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IX. Constipation

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IX. Constipation


If you have constipation this means that you have too little mucus in your intestines, there are surpluses, the intestines have lost their dynamics and they cannot get rid of the dirt.


Constipation is caused by too little Love or no Love at all and by insufficient water in the blood. When the feelings are warm, the feet, hands and the entire body are warm, a person is high- spirited, well disposed.


Cherries act as laxatives on the stomach. Note that all the plants, with 5-leaved corollas, act as laxatives on the human stomach.


Cherries, watermelons, cornels, pumpkins regulate the stomach.


First option:


1. Use whole meal bread – from ground wheat, without removing the bran. Such a bread is rough, but tasty and improves the bowel movement, so it is impossible to have constipation then.


2. People, susceptible to constipation should drink a glass of hot water half an hour before meals in the morning, at noon and in the evening.


Second option:


If you have constipation, take some castor oil or drink hot water, to relieve the hardness. Instead of taking castor oil, you can drink 5-6 glasses of hot water within half an hour.


Third option:


Here’s an exercise to be done for 40 days. It will produce a result if it is not interrupted, but if you persist — you either do it or not. Every morning for 40 days drink a glass of cold water in sips before breakfast. Drink slowly, focused, calmly, without any hurry. You will know that you are doing great work for your stomach. Those of you who have tight stomachs will feel a relief - the stomach will be regulated. This exercise is also significant for tempering the will. Even if you have to carry it a long way, always drink clean water.


Fourth option:


For irregular stomachs - immerse 30 plums in water and eat those in the morning before breakfast.


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