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VI. Stomach or Duodenum Ulcer

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VI. Stomach or Duodenum Ulcer


First option:


1. Day one: in the morning take several glasses of hot water to wash the stomach and intestines and, after that — one coffee cup olive oil before meals. In the evening take some hot water and after that — coffee cup olive oil. An hour after that drink some wheat water.


2. Day two: the same with respect to the hot water and olive oil, but take oats water instead of wheat water.


3. Day three: the same with respect to the hot water and olive oil, but in the evening take some potato broth.


4. Day four: the same with respect to the hot water and olive oil, but in the evening take some fig broth without the hard parts.


5. The fifth day is like the first, the sixth – like the second, the seventh – like third, the eight – light the fourth, the ninth – like the first, the tenth – like the second. After the tenth day stop taking olive oil, and have tea with rusks and butter.


Second option:


1. Power olive oil on the flowers of St. John’s wort and let this mixture stay in the sun for forty days. After that take one table spoon every morning and evening, half an hour before bedtime.


2. Drink a table-spoon concoction of St. John’s wort before meals.


3. If you have an ulcer do not consume sour, hot and overly salty food or any beans, lentils and peas, unless the peals have been removed.


4. Boil some water in a coffee-pot and as soon as it starts boiling, put inside three sumac leaves, immediately remove it from the stove, cover the pot and leave it stay for some time. Drink one coffee cup of this water three times a day, half an hour before meals. Use the leaves of the sumac, but it is good to pick the sumac, when it is blossoming, for it is strongest at that time.


5. For weak stomach eat toasted bread, soaked in water.


Third option:


150 g. pure olive oil is mixed well with finely crushed garlic, in order to obtain a thick gruel. Take one tea-spoon three times a day: in the morning, at noon and in the evening.


Fourth option:


The one suffering from ulcer should sunbath in the summer his stomach and abdomen, drink a coffee-cup of olive oil every day – this is to be done for three months in a row.


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