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III. Disturbed stomach

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III. Disturbed stomach


If you play an instrument, you can make use of music. When my stomach bothers me, for example, I sing a “C“. While I am singing, I fix my stomach homeopathically. But what I am telling you is of no use for you, because you don’t have faith. You say: “How can that be?“ You want to understand that. What remains concealed is what is real. You think you know. I sing the “C“.


A brother had a disturbed stomach, reduced production of stomach juices and the food in his stomach remained indigested, which caused him pain and vomiting. The Master advised him, as follows:


1. Drink chamomile concoction. You can use wormwood concoction —one coffee cup in the morning before breakfast.


2. Turnip juice. You can obtain that juice, using a press.


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