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VII. Runny nose

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VII. Runny nose  

First option:


Whoever wants to cure his runny nose easily, should do the following: as soon as winter comes, he should buy at least 1000 pieces of leeks, and as soon as he gets the runny nose, he should eat leeks 34 times a day. Bulgarians are naturally practical, they seek cures in folk medicine and has come to the following results: when you get a runny nose – eat leaks.


Second option:


When you get a runny nose, make some coffee and treat the runny nose with it, and don’t drink it.


Third option:


If you have a runny nose, warm up some water, put some salt in it and sniff some of the salty water. Do that several times in the evening and the next morning. After 23 sniffs, the runny nose is gone. Salty water prevents the multiplication of the cold-causing germs.


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