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NERVOUS SYSTEM AND HEAD DISEASES. I. Nervousness, nervous weakness, neurasthenia

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I. Nervousness, nervous weakness, neurasthenia



What causes neurasthenia? The unnatural human life, devoid of the Devine. Whenever he loses his connection with the Devine, a man becomes a neurasthenic. And in general – when a man is missing something significant, he becomes a neurasthenic. It is terrible to deprive a man of Love, as the food for his soul! This is a truth known to all people. Therefore, when one is devoid of all the significant things in his life, his nervous system is disordered. What’s the remedy then? Only God’s Love can cure neurasthenia. If God’s Love visits the sick, he gets well immediately.


First option


1. Hell is in the intestines of a person, therefore, when someone is to be cured, he must first cleanse his stomach and intestines.


2. In the summer mornings, put some water out in the sun to warm-up by 1 p.m., and then pour that water on the sick person. Such a bathing with solar water is also to be practiced by the healthy person, while the one, having nervous weakness may bath in this way twice a day.


3. Three times a week, in the evening, wash with warm water the waist, the stomach, the groins and the upper part of the thighs. Wet a towel in warm water and make a massage. In order to provoke a reaction, the distance from the knee to up to 25 above it, must remain dry. Such a bathing improves the blood circulation and immobilizes the body power.


4. Wash the feet with warm water every night.


5. Only eat vegetarian food, which must be nourishing.


6. Eating a lot of apples is necessary, because they contain energies, which relieve nervous weakness and headache.


7. In the morning, at noon and in the evening drink two glasses of hot water in small gulps.


8. Eating grated white and black turnips with a little lemon and olive-oil at noon has a healing effect.


9. Maze water is also to be drunk for some time. It is prepared in the following way: a kilo of maze is boiled in 1 ¾ l water, until only a liter of liquid remains, which is then strained and drunk in three parts during the day. New maize is to be boiled on the next day.


10. Carrots and peppers are to be used when eating.


11. Every morning practice the six main gymnastic exercises.


12. Every day, without exception, go for early walks before sunrise and not later than one hour after the sunrise, because this is when the solar energies heal man’s nervous system and one must expose himself to these sun rays.


13. Excursions and stays in the mountains are strongly recommended, because they rejuvenate and heal the nervous system.


14. Every day learn by heart a sentence of the book “Sacred words of the Мaster “.


15. A man has to have a Devine Thought, which is basically the understanding, that everything is for good and whatever happens, the balance must not be lost. When the Devine thought is assumed, the harmony between the ethereal and physical bodies will be restored. If this harmony is disturbed this can cause a lot of diseases.


16. Only easily digestible food is to be consumed, and it must be chewed a long time.


Second Option:


For one month the sick must eat bread toasted on well inflamed coal so that no moisture remains in it. The carbon energy gives firmness to the character. You may spread butter or something else on the toast.


Third option:


You can try the following thing: take some garlic outside in a bottled, then put some water on it. When someone is sick with neurasthenia or if he is in abnormal condition, leave that garlic outside for an entire week, when the nights are clear, so that the garlic can taken in the light of the stars. When this garlic is fed to the sick with a spoon, the sick gets well. When the light, taken in by the garlic, enters the human body, it helps.

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