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X. Cancer

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X. Cancer


First option:


This disease occurs in case of disharmony between the brain and the sympathetic nervous system. Then some cells in the body individualize and start multiplying in their own way, and not according to the needs and objectives of the body. This is how the so-called “tumors“ are formed. Apply the following treatment methods for this disease:


1. Sunbaths.


2. The violet color has a curing effect in case of cancer. That is why one must have violet items in his room. He can also wear a violet scarf, violet handkerchiefs and other violet objects. There may be violet decorations, violet curtains in the room.


3. Eat raw onions every day. The ones eating onions don’t get cancer, and if they already have it – it is cured.


4. Restoration of the harmony between the brain and the sympathetic nervous system. The main method for eliminating disharmony between the mind and the heart or between the brain and the sympathetic nervous system is Love of God, Love towards everybody, faith, hope, righteous thoughts feelings and deeds. A complete internal transformation must take place within the sick person – he must become a new person, to go in another direction, to go with God. Then he can be healed.


Second option:


Take some hellebore roots. Stick them in an apple and roast the apple in the oven with the roots in it. After that take the roots out of the apple, boil them and drink the resulting concoction.


Drink also sun-warmed water (warmed in bottles in the sun), do never drink cold water. The primary water in nature was hot, then it cooled down and became cold. Do not eat meat, eat only simple food, mainly onions, and fast one or two days in the week, before breakfast take one spoonful of olive oil.


Third option:


Often suppressed feelings cause cancer. Against cancer – eat roasted onions and keep saying: “I am not sick!“, “I am fine!“ — do this for several months. Drink warm water, love people more, to strengthen faith.

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