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III. Coughing

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III. Coughing


First option:


1. Use the outer red skin of ten onions. Boil 700 g water, put the onion skins inside and let them boil for 10-15 minutes; drink this three times a day: in the morning, at noon and in the evening. The water must be hot, when you drink it. Do that for one week. Then rest for a week. Then apply the treatment again – drink the extract for three weeks.


2. Obtain some nutmeg, honey and black pepper. The honey is melted down, and the nutmeg and black pepper is crushed. Mix these three things and you will obtain treacle which the sick person must put in his mouth and throat, but without swallowing. This treacle warms the person and the coughing goes away.


3. Against coughing you can take cough- grass, boil that for fifteen minutes and drink the concoction. Then daub the throat with olive oil and also drink some of it. The olive oil, on one part, is nutritional, and on the other – it has a healing effect. You will get to know the coughrass. Many people speak badly about it, but it is a very good doctor, and it has a pleasant taste.


4. Boil some horst chestnut leaves and drink that water.


Second option:


Take the dried skins of ten onions and boil them in water; strain the water and put in it half a kilo of honey, one-two teaspoons of crushed mustard seeds, one-two teaspoons of linseed.


Take one teaspoon of this mixture three times a day, in the morning, at noon and in the evening. Nature put so much healing power in onion’s skin, and you throw it out. Coughing is the result of the human lovelessness. Whoever is coughing, he is trying to find someone to love him. In order to deal with coughing — love it. When you start to love it, it will leave you. If two people start loving the one who is coughing, he will soon be cured. Coughing appears in case of reduced vibrations of the body. As soon as they increase once again, coughing is cured. Love is capable of increasing the vibrations of the body. In order to cure coughing, the lungs must be cleared of the impurities and the sleazy liquid, which blocks the bronchia. It is important to use the onion skins, as a cure, and the ultimate curing of coughing will again come from Love.


Third option:


Grate some black turnip and drink a coffee-cup of that juice every evening. It acts very well on the stomach as well. Take one clove of garlic with some salt. Do that every night, until coughing stops.


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