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II. Headache

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II. Headache


The reasons for the headache are numerous, but mostly it is caused by troubles and worries.


First option:


1. The one, who has a headache, may spend some time at a high mountain, where he must expose his spine to the sun, but only to the early morning rays, when the sun rises and a little time after that, and not later.


2. Drink only warm water, every night wash your feet and every second day – the groins also with warm water.


3. Put some strawberry leaves for 5 minutes in hot water and resulting liquid is to be drunk every time a headache appears.


4. In some cases the following thing can also be done: a magnetic person must put his both hands on the temples of the one suffering from headache and it can go away, because a magnetic field is formed, which takes away the energy, accumulated in the head.


Second option:


Put some warm leaven on the temples, as that place must be smeared with some olive-oil in advance; the leaven stays there for about 10 hours. This can be done 2-3 times a week. The leaven acts magnetically, and that is why I recommend it not only for headache, but also for meningitis. The leaven and milk compress are to be preferred to the cold compresses. When you treat or are being treated, you must pray.


Third option:


If your head aches, you must drink 3 glasses of hot water in gulps. And after that you should take a purgative; when you relief your stomach, you will then take a warm bath and go to bed. You must not stay long in the bathroom. If your stomach aches, the head will always ache as well and vice versa. Sometimes one suffers from headache and from insufficient blood in the head — in the brain. Indeed there should not be a lot of blood in the head but there shouldn’t be less than necessary either.

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