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IV. Stomach Acids

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IV. Stomach Acids


First option:


A sister had acids in the stomach and aching in the pit of the stomach, which occurred at about noon and at 4 p.m. She also suffered from severe stomach belching. The Master instructed her this:


1. To have faith and not to worry.


2. To consume ground coffee, boiled leeks, boiled carrots, boiled beetroot and cauliflower. To eat boiled okra as a salad — to pour out the water and eat the okra with lemon and olive oil.


3. Washing the feet and legs up to the knees with warm water every evening. 4. Washing the groins with warm water several times a week.


Second option:


For abnormal stomach acidity I recommend boiled rice without any herbs or spices, boiled red onions, boiled carrots, boiled beetroot and easily digestible food.


When excessive acids are produced in your stomach, you must eat red onions, pepper, garlic, sweat more. The hot Bulgarian peppers are recommended.


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