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I. Tachycardia


Do deep breathing exercises. In some cases the reason for tachycardia is in the diaphragm, which is shifted upwards and presses the heart. Through deep breathing the lungs expand more than usual and push the diaphragm down. It is good to keep the air in as long as possible, and if the reason for the tachycardia is the diaphragm, then after five or six deep breaths, it will pass. You must drink warm water and go for walks. Wash the feet and the legs below the knees with warm water.


Often tachycardia is caused by worries, anxiety and frustration. This is explained as follows: the heartbeat is caused by an electric current, which passes through it, but in case of anxiety, fear and worries its proper rhythm is disturbed and tachycardia or other cardiac disorders can occur as a result. This is one of the important reasons for any cardiac disease, and that is why – in order for one to get well, he has to wake up in himself internal spiritual powers, which will help him solve any anxiety, fear or worries issues. The inner spiritual life of a person is capable of preventing or curing heart attack or other cardiac diseases.


However one has to take some external measures for his curing: every morning drink a glass of cold water in sips, keeping the water in your mouth, until it is warmed-up. Do that for forty days in a row.

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