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XXI. Epilepsy

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XXI. Epilepsy


The following explanation can be given for epilepsy: lower spirits attach the sick person and then he has a seizure. During that time, they suck out his vital juices – the prana – and after that they leave him and go to the woods, where they spend some time. During that time the sick person has no seizures. After that they come again, and with them comes another seizure. Here’s a treatment method:


1. Deep breathing.


2. Wash the groins with warm water and rubbing every evening. This washing must cover the entire area between the diaphragm to 25 cm above the knees. This procedure must continue for four months.


3. Drink only warm water.


4. Eat only plant food without any excitatory meals. In the evenings eat early and include in the meal one or two cloves of garlic.


5. Wash your feet every night with warm water before bed.


6. Take short walks on a daily basis.


7. Massage every day for 40 days the solar plexus and the area right above the nave of a child, suffering from epilepsy.


Use olive oil for the massage.

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