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XXII. Tonsils

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XXII. Tonsils


First option:


1. In case of inflammation of the tonsils – apply homemade leaven on the outside.


2. After the water in a coffee-pot starts boiling, put inside three sumac leaves and immediately take down from the stove, and let the concoction stay under a lid for some time. Drink one coffee-cup in the morning, at noon and in the evening.


3. In case of purulent tonsils – put milk compresses on the neck several times. After the compress puts also some homemade leaven.


4. In case of purulent tonsils, apart from that you can make a throat-wash with chamomile concoction.


Second option:


Warm up old, 45-year wine and wash the throat with it several times a day.


Third option:


Blow in sick-person’s throat some pure, ground coffee with a pipe. After that the sick person must not eat or drink anything for an hour. Repeat this procedure every day until the edema is gone.


Fourth option:


Whenever you have a throat-ache, take some hot garlic. This is a good way to treat the tonsils and a good throat disinfection.

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