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LUNG DISEASES. I. Tuberculosis

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I. Tuberculosis


Tuberculosis occurs when the mind and the heart are in conflict.


The young must be taught that, in order for a person to be relieved of any sickness, he must have a strong yearning to serve God, to work for God – to use all his powers to work for God out of Love! And then he will be cured.


The tuberculosis is caused by the disharmony of feelings. And when they restore their proper character, then this disease disappears. This is the strongest method of treating tuberculosis. The lung tuberculosis is a deposit of the feelings in the lung cells, and that is why the lung becomes sick. This starts a decay process, which is a nourishing environment for germs. The tuberculosis is born out of love lost, in case of love disappointment. Everyone who loses love, may get tuberculosis, if he does not transform his condition. A person, who has lost his love, may contract tuberculosis. How can that be cured? He must restore the lost harmony in himself. If a person, who loves God, has tuberculosis, it will just get out of him. The one having tuberculosis must be filled with Love, he must connect to healthy people.


There is a lower life, which can penetrate man, attack his lungs and start eating them. Sometimes great fear also produces tuberculosis deposits. If a person looses a significant amount of money, he can become infected with tuberculosis, if he does not transform his condition. Tuberculosis comes upon one also if he gets a cold and from other external reasons. Sometimes it occurs, when souls are quarrelling. Quarrels produce bad breath. When a person is angry, bad smell comes out of him and this is a reason for tuberculosis. When you are angry, you can be infected with tuberculosis. The following methods may be applied to cure tuberculosis:


1. The sick person must drink in one go four to five glasses of hot water. This is done several times a day, and – if he sweats – he must change his clothes immediately. Drinking hot water is a good method to treat this disease, in this case the germs loose there favorable environment in the body. Using hot water must take place in the first periods of tuberculosis.


2. In the first period of tuberculosis, the sick person may practice deep breathing: blocking the right nostril and breathing through the left, and then vice-versa. These exercises are to be performed three, six or ten times in the morning, at noon and in the evening.


3. Make massages with olive oil on the back and chest and let the oil be absorbed by the skin.


4. Wash the groins with warm water for ten days, then make a rest of several days. Repeat this cycle several times. 5. Was the feet with warm water every night, without exception.


6. During the Summer, the one having tuberculosis must stay in the mountains, above 2 000 m and to go for long walks, causing sweating, and change his clothes. If it is not possible to spend much time above 2 000 m, he can at least go to a place at 1 000 m, but it is better if it is over 1 000 m.


7. In the first phase of this disease, when it has not advanced yet, the sick must expose his back to the sun — early in the morning after sunrise, through thin clothes, but this depends on the temperature and the sensitivity of the sick person. After 9 a.m. no sunbaths are to be taken. If the sick person has a fever, he must not take sunbaths.


8. The sick person must take one or two lemons a day.


9. Vegetarian food.


10. In May one hundred tips of young pine branches must be picked and boiled in a liter of water for one or two hours, until they soften. After that add a kilo of sugar and let the mixture boil, until the sugar melts down, then the tar of the pine tips will be extracted and stay in the water. Take a tablespoon of this mixture, together with the pine tips, in the morning, at noon and in the evening before bedtime.


11. In order to get vital magnetism, the sick person must spend several summer months near sheep. He must make a higher bed in their sheep-pen and spend the nights there. Sheep’s magnetism heals.


12. The sick person must eat raw garlic. But he must observe the combination of foods. Garlic protects from infections and must be eaten by the healthy for health. Fresh milk cannot be consumed with garlic.


13. The sick person must have faith, he must study the gospel, in order to change mentally, and create an atmosphere of hope and renewal. What one believes in is what happens.


14. The sick person must drink wheat water. After wheat is boiled, drink the juice.


15. After maize is boiled for one hour, drink of the maize water.


16. Every day go for slow walks – in the morning and in the evening – for a total of two hours. If you go for a walk in the morning you can skip the evening walk. The duration of the walks must be increased every day, but they must be made in the forest, so that the magnetic emanations of trees are absorbed. Prolonged standstills often aggravate the condition of the sick person – then an inert state occurs in him and he constantly thinks negative things.


17. Every morning and evening, before going to bed, the sick person must take a spoonful of pure olive oil. If there is a lung hemorrhage, no breathing exercises are to be performed, in order to prevent any further damage to the capillaries and increase of the hemorrhage.


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