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XIX. Palsy

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XIX. Palsy


1. Rub olive oil on the spine. The passage must be performed along a vertical line on the back, the hands moving downwards.


2. In order to remedy the nervous system, breathing exercises should be done. In the morning, at noon and in the evening – deep breathing, taking seven breaths and keeping the air in as long as possible.


3. Drinking hot water.


4. Every morning the sick must make sunbaths on the spine. The spine is a battery for solar energies. The early- morning solar rays have a healing effect on the suffering from this disease. The spine is exposed to the sun, and the head must be in the shadow. At first the duration of the exposure must be half an hour and the time is to be increased gradually, until it reaches an hour and a half. The starting time must be 7 a.m. 5. Vegetarianism.


6. The sick must be calm and quiet, without worries and frustration. He must pray, and be read the Gospel and the lectures.


7. Living faith.


8. He must wash his feat with warm water every evening.


9. Three times a week, he must wash his groins with warm water.

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