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IV. Anemia

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IV. Anemia


1. Pour on yourself in your thoughts the seven colors of the solar specter: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue and violet rays. At first imagine that you have a shower of red rays, covering your entire body and penetrating it. After that proceed with the seven colors of the specter and in the end bath in the white, radiant diamond light. This is the end of the exercise, which you must practice every day.


2. Wear a bright red scarf on your neck and often look at it and touch it.


3. In your thoughts climb up to the Seven Rila Lakes or another high place, where you have felt a surge of power. During such mental travels, you actually visit that location with a part of the ethereal double, you receive energy from there and feel rejuvenated.


For cases of a severe anemia and insomnia the Master advices the following:


Project a rainbow with a crystal prism; when the light is dissolved, focus on the red light and mentally pass it on your brain and body, as if it comes from a shower. At first try with the prism, so that you can imagine vividly the red light, and then continue during that with only your mind. And when there’s no sun, do this exercise only mentally. Then you must speculate every day on one sentence from the book “The world of the great souls“. With the red rays, read and keep in your mind the first ten sentences of the book “The testament of the colorful rays of light“: “God is Love. I am your God. I am the flower of Saron...“ etc. While reading this verse, summon the red color on yourself as a shower.


After that do that with other colors, together with the respective verses given with them. But for now work mainly with the red color. Anemia is the absence of red color. Coldness dominates in the sick person, and this coldness must be transformed into warmth.


Use all the red fruits — cherries, watermelons, raspberries etc. Contemplate red flowers and think about them – they have been created by the red rays. Wear a red scarf. (...) The red color is the symbol of life.


Do special breathing exercises to take in the prana. Drink hot water in sips.


Every night wash your feet with warm water. Use this water to wash your feet and legs up to a point above the knees. Keep your feet in the water for four-five minutes. A brother suffered from so strong an anemia that his face was yellow and lifeless, and the eyes – listless. The Master advised him as follows:


Breathe deeply and keep the air in as long as possible. The brother started practicing deep- breathing with keeping the air in with strong will and persistence and reached 3 minutes without exhaling. The master further advices:


Walk in the nature every day.


In the summer camp at the ridge of Stara Planina.


Eat strong and abundant vegetarian food.

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