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XVIII. Sore throat

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XVIII. Sore throat


In case of sore throat apply a milk compress. It is prepared as follows: boil one liter of milk and as soon as you take it down from the stove, immediately squeeze a lemon in it, and while still hot, the curdled milk is strained through a gauze and this thick substance is laid on the aching place. An oilcloth is placed on the gauze and then – a piece of woolen fabric, tied around several times, and then all that is bandaged. It is important that the oil-cloth and the woolen fabric are placed firmly, so that no air can get beneath them in order to keep for a longer period of time the warmth of the curdled milk – if possible until the morning. The milk compress is placed in the evening, in order to stay there for twelve hours. This is done several times.

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