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XXIII. Fever

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XXIII. Fever


There are some people who get fever every other day. As soon as the fever is gone, and the temperature is normal, one feels a strong urge to eat – severe hunger. This fever, which makes you eat, it lasts for months, 23 years. On the other day, after the fever you eat until you are full. On the third day you get the fever again. Then the fever is gone one more time and you eat again etc. So you may say: “What causes that?“ The nature of this hunger is very different. Do not eat! Nothing else! Try to fast a little. With this hunger and this eating, you support the fever.


Quinine suspends the fever, but it does not cure it. Instead of using quinine, drink hot water for 3 days, without eating and the fever will be gone. This is also how you can treat a runny nose.

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