give them to other people to wear them so that the diamonds can recover their lustre. There are people who show themselves as bad but they are good deep at heart; they are bad only externally, but internally they have pure hearts and each of their words has meaning, without saying one thing and meaning another. Precious stones do not lose their value with such people, but become conductors of Divine Power. Saints transfer something nice to their garment which is lost in time. Similarly one has to be good so that aura, an internal scent, forms around him or her. When a person forms such an aura around oneself, he starts feeling that he is in a home of his. You often worry, you are sad that you do not have a good aura and that it is pierced here and there. Create a good aura of yours! This can be accomplished within one, two or ten years of Spartan life – a serious, not ascetic life. You have to know that only the good is strong in the world. Say, ‘God is Love, God is Wisdom, God is Truth! Nobody dies with God and I shall not die either! Everybody lives with God and I shall also live!’ But you say that you will die. Dying is one thing, going to God is another. Those, who die, are carried out of the house in a wooden stretcher; while those who are leaving, they close their houses themselves, they leave and nobody accompanies them, only sometimes can there be seers off. And those who die are buried. So, I’m saying now: I do not want a negative thought to enter you in the course of your development. Evil has settled in human beings not only from this generation, but for the last hundred, two hundred, three hundred generations. The evil has come to you along this line, but so has the good, left by your grandfather, which is also a legacy for you. If you are not paying for the evil you shall not be granted the good either. Whether the external world approves of us is insignificant. All of you live in a world that is good. How can you explain that at two or three kilometres of depth, under the most unfavourable conditions precious stones, that cost millions of pounds sterling, develop [take shape]? A piece of coal for which you would not give a fiver becomes a precious stone; the consciousness of the coal is elevated. Precious stones are stones whose consciousness has progressed. These are the righteous precious stones while the other ones are pieces of coal. When a precious stone comes to the surface it already has a price. It has lived a pure life in the depth of the earth. If coal turns into diamond under the worst conditions, why shouldn’t human beings, under their living conditions, become saints? They can, if only they want to! But those who think that they can easily enter the Divine Kingdom shall be simpler stones at first. There are many types of stones below the diamond, until you reach the lowest type of simple soil, of ordinary mud. Mud is trodden upon by everybody, all sorts of bugs are generated within it, it is exposed to constant suffering, decay etc. The same law is valid for human beings too: if they do not aspire to God, they will constantly suffer. Suffering is given so that people can have an aspiration to achievement. Aspiring to God means acquiring the riches that God has prepared for us. When we become good we do not contribute anything to the Spiritual world, but we become instruments conducting what God has put into the world. Some day when we become precious stones, an angel may place us at a window. However, there is no way for you, in the state that you are now, to come any nearer the other world. If you enter you will impart stench and the angels will have to clean themselves from the smell that you will convey. I have told you about that monk, haven’t I, who visited the monastery, said where the money was, but afterwards the monastery was abandoned... You should first start with cleansing [purifying] the body. This is one of the tasks. You say that one is beautiful while one is young. No, one is beautiful while one is virtuous. When one is younger, one has a more generous heart, and when you ask an elderly man for something, he does not want to oblige you. I have been observing certain elderly women: they grope in the bag full of walnuts and give only two walnuts to the child bringing them water. Then they promise, ‘Tomorrow I will give you again.’ The elderly woman tells herself, ‘If I give ten-twenty walnuts, I will run out of walnuts, and nobody will bring water to me.’ I have seen only one elderly man who was playing the gadulka3 and the children were dancing. Then they would bring water to him and the elderly man would tell them, ‘I will play the gadulka again tomorrow.’ Who is a greater master – the one giving away walnuts or the one playing the gadulka? The elderly man does not bribe with walnuts, but with playing. So I was saying: you should not allow to be bribed with two walnuts but the elderly man should play to you. Playing is the thought. You have to voluntarily, without being given something, fetch water. Everybody loves the elderly man; he is smiling, generous, plays for half an hour, all the children hop; everybody is pleased. But the elderly woman gives two walnuts and trembles. Under ‘elderly woman’ I mean the old life. You say, ‘Let’s do good!’ This is an elderly woman’s good, this is giving away walnuts. The children shall not improve in this way, because these walnuts are not hers. You all have to learn the Path of Love. When one is intelligent and one’s soul is filled with Love, one does not in the least have to think how one will spend one’s life on the earth. One has to think how to implement God’s Will and how to be useful to one’s neighbours [the people close to him]. And thinking about one’s neighbours, one has to think about oneself at the same time. Because only running water remains pure and its bottom remains clean. A practical application is needed and you should keep what you know. For example you are inclined to get angry, you flare up all of sudden, but make it a task for you to overcome your anger. Anger has a key; turn the key and tell the anger, ‘Hang on, I have some work to do now!’ If you stop the anger within yourself, you can transfer its energy to an upper area of your brain. You will use this energy to think about the saints, about God. What does it matter if a bottle broke? So many factories produce bottles, a bottle costs only ten leva, but losing your equilibrium for a whole day costs millions. You have a wealth and you lose it because of a bottle of some kind. Do you know that a Greek philosopher who after learning how to live a natural life, left only one pot for himself; but as soon as he saw that some people drink water from their hands, he threw it away also. If a bottle can disturb your peace, is this bottle on its proper place? If you have a bottle that can break and make you angry, keep it put at a high place in order not to be broken. It will be possible to make cups that do not break in the future. I would like all of you to become elastic like a rubber ball that recovers its shape after falling down. Make mistakes, but afterwards, like a rubber ball you should resume your initial position! Let’s assume that a certain sister of yours has a habit for which she is disliked. She is so beautiful that she is being envied. Or everybody is scared by her because she bites and pecks [picks on]; they do not like her, but they tell her nothing. What should you do? Two sisters should get together and pray for her to acquire certain gentleness. Then more than two sisters should get together, pray again and see if there is some gentleness. Carry on like this and you will see that after several months this sister will have more gentleness and will say, ‘I’m fed up with it, I also want to be a little bit gentler!’ You will assist one another with mutual efforts. Let’s say that one sister talks a lot. Let her talk, but I would help a sister who loses heart, does not feel like living, wants to commit a suicide, wants to leave the house, does not want to work. Let two sisters get together and pray for her to gain heart; then let five sisters pray. And after one year she will become better, more cheerful. The law will take effect; she will become one of the good workers. If a sister is sick, pray for her, even if she does not know, for your faith to get stronger. You say, ‘What has to be done?’ If you help a sick or despondent sister, you are helping yourself. Everything that you can do for the others will have an impact on your spiritual life. Now, what do you have to believe in? You have sufficient faith and sufficient love. However, your love is closed in a tub full of grapes – a big tub having a volume of a hundred kilograms out of which you let out only a little trickle from the spout. You also have a notebook where you note down who has paid and who has not. You give to those that pay. So far your love has been a love by the spout. I shall tell you a joke from a village near Varna: the mother of a young boy and his sister said, ‘Make a fire and knead some bread if you can!’ They started doing the housework and they let the wine out of the spout… The old wine should be let out of the tub. Never stop over your old habits. There are many habits but these are [like] old wine. The objective of the Invisible world is to transform the people. This is a New Teaching. The beings come from the Invisible world and everyday they will tell you something new. You not only have to believe, but to get in touch with the more advanced brothers and sisters. And if you love them, they will love you too. If they come every day then things progress all right; then you are cheerful and good. Because these Beings that come from the Invisible world, demonstrate a life according to the law of correspondence. If a man lives among mammals, he cannot learn anything, but if he lives among the intelligent people, he will learn many good things. One psychological law postulates: a solution of the problem about the internal individual life must be found. What should be done when nobody sympathises with man? If a man knows how to take in air, how to eat, how to think, he can be healthy. People nowadays constantly lose their temper. They get embarrassed and lose their temper ten or twenty times every day. Therefore today it is hard to come across people who are not nervous. Some say, ‘It’s a hard time’, others say, ‘The conditions are bad.’ But all these conditions can be improved. They are worsened by the people. One person can worsen the conditions for thousands of people. One person may set an entire city on fire; one person can come and teach the good to the people. The issue is that a man should be a conductor of the Divine Love; should be in touch with reality and should know what it is. Just like a person comes into contact with the light of the Sun, in the same way a person should come in contact with the Divine thoughts. One has to have such an experience. Somebody may tell you one of their experiences, but this can only be the urge, because you can benefit only from you experience directly. You should always elevate your mind! Never dwell on the negative aspect of Life! Because everybody, no matter how he thought, if he thought poorly, there is no gain out of it. Put figuratively, if the water has become turbid, there is a reason for this. If people have become bad, there is a reason for this. Reasons do not stem from the very existence itself. There is an internal deviation and then the evil in the world is created. As soon as you allow the minutest negative thought, it can become a conductor for a future misfortune [unhappiness]. Now, you have to direct your thought towards the following: first, a man is capable of improving one’s life; secondly, everybody has a desire to improve their lives, only that they do not know how to. An engineer may construct a building, but the one who has not studied can hardly construct it. Now, you need to know where you have to begin. You say that one has to live well and to speak well. But there must be examples [to follow]. How will a man live well? A man must think well; and in order to think well, he must have an object. You may make the best of water fountains, but there must be a spring of water flowing into it. Then this water fountain has an internal meaning. In order to put meaning into your life, you have to have an internal object; an internal Divine spring. Otherwise you will come to a place and you will say, ‘We know everything.’ Religious people have a small experience but they haven’t been to the Spiritual world to see it, they do not have such an experience. They only suppose, they have read books, they have imagined the Spiritual world to be like the world on the earth, without having the experience of somebody travelling to America or France. A Christian has to be like that student who spent four to five years at an educational establishment. Such should be the religious life for a Christian. Somebody may say that man will enter the religious life when he dies. Somebody may go along this way, but one does not attain anything from such a going. Christ says, ‘If my words live in you, then me and my father will come and will make a dwelling in you.’ I say: such is the experience that you have to have. Those of you, who want to attain the substantial in the future, have to have this experience. You say that this is not possible. However, for these who study it is possible. Therefore it is now necessary for you to have this experience. When you meet a person, whoever he may happen to be, ask yourself the question why you meet this person. A person that you meet – it’s either that you will influence him or that he will influence you. God lives in every person; then what will God who lives in you tell him; what will God who lives him in tell you? God who lives in him will leave you something one way or another; every person whom you meet, one way or another, will give you something that nobody else can give you. You too will give him something that nobody can give him. Everyday you will give something to people and you will be given something. And everyday your life will reflect these beings that come and will be formed by them. They will copy it and will take it above as a memory. You feel at times certain supreme feelings, don’t you? They come like an influx from outside, from these Beings. Sometimes you say, ‘It was different in the old times.’ Those who start talking about the old times have grown old. You already tried the old good. We have to try the present good and to try the future good, so that we can be entitled to speak about the old times. You have tried the old and have started with the present. The future is in front of you. Young people say, ‘We are young, we have to live our lives’, and the old people say, ‘We are already old.’ Who will then live for the future? The elderly man says, ‘Let the young people play, I will mind my old age.’ A young person says, ‘If the elderly man gives me a walnut, I will fetch water for him.’ However, the old man has no walnuts and there is nobody to fetch him water, nobody is interested in him. Aren’t the people interested in a fountain with running water? Everybody is interested – animals too, and bugs too. But when it runs dry everybody loses interest in it. A man, regardless whether young or old, should be a spring. In this way you will never be old. And in this way children when they come will fetch you water and everything else. Do not be waiting to get old. A man gets older only in one aspect – a man has to grow old so that he departs to the other world. An old man is like a ripe fruit, only old people are eaten. The young people are unripe fruit, and the old people are ripe fruit. As soon as you become old [those] from above will come and will place you in their bag and will take you up there. What’s wrong with this? Somebody says, ‘What if we die!’ I do not want you to die, but want all of you to become ripe, all of you to live. A man has to live in the world and to become a ripe fruit. The Lord’s Prayer Lecture delivered by the Master on 5 May 1932, 16.00h Sofia, Izgreva 1 Forms of the name “Ivan”: Ivancho – is endearment; Ivane – is the regular form of address (a noun in the vocative case) 2 There is one word in Bulgarian “прост” meaning a) simple, as in simple stones & B) simple-minded, as in a simple-minded man 3 “Gadulka” is a local style of violin used for playing folk music Source
  15. Note 3 Truth and Life „God’s Spirit” Secret Prayer I will read chapter three of the Epistle to the Corinthians where Apostle Paul addresses the young Christians having entered the Path recently. All of you need a new understanding and I call your existing understanding the understanding of caterpillars. According to it you are specialists: wherever one may put you, you peck at the leaves all the same; on whichever tree you may be placed, you do your work according to all the rules. It is true that in order for one to live, one has to peck, but this is the old life, the life of the flesh. When you take a look around, having lived such a life, you find out that the leaves are gone. But I ask what happens to caterpillars after eating. There are people more intelligent who give caterpillars something to eat and after the caterpillars transform into chrysalises, people take them, steam them, take out the fibres and make fine silk clothes for themselves. Caterpillars and trees suffer for these people, but they say, ‘Let caterpillars suffer, we have made silk clothes!’ You will say, ‘Silk outside, but nettles inside.’ The external aspect is nice but it needs an internal life. The external has meaning when there is an internal content. If a philosopher lives in a small house, this house acquires meaning. A house may be a shack, but if a saint lives inside it, the shack becomes a saint’s shack. Well, the house may be a church, but if vagabonds live inside it, the church also becomes a vagabond’s church. So now you have similarly opened a dining place and want to profit, so that you will be greeted like rich people when you go to Heaven. Do not say, ‘We pray to God!’ I do not mean to reproach you, but there is a prayer, which is not for praise, there is one prayer, which has no effect. Somebody says, ‘I have prayed to God for twenty years, “God, my wife is sick, I need money!” If your son goes abroad and keeps asking his mother for money, he resembles the saint who prayed to God three times a day for twenty years. The saint says, ‘I live for God, I believe in God’ and he only prays. While somebody else, who has not prayed but has ploughed the field, brings in whatever he has profited and places it in the Divine granary. Both receive diplomas. The saint says, ‘I have prayed three times a day for twenty years’, while the son writes to his father, ‘Father I need money.’ And the father keeps sending a loving letter each time: he places a thousand leva, two thousand, three, four, five thousand leva, he sends shoes. The son asks for something every morning and the father keeps sending something each time. I ask which son, who loves one’s father, wants so much. Now you say that you pray a lot. I praise you for praying, but every time you ask God to send you something. And some say, ‘I am already fed up with praying!’ And indeed you should not pray like this. Now you have to learn what to do when you do not pray. Because the one who prays in this way, will also live, but cannot be happy. Imagine that you go to a banker and he lends money to you; you go today, you go tomorrow and he lends money to you all the time – one thousand, two, three thousand leva. If you go to the banker everyday for twenty years and if he keeps lending you a thousand leva each time, which you deposit in the bank during the whole time, how much will you have in twenty years? You have been begging so far, ‘God is good!’ When you prayed you wanted something, but you already have to transfer something. Now you yourself will go to sow in the field, and after harvesting you shall give everything to the world and shall keep only the seeds for yourselves. All your profit you shall give! You need a new understanding. Everybody says, ‘Now God gave to us, and in our old age after having taken care of our children we shall work for God from the bottom of our heart.’ This is an excellent programme, but I haven’t met a single old person who has completed his programme. When one becomes old, one says, ‘My legs are feeble, God, I promised, but I can’t fulfil my promise, can’t I postpone it for some other life?’ He also prayed when he was young and he prays as well in old age, he borrows constantly and as soon as he goes to the other world, he is told, ‘This is one of the borrowers.’ But he won’t be told anything in the other world, he will be returned. Transform the rule now and apply it on yourselves when getting up in the morning in order to understand it. If you have a son or a daughter who prays three times a day every year and you have to pay three thousand leva daily per each of their prayers, you will have to give three hundred and sixty-five thousand leva for the whole year. If it keeps going on like this, you will have to pay – for twenty years, three hundred and sixty-five thousand leva – millions and even more till the end of your life. Taking this into consideration, will you be pleased with your son or daughter that they pray three times every day? But you do not think so and you say, ‘God is rich, He can receive prayers.’ He can receive prayers, but not in the way you want. And this is why God gave suffering. Suffering in the world results from wrong prayers. When we pray we always want God to give us something. God gives us, but afterwards prayers have another effect, because when we go to Him, we stay longer than we are supposed to and we take up part of somebody else’s time waiting outside. In such a case when you get out with what you received from God, the person whose turn you took robs you and says, ‘Go to God again to get what you need!’ This results from a wrong understanding of God’s Love. There is one law in Love: if you pray to God on the first day and you take three thousand leva, you have to pay back three thousand leva on the second day. You will take again on the third day, but you will have to pay back money on the fourth day. This is what is right, but Love does not allow taking ten times and paying back once. You will borrow once and you will repay, you will then borrow again and you will repay again. And Christ says, ‘Collect treasures in Heaven.’ If you do not pay back what will you do when you go to Heaven? Nobody will lend to you there and this is what will happen to you: since you can be a guest for only one day there, on the following day you will take your passport and you will descend again. You are not even allowed to stay like guests there. Moreover, in Heaven you can’t say that you are hungry; there is no such thing there. If you go to Heaven, you must be rich - you must have collected treasures. The entire Heaven must lend to you, you have to have deposited something. Only then will you be glad, because you have one co-worker both above and below. The Scripture reads, ‘Let’s be co-workers of God.’ Not only to spend but to take and to pay too. Now I ask what your profit should be in the world. You have to gain souls! He, who has gained one soul, has gained something good. What is it like to gain a soul? Let’s say that a soul is captured by an evil spirit, its wealth is robbed and if you succeed in returning this soul to God, you already have wealth. When you meet this evil spirit – the devil, no matter how strong he may be, stop and try to free the soul. Now you are required first of all to free yourselves. Learn to free yourselves! Make your best to put to bed the devil, which in many respects is still awake within you. He is not put to bed due to one single reason - that you doubt. When you envy this also indicates that the devil is not put to bed. Not that the devil is bad, but he sniffs and when he sniffs that you go to God, he conveys envy to you. Then when he sees that your faith is getting stronger, he becomes scared and conveys his fear to you. No matter whether you fear or you lose faith, he nonetheless conveys these to you as legacy. When he leaves you, then other devils come looking for this one where he lodged and you pay all the expenses of the devil. But where can one find him, everything has been eaten up, everything has been drunk up, and you are the only one that is left. This is an allegory from which you can understand the internal meaning: one may free oneself and become strong not in a mechanical way. You want to be happy, to be helped from the outside, you want to make mistakes while you want God to work for you. If the others work, only they will get stronger and become righteous, while nothing will come out of those of you who do not work. He who ploughs becomes rich, and he who becomes good, lives, because Life is a great work. Somebody sits idle and asks what to do, while somebody else says, ‘Pray!’ What do you have to pray for? You will first pray in the morning and you will ask, ‘Shall I work here?’ Ask one station, ask another, ask a third one, when you find work go and get it. Or go to a department and ask, ‘Is there any work here?’ For example, you go to a banker and want him to give you something, but God made the work so that if you can make the banker turn to God, he will pay whatever it is you want. Well, if you can’t make him turn to God, he says, ‘I give only to the one who can free me from the hands of the devil. To the one who can’t, I do not give a halfpenny!’ The man says, ‘My wife, my children do not love me. If you can help me, if you can show me a way out, I am ready to give you half of my wealth.’ You reply, ‘God is good!’ I know that God is good, but I am a trader and I need something in black and white. So, the people walking along the present path will come to a place and they will say, ‘It was different when we were young, but now our faith weakened.’ The young one is more industrious, the old one is lazier. Now, how will you explain to yourselves why older people become lazier? A young person does not rely on anybody, and because an older person has sons, daughters, friends, this one and that one, an old person relies on them and says, ‘They will help me’. Thus an old person becomes lazy and gets older, while a young person works on one’s own and says, ‘I have no acquaintances. I have to pull my act together!’ It’s sometimes nice for one to be young to rely on others. I consider other people’s help false promises. What does a man going to marry a maid say to her? Those of you who are gathered here are married and now I will quote for you to see whether what I say is true: the young man talks the young woman into, ‘I am capable to take care of you, my father is well off, I have a nice house, I also have nice land, my sisters and brothers are very smart [intelligent], you will live very well with me, you will wear nice clothes, you will be like a princess, nice hats you will wear, patent leather shoes, nice gloves and you won’t walk on foot, you will have at least one cart etc.’ And the maid on coming to the young man’s place thinks that it will be so. However, her husband’s business becomes sort of messy and he says, ‘I intended so, but it turned out a little messy this year, but next year everything will improve. I have a friend who told me that next year we would start an enterprise and you will have a new costume then.’ The next year is out and he says again, ‘I had no luck with the business.’ And the same goes on for twenty years: this reason, that reason and the woman keeps living in deceit. This is the comparison I can make. In Yambol1 I was told about a horse before which a sack of hay was placed in a certain area. The area was moving, but the horse, while going for the sack of hay, sets a carding machine in motion. The horse kept going for the sack of hay and at last when the wool was carded the horse was given the sack of hay and the horse says, ‘I reached the sack of hay!’ Then the horse starts going for the hay again, carding the wool and in the evening the horse says again, ‘Good Gracious, I reached the sack of hay!’ In the same way people chase such bundles for twenty years running, keep setting the carding machine in motion and fail to reach it anyway. Nothing is gained from such promises. Wool is carded but a horse remains a horse. This is the old teaching; you should not beguile yourselves like this. Somebody says, ‘I will improve things’, but things do not improve. You, by working for God, have to make deposits in God’s bank. Only then will your work improve. You say we should pray to God. You will pray, you will excuse yourself and you will say, ‘God, I am late, I did not pay, but now I make deposits in God’s safe. You will pardon me, I am a little late, but next year will be better!’ In this way the man finally gets to see that this work makes no progress. Why doesn’t it make any progress? What is important is what you can accomplish today. The small job done during the day, the small addition to your thoughts and feelings – this is what counts. Not what people see in your work is essential for your work. In the work we do for God there should always be something recommending us before those who have completed this Path; our work should be visible to them. And when we come to their level, then we have to be an ideal for those coming behind us, we have to raise our light and encourage them. And thus walking along the Path everybody should be able to see this light. There is no point looking for your torch. We sometimes resemble those people who like Diogenes light their torches in the day and walk along the Path. Diogenes was asked what he was looking for and he replied, ‘I’m looking for people.’ The new, which all of you aspire to now, is to become like those good workers in the world. Rich people do favours to themselves. They find a precious stone; make a necklace out of it or place it on one of their fingers. The people of the New Teaching have to be like these jewellers: they have to find out where there is a sinful, fallen soul and they have to buy not only it but all the rest that are around it. Afterwards they have to place them on a necklace or on a ring. Jewellers you have to be! Now everybody says, ‘May God forgive our sins!’ We pray only for ordinary things. It will be ridiculous if I, being a student in a school, after the teacher had taught the lesson, go on the following day and make an excuse that I have not learnt it. I make an excuse on the following day too, and again on the third day. If I keep making excuses for not learning my lesson for a whole year, what will the teacher think of me? You should not make a single excuse throughout the whole year and you have to go to school having learnt your lesson. If, by chance you have made a mistake, this is a matter of course. You will correct yourself when you have a second chance and on the third chance you will have corrected your mistake. This is how one is elevated. And the difficulties that you now have are certain tasks. Somebody says, ‘It’s not possible without suffering!’ These are also certain mistakes. If you had no difficulties in your life, you could not learn anything. If students at school were given only solved problems, what would they have learnt? If they are not assigned a topic to develop or a picture to draw, what can they learn? Sometimes they will work, sometimes they will sing, but if left doing nothing, what will their life be? Such a life is meaningless; it is a life of secular people. Secular people only make eyes at this and at that and say, ‘This one is religious; the other one is rich, has a big house’ etc. Now you will also say, ‘I know this person, he is a good one.’ You can attain nothing by making eyes at others. Whichever bank went bankrupt. So what? If you have money there you will cry together with the bank. Deposit your money in the state bank, why do you need a private bank! Neither do you need your son’s bank, which is also a private bank. Deposit your money in the Divine bank, where nobody can eat it up. The saved money of many of America’s bankers was eaten up. People keep saving money for rainy days, but the rainy days washed away the money. Had they deposited their money in the angel’s bank, their money would have been secure, but they deposited it in private banks and the money was washed away. This will happen to any of you who deposit one’s money in one of these doubtful banks. Bear in mind the following rule: deposit your money in the Divine bank! You may deposit a hundred leva in every bank. A hundred leva in each one of a hundred banks – this makes ten thousand leva which is enough. That capital that you have should be deposited where money is secure. Now you will say, ‘We have heard this, Master!’ A mother was teaching her child lessons by saying to the child, ‘Do not disturb me but make yourself a kite.’ The child goes to the mother’s loom, takes the scissors and starts cutting threads to make the kite from. The child cut off the upper threads and made the kite. The mother, on entering, is surprised: she sees the threads of the cloth cut off and her son sitting by the yarn-beam holding a kite in hand. Never again did this mother leave her son near the yarn-beam, so that he won’t cut off the cloth again with the scissors. Similarly you too often cut off the threads of the Divine yarn-beam. I say: when you have to weave something on the loom, keep the door locked so that no one can get in and spoil all of your work. How many times have your children cut off the threads of your yarn-beam! So, it is good to have a desire born within you to be disciples. Disciples should acquire knowledge from childhood to old age. Disciples should always work for God, then – for their neighbours and for themselves. Disciples should work for three people: first for God; what is left should be deposited in the bank of the neighbours, and what still remains, should be deposited in one’s own bank. This is the secure way of life which requires that a disciple’s mind should be calm, a disciple’s heart and soul should also be calm. This is the Divine Path. And if all the people lived in this way there would not be any contradictions in the world. Somebody will say, ‘Don’t you believe me?’ I certainly believe you! I believe that you are capable of not fulfilling your promise, as all the other people. What will you do when you have no money? I believe you, my eye! Take statistics for example, how many people who have made promises have not fulfilled their promises. How can they excuse themselves then? … Now, it’s not important what one was previously; it is in the past. What one will be in the future is another matter. But it is important what one can be now. You say, ‘How shall we live?’ This is the new way! Through the law of suffering God wants to teach us to be grateful for our present life. Having done something you have deposited it in the Divine bank and you should not worry about tomorrow. Do not think about your husband, but when you get up in the morning thank God that you are healthy, thank God that your children are healthy. And when they fall ill, you should thank God again. The disease is from you, while health is from God. Your son or daughter may have lost something; thank God that they have not lost everything. This is their business. We say, ‘Why did God allow this?’ Some come to me and complain that they have no luck. A maid comes to me and tells me, ‘I am not lucky, it’s been ten times that I got engaged and disengaged.’ And she starts telling me the name of the first man. And I reply to her, ‘If you had married him, he would have victimized you. The second one would have sold you in slavery; you would have been a servant with the third one and you yourself would have wanted to escape; the fourth one would have taken you to pubs to eat and drink, while you would have had to pay his bills. The fifth one would have made you a vagabond, an accomplice in his crimes; the sixth one would have stuck a list on your back of all the chores you have to do and in the evening he would have scolded you for not doing as much work as you had to. Providence wants to rescue you; you are not destined to marry. You may marry, but I will tell you that if you do so your husband will beat you black and blue three times a day. There is something which God does not allow, but if we insist a lot, He says, ‘Let him have it!’ But this is not destined for you. You will say, ‘Is it possible for one not to marry?’ There is nobody who is left unmarried. The moment you come to the world, you are already married. And when you love, you connect with the one whom you love. What is marriage? Marriage without love does not work. Whenever there is love between two persons, this is a relationship and it is from God. Wherever there is no such relationship, why should you be cheating each other? Two oxen are brought together, are harnessed and they get married. I have seen also that two cows get married. Some other times I have seen an ox being married to a buffalo-cow or an ox to a cow. I say: this is more natural. But there are combinations which are not quite according to God. Now people follow a natural way. There are already tractors and no cattle will be harnessed, cattle are released because they have other work. Oxen have served long enough, oxen have to be released. Our mind, heart and soul have already to be released from strenuous labour. We sometimes spend all our life tormenting ourselves and after twenty, thirty, forty years we say, ‘There is no way out any longer.’ There is a Way out in life! You come to a dead-end street and you cannot proceed ahead; you have to go back. Now, the easy path is the path of the Divine Love. When you work for God, you will get up in the morning and you will say, ‘Today I will do a piece of work for God!’ The smallest piece of work – it will be for God! Someone may say, ‘How is this possible?’ It is possible! This is what I will do if I were in your shoes: when I get up in the morning, I will write a love letter to a widow. I will address her as ‘Sister’, and she will be wondering who this letter is from. I will write the address and afterwards I will prepare a parcel with two small loaves of bread. This is something too – I will send a small loaf of bread to each of her three children. This is God’s Will! If I were in your shoes, I will send to her a packet where I will place stockings or gloves. Altogether there are various ways of implementing God’s Will. Or I will send her a nice book – non-expensive, not big. This I would do every day, if I were you. But you start hesitating, ‘It’s not OK with books, not OK with small loaves of bread, and not OK with love letters…’ No, you will say that it’s OK for you to send small things! It’s nice for people to write love letters like this to each other. What an encouragement these letters are! Would you lose heart receiving such letters! Now, somebody is not satisfied with little, he or she wants to be promised a thousand and five hundred leva for this or that. This person has twenty leva for himself and says, ‘I will be very grateful to you, I will pray to God for you!’ Are you going to pray for one thousand and five hundred? Well, if you give ten leva to a priest the priest will pray twice as much. This is the way of exception: if somebody asks me for one thousand and five hundred, I will send fifteen leva to such a person and I will say, ‘You will dip ten leva into the water and it will become as much as you want. If it does not, you write to me; you may not know what the method is.’ And I will also tell him to do this experiment in the morning, when the Sun rises. Some other time he will do the experiment at midnight, a third time he will dip the money in cloudy weather and a fourth time – at a starry sky. If he does not succeed, I will tell him, ‘You are rather ignorant!’ Now, you are in dismay and you say, ‘How can this be possible?’ I will clarify my thought a little bit for you: imagine that you ask me for one thousand and five hundred leva and I send fifteen wheat grains to you and I say, ‘Now it is autumn. Plant them in line with the latest system existing in America, and I assure you that after five years you will have a profit not of one thousand and five hundred leva but of more than twenty thousand leva.’ You have to know how to utilise things. If somebody believes when dipping this money ten times in water, it will become more, it will multiply. If someone needs money it will multiply. When the son of that poor widow was going to be sold in slavery, she went to Elisha and he told her: Do you have empty vessels? I do. Do you have anything else? I have a glass bowl for oil. Get as many vessels as you can from your neighbours, close yourself and start pouring the glass of oil into the empty vessels! When she started pouring, she filled the vessels and said: Give me vessels! There are no more. The prophet says: Go now, sell the oil and buy back your son! If you have a substantial need the oil will start flowing. This law is true. Each thought and each single feeling in a human being can deliver its fruit. So I am saying: you have to come to the positive side. Sometimes the work may come out unsuccessful; the mistake is with you. Make a second, a third, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth experiment until your method changes and you acquire substantial knowledge and understand the mystic, spiritual aspect of things where one’s power lies. And when you acquire this Power, you won’t use it for yourself, but it will be good for the others. Because when a person makes a water fountain, this person is the only one who does not drink from it. When the fountain becomes famous, everybody will drink from it. When you have done one good [deed], everybody becomes aware of it, everybody will drink from this good. You cannot fit taps to the fountain to close it; when the fountain is completed, both animals and people – everybody will drink from it and will be grateful that there is one intelligent person who resolved one of the important issues. Now many of you suffer, are sick, live in poverty and misery, but these are tasks which you have to resolve. If you resolve them correctly on your own, this is one good for you, well, if others resolve them, you will only learn. But there are things specially given for you; and be grateful to God that these were meant for you. If you carry a pain for a day, two or three days you will leave it in the end. If you have disharmony in your back, it is an unresolved task. When rheumatism besets you and stays in you for three days, you send it away on the fourth day. If it stays for a long time in you, this shows that you are not of the very able disciples. This is how I see things: if I were in your shoes I will look upon it in this way, while you look upon it in a slightly different way. Rheumatism when made work can plough the field like an ox. Some lad, when he falls in love with a maid, will first take her hand and won’t let go of it, but she has to pull back and go home. So you also have to pull back at last and go home. These are altogether souls who do not have work to do, they engage you and say, ‘You do not understand, have sympathy with me.’ They get hold of you and they establish private property, they fence themselves with wire, they want to build something. You will tell them that this place is narrow. Take them a little bit away, give each a hoe and tell them, ‘I have a more spacious place, while here there is no space even for me.’ By talking to them so, they will come out and they will leave you. These are outcomes that result from certain thoughts. Now the danger is elsewhere. If you understand the internal law, you will come across something else. Therefore, the main objective of Life is to live for God. Since the whole Life is of God, we shall live for Him. It is not what other people describe it to be. We have to think that all the goods, everything intelligent is taken from God. For the One who gave us Life, for Him we shall work. We shall say, ‘We know the Truth, the way we know water, the way we know that the wind blows. Truth and Life we know. This Life has come from God!’ You all have to arm yourselves with a mighty Power and send something every day, if you want your life to be meaningful. I sometimes watch the present people and make my conclusions. At other times I am busy with a nice thought, but suddenly something takes my thought back into my past. I understand that this thought is not mine - somebody has decided to visit me. And indeed, before an hour or two are out somebody comes offering his past life to my attention. This thought is not mine; this person is occupying my attention with affairs that are not mine. I will tell him, ‘You have not done this, you have not done that and subsequently you are having these implications. You have to change your life, because otherwise you won’t make progress in your work!...’ There was a rich merchant in Varna, Yanev was his name, living in Balak2-market. One day he became an Evangelist, started reading the Gospel and his affairs started making progress. He says, ‘Now I will be a good grocer!’ At some time his affairs took a course backwards. He says, ‘I used to put in action any lies before these Turks who came from the Deliorman3 region. They wanted ten kilograms of sugar but I gave them eight. Everything that I have gained ever since, I have now lost. Now I will have to make profit anew – according to God, by honest means. Everything gained through injustice will go its way, and everything gained though honest means will stay. The life I have lived in injustice, will pass, there is no blessing in such a life! Now, you will begin the pure, sacred Life, now you will begin the life of Love. Living according to Love, I have to sell in such a way that we all should live according to Love. This world is not only for me, but it is Life for all people. All people should live well. Sacred Life is a good Life. When you live it, there is nothing in your mind troubling you and you are cheerful all the time. Now, I want all of you to live in the new way! Once you enter this Life, when you sell, you will always measure by ten grams more from you. No undermining! When you talk about somebody, stop yourselves, because sometimes you exaggerate, interpret, and criticise his or her mistakes. If you buy, you increase them in order to pay less money. When you assess them without any exaggeration, you will affix a higher price; you will see that this sister is not so bad, that she is better than you thought she is. You are the intelligent woman, while the bad one is for sale; if you say that she is very bad, you devaluate her. When someone is being reproached, this person is being sold at the market. Such was the yoke years ago: when a slave was sold, his or her evil was sold – something was feeble, something was worn out. They would do everything to pay less money. Likewise the devil takes you away to some place to sell you. The devil comes and on hearing that someone is being reproached, the devil sells such a person. And when somebody is being praised, this person is also being sold. A person is devaluated when being reproached, and a person is appreciated when being praised; but in both cases such a person is sold in slavery. And afterwards such a person is told, ‘Do you know how well I spoke of you? You will also do something for me!’ He will say, ‘Do you know how much evil you have inflicted upon me? I will respond with evil to you!’ Therefore, when this brother comes, you should say, ‘This one is not as yet for sale, he is not worth it, do not buy him!’ So when I say that people should not be gossiped about, I want to thwart the sale. You get to know this person a little bit and you do not take him or her for a second time to the market. This is what you do for several months or for a year. Sometimes one is in slavery, something torments him or her and he or she wonders, suffers; they, from the Invisible world, come to free him or her and he or she says, ‘Thanks God!’ After this he or she is praised again and sold again; and this is tormenting again. A Prince married his beloved and they had to go to a ball. He told her, ‘You will dress according to the fashion!’ She did not feel like, but he insisted that she should dress according to the dress code of the ball, and he gave her a nudge to this effect. And she dressed up. But when they came back he gave her a nudge again, because she had violated a certain rule at the ball. I say: You will be given a nudge both when dressing up and when being praised. Nudging there is both at the beginning and at the end of the ball. In other cases there is another kind of nudging, which is of a completely different nature. This concerns the internal aspect of life. So, when these nudges appear you have to elevate spiritually. Do not succumb to the weakness saying, ‘God has forgotten me’ or ‘We have to take some rest.’ Rest is a fact, rest lies in good thoughts. If we think about good things we relax; this is physiologically true. In order to relax you have to completely replace your thoughts by pleasant thoughts. For five minutes you can replace a thought that burdens you and get some rest by opening one’s thought. When you come to a negative thought, replace it and say, ‘There can be no change in God and there can be no betrayal!’ God, who has given you all the goods, who has given you your life and body - you have to work for Him. The remaining years of your life you will dedicate to Him, because when you go to Heaven, the big Life will testify for the work you have done. The others who have been watching will also testify for your method of work. The whole school knows a student, who is capable, who is gifted, doesn’t it? When I visited various teachers they pointed at certain students and said, ‘These are very capable, very talented.’ While when pointing at some poor students they said, ‘These are no good; they are dull.’ If you are a duffer, everybody knows that you are a duffer; if you are gifted everybody knows that you are gifted. The law is true also in a spiritual respect: if you live well in the Invisible world, you will also be pointed at; if you do not implement God’s Will, you will be pointed at too. The rule does not change. So now, all of you have to acquire the first teaching. You started all right, but you stopped at a certain place. One Saturday night one of the best Bulgarian priests had a vision of his guide and he touched him upon the eye and said to him, ‘One of your eyes started looking at the ground.’ When he got up in the morning there was a black spot where the guide touched him. ‘I do not like you; you have hurt yourself today. It seems your eye is bruised. Where did you hurt yourself last night?’ ‘I burnt incense to God’ the priest did not say the reason, did not admit that he was warned to look upwards, not at the ground. Eyes should look upwards. If you look downwards at the ground, your work will progress with difficulty. You all will be workers; you shall not look downwards, but you shall look upwards. This is the law of Love. Whatever happens to you, you shall look upwards! God’s Love should permeate your hearts. No discouragement! Discouragement will come, weeping will come. Discouragement depends on whether you all follow the law of Love. You have to follow this law and to be co-workers of Love, because very good workers are needed now. The present time is difficult and it shows that it’s time for school-leaving exams, the academic year is just about finishing and you will pass from one grade to another. You have to sit for an exam; the final deadline is already close. It will be good if you improve your marks. You will either improve your marks or you will have to re-sit the exam. Those who have to re-sit the exam know who they are. Now, let the thought ‘We are co-workers to God, we work for God!’ stay with you. This is the good thought, ‘Let’s work for God!’ This is a good thing. As long as we work well for God, we shall work well for our neighbours as well; we shall work well for ourselves too. And then our work from morning till night will be blessed and happy. Secret prayer Good prayer Lecture delivered by the Master on March 17, 1932 Sofia, Izgreva 1 Yambol is a county town in Bulgaria 2 Balak – means simpleton in Bulgarian 3 Deliorman (from Turkish) was called the North-East part of Bulgaria, not far from the town of Varna. Source
  16. Note 3 Bending & Breaking Be always faithful, true, pure, and kind! Reflection There is a situation when a person constantly studies and never learns. Has a woman done her work well if has half-kneaded the bread or if she has not baked it? Has a seamstress done her work well if she has sewn the clothes helter-skelter? And if you wait for the angels from Heaven to come to carry you with their hands, to give you a guitar and to award you with wreaths on your heads, will you be ready for this situation? Your desire is excellent, but can you put a guitar in the hands of a person who cannot play, and can you place wreaths on a stupid head? I mean a head, but an intelligent one! Now, I am telling you this in line with the progress you have made in your development. When you feel a desire to weave and when you first go to a trainer good at this art, when she starts explaining things to you, will you understand her? You say that you understand and she leaves you alone. But if you have not mastered it, you will be weeping at the loom. Now, you have to know that the Master won’t be among you forever. One day you will be left alone and then we will see what will happen. There are two things that you need: the soft person should bend and the strong one should break. So, the soft person forms a circle and the strong person forms the diameter. You have a certain feeling for unbending will. What should be done with your will? It should be bent. But when? In case an unbending will lead only to evil, it has to be bent. This is true for both men and women. If a woman has taken a devious way, she has to bend properly. Bending is a transition from one condition into another; only then can there be bending, only at a curved line can there be life. Some say, ‘I do not want to bend’. There is no bending in ordinary life, but bending is inevitable during a transition from one state into another, from physical to spiritual life. This is part of the course of development. If the Earth had not bent, what would our situation have been? If the Earth has remained round as a ball, nothing would have grown on it; it would have been smoothly covered with water all over and nothing would have grown on it. But the Earth bent and valleys were formed; the Earth broke and mountains were formed. When you bend you will form valleys, when you break you will form mountains. This is how you will provide conditions for the development of your life. The word breaking is wrongly understood today too. Breaking means when you walk exactly into one direction to take a direction perpendicular to the original movement. Therefore, these are features or methods of Life itself. Many of you have to bend, at that you have to bend at a place where it needs to, not everywhere. You have to bend properly at the required place, so that you form a continent there. You have to break exactly at the place where a mountain peak can be formed, similar to the Himalayan ones and your ideas may be born on this high peak. These are the conclusions that are to be encountered in nature. Nature works in this way and one should work in the same way. What are your eyes like – bulging or sunken? – Sunken. So it takes a sinking inside in order to create the eyes. Then there is a sinking again in order to create the ears. If you say, “I do not want any sinking’, do you know what you will look like? If there was no sinking in your face, what would it look like? Beauty is born thanks to this sinking too. There is a breaking in the nose, while there is a bending in the eyebrows. Now, you will perceive this in the most profound sense: one should bend and one should break, but where one has to! There are people who bend before everything, but this is another matter. Bending is actually taking the right direction of development. Bending is an indication of kindness, while breaking is an indication that one can endure any pressure. Sharp items always make their way; you have to break in order to form a blade to attack your enemy with. Breaking means taking another direction. Now, some of you have to take a perpendicular direction of development as compared to one’s views. For instance, you have made many decisions, but tell me which decision you have implemented so far, which decisions you have acted upon? I am not saying that you have no aspirations. When certain points are argued, one has to bend in the good sense of the word, to take a perpendicular direction as compared to one’s original situation or one has to move in a circle, to perform harmonic movements. To put it more precisely one has to move either along the diameter of one’s circle, or perpendicularly to one’s circle. However, these are scientific terms that have to be translated. Take the word crack open. This word has both positive and negative meanings. Indeed, it is bad if your bottle cracks open, but when a wheat grain cracks, when your iced water cracks, this is the good sense of the word. Things sometimes have to crack open! When intelligent people crack open, when good people crack open, fragrance comes out of them. But when stupid people crack open - stench comes out of them. This is why I say, ‘Evil people should not crack, but good people should crack! And when God wants to interrogate somebody, He takes that person, squeezes and tests him or her. You also sometimes take a strange leaf of a plant and having squeezed it you see that it stinks. Thus sometimes, and it is from the Invisible world at that, you are being cracked and you let out fragrance, but having stayed for while you start stinking. This is why you should be squeezed often! Let’s assume that you have a seed; if this seed cracks open on its own accord we call such cracking an opening, an intelligent cracking. But if it does not crack open on its own accord, can the Sun rays get into it? Therefore, one should often crack one’s soul in this way, and in order to crack one’s soul, one has to free oneself of certain temporary prejudices. Temporary prejudices are to be encountered in all social strata, in all social classes. Women have special types of prejudices. When you get together at a place, one has to have a phonograph to hear what you are talking about. When you get together in your intimate life, what are you talking about? About news, aren’t you? In this respect it is all right for one to take interest in the news, to talk, but it needs an intelligent discussion. When one enters this Path, one has to find exactly these appropriate methods that Nature uses, so that one can do more with the least efforts and to have sufficient time to pay attention to the useful things in life. Whenever a disciple reaches a certain stage of development, the disciple is always exposed to certain tests; the disciple is already exposed to conscious tests. This is part of the laws in Nature. This is also true in life: when you have a small child, you do not send the child anywhere – neither to the mountains, nor anywhere further. But when the child becomes fifteen-sixteen years of age, you send the child to the grocer’s and further away. Why? Because you rely on the child. And when you send the child, there will be wind and hail and rain and storms and troubles but this is a matter of course. So now you have become a little older and you will be put to certain tests: you will be sent to the grocer’s, you will be sent to fetch chopped wood, you will be sent out of town etc. If you go to the Elena1 region for instance, you will see that a woman carrying more chopped wood on her back is considered a heroine. However, if any Sofian woman places chopped wood on her back, this will make the front pages of all the newspapers. The newspapers would write, ‘This is unheard of – Sofian women carrying chopped wood on their backs!’ I am asking whether one has to carry chopped wood on one’s back. No, one does not. This is a need we have created artificially. You will examine yourselves along these lines, you will examine your condition along these lines, you will examine your disposition along these lines, you will examine the people around you along these lines too; you will examine everything. You will examine the weather too. Now, I will give you the following exercise for ten days: you will take a notebook and you will note down the weather and your condition in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. You get up in the morning, you are indisposed; note down what the weather is like! And at noon, according to your condition you will note down the weather again! And again in the evening. You will continue with this exercise for ten days, i.e. thirty times. This exercise will show whether there is any correspondence between your beautiful conditions or your indisposition and the weather outside. Sometimes you are cheerful, the weather outside will be cloudy, and some other time when you are aggrieved, the weather is clear. It is of interest to see in how many cases your condition will correspond to the weather. You understood how this will be done, didn’t you? You will put down a note like this in the morning, ‘I have a severe indisposition of my Spirit.’ At noon you will put down, ‘Terrible doubts seized me’, and in the evening, ‘Deep jealousy seized me’. You will write on the following morning, ‘Awful pusillanimity’, at noon, ‘Acrimony’, in the evening, ‘Dreadful vengeance.’ On the morning of the third day you should note, ‘Strong faith’, at noon, ‘Great hope’, in the evening, ‘Immense love’. This is how you will write – not much. You will put down the time and what the weather is like: whether it is cloudy, or windy, whether the Sun shines or not. For instance, you will write, ‘The Sun is shining off and on’; however, if the Sun is not to be seen, you will write, ‘Absolutely cloudy or windy.’ You will first take notice of your condition, and then of the weather outside. You will start the exercise tomorrow morning and you will see how each one will start. But you will be calm and you will simply chronicle certain conditions of yours. One has to study one’s nature and not to worry about the conditions that one experiences. Often the joys that you have are not yours. In America or England2, for example, when a gentleman is invited to a ball or to a sumptuous dinner and he does not have a nice suit, as it takes a couple of thousands, he goes to a well-known company and rents a suit. If he needs accessories he will rent them as well, he will dress up and this is how he will appear. On the following day he puts on his old clothes again. You likewise are cheerful some days, but you have rented joy from elsewhere. But I am not to be deceived: I see somebody springing with joy and I say, ‘This one has rented this joy from this-or-that company.’ Later on I see that this person has returned it. I say that you will be invited again; you will rent again and people will see you dressed up, according to the latest fashion. One has to have one’s own suit. One thing I know for certain: the spiritual Joy of a person is something constant, it never alters, it cannot be rented. This is what I know and what you know is something different [another matter]. There may be storms outside, unhappiness, but deep down in one’s soul a spiritual person sees Eternal Joy. A spiritual person endures suffering well: such a person may weep twenty times a day, but he or she is nonetheless glad internally. This is experience: the important thing is the internal condition, and not what one manifests externally. Joy is never wasted; this is my understanding! The same is true about Faith: hesitation, doubts and other things may come from outside, but it does not alter. The same is true about Hope and about Love. Love never fails, it does not cool down. This is what we know, and what you know is another matter. This is how I understand things for myself. One may fall down and may get scars; this falling means nothing. Is a ray, descending from above and falling onto the Earth, more sinful than the other rays? No, it has come to do its job and after completing it, its condition alters. Having done its job it must have acquired something anyway. Loss in one respect is a gain in another. God, for our sake, sends us to the Earth to suffer temporarily, so that we acquire something fine and beautiful. This is what I know! Somebody says, ‘Why did I descend on the Earth?’ You have made an excursion. Now you have chosen a day slightly inappropriate for an excursion, but nonetheless this is pleasant. Anyway after the clouds and after the rain the weather will improve, it won’t last like this forever. Christ says to His disciples, ‘Now you have grieves, the world will rejoice and you will weep, but then I will see you and you will rejoice and nobody can deprive you of your joy.’ In this way you will work practically, i.e. you will work experientially. You are taking a test and no one can help you, not even angels can help you. Even if they want, they won’t be able to, because everything takes place according to the law of absolute freedom. Well, how can you help that lazy student who does not want to study? The teacher can get him or her into another grade, but human beings need knowledge, they need virtues. The virtues within us have to grow! When I talk to you about that ideal world, I mean that a human being has to develop all of those virtues, all of those abilities. Then a human being will have strength for oneself. And there should be no animals around oneself, because animals are an indication of one’s weaknesses. This is how I understand this Life! While now you are rejoicing and you are saying, ‘How nice it is!’ Yes, this is a plaything for children; this is how they are spoken to. This Life has to be built out of those internal virtues. If you do not have them, no one can help you. Anybody can live on the alms basket, but you know what the alms basket is. I have told you so many times and I am asking you again whether you can join a contemporary symphony orchestra if you cannot play? You will be merely listeners there. You may want to play, but after pulling the bow for ten times, the bandmaster will tell you, ‘Be so kind as to listen only!’ And there is no point taking offence, because only the one who is able has the right to play. This will be the case when you come to the other world. But there is Blessing! Blessing there is for that beginner who practices the violin all day long, but there is no Blessing for the virtuoso. It is said about the virtuoso, ‘’Blessing is over for you, you have to manifest your art and to play beautifully, nothing more!’ Now, I am talking to those of you who are virtuosos. For those of you, who are students, there is Blessing [bliss] as much as the ocean, but there is no Blessing for the virtuosos. Only a virtuoso has rights; a virtuoso has the right to play the way he or she finds appropriate. While a student has no rights, a student will play according to the rules, the methods given by the Teacher [Master]. Being a student you will observe the discipline of the school: you will make no scandals with your class-mates, you will not laugh in class, you will not talk in class; you will answer, you will be silent and you will study intelligently. Moreover you will not dress the way your fancy takes you, you will not eat seeds, peanuts and any other similar food in class, because these are not allowed there. You will enquire whether you are not free. There is no freedom - this has to be observed in class! When you fast – this is an indication that you are students. Abstinence is required! Only a student fasts. If you adhere to these rules in your life, you will achieve certain good results, but even if you do not adhere to them, you will study your lessons anyway. Why is the Invisible world so strict and just! So far, since the creation of the world, not a single angel has succeeded in getting one’s way through without studying. Anybody, who has attempted to, has always descended to the Earth. These are rules for everybody, there is no lenience whatsoever, no hypocrisy. The law is the same for young and old alike. For those who have consciousness, who want to be in the other world, the law has to be the same. Don’t you think that there is any hypocrisy in the other world, as in this world! No, there is no hypocrisy there. When you enter there you will be expected to be pure, while Purity is a feature only of the immortal souls. This you have to know. If you are mortal, you have no Purity! Intelligence is also a feature only of the immortal souls. A mortal soul cannot be intelligent. Truth, Justice, Virtue – all of these virtues are features of the immortal souls. When a human being becomes immortal, he or she will also have virtues, he or she will also have one’s own way of understanding, but they will all be different. Sometimes one feels so under the weather, that one feels like taking one’s head and running for the woods. Well, if only the woods could heal wounds! How many times have we been to the woods without succeeding in healing our heads! Heads can be healed only when the Truth comes to live within a human being. So now, you will get into your head the thought that there is no hypocrisy in the world you are aspiring to. You should not look at the contemporary life now, do not be superficial; do not be beguiled by any temporary appearances. You may have a friend who loves you, but do not be beguiled by the first manifestations of love. Love is known by its end results. Do not be beguiled by any temporary appearances. The one who loves you on the Earth, he has to show you the Path upwards. As long as he shows you the Path, he loves you, if he does not show you the path, he does not love you; nothing more! We understand love as an urge to the objective, to the good for the soul. If somebody hinders my soul, if somebody enslaves it, if somebody detracts me from the Path to understanding God, what do I gain from his or her love? So, Love with its internal meaning can be known by the fact that everybody who loves you has to give an internal impulse to your soul. This is what we call mutual labour, mutual work towards self-improvement. This is the beautiful! And when you reflect, you will know that each sister, who can give you an impulse, loves you, and the love of any sister who cannot give you an impulse, is not strong as yet. You say, ‘But she does not love me.’ This is a temporary and subjective understanding. There is such a love in the world, when I will smile at you, I will offer you a chair to sit, I will treat you at the table; but this is not love as yet, because I can have vested interest. If you go to a modern American teacher and if you pay him or her twice or three times higher a fee than a poor student, he or she will receive you well and will send away the poor student, to get rid of the poor student, although the poor student also pays a fee to the teacher. I am telling you, ‘Do not waste your time with such a teacher.’ So, during these ten days, when you get up in the morning you won’t be in hurry to wash, but remain reflecting in bed for ten minutes in order to receive the God’s rays of Truth. In the evening before you go to bed spare ten minutes for reflection again. Be in a quiet and calm condition and thank God for all this. Direct your soul upwards to the Invisible world, so that you can receive the Great, the Divine. In the morning – ten minutes, in the evening - ten minutes; this is where the good of the human soul resides, this is the beautiful, and this is the delightful. One minute spent with God is worth millions of minutes spent with people. This is what I know! One has to live millions of minutes with people in order to attain one minute with God. Not that people are bad, but what I am looking for is not to be found with them. They have to work for a long time in order to be able to deliver such a thing. This can only be provided by the Eternal. Therefore, we have to be going closer to God, thus we shorten our time. Christ says in the Scripture, ‘Rejoice and be cheerful when grieves come onto you; rejoice and be cheerful when your mind is troubled; rejoice and be cheerful when people say bad things about you; rejoice and be cheerful when your work makes no progress; rejoice and be cheerful when you have nowhere to sleep; rejoice and be cheerful when you walk barefoot; rejoice and be cheerful when you are hungry etc.’ And if we establish an internal law we would say: strong is the person who can be a master of oneself. We could make the world go our way, but we are afraid who will do our job. For instance, I ask you how many hours do you need to sweep your room. I need only five minutes to sweep clean four rooms; I need ten to fifteen minutes to cook you a meal; five minutes to get dressed, one minute to wash myself. How many minutes altogether? Seventeen minutes. Then I need five minutes to see to the children at home, five minutes to receive visitors etc. So that it will be approximately sixty minutes until I do all of your work and afterwards I will have a lot of free time. For example, it often happens that somebody comes to me with a whole string of questions, intending to have a talk with me for four or five hours, but he or she tells me, ‘Master, I have written all of these questions, but I resolved them on my way to you, there is no point for you to waste your time any more, everything became clear to me having talked with you for four or five minutes.’ So, these were clarified to him from the Invisible world. Otherwise I would have had to tell him, he would have argued, I would have had to prove things to him and after four or five hours he would have left with certain reservations anyway. While now, both of us are grateful. It is different when you clean your house. But there is no dust in the house of a righteous person. When dust reaches his or her house, it stays in the air and when you open the window it goes out. For example, a saint when getting up in the morning, performs his duty by saying ‘fie, fie’ and thus cleans his room. He cleans it very well, with the best broom and there is no dust left there, everything goes out. Work will shorten; this is exactly the future of the civilization – to shorten the work and to get free of this exhausting labour that we are having now. Indeed we work a lot nowadays. Three hour’s work a day is enough, while now we have all become slaves to work. Another work is needed already: less physical work, more work for the mind and for the heart. Now somebody says, ‘What shall I gain now that I walk along this Path?’ This is what you will gain: for fifteen minutes you will cook the meal, for fifteen minutes you will get your work done in the room, for several minutes you will see to your visitors and you will never live in deprivation. Of course this is for the future. If you live like this you will gain time. While now you cook for four hours a day, two hours go on sweeping, three hours you spend with your visitors, four hours – with the kids, two hours – on sewing and in the end the woman says, ‘Whatever work remains undone, I will have to do it on the following day.’ So, not only that she could not finish her job on that day, but there is work for the following day. Even if she works the whole week long, she cannot finish anything, but this work is to be done for twenty-five minutes. Now, you have not studied the art of making people feel happy. Why can’t you make your folks at home feel happy? You say, ‘Only God can do this.’ But you can make your folks at home feel happy. Now I shall not tell you how; this is the greatest art. You can make both your husband and your children feel happy. This is the greatest art, but I shall not tell you about it now. It’s not a difficult job, but it is a science. I shall not dwell on the method, but imagine that I can see you coming from the street and you are annoyed and I know that you like rose oil. You enter and smell around, it feels pleasant and your mood immediately changes, doesn’t it? So, the rose oil can save the situation in this case. But this is not my art; I am only saying that you can apply this method. If, however, this person has an aversion to rose oil, you may make a mistake and lose completely. You know what this person is supposed to like – rose oil or violet oil, or any other oil. I used to know a person in America who left his wife and do you know why? He had an aversion to the colour black. One day he went to see to some of his commercial transactions and while he was away his wife furnished the room in black. On seeing this when he came back he broke with her. One has to study both oneself and one’s own tastes. Sometimes you want to know what you yourselves like, so that you can please yourselves better. I call love the profound desire of the soul, the Divine in a person. By soul and Spirit I mean the Divine human being, while by heart and mind I mean the human aspect of life. Get your soul and Spirit started, so that everything hidden there can develop. This is your good. Leave your heart and mind to develop on their own accord, do not interfere with their development. In order to educate one’s mind, in order to educate one’s heart, one has to be knowledgeable. When I use the word grief I mean those intelligent conditions under which a certain virtue can develop. We will feel grief all the time while it is developing. These are conditions under which these virtues can develop. Therefore, grief will bring Joy, because it provides the conditions for the virtue to manifest. This is precisely why we have to understand that each grief brings something nice to the world. If you have grief, something fine will be born within you. I do not mean suffering, but grief. These are laws of Nature; it has arranged things like this. Somebody says, ‘I am already fed up with grief!’ No, rejoice, because you can’t imagine how nonsensical, how empty life on the Earth is without grief. Be glad while you have grief. You have not tested Life without grief. You have to understand Life: as soon as grief comes, let Joy appear in your soul. Somebody says, ‘Well I suffer a lot!’ Fine, be glad, something nice is maturing within you! When the nice fruit ripens within you, they will be good for your soul and you will then understand them. (A voice from the audience): What is the difference between grief and suffering? Suffering is meant for the stronger ones. Grief is only a way to develop certain virtues. When one aspires to create something new in oneself, one suffers. Suffering creates new things, while grief facilitates the development of virtues. This is the Truth: the soul grieves, and the Spirit suffers. When the Spirit wants to create something new, it suffers, but not because of being weak. People have imparted a distorted understanding of the concept of suffering. When we say suffer, it can be replaced by effort, by overcoming of circumstances. Be always faithful, true, pure, and kind! Master’s lecture delivered on February 18, 1926, 16:00h in Sofia 1 Elena is a small town in the mountains in central Bulgaria. 2 The Master refers to USA (America), and Great Britain (England). Source
  17. Note 3 No Science, No Success Be always faithful, true, pure and kind! Reflection I shall take a line that reads, ‘No science, no success’. In other words success depends on science. In general contemporary humankind is in a clash with its old beliefs, with its old convictions and this is only natural. Imagine a horse that is in the habit of kicking; this is in his culture, it is related with the evolution of horses and for thousands of years horses have used it as a weapon against their enemies, to safeguard their life. Kicking is not a bad habit of horses, kicking is a defence mechanism. But imagine contemporary horses, harnessed to a cart, trying to kick in the same way. It is ridiculous, isn’t it? In this case horses should cure themselves of the habit to kick. Sometimes all people have such habits like kicking, which was useful in the past, but which is harmful under the present conditions. They cannot be eradicated completely but they can be made harmless, because they are already out of place. You have to keep in mind their harmful aspect: a harmful habit can never be of use; it was useful previously, but now it is not useful. You say, ‘No science, no success.’ Can anybody become a tourist without travelling, without visiting high places; can anybody become a violinist without training how to play; can anybody become a singer if he or she never studied this? Whatever the art, one has to dedicate long years; one has to dedicate a whole life in order to learn the art. And it is strange that contemporary people (not all but some of them) thought and still think that Christianity can be acquired very easily. No, according to the same law, the principles of Christianity require a whole life to apply. And not only has a teaching to be applied, but the results that come out should be safeguarded. Everybody talks about the nice voice of a singer that nature has endowed her with, but if she does not safeguard her throat, if she likes eating spicy food and drinking cold water, if she is negligent to her voice, do you think she would have this beautiful voice for long? The human heart should also be safeguarded according to the same law. Some say that the human heart is broken and subsequently there is no point in safeguarding it. This is quite so, but when a human being turns to God, one’s heart is renovated and it is exactly these hearts that we have in mind. You want to walk along the Path and already to apply [the teaching], because your hearts are renovated, but I ask whether you will expose these renovated hearts to the external changes. It takes safeguarding! This is already a science! Some may feel weak and may think that somebody else must safeguard them. Thus for example, mothers take care of their children at their early age. When the child is one year old, the child needs somebody to take care of him or her, but when children become five, ten or twenty years of age, they will take care of themselves. This is the case in intelligent Nature. God has made it so that these features are implanted in each human being and human beings have to safeguard them. There is another condition requiring that one should always be busy working. Nobody should be idling around! As soon as one starts slackening, one falls into idleness. Take for example the most prominent violinist, who can play very well, deprive that violinist of his violin and he starts getting nervous. Give him back his violin and he will immediately cheer up. Take an educated person, deprive him of his work and he will start getting nervous. Take whichever housewife; deprive her of what she needs at home and she will immediately start getting nervous. You should all be working! Now you will say, ‘We do not have the right conditions to work.’ I do not know, perhaps you do not have the conditions needed for a king, or for a Prime Minister in Britain or the conditions for a certain billionaire in America, or the conditions of a shah in Persia, but I say that the conditions you have now are thousand times better than the conditions of crickets and of sparrows. I watch sparrows: when the weather is bad, they go into a hole, then they come out, they cannot remain in there. They go under the tiles of a roof, they come out, call their friends, get in together and say, “Thanks God, we found a place where to shelter, we shall stay here!’ These are the reflections of birds. We say, ‘They are birds, they can be happy having little.’ What should we have in order to be happy? The good thing that I like about these two sparrows is that they are happy. They having found a hole, thank God and say, ‘It is nice here, and there is no wind to blow against us.’ Both of them huddle up; they are happy. Is there anything better than this? And these two birds are happy throughout the whole night. They have God’s benediction, because the Scripture reads about them, ‘Not a single sparrow can fall on the ground against the Will of God.’ Their guiding angels tell them where they can find a hole, direct them to this place by instinct and they are grateful. Under the present circumstances that you have life cannot be so pleasant. People do not have ideal concepts about things, because humankind is now under the most difficult conditions, it passes through the densest environment. Matter is at its densest now and there are no favourable conditions for work. Imagine a farmer having four to five thousand decares of land, but not a single drop of rain has fallen for ages. He has all the ploughs and devices, but the land is as hard as stone. I ask how one can plough such a hard soil. Therefore, he has to wait for it to start raining, to become humid, and the humidity in the Spiritual life should be generated by each one of you personally. I shall give you an example: when the Bulgarians have no flint and steel, they take two pieces of chopped wood and start rubbing them against each other and after an hour, after two or three hours when they become very hot fire is generated. Similarly you, Bulgarians, will insist, will keep rubbing and it may take an hour or two until you produce fire. Once you produce it you will already be able to cook a good meal on this fire – you may bake bread, you may boil water too. Now, we shall apply this in life, because this very same law is also true in regard to the human feelings. If one is involved in the external world, one will not be able at all to distance oneself from the world; if one’s full attention is absorbed by the world, all one’s energy will be sucked out. Imagine a doctor recommending to a fat person to bathe in the sea. What will happen with this fat person if he is all day long in the sea? If he stays in the sea for four hours everyday for a whole month this will be enough to ruin the little health he has. If he has to bathe in the sea, let him get into the water for five minutes only, this is enough for him. Somebody asks, ‘Don’t we have to live in the world?’ You will live in it for only five to ten minutes. By world I mean the conditions, i.e. the water. The favourable conditions are pleasurable at times, while at other times they are not. Let’s assume now that you are in a position to go to performances or to concerts or to other similar events every evening; if you attend such functions every evening, what will you attain in the end? If you are familiar with all the performances, if you know how each play was performed, what will you gain? One or two performances per life are useful, but the numerous visits to the theatre or to concerts become boring. So now similar is the religious life of people and I do not recommend religious life to people. By religious life I mean the external aspect of things. Religious life should be measured. And when we talk about spiritual life, it is the essence of human beings. Each single being is spiritual in its essence. But religious people should implement. But if all one’s attention is absorbed in the external, ritualistic aspect, the internal essence is lost. You, being students, should safeguard yourselves. As soon as your consciousness is filled only with external forms, an internal shaking is started, one becomes displeased with oneself. One grows in height until a certain age, and then one comes to a standstill. Growing up and stopping of growth alternate regularly in you. There will be a standstill and this standstill is nothing but the moment when you stop growing and the growth of another being is started. You will accumulate certain energy during this time for the following year, in order to be able to continue your growth then. You want to be always cheerful, to hop around, but this is impossible. A child, having hopped around for not longer than ten hours, falls asleep, and the child stops hopping, and as soon as the child awakes the child feels a certain fatigue in the feet. There is no success without science. You have to study the fundamental rules in your life and you will strive for satisfaction with the little knowledge you have attained. This knowledge serves as a pediment for a new acquisition which you can apply everyday. You all want to serve God, but can you define in what way can one serve God if you are asked to? God can be served everyday in thousands of ways. One can serve God by cultivating one’s thoughts and ennobling one’s feelings, by steeling one’s will, by strengthening one’s body, thus re-constructing it. After this one can enter society, can serve all the people, can study their life and can help them. Consequently, the first phase of each life has to begin with the cultivation of the human feelings. I talk to you about cultivating but I do not know whether you have taken the pains to cultivate your feelings. Contemporary religious people have a habit which they inherited from their ancestors, namely: some rich people, on becoming poor, do not go to work, but stay idle and start searching their mind to find a rich uncle of theirs in order to write to him to send them some support; or they start taking interest in their old and rich aunt. They probe everywhere in their notebooks and they expect something to come to them for free from somewhere. Few are, however, those who can work on their own. Contemporary religious people resemble those who take the easy way: they go to church, they light a candle, they cross themselves three times and afterwards they sit down doing nothing. Such people will go to church three times a day but will not get any work done: they will go to church in the morning, they will go to church at noon and they will go to church in the evening too. It’s not a difficult job to pray for three times a day. You can pray at home too, this is easy, but when you are told to go to a town to help poor people, you say, ‘This is a difficult job, it is not for me.’ Yes, this is also God’s work. You will go through certain suffering, but you will go and help! Then another situation comes up and you say, ‘But I want to hear God’s voice, and only then shall I go!’ There is such an example: Yon, when he heard God’s voice, packed his luggage, boarded a ship and started running away. Sometimes people do exactly what God does not want. When God said to Ananiah, ‘Go to this street, there is a person praying there’, the latter replied, ‘I know him, he is a dangerous person, I am scared to go near him.’ Then God told him, ‘Have no fear, he is praying; go to him and I will tell you what you have to do!’ Thus one gets into talking out of fear not to fall in a similar trap. Therefore I say: it takes science! No science, no success! And this spiritual, internal experience is also needed; you all have to strive for this! You have to use and to apply the little experience that you have. And you also have to distinguish your situations: it is often the case when extraneous feelings and thoughts find their way to your heart and mind, which hinder your progress, desires that are not yours or thoughts that are somebody else’s may find their way in. Each one of you will work on oneself. Self-education starts exactly with what belongs to your life. Sometimes there appear feelings of suspicion or of an internal fear. A period will come to your religious life when you will start feeling fear without any reasons. When you stay at home an internal fear takes hold of you. Why does it happen? You will all go through this. Some other time you will start thinking that your heart will stop; that you will die and won’t be able to prepare yourself. All of these situations are thoughts of somebody from the external world. The first rule is: no science, no success. In the purely spiritual life when you walk along the Path of God, things cannot take another course except the way God has determined. There is one thing that hinders you, sisters, and it is the following: when this science is not among you, i.e. you do not know how to value one another and the required harmony is not to be found among you. You will all agree that it is not to be found. This is not bad; when people are together in a choir, can they all sing; can all of them read the notes? No, that bandmaster will teach them the notes and before one year is out the singers will be in harmony. We can create harmony! When one wants to sing one can learn singing. When one does not want to sing, even the best teacher in music cannot teach such a person to sing. Now, this harmonization is not an external process and words cannot do the trick. We can say, ‘Let’s get harmonised’, but nothing comes out of this. There are various methods in the Invisible world: God starts first by advising and suggesting. If one does not want to listen, there are external methods as well: earthquakes, plague, famine, diseases, poverty etc. will come. These are all corrective methods for people. Do not think that God has no weakness. His patience is long lasting, He waits for the people to correct themselves and to implement His Will, but once the last hour of obedience comes, then all the sins of people should be corrected. We do not have to be like those waiting for the Divine stick before they get into the right Path. I believe that all of us have a fervent desire to attain the internal Truth. Many say, ‘We want to know the Truth.’ I translate the word truth: you want to be free. But in order for one to reach freedom, one has to have Life, one has to have Light. Above all one has to have Life, then – Light, knowledge, and freedom comes after knowledge. After freedom you will learn what Truth is. The Jews told Christ, ‘We are free’, but He replied, ‘Anybody committing a sin is a slave to sin, so one is not free.’ As long as one makes mistakes, one cannot be free. Consequently, such a person will be deprived of one of his or her best feelings – to experience the internal Joy of the Spirit. And freedom is a relation with the most intelligent Beings. If you belong to a modern symphony orchestra, you won’t be asked about your origin, but everything will depend on your playing. You won’t be asked about your origin, this won’t even be mentioned, but you will be given a chair and the piece that you have to play, and the one conducting the orchestra will immediately understand which place to assign to you. If you can play well, you will be given the first place; if you do not play well, you will be assigned to the last place. This is what happens in an orchestra, this is what happens among the army men – the strongest gets the first place, and the weakest gets the last one. This is what happens in society too, the situation in the Invisible world is also the same. One who utilises the conditions granted by God, who has progressed and attained knowledge, is successful and the Beings from the Invisible world have a very good opinion of him or her. When they open his or her life and see that this person is righteous in every single respect they have a good opinion on him or her. While in respect of someone else, who has been righteous to a certain extent, but has scored many black marks afterwards, what opinion can they have about such a human being? Somebody will say, ‘We want to live our lives for a while and then we shall correct ourselves.’ As soon as you say that you may correct yourselves, these Beings open the book of the past and check whether there is a beautiful life somewhere in your previous existence. They will take and transfer this life [here and now] so that they create something beautiful for you now. When talking about human self-education I understand that you have to call forth everything beautiful from your past in your mind. Or put in internal language, one will pray to call forth the fine beautiful feelings that one will work with in the future. Now, I do not know what test I have to put you to, so that we can see how harmonised you are, sisters. I would not like anything of what is going on and talked about in here to be let outside, not a word should be let outside. Nobody from the outside world should know anything before a month is out. Well, can you do this? You will say, ‘We can do it’, but you will leak something. Where does it leak through, where does it find a vent to go out? The fact that you like talking outside is not bad (this is a good habit, because this is how culture is shared), but it resembles the kicking of a horse. If you have such habits you have to be on your guard. You will say, ‘There is no kicking!’ Sometimes silence is gold. This does not mean that one has to be silent all the time; if you have habits, if you have no obligations, you may talk to your heart’s content. Now, all of you have learnt the art of talking. There are such correspondents; there are many of them particularly in America. People gathering news to fill in newspapers are paid a lot of money. Well, what does it resemble? If I give you a task, you will spread it before you have accomplished it. I do not mind if you spread it after having done it. But you will be blabbing all over and afterwards the task won’t be completed and you will be trying to find the reason for this. Not that you do it out of evil will. I will request you to be silent, because I think that you have already grown up, that you understand things. People have acquired habits. For instance there is a preacher in America1 who when talking shifts his shoulder. These are bad habits and everybody should be trying to control one’s habits. The people listening to this preacher laugh while he is not aware that he shifts his shoulder. This is all the weakness: many times we have wanted to correct a weakness of ours, but when we talk we forget about it. No, you will control your arm! It’s not bad that he shifts his shoulder, but there are cases when the arm should follow the commands of the human consciousness. It has to obey, nothing more than this! There must be discipline! What if the eye starts behaving the way it feels like? Or the face? Do you know what grimaces you will make? No, the face must obey! In general there is no desire that one cannot implement. In this particular case everything can be put under control. Now, I will give you an exercise and next time all of you, who are now listening to me, have to take part in it: every Friday, i.e. four times this month you will get up at 4 o’clock sharp and you will spend a whole hour in reflections, but deep reflections. You will pray for blessing and harmonization for both you yourselves and for the small group here with which you have to harmonise internally. You will spend a whole hour in reflections and you will pray. You will know: at 4 o’clock sharp – get down to spiritual work! When you come here to our next meeting, those of you who have observed the rule should tell us so. You will write your names for us to see who you are. Or you do not want anybody to know who you are? Because if it becomes known here, it will be spread all over Sofia and everybody will get to know. This is the bad aspect of talking. This is why the second part of the task is difficult. The first part is easy, but when it comes to admitting it in public, you will spoil everything. I will do another experiment: I will find out how many of you have not done the task properly, without you having to admit it. Next time we shall have arithmetic: I will receive only numbers from you and I will know how many of you have not accomplished the task. Next time we shall have fun in arithmetic. The internal harmony is needed for the development of the human mind and heart. It is needed for the health of the body and for its wellbeing. The Invisible world is a world of internal harmony. Those from the Invisible world are always ready to render a favour, as long as there is harmony, but if people are not in agreement, those from the Invisible world are not predisposed to assist. And if your affairs are at a standstill, you have to know that there is something wrong in your life. But as soon as harmony comes, the Invisible world is very precise. Everybody stops at a beautiful flower; everybody visits delightful springs, picturesque locations; musicians, poets, artists – everything is elevated and beautiful, everybody likes to listen to it, to watch it, because it is Divine. I do not mean the human stuff, but everybody with no exception enjoys listening to the Divine stuff. If we talk about something in a Divine way, it has its price. The Divine Life, no matter in which being, has its price. When we talk like people it is another matter, but when we talk according to God, there is a special Blessing there. I would like all of you to talk in a Divine way. Take a break, tell yourselves, ‘What I say, do I say it according to God or according to me?’ And if you are silent, ask yourselves again, ‘When I am silent, is it according to God’s Spirit or is it human?’ Because there is silence due to considerations. Stupid people, when being silent, are considered smart. If I am silent when somebody talks this is not due to lack of respect, but I spare some of my time for this person. When somebody else talks I am interested in his or her speech. This silence within me is Divine, I am interested in what he or she wants to say. While somebody else, when sitting, shifts either his or her left or right hand, shuffles on the chair, this is the human aspect of keeping silence. The Divine patience is listening; it is the most beautiful thing. If you acquire the skill of listening, this is a lot. However, this is not well represented in your meetings. On the other hand, there is a danger in human talking: when a person has been teased for a long time, such a person resembles gathered water, which all of a sudden is released. Such a person starts talking and then falls silent again. However, this is not the law in the Divine talking. There when you place your jug under the spring, you hear the voice. Then God says to you, ‘Take your jug back from the spring, because no matter how long you will stay not a drop will get inside it! Take your jug back!’ As much as there is inside should be sufficient for you. Things are pleasurable as long as they arouse a desire within us. Because if you talk for a long time, there are people who are rather sensitive and they say, ‘Do not talk to me any longer, because my mind is troubled!’ And there are others who say, ‘Tell us more, keep talking!’ Some say, ‘Enough, I am very tired, I can’t stand any more!’ Do not be in a hurry and do not covet more than you need for yourself. Sometimes you are in low spirits; you are tired, despondent, as if you are abandoned. Well, this is a wonderful state. Not that you are abandoned, but God says, ‘You have not learnt your lesson.’ The suffering is a path to pull yourself together [within yourself]. What does suffering stand for? It is a beautiful state of the Spirit! Those who are strong and who are grateful for their suffering all of a sudden will feel all enlightened within less than an hour. A Slavonic woman was grieved, but two hours after she did this experiment she started dancing. Likewise with children. In order to give expression of our joy we will start dancing. We think that dancing is a sinful situation. No, but you have to dance when you have to, and to sit when you have to. David also danced before the Israeli people, but his wife was ashamed of him and said, ‘Look at the King dancing in such a democratic way!’ He dances, while she condemns what he was doing. Now, one of the rules is that you misunderstand these grievous and sad situations of disheartening that you experience. The greatest illusion is sometimes the following: you stand there thinking that you are abandoned by all. But have you been in the situation of that one who was buried in the grave? You have not been to the dead to see what their situation is; it is by a thousand and million times more terrible than your loneliness at home. The buried one is in the ground and waits to get free and then all the spirits fly at him. He weeps, suffers, until he is unravelled and only his bones remain. And then he gets free and says, ‘I’m gone already!’ Only one last thread remains and he is glad in his soul that the whole body dissolved and that he is free of it. Because the physical body, one is in, is a prison. Consequently the situations that you might find yourselves in, should not worry you; you should tell yourselves, ‘There is a worse situation than mine.’ You should remember this! You will strive for the beautiful, and you will regulate your low spirits with the other bad situations. This is a science! And this science you should apply in your life! Place yourselves in the shoes of the ones similar to you! Try to develop a feeling of compassion within you. It is not bad for one to become embittered, but do your best to arouse the Divine feeling of compassion within you. Because otherwise one harms oneself above all, let alone the other bad aspect. When one’s heart hardens, one ruins the best one has within. First of all for your sake you will turn and say, ‘I shall not harm myself!’ Bitterness is harmful for the very person because the bonds between this person and God are severed. If a disciple gets embittered, he or she loses the bond with his or her Master. The first condition for God to act within you through His Love is that the human heart should be merciful and kind. No embitterment whatsoever! The situation when one is ready to receive, to forget like a child – this is compassion [mercy]. Only this is enough, did you understand me? Now I shall tell you more about the exercise: you will get up at 4 o’clock sharp. You will do your best to forget everything and to devote yourselves to deep reflection. After reviewing your life, wishing something good for yourselves, considering how to improve your life, you will think also of all the good people all over the world. In America, in Australia – you will travel all over around the world, you will get to know the best and most educated people in the world, and then if you have the time, you will go to Heaven, to the angels and you will try to get to know them. Thus within an hour you will go for a nice walk, an excellent spiritual walk all over the Earth and all over Heaven. But you should not fall asleep; when you go to Heaven, you will do your best to remain there. Be always faithful, true, pure and kind! Lecture delivered by the Master on January 21, 1926, at 16;00h in Sofia 1 The Master refers to USA when using America. Source
  18. Note 3 Application Good Prayer I will read several lines from John, Chapter 4 – from line one to line twenty-nine. ‘God is Love’ What I have told all of you so far is that you need to apply things. I now challenge another word instead of can. Application excludes the negative sense of the word can, but you take it in its negative sense. The word can is positive. Otherwise you weaken the word can halfway. I say that we have to study and you ask, ‘Can I?’ Thus the word can is weakened. I see that this word has started losing its strength. Of course, if you encounter any obstacle, you won’t be able. What impedes the word can is always a certain internal obstacle. Obstacles in life can be in the mind – in one’s ideas, or in the heart – in one’s feelings or in the will – in one’s acts. Thoughts can be obstacles to ideas, that what one will do will be the best and there will be no other work second to one’s work. This is an inborn feeling in artists, in poets, in writers, in priests or in preachers. And anybody, who is alone, thinks that such thoughts and ideas that crossed his or her mind have never ever occurred to anybody else. But when one’s thought is realised, such a person begins to see its flaws. A renowned English preacher, while still at the university, read the Bible and said, ‘What an inexhaustible book the Bible is, one can preach on it for thousands of years and it won’t be exhausted!’ And later on he himself confessed that having preached on something for four times based on the Bible, he was at a loss with what else could be said. This is a mistake. A person that can be so easily exhausted shows that there are certain internal defects in his or her life. You have to know the origin of the cause you are defending now or of the ideas you want to get through – whether it is Divine or not. You certainly have to know it, beyond any doubt. You should not be as weak as that wolf who called his son and told him, ‘Listen, my son, I do not want you to distance yourself from the ideas of your grandfathers and ancestors. You have to observe the beliefs and attitudes they had, you have to observe them and you should not accept any other new teaching. The sacred religion we have had is the only religion existing in the world.’ This is what the wolf said to his son. So, what is the religion of wolves? Wolves say that each sin needs propitiating and offering, nothing more. When a wolf sins, he strangles sheep and they forgive his sins. This is how wolves think. Now you will be asked in society whether you are Bulgarians, whether you are Orthodox or heretics etc. Such a question seems to me a little far fetched, i.e. you as students of the Universal School of the White Brotherhood have to understand the question in a slightly different way. You won’t be asked whether you are Bulgarian even at a contemporary German university, you will be admitted freely. It does not matter whether you are Bulgarian or not when it comes to science. You may even be Orthodox, but Orthodox Christianity is of no importance to science either. You may be Orthodox; you may be Bulgarian and be one of the underachievers at the School. When you come to the School, neither your beliefs, nor your origin count. Above all you are required to study - this is sacred! A person who wants to study – this is a Divine impulse. And one’s desire to study, to implement God’s Will at a certain moment – this is what is sacred. This is the live human being manifested. What you think about are the traditions, while what you manifest – this is what is sacred. You want to serve humankind, to be useful to humankind. How will you be useful? Have you been useful to yourselves through what you wanted to serve others? I am asking you, which one of you has been useful to oneself in the true sense? If any evening, after having eaten too much, you feel a weight in your stomach, have you been of use to your stomach? If one day you are disconcerted and if your head gets agitated, have you been fair to your mind? If you become despondent, have you been fair to your heart? If you promise and do not stand by your word, have you been fair to your Will? And a person who is not useful to one’s heart, to one’s mind and to one’s will, cannot serve God. This is the law. If you do not respect your mind, if you do not respect your heart, if you do not respect your will, which is used for your elevation, how can you serve God? Now you watch only who has done what. We have to watch what God has done in the world or what people have done? The first sacred thing that I want from you is to settle your relations with God. What about the church? What about everything else? The first relation of the Universal White Brotherhood is the relation between God and you. I will prove to you why all the other relations you have in the world are unnatural relations. Take one of the noblest things: you have a child; you breast-feed the child, but the child cries constantly and wants to suck all the time. But the mother lives with the idea that this child will feed her and love her some day – it’s another matter whether this will be so. And I would ask how many happy mothers are there in the world, whose children have justified this love? So, what a mother does is not righteous, not noble, i.e. the relations between a mother and a child are unnatural. Why? This mother has conceived the child without knowing God. So according to the same law the child was born not knowing God. All misfortunes in the world spring from the fact that every job, that we start not knowing God, will be in the same relations with us. Therefore each thing in the world falls apart. Whatever we start very well will be destroyed in the end. Why? Because people do not have righteous relations with God. The attitude of God is righteous because there is only one answer to the Love you will manifest to Him, because God is one of the most elevated, noblest Beings. So, our attitude to God, who knows us very well, will be righteous and we will receive in return what we have given. And if we establish this righteous bond between God and us, then the third relation will be with the people close to us. When we descend, we shall know how to work, we shall set forth from the world of human beings to God. But on the Earth we do not know how to address God; we do not observe the conditions. As a result of all of this you all experience a desire to work, but you want to find somebody like you. No, one has to connect to somebody who knows God in the same way. You know God according to the philosophic and theoretic traditions, but you still do not know Him by essence, by nature, by experience, the way He talked to Moses on the mountain or to Christ. Some of you do experiments, but if you are asked a question you can easily fall in doubt. For those who have once spoken to God, this moment remains unforgettable in their consciousness. Everything may fade; everything may disappear, but this moment of talking to God remains absolutely unforgettable. The whole world may turn upside down, but no power can efface this Divine image. And consequently as the Scripture reads that God made man in His image after His likeness, what is meant is that during the creation God impacted Himself in the consciousness of the first man, that he could not be forgotten. The first people who saw God are coming now. They are the White Brothers; this is the culture that follows an absolutely different path of development. While the present people on the Earth are made of mud into whom a little of live soul was breathed in. They are a mixture of mud and Divine breath, which has resulted in a mess. This mess shall have to assume the image and likeness to God from now on. Now, you will have to eradicate your convictions. You will first have to invest humility in your soul. It is one of the qualities in each student who will be admitted at this School. Do you know what humility means? An absolute humility! Whatever position one may have – a tsar, a philosopher – everybody who enters the School, will forget about the top ranking one had. You will enter the School with no claims whatsoever. You will first learn your obligations, you will study everything, and you will not mention a word about your rights, you will have no demands. Others will take care of your rights. All the White Brothers will take care of your rights. You take care of your obligations, and they will take care of your rights. When you enter the School, you will study your obligations. If you do not observe this rule, you will stay out of the School. And do you know what you will resemble then – you will walk; you will go around the University of the White Brotherhood, you will see what there is outside, but you won’t know what there is inside. When you come back, you will talk about the external grandeur, you will know not what there is inside. Now, some of you will say that they have heard about these things. Fine, they have heard of them, but you have to understand these things now, and in order to understand them you have to get inside. So, the first thing in order to learn is humility, but humility as it is supposed to be. When one feels that one is humble one starts growing. Take for example those sons in the world who wait for their fathers to leave their fortune to them and think only of those rights that they have and tell themselves, ‘What shall we inherit from our father? There are six of us, our father has twelve million leva, so each will inherit two million leva.’ Every son regardless where he goes, keep saying this, ‘I have the right to, I have two million leva, I need no education, I need no work, I am provided for!’ And the present day Christians preach like this, ‘You are saved, Christ died for you, you have two million.’ Well, fine if you are saved! You stay here, you sing and you tell yourselves, ‘When we die we shall go to Heaven.’ This is a faulty understanding. What will you do when you go to the Spiritual world, now that you are not students of the Great School? So, a profound and grand desire has to start growing within you, a desire that you have never had so far. I sometimes see that you cry and I tell myself that great changes would be triggered if only you would shed these tears, which you have shed so far, for becoming students! And what do you cry about? You cry that somebody has insulted you, you cry that you have no money, you cry that you are no longer young, that you have grown old, that you do not have knowledge, that you do not have this or that, that you do not have any social position, that you have no strengths. Men and women alike keep crying. Crying is meant for the others. For you, however, it is supposed to be crying for going to school. To shed tears in order to become students is the greatest, the most desirable thing. Now that I am talking to you, you will say, ‘We have been looking for Christ for so long, we have been listening to Him, we love Him, we sacrifice for Him, we preach for Him!’ You have a faulty understanding. Imagine that you want to study music with a contemporary professor; you meet him along the road, you talk to him, you praise him, you tell him that there is no other second to him, you give him a bunch of flowers every morning for ten-twenty years, but you do not go to study music. I am asking you what you will gain. You will gain nothing. You will remain profanes in music and the professor will say, ‘This is a very kind student, brings me bunches of flowers, but I am very sorry, this student does not study.’ Now, imagine the opposite – you are in the school, you bring no bunches of flowers, but you study. He is pleased, he is glad that he has a capable student and he says, ‘This is a good student!’ What benefit is there if you meet God, give Him a bunch of flowers and tell Him, ‘God, you are good, you are such and such, there is nobody like you. You are Love! You are very good!’ You then say a prayer and afterwards you say, ‘I met my professor today, I gave him a bouquet and he is happy!’ This is good, not that I say that you should not do it, but having brought a bouquet to your professor, you should take the instrument, say a couple of nice words and start studying. Bouquets complement learning, and you will be able to transfer only what you have learnt. You want to influence certain people now and you say, ‘Let’s make this person one of us!’ How can you make this person become one of you? This is not a stone that can be taken by the one side and turned onto its other side. This is not a purse, which can be turned inside out and which can be emptied of its contents. A human being may take one direction in one’s development and the same human being may take another direction later on in one’s conversion. So I want us to have a correct understanding too. Now you all have one prejudice and you think that you know. You present yourselves as humble, but there is no humility in you. I am talking to you very frankly – the way I see things, you are seemingly humble, but you are proud in your heart. We can make an experiment: let’s assume that you are a highly placed lady and you are invited to a banquet at the top. Let’s say that you are religious, a believer and on your way to the banquet you meet an old woman in simple clothes carrying a basket of flowers who tells you, ‘Sister, can you take this basket and deliver this bouquet to a certain place?’ If this is a test and you are asked to take the basket somewhere, will you take it? You will say, ‘I am at a loss at this question, I am invited to a banquet, this is where I am going!’ Well, you actually have two invitations – on the one hand you are invited to a banquet, you are dressed up, you have spent some time in front of the mirror, on the other hand, Christ is inviting you to another banquet and is telling you, ‘You will take the basket!’ If you give up, this will be the end of it! And then you will join those who go around the university, watch what it looks like, what windows there are, the way they are arranged, but they do not know what there is inside the university. You are Christians, aren’t you? You have been studying with me for so many years. I have talked to you about Heaven and I want you now to describe to me what Paradise is like. Describe to me what there is in Paradise. Let one of you tell me that she has been to Paradise and let her describe to me the things that are there. Are there any volunteers willing to tell me what there is? You have been to Heaven, but the White Brothers know what you are like; they have a wide lake and after you come out of there, they dip you in this lake and they wash you. And then you say, ‘I was somewhere last night, but I forgot everything.’ None of this should seem strange to you. Sometimes you have a very clear dream and then you tell yourselves, ‘I will put it down!’ You get up in the morning, but the dream has disappeared and you tell yourselves, ‘I dreamt about something last night, but it’s gone!’ This is what happens with dreams – you have a dream, but you do not put it down and you forget it. When you dream about something, you will take a notebook and you will write everything in there, and I can tell you that those who do not write their dreams belong to those students who only go around the university. Now, being students you need humility and a complete Peace in your souls first of all – tranquillity and Peace. The Scripture reads, ‘God’s Peace!’ This Peace has to be acquired now. Peace can only be acquired when you establish a direct bond between God and you. This direct bond will give you such an impulse, as no other power in the world is not in a position to give you. It will not deprive you of anything. With such a bond you might be at the lowest position, you might be in the worst conditions, but apart from the fact that it won’t hinder you, this thing, the Divine thing, will transform all those elements, will extract the juices out of them and you will find yourself in more favourable conditions of life and you will be stronger. This is the Divine stuff. I see now that the same question is coming up in your minds ‘How can this be done?’ Christ says, ‘If you are not born again, you won’t enter the Kingdom of God.’ Nicodemus asked Him, ‘How is it possible for the old man, the manifested man, to be born again?’ Christ does not call ‘old man’ a person who is old in age, but a person who has knowledge, who has wisdom. I will interpret for you this conversation in another way. Nicodemus says, ‘Should one who has acquired knowledge, who has completed his studies, return, should such a person start again with the A, B, C. Christ says, ‘He has to return, to start with the A, B, C, to start from water and Spirit.’ Water – this is the New Life, the true Life, the Divine Life. Spirit – this is the intelligent, the Divine Life, which should dress the human soul again. This is one transitional phase in the journey from one life to another, which according to the Scripture means transition from the life that brings death to the life that brings eternal Life; it means a transition from the insane that brings insanity, through the sane that brings in sanity. Because where there is sanity, there is no sin. Only insane people can make mistakes. Sane people cannot make mistakes and each one of you, who makes mistakes at times, has been in a state of mental derangement. Each one of you, who commits the smallest sin, is all the same in a state of mental derangement. For instance, you get angry and you say, ‘Hang on I will take my revenge!’ Mental derangement is fast to come and you start thinking immediately how to avenge yourself. In the chapter that I read Christ showed this Samaritan the true path, which is studying and serving God, because we have to be workers. Workers you have to be! You want to be students and to apply the New Teaching. How can you define it? You may be asked, ‘Where is this White Brotherhood where you are students?’ Well, how will you defend your cause? We shall ask the contemporary scientists, ‘What do you believe in?’ ‘We believe in Christ.’ Where is this Christ? ‘Christ lived two thousand years ago, the apostles wrote about it.’ But have you been with Christ? You will be asked the same question. But you may have this experience. When you become students, when you acquire these qualities of humility and Peace, each one of you shall be introduced into the White Brotherhood by us and each one of you will see what it is like. Now a desire is surfacing in you to enter the Kingdom of God before you clean yourselves. Everything is possible in the world, but it is impossible for an unclean person to enter the Kingdom of God. Clean, absolutely clean you have to be! Do you know what clean means? Now, someone may ask me why I am not interested at times in this world. When asking me this question people think that they are intelligent. No, they are stupid and I will prove to them that this thing is sane, logical and plausible from our point of view. You want me to be more interested in this world than in that one. If you think it has to be so, you are stupid. You, who recommend this philosophy to us, do you act in accordance with it? You place a diamond on the table, as big as an egg and another smaller one. Well, I am asking you where your eyes will be set. You glance at the smaller diamond, but having afterwards looked at the big one, you won’t take your eyes off it any more. Which diamond do you want? You will say, ‘The diamond that is as big as a duck’s egg!’ If you are as intelligent as to take the diamond, which is as big as a duck’s egg, are we so stupid as to take the smaller egg? We are not so stupid. We see both this world and the other world. The other world is this big diamond and we act righteously not taking interest in it. So, we compare two truths, out of which first comes the beauty of your life. You will be told, ‘But we have culture!’ The culture that you have was taken from above, from us, from the White Brotherhood. The whole science – geometry, mathematics, natural history, astronomy, music, poetry, the fine arts – everything, everything was taken from above. This is not yours. They say, ‘We discovered something!’ You haven’t discovered anything. The people here on the Earth who say that they have discovered something, have not discovered anything. Everything was taken from the Invisible world and was transferred through the forms. Hence, this culture of the visible world was taken from the Invisible world and therefore it is a culture not understood, therefore the principles that they apply are not understood. Not only this, but sometimes you do not understand yourselves either and you ask yourselves, ‘What am I outside my body?’ Imagine that you take your clothes off some day and that you get out of your body and enter another world. How will you recognise each other? You feel your head, your hair and you say, ‘This is me, this is me Helen.’ Every evening an English philosopher asked himself whether it was he himself, to make sure whether it was not an illusion of some kind and after making sure that it was him he calmed down. Well, I am asking you – does one have a clear idea, outside of one’s thought, of who one is, or does one have a clear idea, outside one’s brain, of one’s thought. And if under the present situation you sometimes start thinking about yourselves as being something separate, you might get deranged and you will be scared. While now we can make an experiment or two at the School: we shall take you out of your body, we shall lift you up to the white lamp of the hall and you will be watching yourselves from there. Two things must be in your mind in order for you to contemplate. You will be watching yourselves outside your bodies and you will be wondering how this is happening. Only that the matter of that being, up there at the lamp, will be moving by virtue of the strength of the will, while the being down will need other conditions. Similarly some of your ideas stumble due to this simple reason. For example, you want to do something, you want to talk to somebody about God, but a thought immediately enters and paralyzes you ‘May I talk; will he or she accept what I will say; what if he or she ridicules me?’ Thus you find yourself in contradiction with you yourself and you think that you do not know. Do you think that I, who am a virtuoso, will be afraid to play in front of people? You will first play for yourselves and shall not think about anybody else. When speaking the truth, I say it to myself first of all, and as long as I say it the way I understand it, you will also understand it. Imagine that I am playing some beautiful piece and you are listening to it; I am glad and you are glad too. I am playing to myself; you are listening to me, and you say, ‘Very nice, thank you!’ I say, ‘There is nothing to thank about, I am playing for myself, while you, who have received the music, should be thankful for this.’ Our relations should be relations with God. When we reach this great Truth to serve God, then my words to you will be in fact a conversation with God, with whom solely I have a relation, and you will only be listening to this conversation. You have to have a direct relation with God and when you are in such a relation, your soul will be filled with internal Peace and all of your suffering, all of your present anguish will be so pleasant, that when you return home you will pardon your suffering. It will be so pleasant for you and you will be so sincere with it that you will tell it, ‘Up to now I have been wanting to get rid of you and to leave only a few children here and I intended to give you to others to be their servants, shoe-makers, tailors and seamstresses, cooks, basket-makers, but now since I visited God, I became so rich that now I would invite back all of you my children according to the law of Love!’ And the grief that has so far been tormenting you, will start leaping, playing and will say, ‘Mummy has become rich!’ But do you know why grief grieves? Imagine that you have one child, who is delicate and needs good food, but you do not have suitable food for the child and you give the child hard food. Will this child be merry? Do you know what grief is? I define grief as elevated spirits who are connected with us. So when we grieve, they also grieve and weep with us. While when we return to God, we will rejoice then, grieve will transform and this angel of grief will not weep. This angel goes around you and keeps telling you constantly, ‘You have talked very, very much. What you did today is not good!’ Then you turn and tell grief, ‘Listen, I need no advice from my children, you will obey, you shall not mess with my affairs, it is me giving the orders!’ ‘You may give the orders but do not commit evil deeds!’ You take your stick and you say, ‘Out, everybody out!’ ‘You may beat us, but you are not right, there is nothing more to it!’ Some day you will see that these children of yours, whom you now call grief, are your teachers. I call the whole of humanity recalcitrant students, nothing else. Not that you have an evil will, but all of you believe that these sufferings, all of this should disappear, and you, like gods, like some royal sons and daughters have to ring the bell only and everything should turn out according to your will. Even the poorest children in tattered clothes say, ‘Well, If only I were a prince or a princess, watch me what I will do!’ So, they also have an idea of princes and princesses. You say that poor children are unpretentious. Dress a poor child in new clothes and you will see how the child will meet you. The child will say, ‘I am not disposed.’ And this phrase ‘I am not disposed’ is merely a theatrical performance… I want to see how many of you will raise their hands if I tell them to and how many will say, ‘We decide!’ All of you will raise your hands, but I want you to raise your minds, to raise your hearts, to raise your wills. You will make an experiment: in the evening when going to bed you will say, ‘I want to go to the White Brotherhood, I will go to God!’ Some may ask themselves in advance, ‘Am I clean!’ Are similar thoughts righteous? When a sick man has been suffering from a disease for decades and he goes, in tattered shabby clothes, to a good noble and clean doctor, does he tell him that he is sick, does he ask him whether he needs to go to him? No, he goes to this doctor and says, ‘I will go to him, he will receive me!’ You have to have the faith of the sick in doctors. Students should have faith in their Master too. When they go to Him, the Master will receive them the way they are. If you take to heart the thought that he won’t receive you, this is the end of the story for you. Not a single doubt, not a trace of doubt about your nonsense, about your sins, about your weaknesses, about this or that! You will put aside everything at a given moment and will go full of faith to this Master in Life, whom you are looking for, and to these White Brothers of yours and they will receive you. This is a rule with no exceptions, not a single exception per hundred cases. If you adopt this rule in your soul, you can do your first experiment. The first experiment you will do in silence: you want to know whether God is with you and whether He listens to your soul. You are walking along a street and you hear a young motherless girl weeping or a sick person groaning. You will pass without saying a word, you will only approach the person, you will touch him or her unnoticed and you will pass away. You will then see the result of you touching the person. The result of your touch is that a current will pass from you and the person will run after you, he or she will recognise you; your hand will immediately have an effect. You shall not tell him or her that you will cure him or her. You will do experiments with one, two, three persons – you will bring Peace and Joy everywhere and you will see that you do it within a great art that you have never had. Now some of you will say, ‘Now that I have this art, I will pass by a millionaire, I will touch him and he will give away his or her wealth.’ This will also happen, but for the time being do the experiment with the sick. You will later on do it with the rich as well: a poor widow will beg a millionaire, and his heart will be cold as stone; you will pass quietly by him, you will touch him with your finger and he will immediately take out his wallet and give money. The strength lies in our hands, do you understand! We give orders to the world, not somebody else! Me, who is a disciple of the White Brotherhood, whose Head is Christ, it’s me who gives orders! I have said this so many times. You say that this will happen or that will happen. Nothing will happen. We know that things happen the way they are determined from above. Now I see that some of you have a weakness and say, ‘Let’s enter the church, so that we can be useful to our people!’ Which church? Does this church know Christ? I do not know a church that knows the Love for Christ. I still do not know a single church knowing Christ. All those who know Him must serve for free, without taking any money in return. It will be outrageous on my part if I go to a friend of mine to work for him and if I tell him in the evening, ‘Pay me now!’ No, I will work for free! It will be ridiculous when I love Christ to tell Him, ‘Pay me now!’ No, this has to be anticipation, a Joy for us! We consider this our duty and knowing this, He will also work for us. We for Him and He for us; God for us and we for Him; Masters for students and students for Masters! You have to be permeated by these principles. You say that this is similar to the old. No, these are two absolutely true positions. You may go to the other world, but if you do not work the way I tell you, you won’t achieve any substantial results. But if you work in this way and if you are a teacher for instance, this is what you will accomplish: the students that you have been teaching for four years won’t ever forget you and an absolute brotherly bond will be formed between you. While in the situation they are in now, they will meet their teacher with whom they have no relation whatsoever and they will say, ‘She was our teacher time ago, but now she has become poor.’ No, there are no such relations in the White Brotherhood. No power can belittle teachers there. Teachers can belittle themselves, but society can never belittle them. Society can belittle a teacher, students can belittle a teacher, but in the White Brotherhood this is impossible. There is no power greater than the power of the teacher there. Now the statements that I make are positive and they should not bother you; they should be an impulse to your strivings. You have not as yet experienced great trials. For example, you haven’t had the trials of Christ. Have any of you experienced the trials of Apostle Paul? He was beaten five times by thirty-nine following which he says, ‘Brothers, we shall enter the Kingdom of God with great grief’ We have to be through these sufferings by chapter seven.’ He was in your situation, he thought like you, he deemed like you, but having been beaten five times by thirty-nine, he entered chapter eight and then he understood what a relation suffering has, he changed his tone and said, ‘There is one way out of life and your present suffering is not in a position to alter us in our Love for God.’ And then Paul started telling a story, ‘I do not know whether I was in my body or outside my body, but I was taken to a place, I shall not tell you where, but I saw and heard things that I cannot tell you about.’ Where has he been? – To the White Brotherhood. He calls it the third sky, the future culture and he says, ‘The image of the external world passes and you are renovated, but until this future culture arrives, until John comes, these sufferings will last.’ John describes the present in the Revelation, he writes about the new town of Jerusalem. This is not a fantasy, but a real thing, which does not change. And under these conditions, you as students will continue to study. Do not think that in the White Brotherhood you will complete your studies within five-ten-fifteen years; it takes one, two, three, five and more lives. This is good because there is what to learn and the more time you have to study, the better. If you enter the White Brotherhood with your convictions, the way you study now, the way you are in a hurry now, you will have a miserable life. And when you see this material that you have to study from now on, you will be glad to find that you have the conditions for all this and that you will be useful. Whatever I tell you from now on I shall no longer dwell on what I have said so many times – to love each other, to have love for one another. But I will tell you that you have to have relations with God, that you have to love God, nothing more! I shall talk about nothing else – Love for God! Once we resolve this issue, all other issues will find their resolution so naturally, in a mystic way. All other social issues are resolved in a very natural way. If we can’t resolve this issue, we can resolve no other issue. All philosophers have been dealing with the resolution of this issue for eight thousand years. There is no other way out, apart from this one, ‘God loves me and I love Him!’ You may ask, ‘Well, does He love me?’ He loves you, there is nothing more to it! Whatever else may come to your mind, it is not true. The thing in you that may tell you that God does not love you, is satanic, it is from the devil. These are those spirits described in the Indian philosophy. Read about it some day and you will see how they are called. There is an Indian word for them, find it! This word designates the evil fallen spirits. Find the name the Indians call these fallen spirits. If you cannot find their name by the next time, I will tell you. I do not want to tell you their name now. So, when you say that you love God, you will hear something persuading you, ‘No, you do not love Him!’ Down there, below the belly button something tells you, ‘‘No, you do not love Him!’ And an argument begins: I love Him – I do not love Him - I love Him – I do not love Him… You have to say then, ‘God loves, and since He is infinite, since He neither changes nor alters, I do not have the slightest doubt in His love. Even if the world turns upside down, even if it falls to ashes, God loves, that’s it!’ There is no doubt in the first formula. You may step back, you may doubt the second one, but when you come to the first formula – everybody is silent. Now these are formulas, which will help you learn. Sometimes I have done experiments to find out whether you will lose heart. For example, I can tell you that nothing will come out of you. What does this mean? You tell me your intention to go to Varna. I reply to you that you cannot go to Varna and you lose heart. I wanted to say that you cannot go on foot to Varna within a day and you need seven days. You say, ‘I cannot go to Varna.’ You can. This is playing with words. Can – Cannot – this is abstract stuff. When you tell esoteric students that nothing will come out of them, you talk to them in a positive language and this is the best favour you do to them. They know that according to the law of negation everything can come out of them. ‘Nothing will come out of you’ means that everything can come out of you. While the expression ‘something may come out of you’ means that nothing can come out of you. For instance, a child is born and dies – such is the law on the Earth. I say, ‘This child will inevitably die.’ When? This is the question. Maybe after a month, after two months, after a year, after two years, after fifty, a hundred, two hundred years, but this is an event that will inevitably take place. Hence ‘may’ and ‘may not’, birth and death – these are opposite processes. Birth triggers death and death triggers birth. A student of the White School will never take offence. I say that your child will die, as the child is an underdeveloped soul that has smuggled into your home and it will be called from the other world. Another, much better child will be sent to you. What is there for you to be sorry about, then? Whether you are clothes to a rascal, to a criminal. Let it go with the clothes – what’s given is given. This is what language usage means, nothing more than this. I now want you to understand things in a positive way, in order not to allow a depraved thought to be born in your mind. All depraved thoughts are born outside Love. As soon as we come to this great Love of knowing God, no depraved thoughts can have any place either in the human mind or in the human heart or in the human will. The Scripture reads about all suffering, about all of your sins, whatever they may be, ‘I will obliterate all of your sins.’ When you return this evening, read line six from chapter six of Isaiah. You have to acquire the positive aspect of this Teaching, which should be a positive faith in your mind! You will endeavour to be free! If we are in a relation with God, we shall determine our relations on the Earth properly too; we shall fulfil our relations with people also. We shall not deal with any other questions. All of you will know that you have to resolve an important issue, which is so pressing and you already have the best of chances. I shall not call it a renovation, but I call this first step a conscious bond between you and the living God who is now active in the world. Once you establish this bond, then all of your relations, whatever they may be, will be settled in the best and perfect way. You will experience this. If you do not establish this bond, you will retain the same relations that you have now. And if sufferings start surfacing within you, nobody will be to blame, because everyone is responsible for oneself. Now, you live in Sofia and sometimes you ask yourselves what the church will say, what the priests will say. The Church – this is the White Brotherhood, nothing more! These are living Beings of the most elevated culture, this is what churches are; this is what the Kingdom of God is. This church we also know. And if someone says that we do not respect the church, this means that we do not want to beguile ourselves with what is not a church. We cannot be deceived by what is not a church. Now you will think! These are thoughts, which will take you a long time if you are to reflect on them seriously. You have to be like the small children in order to perceive these thoughts every evening without assuming that God won’t forgive you for your sins. No, there is no Being kinder than God, there is no Being more considerate than Him. He is so considerate! He is busy with so many issues, but He can hear the faintest sigh of all creatures no matter to what hierarchy they belong; He immediately pays attention to it in order to correct the mistake. There is nothing that can evade His sight and hearing. But as soon as you enter the School, where development is conscious, relations change. Since you are free at the School, you have to demonstrate your will there. God won’t force you to study, but He will leave you free to choose. We can’t make anybody righteous against one’s will. We cannot preach, we cannot help; we cannot influence such a person. A preacher, who wants to convert somebody, must take his or her place. God says, ‘Alter your role now!’ We do not want to exchange our role with anybody. Now, being students you have to adhere to these things. I want you to form a favourable atmosphere among you in the future. When gathering here, in the building, I want favourable influences among you to be formed, and when getting out, I want you to feel free. Silence and Joy should be manifested. I want you to be free. If you want your will to act freely, Love should come to you, which will bring breadth and freedom to you. The internal needs of all of you should also be satisfied. You have to be careful. When you stay in the evenings you won’t think of yourselves only, but you will think also of whom God thinks about, so that you think about them too. I shall ask you the following question: if you study in a class and if there are about thirty of you in class, is it possible, after having been together for several years, to be rude to each other? Hence, being students of the Universal White Brotherhood you have to stand out above all with your integrity. Do you know what integrity is? It refers to the personal dignity of a human being. It is not a supplementary means, but something moral, when you think intelligently. It does not become you to be dishonest. Once you make a promise, you have to be true to your word. Once you say a word, you have to stand by it. Moreover, students of the White Brotherhood have to be good, which is already a moral feature. Students of the White Brotherhood have to be so resourceful that they can give answers as to what one believes in to anybody. We also have to be valiant, noble and to have an elevated, inexorable and firm will, just like the firm Will of God. This is my desire. This should distinguish you from the others and when you pass they should be saying, ‘the students of the White Brotherhood are honourable people; they are people who complete whatever they start doing.’ What other recommendation do you need? Well, every kingdom, every society, every single state rest on this recommendation. The entire social order rests on this; the church rests on this. Can a church survive if there is no integrity? Can a church survive if there is no intelligence? Can it survive if there is no good will? We should establish these qualities at our homes as features distinguishing us from the external world. They say that they are like us, too. If they say that they are like us too, we shall not be like them, that’s it! Subsequently, for the external world, these should be the distinctive features of students. Now, I shall assign lesson one to the students before me, I shall assign an exam in integrity. Each of you who come in class, young or old, will earn an amount of three hundred leva by the end of the year and will transfer it into the safe. We shall collect a certain amount and afterwards we shall see what we can use this money on. The whole amount may be transferred, but money should be earned working, in an honest way. Let’s say that you have a husband; you will polish his shoes and you will ask him to give you five leva. Or you go to town and you may take the tram three or four times every day; you will give up travelling by tram, you will walk on foot and you will save the desired amount. Altogether whatever the work, it should be done honestly. You will write something, or you will learn something, but everything should be done in an honest way. This amount may be little for some, but it is a big amount for others. I want you to resolve the problem in an honest way, to make your money honestly. And afterwards we shall see what we will spend this amount on. We can solve this problem very easily in another way: some of you may take the money out of their father’s wallet. No way! If you cannot resolve the problem, I will tell how to do this. This is a nice exercise. Now, I do not want you to talk to anybody outside about this assignment. You will accomplish it according to a schedule, and everyone can spare fifteen minutes of one’s free time, but you should not come into any collisions. If you work along the way I am telling you, I believe we have understood each other. As long as the conditions facilitate you, we have understood each other. If you encounter great difficulties along the way, you have not understood me. If the conditions make it easier for you, you have understood me. If you say, ‘I came across many difficulties’ you have not understood me. If you have understood me you will overcome easily whatever difficulty you come across. If you do not overcome it, there is something, which is not all right and it has to be removed. There are no two opinions on this. This is one of the easiest tasks. We start with material tasks – three hundred leva. I am telling you that this is one of the easiest tasks for students, one of the easiest, which can be found in the tasks course book. If you think this task difficult, there is no simpler task than it. This should certainly be in the background, because it is not so substantial. I do not want you to start worrying how to find the three hundred leva. This is a minor issue. A substantial issue is the bond that has to be established between God and you. I will assist you in this respect. I will tell you about the relations between the bonds you have had so far, and this new bond, which is being formed now, so that you can see the difference. It can be difficult for you to imagine what the substantial difference between things is. At the present stage that you have reached, this bond can be formed because you have experience. This bond is a new element that will solve your problem, it will give meaning to your life and will regulate your future state. So you won’t be like the five silly virgins, but you will be like those five virgins who will come in with the bridegroom. I want you to be silent. Thus you will go home feeling free, inspired, and hopeful that you have to resolve a problem on which your entire future will rest. You won’t stumble. We know the professor, his life; we have enrolled in the school. I do not mean the external relations in the world, but the internal relations, which are Divine stuff. Now, I shall have to ask, in the old habit, whether you understand me. I shall not ask you. I put forward a new situation called by people wondering. When one is sitting up there and is watching downwards, one is wondering. When one has not been up there, but has only been marvelling at it, one sees the difficulties and wonders. And you all of a sudden find yourself in front of the mountain that you have to climb. Therefore the can and cannot are ruled out. You will say, ‘I will be a hero!’ since this is a process of movement. The phrase ‘I will be a hero!’, that’s it! Some say, ‘I will be a hero if God has so decided!’ ‘I will be’ implies that God has decided and I do not go over His will. Because God has decided, we shall enter the School; Because God has decided, we shall study; it will be the way He has decided! Now some will say, ‘Why aren’t we younger, why now when we are old?’ I want those of you who think that they are very old to tell me how old they are. We call a middle-aged person the one who is twenty million years of age. How old are we? We belong to the Solar system, and it takes the Sun twenty million years to complete one round. Then you are a young baby. How old are you in solar days? For instance, you are forty; calculate what part of the Solar system year your forty years represent. People cannot understand what person that will be who will be ten Solar system years old. A person from the Sun, who is ten years old there, will be two hundred million years of age by our standards. She will be a young girl there, will be hopping around and when asked how old she is, she will reply, ‘I’m ten’. The words young and old are only relations, various measures. Hence students cannot be old. Those who study are always young. You have to know that art of renovation in the White Brotherhood. One can renovate so easily using it as one renovates one’s house or one’s tree garden. What we consider difficult is very natural for the White Brothers – they constantly renovate, they are constantly young. You won’t meet such old people there. They can assume every form that human beings have. This is science; this is art, which we cannot perform. Now, you have to resolve the substantial issue. This is the issue of the future; this is a profound science. What is important is the bond that you have to establish. You have been told about this bond many times, you have made up your mind and you have reached this stage when you can already do it. So, you are absolutely prepared and you can do it! Lecture delivered by the Master on June 21, 1923, Friday. Source
  19. Note 3 Influence of Harmony in Life Guidance is needed for all that I have told you. You have to realise that the laws in Nature shall not alter to suit your understanding. All of you have to keep in mind that Nature shall not introduce special laws for you in order to provide for you. Speaking about harmony we understand the presence of consciousness in the life of human beings, we understand life where the soul has developed the human ‘I’, has developed the human consciousness, that a human being is a separate entity in the world, that a human being is manifested. People should realise that man is a separate being. Now, imagine a musical note: it may be half a tone, a quarter of a tone or an eighth of a tone or a sixteenth of a tone. This note is just one symbol, one character and it has no meaning by itself. However, if this note is placed onto the staff, and if you place the clef, determining its scope, at the beginning, it already gains meaning. Likewise no other note, placed in the staff can have any individual opinion, neither can it say, ‘This is what I think.’ The note is bound to think the way the clef dictates and the tone of the note under this clef cannot be altered. When you enter the Divine Life, you will see that there is a Divine clef and that you are placed into this staff in line with this Divine Harmony clef. You climb upon it and you say, ‘Do you know that I have a particular opinion?’ The ‘I’ means to produce the vibrations corresponding to this law. If you are not willing to comply with the law of harmony, of the Divine, you should climb down the staff, i.e. out of the clef. Once out of it, you may create whatever confusion you feel like, but while within the staff you will do as the Spirit tells you to, i.e. the bandmaster. He will move you, he will place you higher or lower and if you listen to him, you will pass through all the situations in this law of harmony. This is what I call conscious life in musical terms, which means that we are guided in our walk along this curve, we climb up and down, but the movement is harmonic. This is how you should look upon the issue. This is philosophy and if anybody does not understand this philosophy, they get pulled by the ear. If for instance, a note is placed on the staff in the form of a fourth of a note, but it is willing to be half a note, the bandmaster will take it to task and will tell the note, ‘No, not half a note, but a fourth of a note you have to be!’ – ‘See, I want to be bigger, I want to last longer!’ No, you will be as big as you are supposed to be, neither bigger, nor smaller than what you are supposed to be! Well now some of you want to be bigger. These are wrong religious views. Life comes down to accomplishing what God created according to law and order. This harmony is equally required for your individual life and for your family and public life. It is required for your mind and heart too. Your mind and heart cannot develop outside harmony. Now, it goes without saying, you have experienced the crash taking place in your heart when you fail to observe the law of harmony. Any disharmony is expressed in tears. As long as there is harmony, the heart is full of Joy; as long as there is harmony, the mind is full of Joy. The first clef to the internal harmony of Life is Love above all. What do you call the first clef in music? This is the G/sol clef1. Indeed, people need salt. This is just a coincidence: the G clef and the table salt. Note that when people sing the tones – C, E, G, B – the G sol comes third out of these four main tones. For the time being we are placed on this clef. We all want to tune according to this G clef, and the meter will be ¾. In music not only those who understand the characters and know for instance, the meaning of the G clef, are called musicians. Musicians are those who know the notes, who can sing any of them and who can understand the relations among the notes from G to G. This is what I would like you to understand about the G clef, to sing the tones correctly, very harmonically. You have to plant this idea into your heads – that when it comes to the G clef, there is only one opinion and there is no way for you to have any reservations about it. There is no reserved opinion in Love, no special opinion in Love, because otherwise it means that you fail to understand the great law. All the great masters who understand music correctly, when they come to the clef, all of them work very well, they know what they are doing and only sometimes they have to correct a note or two to place them where they belong, according to the requirements of the law of music. This is what I call a teaching; this is what I call progress, development of the consciousness etc. So now, you will look for the mistakes behind each indisposition, every instance of disharmony that occurs among you. You will start with the G clef. I would like to see whether you women would be able to rectify your lives in consistence with the G clef. Now, I do not mean rectifying your life, but your thoughts, your feelings and wilful acts are not ordered in accordance with this clef. A transformation of the thought is needed; everything should be arranged according to this clef of Love. Or you will say, ‘How well we know this Love!’ You have not been arranged as yet according to the G clef. Do you know what wonderful harmony exists once you are lined next to the G clef! This is the most inspiring state, the noblest state of man! When one is lined next to this clef, one experiences an upsurge of thoughts, of feelings, of one’s consciousness. Such a person no longer suffers neurasthenics, or any other diseases. This is the G clef! If some of you have these qualities in themselves I can tell you that you are tuned to the G clef. If you are not, do not beguile yourselves about any other clef. Well, harmony is needed for women in general: harmonic thoughts, feelings and actions. This is the greatest stuff that one can study in Life. The only thing that shapes man is harmony. You may try out this law. When there is harmony in your mind, in your heart, in your will, everything is within reach for you, you can do the cooking for half an hour and you say, ‘Today is my lucky day!’ This is just a small harmony but see what effect it can have! It speeds up all the work. Sometimes it is the workload that can be reduced; sometimes it is the time that can be reduced. If we, using our objective mind, lose track of a certain phenomenon, it takes years until we get to know it completely again, while by using human intuition, what has to be studied for two entire years can be studied within a minute. Well, this great law of Love smoothes everything. If some time is required to rectify any of your mistakes, when Love comes with its brush, it can be rectified immediately – just for five minutes. And now start singing! This is the instantaneous healing method. Introducing harmony in Life is what I consider an instantaneous healing method. Since the language of the Scripture is very allegorical, a prophet said there, ‘I attracted you by the law of Love’, i.e. by the G clef he attracted them. As soon as people start understanding one another, harmony can perform miracles. For instance you now say that the Orthodox, the Evangelists do not have the knowledge you have. But the issue is not that you differ only in this - you have to be able to sing according to the G clef; to have a substantial feature distinguishing you – harmony among you. If harmony prevails, if you can operate with the G clef, then you will have one substantial feature, then you will be able to say that you understand Life and that you are different from the others. Well, some of you resemble those singers who are asked to attend a music school or to join a choir, they sing for a day or two, and then they leave the choir and say, ‘Our voice is not good enough’. Why is your voice not good enough? Because you are not in harmony. Harmony should be introduced first and then your voice will become good enough. When harmony is introduced, then feelings will come; having achieved harmony, righteous deeds will follow. All of it depends on this Divine harmony. As soon as you are tuned to it, as if by waving a magic wand, everything will come out right. If there is no harmony, you may toil for years, but you will accomplish nothing. Now, all of you think about yourselves during your lifetime, i.e. you keep saying, ‘I am thinking about this, I am thinking about that.’ But as far as I can understand people who consider themselves very spiritual, keep thinking of themselves only. Contemporary people think about others only when they have too much to carry upon their backs. They say, ‘Shall we do you a favour – shall we give you some of our luggage?’ People who say that they are ready to sacrifice themselves, only think so, but show me people who are actually ready to sacrifice themselves. These are very rare to come across. On one’s own free will, this is the Divine way in which one has to think about God. Sometimes, when a person insults us, we fly at that person - even the most advanced ones among us do it - later on when we come to realise what we have done we say, ‘What I did was not right!’ And this we do not only once, twice or thrice a day; and in the end you keep asking why God does not come. Well, how can He come?! Love is the law of harmony; get into harmony and He will come; as long as you are not in harmony, He won’t come. I now want you to master a power in your consciousness that is able to keep hold of the harmony without you considering what the world is like. I want you to do something by virtue of which you can convince your God, because if you insult Him, you thwart all of your work. Keep telling yourself, ‘I am waiting to turn the wheel!’ It can only be turned when you are lined according to the G clef. Young people now make excuses that they are inexperienced, while old people – that they are nervous. God excuses neither the young nor the old. Whoever comes to school must study. If you are old and you consider yourself old – this is a disharmony. If you think you are young, this is also a disharmony. As soon as you think that you are old, this means that one day you will rejuvenate; if you think that you are young, this means that you will grow old some day. And this comes down to playing with a ball: youth – old age; young – old… What does young and old mean in music? Youth is the beginning of music, and the old age – is the end. The young are in the beginning. What is your understanding of music? When the musician gets old, there is no longer applause, but as soon as music is played, the audience applauds in admiration, ‘Encore! Encore! Play again!’ and then the musician starts playing again. Hence one can grow older and get younger several times in a row. This is the musical approach to it: there is no old age the way you imagine. So along these lines young is understood to mean a person having reached the prime of one’s age in music, and when a person develops one’s feelings and abilities to their best – this is called old age. A person is then at the peak of one’s power and might. Outside music, the most powerful, the mightiest is understood to be the oldest, most incapable and it is labelled ‘an old person’. Hence, as soon as you tune yourself to harmony, you will alter your views. When I say young I imply that you are in the beginning. While the old ones you will place in the highest degree of harmony where your soul can reach. It is not that now you do not invest effort, you do invest a lot of effort, aspirations and all this is good, but your aspirations, your desires should be directed intelligently into the great striving of Love. You may have your aspirations, but if you do not choose the timing required by harmony, if you do not comply with the operating laws, all your labour will be lost. You may now ask, ‘Why do I not grow today, why do I not have such a view, why are my thoughts a little bit disorganised?’ Harmony and harmony again is what you need! You have to recover harmony by all means, whatever sacrifices it may take! Once you recover harmony, whatever sacrifices you may make, nothing is wasted. Harmony should be restored in your souls. There is also the point that because you do not understand Life, you believe that society will deliver the rewards to you. Society can only spoil you. You make friends in groups and if you fail to understand the law and society, Life will place you out of tune. You tune somebody in, while they tune you out. You say, ‘Let’s tune ourselves!’ You tune that person, he takes you out of tune and you spend the whole day tuning: tuning in and tuning out. You start anew on the following day, you pull the string, and sometimes when you make it too taut it breaks. However, these four strings that you have to play on are the four temperaments, which need tuning. The first one is the sanguine temperament, i.e. lively, airy. People of such temperament have rounded faces, fair hair, blue eyes, they are like butterflies – bounce from one flower to another, they make promises to everybody, while they can hardly do one hundredth of what they have promised, they are very generous, they give everything. The other string is the so-called choleric temperament. Such people will be better off if they develop their liver, muscles, and nervous system. They are energetic – wherever they pass they set everything on fire. These are dark-haired people having oval faces, thick furry eyebrows, wide noses, well developed muscles on their arms and when others do not obey them, they bang fists on the table. The third string is the phlegmatic temperament. These are people of the benign womb, having round faces resembling the Moon, only the eyes can be seen. Their arms are short. They walk slowly. These are people of English2 temperament: they find it difficult to sit down, but having sat, they find it difficult to get going. They never worry. The fourth temperament is the melancholic or the nervous temperament. The brain-nervous system prevails in it. People of such temperament are of delicate built, with rather thin eyebrows, most often having hazel eyes; they are people of the thought, they are quick of apprehension, impressionable, agile, nervous, they have a fluent thought; these are the bearers of thought and philosophy. These are the four temperaments, which have to be tuned so that there can be harmony among them. When these temperaments, these strings, are fine-tuned, then notes start perching upon them, but as soon as the violinist takes the bow, they all start bouncing and if some of them are not tuned properly, then there is a certain disharmony. The cases when you are not tuned indicate that two of you of equal faults are brought together, two persons of sanguine or of phlegmatic temperament. Crossing of breeds is the key, so that there is peace. For instance, if I place all of you lean people together you will be jostling around. You will not be able to stand one another. For example you sometimes say, ‘I was somewhere, but I felt as if I was set on fire.’ But of course, as long as three people of the same temperament are together, it’s only natural that they should feel as if they were set on fire. Temperaments should be crossed so that these can develop harmonically. For instance, the sanguine temperament enhances the development of the respiratory system: breasts are enlarged, blood-circulation is improved, breathing is good and such people never suffer from anaemia. When you want to improve your muscles and ligaments, you will call the choleric temperament. When you want to develop your digestive system, you will call the phlegmatic temperament, and when you want to develop your brain – the nervous temperament. Your feelings, thoughts, and actions should be located on these four strings in order to start playing the music of Life. So, from the point of view of harmony, if you are too active, you will call the phlegmatic temperament to contribute some strength to the stomach, to achieve balance. If you have too much fire, you will call the sanguine temperament to blow some of it away, to scatter it around. You know what the law is, don’t you? When it is too hot in the room, you should immediately open the windows; air comes in and brings in refreshment. Well, the sanguine temperament is air, which refreshes everything. When it gets cold, you should ask the choleric temperament: it will in turn, make the room warmer. Well, it takes a long time to study this law of harmony. Easier said than done! Above all you will take it into your head that harmony is necessary for your development. All obstacles in your life come from the lack of this Divine harmony. And you should remember that harmony is always the result of the intelligent beginning in man, of the Divine Spirit that works in your Spirit that guides you in all of your endeavours. There is a creature within yourselves, which keeps telling you, ‘Hang on! Think a little before you start doing the work!’ You struggle, and when you have tuned yourself into it, it says, ‘You may go ahead!’ Sometimes you resemble recalcitrant children: although your mother tells you not to go out, you still open the door and there you are in the open. You come back in the evening all in mud, your clothes tattered, your mothers give you a good thrashing and then you say, ‘When I wake up tomorrow, things will be all right.’ Such has been your life so far. There is nobody among you who has escaped the thrashing. You have all been thrashed. Now, the law of harmony demands that you pay attention not to the people singing out of tune, who cannot sing the tones properly, but to be attentive to the singing of the best singers; they will teach you how to sing the proper tones. Hence, from an esoteric point of view, when we say that we should not be dealing in other people’s mistakes, this means that we should not be concerned with people singing out of tune. There is nothing to listen to in relation to them; we should be listening to people singing properly as it is them from whom you can learn harmony. Well, all of you can be musicians, and nobody has the right the say that they are no good for this purpose. You are required to do it! Harmony rules out the words I can’t. Those of you who want to live and to develop, they have to say, ‘I can!’ While those of you who do not want to, they have to head for the cemetery. Those who cannot are expelled from school and there starts the reverse life. Harmony exists only when you say, ‘I can’. Now, it does not come to hurrying, there is no hurrying about it, but you will do it from the beginning to the end. Some people say, ‘I want to get to that end to see what is there!’ I say, ‘Like the beginning, like the end’. What is in the beginning, the same will be at the other end. You beguile yourselves by saying, ‘Let me go to Heaven to find out what is there.’ Well Heaven – it is the end of this music. If you are virtuoso performers, you will come to Heaven till the end of the music and there will be applause for you. If you are not virtuoso performers, you go to Heaven and say, ‘Down, down to the Earth!’ This is what heavenly Life means: this music is the same from the earth to Heaven and when you turn around, there will be applause up there, and you will then be asked to go down to earth. The beginning is like the end. Some say, ‘Let me have a poor start so that I can have a good finish.’ If you start all right, you will end all right; if you start poorly, you will end poorly. This is according to the law of powers. So, music is the only circumstance that pre-conditions one’s development on earth. Therefore, apply music! You are indisposed – start singing! Sing and fear not! Sing any song to introduce harmony into you. This will be of help to your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions as well. If you cannot sing alone, go to the garden, sit under a tree and if there is a wind, you will discover such music listening to the crackling leaves that you will gradually subside and will be carried away by this rustling, which I call music. The vibrations coming from the rustling leaves influence your mind. You will regard music as an important factor in your life, in order to get rid of these misunderstandings, which currently exist among you. You often stop and say, ‘What’s-his-name does not sing well, he sings out of tune.’ Yes, he does, but you do not sing well either. There must be someone else, who will say, ‘Let me make the tones properly and we shall tune ourselves all at one go!’ It’s not the point that whoever sings out of tune. The point is for all of us to be tuned properly. When there is a tuning fork, we shall all start singing properly. I certainly do not intend now to correct the clefs of all of you, but I talk in general about your mistakes. When you go back to your homes you will see where the G clef is and you will correct your mistakes. Sometimes teachers correct the mistakes on the blackboard and students correct theirs according to the blackboard. This is the better way for you to correct yourselves. You often say, ‘I’m in low spirits, I’m not in the right mood.’ But you have to know that Divine Love is harmony, it cannot tolerate disharmony. I now talk about harmony in terms of relation, because it will be your solid foundation when you start organizing yourselves consciously. Do you know what organizing means? All the cells are consciously organized in this Divine organism and all work properly. We are Divine cells in this Life and each one of us has to understand and perform one’s mission properly, one’s present application and to want neither more nor less than the work assigned to one. No one should distance oneself from the Divine Plan. Other people may comment about you, but try to accomplish what you are aware of deep down in your soul and you won’t be far away from the Truth. Follow your plan and nothing will impede you! You have seen soldiers marching – all in the same beat. Similarly when you are alone, you may walk the way you feel like – you can walk more slowly or you walk faster, but when you join a company that has a pace of its own, you will keep pace with the others. If you do not keep pace, you will fall behind. So, when you tune yourself to the Divine harmony, you have to change your pace: you have to start walking in harmony, properly. Well, do you realize what it means to adapt your feet, to start walking properly? This means that your virtues should start walking properly. The legs of the human soul – this is Virtue; the arms of the human soul – this is your Justice; the ears of the human soul – these are Wisdom’s wise thoughts, and the mouth of the human soul – this is Love through which it speaks! This mouth is the external aspect of Love, through which the Divine Love will flow out. The one Love will come in service to the other Love, which will come through it from the outside. Therefore, you should now form the ears of your soul, so that you can be wise; you have to form the mouth of your soul, so that you can be in Love; so that you can be good, virtuous; you have to form the legs of your soul, so that you can be just; you have to form the arms of your soul. When you go to the other world, you will see for example that some have no ears. All the virtues that we practice in this world are meant to facilitate us in the making of certain organs. Why should one be virtuous? Because this is the way for one’s soul to have legs. Why should one be just? Because this is the way for one’s soul to have arms. Why should one be wise? Because this is the way for one’s soul to have ears. This is to say that everything in the world, being done by Divine Harmony, is directly related to one’s soul. So, all the effort we make has a good impact upon us, on the people close to us, and on the Divine principles. This is what is meant by God’s manifestation in your deeds. For instance, let’s say that all of you, who are here, are given work to do. How would you start doing this work? Let’s say, for example, that you are entrusted with about a hundred orphans and you are asked to help them. What will you do? How will you organize your work? You will start electing committees of five to six or seven women each and you will delegate everything to them. They will start quarrelling whom to appoint chairperson, whom to appoint secretary and they will waste the day in such arguments. Afterwards money will have to be raised and meanwhile you will be waiting for things to happen. Then they will quarrel again who should deliver this money. Well, again the seven people elected in the committee! Well, what about the rest of you? What will you do? How can you deal with this business in the most practical way? You will distribute the children among you. You will again be quarrelling who should take which child, where should the most intelligent children be sent. Potluck – whichever child falls to you! When one has learnt one’s lesson, one is always lucky. When one has missed the opportunity to learn a lesson, then one is confronted with something that is not called luck. You will have to resolve the issue according to the law of harmony. Let’s assume that you are all married and have children. Each mother solves this problem. Imagine that each one is entrusted to rear several orphans. There is a committee appointed at home for this purpose: there is a chairman a chairwoman and the children are taken care of. This is the situation in the Invisible world. Then the others, who are not married, say, ‘We will be given children in the future.’ The single ones can find other work for themselves. Nobody should be idle in this world! We have to benefit from this conscious Life, from the Law of harmony right now under the present circumstances, not under any future circumstances. Intelligent people use the current circumstances, while naïve people – the future circumstances. Intelligent people learn from their past, while the stupid ones – from their future. Now, I would like you to smooth any possible disharmony existing among you. Any disharmony that you have created should be smoothed overnight. I allow you only one day, not longer! Only one day I allow to women to smooth all and every misunderstanding or disharmony. So, within one day you should tune yourself to the G clef and should smooth out any single disharmony! Every one of you should smooth things over – agreed! Try to imagine the following case: let’s assume that you lived in disharmony with four sisters of yours and three brothers at a certain place. They beat you - you beat them. One day you decide to go to another house. Well, if you haven’t tuned yourself to the G clef and move to another house, are you sure that you won’t feel worse there? You know that singers, who do not sing well on the stage, are asked to step down, while good singers are much in demand and they are asked to sing again and again. The good life – this is the Divine harmony, which means that we should accomplish harmony in real Life. This is why this harmony is needed and it is only through harmony that you can make up for the lost harmony. But it is harmony that brings in the New Life. You are now thinking how you can smooth the disharmony. It can be done. You will direct your mind to God! You should remember that He is the Great harmony and you will be thinking of Him only! You should not imagine God as a white-haired old man; you should think of God in terms of Great Harmony, where every living creature pays attention to Him. Therefore, we all aspire to Him and everybody wants to understand Him. Think about the Great harmony and you will immediately feel light as a feather! Do not try to understand what God is, what His form is, but think of Him as Great harmony and you will immediately feel as light as a feather. Because if you keep looking at the face, hair or beard of the singer, you will immediately distance yourself from the harmony, but if your ears are strained you will understand what it is. When we come to the face, it represents a special harmony for the eyes. If you are clairvoyants, you will see that the face is not still at a single place, but it is moving, many fast motions take place within it. But since these movements are so far from us, it seems to us that it is still. Everything is in motion in the Invisible world. You will first turn your heart, your mind, and your soul to the God of harmony, i.e. to the god of the G clef, to whom every living creature is tuned. You will turn to the laws of harmony. You will listen to one of them and when you receive it, you will start singing together with this great choir. I give you one day to do this! There is only one day for you to tune to the G clef! I show you one shortcoming: without trying what I have told you, on leaving this room, you say, ‘This is what the Master says’. Do not say anything to anybody until you try it for yourselves. Do not go spreading around what I have told you before you try it. As soon as you have attested it, you may spread it around; it will then have a double force. You may spread around what I have said and what you have said and attested. Do an experiment and when it proves right, tell other people about it so that they can also test it. When other people also do the experiment and find it successful, the result will be three times stronger. When this third person tells a friend of his and when the latter completes a successful experiment, the effect will be four times stronger. The fourth person will tell a fifth person, the latter will tell somebody else etc. By doing so you will achieve a gradually intensifying effect – it is similar to a big wave. While how do you act now? One of you has heard something from another one, but neither the one nor the other has tested it and they keep asking themselves, ‘What was it? Let’s go back!’ Both of them have forgotten about it. And they start shuttling again. You have no time to spend on shuttling. Your cloth is fully warped, the staff is set, and you need only to weave. Weaving means harmony – to weave some cloth from one point to another. To sing, to weave, to live – these are all synonymous. You say, ‘What shall I do?’ Sing! ‘Is life a song?’ Well, if you can’t do this, then start weaving. If you can’t weave, then start eating! This is what weaving in the staff means; the staff is the warp, while the yarn-beam is the clef, placed in the beginning of the staff. When the cloth is woven, it is taken off the yarn beam and it is sold. Then you hear other music. Music changes under various clefs. The first rule, in order to tune yourself to this clef, is as follows: all of your misunderstandings and all of your disagreements should be smoothed and should tune into harmony. Or put in musical terms, you should all tune to the same clef where you do not sing the individual tones correctly or where you do not respect the time, where somebody sings faster, while somebody else sings behind time, where you do not meet each other. As long as you tune into the same clef, you will understand that God is Great harmony. We shall tune according to Him, we shall sing and dance together with God! Yesterday I told the men that I leave it to the women to tune them. I told them nothing else. Now we shall see whether you can tune them! Mind you do not do as that servant by the name of Stoyan, who the priest sent to the vineyard to dig and cut off the twigs. So Stoyan, scissors in hand, went to the vineyard and cut the twigs off; he cut almost all the twigs off as he did not quite know which twigs should be cut off and which should be spared. He came back home and the priest asked him, ‘Stoyan, is the vineyard weeping?’ ‘You should go and see it and then you will be weeping!’ was the reply. You may ask Mrs. Doinova when she cuts the twigs off her vineyard, how deep she cuts the twigs; she is an expert. Likewise, you should also know on what place on the staff exactly you should stay. So far you have cut the twigs right to the branching, but you should no longer do so. You should cut only those twigs that are not to bear fruit. You all need harmony; we can understand each other only in harmony. When we all are in harmony with God, we shall understand Him, you will understand me and I will understand you. Without harmony, Life is incongruous – the same is true about society too, and about science, and in trade and everywhere. Harmony is needed everywhere if one wants to succeed. Regardless whether you are getting dressed or whether you are cooking or sleeping – harmony should be everywhere and in everything. If you do not sleep in harmony, you will have a hangover in the morning. If your Life is harmonious it will be glorious even in its smallest manifestations; if there is no harmony – it is pointless. Now, all of you will apply harmony – both young and old; the young from the beginning while the old – from the end. The young will be the first notes in a musical piece, the middle-aged – the notes in the middle, and the old ones – the last notes. When the entire piece is completed, then there is a lot of noise, tumult, and applause. The piece ends with the oldest. It’s no good if actors are hissed off the stage. Sometimes you will hear applause; sometimes you will hear hissing. I wish there will be applause for you, not hissing, because if there is hissing, you will get off the stage and will have to be reincarnated once again. Now, you will get together and shall think over what you have to do to get organized in order to understand what women can do. We have to work in the external world, don’t we! Say for instance you have a field to dig, or a vineyard to cut, or a garden to till, fruit trees to grow – how will you distribute this work? The stronger ones will dig the vineyard, the weaker ones will reap the field, the weakest will clear away caterpillars, and the tired ones will be sent to taste the fruit, to pick some and to fetch some for you and you will then enjoy the abundance at the table. This is the way to divide the work among you. It will take an intelligent approach to the work, if you want to be in harmony. If you are not in harmony, your work will fall to pieces, you will be in doubts, you will be disappointed, you will be roaming from one place to another and your life will become pointless. You women, who study harmony, are required to work. Let’s assume now that there is a women’s meeting; how will you have it organized? If you think in terms of who will come first, the young will have to be your priority. The young are in the lead in music. Well, you organise a meeting; you place the young in the front and they come in the beginning. Let’s assume that you have to carry five hundred sacks; then the old ones will come to the front, while the young will be left behind. If it is an issue who comes first, it is easy to verify who comes first. First is a person who comes first under any circumstances in Life, while the one, who cannot work, will be left behind. If somebody is the first to sit at the table, but the last to go to work, then this person is not in the first place. Some say, ‘I’m in the first place.’ I’m glad that there is one who is in the first place. Come on, let him place the sack upon his back and sing a particular tone from the G clef. If he sings all the tones from the beginning to the end accurately, this means that he is in the first place. If he sings half of the tones accurately, while the other half – out of tune, this means that he is only halfway in the first place. If he makes only the quarter of the tones accurately, he will have a poor mark of two, if he makes only one tone accurately, he will have a mark below poor – one. If he does not make any tone accurately – his score will be zero. This is what Christ’s words, ‘So the last shall be first, and the first last’ mean. What does Christ want to tell us? Those who were first when they came to the sacks, became last. Afterwards when it came to eating, the last became the first. Last with the sacks and first at the table. So, Christ’s words ‘The last will become first and the first will become last’ are merely principles that are articulated. This is not funny; this shows our weakness. Sometimes we do not estimate our strength, but when placed to work, we say, ‘I thought I was right, but I will be left a little bit behind now’. When it comes to eating you say, ‘I am in the first place, remember this and do not forget me!’ When it comes to the sacks, you say, ‘I’m very weak, I admit my weakness.’ Well, it is also good that you admit your weaknesses! You say, ‘My back is rather frail.’ Well then you cannot be in the first place. Now, you will work according to the law of harmony. As soon as you step on the Path, you will see that there are no privileges or demands. Privileges are bestowed only to the people who study, who are able; for people who do not study, who are not able there are no privileges. Those of you who sing well, study, and are worthy get privileges; those who do not study, who are not worthy get no privileges. When you enter this school you will do your best to learn; others can give you nothing if you do not learn. We do not benefit when other people eat. We benefit from what we eat. Other people cannot learn instead of us, you have to learn for yourself. This is a necessity. You have to remember that knowledge does not come the easy way. You will study, and you will study hard, according to the law of harmony. You will learn according to the law of harmony and your progress depends on you, nobody else can tune you into harmony. Some say, ‘Let’s get harmonized!’ Each one of you will harmonise yourself. If you harmonise yourselves there will be harmony; if you do not harmonise yourselves, there will be no harmony. All the people in the world have their own worries. All of us have a retired devil within; and all of us feed the devil in our houses. The retired devil is a resident of yours and whenever he visits you, you treat him at the table. When you are in a difficult situation, you tell the devil, ‘Come out to get my things straight!’ The devil comes out and says, ‘What are you, rascal, looking for?’ The devil gets your work done. While at times, when you have made a mess of things, you tell your good spirit, ‘Listen, can’t you come out for me? I made a mess of this job, there is nothing else I can do, come and help me!’ When the good spirit starts talking to you, the good spirit tells you, ‘OK, I will postpone your policy.’ So, much depends on which resident you will call to help you. Now, you will call the good resident according to the law of harmony, and the good resident will tune you to the right tone and will show you how to go about your work. This is what you need. People who are not in harmony are not accepted in Heaven. This is the law and there are no exceptions to it. If you do not get in harmony now, while you are on the earth, you won’t be admitted when you go up there. If you are in harmony you will leave your house singing, you won’t cry and you will be greeted by songs up there. If you leave the earth with no song, when you get to Paradise you will hear, ‘We do not admit people who cannot sing.’ Heaven is a place for songs and harmony; there is no crying there, no grief or sorrow. Everywhere one can hear songs of all types – from the gentlest ones to the wildest ones – everyone can choose and listen to their taste in music. Now, we on the earth will also start doing all our work singing, but you will apply harmony. I shall not preach to those who do not apply harmony. This has nothing to do with my School. If I catch some of you opposing this, I will expel them according to all the rules of the Divine Science. When they learn harmony I will admit them again, but until they learn harmony they will be outside the School. You have to remember this and there will be no exceptions to it. This is written by God in His School. His laws do not change for anybody and nobody can violate them. All schools have to obey the law of harmony by all means, this is a must. As soon as one makes a mistake, one is immediately expelled. And you know only too well how often this happens. You then start singing and rejoin the school. The moment you make a mistake – you are out again! And when you get out, you can tell the difference. Therefore the law should be applied internally. Your Spirit, which guides you, will get you out of this. When I say that I will expel you, I mean the law that operates in the Spiritual World. It is the same law for everybody. Teachers do the same: they make no allowances for students making mistakes. Neither teachers, nor students are given allowances. If a mistake is made – the person is out, if the person corrects the mistake, the person is admitted back in again. Because the entire Heaven shakes when in disharmony. This is why people who are not pure are not admitted. You will keep this as a rule; this is a conscious law. It is up to you whether you will be in harmony or not; you are the person deciding whether you will be in or out of harmony. So I am telling you to apply this great law of Life. It is needed on the earth; this is a practical law. Do not think that it is strict; it is a great law that teaches us order and discipline. Adam was happy in Paradise, but the moment he tasted the fruit of disharmony, he was immediately taken by the ear and thrown out. This is certainly a very severe punishment, because he infringed upon harmony many a times. If you sing one note incorrectly you will stay one day out of school, if you sing two notes incorrectly, you will stay two days out of school, if you sing three notes incorrectly – three days out of school and so on. You will stay out of School as many days and as many notes as you have sung incorrectly. When you correct yourself you will feel blessed. The law is absolute – no disharmony is tolerated. If you do not love me, you will tell me, ‘Be patient for a while!’ If you love me, you won’t tell me to be patient and if you love people do not make them suffer your foolishness. In this respect you will do your best to introduce harmony among you. You need harmony. If you fail to introduce harmony, there is no other way that you can help yourselves. You may pray here, but the moment you leave the meeting, harmony is unbalanced. You have to keep it in your mind that God is an eternal harmony. This thought should become part of your flesh and blood; you should be able to hear it everywhere! Then you will be strong enough to fight down the temptations in the outside world. I now interpret Love for you in the G clef in the first degree. You say, ‘Let’s love one another!’ But to be able to love, you have to know where the G clef is and to tune yourselves to it. You will then be in harmony and will start with Love. When I talk about Love, I mean that it precedes harmony, while harmony creates the conditions for the manifestation of this great Divine Power, which brings in health, and health in its turn brings in harmony. The external harmony prepares the conditions for Love, Love brings in Life, Life – health, while health brings in the internal harmony within us. So, the external harmony is formed internally. I want you to apply the Teaching I am talking about today. I will test you and I will appoint a committee to test you on all the notes, and there will be tests for everything from the beginning to the end. A committee from Heaven will come here to test you. It will visit your homes and you will sit for your exams in harmony, you will have to sing. Make sure there is harmony at your homes when the committee comes to visit you, so that your homes can be blessed. If the committee on coming does not find you well prepared, there will be no blessing. Make sure you do not regret it later on. One committee will be sent from Heaven. How would you verify this thought? This committee is a little bit difficult to understand: this means officials from the local authorities and it can have three, four, five or ten persons on its panel in harmony. They will test you on harmony – how you sing, how you live, how you feel, how you think and how you act. This is the thirteenth year. If you do not achieve any results, you won’t go any further. If you get from the beginning to the end of singing, what do you think will come out? Applause or hissing? A new course, a new clef starts next year. If you do not adjust to this clef properly, you won’t pass to a new clef, you will have to redo the same clef. If you pass the exam, you will start learning the new clef. This is what I want to tell you; what I am talking to you makes sense, you have experiences, you have lived, you know these things and you now recall them to mind. You will remember certain things, which you have forgotten, when you find yourself driven to the wall. That wolf that is used to eating sheep says that roots are not food, but when he goes hungry for five or six days, he calls to mind the delicious roots and finds them. Likewise, when you feel cornered, you call to mind what you used to know. You know these things but I will remind you of an old Truth which you have forgotten. Christ says, ‘When this Spirit of Truth comes, it will make you remember what I have said in the beginning’. This is written in the soul, in the mind and you know it. Do not be disconcerted and do not say, ‘I can’t sing properly this tone, this I do not know.’ You know it; you will remember it! You will open the book to the right page and when you review the year, the month, the day, the time, and everything event by event as it was, you will say, ‘Aha, I can remember, I can see clearly now’. This is a small reference for you. It is good if everybody goes into the reference chamber and works a little bit upon oneself. Do not think that you lack abilities. You all have abilities and feelings, but you have to do some work according to the law of harmony. When you work in agreement with the law on harmony, everything comes out ten-fold, while when you work outside the law of harmony, life is difficult, unbearable. You eat without harmony, you sleep without harmony, you live with people in disharmony, then life is difficult, grievous and you start singing the songs ‘Doichin has been ill for ten years’ or ‘Hard times, indeed’. This is what life without harmony is. So, I gave you one clef now, a very simple method and easy to do and you will apply it. Outside this thought of harmony you shall not reflect on what God is. You will understand God to be one Great intelligent harmony, which is spread everywhere in the Universe, all over Nature and among all things alive. Every evening you will concentrate your mind and your thoughts on one tone of this harmony. As soon as you have grasped one tone, you have achieved a lot. A tone per day! You quarrel with your husband, with your daughter and you say, ‘My husband does not get the tone right’. No, you have to say, ‘I will sing an accurate tone of the G clef and I will show him how to sing!’ But you start, ‘What are you rattling on?’ He rattles on, she rattles on and what comes out of two people rattling on? Two chatter boxes. You will calm down and you will tell yourself, ‘Love – this is the G clef! You have to take the tuning fork!’ You take the tuning fork, you tune yourself and you tell your husband, ‘Love and agreement, Love and agreement!’ You will sing and you will sing, you will increase your tone and before you look at him he will be smiling and singing ‘Love and agreement, let’s make it up!’ This is Divine – to listen to what God says from above. When one lives in this way, life becomes intelligent and easy. While now you go from one house to another and keep telling each other what you experienced. You keep walking all day long, you tell ten people what you have experienced and still you find life difficult. If you live in harmony you won’t be telling anything to anybody and your soul will feel light as a feather. I will now give you an exercise. We shall see whether you can apply it. Can you do the first exercise? You will think about the words Love and agreement for two minutes. (For two minutes everybody is silent and does the exercise.) You will do this exercise ten times everyday for two minutes and you will see the results. You will do your best to have harmony in your mind all the time. Your mind has to get accustomed to this. It deviates a lot, but when you concentrate for a minute or two on harmony, your mind will get accustomed to concentrating; it will start adapting. When you do these exercises, your cells, your nerves will start toning up and if you have a headache or any other indisposition, it will pass away and you will feel healthier. If you do these exercises more often, you will start healing yourselves. This is a good healing method. Every healing is cleaning; and cleaning means health. When you spend all your life in this way doing the harmony exercises, everything within you will be cleaned and your soul will be as white as snow. When you do several such experiments and when you see the results, you will let me know. And when you are convinced of the good results, you can then help the people close to you. Lecture delivered by the Master, on 20 June 1921, Whit Monday 1 The G clef in Bulgarian is called the Sol clef – after the 5th tone of the diatonic scale in solmization. Throughout the text I will use the G clef – but right here I have also used its other name the Sol clef Because the pronunciation [so:l] stands for the 5th tone and for the Bulgarian word for salt - sort of close to the pronunciation of the English word salt. 2 or Anglo-Saxon Source
  20. Note 3 Combination of Relations1 There are two principles in the supreme esoteric mathematics, which read as follows: the attitude of the Earth to the Sun determines the attitude of the Sun to the Earth. I shall substitute the Earth for Man, and the Sun for God and then we shall arrive at a translated version: the attitude of Man to God determines the attitude of God to Man. This is a principle that is beyond dispute. Hence all contradictions in our private or public life stem from this law. I will now do another translation of this combination of attitudes: the attitude of the soul to the Spirit determines the attitude of the Spirit to the soul. I will make yet another translation substituting the soul for the child and the Spirit for the mother, and then again it is the same law: the attitude of the child to the mother determines the attitude of the mother to the child. You will find the line in the Scripture where Christ speaks about the man making his house on sand and on rocks. Bear in mind that by the rules of this esoteric law you are not free to think, feel, or act the way you want to in your relations with others. Somebody says, “I am free and I do what I want!” This is all wrong. In order for this to happen, you have to be free of all the thoughts that are not yours. If you think what people expect you to think, then something is not in order. This calls to mind a situation when somebody is being escorted by policemen – the man goes where ten policemen force him to. Keep in mind the following: I do not want to talk you into anything, I do not want to impose anything upon you; I want to let you free from the slavery situation you are in. You may get me wrong, because want is a human expression. This is the desire of the Invisible world or the desire of God – that all His children should be free. I shall not concern myself with your past, this is a matter for you to deal with; I am concerned only with your present and your future. And the only person who can now come to your aid along the Path you are walking is me. If I abandon you, you will be lost this very moment. If I let go of the stick you clutch to, you may come back to be saved only in a thousand years. There is no philosophy here: the life of the child in the mother’s womb depends on the mother carrying the child. If she decides to carry it to the end, she will give birth to the child, but if she decides to miscarry it, it won’t be born alive. It is ridiculous to imagine another woman telling a baby in its mother’s womb, “Get out of this womb and come into mine!” The child must be carried for a certain period. Any smart aleck arguing to the contrary is an absolute ignorant who does not understand this great law. Secondly, I do not want to alter the Divine order of things not even to one hundred-millionth part, neither do I wish that you try to change me; this is sacrilege! Another aspect to it: for the last seven million years the principles of the White Brotherhood haven’t changed even to one hundred-millionth part. I take this number – it is a variable belonging to the supreme Divine Mathematics, to the Divine World. These laws are strictly determined. There is a particular form for each thought, feeling, or action, through which they can be manifested and the law states that when they are expressed in this form, we feel a sort of satisfaction and kindness. This signifies that the form was expressed properly. Otherwise we feel certain discontent. It is not a bad feature, but an urge for us to aim at acquiring this supreme form. In the time of the Apostles the Christians divided into followers of Peter, followers of the Apostles, followers of Paul, followers of Christ. Paul says, “I sowed, others watered, while God grew it.” What does it matter that you have sown or watered; the important thing is that God made it grow. Moreover all principles boil down to growing, not to who sowed or who watered. I am telling you too, you should stay where God placed you, where the farmer planted you, where your mother sent you to school. Do not go out of the relations already established. The farmer and the mother are wiser than you who have it on your mind to leave school. I shall now stop here… This year the White Brotherhood will have its meeting on 19th August. Do not entertain the idea that you belong to the White Brotherhood. There are meetings every year. I do not want you to be ignorant: It consists of human souls having completed their evolution thousand of years ago. They get together every year to determine the fate of all people. Now, we have our meeting on earth simultaneously with their meeting. They are also on the earth. If you walk properly along this Path, you will join the Brotherhood in time, while for the time being you are only servants. There is something hinted to this effect in the Epistles to the Jews. This year, all of you from Sofia who attended the School up to 1914 inclusive, are invited; they will come on the morning of 17th in Tarnovo2, while those attending from 1916 to 1919 inclusive, will come on the morning of 18th, and the new comers – in the evening of 18th. I would like to see harmony reigning among all of you, so that we can benefit from the time spent together. There is work to be done. To tell you the truth the White Brotherhood does not look approvingly to Sofians. It’s not that it does not love you, but it disapproves of the rights you have granted to yourselves. Freedom goes with rights, but you should know that there are rights and obligations. This is the point of departure for you to learn the methods of governing countries and people. Not a single one of the existing methods on earth can be applied and you are aware of the results. You will learn, because you will return to the Earth, until you complete your development. You have to go to school and you will come back to school as students, until you graduate. Do not think you will convince me to side with you. There is only one way this can be done: if you live in Virtue, in Love, Justice, and Truth. I can’t be where God is not. God is not in the evil. I told a friend of mine that I would not allow anybody to commit a crime. And when I leave, you may do whatever takes your fancy. I will catch those who try to deviate and I will cause them suffering. I won’t allow anybody to commit suicide. You will come to understand this law some day. Some say, “I am not afraid!” I would like you to show me your Love; otherwise, you are cowards par excellence. Now, you have obligations to the White Brotherhood, to the School where you belong. There can be no excuse for you; you can’t discard your obligations to them. You can’t hide anywhere, not even at the bottom of hell. This you should understand very well. There is no hiding from the White Brothers. They are the bearers of Light, of each New Culture, of each good. Well, with their assistance, one always succeeds, but when one is deprived of their assistance, everything is over. Your attitude to me is your attitude to the White Brotherhood, and your attitude to the White Brotherhood is your attitude to God. You will say that you know only one God. You are mistaken: The Sun is known by the light, but it also has one mediator. This is ether, otherwise it will be invisible. Likewise the White Brotherhood is the mediator between you and God. You have to get your act together this year. There shall be no loose parties around. I am ready to listen to everybody and I would like you to be at least halfway like me. Christ has also said, “Students have to be like the Teacher.” How have I lived among you? Have you seen anything of me? You want to do something and I say, “Go ahead! Give it a try!” But I know that this is the law: one will be measured by the measure one applies. You have to be free! I know your previous life, I know everything, and I do not go poking around unearthing things, but I bury things. Knowledge is not always beneficial, but I benefit from what you do. If you want to have the benevolence of God, you have to listen to God. This was told to me and I came here on purpose. Therefore, I say that there are three scenarios: firstly, if you do not want to follow the Teaching that I preach, I will tell you firmly, “OK, you are free to go!” Secondly – are you ready to apply Christ’s Teaching as it is in the Gospel? I mean to have it performed in its absolute completeness! Thirdly – are you ready to apply Moses’ Teaching in its absolute completeness? Either Moses, or Christ, or me – we are one! This is the manifestation of God, this Teaching is Divine. Moses’ Teaching is Divine, Christ’s Teaching is Divine, and the present Teaching is Divine. The source is the same, only the forms differ. It is the same Spirit in the three teachings. Let’s assume that I tell you a dictum, a principle, but I do not sign under it. Try to accomplish it! You won’t lose much if my name is not present. But Christ says, “His Teaching must be accomplished!” You should accomplish either what the White Brotherhood discloses, or Christ’s Teaching, or Moses’ Teaching, one of these Teachings, however, has to be accomplished. I place these three Teachings before you, because you bring up certain doubts. I would not like to remove anybody and I would like you to accomplish the three Teachings simultaneously. In their complete scope they are indeed the same Teaching. Christ in Moses is the same as Christ in Jesus ands the same Christ is in me. I want you to have the insider’s understanding. The significance of the Sun is in the light it sends to us. As early as this year you should identify yourselves, in your mind, you should be sincere, because the benevolence you strive at depends on you being sincere. I can see you thinking, “Are we so well prepared that we can be called?” Remember that king who invited guests to his table. “Since those who were called did not make it, I am calling you, the cripples! Be grateful that the ones whom I called haven’t come!” It’s not a matter of dignity, the point is that you have come to learn. I will indeed produce a report on you that no one has so far produced. I shall describe your progress in the smallest details. If it comes to the stick later on, it won’t be my fault. If your father applies the stick, in awe shall I watch and count the beats. Do not fool yourselves in thinking that one is more worthy than the other. Everything in the White Brotherhood is like music. We do not drive anybody away, neither do we invite anybody; God invites people, while invited people drive themselves away on their own accord. You are free in this respect – nobody can aggrieve you, but nobody can equally spare you the consequences. I would like to see harmony, Life, reigning among all of you, but not brought into effect by the letter of the law. I do not want to probe deep in your lives, I do not want to judge you, but I am telling you the consequences and I treat you like sick people. Can the healer do the healing without causing the slightest pain? The Black Brotherhood has got you entangled, it generated a storm. Sin counts as sin before God. Such a crime can be forgiven, but there is no excuse for it. A brother will come to spend a whole life to have one sin redeemed. This is righteous – for young and old alike. I do not want you to waste your strength. You comment that I have said one thing or another – do not go checking with secondary sources, come straight to me. Nevertheless you elaborate it as much as you can and then you draw conclusions. Some say, “Mister Deunov has provided for himself.” Manu Rainov came to see me years ago and he offered thirty thousand leva to spend on whatever I think right; and I told him, “Let the money be with you.” After his death his wife again offered the money to me and left it with me. The utilisation of the money that comes to the Brotherhood is strictly determined. If there is any embezzlement, the abuser shall bear the consequences. Dr. Mirkovich wanted to leave his fortune to me, but I told him, “Sell it and give the money away to the poor or to your relatives!” This brother also (the Master pointing at L. Kotev) was asking me about the house and told him, “It should go to one person.” If one lies to me, the others will lie to me as well. There is one law in the White Brotherhood: we cannot judge any brother until the brother commits a crime. You have to think, to desire and only after you act – only then will you be judged. You will be judged first on the earth, then you will be judged for your desires in the Astral world, then – on the mental level, and finally everything will be liquidated in the causal world. Destiny is not for us. Christ said, “I did not come to judge, but to save.” The Father has granted destiny to the Son of Man, and the Son of Man represents exactly this White Brotherhood that is granted the right to judge the world. When you study the esoteric science you will learn about this Great Hierarchy that has the power to judge the younger brothers. Your attitude to me is of a temporary nature. Do not disturb the cart-driver while on the Path. If the cart-driver is a master, he will definitely get you there, if you do not have the faith, do not get onto his cart. Well, we do not ask anybody to leave. There are three types of laws: on brotherhood, on friendship, and on acquaintance. You are not brothers of mine as yet. In order for one to join the White Brotherhood, one has to sacrifice one’s life for somebody else. This is the law on brotherhood. You are in debt to the Whole. If you fail to accomplish it, you will be held accountable. I now follow the law of friendship, not the law of brotherhood with you. The Teaching I preach to you basically comes down to the following: I want to introduce you to the laws of Living Nature – something that nobody has studied so far. Moreover this is a particularly slow process. It is easy to read books, but if you want to study the laws of Living Nature, the School of Living Nature is a difficult school to attend. I want you to be free in your thoughts and feelings. I have never imposed any restrictions upon you, but there are others who will. Prepare yourselves for the annual meeting so that we do not have to go back to elementary matters, i.e. to baptism and salvation. Let’s move to a new formula expressing the New Life. I want not one of you to stumble over anything. You will study the law of humility and meekness – this is the first task facing you, the second one is electricity and magnetism, and the third one is suffering. However, you, people from Sofia, started with suffering. You have to have a reserve of energy, in order to undergo this fire. I only give you the method how to prepare yourselves for humility and meekness, for electricity and magnetism. It is not me who has created these things, they do exist. You, people from Sofia, have to patch things up. You may ask how this can be done. For instance a hundred people were sentenced to prison for their debts, while I am rich; I repay their debts and say, “Let them free!” Be self-sufficient. Each one of you should have one’s own thoughts, you should not be influenced by one another - you should help one another. If you can be influenced, people can tell you, “Mr Deunov is such a person.” But if you yourselves can get to know the truth, it cannot be imposed from the outside. I wish all of you to have mutual respect, esteem, and love for each other. This is the first law of the White Brotherhood. You cannot alter this law. There, on the Blue Rocks3 where I spent twenty-five days, I kept receiving all of your thoughts and I can produce a picture of your thoughts. If you want to shoot, use real bullets, not the dum-dum variance. This is just much ado about nothing. You have no time. You are in the twentieth year of the twentieth century. Your karma has already matured and if you fail to properly liquidate it now, you will remain lagging behind for another two thousand years. When you move ahead others will come to take your place. Do not stop, have faith in the great Divine Law! You have the experience from the past, you have a good understanding of things and you are not blind. Make sure you come to Tarnovo on 17th and 18th. Have faith in the Living God and He will manifest Himself to you. Because He says, “If you believe in My words, the Truth will be manifested to you.” You have to believe in somebody. You have to be born by a mother. This is the law. We do not deal in personalities. Some day, when we meet again, we shall talk it over once more. Because things will change. Resistance should be put against the Black Lodge! The interests of the Black Lodge and of the White Lodge clash and you should take part in the conflict. If you take part siding with the Black Brotherhood, your flesh would be made into salami, your skin – into straps, while if you side with the White Brotherhood, you will be walking straight on your two legs, your skin will be intact and you will have all the Divine benevolence. (Brother L. Kotev from the audience): Is neutrality not a valid option? No way! You are either with God or against God. What happened among you has not changed my relations with you. I am sorry that people cannot grasp this law. I want the person to whom I did good not to know me, but to say, “God bless the one who did this good to me!” Do your utmost to bring in harmony. You have been through certain experience, suffering, and striving. Let bygones be bygones; this is not for the first time, but all misunderstandings have to vanish into thin air voluntarily, they should not be forced away. This year, you people from Sofia, are the ones slowing down progress a little, this is why I came to warn you. Let’s get down to good work, because human thought, desire, and action, united in God, constitute a tremendous Power. Master’s lecture, delivered only before brothers on 8 August 1920, Sunday. 1 In the short-hand notes this lectures was titled Lecture delivered to brothers 2 Translator’s notes - The town of Velico Tarnovo is situated in the middle of Bulgaria, capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom – 12-14 century. The Master wrote The Testament of the Colour Rays some 6 km away from this town, in the village of Arbanassi. 3 Rocky Heights, famous for their colours, are in the Eastern part of the Balkan Range close to the town of Sliven. Source
  21. Note 3 Work With Love1 I want to know why you insist on this meeting. (Somebody from the audience): We would like to be once again with you, Master! Do you have any questions to put?... Do you know the origin of the Bulgarian word for guess? It is derived from an old root meaning to live a conscientious life. This is the only way that knowledge can be meaningful. Living a conscientious life is living Life Eternal. So, these two - Life and Conscientious Life – are synonymous. Hence not only that one has to live, but one has to live a Conscientious Life. Knowing presupposes living in the absolute sense of the word. People live nowadays too; they get wealthier, but live in uncertainty. You have watched certain students who start taking lessons in music, but can’t understand anything, i.e. they can’t play. I ask you: does the teacher invest anything in them? If such students do not possess that great urge and love for music, would the teacher be in a position to develop anything in them? No. Likewise, if you do not have that great, intensive desire for Life, what can God do for you? So, what you are looking for is deep within you. However, there are things that are not within you. Music teachers always make their students practice exercises and etudes, rather than having the students distracting their attention with various musical pieces or giving concerts, because this will corrupt them. Students should first learn the art of playing. Life here goes on in a proper manner. Students achieve their goal within the time they study. Similarly, a person who wants to acquire the Divine Life has to have the methods for the achievement of this Life. Every student has to have specific methods. Now I notice that those of you, in whom the Spirit starts talking, say, “The Spirit already talks to me”. However, do you know what great differences there are when the Spirit talks? To Elijah and to Jesse did the Spirit talk, but the point is how the Spirit talked. This is to say that the Spirit does not talk in the same way to all people. Some music teachers can teach fifty to a hundred students, but one of them has hardly learnt the notes, the second one has barely taken two or three lessons, while a third one has covered fifty lessons etc. You cannot understand that there is a gradation among you in the manifestation of the Divine Spirit. The point is not that the Spirit talks to us, but that we have to understand the living laws of God. Contemporary inventors provide the best examples: they experiment once, twice, three times unsuccessfully; they keep experimenting for fifteen-twenty years still unsuccessful, until finally some of them achieve the goal, while others do not. It takes perseverance. Those who walk along the Divine Path should also have perseverance. It’s not a teaching if it can be achieved overnight. Not that it is difficult, but it takes time. When you start studying this Teaching, you will encounter many impediments. Imagine that a teacher had twenty to thirty students in music, but imagine them under different conditions: one has a rich father, who has bought a good instrument. The other one has a poor father; this student has no shoes, and has to make up for the external conditions where he lags behind, and at that he has to keep up with learning his lessons. However, it is often the case that poor people develop better characters than rich people. Poor people have stronger wills. Many of you resemble these rich students and you want to acquire the skills without encountering many obstacles. This is what you want. There are two categories in contemporary Christianity. In one of the categories there are certain layers, similar to well-fed pigs, with lard that is getting thicker and thicker, fat is gathering, however, there is no muscle strength. Likewise various layers settle upon the earth or similarly layers of dust settle in a house that has not been cleaned recently. This is external acquisition and wealth. In the other category of Christianity the acquisition is an external growth, each particle is linked to the others and Life participates in this particle. Sometimes these particles are not linked, each one having a life of its own and saying, “Nobody should interfere with my job!” While in other cases each particle is linked to another and all of them are living particles. Hence your experience should be in the second category. For instance – you finish reading a book – this represents another layer. An author wrote something, which might as well be true, but having read it you think that you understand it. You cannot understand due to the simple reason that you are not in the same conditions, you do not understand the author’s conditions, and you do not know what made the author write. Read the Gospel, read what Christ said, what Isaiah said, but you do not know what made Christ say so. Until you reach the same conditions in Life you cannot understand this Teaching. When the Spirit comes, it will create this understanding in you. Therefore, sometimes when your life settles and when you start trying it, only dust comes out of you, and you believe you know life. All those particles fly away but this is not something organic. It exists in you and you say, “This is not so, we must have beguiled ourselves.” Yes, as long as you have settled, I am telling you, you must have beguiled yourselves. This is not a living thing. If water runs through your dust for some time and if the dust still stays, without flying away, then this is something organic, but if it flies away from you, this is insignificant. Now, I reveal to you the law that governs Life. You cannot escape doubts. These are natural, inevitable. I am not saying that these are laws of some kind, but under the present circumstances these are unavoidable. With all people of poor faith, anger, hatred, envy, lies, and many others are unavoidable. (Somebody from the audience): If this candle is lit in our mind, as you say, are these also inevitable? No, when this little candle is lit in the Divine mind, i.e. when God lights this little candle of yours, He will place it in the candlestick and will say, “Let this Light shed light upon the Path of people”. This is its significance. Thus people will glorify God. (Somebody from the audience): Does the lighting of the candle depend on us or on God? The lighting is a result of a contact with God. These fiery flames that appeared to the Apostles, were they not such candles? Everything depends on the Holy Spirit. It is different from all other spirits. There are many spirits. Things are said and sown, but each one in its own specific time. I am telling you not to fool yourselves that the time has not come yet. These things do not get done by worrying. Do not think that if you start weeping and pitying yourselves, this would be of any help to you. This will be of no use to you. Weeping has a completely different meaning: when you go to a cruel person, you cry to soften his heart; dry soil needs watering, doesn’t it? Do you need to cry when you go to a good person? When he sees that you are naked and barefoot, won’t he dress you? Do you think that after telling him that you will commit suicide he won’t defend you? God is an intelligent Being and when you go to God with positive faith, you won’t find Him in two minds. Now we go to God with our human understanding. Sometimes we are very anxious and impede the Divine Spirit within us. Imagine that a mother is making a cake while the child is walking after her and making hassle. Imagine her spreading the dough while the child is asking, “Is the cake ready yet?” Let the child wait for a while, until the mother kneads and bakes the cake. Will the cake be ready sooner if the child keeps breathing down her neck, fretting and asking time and time again when it will be ready? No, let the child fetch some water, some chopped wood, let the child turn on the oven, let the child participate enthusiastically and assist the mother and the cake will be ready sooner. It is easy to live a Christian life, but there are certain distorted understandings. You may say, “Haven’t we been Christians for so many years?” You are Christians but there are differences among various understandings. You may have two or three sons, three or four daughters, but only one of the children understands you. I am now asking you how you get along with your other sons and daughters. You get along with them too. They are like guests coming to visit you and saying, “I want this, mummy, I want that one too, mummy” and they go out, while the other child stays home to help you. Similarly you say, “God, grant me this, God, grant me that one as well!” or you declare, “I have told my father to get me this thing and that thing also, and he will do this for me”. This is one of the obstacles that prevent many from making progress. Now, in this true Life, there is one other internal understanding that cannot be understood verbally. You will get to that depth, to that internal equilibrium, to that Peace and understanding of Divine Life. These are abstract matters, but you will get to the practical aspect of the Teaching, in order for you to make your homes like oases in the desert, with fruit-trees, so that any traveller with loaded camels can pull over to have a rest at the oasis. (Somebody from the audience): You said in one of your previous lectures that when we want to change our attitude to the people close to us we need to change our attitude to God. (Somebody else from the audience): How can we apply this Teaching in practical life? There are three aspects to this: the first one is when we serve people; we are in the situation of servants then; the second one is when we serve ourselves; it then strengthens our individual life; the third one is when we serve God. You should distribute your service proportionally every day and find out where each of the things you do belongs. One serving God can serve people as well, but the situation of such a person will be different. This is exactly how you can alter your original situation – you will serve God. You will find this desire deep down your soul; it is an inclination of the soul. This is a situation, which you are familiar with in the first place; it is not a situation that you will have to get to know from now on. You are all aware of this, you know it, but you say that now it’s not the right time. This is a difficult service; it takes going to School. You stumble down when you want to serve God. You have to liberate yourselves from your situation and stop saying, “We are women”. Men want to serve God, but say, “We are men”. Children want to serve God, but say, “We are children”. Teachers want to serve God, but say, “We are teachers”. This is a temporary situation where you are supposed to stay to learn certain lessons. For example you play the part of a servant in a theatre. This role is granted to you to learn, since in every part there are particular features and characteristics that you have to learn. But you are neither the one nor the other part that you perform on stage. Being women you have come here only to learn this part. You haven’t mastered as yet the essence of the art of being a woman, i.e. not that you do not know it, but that you are learning it right now. Somebody looking at you from an external point of view may say, “Is this a woman?” and shortly afterwards such people will offer their opinion. Now, when I talk to you like this, I do not mean that you have to release yourselves from this situation, because life goes on, and the part assigned to you is just a role to play. Apart from this you will have to study the things that belong to the essence of your soul. Imagine that there are four of you sisters at home; that your father is sort of more predisposed to one of his daughters; your mother – to the other; your brother – to your third sister, while nobody fancies the fourth sister; everybody jostles her and whatever she does is wrong. It is only natural that she would feel despondent, aggrieved, and sad until she grasps the meaning of Life. Let’s assume that everybody around you tortures you, calls you ignorant and stupid, clumsy and when guests come to pay a visit you are constantly being talked about. You will be at your wits end and wouldn’t know which way to turn. Let’s assume that you feel a desire to pray to God to let you free and let’s assume that God does not touch the heart of any of you. At last you find a friend from outside the family ready to sympathise with you; you immediately feel refreshed, you are prepared to gladly endure everything. A change is in progress within you: you still carry your burden but you feel light as a feather. So, your situation in the world won’t change but you will find a friend and it will be pleasant for you to bear your burden. The world will wonder at you and everybody will be saying, “This woman has some extra qualities!” Afterwards a doubt will start gnawing at you whether this friend is not just for the time being; you will then be in a negative phase. Thus the world won’t change, your father, mother, and sisters will be still the same, they will carry on with their plans and ideals, but a new element is bound to come to them. I shall explain to you how things are arranged in Nature: you water those flowers that are closer to the window the way you water the rest of the flowers, but they look fresher, because they get more light. While those that are placed in isolated places, more to the north, they will be frowning all the time. They are the fourth daughter – nobody takes care of her, she is always wrong and everybody says, “What shall we do with her?” I find a small window, place her there and she starts growing. Light is what she needs. Hence you should first make sure that Divine Light flows constantly into your souls, because the world may go down the drain, but the Divine Light will be there forever. God is Light! The second situation in the world is that everybody expects from the others more than they can offer. Please note that there is one other law that says that souls do not vibrate at the same frequency. There are certain believers the contact with whom not only does not elevate you, but it drags you lower to their level. Just like in physics the temperature of the mixture of two liquids of different temperatures is the mean temperature of the two components. This is why, according to this law, you have to progress in consistence with your soul vibrations. Souls that have equal vibrations can assist one another, but if the souls do not vibrate at equal frequency, they lag behind. Ducks flying in the same way fly ahead, while those not flying identically lag behind. Can you have an ox and a horse harnessed to the same cart? This will be a combination not making any sense. Now, try to find out what bothers you, try to get free from the dregs you have inside you. Freeing from dregs supposes that there should always be an influx of New Life, since old water, no matter how much you try to cover it, is old water all the same; old clothes, no matter how often you may wash or sow them, are old clothes all the same. You need a new garment. Now, you may say sometimes, “A long time ago, when I was a child, I believed that!” The faith of children and the faith of adults are two different things. Faith also discloses itself. Apostle Paul says, “When I was a child, I was as wise as a child, but when grew up, I gave up all these childish stuff.” Those of you, who can’t understand, will get interested and they will continue from the point they had previously reached. Everybody will continue from the point they have reached! Just like plants shoot off springs, you should similarly shoot one everyday. If you do not shoot one a day, there will be no growth, there will be no understanding. You have to reach that state when the moment you feel a desire to do something, you feel the presence of God so vividly, that you can stop before you have done it. While now you argue that you feel God’s presence, but when you are put to a test you fail and then you repent. You can find your way when the cart is upset, but it is important to find it before it gets upset. The Power of Life lies in it. At the present course of development of Life you will encounter difficulties and you will be told, “You are not on the Right side of Life, this is what the Scripture says!” I say that a lot has been written there but you do not understand. Sometimes people, who say that the Scripture reads whatever, act like those who write instructions on the Easter egg paints packs. They contain information on what paints there are inside, what eggs can be painted, how to dissolve the paint, how much water one needs etc. They read, “This paint should be dissolved in that much water, then you put the eggs like this and then the colours will be all right.” Everything will be done according to the instructions in this pack, but you have to follow the entire process. There is other knowledge, much deeper than the one about paints. Under the present circumstances people keep stumbling. The atmosphere is thick with non-advanced souls, who drag themselves up to you and you often feel a sort of unpleasantness, a sort of a discontent. They are the reason for you feeling like this. Theosophy calls such souls elementary souls. You all have to shake them off; you need a rake to do it. These souls should be educated, should learn to respect the Divine Law, to work. (Somebody from the audience): Do such souls represent obstacles for us? Yes, they do. (Somebody from the audience): They are probably benefiting from this? Yes, they come to rob you. (Somebody from the audience): Don’t we need a method on how to protect ourselves from them? When they come, make them work, teach them to weave, to spin, give them kitchen work. They affect only the mind and you will say, “This thought is not mine, this desire is not mine!” You will repel them in this way. If one is to succumb to all of one’s desires and thoughts that cross one’s mind and one’s heart, what would happen? These thoughts and desires should go away like the water and wind, while we shall take only what we need from them. Not everything is meant for us. I leave you free and I want you to study on your own accord all the rules that I have given you and to apply them in such a way that you can control yourselves on your free will whenever you feel like doing it. I do not impose any discipline upon you; I leave you to do whatever you decide on your free will. You sometimes want to cheat on me, but I benefit from this while you lose. You undermine each other in this way. I see that you often spoil things that I have mended. It is often the case that you, led by your good desire to do a thing or two, you exhibit the ardour of Apostle Paul and you say, “I had the ardour, but not the right understanding.” Where will you go if you enter a garden? You will go to the pear-tree or the apple-tree with the best, the juiciest of fruit, won’t you? You are in the habit of doing so, aren’t you? There is no stupid person in the world that will go to the sour fruit tree. Anybody will go for the best of fruit. If there are no apples at all, only then will you go to the sour fruit tree, but if there are good apples you will find your way to the good apples, won’t you? The same law governs the world too. This is the practical aspect of things. If you have good fruit in you, people will visit you without needing any invitation. This is the practical aspect of things and it is very true: your relations with the people around you will be determined according to the wealth of your mind and the richness of your heart. I do not call what changes Love. This is a funny thing. One loved somebody but in ten years time one turned one’s back to the person one loved. Paul says, “Love never ends”. (Somebody from the audience): I have often thought that whoever makes the effort will enter Heaven! (Somebody else from the audience): Which is the most powerful virtue with regard to achievement of results? The words getting into God’s Kingdom takes effort mean that only those who keep moving will enter God’s Kingdom. Imagine that you are climbing a mountain peak in the morning to see the sunrise; if all of you scatter in different places, rather than staying at the same spot, the Sun will give each of you its strength. If all of you line one behind another and wait in a queue to receive its benevolence, a certain disharmony will inevitably occur. All of you should bask simultaneously in it and wait for its benevolence. This is the Divine Teaching: there is time or order in it; you will all present yourselves at the same time. (Somebody from the audience): We all know our shells; can’t we get to know and love each other so that we become a huge power in Sofia? What prevents you from doing so? The obstacle resides in your minds. (Somebody from the audience): Will you take us a little bit higher up in the mountains? Nowadays even little children climb the mountains. It is not difficult for a person to climb the mountains. You asking questions remind me of being closed in a room with a large window and a mirror opposite the window, where the Sun is reflected in the morning. You are all now standing in expectation to see the Sun in the mirror – this is the situation you are in. I want you to go out of the room and not to look at the Sun in the mirror. You will never find the Truth in this way. The mirror will show you that the Sun rises from somewhere deep, i.e. it will show that the Truth is behind your back. Each one of you should take a deeper look into your soul. You do not know your soul yet. You need experience, which should be gained individually by each one of you. So, you have to turn to God and say, “God, pray Thee, light my candle in whatever manner you like, I want my candle lit!” You will leave everything to the discretion of the Divine Spirit and it will light the candle. This candle will be lit in the manner God chooses. The Spirit that distributes all gifts to people is not what you understand it to be. We have a special understanding for the word Spirit. Isn’t this candle lit within you yet? The candle has to be lit, to be placed in the candlestick; you have to take [quarter of a] bushel2 and say, “Let it be Light!” (The Master takes a look through the window: it is drizzling outside) The drizzle outside shows that you need more Life. The weather tells me that the upper fog hampers you, and this is an emblem for Life. The obstacles you have are not as big by themselves as you imagine them to be. You place a small obstacle under a microscope, you observe it and you say, “There is no bigger obstacle than mine!” This is true – your obstacles are meant for you to tackle. You will get closer, will walk along the Path of Love and you will see what God can do for you. Get up quietly in the morning; try to concentrate your thoughts, to hush yourself down, to penetrate into the Divine thought, because certain experiences you have are karmic and inevitable. (Somebody from the audience): You said yesterday that when the candle is lit, things disappear karmically. Yes. You can decide and do away with them. Do you, for example, have this positive faith? I look upon the positive faith as an expansion of consciousness. Whatever, I will help you the way the wind does: I shall remove the dust so it won't disturb you. Things in the Divine World resemble getting into a train. You will have to observe the rules of the train; if you are late the train will not wait for you. You will get on the train, you will travel in the train for some time and you will get off at a certain place. You won’t have to bother what the engine driver is like or to be scared that any of the wagons can break loose from the locomotive along the way. These are all speculations. You may say, “Let’s pray to God to watch for us along the way!” You will go to God, but it is your soul, not your body that will do it. You will invest all of your faith in God. Make sure you do not disturb Him - a live faith is needed! Let’s say that you are in bad circumstances, you are in distress. This situation is sometimes the result of some poorly digestible food that you have eaten that leaves certain residues behind. At times it is your contradictory feelings that give rise to pains: for example, you love and hate at the same time and then you will feel stabs in the region of the heart. You say, “It hurts!” No wonder it hurts! Abolish the contradicting feelings and the pains will disappear! At other times somebody may attack you with their thoughts, which will produce certain pains. Therefore, you have to learn to fence yourselves, to lead such a life that all life arrows bounce back from your body. You have to free yourselves at times from the devil. Do you know what it does? It is especially clever: you owe money to the devil, the devil comes over, you repay the policy, but you forget to take it back. On the following year it will again visit you and say, “You think you repaid? Oh, no! Pay now!” Hence you have to take your policy back from the devil. Twenty years ago you forgot about some sins, you prayed to God to redeem you, but after twenty years the devil will come again and will say, “Pay!” You will tell the devil, “I paid; there is nothing more to pay for! Take me to court!” This fills you with remorse. One should know what is right and what is wrong. There are things moral and things immoral, there are deeds righteous and deeds sinful, and there are actions right and actions wrong. Your soul should throw away all wrong and sinful actions, it should free itself from the old remorse, and you should only keep the experience. (Somebody from the audience): We shall break free, but if they do not let go of us? They will leave you. One has to work a lot in this school, and sometimes people get in trouble because of lack of knowledge, therefore, everybody suffers. Make sure you are rich in faith, in knowledge. One should be getting richer! In old times people went to monasteries and spent in solitude ten, fifteen, twenty years, in order to become stronger. This is one task that you can accomplish: every school has its difficulties, therefore, try to liquidate your old karma now, do not postpone. Try to sow new thoughts, new ways of understanding, which can grow and expand your soul, so that you can become stronger. Now all of you have a certain debt, a certain policy that is already mature. The maturity day will come and you will all start looking for money to repay your debts. These are all new debts. Do your best to perform what you can, to have one job accomplished, to study one exercise. Some of you are more experienced, while others – are less experienced, some of you have experience in some aspects; others – in other aspects. The Spirit talks to everyone of you in a different way. All of you need to pray passionately. When we talk about a lit candle, we imply another meaning. A candle is lit in a person but no two candles are lit in the same way. For instance, there are ordinary lamps that burn gas and produce an odour; then there are other lamps where gas is transformed into a gas state and is thus lit; burning in such lamps is stronger; and finally there are gases where air is injected additionally; they burn even stronger and produce a more powerful light. This is to say that the mind should be transformed into this Divine status without leaving any waste; it has to contain pure Light, it has to be a pure burning. Try to find your soul and turn your eyes inward. When you find your soul you will feel an internal completeness, while now you feel emptiness and are falling behind by the day. Both when you take something and when you do not take anything, you should feel full! Christ says that you are not that live spring that takes water from within, but a spring, which takes water from outside and it runs a little drier by the day. The Scripture also says, “Pray for one another so that you can be healed.” So, what has the Spirit told you so far, what is the most elevated thing it told you? Sometimes people talk to themselves, sometimes somebody else talks to them. There are new elements in the word of God; there is something special. When God starts talking to people, the latter feel this talk in their mind, heart, and will. It penetrates everywhere; it is a living Word. Those who hear the voice of God - they are alive; they are not dead. Deep down in your soul you will feel a special Joy, and only people who have experienced it know what it feels like. It is like those quiet waters that never run dry, but can be lost. The moment you make one mistake – it is gone and you are back to your usual state. And later on you hear again this quiet voice and again you feel elevated. Most difficult of all it is to keep hold of this state of affairs. It is experienced everyday, but you can’t keep it going. You will have to learn to sustain it. (Somebody from the audience): How can we make it sustainable? To do this you need willpower. You have to be ready to work in the name of Divine Love, in the name of the living God. When we work in the name of Love, we do not mention its name. When I save a person and cure this person, do I have to tell this person that I do this in the name of Love? I do this for myself – whether the person will understand it or not, is all the same to me. I am not going to read prayers or to talk about Love, instead I will do all the favours and I will leave! When the Sun gives you its light, does it say to you, “I am Light”? Does Love tell you, “I am Love”? If it says so, it limits itself. Love will not tell you that it is Love. You will be very surprised if I asked any of you, “Do you live?” Those who live feel they perform good deeds; they, certainly, live. There are many things that hinder people. These hindrances are something very bad. Get together according to the law of freedom, share thoughts and do not interrupt one another. You still haven’t mastered the art of giving way to others to talk. People who have not mastered the skill of listening should do their best and try to listen! Some say, “Why should I be listening to nonsense?” Well, does the blowing wind say only wise things? When you join a society, do you think you are going to say only wise things? Well, how about you, who have listened to somebody and have condemned this person, do you always say the right things? Learn to turn a deaf ear! When it comes to understanding, discard the thought that some are more intelligent than others. You fool yourselves that there are intelligent people and silly people in the world. You are intelligent at a point in time, while in another moment – you are silly. You shall have to make an effort within the Spiritual world, before God, not to consider things silly. If you find something silly, just leave it. People who do silly things have to learn something; they have to gain experience. This is what is silly: let’s assume that you are dressed in a nice white silk dress; somebody with hands covered in grime comes over and tries the dress, somebody else comes and does the same. You may say, “Oh, how silly this is!” I now ask you, “Why did you stain yourself?” – “Well, somebody came, after that somebody else came and they stained me.” Yes, but each one of you has a desire to try while your fingers are not clean. In this particular case, your dress should be kept clean. The danger when you enter Christianity is in the point that you get into the situation of these traders who offer their goods for sale; they start competing and cannot stand one another. Likewise you offer your experience. Give it up, make room for others to sell their goods, and when your turn comes you will sell as much as you can. If nothing is sold you will have to take it back. But you say, “But I paid so much money for it!” and thereby starts the competition. (Somebody from the audience): It’s all down to the fact that we have no patience for one another. Patience is generated by Love. Once you get to love somebody, you will be able to be patient with this person. However, there is another law and you also have to take into consideration the following: let’s assume that you have gone hungry for three days and I tell you, “Let me tell you one of my experiences.” You are irritated. Then I tell you, “Come on go home!” and afterwards I complain that you do not want to listen to me. I do not put myself in your situation that you are hungry that you haven’t eaten for three days. One should first say that one is hungry, and only after this one can listen to what is being said. This requires ingenuity. You can work outside. You are full of knowledge; you have to give [share] some of your knowledge externally. You suffer from having too much, not of having too little. You may ask, “Shall I say this?” There are many workers in the world too. Believe that everything in the world develops along a specific way. There is no way that the Divine Plan can be distorted; it follows its own accurate mathematical calculations. If you stray aside, you will suffer, while what God has determined for you will happen. For example, somebody wants to take you for a walk, but you do not feel like having a walk; they tie your hands, you put out a fierce fight, but anyway you get to the place, however, this time you feel very tired. Therefore, you can go there without putting up any opposition. So, you will do your job regardless whether you offer resistance or not. You have to pray for one another. The good thoughts you will send have a good effect, while the bad thoughts have a bad effect. If you play music I want to come too and dash a little bit of hot pepper into your noses, and I would like to see how you could play. There will be a lot of sneezing. These rules are true, the Scripture reads, “Pray for one another so that you can be healed.” The whole world lies in the hands of the Sly one [the devil]. What do you expect from a world, which has come out of the devil? And since it rules today, nothing can happen. Everything is debris, everything falls to the bottom and one day when lots of residue gathers there, God will lift it, will remove the water and will make gardens, fields, and mountains out of it. This is what will happen to the sea bottom. Believe that you are all good at soul. There is no reason to say that you are bad. Yes, when you act, according your will, you are bad. (Somebody from the audience): Do we need evolution if we want to find our soul or it all depends on the individual willpower of the person? The obstacles should be removed. Imagine that you place a thorn upon a flower; do you think it will be able to grow? No, it won’t. The same happens with you: if you can’t grow there must be a reason for this - that somebody else must have stuck a thorn into you. You should watch out for thorns stuck onto you. If you are given scales to measure solid and liquid matter, and if you observe the rules while measuring, everything will be making progress. But imagine that somebody comes and tells you, “These scales are not sensitive enough! We shall give you other scales”; then the ratios will change. You should place everything on the Divine scales and should take your measurements according to them. There can be no disharmony then. If you experience disharmony, it will bring about trouble. When God wants to make somebody listen to Him, he gives them problems, diseases, famine. And when they understand Him, He talks to them intelligently. There are two ways in which God speaks: the one is by the physical mind, the other one – by the intelligent Word. If you achieve agreement and harmony among yourselves, we are ready to help you. Even if somebody is not present here, if a person is ready, I do help this person. I help everybody who has reached the conditions. Some have a desire to study; I stop by them and help them. Some have filled their heads with rules, knowledge, and experiences, while they do not live within them. Such people say, “Let’s love each other, let’s be kind to each other, let’s be compassionate!” Well, all right, but all of these are qualities not rules. How can we love each other? You come to me, you request twenty leva, I do not have the money, I do not do you a favour. I walk along the path, somebody passes by me, wants me to pick up his/her bag; I say, “I can’t, I’m in a hurry!” Somebody has fallen on the road; you will stop to help him! In every single moment you will stop and apply the law of Love. Say you go to a house, your sister is aggrieved; she asks you, “Can’t you help me a little?” – “Well, may God help you!” No, you should stop, you should help your sister, you should tell her, “God will help you and He will help me as well!” You tell her, “Let it be!” I can do favours [good] to you but I often refrain from doing so because of the following considerations: is it wise to pray to God to send you rain when your fields are neither ploughed nor sown? Ask if your fields are sown; I am ready to send everything to you. I will send as much rain as you want. Knowledge, knowledge, and a lot of knowledge you have [at your disposal] today! You haven’t spared the time to stop for a while and think over what I told you, to understand at least one hundredth of all the formulae provided. You say, “We understand this.” Well, but you do not apply it. Remember that there are more living beings in the world than you suspect. You are not alone. Do not think that when you are alone in the room, nobody watches you or monitors your actions. Start working on something for this Christ, for this God, whom you love! Do something for Him! When I say “do”, I mean doing something conscientiously, so that you can feel satisfaction when you have done something good for God. Christians have power. If four-five or ten thousand people gather together and concentrate upon one thought, they can help anybody but it has to be reciprocated. They can help you today, tomorrow they can help somebody else, after tomorrow – they can help a third person and gradually all fields will be ploughed, sown, and reaped. While at present you will have individual internal troubles in your homes, obstacles in your minds and hearts. You will have hindrances of public nature and difficulties in earning your living. These difficulties are real and you have to remove them. Your husband is discontented, he prays and you cannot help him. You anoint him with ointments, but there is a thorn. You say, “I anointed it, but nothing can relieve him.” Yes, ointment alleviates places where there are no thorns, but in places where there are thorns ointments are no relief. You will take out the thorn! People, whose thorns cannot be taken out, experience difficulties that cannot be eliminated. You, for example, have such difficulties and you say, “I am not loved.” This is one of the greatest problems. You can’t force people to love you. Why are you not loved? Any esoteric person says about somebody who is not loved that this person has become demagnetised. Such a person starts looking at the bad side of other people, everybody avoids such a person because he has become demagnetised. Therefore watch out! When you stop seeing the good aspects in people you have demagnetised and few people will love you. At present God has given you entertainment. Looking at you in your troubles [plight] He says, “These people do their job very well.” Sometimes I find mistakes in the very teachers. If you sit at my table and if I give you to eat according to the rule, you will remain hungry; if I give you more, some will eat more, others will eat less and I will scold you in the end. It is not right to treat everybody to three nuts and a slice of bread when you come to visit me. This is what you should try to learn! (Somebody from the audience): What does great Joy stem from? From a profusion of energy. Sometimes when there has been refraining and abstaining, great Joy follows. This state is to be observed in all people. Joy often comes down to the physical life. Joy, expressed on the physical level, is the Joy of soul. I shall give you an example, to see where evil is to be found: let’s say that your spring is clean, but the glass you hand water in, is not clean and the person is displeased. The evil rests not in the water, nor in the desire, but in the glass. The glass has to be clean. The bread you give to people is not bad, but your hands have to be so very clean that this person can be grateful to you. These rules have been preached for the last eight thousand years. You will now move a stage further up. If you want to kiss somebody, you have to be aware of what you will express by the kiss. Or similarly what does contemporary hand-shaking mean? Do not think that kissing is a human invention; it is a sort of a energy-saving mechanism in Nature. These are two currents: the upper lip is the positive pole, and the lower lip is the negative pole; when a person gets his lips closer together, the current from one of the lips flows into the other one. When the mother kisses her child, both of them, the mother and the child, are renovated. Have you noticed that she does not kiss the child on the same place? However, how many times has this law been applied properly? Hand shaking follows the same law: it also facilitates the internal exchange of energies. Hand shaking stands for familiarizing, congratulating. Expand your heart, look the world in the eye, be grateful for everything, aim for Purity! The first thing that you need is internal Purity – Purity of the soul! To sustain Purity is most difficult of all. This is why in order for a person to become pure, one must befriend God and good people. You need new experiences to change your mood. When you graduate this School there will be a lot to learn ahead of you. If you become very sensitive you will notice what a grave aura people have. You will feel the vibrations of their thoughts and desires; you will detect discontent and ingratitude in them. Meanwhile you have to allow all this to settle down and you have to say, “For God’s sake I have to allow everything to settle down!” Make sure you develop yourselves. Spend ten to fifteen minutes in silence everyday, in order to learn the art of being silent. Each of you should be deeply absorbed in themselves and should be thinking in simple terms, without expecting to be told something. Just like in Nature everybody looks in various directions or just like everybody chooses what to have at a table, just in the same way you should be engrossed in your thoughts and you should try to acquire this energy. If you watch others – the way people sit, the way people pray, this is nothing close to meditation. A large room is required for meditation, where nobody can disturb you, and you should be at half a meter distance from one another. It is good to examine the features of a flower, of a carnation, for instance, of strawberries etc., during your meetings, to examine the psychological performance. All flowers should be studied on the spot; they should be examined under a microscope. You are bound to notice how sensitive flowers are to love, but for this purpose you need to take more excursions. Aspire to more freedom - aspire to no restrictions! Many rules lead to the other extreme, but make an effort to give up self-condemnation, to avoid blaming yourself. We shall start discussing more abstract topics. You have to be impartial in the discussions; you should not be personal when you speak on some issue. You may at times imagine somebody as a model figure and depict this person, but this person should not be your target. This model will be in front of you as long as the model likes. When you sit for your portrait to be drawn, you stay as long as you like, don’t you? This is how you should behave in life too. Because you have not learnt the law of concentrating yet, the Invisible world uses negative methods to develop your concentration: when you start hating somebody you carry this person in you and thus you concentrate. At other times you experience a pain, a blister comes up and you concentrate. You have a stomach-ache or you have a headache – these are natural methods to concentrate your thought. When it comes to loving somebody, you lose your concentration - you are distracted. In concentration the mind should be in its place and all the good desires should be separated from the bad ones. When you train yourself, you should keep developing something in your soul every day. Do not fear whatever you do! Do not think that it is a deficiency; it may only appear to be a deficiency. Religious forms, judgement, moralizing – these are great obstacles. This is how I understand the issue: I do not have to preach sermons to you; you are flowers that have to water and tend themselves on their own. They will grow on their own accord. Some say, “I want to become better.” If you walk along the path you will develop properly. Since you are at different stages some of you say, “I am in low spirits.” We do not understand this philosophy and we befriend each other, we do not get on well, we stumble. People cannot be equally situated in the physical field. Sometimes a person is in the situation of a tree having all its leaves and blossoms fallen, and you say, “We changed our opinion about this person.” No, this person has only shed the clothes; the flesh will put on clothes again. Work with Love! Work with the Love Tolstoy speaks about: to be prepared to leave everything, to be prepared to serve everybody without expecting to be paid for this. This is Love – to put on everything and to be a servant everywhere. If you can do this, you have Love; if you can’t do this, you still have love, but your love cannot elevate people. If you can do this, the problem is immediately solved in an intelligent way. When you are a servant in Love, you won’t bargain, you will be free, you will work for free, you should not feel obliged, and you should not be accountable. You will do what Love demands voluntarily. This Love demands both the king and the servant to give up what is theirs, to become servants. This Love says, “I recognize no masters!” And having worked for a long time for Love’s sake, it says, “You deserve to be a master of your rest, but the moment you have had enough rest, you should immediately get to work!” So, while you are having a rest, you are a big shot, while you are working, you are a small man. Do you know how difficult it is to work like this? People are so selfish and they think that you are made of steel. They won’t ask you to stop for a while even if you work for twenty-five hours. Nobody should be influencing others. You will leave each other to behave and to work the way they feel like, because they will develop in this Love. Somebody comes to you and tells you, “This is what should be done!” Well does this person know what should be done? Contemporary society [is said to have] recommended so! Well, is contemporary society ideal – it also has its deficiencies! Most important it is to start with Love, to become heroes, so that you find it a pleasure to work for it! Maiden’s tears show that one has to clean oneself. Crying is always a method of cleaning oneself. When one has sinned, one has to cry to clean oneself. When you come to the earth you cry – because you are sorry for your sins in the Invisible world. Do not think in any other way – all souls have come here to the earth to have their sins redeemed. When a soul recalls a mistake, the soul has to cry a little bit, to free itself from the mistake. These sins can be yours or somebody else’s, but this is a general principle. Tears show a softened heart and an elevated consciousness; this is what happens to people along the path of renovation. You are abandoned in order to develop yourself. You sometimes feel that your mind is getting feeble, which at times can last for a short while, and at other times it can take days and afterwards you feel refreshed. These are illusions; these are not real things, these are temporary states, which you have to undergo. When somebody feels forsaken, in some cases, they can become bitter, full of venom, they become worse, while in other cases they go to God. The latter is good; therefore, we should remain on our own more often. When one is full of Life within, it is easy to clean these states and even if one’s hand gets dirty, it is also easy to wash. But when there is no water, impurities stay with people for a long time. The moment Divine Life comes, it is easy for people to wash, but if this water is not available, people carry on the impurities on their three fingers. Learn the law of satisfaction; not the external, but the internal satisfaction, to feel satisfied deep in your heart! Whatever happens to you, when you are satisfied, you will forebear it in full awareness. You may be groaning, suffering, but you will endure everything voluntarily, gladly. One has to forebear one’s sufferings in dignity. Show your Love to everybody – to the weak, to the feeble, to children! As soon as you feel aggrieved, go among people who are more aggrieved than you, do some good for them and you will feel better; or get down to reading the biography of a great person who suffered a lot. There are many methods to heal a person. I call this world – from the beginning to the end – “a world of disenchantment”. Some call it “a world of enchantment”, but I call it “a world of disenchantment”. When a baby is born everybody rejoices. During the first year everybody tries to please the baby as if the baby is a king, everybody listens to whatever the baby commands, everything is given to the baby. But afterwards, little by little the baby is being taken down from the throne: in the third year the baby is already a prince, in the fifth – a minister, then a manager; until in the end, the grown up person becomes a servant, the servant is sent downstairs and is told, “It’s not like the old times when you were a baby!” The grown up person is given a hoe and off he goes to the vineyard. In the Spiritual world God starts in the opposite way: you are first placed as a servant and in end you are made king. This is why you are beaten here on the earth. You marry a man; he is your teacher and he tells you, “This is not your father’s house, do you know who I am?” and in several years he will have bent your neck. You say you do not love your husband – there must be reasons for this. Some other time you love someone, because he did you good; in a couple of days your state changes and you love that person no more. Why so? Because he had wronged you. Then you say, “I’m fed up with this man!” The husband, in his turn, says, “I’m fed up with this karma! I hate you, I feel like in prison for twenty years with you, I have wasted twenty of my years!” Then things change: you come into another life, mistakes are corrected and you say, “I will rectify my mistake, I shall not place you in prison!” This is a law, which turns like a wheel. When you become clairvoyants, you will transport yourself into the epoch of your previous life in Egypt or elsewhere, you will see scenes from that time, you will get to know what role you had and you will say, “Thank God, I finally understood what I used to be!” Therefore, when you become clairvoyants, when you are elevated, this situation of yours will become clear and pleasant to you. This is how everybody can find that life is pleasant. We shall try to rectify our life according to God’s orders, and to understand it the way it was made. If you are clairvoyants you will see magnificent pictures. Master’s Lecture, delivered on 10 May 1920 (Monday). 1 The lecture was delivered at the request of the sisters before the Master left for the country (notes of the original editor) 2 The word is used figuratively, as antithesis of the Gospel image of the candlestick under the bushel. Source
  22. Note 3 Faith What was the main point of our last meeting? (Somebody from the audience): The point last Friday was to learn to be silent, to become like children, to develop compassion, to do exercises about the Spirit, about virtues, about developing our senses, and about our preparation for the forthcoming Pentecost1. On Whitsunday one has to get into the law of self-sacrifice. Those who receive the Divine Spirit have to obey the will of God, and not to do as they please. However, even now you do not do as you please, but somebody else’s will interferes with you. You will try to strengthen the faith in yourselves. There is one line, which reads that without faith one cannot please God, but it takes faith to perform miracles. Have you practiced your faith and what exercises have you done? In order to develop your faith, each one of you must build an internal Peace. One has to adapt to the contemporary lifestyle, to the circumstances in one’s life, so that one can start developing from the point where one is right now. For instance, how many of you would be brave enough to board an airplane? A few would do this because it takes courage. And how many similar experiences can there be in life. If one can board an airplane, one will strengthen one’s faith. You should understand Faith to mean the roots of a plant that you sow in the ground and through these roots this plant can actually, find support and stand firm. According to the same law, thanks to faith, human beings find support in God to stand firm. When you stand firm, God will support you. In all times and in all suffering, people, who had faith in God, have never been deluded. Certainly there is faith that can be realized, but many, though they had a strong faith, have also been exposed to great suffering because their development needed suffering. By having faith their suffering starts making sense. All of you have experience in faith; therefore, you will not have to build new faith, but will develop the faith you have, so that it can reach a new phase. Let’s assume that you have a boat that you want to pull ashore. Somebody keeps pulling it, but cannot pull it ashore alone and loses faith. There comes one more person, the two of them keep pulling, but cannot manage; there comes a third one, a fourth one – but again they cannot get the boat ashore. In the end about ten people gather and get the boat ashore. They believe [have faith] that only ten people will be able to pull the boat ashore. Similarly you will apply this law in practice: if one cannot do whatever job, two or three or up to ten people will get together until finally you manage to get the job done. This is the law of faith. When all are united, the Divine law starts having effect. The weakness of Christians is that they are not united and when one of them cannot do the job, they lose heart and think that more people won’t be able to do the job either. No, ten, twenty, thirty people should get together and do the job with this common power! You can achieve results only if you act in this way. It takes will, willpower it takes! In order to be successful in keeping silence, you will have to develop your good will. The good that lurks within you must grow one way or another. Each person has one’s own method, which allows one to work. Currently people are in the situation of clerks, expecting their salary each month. Well, if these clerks are made redundant, what will they do? So, faith is such a state, such a Power within the soul that allows one to adapt, i.e. not to be surprised by the circumstances at any given moment. But you have to think, to remove this thick atmosphere that exists among you. Keep reflecting, until you get a feeling that you start acquiring one small Power. The muscles of those of you who practice gymnastics start getting stronger, and they lift much heavier parcels afterwards. This is a process that will develop gradually. The faith of a child and the faith of a saint differ: the faith of a child is in one direction, while the faith of a saint is in another. Angels also have faith, but their faith is completely different. Faith implies a great law, in which there are no exceptions. If at times we get no results, the reason is that we have disregarded this law. If some of you beg and do not get results, this is so because you beg poorly. People who are in two minds, shall not get want what they want. The first rule in faith is not to be split-minded, not to be in two minds. Since so far you have been talking and talking, the best you can do when you get together on Friday is to spend an hour or so in silence. Try to apply what we talked about on Sunday and what we talked about on Thursday. If you do not apply some of these rules, you will accumulate lots of material without any application. The same happens at school, when the teachers teach many lessons: students cannot learn the lessons, their memory is overburdened and this is why they become more stupid. Will, intuition, faith, and many other things have been talked about and one does not know what to choose. Start your contemplations on faith. So, when you get together, start keeping silence in the beginning, start contemplating, until you feel that there is harmony within you and that all of you experience an elevation. This indicates that your minds are achieving harmony. However, it takes work to achieve this. Keep practicing like this for a week, for two weeks, for three weeks, keep doing such exercises here all the time, and then start doing them outside. Are there any particular issues, any particular objective, which you would like to discuss this Friday? (Somebody from the audience): We shall split in groups in order to achieve unity, harmony among us, in order to be able to work, Have these groups started functioning? (Somebody from the audience): Some groups have started. Two-three sisters can make a group and they will be able to do what a group of ten people can do. Sometimes two people will be able to do the work for thirty people – altogether it does not depend on the number of people. What it takes is faith, and faith again, so that you can achieve a quiet disposition in the Spirit; it takes immense confidence, so that you are not split internally, so that you can rule your nature, in order to be able to endure everything during the silence. There are methods about these things, but there are also so many distractions, which capture your attention, and you are left with no free time. However, on the other side, this is much better for you, because otherwise you would not know how to utilize your time. This place where God positioned you is the best place for you. He has allocated the work very well, but you have to know how to go about it. For instance, can you imagine how much you can achieve if each one of you sets a goal to herself to introduce harmony among all the people she knows who do not get along, to speak to them about noble elevated issues, about God, leaving her personal problems aside! If you keep waiting for the world to become a better place, even in ten thousand years this won’t happen. If you do not work, you can’t become better than what you are now. The progress you will make depends on your will to. The wealth that you will get also depends on the strength of your will. You can get to know a person by giving this person a hundred leva and watching what this person will spend the money on: if he goes to the pub and spends the money, tomorrow when you give him a thousand leva, he will do the same again. Do you think that if a bee has no opportunity to sting you with its behind, it would not do anything else to you? The point is not what you have, but how you utilize it. If God has given you a talent and if you disappoint thousands of people and push them over the edge, I would like to ask you what do you need this talent for? Similarly contemporary scientists invent various means, which kill people. What do they need science for? Your knowledge should be applied only for the sake of the good of humanity. This is what you can do: let’s assume that you are a key to an installation – this is the job God assigned to you. You may say, “Does anything depend on me?” A lot depends on you! When you turn around, there will be light everywhere. If you are a key, it depends on you whether somebody commits a crime or not. If you turn around and bring light to him, he will have the opportunity to see clearly and he will commit the crime; if you do not turn around, he won’t be able to see anything in the darkness and the crime will be avoided. Good people are keys. Some say, “Let’s pray for the evil people!” There is no point. You will hold the key and you will open or close it, as the case may be. Once upon a time Elijah prayed to God for rain, because God had closed the sky for three entire years and did not let it rain. This is how we should look upon the issue: each one should remember that we are keys and that we can accomplish a lot. If one is true to one’s duty, one will be very useful. But if one leaves the key at the mercy of fate and says, “Turn this key the way you like”, children will be the first to come and play with it turning it to one side and to the other, until they break it. When people leave children to lead the way, they lose all their strength. Some old people, looking at what is going on now, say, “Contemporary people are ruled by children!” Similarly many mothers let their children do whatever they want; mothers do not contradict their children, until the children take control of the keys. No, it is the mother who should turn the key and tell her child, “When you are hungry I will feed you, when you are thirsty I will give you a drink, when you are naked I will dress you, when you are ignorant I will send you to study, but if you do not want to study, or to write or to eat, I will spank you!” And indeed, this happens to everybody in the world: a person is unhappy about this or that, protests against it, grumbles about it, and this is why God sends suffering to such people, subjects them to Divine education, and gives them a sound spanking. So, when God feeds us, we shall eat, when He gives us a drink, we shall drink, when He teaches us, we shall study and thus we shall avoid misfortunes in life. What is it that we have and is actually the key, where is this key hidden? Knowledge is the key. How did Elijah lock the skies? What did Elijah do for the sky to open? He prayed and said that it should open. You should have faith and knowledge. If one does not know, how can one pray? Praying implies knowledge. And there is a lot for you to pray for: you have to pray to be intelligent, good, honest, and fair. One is required to do a lot of work, to cultivate one’s soul. What one can do for oneself, nobody else can do it for them. Therefore, one should withdraw in oneself and should spend a long time thinking, removing gradually all those feelings that are an obstacle, and should bring in positive feelings. Not to allow fear in, in order not to make mistakes, but to bring in intrepidity. Not to ask oneself what one should not do, but what one should do. Not to think of what one should not believe in, but to think of what one should believe in. Get together and spend some time thinking and each one of you should find her greatest weakness in herself. Each one of us has at least one weakness. Have you noticed how pigs, when trying to find a way out, go around to and fro and they get out at the place where they find a weakness in the fence. Everyone has a weak, poorly fortified spot, and this is why you should try to fence it properly. The pig that finds it will pass through it; this hole is easy to find. Everybody has such a weakness – various people in various aspects. It is often the case that one weakness spoils the good features of people, i.e. makes people useless. (Somebody from the audience): How can impatient people become more patient? Stick a pin somewhere in your arm and see how long you can endure. You do not have to this to yourselves; there are people to stick needles in you. You are good at this at least! The one who wants to learn patience should ask another one to stick needles into her. Bear in mind that all the desires that you feel within are not yours. Experiment along these lines and see for yourselves. You decide for once to do something for God, but at the same time you experience a desire to get a dress or shoes made for you. Thus the first desire gives way to the second and the most important thing is postponed. It is always the case that the most significant thoughts visit us hand in hand with the least significant thoughts. You will do your best to eliminate the insignificant thought, because, through suggestion, it has come from the Black Lodge. As soon as one decides to do something good, one is told by the Black Lodge, “This is not for you!” Many times you have told yourself, “I’ll be patient!” The Black Lodge would tell you, “You are not mature enough; therefore, you cannot be patient.” So, you postpone this for a more favourable time. But well, it is exactly before becoming mature when you need patience. When you become mature, patience comes on its own accord. You will now have to learn the art of keeping silence. The best blessing for one is to learn to be silent. (Somebody from the audience): There are people who appear to be silent only externally, but they are boiling with rage internally. You should understand the Divine silence – to keep silence before God. When you get together, try to be in isolation from one another: make it a habit of yours when you think of something, believe you are alone; when talking about something, believe that you talk about yourself; when you think about silence, believe that you keep silence for your own sake. This is the only way students can learn to be silent. If I give you a rule, keeping in mind that you have children, husbands, social work, and if you cannot apply it, this won’t be very wise on my part. In this situation that you are in, you want to be strong, but the first thing you have to do is to win a victory over the little difficulties you are having at home. Your problems at home are a very serious issue. For instance, somebody may say, “I can’t stand what’s-his-name!” This is your weakness. How do you imagine you are going to enter Heaven? The first condition, in order for you to enter Heaven, is to put up with everybody. It is said that all of us would change. If you do not change, if you come again even in ten thousand years, or in a longer time, you will be in the same situation. Similarly, an American professor said that there were certain people he would not like to see in ten thousand years. But even if he sees them then, if he does not change, he will have to fight the same feeling. Time in itself is no cure for any problems; time cures inasmuch as we make efforts to change ourselves in the present. I would like you to start with yourselves, with a self-confession; this is the most challenging of tasks. You will develop your faith, compassion, your heart, your prudence, imagination, and music too. All of this lies ahead of you to develop it, besides the progress you will make shall depend on the time you have to spare. For the time being, God asks you to work for two hours. What do you do during this time? I have seen how some donkeys that have been kept closed and are let free afterwards, go rolling around not in grass but in dust. I do not laugh at such donkeys, they act very wisely – they have fleas troubling them; therefore, they say, “I’ll teach you a lesson!” and they cover the fleas in dust. Donkeys symbolise human stubbornness. Stubborn people wallow in dusty places and say, “I’ll teach you a lesson, make sure you do not lock me again!” These are simple comparisons. Animals that wallow in the dust have a completely different attitude. We look upon donkeys from a human point of view and we see that donkeys do not act wisely. If it is summer time, donkeys are supposed to go to a green meadow or to clear water and wallow [roll over] there. Some of you have made a better progress, but all of you have to work. Everybody has certain weaknesses that are not the result of one’s ill will, but are of a karmic origin. (Somebody from the audience): Can one alter [the position of] one’s soul through persistent work upon oneself? If we are in the situation of caterpillars, notwithstanding how many leaves we can eat, we shall not be able to transform ourselves into butterflies, for a shorter time than it takes. During this period, strength needed for the transformation into butterflies have to be gathered. You may get polarized. One may make obstacles that can delay one for a hundred years, and similarly one may make an instant progress that can take one a hundred years ahead. One has to clean oneself before God every evening, which does not mean to become soft. Good people should also be strong. It is often said that one has to win a victory over oneself. The point is not to win a victory over yourself, this is bad, but you have to [get to] know yourself. So, winning a victory over oneself would not take us very far. Let’s assume that you are in the habit of fighting off and on, and now you break your arm in order not to fight. Did you gain anything out of this? Why did you have to break your arm? On the contrary, you should have said, “This arm should listen to my will, and I have to be in control!” I do not want you to win a victory over yourselves, but to be in control of yourselves. When you are angry [furious], when you have a bad thought in your mind, try to get control over these thoughts and tell them, “You do not belong to this place, inside me, this is a canal and you may only pass through, but you may not stay!” You should be like that railways officer, who opens the rails with a special key so that various trains can pass, who clears the way for the trains. Similarly you, with the key you have, will be able to send your thoughts and desires in the right direction. (Somebody from the audience): Sometimes people look composed, but they are trembling internally; how can this trembling be mastered? Let them tremble! I could cure all of you within a year, if we could have a beautiful flower garden at our disposal with various flowers and beehives, an orchard with various fruit trees, and a vegetable garden, and shall send you there to cultivate them, so that you can draw energy and peace out of the gardens. If you are anaemic and in low spirits, I will send you to cultivate the cherry tree and you will see that your spirits will change. If your faith is weak – I will send you to cultivate cabbage, to water it and keep an eye on it. These are formulae, albeit from an external influence. If you are in low spirits – place your hand upon your forehead and everything will change within five to ten minutes. If you do not apply this means, let those of you who enjoy maths, writing, or drawing, apply one of their favourite past-times. Draw a triangle, paint it black, blue, or green, and before three or four minutes are out, your spirits will change. (Somebody from the audience): In order to have one’s attention distracted, isn’t this the point? No, this gives you certain strength to make the devil work and you tell the devil, “Do you make anything out of these triangles?” And the devil replies to you, “I do.” While now you stay at home, this one annoys you, that one annoys you; even if you are the most patient person you will lose your temper. The most difficult thing for one is to be always patient, to be polite. Sometimes I watch other people: some of them are rather tense, they can hardly wait for somebody to pass by and regardless whether one is guilty or not, they slander him, they fly against such a person with all their might and they say, “Don’t you dare pass by this place!” Then they feel relieved, but after a while, giving it deeper thought, they realize that that person was not guilty at all, that the person was merely a passer-by. These are purely psychological states. The atmosphere can also be in a tense state: say for instance two dark clouds meet, their electricity attracts them, the air becomes thick with ozone and you start attracting this electricity upwards2. If you are angry, go into the forest, start yelling, shouting at the trees and stones, they will become thick with ozone and you will feel better. You will see how funny it will look to you afterwards, when you notice that you are in such a state. An American professor was telling me a similar story: he was not in the habit of going to balls, but he enjoyed dancing, therefore, whenever he felt a strong desire to dance, he grabbed a chair and danced with it at home. He himself found the situation funny, but he felt relieved afterwards. You can apply the methods that I granted to you, and some will make use of some of them, while others will make use of other methods, as the situation may require. We have to make good use of Nature, it has the true method of healing. The present urban lifestyle is not quite natural, leading to unnatural states in people, lack of energy, because there is nowhere to draw energy from. Everybody needs energy - there is no energy to hand. You have another method of work at your disposal: for instance one of you has great misfortunes, therefore, some of you try to direct their good thoughts to her and try to help her. When someone is sick and cannot plough one’s field, let twenty people close to that person, go and put in twenty hours of work for him and the field will be ploughed. It is said that we have to help one another, don’t we! Most difficult of all, is when one lives alone. Nobody lives for oneself; nobody dies for oneself! Why is it that in Nature many grass blades shoot up in the same place? To retain the moisture! Wherever there is only one flower growing, it withers very soon. Similarly, when there are more people in a certain society, they retain moisture for a longer time. But when one is alone, that person has to be under very favourable conditions, to be very knowledgeable, so that one can survive in the world. You have these conditions now too; you have everything. I often notice that when I use certain symbols, you interpret them in the wrong way. For instance, I quote a law, I say that there are no exceptions to God’s law, but that there are rules in God’s Mercy, and these rules may tone down the law. I also say that nothing is given for free, and this is also true, but God’s Mercy is another law. According to it, if one is ready to receive things, things are given to that person for free. Both are true. Outside from God nothing is given for free, while inside God everything is given for free. If a general wants to climb up in society, this is dignity, but he would have to do it by virtue of the knowledge he has, by virtue of his valour. Professors can climb up in society only by virtue of their knowledge, not by virtue of benevolence. When you are invited to a table, you may be placed at the head of the table, but in society you cannot be placed at the top if this is not well deserved. So, being at the top presupposes work. Some may say, “I want to be talented!” You know the story about the donkey’s discontent: when God created it, it was looking around among the many animals and it noticed that all of them were very big, while it was smaller even than rabbits and was exposed to a lot of suffering. It prayed for a long time for God to make it bigger, with a high-pitched and strong voice, so that everybody can hear the donkey. God finally listened to the donkey’s prayer and granted the donkey height and a strong voice, but people started making donkeys work and this made donkeys even unhappier. So, the meaning of life is not in the abundance, but in the scanty that God has given us and in the place that Providence has destined for us. Now you do not know where God has placed you and what will come out of you. If you are a small seed and if you are sown in a sandy soil, nothing will come out of you, but if you are sown in a rich soil and if you are taken good care of, good apples can come out of you. You will now spare a thought on your self-development. Do not think that there will be no temptations or irks for you. Christ was also bored. There will come a moment when one will say, “How long shall I bear this burden?” Let’s set a premium for those of you who can develop one virtue. What premium shall we agree on? (Somebody from the audience): We can’t set it ourselves. Oh, how clever you are, you can sell me out ten times at the market place! Some people say, “We know nothing about this issue, you tell us!” But when it comes down to their interest, they argue, “This is not the case, do not believe it!” So they also have an opinion, do they? Others say, “We are prepared to face everything, we are prepared to listen to you!” Easy to say, but the truth is that you are not prepared to listen to everything. If I prescribe to all of you to get up at midnight and to go out to the centre of the town, how many of you would do this? (Somebody from the audience): We will, as long as it is for the better. This is not important; some will do it, some won’t. If I tell you that you, your children, and your husband will die, if you do not go out, then you will go. You will do it out of fear. In such a situation even with a gun at your back, you will go out even to a war. You should do what your Spirit at a certain moment and in a particular case can agree to [allow]. Now, the good will of none of you is strong. Ill will is well developed. This is not to say that you are not good, but this is to say that ill will prevails over good will. These two powers – the good will and the ill will – take one direction or another and since part of the matter of our body is not pure, we experience perturbations. We have to purify ourselves from sins, because there is something impure within us, which holds back our good will and we have to make great efforts to get rid of these impurities, to call [invite] the Divine matter, i.e. to create the New Man. You say that somebody is weak. Certainly, one cannot be strong until one gets rid of the matter that holds one back. So, now you will work to develop your faith and will. In order to develop your will, you must place an ideal in your mind. Take Christ as an ideal, i.e. the Living God, Who is manifested in the world. Take notice of the most supreme, most intelligent moments you experience in your life – these are manifestations of the Divine. Rare indeed are such moments, but you will have to try to keep the image manifested within you. During such rare moments, God has spoken to you. He speaks at the most once, twice, or three times in a year, and this is why you have to try to keep this speech. The more God speaks to you, the more He distances from you, the more suffering you experience. This is quite natural: you have one child, whom you love dearly, but once it distances from you, you start worrying about the child and you suffer. God acts similarly. By coming closer and going farther away God cleans your temple. God will come only when your temple is cleaned. This is why the Old Testament reads, “The Glory of God filled the temple.” So, good will you all may have. I talk now about experiences that you all may also have. What you need is will, will is what you need! You are all good! You laugh when I say that you are good. Do you know what I mean by telling you that you are good? I mean that nobody who lives with God can be bad; as you all aspire to God, you must all be good. This is what I mean. I will show to you the categories into which certain of your experiences fall. For instance, you feel hungry; what kind of feeling is hunger? Physical. You have your meal – and you feel a certain pleasantness spreading in you. What kind of feeling is the pleasantness in this particular case? Again physical. You cannot rely on this pleasantness, since it is in the physical field. You have a friend, whom you love, and who is with you, and this is pleasant for you, you feel strong, powerful, but the moment this friend is gone, you feel a certain unpleasantness. This is a spiritual state. This feeling is also fleeting; one cannot build a house upon it. We shall now come to these feelings that express the most supreme manifestation of Cosmic love3: when you love someone and feel no change, regardless whether he is with you or not, this is a Divine feeling. All forms that change in you are insignificant. You imagine Christ the way you used to know him previously. Certain intelligent powers flow out of this plastic form that stays in your mind unchanged. (Somebody from the audience): Is this form the same for everybody? It is different for different people. When you are in the situation of a hungry person, you will imagine Christ walking bare-foot in Palestine. Some have seen Christ in Light, having an aura around his head etc. There are forms through which Christ sometimes manifests himself in the physical world, sometimes in the astral world, and sometimes in the Divine world. You think that by experimenting and observing your thoughts you will come to a point when you will receive them in way that they generate no split-mindedness within you. When thoughts come from the astral world, they contain some small doubts. (Somebody from the audience): When Christ appears to a soul, won’t it understand that He is its ideal? Christ will tell everybody, “If you do not renounce your father, your mother and yourself, you cannot be a student of mine! If you do not lift the cross and if you do not come after Me, you cannot be a student of mine!” This is the first form through which Christ will be manifested. As soon as you receive Christ in this form, all suffering will disappear. This will bring about self-development of your consciousness... This is abstract matter. Some of you have religious experiences, while for others it is a complete darkness. Something else that you have to master is to learn to keep silent. The one who has seen Christ should be silent. Christ will then be a power within you. If I were a burning candle, would I need to prove that I am a burning candle? Does the rose need to prove that it is a rose? No, it doesn’t, the scent will prove it. If you do not believe in its scent, is it the form that will make you believe it is a rose? I relate this thought to another lurking thought of yours: you want to break free from a lot of suffering and hesitation; you want to become strong. Do the following small experiment then: take a poor sister of yours and start working upon her, see what you can do. What do you think you will have to do with her? I shall give a figure as an example: let’s assume that a sister of yours has lost her fortune, she has no money, no house, no property, and she is at her wits’ end. How can you help her? Let each one of you, who has more than they need, give her something – one will give her soap, another one will give her a pan, a third one – a pillow or bedclothes etc. You will see that shortly she will be back to normal. These are forms by which I would like you to grasp what I am telling you. Help everybody with what they need. Someone may have no patience – let this person have your bowl of patience. Someone else may have no faith - let this person have your pan of faith. A third one may have no pillow - let this person have your pillows. It won’t be long before you see that your brother or sister have improved and they say, “How good these brothers and sisters are!” If you do not take anything to them you will suffer. One cannot do this, but many can. However, you all need a bowl each. Do one experiment in this respect. Collective prayers are powerful as well, because when everybody prays at the same time, in the same direction, and is sincere and hearty, prayers have effect. Prayers have effect when there is harmony among you. Disharmony is what happens when a person who knows nothing about this art has tried to tune you. Therefore, disharmony can be called poor harmony or tuning. Indeed, the best part of a concert is the tuning of the violin and the other instruments. The first thing I want from you is to compete in paying mutual respect and reverence. What we perform externally should correspond to our internal predisposition, which is in the name of God. Let’s assume that you find one among you unpleasant; do the following manoeuvring: imagine you are in the greatest of hardships or that you are drowning in a river and it is exactly this sister of yours who saves your life. Take your time for a while and see what feeling you will experience. You will immediately start softening and you will say, “If my sister can do this, I will change my opinion of her and I will start loving her!” Or conversely: let’s assume that this sister of yours, whom you do not like, is drowning in the sea. Go to her immediately and tell yourself, “Come on, I will save her, because I am stronger than her, and the strong one should always save the weak one!” These are cases given to work upon your self-development. You will now do experiments. You may ask how? If you feel a desire to do such an experiment, you will pray for a day, two days, three days, four days, up to fourteen days in a row to achieve it and you will then feel an internal predisposition, that you are ready to do it and only then will you proceed to this good enterprise. And now you wait for things to settle on their own accord. Indeed they settle in this way too, but the results are completely different. You should all try to do these experiments. This is the only way to make the following line meaningful, “Pray for each other, to be healed.” Keep praying for up to fourteen days and the Spirit will say, “You may now do the experiment!” The Spirit says, “When one’s Path is worthy for God, God will reconcile that person.” Well now, you all have to start praying for your Paths to become worthy for God, in order that God reconciles you with the others and brings harmony and the Divine into you, so that you can understand and love one another. This is the Path; these are the experiments that you have to do to prepare for Whitsunday. Master’s lecture, delivered on 5 March 1920 (Friday), 16:00h. 1 [or Whitsunday] A Jewish holiday of gratitude for the Divine Laws, given in the Sinai Mountains, celebrated eight weeks after Passover [Easter]. On this day the Holy Spirit flows onto the Apostles for the first time (Acts 2,1 – 4) and the law gives way [precedence] to His gifts (editor’s note). 2 To editor: the Bulgarian text reads ‘upwards’ – but somehow I’d rather translate the word as ‘downwards’. 3 There are two words in Bulgarian for Love: “любов [lyubov]” and “обич [obich]”, translated in English as just “Love” [Lyubov] and “Cosmic Love” [Obich], the latter designating the human manifestation of Love as universal energy. Source
  23. Note 6 Powers in Nature I shall make a summary of meekness, humility, electricity, magnetism, and torment. Meekness and humility show the path of the Spirit; electricity and magnetism – the path of the Soul; while torment – the path of the body or the physical world, i.e. life on the Earth. You should always relate meekness with the Spirit, humility with the soul, electricity – with the brain, magnetism – with the sympathetic nervous system, and torment – with all misfortunes in life. This is the right correlation. Esoteric disciples should speak a comprehensible language; they should speak to themselves in a comprehensible way. There is a legend with the Bulgarians that on Epiphany the Heavens open and the wishes of people at the moment they see the opening of Heavens, are granted. A Bulgarian watched the sky on Epiphany night for a number of years, hoping that he would at least once see the skies opening. One year on that very night, while watching from his window, he saw the skies open and he wanted to tell the Lord “Give me half a bushel of gold!” But being in a hurry, he actually said "Give me half a bushel of head!" and his head became as large as half a bushel and he could not get it back through the window. This law is effective in Esotericism too, i.e. what one wishes for or thinks of, happens. So, one esoteric law postulates: all the goods in the world are humility and meekness related; all the Powers are related with electricity and magnetism, i.e. with the brain and the sympathetic nervous system; all misfortunes – with torment. To be clear I will explain what generates torment: every disciple, who does not observe any of the eternal laws that exist, generates torment. However, such disciples consciously or unconsciously repudiate the fact that they have made a mistake, and walk in life from one reincarnation to a second and third reincarnation, while the law of torment is in effect continually. This law acts like a river making its way and taking a new direction, different from its previous bed. Hence, I call torment a method or way of rectifying human life. You, who have come here to listen to the Esoteric Teaching, are at different ages, are you not? I want all of you to discard the thought that you know certain things. I do not deny your knowledge, but esoteric knowledge is only valid when it has passed through the Divine Fire seven times and has been purified. Only such knowledge can be applied for the reorganisation of our life. We have Science at our disposal to re-create our existing life. In order to learn this great Divine Science, one should understand its forms and rules. I shall take recourse to a small explanation: if you plant a small wheat grain, an acorn or an apple seed, the splitting or polarising powers within them will first activate all the magnetic Powers working inside the earth, they will attract the plant to grow downwards. This means that each root seeks the magnetic currents that it feeds upon. These roots try to obtain not only stability, but seek such currents in the ground, which intersect like rivulets. Therefore, all roots branch in various directions and when they find the current they need, they complete their service. This is why certain roots sink deep into the ground, others – at a more shallow level, still others come out to the surface; therefore, different roots vary in length. If the soil is humus or alluvium, the roots always seek the currents, which run in the ground. In accordance with these currents the roots project themselves downwards, while the branches of the stem project themselves upwards in various directions. To each current down in the ground there is a corresponding current up in the air. You cannot comprehend these currents because you are not sensitive enough. If you have the time, we can make a short trip to Vitosha one evening and I will show you these magnetic currents that run in various directions. Each good thought coming out of your brain and projecting itself in space, moves upwards and downwards like these currents in the plants and seeks a corresponding living magnetism or electricity, which will serve for its shaping and development. Subsequently, the good thoughts of a person, who sends such thoughts more often, do not move away, but remain closely connected with that person. Contemporary scientists, who are partly familiar with Esotericism, believe that our thoughts are far away from us. No, each good or bad thought, sent by you, remains yours forever; nobody can take it away from you, it is your property, because you created it. You will have to keep this thought forever in your mind. Every plant, after taking roots in all directions, starts developing little by little: branches, leaves, blossoms, and fruit, which finally become ripe. This is also the way thoughts develop. No gossiping, no finding faults with other people – bad thoughts in general are not allowed in the Esoteric School. Do you know why? When you have bad thoughts about somebody, you direct your roots to this person, but there is no food for you there. These roots of yours start sucking in juices from this person, but these juices are a poison that poisons and spoils your life gradually. Many women are ruined not only because they have bad husbands, but also because of the thought that their husbands are bad and they start pining and withering by the day, until one day they say "Good-bye to this world" while their husbands watch and say to themselves "I do not know why my wife passed away." The same happens with the disciples of the Esoteric School. Therefore, disciples are told "Do not have evil thoughts" i.e. do not let the roots of your soul into a bad person, and keep away from bad people! This is the scientific approach to the issue. Please understand the following fact: torment shows the true path of deviation. When I say that we have to go down to the bottom of torment, I compare this going down to the following simple fact of our everyday life: someone is travelling across a mountain, but loses one’s way; in order for one to take another direction, the proper direction, one has to go back exactly to the place where he or she went astray and lost one’s way. When you are in torment and when you see that you are on the wrong path, having travelled for a long time, you will go back to the place where you have gone astray. This is what I mean by going down and returning to rectify your mistakes. In order to understand the Powers of Nature and to put them to use for the sake of good, you have to invariably develop corresponding senses or organs in your soul. Many of these organs are mutilated at the present stage of development of the contemporary civilisation. Many Christians who have taken this Path, have become more sensitive and they say, "It’s not worth being a very good person, i.e. it’s not worth being very sensitive, it’s not worth suffering." Human nobleness is exactly about being sensitive, receptive to other people’s grievances and joys. The brain is an organ of electricity. The back of the brain contains negative electricity, and the front side – positive; this is to say that there is a split. So, if the electricity from the front part of the brain dominates the electricity from the back part, one becomes exceptionally active in terms of thoughts, but one also becomes rough. If the negative electricity in the brain takes the upper hand, one becomes passive, but at the same time full of and eager for undoable secret desires, and as a result hatred, envy, and similar feelings are generated. When I talk about positive and negative electricity I mean the law of tides that take place in the brain. The high tide – this is the positive side of the brain and high tides occur in its front part, in the area of the forehead, while the low tides – in the back part of the brain. These tidal movements are even and well planned in Nature, because God acts there. In Nature, there are no mistakes, but on our earth and in our brains there are mistakes, because we do not know how to manage these high and low tidal movements, hence delays happen. When a misfortune befalls you – for example when your house burns down, when you lose your money, when you break your leg, when you have to go hungry for several days or whatever else happens to you, the equilibrium between the high and low tides in your brain is immediately upset. Keep in mind that the growth and the success of your life in the world depend on these planned tidal movements in your brain. Certain Schools see this regular change of high and low tides as a pre-condition for making human beings magnetic. But I also tell you that in order for human beings to be magnetic, the high and low tides in a person have to take place properly. Thus, the first thing that you are required to do is not to obstruct your high and low tides. The disturbance of the equilibrium between these high and low tides has brought about many upset minds and numerous abnormal situations. Remember this explanation, because it applies to your lives. You have to be aware of what actions take place in your soul during high tides and during low tides. Apply this method and you will see that it is absolutely natural in all of its particular aspects. When observing Nature you will notice that each thing has its timing. Birth, death, and every other thing are mentioned in parables as having its specific time of occurrence. Esotericism does not allow esoteric disciples to have preferences to the good or the evil. This thought seems sort of vague to you, does it not? I shall elaborate on it: if I have to perform an operation, I shall use a sharp knife, not a blunt one. The sharp knife stands for evil people, while the blunt knife stands for good people. Hence, I shall use an evil person in an operation; I will prefer the evil person to the good one. When the Lord wants to punish the world, the Lord prefers to use evil people, and when He wants to build something, He prefers to use good people. When He wants to eradicate something, He prefers evil people, and when he wants to plant – the good ones; when He wants to dig holes, He will go for evil people, and when he wants to plant something in them – good people. In Esotericism, we do not frown at people when they commit evil, but each action has to be done at a strictly determined time. I do not talk about the public moral here on the Earth, because it does not stand any criticism from an esoteric point of view. If I give away my wealth to the poor, this is bad for me and good for the people close to me. If I rob the people close to me, this is good for me and bad for the others. So, there are two measures for everything in the world: good for oneself and good for the others. So, there are two options before me: either to give away my money to other people or to take the money of other people. Thus, there are two methods according to which one can act, both are right. If ten people, carrying twenty kilogrammes of gold each, are drowning in the sea, and if I take the gold off their backs, is this bad for them? No, it isn’t, I am saving their lives. As long as I have saved them, I have a right to their gold. If I am loaded with twenty kilogrammes of gold and if I am drowning in the sea and other people come to help me and take the load off my back, they have the right to my gold. This is how I reconcile this moral. This is how esotericism looks upon good and evil. However, if you meet a person loaded with gold, if you stop this person, take the gold off his or her back and take it away with you, then I say that is an act not performed at its proper time, in other words the fruit was picked prematurely. Well, get your act together to apply this law, according to which you will rob and I will rob you, but at the right time. I use the word rob in a very good, in a very broad sense, similarly to picking fruit in an orchard1. Not the way thieves do: the masters of the orchard have hardly seen the fruit of their labour, and they hurry up to pick the pears and apples from their trees. In my first lecture I spoke about humility and meekness. These are inter-related; these are related to pure human thought. This means that a person, who is not humble and meek, cannot have a pure thought. Each human thought is cherished only on humility and meekness, while beyond these qualities your thought will be like the thought of animals. This is a strictly determined law. The same is true for every desire. Any desire that was nurtured on live electricity and live magnetism is a desire of the soul, while any desire that is not permeated with this live electricity and magnetism, is not a desire of the human soul. Therefore, all evil thoughts take their roots outside humility and meekness; all evil desires are nurtured beyond the scope of live electricity and live magnetism. And torment is nurtured by the unwise lifestyle of stupid people. Look upon the live electricity and magnetism as two great intelligent Powers in the world. Torment is the illegitimate physical child of Man, whom the father and mother should acknowledge as theirs. No miscarriage or killing of children is allowed in Esotericism, i.e. we are not allowed to kill any thoughts or desires, either ours or anybody else’s. You may or may not accept a thought or a desire, but you have no right to destroy them. Therefore, everyone should be left to do what he or she wants to. Nobody has the right to counteract or influence either good or evil people. I warn my disciples not to try to either counteract or influence me, because this is the way I behave and shall continue to behave in the future too – I shall neither counteract you nor shall I influence you. I lay before you great Divine laws, which you, if you wish, will implement, if you do not – you will bear the consequences. Keep in mind that these laws, these Powers that you get into contact with, will start affecting you as soon as your consciousness opens. You cannot evade this law. You are not allowed to wear any umbrellas or broad-brimmed hats to protect your heads from the Sun, from this living Light. Let your heads become accustomed to this living Light, go bear-headed! Mind you, there is serious work in front of you. By serious work I mean movement, I mean that one has to make progress, not to stay in the same place. You should not think that you are old or young, but you will think that you are disciples who have to learn. You should look upon Life the way any student looks upon a problem that he or she has to solve: one goes to bed in the evening with the thought that one will have to get up early in the morning to solve the problem; and one does so. Some of you have some more hours – say two or three hours to study and they will fall asleep afterwards. It’s all right. They will continue on the following day. If not in this life, they will continue in the following life, besides they will continue from the point where they have got to in this life. Students whose thought is not concentrated, will spend a whole day trying to recall what issue preoccupied them the previous day and will not be able to remember. One more point: you will investigate the moments of the day corresponding to humility, other corresponding to meekness, still others – to electricity, to magnetism, to grief, and to torment. These are all polarised. Torment is the strongest, while grief is the opposite of torment. Nowadays, contemporary teachers often note a contradiction at school: a Maths teacher enters the classroom and all the pupils are in good humour because this subject arouses electricity within them. After the Maths teacher, the Chemistry teacher comes in whose subject also arouses electricity in the pupils. Pupils already feel a little nervous as a result of the large amount of electricity gathered. If a third teacher, whose subject arouses electricity too, comes in, pupils become even more nervous and they will make a scene. No, subjects in the school timetable should be so arranged that one of the subjects should arouse electricity, and the following subject should arouse magnetism within the pupils; i.e. subjects should alternate. This can be noticed in Nature as well; the same law is at work. For example, a son was born – as a result of the electrical powers; this indicates that meekness, electricity, and torment have been implanted in him. A daughter was born – created by humility, magnetism, and grief. If somebody asks me, “What elements was my son created from?” I will answer: from meekness, electricity, and torment; “And my daughter?” – from humility, magnetism, and grief. This is why boys experience torment and girls grieve. We have to try and avoid monotony in our work. I do not want to make you pious, because this is a monotonous teaching. Today pious people are seen as harnessed horses having blinds over the eyes and looking only straightforward. Pious people, hardly out of bed, make their way straight to church, and in the evenings – they go again to church. Going to church in the morning, going to church in the evening – and everybody says, “These must be pious people.” The work facing you requires that you start developing gradually in various areas. You will first arouse the lower part of the brain – the low mind of human beings, the concepts of Nature, of all the forms, images, colours, numbers. You will then arouse the more superior forms of the mind – imagination, listening, reflection, music, and creative intelligence. And finally you will arouse Love to God, to people, and to animals. We shall also arouse the feeling of faith and hope, the feeling of amicability, sociability and friendliness, but not in the sense these are now understood. We shall also arouse the law of justice, the executive powers, which generate destruction, i.e. the executive side of Life. Of course, this is difficult, because if we now decide to arouse music, not all of you will be able to perceive it. Some of you have a well-developed musical ear, but poorly developed comprehension of humility and meekness. Why did Christ say, “I am humble and meek at heart”? Humble and meek people can easily cope with any difficulty in the world. There is a simple self-training method, namely to place yourself in the shoes of a hungry person. If this is the situation, you should no longer think about what you ate in the past. It is not important what meals you had over the years. You might have had the best of meals in the past, but what counts is how you will feed yourself today. If you do not eat well you will lose your life. The present moment is important in Esotericism. Now I will put you in contact with the Living Nature and do you know what will happen to you afterwards? I shall draw a picture for you: in Europe, a scoundrel went into the house of a very rich and highly educated physicist intending to rob him. The physicist had two balls in his laboratory for his experiments with electricity. Realising what the intention of the scoundrel was, the physicist put the two balls in the hands of the scoundrel and told him, “Keep these for a while until I finish my experiments, and then you may do what you wish!” The scoundrel took the balls, the physicist switched on the power and the scoundrel started bouncing. “Let them go,” said the physicist. “No, I can’t!” The physicist asked him, “Are you going to put educated people to the test again?” Now, if you come to rob me, you will be jumping up and down with these balls. Living Nature is so intelligent that no man so far has succeeded in cheating it in its methods. There will be no man in the future either who will be able to cheat it. This is why I call Living Nature the best of mothers. If you listen to it, it will provide you with a Teaching that you never had before. If, however, you violate its rule, you will find out how it raises its children. I shall give you one more formula: you will consider everything in the world as living. I shall elaborate on the word live. Tell me, when you look at a picture of a great artist, do you perceive it as a living picture. Yes, it is a living picture; this is what I am telling you. But you may object by saying that there is no movement in it. Let’s assume that there is one tree planted in the ground and the air around it is very still, not even the slightest puff of wind and this is why no movement can be noticed among its leaves. Now looking at this tree, seeing that there is no movement at all, what would you say about it? That it is not a living tree, is it? Precisely because of this, the picture is as live as the tree in this situation. Artists shall need no canvass in the future. I can project before you a living picture and I can keep it for an hour or two, or ten hours or for two days and then I can make it disappear. Is there any contradiction, any doubt that it existed? It does exist, but after some time I transfer it elsewhere. Therefore, an artist, who is going to paint a picture, can project it wherever he or she feels like. Have you observed how flowers acquire colour, how their colours develop gradually during their growth? It is worth noting that artificial paints made by people, fade and disintegrate in the Sun, while paints created by Nature – the longer they are exposed to the Sun, the more impressive they become, because they are living paints. The longer an artist reflects on the flower, he or she is creating, the livelier it is, but the moment the artist stops thinking about it, it disappears. The first requirement to any esoteric disciple is to possess a powerful imagination. No disciple can achieve anything without imagination; therefore, one has to develop it. I shall give you a method for you to practice, to learn to concentrate: if some of you are absent-minded and want to concentrate, let them take a needle and stick it half a centimetre into their hand. When they experience a strong pain, they will start thinking about their hand and their absent-mindedness will be gone. When you stick the needle in a dozen times, until blood gushes out, the subconscious person in you will say, “It’s not worth being absent-minded!” Misfortunes in contemporary society are just like needles, which Nature sticks into your minds, so that they think properly, and into your hearts so that they come into their proper places. When such a needle is piercing you, it makes you think about the essential things. Thus, many who went to the battlefield came back with minds and hearts properly adjusted. Your guest visit is already over, and I am now asking you whether you will take your leave or you will stay? To those who decide to leave I will recommend other places that they can visit, and those who decide to stay will be given work. You will now ask what serious stuff you will be asked to do. You will be asked to do a lot of pleasant work, however, two pieces will be pleasant and one piece will be unpleasant. Now I want all of you to be humble and meek. Humility and meekness, as well as aspiration to absolute Purity – this is the meaning of Life. You can make no step ahead without this purity. You will first have to take your deficiencies out in public and to take care to rectify them. Do not hide your deficiencies; do not make us look for them. So, if you want to benefit, you will have to be brave and decisive within, so that you can take your deficiencies out, without thinking so highly of yourselves, as you do now. You will go down by ten degrees! All of you disciples, who have deficiencies in your minds, hearts or bodies, should picture these clearly! And most difficult of all is to take your own deficiencies out in public. There was a famous professor in eloquence in America – Silva Neah2, who was contacted by people with university degrees in rhetoric and eloquence, confident that they could speak. On leaving the professor’s office, all of them had experienced a shock, because the professor spoke to them in an off-hand manner and his language cut them to the quick. The art of this person was actually in telling the truth straight to their face. Somebody comes in front of him, starts reciting, but the professor tells this person: Oh, come down, come down to me! - and they start explaining things to each other. Oh, I can now understand you, you may climb up again! And there the speaker starts anew. - Hang on, wait a little, I do not understand, climb down, climb down!... You should not recite either, tell me a simple truth without any embellishments. Set it in simple terms, so that it can stand out. I want all of you to be genuine and therefore, I say that Esotericism is such a School that people, who have entered it, leave the School very simple people. Those who come here say at first, “I have my considerations about this, this is how I see things, that is how I see things, this is my understanding of God etc.” Well, my friend, you may think this way or that way, but your affairs are not settled, you are not a healthy person, and you have deficiencies. This is a false teaching. The Lord does not want us to think and feel inadequately. This is our business, not God’s. Some say, “The Lord created me like this.” Not the Lord, but you created yourself like this. We have stuck so many layers of plaster upon what God has created, that it takes a long time to undo these until we find the Divine core. Many virtues cannot be noticed immediately in contemporary people, but there are external features, which give them away. For example, honesty is expressed, in some people, by two lines across the forehead, while justice is expressed by one line in the middle of the forehead. These features, as well as the features of Love are so smoothed in certain people, that such people are said to resemble the Moon. This is what I call “clattering”, i.e. rounded people and there is nothing more to it. So, we shall do our best to introduce simplicity and harmony in our behaviour. There should be the simplest, most natural behaviour between you and me. Each gesture of the hand and of the head should be aimed at the right forms. For example, a hand stretched forward, clenched in a fist, as if stabbing somebody, expresses an evil movement. It is a correct movement when the three fingers of the hand are bent and the thumb touches the forefinger forming a circle. Why should this movement be right? It stands for a snake holding its victim; this is a circle, a movement, which hides no danger. As soon as the circle opens, one can hear hissing and snakes warn others “Keep away, as I may bite you!” Therefore, when a student gets angry, you should show your hand in this position to the student. But what is it that you do? You show a slap at such a student. This is not an esoteric movement; this is a movement of the magi of Darkness. When a young man and a young woman walk arm in arm, this is a movement of the magi of Darkness. Someone gives money to a poor man and while passing by him, he shoves the money in a rather rough manner. No, give money to beggars but give it with respect. All these bad images and movements, gathered in our mind, provoke the respective powers too, which spoil the harmony of the respective centres, hence certain disharmony is generated. Our movements have to be plastic, this we can achieve by watching our movements in the mirror. We can restore the lost harmony with these plastic movements. You cannot raise your children if you do not act in harmony. You are very silly, aren’t you? Do not take offence when I tell you that you are silly. Today I showed you an appropriate movement, some other time you will make such a movement and you will give it a thought. Watch out not to imitate bad examples in your life. There was an evangelical bishop in a certain region in America, who was in the habit of wearing his head a little tilted, and one shoulder higher than the other. All the preachers in that region imitated him, wearing their heads tilted. So all of our bad habits today are the result of imitating the bad habits of a certain bishop. I use the word bishop, not in its direct sense, but figuratively, because the father is a bishop at home, and the mother - a female bishop. The first thing you need is to develop your imagination consistently, so that all objects can vividly stand out within you. As soon as you are told something, you should be able to immediately project it in your mind. Without imagination you can achieve nothing in esoteric Science. Consider that you live in a wide world and you are alone. If you start feeling sad, imagine that you are among people. When you are fed up with people, start thinking that you are alone. I do not want you to rely on me for everything, be aware of this illusion. I shall explain this Divine law to you in the following formula: when the wheat grain is placed in the ground, it has to manifest the energy, which is hidden in its soul. What are the conditions for a similar manifestation? These are light and warmth, coming from above; and also moisture and rain. As long as these conditions are available, it starts growing. I apply the laws of the esoteric Science to you too, because all the conditions required for your development are available in you. Light and warmth come from God, and moisture is Life, and we have to use these external conditions. Soil is our body where the wheat grain, i.e. our soul, is planted. Warmth is Love, Light is the Divine Truth, and Wisdom is seen in the growth process. This is the Path of the right movements in the body. You should not compare this Teaching that I dwell upon, to other teachings and you should not speak absolutely anything about it elsewhere. Why shouldn’t you speak about it? What is there for you to tell other people before you have tried what you study! Gather experience and see the results and then you will have the power to speak about it to other people. I will catch, according to all the esoteric rules, anyone of you, who are inclined to speak here and there and who cannot keep a secret. The Bulgarians say, “Those who talk a lot, accomplish little.” You also belong to this kind. In ancient times a king had bear’s ears. When a barber was asked to shave the king, his head was taken on leaving the palace, so that he would not tell anyone else that the king had bear’s ears. One day a barber was called to shave the king, but the barber having done his job and seeing what was going to happen to him, started begging them to spare his life, promising that he would tell nobody what he had seen in the palace. The king felt sorry for the barber and let him go. The barber, trying to make sure that he would not tell anyone, fled to a very distant part of the kingdom. He kept the secret for a long time, but it was such a burden to him that one day he went into the forest, dug out a hole and yelled loudly into the hole “The king has bear’s ears!” In time a tree grew on this very spot, and a shepherd made a wooden flute from this tree. When he started playing the flute he heard a voice, “The king has bear’s ears!” Similarly you will make a hole and you will shout into it, “The king has bear’s ears!” It’s all the same to me where and what you will say, but this is useless for you. What you need is to experiment! This Teaching has internal real experiences, which you have to verify for yourselves in practice. So, I do not want you saying that this is a delusion or that is a delusion. Those of you who do not want to be deluded let them enter the world; there are no delusions there. This is a warning, because you are now my guests, and the code of politeness does not allow people to beat their guests. When disciples of the Esoteric School make a mistake of any kind, the greatest punishment for them is that everybody around falls in silence and this is their unmasking. Another rule for disciples: to be sincere to one’s Spirit, sincere to one’s soul and sincere to oneself or put in your language, sincere to one’s father, sincere to one’s mother, sincere to one’s brothers and sisters. The two elements – the father and mother – you cannot see now, they are above, so it is only your brothers and sisters you can see here on the Earth. For the next time, I would like one of you to write something on the bone system, the skeleton; another – on the functions of the heart and blood circulation, while a third one – on the digestive system. Master’s lecture, delivered on 19 February 1920, at 19:00h 1 The Bulgarian words for rob and pick (fruit) are homophones, i.e. the two words are spelt and pronounced in the same way, hence in the Bulgarian sentence there is a pun of words, which is lost in the English translation 2 The spelling of the name of the professor is a blind guess Source
  24. Note 6 Explanatory Notes on Esotericism, Spiritualism, Theosophy, Mysticism and Christianity If a certain Force, existing in Nature, does not correlate to our senses, it cannot interact with them. Let’s assume that you are with blind people and you light a match from a box of matches. Does the light of the match exist for them? No, it does not. Consequently, if we cannot perceive a Force active in our life, i.e. if we cannot perceive the Light of the Force, we cannot understand that Force. Blind people can touch the match and can assert that it is a match. Blind people may think they understand what a match means, but in fact, they have understood nothing. It is, indeed, a match; but there is something more substantial within it – Light. If your eyes can perceive Light, you open a book, read and understand what is written in the book. So now, when we come to esoteric Forces, each Force has to be utilised and made to work. Any disciple, who doubts and says, "Prove to me that this esoteric Force really exists," is not a proper disciple. There are no debates or disputes in the esoteric School. It is not a School to verify facts and truths. We do not deal with the dead truth, but with the living Truth in the world. Spiritualism shows the movements of the Spirit. This is the embryo of things, something not yet shaped. In order for you to understand Spiritualism, you have to create certain conditions for this embryo so that it can go through all the development and formative phases. Therefore, Spiritualism is not a well-developed form of teaching. Theosophy is a form of teaching about reconciling the contradictions in the world. It is a science about reconciling men and women, nothing more than this. By saying reconciling men and women, I mean reconciling human beings and God. Those who believe that they are theosophists should be aware of this law – how to reconcile themselves with the ones they hate. There is a contradiction between you and God – you have to reconcile it! If you fail to do it – you are no theosophist. We, contemporary people, with our critical minds, resemble a Bulgarian well-to-do merchant, who was very stingy. He asked a tailor to cut new clothes for him, but as he knew that tailors are in the habit of stealing a little from the cloth, he stayed all the time with the tailor and watched the tailor cutting the cloth, lest the tailor steals some material. The tailor, however, seeing such nice material, cut a large piece and said, "This is for St. Nicholas," and threw it outside. The merchant yelled at him, "What are you doing?" Then he ran outside to get the piece of material and during this time, the tailor cut another even larger piece of cloth and sat on it. So I was saying that we, who criticise and are always on guard not to be deceived, are always deceived. Somebody will throw away a piece of cloth for St. Nicholas and while we are going to fetch it, this very person will hide a bigger piece for himself or herself; and we believe that nobody deceived us! Mysticism is not a law on ascent, but a law on descent. Mystics do not ascend, but descend to God within them. The danger is that mystics do not know how to descend and while descending they may fall down and cripple themselves. Now on esotericism: I can compare it to contemporary natural sciences. Esotericism is a science studying the phenomena on Earth, studying the invisible, not the visible. It does not deal with the shapeless worlds. What has shaped itself within itself, what has a form, content, and meaning – this is the area of esotericism. Where then shall we place Christianity? Do you think it is a science? (A question from a Sister) I would like to ask whether you make any differentiation between Christianity and esotericism. Are the Gospel and esotericism the same teaching? Examine Nature as it is. There are no moral judgements in esotericism. It studies things the way they are, as pure facts. (Question): So, Christianity is something different? Esotericism is a science about knowing the natural Forces, the areas, ways of influence and application. Esoteric people are realists, they do not believe, they deal only with Nature, with material things. Mystics live constantly with their hearts; they experience the heart’s vibrations and all states through which it passes. In the Christian sense of understanding, mystics, theosophists, and spiritualists can be Christians. If we take, however, the area of the Spirit in its broad sense, with its deviations, this is already spiritualism. The danger with spiritualism lies in the fact that people have other embryos within themselves, which actually cause them trouble also. But for the time being we shall leave aside what critics say about it. Spiritualism is a movement; theosophy – reconciliation of contradictions; mysticism – descent, it may also be said to be the law of labour, of work; esotericism gives us all the forms in which we can live on the earth, it is the only science that teaches us how to live and that can save us from all misfortunes; Christianity is a science about liquidating karma, about payment of old debts. If we take the line from the Gospel reading that Christ bore the sins of the world, this means that He had paid its debts. What is Christianity? This is about knowing how to pay people’s debts. Well, who can pay debts? Only the rich. Consequently, rich people can be Christians, while poor people cannot. (Question): What about the promise that Christ will make us rich? It is a credit to Christians, to those whom Christ credits. These are traders on somebody else’s credit. Contemporary people are Christians, because Christ is a Christian. Theosophy is a science about reconciliation of the sexes, while Christianity is about bringing sexes together and uniting them. Christianity, by its intrinsic meaning, is a science about the unity of the Spirit with the soul. What is now being preached is not Christianity; it has to undergo certain transformation. If Christianity had been as we now perceive it the world would have been different. We shall leave this issue aside, as it does not fall within our scope. Now, I want to ask you if you have learnt what torment is. We shall start with it! We shall examine all the other sciences – theosophy, mysticism etc. - from the point of view and in the spirit of torment. I shall also provide you with another explanation of these sciences. Theosophy can be examined in seven different ways. Similarly, esotericism and mysticism have external and internal aspects. The theosophical society nowadays understands only the external aspects – the organisation. Theosophy prepares these forms, which can be called anatomy of theosophy. Christianity has passed through the first stage of development and after the two thousand years behind us, the anatomy of Christianity started developing. Whether the Son flows out of the Father or not, and many other disputes have been tackled at the Ecumenical Councils. Even today Christianity boils down to the question a Christian may put to you on meeting you, "Do you believe in the three faces of God?"’– I do. – Then you are a Christian! However, I would like to ask you, now that you believe in the three faces of God, what do you understand the three faces to mean? I shall explain this to you: the second face of God is the face of Love. Man and woman, all people have to seek this second face – Love. And when it is said that God is Trinity, people also say words they do not understand. The Great Masters, who wrote on this, had a very clear understanding of the issue, but their disciples have distorted the Teaching. Spiritualism is also a Teaching, which stemmed from the Brotherhood of Light, but it was also blemished by the disciples. Theosophy is another Teaching, again sent from above, which was also stained by the disciples. Esotericism is also a Teaching given by the Brotherhood of Light, but there are esoteric people of Light and others of Darkness in it, too. Mysticism – is also corrupted. Christianity is also corrupted. Let me express myself clearly: when a priest or a bishop puts on clothes, a stole and a tiara, marries a couple and says "You have to pay that much" I call this a magician of Darkness. Magicians of Light work for free. If a young woman puts on nice clothes intending to charm a certain young man, she is also a magician of Darkness. If a young man takes special care with his outer appearance in order to charm any young woman, he is also a magician of Darkness. If a lawyer or a judge uses the law to charge somebody, such a person is also a magician of Darkness. Anyway, esoteric people, theosophists, mystics, and Christians – all of them are divided into Light and Dark ones. Someone may say, "I’m theosophist." - "A Light or Dark theosophist?" – "A Light theosophist." – "OK, then we can understand each other." "A Dark theosophist." Well, I will retain my reservations. What does it matter if you are spiritualists, theosophists, mystics, or Christians if you belong to the Dark group, the world is full of such people! The twenty million people perishing in the present war show what has become of Christianity today. I do not say that Christianity is to blame; the Dark Christians are to blame. We need a correct understanding of esotericism: to get down to the bottom of torment, because in there, there is no disunity, there is unity. Sinful people are sinful because they have not experienced torment, while righteous people are righteous, because they have experienced torment. If you tell me that there is a contradiction in what I say to you, I will tell you that Christ says, at a certain place, that towards the end of the century He will send bad spirits and their sons to eternal torment, He will send them to the bottom of hell to experience torment. Why? Precisely because they have not undergone torment. Bad people do not experience torment; good people do so. You have worked and you have earned money, a bad person comes and robs you; the bad person does feel tormented. If you are not brave enough to undergo torment do you know to whom I shall consider you belong? To the Dark ones. It is written that those who do not experience torment will in the future go to the place of torment. You may ponder as much as you like, but you will be there in the future. The first rule, for a disciple willing to become an esoteric disciple, is not to think that others present an obstacle to her or his mind, but that the disciple himself or herself is the obstacle. Because the world is so large, there is a place for everybody. Then, such a disciple should not think that somebody might present an obstacle to his or her heart, because the world of feelings is so large, that there is a place for everybody. In other words, the first rule for the disciple in this situation is torment. The disciple has to accept that nobody can influence the disciple’s mind and distort it; that nobody can influence the disciple’s heart in one way or another, because the world is large. This thought is not very clear to you, is it? A thought can be clear and can have an influence on us only when we come to be at the same level with the one who expresses it. How does the law of expression act? In order for somebody, be it a good or bad person, to influence you, that person has to lower you to his or her level; only then can such a person influence you. This is to say, as long as you keep your mind in the Infinite world, where the Divine law acts, you are free and safe. As soon as it enters your mind that somebody might influence you, this means that you have descended lower than this world. When the servant thinks that the master restricts the servant, the servant has already restricted himself or herself with this very thought. Let’s say that you walk in the streets in tattered clothes, you meet a nobleman or a well-to-do person, whom you know, but he passes by without greeting you and you think that because you are poor nobody greets you. I would like to ask you if he greets you, would this give you anything? Nothing. It will only tickle you a little. If somebody looks at you and smiles at you, what do you gain from this smile? Nothing. These are the illusions of the magicians of Darkness. When one smiles, one should feel at the bottom of one’s soul that God is present at this moment! How should we understand the smile? When we smile, we should be pleased with our smile. Whether people will be glad at our smile is not of importance; we should personally be pleased with it. And when we frown the same law should be at work. Frowning, at esoteric schools, should also be done according to all the rules; you should also feel the presence of God in frowning. Do you think that I will smile when I see somebody being hanged? No, I won’t. I will frown, I will call God and the angels and I will say that what is going on is not right. Not that the fact is not true, but that these people have misunderstood God’s law. They sentenced a human being in compliance with whichever clause of whichever law; come on, where is the authority of this law and of all the other laws?! These have to be eternal, unchangeable. A person may be punished in esotericism, but only when one wants to be punished. The person should submit a petition, on one’s own free will, to be punished. This is what goes in esotericism. I will add a thought: some say that we should not torture animals, but do you know that many animals want to be tortured, so that they can be elevated? So, what is meant, when it is said not to torture animals, is not to torture these animals, which do not want to be tortured. But, if we do not torture those animals, which want to be tortured, we will slow down their evolution. Many hens, eaten by you, have progressed. But you do not make any progress. Consequently, we shall have to say to the hen, which wants to be tortured, in order to progress, "I’m sorry, I cannot slay you, because I don’t want to stay the progress of my evolution; but as you have set your mind on making progress, please, find somebody else to slay and eat you." No disciple, entering any Esoteric School has the right to cause torment to anybody. Disciples have the right to cause torment only to themselves. To go down to the bottom of torment, to experience it, and to come back to earth, to work in line with the law that disciples have learnt. Therefore, I say that you should not torture each other either. A friend was telling me an anecdote about himself: he was very sensitive and had nice aspirations in his soul, he wanted to live peacefully with the people around, but when he returned from a trip abroad and when he met some Bulgarians, they started ridiculing him. At one point, he started thinking of a means to help him retain his composure. For this purpose, he hired two porters to swear at him. He sat with them and succeeded in enduring all their curses in the hope that he would be able to tolerate the curses of the others as well. But after having done this for several days, he asked himself, "Why should I hire porters to curse me, when there are so many porters in society! I keep these on the pay-roll, while I won’t have to pay anything to the others." Any problems occurring among you, according to the Esoteric School, are blessings. When you have disagreements, try to smooth them over, but not artificially. I know about cases when two people get together, they kiss each other and they say, "Let’s reconcile!" But when they go out, they start slandering each other again. This is not a way to reconciliation. Reconciliation should take place within you. When you get down to the bottom of torment, are you ready to say, "The world is large for my mind and for my heart, I will accept torment in all its forms!" This is the most important psychological moment! I want all disciples, when they go back home, to create a favourable atmosphere. This is the last Thursday evening. (Comment): There is one more Thursday. Then next Thursday is the last Thursday. I do not receive guests any more. This is what Bedouins do: you may be their guest for three days, but on the fourth day they will give you work – they will either send you to the field, or will ask you to tend the cows. I find this an excellent rule. Those who stay at our School, will be given work to do – we shall either send such disciples to the vineyard, or shall give them the cows to tend, or shall ask them to do the clerk’s work, or shall ask them to be messengers; there will be such disciples. Then, another rule: I do not want you to spread around what we have been talking about here in the School! You may spread it, but I take no responsibility for the consequences. Do not spread a Teaching before you have tested it! Otherwise, it will be the silliest thing you can do. Test it, because as of yet you do not know whether it is true. There is an expert committee in England, which inspects goods produced at factories and sold by traders. Only after the experts have endorsed the goods with a stamp as being inspected, only then have factory people and traders the right to export or sell their goods in England or abroad. You are retailers of un-inspected goods, but I do not like such traders. Each item has to be inspected. The first task that I will assign to women along these lines shall be, for example, the following: let’s say that one of you has a daughter, whom she does not love; let her do something that she will start loving her! Or let’s say that the husband of one of you is not a believer. This is a task, which she has to resolve! Some of you are poor, others are sick; you will have to do what must be done! Someone has tumours in the stomach; if this person does not get rid of them, the tumour will destroy this person. Every disease is generated by creatures existing in us. Each disease is generated psychologically and organically by the excrement of these creatures. When such a creature comes into our organism, you have to apply the same law: it should be allowed to stay, visiting you for three days only, because if you leave the creature for longer, it will take roots, it will form tumours, it will gather blood and you will die, while the others will say, "May God rest his or her soul!" The Lord does not forgive such people. He forgives only when people do not steal and do not lie. Someone may come here to take something and use it against me. God take pity on such a poor person who will do this! Damned will be such a person and not to the fourth degree but to the thousandth degree! Such is the great law of God, the Divine Truth, "He, who sins against the Spirit," says Christ, "neither this century, nor in the future will his sins be forgiven." Everything that you will learn here is a Great truth, which you should apply in your life and you have to be sincere with yourselves when applying it. You have to be sincere not to me, but to your Lord, to your mind, and heart, to your Spirit and your soul in all of their aspirations. You have to stand on your feet! Not to say tomorrow that Deunov wants to hypnotise us and to influence us. I have no intention to influence you because the moment when I will want to do this, I will be a demon, with my head downwards. And you too, if you want to influence me, will be with your heads downwards. This is how the Divine Teaching reads. To make it clear: from now on you will live for thousands of years on the earth and whichever Esoteric School you may enter to study the Path of your development, you will always be given rules to apply. If you do not accept torment as a factor for your future existence, you will be wandering in the world without understanding the internal meaning of Life. Torment will make all of you heroes. I want you to be heroes; I do not want you to be scared! However, if you do not undergo torment, you will be afraid, you won’t be heroes. I do not want to use the expression "Do not fear!" I will rather use another one – "Be in torment!" Accept torment, because it is given to you by the Invisible world. Do not force yourselves ever! There are people among you, who even if they want to, are not meant to experience torment, not all of you who listen to me will be tormented; not all of you are heroes, torment will be given to the heroes only. It will bypass some of you and will say, "Let’s leave it for some other time." He who is tormented should consider his torment a privilege. And the first thing you will experience when you start descending to the bottom of torment, is silence. You will penetrate into the soul of every suffering creature, you will get to understand how much it suffers and you will tell yourself, "How wrong I have been so far!" A sort of pity for all creatures who are in torment will awaken in you, and you will wish to begin to elevate the other creatures, from the place you have fallen to and where you stand, to raise them above or at least to relieve their torment. He, who has not understood torment, places other people under his feet, steps over them and says, "Come down, I will go up!" The Teaching of Christ makes people aware that all creatures experience torment. This is what Great Christianity implies. When we get out of torment, we shall arrive at other methods, through which we shall learn how to cultivate and utilise the esoteric Forces. If you accept torment, Light will come to you from within, i.e. the Divine Spirit, which is in you, will awaken and will elevate the vibrations of your mind and of your heart. The cells of your mind and heart will transform organically, which will, in turn, transform the status of your mind and heart. The word cell has a double meaning. To be in a cell means to be unhappy, but it also means to be confined. However, the consciousness of a cell is also confined. There are many cells in our mind, which are dissatisfied with their situation. And when millions of such dissatisfied cells get together, we feel in low spirits. The first thing we have to do is to re-educate the cells of our brain, of our heart, and of our stomach. We can very easily re-educate these cells, but such a re-education takes place when we descend to the bottom of torment, which is the basis of Life. The Divine Spirit, starting from this point, will begin elevating us upwards, we shall climb on the wings of God’s Wisdom, and Divine Love, on entering our soul, will transfuse inspiration into it. Then the angels of Life will start elevating us in our evolution and we shall get out from the bottom of torment. Why was Christ resurrected? Because the One who was above, descended down and resurrected Him. God is simultaneously in Heaven and in hell. He, who goes above to God, is sent down by God, and he, who goes down, is sent above by God. All Christian preachers of the present day teach us that we have to go up in Heaven to God, while I say that you will go up to God, for God to send you down. All of you who are listening to me now, are of the kind that will prefer to take the easy path. There is no easy path in the world; there is a narrow Path. Another thing that disciples have to master is humility; which is not to be indifferent, but to go down to the bottom, to forget what other people think about them, and to feel only their own torment! These are a few practical rules, which you have to think over and which you will have to try to apply, without making any forced efforts. Sometimes, when I have the chance I will speak to you about the origin of sin – how evil entered the world. There was a time when we were not like what we are today. What are the reasons for our fall? Nowadays there are no good people in the world – those who cry, and those who laugh, and those who speak good words, and those who speak bad words – all of them are under the same denominator. When people see a wealthy merchant of sheep hides, they all envy him, without realising that his position rests upon the hides of the thousands of sheep, which he had skinned. The merchant says, "This is my stock, I gained it!" I object, I say that the merchant is a thief in the second degree and a liar, because he acquired his wealth at the expense of the animals, when he skinned them. Some may say, "This is my house, I made it with my own labour, and sweat on my forehead!" My response is that you made it at the expense of the people you have skinned. Someone may say, "This is my body." Excuse me - it is not yours. Because, do you know how many creatures suffer in order to maintain the human body, how many mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters have given their lives for it! This is why you have no right to think that what you have is yours. According to Christianity, the first thing that you have to keep in mind is to admit that whatever you have is not yours, but God’s. To those who slander me I say, "Listen, what I say is not mine, I am not defending my property! This God, whom I know, is very kind, but He is at the same time very bad. He is so kind that there is nobody kinder than Him, but only when we follow His Will, however, there is nobody worse than Him when we do not follow His Will and we commit evil." At the moment when we say that this body is ours, a curse will fall upon us, upon our children, upon everybody. You have to say, "Lord, thank You for placing me in this body of Yours!" This is how everybody should be looking upon things. On the other hand, we shout at each other like troopers and we say, "Get lost, get out of here!" There is no reason to get out of here. I often say that I am ready to step back if I am the cause of your sufferings. But to give you my body – no, I shall not do this! It is neither mine, nor yours; I shall give it to its Master. To Him I shall surrender my mind and my heart. You cannot be masters of them. Every disciple in esotericism, in theosophy, in spiritualism, in mysticism, and in Christianity should know this, because these denominations express one objective and present that Divine Life, which is manifested. The state of the Spirit is one thing, while the state of the soul is another. These are five states, which differ from one another. Will, heart, mind, soul, spirit are things known to us. What we know is that we suffer. We can feel only certain changes: sometimes our thoughts are clear, sometimes – dark; sometimes our mind is bright, sometimes – dark; sometimes our feelings are crystal clear, sometimes – dark; sometimes we are strong, sometimes – we are not. It is said that we have a soul. But what is the soul? What we can now feel is only a manifestation of the soul. The first thing I want is to make this rough sea, storming in you, to subside – quiet and peaceful I want you to be. In the present society and social order, we need workers who can rescue the ones pressed at the bottom. Because many buildings will collapse and many people, caught below in the stones in the ruins, shall have to be dug out. My desire is to rescue you from your ruined houses. Any of your psychological indispositions tells me that a girder of yours is rotten and has collapsed. Envy, hatred, and any other similar negative features – these are collapsing girders within your building – your body. Now that I am looking at you – do you know what you remind me of? Of children who are already hungry and can smell the food, but as the teacher goes on with the lesson, they tell themselves, "Hopefully he will soon finish, and we can go eat!" Or "Do not talk to us, teacher, but lay the table for us to eat!" You have a correct understanding – you have to eat. But if you listen to me, there will be a table for you, I will give you some food to eat, if you do not listen to me – there will be no table. When a guest comes to your house, you treat the guest only with some jam and water – don’t you, and afterwards – God be with you, see you soon! You lay the table and give food only for those who have worked in your field. When the beloved one or a trusted friend comes to visit you, you lay a rich table for the guest. Now what does this indicate? That he or she has been working for a long time in your field. I shall now have to think for how many of you I should lay a table. To those who have not worked for me I shall give only some jam and water, while to those who have worked – I will lay a table fit for a King and I shall do the serving myself. This evening also, there is one of you, who I know has understood the law of torment. Two people - for two Thursdays. I would like you to count how many of you there are in here, so that we can see how this law acts. Master’s lecture, delivered on the February 12, 1920 at 7 o’clock. Source
  25. Note 6 Jesus Was Called “And both Jesus was called, and His disciples, to the marriage.” John 2: 2 There is no doubt that the most pleasant, most solemn occasions on this earth are the wedding rituals as well as the wedding itself. I would like to dwell a little bit on the internal principle, the internal significance of weddings, because you have absolutely different associations with it in your mind. According to you, weddings signify a union, they stand for the marriage of two people – a man and a woman, whereas they are engaged in advance with the participation of a priest, who delivers some prayers, and afterwards the arrived guests sit at the table to eat and drink. This celebration goes on for a day or two, and then the guests go home, and the newly weds are left alone. This is the external side of the wedding, which you also understand best. However, the word wedding has a deeper meaning, which stands for the beginning of a new Life. This word is derived from an Old Sanskrit root signifying what takes place and manifests itself as conscious life. The wedding is a process, which takes human beings from one state to another, i.e. getting out of one life and entering another one, whereby old ideas are given up and new life begins with new ideas. Please note that Jesus and His disciples are invited to the wedding, so the wedding is attended by one of the Greatest Masters. This wedding has become a principle, which determines what weddings should be like in the future and how weddings should be conducted. Each wedding must be attended by Jesus and His disciples in the future; but not by Jesus as a human being, but by His Teaching. I shall not dwell here on what Christ’s Teaching consists in, because it can be summarised in brief in the two great principles: love the Lord, your God with all your soul, heart, mind, and will; love your neighbour the way you love yourself. I shall not explain what Love is. I shall summarise in brief what I have told you in the Thursday lectures. Bear in mind two things: when you listen to somebody talking to you, you have to turn your ear in such a direction, so that you can hear the words, not only listen to them. Secondly, you should tune your mind in such a way that not only can you understand the words, but be also able to grasp their meaning, because each word contains in itself a certain Force. This is why Christ also says that each Divine Force is the beginning of a new Life, i.e. the new Life begins with the Divine words, not with words only. Before I move on, I will explain to you how many methods contemporary medicine applies. It uses predominantly two methods: allopathic and homeopathic. The former method recommends strong doses of medicines, which should be bitter, if possible; while the second method recommends sweet medicines, if possible, and if in a particular case this is not possible, it is recommended that the pill should be at least coated in a thin cover of something sweet. The contemporary world is allopathic, but people nowadays are so clever, that they cover everything in life in a sweet coat. The Divine method for curing is the opposite: the pills are bitter externally and sweet inside. Thus, curing in Life is effected under two methods: sometimes a person is cured by bitter words, other times – by sweet. I mean things in social life and in Nature. However, to some people neither the sweet, nor the bitter pills are of any help, and this is because they have not understood the conditions under which the pills can have effect on them. Do not forget that things in the world are strictly mathematically determined. There is time for sowing; similarly, there is time fit for curing. This is a Divine principle, a Divine law, which is also true in respect of those who want to study Christ’s Teaching in order to improve their lives, because it is a Teaching of Life. Students go to school to acquire knowledge, which has to be applied after they leave school. On the same grounds, I would like you to apply Christ’s Teaching in your life. You may have many desires, either to acquire knowledge or wealth. This is for the future; right now, it is important how wisely you can use Christ’s Teaching. The line we read in the beginning reads that Jesus and His disciples were called to the wedding. This indicates that the newly wed couple realise that something important will be missing if they do not invite Jesus to their wedding. You should do the same as well: call Christ at the beginning of each job. You may say, "Can’t I call someone else?" Yes, you may, but this person has to contain in him or her the two principles: love to God and to one’s neighbour. The Love to God and to one’s neighbour is an extension rather than an ordinary feeling. To love God and your neighbour means to let them in one of your rooms. You will say, "Where shall I live then?" You will live in your will, God – in your heart, and your neighbour – in your mind. You cannot start loving your neighbour unless you start thinking of him or her, therefore you should keep your neighbour in your mind, while God you should keep in your heart. These two will be your guests and you will work for them, i.e. they will teach you; you will be their student. God, who is in your heart, is Jesus, your neighbours are His disciples, and you will be one of the wedding guests. Knowing this, you will be able to think properly with your mind. When studying the works of a great poet or writer, when listening to a musical piece, when looking at a picture of a prominent artist, your mind should grasp these things, because they are your teachers, your neighbours, and you will learn from them, and the Divine principle should be in your heart. The wedding is a beginning of a new Life. The bride and the bridegroom leave their fathers’ houses and start living a new life on their own. This analogy you can apply to everything in life. Teachers and students come to school and start a new life. This refers to the good teachers. Usually at weddings, there are three types of guests: some of them are simple onlookers, the others are invited guests, and the third - relatives of the bride and bridegroom. The simple onlookers in church are called observers, the invited guests – believers, and the relatives – disciples. You should similarly arrange your thoughts in several groups. You have to determine the place of each of your thoughts. There are three types of thoughts in the world: some stem from God – the Divine thoughts, others stem from our relatives and still others stem from within us. Some thoughts come from the world, others – from the angels, and the third ones – from the Divine world. Therefore, you should learn how to recognise where various thoughts stem from, not to go wrong in your actions. None of you is free from the environment and this is why you will receive thoughts from it. When you compare the three types of thoughts, you will see where each thought stems from, you will be able to fight them, and thus you will develop along the right path. Another important thing is that the wedding is a place for work. When you start some work, you have to be at a wedding. Outside of the wedding any commenced deed is labour or torture. Everyone at the wedding is cheerful. When you want to work in this world you have to imagine that you are at a Divine wedding or in the epoch of a new Life. This is the only salvation of any soul. Any culture, religion or anything else, is created according to the same law. But the most important thing, which you should be aware of when you are at a wedding, is not to give vent to your greediness. An angel was sent by God to a wedding as a representative, but the angel liked the princess very much, who was the bride of the wedding, and wanted to take her with him. When you attend a wedding do not ever covet the place of the bride, neither the bride herself, because this is the beginning of all discord and disgrace. I can see failures, discords, and disagreements among you, because you want to be in the place of the princess, in the place of the bride. You say, "We want to be in her shoes!" You may, but in a long time to come, for the time being you are wedding guests. Being wedding guests, means that you have to work. Christ attended this wedding in order to bless the bride and the bridegroom. When you pluck up the courage to enter a new Life, i.e. to get married, you have to join your mind, your mind being the bridegroom, with the heart, the heart being the bride. If you want your wedding to take place in line with all the Divine rules, with all the Divine matches, the Divine principle must be within you. What do you think - can you call it a wedding if the bride, on entering her new house, drives away her mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-laws, and the other in-laws? If you implement God’s Will, you will be elevated and you will give scope to your soul. Whether you go the wrong or the right way – this is all on your account. Everyone gets elevated through one’s deeds. If you observe the Divine principle – that your mind and heart be joined, you will have Christ and His disciples in yourselves. Then, applying Christ’s Teaching, you will understand the Divine Life, which is manifested in Nature and you will know how to bring up your folks at home. Remember that your sons and daughters, to be born, will pass through this wedding. This is how I explain why good sons and daughters are born. If the wedding is not a wedding, but a discord, bad sons and daughters will be born. When a certain thought or desire comes to your mind, these will be completely dependent upon your mind and heart. The correlation between them will determine your thought. If your mind is corrupted, so will be your thought. If your heart is corrupted, so will be your desire. Do not believe that thoughts and desires are items from fantasy-land. They have their own images and bodies and have independent lives of their own. Out of these particular thoughts and desires your future brain, lungs, stomach and so on will be created. Some ask, "Why should we think good?" To be able to weave a new garment for yourselves in the future. This is to say that we prepare a new garment that will be put on our spiritual body in the future. So, Christ’s Teaching is not a teaching of forms, through which to stick to a particular church or through which to invest our money in a bank, it is actually a Teaching about being pro-active. Nobody can think, feel, or act instead of you. You will do the thinking, the acting, and the feeling for your sake. If you think, act, and feel good, you will have God’s blessing. When you match your life to this Divine principle, you will be able to remedy many hardships, which you come across. We have to find a way through which to elevate our life and everybody is looking for such a way. If you are an apple seed, you will pray to God to provide you with all the conditions so that you can first grow and then you can develop. If you are in the situation of a human soul, you will require favourable conditions for your development. What suffers and sighs within us is the soul that is closed. We often want to abolish suffering. Suffering should not be abolished but converted into Joy. Conversions can take place everywhere in Nature. For example, charcoal, under special conditions, can be converted into diamonds, diamonds can then be converted into seeds, then into trees and then again into charcoal. Jesus came to the wedding to show the young people how they should live. All of you have had your weddings; you know how nice the time preceding the wedding is, what dreams, what fantasies of the mind and thought there are! Everybody, after getting married, says, "All the charming things were up to the engagement." The young man and the young woman are ideal, but as soon as they get married, everything fades away and this is why people say, "It’s not worth getting married." Indeed, it is not worth getting married, because this is not a wedding, but a discord. In my opinion the mind, which marries the heart, should be healthy and should not be infected by any disease. The heart, which marries the mind, should be healthy and pure. If this is so, then our thoughts and desires, according to the same law, should also be healthy and pure. I know that you, who are listening to me now, have disturbed hearts and minds. Why? Because this primary law has been violated. When Christianity preaches that we have to return to God, this means to return to Heaven, to return to this primary environment, which creates conditions for a peaceful and wise Life. These conditions do not take centuries – you can become good at a certain moment, and you can become bad at the next moment. People say that somebody was born good or bad, but it is not true. We might be born in the good or in the bad, but we are good or bad only at the moment when we act. You may be very bad, but once you give up doing bad things, you become good and vice versa. Consequently, God determines what we are by the moment when we act. The particular moment determines what we were in the past and what we will be in the future. This moment, when you do something evil, shows that you were evil in the past too, but it is a reflection of the past. Some may say, "I am bad now, but I will become good in the future." No, you have to change your behaviour right now! You have to stop being bad, and this means that you have to induce the good from your past. This is the first principle, which Christ instructed the young couple into. He told them to love each other. Love is nothing else but acceptance of the good, planting and enlivening of the good in our life. I speak about weddings, because many are those who promise what cannot be. Promises for the future – this is lip service. There is nothing to foresee in the Divine economy. God has foreseen everything good for those who act well. For those who do not act well, there are misfortunes. However, both shall bear the consequences of this great law. Not because God wants to punish them, but the implications result from our deeds themselves, and therefore we cannot evade them. We must first create a moral life in culture and science, i.e. the heart must be prepared, so that the mind can receive its desires and can process them into thoughts. This is a fact. For example, it was found in America that if the wives of certain men are good, they were promoted to the rank of preachers; men, whose wives were bad, had fallen to a very low position. If you have a gifted mind, but the heart is no match of it, it will degrade the mind to a low level. This is why God should live in your heart, to change and prepare it. Do not allow anybody else to convert your heart. We often say that somebody converted his wife’s heart. There are only conversions in the world and this is what the sufferings of all people today are due to. Conversions are wheel motions. General principles were given at this wedding, according to which one may elevate and ennoble oneself. Often people cry over their previous mistakes, because they were very sinful, because they treated their mothers badly. Today they are already given good conditions for life, for work, but they give these up and say, "We are sinful and we will commit sins again." You are human beings and you can change the effect of the law, because these effects are similar to the movements of the wheel, the movement is mechanical and at that only in two directions – from right to left and from left to right. Similarly our life, the way it is arranged, can move in the same two directions. So, if you are not moving in one of the directions you will be moving in the other one. The same is true for water-mills: there are two wheels there, one moving in one direction, while the other one – in the opposite, but the result nonetheless is the same. Your wheel now is moving from right to left, or in the opposite direction, and you ask, "Can I be good?" Ask the miller; he will tell you. These wheels can be set to move in both ways and they can trample people. When you go to a wedding, you have to mind your language. It is a profound science to understand the character, the habits and customs of the language and its effect. No person has a stronger will than the one who can curb one’s language. Sometimes, you want to tell somebody something, in order to show that you understand certain things. But what comes out of it? Not only do you not fix the problem, you actually make it even worse. Remember that all bad words are spoken outside weddings, because at a place where there is no wedding, there is discord. As soon as you find yourself thinking of something bad, you must be sure that you are not at a wedding, and that Christ is not with you. If you are thinking of something good, then you are at the wedding together with Christ and His disciples. You can attend a wedding together with Christ and His disciples, everyday. I take this as a general principle. I do not apply these dogmatic concepts that the church has. I mean the energy, which runs through Life. The Earth is constantly approaching the Sun, but so slowly, that only in millions of years will it reach it and then it will see what the Sun is like. However, nowadays everybody can have the elements of the Sun in oneself – light and warmth. Someone may ask you, "Have you seen the Sun? Do you know what it is?" No, I haven’t; but I know its elements. Someone asks you: “Have you seen Christ and His disciples?” No, I haven’t, but two things I do know, two Divine principles, namely – Divine Love and Wisdom, which penetrate both my mind and everybody’s mind in the same way, in this way we all receive the Sun’s light and warmth. Any good desire and any good thought are Christ and His disciples. If you do not have good thoughts and desires, Christ is not with you. If you understand the issue on principle, God will be a wise Force for you. You may experiment in this regard. There will come a day when you will achieve the ability not only to receive Light, but to hear a certain song coming from it and later on you will be able to distinguish individual words. You may think this is an illusion. No, it isn’t, this is a fact, because there are people who receive the warmth and Light not only externally, but they can also hear their songs and understand their words. To have your minds and hearts pure means to be clairvoyants. Being thus purified, you will be able to understand who sent you a particular thought, and who sent a particular wish to you. But today we sense a certain thought without understanding its internal meaning. When I tell you, for example, that you have to love each other, you already understand Love in a special way. You understand that to love means to have a friend, who should belong to you only and the day when she becomes close with somebody else, you break your friendship. Imagine that you are familiar with my finger and you talk to my finger, you tell it that you love it. Later on there comes my other finger, but you start frowning and you say, "What right do you have to talk with my first finger, whom I love?" Well, this depends on me, not on the finger. A lady visited me recently, who provoked a good thought in me and showed me how correctly she understood Christ’s Teaching. She told me that her husband no longer loved her and had left her. She suffered a lot, kept crying all the time, but one night she had a very vivid dream. In her dream, she saw certain people coming to visit her who told her, "There is nothing to cry for, woman; you have to know that your husband’s heart does not belong to you, and therefore you have no right to want to convert his heart. Imagine the situation of your husband if a woman comes tomorrow and wants to convert his heart to her. What will come out of this heart?" Similarly, we want everyone to have hearts like ours and we do our best to convert them. This is the worst evil. Let each heart be the way the Lord created it. Each heart is good by essence, but it takes its guiding lines from the mind. When I smile at somebody and say some kind words, you are also immediately pleased with me, you find me a good person. But the moment I frown, you say that I have changed my character. These things in the world are sham; these are mere jugglery. Sometimes the father appears to be more serious than he is in fact. He does not have to become more serious, but he has to say, "My son, what you are doing, is not good for you, it is taking you down the road to death, because you do not do God’s Will!" Do not say that somebody is bad, because his or her parents were bad, his or her ancestors etc. Teachers may love you, but when you make mistakes, they will reprimand you. In such cases, students appeal to love, "Dear Master, we love each other, don’t we?" Yes, we do, but you made mistakes on several occasions and you have to correct these. The correct solution of this task is the key to the lives of many, while the wrong solution compromises me as well. Two days ago, I spoke about picking flowers and I said that every ten flowers picked brought about somebody’s death. If you say ten bad words to somebody, someone’s house will burn down. If you plant ten flowers somewhere, this will bring a good person to earth. Keep observing things of this nature to see that these are not merely words. Observe fruit trees in the garden: as long as their branches are green, the people in this house have a good life, but when the branches start withering, life in this house goes wrong due to the bad thoughts, which take the upper hand. After this, someone from this house will die. A gentleman was telling me the following story: he had a large garden in Sofia and a gardener took care of it. One day, the trees had to be pruned and one of them had to be cut down. However, the gardener loved this tree very much and insisted on not cutting it down, however, at the will of the master it was cut down. Before three months were up the gardener died. As soon as the tree you love is cut down, you will also follow suit. You, who are listening to me now, have taken out knives and go fencing up and down with them. You are very educated, you know a lot. However, I would want people like you not only to tell me how to spin wool, how to weave and warp, but they themselves to sit at the loom and to practically demonstrate how things are done. I have seen what such educated people do when they sit at the loom: they start warping, spinning, but they see that it does not come out right, and then they take the scissors and start cutting. They start weaving again and again it does not come out right. A second one comes, a third one – they keep cutting, but it does not come out right. When the master comes – things take the right course. Christ came to the wedding to teach the young couple to weave, because the wedding provides new conditions of life. When you want to elevate your spirits, imagine that you are at a wedding, because there is always eating and drinking, and also music at a wedding. Your teeth are your instruments, and your tongue is the baton striking the harp and producing music, which has a favourable impact upon you. I would like it if everybody could play an instrument and sing. Eating refers also to the spiritual life, because as soon as you accept a certain thought or a desire, it turns into food, which then enters your blood – your life and you manifest yourself. This shows that we have understood the Divine Life. So, in view of this, please make sure that your mind is always in a normal state. You will ask me, which is the normal state. The normal state can always be found between two extremes, i.e. it is in the middle. How can you find the middle? Imagine that you are given a segment and you have to find the middle of the segment. You can find the middle by drawing catenaries with the compasses from the two ends of the segment. You draw a perpendicular line from the crossing points of the catenaries to the segment and it is exactly this end of the perpendicular, which represents the middle. You can have a similar approach to your thoughts too. Bad thoughts exist in the world with the purpose to strengthen your will, so that we can neutralise such a thought right on the spot. After each delight, after each pleasant thought, comes an unpleasant one. Keep track how long each good or bad thought stays with you. This is a new psychology. You have to examine yourself, because if you do not know how you manifest yourself, how can you get to know about the external things? All things in Nature are a reflection of the Divine Life, which is inside us. The reflection shows an image, which comes from outside. This image was not created by you, it is an external image. If you experience a certain joy, it is not yours - you have not created it. It, as a thought, travels, and stops for a while upon you. Good thoughts travel and stop at various stations, where they are assigned to. Each station has a name of its own. You are the stations. Thoughts dwell for as long as they are assigned to, for as long as the train stays. Sometimes they dwell for a minute or two or for longer – according to the significance of the station. There are travellers who want to take longer breaks at times and therefore they spend a month, two months or a longer period of time there. On the way, there are good thoughts-travellers, there are also bad thoughts-travellers, which come out of certain naughty children and in the same way they stop for some time at some stations. So, neither the good nor the bad thoughts belong to us. If you want a certain good thought to stay longer with you, you have to create the conditions for this. This is what Christ taught the newly wed couple: He was telling them that they were going to have many pleasant and unpleasant situations in life, many good and bad thoughts, but they should know that these do not belong to them, they merely visit them. You should know that neither the good is very good, nor the evil is very bad. The good and evil are such only for the moment they are being done. When the moment is over, they are no longer such. To make my point more clearly, I will give you the following example: you are at a ten-metre distance from a hot furnace. What do you feel? You find it very pleasant. What will you feel if you sit at a five-centimetre distance from this hot furnace? Your hands will burn and you will run away from the furnace. This is the aspect between things, which makes them good or evil. This is the aspect of a Divine thought that comes from various directions. Whether the thought will be good or evil depends on the state you are in. Therefore we need knowledge, not to be in the way along which the train will pass. The Royal train passes and because of this we shall not stand in its way. This is what Christ taught us: you shall not stay on the railroad; you shall not climb onto the roof. One who climbs onto the roof intends to escape. This is what thieves do, when they are being chased. The railroad is actually the old age. If you spread gossip about someone, if you are in low spirits, if you do not have faith – it is all the same - you are on the railroad. Coming to and going out of the world has a completely different meaning from what you understand. For example, we are making a house for us to live in. Why should we be making a house? Because the conditions of life are such that if we do not have a shelter, we will be damaged; this is why we are building a house. Similarly, we have to have a sheath, which is supposed to protect us from the various thoughts that attack us from the outside. This is why we have to live a pure and holy life, so that we can generate an aura around us, which can protect us from any bane and evil. This is why Christ and His disciples attended the wedding. I would like all of you to have a good start, and those of you, who do not work, will fall behind. Take out the general principle from all the lectures so far, contained in each one, and start examining it. I shall give you the following work and experiments for two or three months: Firstly, you will keep track in a notebook of each one of your good or evil thoughts that come to mind. You will keep track of the time, by the clock, when the good or evil thought or desire visited you and you will also note down the time when it disappeared. Secondly, when you are visited by evil thoughts or desires, you will try to convert them into good thoughts or desires. For this purpose, you will have to go back two thousand years, so that you can visualise the wedding attended by Christ and His disciples. You will try to imagine the house where the wedding took place, to imagine the wedding guests and the newly wed couple. Try to determine where Christ stood, where His disciples stood, but make sure you do not create illusions, try to be at least approximately accurate in your imagination. So, in your mind you can photograph the whole wedding by visualising the place of the bridegroom, your place etc. Christ you should place in your heart, His disciples – in your mind, the bridegroom - in your mind, the bride – in your heart. The bride and bridegroom will be separated, because no two people live in the same room in the Spiritual world. And here there are several people to a room and this is why they quarrel. The inhabitants of that world read each other’s minds freely. Therefore, when one of them is in low spirits, the others, as soon as they read the mind of the low-spirited person, pass him or her by, without any need for him or her to drive them away. This is why there are no circumstances pre-conditioning sin in the other world. While in this world somebody comes to visit you and keeps staying without realising that he or she had already annoyed you, and hence you have to lie to this person. Leave these old methods, because if you stick to them, you cannot be disciples. You will imagine that you have put on wedding clothes that you are cheerful and merry, and you will listen to what Christ was telling the wedding guests. If you can visualise such a picture, you will be immediately refreshed, you will be ready to fight your hardships in this world, you will understand many of the philosophies in this world and the vibrations of your mind will be higher. This visualisation of the picture has also a healthy impact. You must know that good can be learnt only at a wedding, while evil can be learnt at quarrels. Thirdly, ask yourselves why is it that good and evil thoughts and desires are generated within you; why are you predisposed better to some people, and less to others, why you love some, but others you do not love, why you find some people pleasant and others - unpleasant. You will say that this is karmic. Yes, it is, but karma does not explain anything, because there are quite a few reasons here. When you are in low spirits, think about the reason for this. Recall where you have been, in which house, how long you stayed there and after leaving which house you felt in low spirits. Find an explanation why you leave a certain house in low spirits. Explain to yourselves why at times when you come back home you feel in low spirits and whether it comes from the north, south, east or west. When you find the reason for your low spirits, do not fly at the person who created it, but change the direction of the low spirits. A friend of yours is asking you for a loan under the condition that he or she will return it in ten days, but nothing of the kind happens. Do not be angry about this. If someone is not predisposed towards you, this is because such a person has to take something from you. If this someone has nothing to take from you, then such a person has made a mistake and therefore he or she says, "Your father owes something to me, and please, now that you are able to pay, pay for him!" When you are in a good mood, you have to save the energy of this mood within you. It is a serious science to be able to save the energy of good thoughts and desires. Fourthly, every evening when you go to bed, you will spare ten to fifteen minutes to make a report before yourselves of your behaviour during the whole day. This you will do impartially. You will see what is evil so that you can avoid it on the following day. On the following day, you will pray, "Help me, God, to avoid evil deeds and to succeed in doing the good ones that I failed to do yesterday!" You will examine your life the way artists examine their paintings, without any self-judgements. If we are not a success in life this is due to the fact that we believe that we are stupid, sinful people etc. You are neither good nor evil, but you have to attend the wedding and you have to work. If your children make a noise at home, please imagine that they had also attended a wedding. Thus, to a certain extent – about fifty to seventy-five percent – you will be able to change the low spirits of your husband or of your children. These exercises will strengthen your good will. You will place the bridegroom in your mind and the bride – in your heart. Usually the guests of honour sit at the top places at a wedding. Christ is a guest at the wedding. The bride meets the guests and is the first to kiss hands, and then the bridegroom kisses hands. What does the kissing of hands stand for? When we kiss somebody’s hand, we promise that we shall implement God’s Will and law. Disciples who want to learn must have an iron will, nothing should despair disciples. I shall gradually explain to you all the forms according to which thoughts and desires act, according to which societies, homes, cultures are built up, and the reasons for which good and evil children are born. When you get old, your children will do this. The word youth is derived from the stem of mahatadi1, which means transformation of the Divine principle into a human form, i.e. renewal of aged life. When we get old, we do not listen to God, we become discontented, we frown and say that there is nothing in the world. I know that one has to act in the moment the Lord acts, to think in the moment when the Lord thinks and to feel in the moment the Lord feels. Some of the exercises you will do in the morning, and the others in the evening, because in the morning you are positive, and in the evening you are negative. This is why people are sad when the Sun goes down. So, when one wants to become humble, one has to pray in the evening. When one wants to pray for being merciful, one has to pray in the morning. The energy of the Earth is positive in the morning, and it is negative in the afternoon. The same is true of human beings. This explains why the psalm-singer says that Joy comes in the morning. Joy is positive energy, grief – negative. The good is positive energy, the evil – negative. If a certain disciple is weak, she will ask her friends to help her. When you say that the conditions are bad, I understand that you have no book. The one who wants to learn cannot say that there are no favourable conditions, that there is no time. You have at least five minutes at your disposal. When you do the experiments do not even think that you cannot do them. I do not want you to make a beautiful picture from the first attempt. You may make smudges around, but keep working. If you do not work, you will pay for the building you have hired. So, working or not working, we shall have to pay. I shall calculate one day how much your stay on the earth costs. It’s a shame, taking into account how much is spent on us, not to do any work. The exercises with the wedding you will do three times a week, in the morning - on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. The exercise with the report of your behaviour during the day you will do every evening before going to bed. In us, the mind precedes the heart, then in the third place comes the will, but initially it was the will acting, then the desire and finally the mind. God, through His Will urges us and at this point our thought is put in action, then our heart starts acting and finally comes the will. Master’s lecture, delivered on 19 June 1919 1 The Master here comments on the Bulgarian word for youth, which is “mladost” [‘mladost] Source
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