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VIII. Purulent Colitis

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VIII. Purulent Colitis


A sister had a purulent colitis in the rectum. The disease spread to the small intestines, it got worse and she discharged pus and phlegm, by the hour. She asked the Master for help in August 1927. The master recommended that she went up to the Camp at the Vitosha Mountain and undergo a strict diet:


Ten days – only blueberries without any bread or anything else. At the same time warm the abdomen in the sun and make shower-baths with sun-warmed water. On the eight day the sister woke up with severe abdominal pain and fever. In the evening she discharged a lot of pus and blood without any feces. She immediately sent someone to tell the Master about her condition. The Master said:


This is a crisis, but it will pass. As soon as the crisis passes, eat some roasted potatoes and onions. Boil the blueberries and drink the concoction. After the ninth day the sister did what the Master had recommended and returned to the Izgrev in good health. She had no colitis or aches any more. She continued to eat boiled and roasted potatoes and onions for one more week and then started eating what she liked, observing the last instruction by the Master:


Do not drink any fresh milk for some time, only yoghurt.


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