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XIV. Liver disorder (slight enlargement)

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XIV. Liver disorder (slight enlargement)


First option:


For this disorder drink a chicory concoction. Use the entire plant — roots, stalk and leaves.


The liver gets sick when, the feelings of a person are sometimes warm, sometimes cold, which transforms in a similar manner the electromagnetic currents in the body and this affects the liver. The liver and gallbladder diseases are caused by the excessive activities of the lower feelings, by the overproduction of disharmonic feelings. In case of liver disorders it is good to use sour foods, especially lemons. Avoid any oily food and – if possible – give the liver a rest – the sick person must eat lighter food.


If your liver is disordered, eat two lemons every day. The lemon peels contain a lot of vitamins. Don’t eat meat. Drink a kilo and a half of hot water — in the morning, at noon and in the evening; the water must never be cold and there should be no deposits in it. Don’t be afraid to work for that – if necessary – go to the mountains and get your water from there.


Second option:


I will give you a method, which you can use to act in case of a liver disorder. Put your right hand on the stomach, with your palm towards the body, and the left – at the lower back, again with the palm facing the body, and in your thoughts pass the solar energies to the centre of the Earth. If this method fails, turn in your thoughts towards Him, who carries harmony in Himself. In order to find out what is the condition of the liver, look at the color of your face, the light of the eyes and their vitality. The look of the eyes must be focused, and not wonder around.


Third option:


If the liver is disordered, you will permanently be indisposed. In this case cut a piece of lemon and put it in your mouth. Keep it there for some time, then put there another piece, a third and a fourth. The color of the lemon and the acid in it will have a positive effect on the liver, the disposition will disappear, the face will be cleared and you won’t see the world as so bad a place. If the liver is disordered, you look at things in the wrong way.


Fourth option:


For a disordered liver: the sick person must eat sour lemons. Let him start with one lemon per day and increase the number by one piece each day – the second day – two lemons, on the third – three etc. until the tenth day – ten lemons and then do that in reverse: ninth day – nine lemons, eight day – eight etc.


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