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XVII. Stuttering

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XVII. Stuttering


Usually those, having stuttering problems, talk in rushes or nervously. In order to teach them out of it, they must do the following:


1. Always take deep breath, before started talking, ensure deep breathing.


2. When talking – do that at slow rate.


3. Every night they must wash their feet with warm water and do that very slowly, moving their hands on their feet with slow movements. This is how, applying their will, they will get used to the necessary moderation.


4. When putting some utensils on the table or books on the shelves or when making-up their bed, or if they make up a room, they must think about each movement and get used to a proper rhythm. At first they must do everything markedly slowly, in order to temper their will with steady movements, which will be reflected in their speech.


5. The mother must tell her child with an expressive voice things, full of goodness and beauty, and then prompt him to tell them himself, paying attention to the pronouncement. An environment of mildness and understanding must be established around the child.


6. The child must take a deep breath and, when exhaling, he must pronounce very slowly a word, for example “kindness“, saying that several times. Then, he must pronounce in the same way the word “peace“. Then, he must say two words, when exhaling – “kindness, peace“ or the words “joy, light“.


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