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XV. High blood pressure

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XV. High blood pressure


1. Every evening wash your feet with warm water.


2. The sick person must use little food and little water. Every day he must drink 300-400 g water. The water better be distilled – it helps reduce the blood pressure. In general the sick person must take less liquids and less liquid food.


3. Vegetarianism.


4. Avoid any sour, hot and salty food. The food must have low salt content.


5. Eat the following types of food: raw, grated carrots with a little lemon and olive oil; boiled beetroot with olive oil and lemon; fresh nettle, scaled with water, again with olive oil and lemon; boiled wheat instead of bread. Do not eat bread, while you follow this regime. This regime helps a lot in case of high blood pressure.


6. Switch for some time to raw veganism.

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