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III. Facial Neuralgia

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III. Facial Neuralgia


First option:


The sick must wash his feet and lower legs, up to his knees, every evening, using warm water before going to bed and stay inside after that. Only the feet up to the ankles are to be dipped in the basin, but he must wash his legs up to his knees. and each tow is to be massaged separately for about 5 minutes. After washing his feet, one has to put on his socks and only that wash his groins with a sponged dipped in warm water, massaging with his fingers the area from his diaphragm and stopping, when he reaches a point 25 cm above the knees. He must wash his groins like that for ten days, and after a five-day break, he must redo the ten-day cycle, and keep washing only his feet every night during the break. Apart from that, every morning he must drink a glass of cold water in small gulps. But he must first leave the tap flowing until quite a lot of water pours out, before filling his glass. The glass must be of 150 grams. This is to be repeated for fourteen days. Each sip must be kept for some time in the mouth and moved around, so that the tongue has enough time to take the prana out of the water.


Second option:


Hot oak ash is to be mixed with just a little water, so that it does not turn into thin mud and then put in a towel and placed on the face, where pain is felt. It must stay there 5-10 minutes. After the ash¬ is removed, rub some clean olive oil on the sensitive place on the face. Then take some empty honeycomb, which must be fresh. By empty honeycomb it is meant the substance that remains after the honey is drawn out, as well as the wax. So warm-up this empty honeycomb, place in on a towel and put it on the aching place. After that again rub some pure olive oil on that place. Apart from that every morning whip a whole egg with some sugar and drink it. In case of neuralgia one must eat apples and pears.


Third option:


Take a thick piece of cotton and spread some hot water on it. While the cotton is still hot, put it, without wringing out the water, on the aching place. If the cotton is too hot, wait for a few seconds, until the face can withstand the heat. Put an oilcloth on the cotton and cover it with a thick woolen fabric. Keep that on the face for 3-4 minutes. After that take it down, wring out the water, then once again soak the cotton in hot water and repeat the procedure. This is done six times every evening. This is how you draw blood to the aching place, and this acts in a healing way.


You must speak a formula while making each compress. When the first compress is made, put both hands on the aching place and say: “The Lord is in the hot water. And with this water every ailment will disappear, for God is one and health is in God!“


During the second compress: “The soft principle will soften and break off the sickness. Softness has the power to remove the alien from the body. God is manifested in the power of His softness.“


During the third compress: “The power is in the number 3. It carries every achievement – health.“


During the fourth compress: “Health will come through contradiction, this is what hot water will do“.


During the fifth compress: “The achievement is in the number 5. The unity of the five virtues of the five powers — nobleness, justice, every art, every deed and Love. This unit will bring health.“


During the sixth compress: “Without any doubt you will be healthy, because the righteous thought, the right feeling and the right deed exclude any sickness“. If the sick can say the formulas, let him say them himself, and if his condition prevents him from speaking due to severe pain, than the person, doing the compress, should say them, whether out loud or just in his thought. It is important to focus on their pronouncement, for they act through the thought.


After finishing the compresses, rub some olive oil on the aching place and wrap some woolen fabric well around it to preserve the warmth for some time. These compresses are to be done at night, just before bedtime to avoid any colds. Do those three nights in a row or more – depending on the need. Use new cotton for each new compress, because the used cotton has already drawn out the morbid magnetism from the aching place.


Fourth option:


The sick must drink warm water in concentration. Make him take thirty spoons of hot water in half an hour. This is to be done throughout the week, before bedtime.

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