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I. Plague


In case of plague, billions of germs develop within 24 hours and the substance they discharge poisons the blood so the affected person dies. The first thing to do in this case is to drink several glasses of hot water. This will interrupt the multiplication of the germs. Drink hot water - 45 glasses in a row. Germs can’t live in such an environment. Plague is cured with hot water. The person, suffering from plague, must be separated from the healthy and he must be given a glass of hot water every hour. When he drinks that water, the blood serum, which serves as food to the germs, is diluted and they gradually stop multiplying.


Throughout the duration of the disease no food should be eaten. The connection of man with God is a force, which affects germs like electric lightning. In this way, attacked from both sides through hunger and direct attack they cannot multiply, so they gradually perish. 24 hours of intensive battle with the plague germs is enough to make them go out of your body. Diseases are nothing more than wars between man and lower creatures.


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