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XI. Appendicitis

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XI. Appendicitis


First option:


The treatment must start when the moon is on the wane. At first take some castor oil, to cleanse the intestines. After that fast strictly for four days, without eating or drinking anything.


During the fasting the sick person must lie on his back, put something warm on his abdomen – like a bag of warm bran, a wound-up hot brick, electric pillow etc. When the fasting is over, put a woolen warm bandage on the abdomen. The returning the normal eating regime takes place, as follows:


The first day – potato broth, where the sock person only eats the liquid and not the potatoes, this can also be a spinach broth but without the spinach, but do not use bread; you can drink a glass of hot water before the broth;


On the second day eat a potato broth with the potatoes, but without bread;


On the third day you can take some bread and soft food — okra, leeks, potatoes and gradually shift to regular food in the following few days.


Second option:


Put a milk compress of buffalo’s or sheep’s milk at the aching place. After boiling two liters of milk, take it down from the stove, squeeze a lemon in and strain it through gauze. Rub sum olive oil on painful place the and put the curdled milk, while still hot and wrapped in cheesecloth. Then cover it with an oilcloth and wrap it with a woolen scarf, then bandage it, so that no air can get in. Put on the compress every evening and take it out after twelve hours. Repeat that several times.


Third option:


In case of an appendicitis crisis – lick some powdered sugar and go to the mountains.


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