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II. Advice for the weak-chested, susceptible to frequent diseases

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II. Advice for the weak-chested,

susceptible to frequent diseases


1. Use the skin of sour apples. Chew them a long time, so that all the juices they have are absorbed, and then spit them out.


2. Send multicolored light to your body in your thoughts, and especially to your lungs. Do that, as follows: imagine that a shower of white light pours on you, then imagine a shower of orange rays, and change the colors in this way until you imagine all the colors.


3. Speculate in complete seclusion and concentration, the most elevated verses in the Scripture, for example: “Those, who wait for the Lord, will have their power revived “, or upon the verse: “I came to give life and to give plenty“.


4. Use sweet red onions. Eat that, chewing it well – at least an onion every day, or even a little more.


5. Every night wash your feet with warm water with a little salt.


6. Deep breathing.


7. In your thoughts, go for walks at the high places.


8. Be brisk, have no fear. As soon as one decides and promises to serve God, there is nothing to be afraid of. A person, who serves God must not be afraid, because God is at his side and he will protect him. Those who do not serve, must be afraid.


9. Wash your groins every night with warm water, with some salt in it.


10. Every day read a psalm and learn by heart the strongest verses.


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