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VI. Cold

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VI. Cold  

First option:


In case of a severe cold, take an apple, peal its skin and chew the skin a long time then spit it out. The boils some blue gentian, wormwood and colt’s foot flowers and drink one coffee cup per day.


Second option:


Drink a large glass of hot water, when you get a cold, spoon by spoon for half an hour, so that you sweat well, change your clothes, and the hot water will cleanse everything from your body – everything stuck there. The heat of the water must pass through your body.


Third option:


You catch a minor cold – and again you wait on me to help you. Take some ten- year old wine, homemade, warm it up, put in some black pepper, 5-6 sugar cubes, and when you drink a cup you will get warm, and your cold will be gone. You will feel fine, and get rid of the cold, brighten your spirits – but don’t indulge in such feasts every day.


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