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V. Stomach and abdominal pain

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 V. Stomach and abdominal pain 


You can cure a nervous stomach with oranges.


The oat flakes are an excellent food for people with weak stomachs.


Your stomach aches, because you are nervous, irritable, there’s a dissonance between your feelings and thoughts.


Olive oil absorbs all the acids from your nervous system and your condition is easily transformed.


First option:


1. Castor oil.


2. Milk compress.


3. Drinking hot water.


4. Drinking milfoil concoction.


5. In case of weak stomach consume toasted bread, dipped in water.


Second option:


If your stomach aches, you can do the following: every morning drink 10 sips of hot water every 5 minutes. Hot water, taken in sips, purges the nervous system of all the deposits, which block the human thoughts and feelings. It relieves him of the pressure, exerted by the nervous system on him.


Water is one of the powerful cures. I recommend taking water one teaspoon per minute. If your stomach aches, take one teaspoon of water per minute for 3-4 hours. If your thoughts participate as well, there will be results. For this purpose you must use clean mountain water.


As a cure, when you are sick, drink 5-6 glasses of hot water, spoon by spoon within half an hour. This may be too much for you, but it will cure you.


Your stomach aches – drink 2-3 glasses of hot water, spoon by spoon.


Third option:


In case of disordered stomach: one spoon of pure honey, well mixed with two glasses of pure cow’s milk per day, must be drunk slowly, sip by sip.


Fourth option:


If your stomach aches, try to eat only onions and bread for forty days, with just a little olive oil. Eat only that for forty days, conscientiously, with joy, as the onions are preferably roasted or boiled.


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