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I. Rheumatism


First option:


1. Let’s say that the affected person has rheumatism in the knee. Every morning he must spank his knee with a bunch of nettle. Do that four to ten times a day and rheumatism will disappear. It is good if the sick person picks the nettle himself, this has a curing effect, for its aura will affect him, he will feel as if he is surrounded by a jelly.


2. Make warm cotton compresses.


3. On fine and hot days, put a watermelon in the sun and eat it after that. Watermelons have a positive effect, curing rheumatism and many other diseases.


4. Do some sunbaths.


Second option:


If you have rheumatism, take 7 red onions, cut them in small pieces or crush them, add 25 g of salt in the onions and then put that on the painful place and leave it there for 1012 hours, then repeat several times. Onions have a strong healing effect.


Third option:


You have rheumatism in your knee and have been looking for a cure for many years. Take some bees, pray to the Lord then make the bees sting you and the knee will be cured.


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