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XX. Mentally Ill

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XX. Mentally III


The mentally ill are possesses by lower spirits. When we speak of good influences - these come from higher spirits, and the possession comes from mischievous lower spirits. When the lower spirits creep into somebody, his mind stops functioning properly. This is not craziness, there is no craziness, but the sensitivity of that person has increased and he takes in various thoughts from everywhere. One talks to him one thing, another – some other thing, and he thinks that everything is related to him, while he is just under the influence of various beings. There are sound reasons for that: disharmony, conflict between the heart and the mind, between thoughts and feelings.


It is good for such a sick person to spend the summer high in the mountains, it will strengthen, adjust and heal the nervous system. The sick person must make baths with sun-warmed water, use garlic – crushed and mixed with pure, raw olive oil. This has a positive effect.


Apart from that, a spiritual method can be applied: a group of six-seven people shall practice a seven-day fasting, eating together, only in the evenings at specified time. And at 3 a.m. they must get up and pray for the healing of the sick person. But outside that group, no one is to know about its existence and activity, the sick person must not know either, otherwise the force will be lost. There must be a complete harmony between group members.

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